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05-19-2001, 12:43 PM
I'm starting this thread for the weekend so that Peaches won't have to think up something new while she's busy enjoying her romantic weekend with Herbie. Yes, you need new lingerie. The proper items to wear flea marketing are giant white cotton panties and bra held together with safety pins.

We went to see Shrek last night. It was hilarious :lol:

You have a very interesting doctor, Peach. She should kick your butt for flaunting your weight here. Say 138 or 139 again and I'm calling her.

I have to go to a graduation party for my niece who's graduating from college. I wonder what we should give her? Money I suppose. You want to hear something crummy? She got a really great job offer and then the company came back and said, well you won't start until October 'cuz we're having some business setbacks. Hopefully she will run in the other direction from that one.

DD is salivating to get on the computer. :wave:


llushanne luscious
05-19-2001, 10:24 PM
I voted, and I see so did two others...they voted wrong. Kiwi went to all this trouble and no one has the decency to post? That kind of self absorption is what will lead to your doom. I am the sweetest one here. L

05-20-2001, 01:23 AM
So I changed my little pic.

Nice of Lushie, my friend, to show up and post.

I spent the afternoon cleaning the inside of the boat. I didn't get very far. DH seems to think this is my job. hmph.

Last night a bunch of us, except for DD who had gone to bed, took this little computer quiz to find out whether you are right or left brained and whether your learning style is visual or auditory. I am balanced with a strong visual preference. Furthermore I am artistic without needing to be "odd". (I thought I was odd) Each person's description was vastly different, and some of them were right on the money for describing the person. So today we made DD take the quiz. Unbelievably, her description was exactly the same as mine, from top to bottom -- and there's 6 paragraphs of it! She's a little miffed, understandly. She even retook the thing and got the same result. I think it's pretty funny. Anybody want the quiz?


Kiwi the Strange :dizzy:

05-20-2001, 02:05 AM
You mean old heifer. How dare you NOT BE INTERESTED IN MYTYYYY weight!!!??! If Bagzie knew how to get here, sh'ed tell you!!!!

June has sent tme the leotards which Sugar has an exact copy of and Sugar and I are wearing them now.

Remember when ds and your dd took a test and came out the same. Has the girl no originality?

I am craving chocolate.

llushanne luscious
05-20-2001, 09:13 AM
I want it to say I'm compulsively organized so that I can start to be that way. OK?
I'm going to go join Losing Floozies if someone doesn't post the rules. I'll be their houses are clean, too.
I regret that Kiwi broke down and cleaned the boat. I have to go help build a garage.

05-20-2001, 02:08 PM

05-20-2001, 02:35 PM
That's ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY EIGHT Lbs. of pure lard. Herbie and I had popcorn for dinner. That's his idea of a proper way to loose weight.

DS is home from camping. He is sunburned, exhausted and starving. Maybe WE should go camping. He looks lean.