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02-28-2005, 09:14 AM
Well, it's Monday. Blah. Didn't do well OP during the weekend. Kind of let my emotions do my eating for me. And today is Girl Scout cookie day. So I decided one more day and then that's it. By that time I should be sick of cookies. I do notice I need to drink a LOT more water. Even when I'm OP. I'm doing better and not so confused. Looking forward to getting the 2 week notice over with. Just means I have 2 weeks of **** to live through (due to the wicked witch boss) and then I can work on getting my life in order.

Sonnet: Thanks for the advice. You're right, I need to do the 2 week notice...for myself. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't.

02-28-2005, 09:45 AM
Good Morning,

We are expecting 12" of snow today LOL, oy, well I'll be leaving work early :s:

Brenda girl, I just read your post from yesterday, you do what you feel is right in your heart, you have to live with the decisions but when you do quit, on the way out the door tell that one boss to :censored: :censored: :censored: :lol3: Nahh just kidding, leave on good terms b/c you don't want to burn any bridges behind you. You might need them for a reference some day, who knows. As much as I wanted to tell one of my old bosses off, and I REALLLLLLY did, I kept my mouth shut. Dang gum it.

Sooooooooooooooooooo whats on the agenda for today chicks ?

02-28-2005, 11:17 AM
GOOOD Morning Dahlinks!!! :)

I am back!

EWWWW the coping with the new computer system at work took a good week to get used to, but it is all good now. Last week was a bust I was on TOM and stressed at work, dang when I am on TOM lately I can barely keep my eyes open I am so tired, I wonder why??? Raining here today for the first time in weeks and I am missing the sunshine we have ahd the past couple weeks.

So I am on to my new diet and exercise program, I can eat some good carbs in the am and then pretty much LC all day and stop eating by 7:30 pm. I am exercising in some way at least 6-7 times a week. I am gonna still keep track of my eating in the food log so I don't get too crazy.

B- Kepp you head up gal, just do what you think is right!! Just like what Leenie said.

Hi Leenie!!! :)

02-28-2005, 01:39 PM
Hellllooo ladies!!

Miss me? Miss me?

I am sorry. Friday I was just having such a terrible day. Just been stressing over everything and anything, lol. UGGGH.

BUT its Monday, better attitude day. Excercise day!
This weekend was a bust. Amber is sick. I was at urgent care two days in a row. It was terrible. She is home with grandma today because she just sounds awful, my poor baby. On a good note, 4 days till her bday, Friday. She is so excited. Cutie pie.

Brenda-Sorry that you are going through all of that stuff at work. Write them a really really nice but RUDE letter about why you are quitting. Best case scenario is that shewill say "You can leave now, and we'll pay you your 2wks" alot of bosses do this becasue you will have what they like to call shorty timers syndrome, where you won't want to do anything. Your boss sounds like a witchy pooh, so you might want to clean out your desk of any personal papers and numbers of your contacts that you want to take withyou because I guarantee she is not going to be nice about it, and will prob look through your stuff. Just be confident when you go in there and tell her, make sure you do it in writing though, just to cover your tail legally. Trust me, I have been learning alot taking all these HR classes, lol.

EVERYONE else....I have to go and do these reports. HOpe everyone is doing well, and smiling! LOL. Did you girls watch the Oscars? Such pretty dresses. I wish I had a back like Hillary Swank. All that training.

Well ladies have a good one~~

02-28-2005, 04:52 PM
Leenie: It's been snowing here all day. I don't know how many inches are predicted. Too many seeing how my car still isn't picked up (it's done, just no time to get it yet) and so I had to drive the truck. NASTY thing to drive in snow!! What time did you get to go home early? lol

TG: Welcome back and why DOES TOM make all of us so tired? Hope all stays well at work and sounds like you've got this exercise thing down pat.....congrats on that!!

Julia: I've been thinking I need to clean out my desk also. I'm going to call the nice boss tonight and tell her what I've decided and that I want to stop in tomorrow. I also have to deliver the cookies. Chances are the witch won't pay for hers so I'll take a loss on that. She's THAT type of person!

Well, for some reason I keep avoiding the ovbious truth---I've got PINKEYE!!! Jeez. I wasn't even near the person (my GS co-leaders daughter) that orgininally had it! I bought some OTC stuff to see if that'll work. Makes me wonder...what ELSE is going to happen. The cookie unloading, re-stacking, counting and then reloading and then UNloading and then RE-stacking is all done for another year. I take that back. There's still the pile HERE to sort. :lol: THEN it'll be all done for the year. I helped unload the truck today so it was a LOT of exercise. But not as much I don't think as taking the piles of cookies and seperating by troop. THAT seemed more exercise. That's ok, I did enough today! Should I mention one of the delivery dudes was pretty cute? :devil: So that helped make time fly. lol. Well, I'm off to go make Thank You cards to attach to people's I've got to type up my resignation. OH!! The nice boss called....she didn't tell the witch I was taking this week off. She said "If you were thinking of coming back I didn't think that taking the week off would be a good idea because I know SHE wouldn't like it." TOUGH SH*T!!! Just proves my point even further that she (the "nice" boss) doesn't plan on helping take MY side. So be it! Ok. Now I'm off to get things done :)

02-28-2005, 04:53 PM
Oh....and I'm counting THIS week towards my resignation. Decided if they want to be THAT way they don't need me there for total 2 weeks. This'll give them PLENTY of time to talk over what type of person they REALLY want working with them. I'll get my stuff out of my desk tomorrow when I deliver the cookies and resignation.

02-28-2005, 05:49 PM
Hi everyone :wave:

We are expecting snow too....about a foot I guess they are saying. *sigh*

Brenda: I missed something...what happened that made you want to quit? I agree with everyone.....don't burn any bridges. Do what is right. Give 2 weeks and do it in writing also. If you do it tomorrow though they may not count today and tomorrow as in your 2 weeks...depends on how technical they are. Good luck.

PRPrincessJ: Sorry your little one is so sick. Hope she feels better soon because of her big day!

TG: Oh Please!!!! Tell me about it....stress, TOM and life :faint: Eating is the only thing to do it seems. Hang in there....we can do it.

Leenie: What is new in your world? Stay safe with the snow.

Well, doing rather crappy myself these days....this winter is just too long. I really need to make a dicision of some kind and get on with it! Why can't I get back on this damn wagon? I know I want to....I know I have to...I know I can....but I just DON'T!
Not going to sit and have a pitty party though....I am my own worse enemy. Maybe I should just keep this site up a while and keep looking at that skinny :censored: in jeans on the right side of this page! :mad: :mad:

02-28-2005, 07:55 PM
I had this really long note that I had written but I took so long to write it because of work and it didn't go through because I timed out, uggh.

Ok so here is the short version...

Boyfriend's childhood friend was found dead this morning by his father. So there went my cheery happy Monday mood. He was young like 18 or 19. Very young. They are not sure what happened, it could have been suicide or something. He just was not breathing and there was foam coming out of his nose and mouth. Ugh. How sad. So bf is totally sad, and crying, and I am so sad to see him so torn apart. So if you pray say a little prayer for my bf, and of course the guy (vic)'s family as they are suffering alot. As you can imagine.

Oh so today has just gone down hill. Checked if I had to go to jury duty, and what would you know I have to show up to that place, grrr! Anyways. I will make sure I am not stuck there. Dang it.

Brenda-Don't talk to the good boss about what you are planning to do. She might be playing both ends up the middle you know. Or whatever the saying is. She might be a twoface=and all the info you are feeding her witchypooh is hearing. Hmmm!! And in regards to her cookies-girl make her pay first like she would if she went to the grocery store and bought some mmm chips ahoy.

TG--Hate TOM. I had it last week. Made me so depressed. LOL> And yes I did BAD last week. But yaay just once a month.

Jane how much snow? I wish it snowed here.

Ok ladies gotta jet, work is almost done and I am trying to get this junk done before I leave.
Love, julia