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llushanne luscious
05-18-2001, 08:44 AM
I wrote a whole post and it that right?

The Kiwiette is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! She takes after her mother. Isn't it fun to have such wonderful children????? She looks so grown up.

Did I brag that my DD was May Queen this year? I am so proud. It was her goal to break out of her "smart girl" persona. She has lots of dress up events coming up....finding dresses is horrible.
She has not started the teenaged mouth thing yet. She's you think it is coming? She is still very nice around here and very helpful. As I said, she needs all these dresses. The nuns spaghetti straps, no short sleeveless, no dark colors and no more than 2 inches above the knee. Those of you with teenagers know this is impossible. So I offered to make her dresses. She was so sweet about it. She was afraid of hurting my feelings and went along. In the end I noticed the look of panic on her face. I guess we'll end up at the Amish store.

My boys have their play tonight...Little Mermaid. They are thrilled. I don't know about the rest of you with boys, but mine don't care AT ALL about school. They get good grades but only because I hound them morning and night. 17 more days. Can't wait.

Sissy, good vibes coming your way. Are you worried? Make sure they weigh you.....they will be so impressed.

Wabby, today should be loose weight day. Let's come up with a plan. Now that we are here, maybe the vibe of this place will rub off. AND we'll never get our own club place if we don't at least pretend to be losing weight. Have the three fat chicks become thin?

Letty and Marcella, always nice to see you.

05-18-2001, 12:02 PM
Kiwonk, your dd is absolutely wonderful. Wish she could meet my dd.
It's amazing to watch these girls blossom...dd turned 13 one week ago and seems to be sprouting up, finally. Her spring band concert was last night...a stuffy, tiny high school lecture hall...smelled like Sugar's hamster cage. Had to peer behind music stands to view lovely little first trumpet player with spin pins in her hair. It's important to sparkle, at all costs, especially if you are in the back row.

Hurray for Little Mermaid stars, Lush! These kids don't get where they are by drifting like so much timber in the river, we must ensure our voices are directing at all times--so they can hear us still when they are on their own.

Lush--your dd sounds sweet. DD informed me that camp has a formal banquet (Christmas in July) and so we needed to get a dress. You're right, it's tough. She is enthusiastic about sewing right now...she's learning. She chose a nice pattern (amazing for a girl who dislikes wearing dresses, her choice--it has an empire waist and short cap sleeves, long, solid colored skirt with a jacquard bodice in lavender, also making a gauzy, chiffon wrap--would that pass sisterly muster?)

Peaches! Could be a great weekend...a day off by yourself. Mmmmm. A reward for today's inconveniences. Prayers going vertical for you during your testing.
Bagzie-the-marginally-chubby--been to Timmy's? Did you win an Aztec? I won a cookie. Wow.

Wabby--how's your garden? We finally have bloomage. It hadn't rained for weeks and was pretty dry, we had a couple of hours of rain 2 days ago and the gardens went nuts. But it's still too cold at night to risk the rest of the planting, I have little green things on trays in my living room and kitchen. No room for sitting in LR, oh well.

Friends coming over tonight (one of my oldest friends and her dh and ds), we'll barbecue a roast, make some pasta salad and veggies and have some fun.
Long blather. Must go take pictures of Kia's. Aaiieee!

05-18-2001, 04:17 PM
Does Herbie require a physical before each weekend spent alone with him? Probably a good policy. :devil:

How did you get to be the member with biggest butt? It's such a distinction.

Thanks for the compliments on DD. Of course all our darlings are the cream of the crop. How cool is it that the "smart girl" was elected May Queen? The world is improving. However the dress code will prove impossible. The only dresses available for teenaged girls are either scandalously short, or dark and spaghetti strapped. The one DD was wearing in that pic (which was for the Christmas dance) was a godsend in that it wasn't cut down to her hoohah in the front or back (or sides for that matter), or slit up to the waist. You wouldn't believe the garbage the local stores sell. The classiest clothing store in our town is Fashion Bug. That should tell you everything about Flyspeck, ME.

Little Mermaid sounds like a hoot. I wish I could see it.

Gotta run. Going to see Shrek tonight. Gotta make plans.


05-18-2001, 04:25 PM
Your dd's dress description (dddd?) sounds very attractive. Personally I know better than to tackle a sewing project of that magnitude, but more power to ya, girl.

Oh yeah, about teenaged mouth, around here it comes and goes. There seem to be certain hot buttons that guarantee back-talk, so it's a 2-sided adjustment I guess.


05-18-2001, 07:49 PM
One day I went to look at my personality profile as kept securely hidden on the internet by 3 fat chicks, and there was line in there saying I was a "junior member." I was allowed to change it.

The whole boob thing is over and the boobs are fine. The doctor, an 85 lb. woman (are Letty and Marcella Asian?) told me to bend over so she could kick my butt (for not testing for so long).

I told her I didn't think she COULD kick my butt. She said, "That's why I hire all these people. All black belt."

Herbie has cancelled class tomorrow to be with me. Our day as planned by Herbie:

Same old breakfast at Golden Corral. Go to his dd's house to see what repairs are needed. Go to the flea market. Should I buy new lingerie you think?

llushanne luscious
05-19-2001, 12:20 AM
Why aren't people posting. How do you guys expect to get our own little home here if the posting is so pitiful?

05-19-2001, 09:28 AM
two sentences? Anyway, although the Kiwiette IS truly gorgeous I don't think she's a good title for a groups of cows who meet on the net. I like Wabby's title about sensitivity though.

And speaking of children, I do NOT want to disparage my niece in anyway but I have no idea what a May Queen is. And unfortunately, I remember toooooo well when her mother's goal in life was to be Miss June in an internationally known magazine of ill repute. I hope she is not following in those footsteps.

Are you all envious of my big day? I would like to stay home one day (calling Herbie's house my home) and pull grass out of the garden.

Lumpiest Lush, I weigh 139 this morning.