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02-22-2005, 01:48 PM
In April of 2006, my SIL (DH's sister) will be getting married. I'd LOVE to be another size thinner and toned to boot. I'm just trying to figure out the best motivation (besides THAT) to get my rear in LC gear again. I know it's not going to be easy due to losing that first-time golden opportunity thing. I know it's going to take kick :censored: exercise. But was wondering...if I dress shopped for a dress that was a size SMALLER than I wear ya think that would do it? A body hugging dress?
What would motivate you all? I need some help here. The good news is, I have a year to do it. But the bad news is I"m a BAD procrastinator so I'd probably say "Oh, I have a year to do it so why start now." type thing. So ideas would be helpful!! :)

02-22-2005, 02:05 PM
I've tried to buy clothes in a smaller size for motivation, and by the time I can fit into it, it's not what's "in" at the moment. So, I finally get to the point that I can wear the clothing, but I'm not happy at all in it because I feel out of style. Maybe get an idea of the basic style of dress you want to wear, but don't buy it. If you know your dress will show off your arms, stomach, legs, etc., hopefully that would be motivation to get those areas looking good.

I made a pact with myself last year that I want to wear a bikini by Memorial Day. I will wear one -- no matter what. If I don't look good, that's my fault, and I'll have to endure the humilation. If I look good, I accomplished my goal. So the fear of humilation is my motivation.

02-22-2005, 05:25 PM
Well, I still havent figured out what motivates me! :rofl: Weddings dont do it for me. Last year I had 3 to attend, one being my own. You would think I would have lost the weight.....but it was too much pressure, and I ended up putting it on.

So my advice, just get back to it. Exercise, and eat properly. At the end of the year, you will be more toned, and a size or 2 smaller. No targets, no cloths to worry about getting into. Just getting healthier, and doing it right. If you start today, you wont have to worry about it. It will just be the natural progression of things :D

No time limits........just put your back into it, and get back to it.

I'll be right there with you!!! Get back to it! :)

02-23-2005, 03:39 PM
Exercise toots, exercise, it will pull everything in ;)

Love Yah !!

02-24-2005, 09:13 AM
Oh man...NOT exercise!! I know I know. It's good for me. Blech!

There was a VERY lengthy voice message on DH's cell phone....from his sister.....about how they REALLY really really wanted him to stand up in the wedding. You know, the guilt-trip trying thing? This should be interesting. Maybe if he doesn't stand up we won't get invited. :cool:

02-24-2005, 01:11 PM
B-Why doesn't he want to stand in? I know family drama can be so stressing, but for a wedding, maybe he should just do it for the sister u know. Oh well. Just start excercising. You know I have a pair of "Skinny" jeans I bought because they were a few sizes smaller and only 10bucks at NY&CO. Still can't fit them, but I think I will eventually fit them, I know I will. It's an incentive, or you what I did....I got my belly button pierced as an incentive for last summer, lol. It didn't work I still look like a big ole fatty BUT now I am serious. Do you belong to a gym? Or do you just have the equipment at home? I belong to a gym, so what I have been doing is going with the intent of staying on the eliptical for at least 30 mins, by the time 30 mins is up, I am so pumped up I usually stay a little longer and do something else. I haven't been that successful yet, but you know it took me a long time to get this big, so I figure a few weeks is not enough time to see the fat melt off. Just start with at least 30 mins a day. And go from there. You have a year, by then you will be a hottie!

02-24-2005, 02:09 PM
no, don't buy the smaller clothes, because chances are you probably won't like them when you can fit in it. (but I did the same thing- I have a size 8 dress hanging on the front of my closet). I gotta get back eating LC again (after the honeymoon)- I've been doing "good" but that's like 60- 100 carbs a day when I should be 40-60. these bridal shower cakes are killing me! we still have 1/2 a sheet cake left over from the shower yesterday at work...

but yeah, eating right and exercising... and start NOW!

Robin- other people's wedding's don't motivate me- We went to one in September, BUT MY OWN SURE DOES! :lol: 9 more days!