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02-20-2005, 04:15 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :)

02-20-2005, 09:28 PM
Hello ladies---

Been having a "Need to get things done, but it's not happening" kind of day. James is in bed asleep and so I find it difficult to get motivated to get anything done w/out making a racket! I did what I could w/out running the vacuum cleaner and all that just waiting for him to wake up! :D

Mindee--Glad to hear that your have internet again. Hope to hear more from you when you get some time.

Cristi--I love the china set too. I told James that we can look at it as a wedding gift from his grandparents! We want to add to the set and eventually make it complete.....although that may run into too much money!! So for now, it's nice to have what we do have!

Angie--You silly girl...that movie isn't scary at all. James likes it...I thought it was a stupid funny movie. What's that I like suspensful scary movies...yet I keep a pillow in front of me when I watch them!! (you won't see me watching those kinds of movies at the theatre!)

Jane--What a marvelous idea to have grandpa make me a cabinet!! But we have a hutch here that was part of the all I need to do is clean it out (which is full of junk) and put the pieces inside. But maybe in the future...when we buy our own house....I may need him to build me one!

Been feeling run down the last couple of days. TOM is just around the corner and I can just feel the PMS totin along behind!! Not good when you have things that needs done.

I was watching this infomercial (paid programming) about the exercise ball.....kind of inspired me to want to drag mine out of the closet and do some workouts on it. I think I keep making excuses as to why I'm not using the equipment that I have around here. It's time to stop!! I want to tone my body and not doing what I can isn't going to do it! The gazelle works great and gives me a little energy for the day...but I need to do more. James has some weights that are sitting on the living room floor....I just stare at them. Time to pick them up and use them!!

Anybody else feel this way? Do you have equipment and just talk to them rather than use them?? :lol: I don't know what's stopping me. It's all right there? Where is the motivation?? What happen to my drive??

Yep...see PMS is talking right now! :lol:

Ok girls..I need to get moving. I may pick up those weights and do something with them....besides moving them out of my sight!! :D

You all have a great night.

02-20-2005, 10:20 PM
For the life of me....I can't figure out how to make my advatar any bigger!!!

Someone help. I need step-by-step directions!! :D

da fat n da furious
02-21-2005, 12:30 AM
Egads Marti I would be the last person to help you with electronics. I just learned how to text messege a couple of days ago, Ive had a cell phone for 5 yrs.

Jane, ahh to be on the beach. Neal is right, beach is a good thing. We went to the Baptist church in our neighbhourhood when we first moved here, but with our schedule we couldn't attend regularly so we didn't go at all. My mom keeps up about the HUGE new catholic church right down the street from me, but I told her I didn't want to attend that one either.

Marti, I hate that I have a gazelle, a total gym and free weights down stairs, no room and no umph to go down there and make room.

Rehearsal went well, got alot of wings done, headdresses done. Talked with 2 of my 3 makeup artists tonight. Need to talk with my hair team...all is good.
gotta run Desperate house wives are on...

02-21-2005, 01:06 PM
:coffee2: Been gone for awhile. Life took over and been kicking me around. I got good news and bad news.

Good news is DS coming home tuesday night, :cb: :cp: :dancer: Can not wait to see him.

Bad news. Sister's cancer has spread to lungs,kidneys,bowels,as well as uterious,cervix,ect. She's not cooperating.All she's interested in are the drugs and enimas.OBGYN Oncology is refuseing to treat her in house,they want her at make appointments as an out pt. Even I know this is not possible. She can't sit up and she can't walk more then a few steps. I think they are just fed up with her.

While son was gone I gained 5 lbs but have managed to lose it now. This is good because I was certin I wasn't lossing anything. Phone is wringing have to go.


02-21-2005, 02:12 PM
Hi ladies!

I was here for a few minutes earlier, but got called away.

Marti - love the avatar!! I had an avatar re-sizer bookmarked on the laptop, but don't have one now. If you search for "free avatar sizer" you should come up with one. It's great that you have a hutch for the dishes. Might as well use that. Btw, aren't you ever gonna put "co-mod" in your signature??

Angie - omg, I am so into Desperate Housewives! So is Neal, lol. That show is so funny, and I hear there is going to be a spin-off of the teens. Do you watch Boston Legal that follows? Glad things are going well with the play.

Pam - (((HUGS))) so sorry about your sister! At least Eddie is coming home soon. That will make you feel better.

I've felt tired today for some reason. Too much partying, lol. I have to meet Katie in town after school, but in the meantime, I'm going to stretch out on the couch and watch a movie and/or take a nap. <yawn>

Later, taters!!

02-21-2005, 03:06 PM
Okay, starting over. Had a long post and went to look up something else and came back and it was gone! Oh well, anyway...

Happy Monday Ladies~

Not sure why except that I am feeling good after a visit to the chiro. The guy is a wee bit irritating and I want to tell him to shut up but he does do a good job, otherwise I wouldn't have gone back to him.


Jane~I too would rather be on the beach! DH#1 and I practically lived on the beach when we were first together, well into when the two boys were small. Didn't go as much after DD was born because we kept moving further away. Glad you like the new church, there's nothing like feeling welcome at a new church.

Marti~I have an exercise room! How sad is that? :( It is just so dark and gloomy in there. That and I have lost my mojo. No motivation what so ever to go into that room. I am trying to figure out what I want to do to it to pretty it up to make one want to go in there. I'm thinking yellow paint to brighten it up with some pretty pictures to look at, along with some motivational stuff and a tv! About the avatar...I use the one that Jane posted here a while back. Have it downloaded and use it all the time. However, here lately it is a pain. I had always gone by the 110 x 110 pixels and not almost everything I find I have to make smaller so it gets to be a pain. By the time you get a pic small enough you lose most of it. But I am still looking for the right one so meanwhile I will probably change mine once a week or so. LOL

Pam~so sorry to hear about your sis, (((((HUGS))))) to you both. Why are they refusing to treat her though? Thought hospitals were not supposed to refuse a patient treatment regardless. I am glad that Eddie is coming home, bet you can't wait.

Angie~I almost bought Taxi at Wal-mart last week. Thought I probably should wait until it comes on cable or at least rent it to see if it was buy worthy. Watched The Ladykillers and tried to watch Collateral last night. Ladykillers was not one Tom Hanks finest movies, along the lines of Terminal and Joe and the Volcano. Collateral was just boring. Got thru about 1/4 of it, maybe a little more before stopping it. So tuned in to watch The Notebook which I really liked. Of course having read the book I knew the movie would be good. The book was much better though. Anyway, don't think I have heard of the one you watched. DD has and told me what it was about, now I am going to have to see it.

Anyway, got all my errands run as well as my house chores done and have some time for the computer. Of course I have been on too long now since trying to figure out what I wrote in the post I lost. UGH! Have to make a couple copies of my resume to send out and that's about it for the day. Going to go meet V for dinner later I think. Thought I would surprise him so he won't have to eat McD's.

Hi to eveyrone else :wave: Hope everyone is having a nice Monday. Did anyone get off work today for Presidents Day? I know the schools are out here and of course the POst Office is closed as well as some other things. Have a great one ladies, see ya. :wave:

Tea Rose
02-21-2005, 04:31 PM
Hi Everyone
Ok Girls I just lost my whole post, so I am going to scream in my pillow now and I will come back and try again later, I just wanted to say HI,for now and I hope everyone is having a great day (((HUGS)))

02-21-2005, 08:32 PM
Hi girls....

Been on here earlier, but I didn't have I have a little time before I go to work.

Angie--I'm wanting to be a fairy for Halloween now!! You have me envisioning this beautiful costume!! If I don't work this year for Halloween...maybe I'll talk James into dressing up and going out this year! I hope we get to see the finish product when you're all done.

Pam--Glad that your son will be coming home soon. Hope he has a safe trip and that the two of you can spend some time together when he gets home.

Jane--My advatar is too small to see!! But it's a picture that I took of myself when I was playing w/the camera! :D I do that every once in awhile to leave for James so he can see how goofy I am when he's gone! :lol:

Cristi--I think your advatars are so pretty! Where are you finding those pictures? They're so cute. I will have to check out the sizer once I have more time on the computer. Maybe later on after work...depending on how tired I am. James & I have talked about making a workout room...still talk about it. Once we do....I hope we take advantage of it. The rate that I'm going.....I would hate to see us waste the space and money getting one done! Maybe it will inspire me to move more?

Ellen--Sorry that you lost your post. Are you feeling better? I hope so. Come back soon when you get the chance.

Got a lot of cleaning done today. Of coarse I get more motivated to clean when I have to go to work the same day! What's up w/that? I spend my weekends not doing a whole lot and then Monday rolls around and things get done! Crazy.

I wasnt' in the mood to get on the gazelle today...but I read somewhere that 15 mins. in exercising is better than 15mins. sitting in front of the tv. So....I pulled it out and did my 30mins. Pretty proud that I did that. Now to keep that kind of thinking in my head. I've been doing really good though.....still do it everyday but weekends.

Alrighty girls...I'm going to browse a few minutes and then get to work.

Have a good night!

da fat n da furious
02-21-2005, 08:53 PM
yay for Eddie coming home and for loosing the 5 lbs you had gained. Really is sad to hear about your sister. I have next to no patience with people who abuse drugs or alcohol. And from what you have said of your sister can understand them not wanting her there BUT as its their job and she is in need she should be there.

Cristi, I just thought Taxi was lame, Colateral was ok, Monte saw the Ladykillers and said it wasn't his finest. I so want to see Notebook. Good for you getting on your gazelle....

Ellen, been there done that, and can understand the screaming into the pillow,,,

Tanner and I went to Petland to check out the puppy, shes GONE!!! WAAAAA have to admit I almost cried when I saw she wasn't there anymore. Yes this is the same puppy I have been going in to see once to twice aweek for the last 5 weeks.
Anyways should get dinner ready...
have a great evening ladies...

da fat n da furious
02-22-2005, 12:17 AM
So I don't know how to work with wigs, so I shoved 4 into a pillow case and dosed it with shampoo and using the delicate cycle washed in the machine,,,WOW what came out wasn't what I put in,,,rats nest. Tanner wouldn't sit wearing it while I detangled them so I used my knee..they do look better, smell better and once Ive sprayed them lavender and mint green they will look how I want them.

Jane, I didn't know they are doing a spin off of DH Ive been stuck on this show called Medium, I think its Canadian though.

Im listening to Simon rip apart the men in AI ouch! Dull as dishwater...that
Gonna have to remember that next time I have to listen in on an audition,,,think I have the guts to say something like that? nah I don't...Im actually pretty nice.

Well gonna go make a couple more head dresses

02-22-2005, 10:36 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Cristi - I am excited about the fact that my whole family can go to this church and actually become members! There's nothing I love more than to see my whole family at the same church. Usually that only happened at baptisms and funerals. I am jealous of your workout room!! I want one, too! If it was mine, I'd find some valances that I really, really like and take a color from there to paint the walls. Then I'd make posters to frame and hang of my favorite Dr. Phil quotes, lol. And the Serenity Prayer. And my top ten reasons for getting healthier. Hmmm... wonder if the grandkids REALLY need a playroom... JK!!

Ellen - hope you're feeling better, hon. Don't know why people are losing their posts. If you click on the "back" button, would that work to retrieve it?

Marti - when I have something scheduled that I *have* to go do, it seems I can get my housework done quicker. It's like I know I can't put it off, and so it gets done. Why do we do that, lol. But you don't need to be doing too much on the weekends anyway... they're for relaxing with the fam!

Angie - aww, what kind of puppy was it? At least she got a good home. What would Skittles think of a new brother or sister? I just about spit my coffee everywhere when I read how you washed the wigs, lol!!!! Back in the 70's a lot of us wore them, and I learned you wash them in the same manner as real hair. If they are synthetic, they make a special shampoo, but if they're real hair, you can use your own shampoo. Either way, just suds them out in the sink, and drape them on a coffee can or something like that since you don't have a wig head. Btw, wig heads are inexpensive and you can get one from the beauty shop, and also the pins to attach the wigs. Hey, we saw Medium and really like it! It was the 1st episode, and now we don't have a clue which night or which channel... help me out, ok?

Well, I have to tackle Mt Washmore today. Katie's been tying up the washer and dryer, so now I have several loads to do. Going to spend some quality time with Caylin today, and I can't wait for that!


da fat n da furious
02-22-2005, 12:44 PM
Good morning,
Jane, I watched Medium last night,,,was good, her brother was there and he seems to have the same abilities as her, even though he doesn 't or won't admit to it.

Well the wigs look ok, now I have to syle them,,,wild curls, can I do that? They are synthetic so wondering if I can spray with hair spray and roll them up. Then when done spray color on them. Will find out soon enough....ha ha ha yikes
Anyways off to work I go, been listening to Tanners Into the Woods cd, gawd I love the music so catchy...into the woods....da da da

02-22-2005, 02:50 PM
Hiya Ladies~

Jane~I definitely would do that in the room if I had a window! That is one of three rooms (DD's bath and the boys bath) that does not have a window. The room is in the basement in the front of the house and the way it is made fromt he front of the house it looks like it is just a one story. The put all the windows in the back of the house. That's the main reason we made that the exercise room, no one wanted a room without a window. I have an idea though for a fake window just to dress the room up.They have some at Hobby Lobby, not exactly sure how I will fix the window yet, may put a small valance over it to make it look authentic. And you read my mind about the posters. I am going to get some posters at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels, they have some nice ones. Here Medium comes on at 9 on Mondays. I haven't seen it yet-not a big fan of Patricia Arquette so probably won't watch it. I do like her brother David and sis Roseanna though. Have a fun day time with Caylin!

Angie~oh my goodness! Hope you get the wigs fixed. Never had any experience with wigs so don't know anything about how to care for them. Sorry the puppy was gone. When I go up to Petsmart I love watching them groom the dogs. It amazes me how still and for how long the dogs will stand there, sooo good. Wish I could take Ernie but he wouldn't stand for it. Doesn't like to be touched by strangers. It's hard enough taking him to the vet. I am wanting another puppy also, just not sure what and when. The thought of training another dog is a little scary. I forgot AI was on last night! I normally don't follow it after the first few shows but did catch it last week. I was watching Fear Factor-love that show. But missed the first half as I took V some dinner.

Ellen~I lost my post yesterday also. But I was typing and was almost done and went to another site and came back here and went somewhere else. When I went to go back to my post it was gone! Hope you are feeling fine.

Marti~I used to be the same. When I knew I was going to work I always had things done. Now that I am not working it gets done when it gets done. I even clean the house before going away because I don't like coming home to a dirty house. :crazy: Yay :cp: for getting the exercise done. When I first started exercising I started out doing 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there until I worked up to doing it all at once. Saw on some show it said it didn't matter if you broke it up that way as long as you did the exercise. Of course that was when I was actually exercising. Now...I am not sure how to get motivated.

Anyway...had more errands to run this morning and got my house straightening up done before I left so now all I have to do is bake a cake for DS#2 BD. I found a balloon with tools on it, how funny is that, and had to get it! He works construction so it was perfect! I get the boys balloons and DD flowers. Always feel like everyone (the ladies) deserves flowers for their BD. That's about all I have.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :wave:

02-22-2005, 04:39 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Another beautiful day in Oregon today. How frightening!!.....We're going to have a DRY summer!

Angie--Awww...sorry the little puppy is gone. James & I go to the pet store at the mall every once in awhile and EVERYTIME there is a chihuahua puppy he wants to take it home!! :) I'm always in shock when I see a price for a chihuahua.....we saw one for $1100 once!! Ack!!
Hope your wigs turn out great! I'm sure they will. Is Tanner excited about this play? (probably excited about all the plays)

Jane--That is a great idea for the workout room. I think if I had one, I would hang up photos from the Before & Afters out of the WW magazine...and some from the Muscle magazine. Either it would depress me or get me going!! :D

Cristi--10 mins is 10 mins!! Moving is moving...that is what I keep telling myself. (if only I moved!) When I clean house I really get my body moving in ways that I'm reaching and stretching....I used to do that at Sony too....reach and stretched as I that I sit at computer all day....what do I do? Maybe I can figure out a way to work out my legs as I sit there. I'll have to put some thought into that.

Yesterday was Tim's first day on my shift. So during breaks I gave him a tour as to where to go for breaks instead of the rinky dinky breakroom they provide for everyone!! Our building is connected to the hospital so I showed him where the hospital cafeteria was and the dining room. I also showed him all the stair ways to get to somewhere instead of the elevators!! :D And...instead of walking back up the stairs...I took him out front of the hospital outside and walked around all the way back to our building....told him it was a good walk. He said I had a great routine! :lol: (if only I did that everyday!!)

Well...need to hop on my gazelle and think "toned thoughts" :D

You all have a wonderful evening!

02-22-2005, 05:25 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

I know, I know…..long time no talk. We got our cable and internet hooked back up yesterday so it has been crazy around here trying to get things all back to normal again. Brandon, I think, is getting some more teeth because he has been absolutely cranky lately. I updated his webpage with TONS of pictures and TONS of new journal entries….so please go and check it out!

Jane~ The family is doing good. It might be expanding in October, but we are not 100% sure just yet.

Marti~ I have to get back on the daily emails from here so I can keep up again!

Pam~ I am sorry to hear about your sisters cancer spreading. I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

02-23-2005, 02:03 AM
Night All

Hi. Just super tired!! I did want to say hello though. Great to have you posting Mindee.

zzzzzzzzzz, tired - brain dead. Oregon is very nice these days, saw on the news LA is having more rain this season then Portland. I think we tied with Las Vegas and are below Palm Springs.......we are even below Hilo Hawaii - where Rocky lives. They have a lot of rain - it rains there more then Oregon. lol

Really praying he will move here!

Weighed in at 148 yesterday.

umm, k ........I am heading home. Doug is keeping Gabster for me cause I am just too pooped.

catch up tomorrow! Hope you are feeling better Ellen. I found your address! Now I can send you crap!! lol.......just kidding.

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to sleep I go........ :snf: :snf: :snf: :snf: :snf: :snf: :snf:

btw- why is Christmas still on the list?? lol

02-23-2005, 10:11 AM
Good morning ladies!

Angie - glad the wigs turned out ok, lol. You tend to be a blessed person, have you ever noticed that? Is Into the Woods a song that Tanner does?

Cristi - for your exercise room, you could use a fake window frame, and a picture of Brad Pitt (or hunk of your choice, including V) in the distance, maybe waving to you, lol. That would make you walk faster on the treadmill, lol. Or go to the local travel agent and get some posters of a place you'd love to visit. The tool balloon sounds cool! Never knew they made such things, but I'll keep it in mind for Derwood.

Marti - sounds like Tim is getting the grand tour. Hope he likes it there.

Mindee - good to hear from you! Did Tommy ever find a job? I sure hope so. Your little Brandon is growing like a weed, and so cute!!

Susan - yay for maintaining your weight. I sure know it ain't easy!! About the Christmas graphics, I think they left them available so they don't have to keep reloading them. They'll be a lot of fun in July when it's hot as Hades in Indiana!

Well, Mary and Dale are going to Evansville for his follow-up visit after surgery. It's been 17 days - doesn't that seem like a long time? You'd think they'd have him rechecked a week or so after surgery. Anyway, I volunteered to watch the twins if they take Caylin with them. We'll be putting out the Easter decorations, and they're gonna love that! So will I, lol. Then I'll have them help me make stew. They'll be here for supper, and it's chicken stew on the menu. All the grandkids love to help me cook. I'll just have to allow double the time to get it done, lol.

Hope you have a great day!!

PS - any NYPD Blues fans here?

da fat n da furious
02-23-2005, 11:12 AM
Good morning ladies,
Susan, I found Oregon very cold...I froze when I was there if you remember. drowned rat look is sooo not my style.
Marti, you are thinking right about doing your walks during breaks,,,as for sitting at a computer all day,,,there are many web sites that tell you how to do stretches on a regular basis.
Jane, I didn't save all the wigs,,,there is one that looked so bad, so we are using it for parts. We bought 3 long wigs and 3 short curly wigs pieces that we are going to extend into some of the girls natural hair. Into the Woods is Tanners school play and one of his songs is Giants in the Sky, and a quick start song about hoping to meet up with Milk White (his pet Cow) again but not on a plate. He sells Milk White for some magic beans,,,,
So Joey the director for Pippin called yesterday to ask if Tanner was autitioning for Theo the lil boy (lead) told him that Tanner had only one song down and saw that he had wanted 2...Joey was Don't care please he has to audition, he had changed the ending where Theo would stand along on the stage and sing in a spot light,,,did I mention he would be wearing a body stocking which would make him look naked?

Cristi, Id would get everything that would motivate me and plaster the wall...if it happens to be a pair of jeans that are 2-3 sizes too small I would drape them over a of someone I admire...nothing that is too far out of reach. Paint the walls yellow and orange and have good light ...that should give you the illusion of either that or a blinding headache.
well better get myself ready for work

02-23-2005, 12:43 PM
Angie - you sure wouldn't find Oregon cold this week - we are "unseasonably warm" according to the meteorologists...I planted peas and potatoes on Monday. I am tempted to go ahead a sow some lettuces. Good luck to Tanner on his audition.

Mindee - Welcome back..Whatcha been up to?

Susan- hope you got a good night's sleep. I've been running ragged the last few days, but was able to get more sleep last night. Makes a world of difference.

Jane - Sounds like you have a fun day lined up. Leigh likes to cook with me...she says, " Let's make recipes!" - it's really cute.

Pam - so sorry about your sis' are so great to stand by her even after all the pain. Guess Eddie is home by now - bet you are glad to see him!

Hi to everyone else!

I have to take Leigh the an audiology screening today so I won't be able to drop in on the chat time :( I am recovering from company - an uncle and cousin and her DD3 were here for a visit. Lots of fun, but lots of cleaning and cooking and what not. The house is small so we were all tripping over each other, lol! But we still had a great visit. Many of my family members live in rural areas and for some reason are apprehensive about driving into I am always glad when someone makes the trip.


02-23-2005, 03:17 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

A couple new things going on on this side of the tracks.

Last night, Brandon said “I love you” in the car to me and Tommy. You ask him for kisses and he will turn and look at you with his mouth wide open.

On the job front issue: Tommy got a call this morning from the staffing place he went to, and the guys buddy has hired Tommy, and he starts TOMORROW!!! The guy will evaluate Tommy tomorrow, Friday and all of next week. But the guy from the staffing place said that once you get your foot in the door, you are in! He has also gotten calls/emails from two other places that he sent out his resume to last night! But since he already told the guy he would be there tomorrow, he is taking that job. Plus, he was more interested in taking the job that he got hired for.

My SIL Wendy, had a dream last night, I think, that some one she knew had given birth to twin girls. She asked Tommy if I had gotten my period yet, and he said no. So right now, it looks like me or her SIL are in the running. Her SIL is only about a week late, where I will be 2 weeks late on Saturday.

On another note……my little boy is 10 months old today! Tommy said “bubba, do you know what today is?” and I heard Brandon talking back to him. Tommy goes “you are 10 months old today.” To which Brandon responded to by crawling. Tommy goes “it is okay to be 10 months old. Cause in two months, you will be one year old!”

Susan~ It is good to be back posting on here!! We have had more snow here for the month of February if that makes you feel any better. LOL

Ellen~ I hope you feel better soon!

Jane~ Actually, I am very pleased and happy to report that Tommy starts working tomorrow!! The phone rang this morning and I didn’t recognize the number so I woke Tommy up to look at it, and before he could get out of bed to look in the address box, the phone rang again and it was the staffing guy telling him that his friend hired Tommy.

I used to be an NYPD Blue fan, but I got hooked on Law & Order and haven’t been back.

Angie~ Sounds like you guys are still as busy as ever!

Katy~ Let’s see…..what have we been up to?? Makin’ babies! J/K LOL

02-23-2005, 03:52 PM
Hi Ladies~

Thought I would post really fast before doing my housework and laundry. Normally, if V is going to be home at 4 I will have things done before he gets home. Since he is working late no need to rush. I have gotten back to making my bed first thing when I get out of bed. Was doing it for a while and then quit. So slowly getting my priorities in order.

Katy~are you going to have a big garden this year? I would love to plant one but not into gardening that much, a lot of work! I will plant some cherry tomatoes though, love 'em.

Jane~have fun with the twins today, which I know you will. I put an Easter flag out, some of those stick-ons on the sliding door and easter decoration on the door Sunday. DD says the bunny looks crazy. I bought some new flowers also to redo my spring wreath and then will put that out in a couple of days. Other than that I don't do much decorating for the holidays except Christmas. Seems odd decorating for Easter this early though. That is the first time I ever saw a balloon with the tools on it so had to get it. Almost got him a Bob the builder balloon trying to be funny but didn't. :lol:

Angie~I've not heard of any of the plays that Tanner is in and trying out for but I do hope if he auditions for the one he gets it! :crossed: Would love to see some of his work and yours.

Marti~yep, any amount of exercise adds up. Although, I know I should be doing more, LOTS more. Just have to get motivated somehow. I think fixing the room up will do, just not sure when I will get to that one. Probably should make it a priority. Like Angie mentioned, I too have seen exercises for those who sit at a desk for long periods of time. You could even take some small weights and work your arms when you had a few minutes. So how does Tim like it there so far?

Mindee~will have to check out the pics of Brandon. Glad Tommy got a job. :cp: Hope he likes it.

Ms Susan~hope you got some much needed rest. I think the weather everywhere is a little crazy. :crazy: Saw on the news the mess in CA, can't believe it. I know they have the fires and mudslides every year but this seems to be worse than it ever has been. And a tornado in Venice Beach! :yikes:

Ellen~hope you are feeling fine.

Pam~is Eddie home yet? That is probably why your not posting, catching up with him. :)

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much going on with me. Had a few errands to run this morning and buy groceries. Not sure what was going on at Wal-Mart but haven't seen it like that in a while. Only had 4 people working the registers and the lines were backed up. Not really that many people there though. Then ran over to Penneys and picked up the new catalog and a pair of pants. With all the running around I did I was amazed I was home before noon. DS#1 finally got word that he was hired for a job. Geez, these people took 3 weeks...well, actually he sent his resume in December. They are opening some new Dollar Tree stores in the Wichita area and will be needing managers, so yea! :cp: :cheer: Pretty good money too! I told him so does this mean you can move out! :joker: I hate to see my kids go but really do think it is time for them to get their own place. Of course when he was working and going to school we hardly ever saw him anyway...come home at night and head straight to his room to bed to start all over again tomorrow. Anyway, he was happy to finally get the news, was going stir crazy. Okay, ladies, gotta get going.

Have a great day! :)

02-23-2005, 04:03 PM
I just wanted to drop in and say hello to y'all!

We go back from AL last night (got home about 12) and I am just pooped today. Fortunately it hasn't been too busy here today otherwise I think my tired head would have spun off my shoulders by now :lol:

I hope the weekend was good for everyone... I'll be back in later on when I have more energy to catch up with each of you!

02-23-2005, 08:48 PM
Hello ladies--

I've been really busy today......why?! :lol: Been cleaning up and doing extra exercises as I do. I don't have time for individuals at the moment but I'll get to them when I get home after work.

But I have to mention this.......................

I've been approved for my vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb:
And today we've been checking out hotels to make a reservation for three days. We want a place that's close to a lot of the things we want to go see. We may have found one that's $80 a me that's a lot of money but at the same time I suppose it's not bad.

So I'll be gone the week of March 14th........I'll be back on the 18th. Going to be fun. Still have no idea what we're going to do but it'll be fun no matter what!! that I'm all excited I need to go to work.

I'll be back afterwards and chat some more.

Take Care
Hugs to all!

Tea Rose
02-24-2005, 02:13 AM
Hi Everyone
Sorry I didn't get back yesterday,now everyone here is sick, I feel better than I did but not great, still coughing , leaky faucet , and headachey.The more run down you are the harder it hits you , and the harder to shake. I just wanted to pop in and say hi, I hope everyone is doing ok.Paris my baby himalayan got spayed today, I miss her, she only weighs 5 lbs she's a little ball of fluff, Monday Amelie goes,and I can sigh with a little relief.My indoor outdoor kitty, came in with a cough yesterday so he also made a trip to the vet.He has a respiratory infection so he's on antibiotics for a week,
He has never been to a vet ,he's the little black stray,I took in,as far as I know he has never been to a vet, so we were very nervous taking him, not sure how he would react to the car or the vet, The vet thinks that he must have been either hit by a car or was beaten badly when he was very small, the lense in the one eye is gone completely and his larynx he thinks was crushed,. I am so happy that we got him there and he responded well,and he goes for shots next week when he feels better. Thats about all the excitement at my house, and its all I can handle. I promise I will try and do individuals soon, and hopefully I can try not to lose it. Jane the back button dosen't work sometimes depending what I have pressed I can undo what I did,but not the case yesterday.Anyway girls I have to find some tylenol my head is aching ,I will try and catch up,or at least start from where you left off.I am so looking forward to some sunshine and warmth, spring is just around the corner,and I can hardly wait. Take care everyone

02-24-2005, 07:36 AM
Good Morning Ladies---

I said I'd be back for individuals and here I am! :D

Jane--Sounds like so much fun when you have your DGDs!! I remember that kind of time spent w/my grandma and I cherish those times. I know yours girls will too! You should do a little journal for them to read later about all the things they loved doing w/you at this age!

Angie--I try to get some walking done during breaks. At the computer, I'm so busy most of the time that I don't have a chance to do anything but concentrate. But the last couple of days I'll stop, stretch and get back to work. Also been trying to just do leg lifts under the table when I'm sitting there. I think trying to sit there and not slouch is the biggest challenge!! Boy I have bad posture when I sit! (A body stocking!! What does Tanner think of that?!)

Cristi--I didn't realize that your workout room didn't have any windows! That would be hard. I hope you're able to get it fixed up to brighten the place up. Maybe a mural on one wall of the outdoors and then some great lighting....give you the feel of being outside. About Tim....he's liking the job pretty well. He's overwhelmed w/everything rigt just as I was at the beginning. He's doing pretty good though.

Susan--I hope Rocky decides to move here too if that works for the both of you. You're in my thoughts and I hope everything works out for you soon! Will he be coming to visit soon??

Katy--Oregon IS warm isn't it? On my way to work the temp was 67!! Everyone should have great gardens this year. I say every year that I want to plant one....I have yet to do it. I'm so not good at planting and growing things!! Something I need to stay away from!

Mindee--Glad to hear Tommy got a job! congrats to him! And Brandon IS growing fast. I will have to check out the pictures.

Ellen--I hope your headache goes away for you! Nothing like feeling miserable all day with one. I've been having one everyday since TOM arrived. OHHHHH the pleasures of being a woman!

Well ladies I'm tuckered and I'm ready for bed!! So I will check in after I do my workout on the gazelle this afternoon. You all have a wonderful morning.

02-24-2005, 09:34 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Angie - using it for parts...LOL... you crack me UP!!! OIC about the song. Would Tanner be ok with the body stocking? If so, he oughta go for it! Just my 2¢, lol.

Katy - glad you had a nice visit with the fam. I love company, too. Planning the meals, and stuff like that. How'd the audiology screening go? Is this just a preventive thing?

Mindee - so glad about Tommy's job!! Just think about something for me, ok? Think about how nice it would be if you had your license, especially being a mom. Even if you don't have 2 cars right now, sooner or later you will, and even with 1 vehicle, you could take the child(ren) to the doctor or park or wherever, when Tommy can't go with you. Plus, it would give you a freedom that you don't have now. Just think it over, ok?

Cristi - YAY for DS getting the manager's job. Yep, there comes a time when kids should move out! I remember when Terry moved, even though it was time for him to go, I cried and cried after he left. He never knew about it until much later. Then when Mary moved to a little apartment close to home, I burst into tears as her last load was being carried out, and she got teary-eyed, too. But we raise them to be capable to take care of themselves and hope for the best. I've still got to go through that one more time and I have to say I'm not looking forward to The Baby leaving. But when the time comes, I'll be happy for her.

Jenn - how was the trip? Hope you were able to stay OP! I know how hard you've worked!

Marti - YAY for the vacation approval!!!!! This is for San Francisco, right? Wherever it is, you're going to have so much fun! No, $80 a night isn't bad at an nice hotel. I can't tell you how excited I am for you and James!

Ellen - glad you're feeling a little better. And that your babies are being taken care of, too. You're such a responsible momma, getting them spayd and neutered. As a past member of the board of directors of the Humane Society, I thank and applaud you!!

Well, we got some unexpected snow. The weatherman said "a few flurries", and we've got about an inch, and it's still coming down, lol. They didn't even delay school for such a small amount, but who knows what it will be like at 3PM, so I called in for Katie. She's a good student and could use a break anyway. She's ecstatic, lol.

Meanwhile, I am going to get cleaned up and do my errands.

Ciao for now!

02-24-2005, 10:30 AM
Good morning ladies :coffee:

Just wanted you guys to know, even when I'm not posting, I try to pop in every day and read...just to touch base, see how you guys are doing, see if any of you need prayers or good thoughts sent your way :) Besides, if I go too many days without stopping in to at least read, it takes me four hours on the weekend to catch up on 8 new chitchat threads! :lol: We sure ARE a chatty bunch, but that is really a good thing.

Marti, so glad you got your vacation! YEAH!!! :cb: :dance: With Tim and I both working in call centers, and management at both places so freaked out about service levels and whether or not they can let one more person take vacation, it takes an act or Congress -- or God -- for us to get any time off together. We both have our anniversary week off, and we are going to Disneyland. Well, I have the whole week, but Tim could only get Wed-Fri, so we are leaving when he gets off work on Tues the 15th. 3/17 is our 5th anniversary, and we are looking at tickets for the Downtown Disney House of Blues St. Patrick's Day Party -- they are supposed to have a kickin' show that night. I'm going to try to call today and find out if they are sold out yet.

Ellen, hope you are feeling better soon! Once you get so sick, it can feel like you are trying to climb out of a deep hole. I'm sending prayers and good vibes :goodvibes: your way. Those kitties are very lucky to have you as their mama...

Angie, I love hearing about the costumes you are making, and I want to see them!!! I have a special fondness for faeries :) What play are the costumes for? And the part that Tanner is trying out for, is it for Pippin, or Into the Woods?

Cristi, I'd love to have a workout room, even if it had no windows. Hmmm...especially if it had no windows, because I wouldn't have to worry about anyone in the neighborhood fainting from shock after glimpsing too much of me jumping around like a fat kangaroo in a leotard! :faint: :rofl: But yeah, I know it could be a bit claustrophobic, so you will need to decorate it to make it a joy to be in -- you should have fun doing that, though... Congrats on your son's new job! I didn't realize you had a son still at home. My middle son will be 19 in about 2 weeks, and he is chomping at the bit to get his own place (and we are certainly more than ready to open the barn door!), but his job right now is only temporary, so he is trying to get on permanent there, or find something else. Also, with his first car blowing a head gasket and having to buy another car on short notice, he is paying us back the $2000 at $125 a week, so that's a setback to saving up to move out. Short term interest-free loan, First National Bank of Mom and Dad. I do have to remind him from time to time that M.O.M. does NOT stand for "Made Of Money"!

Mindee, hooray for Tommy's job! :bravo: And I have to put in my .02 with Jane -- a driver's license would make your life easier and give you more freedom, especially with your little guy in tow. I speak from experience -- I remember what it was like with a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old at home, and having to rely on friends that had room for carseats for rides (I had my license, but we only had one car -- it was better to drop my husband off for work, and have the car to go to the store, take the kids to the dr. or the park, etc). What part of MI are you from? Tim is from near Detroit, and his mom still lives in Bay City.

Jane, do you think you could call in to my work for me and say, "Um, it's snowing here, :sman: and we don't know what it will look like this afternoon, so she won't be in to work today." :D ;) Seriously, you are such a cool mom...she will love you forever for doing that for her :) :) :) Speaking of weather, it better clear up in LA, I don't want it to pour while we're at Disneyland! Ah well, last time it rained when we were there, we just got some rain ponchos, and had fun anyway. :rain: Such is the magic of Disneyland.

Pam, hope your son is back, and very sorry to hear about your sister.

RosieKate, sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family, even with all the extra work -- company can sure be exhausting. Leigh sounds like such a sweetie -- how old is she? I used to cook with my kids all the time, especially when I homeschooled. We made bread and granola a lot. Noah is just about 14 now, and he still likes to make cookies with me. And Mike is trying to learn some survival meals so he won't starve when he gets his own apartment :)

OK, I've yakked enough...gotta hop in the shower and get moving. Tim always tells me not to do that -- hopping in the shower is dangerous. All that slippery, wet surface right next to glass doors...

Gotta fly... :angel:


da fat n da furious
02-24-2005, 11:27 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Katiecat, Tanner is already in the play Into the Woods, hes doing the junior version for his school. We were told the full version is very adult** Anyways he auditions for Pippin on Saturday. Hes very nervous witha a full blown cold. He did come and sit with me and do his home work inbetween people. And we did his lines for his school play. He is hoping for Pippin but hes got stiff competition. He doesn't care about the body stocking, his attitude is its for theatre.

Jane, I can't think of Brandon moving out, like you I would be bawling at the Brandon teases and says what do you mean move out? I have it good here! Brat.

Ellen, if there were more people like you this world would be a great place to live in...take care of yourself...this cold/flu likes to hang on.

Marti,,YAY! Im glad you got your vaction oked. Now the plans start flying...

Cristi, I love when Im cruising along and get more of my errands done then normal and I have more time at home to do nothing ! Do you write lists? I carry an agenda book and write everything down in there,,,hmmm should write what I eat down in there too.
But it does keep me on track. I had a cast member bring me my book once cause she knew I would be writing in her days she couldn't be I have everyone trained! Even me.

Today is a day off, I let Tanner sleep in, bad mom that I am I had him still at the theatre at 10:30 and with his cold... so I will get him to school, off to get my nails done, then to popeyes to buy protein powder, I know popeyes in the states in some chicken place,,,in Canada or Calgary its a health place.
Its so weird you guys are talking snow and well again we have barely any, we have a small lil patch here and there. I should be dusting today,,,big bunnies here, but aaaaaaahh no. Im caught up in I think today isa break day. Friday 3 of my friends and I are going to Red Deer to see a play,,,,Noises Off. Hilarous. Friend of mine is the director. Shes got of her cast ended up in the hospital and with the show already on the stage, Carole has had to step in and do her part,,,the part is a 26 yr old pregnant woman,,,CArole is 61 yrs In her very English accent shes telling me its abit of a stretch,,,well Im pretty much on the floor laughing...I do hope the girl gets out the hospital for her sake.
Tanner wants to go to Green Day concert...arghhh Monte is worried about all the drugs and such he will be around. What to say to that. Lighten up we have hopefully raised our boys to understand what drugs can do?
Well I eel like Ive written a book here....
have a great day Ladies,

02-24-2005, 12:43 PM
:coffee2: Yipi and a Good morning to all.DS is home and all is right with the world. He spent his first day back playing with his Big Boy toys and having friends over. Lots of laughing and carrying on, music to my ears.

Sister's problems also seem resolved. She back at her trailer and recieving hospice care. All the drugs she wants and people to come in and care for her.I don't have to worry about her now. They'll be aids and nurses coming in bring her meds and giving her personal care and a lady to cook and clean, even a doc on call should she need one. What a wonderful program. Thank God for it.

Even the rain has stopped for the moment and Bon Bon and I will get our walk today.Can't get any better then this.

Ellen,the pics of the babies were darling. Such sweet little souls. Poor little indoor-outdoor kitty, thank God your there for him. I've had to slip antibiotics into my outdoor cats food from time to time.Feral cats can be impossible to catch so I've resorted to antibiotics resurved for fish tanks in emergencies. It was that or nothing. They worked.

I've got alot of catching up here to do but for now I'll just say HELLO and LOVE YA to everyone.


02-24-2005, 02:47 PM
Okay...I am so mad :devil: grrrrrrr! I had a very long post and was about to hit submit and good ole AOL threw me off! So now I am out of time and will have to catch up tomorrow. :mad:

Hi to everyone :wave: Hope everyone is having a nice day!

See ya...

02-24-2005, 07:05 PM
Afternoon ladies--

I got my workout done, I got the kitchen cleaned and I even managed to get some laundry done...all this in a couple hours! I could usually drag that out! :D

Cristi--Man! Darn computers! I have had that happen w/MSN a couple of times. As of right now...I don't have my IM running and my e-mail is slow in coming...but that's all. At least I'm still able to get on. (which I should really limit)

Pam--Glad that your DS is back and everything is back to normal. And your sister...hospice is wonderful. They did a wonderful job w/taking care of my grandma even though the whole family was available for her.

Angie--What kind of protein powder do you get? I like the soy protein stuff. I get the strawberry when I get any. Since I haven't really worked out much like I used to it's been awhile since I've bought any! I hope you get to enjoy your day off...getting your nails done and maybe buy something for yourself?? Have fun!

Katie--St. Patty's day we will be on our way back from Cali...but we're hoping to find a place along the way to celebrate and have fun. We are so excited. We already have the dogs booked at the vet for boarding. figure out what we want to bring! We want to go to China town and explore....among other fun things to do! I'll remember to toast to you and hubby on your anniversary!!

Jane--San Francisco it is! We were thinking of Crescent City but then realized that we wanted to DO more. Plus, go somewhere where we both haven't been to together. I've been to SF many times when I was little w/my parents....I don't think James really got to explore the last time he was there...he was near there for a Martial Arts competition when he was doing Martial Arts. We'll have lots of fun....I will be taking pictures!!

Mindee--I too am going to pipe in about getting your license. Take it from me...I was 28 when I finally got my license...I didn't have it when James and I got together and he insisted that I needed it. My ex had this control thing w/me and didn't want me to be roaming around w/out him...and now that I have my license....I can't believe it took me so long to get it! And w/having more than one're going to need it. Dr's visits, park adventures and so on.......W/Tommy working, it would be good for you to have it. One car or not.

Ok I go to take a shower and head off to work. Tomorrow is my early day which means I have Jhanai. We have plans of walking around town w/this wonderful weather that we never get in Oregon! We're hitting the park then shopping over to Good Will. We want to find bargains. I'm really looking forward to Garage Sale season!!

Better stop yappin and start movin!

Talk to you later.

02-25-2005, 02:48 AM
Marti~ He is getting so big on us! Like I mentioned to Jane, I have been thinking about it. Who knows….one of these days I will suck it up and get one.

Jane~ I will think it over…..actually, I have been thinking about it lately. So we shall see. We have a park at the end of our block, so I wouldn’t need to drive there. Plus, I have noticed that I like walking more then driving, I know I am weird.

Katiecat~ Thanks for the comments on Tommy getting the job. He likes it, but he is already looking for one closer. I don’t see what the deal is since this one is 20 miles from us. I live in Warren. My parents live in the thumb.

Pam~ That is great news that your sisters health problems seem to be resolved.

gotta run.....little munchkin is back up again and won't fall asleep on his own

02-25-2005, 10:27 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Katiecat - sure, I'll call in for ya, lol. Just tell me which day(s)!! ;) You may already know this, but you can get rain ponchos at Walmart, in the sporting goods area, or at the dollar store for a buck. Beats those high prices at Dis. I've got all sorts of Dis tips, and I bet you do, too, lol.

Angie - I'm an obsessive list-maker, lol. Especially with dinners. I keep track of what I served at each special party, each holiday, what I took to carry-ins, what I served to out-of-town guests, etc. Then there's my cleaning schedule, which, thank God, I no longer follow. It was just TOO compulsive, lol. My house was always clean, but I didn't have nearly as much fun as I do now, lol. And I never, ever go to Walmart without a list. I make out menus a week ahead, and form a shopping list from that. I even have a list of what cards I sent to which JL, and the date, lol. Somebody Stop Me, lol!!!!

Pam - glad your sis is being taken care of... that has to be a load off of your mind.

Cristi - YAY for one pound down! Can't promise I'll always notice it without you mentioning it, but I did this time! Sorry you lost your post!

Marti - boy oh boy, are you going to have lots of photos for scrapbooking when you get back from Frisco! Have fun with Jhanai this weekend! Send some of that gorgeous weather to Indiana. The temps are cool, but at least it's sunny.

Mindee - glad you're mulling over the license! Think of all the places you could go.... to visit your parents and all sorts of places!

Two things to share with my JLs today:

1) When I had a laptop, I couldn't do this anymore, but now that I have a full-size keyboard, I can - did you know you can use a ¢ sign by holding down the alt key, and the number 155 on the calculator keys at the right of the keyboard? Try it! Just my 2¢. lol.

2) I found the neatest place on the web! It's instructions to do darn-near everything! At Just about anything you can think of is there with instructions!

Gonna clean my living room really well today. The dust bunnies have dust bunnies, lol. Maybe I'll go to ehow and see how I can get out of doing it, lol.


02-25-2005, 11:42 AM
Just wanted to pop in with a quick good morning to you ladies! Don't have time to post right now but will be back later. Gotta head to the post office and to the chiro at 10. Going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood-in the 60's! :sunny: See ya :wave:

da fat n da furious
02-25-2005, 12:41 PM
Good morning ladies,
Cristi, I hate when that happens to me,,,all my humour gets lost the second time Have a great day, I need to go see my chiro ,,,no time thou.
Jane,,,¢ wow! Ive always,,,just punched up $.90 instead of 90.¢ ha cool.
Mindee enjoy your time with Brandon,,,once day you will turn around and bump your nose into his chest as I do...We were going through his baby pictures for a grad thing they are doing and Im such a sentimental person I had tears as I looked at them, then at him sitting across from me. He just laughs...
Tanner has is audition tomorrow morning and hes got a full blown cold. Hes so sick he can barely breath.
Pam,,,yay Eddies home and your sisters medical situation taken care of...a load of the shoulders eh?
Marti, I enjoyed SF, would like to one day go back,,,,

Well yesterday wasn't much of a great day as I had planned,,,got the nails done but then when I was about to go shopping I got a call to go to work PI work that is,,,arghhh being we have alot of bills thought I should do that,,,so I started at the opposite side of the city from me and worked till past midnight,,,Im tired and achy,,,sitting in my vehicle for hours does that.
We are going to my friends play tonight,,,can't wait.
well better get my hair to work

02-25-2005, 04:25 PM
Afternoon ladies--

I made myself get up at noon today even though the clock was chiming in at 6:30 this morning....I couldn't get to sleep....I have no idea what time I ended up getting to sleep! (I should sleep good tonight!)

¢---wow! Who knew? :lol:

Jane--What else have you learned that you want to share w/us?? I may have to check out that site too!

Angie--Some way to spend a day off! Sitting in a car all night! Well, you go out tonight and enjoy your friends play. All the talk about costumes and rehearsals...I always forget that you're also a PI!!

Cristi--On my way to work yesterday the temp was 68'!!! Can you believe that? Ok....I was surprised since it's Oregon and we don't have this usually....mostly rain. Today's cloudy!

Mindee--Glad that you're thinking of getting your license. It's nice to have. Whether you like walking or's great for emergencies. Tommy's already looking for a job closer? Is this new job not what he expected? Hope he sticks w/it and finds out that it's perfect job! I need to I better go...must be out of her by 3:00 today.

Enjoy the rest of you days ladies!

02-25-2005, 04:53 PM
I'mmmmm baaaaaaack! :D

Maybe this post won't get lost! Man, what a gorgeous day it is here. :sunny: Didn't want to come home. Can't believe this weather. Of course it is supposed to rain tomorrow evening thru Sunday. The rain I will take as long as there is no more snow. :nono: Felt good to go to the chiro. I skipped a day in between and man was I feeling it, better now, sooo much better. I feel bad though, meant to get my nieces BD cards sent off on time and forgot about them. Just decided to send them some money so they can get what they want. My mother told me they are not girly girls, like video games-tom boy'ish. Of course I am still thinking they are 7 or 8! She said NO dolls for them! Anyway, let her know they were mailed and to tell them Happy Birthday tomorrow, still can't believe they are 12!

Jane~thank you, thank you, thank you! It was actually 1.5 pounds lost but you know the trackers? Don't show that 1/2 pound. ¢¢¢¢ so cool Jane, thanks for the tip, now to remember it! Don't know what I will do when DD, the baby moves out. I think that will be harder than the boys. I will miss them all but don't think it will be as hard when the boys move out.

Angie~I do make lists but don't always follow them. I get side tracked so much sometimes and start doing other things. I have gotten really bad at things and used to be so organized. I think reading a book years ago about not sweating the small stuff ruined me! :lol: Sorry, Tanner is feeling bad. Hope he's better tomorrow for the audtion and hope he gets the part. What color did you have your nails done? I sometimes wish my nails wouldn't grow-I would have them done in the french manicure-love the look of it.

Marti~great idea about the mural! I have seen some wallpaper that is a whole scene, like a forest or spring scene. The spring scene would be nice to put on the one wall, make it feel like I am walking outdoors. So glad you got your vacation days! :cp: You and James are going to love San Fran and have a great time! I personally, haven't been thrown off AOL but maybe 2 or 3 times but the kids are always telling me they do sometimes. Maybe it's the time of day/evening they get on. :dunno: Have fun with Jhanai this weekend.

Katiecat~oh yeah, have three kids at home, DS-24 1/2, DS-23 & DD-21 and I am ready for the boys to move out, just not out of state. One day... Like your definition of M.O.M, that's cute! Disneyland will be here before you know it!

Ellen~you are a good mommy and have a big heart. I don't know if I could do what you and Pam do, taking in the strays. I see a dog wandering about and I want to pick it up and take it to it's home or mine-LOL but DH says I can't save them all. It kills me to see pets wandering the streets. Don't see it too often here, but when we lived in the country they were. And the country was a good "dumping" ground for puppies, so sad. Anyway, hope you are feeling better today.

Pam~so glad Eddie made it home safely and is enjoying being home. Also, glad your sis is getting help daily and you don't have to take care of her.

Jenn~I forgot you were out of town, oops! Hope you and DBF had a great time in AL.

Mindee~took a gander at little Brandons pics, so cute! And he is getting so big! I have to agree with the others...nothing like having a license. Geez, when I turned 15 I was getting anxious and excited-I wanted to drive! I was willing to do any of my parents errands for them just so I could. But it really is a good idea to have one with a little one at home. Glad Tommy got a job! :bravo:

HI to everyone else, Julie, Katy, Sue, Doreen, Susan! :wave:

Well, I knew I would be feeling tired about now. I could not sleep last night. Tossed and turned the whole night and woke up at 5 am. My left arm/shoulder was killing me. My pain switches from the right to left sometimes. So it was a good thing going to the chiro today. Just got up and got everything done early this morning. No point in laying in bed trying to go back to sleep. Nothing special going on for the weekend. V thinks he doesn't have to work so we may take a nice little drive to the cemetery and then get some paint to paint the doors at least. The white doors are killing me-they don't look good with the green. Will get some reading done and put the new flowers on my wreath and get it outside.

What's everyone doing for the weekend? Any special plans?

Take care and have a wonderful weekend ladies! :wave:

02-25-2005, 06:42 PM
Had to pop in one more time before I leave....Wanted to say:

Congrats to Cristi on the almost 2lbs gone!!! :cp:
I'm so happy for you and just know more will follow!! Like we said earlier this year....this is the year for us to make a difference!

Best be one my way!

W/Jhanani here this weekend, my time on the computer will be if I don't pop in, that is my time.

Hugs to you all!

02-25-2005, 07:15 PM
Ok, girls, picture this. 50 year old woman at the wheel of a 72 restored Camero Sport , Rally Wheels and a 350, blue with ghost flames. Hot Rod Granny. Ready for Route 66 week and the envey of Gear-Heads. :lol: DS is looking at just such a car as I write this.

Sister is happy. Getting lots of attention from Hospice and loving it. I love them to.

Cristi, I'm green with envy. I can't seem to stay on the diet. :spin:


02-25-2005, 11:15 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - playing Kensey Millhone again, huh? Hope you enjoy the play tonight.

Marti - have a good time with Jhanai this weekend. Any special plans?

Cristi - I didn't know your oldest was still at home.. wonder why I thought that, lol. When you kids do move, will they stay close, you think? Katie says she's going to Los Angeles. I so hope she doesn't! But I'll encourage her to follow her dreams, wherever they may take her. Just hope they're in this vicinity, lol.

Pam - however you lost all the weight so far, maybe you should try that again.

Went to a ball game with Neal and just got home. Tomorrow is the birthday party for Makenzie-the-5-year-old, who's turning 6. I am saving my points for Monday when I'll be in Evansville, so no cake for me! (cake ****, lol)


02-26-2005, 02:23 AM
Jane~ My parents live two and a half hours away… I wouldn’t want to sit in a car that long by myself with Brandon and another baby in the car. I get tired when we come home from there, and I am not driving home.

Cristi~ How are things with you? He is definitely our little tank baby!

Angie~ I cherish my time with Brandon now……even when he head butts me in the nose. He has done this numerous times and I swear each time he does it, I am waiting for my nose to start gushing blood. I sit and get teary eyed looking at his newborn pictures, and he is almost one…..imagine what I am going to be like when he is getting close to graduating?

Marti~ Yeah he is already looking for a job closer, but I told him that the job he has now is fine. He is starting to see it my way. He hasn’t really slept well the past couple of nights, so he wasn’t even going to go in on Friday, but I told him that he had to. He went and is going to work Saturday. But the boss is awesome! He told Tommy that he usually pays time and a half for everyone over 40 hours, but since Tommy didn’t have enough time to get 40 hours, he is going to pay Tommy straight time for four hours, and then time and a half for the rest of the four and a half hours.

Pam~ I agree with Jane, however you lost it before, try that way again. (I am one to talk….although I did just realize that our OnDemand has fitness programs on it! Yoga and pilates and who knows what else… I come!!)

02-26-2005, 10:09 AM
Good morning...
Been MIA...but here I am at last checking in on my JL pals. Leigh's asthma kicked in early in the morning Thursday ( lots of coughing and wheezing - no gasping for breath thank goodness) I spent most of that day getting her in to the doc. Doc nebulized her in the office and gave me some oral prednisone incase she worsened, which thankfully, she did not. She's still got her smoker's hack, but no wheezies and she just looks like she is feeling better. Friday was spent doing stock-up shopping, so now the fridge and pantry are packed and ready for March!

Mindee - just clicked over and caught up on Bdo's site - boy he is getting big! He reminds me of my boy when he was a baby - he was a tank and we also called him Bubba. James was walking at ten months - so watch out! How much does Bdo weigh, just out of curiosity? James was pushing 30 lbs at ten months, then he started walking and burned off some fat - tipping the scales at nearly 28 lbs at his first birthday. Still a big healthy boy.... then and now. Congrats on Tommy's new job - that has to be a big relief for your family. I like the idea of the fitness shows on On demand...which to do first? decisions, decisions......

Jane - have a great time at the birthday party today - is she having it off site or at home? I've done it both ways and even though I tend to be a penny pincher, I did like off site because I didn't have clean my house or cook or plan how to keep X number of squirrely kids from trashing my house :dizzy: One of the best parties my son had was at the local community center - I had just had the baby two weeks earlier. They did everything I just showed up with cake and party favors.....what a blessing.
Boot camp update for you: I have decided that Core works really well with the Boot camp guidelines. I particularly have noticed some improvements in my health as a result of cutting out all sugar. I do deviate from Core in that I will eat lo-fat dairy( instead of FF) and I allow myself some whole grain bread, maybe 1-2 slices a day. Works out if I were to count them as Flex points.

Cristi - I think it's great that your DS is living with you - he'll move when he's ready. I was kind of pushed out on my own too early I think. At the time I wanted out - home life was really bad, but if I had more security I would have focused more on school and less on survival - maybe I could have avoided alot of the debt I racked up in my 20s. I plan on it being different for my kids, for sure. Can't forget - CONGRATS on the weight loss!

Pam - I can see you in that car ONLY if you dye your hair pink and get an Elvis tattoo on your arm :lol: Plus you need a smokin' leather jacket to round out the ensemble..... I mean, let's do it right :D So glad things are settling down for you. It's hard to stay on a food plan when the crises continue to now you'll get back on track...

Marti - Have a great weekend with Jhanai....Waaa I want to go shopping! DH is working all day today and I don't want to take the kids - it'll just have to wait.

Hi to everyone else..
As mentioned - Just hanging out with the kids today. Leigh's cough makes her pretty socially unacceptable :p even tho' at this stage it's mostly just noise. Weather's good and the yard beckons so we'll play out there today. I have some bulbs to transplant and I may take a change on planting some lettuces. It has been so warm...I know I am tempting fate, but I am going to do it anyway.

Have a great weekend everyone

02-26-2005, 02:06 PM
Hello ladies~

Well, change of plans for my day and weekend, sort of. DH had to work afterall so just doing some cleaning and hanging around the house. I have gone to the cemetery myself before but he kind of likes to go so I can wait, and I was going to let him drive the 1 1/2 hrs, at least one way. :D Up early again this morning and kind of liking it, get a lot more done and then have the whole day left to do whatever. Already got laundry done, mopped the kitchen, bath and entry floors. Did a load of dishes, now just need to vacuum and paint the doors. Actually, watch V paint the doors. Hope the color is a match and I like it. We'll see...

Jane~I know right now if and when Jason moves out he will stay close. Josh for a while was talking about moving back to CA and then there was talk of Alaska! A friend was trying to talk him into moving there. And Carrie wants to move to the east coast, possibly New York but not for a few years, which is fine with me. I too encourage and support the kids to follow their dreams, as long as they are realistic. Josh is a bit of a dreamer sometimes and gets silly ideas in his head, like the Alaska thing-long story. I just try to make him see the whole picture and really think about things before jumping in. But have never told him he couldn't do something. Hope you have fun at the BD party.

Katy~aaahh, you brought back so many memories of all the kids parties I had for them. For the most part they were fun and I loved entertaining, kids and adults. But I have to say the worst was the slumber party DD had when she was 9. OMG!!! Nothing like having 7 or 8 screaming, hyper girls overnight! :crazy: Of course it was worse because they had all attended another BD party earlier in the day. Wouldn't trade it for anything though. I liked having them other places also, the bowling alley and miniature golf were the best ones I think. Anyway...yeah, I'm not going to push the kids out because I know I will totally be lost when they go. When one of them are gone for a weekend it's weird for me. Hope little Leigh gets to feeling better.

Marti~hope you enjoy shopping and your weekend with Jhanai.

Pam~oh I love those old cameros, good choice! I can definitely picture you in it. And don't envy me lady 'cause I can't seem to stick with any program (don't like the four-letter word)! I just do what I can. Was going to say I do my best but I don't and I am not sure why. I am working on doing my best though. I have to second what Jane said-do what ever it was you were doing that you lost all the weight you have-it was working for you. I know you will get back on track.

Mindee~things are fine with me. Ouch, head butts! I know that hurts. Mine used to grab my earrings and Jason, the oldest used to bite. Let me tell ya, he bit me one to many times the day he bit my boob! I tried everything to get him to stop and nothing was working. The day he bite me on the boob I bit him back-yes I did. I bite him on the arm and told him we DO NOT bite. I asked him if it hurt too and he said yes in between sobs, poor baby. It seems mean when I say it now but guess what? He never bit anyone again. When I had Josh and brought him home is when he started the biting, he was jealous of the new baby.

Anyway, you ladies with your little ones...bring back so many memories of when the kids were little. Even though they are as old as they are, it really does seem like it was yesterday when they were small.

Thank you ladies for the WTG's! :thanks:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Guess I will be getting off the computer in a few minutes. Spend some time with V when he gets home and do some reading. I am liking the book Good in Bed. Read Life of Pi (put this on the book thread so sorry for repeating myself. Not sure if anyone read it over there), apparently I didn't get it so rather than read it again ('cause it took to long the first time) I'm having Carrie (DD) read it. She likes stuff like that and understands it 100x better than me. Of course when she tells me what she thinks a light bulb will probably go off in my head. :doh: Also, read Green Angel by Alice Hoffman. I liked it, short and to the point but good. DD read it also and liked it but didn't like that it was so short. I didn't know it was till I got it in the mail. Anyway....

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! See ya...:wave:

02-26-2005, 05:09 PM
Hi girls!!

Just a quick post to share where James & I are staying at in SF!!

Here is a link to the hotel.

Isn't it nice??

James wanted to find me tub so I can soak at night before we don't have tub in our house!! What luxury that will be.

Better get going.

I'm so excited!

02-26-2005, 10:09 PM
Hi ladies,

Katy - time for Leigh to kick the habit, lol. Seriously, glad she's better even if she does still sound terrible. Glad the bootcamp is working for you and that you don't have to give up whole grains and other things you like. Sometimes I think people get discouraged when they try to give up too much, don't you? That's the best thing about WW, imho, in that we don't have to live w/o foods we love, as long as we basically eat healthily.

Mindee - well, ok, maybe not drive to and from your parents, but you get the idea.

Cristi - I sure won't be in any hurry for Katie to move out, either. My other 2 moved when they thought it was right for them. Terry moved out at first with some buddies, then came back for a while. Then got his own apartment by himself. Mary got an apartment by herself - a girlfriend was supposed to move with her, but got cold feet at the last minute. Mary was working full-time and going to college, and pulled it off anyway. It was a very small place, but nice and clean. I rummaged through my stored things and we decorated it up real cute. Both Terry and Mary came home to eat often, lol. I can't see Katie moving nearly that young, and hope she doesn't.

Marti - love the hotel!! I took the virtual tour of the king room - very, very nice! You'll have a good soak there! I haven't ever been to SF, but since you have, you know there's lots to do. You've really got something to look forward to!

Miss Susan - hope all is well with you and your girls.

Neal's watching a Law & Order rerun and I'm just goofing off, lol. The birthday party was fun. It was held in a community building (didn't someone ask that?) and so the prep was easy for Gina. Terry had to work all day, so he was unable to help. Mary helped Gina serve everyone and clean up. All the little kids had a blast and Mackenzie made out like a bandit, lol. I took a fruit bar with me (2 points) but didn't mind not having cake since I don't like store-bought cake that much anyway.

Have a good Sunday tomorrow!

da fat n da furious
02-26-2005, 11:25 PM
Good evening Ladies
Jane, great place to have BD parties, I did that a few times with the boys...ahhh the mess is easy to clean. You do have wilpower girl!

Pam, don't forget the bling bling...a smoking leather jacket and some cool shaes,,,and you are set for a drive. Vrooom!

Marti, nice hotel,,,I know the two of you will have a great time.

Cristi, Congrats on the lost pounds.

Katie, we bought a machine for Brandon when he was small to give him his nebs... he hasn't used it in close to 2 yrs now, would like to say hes out grown his asthma. But I don't want to jinx us.

I have to say I was tired yesterday but did make the play which was hilarous,,,Noises Off. If you get a change to see it,,,see it. A play within a play. Which is weird since Tanner is doing a play within in a play and he auditioned for Pippin which again is a playwithin a play.
That didnt' go well, his cold got the best of him and he could barely sing. His voice coach told Tanner he would call the director and let him know how he really does sing without a cold.
So we both came home, I took a nap and he laid out on the couch.
Tried to get tickets for Green Day, (band) but it was sold out so Ive got Brandon putting feelers out.
Well need to do some work...arghh hate reports.

da fat n da furious
02-27-2005, 01:59 AM
WOW the kid came through! Even with a cold he got the part! The director called and told him the great news,,,Tanner kept saying thank you,,,thank you,,,and doing a happy dance so I knew he got the part.
Im exhausted
night all

02-27-2005, 12:54 PM
A very good Sunday morning to everyone :D

Angie~CONGRAT'S to Tanner for getting the part! :cp: :bravo: Hope you can get tickets to Green Day, Tanner will like that. About the drugs being around, I think when you go to concerts such as that there is always going to be drugs, especially with so many kids today doing them. Ya just gotta trust your kids. When DD and DS went to see Incubus and Tool they said the drugs were everywhere. The guys behind them was passing a joint around and asked them if they wanted some! There is not supposed to be any smoking in the Coliseum at all but they did it anyway and they have security everywhere. But when a concert like those were sold out how are you going to stop it?

Marti~ very nice hotel room. Not really into the asian feel but it is nice and you guys are going to love it! You need to get some bubbly and some bubble bath and lots of candles so you and James can both take a bath together. ;) :love: Hopefully you are up high and have a spectacular view out your window. Are you guys counting down the days? OMG, I just realized it's just a coupel of weeks away!

Jane~never thought to have a BD party at a community center. Of course my BD party days are over which is sad as I so loved to entertain-haven't really done any entertaining in years. Well, I know the kids will move out when they are ready. Just not feasible for Josh, he doesn't make enough money especially after a truck payment, insurance and a phone bill. Plus he is always having to buy some new tool (man are they costly!) for his job. Jason, was working 50-60 hours with his old job but only got paid for 40 and going to WSU which took a big chunk of his money each month. I do give him credit because he likes to pay his own way. I paid for his college when he went to Virginia but since he has been paying his own way. He will not ask for help unless he absolutely needs it and so far he hasn't. School will still take a big chunk of his money but with the new job he is going to be making a lot more than the old job and he does plan on moving out, just not sure when.


Anyone see the new show called Moving Up on TLC? Just started a few weeks ago with Doug from Trading Spaces as the host. They show 3 people/couples who are moving but concentrate on two who are buying one anothers house. Anyway, at the end they each go back to their old house that they just sold to see what the new owners have done to it. I would love to go back and see some of my old houses to see what the new owners did to it. Then of course Genevieve (from Trading Spaces) is the host of the new show Town Haul where they go and redo a whole town. Didn't watch all those shows but caught a few and they finished the first town in New Jersey. Love shows like that.

Just wanted to check in for a few minutes while I was online. V is working again today so I am trying to find a border and a mural online somewhere. Found three murals I like yesterday, one is a filed of tulips and the sky is so pretty and blue! The other is a fall scene and it looks like you are walking down a trail, would look good with some yellow, gold'ish color. And the third I really liked was in the shape of a window and the beach. It actually looked like you were looking out the window at the beach, soooo pretty. Right now, I am leaning towards that with a blue paint color.

Have a great day ladies, ta ta for now! :wave:

02-27-2005, 05:14 PM
:wave: Hi Girls, Well, 72 Camero wasn't up to DS's standards so it was a no, but something eles was a yes. A Red 2000 Alero. Very sporty, very pretty, new tires, power seats,windows,sun roof,side mirrors, front and side air bags,tilt wheel, climate control,lights go on and off by themselves, alarm and leather interior and I'm still learning about the things it does. Wow, what a car. I spent yesterday playing with it. I busy thinking of places I've just GOT to go! :lol: DS evem filled the tank up and right now he's taken it for a oil change. Tomarrow he wants to take it to the dealer to have some little imperfections fixed, like replacing some trim around one of the windows and replacing some faded door trim around the handles. He's also getting the belts and hoses checked and radiator back flushed. He's a perfectionist where his cars are concerned. Good thing for me to. YIPI He made the seller get it detailed before he bought it. :lol:


02-27-2005, 08:27 PM
Skip on over to chit chat #115, please.... see ya there! :)