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02-19-2005, 02:32 PM
hello all....I am new here but not to Atkins.....I am going to "try" this one more time, but in reading the book I noticed that mayo is limited to 2 tbs??
first question then is.....that must be a day, right??
second question is....I don't remember that my last go round, when I absoulutely enjoyed my tuna with more than 2 tbs.....hhmmm. And if I read correctly Atkins Multigrain bread is allowed?? during phase 1??
Have any of you used the Mix for pancakes and such?? Just trying to find out as much as I can....hope that's ok with you all...

Also the heavy whipping cream, I also noticed in the book is limited to 2-3 tbs a day??? I don't rembember that either. Did I miss something last time.....not sure if I did, as I lost 22 lbs.

Would one of you please help me and perhaps direct me correctly. Where can I go on the boards here for the lastest and greatest info...
Thanks you for your help and motivation, which I need desparately!!

Have a great day.

02-19-2005, 06:55 PM
Are you getting the instructions off the internet or the book? I'm believing the 'net due to the bread question. In the book it's not allowed during phase 1.

I was told that there could be considered 2 sets of induction/phase 1. Strict and not so strict. I've always followed the not so strict version after the initial couple months. So it all depends on if you're looking to do strict or not so strict. Also, the online version allows more things than the book version. So I can't help with those because I did the book version.
~~ Sorry. I'm sure someone else can help with those questions. Good luck and welcome :) Come join us on the daily chat :)

02-20-2005, 08:59 AM
Hi L.J.

Gee I don't remember those restrictions either. Especially the mayo one. Unless the mayo has carbs then I would say just eat. With the whipped cream, that might be b/c there is a limit on dairy (cheese). Did you check out our FAQ on this board? Definitly go by the book and you know, doing it strict in the beginning I believe, IMHO, will help you better in the long run.

As far as the breads and cake mixes, I didn't use any of them when I was on induction. I think again, its better to stay away until you feel in control. For me one slice of bread, LC or not would trigger me to want to eat the real thing.

Good Luck !!!!!!