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02-17-2005, 10:29 AM
I can't get enough of this stuff..I have always hated diet soda, but tried this one day and I LOVE it!! Even the kids like it! Now my question is it OK for me to drink it?

02-17-2005, 10:34 AM
Yes it is okay to drink it but you should try to limit your quantities. Even too much of a good thing can be bad :lol:

Diet sodas often have caffeine in them which can dehydrate you , have no real nutritional value and colas can stain your teeth the way red wine and coffee do.

I drink water throughout the day and limit my diet soda to no more than one or two per day :)

02-18-2005, 05:42 AM
OMG! I didn't even know diet cherry coke existed! You lucky Americans! :rofl:

I tried giving up all sorts of cola at new year, and haven't touched one yet! I used to drink a lot because it was something sweet with no calories, but after a while I realised that they all taste pretty bad and are full of chemicals!

As mauvaisroux says, they are full of caffine, and I heard that the acid in cola can hinder the absorption of calcium in the gut, leading to osteoperosis. So don't drink with milk! :rofl:

I think if it's helping you with the weight loss then cool, but I wouldn't drink more than a coupla glasses a day.

02-18-2005, 11:21 AM
Have you tried the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? I just moved to Dr Pepper country here in Texas and it is delicious. I don't hardly ever drink soda but it is a great choice when you need something with a kick.

09-12-2005, 08:29 PM
I don't drink soda. In fact I dropped 20 pounds by doing one thing giving up one got it sodas. Now I'm not saying to give up sodas but if I was going to drink sodas it would not be diet soda. You will end up addicted craving more and more talk about a drug. My sister in law went from regular soda to diet soda and her weight exploded. how many skinny people do you know that drink diet soda think about the chemicals that they put in it to make you crave more. (