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02-15-2005, 04:34 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us.

02-15-2005, 06:10 PM
Good Afternoon -

Congrats Cristi! :cheer: You will be a good MOD ......pssssssst, can I call you Ma Cristi??

Course neither you or Jane are that much older ((I will be 41 in March :fr: :fr: ))- you are more like sisters.

So, yes a very interesting science project. Waaaaaay beyond my thinking though. Rebecca has one going on at the same time.

Anyway- Rachel's father is taking her to get highlights in her hair tonight.

I feel BOLATED. I keep eating this wonderful ham that Doug bought. I grabbed me a 16 oz water bottle , so hope to get a few bottles down by the end of the day.
Anyway, the more water I drink the worse I feel.......think I am going to burst!

whine - whine......

Happy to hear you are feeling better Pam. Hi to Julie and Jenn - hope you guys are having a good Tuesday??

Miss our talented Ellen ~~ someone will have to come up with an Ode for her.

Sorry, I am distracted. Suppose to be working , instead I am typing away here.

I was thinking we can chip in and buy you a laptop Jane??? With all your traveling there is no reason to ever be away from the JL's....we would miss you too much. Just a thought :) Katie's dress sounds so pretty..

oh - love the name of your perfume Angie....forget what it was called pink....I will have to go back and write it down.

How are you Marti?? You seem so busy- love hearing about your grandpa, he always sounds so sweet.

Anyway- I am forgeting stuff........sorry. I don't know how some of you do it- tough keeping up!!!! lol.......

Katie and Katy........where are you guys?? If I left any of you out, soooooooo sorry. I will try and do better.

Chat later!

02-15-2005, 06:11 PM
Hi all - far behind....

Jane- will miss your leadership here, but understand completely why you have to step away at this time. Thank you for all your gentle wisdom and great sense of humor and don't be a stranger ya hear? Thank you for the valentine!

Cristi - so glad to read that you will be our new mod - you will do a great job.... we need someone to keep us in line you know - things get out of hand around here. idle mind...devil's playground... well, you know I have too much time on my hands, so you'll need to keep me from getting too snarky, hee hee

OK - does this fall into the category of "setting myself up" I signed up to do the Oprah boot camp. I'm sorry, but I watched the show yesterday and was just in tears over some of the touching stories.. came away thinking - holy cr*p I can do that...So I signed the contract and away we go! Today was day one and I am OP and good to go!

Oops - Leigh's up from her nap gotta go

02-15-2005, 06:19 PM
Ugh,,,,,,forgot all about Gabrielle.......


She woke up at 9 am. Her father did send her a big box of clothes. I don't think he picked them out or wrapped them but........nontheless they came in the mail.
Nice stuff, some OshKosh,,,,,makes me wonder where he got the money......11.50 just to mail the box alone....
I won't be a downer about it......because the man irks me - some she won't be able to wear because they are too small but some are 5's and 6' was that.

Today I went to Goodwill and bought some really cute jumpers! Jackpot in 5 & 6 dresses.....also,some cute turtlenecks......and a BIG stuffed pig for 7.99....still had the tag on it.

Gaby is cute - she was back in her seat snorting like a pig.........just like her mother......haha

Oh - ordered her a Blues Clues cake with strawberry filling.

ok - now I better get!!

02-15-2005, 08:19 PM
Cristi - yay for you being the new mod. :cp: There isn't anything about it that you don't already know from before, but of course I will help you if I can. Suzanne and Jennifer are very, very good about getting right back with answers on things. And they notify about changes well. The other mods are a wonderful group of crazy ladies. I will miss seeing them, since they don't (usually) post here in JLs, and I very seldom have time to venture out of this one area.

Katy - thanks for your kind words, and you're welcome for the card. I saw the Oprah show yesterday, too, and thought they did a good job. She was really strict on them for the 12 weeks, but that's what it takes to get it done. Good luck with it!!

Susan - uh, go ahead and get the laptop for me. :D Not that I'd take it with me, but I could use another one, lol. The cake sounds de-lish! I know all about Blue's Clues, since I am a grandma to 5 little one. He rocks, lol.

Pam - I thought I sent you my snail mail addy, but if I didn't or you lost it, ask again, ok? Glad Eddie will be home soon.

Wanted to let you know that I got a good workout today. Besides doing the Gazelle, Neal and I walked up one side of our property line and down the other picking up trash and cans alongside the road. Bend and stretch, bend and stretch, lol. Dang litterbugs!! A lot of it is hilly, so that made it worse.. or should I say better, lol???

Gotta go... see you later!

02-15-2005, 09:08 PM
I must say when you all mention Gazelle.

I thought you meant Gazebo..........didn't know why you were working out in a gazebo.....bunch of Victorian women or something....and with Angie and her tea party......haha - anyway....

So, Ma Jane has a laptop??? while you are sitting on the stone steps to some castle in Ireland - whip it out and write us!

Remember, I went to Hawaii and I had time to write

YAY- Katy! Good to see you post!

I am heading for Goodwill and look around. I am hunting for an area rug for Gaby's room.

Have drank 32 oz's of water and am feeling better.........and I will TRY and get some cards off in the mail with Gaby's picture......the key word is try....

and March 4th is the hearing for the custody evaluation......found that out today.

So, off I go......

chat later....

02-15-2005, 10:34 PM
Thank you so much ladies! :thanks: :grouphug:

Susan~nope...can't call me ma...there is only one ma around and that is Ma Jane! :D LOL Glad to hear that Mike did come through with gifts for Gaby. When is her BD? I know it's coming up as is yours. Well, yours is in March but it will be here before you know it. I don't like Easter in March-seems too early. I'm sending good vibes that all goes your way at the hearing. :goodvibes:

Katy~I've got my whip ready! LOL I didn't see Oprah but have heard so much about the boot camp. Just received the newsletter about it today but haven't had a chance to see what it is about. Wish I could go away to some boot camp so they could keep me in line!

Jane~I feel kind of odd being moderator. Guess I will always see you as the mod here. I did go print out some of the stuff on the Hens Roost to refresh my memory. Yay for the workout. :cp: I can only imagine how far you guys walked and the amount of trash you picked up. isn't it amazing all the litterbugs? How are you liking the gazelle?

Well, this is just a quickie for me ladies. Was watching a movie with Patty Duke and she just turned 50 and found out she is pregnant! :yikes: Can you imagine your DH retiring and just buying a boat and tickets to fly to Africa for a Safari and finding out you are pregnant?! Anyway...hope everyone is having a good evening. See ya ladies tomorrow. :wave:

02-15-2005, 11:16 PM
Gaby will be 3 tomorrow the 16th!!!!!

:gift: :gift: :bb: :bb: :dance: :dance: :hb: :gift: :bb:

YAY Gaby..........

I found her the cutest basket with 2 dogs in it at Goodwill. Brand new - had the tags on still. She will love it!

You will be a great Mod Cristi!! You and Jane have the same warmth and caring. CONGRATS again :)

On fire watch!!! Every 3o minutes I have to check the, better get....

02-16-2005, 09:29 AM
Okay - onto Day Two of no bread...and I have to shop because I ate all the veggies in the house and produce delivery isn't until tomorrow afternoon. I did stop eating 3 hours before bedtime... Yay for me

Susan- be sure to say Happy Birthday to Miss Gaby for me...Blues Clues is very cool - I made a pawprint cake for Leigh for her 2nd birthday...she was quite pleased ;) Glad her dad came through with some presents.

Cristi - 50!? yikes... now all us Jadeds have those issues taken care of right? (Except the young'uns) Man, I got my tubal on the operating table right after the C-section with my DD... just knew that was it for me. No way I am getting any little surprises when I am 50. Oddly enough, at our last family gathering people were ribbing me a little about when I was going to have #3..Whaaat!? Probably because Leigh's in preschool...I reminded them about my advanced maternal age and they all shut up.

hey gals Leigh's up, so I have to go for now, but I will pop in at noon (Oregon-time)to see if anyone wants to maybe I'll "see" some of you then.

da fat n da furious
02-16-2005, 11:12 AM
Happy Birthday GABBY

:hb: :joker: :angel: :moo: :cb: :gift: :flow2: :hat: :cp: :flow1: :cloud9: :queen: :balloons: :encore: :cheer:


da fat n da furious
02-16-2005, 11:21 AM
Good morning Ladies,
Congrats on being our new Mod Cristi!
And thank you for the card, I got it right on Valentines Day, Thank you Jane, I also got your card. Id say Im so far behind but I think my game plan is to send a card whenever
I could never imagine having a baby at 50, I can see myself with grandchildren then.
Monte shocked me with he may have a week off during Easter and would like to do soemthing,,,hmmmm I wish I could but work won't allow anyone time off then. Dang dang double dang. We talked about lil weekend get away. Down to Montana maybe. Haven't been to a Target in 2 yrs.
Anyways should get to work....

02-16-2005, 11:37 AM
:coffee2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY :wave: :angel: :cb: :cp: :hat: :gift:

Jane, I did have your mail ad but can't find it now. I lost the envelope. WAAAA.I've been so scatter brained lately.

Cristi, :encore: Congrats on your promotion from minon to leader. I didn't get the V card or email ad but I did recieve the one for Jenn. I can send her cards but no one else yet.

Susan, when Eddie was little he was crazy about Garfield so for his birthday I decorated a cake with Garfield on it in frosting. He loved it but it was my last effort at cake decorating. I took me 2 days to do it.

My sister tried a return trip to the hospital yesterday. By 6pm she still hadn't gotten in to see anyone and they had dumped her in a wheel chair in the waiting room.. Her cancer is so bad she's in constant pain and they won't even provide a gurney for her to lay down on. Health care in this country bites.

Ellen,hi there Darling.

Hope to hear today when DS will be able to schedual a flight home. Wil be planning a mini celebration of some kind.


02-16-2005, 01:35 PM
Good Morning,

50 and pregnant??? What was Patty thinking? Wow.....I might have another one though. lol........I just had some coffee, anything seems possible with 20 oz's of Starbucks in me.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Think I will take the girls down to Safari Sam's - have never been there but that 6000 sq foot jungle gym is calling my name,,,,,,,sounds like fun or insanity. lol

Prayers for your sister Pam :)
Life with no bread Katy???? I could not ever do that.......have to have bread - love all kinds.....especially bagels with cream cheese - dipped in coffee.....that is how Gaby likes it

I was awake at 5 am - could not sleep. Woke Gaby up at 6:30 and dressed her in the cutest pink jumper with pink stockings and pink plate. With her new Madeline Do she was all set to go celebrate
We went to Freddy's and I bought a disposable camera, coffee and she grabbed a duck easter basket.....
Dropped her off at my mothers, I will go pick her up on my lunch break and take her to Dougs until 5 pm when I get off work.

Rachel got her highlights in her hair and she looks soooooo pretty , soooo grown up. Going to have to lock her in her room- she looks

Better get busy.....hope you all are having a good day.

Where is our Ellen?

02-16-2005, 04:04 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Man I am pooped. Had to get up earlier than usual to get to the chiro's finally! I have been meaning to go for a while and get back into. I have got to go until I get to the point where I only have to go every month or so. Of course starting out they want you to go three times a week, gets a little costly but worth it in the end. And of course this is Wednesday so ya know what that means? Trip to Wally world. Didn't think I was going to make it home in one piece...been one of those days. First a bird almost flew into my window, then I almost ran over a squirrel, then this stinking truck drove by fast and threw a rock up and of course it flew into my window! I wanted to go home at that point. It really doesn't pay to have a new car I swear. I've got scratches on my rear passenger door from someone's car door, the paint is nicked at the front from a grocery cart, and now I have three chips in the window from the rock! :mad: I always park away from the store and put the carts where they go and am very careful to not ever hit someone elses car, wish I could get the same in return. I never notice till later and so don't know where or when it happened. Glad I don't have anything else to do today. Anyway, I am ready for a nap now. LOL

Angie~:thanks: Funny you got the card on Valentine's day. I mailed them early because I wanted to make sure you and Ellen got yours in time but that is perfect timing, I am surprised it took so long though. Ooooo, Montana would be a nice little get away for you and Monte., don't have that issue taken care of. :o It's funny too because I was talking with V about it Monday night and then saw the previews for that movie. His doc won't do a vasectomy because he had one before we married and then had it reversed. He (the doc) thought it would be best to go back to the doc who did it, which he can't because he left the state. So I may go under the knife. :( Don't think I can get pregnant since we were trying for so long but it is a chance I don't want to take.

Susan~give Miss Gaby birthday hugs from me and tell her I hope she has a very :hb: :balloons: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :balloons: :hb: Yeah, you better keep an eye on Miss Rachel. ;) They grow up too fast! And you are still young enough to have another baby.

Pam~:thanks: hmmm...wonder why you didn't get the card? :shrug: I mailed it last Monday, surely it wouldn't take this long to get to you. Of course with the mail sometimes you never know. I will PM you later and make sure I have the correct address and give you mine and my e-mail address. Sorry, to hear about your sis. Why can't she get anyone to see her at the hospital. It is ridiculous that she should be left out there waiting for so long. :grouphug:

Ms. Marti~where are you girly? We are missing you here.

You too Ms. Ellen, and Jenn, Mindee, Katiecat, Kathy, Sue, Doreen, and anyone I may have forgotten. Hope all is well with you ladies.

Well, ladies...I am going to do a bit of lurking and maybe a little bit of posting here and there before going and taking a short nap. Definitely need one today. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! See ya later :wave:

02-16-2005, 04:31 PM
Hello ladies! Sorry I have been kinda MIA... I have been in a 'mood' I guess.... Been rather emotional (for no reason... probably PMS) and haven't been on here much.

I figured I should make it in a few times before I got to AL for 4 days so y'all don't think I fell off the face of the earth :lol:

I've been thinking about throwing in the towel, which is stupid, but I'm just so sick of myself right now.... Like I said it may be PMS, I actually hope it is... I have a dress to fit into so I cringe every time someone says "maybe you're pregnant".... For once I can't wait for TOM just to shut people up. I mean I want kids but I already have everything planned so I have to fit into that dress :^: I think I'll do a jig when TOM comes....

Ah... listen to me whine! I'm sure you've all heard enough for now... I'll check back soon.

02-16-2005, 04:58 PM
Hi again
just left chat room where I had a nice chat with Marti - she wanted me to say HI to everyone...she's real busy and doesn't have as much time to post....but still is with us in spirit!

Hope everyone is having a great DD and I are off for a walk - it is sunny and gorgeous here in Portland, OR. First I have to catch my DD and put some clothes on her. She has taken to being quite the little nudist.... runs around saying ' I like my body!" Wish I could say the same, lol!

Tea Rose
02-16-2005, 05:36 PM
Hi Everyone
Cristi congratulations on becoming moderator, and Happy Birthday Sweet Gaby, I can only pop in for a breif second I have been running a fever last night 104 and have been so sick I haven't been able to get more down than half a cup of tea,or get out out of bed for only a few minutes. I just wanted you to know that I probably won't be here for a few days,I hope everyone is doing good. ((HUGS))
Cristi thankyou for the card,always uplifting , you are so sweet, sorry I didn't get my Valentines Cards out , but I hope everyone got their Valentines posty's, it was the best I could do ,Easter cards will be on time I promise.

02-16-2005, 08:18 PM
I am sorry you aren't feeling well Ellen. We have missed you and pray you start to feel better!

Sorry you have the "Blues" Jenn.......come sit with me and we will have some Blues Clues cake :) mmmmm, I can go pick up the cake in 45 min - can't wait.
Anwyay- hope you are feeling better. :)

You would drive to Montana Angie?? How long does it take to cross the border into the U.S ?

I miss Marti too....everyone is so busy. I start my annual reviews tomorrow, so I might be busy but otherwise I am No, I am always busy. I don't even have time to buy toilet paper.... :yikes: :fr: :smoking:

Yes, Cristi........I know I can have a, Rocky wants one but I am unsure. Starting to feel my age -

awwww, the Garfield cake sounds great Pam.... :)

Soooooooo, tired now....45 minutes and I am out of here.

Just wanted to say hello one more time. Where is Mindee?? Katie??

02-17-2005, 12:47 AM
I'm here guys...just working a crazy schedule. Worked until 7:00 Tuesday night, then had to be back at 6:45 this morning, and somehow managed to fit in a run to the grocery store, coupla loads of laundry, and making a birthday cake for 3 people on my team at work...still covering for our team senior tomorrow, so another day starting at 6:45. I get off an hour early, but then have to go to the dentist for the temporary crown on this tooth I had the root canal done on... :headache: ay, yi yi... Tim had his root canal today -- what a coincidence, exactly the same tooth I had worked on, #15, I think. Anyway, he seems to be doing ok. His tooth has been bothering him off and on for over a year, and was getting really sensitive to cold, so I think it's a real relief for him. My tooth was fine, not hurting, until I broke the stupid thing. Then it hurt a LOT until I got the emergency appt with the endodontist, and was pretty sore for a week or so afterwards.

I just went to the chat room, hoping I'd see someone there, then realized that RosieKate's message about chat was from 1:00 pm today. Rats, I never seem to be on here when you guys are chatting. What time is it supposed to be scheduled?

Ellen, hope you start feeling better. Seems like you've been under the weather quite a bit :sorry: (((hugs)))

Happy Birthday to Miss Gaby!!! :wave: :cb: :bubbles: :encore: :cheer: :flow1: :jig: (I know those aren't "birthday smilies", but the are just some of my favorite silly smilies, heehee) :lol:

No more babies for me! I am 41, my "baby" is almost 14 and my oldest is 21. I had a partial hysterectomy a few years ago because of female problems, and it's actually kind of nice not to worry about it anymore. No TOM, either :D Now, I've just got to sit back and wait for grandbabies to start rolling in, in a few years...

Angie, where in Montana would you visit? My mom lives in Billings, but that's pretty far down south. When I was a kid, about 13, we took a car trip up through Glacier Park (beautiful, reminded me of the descriptions of the Alps in Heidi) headed west across Canada, and down into Washington State.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Cristi :) We appreciate you being willing to moderate us buncha rowdies :lol: I know what you mean about the new car -- mine has a ding from somebody's wayward shopping cart, too.

Jane, 26 days to Disneyland, whoo hoo!!! Our 5th anniversary is St. Patrick's Day :lucky: and they are supposed to have a kickin' show at House of Blues in Downtown Disney (we went to the Gospel Sunday Brunch last time and had a blast!) Anyway, I'm going to try to get tix for the 3/17 show.

Oh, man....I am beat. :tired: The hours are getting to me. Hi :wave: and hugs :grouphug: to everyone else...I need some sleep... :cloud9:

Mary Kate

02-17-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi Katiecat - I am going to be 40 in June, and while I know puhlenty of women in my community that had 'em at 40, I just couldn't wrap my brain around it, so I had the tubal. My kiddoes are way younger than yours ( 8 and 3), so I felt I kind of started later than lots of moms anyway. I read about the 57 y/o new mom in the paper a few weeks back and started kidding my mom ( who is 59) about giving me that younger sister I always wanted ;) Nice not to have to worry about b/c, but still have that icky TOM to contend with. Chat is noon Oregon time on Wednesday and 6 pm Thursday...I didn't check in for a few weeks but have in the last week and no one shows up :( Well, Marty did yesteday and we had a nice little chat.

Susan - how'd the birthday celebration go? I bet Gaby just loved that cake...

Ellen - hope you are feeling better... we all went through the flu last week -NOT fun!

Jenn- Sorry you are feeling blue, but don't throw in the towel just yet... this could pass you know. You will be a beautiful bride no matter your size...but you will feel so good about yourself if you are the healthiest you can be on the big day.

Cristi - I get to go to the chiro on Monday and I can't wait - dang shoulder. I think she's going to make me get xrays 'cause it's not improving. I'll do it... just don't want to face that there might be something more serious...yuck. The adjustment will feel so good..... very much worth it.

Have a great day everyone!

02-17-2005, 11:29 AM
Good morning ladies! :coffee:

Sorry for being such a downer yesterday... Something I probably should mentions is I have depression that I was on medication for, but took myself off when I was reading all about Paxil causing withdrawals. I'd been doing okay handling things on my own for a while, but as you can see, that's not soo much the case recently.

For Valentine's Day, Tim and I had made a deal not to get anything for each other because of the wedding and needing to save money. Well, he came home with 'surprises' for me... a card, 2 half hour massages (so my MOH and I could go together) and a pair of diamond earring for me to wear with my wedding dress. It was so sweet, but I sat there and balled my eyes out because I didn't deserve it and I was a jerk because I didn't get him anything... Poor Tim!

I really don't want to go to Alabama now because the timing couldn't be worse. I feel like I am going to make an awful impression... The crazy bloated girl :lol: Oh well, this is important to him, so I hope everything goes well :crossed:

And I hope everyone is doing great! Sorry I've been so miserable :grouphug:

02-17-2005, 12:02 PM
:coffee2: Good morning. Son trying to get Dad squared away to come home and sister in hospital (?).Don't know what if anything they're going to do with her. Got her some flowers and a stuffed kitty to cuddle and taking her goodies for her nightstand to munch on. Nurse said it'd be fine as long as we didn't tell I really think we're coming to the end here. She's lasted longer then they ever thought she would. She thinks they're going to suggest surgery and I remember hearing that quit often that surgery can make cancer spread even quicker. I think it has a bigger chance of getting into the blood stream. If I can talk to the doctor I'll ask. They've asked for her to fill out a living will to so got to get one of those and take it to her.

Ellen, aw, sorry you've been so sick. Drink lots of fluids. (hugs)

Cristi, you opened up a can of worms talking about the grocery store. :fr:
I get so PO'd at some people. If you have a nice car they seem intent on making it not so nice and what about those that shove their empty carts over into the handicapped space so the disabled have to get out of the car to move the carts before they park there. :devil: I'd like to fix their little red wagons. :o

Jenn, don't blame you for being at the end of your rope. Ya, sick Tom on them. He won't mind saying something snippy in your defense.He's a real gem,that one.

Katy, Me to about TOM. :devil: I am one 50yr old woman who can't wait for menopause. So far no sign of it yet.GRRR.

Got to get going. A big hello to everyone.(hand waving wildly)


02-17-2005, 02:23 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Not much to say, have a busy day today. Errands to run this morning and a chiro appt. at 2, then DH and I are going out when he gets home and showers.

Pam~((((hugs)))) to you and your sis. I think that is my biggest pet peeve, grocery carts and people hitting others car doors. It really annoys me when people will go as far as pushing the cart to the cart corral (don't know what they are called-LOL) and put it in front or beside someones car and not actually in it. If you are going to go as far as getting it to it why not put it in it? I was in a shopping center once and DD and I were sitting in the car finishing up when a guy pulled up. Before he got out he looked over and saw us in the car and then when he got out he opened his door hard into my mini-van at the rear. I rolled the window down and aksed him what his problem was. He acted he didn't know what I was talking about. I told him he opened his door into my car and asked him how he would like it if I did the same to him. He started yelling and saying he didn't. Well, I got out and showed him-he still denied it. He got scared and chased down security (not sure what he thought I was going to do) and she asked what was up. I told her, he denied it, she asked him to open his door and sure enough it opened up right where the dent was. There was paint from his car on mine. asked what I wanted done..I said nothing except for him to say he is sorry and admit to it. We were sitting in the car and felt it-duh! Anyway, the old man got scared and moved his car. :lol: I would not have done anything to his car-I swear. I was just trying to make a point.

Jenn~my DH has done that before. We made an agreement to not buy each other anything before and he did it anyway. But that was sweet of your DBF! Diamond earrings?! Gotta love 'em! And you do deserve them! DH bought me a lot of stuff for V-day and I asked him why and what got into him? We always just buy little like gag/silly gifts, nothing fancy or expensive and he always gets me flowers of some sort. I just didn't expect all (3 DVD's-my favorite Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping & The notebook, 2 Cd's, Dr. Phil's WL book on CD, A Branes & Noble Gift card and a dozen roses!) that he got me and was surprised. I told him I didn't deserve it and he said yes you do. When I mentioned spending too much, he said just accept it and be thankful and let me do something for you. I am always thankful, I just sometimes get in moods and think I don't do anything to deserve it or him. Anyway, don't worry about feeling down-we are here for you whenever you want to talk, just remember that. Whether you are feeling up or down. :grouphug:

Susan~I know you know you can have a baby silly girl! What I meant is you are still young enough to. I don't see anything wrong with women in their 40's having a baby. I got pregnant at the age of 40! and tried for 3 years after. But just at the point I don't want one at the ripe old age of 46! WoW, that sounds old!

Well, ladies I need to get going. Before I forget just wanted to let you all know that I have decided not to be moderator after all. I've got some things going on and I really need to not spend so much time on the 'puter, not that I spend so much time on here now. Nothing to do with family because I spend time with my family and still manage some computer time. So getting on is not a problem with them as I usually do it when they are not home anyway. Just don't think it is the wise thing for me to do at this time and do a good job, and really don't want the responsibility, I have enough as it is without adding to it. Really should have thought about it for a few days before deciding to take it over. Guess I was thinking there's not much to doing it, which there really isn't. But it just kind of came to me last night as I was thinking about things, a lot of things. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know.

Anyway...Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care, see ya.

02-17-2005, 05:28 PM
awwwww...........a email from Mike's mother. I had a moment of anger and am trying to center you be angry?? I thought I said I wanted to leave that subject out of our emails before....I don't want to talk about this with her - just leave it to "Gaby talk",,,,,

Should I email and say if she can't do that we shouldn't email until resolved??

Hi Susan

Getting a little nervous about my cataract surgery on Monday - sure glad I'm in good hands!!

We sent a box to Gaby last week, 2 day priority, You should have got it no later than Friday - did you? I put new batteries in the bear - I loved the prayer. Had another $20.00 in the card in the box - did it get there?

Will let you know when your MO arrives - should be here by Sat.

Hope Gaby had a nice birthday. Time has gone so fast. Give her a big hug. Mike said he sent some gifts - hope she got them. He misses her so much. Hasn't been allowed to see her since last Sept. That's heartbreaking - can't believe you are doing this. Give it thought. Will talk later.

Mom Mc

02-17-2005, 05:34 PM
Anyway, this was the email I had already sent. I feel better ...........talking to my mom, she always helps.....

Yes, I recieved the teddy bear and $20.00, that was very sweet. I sent the money order, along with a thank you card yesterday.
I am not getting into the visitation thing. Though I had thoughts of contacting Mike for some visitation already.
Gaby is doing well. She is a sweet girl.
Best get- we'll send special prayers for Monday, I am sure it will go well. :)

02-17-2005, 05:43 PM
Hello ladies....

So much to going on here that I don't think I'll even try to catch up!

Been doing somethings around that house that has been keeping me busy busy busy! Started going through things in our storage....want to empty it before too long. James mom had so much garbage. I have also been spending more time at my grandpa's. I went over there the other day as he was leaving....but he stayed long enough to chat with me.

Can you believe....that at work I'm STILL waiting to see if I get approved for my vacation in March?????? Frustrating! James has already been approved. And if they tell me that I can't take that week off....I'll be devestated!! This is suppose to be our honeymoon that we never had!! (had to whine girls...sorry)

I've had so much going on at home and stuff that it has been difficult for me to get on here....but I did manage to get into chat yesterday...Noon is a perfect time for me. I'm going to try and figure out my schedule and the things around me and maybe I can post more often. I miss checking in w/you girls.

I hope all is well..I'm sorry I'm not doing individuals right now....maybe next time. I will check in after work.

Must get going.....need to get my exercise in and then clean up before work!!

Have a great Thursday.

02-17-2005, 08:07 PM
Here I am again. Sister called , nurse told her they found a mass in her chest along with everything else. Doc is talking to her now and I told her to please have him call me and tell me whats going on with her. As I used to work in the health industry I understand the jargin and abriviations they use on the charts. She doesn't and gets it all muddled.

Susan, Mike's Mom will never be your friend and you will never get her to see your side of things. She's in major denial where her son is concerned and it will never be you who can open her eyes. All you can do is protect yourself and Gabby. Your doing a great job with her but your still putting yourself out there with this woman. Mike knows he can use her agains't you and is doing just that. Don't allow her this power, or him. Lay down some ground rules with this woman and stick to them.


Ps. Cristi, just got your card and and snail addy. Thanks so much.

02-17-2005, 08:34 PM
I have pictures! I got my hair done today for a trial run... let me know what you think.... Sorry about the poor quality, but I had to use the webcam since noone was around to take pictures on my good digital camera :D

02-17-2005, 09:16 PM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - I Had (past tense, lol) a laptop. It was laid to rest last month, and we bought a desk top. A lot more machine for the money, but I do miss the convenience of the laptop.

Cristi - sorry you won't be mod, and don't feel bad. We're all allowed to change our minds.

Angie - hope you have a weekend getaway soon with your honey! That time together is so important.

Ellen - hope you're feeling better. Want me to send some chicken soup?

Katiecat - omg!! Will you please send me a postcard from Disneyland?

Marti - you'd thing OML would have their March vacations in place by now!! Hope you get it!

Pam - yikes, hope your sis will be ok.

Jenn- your photos are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Well, ladies, I have been busy with vacation research and with the DGDs. Tomorrow will be a day for me though, because I'm going to lunch and shopping with my buddy Marquita. She has the day off and wants me to help her find some things for her new house. What could be better? Shopping with someone else's money, lol.

PS - hey! How come nobody mentioned my Mickey avatar?? Ain't he cute???


02-17-2005, 09:28 PM
Yes, Jane, your Mickey is adorable! I didn't notice him until now :^:

02-17-2005, 10:18 PM
Jenn you are a vision! Just beautiful!

Jane, love the Mickey. Ahhhh.


02-18-2005, 12:50 AM
Hi ladies,

Since reading that Cristi has decided not to moderate this group, I asked Suzanne if maybe Marti and I could do it together. That way, neither one of us will feel the need to be here more often than we can handle. So Suzanne reinstated me, and added Marti, as co-moderators.

Cristi - thank you for giving it a shot again, and I hope all is well at your house. (check for my pm, ok?) If there is anything I can do, please let me know!

On a totally different topic, check out the site for the condo Neal and I are trying to get for next year on Valentine's Day. You'd think it's too early for that, right? Nuh-huh! Two of our 1st choices were already booked for then! This is a modest 1 bedroom, and cheap, but just right for him and me.

When you get there, be sure to scroll down to see the 6 pictures at the bottom.


da fat n da furious
02-18-2005, 01:52 AM
Jen, I love the dress and your hair looks beautiful, very bride like.
Jane, thank you for working out the Mod thing, and having Marti sharing it will give both of you time for other stuff, like

Cristi, I wouldn't have let that guy get away with that, him acting like that would have made me more angry and I would of made him pay for the dings,,,sometimes out of pocket is a hard way of learning but he should know better...what a jerk. so far I have one rock chip.

Pam, ah sweetie when it rains it pours eh? I know shes your sister and you have had your problems, but the pain is still there.

Katiecat, I am using your christmas card as an example for my fairy I have your card pinned to my wall at work. We are thinking Great Falls which is only 4 hours away.I think Ive been to Billings, I know Ive been to Butte, and have driven through White Glacier,,,beautiful area. We stayed in White Fish, camping years ago. hmmm gonna have to do that this summer. As I get older I worry more about bears and such...

Katy, Im addicted to wool, found myself checking out sales...*breathing heavy,,,I need help. Im going to end up on a 12 step program, Hi Im Angie and Im addicted to wool,,,,not that I do anything with it. Skittles has a bad habit of attacking a ball and I spend alot of time rolling it all back up. Was at Walmart tonight and checked out some knitting books,,,I think Ive got it bad.

Susan, I think your reply email was very diplomatic, you didn't give any info and place blame, very well said.

Well need to go get Mr. B who is back to work also. He is now doing phsyio once every 2nd week...ahhh I had today off and didn't do a darn thing. bought wool thats it,,,geesh. Lazy slug that I am.
Tomorrow is another day at work, and then we are having a cast party.
Nothing planned for the weekend...gotta love that.
Brandon went and got a tattoo yesterday, very nice scrolling thing around his upper arm.
I can't believe we let him do that thou,,,duh but what he got is tasteful. And easily hidden. Monte was impressed with this place and wants to go get another tattoo. Im wanting another.....I Celtic knot with a Bear paw in the middle, both my heritages combined and then the boys initials and birthdates around the knot. still thinking on that,,,
anyways better run,

02-18-2005, 09:31 AM
Thank you ladies! :D

Jane - The condo looks beautiful! And I'm glad to have you back in charge even if you are sharing the duties ;)

Angie - When I got my tattoo, my mom wasn't bother at all but when I got my belly button done (when I was at my lowest weight last summer) she was all grossed out. I kept showing her because it never failed to make her cringe :lol: Anywho, that tat you are thinking about sounds nice! Mine is the chinese symbol for 'strong' to remind me that I am strong and I can do this, and to symbolize the bond between my sister and I. (She got the same one on the same day, only hers is one the back of her neck and mine is on the back of my right hip)

02-18-2005, 12:21 PM
Jen- you are absolutely will be a beautiful have to be getting so excited.....Thanks for sharing your pictures..make sure DF isn't peeking over your sneak previews ;)

Jane - the condo looks great - so sunny, a great getaway in the middle of winter. How long are you two going to stay? Those rates looked pretty good... I would be tempted if I didn't have to scrape up airfare for four on top of it. Love that pool.

Marti - so glad to read you are going to share duties w/Jane. Know you both are super busy so I appreciate that you want to take it on.

Cristi - Sorry the mod thing didn't work for you - you sure would do a great job, but I understand. I'm not in a position to take on the responsibility right now either...just too on-the-go with the kids, I guess.

Angie - There has to be a 12 step for yarn addicts somewhere! Our Village has a great yarn store and I know many people who drop obscene amounts of $$ there...I bet I could get together a group, lol . I am still working on my little purple-stocking cap. So cute. I am stalled because I am starting to get out in the yard... gardening beckons.

Pam - so sorry about sis - just hang in there and give her what you are a good sister.

Susan - I bought Leigh a little Giddy-up horsie at Thinker Toys yesterday, thought about you and was a total impulse purchase, but the tax refund showed up, so I splurged. Now Leigh can stop giddy-upping with curtains rods :dizzy: It's amazing how much fun they can get out of something so simple. I think your email to Mike's mom was very appropriate - just don't even go there with her...I still think she's talking to an attorney and probably saving your emails..just my hunch.

Ok - Boot camp is shaping up to be the kick in the pants I sorely needed. I think part of my inertia was due to the not dealing with my triggers and boot camp just cuts them out... albeit temporarily. The triggers being white, starchy foods and alcohol. I have been coping pretty well without them... which is a surprise to me. Thought I'd be a raving b*tch by now, :devil: But I'm feeling really good - the food guidelines work well with the WW point system I've been we'll see what my WI on Saturday has to say. I do have to confess that my exercise program is probably not a vigorous as what Oprah's guidelines indicate, bt I am getting out there and being active, as usual.

Have a great day everyone

Tea Rose
02-18-2005, 02:18 PM
Hi Everyone:grouphug:
Sorry this will be short I keep popping in to post but can't stay up for more than a few minutes without getting sick, so I just wanted to say hi,while I can and wish everyone a wonderful day and weekend, if I don't get back by them, I did manage a little toast this morning and so far so good so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the end of the worst of it, Jane I would love some chicken soup problem is it don't love me right now :lol: So Take care all don't forget about me,

02-18-2005, 05:36 PM
Hello ladies--

How is everyone doing today?? It's beautiful here in Oregon and I make myself get up early so I can enjoy the sunshine before I have to go work! :D

Cristi--I read about the man in the car and hitting your car!! You did a great job at proving the point that he did indeed hit your car....but I think I would have made him pay for the ding also. But I think you probably scared him enough that he'll pay better attention don't you think? At least we hope so for other peoples sake!!

Susan--Your response to Mike's mom was a good one. There is no place for her to be intruding in the middle of what is suppose to be between you and Mike. Even if she is Gaby's grandma. She should know that Mike isn't the perfect man he should be, but since he's her son, I'm sure that's where it all comes from. You do a great job at your would drive me up the wall.

Jenn--You're a very beautiful girl! Love the hair and the dress is so pretty on you!! You're going to be a stunning bride and there will be not one dry eye in the crowd!! So glad that you shared those with us. Everything looks perfect!

Pam--It's good to know that you'll be there for your sister for support in a time like this. And it's helps when you know all the jargin and she doesn't. Hope it helps put her mind at ease a little.

Jane--Had to laugh...I didn't notice the advatar until today either! Sorry! But he is cute. Now, we want your picture back up there w/some Mickey Mouse ears! :D That would be adorable!! I'm hoping that I hear about my time off today!! I'll keep you all posted. I checked out the site.....what a perfect place to spend retirement!!! Now....will any of your kids join you or is this just for you and Neil??

Angie--I like the idea of the tattoo you have! Sounds meaningful. I hope that once you get your costumes all done that you have pictures to share with us! they sound so magical! I keep telling Jhanai that I would love to help her do a costume as a mystical fairy for halloween....but she want's more scary...this year she plans on being Chucky's Bride! Silly girl.

Katy--I figured that I could find time to check on her more often than I have been lately. I usually have time after the wee hours of the morning. So if it helps...I'm more than happy to help Jane out as Mod so she can spend time w/family and enjoying her condos!! I really enjoyed chat with you the other day and I hope that next week I get in there in time to chat again!!

Ellen--Sending you get well wishes your way!! I really hope that you start to feeling better and that you bring back your humor! We miss you...but stay in bed and get well.

Hello to anyone I may have missed. Kayecee---Get back here and post some more!! We miss you!!

Not too busy today before work. I"ve been running around lately trying to clean up and then we started talking about slowly cleaning out our storage unit. That will take time..but it needs done. Who knows, may find some really cool stuff that I would want in our house!! :D

I need to hop onto the gazelle then take a shower. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! Means the weekend is almost here!!!

Talk to you soon.

02-18-2005, 08:19 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Angie - aww, you're welcome!! Did you have fun at the cast party? About the tattoos, I came real close to getting one on my 50th birthday but at the last minute I chickened out, lol.

Jenn - I let Katie get her belly button pierced on her 16th birthday on one condition: that she never gets anything else pierced, such as her tongue or nose. She's always losing the belly button ones, lol.

Katy - we'll be there 7 days, plus travel time, if I can stand to be gone that long. If I lived where you do, I'd jet down to San Diego! Love that place! Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

Ellen - ((((HUGS))) to you!! Hope either DD or DS is taking good care of you.

Cristi - a friend of mine with a new car takes pictures of the cars on both sides of her, (including the license plate) when she parks in a lot. Since they can be erased if there's no problem, it doesn't waste anything. I ought to do that, but never think of it, lol.

Marti - believe it or not, I don't own Mickey ears, lol. How did THAT happen, lol?? No kids will be going with us to Florida. Just my sweetie and me! We do plan on taking the DGDs with us to other, closer places. But it's a 12 hour drive there, and 12 hours back. That's a lot of "Are we there yet", lol.

Had a great day! Marquita and I had a nice lunch at Denny's where I had a grilled chicken breast, rice pilaf, green beans and a fruit medley. I'm saving my points for tomorrow night when I go out with the girls.


02-18-2005, 10:58 PM
Enchanted Evening to you all........

VERY sorry about your sister Pam. Many prayers for her health and strength for your family as you support her through this time.

Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. Please take care! Someone needs to send me Ellen's addy because I don't have it.

Anyway - I hope you start to feel better soon, JL isn't the same without you :)

I agree with Marti. Oregon was very sunny and spring like today. I was sitting in Burger King while Gaby played and had to move away from the window because of the heat. ...did feel good for awhile...almost made me want to crawl up on the window and take a cat

Hey Katy - I got my Oregon refund back today! I am going to take the girls to a movie tomorrow with it. Taking Gaby to see that new dog movie.....Winn??? something....the older girls will go see Million Dollar Baby......

Really a nice place you will be staying Jane :) Thrilled we all get to go with you, am sure I will be getting my plane ticket any day now, eh??? Ma wouldn't leave her children behind....haha.....

Speaking of which I did go to Disneyland when I was 6 but have not taken the girls yet. Though my hope is to take them to Hawaii in July. This moving to Hawaii seems more involved than just packing up . I really want to take the girls there and I want Rocky to visit here and meet my family. So,......blah - blah.....

Loved seeing the pictures Jenn. You will make a beautiful bride :)

oh- better go. Cristi.......hope you are having a good evening! chat later

tick, tock, tick , tock, .......back again......oh , joy.

I just bet you all just love my dribble.....;0

I forgot all about you Angie :) Tattoo's Family?? lol....hey, I will meet you in Montana??? Would love to meet Monte.....we can hang out at Target and remember back when you visited Oregon :) .....btw- I just had this really gaggy Thai Tea drink......makig me sick....anyway, love hearing about all the things that you do.

So, where is Juile??? Mindee??? Ann???? Shanna??.....

ok- I better go down to the vending machine and get a candy bar. It's about that time.

Gaby was sick earlier today. Doug called and said she had thrown up. She had been complaining of her tummy hurting when she woke up and when I dropped her off.....poor thing. She is feeling better tonight though :)

- k-......catch up over the weekend ...

da fat n da furious
02-19-2005, 01:55 AM
Good evening ladies,
The boys are watching some scary stupid movie so Im hiding here. I get nervous and laugh when Im scared so Im here hiding, after this post Im going to go to bed. Feel a cold coming, sore throat and nose. I worked extra hours today again, and when I got home decided I didn't want to go to the cast party.
Susan, hope Gaby feels better,,,
I really think Im going to go and get my tattoo.

Well not much happening here, just tired and feeling blah. House is clean so thats one good thing.
hope you all have a good weekend...

02-19-2005, 08:12 AM
Checking in before I go to bed.....

Jane---What!? No mouse ears?! How can that be? You need to get a pair and get a photo w/you and the DGD with them all on! How cute would that be?

Susan---Beautiful out today wasn't it? I felt icky today so I didn't get a chance to enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. I'm hoping that it last over the weekend.

Angie---Must post a photo if you get that tattoo. I would like to see it! So which scarey movie did your boys watch???

I've stayed over all week at work and today I just felt so slow and not much help so when 2:30 rolled around I was out of there! We had a guy whose last day was today and so they brought in a cheese cake and some fruit and some veggies for us all to snack on. Of coarse I had a little of each!! But I snacked more on the'm going to have to workout extra hard on the gazelle after eating that cheesecake! I'm so bad!!

Anyway ladies...I thought I would check in while I was still it's time for me to get some shut eye so I can get up at a decent hour and enjoy the weekend!


02-19-2005, 10:20 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Susan - well, heach yeah you're all going to Florida! How could I leave my girls behind, lol. I haven't heard from the owner of the condo yet, so I still have my fingers crossed that it's still available when we want to be there. Glad Gaby is better.

Angie - I laugh when I'm nervous too, and that got me in trouble more than once with teachers who thought I was a smartass, lol. Hope you nip the cold in the bud by taking something for it.

Marti - we do have some Minnie ears around here somewhere, and they're cuter than the Mickey ears since they have a big, red and white polkadot bow on them, lol. Enjoy your 2 days off!

Cristi - hope whatever is going on at your house is soon better. As I mentioned before, if there's anything I can do, let me know. (((HUGS))).

Hi to the others. :wave:

My girls and Gina and I are going out tonight. We're eating out, and I've been saving up points for a steak. I'm practically drooling down my shirt just thinking about it, lol. Then we're going to a comedy play called "Mornings at Seven", which should be cute. Since Derwood can't lift anything due to his surgery, Neal is going to go to their house and help him out with the baby. Then they'll watch some tv and do some male bonding.

Gotta go do my nails! BBL if I can....

da fat n da furious
02-19-2005, 02:11 PM
arghhh been hit with a full blown cold! I feel horrible with my nose stuffed my throat sore. Achy body.
Jane, we don't have any ears here either other then some Goofy and Dumbo ones.

Marti you are not bad you should let yourself have some non healthy foods every so often , moderation is the key.

I tried out a new protein powder the other day, the taste was ok, but Im going to go look for my favorite vanilla gorilla.

Tanner just got an email saying his auditions for Pippin is next week, starting this Wed. He needs two songs and he only has one ready. Hes cool with the cold read since we have worked on that together. Plus OMG I have been listening to his Into the Woods CD and just love it! Would it be bad for em to go to rehearsal and ask the teacher if she needs help? I told myself to stay out of his show, but from what hes saying shes way over her head. I laughed when he told me this cause he goes to me,,,ahh mom if she continues to to struggle like this can you bring in your team? lol my team? I told *my team* this and they laughed so hard, can you see us squealing to a stop in front of the school wearing spandex, (Frank's idea) headsets on, measuring the kids, (again Frank/Costume) Shawna running to check their props, Paqualina checking their blocking, myself checking lights sounds and everything His teacher wouldn't know what happened. As it stands Frank wants to make their costumes, it could be that when Tanner was talking about the costumes he was/is worried as he says it, They will probably throw some Walmart crap together. Definetely not Frank. Well after Frank heard that he wants to help
Well I should got and get prices on wigs, and sprays..

02-19-2005, 09:20 PM
Good Evening ladies--

Not much going on here today! Where is everyone?
James & I went to the storage and got some stuff out and then came home and sorted through some of it. We found his grandmothers china set. We were curious if it was really worth something and got online to see the price for a dish. We discoverd that the set we have is worth close to a $1000!! We were shocked.
Anyone here of Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian china? Here is a link so you can see what it looks like.

We have a set of 8 of almost everything. So it was a fun time finding the information on it!

Jane--I hope you have a fun time tonight and enjoy that steak! You've been saving points so you deserve to eat a good steak every now and then!!

Angie--You should make Tanners costume. You are so talented and I'm sure it would turn out better than someone else.

Ok girls....time for me to get busy and clean up the house. I need to make some kind of dinner tonight.....chicken legs...any idea's?

I'll check in tomorrow or late night tonight!

02-20-2005, 12:45 AM
Hi ladies,

It's late in Indiana, but I just got home a little while ago, and Neal went to bed, but I'm too wound up to sleep just yet.

Susan - thank you so much for the sweet card!! And for the picture, too. That was totally unexpected and your kind word mean a lot to me!

Angie - sounds like Tanner's cast could really use your team! And I bet the teacher would appreciate it, too. I can just see you guys, like one of those make-over teams on tv, lol. Btw, have you decided yet about the tattoo?

Marti - wow, the china is so pretty! Will you keep it, or sell it? You could check it out on eBay and see what it goes for. We have a lot of Fern's stuff, but haven't sold any of it since it's sentimental. Was he close to his grandma?

Well, the play was funny and the actors did a good job. I enjoyed my dinner, too, but the best part was just being with the girls. We really need to do this more often. Neal said after the kids went to sleep, he and Dale watched a movie called The Predators vs The Aliens. OMG! So glad I was gone, lol.

Have a good weekend!

02-20-2005, 03:03 AM
Hello girls....

I'm taking a break from cleaning house.....can only do so much at a time!! :D

Jane--James was close to his grandma. He had fond memories of her. We're keeping the china set. We've already went on E-bay to find some items to add to the set. MUCH cheaper that way than buying it from a retailer or where ever you buy the stuff. Glad that you enjoyed your evening!! Sounds like you had fun.

James got his call for work just a little while ago. It was pouring earlier in the day.....I hope it stays a little dry while he's working.

Well I hope we hear from more of you!! It's been quiet in here!! Where you all at???

Better get busy....more cleaning to do.

G'Night ladies

02-20-2005, 05:12 AM
I am here......FINALLY!

We have internet back at home, so I will be back on here more!

02-20-2005, 01:12 PM
Good Sunday Morning Ladies :wave:

Jane~there's nothing going on at the house/home. My marriage is perfect, (okay not perfect, as I don't think anyone or anyone's life is perfect. Of course that all depends on one's ideal of perfect) everything with my kids is fine, nothing wrong here. Not sure why you mentioned that though. Had me wondering if I said something was wrong. :?: I mainly didn't give a lot of thought to being moderator before saying I would and after giving it lots of thought it just wasn't a wise move on my part. The only thing going on is with me and not wanting to do it because my priorities are all screwed up and that was what I was thinking about. I spend way too much time on the computer and that has to stop because I need to get a life outside of the house. I would get up and spend 2-3 hours on the computer sometimes longer and that really interferes with things, cleaning the house, laundry, looking for a job-lol, etc. I have and will continue to look for a job and if I can't find a paying job then I will do volunteer work. The computer is evil! :devil: :lol: anyway, glad you had a nice evening with the girls. DD and I always have a day or two out a week and it's fun. I told her I was going to take her gambling now that she is 21! That will be fun. Oh the condo is gorgeous, or should I say the view from the balcony was gorgeous. I thought you guys were going to rent a house? Either way you guys will have a great time.

Marti~love the china! That is so pretty. I wish I had some of my grandmas. My mother had some but my dad sold it, of course she let him. Now I scour Antique shops looking for it, haven't found any yet but have found some tea cups and saucers and some plates (I have hanging in the kitchen) that I liked and have a couple. I just look for something unique that I like. We do have a few things from V's grandma, a honey pot and a china teapot, gave a few things to his sister.

Angie~love the idea of your tattoo. I see nothing wrong with Brandon getting a tattoo. I think if they have their mind set on doing it they are going to do it so why not. DD wanted a tattoo and I kept saying NO! Well, she was still wanting it right before she turned 18 so she was to do it anyway so I took her to the tattoo parlor and let her get one for her 18th birthday which was a few days from that day. She got one on her lower back, a big purple butterfly with vines coming from both sides-DS drew it up for her. It looks nice but the purple is faded. I told her it had to be tasteful. She had been wanting a belly ring, eyebrow ring and nose ring for the longest time and that I put my foot down to. I didn't want her to mess up her face and didn't see the point in a belly ring since she never shows it! LOL Of course she never sees the tattoo either but that I like. I think once you get one tattoo you always want another. I am wanting another on my left shoulder where it can't be seen. Some kind of vine thingy with my DH's names, and the kids names. One day...hope you get to feeling better soon.

Susan~I think you handled Mikes mother just right. I think Rocky making a visit would be a good idea. He should meet your family, and wouldn't the girls just love going to HI? I know I would!

Ellen~hope you are feeling better sweetie. :grouphug:

Pam~can't believe how long it took for that card to get to you! And I even mailed it early! Keeping your sis in my thoughts and prayers.

Jenn~BEAUTIFUL pictures of you! You are going to be a beautiful bride! Love the way you have your hair done and the veil and everything. Bet you guys are getting anxious.

Hi Mindee~long time no see. Glad you guys have the internet once again. I have thought about cancelling ours a few times 'cause I think we all spend way too much time on it. But you get so used to it, just trying to limit my time.

Katy~I checked out Oprahs boot camp. Not saying I am going to do it :lol: but wanted to see what all the talk was about. Glad you are doing great with it. The work outs seem like a lot for me! But then any work out is a lot for me! LOL

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Today is a lazy day for me so I do have time to spend on the 'puter. Rented some movies yesterday so have a couple I want to watch today. Collateral with Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise and Lady Killers with Tom Hanks. DH and I went to see that at the show and there was a note on the door saying it wouldn't be showing, so disappointed that day, of course that has been a while. Watched Garden State yesterday, I liked it. V got me The Notebook for V-Day and I have yet to see it. Kind of wanted to watch it with him and he has been working so much. Not much else going on other than I have been going to the chiro. Man does it feel good. I hate having to go three days a week but eventually it will go down to once a month. I get so tense and anxious sometimes and man the right side of my neck is so tight-it hurts. Next is a trip to the dentist...anyway...have a good sunday everyone. :wave:

da fat n da furious
02-20-2005, 01:50 PM
OMG I slept around the clock, was up for a full 4 hours yesterday and then was back in bed by 5, its now Sunday 10:30 wow! Feel better other then the nose is stuffy.
On Friday we watched Taxi,,,it was ok, glad I didn't waste money going to the theatre for it. And we rented Saun of the Dead, the boys loved that, laughed so much, ya that was the scary movie I couldn't wimp.
Well need to shower and head over to rehearsal.

02-20-2005, 03:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

Marti - I'm glad to hear you say you're keeping the china since James was close to his grandma. Do you have a china cabinet? If not, maybe that's something your grandpa could make for you?

Mindee - good to see you! How's the family?

Cristi - yep, no marriage or family is perfect! About FLA, we were going to rent a house, close to the beach, but then Neal said he'd like to be right on the beach, lol, so since we decided to not take grandkids, this condo seemed nice. Not someplace I'd want to take preschoolers, though. Since we really want to take them places, we'll pick places closer to home. I know what you mean about too much time on the computer! I've really limited myself recently, and although I'm always doing things with friends anyway, now I have even more time for "real" life.

Angie - how'd rehearsal go?

Ellen - hope you are better! Are you keeping anything down? Wish you'd pop in so we know you're ok, when you feel up to it.

I think I mentioned that we're joining a new church.... today I checked out the nursery and preschooler rooms. Very kid-friendly! And we were welcomed like long lost family. It was a heartwarming experience. The best part is, the whole family can go w/o a big major deal.

Marquita recently moved and I'm going over to help her hang pictures afterwhile. She's short, lol, and my height comes in handy for this.

Have a good day!

02-20-2005, 04:12 PM
Please be-bop on over to #114, ok? See you there!