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02-15-2005, 09:10 AM
Well, another holiday come and gone. Not sure how many of you will read yesterdays post. So I'll put a shortened version of what I wrote in here. My dad went for a doc visit yesterday and he has no pulse in either foot. So it's off to more tests and a repeat of what he's already gone through with one foot. When it rains it poors. Where's the 3rd bad news? I'm sure it'll hit here soon. Yup, I'm feeling down. So I'm going to go and get daughter on the bus and figure out how to get through the next 2 days w/out turning into this emotional waterworks woman. Dang I miss my herbal pills!!!

02-15-2005, 12:29 PM

Goodmorning girls!

**Sorry to hear about your Dad. I will say a quick prayer for him right now. Don't worry so much, just take things one day at a time. Sometimes you have to really take the time to just breathe, I am not a really super religious person but with my MOm being so sick (she has MS, Lupus, Heart Disease and Asthma) I have learned the hard way that there are things you cannot control-so you have to just breathe through them (I always end up hyperventilating, ha ha ha ha) and if you have to cry--oh well. Cry. Let it out. Its not good to keep all that bottled up. Sit on your sofa, and just let it go. Noone's going to judge you, we've all been there done that. Its amazing how great it feels after you have had one good waterworks session, lol. I am sending you happy thoughts....

My V-Day was okay. Nothing special. We are pretty broke my honey was laid off in December, and just started working again in the middle of January, so we are pretty much playing catch up on everything. We had a romantic dinner for three (me, him, and amber :)) Who told us about her "crush" on a little boy in her class, she said "I have a crush on him, and that means I want him to be my 'Balentine' " She's so funny. We just did cards, and I bought Amber this beautiful bouquet of pink daisies from the grocery store. She loves flowers, so she loved it, and we put them in a pretty vase, and they are sitting on the kitchen table.

Ok ladies...I hope your Tuesday is a good one!!!

Mrs H
02-15-2005, 12:41 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Brenda: Sorry to hear about your father! I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I know what you mean about being an emotional waterworks woman. I have been that way every since Emma-Grace was born. Lots of days I just look and think how lucky we are to have her, and the tears start flowing! Hope you have a good day, and I am thinking of you!

Princess: Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day! I think it's nice to have a romantic dinner for 3! Hope you have a great day!

Well, nothing much new here...SOSDD! Someone asked yesterday where I had Emma-Grace's pictures made. I took her to Wal-Mart because they had a great special going on. The pictures turned out great on the disc I bought. I can't seem to get one uploaded though on this site. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am able to email them, just can't get one to upload here! I will try some more later! I can't wait to get the pictures back though and hang them all over the house! I will be 3 more weeks though before they are back! Well, time to get up from here and start washing and making bottles. I usually have that done by now, but my dad called this morning. He took the day off from work today and wanted to come visit! It was nice. He still won't hold Emma-Grace, but he talks to her and just looks at her! Was nice having him here for a little while! Hope everyone has a great day, and I'll pop back on later!


02-15-2005, 01:46 PM
Hey chicas-

Brenda- Not to worry- they can do wonderful things these days especially with circulatory problems.....try not to fret...worry is interest paid before it's due ( or so the church sign down the street says)

Princess- awwwww how sweet...heck we can't even MENTION boys in our house or my little DD has a hissy fit! she does NOT like boys!!!

Lisa- I believe that in order to insert a picture here, it has to be hosted somewhere on the net....I've got bandwidth I can host them on on my victorian valhalla site since it's being worked if you can't figure it out and want to send them to me, I'll host them

Well valentines was quiet- got a weekend trip and pretty cards....the DH was at the beach fixing my Dads computer so he didnt get back until mid evening, but we spent some time together later ( hubba hubba!) and that was nice....

Scale went up but Im not surprised, drank a bunch of wine over the weekend...time to get back on track!

02-15-2005, 02:37 PM
I am soooo bored at work today, omg. I have never been this bored. I feel very blah. I think I may be in need of a vacation, lol.


Marie-you are so funny w/ the "hubba-hubba", I am sitting her cracking up. :o :lol:

Lisa- I think if you pull the pics from the cdrom and save them to your actual computer than you may be able to upload them. :dizzy:

Brenda-Are you okay over there? Just don't worry. Remember this is 2005, there is so much technology out there that will help your Dad. Just try and stay positive. And again remember if you need to let the flood gates go, so be it! We'll wipe your tears for you. :(

Its a gloomy day outside, maybe that's why I feel so blah. I guess I am going to read some for school, and work ahead (wow! that's a first for me with school).

Ok let me go and act busy.... :p

02-15-2005, 02:41 PM
**Thanks everyone**

Julia: Your night sounds GREAT!!! We got the girls each a box filled with candy hearts, plus some gummy bears. They were thrilled. Glad your DH is back to work and things are looking up for you!

Lisa: Don't ya just love the way the pictures turn out from Wal-Mart? That's where I always got the girls pictures taken. You have the pictures on a disk? Have you tried saving one onto your computer and then posting it from there? I usually can pull a picture up from a file on my computer (depends on size also) but haven't ever tried from a CD. Maybe that's the reason?

Marie: Glad you had a great day and sounds like your weekend is also going to be great! Hope your trip is enjoyable. Is that this weekend or haven't you decided when yet?

Well, I don't know what I ate but it sure cleared me out! lol. I took off work early today. I don't have any work to do to begin with. Plus I kept getting distracted so said the heck with it. I went to the GNC store because I was going to get some herbal stuff for PMS/Menopause/Depression. Well, decided to check out the prices at a different vitamin place instead. WOW! I bet I saved money! I may not have gotten EXACTLY what I was looking for. But this stuff is supposed to work and it has even MORE of other calming remedies in it. So I paid for it, went to the car and popped a couple of them. One is supposed to work right away. A relaxer. So we'll see how that works. I've got to do SOMETHING and decided AGAINST going on the Pill (long story). Now to figure out what to have for supper. Venison sounds SOO good!!

02-15-2005, 02:44 PM
Julia: Thanks for the concern. Just took me a while to get that book I just posted written. I don't like to cry. Mainly because I do too much of it. And mostly for stupid reasons. Ever cry over a commercial that's supposed to be funny? Or be laughing with DH and the waterworks just start for no good reason? It's a hormonal imbalance or something like that. Started when I quit smoking. I never used to be this emotional. I HATE it! Anyway, thanks for the thoughts and I'm doing ok. Now get to work :P

02-15-2005, 02:56 PM
Brenda-NP. You guys have welcomed me with open arms, and I love that. So as your newly found "family" member I have to hug ya when you are down. :)

Anyways....oooh I was reading on, and have you guys seen that boot camp stuff? The work out part? Man. I am such a huge Oprah fan, you guys don't even know. When we were in Chicago for vacation in October, I was calling for Oprah tix since July when we planned the trip, her ph line is forever busy. Anyways I love that lady, and now that she is skinny-I am like Wow. I used to always look at her, and think (hee hee) ooh she's brown like me and she's a succesful chunky-monkey too. My hero, lol. Anyways now that she is skinny minny, that is really my incentive, because she makes it no secret how much she loves food. Of course she has chef's and personal trainers, but shoot she was BIG. And loosing weight is hard. Anyways if you get the chance look at the bootcamp challenge, the excercise portion. I am going to attempt it, the excercising that hard. I am all pumped up. I feel like doing jumping jacks in my office, lol.

Walmart has the besssst pics. I love the picture people too, BUT they are so dang expensive. Ugh. Thats the only part that sucks about them, but their pics are also breathetakingly beautiful.

Ok...I am going to eat some lunch.................................

Have a good day! Talk to you ladies a little later!!!!

02-15-2005, 03:47 PM
Julia: Enjoy your lunch. And good luck on the oprah challenge you're doing. I haven't checked it out...but will in a minute. have a great day!!