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Goddess Jessica
02-14-2005, 09:01 PM
I happened to be home for Oprah today (between classes). Did anyone see this one? It was with Bob Greene and a guy who lost 500 pounds! It may have been a repeat but I loved it. I hate watching her show becaue it makes me cry like a baby.

It made me think a bit about how I've been handling (or mishandling) my dieting lately. She was so hard on her boot camp team. But you know she didn't get to be that f-i-n-e without a lot of work herself. She talked about OWNING your weight. I'm going to start owning my weight today. I like that. It makes me feel empowered.

02-14-2005, 09:04 PM
I saw it! I thought it was good.. especially the not eating past 7:30pm.


02-14-2005, 09:07 PM
I just saw it! It was really inspiring. I liked the own your weight thing, too. I am always afraid of my actual weight---I mean it really upsets me, but owning it just sounds so good. Like, it's o.k. and I can change it. I thought the story about Tawni was especially inspiring. I could relate to her sense of hopelessness---and she totally turned it around. I am just coming out of a period of real discouragement, and have just been reading, not posting, lately. I will post more soon about what I have decided to do. :^:

02-15-2005, 12:13 AM
I saw it... I haven't decided what I think of it yet though. :?:

02-15-2005, 09:09 AM
I saw the early part of it. Tawni did so fantastically!! She was tough on the crew and, as you say, she is on herself. But I thought no meal at all because she missed her 7:30 deadline was harsh. I would think your body needs some sustenance, esp after the way she goes all day. I don't mean a dinner but some protein snack and maybe a fruit. It was only 8:00 or so and there'd have been time to digest that before bedtime. I did like it that Bob Greene said the 17 lb loss in 12 weeks was really great for the one person though Oprah said she'd have wanted it to be better. He was stressing the healthy wt loss of 1-2 lbs a week. The medical results with the cholesterol and blood pressure were astounding though.

Anyone joining the boot camp?

02-15-2005, 09:11 AM
I have it taped and haven't watched it yet. I heard about the bootcamp over on the dr. phil forum and there are a few of us following the bootcamp program. I'm not doing all the workouts right away, right now I am only going to do 5 but I am following the diet 100%. Yup Oprah looks pretty good and when you realize how far she's come, well you know that what she is doing works. I used to be one of these people who though that if I had her money, her personal chef, her trainer then I would be thin too. Still she is the one who has to put in the effort to exercise and eat right, doesn't matter what supports you have, ultimately it is up to you to do it.

Ivanna B. Skinny
02-15-2005, 09:25 AM
Yes I saw it, and Im doing my own version of her bootcamp! I cant do 8 workouts per week, but I am doing 5. I don't like the Dr.Phil plan, but I'm doing Weight Watchers. I set my cut off time for 8:00pm. and I dusted off the old Pilates tape. So, I guess, I'm really just using the bootcamp for motovation! :dizzy:

02-15-2005, 10:58 AM
But I thought no meal at all because she missed her 7:30 deadline was harsh. I would think your body needs some sustenance, esp after the way she goes all day. I don't mean a dinner but some protein snack and maybe a fruit.

I had that same thought. Maybe the night eating is too much a trigger for her though, who knows.

Jen, I had that same thought about how no matter much help you have, you still have to do it yourself.

I can see that people would want to lose the extra weight quickly, but I just feel like I'm trying to make this a life change that I'm not just on for a while until. I couldn't see myself at this point maintaining an exercise and eating routine like that. I am always working on making my eating and exercise better.

02-15-2005, 11:35 AM
I only saw the end of it, but I think, from other things I've seen and read about her, that for Oprah night eating was one of her vices, so I'd guess that's why she's promoting being so vigilant about it. It's not a problem for me--my appetite is greatest early in the day. Although I admire her and think she's really trying to help others through her experience, I don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all solution. Also, I HATE walking the treadmill, so I know I could not do the fitness bootcamp. Still, she's inspiring!!!!