Support Groups - I'm taking off my Moderator hat...

02-12-2005, 06:11 PM
Hi ladies,

With Neal's retirement in sight, and my grandchildren growing like weeds, I want to spend more time away from the computer. So I have been struggling with the decision to stop being the moderator for the Jaded Ladies for a while now. And as much as I love you, it's time for me to devote more time to my family.

I've had some really good laughs here and have grown close to those of you who have been around the longest while enjoying the opportunity to meet new Jaded Ladies all the time. You girls have been here for me through so much! The sad stuff - letting me vent while I took care of my MIL, then her passing away; my nephews being killed, Deborah's cancer and death, Jerry's illness. And all the good times, too - Mary's wedding, the twins and Caylin being born, my vacations, Terry's engagement, Katie's success at school, Neal's retirement news, and especially my 85 pound loss. What would I have done without you???

I'll still be a Jaded Lady, and will visit when I can, ok? Now I'm on my way to PM Suzanne with this news, but I thought it only fair to tell you ladies first.

Much love,