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02-11-2005, 10:06 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us.

02-11-2005, 10:15 PM
Jenn - I started this thread and then went back to close the other one, & saw where you ended it, lol. So I went ahead and closed it. After thread #50 was recently brought up out of nowhere, I've been closing the old ones as we're through. Thanks though! Next time I'll just close it later if someone wants to start a new thread. No problem at all! :)

02-11-2005, 10:16 PM
Thanks for the valentines card Jane. I wanted to make sure I said that before the weekend started.

Wish you all a good weekend and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY...

02-11-2005, 10:23 PM
You're most welcome, Susie Q!! Did you ever find out who sent the roses?

02-11-2005, 10:29 PM
Hi again Jane -

Most likely a resident that admires me - go figue - lol. I don't know. I will take them to the girls tonight and they can enjoy them.

02-11-2005, 10:47 PM
Cristi - Sorry about the avatars not working! I tried so many before I got Bert to look normal that I know what you are going through.

Ellen - That Vet really sounds like a rip off... I had 2 kittens (the ex-bf took them when we went our seperate way ).... I got the both fixed (1 spay/1 neuter) for $86 total and I got them declawed for $116... So $101 each kitten... Is there an animal advocates near you? That's where I got them fixed and it is definitely worth looking into.

Katy - Sounds like a real good day to me! Sorry the show was a disappointment!

Marti - I got your addy, thanks!

Susan - Poor Gaby! I'm sure she'll forget about it soon enough... Thank you so much for the compliment! You ladies really flatter me!

Jane - WOOOHOOO!! Tell me the time and place to meet up for the trip and I'll be there with bells on Seriously though.... I hope you take lots of picture when you go to share with all of us!

Alright ladies... I think I'm gonna head to bed even though it is only 9:30...I'll check in tomorrow, Goodnight all!

02-11-2005, 10:50 PM
woa......where do I post?? lol

You working overtime tonight Jane & Jenn??

You are welcome Jenn, you really are very pretty.

Got an email from Mike sending recent pictures of himself. He says for Gaby but in my cynical thinking he tries to compete with Gaby in attention. Silly thinking? I mean,........

My arguement ( I didn't go to Perry Mason school for nuthin ) is that .....he really hasn't changed that much in a year.
Gaby's picture shows a huge difference - because she is growing up and while Mike NEEDS to grow

Also, Gaby's were taken because she is turning 3....

So, I might just's not like I don't have pictures of the 2 of them together.....

blah - blah.......

best get back to work......

02-11-2005, 10:51 PM
Hello one and all,

Guess what?.....No really guess what?? Yep. That's it. But not to fear. I have no time to write to everyone since you alll have been Miss Chatty Cathys since last i wrote .I don't care if the page turned and I didn't write what you said down to reply like Ms. Jane told me to. Nope! Don't care because Jane is taking me to Ireland. Jenn has to plan her wedding and I can take shorthand, change bandages, serve drinks, make beds, and speak Irish???? Yep, I sure can. So you all keep turning these bloomin pages when you hear me comin but I'm goin to Ireland.

Marti~ Don't know the history but it sounds as if you are really going thru alot. Hope it all works out for you. Nothing that has to do with courts is ever really good. The lawyers always seem to be the biggest winners. My girlfriend is an attorney and she's the first one that will tell you it's true. Good luck.

Ellen~ Golly moses, you sound like you have a pound at your house. I bet people know how kind you are to pets and drop them off purposely knowing you'll take them in. We have charges here of 50.00 to be spade and 90.00 for declawing.
By the way your suggestion about having a divorce is a hoot. I surely wish I could do that but these people aren't as Jaded as we are and loved their mates. Even if they didn't they would never get a divorce. They look at me when I say something about an ex as if I were a relative of Satan. LoL
I want to see some more of your poetry before we have to pay to buy it in a book.

Jenn~ Gp girl with the weight loss. I am so jealous but love that you're succeeding. Haven't seen your pics but will look this weekend when I have time.Did see you in your gown and you look fantastic and SMALL.

To everyone else a warm hello. Sorry but I am beat tonight. I'll talk to everyone tomorrow. My 31/2 hr. day turned into 10at work. One call off after another. Didn't know if I was an aide, receptionist or activity coordinator. I guess all since I was answering phones, changing depends and playing balloon tennis. Goodnight Diane

02-12-2005, 12:42 AM
Well, here I am again! :lol:

Just trying to keep up with the posts. Although, I will fall far behind come the weekend. Not sure how much time I will be spending on the 'puter. I am kind of looking forward to the rain because I plan on a nice quiet weekend at home. Except for Mass on Sunday possibly. I have been a bad girl and haven't gone for a few weeks. :^: I did find a border at Home Depot tonight, really pretty and BIG! I think it will be a nice touch in the dining area. :crossed: Of course I am having second thoughts now. Need to take it out and tape a strip up to see if I like it on the green paint. It is white with lilac and green, may not match. We'll see...

Susan~good thing Rocky didn't like that someone else sent you flowers...sometimes a little jealousy is good. Just had a thought...maybe it was Mike who sent them???? :chin: money is on the russian.

Jenn~yeah, sometimes those avatar are a pain. I don't see the difference because some of the ones I have used are big like yours of Bert and for some reason it will not take these others. Oh well...I'll keep trying.

Katy~for some reason I thought you had been here longer than a year. Bet you guys can't wait to get started on the expansion of your house. I would be so anxious. Heck I am getting anxious about Spring getting here to do yard work.

Well, guess that's all I have for now. Nighty, night ladies. :wave:

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

02-12-2005, 12:58 AM
Mike??????? :mag: :mag: :love: :dunno: I don't think so.

Honestly it was just a dozen pink roses left at the office door. They could have been for my boss for all we know.

Though I like the idea of a Russian Beau :lucky: or would that be an Irish Beau????? :lucky: or a Japanese Beau???? :sumo: :sumo:

Rocky is rather laid back. Last night I was coming home from Milwaukie on empty from picking up Gaby. We were singing "this little light of mine I'm going to let it shine, this little light of mine I'm going to let it shine....." and "Yes, Jesuss loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me....."

anything to distract me from the fact that I have no money and about to go over a bridge and onto a freeway......5 miles from home almost out of gas ( maybe that is why I crave beans so much?? :jig: :shrug: :bomb: )

So, I chickened out even though I was thinking of God feeding 1000's with a fish and a loaf of bread. lol.......and I went to my fathers and borrowed $3.....put that in and drove home........

anyway........I was telling this to Rocky and he said........"all because of Mike and having to spend money going to Astoria and taking classes, paying filing fee's - what an idiot.You can use that money for Gaby. I wish you were here where I can take care of you. "......

I thought that was sweet.

:encore: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :encore:

anyway- back to work,,,,,,,

02-12-2005, 10:08 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - roses are nice, no matter who sent them and who they were for, right? But I just know they were for you, not the boss. They say God helps those who help themselves, so I'm glad you got the $3 from your dad, lol. Didn't need the beans after all, lol. ;)

Jenn - as excited as I am about my trip to Ireland, I am almost equally excited about my trip to the Gulf Coast with Neal next winter. We've been researching private home rentals in the Destin/Pamama City area. Some are really, really nice. Btw, please feel free to start a new thread anytime we need one - it was sweet of you to do that. I don't remember it happening before that 2 of us were starting one at the same time. As I mentioned, I can always come back and close the old one. That goes for any of the Jaded Ladies. :)

Diane - yikes, sounds like you wear many hats at your job. Means job security, though, right? Hope you get some rest this weekend.

Cristi - you can't tell us that you got border then not tell us what it looks like!! :D With all the frustrated decorators here, lol, we would like a photo of it, or at least a really good description. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Well, I'm fixing a turkey dinner for the family tomorrow. I bought an extra turkey at Thanksgiving time and decided it's time to fix it. Also will make cherry pies from the cherries I froze off the trees last June. The pies could pose a problem for me, if there weren't so many family members here to polish them off, lol. They are so used to WW desserts, this will be a real treat.

Have a good day!!

02-12-2005, 12:16 PM
:coffee2: Well girls, we wore out Diane. She's up to her arm pits with her Mom's wedding and getting her home ready for the kids visit so she's going to have to put off dieting and posting till things calm down to a dull roar. Shall we give a salute to all our sisters missing in action. :lol:

Jenn,your the sweetest couple! Can't wait to see bride and groom in all your glory.

Jane, your amazing. I want to visit your house. It's always exciting over there.

Susan,Mike is much like my sister. Everything is about her. If I get a compliment on my weight loss or new hair style she can't stand it and has to take the conversation back over to whats going on with her. Thay have to be the center of attention even from their own children.

More rain today and no walk . I'm trying again to get back to dieting strictly. Say your prayers for me today.


02-12-2005, 01:19 PM
A very good Saturday morning to all~

Where is everyone? Thought there would be lots of posts by the time I got on this morning.

Jane~what time is dinner? :lol: Turkey dinner and it's not even a holiday, mmmm. :hungry: :hungry: and cherry pie for dessert? I definitely will be there! :lol: That is my absolute favorite and I can't remember the last time I had any. Don't make it at the holidays because I am the only one who likes it so...I would either have to eat it all or throw it a way and either way it is a waste. Guess I didn't describe the border very well did I? LOL I think even if I described it I don't think you would actually picture it the way it is. I don't describe things well. I can't even tell a joke without messing it up. :lol: Probably would be best if I took a picture. :) I wish I had a digital camera so I could post it faster to get you ladies opinion about it. DH likes it and liked it better than two others I had picked out-haven't shown the kids yet to get their opinions.

Pam~well, I totally understand Diane being busy and all but we are going to miss her. Was just getting to know her. Hopefully, she will be able to check in once in a while till the wedding is over. Wouldn't that be fun planning your mothers wedding? Okay, maybe it's just me, but I think it would. Of course I think it would be fun to plan anyones wedding.

Susan~I totally agree with Rocky and think I said something to that effect before. Mike totally is taking away from you and that is sad-wish he would open his eyes and realize it. But then maybe that is his intentions, and if it is...he needs to have his butt kicked.

Not much on the agenda for today. I was going to do the border today but think I am going to tape a strip up like I said and make sure I like it. It's tricky getting the perfect border because it has to fit no just the dining area but the living room also. The one wall kind of extends to the living room but not by much so it may be fine. :dunno: I do plan on getting some laundry done (did some yesterday but didn't get around to folding it), vacuuming, and watch some movies and read. Still not finished with Life of Pi but will finish it by tomorrow. It has gotten better so may just get through the rest of it today. Dying to start Good In Bed. That's about all I have.

Have a good weekend everyone! See ya :wave:

da fat n da furious
02-12-2005, 02:27 PM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
First off, Jane you are going to Ireland? When? My grandparents are from Kilibegs Ireland. I told Monte one day we will make a trip there and check out family histories. He of course said right after we leave Holland.
Gawd I laughed when you wrote about scaring poor Dale....
I still play bumper bowling, its the only way I can get points.

Im drawing a blank now with everyone,,,,geesh. Going to have to make notes so that when I come to make a post I can make a comment.
Ellen, Im thinking you should make your poems into songs and so when the big stars are beating down your door for you to write them songs you can charge them BIG bucks and won't have to worry about the cost of declawing or spaying. You do have talent...
Katy, so now I have a black scarf with blue and purple thingies on it,,,really cool. When shopping last night with the girls and had a woman ask where I bought my scarf, told her the Walmart sells the wool and beads. So I bought some fun fur in pastels and am going to glue and tack it on the fairy wings along the edges that is.

Well Im completely set, got the dress ready, white shoes, purse and my gloves with lil flowers on the cuffs. My hat can't get any bigger,,,or heavier. Present is ready, Im ready. And yes with my wild black and red Im going to do wild curls and pin them close. Doesn't matter anyways that big heavy hat will squish evrything down.

So Wed, Brandon and I went and got his hair cut,,,it so short. Hes so handsome with his hair short. One of the ladies from work say him and went nuts...embarassed Next day she went on and on about how the girls must flock around
So tonight Monte and I are having our Valentine dinner....I was able to make reservations from work to the Cattle Baron, he called in his beer order so I asked if he could put my name down. He was so Then we are going to the Comedy Cave.
Not much else is happening here....been reading lots, and beading head dresses and such.
better get showered, need to go get more wire for wings.

Tea Rose
02-12-2005, 03:59 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone
I woke up with a headache today. maybe the diet,maybe the potty training :lol:

Hi Jane~~ Turkey dinner and cherry pie , oh thats just mean ,I'm so hungry:lol: I think by the sounds of it you are going to enjoy yourself on your holidays no matter where you go . The one to the coast sounds wonderful to.I have never really been anywhere, except to Florida on my honeymoon and all we did was drive there and home , my x wouldn't even let me go to disneyland :nono:, said it was for children ,I was 18 .:yes: :shrug:. I guess I can't go to Ireland with you, HUH. I was going to Hawaii with Susan , but I think our plans are on hold so I'm free if you change your mind.:lol: Please think of me as your cooking Big Bird tomorrow.:lol:

Hi Pam~~What do you mean Diane is leaving us for a while, Did I scare her away :yikes: Ah thats to bad , we will miss her . I hope she pops in from time to time, even though she's busy. I hope she doesn't think she has to be dieting to be here ,hmmm we all know some of us haven't been :lol: but this is my second day and I will weigh in on friday and see if the pig moves.Oh I hope so. I already miss her, Diane come back, or you will be subjected to a cheesy poem.:lol: So MS Pam what are you up to this fine day, I The sun is shining , but its cold , but I know there is hope ,just around the corner for Spring to Sprung . does that mean anything :lol: Is there any sign of Eddie yet, did you check outside.I think I am not doing anything today, unless this headache goes away.Pam don't fall off the food wagon today, I am trying ssoooooooo hard to be good, My sweet daughter made a chocolate cake for her sweeties step-fathers birthday, and she made me stay and keep her company, how sweet :no: the worst part was there was enough batter left for an extra cake for us,:yikes: Everytime I go to the fridge , I close my eyes ,so I can't see the cake.but It keeps whispering my name, so I changed it to Loretta, cause I don't know anyone by that name.:lol: Thanks again for all your potty training suggestions, I am still trying, I moved them into my sons room ,for a couple of days, to catch my breath, but I felt so lonely without them when I woke up. I hope your birdie is doing ok.does he chirp still. Have a nice day Pam

Hi Diane~~ what do you mean your leaving us for a while,did I scare you away:yikes: is there an echo in here.:lol: Ah shucks, I will miss you, How about if Pam and I come out and help you, then you could get back sooner. I know that you must be busy with all the excitement of Wedding and Family.and I know its hard to stay committed to a diet with all this going on, but thats Ok. Enjoy yourself and you can get back to business when you feel the time is right. I do hope you pop in from time to time though. just to update us , and say Hi, we just got to know you, and off you go into the wild blue yonder, is that a song.:lol: Have a Great day Diane, and hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Cristi~~ "Good in Bed" Marilyn Manson why Miss Cristi, I thought all you did was make good cookies :lol: hmmmm I think there is a multifaceted personality here,:lol: Well you must let me know the outcome of that book.:lol: I like the idea of taping the border first, what did you end up getting, do we get pictures. I'm sure it will look beautiful. I finally settled on the perfect shade of taupe,:lol: I hope. I realized I don't need anyone else to drive me crazy when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself:lol: Hurry up Spring I need fresh air. I will be so happy when I get this painting done, I haven't even started and I'm already hyperventilating , not a good sign.If your wondering and I'm sure your not, why I take on this monumental task of taping and painting the house alone, well its because I'm "ANAL" , there Ive said it now you know.:lol: Did you say not much on the agenda , laundry , folding , vacuuming, putting up the border, whats a busy day like for you :lol: Have a great day Cristi

Hi Jenn~~ I near fell off the chair when I heard that quote, they stress the importance of spaying and nueturing our pets , yet they make it impossible to do. I don't know how many people could put out that kind of money for one pet let alone two or three . It does make things difficult. I am looking into other options. I really don't have much choice.How have you been feeling, are you still as tired ? You must be on pins and needles ,with the wedding coming , and Valentines, we will want to hear about, what your sweetie does for you, well the parts you can share :lol: I hope your having a wonderful day.

Hi Susan~~
Whats this fuss about flowers, Ha Ha your all wrong , I sent them.:lol: Well aren't you a lucky girl , diamond rings pink roses , whats next purple hearts, Oh thats lucky charms insn't it,or are they pink , I don't know , and really does anyone care:lol: Your a rascal making all these men jealous ,this might be a most interesting Valentines,Day for you. Maybe Cristi could lend you here book, :lol: :nono: we need to keep you out of mischeif, you seem to get into plenty without any help .:lol: So Mikes sending pictures now is he, does send the check with them. I am glad You and Gaby made it home , its a scary feeling knowing the gas might not last till you get home, but having said that , all those chilli beans you've been putting down, must keep your tank filled with gas:lol: if only you could bottle it,for future use,:lol: Ahh Sweet Susan what will I do with you, I think I will come for that visit and we will eat chili and ding dongs all day, what do you think. I will bring my voodoo doll kit, and we can get some revenge.:lol: Have a great Day

Hi to everyone else, whereever you may be, I hope your all having a wonderful Saturday, still can't find wednesday and thursday, but I guess they are indeed gone. I should I suppose find something to do, although I don't feel like doing anything, headache is still lingering, might have to seek out some veggies or something, I will check back later, Have a great afternoon girls :wave:

Still not moving is he,

Hi Angie ~~You popped in when I popped out, I wish somebody would knock down my door soon ,could sure use the money right now, whats the cost where you are is it the same, maybe I am just behind a few years , the last time I had a kitty spayed and declawed was 3/4 years ago.Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Valentines Dinner and night out, Lucky Lady. Don't you love it when the boys get all embarrassed when people gush over them ,soon enough there will be little girls knocking at the door :lol:and the fun begins,:lol: Have a great day Angie, gotta go I'm so hungry:hungry:

Oh and girls, no its not my hat I wish it was though,

Tea Rose
02-12-2005, 07:13 PM
OMG Jane I just read you were leaving us, I feel so bad , I was just getting to know you and your family, what will we do without you here. I realize that your family is growing daily and you have so much life to live,and with Neal's retirement you have so much to look forward to,I am going to miss you here, its going to feel so strange not seeing you everyday,I do want to wish you all the best to you and family. Is this happening immediately ? I don't know what to say, I just feel so bad,

02-12-2005, 09:18 PM
Hi ladies :wave:

Jane~forgot to mention...if you are staying an extended period of time in FL rentals are definitely the way to go. Not sure what they are down there but when we went to Branson we opted for a condo on the golf course instead of a motel/hotel. We were there almost a week and it wasn't much more than a weeks stay in a motel. Plus you have the conveniences of home, kitchen, dining area, living room, separate bedroom and even a washer and dryer! It was nice. Also, thank you for the V-Day card, so cute!

Ellen~I too woke up with a headache. Guess I was too busy earlier to think about that I'm not I'm feeling it again. Probably need some dinner. There was a time I did all the taping and painting in the house...but no more. DH loves to paint so I let him do it all. Before I did it because DH#1 worked nights and I always had the kids in bed early so that gave me something to do, and I loved doing it. Guess now I am a little lazy! :lol: So I don't think you are crazy or anal. So what shade of taupe did you go with? I can't remember what the name of the color I am leaning towards. But I have it down to 5 so that is good. Oh...I am not liking the border after all. It doesn't match anything, too girly, frilly and kind of country looking which is what I am staying away from in there. So back to the drawing board. I am thinking about keeping the valances I have (thought they were too dark with the green) and trying to match something to them-talk about anal. :lol: I let my DD listen to your DS's music and she liked it.

Kind of quiet around here today. Where is everyone?

Well, take care everyone and I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. :wave:

02-12-2005, 09:43 PM
WOW! I am at a loss for words.

Ellen~I was wondering what you were talking about Jane leaving and thought I would check the site once more before getting off the 'puter. Lo and behold there it is...a thread saying Miss Jane is leaving us.

Jane~I really don't know what to say. First Marti is gone a lot with her new job and all and now you. I guess I never thought I would see the day that you would leave. I know you said you would check in once in a while won't be the same and now I will worry about the thread...don't think it will be the same without held it all together. :(

Hmmmm....think I will go now and let that sink in.

Tea Rose
02-12-2005, 10:14 PM
Hi Cristi I guess you knew Jane was leaving, since you didn't seem surprized, well you girls have been with her a long time , so you probably got first hand notice, I laughed when you said you had it down to 5 taupe shades thats about what I was down to as well, are you leaning towards, pink based or brown based or anything in btween :lol: I am leaning towards a more brown based taupe what I have now has pink undertones and to me seems a little cold tone wise, so I thought I would try something a little warmer. There is one I like called bar harbour beige from benjamin moore I am going to try that new ulta matte finish, as opposed to the pearl finish I usually use, to give it a richer look , well at least thats what its supposed to do. Which shades did you come up with . To bad the border didn't work out, its so frustrating isn't it, trying to find the perfect fit.Are you going to keep looking or forget about it.Do you have cornice mouldings in your house? Sometimes they add enough of nice touch you don't need anything else, I don't remember when I saw your pictures,. I know just what your going through I am exactly the same way, we make it hard on ourselves don't we,:lol: Its neverending isn't it , if only we could live in plain rooms and be happy :lol: think of how less stressful life would be, but not nearly as much fun.I think everyone enjoys doing something and we like decorating and all the headaches that go with it.So are you enjoying the green paint now its been in the room for almost a couple of months now,I liked it, it looked really nice. Was it the bedroom or bathroom you are painting taupe,I foget. Are you planning to do it soon? I have a few things to do before I get started, some settling in the house caused some separations between the mouldings and ceiling and it drives me nuts, I have some filling and sanding to do, then I will tape and start. I think probably in the next few weeks,I will begin, I have to get up the nerve and energy to tackle this again so I need to be really sure of the colour before I start. My son got the mastered copy of the cd last night, it sounds a little crisper than the one your heard , but much the same.glad your DD liked it and Thankyou. Anyways it is quiet here tonight, everybody must be out for their pre Valentine dinners. What are your plans do you have any, Me well I'll be home with my kitties, reading a good book I suppose, since I don't have big sweetie just my sweet kids who no doubt will be out with their own sweeties.Wow that was a mputhful. Thankyou for the card Cristi, Its nice to be thought of , and I do appreciate that you do.((HUGS)))
Whats your weather like now, here its cold, but we are getting more sunny days now. Well Miss Cristi I hope you are feeling better, and had some dinner,I think I will go and make some tea, I will probably go read a little and come back later to see who's around if anyone. So have a great night everyone.

Tea Rose
02-12-2005, 11:00 PM
I guess you didn't know, Cristi, I was shocked as well just never thought about Jane ever leaving, its going to be different here without her, I feel very sad. :(

da fat n da furious
02-13-2005, 02:29 AM
Understandable Jane, we all know you have alot of your plate with family and now keeping Neal in line once hes retired. And I do hope you will make a habit of stopping in as much as you can to visit. I and I know the other ladies will miss you....
big hugs,

02-13-2005, 05:56 AM
Hi ladies,

Here it is - not quite 5AM, and I'm up. Neal said he'd put the turkey in the oven since he's up more than me in the night, but I was afraid he forgot, and got up to check, lol. He did put it in, but now I can't get back to sleep!! My computer refuses to stay connected, so I am doing this in "quick reply" and don't even have bold, lol.

No, I didn't tell anyone until yesterday that I don't want to be mod anymore. It was a hard thing for me to do. I took the job way too seriously to just let it slide while I do other things. And I want to come here because I want to check in, not because I feel as though I have to.

Cristi - please don't be sad! I'll still be around. So did you tape up a piece of the border? Think it's going to be ok? My living room border is so busy that I think I'll have to change it this year sometime. Neal and I are checking out the home rentals in FL. Since we will be taking a grandchild or two with us once in awhile, we didn't want a condo. I've got a link to one we're inquiring about, and if it works out, I'll post a link. It's part of a gated community and is nice. Btw, do you have a new email? Not sure I have your new address. Send it to me if you'd like.

Angie - my maternal grandma was Irish - a Hedrick. I'd like to research the name and see if there are any long lost cousins around over there. How was your evening out? I've never been to a comedy club although there is one right in town. The smoke would kill me, lol!

Ellen - Walt Disney World is for everyone who likes fun - kids of all ages, lol. If you ever get the chance, go! I've been 5 times and plan on going again as many times as I can, lol.

Pam - yep, there's always something going on around here, lol.

I'm looking forward to having the family in today. Found out my son might have to work, so I may not get to see him and his family. :( The company is a branch of Toyota, and they're getting ready to hire a lot more people. Hope they do this soon!

Have a good one, ladies!!

02-13-2005, 09:02 AM
Girls, excuse me for "budding in" to your thread. :wave:

Jane, I just tried to PM you, and your box is full!
Here's my PM... :lol:
Jane, I just found out you're leaving us. :( I've been thinking about you lately, and noticed you haven't been posting with the mods much.
I'm so sorry (for our sakes!), but I completely understand. You're doing the right thing... family comes first, and I really admire you for your decision. :yes:
I'm always here if you need me, okay, hon? Don't hesitate to ask for prayers or hugs or anything...
Love you, Jane!

Tea Rose
02-13-2005, 09:45 AM
Hi Ellis :wave:
Is it really You, I used to but in on your threads ,just because of your sweet charming humorous personality :lol: came all the way from Ottawa just to talk to our Jane how sweet are you. Hows the weather up there in the land of "no snow" We are going to miss Jane ,she is the sweetest kindess and most compassionate person, I have had the pleasure to meet , although I've only been here about six months, she has made me feel welcome and a part of the Jaded Ladies family. I do understand her decision and respect her for it,family comes first, and one like Janes is a Blessing. I will miss her immensley ,and I hope she will pop in and be with us as often as she can.We Love You Jane

mmmmmmm Jane I can smell big bird from here, I wish I was there having turkey and cherry pie. How sweet is Neal to get up and put the turkey in for you. what a man, I hope to go to Disneyland someday , I know my daughter and her BF want to go , and I know I will always be welcome , well maybe at least till he knows me better, and I become the bad MIL :yikes: :lol: I hope you have a wonderful day with your family today,(((HUGS TO YOU ALL)))
Could you give that pig a kick if your close enough THANKS

02-13-2005, 11:50 AM
Oh, jeez...Jane, we're all going to miss you terribly. Will you still be posting pretty regularly, just not moderating? Because as much as I'll miss you as our moderator/mama hen, I would miss you so much more as a friend who just comes here to chat. I'd miss hearing about your family, your grandkids, your encouragement and inspiration, and...sheesh, everything else.

I had a horrible day yesterday. My youngest will be 14 in March and two days after his birthday his favorite band is coming to town in concert, and he's never been to a concert. They haven't toured in years, and have a huge number of fans. The venue they chose only seats 2000 -- I can't figure out why they picked such a small venue. You could only get the tickets starting at 10 am sharp online, and he was so excited he was going to be seeing his favorite band...and it was impossible to get tickets. The system was busy starting at 9:59, and it was sold out in 9 minutes. What was really awful was it was general admission, no assigned seats, all tickets $30 -- and by 10:30 am, scalpers were selling them on Ebay for $100-$200 per ticket. Some of them were individuals that didn't even live in CA, some were ticket brokers. He was crushed, and got a real eye opener about how greedy people can be. This is the pre album-release tour, so hopefully the band will come back to one of our larger venues after the CD is out.

Next, I had a drain company come out, it was supposed to be about $500 to have an outside sewer access installed, since every year we have to pay them to pull our toilets and run our lines to clear out tree roots, and we just want them to be able to do that outside the house. Well.....from the problems we were having, he said we really needed to have all the lines in the house run, and he was right, it helped a lot, but that was another $450. Then they started to install the outside access, and pulled a huge root out of the main line, but also discovered that the water line is not far enough from the main to meet code -- at least not these days, and our house is 50 years old. But the access they installed wasn't too deep, so it doesn't require a permit or inspection, so far so good. But...then they ran a camera, and showed us sections of the main that are separated and have roots coming through, that are ok for now, but really should be replaced...and if they dig up our backyard, we could be looking at $3700 total -- and definitely an inspection, and they may require us to redo the water line too...AUGHHH!!!! They had to stop working last night but will be back probably about 20 minutes.

And then we had plans to go to a friend's house for dinner and play board games, and DH didn't feel like going -- we'd had plans for about a month, and I wasn't going to cancel on them at the last minute. I was kind of embarrassed, but I brought the kids anyway and we had fun...played Cranium, which was a scream, and ate pizza, and I had a couple of beers and felt better after a pretty rotten day.

Love you guys...please don't go away, Jane -- who else will give me tea and sympathy and a gentle kick in the butt when I need it?????


02-13-2005, 12:26 PM
:coffee2: Jane ,your leaving us. Wahhhhh. :( Who will be our Mod?We can't be left on our own. :?: We need supervision. Someone to keep us in line. :lol: Really though, I know you'll be checking in and I think you doing the right thing. You have new adventures ahead .

Ellen. love the hat. Is that one of yours? How are you getting along with those babies? Good idea with the drapes.

Katiecat,what is this your talking about the drains? :fr: I get my drains cleaned every now and then but it doesn't cost anywhere near that. RotoRooter does it for around 50$.

Girls, here is the latest on the x sob. He can't hold down any food and can't control his bowels. But he won't let DS help him shower and clean him up either. They are going back to the hospital Monday and DS thinks they'll be keeping him. He's decided to get a Power of Attorney to handle affairs and hopefully be coming home by the end of next week. Will this never end? I've lost all sympathy for the old man. If it wern't something he had no control over it'd be differant.This is something he's done to himself year after year,regardless of warnings and all it has cost him. It's not only himself that has paid the cost for his self indulgance but myself and mostly our son. I am so done feeling sorry for this man. :devil:


02-13-2005, 01:01 PM
Hi Girls!!!

Well, where to start!!!!!!1
First off JANE????Leaving us???? I didnt see this coming. I know you have always been very dedicated to this post and to us girls!! I look forward to hearing your family stories all the time, but I can understand that there are alot of us to keep up with now and that you have other priorities..So I hope you will at least pop in to let us know how you're doing....
ALSO, CRISTI, AND JANE, THANK YOU for the valentine cards...That was sweet!!!
Well girls, I was very disappointed this morning, got on the scale for the first time in 2 weeks and hadnt dropped one stinkin pound!!!! I have been working out so hard, eating lots of fruits and veggies, no snacking , and nothing.. I couldnt believe it...DBF says Im definitely dropping inches, but still lbs is what I want to be seeing, so guess Im gonna have to really cut out the extras!!
We had my friends two boys last night for a sleepover, gave them their Valentine goodies this morning , they just went home, thank god!!!! We love them but sometimes the oldest one is a big handful!!! Hes 5 and sometimes very uncooperative....Didnt get much sleep last night, needless to say.
Oh well, have to finish laundry, go to the gym, and work on some schoolwork today....Hope you are all having a nice Sunday!!!


02-13-2005, 01:27 PM
Good Sunday Morning Ladies~

Jane~I am sad and will be sad. I kind of figured once Neal retired we wouldn't being seeing much of you and I was trying not to think about it. But didn't expect it this soon. Anyway, you best check in as often as you can missy. :) I see about the rental...for some reason I was thinking you guys were going to go down there for like a couple of weeks but guess you guys are talking longer. Don't like condos eh? Have you guys thought about a time share? V and I talked about one in Branson-we love the place and that is what the condo was that we stayed in, very nice. It was cool because that was the second time I stayed in a condo there (the first time was the kids and I before I met V) and they have a guest book for people to sign which was interesting to read all the comments and where everyone came from. Didn't like the border after all...okay, I did like it, it just didn't really match anything. Guess I am a little anal about things matching. Not so much everything in the room matching but since I have the darker valances and pillows on the couch that match I just thought that the border should at least go with the color in the room-it had green in it. I think I let V talk me into that one. So I ordered one that matches the valances. And I think once we put the wood floors in the kitchen and dining area it will all look good. Enjoy your turkey dinner with the family today.

Ellen~the color I think I have picked out is called Mesa Tumbleweed :lol: where do they come up with these names? Looks nothing like a tumbleweed, or the color of one I should say. I am going toward the brown tone, not liking the pink tones. It is the bedroom, hallway and front and kitchen door leading to the garage that we are painting. I am hoping soon, like in about 2 or 3 weeks. About the border...going to take that one back and already ordered one at JC Penney. I liked the border but would have to change the valances which I like but didn't like at first with the green. The border is Waverly and matches the valances-decided to go that route. At least they will match everything else. Yes, I am loving the green. It is going to be perfect in the summertime with the sun so bright. With the yellow and the sun we get in those rooms, man it was BRIGHT! The green definitely toned it down and I love how everything looks good together. And you are welcome for the card. Have no special plans for V-Day. DH has to work, bummer. We did go out to eat Friday night tho, nothing fancy. I too love your avatar and was wondering if that is your hat in your house, just kept forgetting to mention it-so cute!

Angie~how did your tea go?

Pam~well, I just know how bad you are missing Eddie. Hope he gets everythng worked out soon so he can come home. Know what ya mean about having no sympathy for the ex. It's hard to when you know they did that to themselves.

Katiecat~I hate when that happens. Of course being here in this little town there is hardly ever a concert that sales out. Maybe next time they come DS will get to see them. So sorry to hear about the sewer line problems. :yikes: It amazes me how a simple job can turn into a major one. Hopefully it doesn't for you. :crossed: Glad you finally had a relaxing evening with friends.

I woke up to the biggest surprise. First when V came home yesterday he brought me roses and they smell oh so good, and are really pretty. This morning there is a gift bag of goodies for me :love: What a great day before Valentines Day! Anyway...I almost fell down the stairs in the garage yesterday and man am I hurting today. I was on the third step reaching to get a vase off the shelf and not thinking went to step down and lost my balance thinking I was on the first step. Twisted my back and pulled something in my leg trying to catch myself from falling-didn't want to fall, now I am a little sore today. Geez, I need to be careful. Just going to relax today and get some reading done. Almost finished with my book.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! :grouphug:

EDITED to say HI to Julie. I wouldn't worry about not having a loss, I know easier said than done. But if you know you did good with the eating and exercise then that's all that should matter. And like DBF said you are loosing inches so that is good. :bravo: Although, I am like you also...I want the pounds to be gone, forget the inches! :lol: I think you are doing an awesome job so keep up the good work Miss Julie. And you are welcome for the card.

da fat n da furious
02-13-2005, 03:07 PM
so Im sitting here in rollers and freaking out. I don't really want to wear this dress. It shows too much of my body...*sigh So as a deversion Im going to dress like what a lil girl would if she got into her mom's makeup and jewellery...what do you think? bright blue eye shadow not put on right, red lip stick...lots of mix matched jewellery. I know the hat alone would be enough to distract but thinking as humour I could do the makeup thing.

Tea Rose
02-13-2005, 03:20 PM
:chef: Good Afternoon Everyone

Well Miss Jane all I can say is you best be chowing down on that turkey and Cherry Pie , because after that news about you leaving yesterday, I sabatoged my diet, I'm an emotional eater :lol: I do hope you have a wonderful day, but now that the news has sunk even farther into my thick brain, I'm a little upset with you, leaving us alone , in the in the cold deep freeze of winter,:bb: please visit with us often .pleasssssssssssssssse :yes: I will write you poetry ,:yikes: did I scare you away?We will surley MISS YOU :grouphug:

Hi Pam~~ Thats a shame,all thing never ends, why did they release him from the hospital wouldn't they have made sure that he could was able to function before they let him go home, it dosen't make sense, Poor Eddie this is a lot to deal with ,especially with him not being close with his Dad. Sympathy does wear thin Pam and you have every right to feel the way you do,especially when you watched and suffered the consequences for years.Mine has been causing me some grief the last while , he acts the same as Susan's Mike competing for the kids attention, he makes me sick,he never even gave them basic necessities when they were growing up food clothes, heat electricity, and he thinks he's the best father to walk the earth.I can't even stomach the sound of his name.ok enough about him. I will be happy for you when Eddie comes home,and life goes back to normal. People like that have a way to creep back into your life wether you want them or not, You have come to far to let this consume you, he isn't your responsibility Pam.((Hugs)) rant rant rant :lol:

Hi Cristi~~Don't be so sad, Jane will be close by,It won't be the same though ,and I know for you girls that have been with her the longest its very hard.Jane is family :grouphug: I like the sound of your paint colour , I know I wonder who sits around and thinks up these names, if they related to the paint colour, , It might make sence .but for the most part, they don't.I think its to confuse us even more than we already are :lol:Matching the border to the valence is a good way to go, my kitchen curtains and wallpaper match, and I picked a gold and white stripe fabric from a colour in the floral fabric to make a 3in band around the curtains, then I made bows for the curtains , placemats napkins and breakfast cushions all out of the stripe .I didn't make them my friend did.This spring I am adding the green and white gingham tablecloth to the mix which has the same green as the wallpaper, and I have another different look.I usually do pink and green dishes in the spring and summer.Thats what I like about neutral shades you can change dishes and decorations with the season,and they all look beautiful, yet another reason I went back to the taupe,I think I'm going with Bar Harbour Beige Cristi, it has a gold undertone,which seems to blend well with the drapes.which also have a gold undertone. I just hope its the right choice.I may dilute the colour just a touch in the hall, stair wall ,and upper landings ,it will depend how light or dark if appears on the walls in the livingroom. No surprize I also have taupe in my bedroom, but I may change that someday, it has pink undertones and although it works well with the vintage mahogany furniture and floor I think I might like something different,maybe a warm rich cream shade, I have time to make that decision , I have alot to do before I get up the stairs.I'm glad the green is working out for you, I wish I had your windows, although I have big windows per room, the large trees on the one side of the property prevents the sun from shining directly into the house, which is one thing I miss from my other house, which like yours was filled with sunshine,. Wow Cristi your V sounds like quite a romantically sweet man, I watched
Sleepless in Seattle yesterday, I love that movie and watch it whenever its on.I haven't seen the Notebook but have read it I would love to see that to. Well it sounds like your having a wonderful Valentines Day early , to bad V's working though, but he is making up for it with Love.:lol: ahhh sweet romance , on days like these its lonely for me,:bb: but then I was never taken out on Valentines day or Anniversaries and we were engaged on Valentines Day how strange is that.Oh memories, some are better left unthought. OMG Cristi I just went back to your post and somehow I missed that you hurt yourself, Oh I hope that your alright, I have done that , twisted my back, and it hurts awful doesn't it, get plenty of rest ,and don't be reaching for stuff, on the stairway, I know I do the same thing and there are to many close calls. I hope you have a nice day.

Hi Julie~~ How frustrating is that I know, don't worry its still a pound might be a stinkin one , but one just the same,:lol: Are you drinking tons of water, because that flushes out the fat, when I'm slow on the water , the weight doesn't move, so drink drink drink, and when you have had enough drink somemore,:lol: It will go all your hard work and committment will pay off , you'll see.((HUGS))

HI Katie~~Whats your sons,favourite band.That happens all the time, its frustrating I know, my kids are always at concerts,I hope they do come back at a larger venue, or you will have to camp out with the kids for days,waiting in line so pack your sleeping bag and lunch:lol: Katie I know we will all miss Jane but I will be happy to give you tea and sympathy , as well as a kick in the butt wether you need it or not :lol: Wow the cost is ridiculous,my neighbours always have tree root troubles and roto rooter is at their house frequently , I hope that I don't have those problems, I have huge trees about ten feet away from the side of my house on one side.:yikes: I am glad being with your friends salvaged your day, its good to have them isn't it.

Hi to Everyone Else:wave: Marti ,Susan, Katy ,Angie, Jenn ,Dianne, Doreen, Mindee,Kathy ,Sue, Ann: Holy :moo: did I forget anyone,:chin: Have a wonderful day I will check back in later I'm :hungry: and depressed :( so I'm off to rest, be back later meanwhile you girls have a wonderful day,((HUGS))

Hi Angie~~ What ever you decide will be wonderful, how could you miss,I love the sound of that, but I'm sure you need no distractions from yourself you are beautiful, and I'm sure the dress only accentuates that fact , Hows that for an image booster, :lol: Have a wonderful time Angie ((HUGS))

I am thinking Bacon :ink: :rollpin: :ink: :stars: :chef: :hungry: :D

02-13-2005, 04:43 PM
I don't post for a couple of months and look what happens!!! I don't know half you people and y'all done ran Jane off! :o *teasing* O.k. I haven't gotten too far in catching up, so y'all bear with me if I ask dumb questions for a while. :p Jane- I'm sorry to see you'll be dropping the moderator hat. You're really good. I know you'll be checking in though. :rollpin: Right?!? ;)

Well, to catch y'all up to date on my life: I haven't been posting (although I have lurked from time to time) because, like Jane, family takes precedence. If you remember, I was having problems with sending my DS to school (even though I teach there). Sorry, but he shouldn't have to put up with a bunch of women who have PMS 24/7. :( Back in October/November DH and I prayed about it and.... drumroll please.... WE JERKED HIM OUT OF SCHOOL!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: Woo! Hoo! As a family, we have been completely liberated! You would not believe how much everything has improved! His confidence has soared and he has made the honor roll since I removed him. :goodvibes I found a great homeschooling program that works wonders for us and he does all work on his own without much input from me! He has spent a lot of time with his dad and grandpa, which is wonderful. It has definitely been a win-win situation for us. :D (Course now my name is :censored: in the teacher lounges of upper elementary- like I cared! :lol: :lol: )

So after that debacle kind of settled down and our routine was firmly established, I was gonna start posting after Christmas- then DH and I decided to expand our concrete finishing business into a complete construction company. *sigh* I have spent the past several weeks writing business plans, studying licensure exams, wading through paperwork, blah... blah... blah.... I still have a long road ahead- probably won't get everything done until May or June- so I figured- crud- if I wait until llife settles down, I'll NEVER get to post again! :dizzy: So here I am!

Oh and one more thing: y'all may not believe this- Mount Washmore is dead!!!! :devil: Ain't life grand? :lol: Well, see you girls later. Bye.

02-13-2005, 05:01 PM
Hi Ellis :wave:
Is it really You, I used to but in on your threads ,just because of your sweet charming humorous personality :lol: came all the way from Ottawa just to talk to our Jane how sweet are you. Hows the weather up there in the land of "no snow" We are going to miss Jane ,she is the sweetest kindess and most compassionate person, I have had the pleasure to meet , although I've only been here about six months, she has made me feel welcome and a part of the Jaded Ladies family. I do understand her decision and respect her for it,family comes first, and one like Janes is a Blessing. I will miss her immensley ,and I hope she will pop in and be with us as often as she can.We Love You Jane

Tea Rose, I know you! :lol: You sweet girl... what a lovely thing to say... thank you, hon.
And lucky you meeting Jane. I only got to know her a few months ago in the Mod's forum, and like you, l just love her.
The weather is getting much warmer... right now the sun is out, and it's -14C (7F for you down there). huh. Big flippin' DEAL!! :lol3:
You Jaded Ladies seems like a lovely bunch, and I wish I had time to join you. If my life ever becomes less-than-crazy, I may pop back in. ;)
Ciao, dah'lings... :wave:

02-13-2005, 05:44 PM
Only for selfish reasons I will say I am sad to see you stepping down as Mod Jane. I will miss you in that role, I will miss you as Ma Jane. ........ :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress:

(pssssssst, where are the Ding Dong's Ellen?? I am an emotional eater too......this will set me back a few pounds!! ) lol.......

You are so funny Ellen. We'll be fine, Jane will still pop in and say hello.

I am the owner of a Yahoo parenting group and honestly don't find real joy in it. Stressful to keep everything, go enjoy life Jane!! Come here for the fun and friendship :) ........ You did a wonderful job - you deserve some R& R....

Helping Rachel with a science project - thought I would say hello.

YAY- Kayecee!!! Nice to see you pop in,,,,,,,now where is our Shanna??? :mag:

Just feeling down myself this weekend- will feel better tomorrow. I like being on a schedule.

Will catch up tomorrow!

02-13-2005, 06:51 PM
Jane oh Jane !! your mailbox is full so I guess I have to say it here ;)

We will miss you as a moderator. Hope you come back soon


02-13-2005, 08:29 PM
See, here I am, back already, lol!!

Actually, I got several emails telling me my 3FC PM inbox was overflowing, so I have emptied it now!!!

Leenie, Ellis, Susanne, Cristi, (Marti through email) Ellen, Angie, Katiecat, Pam, Julie, and anyone else - Thank you all so much for the kind words!! They got me all choked up! It's nice to be so loved. :smug:

Trust me, I will still be here - just not as often, and not as moderator.

Have a good Sunday evening!

da fat n da furious
02-13-2005, 08:56 PM
Kaycee? as in our Kaycee? hmm I remember a woman named Kaycee who was here for awhile WAYYYYY back.
Glad to know life for your son has improved. Who needs to have to put up with cranky ol women anyway right? Ill send her a box of pamprin, helps with PMS.

Well the tea party was fun, I didn't have to drink tea! I had a cup of coffee and a glass of punch...geesh I wouldn't have drank the stuff a couple of days ago to ween myself into it...*shudder I have a few pictures and will try to post. Lots of laughter and tears,,,a great combination.

02-14-2005, 11:10 AM
Good Monday Morning ladies.....and a very

:love: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! :love:

Don't have much time to post, busy day today. Will do individuals later. Hope everyone has a lovely day! It is supposed to be 69 here today! :sunny: Lovin' it...

Ta ta for now...:wave:

02-14-2005, 12:59 PM

Well not much else new here with me....Same old stuff, what can I say???

Did anyone get any nice surprises or V-Day??? DBF and I arent doing anything special, he never usually does much.....Kinda depressed I guess, all the girls are getting flowers and cookies and stuff delivered to them..Guess I just wish he was more like that!!! Who invented Valentines Day anyway????HAHA Just kidding, guess once you've been together forever, the thrill is gone.

Still pretty down and out over my non scale victories!!! Kinda feel like, theres not much more I can do, workout more, or eat less.. to get this weight off. Im trying to stick with it, but its not easy when you're doing everything possible and seeing no results.....Im sure you all know this already!!

oh well, enough of my depressing thoughts!!!HAHA
Have a nice day girls

02-14-2005, 02:25 PM
:coffee2: Good mormimg Ladies.Took my walk, answered some email and waiting for lunch cause I'm starving. Trying to get back at diet today and not stuff my face. Tummy is very angry with me right now. Grumbling away.It's hard to start all over agin getting used to small portions so you aren't miserable. :p This Vday bites.I'm grumpy. :stress: :tape: :tied: :kickcan: :headache:


02-14-2005, 02:52 PM
Good aftenoon ladies...

I had a busy weekend so no time to post and now I am sick :p Saturday was making cakes for my niece's 1st birthday, and then went to talk with these people about being their nanny... Tim and I haven't decided is the pluses out weigh everything else. Yesterday was Shaelyn's party and it was chaos, but then again what 1st b-day bash isn't? :lol: It was good to get to see everyone, even though I started to get sick and had to leave... Now here I am trying to feel better and come online to find out Jane is leaving! :dizzy:

Well I just wanted to say that I know that comes as a hard decision and I'm sure you are making the right one... go enjoy your family Jane... we'll miss you but I know you'll keep us updated :grouphug:

To everyone else, I hope you had a great weekend! Sounds likesome of us were keeping busy to say the least! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

02-14-2005, 04:17 PM
I'm baaaack ladies...

Had to run to the mall and get my glasses fixed, went to put them on the other day and the lens popped out. The screw broke in half so they had to drill it out and put in a new one. Of course had to wait an hour because while it was a simple fix it was going to take a little longer than the usual adjustment. So at least I got a walk in while at the mall. Didn't really have any shopping to do except get a couple of thank you cards. Then went to the book store-had to spend that gift card V got me. LOL Then off to his job...poor guy...I left a Happy Valentine message on the bathroom mirror for him last night and I bet he was thinking I didn't get him anything. Wanted to surprise him by having it in his truck after work. Going to go take him some dinner about 6:30 since he has to work late.

Ellen~sorry your ex wasn't into celebrating the special days with you. I started sending V-Day cards and other cards to my friends that were single years ago because they didn't have a SO. Even when V gives me flowers I always share with DD. Of course I have for years given my kids a card and candy even tho they are older it has stuck. I like your kitchen-the wallpaper is really pretty and everything did coordinate. Maybe coordinate is a better word than match. I don't necessarily have to have everything match per se but I like to coordinate everything. No what the heck is Bar Harbour Beige?? Why don't they just say beige? LOL Yeah, it cracks me up that someone actually sits around and names the colors. Oh, well, I can't wait to get my room painted then I get a new comforter. :cp: I am going for a more tailored look in there instead of the country quilts.

Julie~I did get a big surprise for V-Day...V surprised me with a bag of goodies Sunday morning and roses Saturday when he came home. Sorry about the work thing, hopefully the ladies shared some cookies with you. I would have shared my flowers with you if I were there. Maybe DBF will have a surprise for you when you get home.

Jenn~sorry you are sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Angie~glad you had a great time at the tea. I would love to see pictures of you all dressed up and with your big hat.

Susan~did you help Rachel with the project? What did she make/do? I remember the kids dad when they had projects he would start out helping and end up taking over! LOL Hope you are feeling better today. :)

Pam~sorry you are grumpy today. :( I feel kind of bad everyone feeling down and grumpy today. I actually got up in a GREAT mood for some reason-not because it is V-Day just feeling good about everything.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Silly me absolutely forgot to weigh in this morning, darn it. :dizzy: Not sure how I forgot except that I had other things on my mind and getting an early start to the day. I may weigh tomorrow...not sure I can wait a whole week. Anyway...need to get going and straighten up the living room. I have books and magazines all over the coffee table and want to vacuum and fluff up the cushions on the couch and chair. Take care ladies and have a good one.

02-14-2005, 04:40 PM
Happy Valentines Day Girls!!!

Hope you all a romantic time with someone you love!!

I've been enjoying my weekend w/Jhanai. She's been on the computer more than I have over the weekend...although I did get a chance to pop on here for a little bit last night.

Kayecee, glad to see you again!!

I don't have much time today...but will try to get back on as soon as I do.

You all have a great Valentines Day!

02-14-2005, 06:18 PM
Good Afternoon -

I am glad you had a nice tea party Angie - sounds romantic. You have so much fun. Rachel was asking me about getting into acting. Any idea's on how I would go about that?? Maybe some community acting group?? Something through her school??
She likes music I was wanting her to get involved with the choir at church. The choir goes on tour down to California in the summer - thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for her and be around positive people.

Hope you are feeling better Jenn?? Was it a "at home" party or something else?? I was looking into something special for Gaby. They have "tea party" ones (thought of you Ang:) and pony ride ones at $150 an hour....which if I had money I would have loved to do.
Anyway- hope you are feeling better. Think the nanny position would be a good thing .

I am grumpy too Pam. I weighed in at a whooping 150! Up 7 pounds - lol.....just retaining water no doubt or thinking ding dongs are fat free......feel better that it is Monday. Need to get back on track myself.
Hope you are feeling better!

Hi Cristi - Rachel is doing a project on parachutes and their descent rate. She wants to pass , so no.......I am not helping her - lol. Her dad will ,it is due on Thursday.
So, curious what the dinner for Vince is?? I am sure he will love whatever you make- sounds sweet.

ahhhh - better get to work. Hi to everyone!

02-15-2005, 04:47 AM
Hiya ladies,

Ellen - thank you for the ecard - so sweet of you!

Susan - step away from the ding dongs, lol. Thank you so much for your kind words about me. So Rachel wants to be an actress, huh? Maybe she'll get to be a big star and we can say we knew her when!

Kaycee - good to hear from you! Glad homeschooling is going good for your son. Sounds like the way to go compared to what he was putting up with at school.

Angie - aww, the tea party sounds like so much fun! Hope you do post pictures.

Cristi - did you and V have a good dinner? What'd you take?

Julie - maybe you could try the Wendy plan to shake up your metabolism. If you don't know what that is, it's where you vary your caloric intake from low to high to medium to fool your body. Seems to work for lots of people.

Pam - hope you get back on track today.

Jenn- 1st birthday parties are so fun!! Hope you're feeling better today.

Marti - having fun with Jhanai is what's it's all about! She'll be grown before you know it.

The $&%^# dogs woke me up. They were barking outside the bedroom window, at a coyote. Once I got up to let them in, I was wide awake. We usually block the doggy door at night, but forgot.

I fixed an Italian dinner for Valentine's Day, and after the celebration, Katie and I made a quick trip to Evansville to get her prom dress. It's exactly what she was looking for - hot pink. It fits her like it was made for her.


02-15-2005, 11:39 AM
:coffee2: Good morning girls, Wow, what a differance a day makes. Tummy still grumping but I don't care. DS called . He's had enough and is coming home in a couple days. Dad won't lift a finger to help himself and my son has no sympathy left. He found out for himself what it's like living with his Dad and he's done. :lol: Can't help feeling a little smug. I'm a happy camper! :D

Jane Thanks for the card. It's the first one I've gotten in years. I don't have anyons smail mail to send one and thats got to be rectified. So EVERYONE, PM ME your address so I can join this club.

Angie, pictures,lots of pictures.

I've been adopted as a Grandma. My DS's long time girl friend has the sweetest little neice named Sandra who's in second grade. She asked me if she could called me Grandma. I said absolutly and I'd love to be her Grandma. Her real Grandparents live in Gudahlahara and she's never seen them . She's such a sweet child.


da fat n da furious
02-15-2005, 12:29 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

just a quick note this morning, typing on the run.... I should just take all your emails to work with me, then I can email with you,,,easier. Never have time to come on here seems.

Monte bought me some perfume called Touch of Pink, very pretty floral scent. I bought him a couple of cds and his favorite jujube candies. I have to say I don't like Tuesdays, Tanner's band class is killing But one thing thats great, I come home and get alot of housework done. Then go to work and almost fall asleep...
Jane, I was worried that Brandon is crazy enough to want a powder blue with ruffles tux, but he said he wants traditional,,,Whewwww asked if he wants to go shopping, and hes like, nah I have it already picked out. Wonder what color hes going with, tie and cumberbun that is. Did I mention he got his hair cut,,,short short? People are doing double takes, and his lil gang of friends almost cried. Geesh hair grows.
Anyways better get myself off to work...

02-15-2005, 12:38 PM
A very good morning to you ladies~

Susan~interesting project. I was never good at that kind of stuff but tried. Usually the kids dad helped, or should I say did it. Of course he wasn't the only father in the class to take over the kids projects! :lol:

Pam~well, it didn't take DS to see how his dad is did it? I can only imagine how tired of it he is by now. You can't help someone who is not willing to help themselves, sad but true. How sweet, being an adopted grandma. I have a niece named Sandra, called Sandy after my brother-she's a cutie too! My address was on the card I sent to you Pam, did you get it off the card? If not I will PM it too you.

Jane~living in the country I was always afraid of ernie having a run in with a skunk, think coyotes were second on the list. Of course he also liked barking at the cows and I just knew one was going to stomp on him. They just looked at him like he was crazy though. Hope you share a photo of Katie in her dress-bet it is purdy.

Marti~glad you enjoyed your Jhanai time and hope you had a nice Valentine's day with James.

Jenn~hope you are feeling better today.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Dinner wasn't anything special, just an opportunity to spend time with the hubby. He is always working it seems. But we have Thursday planned for date night. We haven't been doing that like we should. Think we will go to a movie since we did dinner last Friday. For a while we had date night once a week but since moving into the new house not so often. This was supposed to be a quickie as I need to go jump in the shower to start the day. Really should do that first thing when I wake up-just seems like such a chore to me! :lol: Anywhooo.....

Take care ladies and have a great day! In the words (& voice) of Ahnold "I'll be back" :wave:

Edited: to say Hi to MS. Angie :wave: we were typing at the same time. I too feel I am typing on the run. You need to share a pic of Brandon with us girly-he is going to be stunning in a tux!

02-15-2005, 01:00 PM
Hi All,

Nothing much new going on here!!! Same old stuff I guess, just a different day. DBF had school last night, so I spent a boring Valentines Night alone!!!
Oh well, what can I say???

CRISTI: I pm'd Jennifer about possibly being a moderator for the group with Jane leaving, she said they were thinking of offering you the position again.
They werent sure if you;d want to do it or not though I guess.....

JANE: Glad to see you checking in regularly with us......

Hello to Pam, Jenn, Marti, Angie, Diane, Doreen, Ellen, Katy and anyone else I left out.....

02-15-2005, 04:08 PM
Cristi - Just wanted to thank you for the card! It was sweet!

02-15-2005, 04:30 PM
Hi Ladies~

Julie~I think a lot of guys are just not into Valentine's or other holidays like some. DH came home from work last night at 10 pm and said the guy he was working with was going to the store to get a card for his wife. Of course my brothers and dad never were into any holiday, just they way they are. Yes, Suzanne asked me if I would like to be moderator and after giving it some thought I accepted-I hope that's okay with everyone. Of course I will probably need to go to Jane for a little help. Do you hear that Ms. Jane? :) When I helped her a while back I really didn't do anything but was like a stand in for Jane when she was gone. I need to learn my way around everything for sure now.

Jenn~you are welcome! Glad it didn't take too long to get there.

Well, just got back afew minutes ago and need to get some laundry done. So I will see you ladies later. :wave:

02-15-2005, 04:31 PM
DO NOT POST HERE!!!! Head on over to Chit Chat #113 See ya there