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02-11-2005, 08:51 AM
Good Morning :)


I'm so glad its the weekend, well almost the weekend. Whatcha got planned?

02-11-2005, 09:28 AM
Leenie: Hope you and you family are feeling better!!

Well, still OP and going strong. We'll see if it lasts for Valentine's day. lol. Youngest DD is home today sick. But SHE I know is sick because she's coughing and has a slight temp. If it doesn't go any higher I'll be happy. DH is swigging the Airborne because he doesn't want to get sick (people go to work sick where he's at). He's also bringing the hand sanitizer I brought. That'll be gone today. lol. Nothing planned this weekend. Not with the girl(s) sick anyway. Hope you all have a great day and that all the people that aren't feeling well get better soon!

02-11-2005, 10:44 AM
Brenda~ hope the airborne works for dh and he doesnt get sick.

Leenie~ I hope everyone is feeling better real soon!!

So far, Im doing a bit better today. I was extremely cranky yesterday...all day! Dh (smartass that he is) told me last night that it usually only lasts a day, and I'll be fine tomorrow. But he was glad to go into work today anyway! :lol: Brat! Of course he was right, Im fine today :dizzy: the sun is shining, so I'll get my walk in, and my weight workout before I go.

Dh and I went shopping yesterday, and I tossed out several hints on some clothing that we seen at christopher and banks. Did he take the bait? Who knows!! Sometimes he can be a little thick! But I did pick up a new workout dvd for pilates on the ball. I love working on the ball, it actually feels soothing and my muscles are sore the next day. So its all good! Picked up a few groceries, but forgot the half and half again.

Since Im feeling a bit more normal today, I should pull out the vacuum and get some things done around here. I never do any of this when dh is home...we are always out gallavanting around.

Have a great day everyone!
Robin :wave:

Mrs H
02-11-2005, 12:07 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Leenie: Hope you all are feeling better soon! What's shakin with you this weekend? How's it going with the new boss?

Brenda; Hope your DD feels better soon! Hopefully the rest of the house doesn't get it! You are doing such a great job of staying OP! Hope that your WI tomorrow is great! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin: Glad that you are feeling better today! Hopefully your Dh will pick up the hints that you dropped on the clothes! Sounds like you have a busy day planned! Enjoy your day and weekend!

Well, It's almost time for me to get back on the Atkins wagon! I will officially be restarting on Tuesday, Feb 15. Our anniversary is tomorrow and then Valentine's day, so decided to wait until after all that to start! We're heading to the beach this evening for our anniversary! Planning on going to the new mall that they have opened tomorrow to spend most of the day. They have a new huge Bass Pro Shop there, so I know DH will be shopping away! Everything is going great here. Emma-Grace is growing like a weed. All she does is eat. She's eating over 4 ounces every 3 hours now! I want to start some cereal in her bottle at night where she will sleep longer, but the Dr. says that they don't recommend that until 3 months now! Well, that's about it for now...time to get busy and make more bottles :lol: Plus need to get laundry done and my kitchen and living room cleaned today. I hate leaving the house in a mess when we go off for the weekend. Just makes it better to come home to a clean house! Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. I'll try to check in a little later today! I have missed all of you great ladies!

Mrs H
02-11-2005, 12:36 PM
I just read the posts from yesterday, and thought I'd comment on the Valentine's Day thingy!

Me and DH got married on Feb. 12. We really didn't plan it because of Valentine's day or anything it just worked out that way! We were supposed to be married on April 22 with a big church wedding. My mom was making my dress and planning the wedding with me and she passed away suddenly. I decided that I didn't want to get married in a church in that dress without her there, so we decided just to go the the Chapel at Myrtle Beach, SC and get married. We picked a date 2 weeks away and it just happened to be near Valentine's day! (OK I know I am rambling) Well, since our anniversary is near Valentine's day, we usually just do one celebration for both things. We have always gone back to the beach and we usually stay in the same motel that we spent our "honey-moon" in. (Stayed for 2 nights before we got married, got married on Sat and came home on Sunday) We had our real honeymoon a few months later, as all of both of our families were with us at the beach! Since we bought a place at the beach 2 years ago, we just go there. DH used to have me flowers delivered to work on Valentine's day. I have told him to stop that the last couple of years because I think it's just crazy for him to spend over $100 for flowers. (plus this year he sent me a dozen roses when I was in the hospital having the baby) They really hike up the prices here just for that day! We usually go out to dinner to a really nice restaurant. We usually go somewhere for steak and lobster! The thing I like best about it though, is the card that DH gets me. He always takes lots of time to pick out the sweetest card! It always makes me cry! Well, sorry for rambling on and on. (Can you tell I am bored....never have any adult conversation at home during the day) Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

02-11-2005, 01:18 PM
Hello ladies!!!

Playing hooky from work today and finally got my Behind to the GYM!!! Yippee I felt so good! I can't even tell you, I decided to re-work some of my goals and I am going to look into maybe seeing someone for my emotional eating, I think it is time.

Lisa- once they hit about 10 pounds they start sleeping longer, so just keep feeding her, if she is eating 4 ounces already she is about to have a growth spurt. I did the cereal in the bottle at about 2 months, earlier it can stop them up or give them gas which is ****!!!

B- Hope DD is feeling better soon!!!

Hi Leenie!!!

Robin- I get cranky like that too, DH just tries to stay AWAY from me!! ahahahaha

Have a great weekend gals!!

Love Tg

02-11-2005, 01:54 PM
Finally Friday! Woot!

Leen- that is a LONG time for you all to have fevers! I'm glad they are finally going down- the flu is just miserable

Brenda-Poor little girl- I hope she's feeling better soon....

Robin- Does that ball workout produce good results? I want to add something and my Mom swears by the ball...should I get one ya think?

Lisa- I started putting ceral into bottles at one month- Because my grandma told me they used to do that when her kids were babies....and all the girls started eating mash potatoes ( soupy) at 2 months...they slept like lambs....

Tg- I'll be interested to learn what they say about your emotional eating because I do that too- good luck

Well, remember, "it never rains in California"?....they lied. it's pouring there go the plans for working on the front patio...Im hoping to get some house cleaning in but what usually happens is I spend the day with DH in bed watching movies and eating *sigh*

I've got a question ladies.....anyone know a good way to urine out of carpets? Our siamese started tinking in front of our fireplace on the brand new carpet ( she now lives outdoors) I got one of those steam cleaners and some enzymatic odor eating stuff and when it was wet it smelled fine but now that it's dry the smell is coming back...Im gonna skin that cat alive....

02-11-2005, 02:52 PM
Marie~ I dont know about results yet, but I really like doing the exercises on the ball. I think its because my back isnt against the floor. The exercises seem easy, and you dont think your getting much out of it at first. Until the next day!!!!! I had obviously worked muscles that hadnt been worked in oohh I dont know......forever!?!?!?! Ive had my ball for a couple months, but I always had dvd's from netflix that I had to return eventually. This is my first dvd of my own. What do I think?? Go for it, its inexpensive, the dvds are fairly priced, and if you like it, you can expand to the harder pilate stuff.

02-11-2005, 03:44 PM
Robin: Don't ya just love it when they come out with the "you'll get over this" bit? Makes ya wanna hit them that much more. After all....THEY don't put up with half of what we do! Hope he caught the hints!!

Lisa: I never listened to the docs. My oldest daughter was drinking 8 oz of formula every 2 hours when she was a couple weeks old. After a month of that (and of course, little sleep), I listened to my mom and gave her rice cereal. My mom said she's never seen a baby take to eating that well. I never watered it down for a bottle. Just spoon fed. I never had messy babies so never had to wipe the "drip" from them spitting anything out. Oldest used to SCREAM because I never fed her fast enough. So just do what you feel in your heart is best for your baby. If milk doesn't seem to be holding her satisfied....use formula w/some rice cereal. It'll do wonders :)

TG: Hard to make the decision to talk to someone about your eating isn't it? Hope you find someone you can really open up to. I've got an ear if you need a part-time listener until you get set up. I'm there for ya babe!!!!

Marie: I'm sorry I can't help. I've never had to (yet) get cat p*ss out of carpet. IF that ever happens the cats have to be gone because that was the agreement w/DH when we got them. I'll ask around to another of my friends who has tons of cats and see what she says & let you know.

Well, looks like DH will be back on 1st shift next week. YEAH!!! That is, unless the higher-ups change their minds. But the guys on 3rd shift are getting po'd cuz they were told 2-3 weeks and it's been longer (which is ALWAYS the case so why are they surprised??). DH asked me what I wanted for valentines day....I really don't know. I'm not a roses type girl. I prefer carnations. I LOVE jewelry but he won't be able to get my ring size by Valentines Day and I mean come much love can he put into it if he's going at the LAST MINUTE to shop? I want something that'll MEAN something. Know what I mean? On the upside.....I'm still OP! lol. Not sure what to make for supper though.

02-11-2005, 05:26 PM
Hi everyone. Remember me?

Brenda I'm so happy you're still OP! I wish I were, but I blew it Wednesday night and had pizza AND cookies. I thought I had gotten away from emotional eating, but I guess not; I got some bad news and promptly became a bad girl! Luckily, though, it didn't seem to be enough to kick the cravings back into gear, so I was back on track the next day.

Still not happy about it, though. I was really hoping I'd kicked that whole "comfort food" thing.

02-11-2005, 05:54 PM
No Brenda they dont!!! He was telling me its not pms because its too early, and I proceeded to natter at him about MY body, and what I know to be going on in it! Then I got going on giving birth, and having my hips ripped apart (I was really on a roll) when I was done, he had the nerve to just laugh at me, so he got my icy cold feet on his behind and legs :D For some reason he seems to think Im funny and cute when I get like that....just pisses ya off more!!

Im curious......who has men that shop early? I dont even know if mine has thought about it yet. I know he wont forget (he better not) because Ive mentioned valentines day and monday enough times. I hope all dh's out there treat all us ladies as if we were the true princess' we believe we are :)

Tali~ one day at a time. Emotional eating is a tough one. Try thinking....eating these cookies are not going to make my problems go away. My personal fav, "Eating this box of hoho's will not make my exhusband less of an a**, so stop eating them" :D

TG~ good for you! I hope you can share some of the wisdom with us, when the time is right.

02-11-2005, 07:00 PM
Hey Tali!...

Good for you to get right back on track!...I stopped atkins and moved on to Scarsdale and that seems to be working for me, but these lovely ladies let me stick around to whine and complain to them......glad to see you back!

Robin- My DH is the same's almost like he baits me to smack him! and then he laughs at me!....I want to be so mad at him but he's got the cutest face when he smiles that I just can't be ( I can however pinch the begezzus out of the soft underside of his arm....hehe)

02-11-2005, 09:42 PM
Thats what it is Marie.....they bait us!! Good thing they're cute!!!!

02-11-2005, 10:50 PM
Cuteness is the only reason men and children survive at all, I think. :)

02-12-2005, 12:03 AM
Tali: One of my weaknesses is emotional eating. I can't even put a finger on what triggers it. But great going on jumping right back on. That's always the hardest step!

Robin: I must be a lot more mean than you are...because when I get in THAT mood...DH AND the girls make sure they don't even LOOK at me. I think DH has learned that in order for his survival he needs to stay away when I'm like that. lol. And cute or not....he gets it twice as bad when I've got PMS. That's why I call mine PBS...permanent b*tch syndrome. :lol: And my Dh wouldnt' shop early unless I had a cattle prod stuck to his.... shoot, he's still waiting for me to tell him what to by me!

Marie: Ah...young love. I remember that phase. :lol: Enjoy :)

A little afraid of WI tomorrow. Not that I've eaten anything I shouldn't. But what if the scale hasn't gone down. Not sure I can keep myself pumped with the "at least I feel good" speech for long if it hasn't. Well, maybe if I drink a couple glasses of water before bed it'll flush more out and make it a good WI. :lol: