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02-10-2005, 09:14 AM
Well, my plans to go bowling after work are squashed. Oldest DD is "sick". She keeps complaining she's cold..but nothing else. So I'm thinking she's faking. She's been cold for days--but no cough, headache, sore throat or any of the other cold/flu symptoms going around. Oh well, she's the one that has to make up her homework! I made the mistake of looking at jewelry stores on the internet. Found this GORGEOUS ring I'd LOVE to have. But of course not in the price range we can afford. Printed it out so I can keep drooling over it and told DH about it. He wants to know what I want for Valentines Day. Told him if we could afford it, that ring, but seeing how we can't I don't know what I want. Told him I don't want to have to keep telling him what I want anyway. Where's the sentiment in that, right?
So do you all get/give stuff and do you know what you're getting or are you always surprised?

02-10-2005, 10:30 AM
Good morning all! :coffee: I hope everyone is feeling well today.

I'm feeling good and rested. Strange since I only slept 3 1/2 hours. :chin:

Hi Brenda, Aw, I'm sorry your daughter's not feeling well and also you have to miss your bowling. Oh your dream ring sounds like a nice one. That will be nice for you to get some time.

Good question for today. One thing I'm going to say is no candy please. I'll try to get those words to pass my lips, If not, it's not my fault. :lol: :chockiss: We always cook a romantic dinner for Valentines Day. Usually it's been lobsters with butter. :cofdate: We put the small table next to the aquarium, set a nice table with good dishes, table cloth, candles, etc. It's our private seafood restraunt and the drive there is short. :lol: Other than that, I'll hint for a short slip type nightie and matching robe. I have to think of something to get DH too. Since we bought our 03 travel trailer, that's still my "diamond ring" for years to come and all holidays. :lol:

02-10-2005, 10:39 AM
Leenie, I hope you and DD feel better soon :halfempty:and especially that your fevers are gone. :hot:


02-10-2005, 11:23 AM
Good morning ladiies,
I don't know why my weeks have become so busy lately they just have, it is yucky!! My eating was yucky yesterday too, but today I am back on track. Will stop by to do personals later.

Have a great LC day!!!!

Love TG

Sugar Cube
02-10-2005, 12:13 PM
Did pretty good on chinese new year, though I did have two egg rolls, I counted the carbs and was under 50 for the day, but over what I need to do to actually lose weight.

BRENDA - What is up with DD?? As for gifts from DH, well hate to tell you, he is always surprising me, I do put up pictures of things I might like all year long on the fridge, and he does get some clues from that, but he is great about coming up with ideas on his own and is a great one for stopping off for flowers on the way home and sending them for events. I won't bore you with details, he is just so romantic. I don't get candy, not much of a sweet person.

Speaking of DH, he is so into gym right now and really working out.

SONNET - Eating lobster next to the fish tank!!! Does it make the fish nervous.

The snow never came, it stayed rain, though I slept through the alarm and so didn't go to the gym nor did I do my DVD. In fact three people in the office told me I looked tired. Maybe I just need to rest up a little and will try to get to bed earlier the next couple of nights.

Off to grocery shop this evening, more Atkins-wise goodies for us.

02-10-2005, 12:22 PM
Morning :coffee:

I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning. :( It hasnt moved. So I guess thats better than a move upwards. I know Im holding water, I can feel it in my boobs, and I can see it in my hands. My system is all out of wack, it actually feels like pms, which isnt due for another 3 weeks!! So I went into the kitchen, pondered the blueberry muffins I made for dh last night, and ended up eating 2 cheese strings. Then I came up here, and read alot in the maintainers forum and Im feeling better now. Man, its hard sometimes to get out of a funk you put yourself in!

Dh and I have been married only a few months, but have been living in sin :o for almost 4 yrs......our 1st valentines day he out did himself...took me to the grand canyon and gave me a beautiful locket. Its been flowers since! :lol: This year I told him I want chocolate, but no more than what the 2 of can consume that day. I dont want any left overs. I usually attach white lindt truffle balls to valentines and hide them around the house for dh to find, then I make a nice dinner, because I dont like the crowds in restaurants on these holidays. How about everyone else, what have you got planned?

Robin :wave:

02-10-2005, 12:43 PM
Brenda: I love looking at and dreaming about jewelry. Hope you get your dream ring sometime!

Sonnet: Your Valentine's Day sounds so romantic. Have fun!

TG: Hope you have a fabulous day!

Sugar Cube: Catch up on some sleep.

Robin: I know about those "funks." I get in them pretty often myself. We've just got to keep going, though. No loss is much better than a gain.

Well, eating and exercising is still going great. I have my personal training appointment today at 1 p.m., so I'm looking forward to that and learning how to use weights.

For Valentine's Day, I get to keep score at DH's softball game. :p DH said we would go out on Sunday to celebrate. It gets so crowded in restaurants on Valentine's Day anyway, so maybe we'll be able to avoid the crowds by going out on Sunday. We never really do anything special on Valentine's Day. DH isn't into the commercialism of it. Our first as a married couple was really special, but that was five years ago! So much for that! Oh, well.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Take care,

Sugar Cube
02-10-2005, 01:01 PM
Going to a restaurant on Valentine's Day is like going on Mothr's Day, too crowded and too rushed. For us, school nights are becoming a more controlling factor. DD and I will head home a little early, decorate the house and make dinner. I am thinking some good steaks and brocoli and some rice for DD and DH.

No candy though. DD's present just came in the mail, I got her an American Girl purse. She loves the stuff and takes really good care of it so I don't mind spending the money on the stuff. She buys things from her own allowance as well.

Had the most aggrevating training session this morning. My supervisor was telling me what my questions were. :mad: :mad: I had better stay in my office and chill for a while. That man can put me in a mood faster than any hormones. May have to grab my knitting and hit the coffee house for a half hour of "consultation" time. :lol:

02-10-2005, 01:19 PM
Liza, Heehee, Although none of the fish have ever stressed or complained, we really say we're sorry to them while eating the lobster and promise they won't be there on the plate. :lol: ;) Oh, sorry about that training session; that sounds grueling . Happy knitting!

Hi TG, I hope you have a better day today. I know you will! I do it with you! :cb:

Robin, I love it when me and others here make a good choice over carb foods. Congratulations! :) Wow! The Grand Canyon! What a great gift! And your truffle balls idea is wonderful, only I'm afraid mine may be "lint" ball if I did that right now. :D (kidding)

Jina, Thanks, it will be fun. :) That will be some fun romantic score you'll be keeping then and then get to do something Sunday. :D Congrats on your exercise and good WOE. Oh, sorry about that training session; that sounds grueling and I wouldn't handle that very good right now. LOL

02-10-2005, 01:55 PM
Heyo girls!

Brenda-Kids can get into the habit of being "sick" my class it really hurts them since a lot of my grading is done visually....and I know in other classes participation is a bit of the grade.....If our DD cries "sickness" we don't question her....but shes got to stay in bed all day with no TV....that usually makes her well again real quick

Sonnet- Lobster...yummmmmmm

tg- Is it a "run rabbit run" day? :lol:

Sugar- Boy I say that every morning "Tonight! I sleep!" never seems to work that way

Robin- When the scale doesnt move, I always try and think of it as a build up towards a whoosh....

Jina- boy you are crankin out the fitness these days! on fire girl!

I usually let the DH know if I want something ( or something special) He's really good about the flowers (even hunting down roses sent in a box with tissue like in the 40's....I loved that) and usually I ask for a weekend trip- something we can enjoy together....

Everyone have a great day!

02-10-2005, 02:10 PM

Have a second to stop by......doing great this week. So proud of myself. I have been good all week...and the weight is sliding off. :lol: If I can keep this up I just may be in shape for summer!

DH and I are going out to eat at a really nice place on Saturday with 2 other couples...not really for Valentines day just to get together. On Monday I have a meeting and I don't know if I will go...not like we celebrate that much anyway. I would love to make a nice dinner though. He may or may not get me flowers...never know....but he has taken up giving me a small heart shaped box of candy every year. I asked him not to but he does it becuase that is something my dad used to do for me EVERY year and now that he is gone he thought it was nice to keep the tradition going. I actually told him I didn't want him to do that because it was my dad's thing but he said my dad would want him to. :( Oh well.......
I am making him a Milky Way Bouquet! You should see it. I taped snack size Milky Ways to long lollipop sticks then took some red and silver foil paper and bunched it up and taped it to the top of some of the lollipop sticks. Then I arrange them in a pot filled with foam. It is sooooo cool. I got the idea from one that someone recieved from a customer in appreciation. (Milky Ways are his favorite by the way) Can't wait to see what he thinks.

Marie: Art class was always my favorite.....I was accepted at art school but never went....what a maroon I was. It must be hard to teach that though. How is your oldest daughter by the way...wasn't she coming to live with you again?

Sonnet: :lol3: Eating lobster by the fish tank! I love it! :lol3:

Sugar: Aren't you glad we didn't get that snow! I am.

Jina: I suppose keeping score at the game naked is out of the question? Now wouldn't that be romantic?

Robin: I'm sorry you didn't see the results you wanted on the scale. Don't give up. Good for you passing up that blueberry muffin!

TG: :wave: Have a wonderful day. You can do it!

Brenda: Sorry about DD. I like Marie's idea...make her stay in bed and see how fast she gets better :lol:

Well back to work for me. Catch you all later.

02-10-2005, 03:49 PM
Sonnet: That romantic dinner sounds SO good right now. I like going out to eat because it's ONE meal I don't have to cook for myself...but I dislike the hussle and bustle of my favorite restaurant. We always seem to go when it's super busy. Figures. lol. Enjoy your dinner :)

TG: Way to jump back on the wagon! That's half the battle! Try to take at least a little time to relax on your busy days!!

Liza: Congrats on having a romantic DH! They're hard to come by! Try to get more rest or you'll catch that cold/flu bug!

Robin: Don't worry about the scale. You're bound for a whoosh one of these days. Great job in passing up the muffins. I can't leave ANYTHING laying around otherwise either the dog or cats would gobble them up. For Easter I have to put the kids candy in containers of some type. Usually I get decorated eggs or something for thier candy.

Jina: have fun keeping score. I don't like the cards and such. I could do w/out flowers or even a gift if DH would just take me in his arms and say "honey, I love you" out of the blue. It's the ROMANCE I want! :lol: Where's cupid when I need him? :lol: Have fun with your weight instructions!

Marie: The DD spent the day in bed w/out tv. She's up for a little bit now so I can get some fluids into her and maybe a little bit of food. Then it's back to bed for her. I used to let them stay on the couch and watch tv...but not anymore :lol: The arrangement for flowers sounds SO adorable! That's sweet!

Jane: Well look at you! SUPER job with staying OP! No reason that you can't keep this up. You just hit a low funk before and you're back to yourself :) Great going! That milky way bouquet sounds great. Ya know, I asked DH what he wanted and he said Russell Stouffer candy. Wonder how that would hang on a tree :lol:

Well, I'm kind of in awe. See, I went to the store for simple cold/flu meds. I came out of the store $60 lighter in the pocket book. Yes, that was ALL from cold/flu stuff!!! But ya know, some of it was sterilizing hand stuff. AND I found AIRBORNE!!! So of course snatched 3 boxes of that up. The cold/flu is going around like CRAZY in this town. And at all the schools. Going to send a pocket sized hand sanitizer to school with each daughter! Not sure if they'll use it, but I'll have done my job. Took a gander at the rings there and liked a few..but they didn't jump at me and say "buy me." Actually, 1 did, but it's too much like DH's SIL's ring. I do NOT want to look like a copy-cat. I want something original if I'm getting one. Maybe I should just come out and tell DH I want a ring instead of seeing if he caught the hint?? :lol:

02-10-2005, 07:03 PM
Jane- Art is hard to teach kids because it's so abstract in some of it's concepts and kids don't have enough life experience to grasp those .....and they want me to do it for them, not understanding that practice is the only way to learn...but adults are more self critical

Thanks for asking about oldest DD- she did come home for awhile but then she and her boy friend of 6 years got an apartment....she seems happy...that is when I see her, which is usually when she and he are hungry-hee

02-10-2005, 10:33 PM
Happy Thursday :)

Sonny, thanks for the well wishes, DD's fever has been 103 to 104 since Sunday but finally tonight it went down to 99.8, mine has been between 101 and 102 and tonight its down to 100+ My body hurt so bad yesterday I couldn't stand myself. Dang flu!!

Brenda, if you DD says she's not well, watch out. This bug is just aweful.

TGIF Tomorrow YAHOOO!!! Can't wait to rest this weekend.

I'll try to do personals tomorrow and catch up, boss man (sargent) won't be in :s: