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02-10-2005, 12:12 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us. :)

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 12:33 AM
oop's was you talking to me Jane what do I know I'm Canadian :lol: Sorry didn't even think about the comment as a political veiw. I was just being nice,:lol:I won't ever do that again :lol: or make a political comment :lol:
Ah Susan isn't the balls always in their court,:lol: I think your a smart girl. I was wondering has anyone seen that pig move yet. :lol:

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 12:57 AM
:queen:ODE TO ANGIE :queen:

Oh Angie Angie
Where are you
Without you here
I sure feel blue :(
I know you have
No time its true
But what am I
Supposed to do
I think of all
Your spiffy clothes
It gets me through
Rough times you knows :lol:
I see you there
In all your glory
Directing yet
Another story :encore:
I think of you ,
And I shed a tear :bb:
I Miss you Angie
When your not here. :cry:

THE END :lol:

02-10-2005, 01:27 AM
I am not sure if the pig moved but he winked at me.

Your ode to Angie made me cry, very sweet. Makes me almost want to stay away from posting so you can do an ode for me......

Rocky is reading Oregon fishing sites *roll eyes*.....can't believe my future lies with a fish and a 10 year old boy.

edited: :)

anywho.......going to pick up the Gabster.

night :)

02-10-2005, 01:31 AM
Hi Everyone,

Oh no no no you did it again! I just got thru reading everyones post which by the way took me awhile and Jane goes and flips the page. Now I can't remember what everyone said. As your matriarch do I not deserve a little consideration and respect? grin..............I will get the hang of this soon maybe.

Jane~ I live on the Gulf side about 5 miles from the water. You may have heard of the city called Sarasota. It's rich, it's cultural, it's pretty and it's boring. I WANT SNOWBANKS, MOUNTAINS AND Trees that look barren until Springtime. The snow never bothered me nor did the rain and heaven only knows we had plenty in Syracuse, N.Y.

TeaRose~ Bill was/is a good lookin and smart dude but a little weak on the marriage vow side although I thinkthe wife new just what she was getting. Some people are in a different place than us normal (did I say that?) folks. There goals are what come first. Of course my first husband had similar goals as Billy. LOL Come to think of it so did my second. Wonder if there's something defective about me.

As for everyone else my deepest regrets that I am so computer illiterate and Jane changes the thread when it's my turn to write. But we love her anyway. As I read I remember thinking Life is a Soap Opera for sure. I'll do better tomorrow. Loves to all my sisters and have a great weightwatching day. Diane

da fat n da furious
02-10-2005, 01:34 AM
OMG I got my poem!!!! Thank you Ellen...big hugs!

Sorry I was MIA, other then not having any chance to use the computer since Brandon and I are on the same work/school hours. Hes being a hog. And well Tanner has been banned for one month and one week. The one week was added by Monte cause Tanner bucked the month,,,
Have been doing alot of beading, head dresses and such for my faeries. And I have a huge hat to finish making for the tea party on Sunday. Pasqualina called me last night and asked if I was be her hosted since I know mostly everyone and can talk to everyone...I was touched. Anyways I am wearing a long long to the floor dark blue dress with tiny white flowers, white shows, gloves purse and huge straw bonnet with white flowers, netting and blue flowers mixed in, oh ya one huge buterfly and if I can find an ostridge feather to fit in Ill add that.
Not really have been doing much else then that, watching some tv, but mostly reruns.
Anyways Im so far behind in reading the posts that I decided to come in here post and then go back, did see some new blood in here....
WELCOME to all. Diane, Jenn, and sorry I can't remember your name, the person with the cool aviator of the big dog.
Anyways gonna get back to some more reading then off to bed,,,
night ladies,
peace out

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 02:18 AM
Ahh Susan
I will write you an Ode to, don't you dare disappear though or I won't,:lol: I don't know whats wrong with me today,they just keep coming :lol: maybe I inhaled to much paint, No that wasn't and endorsement for paint sniffing,:lol: I get into more trouble without even knowing that I'm doing anything wrong. I'm not sure about the Balls guideline but I'm sure its not political, :chin: :lol: or abortion related :chin: :lol: oh maybe your right :rofl: nevermind. you know I don't think I like the way that pig keeps looking at me, its like he's trying to get some point across or something:lol: I can't imagine what that might be.:lol: I am so excited about the visit, ding dongs, teeter totters,I gonna bust with excitement , except for the part about who weighs the most,but if its for a good cause the ding dong cause I'm all for it :lol: You weren't calling me a ding dong were you :lol:

Hi Diane ~
I know Jane keeps doing that dosen't she, :lol: but don't tell her I said that .I have a feeling she's an angel or something the way she knows everything we do and say here, did you see I got in trouble, thats what you get for being nice :lol:I liked that Billy boy to. and he is one smart dude, I agree. I also think that they had some sort of marital arrangement, although I still think it must have been humiliating for Hillary and Chelsea, the way it was handled and exploited. Did your Husbands run for President to :lol: Nope nothing wrong with you Diane, they made their own decisions, Don't worry Diane ,your doing great, I sat here all day clicking Post Quick Reply but my post wouldn't post,:lol: I thought it was Jane to, but she denies any involvement, so I must take her at her word, cause she's the boss.:lol: Its nice to have you here Diane, your a nice addition to the hen house, and from time to time we all lay a few eggs :lol: I'm not sure what that means but it sounded good at the time.

Hi Angie
I'm glad you liked your poem,and glad to see you here.your outfit sounds amazing, I will keep a visual in my mind and heart should you leave me again,:lol: Do I need to have a talk with them boys ,:lol: I'm not sure I should send them Hugs or not, How is Brandon doing now, has everything healed well , is he still doing physio,? I will be taking more pictures of Milo and Maddie to post , so you can see how your baby is growing, he's so sweet, and so is Maddie. I just want to squeeze them all the time.
Well girls I think I have used a large portion of my small brain today , and I think its time to check on the wee ones, and go to bed, hopefully I won't have any more surprizes from Milo or Maddie tonight, Night All.:wave:
I'm really not sure about that pig , are you sure he winked at you Susan ;)

A quick Hi to Marti:wave:
I know you will be here some time after I have gone to bed,and I never want to forget you again.:lol:

02-10-2005, 09:43 AM
Good morning all...
I can't keep up! But I so enjoy reading ecryone's posts....

Susan- remember third time's the charm...did you get my message on Monday? Ellen asked several days ago how we knew each other when we ran into each other at the park this summer...I didn't have the heart to tell her about the Jaded Lady tattoos we are required to have on our foreheads so that we always recognize each other in public places....hehehe...Jane makes us do it! You are handling everything so well....Mike..Rocky... all of it ...It will all work out.....know it doesn't seem like it on some days

Ellen - JK - we had exchanged pictures at some point..also at that point in time Susan and I had kids at the same elementary we were getting acquainted....I figured it was a matter of time before we bumped into each other ....and sure enough! Course haven't seen her since...but working on that one! Love your poetry - you are so creative...want to see pic of the new paint job when you get it done....loved the Christmas photos

Jane - I went to on there...I'll try to check in tonight, but I have a meeting at the elementary school, so I may not have much time. Ireland sounds grandma is a very proud Irish-American..she's been to Ireland many times..have a picture of her kissing the Blarney stone....Someday I will go, too, as it is the home of my ancestors. Her childhood (and more likely her father's) are right out of Angela's Ashes.

Cristi- thanks for the sweet card...I'm afraid Susan and I are in the same club...I'm not gettng cards out..just not enough time..but I sure appreciate your thoughtfulness. I really liked how your green living room turned out. I like seeing the pictures of what everyone is doing. I am holding off on all non-essential home improvment as we are saving all our $$ for the expansion this summer. It's hard, because I would really like to paint my walls...but I can wait.

Hi to everyone else....I'm out of time for now...

02-10-2005, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies,

Ellen - if you were here, I'd give you a hug, lol. Any notice I post from the admins are for everyone, not just you. Unless you have a guilty conscience, lol!! Loved your poem to Angie - you have a talent for writing poetry.

Susan - so, the pig's winking at you now, huh? I'm getting worried and plan to tell Rocky about this, lol.

Diane - when the thread changes, you can do what I do and take notes on who said what on the last thread if you want to. Sarasota? I've visited the area only online, but it's gorgeous. We're planning to stay in the Panama City area, in a condo, right on the gulf. Can't wait!!

Angie - I see you've been busy, as usual. Your dress sounds beautiful! Katie is also grounded from the computer until she does something about the landfill she calls her room. It's the most disgusting sight you've ever seen! I told her in the past she can live in filth if she chooses, but to not have dishes or food in there. I wondered where all my glasses were, and - you guessed it - saw 5 of them from the doorway!! She lives like a pig. Hmm... Suan and Ellen were talking about pigs, you mentioned a hog, and now me! I'm thinking we all need a pork chop, lol!

Katy - I've got pictures of Blarney Castle and of a woman bent backwards to kiss the stone. Sure looks interesting. My friend that I'm going with is part Irish, as am I. About your home expansion. What changes will you make?

I'm going shopping with Miss Madison today, so I'm looking forward to that. Hope you have a good day!

02-10-2005, 11:07 AM
And the top of the mornin to everyone,

You all don't mind if I jump in here before Jane does that thing to me again. Thanks!

Susan~ A fish and a 10 year old sound wonderful to me. People told me that those would be the "Best of Times" and I'd say they were wacko but they knew more than I did. I remember when my boys were 6 and 8. We were at camp and I had gone out the night before. Not being a drinker 3 vodka and orange drinks did their job. Had promised to takethe kids fishing the next morn and would have given my next born at 6 am for them to disappear. BUTTT I got up and we caught 25 sunfish 2 inches long a piece which I cleaned , scaled and cooked for their breakfast. Do I remember today my trip to the British Isles as clearly as that morning on the dock with my boys? You can bet your life the answer is no.

Angie~ Whow, that outfit is right up my alley. I should have been born around the turn of the century or the roaring 20's so I could wear the long dresses, fans and beaded hair pieces. I will think of you Sunday all dressed up.

Ellen~ I do hope you are saving all this poetry and someday will put it in a book. Not kidding girlfriend. You have a talent here. I have to be deeply inspired and I mean like in love to write. Someday I'll put my one poem in here for you to read when the words aren't so fresh. And "TeaRose" if only my husbands goals were to become Pres. we'd still be married. YIPPER!

Pam~ Sorry I didn't get to say hello last night. Went out for dinner and got home late. Hope alls well and will write tonight. Is son home yet?

And to everyone else a happy Thursday. I'm doing good on my "Lent" diet so far. Of course it's only been 1 and a quarter days but that's one and a quarter days more than last week. RIGHT GIRLS? RIGHT!

I'm planning a Valentines Party at the faciltity Monday. Having the crew pic a King and Queen from the residents. We'll crown them and then I'm putting on a fake engagement. Another resident pretending to play a violin to the couple. The intended will give her a huge ring, a rose and box of candy. I did this once before someplace else and it went over quite good. Does anyone have anymore suggestions to make it fun? You girls are so artistic. See ya tomorrow. Diane

02-10-2005, 11:56 AM
No wonder I wasn't getting emails of new posts.... Another new thread! It's so hard to keep up with this!

I justed wanted to say a quick hello so no one thinks I forgot about y'all!

Have a glorious day!

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 12:05 PM
Good Morning Everyone :grouphug:

Morning Diane,:wave:
How about a fake divorce at the end of the day :lol: I would love to read one of your poems, I am deeply inspired my friends here, I can't imagine my life without them, I sometimes write serious poetry but the silly ones come more easily :lol: :chin: I am glad you made it before Jane pulled a fast one on you :lol: that girl I dunno.:dunno:

Morning Jane :wave:
What me , a guilty conscience, of course I do:lol: but I'll take the hug anyway, I want to go shopping with Madison and You , I promise I will behave, :lol: Have a great day

Morning Katie:wave:
A tatto , on our foreheads,Wow I will have to remove the one that says DENSE :lol:
Hey now that you mention it thats a great idea, you never know when I might get down there, and how would I find you otherwise,:lol: Oh I forgot I have your address,:lol:

Morning Pam:wave:
Get up Pam :coach: :lol: (((HUGS)))

Well I can't continue until I have had my coffee,:coffee2: Its hard to be witty and charming without it,:lol: so while I'm in the kitchen you girls can talk about me, but I will be back in a bit, so talk quick,:lol:

Morning Jenn:wave:
Jenn, its Jane she toys with all of us especially the Newbies :yes:, keeps up on our toes, It takes a lot of courage to be a Jaded Lady,:lol:

I think the pig is going the wrong way,:lol::dunno:

02-10-2005, 12:18 PM
:coffee2: Happy AM everyone.

DS called. X is having trouble holding down food and giving himself the insulin shots so my son is doing for him. I guess when you've drunk your food for 35 years your stomic doesn't remember what to do with the real stuff. DS is trying to get med. care lined up for the X. Have to hunt down VA records andsee who to best protect the Grandfathers estate which is still in probate from the hospital. The hospital where X was claimed they couldn't find Xs records to transfer him to VA where he would of been getting his care free. DS is also trying to get Social Security Disability for the old man. It's clear he can't support himself and resume painting houses. He's miserable but doesn't want to leave it he knows his Dad can fend for himself.

Ellen, hon, that comment about fake men,girl, I have a good one for that. They do, they come with batteries. :lol3: ( I'm soooo bad this morning) Nope, no email.pooo.Love the poetry.

Diane, Your party sounds like so much fun and with you there I know it will be. Did you read the story?

Angie, what fun. You get to play dress up still. I am so jealous.

Jane, your going to the British Islies? You lucky girl! Ok, no more mention of the big C. I'm hush, hush, on all things P and relating there.

Susan, is your lawyer getting that hair folical test?I can't wait for Mike to self destruct.

Katy, I want one of them tattoos. :lol:

Cristi, So far fake bird not working. I'll give it a while before I think about taking it out. Bogie stays on the far side of the cage away from it. I hung his cage on the front porch so he can see the bird feeder and be around other birds. This may be the best we can do. Poor birdie.

Thats it for now.BBL


Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 12:23 PM
Oh Pam you little rascal,hmmm so thats why your smiling :lol: I'll be back

Jenn cover your eyes and ears :lol:

02-10-2005, 12:56 PM
Alright, let me try to catch up yet again....

MARTI - I will stick to the darker colors on here.... How's this one for you? :)

SUSAN - Yes, it was my wedding dress, and thank you! BTW, I hope this whole mess straightens itself out soon... You don't need the stress of it! :grouphug:

JANE - Thanks! I hope Gina isn't stressing too much about her planning. I have everything pretty much under control on my end. When are they taking the plunge? BTW, my soon-to-be MIL loves me to pieces even though she's only met me once (she lives in AL). She keeps sending me things that "might come in handy for the whole raise up a child thing" as she puts it. (No pressure, huh? :lol: ) FYI, I am soooo jealous about the Ireland trip! Maybe this little irish girl could stow away in your luggage :^:

ELLEN - I'd still like to hear the song if I could. I'm young I can handle it :lol: Either way I'll look forward to my future "poem by Ellen" ;) And don't worry about me, I may be young, but I'm not own mother makes more suggestive comments to me all the time, that was harmless ;)

CRISTI - Thank you so much! I just hope Tim feels the same when he finally sees me in it... I want to 'take his breath away' :^: BTW, I'll try to send my address in a bit if a get a sec :D

PAM - Sounds like your poor DS really has his hands full with the X. Poor thing, I hope he gets it all straightened out soon!

Okie dokie, it's back to work for me now, but I will be back soon ;)

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 01:48 PM
Hi Jenn
Well aren't you the pretty little thing, its time to be on your way now :lol: you do look better with your head on your shoulders :lol: Now how will I ever show my face on here with all you beauties , its just not fair,:lol: Jenn I am on my best behaviour here,:tape: Jane see's all here's all and know's all, so we get away with nothing . :lol: Its magical, or is it scary.:fr: I will post the links to the songs,:sssh: because you asked,and I like you,:yes:

Cristi,my Sweet there they are I still don't think you are ready for this, :lol:

Would somebody please give that pig a shove.:lol:

02-10-2005, 01:55 PM
Hey Girls!!!!

Well there certainly are alot of posts to keep up with , so I think Im just gonna pop in and say hello for now......Put on a pair of pants that I havent worn in a few months, and they wont stay up!!!! I was impressed, kind of inspired me to keep pumping up the exercise....Havent weighed in for 2 weeks, so Im anxious to get on the scale this weekend!!! Gotta get back to work, short lunch today cause I have a few meetings to get too!!

Enjoy your day!!!

02-10-2005, 01:57 PM
Thanks so much Ellen!! I'll listen to the song when I get home, as it is much faster... Gotta love that cable connection! :D

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 02:02 PM
:cheer:Yay Julie:cheer:
Congratulations.thats a great feeling not that I have felt that for a long time:lol: Keep up the good work ((HUGS))
Your Welcome Jenn

02-10-2005, 03:58 PM
Katy - since I read the posts in such a hurry yesterday, I missed your comment about the forehead tattoos!!! :rofl: Hilarious!!! The thing is, when we do all meet up, I'm gonna put those red Elmo leashes on each of you so you don't wander off, lol. That's in addition to the tattoos and maybe some Jaded Lady t-shirts - what do you think, ladies? :D

Tea Rose
02-10-2005, 04:35 PM
Jane is that a retractable leash, :lol: If you Luv us that much :bb:I'm touched, not just in the head ,in the heart to :lol3:

Where are you Cristi.I saw you were in my mailbox ,did you get stuck in there:lol:

02-10-2005, 04:45 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Was trying to read posts in between e-mails to my mother. So surprised to hear from her. She is terrible at writing.

Anyway...Ellen~not sure why you think I wouldn't care for the music-I listen to Tupac, Marilyn Manson etc. and I did listen to the songs. I think they are mild compared to some of the stuff I have listened to. But very good!

Susan~I cannot believe that you bought that dress for $4.99! WOW, you are a good shopper. It really is a cute dress and Gaby is adorable.

Katy~I didn't send the card expecting one in return girly. I love to send cards and write-ask anyone I know! What all are you guys going to do to your house? Can't wait to hear about it all. You keep saying expansive and I am picturing a whole new addition to the house, which would be fun!

I think it was Ellen who mentioned painting the trim on her house and it reminded me of our one house in CA. We bought it it was a light beige kind of cream colored with brown trim. We had it stuccoed (love the stucco houses in CA) a greyish blue and I painted all the trim and garage doors blue, the porch grey and ripped off some ugly wood panelling on the front. DH#1 made the railing around the porch and it turned out nice. I so enjoy working on the house. Apparently DS#2 got a little of me because he loves that kind of stuff also.

Angie~I would love to see a pic of you all dressed up! The outfit sounds so very pretty.

Jane~you really will love Ireland. It's funny that a lot of us are part Irish. Of course I call myself a mutt-family came from England, Germany, Ireland and somwhere else I can never remember. Meant to ask yesterday how Gina and Terry's wedding plans are coming along. Are they going to have a church wedding? Garden, at home, justice of the peace? Can't wait to hear the details when they get started with the planing.

Jenn~you definitely will take his breath away. We only saw the dress but I did see your pretty face on your profile and you are gorgeous!

Was off to Target this morning. Wanted to get this wall shelf for my bathroom. Have one that goes from the floor almost to the ceiling and I don't like it at all. Don't like all the stuff out looking cluttered.

Hi everyone else :wave: Sorry I am out of time to finish posting. Of course won't make chat tonight as it is Thursday and my favorite shows are on...The OC, CSI and Without a Trace. V wanted me to meet him for dinner since he has to work late and playing around I said I will think about it. :lol: then remembered it was Thursday and told him I can't! Isn't that terrible?! :lol: :^: He understands tho, and loves me :love: and knows unless it is an emergency I don't miss my shows!! :lol:

Anyway...this is a quickie as I have run out of time and you ladies are killing me trying to keep up. :) But I like that there are lots of posts to read. Will possibly get on late tonight, not sure. If not will see you ladies tomorrow.

Take care all and have a great day! See ya........:wave:

02-10-2005, 05:22 PM
Here... I made a little something for you ladies... I had some down time as you can tell here at work and I was thinking about Jane's post....

02-10-2005, 05:43 PM

Very cute Jenn! You are so talented, I can't do attachments or nothing. I don't even have a ticker....

Just sneaking on for a second. Having a so so morning.

No, I wasn't calling you a ding dong Ellen. I am saying "do you want a ding dong??" I feel so fat today -

No, I am not calling you fat

Katy!!! Yes, I got the message. I will be there tomorrow at 10:30. I went today at 11 only to realize it didn't start til 1:30. Someday we will get it right.....maybe the JL tattoo dye is sinking into our brain - thus causing confusion on times and days????

OMG!!!! I had a dozen pink roses on my desk when I came in.......from my Russian beau????? I don't know.....they are on my desk now. Smells wonderful.....

Don't know about the drug thing Pam. I need to call my lawyer......the next thing was the decision on the custody evaluation,.....

boss alert!!!

best get...............

02-10-2005, 07:05 PM
Hey Susan- Tomorrow's a no school day..and usually there's no play park on those days because they do kid camps. Anyway, I'll have my son with me and he's too old for it. If the weather's nice, I'll take the kids to Gabriel outside park to play....maybe you and Gaby can stop by there....

Hmmm, flowers ...a secret admirer?

Our renovation is going to be an expansion. We will be adding a bed/bath/walk-in closet to the back side of our house on the other side of the play room. The remodel includes renovating the playroom which currently is partially finished. Finished enough for the kids to have a great place to play, but that's about all. I'm excited. This house is small, only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. We cope nicely...better than most families would I think. But the kids need to have their own rooms at some point. We could have turned the shop into more bedrooms, but opted for a playroom and it was a good decision. The kids share the bedroom beautifully and the playroom gives them more space for all their excess energy. Still, someday they will be adolescents and sharing a room just won't work then.

Jenn - I love that wedding dress - you will be a beautiful bride...what an exciting time!

Pam - sorry the xsob is still having difficulty...your son is a saint. I hope he can get his dad all situated and can come home soon.

Don't know if any of you stay up late enough to watch Primetime Live, but they are doing a segment on John of God... a faith healer who lives up the Amazon. My uncle and his wife went to visit John of God last year and said they were part of a documentary. I think they might be on this Primetime Live segment....I'm thinking they were in the same group of people, though not specifically profiled. If any of you watch it, tell me what you think...My uncle got some dietary recommendations, like herbs or something, but I haven't heard much from him or his wife about any outcomes from their time with him, good or bad. It's a very interesting situation...don't know how I feel about it all.

Hope all is well where you are

02-10-2005, 07:30 PM
arrrrgh, Yes you are right dye oooozzzzing out of my toes. I have an appointment at JCPennys to pick up pictures at 11:30.

If it is nice though I will try and stop by the park on the How the play area?? If not next Monday?? I don't know where that other gym is at that you have mentioned.

Anywho.......yes, an admirer.....I hope he has teeth....

btw- what does pink mean??? Something romantic , I am

Going out and survey my cars parked in the lot.....maybe I can tow someone??? lol

ugh - and showed a unit to a nice lil elderly lady with a dog, now I smell like a terrier....


02-10-2005, 08:14 PM
Oh do I keep up???? :yikes:

Since I"m a little behind here and I have to still get ready for work...I will just do some general chatting. I will try to do individuals next time.

Got up early today, earlier than usual, 9:30. James had to take the car in to get the leather treatment done. So now we have a rental car to drive around and I don't like it so I will be driving the toyota to work. Why did we need a rental anyway???? Who knows, but we didn't have to pay for it so it's ok.

Got my errands ran this morning and then we stopped and picked up some Chinese food. OHHHHHHH......what a mistake! I'm one big bloated girl right now. but it was good. Won't do that again for a loooonnngggg time.

Been working out on my gazelle. I absolutely hate my thighs....they looks so, would I describe them...deflated! I really need to tone them up if possible.

I borrowed this book from a girl at work...."What not to wear" the Brittish version of the show. And my goodness.....I break ever rule in there for my body type!! So now I need to figure out how to shop to make my body look more attractive and appealing rather than short and stubby! :D

Ok....ladies...I need to do up my hair and head out the door. I will get back on sometime and try to catch up after work.

Oh......I'll send my address to whoever wants to exchange....Jenn, I have yours.....anyone else?? I have yours?? I go.

Hugs to you all.
Take Care

02-10-2005, 08:56 PM
Busy place today!

Jenn - just so you'll know, you don't need emails to alert you when there are new posts here. There are new posts everyday, without fail, so just come on in, ok? Terry and Gina aren't sure when the big day is. They want to pay cash for everything and need some time for that. They were planning on getting married outdoors, like Neal and I did, but not sure if that's carved in stone. She changes her mind on things, which is her prerogative. I told her to just tell me what color dress to buy, and for which day, lol.

Cristi - thank you for the valentine! Very sweet. No cluttered bath surfaces for me, either, Cristi! Just like the kitchen. One thing I have sitting on my bath counter top is a 5x7 frame with a picture of Neal as a little boy, and in the same frame, a picture of me as a little girl. It helps us remember that we were each vulnerable and somebody's sweet little child. Just looking at it makes me want to hug him.

Marti - one thing I have already found out with the Gazelle is that you can work different muscles with it depending on how you stand. I like to lean in and use my bat wing muscles, lol. Didn't you say yours came with a video? Mine didn't - but it is a cheaper one than yours, I think. It's the Edge model.

Hi to everyone else.

I'll be in the chat room at 8 my time (about 5 min from now). Hope some of you will be there. For the newbies, go to the Jaded Ladies room there. Edited to add: oops, I think I'm an hour off? Not sure if I'll be back at 9 or not.


02-10-2005, 09:16 PM
Jane - I think you're an hour off...I think it's 6 pm my time ( PST)..I'm working on dinner now, but I'll be trying to get away to checkin on chat 6sih..maybe 6:15...

Susan - yeah the play area - if the weather's nice, I'll be there 10ish. If I see you, I 'll tell you how to get to Fulton. It's only a buck and they open at 10 am and they have way more riding toys than SWCC. I like it better because it is less crowded....

Hope I see some JLs in chat in one hour...and counting down....

02-10-2005, 10:34 PM
Me again - no one in chat :cry: I will double check times....I like chatting, feels wierd when I miss so many of them!

I'm bailing on my meeting tonight. I went bumper bowling with my DD's preschool class...then walked for an hour...then walked some more to take DS to piano lessons...i'm wiped. Ever seen 16 3 year olds try to's very entertaining. For one takes forever for the balls to make it down the lane to actually touch a pin. Fortunately the bumpers keep them from going in the gutters. The kids went wild, of course, because they are easily entertained. No, you can't run after the pin down the lane...get back here!

And that's my life today folks

See you tomorrow

02-11-2005, 07:39 AM work and I have a little time to try and catch up!

Katy--How cute to watch a bunch of 3yr olds bowl!! I wish I could get myself up in time to chat w/you girls on Wednesdays....I will try this next wednesday.

Jane--My gazelle didn't come w/a video....and I also got the edge one. I try to do what I can to work my thigh muscles.....they really need some work! Been doing the fast pace wide strides.....hurts afterwards! (so that's gotta be good right?!)

Susan--Tell your admirer that I want roses too!! How sweet. From whoever they're from! (think they're from Rocky???)

Jenn--Really liked the art! You made it yourself? You should make us all t-shirts!! (just teasing) I went and looked at your profile're beautiful! And you'll be absolutely stunning on your wedding day!!

Julie--Excellent on the pants!! I'm proud of you! You're doing a great job if you're able to get into smaller sizes!! Keep it up and before you know it you'll be where you want to be.

Ellen--Such great poems you write!! Send me a bunch to my e-mail and I'll pretty them up into a scrapbook book and send it to you!! I wish I was as talented as you!

Cristi--I'm working when all my fav shows are on. I'm so glad that we have the satellite recorder. I at least get to watch them eventually. They're usually reality shows though. I like to watch them when I'm on the gazelle. Makes time go by faster.

Ok...that's all that the page will scroll down to.....sorry if I missed you! I hope you're all having a great day and are sleeping well...since it is the middle of the wee hours for me.

I have to get up early so I better get to bed.

Good night girls!

02-11-2005, 09:04 AM

Katy - you're right - I was off by an hour, lol, and wasn't able to make it back. The twins went bumper bowling a couple of weeks ago at a birthday party. Mary said it was hilarious, and I wish I could've seen it. Neal and I may have to take the 3 oldest DGDs bowling one of these days.

Marti - hey, no reason we couldn't set the time an hour later on Wednesdays. I think it would work better for Katy and Cristi, too. Maybe Cristi would be home from Wally World by then and Leigh would be napping. \

Hello to all my Jaded buddies!!

Not much going on today... bbl.

02-11-2005, 09:33 AM
:hyper: GOOD MORNING LADIES!!!! :flow2:

I'm in a good mood because not only is it Friday, but this week has shown a loss! I'm down to 188.5! Just in time for a birthday party on Sunday.... I think this is the motivtion I needed to stay away from most things bad on during the party.... don't want to ruin all my hard work by :ink:ing out :lol:

I also wanted to tell you all thanks again! You are just too nice (or maybe it is crazy :chin: - calling me beautiful :rofl: )! But really, thank you all, you are too kind!

Bowling with 3 year olds sounds like a good time! My Tim and anyone else who goes bowling with us likes to say that the pins only fall down out of sympathy for me because there is no way I put enough force behind the ball to actually knock them down.... I say whatever works as long as some of them fall I am happy :lol3:

Jane, looks great! Are you sure I can't tag along? I'll be real quiet, you won't even notice me... Or I could carry all your stuff, wouldn't that come in handy? Think about it ;)

Marti, I would like to get you address too! I'm not promising that I will remember every holiday (especially in the next few months cause things a re a little :crazy: ) but I'll try real hard! If I remember Cristi's b-day, then you'll know I'm in good shape (2-days before the wedding). I'd also like to get everyone else's address that do the exchange!

Also I looked into the roses and it depends on the color of pink... Pale pink roses connote grace, gentleness, and gratitude; light pink roses express fun and happiness; and deep pink roses say "Thank you."

I hope everyone is having a good Friday so far! :coffee2:

02-11-2005, 11:45 AM
Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :moo: I can't keep up! :lol:

Ah well, since I can usually only make it on here every few days, I'll just keep reading as much as I can and try to catch up. I kind of feel when you used to play jumprope on the playground, and you had two kids turning the long rope, and you would stand just outside it watching and waiting and trying to time when you could jump in without falling flat on your face...

Well, shoot, "hi" everybody :wave: Hi to all the new ladies. And good morning! :coffee2:

Jenn, congrats on your upcoming wedding -- your flowers are very elegant and your dress is just beautiful. I tried to look at your profile, but only saw the bunny rabbit pic. And yes, Bert is adorable, but I don't think that's the pic everyone is talking about ;)

Pam, I worked at at pet store when I was in high school, and we had a male parakeet that fell in love with his reflection in a little mirror. Maybe if the fake birdie isn't working, you could try getting a little mirror?

Susan, are you sure those pink roses aren't from Rocky?

Julie, congrats on fitting into your smaller pants! :cb: I can sympathize about the office politics and such -- sorry you are having to deal with that. Spraying lysol at you was sooo rude and out of line! :( I'm in a position where someone I really don't care for (he is pushy and overbearing, and just generally annoying) is training me for yet another job duty that I really don't want to take on, since I have enough on my plate already. But I'm stuck with it, so I'm trying to make the best of it, but this guy is really starting to tick me off. I had to bite my tongue yesterday :tied: because he came right out and asked, "So, am I going too fast? Are you getting this? What do you think of my training style? Do you think I am too overbearing?" :drill: I so wanted to say, "Yes, I do -- I find you obnoxious, why don't you just back off!" But...that would just open a whole new can of worms, so I will just try to meekly put up with him until I'm able to do it on my own. *sigh*

Ellen -- your poems as usual, brighten my day! Loved the one about the kitty surprise :lol: And the piggy isn't winking at me, he is sticking out his tongue... :ink:

Angie, love the decription of your outfit! Still have flaming red hair to go with it? I'd love to see pics of the fairy costumes you've worked on, bet they are gorgeous...

Marti, keep going on the Gazelle! If you've found a workout you like, stick with it. You're probably firming and toning more than you even realize, because it's so gradual. :barbell: :bravo: :tread:

Cristi, thanks for the Valentine :thanks: I BOUGHT valentines to mail out to you all (at least all I have snail mail addresses for...), just...not...quite sure...where I put them.... :?: :dizzy: AUUGGHH!!! I need one of those organizing TV show crews to come tear apart my house and put it back together!!!

Jane, can I come to Ireland with you??? :lucky: c'mon, girl, my name is Mary Kate, you gotta take me along for good luck...and hon, I don't need to kiss the Blarney Stone -- I'm full of Blarney already! Or is that "baloney"? Something like that... :D Actually, I used to have a neckace I loved, a silver disc with a Gaelic symbol for "Blarney". I wore it for good luck, since my job is to talk to cranky people all day and try to smooth things out. Lost it when I moved I think, would love to find another one. Did you say you had some good low fat crockpot recipes? Any you'd care to share? Do we have a recipe thread?

Aw,'s that to fly... :angel: You know, go chain myself to the oar, trudge back down to the salt mines...hi and hugs to anyone I missed...


Counting down to Disneyland, 32 days!!!

02-11-2005, 12:16 PM
:coffee2: Our ranks have sure grown. How about this, Top of the Morning to EVERYONE. :dizzy:
Katiecat,yep on the mirror.Got one to put in the cage with him.

Julie,a smaller size. I know that feels good.Good for you. :cheer:

I have to go back to check out what everyone has written. It's raining here and there'll be no walk to day and I really need it. The diet has been a struggle with so much drama. I tell myself everyday that today I'll stick with it then by the end of the day I've found a way to blow it. :p

Question girls,which do you like better? Broadband or DSL? The Dish or cable?I'm trying to deside without DS here to help.


02-11-2005, 12:16 PM
Lol.... You are right, they aren't talking about Bert. There is a picture of me and my fiancee in my profile ;)

Pam - IMHO, I feel broadband is better... I have DSL at work and it is always messing up and disconnecting. I have broadband(cable connection) at home and I love it! Always super fast and always connected... I never get bumped at home. :D

02-11-2005, 01:35 PM
Chatty bunch since I posted last. :gossip:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! :sunny: Supposed to be in the 50's today. Of course then tomorrow it turns on us and it supposed to raint he whole weekend. Oh well, gives me a chance to do the borders and curl up with a book.

Susan~pink roses from a secret admirer huh? I would think if they were from Rocky he would have sent Red roses, unless of course your fav is pink, so maybe it is the russian or maybe your boss thanking you for doing a great job. Well, I was going to mention what pink roses mean but Jenn did. I don't think I knew what pink roses meant, just liked them. I know what red, white and yellow are/mean. Just enjoy them girly.

Pam~don't have broadband or DSL so can't say anything. We did have the cable for the internet for a day and while things came up fast for the most part (there were a couple of places we frequent seems it came up the same) we didn't like that we had to go through internet explorer to get to anywhere first. Just seemed like another step we could do without. So went back to AOL-dial-up, settled for familiarity over speed. It works for us. As far as a dish or cable...we had the dish for 3 years while in the country and it was fine except whent he weather was bad here or in CO, that's where it was out of. Now we have digital cable and it is fine, like it better than the dish. It is cheaper also and we haven't had any problems with it except with the ice storm when we lost all electricity.

Katy~oh, I remember going bowling with the kids classes-so much fun. The kids still love to bowl. I am not that good but the kids do pretty good. Sorry, not a big fan of Primetime Live. Used to be till the other shows came about.

Katiecat~oh, I would love to have one of those people from Mission Orginazation come over and get me organized. I could keep things organized if they got it started for me. LOL It's just getting it started. That is one of my major spring cleaning chores getting all my stuff organized...papers, scrapbook stuff, pictures, etc. There's a lot of papers I need to get rid of and shred.

Jane~how sweet, about the pic of you and Neal on the counter. I don't have a small pic on the counter but in the hallway I have a 10 x 13 pic of me when I was nine months old that my mom gave me on the condition that I put it in a frame and hang it on the wall-lol, and then a 8 x 10 pic of V when he was 3 or 4 next too it with another pic of him and his dad above that one, he was on a horse when he was about the same age.

Jenn~love the pic and think that would look great on a t-shirt. The colors are pretty. CONGRAT'S on the loss! :cp: :bravo:

Marti~don't know how you do it girly, the hours you work. I know I would love to work nights but something like 3-midnight.

Hi to everyone else, Ms. Ellen, Diane, Doreen, Angie, Sue, Kathy, John boy, Billy Bob...:lol: i can't keep up with everyone! :dizzy:

Anyway...not much planned for today. Think I will put that shelf together for the bath and V can put it up later-save him some time from doing it. Later on when he gets home we are going either out to dinner or a movie (would do both but really need to get to SAMS and they close at 8) and then to SAMS to stock up and finally to Home Depot to look at the borders! I never did make it over there. Since he couldn't get out of working Monday we are going out this evening and also next Thursday. Cannot believe that next Thursday marks one year being in our new house! The time is going by toooo fast and it doesn't seem like it has been a year.

Anyway...need to go check the other threads, kinda ran out of time yesterday. Didn't think I would be out as long as I was but was trying to find a little something for V for Valentine's day.

Okay...enough blabbing. :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: Hope everyone has a nice day and weekend!

02-11-2005, 01:41 PM
Afternoon All!!

Katiecat: I know how you feel, I went through training for a promotion that I got at work recently. The tough part was that they took the job away from a girl who had been doing it for years, because they felt I would do it better. And she was very very upset about it!! So now I find out she just gave her I was relieved, cause I have to walk by her everyday and she treats me like Im this horrible person..... Why do we have to work??? I'll tell ya, you'd think people would just grow up. Its sickening....Hang in there though, lord knows Im trying!!!

JENN: What a cute picture of you and soon to be hubby!!! You dont look like you need to lose much weight!!!!How long have you two been together? Congrats on the weight loss also....doesnt it feel good???

SUSAN: Pink roses??? Im so jealous!!! My boyfriend is lacking in that department.....If I asked him to send me something, I'd probably get a spice rack!!!!HAHA.. Hes just never been good with surprises and gift coordination. He tries though!!!! Did you find out yet who they came from, perhaps Rocky??

Thank you all for the words of wisdom on my pants!!!!haha I hope to have good news come sunday's weigh in!!!

Hello to Jane, Marti, Diane, Doreen, Katy, Ellen,Cristi, Angie, and anyone else who pops in...
TGIF, Cant wait to get out of work today, 2 more hours.. I work 6am-2:30 and I love it, cause I still kinda have an afternoon, when Im not doing clinical at the hospital that is!!! Not much planned for the weekend, dont know if we'll take my friends kids for a sleepover or not yet....Im hoping to hit the gym though!!!! Anyhow....gotta go, talk to you all later

02-11-2005, 02:07 PM
Cristi - Thanks! As you can see I am easily amused since I was bored at work I spent a little while doing that because of all this talk of tattoos and t-shirts... Hehe I didn't really think you girls would think much of it, but it kept me entertained ;)

Julie - We have actually only been together for a year ( :o ) But I KNEW he was the one right away.... Thought he was too good to be true because I've had bad experiences with men. Believe it or not he is 10 years older then me... when we go out HE gets carded before I ever do! :lol: And the loss totally feel great! It brings me to 32# losed 18.5# to go! :cb: I can do this! :strong:

02-11-2005, 02:40 PM
I'm back again........:lol:

Was checking out a few things and trying to change my avatar-UGH! What a pain. Before I had the avatar resizer at 110x110 pixels and they always worked. Now these pics I have that I am trying to resize are too big at that size so have to go to the 7.8 kb and it totally loses focus and the pic in doing just put the cat one back for now.

Anywho...was getting ready to log out and thought I would check an dsee if anyone has posted.

Hi Julie~hope you get to the gym like you want. I guess it is good the girl gave notice, for you anyway. She shouldn't get mad because the boss thinks you do better work...but we all know that's not how it always works. ;) Hope you have a good weekend whatever you do.

Hi Jenn~you can be amused as much as you like because I think it looks very nice! As does your SO. I am amazed he is ten-years older than you-doesn't look it at all!

Okay ladies...have a good one. I am outta here for now. :wave:

Tea Rose
02-11-2005, 03:59 PM
Morning Everyone
Although I'm not sure yet, the potty training isn't going well, I thought the mom was supposed to do that and leave the fun to Grandma :lol: Pam Help any suggestions I'm at my wits end.I'm a tired and cranky this morning , I checked in with the vet this morning to see if I could make an appointment to get the spaying done and declawing done before I end up with more kittens and no furniture.The new vet charges $350,00 dollars is this a joke , how much does it cost where you all are, the last time which was maybe three years ago it cost $150. for both procedures,I have 3 cats to do , like yesterday and two in the next 4 months, thats just to much,, boy am I miserable today.

Hi Jenn :wave:
just in case your wondering about the potty training , my kitty who is only about 10 months who was pregnant when I found her near death, had kittens Dec 26 and they are Milo and Maddie.I am not the kind of person who can give them away, so I have accumulated quite a mixture of kitties. Jenn don't worry about forgetting the holidays I was surprised to learn today was friday, what the heck happened to Wednesday and Thursday,:lol: :cheer: YaY on the loss,:cheer: good girl, Have a wonderful day. Oh I love your Jaded Ladies,graphic, that would be great on our t-shirsts.:lol:

Hi Pam:wave:
I know what you mean about the dieting sabbatoge, I am having the same problem and its really irritating me at this point , as is everthing else today :lol: I need a vacation maybe I will come to California and keep you company while Eddie is away,that we can kick each other everytime we cheat.:lol: You know I have a mirror in my cage, and it hasen't had that effect on me yet,:lol: Pam I like broadband and cable. Whens Eddie coming home ?

Hi Katie:wave:
Its hard to keep up when your here everyday, miss a day and :yikes: glad the poems brighten your day, I think I need to kiss the Blarney Stone , or get some of that fountain of youth juice, I had a shot of that when I was 20 of course I didn't need it then , but I sure could use it now :lol: As far as that pig goes , I know he's been sticking his tongue out at me, give the pig a forum and he thinks he's got the right to judge us. Well I might be makin bacon. if he doesn't behave :lol:

Hi Marti :wave:
I guess I would have to check around to see who saved them I know my son does and my friend does and there will be some on the forum but I never got in the habit of doing that, I guess I always veiwed them as silly. like me,but I will see if I can hunt any of them down. I always make them up here on the spur of the moment. You are just as talented, I'm just sillier,:lol:

Hi Jane :wave:
I went to chat I yelled is anyone hereeeeeeeeee Helloooooooooo but no one answered so I said fine then and went away sulking :lol: What did you and Madison buy the other day on your shopping trip anything good? How is Dale doing today? I think I should be the one to come with you to Ireland, with my maiden name Walsh ,my auburn hair, green eyes and freckles although they have been gone on my face for 30 years,my arms and legs still sport them,and I'm compact ,well I will be when I lose my 30 lbs.:lol: and my Grandparents came from Ireland , although I know very little about where or when.My Father never shared anything about his family with us,and my Grandmother died when I was 9.:dunno:

Hi Cristi, Susan ,Katy ,Angie ,Mindee, Sue ,Julie ,Kathy , :chin: did I forget anyone .I will be back anyway later to catch up ,I have been cleaning and trying to sort out the potty training dilema , I don't recall this problem when I had my last batch of kittens:dunno:I am so happy I have a steamer for cleaning. Funny thing I started this post at 10:00 am and I am just finishing it now, slow slow day , well except for the cleaning , one thing had to wait and I thought better to clean I can always talk and I do a lot of that :lol: :wave:

Tea Rose
02-11-2005, 04:04 PM
Hi Cristi and Jenn I didn't see you there, Just wanted to say Hi ,gotta go and finish what I started , I will check back later OK.

02-11-2005, 04:04 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, The John of God thing on Primetime wasn't much to write home about. I didn't think they uncovered anything that couldn't be discovered by googling "John of God" I didn't see my uncle anywhere...he said he and his wife were interviewed for a documentary and the family members I have talked to seem to think its for public television, but I haven't seen any listings yet. Maybe something else is coming....

Today is a no-school I have both kids at home all day...already been to the park and to Starbucks... They are like puppies, you know....gotta get them some exercise so they will be calmer at home. Hoping for some naptime as I have to clean dad and his x/w are coming for a visit tomorrow morning...ugh. They are pretty dysfunctional but they'll keep that under wraps long enough for a short visit with the grandkids. I'm glad they want to see them at all really - haven't shown any interest since this we will take it.

Jane - I can chat later on Wednesdays - that would mean noon here in that doable for you Marti? I've missed too many of them lately, want to get back in the routine....

02-11-2005, 04:09 PM
Good afternoon's noon on the nose at the moment!!

Cristi--The hours aren't so bad. If I get to bed as soon as I get home, I can get up at a decent hour and still have plenty of time to get things done before work. So it works for me. They actually had an opening for the 9-6 shift at work and I didn't try for it. Too many people that have been there really like the people on my shift! Oh!!! I keep forgetting.....thank you for the card! I got it a couple days ago!

Jenn--I'll PM you my info when I"m done here. I'm terrible at getting all the holidays...but I really make sure I try to remember birthdays. Do you have your birthday listed on the birthday thread???

Jane--If an hour later works for everyone else...that would be great for me. I would like to yap with you all if I can. So how are you liking the gazelle? Which do you prefer the treadmill?? Do you think it's worth the purchase? oh wait!!! I sound like one of the sales rep calling you up to see if you're a satisfied customer! :D I was just curious since you had a treadmill before.

Katie--You're wanting to go to Ireland w/Jane and I'm wanting to go to Disneyland w/you!! I can be your hands free photographer!'re hands will always be free of the camera! I can even get some shot of you while in the next seat on one of the rides!! :D Some day I would like to save up enough to go to Disneyland. James & Jhanai have never been there and I was only 8 the last time I was there. Someday........

Pam--I've never had broadband.....we have DSL. And it works great for me. The times when my computer is working slowly is when my husband decides to try and burn something or is rendering a picture he created........ and that just slows everything down. I've heard broadband was really good.

Ok....must get myself on the gazelle....and then in the shower... and then off to work. Today is my early day and Jhanai's weekend!!

You all have a wonderful day!

02-11-2005, 04:13 PM
Ellen and Katy---You two snuck on me while I was hurrying to get off the computer!

Katy--I think noon our time works the best for me. I am definately up by then and I could make it to yap!

Ellen--I would love to read some more of your talented writing. Did you write something for each of your kids? I bet they love them. I think that would be so special to have. A poem from mama!! I go. Must get cleaned up.

02-11-2005, 04:18 PM
Hi Ellen- looks like we were posting at the same time. Take Marti up on that one! Her scrapbooking is so beautiful and a perfect complement to your beautiful poetry!

Pam - wouldn't you know..we still have a slowpoke dial-up....and no cable or dish or I guess I can't help you out there. Eventually I'd like to bump the computer up to a high speed and it would probably be a DSL just cause we don't have cable and don't want to pay for extra installation or get the hard sell for a cable package. I enjoy the computer more than the tv any day. Someday - I can dream, you know - but I would like satellite internet...wonder if it will be affordable in my lifetime.

Hi Cristi! Sounds like another busy day for you...I must be coming up on a year with JL 'cause it seems to me you had just moved into your house when I joined.... for V-day...DH and I are going to lunch and that's it...I don't like candy gifts and flowers...well I like them, but am not ticked if I don't get them. We have limited funds... would rather spend them on an afternoon out with him than staring at the flowers with no man in sight....i am not the norm - for sure. In gift-giving areas, I am definitely low-maintenance.

Well, gotta go check on the's too quiet

02-11-2005, 07:06 PM
Ellen,I pay 45$ to spay a female cat and 25 for a male. Go to your local Humain society,it's much cheaper. I emailed you my suggestioins on how to deal with the claws and potty training. I actually bought covers for the furniture. I really like them . They are a tight fit and I can change them with my mood. They have some really beautiful covers now days and they are machine washable.I can keep my couches protected and still have it clean and pretty.


02-11-2005, 08:45 PM
Good Afternoon,

My congrats to Julie on the pants too! Exciting for you I am sure. I am kind of wearing my baggie jeans today - being bloated and all......ain't that a lovely thought?? lol

I saw your picture too Jenn - you are very pretty and your husband to be is rather handsome - you make a nice looking couple. Love the reddish dress you were wearing.

No, the pink roses weren't from Rocky. Though when I told him he was mildly miffed and asked my work address so he could send some. I said that was fine, no need to go to the expense.

btw- my fave flower is the Sunflower. Roses are pretty and I am enjoying them.

Woke up at 9:35 this morning. Missed Katy - yet again - sorry. My mother came by with a toy for Gaby and loaned me some weekend money ( I feel like a teenager - lol) Went to pick up Rachel and go to the mall to pick up Gabsters picture but she was having a hard time and her father wanted her to stay and clean her room.

I had brought the toy ( some table thing - plays music ) and Rachel knocked it over.

So, Gaby and I were in the car driving to the mall and Gaby says "Rachel mean" and we talked about how much Rachel loves her and that she owes her (Gaby) an apology.......Gaby kept saying "Rachel mean"......poor thing. She loves Rachel so much.....

We went and got the pictures and walked down to a little play area - let Gaby play while I sipped on my Starbucks.

Thinking of sending Mike a 8x10.......

I called the courthouse and was told a hearing on the custody evaluation. I will get a letter when it has been scheduled in the mail.

I guess that is it. Just hungry and waiting til my dinner time.

Have to be on call this weekend and have basketball games to attend.

Better go - have a resident on the phone.

02-11-2005, 09:48 PM
Hiya ladies,

Jenn- YAY for the loss! :cp: Hmmm... I could use a personal assistant while in Ireland, so you're in! LOL

Katiecat - 32 days til Disneyland!! Oh how fun!! I know just how you feel, because I can hardly wait to go back to Walt Disney World, and we just went in October, lol.

Pam - out here in the boonies all I get is a dial-up internet, but I do have a separate phone line for it. And cable isn't offered, either, so it's a dish for us. Thankfully, they recently added local channels.

Cristi - the photos sound cute!! Hope you and V have lots of fun tonight. I always get so confused when I look at wallpaper and border, because there are so many that I like. Before you know it, I'm wanting to change the scheme of the whole house, lol.

Ellen - don't you have the Neuter Scooter there? Maybe you could call the Humane Society. They come around periodically and do neuters at a drastically reduced price. How do you think we got Dale fixed, lol... jk!!! Seriously, though, check into it! Speaking of Dale, thank you for asking. He's better and even finally had a BM. I threatened to give him an enema if there were no results today. My sister said I scared the sh** out of him, lol. :rofl: Btw, if Jenn will give up her seat on the plane, you can go to Ireland with me instead of her. Take it up with Jenn. ;)

Katy - your join date is under your kids' photo avatar. You joined us April 2004, but it doesn't seem that long!! I'll go ahead and change the chat time listed in the chat thread since no one objected. That will be 3 pm for me, which is fine, since I don't make it often, anyway.

Marti - well, I have to admit, I liked the treadmill better, because I could hold a book when I wasn't watching tv. But I am very fond of the Gazelle. It fits well in the living room, and I could never have fit the treadmill in there at the same angle, and the Gazelle doesn't have a motor to burn up, lol. Have a good evening with Jhanai!

Hi to Julie and Susan, and all JL's!!


02-11-2005, 09:58 PM
Stop... Don't Post here... Please go to ChitChat #112! :D