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02-07-2005, 08:12 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us. :)

Tea Rose
02-07-2005, 09:31 PM
Marti Marti I forgot about Marti
How could I do that, I'm so sorry, So many people ,so little time :lol: Hi Marti ,Glad to hear you had a wonderful time last night at dinner, I really like mexican food but I don't get it to eat it to often. Yes I think its time to tell James its girls time:lol: we miss you . When is your anniversary date, and did you ever get your birthday card I sent you, I think its time for a Marti day national holiday, what do you think :lol: Hope your having a great night even if your working ,"it can happen" I think. :lol:

02-07-2005, 10:18 PM
Hi Gals,

WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT.........My second posting and the page turns so I can't see what everyone wrote. Guess I'll have to do my best and get back to the others next time. It just dawned on me ladies that I'm the Matriarch of the crowd. As I said in the BIO "I'd rather be over the hill than under it". grin

First off you bunch of sillies are great. You make a body feel so welcome and I want to extend my personnal welcome to Jenn and Doreen. I think we're going to have a great time sharing lifes ups and downs. Just please God not on the scale.

Jane~ Do hope everything went well with the surgury. From being a part of the medical system in different capacities we learn that no surgury is simple but nowadays they do the miraculous. For instance my x had brain surgury 25 years ago. It was a 12 hour ordeal and laid up 6 mos. Look what they do now. On a lighter note glad to hear you tried LD even if you had to be bombed to do it. I don't happen to drink but most people the first time are usually lit up in order to get out there. One question......How do you keep these "DIVA'S" in line? I think some day we should have a "JADED LADIES" reunion. Something to think about.

Jenn~No wonder you're tired and your get up and go has gotten up and gone. I recall way back when that I was dragging also. Your putting energy out you don't realize in planning this wonderful event. Mental tiredness works on the body just like someone that was physically exausting themselves. You know that Baby Girl.... You sound very happy. Just try to relax and enjoy this wonderful time in your life. We only have one first wedding. Thank Heavens and it will be over all too soon.

Pam ~ Oh PAM, what are you getting yourself into? I believe you are a confirmed caregiver. The word no has always been hard for me to use but I finally learned that I have to operate within limits. I can not solve the worlds problems and I'm not ment to. Do be careful. You're doing so good now and you need to stay that way. Love you.

Christi~ Thank you for your warm welcome. You sound like such a sweet caring person. I too want to get to know you better.

Gaby~ Sorry don't remember your name. This is embarressing but I wanted to acknowledge you. I think you're the one that said you couldn't get over that people did Raggae with country or was that Christy?. In the last few years the Spanish influence came into country which led to the new sound. I have taught cha cha, waltz, polka and Tango to country music. It's beautiful.

To all the rest I'm so glad to be a part of this group. Promise I'll do better the next time. ESPECIALLY if you're all on one page again. Have a great day tomorrow and see ya in the evening. Nite nite. MAMA

02-08-2005, 08:01 AM
Good Morning ladies--

Ellen--Oh how could you have forgotten about me!! :D Not too hard when I'm not on here all the time! I did get your card....I thank you so much for it too! My anniversary date is March 24th. And you know something.....I think a National Marti day sounds perfect!! :D

Starfish--(sorry....forgot your name already...give me a few days and I will get it down) Diane is it?? Anyway....just a heads up on the threads...when we reach about 50 posts...we start a new one. Some computers are slower than others and loading up can take a long about 50 it seems to be ok. Just so you know. And if you happen to be the person who is nearing the 50th are more than welcome to start the new one.

I stayed over today to get some extra time on my paycheck. Plus it gives me more PTO time. I really want to accrue some before March. By the time we have vacation...I should have 5days available. So plenty of time to take off.

I had a NSV yesterday at my friends. I walked in and the first thing she said was "Wow've lost lots of weight" of coarse, I had to break the news to her that I haven't lost anything....but I managed to find an outfit that makes it appear that way. that really a NSV??? probably not, but I wanted to mention it anyway...made me feel good.

ok...this girl has got to get herself to bed. I need to get up in time to go visit my grandpa and my aunt and cousin. Tuesday is the day they clean his house and I try to get out there to help. (not like one elderly man makes a mess or anything).....just a good time to visit and catch up with each other.

So off I go and you all have a good morning. I talk to you later


02-08-2005, 10:16 AM
Good morning ladies,

I'm running late today and now I don't have time to go back and see what everyone said! Boo hoo!

Ellen - I'm older than Marti, so do I get a national holiday first, lol? I'd like to celebrate Jane Day in the middle of June where everyone has picnics and plays volleyball and frisbee. All the banks could close, etc, lol.

Diane - the Jaded Ladies meet-up is in the works.... search down for the thread.... it's there somewhere, lol. Put your 2 worth in, ok? What does MAMA stand for other than momma? Did I miss something?

Marti - hey, you take that NSV, hon!!! Any time we get one, it's a good thing and needs to be savored! Have fun at your grandpa's later.

Hello to the other JL's. :wave:

Dale's surgery went fine. The surgeon cut a piece of bone, comparable to a sugar cube, out of his hip and put it in his neck. He's gonna be one sore fella today, don't you think?

Gotta get to town, and I'm running late, so I'll try to bbl,

Btw, if any newbies need the abreviations list brought up, just let me know either here or by PM, and I'll find it.


02-08-2005, 10:17 AM
Good morning y'all!! :coffee:

I'm trying to stay in a good mood despite the scale... I am choosing to think about the positives of the morning. I got up early and went to the gym. I didn't let myself sleep in :D I will have to try to do some sort of exercise after work as well as the scale monster is back up to 192 :mad: I want to try to get this regulated so I'm not posting a gain every time after I post a loss.

I wanted to thank everyone for they're kind words and warm welcomes! You are all too sweet! :^:

I think that you all might be right about the planning making me tired... I was thinking about it and I had been all wound up in everything last week worrying about florists and finding a new Justice of the Peace. I took care of both in one day and that was a huge relief, since now I only have to go over the cake with my B-I-L who is making it for us, book the honeymoon (Poconos...just have to actually set it in stone) and work out our vows (I already wrote some, so no worries here either). I think my brain finally relaxed and my body wanted to take advantage! :lol:

I attached a picture of the flowers I chose, so you ladies can tell me what you think ;)

I hope everyone is having a great day!

02-08-2005, 10:19 AM
BTW, what is a NSV? forgot to ask...

02-08-2005, 12:28 PM
Jenn~NSV is non-scale victory.

I'll be back in a few to say Hi and do individuals just wanted to post that for Jenn.

02-08-2005, 12:35 PM
:coffee2: Good morning. The sun is shining and as side from the demise of one of my Zebra Finches I'm feeling pretty good. She was around 4 and I believe thats pretty good for these tiny birds. Going to go to craft store to find a phony bird to keep the boy company. He's the same age and I'd rather not buy more birds. I have my hands full with the cats and dogs.

The xh insists he can give himself the shots of insulin so I'm very happy to let him. Eddie says he'll come home as soon as he's sure his Dad can fend for himself,maybe the first of the week. I'm not holding out hope that the X won't start drinking again after DS leaves. You just don't quit after 35 years without a support system to back you.

Diane,I do have something of the Earth Mother about me. I have a need to nurture. I love watching my kitties romp around after their fed . Something about profiding for them a happy life makes me happy to.

Jane,you mean the newbie's arn't going to have to figure out the abriviations on their own like I did? :lol3: Gee,that takes all the fun and mystery out of it. No wrinkled brow or scratching of the head. :D

Ellen,I looked and looked but no email or link for band. I even check the spam folder to see if you ended up in there. No Ellen. :shrug:

Marti, I need a whole bunch of clothes like that.

Jenn,love the flowers. You need to chat with our Ellen,she's our expert cake decorator and baker.

Where are you other girls? A big YOOOHOOO to you.


02-08-2005, 12:39 PM
Jane you are just too perceptive......grin.... Yes, it means Momma but you can call me MUMS for short. On the otherhand we might get mixed up with my real Mums who is getting married on the 5th of March......Yes, my family doesn't do anything easy. I move, my kids are coming to town for a Florida vacation with me, mums wedding and I go full time at work once again that same week. Does anyone have an extra tylenol?

Jenn~Does sound as if you're progressing quite well. Whow writing your own vows. That in itself would be a big job for me. Keep it up girl. You'll make it. Super great that you went exercising. I feel so much better when I get on my Gazelle every morning for 15 min. At least I start the day off right.

Marti~ Thanks for the advice. Computer literate I am not. As Jane notice I can't spell either but I've got a whole lotta love in me. Have to run to work and pay for my rabbit food . Will write later if possible. Everyone have a great day.

02-08-2005, 01:28 PM
Afternoon Girls,
Im on lunch break at work right now and figured I'd pop in for a minute.

JANE: Glad to hear that everything went well for Neal.
JENN: Pretty bouquet, look forward to seeing some photos!!!

Hello to Pam, Doreen, Diane, Marti, Cristi, Ellen, Susan, Katy, and anyone else I missed, there are so many now to remember!!!

Really disliking my job right now...working in an office with all women really bites sometimes!!! Im so sick of hearing the constant gossip chatter. Im the subject this week..They're all not speaking to me cause I left friday early due to not feeling well and didnt tell any of them why I left. So they're all playing the silent game with me this week....So childish, its just ridiculous how petty women can be!!! The worst part is half of them are older ladies who think they are whispering and in fact are talking so loud their secrets turn into advertisements!!! I remind myself that Im here for a paycheck and thats it. But Im really to the point of not bothering with anyone, its sickening...
Sorry for the complaining, Just very aggravated with it all today....I guess I got tipped off when one of them on friday sprayed a lysol can at me!!!! Mind you Im the last one in our dept to get sick!!! Oh well, what can you do??

Oh well back to work I guess.....enjoy your day ladies!!!!

02-08-2005, 03:38 PM
Okay...I'm back ladies. :D Took longer than I expected. Was trying to do housework in between other things. Hey, if I have to go upstairs I may as well get something done. Wish the washer/dryer were in the basement so I wouldn't have to run up and down those stairs to put fabric softener in the rinse.But then I would just have to cart the laundry up the stairs once it is done. Oh least it is some kind of exercise.

Couldn't sleep this morning so just went ahead and got up at 6:30. I never get up that early unless I absolutely have to! And until I get a job it won't happen often. Rather than toss and turn till 8:30 I just got up. So was kind of at a loss as to what to do with the rest of the day after getting things done. Think I will polish my nails later and read some more. Trying to get through Life of Pi and have to say last night while reading there were some funny parts. Figure I will be done with it before the week is over.

The weather here is horrible, can't decide what it wants to do. Woke up to sleet hitting the window and listening on the radio about all the accidents-had a 12 car pile up on one of the freeways. Anyway, then it started snowing and then/now it is raining. Doesn't look like we will get that 1-3 inches of snow afterall, or I hope not anyway. But definitely don't care for the ice. Haven't had bad weather like this in the almost 7 years I have lived here. UGH!

Ellen~went back to the old thread to find your sons link and couldn't even find your post. Did you delete it? Anyway, I figured out what I needed to do which was save it and then open it. I clicked on open first. So if you want to put here again or even pm it to me I would love to hear his song. Thought of you last night. Don't know what station or program this was but a young couple was looking for a house and the one they looked at had a red living room and dining room. The top half was red and the bottom half was a cream color, or so it looked to me. It had a chair rail and looked really nice.

Marti~you and your fish tacos girly! You are the only person I know that goes to a Mexican restaurant and gets fish tacos! I don't even think I have ever seen them on a menu at any Mexican restaurant I have been to. Not that I would eat one. LOL Now a margarita....mmmmm....that sounds good and I do like to have one once in a great while with Mexican food. Anyway, glad you enjoyed dinner out with your friends and hope you have a good visit with your grandpa today. How is he doing anyway?

Doreen~yeppers, living in CA when I was single kept me in shape also. Was a lot busier then though with the kids being younger and involved in lots of school and sporting activities. But I think being single was a big motivator in itself.

Jenn~those are BEAUTIFUL flowers! Love the colors. My bouquet was white and light pink roses with some little pink flowers in between, can't remember what they were called. I didn't have a big wedding, had it at home. But I was going to decorate nicely and have lots of flowers. I had the rose bouquet but the flowers around the house were my favorite pink carnations, except for the dozen redish/white roses DH bought me for my birthday and a dozen pink & white roses for the centerpiece. I tried to save my bouquet but it was dead the next day. I married on my BD. Anyway, I wasn't even thinking yesterday but yeah, planning a wedding is stressful and very tiring. I love that you are writing your own vows. Not good at stuff like that. Are you guys going to have a big wedding? I just love weddings!

Jane~that just sounds so painful-OUCH! So what was the purpose of this surgery? Can't remember if you mentioned it before-losing my mind. Well, I am glad that Dale is home and hope he is feeling fine. I went ahead and found the thread for the acronyms, as well as bumped up the meeting one also. I didn't even see that you were goiong to do it till after I did it. Saw Jenn's post asking what NSV is and thought I would find it-man was it way down there, on page 6 or 7 I think it was.

Pam~well, hopefully the ex will take it to heart and change his ways. But you are right, you don't just quit after 35 years without help. But then you never know. Maybe this was an eye-opener for him. Sorry to hear about your finch. I had two, Bert & Ernie years ago-loved those birds. Well, Bert died because we didn't know she was trying to pass an egg. Didn't know this till we went to get another female because they die of loneliness. We never did name her (the new bird) and about a week after we got the new one she killed Ernie! :yikes: So decided not to get another and soon after she died. DS#1 has a parakeet, really pretty blue one (he/we named Birdie, DD named her Maya Angelou) that is sooo cute! She loves music and when there is a song on that she likes she sings and dances to it, and man does she get loud!

Julie~oh my goodness...sounds like the women you work with have a lot of growing up to do. You poor thing, you shouldn't have to put up with that. I hope you said something to the person who sprayed the lysol at you, that is totally uncalled for. It really is terrible how some women carry on isn't it? I do hope it gets better for you and they think about how they are acting. (((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie.

Hi to everyone else, Susan, Katy, Katiecat, Angie, Sue, Mindee and anyone I may be forgetting. :wave: I always feel bad because I feel like I have left someone out, but not intentionally.

Well, I guess it is on with the rest of the day for me. Not sure what I will do but will find something. I need to get a couple of packages ready to be mailed tomorrow. Was going to do it today but with this weather, not gonna happen. I don't like to get out in the ice and with this mixture of stuff-ick! It is supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow but they say the sun will be shining. :crossed: :sunny:

Anyone think they will make chat tomorrow? If so I will try my best to be there. Haven't chatted in a while.

Okay...take care ladies and have a nice day! See ya :wave:

Tea Rose
02-08-2005, 03:39 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone :wave:
I have to start getting here earlier, You girls are wearing me out trying to catch up. I woke up this morning to Amelie's loud cries, and started to look for the kittens in their bed under mine the usual places they play but no kittens,somehow they managed to get themselves almost down to the botton landing and they were huddled tight together in a little ball, on the second to last stair, my DD must have peeked in my room this morning and didn't close the door tight,so they went on a big adventure,which I don't think they enjoyed by the looks of them when I picked them up. They are so darn cute. They are now sleeping soundly on my bed. Its a really gloomy day here today , looks like rain, snow, both, something's coming anyway you look at it. Well girls I tried the red on one small wall in the hallway landing, I love the colour but I think it will be to much, unfortunately everyone agrees, its beautiful, but the way my house is set up , I think it would be overwhelming,even if I paint the botton half the cream as planned.I am not going to veto it just yet though, have some thinking to do. I hate making big decisions, :lol:
Hi Jane:wave:
I agree that You should have a national holiday,with the works , how about a parade ticker tape, a band, it could be held at disneyland, we can all go,maybe it could be a National Jaded Ladies Day, what do you think of that, :lol: I am so happy to hear Dales surgery went well, I agree he will be pretty sore today, I hope he is comfortable . how was your night with the little ones?

Hi Marti:wave:
I think I got a little dissoriented yesterday when I saw all the new names, dogs and bunnies, and starfishes:lol: Like I said thinking is unfamiliar territory :lol: I hope you made it to Grandpa's today, its nice to catch up with family you don't see all the time, well if you like them that is :lol: I hope you got enough rest and you have a wonderful day,
Hi Pam :wave:
Ahh sorry about the wee bird, when my birdie died, a year ago, his sister didn't survive ,she died the next day , and they were only 3 years old, they were together from day they were born. I bought another birdie to keep her company , but it didn't work, so I have one birdie left, I agree though I won't have another one when this one is gone,especially with all the other little critters to care for. About your X, I would agree with you there ,I don't think he will stop drinking either after 35 years, even a scare like the one he had ,asuming he veiws it as one, probably won't have much impact on him. Its unfortunate, to waste a life, without any regard for your family,but theres nothing you can do ,as you know with addictions, they have to want to change , no one can decide it for them. Ya how come we had to fen for ourselves figuring all those things out and these new gals come along and get the information for free :lol: I remember asking myself what the heck does that mean,but I didn't want to appear even more dence than I already am ,so I didn't ask, :lol: So Mrs Jane your not going to disneyland :lol:

HI Cristi:wave:
You said you were coming back and you didn't so I'm not talking to you :lol:

Hi Jenn:wave:
Glad to hear your keeping your spirits up. thats the best you can for yourself,it sounds like your doing your best to stay motivated, inspite of the nasty scale, mine was none to kind this morning either, I have the one that measures weight fat and water, and I'm not sure, but I swear it was laughing at me this morning,:lol: the nerve I say.So I have made up my mind I will get the last laugh, and defeat this peice of metal. I looked at your flowers , and they are absolutely gorgeous, I can hardly wait to see the pictures of the shower ,wedding, etc. You must be so exctied, but remember to rest so you can enjoy the many occassions. When I was young , and dreaming of the perfect wedding honeymoon, all the Brides magazines had pictures of the Pocono's Honeymoon packages and I used to think what a nice place to have a honeymoon.they always showed heartshaped tubs, ahh the romance of it all, now you can tell me if its everything I imagined it to be , since I didn't get there,:lol: What kind of cake are you having, is your B I L a cake decorator ?I hope your having a wonderful day.

Hi Diane:wave:
I have lots of tylenol , advil , just plain aspirin , whats your pleasure.:lol: My son is in a heavy metal band, and for some reason even the stereo has to be played loud, while he's sitting infront of it :lol: I also have plenty of aches and pains aside from that :lol: aging is so much fun, just as I got my head together , my body fell apart. :lol: Ok help me out here , I may not be as perceptive as Jane , but just as good looking :rofl: you are Momma , and Mums is your MOM and she is getting married, but your not, because instead of a tall dark handsome man , you got a short, intelligent,kitty cat, is that right.I'm so confused, and its so early in the afternoon.

Hi Julie :wave:
Sorry about your job dilemma, yes some women can be petty, its a tough situation to be in, especially in the workplace, because as you said its your livelihood. Don't let them get you down ,as hard as I know it is, just do your job , and know you have done your best , and hopefully this will pass. Hey watch what you say about old ladies I'm one of them :lol3:

Well Hi to all you other MIA girls, I hope you are all having a great day so far, I will be back later, to catch up on the rest of you , Susan where is you, You dissappear more that Houdini,:lol: hope everything is going well.


Tea Rose
02-08-2005, 04:19 PM
There you are Cristi:wave:
I did erase the post .I wasn't sure after I thought about it you girls would like that stlye of music and I didn't want to be responsible for any heart attacks :lol: .I'm so used to it Its the norm for me , but I'm sure that its not for most people in our age group and gender. I have listened to all kinds of music, growing up, parents were country, my brothers listened to heavy music, and gradually through the years explored all kinds of music , to Mozart Greig, etc in the last year. I find I apply music to my moods or activities, so with me you just never know from minute to minute, where moods are concerned:lol: If you think you really want to hear it I will post it for you but "WARNING MAY CAUSE IRREGULAR HEART PALPATATIONS, AND SEVERE SWEATING.:lol: I tried the red on one small wall last night and as I said above I love the colour but am so unsure of what to do , I will leave it for a few days. My real concern is the black accents, the two decorative chairs,on each side of the fireplace , I have fears of it looking like a brothel :yikes: but I will give it a chance before I decide. If not the red them my only option is back to the taupe shades. I guess either way it will look nice once its freshly painted, I just really hoped for a punch of colour. I may have to wait till I completely redecorate way way way down the road, and then I will probably be old to care, :lol: Your bird story was sad and funny, I had two cockateils years ago Chico and Kiwi , Kiwi never made a sound , until one day we found Chico lying in the botton of the cage, but from that day on Kiwi sang happily and loudly , so we figured , he did he in to :lol: poor birdie. My parakeet is a beautiful turquoise blue with white and she sings to my sons metal music the louder it is the louders she sings, even my bird is a metal head :lol: I hate waking up to early to get up and just lying there trying to sleep unsuccessfully, I do the same I get up, and try to start the day , but they always feel so long,don't they. The weather here is the same, gloomy something is brewing, but what I'm not sure . I hope you get some reading done, how is the book turning out now,is it better than it started out, I have started a few books that just didn't keep my attention so I put them away for another time, maybe someday I will try them again. I think sometimes with me its the mood I'm in, thats why I try to stick to more heartwarming stlye of books as often as possible. I think the washer and dryer should be next to the bedrooms and bathrooms, where the heaviest laundry comes from. Its gets harder and harder climbing two sets of stairs x 2 everytime you do a load of wash. ARRRGGGG I hope you find something nice to fill your day , you could come visit me , I'm bored to, :lol: I put the coffee, tea, whatever is your pleasure is I will even bake you a cake, pumpkin cheesecake, since you didn't get to making it at Christmas, I don't think anyone did, :( after all that humor I attempted to put into the recipe, :chin: maybe thats why :lol: Anyways whatever you decide I hope you have a nice day and I will be here all day if you decide to come . :D (

02-08-2005, 04:26 PM
:dizzy: well again I don't have time to do all individual posts so I'll make generalized statements and questions.

#1. What chat? And when is it? I'd like to be there if I can, so let me know the specifics... thanks! :D

#2. I will be having a decent sized wedding in a nice restuarant in town.... Probably about 80 guests.... I'm sending out 62 invitations, but all of them are to people I know won't be coming, yet I have to invite.

#3. My BIL makes beautiful cakes and I really have no idea on what kind of cake we with have yet... I think I will try to take Tim into white cake even though 'it's soo plain' because I like that flavor... I'm looking for pictures I like so I can give him an idea of what I want it to look like.

#4. I believe there is a such thing as being "scared straight" so don't give up on the X yet... I mean people have to realize the severuty of something for that to work, but you never know, he may surpise you... I hope he smartens up! :crossed:

Unfortunately I need to get back to work now so I hope I didn't leave out anything important!

:wave: to everyone! Hope your days are all going well!

02-08-2005, 04:41 PM
Good day ladies--

Been up for half an hour.....knowing I should hop in the shower but I am! :D I will make it to grandpa's in a little bit though so not to worry.

Jane--So glad to hear that Dales Surgery went fine and is doing better. He'll definately be feeling sore! As for the NSV....ok, I'll take it. I felt so giddy when she said that. And after a glass of wine....I was feeling even more giddy. (silly I know)

Jenn--You do have your hands full don't you?? All that would make ME tired!! What day is the wedding again??? I LOVE those flowers! They are so beautiful. Now...are you going to share w/us the dress?? :) We have chat's on Wed. morning or Thurs. Eve....Wednesdays for me since I work the night shift...but I"ve been sleeping in late so I may have to have that time changed and Thursday nights. There is a thread somewhere that tell you the time for your time zones.

Pam--Your XH is going to have to look at giving himself insulin shots as giving him independance. It's a simple thing to do and that way, he won't have to rely on someone to do it for him. Sorry to hear about your finch. They are such cute birds. I like the idea of getting some company for the other one. I would have never thought of getting a fake one...will that work? Will the other one notice??

Diane--I get on my gazelle everyday (oh...not the weekends) and work out on it for half an hour. I really like it. Even though there are mornings where I just don't feel like exercising...I do it and afterwords I'm glad I did. I feel much better. Hope you get your errands done today.

Julie--Oh girl....I'm sorry you're working in an environment that is that way. Makes working unbearable doesn't it? My first job was like that which really bother me at the time because here I was the fresh out of highschool girl at the age of 18...working with women 30 and over and they gossiped like crazy. I was so uncomfortable there and eventually things settled down. Hope it does for you too.

Cristi--Fish tacos are not as bad as they sound...really. Very tasty. I had my friend take a bite because she had this look on her face when I ordered......she said it was surprisingly good. I'm going to try to make it to chat tomorrow....but I really can't make any promises. Unless you all get on there later in the afternoon. I'm usually still asleep at 11:00. But I will try.

Ellen--I must have missed the link all together because I didn't even see it. If there is someone who makes music that I know or has someone in there family that matter what type of music they play...I always like to listen. I think it's great to play music. My friend who just started working at OML...he plays the Bass....(the big tall instrument) w/a group of men who play their fiddles....I listened to him the other night and it sounds so fun!! it's time for me to get showered and head over to grandpa's. So I must get going.

I will try and make it back later if will be after work.

Take Care ladies.

02-08-2005, 05:25 PM
I'm on my way out, but wanted to post this before I go since it's not at home...

(Don't mind the head being cut off... I was making an awful face so I cropped it)

02-08-2005, 05:56 PM
Ellen, the boys are terrific. I saved them for Eddie to hear. Saw the pic of them.Aren't they cute? Don't tell them I said so. Big bad Rocker's don't want to hear how cute their Mom's friends think they are. :D

Found a very nice fake birdie at the craft store. It even has feathers. I touched up the face to look more like a Zebra Finch with the dark markings under the eyes. I put it in a nest and facened it in the cage with my little boy. We'll see how it goes. :shrug: Last time I was at our favorite pet shop they had fake birds there but they were plastic and not nearly this nice.They insisted they become very fond of the fake bird but we'll find out.

Jenn,the dress is lovely. Good choice. I really like the details.


Tea Rose
02-08-2005, 07:46 PM
Hi Pam
Thanks again ,My son was here when I was reading your post and he smiled, even heavy metal rockers like to be told their cute , regardless who it comes from. :lol: He was impressed that you listened to the songs,and even more so that you liked them,He said to tell you thankyou for thinking they were good and that you also thought they were cute, he said he would pass the compliment on to the boys in the band. :lol: I am very proud of them, they have workded very hard to get this far, and they are very talented guys, and they are cute to :lol: good luck with the fake bird I had no luck with the real thing , I sure hope it works , I hate to see any little creature sad and lonely.
Jenn the dress is lovely , it has very nice lines and beautiful details , to bad you chopped of your head though , it would have been nice to have the head that went with the body :lol: I think you are going to be a beautiful bride.
Well I guess you can tell my diets going well .

02-08-2005, 07:46 PM
Jenn--Beautiful dress!! Love it. It looks so romantic!! I'm happy for you. And writing your own sweet! James & I got married at the courthouse in the courtyard. Nothing big and we didn't dress up or anything...but I did buy a dress for that day. A spring dress. I plan on taking it with me to Cali so I can wear it while on our "honeymoon". I think I will look better in it now than I did when I got married. I may have to try it on and take another photo to make a comparison......Thanks for sharing the photo!

Pam--Your little bird is pampered isn't he? (Is it a he?) You're sweet to think of it enough to want to still give him company when the other one is gone.

Well ladies...I went over to grandpa's and my he had some company...he was busy showing the "boys" his work he's done lately. I mentioned before that he's been busy making all kinds of things. He was so proud to be showing these off. The men were always. I didn't have my camera w/me...I was going to take a photo of some of the things he made. Next time.

I need to pretty up a little before I go to work. You all have a great night and I will check in when I get off work.

Talk to you later

02-08-2005, 07:48 PM
Ellen--You snuck up on me!! I'm in agreement w/Pam...handsome young man you have there!! Both your kids look attractive. And I still think they must get this from their mom......sure would love to see a photo of you!!

Wanted to say hi'......didn't want you to think I forgot ya!

Tea Rose
02-08-2005, 07:59 PM
Marti what kinds of thing does your Grandpa make? Hey your closer to your goal than I am, must be because you actually use your gazelle :lol: I need to get motivated.That dang pig hasn't budged at all and she's one miserable looking piggy:lol:
Thanks Marti ,I don't know where they got their good looks from :lol: just luck I guess. Marti I will send a picture like Jenns no head :lol: will that do, Marti did you listen?

02-08-2005, 10:31 PM
Hi Girls,

Good day so far and since it's almost over with it may end up that way to. I did my exercises this a.m. and then was inspired to stay good all day and not eat anything wrong. I'm also going to take advantage of Ash Wed. and give up all the goodies for 40 days.Wish me luck. The games we play to loose weight. When I take the energy and time to exercise it's almost a waste of time and energy to eat fattening foods. My resolve sticks with me until the afternoon break. Ugh!

Jane~ Thinking about meeting everyone sure will help me to loose some weight. I'll be dipped if I want you guys to see me at my worst weight. Know you wouldn't care but I would.

TeaRose~ You got it right girl even in all the confusion. My 80 yr. old mums is getting hitched. Of course she isn't your typical mom. Five facelifts and 116 lbs. sopping wet with a figure of a 20 yr. old. If she weren't my mom I'd dislike her intensely. grin You know how bad it's getting? I'm starting to look less like her SISTER and more like her mother everyday. I only looked like a daughter until I was twelve. From then on people would say "Did you call her mother? Impossible". She is a lady through and through and I love her dearly but it's been hard being compared to her all these years. Whow, this may be phyc 101. Anyway she had him sign a pre-nup so let it rip.

Jenn~ Had to laugh when you discussed your cake. My mother just called and laid that on me along with getting the entertainment booked and my being the social director for the wedding. Her next call may be to have me take the pictures. I'm tired and I'm not even the bride.

Pam~ So sorryabout Birdie. The one and only one I ever had keeled over in front of me while I was ironing. It turned out to be because of a gas leak in my apt. It could have killed my son and me. It didn't make loosing it any better that's for sure. As for your x I just don't know the situation that well but have worked with families of alcoholics and they play games quite well. You know that. He may want to be alone to go back to the booz. Maybe watching from the sideline a little longer may give you a better idea if he's serious about quitting. Then if you help it will be a good thing for you all. You'll know what's really right.

Julie~ Boy do I relate to what you're going thru. For the last 7 years I had gotten along with the gals I worked with. Even bragged about it when all the others were nipping at each other. Well, one girl decided to leave and told the big boss the reason. She also told him that I could back up everything she said. She had turned just about everyone in for not doing there work and even worse things. My immediate boss who was implicated told me that the big boss wanted to talk to me. He never did but it got around that I backed up her story. Julie for months the girls would ignore me and worse. I'd ask why and they would walk away. They are all gone but it still hurts because I cared for them. I didn't learn the reason why they acted that way for months afterward. I'm not the same open person as I was before and just do my job with my residents. I would sooner work with a group of men then women any day. Good luck Julie

Christi~ I listen to you tell about the snow, rain cloudy dull day and I think how great it would be to have one of those 'OPEN THE BOOK DAYS" and curl up under a blanket and read. Sometimes I think the weatherman has a recording he puts on here in Florida everyday because it seldom changes .Fall and winter- Sunny, warm, mid 70's. Spring-Summer sunny hot mid 90's See, we're never happy are we? You sound like a great reader. Do you like bios or fiction? I'm into reading about the Presidents wives. Some of them were smarter than the Pres. and that's scary.

To everyone else a good day to you all. CHOW till tomorrow


02-08-2005, 10:40 PM
Marti~ Sorry. Missed your post. Didn't go back far enough. Yeh, the gazzelle is so much less strenuous than a treadmill and more fun. Whow, a half hour?. You're doing good. I started off with just 5 and now am up to 15 and 20 some days. I put it in front of my tv and try to forget I'm working out. It's great. Have a happy. Diane

Tea Rose
02-08-2005, 11:11 PM
Hi Diane
Wow I'm perceptive and good looking :lol: "FIVE FACELIFTS" jeez a loo, I bet she can pull her socks up when she smiles :lol: wow, I was hoping for maybe one in my lifetime, and I don't know if I will ever have the courage to do it ,or the money, but if she's happy good for her. They can do some pretty amazing things , I heard a plastic surgeon on tv say you can look 30 forever. Well good for your Mom , I hope her Marriage is happy and successful and the pre-nup is a good idea. Congratulations on your being good today and doing your exercises, its so hard isn't it , to stay focused, Its even harder giving up all the goodies :corn:, I mean thats why they call them goodies , :chockiss: cause there good,:burger: and I for one like them. I am starting again tomorrow, giving it an honest try, I want these 30 lbs gone, I know I will feel better, and I even might look better, well thats a matter of opinion I guess and then I can go shopping for some new clothes. I don't want to be carrying this weight around this spring and summer so I had better get a move on haden't I. So you have warm weather all the time, I think although we complain about the cold ,and snow and ice and slush , I would miss the winter, I think its in our nature to complain , don't you. I do love the snow, regardless.I am like a little kid when the first snowfall comes , and the bigger the snowflakes the bigger the kid' :lol: I would imagine that reading about the presidents wives is pretty interesting , but are you really surprized, that some are smarter than the men :lol: If your giving up goodies for 40 days (does that include 40 nights to) :lol: then I will to, we can do this , I know we can :cheer: I have a gazelle to and I love it I just have to use it now. Well I suppose I had better go check on my baby kittens, make sure they are safe and sound in their beds, where I hope to be soon , not in theirs in my own, :lol: Well night for now,
Susan where are you , don't make me come out there,:lol:
Hi to all you other girls where ever you are, if I don't get to sleep I may be back.

02-09-2005, 12:18 AM
Hi Ellen -

omg- where did all the new members come from??? Wonderful and welcome to

Jenn -Diane and Doreen!! :cheers: :cheers: :hat: :cp: :jeno:

I am fine. I am here. Wish you would come out to Oregon and visit me Ellen!!
Rocky kind of bent my nose out of joint with his talk today of "Kris wanting to go to California this summer"

and my own thoughts are "excuse me but isn't the priority me and Gaby moving there??" or at the very least Rocky visiting Oregon.

Even his sister said that..........why are we letting Kris decide???? :shrug: my idea is that he is the :idea: baby:bb:

not that I am a judge :judge:

I always thought of myself as the .........:queen: QUEEN BEE

haha.....anyway, I just said "let me know what you are doing".

The parenting class went ok. I made it down in one piece. Mike hasn't even taken the class ( I thought he had ) and he has had 3 times to get it done....I thought the papers said 15 days within filing ( he filed back in mid November), but what do I know?????? Call me Perry, just don't call me Shirley.....

anywho.....back to work......

02-09-2005, 08:19 AM
Good Morning ladies.....

Wanted to come in and say that I more than likely won't make it to chat. I just got home and it's almost 4:30. I'm tired and I'm sure I won't be up by 11:00! But if for some reason something wakes me up....I'll be there.

Ellen--No way....we want the whole enchillada! You share a photo w/your head included! :D My grandpa made a mini dresser (as I call it) it's like a file cabinet w/doors. Very pretty. Plus he made a bunch of other items.....all so nice! I will take a photo soon and share.

Diane--I also put my gazelle in front of the TV and work out. I've been working my way up to 40 mins on it. I want to have a nice backside someday! :D :D :D I start out slow then work up the pace. By the time I'm done I'm all worn out and sweaty and ready for a shower!!

Susan--It's different for each parent to take the class. One has 15days after filing the papers and the other has 30days. It depends on who did the filing. How complicated it all must seem since you two aren't even married! That's whats getting me......

Ok....I NEED TO SLEEP!! So....

Good night girls

02-09-2005, 12:18 PM
:coffee2: Good AM to everyone.

Marti, how wonderful to have such lovely momentos from your Grandfather. I have a ceder chest and a Grandfathers clock my Dad made and they are very dear to me.The clock was made from black oak logs sent to him from a friends ranch in Ohio. Both peices are amazing. I have so much admiration for those who can creat with their hands.

Ellen, need pics of you and the babies. They must be so big by now and I have no idea what you look like.

Julie, it seems that no matter how old we get some people will still stay immature. The high school click your facing at work is such an example.

Susan, everytime he postpones or doesn't do what he's suppose to he looks bad and you look even better, so celibrate.

Jane,Cristi, Doreen,Jenn,Angie,A big yahooo to you. All this talk of a gazelle has made me want to investigate if perhaps I need one. :chin:


02-09-2005, 12:34 PM
Hi ladies, :)

I've only got a few minutes, and there are just too many posts to comment on, lol. So I'll just say hello, and hope you have a great day.


02-09-2005, 01:06 PM
Good morning!

I'm going to be around for chat maybe I'll "see" some of you there!

Other than that, not much else going on today... need to catch up around the house -- again! Wasn't I just talking about how I cleaned up this weekend...didn't last long, lol!

Nice to see so many new folks......

Later, chickies

02-09-2005, 01:20 PM
Hey Girls!!!

Well I think I have to say ditto to Jane here, there are a lot of posts to keep up with!!!

JENN: The dress is beautiful!!!! I hope everything goes well!!! My boyfriend and I have been engaged for two years on Valentines Day!!! Still havent got off our butts to plan a wedding yet......

DIANE: Thanks for the uplift....Thats terrible how people are always looking to put the blame on others, that was wrong of your former co worker to give your name to vouch for her without consulting you first to begin with...Some people just dont care I guess!!!

SUSAN: I have to agree with Pam on this one, everytime Mike blows things off he is making himself look even worse...So stick to your guns and do the right thing......He's gonna get whats coming his way!!!

ELLEN: What is all of this about picture of boys??? I didnt see it...LOLLOL...
And I think Marti's right, we want to see a picture of you with face and all!!Maybe we should all dig out some current photos!!!

Hello to Cristi, Doreen, Marti, Pam,Katy, and anyone else who pops in...
Im on my lunch break, and after work Im going to my step aerobics class, cant wait. I absolutely love it, and the instructor is awesome.... Since I started going back to the gym, Ive been doing really well, with my exercise, food and everything..Hoping this all gets me down to where I want to be!!!
Good Afternoon to you all
Julie :smug:

02-09-2005, 02:04 PM
Good morning ladies!

Thanks so much for the compliments on the dress! I promise that next time I have to put it on for something, I will have whoever I'm with take a better picture so I don't need to crop my "mid word face" out ;)

Sorry that I keep doing this 'fly-by" kinda of posts but I'm always doing this at work :^: I just got on here now because I have been dealing with some stomach issues all morning.

Just a note about the Gazzelle... I used to have one too! I loved it and then when I left my apartment I didn't have room to do it... I used to put it in the middle of my living room, but in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and go to town... That song "everybody can-can" would really get me going... I'd go as long as a could at a fast pace and then do a cool down... It's a great machine.

02-09-2005, 05:22 PM
WOW, so many posts since yesterday!

Sorry I missed Chat. Thought I would be done with shopping and errands but it took longer than expected.

Ellen~of course I still want to see and hear your sons song! I too love all kinds of music and have since I was young. My family would listen to me sing in the car or at home. I would sing in the car and they would turn the radio down and I wouldn't even notice till someone said something. Of course when I was young my parents listened to oldies and country music which I still love to this day. I passed the music on to the kiddos also which I am gld because a day without music is boring! DD also would sing int he car when she was small. So cute! She really got down to! Now about this painting dilema...have you thought about putting the red at the bottom and the cream on top? I think that would be nice. It wouldn't be so heavy or too much especially if you break it up with a chair rail. Did you say you were going to do a chair rail? Oh your poor birdies...isn't it funny how they love different kinds of music? And the names Kiwi and Chico are so cute! I have been wanting a canary for the longest time, still do. DH said he will get me one one day. My Aunt always had one and it was always singing, so cute they are. Of course it and her kitties were her and my Uncle's babies. They never had children, not sure if they chose not to or couldn't. But I have loved canaries since. The finches we had were given to us by a family DH#1 worked for. They had an aviary in their back yard and raised birds but these they had in their house, as well as a parrot which scared me when I went over there, and two love birds. The only bird they were keeping was the parrot. She even tried to give me the love birds! Anyway...My reading too has to do with my moods sometimes. Once in a while it is the book that bores me and I can't finish. This one however, caught my attention for some reason and I will finish it. It is not my normal read but the reviews were good. They even say it is a little slow at first and I know that it is all going somewhere.

Jenn~there is a thread that tells the days and times of Chat. I can't keep the times straight half the time because of the different time zones, but when I do remember I don't seem to make it. On Wednesday it is at 1 pm for me, central time. Not sure what it is on Thursday because my favorite shows are on and I have yet to make it there. I think I did one time. Your wedding dress is BEAUTIFUL!! You are going to be a gorgeous bride on your wedding day! And the bouquet is going to be pretty up against that dress. I wish I would have gotten the wedding dress I wanted. I settled because we were having it at home and only a few people were going to be there, very few. So I can't wait till my DD gets married so she can have the wedding I never had and I promised her I would not take control!

Diane~I like to read all kinds of stuff. Don't care much for history stuff and definitely don't like science fiction but other than that...mainly though I like to read fiction, non-fiction, self-help/inspirational and a few bios. I have Hilary Clintons book just haven't read it yet. Also, have Bill's book. I love the Clintons especially since being a native Arkansan, even though I have lived most of my life in CA. Anyway, haven't gotten to reading them yet because I always see something that looks really good and jump on it. I've got four books on my table waiting to be read first so maybe I will get to those after these four. Your mother sounds amazing! I love to see older people so energetic and up.

Marti~I will leave the fish tacos to you girly! :) I bet they are good. I'm glad your grandpa is getting along fine. I remember when my grandma died, my grandpa couldn't take it. He wandered around CA for a while lost and then ended up back in AR. He lived with us for a while and almost burned the house down. Then went to stay with my Aunt and left the gas on in her house. We think he was purposely trying to kill himself-he really didn't want to live and no one else in the family would take him but us and my Aunt. So he ended up in a nursing home and died there at 60 something. Really to young to die but he had given up a long time ago and I think was ready to go be with my grandma. V's mom did the same. his step-dad died and his mom gave up and died almost a year to the date of him dying. She just didn't want to live either, she was only 63. So sad :(

Susan~hmmmm...not sure what to say about the Rocky/Kris situation. I would definitely think a visit to OR would be a priority. Hopefully Rocky can see that and not let Kris have what Kris wants. Surely if they went to CA they plan a visit to see you right? Well...I have to agree with Pam about the Mike issue-he definitely is making you look like the better parent by not doing what he is supposed to. I think too if this goes on long enough he will give up and quit fighting you on this.

Pam~hope your birdie likes the fake bird. I never heard about using a fake bird but that is a great idea especially would have been in our case after the new bird killed Ernie!

Katy~yeah, I think housecleaning is a daily chore! One I am growing to hate. V told me to get a maid and I suppose eventually I will get around to it. Just would like someone to do the big stuff and come in like twice a month. At the same token though I don't really care for strangers in the house.

Okay ladies this is getting long so I will say Hi to the rest of you, Jane, Julie and anyone I missed that posted. Also, HI to everyone else wherever you may be, Angie, Sue, Doreen, Katiecat :wave:

I did the shopping thing this morning, Wal-mart and thought I would run by Michaels and see if they have any Easter stuff. Mainly a wreath for the front door. Don't care that Easter is in March this year, seems too early. Had to run to the post office to get some things mailed. Sent my nieces, the twins Brittany & Tiffany and Sarah Jane a Valentine card and some candy. I went a couple of weeks ago for the new LOVE stamps and was told they are not going to be in the post offices till the 18th! What!! Umm, they have always sold them before Valentines Day so what is up with that? Oh well, my cards went out without the pretty love stamps. :( Speaking of cards...Doreen, Diane & Jenn-some of us ladies exchange cards and would love to include you all. So if you would like to share your address with us PM it to us. Of course it is probably too late to get a V-Day card to ya but Easter is coming up. :) Well, ladies need to get going this post has taken me forever. Gotta go get a couple loads of laundry done and hide the V-Day balloons for V on Monday. Found out he has to work on Monday after all so I am a little bummed. We are going to go out Friday though. I am also going to go put the balloons, card, some heart shaped cookies in his truck about 3 pm-he'll get them at four. Then when he gets home while he is in the shower I am going to light a bunch of candles and get the champagne out! He will love it and be so surprised. :love: :cheers: Gotta go...

Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday!

02-09-2005, 06:46 PM
Cristi.I love the Clinton's to. Don't care a wit about Monica. That's for Hilery to deal with. None of my busness.

Tea Rose
02-09-2005, 07:08 PM
Hi Everyone
Ok this is the strangest thing ever, I began my post a 9:30 am and I have been trying to post all day, and it just sat there, I thought the forum was shut down or something, I was right under Marti's post when she came home from work this morning, I decided to enter the site another way and I see Pam has posted so I click on her post and I'm here and you guys have chatted all day without me and I'm sitting here like the idiot I am , still waiting for my post to clear, I wrote you girls a poem and everything and its all gone, :lol: boy are you lucky, now I have to go and read all your posts and see what I missed sitting here all day clicking my post ,:lol: I think Jane is toying with me, :lol: I will be back shortly Pam didn't you get my email.

02-09-2005, 08:06 PM
Now I'm going to catch up, so here goes...

Pam- Thanks! I didn't really get to choose my dress though as it was a gift from my sister who never got to wear it (which was a good thing). As everyone else has said, I hope the fake bird works out for you. My granny has a cockatiel (used to have 2) and she plays the radio for him when they go out so he doesn't get lonely ;)

Ellen- I didn't see any picture or anything either, did I miss it? I want to hear too!! :^: Also thank you for the dress compliment and like I said earlier, I will post a better picture (head included) as soon as I can! :) BTW, how funny are you! Don't you just love when posts go to great unknown never to be seen again? :p

Marti- I'm really glad you liked the dress, as I have said a coupke times now, I will post a better picture soon. Writing your own vows is really not that hard when you just think about all the love you have for this person and all the reason they give you to love them, the only hard part is deciding which things to use... I have only sat down at it once and everyone I asked to critique them said they were good. :D BTW, I think it is a triumph for you to look better in the dress on your honeymoon - keep up the good work!! Also, I look forward to seeing pictures of the things your grandfathermakes, they sound lovely!

Diane- Way to go with the exercising and the staying good! Since luck has nothing to do with it, I wish you all the willpower to stick with it for 40 days! BTW, your mom sounds like a real hot ticket! Since you are doing it all for her, want to come take of stuff for me too while your at it? :^: I could use a photographer ;)

Susan- Thanks for the welcome! I say stick to what you are doing as it will show that you are more serious about this than Mike... I like to think that the good guy (or gall as is the case here) usually comes out on top ;)

Julie- Thanks to you as well! I certainly hope everything goes well too! :lol: Let me know when you and your fiancee (not just a BF anymore ;) ) do start planning. I might be able to help with ideas and such since I'm doing it all right now. Make sure to talk to me about invites as I can probably get you a good deal, and I know a great DJ, so don't be afraid to ask! I hope that step aerobics went well! Keep t up and you will definitely get to where you want to be!!

Cristi- Thanks for the compliments and the chat info! Like I mentioned I didn't choose my dress, it was a gift from my sister. When I first put it on, my mom was like "Oh Jenn, that dress looks like it was made for you!" so I decided it was definitely a keeper. It fits like it was made for me too as I didn't have to have it altered at all, which was awesome! My mom's guilt trip is the only reason I am havng this wedding, and now I wish she would take some control... t the same time, being a perfectionist, it is hard to let anyonetake control of any part of it. I am sure that when it comes time, DD will welcome the help! BTW - who do I PM? You? I'd like to get involved with the card thing, yet at the same time I am afraid I'd forget with all the planning.... Let me know how you work it, thanks!!

Jane & Katy- Hope you had a wonderful day!

Well I have to go address shower invitations... My mom is throwing it and yet I had to make the invites and have to address them (Cristi - See what I mean about my mom?) She means well, but she should have aske done of my sisters to do the grunt work... My shower is supposed to be a freebie, where all I have to do is show up, look pretty, and be gracious! :lol:

Have a terrific evening ladies!

02-09-2005, 08:14 PM
Hello girls--

I'm going to try and get you all really quick since I need to get going....

Pam--My grandpa has made me many things! I have a cedar chest, a beacon bench (I think thats what its called) set of drawers and numerous other things. And I'm the one family member who hardly asks for him to make me things.....he just does it. :)

Julie--I have always wanted to take an aerobics class. But I could never find any time to go to one. Now I'm just flat out lazy! :dizzy: You're doing great!

Jenn--I have a hard time reading your post! The color is too light for me...would you mind finding a darker one? Nothing wrong w/dropping in while at work! Always good to hear from you!

Cristi--That is sad about your grandparents. My grandpa is doing surprisingly well. I think making things really helps keep him busy. But I can see him not as strong as he used to be. Our family does the best we can to keep him company too. He always has somewhere to go for dinner so he's not alone.

Ellen--Hope your post shows up! How strange that is......I want to read the poem!!! You're so good at writing them!!

Jane--Hope you have more time to post next time. Hope you have a great day!

Hello to everyone else I may have missed.

Wow....that was some fast typing on my part!! You should see my fingers...starting to cramp! :lol: (just kidding) but I need to get going.

Take care all and I will try to check in after work.

02-09-2005, 08:17 PM
Jenn--you snuck in on me! I can read your post too! :) Just wanted to say hi....I will catch w/you later!

02-09-2005, 08:27 PM
Good Afternoon....

Really Ellen I vote with everyone else a face with your picture is a must. We already know how beautiful you are :)

Sitting here munching on a cookie. Waiting for

I must say that pic of the wedding dress was pretty. Was that Jenn's??? Anyway, very pretty.

Mike called last night :fr: :fr: :smoking: :devil: I had sent him the pictures of Gaby last weekend. He left a message saying thanks to me and this long mushy gag me with a spoon message to Gaby.

How cute she was, how much he loves her, how much he misses her and how he is sending her some presents later this week and how he hopes to see her soon and he wants a really big hug when he does,,,,,,,,,,,,,*waaaaah *waaaaaah

Gaby listened and ran away to the living room. lol

Not sure where he gets the idea he will see her soon. Going to be months the way this thing is going unless he agree's to some visitation plan and takes that class.
As far as I know we are heading for a custody evaluation...... Maybe.....hope the letter from my lawyer sways the judge to the insanity of the whole thing.

I am pmsing Cristi. I am keeping my mouth shut on Kris and his thoughts of vacation time this summer. Rocky has his family in July in Hawaii. Kris just wants to fish, heck.....Oregon has better fishing.
Anyway- Rocky has his hands full - lol.......he really needs some backbone and stand up to nana and his son......

anyway- boss is back!! best get...........did I miss chat?? It is 4:30 here.....

02-09-2005, 09:35 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Jenn - I, too, am having trouble reading your light type. Blame it on old age, lol. Marti's eyes are tired, but mine are just old! LOVE your flowers and dress - just gorgeous!!!! Neal and I got married outdoors in September (almost 19 years ago) - very simple and very sweet. All of us here love hearing about your plans. My son got engaged at Christmas, so I'm hearing from my future DIL (Gina) all about the things available to brides now. Btw, I hope your future MIL loves you as much as I do Gina. She is a true sweetheart and the best thing that ever happened to my son.

Pam - sorry about your bird! It's funny that the male bird doesn't know the difference from the one that passed away, and a fake one, lol.

Diane - you spelled mama correctly. My way was just a variation. The reason I thought it was an acronym was because it was in caps. Hey, I see where you're from Florida. I've been down 5 times visiting Mickey, and Neal and I are going in 1 year to the gulf side. It will be our first retirement trip!

Julie - actually, it was SIL who had surgery, but thanks for asking, sweetie. Don't worry about the old bats you work with. They're probably just jealous!

Cristi - If I sleep past 7:30, I feel like a slug all day. No matter how late I go to bed, I'm up with the chickens, lol. It spit snow here off and on all day. Hope we don't get any more this year. I've had enough now, lol. Dale had a misshapen disc in his neck, and that's why they put in the bone from his hip. Poor guy! And Poor Mary now has 4 kids to take care of, instead of 3, lol!

Ann - so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday!! So Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Hope it was a good one and that you had lots of fun.

Ellen - Oh yeah, I like the idea of National Jaded Ladies Day. If there's a parade, I get to be the Queen, ok? You can be my lady-in-waiting! Btw, it ain't me who's messing with your posts!! I truly don't know what's going on with that....

Marti - I think you mean a Deacon's Bench. They were origially used in the back of churches for the deacons to sit during the service before they took up the collections. I hope you do share some photos of your grandpa's work.

Susan - cute pictures of Gaby that Katy forwarded!

Katy - sorry I missed chat. Did anyone show up?

Angie - miss you! Hope you and the fam are well, and all is fine.

Well, I mailed out my valentines today, ladies. Hope it was early enough for you girls in Canada! Diane, Jenn and Doreen - you'll need to PM me your snail mail addresses to be included on the next bunch of cards I send out... which will probably be Easter... but may be your birthday cards or Christmas cards, lol. If you aren't comfortable with sharing that info, that's ok, with no hard feelings! I always respect a Jaded Lady's privacy.

I've been doing computer research on 2 trips I'll be taking. One for next Feb. to Florida with Neal, and the 2nd one is to Ireland with my friend for a year from May. Both are very exciting!! The Ireland one is going to be bittersweet, though, because as much as I want to go, I've never been away from Neal for more than 1 night at a time.

Have a good evening!

Tea Rose
02-09-2005, 10:07 PM
Hi Again Everyone:wave:
This is beginning to feel like deja vu , here I am under Marti's post again, this better work ,:lol: I was awakened this morning quite early , now lets see if I can fill you in with my newest composition

I was sleeping so soundly
All snug in my bed
I was dreaming of painting
My living room red
I awoke a bit startled
Now what could it be
Although it was warm
It felt foreign to me
And what to my wondering
Eyes Should appear
No , it wasn't Santa
And eight tiny reindeer
So if wasn't Santa
Then what could it be
Oh no it was Milo
And he wee wee'd on me.
You know It seems like I just got my kids potty trained now I have to start all over again with Maddie and Milo.:lol;
Ah you new girls are finally getting a taste of the nuttiness of Ellen. I had so much to say this morning now I can't remember any of it, and it really doesn't apply anymore since the day is over.:lol:

Hi Marti :wave: I was thinking about the picture, you know I'm pretty much the same as anyone else , two heads, three eyes ,a nose , one ear and a wig,so really you don't need a picture of me do you.:lol: I was thinking of leaving by body to science someday, and I really shouldn't spoil.the surprize by exposing myself to the world just yet.:lol:

Hi Julie :wave:
Now I know how to get your attention :lol: keep up the good work with your program, it sounds like you are really committed.

Hi Pam :wave:
Did you get my email where I was telling you how I couldn't post my post, and I was doing a minute by minute commentary , which turned into an all day job :lol: I was sitting here talking away waiting for someone to let me in , and all the while you girls were talking amongst yourselves.This indeed is a sad moment for me :lol: When is Eddie coming home,? How did you make out with the fake bird, I was thinking what about a fake man, Angie gave her friend one for her birthday I think it was , He could keep you company till Eddie comes home, and then you could pass him over to Taco Bell :lol:

Hi Cristi:wave:
Oh Cristi I have giving it so much thought , on the top, on the bottom , Paint girls I'm talking about paint,:lol: I have chair rail already, and I have considered all my options, I think I'm afraid I will panic once I get it all done, and have to start all over again.I think I will stay safe ,although somewhat boring, I think I will add colour through florals, I have large candleabra's that are deep red glass with red crystals and beads. so maybe I will stick to them for the red accent. I don't think I'm as brave as I used to be, I have done all the painting for 30 years and although I don't mind doing it , its a lot of work, moving furniture, then all the taping and cleaning up and it gets a little harder every time I do it, not to mention I have to do the porch railings and trims and the wrap around porch and fence this spring, so I have my work cut out for me this year.I may use the red somewhere else, maybe the main bath, but we will see. Are you dissappointed in me :lol: I could paint it , post pictures and then repaint :lol: I have gone back and forth for days now, yes/no yes/no I have been driving myself crazy, because I love the colour,but its very intense, and I need caaaaaaaaaaaaalm at this stage of my life. Ah jee that sounds old,doesn't it. I had two canaries , I loved the way the sang, but I found them fragile, I had the best luck with the cockateils , they lasted quite a few years, but they were noisy especially at 4-5 am when everyone was trying to sleep:lol:although they didn't seem to mind to much.Oh no when is Valentines Day I haven't even thought about it, I just checked the date :yikes: by the time I get out to get the cards and mail them out, you girls won't even get them on time now, You would think with all this red paint business Valentines day would have crossed my mind.Ah your doing balloons and everything for V how sweet and romantic are you. Two years ago I help my son plan his Valentine surprise for Girlfriend,set the table with candles and flowers , made the meal decorated the cake then went to my room :lol: Are you sure you want to hear the songs, Marti didn't respond I think she may still be in shock,:lol: I was thinking if I had to prewarn everyone maybe it wasn't a good idea,:lol:

Hi Jane:wave:
You would have laughed at me if you could have seem me sitting here clicking post quick reply all day , wondering why it wasn't posting, I even did a minute by minute commentary while I waited but it turned into and hour by hour,:lol: firefox is irritating sometimes, so I went explorer route ,How is Dale doing , I hope he isn't in to much pain ,((HUGS )))

Hi Jenn:wave:
Poor Jenn you have only touched on the surface of me,:lol: the girls will tell you, I am nuttier than a fruitcake, Yes someday you to will get a poem by Ellen.:lol: Jenn what everyone is talking about is that I posted songs by my sons very heavy metal band, and on the site were a few pictures .I deleted the link because I was afraid I might give the girls a heart attack,:lol: I knew Pam loved heavy music , so I posted it for her,and her son, but I feared for the health and safety of the rest of my girls.:lol:

Hi Susan:wave:
I want to come visit you , that would be so much fun , just think I could annoy the heck out of you,:lol: Sorry about your nose , did you put some ice on it, I have had my nose bent out of shape occassionally and I didn't enjoy it much either:lol: Men what can I say that hasen't already been said :chin: Lots I bet,but I must be nice,:lol: I am glad you got out of the parenting class alive.I don't understand why they have you jumping through hoops when Mike makes it more and more obvious that Gaby isn't a priority. I have a hard time understanding the way this system works, I will be so happy when this is all over for you. (((Hugs)))

Hello to everyone else , hope your having a great night
I have to go call my Sweet Old Auntie before she goes to sleep so I will be back in a bit, Hold your breath till I get back,:lol:

Jane not really surprizing about the male bird not knowing it was fake, :lol: still Jaded after all these years:lol: ummm you know I was kidding about the posts right,:lol:

02-09-2005, 10:12 PM
Ireland sounds like a wonderful place Jane,how did you decide on that destination?

Thanks about the pictures of Gaby. I pick them up this Friday, her birthday is next Wednesday, she will be 3 - how time flies. She really has a sweet spirit about her.

I was mean about her father earlier. I am sure he loves her in his own way.

I was also mean about California Fishing. I am sure there is wonderful fishing in it's own way. lol......sheesh,,,,,,that is all the amends I can do in one night.

btw- where is Angie??? where is Shanna???

Happy Belated Birthday Ann!! :gift:

Thanks Cristi for the Valentines card, very sweet of you.

k- back to work...

02-09-2005, 10:22 PM
wow Ellen I was minding my own business typing away and you posted!!

wooo hooo. I love your composition!! You are truly an inspiration - :bravo:

You really wouldn't annoy me if you visited. That would be very nice if you did.

We could chat among ourselves and talk behind everyones back and eat real fattening food and gain a lot of weight and dish the men & fish in our lives!

It would be fun :)

Anyway, just wanted to say hello / sending warm fuzzies your way :) Don't worry , I didn't do anything for Valentines day either, I am still working on

night :)

02-09-2005, 10:58 PM
Good evening ladies~

Thought I would post tonight to try and keep up with everyone. :)

Susan~I want to know how the heck you received the card so fast?! Geez...I mailed them Monday and debated because I thought they would get to everyone too early but then thought after it took or seemed to take more than 4 days for Marti to get her BD card that it may take too long. You never can tell about the mail that's for sure. Anyway...sent them early and glad you received it so fast. Yeah, I am sure Mike loves Gaby in his own way and I do hope he comes through with the gifts promised. Sometimes when you think kids aren't paying attention they really are and I would hate to see him disappoint her. And yes, her pics are adorable. The dress is so cute! I too would probably keep my mouth shut about the Kris hard as it would be. I do think Rocky needs to put his foot down though and show both Kris and Nana who's the boss.

Jenn~I have to agree with your mom. I think the dress is perfect for you and it looks like it was made for you-looks like it fits perfect! And what a great gift from your sis. About the address you can either PM me and I will pass it along to everyone or PM anyone one of us. Anyway you want to do it. But I would love to include you, Diane and Doreen.

Ellen~of course I am sure I want to hear your sons music! And about the pic of you-who are you kidding lady...we saw your DD and she is beautiful and I bet I know where she got her beauty! Once again, a great poem. I am telling you you should have your poetry published. Know what ya mean about painting. When DH put the sample of green on the wall I looked at that in different light, different times of the day and don't know how many times I said "Husband, I don't know about that green." LOL He told me well I better make up my mind before he paints it all! :lol: The yellow was really throwing it off and when he painted it I liked it but it definitely looked different from the yellow, of course because it is green. But it looks so good with the furniture and accessories and it is not so bright like the yellow which will be good in the summer time. And now I love it! Sorry you are having trouble with your posts. I know I had my share for a while and it was driving me crazy. :crazy: But nothing like that, that is weird.

Jane~oooooo, Ireland sounds nice. Don't really have the desire to go there but had a friend who went and stayed in a castle. She liked everything about it except the weather. I see about Dale's surgery, hope he is feeling better today. You know...I have never been a morning person but was always up early when the kids were born thru high school. Now that I don't have to get up early I do my best not to! :lol: At the same time though if I sleep past 8:30 I feel like I have missed out. V is like you when he doesn't have to work, no matter what time he goes to bed he is up at the crack of dawn, can't sleep past 7-7:30.

Marti~I am glad your grandpa keeps busy and everyone visits him. I think that helped my grandpa live as long as he did. When he went to the nursing home we always visited him and he enjoyed those visits. But when we would leave he would cry.

Pam~me too, love the Clintons but can do without ever hearing about that Monica girl! Who? :lol:

Anyway...HI to everyone else. :wave:

I am going to go figure out my voicemail on my cell and do a message, or try to. Don't like messing with them and had V put in everyone's phone numbers. Then I am going to do some reading. So...everyone have a good evening. Nighty, night......

02-09-2005, 11:10 PM
You like the dress Cristi?? I bought it at Value Village for $4.99, I was going to snip the flowers off the short sleeves but thought better of it. She is so cute, might trim her hair up to her shoulders though.

She smeared yogurt all over her today. Into everything!

He really does need to stand up to nana,,,,,,bidding my is going to come bursting out sometime

wow - mail was fast!! Gaby held it in the car, she thought it was "purdy"....

02-09-2005, 11:40 PM
Oh Ellen... I had a quick-witted sentence written in my previous post about the men and not knowing "fake", but deleted it, lol!! :rofl: Btw, fyi, if you click on post reply instead of doing a "quick reply", you have more options in your post. But you probably already knew that....

Tea Rose
02-09-2005, 11:44 PM
Hi Again :wave:
Susan I guess its easy to go on the attack ,all those emotions ,working overtime, I'm sure he does love Gaby, its just annoying , the way he is going about showing it. The most important thing is Gaby, she deserves. a chance to have a happy life ,preferrably with the love and care of both her parent. I wish this could be resolved without any damaging effects on any of you, I luvs you Susan ((( Hugs))) As far as Kris goes, your fighting an uphill battle , trying to change that situation, I think its a lose lose situation until Rocky steps up and takes some control. End of Sermon , I commends your ammends :lol: I like your plan for my visit I will start packing, and as far as valentines Day I'm still working on Christmas or the effects of Christmas too,:lol: so your not alone there, Have a great night and warm fuzzies right back at you.
Jane ~my daughters best friend moved to Ireland 5 years ago , she met a young man at school in Toronto and married him . He came from Ireland to go to school , so they went back for a visit and stayed there, to the dismay of her parents since she is an only child. My daughter would love to go for a visit but she's afraid to fly, but she is considering it now that she has her sweetie to keep her company and to make her feel safe.It sounds like you are going to be having some wonderful trips and times.
I love the Clintons to, both of them, I was really impressed when I saw Hillary on a talk show ,when they were still in the White House,and I was amazed what a warm funny and down to earth woman she was , I always knew she was intelligent and driven but it was nice to see the other side, President Clinton. well I have always admired him, minus his little fupa's but I always considered that his personal life which in my opinion no way affected his ability to function as President, and I thought a very good one. I think that should have been kept, between him and his wife, although I did sympathize with the public humilation for his family.I would love to read both their books someday soon.

02-09-2005, 11:54 PM
Just a very gentle reminder, ladies, that discussions about politics (and abortion) are verboten here at 3 Fat Chicks, as per the administrators policies. (I'm just the messenger!) Adultery, however, is not... so I guess talk of the Clintons is ok, lol, as long as we don't veer off to their political side at all. Thanks, ladies.

02-10-2005, 12:00 AM
Oh good, I will plan your visit now Ellen!

First off we go to Goodwill and look for a lovely purple/blue dress with flowers on the sleeves.

I will dress you and Gaby like you are twins :).......we will meet up with Katy at the community center and have gym time.

We will go on the teeter totter and see who weighs the most - winner gets a Ding Dong - loser gets a Ding Dong.

I like win

UGH!!! He is going to HAVE to. Balls in his court. Yesterday I was going to call him and say "I really don't think you are ready to move on and have a relationship."

Though I am willing to see and watch but I could never go to Hawaii with this up in the air, be stupid on my part.
Though he is a sweetie and I love him.

best get!!

02-10-2005, 12:09 AM
Hold on a sec.... hop on over to Chit Chat #111... see you there!