Carb Counters - What to eat while at school plus an intro/newbi

02-05-2005, 11:25 PM
I am new to lo-carb. I am not following a strict Atkins but using him as a guide. Anyways, 2 days a week I am at school all day leaving the house at 9:30am and I don't get home 'till 9pm that night. I eat breakfast at home oviously but I am at a loss for foods to take with me to school (there are no microwaves for the students, big university with no microwaves, go figure).

I can take a salad and like string cheese but what else? It can't be anything complicated because I also have a 30 pound backpack to haul around with me all day and I normally dont get a real break to eat until 3pm. It is just hard to do this when I am at school all day like this.

One good thing that really keeps me motivated: Both my parents are type 2 diabetics (not overweight or anything) and I have had higher than normal blood sugar levels since my first pregnancy 7 years ago (my girls are almost 7 and 3). Well normally my fasting levels are anywhere from 110-125 which is in the pre-diabetic range. After eating low carb all day yesterday I got up and check my blood sugar like normal and it was 99!!!! I was SO excited! My levels have not been that normal since before I had my first daughter (I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies). I am hoping once I get down to a more normal weight (I'm 5'7" and weigh 179lbs) my blood sugar will kinda stabalize on it's own.

Anyways, nice to meet you all :)

02-05-2005, 11:44 PM
Skinny: Some people like pork rinds (but watch the type you buy because some have more carbs than others). You could also take along jerky. Just a couple other ideas of what you could bring along with the cheese and such.
Welcome and come join us on the daily thread....if you have time. Sounds like you're a busy person. We're here if ya have questions or need support :)

02-06-2005, 01:16 AM
Wow- what a schedule!
When I was doing atkins, I took Brendas suggestions and also hard boiled eggs ( they keep well), nuts, and cans of vienna sausages....

02-06-2005, 08:11 AM
Welcome SkinnyMini :)

Cold chicken, celery sticks w/pnut butter, turkey bacon (make it at home first and it travels really well).

The stores now carry small freezable ice packs that are pretty light weight and should last you until 3 pm. I have a few that I got in Kmart.