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02-05-2005, 06:19 AM
Well good morning
I can happily report working out 5 days straight. I am to work out again today and have been playing mind games with myself since yesterday about it. I must just do it. Sunday is my day of rest. I increase my w/o time by 2 mins for both aerobic and strength training on monday.
I successfully only had coffee at my weekly sacketts harbor trip. A major milestone. Still lacking on the water though. A totally OP day yesterday! The key was keeping busy. The scale still hasn't moved. :( I am wondering about fluid and if my cals are too low. Clothes are fitting better. :dance:

Susan how are things with you? Were you able to get to the gym? I hope things get better at work. ANd yes delgation is an imporatnt supervisory tool. It just is really hard to do.

Pam how are you feeling? miss your posts and hearing about your spring weather.

Lisa how are you?

Hey lurkers are welcome to our little group

02-06-2005, 06:56 AM
Good sunday morning
Still OP, didn't workout yesterday. It's supposed to be nice enough and I am thinking of snowshoeing. That would still keep me in compliance with bootcamp rules. except I only got in 1 of 2 extra workouts last week. Shouldn't have left them both for the end of the week. Will get on the scale tomorrow.
Next week must increase time of aerobic and strength training by 2 mins. I like following the rules. It keeps me thinking that it is only so long. I can do it.

How is everyone else?

02-06-2005, 10:18 AM
Pat I like that boot camp that you are doing. I went to the gym 2 days this week and did running for the swim meet for about 5 hours yesterday so my legs got a good walking workout but I shal say not enough. I am desperatly cleaning today and fear the gym is not in the books it may be later on but not at this time. if I get enough done then yes it will. I have to work at 3 am tonight so monday is out for me. BUT . . . I am planning on going on mon evening t o a new gym to try it. OP was not in the book for me yesterday but soon I will be there. today I had 3 soft boiled eggs on 2 thin slices of bread total of 20 carbs for the both so it is a start. I feel better and not yet to i feel the surge of energy when OP but that will be subtle for me this time as I am over doing so much already I will finally feel that it is not too much.

2 more min?? I like that idea. weekly adding 2 min to my cardio I am up to 10 on the elipitical but that only is counting 2 days!! LOL

Pat do not go by what the acale shows as you would easily gain rather than lose when building muscles especially fi you are not in shape or eating a low amo9unt of cals. the clothes fitting better is going to be your key to everything. as long as they are looser and better fitting then that is what you need to go by. Remember muscle weighs more than fat and is denser. so if you were to take a glop of 1 lb of fat the same size muscle would weigh as much as 5 lbs. so if you are trading muscle for fat do not pay attention to the scale.

that is my tip for the day!!

Off to clean some more.

02-07-2005, 06:44 AM
Hey Sue! Thansk for the boost!Gradual is good! We have had schools close up here due to teh flu. If you want you can go to Oprahs website and get the boot camp plan.
I hope you too are feeling better. A couple of people I know went back to work too soon and only got it back worse than before.

I did snowshoe yesterday! it was 52 degress here and as much as I tried talking myself out of it you really don't get that kind of weather here in Feb. Looks like we are back to reality this week thjough!

I am off to workout, didn't sleep all that great last night.

Hey Pam how are you feeling?

02-08-2005, 06:08 PM
Day 9 of Bootcamp. DId my second w/o of today. that leaves 5 more between today and sat. The scale is about to be thrown out the window! Got all my water in and have been OP. Think I'll try for thurs eve. for my double. Have to admit that eating OP kept my PMS symtoms down. As well as less arthritis pain! You would think that would keep me honest and OP wouldn't you?
DH is doing better food wise too. that has helped.

Well enough about me, how is everyone else doing?

Sue have you tried teh new gym? How is work? Getting enough sleep?

Pam my dear can't wait till you feel good enough to post.

Hope you both are able to check in soon

02-08-2005, 06:48 PM
What is sleep???

I did a 18 hour shift just when I was ready to head home (at the end of 12 hours) I was asked if I could hang out as they were very short and needed me to Sup. I did and hoped it was going to be only for 2 hours or so but as it looked it was for all night. almost.

and the gal that has pneumonia who works night shift is out for another week atleast we think more. so that means a few more 3 am shifts. (My b ack up plan is taking her boards on thursday and I pray to God she passes. She is good and smart but really has minimal confidence so I just pray it comes to her this test. once that is done then I can relax a min and get back to work.

OP well almost, and water I am still not sure what color it is. Exercise ??I am trying I did get t o the gym this am and did an upperbody workout. Feel great, I have not tried the new one as I was supposed ot go yesterday and we know what ahppened to that. so hope soon to try it out. my YMCA is closed the womans locker room roe painting so I will have to clear out wed so they can paint the lockers great time to try the new gym!!!

Yes Pat throw the scale out it is not your friend.

02-09-2005, 06:15 AM
My god girl, when are you going to catch a break? I take it there is no union contract there? That you even are trying to stay OP is totally awesome! I'll tell you though as you talk I really don't miss those days! I used to prefer teh night shift, less trouble. But my body clock didn't! It will soon be over. Don't end up like your sick employee though! Try and take care of yourself too.

02-09-2005, 07:03 PM
still here and no break from work. I think I will go home early tomorow ans catch some sleep. I think a night shift is in the plans for me on thursday night.

Not much I realized I am having the carb withdrawl headach. I am gald I figured that one out as I was ready to eat anything just to get rid of it. BUT>>>>>> good sign

exercise is not in the plans for this week. at this time I can not see how I can get there!!!

02-09-2005, 09:00 PM
Just got back from the gym and did a quick but deadly lower body workout. could not resisit!! :D (I am almost BACK)

02-10-2005, 06:11 AM
That is awesome!!!! A workout that you didn't plan , you are so close I can feel it. Or is that my lower regions?? Oh well, it doesn't matter LOL. Carb head ache is a good sign. That the chains of carb **** are falling free! WAY TO GO SUE!!! Can't wait til you are off the nightshift as I remeber it it is like going thru a carb mine field. So it is doubly awesome that you have been doing well.

I am on day 11 of Boot camp. Got 3 bottles of water in yesterday. ATE terrifically OP and am pressing forward with my w/os. Today is a double w/o. I keep fantasizing about my treat. I get 1 treat a month. SO thinking about it helps. The scale moved so that I am almost back to my little thing at the bottom of my posts.

You keep holding on!! You're almost there. Thanks for helping me get to where I am!

Pam, are you better yet?

02-11-2005, 05:46 AM
I had a couple of slices of toast yesterday before I realized it, but other than that I have been OP!!!! (kids saved me before I could have more than 3 I was dunking it in my coffee when they called and needed a ride to work. they missed the taxi.

I am off to try the new gym this am as the Y is closed (the womens health center) I do not like showering in the kids locker, it is to scarry for them to see a huge naked lady. SO I will tryi ti out this AM.

OP yesterday for exercise and water. I am getting dragon breath that is a great sign!!! I just can not talk to anybody. LOL

Stress at work is becoming unbearable. I will explain more later this weekend when I have more time to sort things out and make a decison.

02-11-2005, 06:13 AM
Good morning,

Way to go!, I am glad you are getting dragon breath! A good sign, I hate showering at any gym as no one should have to see this body! Hated gym in school! I am sorry about the extra work stress. As boss it comes with too much already! Hope you are able to get rested before you have to make any decisions!

I am 12 days in bootcamp! I did 2 work out yesterday! got my water in and was OP except for a scoop of fried potos @dinner. No worse for wear this am.

Working on our new computer. Trying to get used to my DH other woman!

Try and have a good OP day talk w/you this weekend
I only have 2 more w/o's and then an off day!

02-11-2005, 05:41 PM
Hello Darlins..... Well this week my weight remained the same. Not suprising as the medications (well two of them) are high frutrose corn syrup based. Yes I broke down and went to the doctor. He laughed at me. I was indignate that he couldn't find me a non liquid (low carb) medication. Yesterday was the first day I was awake all day. So I am up and about somewhat. For me anyway. LOL Megan put a bird feeder outside of my window and what a pleasure to watch all the birds! Thhe redheaded woodpecker was so beautiful. The orange breasted robins, yellow and purple finches, titmouse, cardinals, thrushes and a myrid of others danced before my eyes. Such a lovely sight. The sad piece of my life at the moment is that we are losing the last of our outside cats...Bessy. Bess has either been poisoned or a larger animal has hurt her.
She calls for me. I held her the other day. She just wanted to be in my arms. I have prayed for her so if she lives I shall be very happy if not I have commend her spirit to God and asked for her to be with my other children of the fur. Dad will see to them until the time I am there with them. I wish I had the funds to care for all the animals that show up here but it is not possible.Bessy was born here and as sad as it is I can do little other than let her know I love her. If I had been blessed with great wealth I would have my own vet and care for every animal possible. I must see to my friends and family first. Bessy is in Gods hands.
So anyway, I am 37 days op (except for meds.) I have not lost another pound nor have I gained so I am not concerned. This week shall be better as I have one more dose of sugared meds to take and I am done! I wasn't about to let this temporary problem mess up my opness! 338 and holding! This week hopefully more weigh loss!
Pat, it is ok, I haven't been starving, honestly. Just not doing carbs. Once in a while I will have 5 carb bread but not on a daily basis. I have dropped the low carb goodies and all carbs for the most part. Water is going well and I am established in my 128 oz's a day. I do love my coffee though! The sun is out today though it is brisk. We are planning our garden as it will shortly be time for planting. Nature is slowly beginning to wake from it's peaceful sleep. Lillies are popping up everywhere letting s know spring will soon be upon us.The air is fresh and crisp winter is not leaving gracefully. Spring shall have to grap winter by the feet and drag her out but Spring is already pushing.
Mom is not eating much but is stable so far. My Tony has had a painful kidney infection but is ok now though he will be on cipro for a while. Sissy is going to have to see the doctor as ahe has an infection in her neck. A bite or scratch has become infected.As often as we disinfect I can't understand all the feline infections. Poor babies. My old Tasha is going to make to 19 and I hope to 20 years of age. She is doing well so far. Oh My dear Ones you should hear the birds singing they are in rare form today. We have to completely drain out the pool and clear the debris Ivan left, scrub it down and begin again. Hubby just bought the pump we need for dirty water.
Spring brings a lot of work too!!!! Take care my dears . Talk to you soon.

02-11-2005, 08:23 PM
I am back guys and holding on. I did exerciise today and enjoyed the new gym. I did some thing too much though I did this dangly thing from my arms and well 200+ lbs from my lower half is too much for this old back it pulls the veertebre too far apart so now I am aching a bit but I feel a good bed sleep will cure that. My upper body will be feeling this one just like my legs to from yesterday. but it is fun I am feeling my self twitch the muscles and stir them back to life. I love that feeling.

Water yesterday I did take in enough as I drak like a fish at the bowling alley, and well today is a different thing I will have to see what I can do to rectify that.

Pam your description of the season changing sounds like a dream we are deep in the snow right now and it is not moving any time soon. I do not think the scale has moved for me but I will not get on to try. but I doo feel the clothes are starting to feel a bit looser. I can not wait untill they fall off me and I am in a smaller size. let your body go at its own pace you have lost so much right now it need a bit of time to even out.

well gals I have to run to get some sleep.

02-12-2005, 06:18 AM
PSST Pat are you up?? Coffee is ready and hot and strong!!

02-12-2005, 06:42 AM
Morning Sue I am up and the coffee is good! Glad you liked the new gym! You are so right aboutthe body enjoying the challenges of exercise. I had hoped to snowshoe is sacketts yestrday, but work was a bear and the sun, while it is out later still didn't cooperate yesterday. I am so envios of Pam this time of year , the only garden planning I can do is via catalogs. As it is snowing again.

Pam so great to see your melodious post. I laughed when you anticipated my worries about your eating. We all have been friends a long time. Also sorry about your sick child of the fur. Don't over due while you recover.

I am already playing games with my final w/o of the week. It is just against my belief system to work out on a day off! But I hope to percivere.

See you both tomorrow

02-13-2005, 07:24 AM
Good morning
Well I didn't work out yesterday. Can't get past the day off thinking. And was I hungry!
really didn't have a great boot camp day. but it is day 13 of boot camp! And I press on! Tomorrow I increase both w/o outs by 2 mins to 34 and 24. Today I am going to buy an exercise band and egg timer. the band wil allow me to expand my strength training at home. will get back on teh water train today.

Sue how was your weekend? Pam how are you feeling?

02-14-2005, 06:07 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!
I got my timer and work out bands yesterday. Did so so food and water wise. Thinking of working out 2x's 3 days a week to make up for my weekend rut thing. I have been using a pair of pants that I bought on sale to judge my progress. I was very sad to say that they didn't fit when I bought them as they were 24w. I took the tags off them yesterday only to find that they were tagged wrong and they really are 22w. So I felt pretty good to get them zipped yesterday. I also worea size 22 w/ elastic waist that I haven't wore in a while! SO thinga are hapening, just slowly and not via the scale

Have a good monday everyone, I am off to w/o

02-14-2005, 09:08 PM
WAy to go Pat!!! I have just felt that the pants are fitting a bit looser and I have no complaints. I am working out and staying OP but it is the water that is the killer for me that will be my goal for this week.

Work is going better and well lets just say that every one is stressed to the max. I still will not say no to any oportunity that comes my way that is reasonable.

DH is still in the dog house but I will make him really feel the heel onthis valentines day. I made dinner and called every one and he did not come so we ate then he came in just fretting and made him some hot dogs. I told him I called him and he just ignored me. Well I have a lovely Vday card and 1 red rtose I willbe laying on his pillow for bed. HHHMMMM can you imangine his responce???

Well girl I am an evil woman didn't you know that?? I am tired and will be headding to bed. Catch you in the morning.

02-15-2005, 05:43 AM
Good morning. Great thing to feel those loose pants(or not to feel). The water is hard now that we are the bosses. I really have to work at it to get it and the bathroom in! Sorry that things are still stressful, but it's great that you are making progress in spite of it all!

I used to fret for years about gifts from DH. The past year I just say "are we doing gifts?" and then we don't or do. But he has realized that when we say no, there won't be any for him! He doesn't really like that, but no room to ***** and I am stress free on both ends.

I intended to get that second w/o in last night but life got in teh way. Hoping to do it again tinight but I have a late meeting.

Have a good day
hey Pam how are you?

02-15-2005, 06:16 AM
We do not usually do gifts that was going to be my way of letting him know that though I am still angry I still love him well I am sure his behavior was just a bust last night. I heard him slamming things all over last night as he was getting rteady to get upstairs to bed he even slammed the bedroom door knowing that I was in the room next to him (I went up a while before him) (after the stint of the walk home and throwing my pillows and blankets across the room (the same day) I pulled them out and slept in the spare room). He hardly says a word to me. I just do my usual puttering around. I should put a dead rose in there tonight. (Not really)

Well I am off to do my lower body workout today. I may try to get some cardio in. I hate cardio so i guess if I hate it I shoud just do it and get it over with.

02-15-2005, 09:16 PM
Hey girl
Got my second w/o in tonite! Water good ,food good!
Sorry about things on teh home front, knew about the walk home but didn't know that things had piled on. I sometimes wonder how DH and I got thru 20 years. It sure can be hard!
Hope you enjoyed teh w/o.
How's work?

02-16-2005, 08:02 PM
I am still in teh game here. Water very poor today, work got in teh way.
How is everyone else doing?

02-16-2005, 09:05 PM
Water was my best yet I pulled out my 1/2 gal jug and drank the whole thing today and a few extras. so I think I made my goal of water. exercise YES and OP most certainly I am ripping here and feeling great. how can I have ever fallen off so hard that I gained it all back++++???? I feel so good and I was sitting on an exercise high today and boy did it feel great. I have the ill fated dragon breath and had dumped the carb withdrawl headaches. Pam watch out here comes your competition for OP queen!!!

Pam how are you doing??

Pat things at the ome fron will settle down after a while but for now I am too tired for any argument so I an just quietly standing my ground. and will untillhe give. I am done being angry for all that he did but i need an apology for what he did for me to forgive him. and make up with him. I have to laugh he has run in the kitchen ever since for dinner. I am not going to pamer him with this anymore. I always gave in and let him not speak his mind but this time I an not gong to. he will not talk his problems out or let me know anything but in anger. he mutters and cusses and just mopes around the house. I have told him if he has a problem to tell me to my face not to the wall or the floor ot to throw anything around I have ears and he needs to talk to me. so that is why I am standing my ground.

Well enough about that. i have a sick kid and need to go and tend to him. Catch you tomorow.

02-17-2005, 05:50 AM
Hey girl! Nothing changes if nothing changes! Take care my friend! Way to go girl you are totally free of carb ****!
I agree, I feel so much better exerciseing and eating right, and time and time again I return to teh old way. It just doesn't make sence.
But that was then and this is now! And we are on our way.
This time I am not falling prey to teh excuses!
Came home ast night and got on the treadmil. I just keep telling myself that I can do this for hoever long it takes

Have a good day
Hope the sick kid gets better

02-18-2005, 06:18 AM
Still holding on here. Did the treadmill thing again last night. I have done 7 w/o sessions since Monday. 4 -1 hour and 3 -30 mins!

Ate OK yesterday and got my water in.

Thank God it's Friday as I am completly spent. The vampires have sucked me dry!
Between employees, clients and DH I haven't a thing to give!
Hope things are good for you
See you this weekend!

02-19-2005, 07:10 AM
DIdn't have a really good day yesterday. In any catagory, back on track today.
will do my 8th w/o on a day off , hopefully the roof won't cave in!
Come to think of it I got my water in, just too many carbs, retaining fluid today!

I can say that yesterday morning, my scales matched teh number on my tracker!

SO slowly on my way!

Pam and SUe how are you?