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little chick
02-04-2005, 06:51 AM
Morning chicks I will get us started this morning. I am going to grab a cup of tea and I will return. For any of you who are tea drinkers the pot is ready pull up a chair and grab a cup and enjoy the day.

02-04-2005, 07:35 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~ :coffee:

Happy Friday! Is anyone else REALLY glad it's the weekend??? Today is my gyn appointment. I sure hope she's in the mood to listen to my weight woes, if not, I'm grabbing her by the stethoscope and forcing her to listen!

Bamiegirl and I are meeting IRL tomorrow. Can't wait! Should be lots of fun! Unfortunately, it can't be too long of a gabfest, since dh and I have errands to run and he's being a sweetie and running me all the way into downtown Atlanta to her hotel. You have to be a real VIP to get me out of my comfort zone! ;) But I'll have a cameral with me and I'll have DH take pictures and figure out a way to post one.

Okay, time for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and oatbread toast this morning, I think.

Hope you all have a great day on the Beach!


02-04-2005, 08:18 AM
Good Morning Girls, L.C. the tea sounds good, but I alrready made coffee, thanks anyway! What were you growling about yesterday? Mamacita, do you have any extra eggs? I hope you and Bamie have fun reunion! I'm passing time waiting for rush hour traffic to thin out before heading across the river to NJ to spend the weekend with DD and family. Her 6 week check-up is today, so I'll stay with the little one while she's at her appt. and then when Caitie gets home from school we'll do something fun. Jake wants me home on Sunday though to spend some time with him, and to watch the BIG GAME together. What's everyone else doing?

02-04-2005, 08:30 AM
Mornin chickies! Quick drive by. I have a ton of stuff to do and DH is already are you ready yet! lol Can't wait til tomorrow to meet Mama. How sweet of her DH to bring her. I'll put my best smile on! teehee I think I will grab my blanket and try to nap on the ride over! I don't see it happenin but a girl can dream. I made lasagna with Zucinni (sp?) lastnight. I really liked it. I was surprised a little. lol I made the kids reg. for the w-end so it would be easy for Mom. Ok I have to scoot out of here before I getted booted! lol I see him lurkin! Have a great w-end all and stay OP! Go whoever you want to win the big game! lol

02-04-2005, 08:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies! :)

I have been MIA the last few days because it has been so busy around here. We are getting new furniture delivered in a few days and had to get rid of the old and clean, etc etc.

I also am VERY ready for the weekend. I was a TOTAL grouch at school yesterday. I am hoping today is better! I think everyone else is getting a little stressed because there is a post in the workroom at school about everyone meeting for drinks after school tonight, :lol: I am going to go along and hang out!

I am still waiting here for my DNA tests to come back. Why do 2 - 3 weeks fly by when you are not waiting for something? Ugh!

It sounds like people have some fun planned for this weekend. I hope the reunion in Atlanta goes well! Have fun! I am holding a baby shower on Sunday and tomorrow morning I am getting my hair cut. I may have her just totally restyle it, I haven't decided yet!

Well.. off to the library! We had class pictures taken in there yesterday and it is a MESS!!

Have a great day all!



02-04-2005, 08:57 AM
Bamie and Mamacita, have fun together! :hat: It's such a treat to meet someone from here on the threads.

Little Chick, tea gives me roll-around-on-the-floor pain, so I'll stick with my coffee, thanks. :lol: Hope you have a better day today, hon. ;)

Cottage, have a wonderful time with your DD and family!! :)

I think I have a day alone today, apart from a psychiatrist appointment for my DD. I think I may not try to get too much done... I feel in need of a cozy day... a book and a blanket on the chaise lounge. :D

Hope everyone has a great day!! :wave:

02-04-2005, 09:01 AM
Nally, I missed your post... enjoy your after school drinks, hon, and try to destress. :grouphug:

02-04-2005, 09:05 AM
Hi Chicks,
Fly by as I am waiting for calls, very busy today, buying moms house from DB,.
Quickly, diet is going wondeful, weghed 159# this morning???? Thats 6#?????
Now to stay with it,,
Well I will check back tonight,
Love Taz

02-04-2005, 09:12 AM
Taz, good luck today, hon! I hope everything goes well. :grouphug:
And congratulations on the weight loss... you're doing it, girl!! :hat:

02-04-2005, 09:15 AM
Just popping in quickly. Life keeps getting away from me these days! I'm trying to get her to slow down but she keeps grabbing the bit in her teeth and dashing off! :lol:

Jane came on time yesterday and I spent a very full five hours doing wine, hitting WallyWorld, buying dog food and making nice at Peter's wake. I really don't know his family at all but they know me! I'm starting to worry about that! Jane helped me carry the groceries and dog food meat into the house but the wine is still in the car. I need to do that this morning as I am going to Peter's funeral and it's not too cooth to have two batches of wine sloshing around in your car!

This afternoon, after the funeral feast, I'll make dog food and also make a huge fruit salad for tomorrow morning's annual Church meeting. Somebody is making tourtiere :yikes: which is not traditional breakfast fare in my opinion. Maybe I can snitch a piece for Harry's lunch. I'm getting sick of cooking after making two roast chickens and a cauldron of ham and pea soup for Peter's family. I think we may have burgers for dinner and use the barbie if it doesn't turn really cold again. The deck is nearly clear and should dry if it's sunny today.

Gotta dash - my tub is running and I need to wash and dry this hair and tiddle up for the funeral.

TGIF, indeed!

02-04-2005, 09:53 AM
Good morning all. I am SOOOO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY I COULD :censored: . This has been the LONGEST week for me. I guess because I've not had very much sleep. :tired: Very grumpy according to the DH. I told him if he had to stay up with Rayney all night long - he'd be grumpy too.....MEN!! :mad:

Anyway, if I can just get through today, I'll be OK. Tomorrow is HIS day to get up in the AM with her. But then, he always lets her in the bedroom about 7:30am to wake me up :sp: . Oh well.

Ellis - I do so envy you the blanket, book and chaise. What I would do for an entire day ALONE :twirly:

Bamie & Mama - Have a great time - not too much gossip now ladies :lol: :cofdate:

Taz - :goodluck:

Super Bowl get together at the house this weekend that I have yet to go shopping for. Dragging this week :(

GUESS WHAT!!!!! I have on a pair of my size 6 jeans today :D :D :D :D Lost 3 more pounds
I haven't been able to fit in them since August!!! I am SO happy.

Well, better git for now. Hope all of you have a great day on the Beach.

Oh BTW - The EAGLES are going to win the Superbowl :D I have faith :yes:

02-04-2005, 10:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies~

Another week, over. So quick. Hard to believe my baby is officially a year old. He had such a good day yesterday, until about 4, then it was CRANKINESS! Until cake of course, then he was much happier. I caved for dinner last night. We ALWAYS have what the birthday person wants for dinner so I had some of the nasty bad stuff. Hopefully it doesn't do too much damage. I didn't have alot but probably enough for my body to freak out on me. I was a bit ill when I went to bed last night. NO MORE for me!! Back to good food today. Hope the Atlanta meeting goes well!! I LOVE meeting people i've been talking to for awhile. It's such fun!

Kelly~Congrats on the weight loss! That's great!!

Everyone else~ Have a great weekend!!

02-04-2005, 11:05 AM
LC, you sweetheart! :D I've always been a tea drinker, but especially so on the seems to quell my sweet tooth! I have eight boxes of tea in my desk at work, and countless more at home. :lol: I think it's an obsession!

Mama, I'm with you...I'm thrilled that it's the weekend, but I have a huge paper to write, so that's not as thrilling. :lol: Have a blast with Bamie...can't wait to see two pics of your gorgeous chicks! :D Your toast sounds so good...I can't wait to eat more than one starch each day!

Cottage, that is one enviable-sounding day! <wistful> Have fun!!! :D

Bamie, have a great vacation and enjoy meeting Mama! Don't forget pictures... and when you get back, I'd love the recipe for the zucchini lasagna...sounds yummy! :T

Nally, could the class pictures be to blame for your grouchiness? I know that would make me grouchy! :lol: I hope today is much better! :grouphug: Enjoy the shower and hair cut!

Ellis, your day sounds great too! I can't wait to quit working and stay at home! :D I hope things go better with DD's psychi... :crossed: :grouphug: Why does tea make you sick? All tea, or is herb tea okay?

Taz, congrats on the 6 lbs!!! :cp: :cheer: :hat: :cheers: :cp: That's great news, and you certainly deserve some! :D

Ruth, no wonder you're sick of cooking! That's a lot of work! What do you feed the dogs? My mom used to make a carrot/egg/brown rice combo for our dog who had tons of allergies. Do you do the BARF diet with the dogs? :lol: Sorry, that name always makes me laugh. ;) What's the deal with the wine...does someone you know own a vineyard? And what is tourtiere? :?:

Rayneysmom, congrats on the jeans!!! Sorry about the sleep...hope you can convince DH to give you a break on Saturday and take Rayney somewhere so you can get a nap! :crossed:

Amb_lyn, you may want to Phase 1 it for a day or two to get back on track. So glad the baby's birthday went well! :D

Well, the scale went down to 220 today! :dance: I'm thrilled, but a bit irritated with myself for not going to the gym today. I was exhausted and after tons of "Downward Dog" in Yoga on Wednesday and arm workouts at Jazzercise yesterday, I didn't think I could do the beginning of my "hard" week for weights. :shrug: I'll try to fit in Pilates tomorrow to get my body moving.

Lots to do...I have a paper to write for Monday, and my usual reading and homework. Tomorrow is DH's birthday. He's a low-key guy and doesn't usually want any fuss. I'm going to make a german meal we had earlier this year that he liked. It sounds weird, but is good...lean slices of beef wrapped around dill pickles with turkey bacon and a dark brown sauce. I'll make WW spaetzle with it and some braised cabbage and onions. I'll try to make an SBD-friendly apple crisp for dessert and we can either make some SF vanilla ice cream or we can buy some of the carb options kind as a one-time treat. Should be a nice evening. :D

Have a great weekend, chickies! :sunny:

02-04-2005, 11:18 AM
What do you feed the dogs? My mom used to make a carrot/egg/brown rice combo for our dog who had tons of allergies. Do you do the BARF diet with the dogs? :lol: Sorry, that name always makes me laugh. ;) What's the deal with the wine...does someone you know own a vineyard? And what is tourtiere? :?:

I'm on my way out the door but here are a few quick answers:

1. I do the BARF diet - ground chicken and ground bones, veggies and some fruit, liver, etc. It's well named BARF which stands for biologically appropriate raw food. Both my Girls are thriving on it. Hersh's poor health was because she was NOT on it but on commercial dogfood when nursing the pupos! :(

2. I go to a make-your-own wine place - Brew Bye You. Good stuff and reasonable prices and not whole lot of work or fuss.

3. Tortiere is a French Canadian meat pie, usually in a lard crust filled with dense pork and fat and spices! A diet disaster! Luckily I hate it!

My chariot awaits. Bye now.

02-04-2005, 11:19 AM
Ladies... I need your prayers and good thoughts today. We were just informed that the daughter of one of our staff members was one of the Americans on the lost Afghan plane that went down yesterday. They are not expecting survivors. It is a sad, sad thing. My friend's name is Margaret. Your thoughts are appreciated.



anchor weight
02-04-2005, 11:21 AM
Morning all!

How is everyone? Chatty chicks this am. I'm doing well feeling much better after a week of exercise and veggies.

Bami & Mama - You guys have a good time and there better be pictures!

Ruth - Can you share some of that wine?

Amblyn- don't worry jump back on the beach and you'll be ok!

Raynesmom - YEAH! I don't believe I've ever worn a size 6 jeans. Congrats!

Taz cat - YEAH! Way to go!

Little Chick - I'm a tea drinker! I'm on my first quart of Japanese Green Sencha Cherry Blossom! Laugh it up Bami :lol:

Naly - You are in my prayers!

Cottage - :wave:

Ok - cutie update. We got into a little spat this week - We are both Capricorns and that may make for some trouble. I don't think I've told you all that he has a beautiful little 7 month old DD. Mother walked out and didn't want anything to do with either of them. He's been taking care of baby since about 3 weeks. Which I have to admit is really kind of attractive. He does a really good job. I finally got to meet her this weekend and being a mother myself I expected to be horrified by what I saw. Men can't take care of kids by themselves can they? :lol: He was wonderful! House is very clean, baby is very clean and he did an impressive job. Well apparently the mother has made a return visit when she found out about me - threatened to commit suicide, locked in a bathroom with a kitchen knife blah blah blah :blah: So I said - why didn't you call 911 and let them take her to the psych ward for observation because the walking out on her own baby and threatning to commit suicide - I think she needs some help. I suffered from post partum depression after DS was born and it was one of the reasons I ate myself into a size 22. And you know what - I can't deal with this. I don't want to be stuck in a triangle. Obviously they have issues to work through and that is what I told him this week. He got really upset and said that it was over between them when she left him and the baby (which I believe) and that he wants to be with me and spend time getting to know me better. I told him I would have to think about it and I haven't heard from him for a couple of days. I'm not sure what to do. So I'm just going to take some time to think about things and not call him for awhile. It makes me sad because I did enjoy his company. Oh well - at least I haven't buried myself in Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia. You all have taught me well. If anything I'm even more OP right now.

So this weekend I'm going to Monster Trucks with DS and I'm going to work out with a vengence and see if any enlightment comes to me.

Any advice?

02-04-2005, 11:25 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Well not much has gone on since my post last night...The snow was so pretty yesterday on my way home from work...but most of it has melted away now...I have to work til close tonight and then I'm heading out for a Girls Night out with one of my best friends....should be fun....Tomorrow I believe is moving day for my older brother and his fiance...I'll be there to help them...I have the weekend off...Can you believe that?? 2 days in a row I can't believe it! YAY! :spin: That also means I have time to apply to jobs...Laurie I'm glad the scale moved down! YAY! always exciting! :bravo: Ellis a book and a blanket sounds like heaven...I'm so jealous! :lol: Oh and I remember you asking about pictures...well I haven't put up a before picture of me...but I did put up an after pic in our Gallery....well ok call it an in between since I"m not at my goal yet...Ruth you make your own dog food? wow...I have to say I've never done that before...Everyone I hope you all have a wonderful day on the beach!!!

02-04-2005, 01:42 PM

Git out while the gittin's good hon.<RUN> I remember you telling me you were divorced. Spend time with AMY and DS right now. :yes: That kind of stuff you do not need. :no: I have Rayney because of crap like that. She is actually my granddaughter. My DH and I adopted her. We have had her since she was 2 months old. :bb: My oldest daughter (20 at the time of Rayney's birth) also went through post partum and didn't want anything to do with the baby. The biological father was a nutcase also. :bomb: Still is. So we took her and we have raised her. Believe me - I have had my share of domestic disputes at my home involving the two of them. I think I heard suicide at LEAST 5 times a week between the two of them. NO FUN. Absolutely Not good for the baby either. Rayney pratically jumped out of her skin when she was 2 months old if you shut the door too hard. :( They sense these things.

Unless you REALLY think there will be a relationship with cutie -I would bail NOW. Or at the very least - wait for him to ditch the ex again. FOR GOOD.

Take care of you. :grouphug:

Naly - God Bless you and I will keep you all in my prayers. There is a special place in my heart for the guys and gals over there anyway. Makes me sad. :cry: But I'll keep on praying for them until every single one of them is home.

Tell your co-worker my thoughts are with her.

02-04-2005, 01:57 PM
Kelly!! Size 6!?!? I am so envious and happy for you, girl!! :lol:
You get some sleep, hon! :grouphug:

Nally, I will certainly pray for dear Margaret and her family. :cry:

Jess, you are beautiful! You're not at all what I imagined. :lol3: It's the fault of your avatar... that's the way I pictured you. :rofl:
Enjoy your weekend off, hon!!

Amber, Happy Birthday to your little love!! :hb: :balloons:

Laurie, the tea affects my IBS, and I have to lie on the floor until the pain goes away. :( Needless to say, I avoid it now.
The downdog... oh, that is my MOST unfavourite pose!! The blood rushes to my head, my shirt flies down into my face, my feet start sliding backwards, and my hair goes in my mouth. It's sheer, freakin' MISERY!!

Amy, I think you're right to step back from the relationship for awhile. It sounds like he and his ex have a few things to work out. :yes:

I'm with you, Ruth... tortiere is disgusting. All animal and spices. shudder. My French DH is pretty fond of it, though. ;)

Well, I'm up a pound and a half, but I'm back OP today. ho hum. What a freakin' battle. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just get on with our lives without all this "dieting crap"?

02-04-2005, 02:19 PM
Oh goodness Nally~ I"m so sorry about your friends DD.. So sad!! I'll be thinking of her & her family in this time.

I'm back on track today as far as eating, etc.. Was like I never even fell off. Things are fine today. YAY!

02-04-2005, 02:24 PM
Believe it or not Ellis I did look like that Avatar when I first started! :rofl: Thanks! I will be sure to enjoy my weekend off! :lol: I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

02-04-2005, 03:37 PM
Hi Ladies!

Checkin' in a little late today because I am so swamped. My phone's been ringing, the e-mail is pouring in and my fax machine is running out of paper! I guess my brides are all in wedding mode today!

I went to get up this morning and almost fell down. My butt hurts so bad from yesterday's exercise! :eek: And I thought I was going to do more Tae Bo this morning....HA! :lol: I did, however, get on my elliptical and tried to work the pulled muscles out. I got through it but it was tough.

This weekend I'm planning on working on the kitchen and making some OP snacks for Sunday. I haven't really decided who I'm rooting for. The Eagles knocked my team out of the running (GO VIKES) and Tom Brady is with the Patriots. :love: Hmmm....sorry Eagles fans, I have to go with the Patriots! I can't believe T.O. is going to play....he drives me crazy sometimes! He's so full of himself although I guess we have Randy Moss who is the same way. :snooty: DH and I are watching the game at my sister's house in the Dude Room. I'm bringing a bunch of different OP things so I won't eat all the junk that she has. I'm looking forward to next weekend as I'm part of the So. Cal Vikings Club and they're having their annual dinner. A bunch of the players come out and will sign autographs and just hang out with the fans. I can't wait! :hyper:

It's sunny and gorgeous here today....highs in the low 70's. :sunny: Sorry cold chicks!

Congrats to all who lost weight! That's great!!!! :cheer:

Nally-Your friend's daughter is in my prayers. DH used to be in the military so it really hits home hearing about more soldiers who were killed. :( :angel:

Bamie & Mama-Have a great meeting!!! :cofdate:

Everyone else-Have a great day! :wave:

I have to get going but will be back later!

02-04-2005, 03:40 PM
Hi, gals! I finally got a little time to post. I got an almost normal night of sleep last night (only paged twice and I could read the page and go back to bed) but I'm not caught up from Wed night and I don't feel very well today. I think it is a cold or sinus infection from all the work stress and lack of sleep. That can really lower the immune system. I've told my boss I may leave early today if I don't feel better. I did manage to get to the gym for Pilates and stationary bike yesterday for an hour. It helped a lot in de-stressing me. I should only have to work about an hour tomorrow but I don't know when.

You asked about white rice, beachgal. It is the Uncle Ben's Converted Rice that is allowed. Make sure not to get the 5 minute rice or any other Uncle Ben's. This rice tastes great and cooks in 20 minutes.

Back to work. Talk to y'all later!

anchor weight
02-04-2005, 06:05 PM
Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

It sure is nice to have some where to go to discuss these issues. I'm a confirmed emotional eater. The last thing I need is someone else's emotional rollercoaster to ride on. I just can't help but feel sorry for the girl with the post partum depression. I remember it well. Like yesterday in fact. You guys just confirmed what I already knew in my heart. Thanks for the insight.

02-04-2005, 07:01 PM
Ladies... I need your prayers and good thoughts today.

Nally, Margaret and her family are definitely in my prayers. :grouphug:

Ruth, thanks for the update! The tourtierre sounds yucky (thankfully), but the wine sounds heavenly and fun! Do you do the squishing and the bottling or just bottling? Do you have to provide the grapes?

:yes: My mom swore by homemade dog food too. We feed our dog Animaet, which is all human-grade ingredients. When I'm a SAHM, we may switch to BARF...I may be picking your brain then! ;) I'm so glad that Hershey is doing well now! :D

Anchor, I'm sorry all this drama came along with your cutie! :( I think your instincts are right. Why don't you tell him that you care about him and want to get to know him better too, but he needs to deal with his ex first. He may be over her but she's obviously not over him. He needs to get her into counseling and make her understand it's over. If for nothing else, for his DD. She will want to know her mom when she grows up, and needs to know why she walked out. If it was post-partum depression, his DD will understand much better than if it's just a big unknown, you know? You certainly don't need to feel guilty for hanging out with him! I think his raising his DD is incredibly sweet and wonderful...shows that he's more than just a cutie-pie! :D You must be very proud of yourself for indulging in health rather than ice cream! :goodvibes: Have you thought about joining OA? I'm an emotional eater too and it helped me a lot. Though it sounds like you are doing fine on your own, it never hurts to have a backup. ;) Check it out at

Ellis, I have IBS too, but never had it aggravated by tea. I'm sorry, hon! :grouphug: Oy, the downward dog gets my goat! (I think Bamie's affecting my speech patterns :lol: ) I hate it too. Our Yoga instructor thinks it's fantastic... :rolleyes: It really hurts my arms. I showed my sisters and they both agreed that my arms are too short! :lol3: Oh well, guess there's not much I can do about that! ;)

Have a great weekend chickies! :D

02-04-2005, 07:58 PM
Hi ladies

I thought I would pop in since I'm waiting for the chicken to defrost. It seemed to be a slow day so I was actually able to read most of the posts. I ususally don't get much computer time so I make the most of it when I get it.

I was sent home early today so I wouldn't go over 40 hours and it has totally messed up my eating. I do much better when I'm at work for some reason. When I'm home I just don't think about eating so I usually don't get my snacks in and lunch is usually lacking veggies. It was nice to be able to get to spend extra time with dh and ds.

We leave tomorrow morning for our adult w/e. This will be the longest I've been away from Bug (ds). We went away overnight back in Dec but that's it. I'm going to miss him terribly but I'm in desperate need of some me time! I'm going to try my hardest to stay OP but I know I'm going to stray a bit.

Chicken is done....time to throw it in the marinade and go do some errands.

Have a wonderful w/e!!

02-05-2005, 12:23 AM
Time for me to say good night.
I bought moms house today, it will go up for sale next week, along with my house.

Kelly-be careful what you ask for, days alone are not always fun.

Nally- praying for Margarie.

Amy-give it to God.

Well darling chicks, too tired to read anymore,
Night, Taz