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02-03-2005, 12:14 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us. :)

02-03-2005, 01:52 PM
Hiya Ladies :wave:

Did anyone make chat yesterday? I didn't get home till about 1:30 and on the 'puter till about 1:45 I think it didn't bother to check. Figured if anyone was they would be getting off about that time.

I can't believe this weather. I know they said the ground hog saw it's shadow but it is supposed to be in the 50's today and the rest of the week. Love it! :sunny: Now maybe everything will dry up. The ground is all soggy.

Susan~I will be more than happy to be your lawyer, and the judge! I'd kick Mike right out that door! :lol: It just cracks me up that he is doing more bad than good and can't even see it. All the money you are having to spend shouldn't have to be spent on this stuff, rather it should be going towards food, clothes, etc. stuff for you and the girls. It's sad that he can't see what he is doing by taking that away from you all. Ummm, yeah I think if you are close to 50 years old you should have your act together! Geez, if he doesn't now he's not going to anytime soon. Like Angie said, he is just mad and jealous that you found someone who is good to you and Gaby and he can't stand it. Wll, he needs to grow up and move on. What a wonderful idea! Getting Doug to move to Hawaii! Wow, that would be perfect for you all! Now to get Mike off your back! LOL Hope Rachel and Rebecca are fine.

Angie~yeah, I agree with can't get rid of the internet because we would all miss you too much! Hope today is a better day for ya and you are feeling fine. Take care of yourself so you don't get sick. This stinking cold I have is still trying to hang on. Yesterday and Tuesday I felt worse but today is better.

Jane~oh my goodness! Why is Jerry losing so much blood? That would scare me to death, geez. I hope he is stable soon so he can go home. I can only imagine what Maggie is going through, (((((HUGS))))) to them both. Glad Macy is home, poor little girl has been through a lot hasn't she? I will let you know how the book is once I read it. I had others I had planned on reading first but once I finish Life of Pi I will probably read that one. Hope you have a nice lunch with Fire Chief Joe!

Katy~sorry to hear everyone else got sick but glad everyone is well enough to get back to school and their schedule. Glad to know the book is good. I read the reviews and they were all good and they can't be wrong now can they? ;)

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much on the old agenda, same ole, same ole...laundry and cleaning the ole house. Going to look up a few things on the 'puter as well. Need to find a dentist. Like I said the other day...I woke up thinking I need to go not sure if that was anything or was just thinking it. I know it's been a while. Just didn't look forward to the idea of finding a new dentist. Oh who am I kidding I just fear going BIG TIME! LOL Also going to find out about Cox internet. We have been thinking since we have two seperate phone lines and everyone has a cell now that we really don't need one of the phones and would actually be saving some bucks by going with the cable for internet. Supposed to be better and faster anyway. Anywhooooo.......have a good day everyone. Chat with ya later :wave:

02-03-2005, 02:17 PM
:coffee2: Morning.

Angie, I think you handled your son very well. Don't understand parents who shrug off bulling as kids will be kids. We don't allow adults to get away with it. They go to jail. I think children who are allowed to get away with it are the adults who end up in jail.

Susan, another thing that might be helpfull is keeping a record of every contact that Mike makes. What he says,what he does, everything. Even if it's good because it'll make the things he does thats bad even more believable. You can't be acussed of bias.

Cristi, you and I think alot alike.

Ellen, I miss you,Hon. It sure has been along time sence you felt like talking. Sending you lots of love.

Jane,sending you a big hug. Ya, not my place to take care of x.Talked to my son's girl friend yesterday and she said Eddie has had fantasies of his Dad and I getting back together. :yikes: I suppose all children of divorse have this dream but for me this is never going to happon. As long as my x is sober I can be sival and maybe eventually a friend but nothing more. I tried to say this nicely to my son last night. I don't want to be cruel but I don't want him entertaining any false hope either.

Marti, Katy,love ya .


02-03-2005, 05:25 PM
I sorta squeezed this post in after 108 was closed, so I reprint it here at Jane's request.....

I still will try to get back to chat some more..just don't have time right now - heading out the door

"Sorry I've been MIA, everyone got sick! Leigh and I were sick on Tuesday, James was sick yesterday...bu today everyone is well and going to school...So I get to keep my chiro appointment.

Don't have too much time...Jane you are in my prayers..hospice care has been a blessing to my family on more than one occasion. It's hard to realize someone needs it but so glad when all is said and done that they had that compassionate care. So glad little Macy is home

Cristi - I read Good in Bed a few years's a quick, entertaining read. The author's specialty is books where the heroine or some main character is fat...and is normal, like, has a healthy sex life, and everything! What a concept...hehe..

Sorry I'm short on time, but will try to get back later"

02-03-2005, 05:43 PM
Think we will still be on for tomorrow Katy?? Sorry to hear that you all have been under the weather.
Let me know - regardless I will be there - Gaby loves that place.

Just wanted to say hello. I started at 8:30 so will go home early.

The ex brought up going to Hawaii. Don't know if he is serious - would be great if he was. Honestly would have a VERY difficult time leaving my babies behind.

Rocky is a doll though and we get along so well . Like Peanut Butter and

Get new tires on my car in the morning and finally have the clerk at the courthouse looking into the location of the class for Monday. Maybe there is hope

best get!

02-03-2005, 07:40 PM
Not much time to spend on the computer.....I have so many things that need done before work.
Brought our kitties home today...they are hiding behind the computer desk. But let me say what a huge lift of stress off my shoulders by getting them fixed!! I had nightmares about them having many kitties of their own!

Wish I had more time to post....I will catch up to you all when I can.

Hugs to ALL!!!

02-03-2005, 08:04 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Just a quick note to say I had a great lunch with the Fire Chief - we sat there for over 2 1/2 hours talking and laughing over old times!!! The owner of the restaurant is a friend of ours who eventually came over and joined us.

Tomorrow Neal and I leave early for the conference in Indianapolis, but I will probably be able to check in tomorrow evening.

Be good, and I'm hoping all the JLs have a great day maņana!! :)

da fat n da furious
02-03-2005, 10:06 PM
Hello all,
I had an errand day, Frank our costumer needed me to drive him to drop off costumes he had rented. Then we had our brunch with Pasqualina. Went shopping at Value Villiage I was so happy to have found a purple barbie I am cruel to our guys in the Then I had my ring resized,,,yes I decided to keep it. Then picked up more wool for Momma Chris to finish my scarf,,,and arghh found more wool,,its called Fun Fir. Katy Im addicted to scarves....!!!
Anyways after all my travels I am exhausted and at home,,,feet up, house can clean it self! lol I wish.

02-03-2005, 11:02 PM
Angie - did I tell you I made a Wavy Gravy scarf? It looks just like it sounds...with lots of increases and decreases....I love the one you described with the beads.

Susan- Leigh seems to be okay other than a touch of a runny nose, so I still plan on coming. But if for some reason I am not will be because she is sick. I will email you if that is the case - looking forward to seeing you and Gaby. It would be so cool if your ex and the girls moved to Hawaii about a blended family....

Today is just one of those days - I have been running here and a chicken with my head cut off. I am one big pie and everyone wants a slice o' me, lol!

Ciao for now, ladies

02-04-2005, 12:02 PM
Good morning, ladies! :coffee2:

Wow, am I really the first one here today? Ah, I just read that Jane is at a conference today. It's almost 7 Pacific Friday off (this is why I work 9 hours days, to get alternating Fridays off work), and I have much to do. Mountains of laundry, balance checkbook, pay bills, buy a new bed, clean my messy house...wonder how much of it will actually get accomplished? :lol:

I made coffee and brought Chloe, our weird cat, in to wake up Tim. It's the only useful thing she knows how to do -- that and comforting people when they are sick (she lays on our feet and purrs)...oh and one time she rescued me from a nasty black spider that was inching its way toward me on the bedspread -- EEK! :fr: She didn't exactly slay the monster, but she saw it and pounced on it before it got to me, and Tim finished it off.

Good for you getting your kitties spayed, Marti. And that will definitely give you peace of mind that you won't have to deal with litters of kittens.

Susan, I was confused...for some reason, I thought Doug was your brother, when you were talking about him watching Gaby for you :lol: OK, just to clarify, Doug is your ex, Rachel and Rebecca's dad, and the two of you sound like you get along well? Kind of like me and my ex -- he was my best friend once upon a time, and now that the pain of the divorce has faded, we get along fine. If that's the case, yeah, it could be really cool if he and the girls moved to Hawaii, too!

Pam, I was thinking, your son sure has a lot on his shoulders, especially if he's never had to deal with this kind of major family crisis before. How old is he? Was he pretty close with his dad before this all happened? I keep hoping for the best, that something good will come out of this -- like this will be a turning point for your ex, that he really will be able to quit. Addictions are...slavery. My nephew got in trouble for meth, and had to go to court ordered drug counseling for a year or face jail. He had drug tests twice a week at first, then once a week, and had to go to counseling classes and NA meetings for a whole year, stayed totally clean so he wouldn't have to go to jail. Then as soon as he "graduated" from the program, and was no longer being constantly monitored, he went back to the same old crap :?: :cry: I don't understand why after being clean for a whole year that he would just throw his life in the trashcan like that.

Angie...dear...(((hugs))) from one mom of teenaged boys to another! I wish I had sage advice for you, but all I can say is "this too, shall pass"... At least Tanner sounded like he really was sorry for picking on that other kid. How old is Tanner? Noah, my youngest is almost 14, and we are having some issues with him as well. *sigh* Maybe it's just their age? I don't remember the older ones getting in this much trouble, though! :lol: But there's one good sign -- even though they fought like crazy when they were younger, the older they get the better they get along. Now the 19 year old is with me and the 14 year old lives with his dad, but comes to our house every weekend, and they actually seem to enjoy each other's company now, go figure :)

Cristi, if you switch to cable will NEVER go back to dial up! Tim worked for a dial up internet company doing tech support and we got free dial up access, but we ended up paying the $50 a month for cable internet anyway's that fast and it's that good. My dentist is good, but don't think you want to commute all the way to Sacramento to see him! My tooth is still incredibly sore -- no longer sensitive to cold, but holy cow if I ever bite down on it, even just a little bit... :headache: :stress: I'm still not sure why I have to wait two weeks just to get the temporary crown on it :?: :shrug: Seems like it's just leaving the tooth vulnerable to damage. :dunno: I tell ya, though, yesterday I was just about to call my dentist and say, "Ummm...please refresh me...could you please remind my why this root canal was a good idea? Because I'm hurting worse than I was before." *sigh*

Katy, hope everyone at your house is finally feeling better. When one family member gets sick right after another, it feels like it will never end. When I homeschooled, one of my friends had eight (yes, count 'em, eight) kids -- and if ONE of them got the stomach flu...well, you can fill in the rest of that picture. Especially when 4 of them were under six years old. When my son got chicken pox (before they had a vaccine), she said, "Please bring him over so mine will all get it at once and we will get it over with."

OK, the day is slipping away from me, I need to get to busy here. Ya know...has it ever occurred to you that women don't really get time off? I work 9 hour days to get every other Friday off work, and how do I spend my day off? Cleaning, shopping, running errands...come to think of it, that's how I spend my weekends, too. And it sounds about the same in all of your households, too. Hmmm...

Have a great (although probably very busy) day,
Mary Kate

02-04-2005, 05:58 PM
A very good afternoon ladies~

Wow, am surprised no one but Ms. Katiecat has posted today. Where is everyone?

For some reason I woke up this morning at 6 and instead of getting up I rolled over and fell asleep about 7:30 or 8 and didn't wake up till almost 11:30! :yikes: I hate when that happens as I feel I have wasted my whole day. Anyway...had a couple of errands to run once I got ready and just got home about 30 mns. ago.

Katiecat~that's where I went this afternoon. DH called the cable Co. and signed us up for the internet and I went down and got the installation kit. Man was the cable place NOT the place to be today! Isn't it terrible that when you get a day off work you still have to work?! Well, hopefully you get everything on your to do list done today. A new bed ugh? I am dying to get a new bed but for now it will have to wait. But did tell DH the next big expense is going to be a new dining room table (that is if I can part with mine that I have had 20 years) and then a new bedroom. The spider reminded me of one time when I was in bed reading and DH walked in and said don't move-right! You don't tell someone to not move and expect them not to. :lol: There was a huge wolf spider crawling on my pillow! I would have died if it actually would have touched me. Of course when he said don't move I was off that bed fast! Did you get some pain pills for the tooth pain? I too would think waiting two weeks for the crown could do more damage. I do hope it gets better for ya. Yeah, if I had the money I would definitely come to your dentist even if it is a long commute! LOL Definitely would be worth it.

Angie~you and your scarfs! I don't even think I own one scarf but would like to. Maybe next year. And fun fir....I love all the names they come up with for stuff like that, and for polish. Have you ever noticed how the names of polish usually never have anything to do with the color? Or a lot I have don't anyway.

Katy~I love the name Wavy Gravy, sounds so cool. Hope the chiro appt. went well.

Marti~glad the kitties are all fixed. I know people look at me weird for not having Ernie neutered but I really don't see him ever having puppies, or even getting close to another dog. He is an inside dog and when he is out he is in the fenced yard and if he is out longer than usually I am checking on him. That and he is old...going to be 10 this Sept.

Jane~glad you had a nice lunch with Fire Chief Joe! What kind of conference are you going to? Can't remember if you mentioned it or not before. Hope you are having a nice time.

Hi Pam, Ellen, Susan, and everyone else. :wave:

Gotta get going Dh is home, for a few mns. anyway. I had to go to the cable place, what a mess! And to Target to get a couple of things and now I just want to sit and relax before having to do a couple loads of laundry. Will try to be back later. So have a great day everyone! :wave: (I hope everything I just wrote/typed makes sense-am kind of in a hurry so not rereading it-LOL)

02-04-2005, 07:44 PM
Didn't get a chance to check in this morning due to looking for attorneys in SC.

May Kate, my DS is 29 . He hasn't had much to do with his father because of the drinking. His Dad never paid child support and oued me like 50,000. The drinking made his Dad abusive and neglectful. Once I let Eddie go out there to see his father and Grandparents on the stipulation he'd be staying with them and come back for school in the fall. He wanted so badly to go and I believed it was up to him to find out about his father for himself. It killed me to let him go. As soon as he got there the Grandparents handed him over to his Dad who never intended to send him back. Six months later I had to send money for plane fare because the state of SC was after my x for abuse and neglect.

Up date,girls, on my x and son. The old man thinks it's 1975. He's so weak that they have to tie him to a chair because he falls down trying to get to the bathroom. He has a sist on his pancreus and God only knows what condition his liver is in. Eddie and I talked. He can't stay out there in definatly waiting to see if his Dad will regain some of his mind and health. We desided on one more week and then hand it over to an attorney so he can come home. If dear old Dad hasn't shown marked improvement by then Eddie's going to go ahead and get declaired his gaurdian and handle things though the attorney.

I can't wait for him to come home and he sounds so miserable on the phone.He's a home body. His idea of a good time is in his room surrounded by his video games and stuff munching chips and eating pizza.

I'm waiting to take my meth Addicted ,cancer stricken sister to the hospital for evaluation. Her Doc threatened to stop perscribing her meds if she didn't get checked out. She won't let anyone do it at the office so after a fuss they said they'd check her in to the hospital and do it there. Now she says they can do a hysterectomy. Something they wanted to do many years ago but she wouldn't let them. She's fought treatment at every step and mainly because it might interupt her meth.

Thats the good news for today. I fit in Jaded Ladies perfectly. I am


02-04-2005, 08:55 PM
No time since I've got to leave in 5mins. Just checking in since I haven't been on all day. James has been messing around with the computer and since I'm always on it...I figured he should be allowed to use it too! :D

Just wanted to say hi to you to work I go!

02-05-2005, 12:49 AM
Where is Ellen??? Miss her ......

Extremly tired today. Sorry about being MIA for our get together today Katy. Maybe Monday?
I have that day off until 3/4ish and will take off for the coast that evening.

Gaby was chatty,chatty last night and would not sleep. We woke up and left the house at 8:30 am (can't believe you slept til 11:30 Cristi!!!! lol - have not done that in years!) My brother ( my REAL brother Katie - lol) works at a Les Schwab (tire store) and let me charge all new tires.
Gaby was horrid..... into everything and the waiting room had this huge puzzle that was almost completed and she tore it

I just am glad it is the weekend,need to recoup.

Yep- Doug is the ex - though he is more a father figure to me - he is 30 years older. We'll see - Rocky is sending the ads for rentals- just to see. The ex and I get along for the most part -lol

anyway- have tons to do before I get out of here tonight. Might get 10am to 7pm hours! That would be nice.....

02-05-2005, 01:03 AM
Good evening ladies~

Hiya Pam~Sounds like you had a busy morning. I can imagine how much you are missing your son. I know I miss my kids if they are gone for any length of time. I know when they do move out one day I am going to be lost! That is sad that the x thinks it is 1975. Do the doctors think he will recover? Hope everything works out for the best and Eddie can come home soon.

Marti~aren't you just the busy little bee?! Speaking of computers...we definitely need another one around here. We are getting ready to hook up the cable and check it out so no more AOL! :cp:

Anywhoo...guess I am the only one without a life. LOL What kind of person sits home on a Friday night? Oh! V is always working I swear. Oh Jane, V doesn't get V-day off. He has to work but I meant that he won't work overtime so he will be home so we can do something, not sure what yet. Probably just dinner and/or a movie. Not sure yet.

Well, hope everyone had a great day! No special plans for the weekend. The weather has been soooo nice the last few days and starting tomorrow it is supposed to get cold again and then rain tomorrow evening and Sunday. Since V will be working late both days I will be cleaning house and doing some reading. So...take care ladies and have a good one. See ya tomorrow some time. :wave:

Edited to say Hi to Ms. Susan~ HI :wave: LOL Glad that you got new tires, now you can feel safer. I always feel safer after having something done to my car, even if it is just an oil change. LOL Hope you get to rest. Gaby is such a little doll! But OMG about the puzzle! Ooopsie!

02-05-2005, 01:20 AM
Don't worry Cristi - I have no life either - totally vegging in front of the computer.

I might go look for your email and send you a picture of Gaby. We just had them done at JC Penny.

I told my brother about the puzzle an dhe didn't seem to care. I was just too tired to deal with a fussy child. She also stuffed some pieces in her sweater sleeve and said "mine"..........I said...."Oh no they are not" tired all day.

Ya, new tires so I can travel in the

have a good night :)

02-05-2005, 01:35 AM
Ok- totally don't remember anyones emails - except Katy's and that is only because she wrote today- lol

Can't even remember Angies and her's has been the same for eons....

Sorry- probably won't get back on til Tuesday so if Katy has a second to forward to you all Gaby's pictures that would be fine.


ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - going to bed . :)

Tea Rose
02-05-2005, 01:46 AM
Hi Everyone :grouphug:
I just wanted to pop in to say Hi, I haven't really caught up on everyones comings and goings. I don't really have much to say nothing much happening in my life, My one little indoor/outdoor kitty, the one who is blind in one eye, hasen't come home for almost two weeks and I am worried about him, being it has been so bitterly cold out. Didn't want him out but he bolted past me when I opened the door to shovel the step, and haven't seen him since.The baby kittens are growing and happy they play and have started climbing already ,they are eating pablum and becoming more independant every day.Amelie has become very protective , letting some of the other kitties know she means business when it comes to babies Maddie and Milo. Maddie the little girl is half the size of her brother Milo,guess who's hogging the food source :lol: they are so cute to watch.I will be glad when I can take Amelie to get spayed so she dosen't have the stress of having anymore kittens,as much as I love them , my house is currently filled to the pet maximum ,except for emergencies.It has been really cold here with quite a bit of snow,I am looking forward to spring, and everything it brings with it. I have been reading a little,a book called The Jewels of Tessa Kent by Judith Krantz, I am enjoying it so far.Thats pretty much all thats going on in my life right now .Angie and Katy I see you enjoy knitting , I did a long time ago , don't think I would remember how now, I actually just finished a book called The shop on blossom Street, which was a knitting shop, I really enjoyed the book, I might think about trying that again. It sounds like you both enjoy it,Angie you little ktty Milo is so cute,and growing, his fur has actually lightened somewhat and is so soft, he has bright blue eyes I will send you a picture soon.I hear my boys are scrapping ,Oh I remember the teenage years, fighting over hairspray and belts and school pants LOL , and I have one of each,:lol: (((HUGS AND MORE HUGS)))) Cristi,I finally got a new bed, well mattress set, when I moved here and I have been adding peices to my bedroom set,for five years, my kids bought me the armoire for Christmas, so except for some pictures for over my bed ,and an area rug, my room is finally finished. Its the first time I had a beautiful bedroom set. Except for a few accent peices ,and plants I think I have reached the end of my decorating challenge, for a very very long time aside from painting, and general maintenance. I have been completely focused on this house for five years now, and as much as I love decorating I'm tired, Now I have to work on my gardens outside, and Me, probably in that order, Pam ,sorry to hear that the prognosis for the X isn't good, hopefully Eddie can get things settled there and come home as soon as possible. It must be extremely quiet there for you. I know you will be so happy to have him home, Jane I had a heck of a time getting into the forum today , took me all day, I don't know why it kept rejecting my password, but I made it in, after a frustrating day of being denied access, How is your Grandaughter and you Brother in law doing ? (((HUGS TO ALL)))) Katy , sorry to hear that your family has been under the weather, there is so much flus and colds, going round and round. (((HUGS AND GET WELL TO YOU ALL)))) Marti I see your still as busy as ever , Glad to hear you got your kitties fixed, it sure is a load of your mind not to have to worry about that, Hope your family is well,.Katie I had a root canal and it was extremely painful, before and after, since that time the tooth broke apart and fell out, and I wondered why I went to the expence and suffering to end up with a hole in my mouth, It will feel better, hopefully sooner than later,(((HUGS))) Susan it sounds like your life is as interesting as ever, never a dull moment with you is there, Can you even imagine what it will be like when this is all over and you gain some peice of mind, you will probably die from shock.LOL Its has to be near an end soon.(((HUGS))) to you and the girls, Well to everyone else Mindee ,Sue Kathy,Julie and If I missed anyone I apologize, but I hope you are all well, Marti I was wondering if you did get your Birthday card, I hope so. Well I'm pretty tired so I guess I will say goodnight for now, sleep tight girls,:wave:


02-05-2005, 01:57 AM
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. whoa....

Ellen!!! woke me up with all your chatter!! lol. Missed you!!

Yep- as my life shurns,,,,,,,,anyway, wish I knew your email. Gaby is so cute....I almost have Angies....I keep wanting to call her Ally Cat but that ain't get.....time to go get the Gabster :)

Happy to see ya posting!! Now we need Shanna to pop in and say hello....

night :)

02-05-2005, 08:35 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Angie - what are your plans for the purple Barbie lunch kit? Sounds like you meant it for the guys in the play, somehow? I love scarves, too, and in the winter, wear them outside my coats, to match my outfits. Some are silky, some are knit. Love em!!

Katy - the bad thing about hospice is that there can be no life saving techniques going on. Jerry's kidneys are failing, and now they have to decide whether or not to do dialysis or not. I hope they don't put him through that but you never know. So glad you're all better at your house.

Cristi - we have 2 phone lines, too, and I hate paying for them! But cable internet isn't offered out here, or I'd have it in a heartbeat. The conference we went to is for science teachers. There were some cool exhibits, but I have to admit I was glad to leave when we did, lol.

Pam - did you get your sister all lined out at the hospital? I sure hope your son is home soon. My DH was Fern's guardian, and there is a ton of legal stuff that goes with it. Having an attorney to handle things is the way to go!

Marti - Neal seldon uses this computer, since he has access to a cable-connected one at school. We all know what's gonna happen when he retires, lol.

Susan - hope you get some good rest this weekend! Just kick back and relax with your sweet girls!

Ellen - there you are!!! So glad you are feeling better and made it back to us. I have read some of Judith Krantz' books and like them. I'm pretty sure she wrote Scruples, didn't she? That book was sooooo good!!

I gotta hurry and call Maggie! Today I'm cleaning and doing laundry and making Amish Chicken Noodle Soup. Mmmmm...


02-05-2005, 09:24 AM
Good morning all...
Susan - Just got the pix of Gaby, so I will forward to all the emails I have. They are absolutely adorable! Well....sorry about your a.m. I can relate. It must be something about being 3...'cause my daughter wasn't in the best of moods either - good thing we are re-scheduling.

Jane - Jerry's kidney conundrum reminds me of something we went through with my late BIL. He was in hospice, dying of AIDS, and some Einstein decided to biopsy his liver because they thought it was cancerous. I remain pi** ed about it to this day... Who cares if he has cancer - he was at death's door anyway! I hope Jerry is spared uncomfortable and unnecessary procedures...BTW other than this incident ( which was really more the error of the teaching hospital) we are exceedingly grateful for the hospice care BIL received as it made his remining week of living way more comfortable....lots of morphine...kept his family with him round the clock...

Ellen -So glad you checked in..I have also been getting the itch to garden...when the daffodils bloom, it will really hit me. I read a bunch of Judith Krantz way back when - I liked Princess Daisy and Mistral's Daughter.

Cristi- I've priced the cable ..It costs about $50 and month to do it here.. and I just can't afford it. I have heard from many, though, that it is worth every penny. Sigh. Someday. PS I sat home last night too - did my taxes yesterday and was too wiped out for anything else. I watched the Manchurian Candidate, which was a disappointment. The original with Frank Sinatra is way better.

Today is my catch-up day. DH is taking the kids to see Animal Grossology at OMSI thsi a.m.. I am hoping to get a long walk in and get this house cleaned up..I lost a few days this week cause of sickness and it's all piled up around me!


02-05-2005, 11:42 AM
:coffee2: Made it in this morning.

Ellen, so glad to see you. Girl, you had me worried. Great names for the babies. Can't wait to see a catch up pic.Sorry about your lost baby. I don't know whats harder. To see them put down or to lose them into the "void" and never really know. I always stay with a fur child when they have to be put down. Don't want them to start the journey alone and it's the thing I can do to show my love for them. Our Humain Society has a comfortable room just for this. They will give them tranquilizers to keep them from being afraid and give you what ever time you need to say your good bys.

Girls, you won't believe what I went though with my sister. She desides she's ready to go just after 5pm. Rush hour. Traffic on our freeways is legendary but worse at rush hour. Around 6 we get to the hospital but can't get near Emergency. It's blocked off due to security.Sister can't walk so security guard calls for a wheel chair. Sister complains she wants a gurny. Man brings wheel chair goes on and on about how he can't help her get in it because of insurance. Wants me to lift her into it. She weighs almost as much as I do but is only 5' 7". Man gets peved when I try to explain that I can't ether. After some time sister finally manages while groening and complaining, to get into chair with her knees on the seat facing backward. Wants man to wheel her in like that. No way. Wait while she turns around and forces herself to sit as best she can.Man is getting more and more angry with me. Insinuates that it'll take 9 hours for her to see someone and that I should stay there with her to carry her to bathroom ,ect.I try to explain that she suppose to be admitted. It probubly does seem curel to some who don't know her history. I can not be around my sister for long periods of time. It takes me days to recover. She drains the life out of you. She has to be the center of attention even in the midst of strangers so talks loudly and shares everything , down to the lastest and past workings of her colon. She can't leave me sitting in peace. She will insist I do this or that . She has to have this or that. I think it's a control thing. I'd rather slit my throut then spend 9 hours cow towing. It might be differant if this all wasn't her own doing, but it is. She makes something as simple as going to the doc as hard as possible and all her health issues are Meth related or enhanced. Now I have this man acting like I'm the worse person and of course my sister is eating it up.

I'm done venting here. Thanks for allowing me. I'm going to try to spend the day improving my mood.Peace ,love, and what ever is suppose to come after that. I'm to frazzled to remember. :lol:


02-05-2005, 01:54 PM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies~

Susan~well, if brother didn't mind then what the hey! Funny though that Gaby put some of the puzzle pieces in her sweater sleeve! LOL Speaking of e-mail will be changing in a couple of days. Whenever V gets a chance to hook it up. And THANK YOU for the pics of little miss Gaby-they are adorable!!! :thanks: Now to get some ink so I can print them out.

Katy~I saw that movie also and ya know what? I can't remember much about it. I am thinking we thought it was okay-it's been a while. Maybe I just like Denzel, LOL. I've never seen the original. The internet has two different plans and the one we got is $39.95 a month which isn't bad considering what AOL is and then the phone because we have it unpublished and we have voicemail and then with all the surcharges and taxes they charge (which is ridiculous) it ends up being about $60-70 a month just for one line. :yikes: So we are actually saving money by getting it and I do like the idea of saving money. I can not believe the phone company anymore-there is about $10-19 charged each month for some sort of surcharge and taxes. Geez, they tax you for everything. When we lived in OK I remember looking at the gas bill and they actually charged for the gas being delivered to our house-through the lines of course. I had never seen anything like that before and thought for sure it was a mistake. it wasn't, was something that they did. Doesn't that seem ridiculous? I mean how else is the gas going to get to us but to charge us for that. Anyway...

Ms. Ellen~there you are! I am so happy to see you here. I was worried about you lady. Thought I was going to have to come looking for ya. Hope youare feeling fine. Sorry to hear about your kitty being gone. I figure we will be working on our house for a few years to come. I am hoping not five years but ya never know. As far as decorating, painting and such probably in a few weeks we are going to paint our bedroom, the hall and the door and door going into the garage a taupe, or beige kind of color. When we first moved here I painted my bath pink and one wall in my bedroom but I am not liking the pink in the bedroom and I would like the whole room to be painted one color. Wish we could get a new bedroom set but not feasible yet. As soon as spring hits it's back to finishing the yard, fence and patio. But as far as the inside goes we have plans to put wood flooring in the kitchen, dining area, entry way and the boys bedrooms. I love wood floors! Then new kitchen countertops (corian) and I think that is it for the inside. So if we get any more new furniture it will be a dining room set. I am wanting a more modern look to go with the living room. So who knows it may be five years! :dunno:

Jane~gotcha...about the conference. You and Katy talking about the hospice care made me think of two friends of V's. The one guys GF brought her dad up from OK because he was sick and she wanted to take care of him. He has cancer and basically doesn't have much time left. But they were at the hospital in KC, KS and after the doctors told him he would be lucky if he had a month left proceeded to tell him that there are two surgeries they would like to do. Ummm, what?! Why in the world would they want to do two surgeries if it is not going to help? That is just crazy to me as it was to them also. I too hope Jerry is spared any unnecessary procedures. I read Scrupples when it first came out, can't remember if it was Judith Krantz who wrote it tho...but do remember it was good also. Didn't like the movie as much. Your dinner sounds soooo good. :T

Pam~so sorry you had to endure your sisters wrath. It's terrible that you try to do something good for someone and they carry on that way. I am still pondering the 9 hours in emergency! EGADS! Hope it didn't actually take that long. Although, when I took DD a few weeks ago we were there about 5 and all they did was give her an IV, took x-rays and asked a bunch of questions. Ya want to know what that little visit cost? $2000! :yikes: I almost feel to the floor when I saw that. Didn't understand why but they break down every little thing. Where before they charged one set fee for going to emergency now everyone involved has to get paid separately. Thank God for insurance is all I can say. Hope you can relax today and no think about your sis. And oh yeah, I remember the CA freeways all too well, especially the 405 and rush hour. Not sure why they call it rush hour when it is bumper to bumper traffic and you are moving very slowly. LOL I would get butterflies in my stomach and get freaked out anytime I had to drive the freeways out there. Not sure why because once I was on them it wasn't so bad. As long as it wasn't rush hour and certain freeways. I really hated the 405 any time of day tho.

Well, I guess I have blabbed enough. :blah: :blah: :blah: just on a chatty roll I guess. LOL Nothing much ont he agenda for today other than what I posted last night. Definitely going to get somewhere in Life of Pi. It has been slow reading. The beginning is not so interesting to me and normally when I book is like that I will put it down and start another. But for some reason this has my attention because I know it is going somewhere with all this religion and zoo talk. We'll see...

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

02-05-2005, 05:53 PM
Katiecat - I skipped you on accident. Hope you enjoyed your Friday off. Neal made our head board, which is king-size. I showed him a photo in a catalog of one I like, and he patterned it after that. I had him sign the back of it, because it will last 2 lifetimes, lol. Anyway, did you find one you like?

02-05-2005, 07:00 PM
Oh goodness girls....will I ever catch up?????

I will be back on later tonight...James is telling me to get myself ready so we can leave. And of coarse I'm dawdling along!!

Sooo glad to see you back Ellen!!! Miss you!

I will try to catch up later girls.

Until then...hugs to you all!

Tea Rose
02-05-2005, 10:22 PM
Good Evening Everyone :wave:
It was another cold day today but it was nice and sunny out for a change, I didn't do much today, somewhat tired, as usual,

Hi Jane
"Amish" chicken noodle soup sounds yummy , I guess thats chicken noodle with a twist right?? or is it made with" Amish chickens" :lol: Sorry to hear that you BIL is having such a rough time, I hope he isn't suffering, (((HUGS))) what style of headboard did Neal make for you, its nice he knows how to do things like that, and he will do them. LOL Hope your having a wonderful day

Hi Susan
Sorry I woke you up last night:lol:I promise I will keep the chattering down at night, Thankyou for the pictures of Gaby , she is so cute, what a sweetheart, I wish my daughter was still little, I miss that time so much.Glad to hear you got new tires on your car, so your driving safe.Did you and Katy meet up, do you live close to each other?

Hi Cristi
There is always so much to do when you buy new. My yard is narrow only 35 ft but its 300 ft, long, I have a start on the front yard ,but because of bad soil , we lost a lot of things we planted so this year we will truck in new soil and replace and finish it, the backyard will take a lot more time, we did a wrap around porch from the side door all across the back of the house,a few years ago, and we have a few finishing touches to do ,but its a beautiful place to sit out on in warm weather. I think its never ending keeping up with home maintenance,no matter how much you do , there is always something else.Is the dining room table to replace the one in the Christmas pictures, Are you keeping the wood finish,in a modern stlye.I am getting the urge to repaint when I moved in I didn't know what I wanted so I finally settled for a taupe shade, I am thinking of painting the top of the living room walls, "red" and below the wainscotting the panelling cream . I haven't decided yet , I don't know if I'm that brave anymore, I will do a sample wall first and them decide. I am longing for colour , my other house was yellows , peaches , blues and greens it was floral and colourful. When I moved my choices were completely different , maybe it was my state of mind. I like the neutral colouring but I would love some colour to, if the red fails the test I will just do it with flowers. Paint I can change furniture and accessories I can't not for a very very long time.I did the bedrooms with 6" wide plank floors and I stained them myself with a dark mahogany , they came out pretty nice, Because of all the pets, I went for a hard surface in all rooms, the hallways bathrooms and kitchen are tile and the living room and bottom landing and stairs are stone and the upper landing and stairs are stone, the main staircase stairs are painted wood with a runner, I use area rugs to soften,certain areas , but I find its easier to keep everything clean and sanitary with the hard surfaces. Corian will be nice for your countertops, thats a great surface for kitchens and bathrooms. It will be nice when you get everything finished the way you want it, hopefully it dosen't take you five years though, I can only do things a bit at a time, I do what I can myself, thats why its taking so long, I never realized how much I would appreciate my bedroom set. See once I get started on this topic I can't stop :lol: Did you manage to get some reading done?

Hi Pam
Sorry about the business with your sister, you certainly have your hands full with unpleasant situations, of late,I had a friend like that who I desperatly wanted and tried to help , it almost destroyed me, and the friend just moved on to friends who enabled the situation. Its very difficult dealing with people like that no matter how much you love and care about their well being.I hope you gained some of the Peace Love and alcohol :lol: just kidding, maybe its Haagen dozs ice cream I'm not sure,I hope Eddie is on his way home soon. Hope all is well with you (((HUGS)))

Hi Katy
Pardon my denseness but what is animal Grossology if I may ask,haven't heard that word before, gross yes ,but not with the ology. Hopefully you got caught up on your housework , its hard to keep up when , there is illness in the family. I hope everyone is feeling better now,((HUGS)))

Hi Marti
Always on the go, no wonder your tired, well I hope wherever you went , and what ever your doing , is fun and you are having a wonderful time.

Hi Angie
Hows life in the ol homestead , peaceful I hope, how are the my boys doing , better I should ask how are you doing,what or who is the purple barbie lunch kit for,I think I missed that story. I can picture you with your wonderful scarves ,its obvious you love fashion and wear it well. I used to be like that ,but it seems so long ago now. How is the play going and which one are you doing now,? Milo is so cute Angie , he is precious,as is Maddie, pictures soon , Hope your having a great evening.

Hi Mindee
Haven't seen you for a long time, how are you and your little family doing, I hope everything is fine,(((HUGS TO ALL )))

Hi Sue
How are you? are you in the sunshine or in the deep freeze with most of us, I hope everything in your family is well.

Hi Julie
Sorry to hear your still struggling with your friends attitudes, its unfortunate they don't realize how hard good friends are to come by. It will be their loss, if you decide enough is enough, I hope everything else in your life is going well,

Hi Katie
Did you buy your bed, pay your bills ,balance your checkbook ,do your laundry, and clean your messy house, wow that tired me out just thinking about it :lol: What kind of bed did you buy?? Hope you got some rest in it after all that,:lol:

Hi to Every one else if I missed anyone , Hope your having a great weekend.
I think I need a snack or drink or something all this talking has made me thirsty:lol: I hope I didn't wake Susan up again :lol: I might check back in later see who's around. since its still early, so be good girls,:wave:

02-06-2005, 12:36 AM
hello ladies.....

I am still around.....we are without internet at home. so we are using the library when we can. now we are at my sister's house for our nieces birthday, so we jumped to check our email and what not.

02-06-2005, 02:40 AM
Hello ladies--

I'm going to start w/an apology for not doing individuals since I'm so behind and you're all so chatty! (which a good all being chatty)

Today James & I went to visit my grandpa. A long time coming. He was happy to see us and we had a nice visit. He has been busy making all kinds of things in his shop! He had plant stands, a bed frame, dressers and so on! I felt like I was walking into a store! I told him that I would love to bring our truck and just load it with all his stuff! :D He smiled and promised to make me something for my birthday. He doesn't have to do that......but I won't complain if he does.

Work has been busy. And slow at the same time. We have spurts of work. Looking forward to my friend starting up. He starts on Monday. Won't be on my shift for a few weeks or month or so...but at least he'll eventually make it there.

Tomorrow I plan on going out to dinner w/him and his girlfriend. We have been meaning to get together for dinner for our wedding gift (they been wanting to do this) and now it's almost been a year since we've gotten married!

As for our vacation plans......we haven't heard yet if either of us are approved for our time off, but we decided to go to San Francisco and just explore. Nothing really planned....just go and have fun. Which really has me excited.

Well that's about all that I have for updates on me....I'm hoping to get on the computer more. James is done playing around trying to burn movies. (for now anyway) My computer has been reallly slow and sometime I get e-mail and sometimes not....and I no longer have's been coming on and off.....crazy I say.

I will come back tomorrow and see how everyone is doing. Sorry for not being here more often. Miss checking in with you all.

take care and have a good night!


02-06-2005, 08:47 AM
Are you ready for some football?? Not me... but I do like the commercials! They're supposed to be a lot more family-oreinted today. Hopefully, no more Janet Jackson-type snafus!!

If you get the Sunday comics, please be sure and read Wizard of Id... I just about fell off the chair laughing so hard this morning. :rofl: Shoulda put a woman in charge long ago, lol.

Gotta run, but I'll bbl,

02-06-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi gals!
I cleaned this house big time yesterday and it sure feels good....when we all got sick it just fell apart. Now I am back on track...I even did our taxes. Amazing what can happen when I shoo everyone out of the house for a few hours. We can relax a little today, go to church, watch the Super Bowl. DH came home with a firethorn bush, so the spring planting has begun....

Jane - I will be sure to read the Wizard of Id today - have fun watching the Super Bowl!

Ellen - Animal Grossology is an exhibit at our science son informs me it has interesting stuff like why cats can't digest their fur balls. He liked the part that showed how cows digest their food. I think I had the better deal staying home and cleaning the toilet, lol! Susan and I do live in the same town and have bumped into each other once...trying to meet up so the girls can play and we can visit.

Cristi - Definitely stick with Life of Pi...people do seem to get bogged down in the beginning but it is worth it to hang in there. After I finished the book, I went back an reread the beginning as it shed a whole new light on the story.

Marti - Your grandpa sounds like a great late grandpa used to make stuff for me..he was such a sweetie. Enjoy dinner with your friends tomorrow

Pam - So sorry about the fuss with your sister...and bravo to you for sticking to your boundaries with her. I get the feeling your enabling days are over..... and that is a very good thing. That being said, I do hope she is able to get the help at the hospital she needs....just imagine what she's putting the staff through...

Hi Katiecat, Susan, Mindee and everyone else out there.

Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 12:38 PM
Good Morning Ladies
I have been up for hours , why I don't know, fed all the kitties made the baby kittens pablum , so everyone is full and happy. The sun is shining again not as cold today, but still cold, Everyone has superbowl fever today, except me , I will pass on this fun activity, good time to do some reading. I didn't get any feedback on painting my room red , what do you girls think , is it to bold , should I stick with my neutrals ? Its only paint right, oh I don't know. I want to be adventerous,but I may be to tired to be that adventurous if I have to redo it again because its to bold. I have the urge to tear the house apart and clean every nook and cranny, and do some organizing in my closets and drawers , I just don't know if I have the energy to follow through.Katy that Grossology exibit sounds facinating, I think I'd rather clean toilets to,furball regurgitation I know all about :lol:. So you and Susan live near each other I have a question though , how did you know Susan was Susan when you bumped into her,did you know her before talking online, or was she wearing a jaded Ladies t-shirt:lol:.You sure do accomplish a lot in a few hours, must have had a bee in your bonnet, glad you caught up on everything it is a good feeling isn't it.I hope your having a nice day.

Hi Marti
Glad you had such a nice time with your Grandpa, I never knew either of mine , my mothers father died when he was 26 of tuberculosis and my fathers , father died when my dad was only 16. I always missed not having a Grandpa of my own.Its nice that he keeps himself busy doing the things he enoys, it leaves less time for him to be lonely , although I'm sure he misses your Grandma terribly. Its so sweet of him to want to make you something, a little part of him to treasure always. I hope you have a nice dinner with your friends today. When is your Wedding Anniversary.

Hi Jane
Are you passing up the Superbowl to, does your family enjoy football, I like the commercials , they are usually pretty funny. Whats the Wizard of Id about, sound like a fun read. I hope you have a nice day, today.

I guess you other girls are filling bowls for the Super Bowl Party LOL whos making the chili ?? Does anyone know Angelo Mosca (King Kong Mosca) famous wrestler and football player - 38k this will be my daughters father in law someday , if all goes well. I guess I will come back in a while and check in to see if you gals are up and kicking, I'm hungry , so I guess its time for me to feed me, since I fed everyone else alread,. Hope your all having a nice day,:wave:

02-06-2005, 02:11 PM
:dizzy: I'm Baaaack.

Ellen,red? Oh my,that is adventurous. Sure it won't keep you up at night?I always think of red as a screaming kind of color. You don't feel like screaming do you?lol.

Girls,thanks for the support concerning sister and x sob. I sure have needed it and gotten it. My sister's story climaxed the next morning when she called for me to come get her. She'd been waiting over 15 hours but still hadn't seen anyone so was giving up. After I picked her up I found out they'd called for her 3 times but she'd missed it every time, and from what I gathered she'd been raising HE double L all night long. LOL. I feel vindicated.

The X has recovered enough to go home Monday or Tuesday. Even knew who I was and the year. Eddie will settle him in, put groceries in the house,clean the place up, then come home. I'm hoping by the end of the week. I'm giddy with joy.

Ladies, ment a terrific woman on line from Florida named Diane who wants to lose weight. She's bright and funny and would be a great addition to our club. Hope we'll be seeing her posts here soon, she said she had signed up.


Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 03:00 PM
Pam it was for the living room , not the bedroom , I don't want any excitement in there.:lol: It was just a thought, I need some colour , maybe I will stick to flowers, maybe I'm not as adventurous as I used to be where colour is concerned.I think I've become to boring. Good news about the X for everyone concerned, so good Eddie will be coming home soon, you have had enough excitement for one month don't you think. Pam what colours do you have in your house, whats your stlye.

02-06-2005, 03:46 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

I'll start with Ms. Ellen~I think a red living room would be GREAT! I see red as more of a warm color. Of course if you get the right kind of red. Sent V to Lowes to get the little color things for taupe and you would not believe the number of different shades of taupe. I've got it doen to 5 that I like but not sure if I want ot go with the light or the darker shade.The one house we almost bought before this one I had it planned already when we put an offer in what room was going to be what color. I too have wanted a red room and the dining room in that house would have been awesome in red! We didn't get the house however even tho we put our offer in first. They wanted to start a bidding war and we said no thank you. With this house tho because the kitchen, dining room and living room are all open to one another it would be too much red. I was wanting a red dining room, taupe living room, yellow kitchen, blue family room, and bath downstairs. The upstairs bath had some nice wallpaper that I liked so would stick with that. Now we have a green kitchen, living room & dining area, the boys bath is blue, one of their rooms is green the other is white because he is still undecided, our bath is pink, the bedroom is going to be taupe, then downstairs the office & family room is yellow, DD's room is purple (Lilac) as is her bathroom and I have yet to paint the exercise room. So I am hoping the next house I will have my red room. I so love color too Ellen and the deep, rich colors that seem to be in now days. But I think a red room would be gorgeous! I have to say I love the wrap around porches and your front porch. I told V the next house we buy will definitely have a wrap around porch even if we have to build it ourselves. Actually, we are thinking of buying some land and having a house or possibly a log cabin built. Who knows, that is a few years down the road. Yeppers, Ellen, the dining room furniture in the pictures is the one I haven't been able to part with. I like it and have thought about putting it in the family room for a game table but it is too big. V said to keep it and I don't see the point if it is going to be sitting in a closet. The new one I would like to get is the Mission Style (not sure if it is considered modern) but it is not the country looking oak that I have. Anyway...I too could go on and on about decorating and such. And I must say you have done a wonderful job with your house-it is so pretty! I love everything you did.

Okay, well I took too long and V is home and ready to hook-up the cable so I will try to be back later and finish up.

Have a GREAT day ladies!

Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 04:45 PM
Cristi ,mission style would be nice, I like the clean lines of that style of funiture, You know, I think I will do a sample wall in red, and below the wainscotting I will paint it cream to break it up, and see how it looks ,hey I will never know if I don't give it a try right, whats the worse that can happen, I will just have to repaint thats all. I know all about the many colours of taupe, brown based ,pink based and every other ,drives you mad, doesn't it.What brand of paint do you use. I found some nice shades from Benjanmin Moore. I know its hard to stop talking on the subject of decorating especially if you enjoy it like we seem to, never seem to run out of things to say LOL on the subject.I do hope you get your red room to someday.

02-06-2005, 04:56 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Jane--NO football for me! :D I'm not a big football fan and some of the people who do watch it....take it WAY too seriously. I had a guy I worked w/that worked all his days off to go to the game....only wore this particular games clothes and so on....too much.

Katy--I know all about the house needing cleaned up! I need to do a little of that today! Such a lazy person I have become when it comes to the house!

Pam--Your friend is more than welcomed! And I do believe I've seen some of her post already. Hopefully she'll find the chitchat thread!

Ellen--My grandpa is a "retired" carpentar. I say retire lightly because he STILL helps build on houses! In fact he's working on one right now. I should take some photos of the last things he's made. Really want one of the dresser he made. So pretty!!

Cristi--I've always wanted a red room! The kitchen in particular! I should have talked the landlord in letting me do the kitchen red when we were remodeling! I probably could have had it red..........someday..when I"m in a home that I own!

Not much on the agenda today. going out w/my friends later on. Hopefully James doesn't have to work today and he can join us!!

Need to take the mugglies out....I will check back in later.

02-06-2005, 06:48 PM
I'm back...

Not really liking the set-up of the cable but it sure is A LOT faster than I really expected. You have to go through Internet Explorer to bring it up. Guess I just got used to clicking on the AOL icon and signing in. :shrug:

Ellen~thank you! I was looking at the different colors and the kids thought I was crazy when I said that has pink in it! LOL I could see it but to them it was just another brown color! LOL And you are will never know if you like it till you do it. When we decided to do the green I was a little leary after DH put a little spot on the wall-now I am loving it. Anyway...hope you are feeling fine.

Marti~I have seen a lot of red kitchens and I think they look really nice. Every now and then I go to a real estate site and look at the houses online and I am surprised that so many people are into color now days. But have seen a lot of red and while some think RED? it actually does look good.

Jane~funny how we think a like...I was going to come on earlier and say the same thing-are you ready for some fooootballlll?! LOL There was some guy at V's work that didn't want to go in today because he said he was going to miss the pre-shows. Ummmm, on the weekends they only work till 1:30 and the game doesn't start till 7 or 7:30! He actually stayed home today! LOL I used to be a fan and loved the Cowboys, Broncos, Rams, Raiders, 49'ers and Green Bay. Still love the teams and once in a while will catch a game but not into it so much anymore. So no football for me.

Katy~oh I don't plan on not finishing the book. It has me interested because I know that it is going somewhere with all this. It may take longer than I expected to get through it but I will.

Pam~glad to know Eddie will be coming home soon and the ex will be fine and knows what year it is! DH just told me last night that this kid that he worked with had taken a fall down some stairs (he had been drinking) so hadn't been to work in a while. Everyone was worried and they found out that from the fall he lost the last four years of his memory. He can't remember a thing that happened in those four years and he has swelling on the brain.

Mindee~we've missed you girly. Hope you get the internet soon so you can check in more often. Miss hearing about Brandon. is not my time for the computer. I snuck down real fast to check out this cable stuff. :sssh: :sssh: Gotta go figure out what to cook for dinner. May just have some tacos-something easy. See ya tomorrow sometime. Take care ladies :wave:

Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 07:44 PM
Cristi its the decorator in us LOL

02-06-2005, 07:56 PM
Ellen,hi there. I love blue. I guess because I love water and lakes and mountains. My livingroom is white with blue trim around windows and doors, My kitchen is dark blue with light blue cabnets and my bedroom walls are light blue with wood blinds and rose valances across the top.I even have paintings in the livingroom of mountains in the winter with snow and ice covered lakes. It gets so dang hot 6 months of the year here that I look for ways to keep cool. Blue is cool.

A red in the livingroom is fine. If your going to scream thats the room to do it in. :lol:


Cristi,love your new avitar. So cute

Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 08:25 PM
Pam My kitchen family room in my other house was wedgewood blue and white with large cabbage rose walllpaper in peach green and blue , I loved the colouring and the room, Pam what style of music does Eddy listen to , I was wondering if he'd be interested in hearing my sons band, I know no one here would be interested in metal, but I thought them being the same age and all he might they are awesome for what they do.I have a link to one of their songs if he would like to listen, Anyways your colours sound lovely and so does your home, and red is a warm colour, not meant for screaming :lol: I leave that to my son in the band.

02-06-2005, 08:31 PM
Ellen, Eddie loves heavy metal and so do I. It is rock and roll. I love to hear your sons band. :)

02-06-2005, 08:31 PM
My oh my! Bright and funny she says! ..............NOT!...... Ms. took me 6 hours to find out where you all were writing to each other from. I will probably loose you when I sign off so come and get me if I do. My name is Diane from sunny, buggy Sarasota, Fl. and I'm awfully glad to have found this group of lovlies to chat with. Pam you are such a warm and friendly person. I feel as if I've known you for a long time already. Girls I've read alot of your posts going back quite some time and find no matter what our ages we all have similar problems and needs.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I'm 61 and a recreational consultant. Now before I hear too many oooo's and aaaah's in short I am an activities director in a locked dementia unit. The company I work for wants us to sound more interesting I guess. Have been doing this for the last 7 years and absolutely love it. Have you ever felt that you were put someplace for a reason or maybe a purpose. When I walk thru the doors I see people walking the halls aimlessly and then they see me. I signify fun, and a bit of laughter and for a short time they smile. They don't even realize how much they give back to me. Unconditional love for one. My size, what I have on or that my make up isn't quite the right color today doesn't matter at all to them. I'm loved and it's the most wonderful feeling.
I live with my furry female cohort named Sammie alias TC The Cat. My dance instructor named Tj brought her over 8 Christmases ago as a present. He told me I need someone to come home to.....someone to love and take care of....I told him I was thinking of somone a little taller, that talked and not meow and didn't use a litter box. He didn't seem to get my point....... She has until this time not evicted me but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I put kitty on a diet along with myself two weeks ago and thus far she has lost more weight than I. Not funny.

Must go and do the dreaded ironing for another week. Will tell more as the months go on and on. Haven't watched the game. QVC'S my favorite channel. And I really like red rooms. Painted my sons red, white and blue one time. It took two coats of white paint and wallpaper to cover it but red's good. Bye for now girls.

02-06-2005, 08:43 PM
:wave: There you are,Diane. So glad you got here. Girls, this is my friend I was telling you all about. I love you all so much I had to share you with my friend. :love:


Tea Rose
02-06-2005, 08:53 PM
Diane is QVC a shopping channel, I love our TSC Diane being loved is the most wonderful feeling in the world I agree, but I'd stick to the short cat and the litter box ,:lol: I am a true Jaded Lady LOL
Pam heres the link to one of the songs, I don't know it you like the screaming vocals but this is what they do l
This is only for metal gals ears.

02-06-2005, 11:34 PM
Hi Tea Rose, Thanks for the hearty welcome. Yes, QVC is out of Pittsburgh, PA and I think as of last Friday I own half the business or at least should. I've been buying clothes a few sizes smaller (sound familiar?) in contemplation of my new figure. If I don't fit into them (must think positive) my daughter in law will love my leather and suede jackets I purchased. Don't really know what I was thinking anyway. I live in Florida where the average temp is 85 degrees. I'll have to stand in the walk in freezer at work in order to wear them .grin

I'm afraid you're right about Kitty. I'm too old and set in my ways to include a man. Besides he'd have to be a saint and my father was the last one. LOL

Does anyone like country western music or linedance? I taught it for awhile and it's great arobic exercise. Gee, I have all these ideas. Why do I just keep talking and not doing. I feel like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind..........."I'll think about it tomorrow when I get back to Tara". I'm going to bed. Hope to meet more of you tomorrow. Peace to all Diane

02-07-2005, 09:12 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Katy - feels good to have a really clean house, doesn't it? Not that I'd know this 1st hand, lol. I, too, work better when the others are out of the house.

Ellen - I think you'd love a red room! At least one wall... I thought about doing my kitchen in red, but it adjoins my living room, and the carpet there is green. Don't want to look Christmasy all year, lol. I have always tried to take one of the colors of a room and use it in the connecting room so it all flows well. Not necessarily the main color, sometimes a secondary color. Anyway, I think you should go for it!!

Mindee - glad you popped in, sweetie!! Hope you're back again soon!!

Pam - yep, your sister is a challenge! Speaking of colors, the blue you mention does sound so serene and cool.

Cristi - great minds think alike, lol. Btw, love your new avatar! So feminine. Our coffee table and end table between the recliners in Mission syle, in a burnished oak. I just know you're going to love the cable internet. Wish I could get it out here. We can't even get internet over the satellite out here, boo hoo.

Marti - so glad your buddy will be on your shift and in your department. Did you say you'll carpool? That will be nice. Hope you had fun with him and his wife last night. Did you fill him in on department stategies?

Diane - welcome!!! Your career does sound fun. Bet you meet all sorts of fun people. Yes, I do like some country music if it isn't twangy. And I've been known to do a line dance when I'm tipsy, lol. When you get a chance, and you're ready, you might want to fill out a bio, ok?

Doreen - if you're reading this, you found the right place! Just jump in, ok?

Well, ladies, this is the big day. Dale gets his surgery. They're taking bone off his hip an putting it in his neck. Youch!! And this is done on an out-patient basis. Can you believe that??? So I'll have th kiddos in a litle while until after supper tonight. The twins will be fine, but Caylin, the 16 month old, will be a challenge. She quick as anything, and fiesty, but loving.

Have a good day I'll try to bbl,

02-07-2005, 09:53 AM
Welcome Diane! The more the merrier, I always say....your job sounds great...I love the way you describe it. Look forward to getting to know you better. Your post about line dancing reminded me of something interesting I saw once. We were dancing at a reggae bar and a group of people began line dancing to reggae. It looked cool! Who would have thought they would go well together?

Jane - Wishing Dale an easy surgery and a quick recovery. I am amazed that they can do all that on an outpatient basis. Last year my cousin's 3 y/o had brain surgery and was home by the end of the day, playing with her toys. I guess nothing should surprise me after that....

Marti - Great news about your friend and new coworker...hope a carpool works out...Hey - my ILs painted their newly remodeled kitchen a nice warm burgundy color and it looks really good...I love painting rooms different colors. Got the urge to do it now, but am restraining myself as we are remodeling this summer and don't want to spend $$ on anything else unless I absolutely have to.

Cristi - way envious of the cable internet...sigh...someday......

Ellen - I love your decorating ideas. I wanted to paint a room red, but our living room has an unusually low ceiling so I didn't do it as I thought it would enhance that cave-like feeling. I put red in the room through a loveseat slipcover and throw I have some warm tones...

Pam - hope sis has calmed down...or a least you are far far away.....Glad to hear Eddie is coming home soon....I can tell you miss him very much.

I made abig bowl of shrimp pad thai - from WW - last night and ate a big bowl while watching the SuperBowl. I'm not a big football fan, but I enjoyed it anyway. I spent most of the game sewing covers for throw pillows in my living room. Now everything is matchy-matchy and I am happy. Guess I couldn't just rest with a clean room, I had to redecorate it as well...haha

Today we are off to the gym to play this a.m. and I have to attend a board meeting for the preschool another busy day begins...have great one ladies.

02-07-2005, 10:41 AM
Good morning ladies!!!

I thought I would jump in here and introduce myself a little...

My name is Jenn. I am 22 years old and in the throws of planning my wedding and shower (thought that was supposed to be planned for me but now my mom has me all involved LOL). The "Big Day" is May 14th and I can't wait!!! My fiancee's name is Tim and he is 10 years older then me. He is a total sweetheart and is always trying to take care of me (which is only bad when I say 'i'm tired I think I'll skip the gym and take a nap" and he says 'ok sweetie, go ahead and rest' :lol: )

Actually that want to sleep rather than do anything is starting to consume me... I think I need help. Yesterday we went to register at Crate and Barrel, then what to Target and Walmart and my sister's to see the baby. We got home at 3 or 3:30 and I went to bed... I got up at 5:30 and we went to a different sister's house (i have 5 sisters & 1 brother) for the first half of the game. We left at halftime and I took a bath and went to bed by 9:30PM, yet I am still tired now... This is becoming more and more of an issue. I don't feel any better after exercising, I'm getting hungry more than I should and no matter how much sleep I get it doesn't seem to be enough :?: Any suggestions???

Sorry to have whined in my first post here :^: I just think I need some guidance. I hope you ladies are having a great day!

02-07-2005, 12:24 PM
Thanks for the welcome Jane.

Today I hope to get back to the gym, I went everyday until the end of last summer and have not got back into it yet. It is going to rain all day so no Bark Park for me today and I'll miss the excusse that I am to tired from the park to go. Can't wait until the ice is off the trails so we can hike again. I listen to a book tape while hiking and if the book is good you can go alot farther than you planned on.

We are going to a family reunion with my inlaws in September to Orlando and I hope to be in shape by then.
Talk to you all this evening need to get on some much needed house work, you would think thats all one would need to keep in shape (LOL).


02-07-2005, 12:50 PM
:coffee2: Good morning everyone. I'm recovering my good humor after so much drama. Talking to "my girls" always is so therapeutic.

A big welcome to Jenn. A bride to be.Arn't you fresh,young and optimistic. If I'm lucky it'll rub off on me. :lol: Your intended sounds like a sweetie. Yes, Bert ,is precious. We love our fur kids around here.

Ellen, Have you desided what your going to do about livingroom yet? I'm going to go listen to your son's band after I get though here and I'll save it for my DS to hear to. Did everyone recover from the car accident?

Jane, it's amazing what they can do in the office. I suppose recovering at home is better then in a hospital bed and it makes the HMO's happy.You'll be busy with the kids and your such a good Grandma.

Diane,I'm not the least surprised you are an expert in line dancing.It's a happy community kind of activity. Right up your alley. Those leather jackets sound yummy ,you'll be getting a Harley Davidson next to go with them. :lol:

Dark,and rainy here today but I don't care. I'm feeling pretty good. As long as I can avoid further drama from my sis I'll do just fine. :crossed:

Doreen, read a post from you yesterday. You have a gorgous Great Dane. I always associate the pets with the people. Awful isn't it? I'm such a critter person. :lol: Good to have you aboard.


02-07-2005, 01:58 PM
Good Morning Ladies and a BIG WELCOME to all the newbies, Jenn, Diane and Doreen. :wave:

Thank you ladies about the avatar. I took DD's advice and instead of looking at clip art which I never could find what I wanted. I looked at just pictures and found lots! I thought this was sooo cute. Love the color pink and pink carnations are my favorite flower. They smell sooooo good. Plus I would love to have a cat and thought this one was really cute, love the color of it. Can't have one till DS#1 moves out because he is allergic. But I found a lot of pics so I may be changing my avatar every other week or so. LOL

Katy~don't envy me because we don't have it anymore! LOL We liked how fast everything was coming up and that was it. Didn't like that we had to go through IE for everything. So kept AOL and before I could tell V to wait on cancelling-I was going to see what AOL had to offer for the $14.95 that could be used with the cable. We would still be saving. He cancelled it before I even goton this morning. :( Guess I can still check it out and he can call back. :) They are going to think we are crazy. :crazy: Guess we are just creatures of habit. I envy you...with all your sewing and knitting or was it crocheting? I can sew some and I seem to have more patience for it now but I no longer have a sewing machine. My mom had given me her old one and since I hardly used it I gave it to my sister. Wish I would have kept it because I know she doesn't have it anymore. are so crafty.

Jane~sending good wishes for Dale today. It does amaze me how they do so many types of surgeries now days and are sent home the same day. Our tv stand is a burnished oak and when we got the new coffee and end tables while they are the mission style I am not sure what type of wood they are-forgot. It's darker but I still like them and that is what we are going to do the DR table in eventually.

Ellen~you have to share pics when you do the red. I just know it is going to be nice. I went to hear your DS's song and it wouldn't come up for me. I am going to try again later.

Pam~blue used to be my favorite color for the house. I still have the blue couch, well it's blue and white and blue valances in the office and family room but green and burgundy seem to be my new colors. For years I had blue everything. Before leaving CA my living room furniture was blue, as well as the valances and carpet through out the house. All the baths were decorated with blue-DH didn't like color on the walls but did let me do some wallpaper on one wall in each room. Anyway...a LOT of blue, even my cars were blue! It is calming and with all the white I had with it it had a cool, crisp feel something you needed in the desert. The last four years of living in CA I lived in Palmdale.

Diane~Once again WELCOME. Look forward to getting to know you.I like country music and linedancing. Just don't go dancing because DH doesn't care to dance or do the bar/club thing.He said he would go but I don't want him to go just for the sake of going for me, I want him to go because he wants to. I love to dance. I used to watch this show on the country station, for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. It was on everyday at 1 and at 4 and they played country music and danced-loved that show and they went off the air. I was so sad when they left. Those people were like an extended family because you got to know the regulars.

Jenn~WELCOME to you again also. Look forward to getting to know you. Don't worry about whining we all do it sometimes. It is good to get it out. Not sure I can help you tho. I am kind of in a rut and trying to get on track with things. Right now exercise is low on the list. Trying to work on eating healthy first and getting that water down. I figure the exercise will come in time. Sounds like DBF is a sweetie. :love: May 14th will be here before you know it! CONGRATULATION'S on your upcoming wedding! My wedding anniversary is May 12th so of course I think May is a great time for a wedding! :D And yes, Bert is cute! We had a white bunny named Katie, and two finches named Bert and Ernie.

Doreen~WELCOME to you once again. Have to agree with you on the house cleaning being enough exercise to lose, you sure would think that wouldn't ya? I swear I am forever picking up after everyone and my kids are not small that I need to be doing this!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Speaking of cleaning house....yeppers that is what I am doing today. It is so ugly outside, rainy. Of course it is supposed to freeze tonight and snow tomorrow. For about the next 3 or 4 days they say it is supposed to be like this. ICK! That darn groundhog! Anyway...have tons of laundry to do also. I had been doing two loads a day to keep up with it and I didn't do any yesterday so that much more to do today. Other than that...not a lot going on as usual.

Take care ladies and try and have a wonderful day!

See ya...:wave:

02-07-2005, 01:58 PM
Hey Girls!!!!

Sorry I havent posted in a bit, Ive been sick and didnt really feel much like getting on here!!!

JANE: HOPE all goes well for Neal today!!!
JENN: What part of Mass??? Im in providence, Rhode Island

Well glad that my hometown won the superbowl last night, Im not much into football, but I always watch the final hoorahhh!!!!
Didnt step on the scale this weekend, cause I have TOM, so hopefully I will get some good results next weigh in, Ive been doing really well going to the gym and eating healthy, so hopefully Im officially back on track!!!
Went to Old Navy yesterday and bought some new gym clothes for motivation! Nothing much else new here...Sorry I didnt have time to get through all the posts, you guys have really been chatting away!!!!!
Have a good afternoon

02-07-2005, 02:48 PM
Ellen, I tried to link up the band to but couldn't get though. Poop.

02-07-2005, 02:55 PM
Doreen: Aren't family get-togethers a great external motivator? I want to hit goal for my wedding because I will be seeing people I haven't in a few years... I'm sure you share the sentiment of wanting to "wow" 'em! ;)

Pam: Thanks for the welcome! You sound like you don't really need me to rub off on you...Staying in a good mood despite the rain is something I struggle to do. Good luck with your sister :crossed:

Cristi: Thanks so much! I have been exercising just about 6 out of 7 days every week myself, but I still can't shake the tiredness lately... My sisters like to say "Maybe you're PG" every time something is different with me :dizzy: I think it is awesome that are anniversaries will be 2 days apart! :)

Julie: I am from Middleboro (Southeast MA)... which is probably 30 minutes from you. Isn't it strange how new clothes can re-motivate you? Good luck with your next weigh-in! :D

Tea Rose
02-07-2005, 03:30 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone :wave:
I can't believe all the chatting thats gone on here so early in the day, I had to go make coffee before I could even start,

So many new people I will have to think more , which is unfamiliar territory,:lol:

Diane I love country music , I love all kinds of music right down to my sons heavy metal band,LOL I have been to metallica concerts and I have been to Julio's Iglesious concerts,I love Reba, Vince Gill, Lonestar, Diamond Rio , Tim Magraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Toby Keith, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks ,and on and on and on. Diane I say if find a wonderful man , go for it, its just you have to sort through so many to find one, and I for one don't have the time or energy anymore to bother,:lol: I'll take the love and loyalty of my kitties ,and they are so intelligent, LOL . Jaded maybe,its not that I don't like men , I just never found one I did. :rofl:

Jenn don't listen to this, just ignore everything I have said, I'm old.:lol: I know this is such a wonderfully exciting time for you, it sounds like you have found your prince charming, enjoy every minute of it, the shower ,the wedding, the HONEYMOON (I'm not that old) and your future lives together. I was wondering if you might be low on fuel , thats why you are so tired, maybe you are so busy with all the planning you don't realize , how much emotional and physical energy it takes planning a wedding.I wish you all the best in your planning, your Wedding and You Life.

Hi Doreen
No matter what we talk about we all end up having to catch up on housework,:lol: There is no reprieve from it is there. Hiking sounds like a lot of fun,I used to do that years ago, and my Daughter still does, but it has been a long time,. Now that I think of it I used to enjoy a lot of things that I don't do anymore.I looked up The Red Hat Club since as of December I am old enough to join,:lol: but I couldn't find a Chapter here..I guess I will stick to the books for now.

Hi Katy
I always find once you do a major cleanup the decorating juices start flowing,its like the cobwebs are released from your brain, I am speaking of my cobwebs and brain of course,:lol: I do that all the time, always wondering what I can do . I am doing a sample wall in "RED" this week, and I will probably look at it for days,before I decide, I don't want to have to move all that furniture more than once if I can help it, but I am feeling adventurous today anyways, who knows what tomorrow brings, but I will be sure and let you know.:lol: wether you want to or not :lol: I haden't planned on watching the Superbowl but I did find myself catching some great plays ,anyways.

Hi Julie
Sorry you haven't been feeling well, I hope your feeling better today, Congratulations on your hometown winning the Superbowl even if your not in to football its a proud moment just the same.I will keep my fingers crossed for you weighin good things will surely happen for all your hard work and committment.

Hi Jane
My thoughts and prayers are with Dale , that doesn't sound pleasant at all, I know today they do so many serious surgeries, in day surgery, doesn't seem right ,My neighbours mom had quadrupel heart surgery and they sent her home in three days , I almost fell over, I personally think thats to soon, but thats the way it is nowadays. I guess you will have your hands full with the little ones tonight, enjoy.I could make a quick trip out there to help if you'd like.

Its Heavy Metal the vocals are "Screaming" my son has a beautiful voice but doesn't use it in this project, So listen at your own risk :lol: personally I love it because I am so used to the different styles of music, I have been going through this since my son was fifteen, and since I always wanted to know where he was and what he was doing I made an effort to be a part of the things he loved to do, and music is definitely on the top of the list. He writes the music , lyrics plays guitar and sings, After his landscaping business , this is his priority. I have gone to his shows along with my daughter for years, but I haven't had a chance since he started this project, because of the way I've been feeling , but I know I will , I may have to take earplugs because its loud, but I'm used to it after all these years.Then I will go home and listen to something soft,:lol:Well Mrs Cristi enjoy getting your housework done, and I will definitely post pictures if my room gets that fresh coat of paint, maybe I will post pictures of the sample wall and you girls can be the judge of wether I should continue or stick to my taupe although I will change the shade of taupe to a warmer colour,anyways,.regardless I am painting, no matter what the colour.:lol:

Hi Pam
Did you listen yet, I don't know what type of heavy metal you guys like , but I hope you aren't shocked, my son said I hope it doesn't give her a heart attack, but It hasn't killed me yet so I think its safe:lol: See I love it , but its my son I am very proud of both my children ,in whatever they do, within the law that is,:lol: and I have never had any trouble there thank God,
Is Eddie on his way home yet, I sure hope so , glad to hear the X is going to be able to care for himself and that he knows what day and year it is , I even have trouble with that , so I'm even more impressed with his recovery :lol: Any way the most importand aspect is that Eddie is coming home soom and you and He can resume your lives free of this man. ummmm did that sound mean. oh you understand better than anyone :lol: Pam just saw your post I will try something else if you can't.

Hi Angie
Your such a card, Nothing like an Angiegram to brighten up my day :lol I hope everything is well at your dwelling, give my boys a hug or a kick in the pants whichever you feel is most appropriate today :lol: I'd say don't work to hard but I know that would fall on deaf ears, Have a great day and keep the humor coming,:lol;

Well a Howdy do to everyone else , Miss Mindee Sue, Susie Cue, Katie,Kathy yes where have you been, can't still be unpacking can you, actually I haven't finished putting my decs away so its possible :lol: you girls have a wonderful day and I will be back later sure as the weeds take over the garden.

02-07-2005, 04:00 PM
I really admire you ladies and how you all respond and care for one another in you posts. Finished housework and have some time before the gym opens. I go to ladies workout express which is one of those 30 minute circuit things. My lightweight "cheap" vacume is in the shop so I had to use my 600 poound kirby today, the one before they came out with self propel types. I refuse to do the stairs with it one of the boys will have to handle that.

Cristi..I used to live in CA also, moved here to MI 21/2 years ago from Alta Loma. It was so much easier to eat healthy there for me, the fish and veggies were so fresh and I had the garden year round. Needless to say putting on a bathing suit everyday keeps you real honest.

Ellen...I used to have a red kitchen and loved it. I like to keep one room with reds here it is or will be (another project not done yet) the library. I too hope you post pictues I could use some ideas.

Jenn..My sister and I went on Atkins 2 years ago at the same time she lost weight I think she wears a 6 now and she kept it off, unlike me. When I saw her last summer she looked 15 years younger I don't know what I was more envious of her weight loss or her so.....cute Buryberry backpack (LOL). We just started again together so this time I have more motivation. Ofcouse a wedding would be the ultimate motivator, pictures, pictures, pictures.

DH just came in to borrow something and I competely lost my train of thought.

Thanks for all the welcomes.

Doreen ( who one day will not have 2 kids in college, and will be able to buy a burberry
backpack too)

02-07-2005, 07:29 PM
Set back,again. X sob is now a diabetic and has to have insulin shots. So now Eddie won't be home till next week it seems so he can help Dad learn to check his blood and give himself the shots. He's also going to get him started on a proper diet and take away his liense. X was told that if he starts drinking again it'll kill him so thats that I hope.

Ellen, tried several times to get though to hear the band but it was a no go.

Doreen, I used to have a Kirby years ago. What a vacuum! It could take a beating and keep on going. Now I use what ever is on sale.Alta Loma is just down the road. I'm in Highland.


Tea Rose
02-07-2005, 07:41 PM
Pam I sent you an email with the link try that, and let me know.

02-07-2005, 08:07 PM
Oh my.....look at all the excitement going on here today!!

Welcome to Diane, Jenn, & Doreen!!! So glad to have you three here! As someone mentioned...the more the merrier!

Jenn--Looking forward to getting to know you and how the upcoming wedding is coming along! I'll be celebrating my ONE year anniversary next month. Trying to go away to Cali for a week.....really looking forward to that. Anyway...WELCOME!!

Diane--I like the sound of your new outfit! Sounds fun and adventurous!! I have never linedanced, but always thought that would be fun. I'm not a huge country music lover, but I do like some. I like a variety.....keeps me on my toes and lets me explore everything. A big WELCOME to you!

Doreen--You have plenty of time until September and working hard on will make a difference and WOW your family!! I would love to have a huge family reunion...if only we could get the entire family together!! WELCOME to our "family" here!!

Katy--A different color in every room would be so nice!! I would really like to do some painting...but I think I'm in a lazy funk when it comes to decorating! I'm horrible! But something needs to be done. How are you liking our unusual Oregon weather??

Jane--My thoughts will be w/Dale today. Poor guy. I hope this helps him out and things start feeling better. Have LOTS of fun w/the girls tonight!

Cristi--I too like your new advatar!! It's a sweet photo and it seems to fit your personality! Today James & I have been cleaning up the house! Yep...can you believe I got James involved? :lol: But half the junk on our counter tops were his!! So he HAD to be involved! :D

Ellen--So good to see you here again! Love reading your post. And you always bring a smile to my face!! Love the comment about the weeds!! :)

Julie--Glad that your hometown won the game! I didn't watch any games so I have no idea who had won. I'm sure it was in the paper....but I must have skipped that.

Pam--I hope your X changes his ways. Life is so worth living for...and if he changes now...he has future grandkids and DIL to look forward too! I hope things change around for him.

Hello to anyone I may have missed!!

I had a lovely evening yesterday. They took us out to dinner at Chapala's...a good mexican restaurant. Had........yep you guessed it FISH TACOS!! Very good dinner. And I had a margaritta with it!! :D So I was feeling really chatty last night. :lol:

Well girls...I hope to get on here more....hopefully James has stopped taking over the computer! :D I need to eat dinner then get ready for work. I will check in tonight afterwards.

Welcome to all the new girls and Hello to the rest!
Hugs to you all!!

take care

02-07-2005, 08:09 PM
Hold on a sec.... go on over to chit chat # 110, please. See you there. :)