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02-02-2005, 09:02 AM
Well, halfway through the week ladies!! So far still OP so that's a good thing. Decided to take nuts with me to work today. There's really nothing else I can eat (cauliflower and broccoli seem to give me a lot of gas pains lately) for a snack so it'll have to do. Pretty proud of myself!! I'm working on going this weekend OP also! That would make TWO weekends in a row (A record for me lately!). And to top it off....I didn't step on the scale today! I'm hoping to stay off it until Saturday for WI. By that time TOM should be gone and hopefully a few pounds with it!!

02-02-2005, 10:15 AM
Good going Brenda!!

I did great yesterday, did my workout, and went for my walk! :cb: I felt good! Today my arms are nice and sore...a great reminder that Im doing this!

Last night Dh took me out to a new restaurant called "The Taste of Thai" ......he's been wanting to go since they opened(about a month) but Ive been putting him off because I was leary about what I could eat. So I had a chat with myself :dizzy: and Im going to go the distance with this eating plan. Im in this for life. I have to be able to live normally, and still be able to loose weight. So I went, made the best low carb choice that I could find. Dh ordered spring rolls for an appetizer, so I had 2 of those, had one small fork full of his rice because it was basmanti, which I have never had...then ate my thai salad. Which was extremely salty!!!! I actually asked them to take it back. So they brought me another without the salt and it was delicious!!! But by looking at me this morning you can certainly tell I had too much salt yesterday! (insert puffy faced smiley) :lol: Interesting salad too, it was full of mint leaves, parsely leaves, and basil leaves!

So....the moral of the story... I wont gain back all my weight by eating out and making smarter choices. :smug: I did it !! I didnt devour a bag of cookies after because I thought I had blown it. Im going to make it this time!

Today is leg workout day, I'll do that after I finish my water, then I'll head out for my walk. Then just getting the house straightened out this afternoon. Nothing too exciting.

Have a great day everyone!
Robin :wave:

02-02-2005, 11:04 AM
Good morning guys! I made it up and out of bed for a run this a.m. - 2.84miles. Wahoo!

GREAT JOB BRENDA!!!! You can definitely throw in another OP weekend! Sounds like you're finding your groove again.

Robin, don't you just love that mildly sore muscle feeling? I did weights yesterday and my arms are a little sore. Feels good!

Hope you all have a great OP day!

02-02-2005, 11:11 AM
Brenda: Way to go! You're doing great!

Robin: Great job! It sounds like you've got a great attitude and made the right choices.

Kerri: A run? In the morning? That's awesome! :cb:

Well, I'm still OP and still exercising. This is really starting to finally feel like a way of life for me. It's taken awhile, but now I realize that eating right and going to the gym are going to be a part of my life forever. I'm OK with that. I feel great when I'm OP and exercising. I should never want to stray!

I almost bought a big bag of macadamia nuts yesterday at Sam's Club (so you know it was huge). I'm still thinking about it actually. I'm wondering if I can control myself with that many nuts around! They are just such low-carb, tasty nuts. I think that they'd make a great snack, but I have trouble regulating myself with large packages. I'm still debating...

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Take care,

Sugar Cube
02-02-2005, 01:14 PM
Just was checking out the Low Carb Living website, and read an article about IHOP omelets made with a "splash of pancake batter". The author, Andrea M. Mondello, says this could add 6 net carbs to your day. I think I will stick to fried or poached eggs.

ROBIN - Thai food is hard to have since lots of the sauces are made with coconut and sweetened, not impossible, just tricky. I haven't found an appetizer that is low carb so I stick to soup, skip the rice and pai thai and have fish with veggies, usually they have it steamed and like you said with lots of basil and things like that. Glad you skipped the cookies, they would not have added anything positive.

Worked until 11 last night, so no gym this morning, though I plan to be there tomorrow. I am stalled out again and actually feel hungry this morning. So I have to go out and get something else to eat.

Tonight I want to hit the party store for some pirate clothing for DD, she is off to her cousin's party this weekend and if I don't go tonight, I am not sure when I can get there. Sometimes I think her social life is better than mine.


JINA - Hard to say about those big bags, if you can portion them out, they are great, I put mine in a hard to reach, out of sight spot and leave the ziplock bags in plain site. That way I don't forget I even bought stuff.

02-02-2005, 01:35 PM
Liza~ I feel the same way about my dd social life!!!!

Jina~ could you buy the bag, buy some snack size baggies, portion the entire big bag into the little ones, toss the lot in the freezer and just take out what your allowing yourself for the day? I dont know if this would work, Im allergic to tree nuts, so I dont know if you can freeze them, since I havent eaten a nut (intentionally) in 30+ yrs. But if not, maybe a someplace thats hard to get to?

Did my leg workout, and they were good and wobbly when I was done. Went for my walk, and had it out with a real pc of work for not putting her dog on a leash. That dog (shitsu thing) bounced off my leg 3x before I said something to her. She got real nasty with me about it. Obviously she's never been bitten. Well when the dog bounced off my leg for the 5th time ....growling and barking like mad, I headed out to the middle of the road! Only because she wasnt in too big a hurry to get her dog away from me. Since my head phones were on quite loud I didnt hear a thing she said.... it certainly got her *** out into the road alot quicker to get her dog!!! Dont get me wrong, I LOVE dogs, its irresponsible owners I have issues with!

K, Im done *****n now :D

Im off to tidy.....Ive got loads of energy....and the sun is shining!! What could be better??

Robin :wave:

02-02-2005, 02:19 PM
Boo !! ;)

02-02-2005, 02:30 PM
Hey Chicas!

Aquick fly by- so hello and wishes for a good day to you all

Had a weekend of blow its- it was a celebration for 5 january birthdays in my family....but now back on track and doing fine

love to all and have a great op day!

02-02-2005, 03:12 PM
Robin: I've only had Thai food once. And it was delicious!! Congrats on getting that exercise in....and you've every right to complain. I'm sure your area is like all others and have leash laws. If still is the only RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Next time you see her tell her that pipsqueak would make great snacks for your pitbulls ;) lol. And great idea of how to make her get her dog! Loved it!!

Keri: Congrats on the run!! I couldn't even run a mile let alone what you did. I'd love to though! But would rather get a weight bench. I'd prefer lifting weights to running :)

Jina: Go for it w/the nuts. What other healthy snack can you get with so many benefits! I can't wait to go to Sams' club. Hopefully they have some great snack stuff for me too :)

Liza: I'm sure you'll get over that stall in no time! Just keep OP and you'll be losing again!

Leenie: :wave:

Marie: Don't work too hard and don't sweat the mess up. You'll be back OP before you know it and losing weight!.

Well, have everything ready for Girl Scouts. Called yesterday the ex-co-leader for oldest DD's troop to tell her that DD would be coming back...and sounds like she'd like me back as co-leader. I'm conflicted on that one. Kind of would like to...but yet kind of not. Things are OP for me today and it's great!!! I need to add more variety to my supper selection though. A woman can only eat so much chicken before she starts to strut like a rooster ;) So I need to check out the freezer and see where the pork chops are buried!!! Or some other type of meat. lol.