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02-01-2005, 02:48 PM
One of the definitions of the word jaded is "weary due to satiation" . Another is "cynical".... wary. We chose the name as a tongue-in-cheek description of how we feel after years of (1) being sated to the point of being overweight and (2) admitting we are a little cynical of "diets" in general.

Some of the things most of us have in common are:
* the fact that we are trying to lose weight and/or eat healthier,
* we are fun-loving,
* we believe in a Higher Power,
* we are pet-lovers,
but most of all...
* we all support each other throughout our everyday lives, since these factors can affect our weight.

You don't have to have these things in common, however, to join our little group. :)

We talk about our families, jobs, pets, but mainly our weight loss programs, and goals. We keep in mind, though, that how much we weigh is not who we are. It's just one aspect of our lives.

Pull up a chair, grab a bottle of water, and join us in the chit chat thread!!