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01-30-2005, 10:16 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
We got some snow during the night and the trees looked so pretty this morning. On our way into town we drive past a park with a view of the lake and it is so peaceful looking before the people start using the walking path and playground equipment. Today was DH's last day to usher so now we can go to church at our normal time and not have to be there a half hour early. Our bell choir director played a hymn, with piano accompaniment. I'm not sure how many bells she played, at least 15 to 20 of the smaller ones, but she was busy!

We drove over to see Ian for awhile this afternoon. He is talking more each time we see him and what a bundle of energy! I wouldn't want him any other way but I'm tired after "playing" for a few hours.

"Gma" -- :lol: I posted the same tidbit about my pantry drawers on another site and they read it as my panty drawer also! I probably should clean that drawer out too! Your overnight trip sounds like a fun idea. I like the part about no animals sharing the bed! I don't know if it the phase of the moon or what but "Mom" has been making a tour of the bed about 2 AM -- she sits on the pillow and puts her paw on DH's cheek. If he doesn't scratch her ears, she comes over to my side. I hope Jack is feeling better tomorrow!

I need to set some February goals and do it fast! January has slipped by and I haven't accomplished squat in the weight loss department. I do want to get back to walking and I can sure tell a difference when I don't do it for a few days.

Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-31-2005, 10:34 AM
Morning everyone!

I got out in the wet and walked this morning and ended up doing twice the walk. I took my reading glasses with me in case I needed to change my book on tape and lost them out of one of my pockets. I was almost home but I backtracked the whole walk and never found them. Why someone would want a pair of reading glasses is beyond me, but I guess I will be going to Walmart tonight and buying a new pair as I have to have them to read etc.

I got a nice long newsy e-mail from my dil last night. They are really busy right now and I guess my son is finally going to take his Real Estate test the 12th. He is having a lot of problems with his boss at the Spa place and has cut back his hours and doing only sales, having given up the management position.

Jack is feeling fine in fact, he was fine yesterday morning. Something just really upset his stomach on Sat night. I walked around in a daze all day trying to keep from napping, then konked out about 8 PM last night.

Jean: When we were at the church in Indiana, the Deacons, who were the ushers, had to take it a month at a time so we always had to be at church no later than 9 AM. It was kind of a crazy set up and usually never worked and Jack would end up ushering no matter what and besides that he was SS superintendent so he had to be there before anyone anyway! We had to turn on lights etc and get everything ready for Sunday School. He also taught an adult class and had to get that all ready as he was big into handouts and such. Best adult teacher I EVER had and when he took the job I thought we were in for a BORING time of it. I guess your hubby can surprise you! :lol:

I need to go and hunt up some breakfast and like you Jean, need to get back on track and stay there.

Everyone have a good day


01-31-2005, 07:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been a typical Monday in my corner of the world. I'm tired and don't want to fix supper tonight! I think there may be a frozen skillet dinner in the freezer but that doesn't even sound good. Yucko!

It's been another gloomy day -- I wish the sun would shine! After a three day weekend, kids didn't have their assignments done (forgot to take them home, would you believe???) and could care less that this is midterm and deficiencies go out this week. I'm sure the principal will point the finger at "us" for not doing our job. *sigh* You can lead the student to the book but you can't make 'em read it!

"Gma" -- Our early service is at 8:30 so the ushers are supposed to be there a little before 8. They just have to usher for a month but DH usually ends up filling in whenever someone doesn't show up. The second service (contemporary) doesn't have ushers . . . you just wander in and sit wherever you end up. Some people get up and move during the service if they can't see or someone sitting near them is bothering them for some reason. At least you got some exercise while you were looking for your glasses . . . too bad you didn't find them. :( DH wears WM glasses since having Lasik surgery. He spends half his time looking for them and has a pair near every place he would ever think of sitting down. :lol:

Hope you all have had a good day! I'll be back later -- DH just walked in the door and says he can't smell anything cooking. He claims he unplugged the stove two weeks ago and I haven't noticed yet. Yeah, right!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-01-2005, 10:14 AM
Morning girls!

I am so sore I can hardly move, but I got my behind out and did 1.25 miles this morning. Ok, I have some kind of gremlin :devil: following me around for the last 2 weeks. I get a sinus infection, that clears up and Jack gets sick and I have to stay up all night, then yesterday morning I went for my walk and was almost home and discovered my reading glasses had fallen out of my coat pocketand rewalked the whole thing. Yesterday afternoon I was chopping veggies and meat for dinner and went to get the carrots in the fridge and slipped on an ice cube I missed cleaning up when I was making a pitcher of iced tea for Jack, dislocated my bad knee, turned my left ankle, whacked both knees on the floor hard and hit my head hard on the cabinet knob. Had to crawl on sore knees to the living room couch and carpet to get up again! The bad thing is my "good" knee is really bruised and sore as is that arm and shoulder so I am in sore shape, no pun intended. :lol:

I am going to hobble around and get groceries today because we need them and I don't want to have to go tomorrow. The bad thing is yesterday was military payday and the older folks get their SS checks so it might be nuts out there today. My luck, I will have to stand in line on my sore knee for half an hour to check out.

My poor dd is in bad shape too. Oh, Friday, Kelly, T and I went to lunch together and then shopping. It was raining and Kelly let T and I off at the door of Target. She parked her car and reached back to lock the back door (she still has a cheapo rental that doesn't have automatic locks as her car is still not done yet from the accident we had the middle of Dec) Anyway, she messed up her thumb. She came in the store and said she thought she had either broken or dislocated it. We bought one of those metal braces and taped it onto her thumb. I guess by Friday night she was in so much pain she had to go to the emergency room. She broke the bone where the thumb is jointed into the hand, completely through. They wanted her to have surgery this yesterday, but she begged them for a brace because of work and she just interviewed for a new job. She is in a big brace for 5-6 weeks and then what they call a soft brace for another 3-4. They may still have to do surgery on it if it doesn't heal. I guess she is in a lot of pain but can't take the pain meds and stay awake.

It is cool and cloudy here. Supposed to ge rain off and on, but just sprinkles. I find it so depressing when it isn't sunny. I know I am one of those people who get the blues when the weather is like this.

Well, gotta go eat so I can shower and get out to the commissary.

Everyone have a good day


02-01-2005, 11:18 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm not sure where the evening disappeared to other than DH got home late, I was late talking to my mom on our 5:00 Tue. chat, supper was later than usual, and here I am, after a cat nap in front of the TV. It doesn't take long for an evening to slip away!

Our weather was the same old doom and gloom today. We've had so much fog it is kind of spooky. I'm ready for some sunshine. I gave blood after school and just took the wrap off -- that felt good as it was beginning to itch. They have a new form now and guess they don't care if I went to Africa to have sex because that question wasn't on this form. Maybe I've given enough times now that they "know" me. Hah!

Tomorrow will be a "big" day of celebrating our diversity at school. Different teachers line up guest speakers/presenters, there will be different ethnic foods available in booths set up by various people throughout the community, the opening and ending programs will be put on by out-of-town groups -- one of which looks like the "witch doctor" dancers from Africa. There are some required sessions for the students and everyone gets an hour to mingle for food and dancing, games, sing-a-longs, etc. in the student center. We have over 600+ students of our own, have invited another 200+ from the surrounding communities, and it is open to the public. We always have some senior citizens show up to observe. Just a different schedule is tiring so I know I will be dragging tomorrow night. I have to supervise 3 different sessions which basically means take roll and see that the students behave appropriately.

"Gma" -- I hope you feel better by the time you read this! Hopefully you didn't break anything as a result of your fall. They say that sprains can be more painful than a break. Be careful! One doesn't realize how much they use a thumb until they can't -- many years ago DH slammed my thumb in a car door (by accident) and I had to wear a brace for awhile. My roommate had to fasten my bra for me and my writing was terrible for a long time because it hurt to hold a pen. I hope Kelly is on the mend too! Have a safe trip to the grocery store!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! I can't believe today is February already -- time flies whether I am having fun or not.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!


02-02-2005, 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining brightly and is a welcome sight for sure! It's 44 degrees outside and definitely feels like "spring." I'm sure winter isn't over and done with yet but this is so nice for a change.

We had our diversity celebration at school today; I've had it up to my eyeballs with rude, obnoxious "diverse" students who talked and yakked through the closing ceremony, which at an hour and a half was way too long to sit on bleachers for. I finally turned around and said, "what part of be quiet don't you understand?" I got the "roll-the-eyes" look but they did shut up. The closing ceremony was authentic Mexican dancers and drummers . . . they were good. The ethnic food was quite a variety but I'm not good at eating something I can't identify what it is. I ate an egg roll that the same Asian family prepares for all of our celebrations, and a Swedish pastry filled with apples. YUM! The teachers would like to see this held on a Friday so we wouldn't have to regroup and try to teach the remaining two days of the week. We'd also like to see it once every four years instead of every other year. . .it's alot of work.

I have bell choir practice tonight and need to pick up the piles before I go. Once it gets dark, I'm done as far as anything productive goes.

Have a relaxing evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-02-2005, 07:19 PM
Evening Everyone!

Jean: You must be tired of just talking to me! I lead a pretty boring life when I am not trying to kill myself! :lol: I think the teachers have the right idea about doing your program thing on a Friday. The kids stay too wound up I would imagine. I agree about sitting on bleachers, but then when we were teens, we used to sit for hours watching basketball games. Old age just makes us ache more! :lol:

I finished mopping the floor in the kitchen so my house is nice and clean once again. Well, it never gets dirty. I guess sometimes I am disappointed I don't have some nice dirty mop water to throw out! :lol: You know, I would rather clean 40 filthy bathrooms than mop my kitchen floor. The linoleum is old and white and stains easily besides it kills my back to mop. I had the downstairs done except for the kitchen, but wanted to wait until after dinner because I made spaghetti and try as I might, I always get sauce on something when it pops. I use bottle for Jack, but I make my own marinara sauce with mushrooms and no meat. Very low fat and pretty yummy if I do say so myself. I think it is the pinch of red pepper that does the trick. I made yeast rolls as I forgot to buy Italian bread to make garlic bread. You know what they say, the mind is the first thing to go! :lol: I have a flat surface stove and that is always fun to clean. I buy this ceramic cleaning stuff and scrub the heck out of it once a week so there is no build up on the stove surface. If you let it build up, like you do a regular stove, it will not come off then it mucks up your heating surface. I really like not having to deal with drip pans etc though.

I guess our IRS refund should be in my bank account by Friday so I can now start getting our vacation paid for. This is our last hurrah for awhile though. We are splurging and getting first class tickets, which will be a treat. I won't have to stuff myself into a coach seat and have someone have to sit beside the fat lady! Hopefully by August I will be a lot less fat. I am working at it.

I am buying a treadmill with part of the money and can't wait to get it. It really is hard on my bad knee to climb hills. It is great for the heart, but boy does it put a lot of pressure on a knee that already has a tear in it. I can't see going in and getting surgery and then the extra weight I still have on me, tearing it all up again. I plan on waiting until I am at a much lower weight then get it fixed. Right now, they will be able to do it arthroscopically (sp?) and not a full knee replacement. Mainly it is torn and/or stretched ligaments and my acl has a tear in it.

We are going on another trip this weekend to Nashville. They have a huge outlet mall where Opryland used to be and since I started my TOM last weekend and ended up not feeling well, Jack said we should try again! :lol: We plan on getting some vacation clothes. I am going to buy just a couple in much smaller sizes to make me work hard to get in them by August.

Well, better get the stuff put back on the kitchen floor as it is dry. I noticed the animals dancing around stuff trying to get to their water and food. They won't go to it when it sits there on the kitchen floor all day, but move it and they want it. Just like kids! :lol:

Have a nice evening


02-03-2005, 07:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowres!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood as Mr. Rogers would sing! The sun is shining brightly and it's 56 degrees outside. I wish spring were really here to stay but I know we will see more snow. The paper said we got most of last year's snow in March. :(

We had some excitement at school today. During the last period of the day one of our ceiling lights began to smoke and I mean big, huge puffs of stinky smoke. At first we thought the smell was coming from the chemistry room right around the corner until the smoke rolled out. We opened the windows and turned on a fan while the custodian cut the wires. This is the third light ballast (?) this week but guess they just do that once in a while. I'm surprised we didn't set off the fire alarm since there is a detector right outside our door. It would have been a nice day for a fire drill!

"Gma" -- You must be the "Queen of Clean!" :lol3: I just couldn't pass that up! I wish I had the time to do some deep cleaning . . . I'm never in the mood during the summer and hate to start anything during the school year when I know I can't finish it in one evening. Once it gets dark, I'm done for the day. I must say it is noticeably lighter earlier and staying lighter later. I love it .... means spring is on the way!

I should get supper started . . . it will be eggs of some sort. DH brought home a dozen because he thought we were out and I brought home a dozen because I didn't know that he did. I like eggs but not every day! :eek:

Enjoy your evening and have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-05-2005, 12:15 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
My day was the day from he**! I know I'm in for a "change" when they page me to the office before school even starts. I was already subbing for 7th and 8th periods in the speech class so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, it seems another special ed. teacher was sick for the second day in a row and I was being drafted to sub because they couldn't find anyone else. This teacher has noon hall duty and then does a half hour in the detention lab where all the suspensions are required to have lunch. I reminded the principal that I was subbing in speech and really needed to go to algebra and I got "THE" look as he was saying, "Cindy who?" She's the speech teacher and been there for probably 15 years at least. Anyhow, I reminded him she was leaving for contest etc., and his comment was that she never told him anything about it. As it turned out, it was the special ed. teacher's prep period during my algebra class so I did go there, I talked the band teacher into switching hall duty times with me so I could eat in the Kreative Kitchen class, no one showed up for detention lunch, another aide took the 7th hour which was a study hall, and the assistant principal got stuck with 8th hour so I could go to speech. He forgot and the 7th hour aide was late going to her 8th hour class. What a day! I felt like I was on a merry-go-round! At least I knew most of the students I had in class so that helped. Oh! And there were no up-to-date lesson plans because of our Diversity Day interruption and then having a sub yesterday who didn't know German nor Julius Caesar for English. I ended up staying until 4:30 just to get my own desk cleared off for Monday. The principal NEVER calls for subs from his home -- he brings the list to school at 7:30 and gives it to his secretary to start calling by which time most of the subs are taken. Makes me nuts!

DH is trying to solve problems for his mom long distance. It seems the hospital signed up a private pay "home help" company that comes in to do the dishes, sweep the floor, and do laundry to the tune of $4000 since the end of December! They want to be paid and MIL signed a contract not realizing it was private pay. Another mess to give us/me a headache!

Not much planned for the weekend except I'm working in the hospital gift shop tomorrow, the usual laundry, and some vacuuming of the dust bunnies.

Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-05-2005, 11:34 AM
Good Morning Flowers

Jean: Your day sounded awful.....and I don't mean full of awe! :) After a day like that I'll bet you are counting days til retirement. Oh, dear, your MIL was really an easy prey for that in home help. It's too bad that she didn't have someone read the papers first. Hope it will turn out well for you and DH.

Faye: A white kitchen floor....I know what you mean. When we got ours I insisted it be white as the kitchen was rather dark at that time. Well, since then we have put in a new window and painted the walls an off white and now I grouch every time I have to wash the floow. It is beginning to show wear in a couple of spots and if we ever replace it I will liisten to reason....anything but white.

My life is rather boring as well, Faye, but yesterday we did a fun thing. We have a new supermarket nearby....about 20 minutes away and it is truly a We like to go there mostly just to see what new and incredible items they have. Yesterday they had an exhibit with a chef from a local-up scale restaurant and a radio personality who runs a restaurant show on TV also. We had the most delightful time. The chef made Oysters on the half shell with a special Minionette Sauce and every one had at least one. Then he made deviled eggs and they were scrumptious. The third course was Chicken Paninii. Of course he used some out of this world ingredients from the Whole Food Store and every one had at least one piece of each item and some of us had more than one. They also gave away coffee mugs, t-shirts (I got one for the GD) and some ski passes for NH ski sites. Then they had 2 sets of $100 gift certificates to the chef's restaurant and I was hoping... but they didn't call my name. All in all it was a fun time and I didn't have to make lunch.

Tomorrow is a big day in this area....Super Bowl....Go Patriots. We are keeping things low key but for the occasion I will make Chinese Spare Ribs. It must be at least a year since we have had them. It is one of DH's favorites and I don't allow them in the house too often. :devil:

Gloria in MA...wishing you all a great weekend.

02-05-2005, 11:12 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
The sun wass shining brightly today and it hit the 56 degrees mark . . . the lull before the storm as tomorrow is predicted to have rain turning to snow late in the day. I worked in the hospital gift shop from 10 until 1 -- they are trying to keep it open for awhile on Saturday. I was the best customer for the day! I always manage to find greeting cards that are different from the Hallmark store downtown. DH left early to go pick up his tractor that has been getting some much needed repairs done to its innards. He had to line up a trailer and a truck big enough to pull it over "hill and dale" about an hour and a half away from where we live.

This afternoon we went to see Maddy for awhile and then stopped at the mall. I have decided I am definitely no longer a crowd shopper. Everyone else had the same idea; I think because it was nice, but yet too early to work in flower beds and gardens, they all went shopping! We made a quick stop at Menards to price patio doors for the cabin, ate supper at Perkins, and headed on home.

Gloria -- Nice to see your post tonight! Your new supermarket sounds wonderful! Back in the early 70s, when we lived in Mpls., we used to stop at a "fancy" one occasionally. It was open 24 hours and had chandeliers, carpeted aisles, ethnic food groups . . . it was so much fun but expensive, like yours. Enjoy your ribs tomorrow and I hope your team wins! I want to watch the half time show . . . will be anxious to see how it compares to last year's. :lol:

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-06-2005, 05:07 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
We are having crappy weather today! It started raining on my way to church and changed to snow while we were practicing before the second service. At the beginning of the service, the minister announced that it was beginning to freeze and so anyone wanting an escort to their cars, after church, were to wait by the doors. I feared the worst when I got to the car but the ice wasn't too thick. It's definitely not a nice day to stand around outside and visit with the neighbors!

Not much is going on for the rest of the day except to finish the laundry. I have an algebra review sheet to do for tomorrow. We have a test on Tuesday and I am smart ;) enough to know that if I can do the review sheet, I can do the test! The teacher will go over each problem in class tomorrow but I still like to have mine done before class; the test will be exactly like the review sheet except for different numbers.

Hope you are having a nice day. Do something that you enjoy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-08-2005, 06:30 AM
Morning ladies! We were in Nashville, Fri, Sat, Sunday and yesterday I was super busy starting my spring cleaning, UGH! Since we bought the treadmill and the new computer, I have rearranging to do so decided to just go for it all! Went out and bought big Rubbermaid containers for storage for garage and attic and am packing up stuff for Goodwill.

Jean: Man, Friday sounded like a total nightmare. Sounds to me like you have a real corker for a principal. Sounds like you were running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Gloria: I love those high falootin' grocery stores. We have a fresh market here like that and you can get ripe peaches in the dead of winter, fresh baked breads, fresh cut meats, etc but you pay the price. Also all those things every home needs like caviar and champagne! ;)

We had a ball in Nashville, but Sunday morning was wooo! I got up around 6 to go to the bathroom and came back to bed and a few minutes later the fire alarms went off. Jack checked the hall and the whole place was sirens, strobe lights etc, but no smoke or anything. I scrambled around to find clothes (fire or not, you ain't catching me in pjs!) knowing I had to walk down 3 flights of stairs UGH. Jack took the stairs to find out what was going on as I dressed. We couldn't get the front desk. False alarm, but what a way to start the morning! We were planning on leaving later, but that woke us right up! I bought some pots and pans we desperately needed at half price, $79, then it had a $20 rebate coupon so couldn't beat that and it was 12 pieces. I also found a shelving unit that fits over my toilet for towels and such. I have been looking for one forever. I also bought a lavender leather messenger bag for Vegas. Jack said it may be just big enough to use as a purse and to stuff all the junk I want to take onto the plane in! ;)

Hope everyone has a super day


02-08-2005, 11:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is snowing here and they are great big, movie type snow flakes just falling slowly from the sky. It is really pretty outside. I am missing one of my outside orphans since the Sunday snow. I thought she was going to have kittens and DH said he didn't think so . . . if not, there must be something else wrong with her. :(

"Gma" -- It sounds like you had a nice weekend until the fire alarm! I never used to worry about that but in the last few years, I always check how many doors there are to the exit. It seems like we always stay where there is an inside hall and get stuck in the middle! My principal is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality -- you never know what mood you will catch him in. He can be very charming when he wants something and then will turn around and rip into you in front of students or other staff members. Most of the teachers "hate" him but I have a feeling he isn't going anywhere soon. He could have retired at 55 but hasn't been able to find a teaching job out of state so that he can still collect on his Iowa IPERS. What kind of pots and pans did you get? I need some new ones but don't know what to buy. I have a smooth top stove and know my old pans don't sit level.

I should pick up the kitchen and unload the dishwasher before I head off to bed. I wish I knew if the snow was going to last all night or not -- maybe we'll have a late start tomorrow. I wish!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-10-2005, 08:02 AM
Good morning ladies! I was really busy yesterday moving furniture and stuff to get ready for the treadmill and the new computer. Jack spent 5 hours trying to get AOL to connect and discovered it was one little change to some string of letters somewhere! I hope I never have to do any of this by myself as I would be lost I am afraid. I now have a new computer with a flat screen monitor and it is really nice. I even like the keyboard and I am pretty picky about that. I am one of those people who pound the keys pretty good so can't have a wimpy keyboard! :lol:

Jean: I am not sure what brand they were. I too have a flat top stove and my pans wouldn't sit level either and that is why we bought new. I now have to go and get new cookie sheets as they are warped now and stuff doesn't cook evenly. I hate to have to do it as they are good pans, but the stuff just doesn't cook in the oven correctly. My new pans have glass lids, which I am not sure I am too fond of, but I guess unless you buy Emeril Lagasse stuff, which is 3 times what I paid, they are never going to be perfect. Besides, good ole Emeril's pots and pans are not non stick and that I won't ever buy. Maybe gourmands know how to keep stuff from sticking, but I haven't found the answer.

I am taking Jack to work this morning then going to Walmart and buying new toys for Thomas. I packed up all his "baby" stuff except his little train and am going to go and get games and a few cartoon videos I think. He loves to play checkers, connect 4, cards, dominoes etc so I am going to see what I can find of those. I bought him a big floor puzzle in Nashville, but I think I am going to save that for his birthday in June.

Better go as it is time to take Jack to work