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01-30-2005, 05:41 PM
Are these allowed? I see them in the grocery store and they look so good!! I would love to get these! :?:

I get so confused because if the label reads that it is low carb--- then its okay for South Beach, right?? Obviously as long as it isn't super high in fats?

What about the Low Carb Arby's wraps?

01-30-2005, 07:12 PM
If the label reads low carb, it is NOT always OK for South Beach. Have you read the book and the postings in the FAQ section of this Forum?

It is very important that you stick to plan during Phase I in order to de-tox. Most low carb products are highly processed and contain saturated, hydrogenated or even trans fats. There is one kind of sf/ff fudgsicle that could be used as part of your 75 calorie a day sugarfree calories allowance. Perhaps one of the other chicks can tell you the brand name.

Here's the nutrition info for Arby's:
I do not see anything for a low carb wrap. At any rate, a tortilla, ww or not, is not permitted on Phase I. For Phase II it might be OK but the sauce may be not good.

Sorry to say no to both requests but you should be sticking to unprocessed and good fat/good carb foods during Phase I.