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01-28-2005, 05:36 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Please feel free to join us. :)

01-28-2005, 05:54 PM
Hi ladies,

No time for individuals right, but wanted to say that we had a fruitful meeting with the HR dept. at Neal's work. Katie DOES get 1/2 price tuition, even after he retires in Dec., and our health insurance will stay the same rate as it is now. After Neal is 65, and no longer qualifies, I will still be able to get coverage at the same rate as the employees. That's a load off my mind!

DGDs are here for supper and a movie :cp: ... gotta go!

01-28-2005, 06:19 PM
I have no time for chit chat today but wanted to pop in real quick before I go to work (my early day) and say hello.

The computer has been burning stuff so I wasn't able to interupt it! :D

I will be back tomorrow..

Hugs to ALL!!

Tea Rose
01-28-2005, 07:47 PM
Hi Every one
Jane I bet thats a load of your mind, oh but you already said that didn't you :lol: Have a great time with your sweet Granddaughters tonight dinner and a movie sounds like fun to me
Hi Marti, no time for you is there, I hope you are starting to feel better,have a great night, but if your working how is that possible :lol:

01-28-2005, 08:05 PM
I am glad you received good news from HR Jane. Exciting that Neal will retire soon -

I just finished my newsletter- happy about that. I am rushing on coffee.So, I wanna chat with someone!! lol

Gaby loved her time at the community center and jungle gym time. It is only her 2nd time there and she loves it. She came kicking and screaming when I told her I had to leave. (NOTE TO SELF: do not do this with the evaluator -she will deem my as a mean mom - lol)
She really liked the slide and kept throwing the basketball down it - might get one of those for the apartment for her birthday- enough room for it.

Typed up Rebecca's papers, just rough drafts. Both girls have basketball games tomorrow.

My mom gave me my $500 money order for the attorney, I found him through "modest means" program, $60 an hour he will charge - not bad really. Worth the stresss from having to play Perry Mason .......haha.

I go down to the coast on Monday- have a 10 am appointment - back at work by 3 pm. Might take Doug but there is no school that day so who knows. .........

Rocky says he would move here if it was just himself but he seems to have a HUGE problem concerning nana,,,,,,,Mike's mom and her need to meet up and get a life. .......He says she would go for custody if he came for a visit. I say.............try it lady - call her bluff- geesh. He has 2 brothers he could leave Kris would think after 11 years Rocky deserved a vacation away with no guilt that he is abandoning Kris.....regardless........I am not pussy footing around with this lady. I am really not feeling like being the one to leave my kids behind for the headache I would get with nana.......unless Rocky is willing to move across

anyway- weighed in at 145 today,,,,,,maintaining. yay......been eating a lot of chili beans, craving those beans..............full of it ain't I ???? lol

ta ta

01-28-2005, 10:51 PM
Good evening ladies~

I was on earlier in the day but didn't have much time so didn't post. DD and I went to see Hide and Seek-it was good! You would never believe the ending and that's all I am going to say. Still feeling crappy but this was for her BD so we went anyway. Didn't get the ice they said, thank goodness. But did get about 2 inches of snow. DS went out and made a HUGE snowman when he got home from work, silly boy. Looks good though. Other than that not much going on.

Susan~(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie! I think you have had more than enough for one person. Wish I could just make it all go away. :wizard: I am sure Mike's mom cares for you and Gaby but like the others said I would watch what I say to her. I would be leary and only chat day to day stuf, ie Gaby. I would also print out a copy of her email and your reply. Whoever it was that said custody battles can get nasty is oh so right. Two of my friends went thru the same stuff. One is finally at the point where her and her ex are friends but the other they are going on 3 1/2 years of bickering back and forth. It is mainly because her DH (soon to be ex one day) has a young girlfriend who doesn't want him to give any and wants him to take everything.

Marti~the coupon book I did for V for a Valentines gift. I usually get hime something special for our anniversary and his BD but silly things for V-day. Like the coupon book, candy bar that says I Love You, lots of balloons, fuzzy handcuffs, a BIG choc. kiss, etc. But I like your notebook idea. I always give surprise cards, in his lunch, or when he goes to bed I put one in his truck. I have even gone to his job and put a card in his truck. I write in the fog on the bathroom mirror, and have done it with lipstick that I don't like any more. One time I bought some post-its, the little square ones and wrote I Love You on them and put them every where in the house. When he thought he found them all he would open a cabinet and find another. Anyway...did you figure out what you are going to get him or what you guys will do?

Julie~DD and I were in tears also with the Michael Jackson guy! OMG! We couldn't quit laughing. I too only watch the beginning when they are doing the auditions because it is hilarious and I love Simon. Glad to hear you friend is coming home. While I commend him for wanting to do the honorable thing, I do think his place is at home especially with the new baby. I feel for all the guys and gals serving as well as their families.

Ellen~sure hope you get to feeling better. :grouphug:

Jane~I is for Innocent is much better than the last one. H was a bit on the boring side for me. I haven't finished it yet but plan to this weekend. Since getting this darn cold I haven't been able to read much. I start and don't get too far before getting sleepy.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Monk is getting ready to come on and the new season started last week so they are all new shows and I don't want to miss it. Nighty, night ladies.

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

01-29-2005, 10:17 AM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - this is your weekend with Jhanai, right? Have fun! Do you have any special plans?

Katy - Sorry your "friend" wants to make you feel uncomfortable! Even more reason to cut her loose. Sounds like she has issues, you know? You're right, seems like no good deed goes unpunished!

Ellen - glad you're feeling better.

Cristi - I can't remember the story line of I, but glad you're liking it. Neal always wants one of those big kisses, too, for Valentines Day! And some Nestle Crunch candy. I also got him a jigsaw puzzle, but not sure what else I'll get for him.

Susan - glad you have a good lawyer now. That has to be a relief! I wanna get on the jungle gym with Gaby! Seems like grandparents relive their childhoods through the little ones, lol. I know I personally am having a great time, lol. Chili beans? Grab the air freshener, lol.

Cristi sent the snow clouds this way, and we got 2-3" of it last night. Everything looks so pretty! It's a real wet snow, too. Just right for making snowballs. Neal had to go out and clean off the satellite dish before he could watch the weather report today, lol.

Not much going on... bbl,

01-29-2005, 10:29 AM
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01-29-2005, 11:29 AM
Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a very good morning. Don't really have anything to say but HI! :wave:

Have a great weekend ladies!

Chat with ya later...:wave:

01-29-2005, 11:47 AM
Good morning, all
Not too much going on today. DH is going to get us Palm upgrades today... what a great invention. As soon as I got a PDA, it became a necessity, now I call it "my brain" and nothing happens if it doesn't get put in the palm pilot. Remember when PDA meant "public display of affection", lol!

I get to go to the hairdresser today, so I'm looking forward to a stretch of kid-free ME time...then I think MIL and her boyfriend are coming for I guess it is a pretty full day once I see it all written out, :)

Jane (and everyone else) thank you for the support re: crazy attorney friend. I do need to get out of this one. My next mini-dilemma is how to gracefully get out of a dinner party she has invited me to on the babysitting plans did fall through, so I could just email that info and some polite regrets . 'Spose I should just suck it up and call her and just tell her that I feel uncomfortable attending. But then, part of her issue with me is that she says I "make" her feel bad when I try to be helpful, so this would make her feel REALLY bad....think I can come up with a graceful way to make my regrets without a nasty confrontation? Tune in next time.....

Have a great weekend, everyone!

01-29-2005, 02:41 PM
:?: The "Boy" left this morning and I'm feeling the empty nest thing. :p Already miss him. The hospital says Xs brain is badly brused, that there are burses all over his head. I don't see how a fall could do that much damage. Eddie's going to find out from Docs if this was assault. I'm going to go lay down awhile. Didn't get much sleep last night.


01-30-2005, 02:10 AM
Hi ladies--

When James is done w/the computer....I will take more time to post. So right now...I can only post for a minute!!

Just wanted to say hello and I'm thinking of you all!!

Oh friend got the job at OML!!!!! So happy!! So nice to have one of my closest friends working w/me again.

Better go.

Talk more when I can!

Hugs to all!!!!!

Oh yes....also James made plans for our anniversary! I'll tell you all about it next time.

01-30-2005, 10:58 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!!

Hmmm... it's kind of quiet around here.....

Cristi - hope you're having a good, relaxing day with the family. Did you get more snow? We did, but it's melting now.

Katy - I've wanted a Palm Pilot ever since they came out, but I have no earthly reason for one, lol. I guess I could schedule my naps and DGD visits in one, lol. :rofl: Actually, for someone without a career, I seem awfully busy at times!

Pam - this is a good rehearsal for you for when DS moves out. I have to say I'm not looking forward to the day Katie moves. :no: She's the baby, and is just turning 18 in March, so hopefully, her moving out will be down the road quite a ways. Yikes, it does sound like your XH was assaulted, with all those bruises, even on his brain! Wouldn't he have told this to the docs? How long will Eddie be gone? Want me to come and play Candyland with you to help pass the time? (see note below, lol) I could program it in my Palm Pilot. (see note above, lol)

Marti - there you are!! You never, ever miss a day of posting in chit chat, so I was looking for you. Inquiring minds want to know the plans for your anniversary. We also want to know if we can go, too. :D So glad your buddy got on at OML!! Same shift and department as you?

Well, I have been beat out as the official "Candyland Champion"! Mackenzie-the-5-year-old whooped me 2 outta 3 last night, lol. Neal and I enjoyed the kids (Mackenzie and Macy) while Gina and Terry had some quiet time.

I feel great today! Had a good night's sleep, and feel energized. Not sure what we're doing, but I hope it's something fun. There's a new IMAX theater in Evansville, and I wouldn't mind seeing what's showing. Do you all have IMAXes?


01-30-2005, 12:12 PM
:coffee2: Good morning Girls.Feeling better today. Not so blue.Poor DS got stuck in that ice storm going to Atlanta. He had to stay in Huston almost a whole day. He must of resembled Tom Hanks in Terminal. What a mess. X is incoherant so can't tell us what happoned and don't really know how he got so injured. It's unclear if he can ever recover enough to care for himself again. It seems unlikely at this point.He's incontinent and has trouble speaking.

I'm going to see about doing somethings I haven't had a chance to. Theres this new dog park I want to check out. Give Bon Bon a chance to play with other dogs.

Jane,haven't played Candyland sence Eddie was small. What a sweet memory that is.We loved story time to. He'd cuddle for hours if I'd read to him. I'd do it till I lost my voice.When he got older I taught him stratigy for Monopoly. He loved that to.

01-30-2005, 04:21 PM
Hello gals!

Since I'm so behind...I'm going to just start from here. My apologies to everyone I miss......not meaning to! James has been trying to burn a DVD and our computer just doesn't want to cooperate and has been taking too much time! So he finally gave up! :dizzy:

Jane--My friend was hired for the same shift as me. And department. So if we wanted to we could carpool. There were two who applied at OML that I worked with before at Sony and only one got the job. (they did have 3 positions to fill) And out of the two....I hate to say it, but I'm glad they picked him over her! (sound awful of me doesn't it since I'm friends with them both) Oh...I've wanted a palmpilot too....just not sure why. James ended up getting one for work....and other things. I have no idea how to use one so it's better that I don't have one! :D

Pam--I would have to go back and reread all that happened to XH......but it sure sounds like he had a beating! My brother had a seizure last year (at least he says he did) and he was black and blue and swollen all the family, it looked more like some one took him to the alley way and just beat the crud out of him! I hope your X starts feeling better.

Ok.....I've been thinking about what to do for our anniversary...and the other night James told me that he wants to take the dogs to the vet for boarding so he can take me back to Cresent City California and stay a couple days and then travel around on our way back home. We had stayed in Cresent City the first year we were together....a spur of the moment thing....we didn't even bring extra clothes just kept driving! And had to be back in time to be at work. There was so much we wanted to do while we were down this time...we'll have time scheduled off, extra clothes and no worries about getting home to the dogs!! I was more than excited and have been ever since he told me. He has this HUGE smile on his face everytime we talk about it. I'm just hoping that work will grant me my days I request off.

It's probably not as exciting as I made it out to sound, but it's going to be wonderful and I can't wait!

Ok....Jhanai wants to use the computer for a little bit so I said she could. She says Hello to you all!

Hugs Ladies!!

01-30-2005, 05:19 PM
Prayers for your x with the brusies Pam :)........I know I am out of the loop but I hope that is correct.

Gaby was promoted out of the nursery at church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:bravo: :goodluck: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

YAY Gaby,...........means she is potty trained. Never have been soooooo proud!!

Rachel and becky both won their games. I go in the morning for the lawyer thing and ................yes, a huge relief to let someone else be Perry!!!! woooo hoooooo -

Beter get - just wanted to say hello..........

01-31-2005, 09:33 AM
Good morning ladies,

Pam - oic about the xh. Yikes, he may end up in the nursing home. That's a lot for your son to deal with, but I know he can do it. I also read to my kids like crazy. All of them are love to read yet today. My son has my copy of The Broker and I think he'll like it.

Marti - no, it doesn't sound awful that you're glad this particular friend got the job. A few threads back you mentioned why, and I know your judgement is sound. Crescent City sounds like so much fun!! No worries this time.... just relaxation and romance. Bet you can't wait!

Susan - YAY for Gaby being promoted, and for Rachel and Becky winning their games. Good luck at the lawyer's office today. :crossed:

Hello to the other Jaded Ladies. :wave:

Neal and I ended up just goofing around in town yesterday for awhile. Then we came home and got out the atlas so he could show me where he wants to go next year on Valentine's Day. The panhandle of Florida... won't that be fun? I've never been to the Gulf side of Florida, and there's lots to see and do. There's an island off of the Alabama coast that we have wanted to see for awhile now, called Daulphin Island, so we're going to see about that, too. I know that area got hit badly by one of the hurricanes last fall, so we're not sure what's still standing!

Not much going on today. Housework beckons, even though I've tried to turn a deaf ear to it, lol. BIL is back in the hospital, so I will probably go see him afterwhile.

What're your plans for the day?

01-31-2005, 10:31 AM
Marti - Those sound like wonderful anniversary plans. I think that part of the coast is absolutely gorgeous. My dad lives in Brookings (north of CC, in OR), so we have spent lots of time down there over the years. You may even catch the tail-end of whale migration...take your binoculars!

Pam - Eddie sounds like a strong man, too bad he has to handle so much with his dad...but it sounds like he is stepping up to do what he can. You've raised him well.

Susan - Hooray for the potty training! Leigh finally gave up day-time diapers around I know exactly how you's liberating...and frees up some $$. Christmas was a great time for her to do this, let me tell ya, :lol: Congrats on the wins for R & B... a good weekend all around, eh. Sending you good attorney vibes today....

Jane - The panhandle sounds like fun...I have a cousin in Clermont...the one who miraculously endured the 5 hurricanes without losing her house...If we had traveling $$, I would go visit her and see all the Florida sights. By the time I have enough money, her family will have moved back to Oregon...oh well. Hope BIL is doing better.....

No school today, so James is having a friend over for a playdate. We are going to use up the rest of some ice cream and make some homemade ice-cream sandwiches. I have decided to pray and put it all in God's hands...think that will keep my face out of the cookie dough? I signed up for Beliefnet's spiritual weight loss email newsletter, so everyday I get a little tip and last Monday's tip was "Pray"'s was "Don't skip snacks".

Tonight is the open house for the preschool, and I think I am supposed to go..but not sure. DH spent a large part of the weekend puking, so I am not inclined to go out for a meeting tonight unless is absolutely necessary.

With all the vomit drama around here yesteday, I let all the housework slide, so I have to play catch up today. I also started knitting a cute stocking cap in purple and lavendar stripes. Hoping to crank out a few of those with some leftover yarn I have. A pretty ho-hum, pleasant kind of day on tap for me..hope everyone else has a great one.

01-31-2005, 12:09 PM
:coffee2: My DS finaly got into Myrtle Bch. last night at 12am. He had all his lugage. Is that amazing? The airline tried to dump him in Charlotte NC telling him he should rent a car and drive but when he asked if they'd pay for it or refund some of his money they refused. He sure sounded miserable on the phone.

Jane, have fun in Florida but remember hurricane season starts at the end of Aug so make sure your out of there by then. Don't want you and DH to blow away. Can't have that!

Marti, your coming to CA.Have you seen Hursts Castle San Simion? It's amazing if you haven't.Then theres the Redwood Forest. Makes you believe there is a God when you see it.

Susan, :cb: Good for Gaby. I used B & B training like in hospitals for my son. On the potty every 2 to 3 hrs and we read stories while he sat there.Praised him when he did something and encouraged him for next time when he didn't. It worked. He was trained in a week and never had an accident.

Katy,sorry DH has been so sick. You sound like you have things well in hand.Ice cream sandwiches sound so good but off my diet list for now.

Thats all for now.BBL.


01-31-2005, 01:05 PM
Hey Girls!!

Well, where to begin!!!!?????? Luckily I went back down to my usual 198 this weigh in, because if you remember last week I was flipping cause I was 3 lbs heavier and knew I hadnt been a bad girl!!! So at least Im back where I was now!!!!!
Finally decided yesterday that I need help and that doing my tapes at home just isnt helping me like I need it too, sooooo I went back to Bally's Total Fitness Gym and reactivated my membership...Ive been a member since 1997, but 2 yrs ago when I bought the house I didnt have time to go, plus I dont leave nearby the one I used to go to, so I gave up on it....I called yesterday, they were having a special to join back for $99 for the year, so I jumped at it and drove over to the one by my house and signed back up!!!! So Im trying kickboxing class from 4:30-5:30 tonight, Im kinda psyched!! I love aerobics, especially when you're out in a class doing it.. Hopefully I can keep up!! DBF said this will probably be good for me to boost my morale going back to the gym!!
My friends, husband came home from the army friday night.. I baked brownies yesterday morning and we went over to go visit with them....BIG MISTAKE!! They had another friend over and treated us like garbage. Neither him or my friend said more than two words to us...I asked if he got the letter I wrote him, he said yeah, but never had time to read it???? What a load of crap!! Needless to say after everything we do for them and their kids, we were not to happy to be treated like that....So we left there, very upset!!! The sad part about it is that its like you have to deal with it in order to play a part in the kids lives!!!! Its really sickening though!!
Well guess I have to get back to work!! Sorry I didnt have time to go through individuals right now, maybe later I can catch up!!!
Have a nice day

01-31-2005, 02:35 PM
A very Happy Monday to all

Julie~I must say you are a better person than I am because from all that you have said about these so-called friends I would have told them where to go a long time ago. I know you love the kids and want to be a part of their lives but it seems it's not worth it. Unless of course you can get the kids without having contact with the parents, which I think would be hard. There's never any reason for a 'true' friend to walk all over someone like these people have you and your DBF the last few months. First at the hospital, then the shower, then the wedding and now this. Anyway...:bravo: to joining the gym.

Marti~Crescent City sounds like a nice anniversary get-away and I know you guys will have a wonderful time. How can you not on the beautiful coast of CA?

Pam~glad your son made it there finally and with his luggage! He's a wonderful son for doing that for his father.

Susan~:cp: for Gaby being promoted!! Sending good vibes that everything goes well today.

Katy~hope DH gets to feeling better. We all still have this cold and DD is the only one who was vomiting. Just wants to hang on...I also get that newsletter from Beliefnet, plus a few others, it helps and it is a GREAT site.

Jane~sorry to hear about BIL. I too need to clean house-let it go over the weekend, oh well.

Ellen~hope you are feeling fine. I miss you around her missy.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Last night it started snowing again and man was it pretty. I don't think I have ever seen such big snow flakes-they were HUGE! The snow Friday melted by noon Saturday except for DS's snowman. He had the leaning thing going on and it melted some and then the top two parts fell over. It is still there but slowly melting. Woke up to about an inch of snow this morning and it will be gone by this evening. was pretty while it lasted. The rest of the week is supposed to be nice, in the 40's-50's. Had some errands to run this a.m. DD and I went to the bookstore. She still had BD money left and a few books on her list so we tried the other Barnes and Noble. Had a certificate from Hallmark burning a hole in my purse so had to stop off there. LOL I never realize how much I spend at Hallmark till I get those-it really adds up. Just needed to get some BD cards-got 10 cards and only paid 54 cents, not bad. Anyway...:blah: :blah: :blah: Now I need to get some laundry done and straighten the house up. Better get going or it won't get done.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

01-31-2005, 02:41 PM
Here's an update on my x sob. Eddie just called from the hospital.He said he didn't even recognize him.He's skin and bones and his head is all beat up. Apparently he fell many times. He is agitated and violent and tries to fight with people. Has to be restrained at all times or he yanks out the IV's and catheters. Sometimes he recognizes people and sometimes not. Eddie says even if he recovers some now he can't last long because he's in such poor health. While we were still married he had a Uncle Bill who drank himself to death and I would try to warn him that this would be his fate if he didn't try to fight this addiction. I had no idea how prophetic I was. Thats exactly what he's done.I'm sorry Eddie is forced to see his Dad like this.

01-31-2005, 03:30 PM
Pam~the ex-sob is probably carrying on that way because he hasn't had any alcohol in days. It's a terrible thing what alcohol can do to a person. It's sad though that Eddie has to see him in that condition, I feel for him. Hopefully he won't have to be there long.

Anyway...take care ladies and try and have a great day!

01-31-2005, 04:14 PM
Hello everyone....

Susan--Hurray for Gaby!! I was thrilled when Jhanai was finally done w/diapers!! And as Katy sure free's up some money too!

Jane--I'm really excited about going to CC....I'm hoping that I get the time off approved.....and I'm hoping that James does too. We may have to do it in April which is ok with long as we get to do this!

Katy--I've always wanted to make homemade icecream sandwhiches....just have never gotten around to doing it. I may have to try it this Spring. Tell us how they turned out!

Pam--I love the Red Woods.....we were there the last time we went to CA...and it was James first time seeing them. (I had seen them many times as a kid) and it was so neat to see his expressions of it all for the first time.

Jewel--I just can't see how you do it! As much as you love those kids....there is no way those "friends" of yours should be taking advantage and treating you two the way that they do. They don't deserve your friendship. A friendship is something that is of value and should be treated as such....they don't seem to fit that bill! Maybe you should try distancing yourself for a couple months (kids included) and see how it goes. It would probably relieve a lot of stress!

Cristi--We have Sunshine right now. Not much rain. I believe it drizzled last week sometime. I'm really worried about droughts this summer! I can hear them limiting the water usage now.......

Well gals...I need to take the dogs out for a potty break and then hop on my gazelle. I have decided to do the gazelle during the week and not the weekends. Gives me 5 days of working out. (plus I'm lazy on the weekend!) But I may change my mind...... I go for now.

02-01-2005, 12:04 AM
I just have a second , wanted to say hello.

Had a super day! Went like clock work and feel so much better after meeting with the attorney. I left Gaby at Dougs with the girls this morning - he had left for an oil change. Was on the coast within 80 odd minutes, really Don't know how I did that but was a breeze.
Rocky did Yahoo directions for me last night and I knew exactly where the office was of the attorney. Actually his office is in his home. Blah- blah.

The attorney was nice, most of his clients are "modest means" and looks to keep cost down. He even said I could probably do the "trial" myself. I just laughed and said ......"ummmm, "slam dunk" on the change of venue didn't pan out........I want you there" blah- blah

Anyway- he said that shouldn't have happened, that I should have gotten a change of venue. It was a visiting judge that was hearing our case that day,I guess. Blah- blah.

So, he is working on getting me out of the custody evaluation. The cheapest is $1500 or so, which would be $750 for me. I would come up with the money if I had to but he needs to go first........tired of the only one shelling out money.

Also, put in my wanting drug testing and he needs car insurance. The attorney said the city Mike was living in is known as "meth heaven".....lot of druggies there.

blah- blah.......k- back to my blah-blah

da fat n da furious
02-01-2005, 02:55 AM
Wow Ladies, I am so far behind I feel like Im at the front of the line.

First off HURRAY for Gaby!!! What big girl she is....big kisses from Aunti Ang
Good to know about the lawyer....

Pam sorry Eddie has to deal with the SOB, consider this a good learning experience...

Jane, whewww load of your mind is always good. Now you can really party it up with the retirement....

Cristi, how can you sit through all them scary movies? I whimper,,(loudly) and cover my eyes,,,its just not worth the $10. to

Katy, I got my scarf done,,,gold and brown with eyelash wool. And then I made fringe, and sewed on shiny beads...really cool. My parents came for a visit and my mom had a lady make me a scarf,,,its very long over 6 feet and funky red. Too funky even for me to Clashes with my hair...ha ha ha (elmo hair)
Saw some other wool at Micheals on Saturday so I bought a couple of balls of that. One of the ladies at work says it looks like spider legs,,,gee thanks! (I am scared of spiders...spider challenged...ha ha ha (where do I come up with this stuff? )) So I asked Momma Chris to make me another scarf...she came me the hairy eyeball look but she took it with I take that as a yes.

Marti, I think James' idea is awesome,,,get yourself a nightie...possibly find a B&B

Ok so guess what I did tonight????? I watched Bruce Colburn and the Barenaked Ladies jam!!!! Im like almost horse from screaming. It was so wild!
Chantal Kreviats (can't spell) and her husband Raine (Our Lady Peace) sang. Awesome, she is so pretty. And expecting their second baby.
Sara M (won't even try to mispell her last name) was fantastic. Her outfit inpired me for the fairy jewellery. ( I know,,,your like what? She was wearing this funky green top that was so feminine, and fairy like)
Anyways Im like flying high right now it was just awhole lot of concert for a $100.
All I can say is,,,if you ever get teh chance to see Barenaked Ladies,,,jump at it.
Anyone here ever see Corner Gas? Brett Butt and Rick Mercer where the MCs gawd they are too funny.
Well I need to get to bed....*sigh
Brandon starts school for the first time since Nov 17th. Big day.
night all

02-01-2005, 07:22 AM
Good Morning ladies---

Susan--Rocky just keeps proving what a special man he have printed out directions for you so you wouldn't get lost!! I hope this new lawyer does the trick and things go smoothly for you. My thoughts are with you!!

Angie--Hello there! You've been a busy gal!! I never even thought of buying a nightie!! I may just have to do that!! Or some really cutsie panties.....I'm just so excited. We haven't been away for 6yrs! Time for some "US" time!!

James & I have been talking about whether we want to keep driving and head all the way to San Francisco. I would LOVE to go there! It's been YEARS since I've been there. I was just a kid and I just loved it for some reason. Probably because it was so different than Oregon...

Work was pretty steady for the first half then just slllloooowwed down! Which was nice for me. I had a splitting headache and was ready to go home. And now that I'm home, I'm ready for bed.

So off I go to get some beauty sleep....ha!! If only!

Good night ladies!

02-01-2005, 09:18 AM
It's February!!!! and Spring's right around the corner. :cp:

Katy - why no school yesterday? Just a winter break day? Hope DH is lots better today and that you don't catch it. I remember from our short-lived "quirk" thread you mentioned not throwing up since you were 5. Wish I could say that, lol.

Pam - we're not going to Florida for another year yet. But can't wait for that! How long will Eddie be gone?

Julie - sorry about your friends' rudeness. I can see how special those kids are to you, and understand why you would put up with the parents to see them, though. How'd the kickboxing class go?

Cristi - it's going to be in the 40's here all week, too. Love that! Also love the Hallmark certificates, lol. Although mine are probably much lower in value than yours. Our only Hallmark house is waaaaaayyyy on the other side of town so I buy most cards at you-know-where. Love all the new things at the HH, though. I always check out the Maxine stuff since she's my hero, lol.

Marti - aren't you supposed to rest your muscles by using the same ones only ever-other day? That's what I've heard.... but what do I know, lol. With Valentine's day right around the corner, there are nighties for sale all over. Some of them are down right hooker-lookin', but some are sweet. Maybe you can find something in-between, lol.

Susan - glad you and Perry Mason had a good visit. Seriously, I hope he comes through for you and you feel reassured now.

Angie - the scarf sounds cool, and just right for you. Glad you had a blast at the concert. Are you talking about Sarah McLaughlin? Or however you spell it? Prayers to Brandon on his first day back. He'll be the center of attention!

I have no business on here right now, because I'm trying to beat the clock. Macy was admitted to the hospital last night with pneumonia, so I'm headed up to see BIL, then Macy, at the hospital then offered to pick up Mackenzie from K and bring her home with me so the parents don't have to worry about her until this evening. Also have to work in a short visit to Wally World. Need bread and milk. And a mousepad. I swiped Katie's, and she wants it back, lol.

BBL when it all settles down.

Love ya! Mean it!!

da fat n da furious
02-01-2005, 11:23 AM
Jane, That poor lil Macy, you once said shes a sickly child, and well it sounds right. Its like her amune system isn't working 100%. Doesn't help that her older sister is in K, I know Brandon brought home lots of germs and was sick alot, then Tanner, then back to Brandon. Hopefully she out grows all this.

Marti, hope your headache is gone. I think you should go as far as you can,,,then once there. Send James off to buy a paper while you light some candles, get some music, get into the nightie, toss some rose

Julie you are the one I forgot to say something last night. When I was reading what you wrote I was wondering if you ever go back and reread what you are saying. And if so...why do you let someone treat you like that? I would of kicked her butt to the curb long ago. kids or no kids...she needs an adjustment. Selfcentered lack of common sense hag. Come on Julie say the last sentence...repeat. The next time she calls asking for something,,,say you have better things to do, hang up. If the kids mean that much to you that you would let yourself be treated this way,,,my thought is, find a organization that you can volunteer at that you can spend time with kids with. You deserve to be treated a whole lot better then that,,,,you are angry/fustrated/hurt way too many times to have a *friend* like her.
Now the fun part,,,at kickboxing,,,picture her as the kick the living snot out of it...whewww doesn't that feel good!

Well I should get ready for work...

02-01-2005, 12:08 PM
Just a quick pop in this morning...

Marti, Crescent City sounds wonderful! That will be a fantastic, romantic getaway for your first anniversary :) When Tim and I want to take a long weekend, we like to go to Mendocino/Fort Bragg, but one time we went to Carmel/Monterey, and that was beautiful too. We love to travel. Got our tickets for Disneyland in March for our fifth anniversary, and I'm so excited! Send some of that sunshine down here, will ya? :sunny: It's been gray and dreary here for probably 25 of the last 30 days...

Susan, really glad the meeting with the lawyer went so well. I agree with what some of the others have said here -- be really careful about what you discuss w/Mike's mom -- and keep copies of every single email you exchange. I'm sure she probably loves and cares for Gaby, but she also has Mike's best interests at heart, and some of the questions she asked you (like questioning Gaby's paternity) set warning bells off for me. Warning bells and big huge flashing red caution signs. Anyway, just my two cents. And hurray for Gaby being potty trained! :encore:

Jane, poor little Macy! Hope she recovers quickly. That's really great that you are there to help with Mackenzie so her parents have one less thing to worry about right now...

Angie, BNL is one of my fave bands, on CD or in person. They are fantastic in concert! With the other acts you got to see sounds like it was an awesome show :D Wish I could have been there, too. You mentioned it was for relief -- was it for the tsunami victims?

Katy, I tried crocheting, and never got very far (about 8 wobbly inches wide of an afghan). If I could knit, I'd knit Tim a couple of stocking caps because he keeps misplacing his, and his poor shaved head gets really cold... :sman:

Cristi, I could really picture those huge, beautiful snowflakes...

Julie, yay for joining the gym! Kick-boxing sounds fun...but I'm more of a yoga and curl up on the sofa with a good book kinda person ;) Don't think reading burns many calories, heehee...

Had a great visit with my oldest son. He goes back to the airbase in SD today. Middle son's car died, blown headgasket, but fortunately a friend was selling her '96 Hyundai for a good price, so he's back on the road again. Good thing too, because he started a new job this week Mon-Fri, and school Mon-Thurs at night, so he's gotta have transportation.

OK, *sigh*, I've put this off long enough...I broke a tooth this weekend, and I have to get a root canal done today!!! I am terrified, :( :eek: :cry: :sp: never had one before. I grind my teeth in my sleep (stress-stress-stress) and I am supposed to wear a bite-guard thing, which I'm not always good about. The dentist says I have to wear it every night because my fillings won't give, but my teeth sure will -- and that's exactly what happened. I've evidently had a crack in an upper molar for a while, then about 3 weeks ago I ground my teeth together so hard in my sleep that it woke me up, and I thought, "Oh, this isn't good". My jaw ached for days, and I noticed I was pretty senstive to cold. Then Sunday night at eleven pm I was flossing,and the cracked piece between two of my teeth just sheared right off!!! AUGGGHHH!!! I went to my dentist yesterday, and he said nope, he couldn't fix it, I have to go to an endodontist -- and they had a cancellation and got me in this morning. Anyway, I'm so scared I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Anyway, I won't talk to you guys again before I have to go do this (leaving in an hour), so I would really appreciate it if anyone reads this to please say a quick prayer and send good thoughts my way that I don't panic and run screaming in terror from his office...

trying to steel my nerves...

02-01-2005, 12:31 PM
:coffee2: Here it is another day. I did 3100 steps on my walk yesterday. Wonder what it'd be if I left it on all day. :chin:

Eddie called last night after he got to his Dad's house. He said it was pitiful.His Dad has been sleeping and living in the livingroom. Nothing in the fridge and the house seems like a sad lonely place to live. He's trying to find paperwork. Apparently my x's father didn't leave him as much money as he was telling us he had so after paying the hospital bill there may not be much left. Theres a good bit of land and one house to sell that may bring in some money evenually but right now it's looking pretty tight. eddie has no idea how long it'll be before he can get back home.

Cristi,your right. I looked it up and found out about the dangers of sudden withdrawal from A.Grand Mall Seizures,hallucinations,hand tremores, ect.It can even cause death.

Susan, glad to hear about attorney and the drug test. This will fix Mike's little red can give the results to the other x to use to. Addicts do not quit with out first reaching rock bottom and it sounds to me like Mike has people enabling him and preventing this from happoning. There are ways to clean up if you know that a urine test is expected but there is no way to hide from a hair folical test other then shave your head and keep it shaved I suppose and that would be a dead give away.

Girls, got to go get things done. Have to do some banking for my sister and do my walk. BBL


02-01-2005, 01:18 PM
Afternoon All!!!
Well thank you all for your opinions on my ungrateful friends.. I guess we are just gluttens for punishment. DBF wouldnt be able to go on without having those kids in our life, and it would bother me too...I guess thats the only reason we put up with it.....I KNOW, We're pitiful!!!! lol
Kickboxing was awesome....I can barely move today though!!! The instructor was a heavier version of Billy Blanks Himself!!! He was really motivating, it was all basically kicking, squatting, punching, pretty intense...I was so exhausted I went to bed at 8:00 last night. Im very excited about it though, hoping that this helps get me over my plateau/slump!!!!

KATIECAT: Good Luck with the root canal!!! I hate the dentist myself!!!

SUSAN: Glad to hear that you made out well with the lawyer....

JANE: Hope Macy is doing well,this is the first winter in 3 years, that I havent had it myself....YET!!!!!!!HAHA

MARTI: How are things going with the Gazelle? Have you noticed any results?

Hi to Angie, Cristi, Pam,and anyone else who pops in!!!

02-01-2005, 02:40 PM
Happy first day of February ladies~

Wow, can you believe it is February already? I can't! LOL These months and years are going by waaaaaay too fast for me!

Julie~I figured you guys put up with that sort of treatment for the kids. I have to agree with Angie tho...maybe you guys should try some volunteer program to help out some kids instead of being disrespected, walked on and used just to see these so-called friends kids. I feel for you guys and evenutally it will take it's toll on your psyche. Anyway...glad you had a great workout.

Jane~aaahhh, poor Macy. Give her hugs from me. I do hope she gets to feeling better soon. I like the Maxine stuff also only most people I send cards to don't share my sense of humor. Can't believe it is February all ready! I do look forward to spring tho. I look forward to finishing off our yard and finally getting a fence! Yes, I do get excited about stuff like that. LOL Ernie is going to love it also-he will have run of the whole yard.

Angie~the concert sounded like lots of fun! I haven't been to a concert in ages! Love the scraf, it sounds cool. I need to learn how to crochet or knit-supposed to reduce the stress level in your life. I don't have so much stress but more worrying about kids all the time. Wish there was a switch I coculd turn it off. Hope Brandon enjoys his first day back at school. I looooove scary movies! Not sure why, but I do! HIde and Seek wasn't so much scary. It was more a psychological thriller-didn't even expect the ending. I love movies like that, but then I like most kinds of movies.

Katiecat~speaking of the dentist...I woke up this morning thinking I need to go. First I need to find one. I was hoping DH would be the guinea pig first. LOL I want to go to one that I know I will feel comfortable with and won't feel any pain other than the shot to numb things. The last one we went to was good but he talked way too much. But I traded the quiet for the comfortable. I never felt any pain, except the first prick of the shot. However...they changed their billing policy and you have to pay in full and then they will do the paper work for your insurance but not actually bill them. Done this in the past and it got messed up so prefer a place to just bill the insurance themselves because we don't usually have to pay anything but the co-pay. Anyway...sending good vibes and prayers your way that all goes well and it is painless! Glad you had a nice visit with DS and that DS#2 got him another car.

Pam~yeah, I don't know much about alcoholism but figured if someone was addicted and didn't have it for even a day they are going to go thru withdrawls and that makes for a very mean and po'ed person. And x-sob is going on a few days without it so I can only imagine how he is feeling both emotionally and physically. Then add to that the injuries-someone is not going to be a happy camper. I do hope DS doesn't have to endure too much from his dad. Maybe they can make peace before he goes.

Marti~I love Angie's idea about sending James to get a paper or something. That would be cool to have rose petals everywhere and lots and lots of candles lit. And of course a negligee and some champagne to top it off! I do hope that you and James both get the time off to go off on your weekend together. :crossed:

Anywhoooo......went for an interview for a job at the Goodwill this morning. This will be the third time I have applied there in the last two years. The lady last time almost hired me but I was in school at the time and she was worried about me getting there by 4. The hours were 8-5 but she was thinking about hiring me on the spot and letting me have the hour off and me making it up on another day. Anyway, she hired someone else. The bad thing is everytime I have applied there there is always a different supervisior and different employees! Makes ya wonder. I'm not looking for a dream job, just a job that is close to home, something I feel I can deal with and somewhat easy. That's terrible isn't it? The pay is not even that good but I am willing to work and I think that is what counts. Anyway...maybe I should just try the secretarial route, something part-time :dunno: We'll see...not much on the agenda today. Just cleaning the house and getting some cards ready to mail. Pretty dull Tuesday for me. Going to get some reading in also.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Tata for now :wave:

02-01-2005, 03:11 PM
Gotta pop in real quick to say... I love my dentist! I go every 6 months to get my teeth cleaned, and whatever else needs done. A root canal isn't so painful. I've had 2 of them. What hurts is the idea of it! The thing that was the worst is when they put that rubber sheet with a hole for the tooth to protrude through, that does smart a little until you go numb.

Cristi - good luck with the job. If you're supposed to get it, you will. :)

Macy was sleeping when I visited her. So was Jerry. My sister was crying because the nurse mentioned that it would be time now to call hospice if they were going to go that route. <oh this hurts!!> I called for her, and they are going to give her some information today. Too sad.

Mackenzie Jo is napping. She's worried that she'll be in trouble with her parents since she didn't get a "Good Behavior" star today from the teacher. I think the teacher must have misunderstood the child, because she's very well behaved for me! Hrumph!!

Gotta go make a phone call... bbl,

02-01-2005, 03:36 PM
Good Morning ladies--

I've been doing better at getting up at 11:00 rather than 1:30-2:00!! Trying to really focus on things in m life right now and getting enough sleep is one of them.... so I can make the most of my day.

Jane--I have no idea how the muscle thing works. I do know that I work out everday on it and I can feel my muscles in my legs and that's a good feeling. I'm going to start doing some other kind of exercise w/it later on so I can get a variety. May just drag out the ball and do crunches and squats w/it...... Hugs to little Macy!! I hope she gets better soon and is out of the hospital in no time.

Angie--Such a romantic you are!! I have a bottle of champaigne that was given to us on our wedding day...and I plan on bringing it with us. I told him that we are going to open it up on our One year anniversary. And who knew that the year would go by so fast and it's just around the corner?!!

Katie--I am sending you prayers your way that the visit to the dentist goes well for you. I had a rootcanal done years ago. And then last broke so I went in and had a sealant put on over it. The next day at home...the other half broke! It has been a year since I've had that done and it's still broken!! I just now got my dental insurance and need to make an appt. Sure not looking forward to that visit....will have lectures to go with it.That is happening next week sometime.

Pam--Keep the pedometer on all day and just before you get ready for bed....then check it out. My cousins dad and step mom (he's no longer married to my aunt so he's not my uncle :D ) joined this group called something like "Million steps" and their goal was to walk a million steps in a certain amount of time. And they did it! I have no idea how long it took and if it was a group effort or individually...but that pretty neat!

Julie--I realize you love those kids and you have every right to. But have you thought of this?? Those kids are watching what their parents are doing to you and DBF. As they get older....they may start treating you the same way. Or grow up treating OTHER people this way. Knowing that it's easy to do and nothing gets done. SOMETHING needs to be done.....have a heart to heart talk w/these friends and ask them why they think it's ok to treat you that way after all that you do! I and the others have said...distance yourselfs and the next time they need a favor....say no. (the kids are always going to love you) I read your post and worry about you. It's emotion abuse. And that's not right.

Cristi--Today is the day James can put in for his vacation. And I can't wait to hear if we both get the week off. I won't hear about it until the 15th. (Our scheduling is so bizarre!!) Hope your interview went well at Good Will!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get it. They have some good stuff go through there that I sometime think "someone actually didn't want this??" So if you get the job...then you'll get first dibbs! (ok...that sounded strange after I wrote that!)

Well....I've got to clean up some and then get some breakfast in. You all have a wonderful day.

02-01-2005, 09:56 PM
Ha,it's 6pm and the pedometer says I walked 2.10 miles today. It sounds like a lot to me.
Update on the x sob. He's much better. He's even watching tv and changing the channels. So much drama because of his drinking ,or not drinking. At least Eddie will be able to come home sooner then we thought and I don't have to worry about him coming out here and me being forced to take care of him. I think he should at the very least, reimburse Eddie for his out of pocket expenses if not his lost wages. After all this is a crisses of his own making. Thank God it's almost over for now but I'd be willing to bet he'll continue to drink.

02-01-2005, 09:58 PM
Where is Ellen??? :shrug: :callme: We miss you when you are not around Ellen,....also, Shanna......been forever hearing from her, hope she is ok.

Pam - I have a long does a hair drug test thing work?? If he was doing drugs 6 months ago would it still show up? He has really long hair.....I will just carry some scissors with me and the next time I see him.....

I would love to work at Goodwill!! My fave store .....I had to go back there last night and buy yet another VCR because Gaby broke the first one - 14.99 what a deal :)

Yes, Rocky is a sweetie Marti. Last night though he was having a fit - never heard him so upset. All over me having to go back down next Monday night for a parenting class.The "idiot" (Mike) has it so easy, when is he going to have to spend money??? is truly frustrating having to do this all long distance. The court down there can't make long distance phone calls....and no one ever calls back on info for this class or how to register or nuthin.............pain. I know it is the 7th though and it cost $80 - which I don't have........need to figure out how to get I was going to do the donation drive thing called "Save Gabrielle"......and collect $$$$ for the

Speaking of which........Miss Gaby stripped off her purple jumper during gym time today. Had to jump off the bleacher and go get her dressed - pronto! She is so cute.

Anyway- back to work! Thanks Katie- I will be careful.....

02-01-2005, 10:50 PM
Good evening ladies~

Just a sort of quickie for me for now.

Marti~keeping my fingers :crossed: that you and James get your days off. I would go crazy having to wait till the 15th to find out. :crazy: You have a very good point about the kids growing up and treating others the way the parents treat others. I didn't even think about that but it is true that kids learn by watching their parents. I too thought you are supposed to work the muscles every other day-think I read that some where. :dunno:

Susan~why is it that Mike isn't having to do the class and other stuff that you are having to do? I know he's the one who got this started but does that mean he doesn't have to do the same? Doesn't seem right at all. At least he should be paying for you to do all this if nothing else. I thought I saw somewhere that the hair had to be pulled from the root for a drug test. :dunno: Dunno for sure, just thought I saw that somewhere. Probably on one of those court shows I used to watch! :lol: I can totally understand why Rocky is getting upset tho-not fair at all and doesn't make a darn bit of sense to me.

Jane~(((((HUGS))))) to Macy and Jerry, and your sis. I can only imagine how hard this has been and is going to be on her. I always think it is hardest on those left behind. Your sis is lucky tho to have you by her side. :grouphug:

Pam~that's pretty good! I too would leave the pedometer on all day. I always wonder how much walking I do. Always have the 10,000 steps in the back of my mind but know I don't even get a fourth of that but very curious to know. Anyway...keep up the good work. Well, glad to hear the ex is doing better and DS won't have to stay as long. Maybe being in the hospital will make hime think about things when he leaves. Sometimes it takes something such as that to wake people up.

Anyway...this was supposed to be a quickie. :lol: Gonna go do some more reading since there is nothing on tv. Have a good evening ladies. See ya tomorrow sometime. Nighty, night.

02-02-2005, 12:23 AM
darn,darn Cristi,,,,,,,,you mean I can't use the scissors on Mike?? haha,,,,,

Honestly , I don't know if he has taken the class yet. He was going to take the Jan 18th one - the class is only once a month on the coast - so the next one is Monday the 7th.
I am sure you can get a waiver on the cost but I can never get a "live" person on the phone.
I took the class when I went through my divorce and had Multnomah Court send a certificate saying that ....only for Clatsop to say it was over 1 1/2 years ago so I would have to take it again.
I asked the clerk(in Clatsop) if I could just take the class up here in Portland and send another certificate but she wouldn't say yes or no.....she wanted me to send her the info on the class and I would have to file an order for the judge to sign.
I told her ...............*sigh* (sooo frustrating) that it was denied for the length of time not on the class that I took. The classes have the same title and the one up here meets the requirments.............I mean we are Portland!! We aren't some dinky coastal up here in Portland I wouldn't get a waiver.
Anyway.......I don't know if he has taken the class yet....he is suppose to.

I paid my filing fee but I know he hasn't. Though I asked for a waiver - which was denied.Maybe because I work, maybe because I get free housing with my job- I don't know.Some formula they use...

It cost me $20 every time I go down there in gas - and that has been 5 times so far.

Also , what got me spinning was the fact that IF he does lose his Oregon driver license because of not paying child support I would be the one required to transport her to see him. Wear and tear on my car, time away from my other kids and $$$ out of my pocket.
It just doesn't seem fair.....twilight zone. I would gladly pay for the drug testing though.

The mediator said " not having a job doesn't mean you are a bad parent" I said..........."will he has to have gas in his car and carry car insurance. Those things take $$$ - basic, simple things."

Even the child support lady said "we might have to grant the hardship appliaction, we have to give him a chance to get on his feet"

*roll eyes* there a time frame??? He has already used up his unemployment and the reason he can't get a driving job anymore is because he was high as a kite and kept getting, we enable some more????


da fat n da furious
02-02-2005, 10:46 AM
Susan, I don't understand why they make the unfit parent sit back and almost control, while the other parent is jumping through hoops.
Tanner and Brandon both loved to be naked,,,and used to strip any time they had a chance. Couldn't trust them at
Jane, I feel so bad for your sister. That family has had enough.

I have had such a day already and its not even 8 am. Tanner is off to band camp this morning, and the fighting to get him packed. Always last minute...grrr Brandon has been messing with my computer and it takes almost 20 minutes to start it up...arghh So I was cranky with him about using and abusing my computer. He has one he just needs to figure out how to use the rotator for his to have internet. Told him he better pull some $$ out of his pocket.
Anyways need to get going, 3 days without the mouth...can't wait

02-02-2005, 11:42 AM
:coffee2: Good morning.

Susan, The hair folical it's self shows drug use for the last 90 days. Cemicals are traped inside the folical. The shaft of the hair is like the trunk of a tree. It will show drug use over an extended period of time. The test doesn't take long.You can even buy them on line. I don't know if the court would allow you to hand over hair you got on your own, But his hair brush would be you best bet. You might need an impartial observer. I suggest surprising him in court infront of the judge and having a sample taken right then. Ask your attorney to arrainge for a lab rep to take it from court.

Jane, wish I could give you a hug.

Julie, Marti and Cristi made some good points. Much as you love them they are not your children and your influence will be minimal. You and your family's needs have to be the first priority and door mate isn't something you want your children to learn from you. If they treat you that way in public imagin what they're saying in private. You don't need this.

Did all my shopping yesterday so got nothing to do but house work


02-02-2005, 12:10 PM
Good morning time :coffee:

Well, the root canal wasn't a picnic, but I survived :^: I'm really sore -- will be until they get the permanent crown on, I guess, in a few weeks. Traded very sensitive to cold for extremely sensitive to touch...trying to train myself not to bite down on that side at all -- OUCH!!! :headache: The worst thing, I think, was that they squeezed me in as an emergency appointment, so I had to sit there in the chair for 2 hours listening to him work on other people. He had a conversation with one guy, I will spare you the gory details, but the gentleman evidently had an abscessed tooth, and their little chat almost had me run screaming from the office in terror... :yikes: My appointment was at 9:45 yesterday, and I didn't get out of the office until 2:00. Needless to say, I never did make it in to work.

Susan, hair drug tests can be done from hair anywhere on the body -- arms, underarms, legs. The closer to the scalp/skin, the more recent the record, because that is the newest growth. When Tim started working at this new job last spring, he had to go through an extensive background check -- he works at a medical insurance company for military members and their families and retirees, so he is contracted by the Federal government. At the time he had a really long ponytail, between the middle of his back and his waist, I guess. The woman at the lab cut a section of his hair close to his scalp, so if they'd wanted it, they would have had a record for a few years. Now he shaves his head (from one extreme to the other!) but he told me they could have gotten hair from other parts of his body for the test. And as far as the "reasonable" time frame for Mike to get his act together? Your new lawyer should be able to work that out, shouldn't he?

Pam, I am glad things are calming down for your son. This must have been awful for him to deal with. If nothing else good comes of this, your son will have an unforgettable picture in his head of what alcohol abuse can do to a person, and hopefully that will help him in the choices he makes as he gets older. As far as your ex goes...I thought (but I'm not positive) that when you first mentioned this you said the two of you were finally coming to some sort of truce, making peace in a way, and that this injury was the result of him trying to quit drinking? If that's the case, and he hasn't had any booze since being hospitalized, maybe he really is ready to quit, maybe he will be there long enough to totally detox? Wouldn't that be wonderful :) Only time will tell.

Cristi, good luck on the job! :goodluck: Oh, I hate it when the dentist asks you questions! They have all this crap crammed in my mouth, bite blocks and rubber tooth isolators, and metal clamps, I feel like I'm suffocating and choking and trying to breathe calmly through my nose, and then he asks me a question that doesn't require a simple uh-huh or uh-uh. Sheesh! Thank goodness I have good insurance through my work, and coverage through Tim's. Since it's the beginning of the year and we haven't had any other work done, most of this should be covered. Good thing, too, because the torture session yesterday would have been 995.00, and that's not counting the work my own dentist will do for the crown. I can think of a heckuva a lot of things I'd rather spend a thousand bucks on.

Jane, maybe you could give Miss Mackenzie your own "good behavior" star ;) How is Macy doing? And prayers to your family, for your sister and BIL. It's good that you can be there for them. You seem to be the "be there" person in your family :grouphug: Hospice can be best for the family, getting to be with their loved one as much as possible. My stepsister in Florida (never met her) just passed away, and she was able to be home with her sister, her mom, her ex-mother-in-law (who loved her dearly) and her teenaged daughters. My dad died the month before I turned six. He packed to go to the hospital, and I thought he was going to have his tonsils out, like I had. I never got to visit him, and the last time I saw him was from the hospital parking lot, he managed to get out of bed to wave to me from his window. I wish he had been able to be home with us when he died, so I could have said goodbye.

Angie, my kids didn't tend to strip, but I do remember one incident. My oldest son, when he was three, had a little girl from an upstairs apartment come over to play. It was summer, and they were both wearing plain little shorts outfits, like a solid colored T-shirt and shorts. Sarah's mom was chatting with me in the kitchen, and we thought, hmmm, the kids are awfully quiet. We went into Erik's room, and he and Sarah were playing happily, no took me a good 5 minutes to realize he was wearing her outfit and she was wearing his!!! They had swapped clothes -- wonder what on earth instigated that! :lol:

Marti, good luck on getting your time off with James :lucky: Isn't a pain to co-ordinate two work schedules? For Tim and I to get time off together in March, we had to request it the beginning of January. Somehow, I don't think I'm that ridiculously indispensable -- I think they can manage to run the place without me for a week! :lol:

OK, ladies, it's that time. My mouth is sure sore, and I have to go talk to cranky people all day *sigh* Hope you all have a good one -- hi to Pam, and Julie, and Shanna, and Ellen, and anyone else I missed...heehee, I feel like the Romper Room lady with her magic mirror -- "I see Pam, and Julie, and Shanna, and Ellen..."

time for me to fly! :angel:
(wasn't that an REO Speedwagon song?)

Mary Kate

da fat n da furious
02-02-2005, 12:12 PM
*sigh so now before 9 am I have already dropped Tanner off, and once home gotten a call from the school saying he and his friend Sam were picking on another child. Talking to the teacher I told her I had grounded him from the computer for 1 month as of last night and we were having alot of loud words this morning about his mouth. Tanner is crying and apologizing for his behaviour. Told the teacher as it stands Im ticked at him from another incident, and being him mom asking me to decide isn't right. That being she would be with him for the next 3 days and not I, she would have to decide if she wants to be around him. She told me hes going but if there are any other incidents he will be coming home,,gawd help him if I have to drive over an hour to get him. He knows...the band teacher always says,,,don't ever do anything to make your parents come and get So anyways I have now also grounded him from his friend Sam. Told him that if he does that with his friend then he needs to find a new friend.
Meanwhile talking to Monte about all this I am one step away from cancelling our internet.
Am I being to cranky? I know Im starting a cold, and don't feel well,,,see I am not busy and I get sick. Have to be busy all the time and don't have time to be sick.
I guess what it comes down to, is Im tired of coming home to the kids fighting about who's turn it is. The house is a mess and I know I left it clean that morning, I know this is all minor stuff,,,just fed up with all this racket.

02-02-2005, 12:26 PM
Good Morning ladies--

I'm up w/the sunshine! And I tired! Need to get James up here in the next few minutes. We are taking our two female kitties to get spayed today. Can't they work on my night schedule???? But not having kittens is worth getting up!

Wish I had more time to chat....but I need to get these girls out of here. Poor things are hungry but they had to fast!

Off I go....bbl on today....unless I sleep right on through! :dizzy:

02-02-2005, 12:32 PM
Just checking in for a minute... I've been up at the hospital since real early with Maggie. Jerry had to have a procedure done, and I didn't want her to be there by herself. Then I went to Macy's room, 4 floors down, and stayed with her while Gina ran home to get a quick shower. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm off for a nap.

I'll try to bbl,
Have a good day, ladies.

02-02-2005, 12:42 PM
A very bright and sun shiny good morning to everyone :sunny: I love waking up to a beautiful day! Hope that darn groundhog doesn't see his shadow.

Anyway...just a quickie for me also as I am getting ready to walk out the door to head to the bookstore and Wally world. Yeppers, it's Wal-Mart Wednesday! :D Okay, being a little silly here. I will be back later to do individuals and possibly make chat if anyone is going to be there. Not sure about that tho, making chat. May be gone for a while so we will see.

Take care ladies and try and have a nice day. See ya laters! :wave:

02-02-2005, 04:25 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

I'm baaack...

Angie~I feel for ya...know all too well what it is like to have the kids fighting all the time. Mine are older and didn't fight when they were younger till their teen years. It was just the boys-they are like night and day and just seem to clash. I swear it is like walking on pins and needles around here sometimes-it totally drives me crazy. Now DD and DS#2 are mad at each and have been for months because of a CD incident. I had enough and told them both I don't want to hear anymore about this ridiculous stuff and to grow up! They are all in their 20's! EGADS! I also told them one day they are going to come home and I am going to be gone. Threatened to run away LOL and they just grin at me like yeah right. Don't really have any advice for ya, sorry but lots of ((((((HUGS)))))! :grouphug: Wanna run away together?

Susan~yeah, I think you could still go after Mike with the scissors! :lol: Like I said I don't know anything about the drug testing stuff. Apparently Katie does because I didn't even think they could take hair from under your arm or anywhere else. I guess we learn something new everyday huh?! Seems like the lawyer could put in there somewhere that Mike should have to pay all your fees connected with this since he is the one that started this all. You shouldn't have to pay $20 a day to go so far or any of the other expenses. And man, oh man does it seem wrong that they have sympathy/empathy for him for not having a job. Seems to me he has had plenty of time to get back on his feet. Not right at all! You shouldn't have to shoulder the burden because of him! I can totally understand Rocky getting upset because when I hear this stuff it makes me crazy! :crazy: So unfair to you and Gaby.

Katiecat~Like I told Susan I never thought they could do a drug test with hair from other places on your body. Kind of cool the things they can do isn't it? Know what ya mean about listening to the dentist as they make their rounds befor getting to you. The drill freaks me out. I try to zone out and relax when I go but it never happens. I can't relax till I am outta that chair! Sorry you had to spend half the day there, that's kind of crazy but do understand when it's an emergency they try to fit you in between other appointments so it can get a little crazy. I hate the waiting. Yeah our last dentist was one to ask questions. Okay, now come on...he has his hand in your mouth among other things now how in the world are you going to answer a question if it is not a yes or no answer. This guy could do some talking.

Pam~another good point I didn't think about either...what Julie's friends say about them behind their backs and possilby in front of the kids. I just couldn't get past the fact that they treated them so bad didn't think of all the other things that could possibly be going on. It's just terrible that people treat others with just disrespect. And good point on the surprise drug test-he would never see it coming.

Jane~more (((((HUGS))))) for you and your family. How is your sister holding up under the circumstances? And Gina and Terry? Glad you are there for them all as they will appreciate it dearly.

Marti~did you actually get any sleep girly? I don't think your schedule is so bad but I think for me sometimes it would get a little crazy. Plus with V's schedule we would never see each other. He's back to working overtime for now-7 days a week again and a few 10-14 hour days during the week.

Katy~hope all is well in your house and DH is feeling better. Like Jane, I wish I could say I haven't thrown up in a long time. That has got to be the worst thing ever. I know when I had gallstones (OUCH!) when the attacks got really bad (which they were the couple of months before having my gallbladder removed) I was throwing up way too much. At that time tho I actually felt better afterwards but the taste-ICK! Anyway...sorry about that little rant-do hope all is well with your all.

Hi to everyone else :wave: my shopping done. Bought a little bit of Valentine candy-not for me though, for my nieces. Thought I would send them a little something in the mail. When they were smaller I used to send little puzzles and coloring books-they loved that. Just need to remember they are going to be twelve! Keep thinking of them as 5 years-old. Ran to the bookstore before heading to Wal-mart. Wanted to pick up this book I saw on sale the other day-Good in Bed. Okay, I saw it and my first thought was it is about sex so didn't even bother picking it up. Well, I found out the title is nothing about what the book is about! It wasn't on the sale table either but got it anyway. Of course I need to finish the other books I have first. Meant to run over to Home Depot and check out their borders and completely forgot till I pulled in the driveway. Knew there was somewhere else I wanted to go. Would like to do that (put up the border) this weekend since I have no plans and V is working. Getting a little bored sitting here doing nothing while he is working. At least he doesn't have to work V-Day so hopefully we can do something then. It really has been a while since we went on date night. The Home Show starts this weekend and I would love to go to that. Nothing like a home show to get you ready for spring! Anyway...hope everyone is having a nice day. Take with ya later. :wave:

02-02-2005, 05:47 PM
I want you as my lawyer Crist!! lol

I think a reasonable time was a few decades Sheesh, he will be 50 in June......if anything I have always been stable in my employment......

Don't tell my mom but I am taking Monday off and heading down for the evening class. She says to do it up here but that will cost more money. I just want to get it over with and if I take Gaby to Doug at 4 pm and he keeps her over night that would help a lot.......and I will just use a day vacation.

She says save on the wear and tear of the car and my energy is exhausting trying to get any info in this matter.

Took the girls to the doctor - Rach might have a urinary tract infection. I had to leave before the test result came back and Rebecca was there for her ....sur ral is us??? Wish I could
Doug took off to grab Gabys' bag from my car because I stayed behind to be with Rach for the exam.
Very sweet to bring my car up to the entrance....and he was talking with Rocky on the cell because I had left it in the, I guess they are buds now...... *roll eyes*.....the ideal is to get Doug to move over with, I can just see him surfing, we can find him a Hawaiian girlfriend..........wonderful retirement. I guess he told Rocky to send him a paper for

anyway- best get

02-03-2005, 06:50 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Marti - I do so hope you and James both get the time off that you want. I bet you do. So glad you got the kitties spayd!! How're they doing? Still at the vets?

Pam - hope Eddie is home soon. Sweetie, it would never be your job to take care of the xh, and don't let anyone tell you it is, ok? Your responsibility for him ended when the divorce was granted.

Cristi - Macy came home yesterday, thank goodnes.. And they put a morphine pump in Jerry. Plus they give him morphine pills as needed. He talks gibberish most of the time, which breaks Maggie's heart. So glad V will have Valentine's Day off! Wish Neal did... I'm curious about your new book. When you begin reading it, you'll have to tell us more.

Angie - way to go, letting the teacher decide Tanner's fate. My money's on his good behavior for the rest of the trip, lol. Please don't cancel the internet!! I'd miss you terribly!!

Katiecat - glad your root canal is over. Hey, that's a good idea about the star for Mackenzie! I've got all kinds of stickers in my scrapbbok supplies, lol. So sorry to hear what happened when your dad passed away. We had hospice for my FIL, and they were great.

Katy - hi - hope your week is going well and that you didn't end up getting sick.

Well, as I told Cristi, Macy got to come home yesterday afternoon. That's a relief. BIL Jerry is losing blood, and has to have 2 pints today. When he gets stabilized, I think he'll be sent home with hospice. Thanks so much to those of you who sent me hugs and prayers!!

I intend to have some "me" time today. I'm having lunch with the city's Fire Chief, Joe. He happens to be one of my nephews. Everyone loves him, and lots of people will stop by our table to tell him hello. After that, I'm going to go see what's new for Spring in the few stores we have around here. I've already bought a few things, but more stuff is rolling in everyday. After I check in on Jerry, I'm going to pick up something for dinner so I don't have to cook.


da fat n da furious
02-03-2005, 11:13 AM
Jane, glad to know Macy is home. And you should have some me time, you do alot for others which Im not saying is bad, its Im glad you are able to get in me time also. Morphine is great for pain but the side affects are sometimes hard with the mental stuff it does to the person. Brandon did alot of weird stuff when he was on it.

Susan, wouldn't that be cool of Doug moving to the island with you and all the girls. Mike should have to reemburse you for all your out of pocket expenses. But I know thats just a dream,,,reality is hes an unfit parent who is throwing a hissy fit for whatever reason, jealousy that you have moved on? And is able to cause a stink and you money that you need to raise your daughter. this is such a nasty catch 22.

Katycat, I admit I didn't read your post, have a horrible fear of dentists and I need 2 root canals...sensodyne still works so Im not going in till its bad.

Pam, Janes right taking care of the x isn't your problem. Let his family or an agency take care of him.

Day off today but I have to help Frank the costumer bring in a full vehicle load to the college. He rents a few things from them. Then off for breakfast with Pasqualina my co stage manager. Come home clean this mess and then I can relax.


02-03-2005, 12:11 PM
Hold it! Hop on over to # 109!! See you there!!

02-03-2005, 12:18 PM
Sorry I've been MIA, everyone got sick! Leigh and I were sick on Tuesday, James was sick yesterday...bu today everyone is well and going to school...So I get to keep my chiro appointment.

Don't have too much time...Jane you are in my prayers..hospice care has been a blessing to my family on more than one occasion. It's hard to realize someone needs it but so glad when all is said and done that they had that compassionate care. So glad little Macy is home

Cristi - I read Good in Bed a few years's a quick, entertaining read. The author's specialty is books where the heroine or some main character is fat...and is normal, like, has a healthy sex life, and everything! What a concept...hehe..

Sorry I'm short on time, but will try to get back later