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01-26-2005, 08:12 AM
Good morning!

The site was down for routine maintenance this morning so I'm late getting in here. I've got the coffee on and there's oatmeal for the Phase II folks and omelets for the Phase I chicks. Let's sit and gab a while. :cofdate:

Back later.

01-26-2005, 08:18 AM
Good Morning Ruth! Can you pass the cream for my coffee? I hope everyone has a wonderful OP day today! I'll check back later after Ruth gets my omlete done! lol

01-26-2005, 08:25 AM
Moring all;
That's for invite Ruth, but, already had a WW bagel with laughing cow. Getting ready for my date with GYM. Then home to take care of some business to help get my home improvement loan. I have to have the house appraised at what we need for the loan, that may be hard to do, unless I can sweet talk the guy into thinking of it after the new siding, windows, sunroom, gutters are on. Other wise it won't be at near to what I need.
Will, cruise by later. Enjoy your breakfast everyone.

01-26-2005, 08:58 AM
ooooh... I like that, Chipper! A date with the Gym! :lol3: I think I'll pencil in a date with the Treadmill today.
Good luck getting the loan!
Oh... by the way... eat more veggies, girl! :yes:

Bamie, what's new, girl? :wave: What's this about a reunion? I wasn't invited. :snooty:

Ruth, is it my imagination, or has it warmed up slightly. I'll just check...
Holy moly! It's balmy out there! -25C! (-12F)
I have HAD IT with this ruddy cold! :mad:

Amber and RNMom, congratulations for staying away from the goodies yesterday!! :hat: You're freakin' AMAZING, girls!! :yes:

Sil, thanks... DD liked her new psychiatrist. :) She sounds good... does a lot of cognitive behaviour therapy instead of just psycho-analyzing.

Kelly, welcome back! :wave:

Laurie... how are you doing, hon? Is your mind still racing? It's going to all work out... remember that... :grouphug:

Must run and get the kids off... back later... love to all! :love:

01-26-2005, 09:03 AM
Ellis... They had the survey a while back asking if they had a 3Fatchicks reunion would you go. I have not heard anything about it since then and was wondering if they were still thinkin about it or if there was not enough of a responce. I'll invite you if they have one! hahaha
Yes good goin girls on stayin OP! I'm goin back to my Mom's again this w-end but am planning to stay totally OP! I don't want to ruin my Phase 1 and have to start all over AGAIN!
Wake up sleepy heads! It's time to get peckin! lol

01-26-2005, 09:17 AM
Good morning Ladies!

I just got finished packing our lunches and BOY! do we need groceries, lol. I will have to stop and pick some up on the way home from work tonight.

Last night was not the best OP night. We went out to eat with a friend and had tacos. I had chicken ones, but I know the tortilla and regualr cheese and whatever else they had in there was not OP. At least I didn't go hog wild and have fried ice cream, lol. I did get sick to my stomach last night though. I don't forsee doing that again anytime soon.

It is one of those days where I still feel sick but I know I need to go to school anyway. My kids could survive if I had a sub, but my principal is having some Board of Directors meeting in the library after school and she needs everything set up for a Power Point... projector... etc. I know noone else will be able to do that so, off to work I go. :( I really just want to stay home in bed with a good book. I need some positive energy to get through this day ladies!

I hope everyone else has a better morning and a wondeful day.


01-26-2005, 09:18 AM
Oh, BTW... a Beach reunion sounds like fun! I would be in if others were interested. I wasn't around back when the polling was done I guess.


01-26-2005, 09:29 AM
A long time ago (2 years?) there was a posting from Suzanne asking if folks would be interested in a 3FC get-together. (I guess you can't call it a reunion if you've never done it before.) :lol: The problem was finding a locale that suited everyone (Nashville was suggested) but the logistics of the thing were just too much so nothing happened!

There are certain 3FC groups who have had their own get-togethers which I hear have been a lot of fun but do take a lot of organization.

It might be an idea for those of you living in the same area to set up a Beach Meet even if it's just for lunch. Ellis and I have had a couple of Meets with Mauvaisroux and had a lot of fun. I've also met other people from 3FC and had a ball. I've met Leenie, Peachie, Jiffypop, Angeleyes, LindaBC and a few others. So far I've not run into any weirdos or 15 year old sex crazed boys!

I know we are supposed to worry about meeting weirdo creeps on the Net but I think most folk in here are pretty normal - except some of the MODs, of course! (Note that I am not mentioning any names.)

01-26-2005, 09:38 AM
Ellis... I think Ruth is talking about you again! :lol3: It does sound like it would be fun and a lot of work as well! Thanks Ruth! Oh the omlete was perfect! :lol:

01-26-2005, 09:48 AM
Good Morning all,
I slept intil 7 this morning, I think I needed it. I've gotten some sort of bug, I keep getting chills & fever, and feel really run down. Taking Advil has been helping, but last night I was shivering so bad it made me nauseous, and I stood under a hot shower to warm me up. After that I took a nap and woke up in time to watch "Amazing Race", then went to bed. It's funny though, with all that, that my appetite hasn't been affected! I've been staying OP really well, though. The Hamburger Minestrone (I used turkey) was delicious, and I'm having leftover for lunch today. I made myself another Cinnamon Ricotta Stuffed Crepe for breakfast, but thanks, Ruth, for your kind offer of an omelet! I'm going to make the Spagetti Squash Alfredo for supper tonight, with chicken breasts, but I'll have to make some real spagetti for Jake. He doesn't like spagetti squash at all!

Chipper, have a fun date with GYM! I should go to Curves, I haven't been all week, but maybe I should wait til I'm feeling better.

Ellis, you must be absolutely freezing with those temps! It's getting into the 30's here today - HEAT WAVE! But tomorrow we're going to be back in the single digits again.

Bamie, hey girl! how are you doing on Phase 1? I'm wondering if I've caught your bug?! If there's a 3FC reunion, I'd love to go!

Nally, that's what I hated about having a job, having to go in when you're sick. Maybe once you get there and start getting busy, you'll feel better. Take care!

Ruth, I guess you're busy being the short-order cook this AM! Is Hershey feeling back to her old self yet? Give her and Lucy a cuddle from me.

01-26-2005, 09:54 AM
Thanks for asking, Cottage, and I hope you feel better fast.

Hersh is back to being her old self again. She plays with Lucy a bit and spends a lot of time washing L's ears. She gets her stitches out in a week and will be back to normal shortly after.

little chick
01-26-2005, 09:55 AM
Morning chicks.... I am up have the house cleaned, laundry on the go and DH had taken youngest dd to the clinic, I am pretty sure she has a thoart infection. She is still running a fever after 3 days. :( She is a tiny thing and she has not eaten hardly a thing and she looks terrible. Other than that life is the same. :lol:

Ruth- Thanks for the invite have not had breakfast yet just sipping on tea. Justjodi and I tried this summer to meet up when we were both at the same nascar race but we missed each other. Not hard to do when you are in a place with a million people.

Chipper- don't you just hate dealing with all that banking stuff. DH and I are doing the same thing. Although we won't be starting any renos til the spring we want to get the finanical stuff out of the way. Plus we are meeting with the long term planning lady about RRSP's and stuff which we don't have yet.

Ellis-Morning chick it has warmed up a bit here too. I hope it warms up a bit more as we are skiing on the week end nothing worse than swishing down the hill at -25 BRRRR. Glad the new psychiatrist is a good one and your dd likes her. Enjoy your warm weather. ;)

Bamiegurl- morning chick glad to see you are making plans to stay OP at mom's this week end. I think that is the hardest part of trying to stay OP is going places that you know ate going to challenge you.

Nally- sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope the day goes by fast for you. If you are off to the store pick up a few things for me. I need grocries as well. I hate it when I have to be inventive for the kids lunches. They don't like it much either.

I was down a pound this morning when I weighed in.... YEAH for me. Finally the scale is moving again after a week and a half. Well I must go get something for breakfast since it is 10 and I have only had a tea.

little chick
01-26-2005, 09:56 AM
Morning cottage we were posting at the same time. Hope you are feeling better.

01-26-2005, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Ladies~

Well, I am feeling VERY sick this morning. I think it's all due to TOM though. I forced myself to eat some breakfast. And now i'm thinking I should'nt have done that. Oh well, we'll see how the day progresses. I have a roast on in the crockpot for dinner already.

A get together? That would be fun!! I totally vote for the beach! Anywhere where it's WARM!

Little Chick~ I hope you're dd is ok. It's so hard when kids are sick. I'm not sure if it's harder on them or the parents. Hope she feels better soon.

Cottage~I hope you're feeling better soon as well. Maybe all that shivering, etc was your fever breaking?? I'd stay away from the gym if you're feeling that bad. Conserve your energy.

Chipper~GL with the improvement loan! DH & I have discussed possibly dozing our current home and rebuilding a new one in its place. We're dying for a HUGE kitchen among a few other things.

Nally~ I hope you're feeling better soon as well. All these nasty bugs going around.

Well ladies, i"m off to grab some Ibuprofen and another glass of water and then curling up on the couch for awhile sounds good while i'm at it. I'll check back in later!!

Have a great OP day!!

01-26-2005, 10:23 AM
Oh no the chickies are gettin sick! (and the chickies lil ones) I pray you all feel better very soon! Can't blame me I was not contagious!(sp?) :lol: Well wishes to you all! I'm getting out a mask I have had enough sickness for one year! :lol:

01-26-2005, 10:48 AM
I am so sorry to hear about all the sick chickies (and little chickies). So far I have been healthier than normal since I went on South Beach. Hope everyone feels better soon!

A get together would be fun. I'm on an internet mailing list for moms of kids who were due in July of 1997. We've had three groupwide get togethers. One in Boston when the kids were 13 months old. Another in Portland, Oregon and the last in San Francisco. It seems to get harder to plan them as the kids get older but they are a lot of fun. If it is a winter one, may I suggest Dallas? We don't have a beach here but it was 79 degrees yesterday.

I'm planning on the Pain in the Butt class tonight although it isn't as much fun as Pilates. I should be able to get some cardio in before the class starts. Dinner is Pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts. YUM!

sweet tooth
01-26-2005, 10:56 AM
Good morning everyone. Good to hear that everyone is up early and busy with the day. I have really struggled with getting going these last few days, but still trying to shake the cold and flu that I picked up last week.

Ruth - It would be good for a bunch to be able to get together sometime, but, you are right, it would take a lot of planning. I missed the news about Hersh, but glad that she is just about back to normal.

chipper - Hope everything goes well with the appraisal. We just went through the appraisal business and found it quite stressful. On top of it all, the appraiser undermeasured our home by 1000 sq ft. It boggles my mind how you can be out in measurements by that much...

ellis - I laugh at your balmy -25. Last week in Saskatchewan it was -51 for 2 days while I was there. When it warmed up to -30, I thought that summer was here. I guess it just depends on the direction that the -25 is approached. :lol:

Bamie - Good luck on staying OP at mom's. Does your mom serve SBD choices, or is the eating difficult when you are there?

Nally - I know what it is like to work through the sickness, and it is not pleasant. I am just getting over the flu, but was babysitting the grandkids when I had the worst of it. I was so glad to get home and go to bed... Take care and have a good day.

Cottage - You porr thing with the flu. I was so cold with it, that I flew home last week completely bundled in my parka, and I was still cold. I found that some of the flu medication helps...but just enough to get a bit of sleep. Take care.

lc - Congratulations. One pound is great. You can do this. Keep up the great work.

amb_lyn - Hope you feel well soon. Sounds like a great idea to curl up on the couch with an ibuprofen. Take care.

Me - Not much happening here. I have just been going to work, then home to bed this week trying to shake this cold. DH just phoned to let me know that he is having car trouble... Just what we need when it is -30ish out. Oh well, he's the mechanic, so will need to deal with the problem. :D

Hope everyone has a great day. Take care and stay OP.

01-26-2005, 11:13 AM
Thanks for all the well wishes ladies. I was getting ready for school and realized that it is the day that we get to weat jeans and hats as part of a fundraiser for the Tsunami victims that the student council is running. Paying a few bucks to be comfortable and have my hair in a pony tail is worth every penny today!

I used to be in charge of a group of people that played an online game. I ran all the boards, did all the organizing, etc. We had a small "reunion" in Kansas City a few summers ago. I wish more of them could have come, but travel expenses kept some away. I did enjoy organizing, making reservations for blocks of rooms, etc. It was really fun.

Choosing a location in the "middle" is always the best. I also learned that having a few planned activites and lots of free time for chatting and hanging out is good. I would love be on a committee to plan something if people are really interested!



01-26-2005, 11:19 AM
Hey everyone happy Hump Day!!!! I had to realize that this diet isn't LOW CARB I was seriously mistaken with that one...anyway hope everyone is well, just curious is No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa okay??? Does anyone take vitamins?

01-26-2005, 11:22 AM
Just a quick drive by. Date with GYM was great, boy did he work my abs today.:) Waiting for the appraisal guy to get paperwork from the loan company. Which they say they never heard of. Then he will be here between 11-12. So, did a quick clean. Didn't know I could clean my house in such a short time. Wish me luck. Will cruise by when it is done.

01-26-2005, 11:28 AM
Okay, So yesterday was massively stressful. Why can't they send all Jerk XH to an island in the Pacific? (preferably one prone to Tsunamis) After arguing with :devil: I turned to DP and said take me to Cold Stone Creamery I need Chocolate, Fudge and Snickers. He put his hand on my leg and said it will be okay and took me home... :love: I love him.

Anyway, I weighed today and gained a .5lb since last week. I think it's since I went "hog" wild with the carbs. I need to read and heed the Planning part on the posts and will. Anyway, think Im going to do a 7 day Phase I to get all the craving sout of my system and put system in check... Starting tomorrow PH1 again.. I will miss the oatmeal that is for sure... I had banana, cinnamon, splenda and vanilla... hmmm it was heaven. :angel:

Hope all the Chicks feel better and little chickies!!
Have a great day on the Beach!

01-26-2005, 11:42 AM
Chipper, good luck with the appraiser! :crossed: I had a date with
GYM this morning and it felt so good! ;)

Ellis, as always, you are so good to me! :love: :grouphug: Things are a bit better today. I'm still freaking out, but I see my therapist for an hour and then my new psychiatrist for an hour and a half, back to back tomorrow. :lol3: If I'm not cured after that, I don't think anything will help! :rofl: SO glad that DD has a good psychi! Cognitive is great stuff. :yes: I'm with you on the was 28* here, and I felt like wearing shorts! :rolleyes: Now that's ridiculous!

Bamie, you doll! You always cheer me up! :D I'm peckin', I'm peckin'... :coffee: Good for you on staying OP this weekend...I don't want to do Phase 1 over again either!!! :yikes:

Nally, I'm sending lots of positive energy your way. :goodvibes: You may want to Phase 1 it just today to try to get back on track. Try having fajitas next time...lots of fat, but no sugar. You can even bring a WW tortilla with you...I do that all the time! Fold it in fourths and it fits in a sandwich zip loc, and you can just slip it in your purse! :D

Now, Ruth, no starting things with Ellis again (at least not before we all have another cup of coffee... :coffee: )--we'll have another mudfight in here! :lol: I met up with AdiaFaith, who lives in my town, and that was great fun! When I was in Pittsburgh last summer, I met up with Meg, one of the other mods, for dinner. That was wonderful...she is such an inspiration! Glad to hear that Hershey is doing better! Does she seem more animated than when she was doing so much bleeding? It must be a relief for her after the pain of surgery wears off! Are you stocked up on wood?

Cottage! I'm so sorry you feel sick! :goodvibes: <--- (there's some healing vibes coming your way...) We must get similar weather patterns...we're due for single digits tonight, but it's in the high 20s right now.

LC, you are like the army...more done than my entire day before I even wake up! :lol: Congratulations on the pound lost...that is great!!! :cheer:

Lots of sickness on the boards today! Amber, you take care of yourself! :goodvibes: <--- (there's some healing vibes coming your way too...)

Barb, how cool that you're still in touch with your friends from the baby club! My mom had a "support group" of moms who had kids when she had me. They met every month and all of us kids played together. I had seven extra "moms" and lots of extra "sisters and brothers". It was really great for us and for her too. :D

Peggy, so sorry that you've been sick!!! :goodvibes: <--- (there's some healing vibes coming your way too...) Was wondering why I hadn't seen you much lately. Hope DH can fix the car in the garage or such...this is terrible weather to be outside!

Welcome, Yashersgirl! :wave: Yup, we are NOT low carb, just GOOD carbs and good fats. :D NSA Hot Cocoa is fine, but do realize that it often has trans-fats (which we should avoid) and you do need to count the calories towards your daily 75 cal limit for sweet treats. Most of the cocoa I've seen is around 60 cals for a packet...that's a lot to give up in one sitting for me! I think someone posted a cocoa mix to make at home in the recipe boards. You might want to look for that.

Hello to the five hundred people who posted while I was writing! :goodvibes:

Well, I still dealing with yesterday's rocket...I think I'm going to have to do the teaching, for at least a year. :( If we get pregnant right away (which I doubt), I still wouldn't deliver until April (God willing), so I would get most of the year in. I'll have to call our person at the certification office and see if that would suffice. I also have to start putting in applications and get my resume in order. What a mess! :stress:

Last night I was sitting in class and had this feeling where I just wanted to climb back into my fat and pull it around me like a shield. I'd never felt that way before. I knew that like Dr. Phil says, I was fat because it worked for me to meet a need, but I always thought it was because eating was my coping mechanism. Maybe being fat felt like protection, and sometimes I ate just to become fatter? :?: Not sure, but for some reason, being overweight sounds like safety to me right now. I just feel too exposed! :^: Does anyone ever feel that way?

Otherwise, things are well. Went to the gym this morning and did the elliptical for 20 mins. Not as much as I wanted, but much better than the last couple of weeks. Phase 1 is going well...some headaches, and some cravings to eat emotionally, but not as bad as the first two times around. Today is usually the hardest day for me, so I'm hoping it will go well. I have leftover stuffed pork chops (from the recipe forum) and braised cabbage and onions for lunch. Tonight we're having almond and parmesan crusted chicken (from the forum) with a veggie recipe from one of the cookbooks I got at the library. Has anyone seen the "Good Carbs: Eating Low on the Glycemic Index" cookbook? I found it at the library and it's really great! You do need to modify some things, but it gives lots of great tips for making SBD friendly food. I'm definitely going to purchase a copy.

Have a great day, chickies! :sunny:

01-26-2005, 11:49 AM
HunnyBee, we posted at the same time! Your DP sounds like a total gem!!! So good of him to know that you really didn't want to eat that kind of stuff. :D

Re the carbs, try doing just one for a week. Like, just oatmeal every day. Then, you can try adding a banana the next week and see how it goes. I find that planning out my meals for the week and then sticking to that plan helps keep me on track.

anchor weight
01-26-2005, 12:03 PM
Wow this place is rockin!

Just a drive by for me. Busy with everything! Hope everyone does well today! Stay OP!


01-26-2005, 12:09 PM
Hey Yashersgirl! Welcome to the sandy beach!
It should be pretty easy to stay OP if I don't go out to eat at my fav mexican rest.! haha I told Mom I was gonna bring the fixins for chili cause I can eat that all the time. She has been SB'n it but since she has been so sick I'm not sure. Her doc thinks it may be her heart and is sendin her for some test in a week and a half. I am bringin her home with me for a week and takin her home on the day of her doc. appt. so I can see what's up. I only have 6 other brothers and sisters that live where she does but nobody ever seems to have time to go to stuff like that so I end up drivin 100 miles to take her! She is not really able to drive right now due to all her dizziness and such. Ok my rant is over! haha I keep tellin 'em when she moves to Alabama I don't want to hear no whinin! lol

01-26-2005, 12:26 PM
Thanks, Laurie! I think that's what Im going to do! I appreciate the kind words.

01-26-2005, 12:45 PM
Hi all, it's hard to catch up when you are all so talkative. Can you imagine us all in a room???????????????????? Defies description! Has anyone ever been in a chicken coop? Well, that's about what we would sound like. :lol:

Ruth, I would like mushrooms and tomatoes in my omlette! Thanks!

Cold here but not below zero. Thank goodness.

Well, I'm off to get ready for a marathon few days of work. Behave!

little chick
01-26-2005, 12:46 PM
I back for a few minutes. DD has strep. Poor thing she threw up her peniclin(?) pill 20 minutes after she took it. :dizzy: She is whinny and tired and was driving me crazy, til she feel asleep.
Hugs to all you other chicks, and a big welcome to Yashersgirl.
Beachgirl- A big hug for you. I can't say that I know the feeling that you are having but I am sure that we go through such transformations as we lose weight that sometimes it takes our heads a little longer to catch up with the new image. Keep up the great work your are doing fab. :D

Well I must go and enjoy the few minutes of peace and quiet while everyone is sleeping.

01-26-2005, 02:15 PM
Good afternoon! Day 4 of phase 1 is going great so far! I have not really had any major issues with cravings either. Didn't even have the low-bloodsugar feeling this morning when I woke up. Hard to believe i am more than halfway through my first week! The scale was the same this AM but I am happy to have lost so much since Sunday!

Not much else to post. I am waiting on someone to finish something at work so that I can get a bunch of stuff done that my boss expects me to have done by Monday. :yikes: Oh well, it won't be my fault if he doesn't get his butt in gear.

01-26-2005, 02:46 PM
Ok really I'm not tryin to rub it in on y'all chickies that are freezin but...... It is 65* outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a sweatshirt on but could wear a tshirt it is so warm and the sun is shining! The spare room is open! :lol: But it is gonna be gone by in the morning it is supposed to be freezing temps! :( Southern weather ya gotta love it! Well I am off to Lowe's to look at hardwood flooring to see what I want for the kitchen. I can't decide if I want to put the same color as what I have in the livingroom hallway and dining room or if I want to maybe go with a lighter color. I'm not sure if it would look good or not. :?: Any input you chicks might have would be appreciated. ;)

01-26-2005, 04:08 PM
Bamie, is your kitchen separate from the living/dining? If so, go for a lighter colour. If it all flows together, you should stick with one tone. :yes:
I'm sorry your Mom isn't well. Why are you the only kid that turned out to be nice? ;)

Little Chick, I hope your DD gets better soon... strep is SO painful. :(

Peggy, anyone who would live in Saskatchewan is some kind of nut. :lol3:
Hope your cold gets better soon, hon.

Nally and Cottage and Amber, you get better soon, too, girls! :grouphug:
Good grief, everyone is sick! Thank God I don't have to touch any of you... or your keyboards. :rofl:

Laurie, that cloak of fat was NOT a part of you! Let it go, hon. :yes: It was a heavy coat of crap that was weighing you down. Don't even think of it as something to wear again. It was hurting your body and your mind... it's evil. Hear me? ;)

01-26-2005, 04:10 PM
BTW Bamie, wouldja shut up about the weather? :lol3:

01-26-2005, 04:25 PM
Welcome Yashergirl to the Beach!! Glad you've joined us!

01-26-2005, 04:28 PM
Oh did I mention the lil buttercups that are blooming! They do but they don't. lol There is a doorway from both rooms goin into the kitchen but it is a small door. I could buy a sample and bring it home for about 1.50 which I should probably do. The floor I have is like an oak and I was thinking of going with beech in the kitchen. I laid them side by side in the store but...... who knows. Thanks for your input Ellis! I'll stop with the weather now! lol

01-26-2005, 08:46 PM
Well, appraiser came and went. I just can't beleive $350 for about 15 mins. What a headache between everyone. He was real nice about the whole thing. I didn't eat properly today. I had way too much lean ground burgers for lunch. They just tasted so good, onions on top w/swiss cheese. At least it was SB approved. I skipped dinner, I am just not hungry at all. Been drinking lots of water today. Have just been in the mood for it, which is a nice change.
I should know something on my house tomorrow afternoon.
Welcome all new comers.
Off to take a shower and settle down for the night.

01-26-2005, 09:00 PM
Thanks for all the get well messages, but I seem to be getting worse. Now I'm all stuffed up and my nose is runny and I keep coughing and sneezing. But - - I still have my appetite! In fact, I feel less nauseous with food in my tummy. We had the Alfredo (forum recipe) for supper, and it's a definite keeper. We like our food spicy so I added some capers, red pepper flakes, onions and more garlic to the recipe, very satisfying. It makes a lot, too, so we have leftovers for tomorrow. I know we get 75 c. for sweets, but since a ff/sf fudgesicle is only 45c., can we have 2? Will the extra 5c. matter that much? Just asking.

01-26-2005, 09:32 PM
Cottage, I don't think the extra 15 calories will kill you. ;)
Take care of yourself, hon. :grouphug:

01-26-2005, 10:37 PM
Hello to you all,
Thank you for your prayers and love, I have to say I do feel them. I am doing OK. I really don't mind the extra work as I am not working right now and I wont be going back until April 18th.

I had a busy 2 days, with my 2 sisters :^: They stayed at my house all night and then we went to town early this morning . One sister left a husband and a bad marrage, the other sister, her husband just left her..................... :?:

I am going to sell this house as it is too big for Lucy and me(Lucy my girl cat) 2cents on the floor......we have the same in our front room,kitchen,and hall, I like it but would suggest to run it different, long in one room, wide in another, I seen this and it makes it look really nice.

Ruth.........I had the hand book something like a calorie count book...I returned it and got the hard cover SBD book that I am going to start to read tonight??? I am really tired.

Well this wasn't going to long so,
until tomorrow,
love Tazcat

01-26-2005, 10:40 PM
Sleep well, Tazcat! :grouphug:

01-26-2005, 10:41 PM
Big hugs for you tonight, sweet Tazcat. :grouphug:

01-26-2005, 11:19 PM
Thanks Taz. I have been pondering that as well. Should I stay the same pattern flow or go a different way. Sweet Dreams everyone!Seed ya in tha A.M.

Punkin Fairy Mama
01-27-2005, 01:25 AM
Just wanted to say about the whole hiding inside our weight thing... I'm not even there yet and I'm afraid too...Now no one bothers me, no one flirts with me no one stares at me. I know when I was thin once (a long time ago) that people look at you so differently... You realize OH MY GOSH I'm not invisible anymore... and that is scary! I know I have no danger of emotional cheating because my husband is the one who tells me he loves me and thinks I'm wonderful... what happens when it's some other guy? Will I be able to bat it away like a pesky insect and stay emotionally true to the man who loved me with my rolls? I work in a very male dominated area and as the heavy girl they tell me all these things about other women (like because I'm heavy I need to hear what they think of a co-workers behind) and I am terrified that when I am smaller they will talk about me too... and worse will I listen?

How strange it is to hate the weight and yet crave it's invisibility... But maybe we become better people because we have been there and know what the other side looks like and are more able to see everyone around us, something that maybe someone who never fought with their weight cant see? And I know it is taught me humility, I lost weight I thought I was ROCKIN then I gained it back... So still trying to learn the lesson I am who I am and that doesn't change because of the size of my pants :cool: (not that I don't want smaller pants!!!)

I think it is a phase ;) we can get through it... we can learn to see ourselves without losing our vision... I believe it can happen... Like you I'm still looking for the how... Thank you for sharing those feelings I think that if we can find those fears and put them into the light of day they may be not so frightening...

and my oh my how I do go on... (think maybe that was a nerve...) LOL ... Off the philosophical psuedo babble now ... and back to your regularly scheduled hijinx!

Mercy NO I won't give up!