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01-25-2005, 04:22 AM
Mornin' all. It is sooooo cold here this morning. The snow has started falling again. Seems like I am coming down with another cold. It seems like I am always catching a cold here. I haven't been sick this frequently since my days in daycare a decade ago. I think the pollution here is the main culprit. Looks like I will be subbing on Thursday. So I need to have this cold cleared up before then. I hope all of you are sleeping well, as I type, and will be enjoying a great day. Stay safe and warm wherever you are!

01-25-2005, 09:06 AM
Fullfig: Take care of yourself so that cold doesn't get any worse. Do you take vitamin C? My Grandfather swears by it for keeping colds away. I haven't looked at the weather forecast to see when we're supposed to get snow again. Soon I'm sure. Try and stay warm!!!

Well, nothing has been settled in my mind. It's all in a mess and I need to figure it out so I can go on from here. I need to find a way to stay on this WOE because it's the only thing that works for me. But I need to find out how to survive the weekend. Those are my hard days. I need to get my "I can do this" attitude back. And of course, the more I mess up the worse I feel about my self which of course leads to more mess ups the following weekend. ARGH! Vicious cycle. I need a good :censored: kicking!!!

01-25-2005, 10:09 AM
Fullfig~I hope you nip this bug in the bud!! Take your vitamins, and drink lots of water!! green tea too!!!

Brenda~ Ive been reading your posts about exercise, and how your having a hard time getting yourself in gear. Sounds like you have the tapes or dvd's to do the work, you have the weights(?) maybe you just need a program and some motivation? My thoughts with them what you will...

1) if you havent already, start reading "Thin for Life" its great motivation and a bit of insight as to what might be happening in our heads.

2) find a weight lifting program you can follow. I like to use the Body for Life program...its simple to follow and covers all the major muscle groups. Yes it works! (Im referring to the weight exercises and not the food diet)

3) about trying a free amount of time? Say Saturday nights from 5-7? or a free meal? or just a free dessert? GUILT FREE!!! Just once a week, preplanned and dont faulter from that plan. Then get right back to it!

Anyway, my thoughts, do what you will with them :)

Not much happening around here today...just some tidying, and cleaning out of stuff that has been collected for too long. Too much crap all over the place. I always wonder why I kept this stuff when I go to toss it out. Dh and I received a dvd/tv as a wedding gift last summer, and its still sitting on the floor in the bedroom, the box is holding up the why havent I put this stuff away, and tossed the box? good question :lol: Stuff....Stuff to be tossed and put away. Good thing to do today I think.

I'll get out and shovel some more today, and head out for a walk too. I didnt get much exercise yesterday, so Im feeling a bit sluggish today.

Thats about it for my corner of the world...have a great day

Robin :wave:

01-25-2005, 10:21 AM
Good Morning :)

Hugs to you all :grouphug:

01-25-2005, 10:54 AM
Fullfig: It is cold and snowy here too....I feel for you. I hope that cold doesn't get the better of you.

Brenda: Ok missy! Do you have any idea how well you have done? So what if you aren't at that PERFECT weight yet. You will get there when and if you want. I agree with the 1 cheat day a week....I think it is something to look forward too and may keep you on the straight and narrow during the week. Now I know that it probably isn't the fastest way to reach your goal but if it helps keep you going during the week then so be it. You have done so well and why can't you see that? hmmmmm????? :D

Robin: I did some tyding up myself this weekend when I was snowed in! Got all my papers in a file system....ahhhhhhh...feels good doesn't it.

Leenie: Smoochies!

Well not much going on with me either...back to work...thank goodness, don't think I could take another day at home staring out at all that freakin snow. Have all legal foods with me today.....hoping for the best. Need the scale to start moving down again......want to get rid of this gut! If I gave up the wine I know it would go faster :lol:

Hope you all have a great day.

01-25-2005, 11:26 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Just swingin by to say HI and say I was back OP yesterday, I did good, just a slight no sugar headache but nothin to complain about. I started taking my Airborne cause I was feeling scratchy throat, so I hope I got it in quick enough to knock out whatever was on its way!

I will stop by and do personals later..late for work.

Love TG

Have a Great LC day! :) :) :)

01-25-2005, 12:33 PM
Fullfig: Hope you get to feeling better.

Brenda: You have done a great job so far! Don't get down on yourself. One thing I try to do is act like all off-plan food will kill me -- even one bite. This usually helps me. And, the more I talk about being on Atkins and eating right to other people, the more I feel like I can't mess up around them -- they hold me accountable without even knowing it.

Robin: Hope the tidying goes well. I could stand to do that around here, too! :o

Leenie: Hey there, stranger! :wave:

Jane: Have a fabulous OP day -- you can do it!

TG: Great job for being back OP!

Still moving along OP! I've been getting in lots of exercise these days, too. I love the gym! I look forward to going everyday. What a great investment the gym is! I should have done this much, much sooner.

I really need to go grocery shopping. I am running out of things to eat. It's pretty much lettuce, tomatoes, coffee and peanuts. I don't know how or why I let the refrigerator get so bare. I printed off a couple of recipes from the site to try out, so I'm looking forward to getting the ingredients for those. I love to cook, I just don't do it often enough.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Take care,

01-25-2005, 12:35 PM
Hi all! It's been a while since I've posted, and after a long slide during the holidays, I'm back to being OP and exercising. I gained 10lbs back! It just sucks, but I'll lose it again!

I've been lurking here for a while, catching up on your guys. You really are a great inspiration!

Brenda: Have you tried journaling on the weekends? Maybe if you can isolate your triggers and understand them, then you'd have a better chance of defeating them. You've come a long way and seem to be struggling with the same issue week after week. I'm sure your tired of it. I know I would be. Do your slip ups on the weekend actually result in a gain, or just a stall? Just a thought, but if it's just a stall, maybe you could offset it with more exercise. Just an idea.

Glad to be back with you guys!

01-25-2005, 01:06 PM
LOve that is a great idea, I was gonna tell Brenda that, I just got a journal to start doing that!! Thanks for that!

01-25-2005, 01:15 PM
:tired: <---- That is exactly what I look like today! Ugh! I'm such a f:censored:wit! Was out till sometime after 1:00 am drinking with DH since it was his night off. I didn't mean to drink that much or stay out that late, but it happened and I am soooooo paying for it today! Thank heavens there's no hangover, but my head just isn't clearing up. And I came into work 2 1/2 hours later than I normally do. Good thing no one notices or cares ;)

01-25-2005, 02:22 PM
LOVE2C135: Very good she stalling or gaining....from what it looks like to me she gains a pound or so then loses it during the week so I would call that a stall. SO BRENDA...up the exercise on the weekends if you are going to cheat!

Star: Ooooooohhhhhh I hate that. Sorry you don't feel up to snuff. Go home tonight (STRAIGHT HOME!) and get some rest.

Jina: far so good.

01-25-2005, 02:29 PM
Thanks, Jane! I'm alternating water and coffee and got in a little retail therapy so I'm starting to feel better. I work for a major athletic company and they had a sample sale today so now I have tons of new workout clothes. Yippee!!!!

01-25-2005, 02:32 PM
Ok now I am jeleous! How great to work for a company where you can get stuff. What would I get.......They just let us join the company weight loss program for free......duh!

01-25-2005, 02:49 PM
I'm pretty spoiled here. We have fabulous gyms (for a price) big discounts at the employee store and then the occasional sample sale. So those $40 dri-fit shirts are only $5. That's good cause I hate to spend my money. I'd rather spend someone else's. ;)

01-25-2005, 03:00 PM
Star - my Mom works there too, and she LOVES the sample sales. My son is very well outfitted for that very same reason!

01-25-2005, 03:18 PM
This was my first one and it was FUN! I just found out that they're always looking for product testers for their footwear and I just happen to be the right size. I love shoes!!!!!!!! :cb:

01-25-2005, 04:17 PM
Robin: What type of weights does "Body For Life" take? Just plain handweights? And I like the programs I have....I just get bummed when the scale doesn't move. That makes me lack motivation and then I start the vicious cycle all over. Have fun cleaning!!

Leenie: :wave:

Jane: You can stick w/the legal foods...I know you can. Thanks for the kick. Most of what I'm going through is a mental thing (I believe). Scar tissues (mentally of course) from childhood carried into adulthood. I just have to start loving MYSELF instead of worrying about how others view me (family). PLUS the main thing I think is to quit putting so much pressure on myself. Thanks again for the much needed pep talk :)

TG: that an OTC drug? And hope you don't get sick!!

Jina: Sounds like you've found the right stuff!!! I need to get my head on straight and then your advice sounds great. I definitely can't touch the stuff or it kills any good I've done exercising (which we all know I detest doing). Keep up the good work w/the gym!

Keri: I don't think journaling would work. I tend to not be very good at accounting for my actions (eating) which is one reason I never join the food log. I can never remember what I've eaten or how much. It's pretty much the same thing all the time anyway. lol. The slips on the weekend result in probably water gain. And most often I lose it during the week (like Jane said) . Not sure what spurs the urge to eat crappy foods. It's not like the stuff I eat even TASTES good. And I don't exercise on the weekend due to the kids and DH being home and I really DON'T want to exercise in front of them! I'll keep your advise in mind and when I work this through see if I can work it into my "plan". I definitely NEED a plan!!

Star: OUCH! Sounds like you definitely need an early night....or at least a tiara-wearing night!! The discounts sound cool! Let us know about the shoes...and if they fit in w/the tiara :) lol

Ok. So I'm sitting there thinking....where on EARTH did I go wrong? When did I start to lose control. Well, it started with Halloween. Then I allowed cheats between then and Thanksgiving. Then of course there was Christmas. And New Years. So on Friday there's the Toby Keith concert. Then there's Valentines day. I'm seeing a pattern here. I do the cheats but too often. Because those "special" occassions spread into weekends (or at least a day of it) of cheating. My fear was when I went from induction (wasn't on strict induction at the last) to phase 2 that I'd go too far and regain. Well, I gave up. I think that's part of it. That and the weight loss didn't flip off as easy as it first did so I got discouraged. NOW I've got to tell myself. Ok. So allow Friday. Then NOT AGAIN until Valentines Day. And ya know....there's really NO holidays after that, that I can think of a GOOD reason to cheat. So the question do I get it into my thick skull that I don't NEED that junk? Ok, so once in a while a "candy bar" would taste good...but LC ones taste good (even w/the sugar alcohols...which usually never affected me) so there'd be the "allowed" thing. But for the most part. The fries. The deep fried shrimp. The bread. Etc.....that I don't need. So what motto can I start chanting (or writing on my hand) to remind myself that I WANT this to work. I know nobody can do it for me. I need a catch phrase to remind myself WHY I don't want to cheat. Any ideas??

01-25-2005, 04:26 PM
Brenda, how did you lose the first 26? Why was that successful? How long did you stay in induction during the first 26?

01-25-2005, 04:34 PM
Whew! Back from trip #2 to the sample sale. I'm so bad!

Brenda - Procrastination works for me. Let's say I'm dying for some McDonalds french fries and chicken nuggets (a relatively common occurance for me). I just tell myself 'maybe later'. It's amazing how rarely I get around to it. Or if I'm at a family dinner and there's the potatoes that I love and my mothers famous butter rolls, I tell myself that I'm eating my meat and my veggies and then if I'm still hungry maybe I'll have a little bite of that other thing. I'm always filled up before I get around to it. And if I'm at home and I'm really wanting something chocolate (lc or not), I tell myself to go get a workout in or get some chore (must take at least 30 minutes) done first and then maybe I'll have a little treat. Workouts are good appetite suppresants ;)

Just an idea.

01-25-2005, 04:44 PM
Star, that's a really good one. I find that right after dinner, I sometimes crave sweets, but then if I distract myself, it goes away for the night. Even a 10 minute delay works.

There's one other thing that has worked for me. Right after the holidays, I was out of control. It was awful. I'd start one day, or for the week, only to blow it on the weekend. It was a horrible cycle. Then I told myself that I'd do what I do with my workout schedule. I get up at 4:30am three times during the week and run at the club. I don't THINK about it. I just do it. At 4:30am, there's no way I can justify it to myself - NO POSSIBLE WAY! So, if I remove the thought and just go into auto pilot, I do it. And, when I'm done, I'm happy and proud of myself. Just the little kick of self-esteem I needed. So, to get out of my bad eating funk, I applied the same logic. Just don't eat what's not on program. Don't think about it, just do it. Then at the end of the day, or end of the weekend, I have that same self-esteem high I get when I've followed through with my exercise.

Just a thought. You've come so far and you're so close to your goal that it would be really exciting to see you break through this and make it.

Hope I'm not coming off bossy, I'm just trying to help. In turn, it helps and motivates me.

01-25-2005, 05:10 PM
Love, that's a wonderful mindset! Don't argue it, don't negotiate it, don't justify it, don't even think about it. Just do it.

01-25-2005, 05:14 PM
Thanks! Sometimes that's the only way I can get through!

01-25-2005, 06:03 PM
Brenda~ body for life uses either hand weights or machines. The book shows you exercises for both. I use hand weights...simply because Im too cheap to join a gym.

Needing a Mantra? I wish I could remember who said this to me here, but Ive been using it in many variations since and it created that "click" and "ah ha" moment!

Im an emotional/stress eater so....things like "you cant eat your ex into being a nice guy, he'll always be an a**hole no matter how many hoho's you eat!"

"you cant eat the emotional hole away" etc etc...

I also keep a picture of my 300lb self on the fridge.

I dont like exercising when anyone is around I dont, I go for walks when dh or dd is home. The only thing I will do, are my weights, for some reason I dont feel awkward doing them when everyone is home. Um...something I noticed about doing weights, when you get into it, after about 2-3 weeks, if dh comes in to check on you...and your feeling.... :devil: and kids are elsewhere, that weight bench can be a very interesting prop ;)

You can do this.....and your going to do it for yourself!!! So dont worry about what everyone else is thinking. Care about what you think, and how you feel. Your the one thats putting all the effort into this, not them.

Hope this helps

Sugar Cube
01-25-2005, 06:03 PM
Got back on track today, the birthdays are done, the snow isn't going anywhere and I am back to work tomorrow.

Thought I saw an endorsement for Body for Life workout and wanted to second it. I have been lifting on and off for years, but it wasn't until I started using the BFL program somewhat regularly that I started to see results. I now have biceps and my legs are feeling much stronger.

I agree though the food is too confusing for me though I suspect if I put my mind to it I could make it work. I think it works more easily for those who are single or when everyone on the house is doing it. Atkins just works better for me with a family who is heavily into carbs. :lol:

L2C135 - Oh yes that 10 pound gain, I have it too, though with the Valentine Challange, I have been able to get rid of half of it so far. Keep up the work, you can do this.

STAR - I guess that is what DH are for, causing trouble, have some water on me. I am so jealous of the sample sale. I won't buy new clothes with this 10 pound gain and I need both work clothes and workout clothes. More inspiration to get out the DVDs and exercise while snowed in at home.

LADY - Body for Life uses either free weights or machines, you can adjust for what you have at the beginning though as your strength increases it may be easier to get to a gym where they supply the weights and machines. I use the 5, 8, and 10's at home and will probably purchase the 12's and 15's soon to be able to keep up. The focus is to use the lightest weights with the greatest reps and to build up your strength that way. There is always a "special" occasion I am finding. Right now I am looking for that "thing" I had when I first did Atkins and dropped to 177 which I hadn't seen in a very long time. That was last year, then I had my birthday and it went downhill from there. I am focusing on what I am still doing right, no white sugar, no pasta, no rice. Now to deal with everything else. :dizzy:

SELF magazine has a long article about self image and how you feel about your body, some good thoughts in it.

DD is at her cousins house and I was able to spend an hour clearing out the soon to be dedicated computer/sewing room. I am getting there slowly but surely. So far today, one half black trash bag. Also successfully threw out the baby products I never used on the 6+ year old, what do you think, safe to toss them???

I would like to institute a 3 hour a weekend major project time, I do most of the housework on a daily basis when I get up during the week, using my half day on Friday for the laundry and shopping. So maybe I can get some serious projects done. Just three hours a weekend would be in the right direction and if I started by 9 am on Saturday I would be done by noon. I could even count it towards being on program, afterall if I am working on this kind of stuff I am not eating.

Mrs H
01-25-2005, 06:35 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!

Just a quick fly by for me. There is no way I could catch up with you all this late in the day so I will Just :wave: to you all!

Me and Emma-Grace are getting ready to go out with all of the inlaws for dinner. My MIL and FIL and BIL and his family and SIL and her family. Only one that doesn't get to go is DH because he is working :( There is a steak house that has a great buffet every night, and tonight is kids night. Kids eat for only 99 cents. That's why all the family is going. Cheap with all the neices and nephews we have :lol:

Well, I almost hurt myself badly today. Was going out to the truck and as I stepped off our steps, I turned my ankle. I am just glad I didn't have the baby with me. I didn't fall, but my ankle is killing me now. Not sure if I sparined it or what. Oh well, it could have been a lot worse!

Well, time to get me and Emma-Grace ready to go out. It takes me forever to get ready now that I have to get everything packed for her. Hopefully I can catch up with everyone tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!!