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little chick
01-24-2005, 06:14 AM
Morning chicks, I guess I will start us off today as it is 6:08 here and you chicks are probably still in bed, I wish I was I have been up since 5:15 with period cramps that and dh couldn't sleep waiting to see if school was cancled. Which it was we got lots of snow and it is still blowing and the roads are bad. I was not very OP yesterday and caved to my cravings :o but I will be back OP today. I just need to keep focused. I do have a question, I was reading one of the posts about flax seed ( actually it was about something else and the seeds came up) I have been sprinkling whole flax seeds on my salads all week, is this a bad thing??

Well I am off to lay back down for a bit with my hot water bottle I will be back a little later. Have a great day chicks.

01-24-2005, 07:25 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~ :coffee:

Little Chick, I'm quite sure that flax seed is NOT a bad thing, quite the opposite, it's a very GOOD thing. :) High in those EFA's that we need, high in fiber and yummy, to boot. Keep sprinkling!

Once again, it's, to use Ruth's lovely word, FRASSING cold here!! 15*. BRR!! No cute T shirt and yoga pants at the gym this morning...nope, it's sweats and a thermal long john top for this chick!

So, here I sit, eating my oatmeal. Lunch will be leftover spinach, chicken breast and a slice of wholemeal oat bread from the farmers market.

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!


01-24-2005, 07:33 AM
Good morning all!

Thanks for a great website. I was here a long time ago and am back on the horse now.

Looking forward to spending more time here! :coffee: (

01-24-2005, 07:51 AM
Good morning.

Welcome back, Abby.

Mamacita, it's still frassing cold here! I am getting sick of it.

Little Chick, feel better. This snow is way too much!

Had a crappy night of sleep! I dreamed I was downstreet in my chenille robe, went into a store to get something and came out to find my car stolen. It was a cold walk home! My wallet was in it too! Maybe that was a warning to get over my stupid habit of leaving it in the car! I'm wallet challenged.

Today I have to get out of my slump and do all the stuff I was supposed to do over the weekend. It seems to me I was all day on the computer watching the Daily grow in leaps and bounds! Can you imagine the noise of our chatter if we were all IRL?

The Girls are awake. Hersh washed Lucy's ears yesterday so she is getting back to normal.

Coffee coming up!

01-24-2005, 08:02 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I have missed you over the last few days. Things have been really busy here!

For once it seems we missed all the snow and cold. Our snow has actually been melting this last week. I hope all that are cold and snowy stay safe and warm!

I have been doing ok as far as staying OP, but just trying a few things to see what effects me as far as whole grains and fruit go. We had the taco bake last night with one low carb tortilla. We are having a hard time finding wheat tortillas here. :( I do have some nice whole wheat pitas though! I had a green apple the other day and it was YUMMY! It is funny how I missed fruit when I wasn't very good about eating it often before. Hehe.

Well I have another busy day ahead of me. I have 7 classes at school, all of which need to check out books. (That means LOTS of shelving for me!) I have to pick up a guest and take her to my glamor clinic tonight as well. I have decided to not go to jazzercise at 5:45 am on the days that I won't be home till 9:00 pm! I get too tired! I will make it up tomorrow night.

:) Have a wonderful day all!


01-24-2005, 08:14 AM
Quick drive by for me this morning. Have a theripest appt at 9 and have to take DH's van. So, he can take the GB's with him to get his paycheck. It's payday :). Meet with the improvement guy yesterday. Hope to know something today. It's a lot of money, but, will get it back if we decide to sell. Since I have well over 1/2 in equity for the homes around me. they are selling for almost 3/4 more than I owe on mine. That's not a problem. Keeping fingers crossed. We really need new siding and window. He could feel the breeze coming in through my windows.
Iam with Mama this morning, we are at 18*. It is cold.
Stay warm and enjoy your day Little chick.
Welcome back Abby.
Ruth glad to her Hersey is getting back to herself again. Fur kids are the best. At least they don't talk back.
Well, off to eat breakfast and get ready to go.

Oh, the best thing. The scale showed I finally lost that pesky pound that has been haunting me. The only thing different I did was not eat much yesterday at all. Not even drink that much. So, maybe that is what kicked it. I just wasn't hungry.

Will drop in later.
Have a good day all.

01-24-2005, 08:34 AM
Good Morning Chickadees! Slow go around here this morning. We are all dragin'! Looks like y'all are up and goin. I am officially starting phase1 today. I'm pumped and ready to go. I have lost the 6 lbs. I gained over the holidays so my ticker is my true weight again. That also means I met my Jan. goal so far as well. I only wish it was new pounds lost and not pounds relost! (UG!) Well gotta get 'em out the door. I'll check back later. Have a great day all!

little chick
01-24-2005, 09:12 AM
back again for a minute. I am up and have the downstairs level all tidy and the floors mopped. I thought that I was going to get to go back to bed and sleep but I ended up with a phone call to babysit the baby who by the way is cranky he is cutting teeth. The mom had a DR's app. or so she said. lol. Oh well my housework is almost done. I do need to get the girls to tidy their bedrooms so that I can mop the floors and then it will be done. I also need to get working on my dance routine for tonight. There is an audition for our local therater the 6th of march if I can teach my babies their routine we may be able to try out. I will have to see how tonight goes. I don't want to put to much pressure on them or me. Hopefully the roads will be all cleared so I don't have to cancel the class. Well I am off again to listen to music and fold laundry. Be back later.

a broad abroad
01-24-2005, 09:51 AM
[QUOTE=Bamiegurl] I have lost the 6 lbs. I gained over the holidays so my ticker is my true weight again. That also means I met my Jan. goal so far as well. I only wish it was new pounds lost and not pounds relost! (UG!) [QUOTE]
HaHAHaHA - That is me too, but does it (the loss) still count for our Jan. goal?!? Bamie I'm on P1, day 6. The scale has gone down every day until today (but TOM is wreaking havoc so I'll wait until the 14 days are over to rejoice!) It's going well.

Little Chick re: whole flax seeds - I put them on my salad too. I have a box of milled flax seeds right here and it says if you eat them whole you don't get the Omega-3 oil benefits and fiber because the body cannot digest them whole. {From the box, if you're interested: milled flax seed may be used as a fat substitute in most recipes: 3 Tb. can replace 1 Tb. oil or 1 Tb. seed plus 3 Tb. water can replace one egg!!}

Cottage - you asked if we go volksmarching over here. YES, we do and we love it, but there are fewer events and clubs than in years past. The younger people just aren't picking it up like their predecessors and the sport is on its way out.

Anchor, glad you had fun on your date. We eagerly await the next installment.

abbyyoyo - welcome back to the beach. pull up a chair.

Today I have to get out of my slump and do all the stuff I was supposed to do over the weekend. It seems to me I was all day on the computer watching the Daily grow in leaps and bounds! Can you imagine the noise of our chatter if we were all IRL?
Ruth, the thought of us all chatting IRL creates a funny image, both picture and sound :dizzy: . Don't leave your wallet in the car. Bad things happen to good people, even in small towns in Canada!

chipper, congrats on the pound down. Keep up the good work.

I woke up to a light dusting of snow the last two days, but its only enough to give us some color, or lack thereof. We do have a partially blue sky, though. Today, I took doggie with me to get the car inspected and then we went to the pet store to get him some pig ears and a dental chew toy. He was in doggie heaven :D

I made Peanut Butter Pie (no cooking, just blender!) to have for breakfast this week. If anyone is interested I'll post the recipe. It's quite yummy and filling, and phase 1, too.

Back later.

01-24-2005, 09:57 AM
Hello, your statement about losing a pound every day for the 6 days you have been on P1 really go to me.

If you have time, could you tell me in what you eat in a day on P1.

I only lost 3 pounds on P1 and just gained one of them back on my first day in P2.


a broad abroad
01-24-2005, 10:15 AM
Bonnie, I got your PM. I'm typing it for you now.

01-24-2005, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Ladies~

LONG BUSY weekend here for me!! I was good all weekend staying OP until, lunch yesterday. SIGH! We went to a Chinese Restaurant..I had the General Chicken and a small amount of white rice. My last day on P1 and I have to go off phase. What's up with that??! I didn't snack the rest of the day and for dinner I had 1/3 of a salad. I was simply not hungry. Sigh. So, today, I'm a tad swollen. I retain water when I eat too much sodium, scale did seem to budge though. It went back & forth between 2#'s, I was hoping it would stick on the lower, but, it didnt. So for week 2, I guess I lost just 1 little pound. I won't complain, it's my own fault I did what I did yesterday.

Back on track this morning though. Started P2 and had oatmeal with Splenda & Cinnamon. Was sooo yummy!! I Love Oatmeal! Probably a nice tossed salad for lunch and more than likely for dinner as I'm working at the restaurant tonight.

Well, off to get the baby out of his highchair, he's finished with breakfast. I'll check back in later! Have a great OP day everyone!

01-24-2005, 10:20 AM
Hey! We have Christmas snow! You know, the kind with the big puffy flakes that fall in slow motion. It reminds me of that old movie, White Christmas, with Bing Crosby and I think it was Jane Wyman. Could be wrong though.

I finally had porridge for breakfast - Red River Cereal. Only in Canada? It was delicious and nutty and had flax in it. By the way, flax seed is not digested whole so I grind mine in the processor and keep it in the freezer so it doesn't go rancid. After my bowel cancer scare last year, I am a real fibre tracker these days.

Anchor, the date sounds like fun. Too bad about having to work and the blizzard.

Little Chick, I hope that baby isn't too fussy today and you manage to get your "stuff" done.

Chipper, I lost my pesky pound too. We can do this.

Bamie, I am still working at losing the 6 pounds I put on in December. It is discouraging but will happen. (Remember you read it here first!)

Broad, those pig ears are gross but The Girls adore them. They are their potato chips, I think. They love hooves too and those certainly last longer than the ears. Porties have strong jaws - from catching giant squid and seals, I think! :lol:

Nally, no fair that you missed all the snow! I can send some to you. Too bad about not finding whole wheat tortillas. Can you split and toast the pitas to make chips? It works for me.

BonnieJ, I feel your frustration with not losing fast. Perhaps you can post your day's menu for the chicks to look at. Somewhere back in the posts, we had a couple of days of menus. I'll try to find it and bump it up.

Amber, drink lots of water and the MSG and salt will pee away. You just have to mention Chinese food around me and I start to salivate. It's an addiction.

OK, chickies, I'm getting on that treadmill, taking a shower, getting dressed, lugging wood, getting the paper and then making dogfood. Think I'll get that done by noon if I stay offline?

Move the butt, Ruthie!

01-24-2005, 10:27 AM
How are ya all? The weather in the East looks brutal. I wish we were getting that! Ya, I know I'm weird, I love a good blizzard. My hubby is flying out to Minnesota today so I'm hoping that the airports and stuff are smooth sailing.

Little chick, sorry about the visit from TOM, it's nice not to deal with that. Sounds like you need to stay inside today, the weather sounds frightful.

Mama, your menu for the day sounds wonderful. About how many servings of fruit and starch do you have a day?

Abbyyoyo, welcome and good luck!

Ruth, I hate those "not dressed dreams", too real! I'm sorry we were so noisy yesterday, today I hope you get stuff done.

Nala, ya, don't apples taste like heaven after being on phase one???? Good luck with the shelving today.

chipper, congrats on the lost pound! Those dang things hang on a little too long sometimes.

Bamigurl, good luck on phase one, I'm glad I did it again. I needed the "get rid of sugar monster" experience. Everyday is a day of choices to keep "it" asleep.

Abroad, ya of course you need to post the peanut butter pie recipe thingy! Sounds divine.

BonnieJ, everyone loses so differently on phase 1. Don't compare yourself with others, compare yourself with you. If you are following the plan it will come.

Well, I'm off to go with my parents today to go ice fishing! Looking forward to that. I'm letting my 13 year old daughter play hookie and go with us. There's salmon under the ice and I'm ready for it! Yummy.

You all have a great day!

01-24-2005, 10:34 AM
morning to you all,
a quick one as I have to try to shovel out of my house, time to get some more wood in. We really had a dumping of snow, out my front door it is about booby high, that is "with" my bra on,ha ha, and that is where I keep my extra out doors wood box.
I was plowed out this morning by my wonderful brother, last night our youngest son came up and had me all shoveled out, but it is back. They stayed for supper, it was nice having the company.
It is three weeks today since my DH died, gee seem like so much longer, Gish he was only 54. I really miss him, but because of our love for each other I will get through this, and it is only 3 almost 4 months since my mom, who was one of my best friends passed away. I sleep with some of there ashes under my pillow every night, and I take them with me in my car.
I am reading the SBD book and getting excited to start p1. I have to get out to buy some food, if the roads ever clear up. I want to plan my first week of meals, and buy the food.
Well have a warm day, I am going out after another coffee,
Love you all, tazcat

01-24-2005, 10:39 AM
Good morning Chicks :wave:

Bonnie and Abby~~Welcome to the Beach. Hope to see you visit here often :yes:

Mamacita~~ Hey girl, are you keeping warm? I had to work last weekend (in Buckhead) and the 18* plus the heavy winds were alittle chilly, but the sun is shining this morning and we might get up to 40* :cp:

Ruth~~I wish I had heated seats like you!! Glad to hear that Hershey is on the mend. Give her a hug for me!

Bamie~~ Congrats on losing the 6 # :cb:

LC~~ I also love flax seeds on my salads and veggies but I roast them first . I also use flax-seed oil to make my salad dressing.

Gish~~I'm sending you a Private Message :)

Not much going on today. Alittle work in the kitchen maybe. They come tomorrow to measure for the countertops. If all goes well, they will be installed by my anniversary on Valentines Day! I did use the range and convection oven last Friday~what a thrill to be able to cook again!!!!

Hello to all still to visit~ I'll check back in later.

01-24-2005, 10:41 AM
Morning, Ladies!

It was a heck of a weekend, but I'm turning over a new leaf. Phase 1 this week and I went to the gym this morning in spite of it being -25 with the windchill! Brrrrrr! :strong:

Hey, LC! Glad DH doesn't have to go out in that mess! Stay warm and inside! Hope you can sneak a nap at some point! The flax seeds don't do anything for you whole. Their seed case is too hard for your body to break down and they just pass right through you. So if you are looking to bulk up your stool, it works, but otherwise does nothing. ;) Try grinding them up in a mini chopper or just buy them preground and store them in the refrigerator. I get Bob's Mill preground in the Nature's Market section of my Wegmans. They are SO healthy for you! You really need a serving of Omega 3 oils each day, and since most of the fish with Omega 3 has mercury, this is a much safer way of getting it! You can also look for eggs with Omega 3 or get Flaxseed oil (keep it refrigerated).

Mama, thermals and oatmeal sound like a lovely combination! :D Hope you have a good day in spite of the cold!!! (we need a smilie that communicates Brrrrr!)

Glad to see you back on the beach, Abby!

Ruth, glad Hersh is feeling better. Lucy must be glad! What I hate is how long it takes for fur to grow over the scar. Our little girl took about 6 months to get her fur back. Our bunny took a year! Poor little ones! :( But now she's safe from uterine cancer. :) Stay warm, Ruth!

Nally, you may want to try one thing for a week to see how it affects you rather than a new thing every day. It just takes a while to really see what's happening, you know? Have you tried to find La Tortilla Factory tortillas? They make good WW tortillas. Also, I found some at Sam's Club. Just keep looking. The low carb ones can have lots of nasty junk in them. Watch out! :yikes: Enjoy the glamor sounds like fun! :D

Chipper, have a great appt. Glad DH is taking the GB so you can get some time for you! :D Congrats on losing that pound, but don't get in to the habit of not eating and drinking much. You do need that food and drink! :D

Bamie, I'm doing Phase 1 again this week too. Let's encourage each other, okay? :goodvibes:

Abroad, explain volksmarching, please? It sounds intriguing! :chin: Also, do post the recipe for the pb pie...anything with PB is a favorite with me! :D

Bonnie, glad to see you posting in the daily! Do know that what you lose in Phase 1 differs for each person...not just in what they eat, but more importantly, what they ate before they went on SBD and how much they weigh. If you only have a little to lose, 3 pounds is a great achievement!

Oy, did I have a heck of a weekend. I realize now that I haven't really changed my eating habits as much as I had hoped. I still want to use food to cope, and I'm having a hard time right now. DH and I made PB/choc SF ice cream this weekend and put chocolate chips in it. I had more that one serving in a sitting on Saturday, then had three huge bowls of it on Sunday. :cry: Not good!!! I also had a huge serving of WW pasta on both days. The scale was great on Sunday a.m. but up three pounds today. I'm on Phase 1 this week in hopes that it will take away the cravings, jump start better loss, and bring me back to the peaceful place I've been for all of my SBD journey until this last month.

I think being back at my parents helped me pick up some bad habits I had dropped...lost of unlimited eating. All good stuff, but still too much of it. My mom kept coming up with ways to make things I could fudge made with cocoa powder, cream cheese, and splenda (I ate a whole 9x9 pan in two days). I usually just don't eat any of that stuff or try to make it. You know? I need to get back to OA but they meet on the night I have class. When I'm done with school I'm going to have to go back. This is just too much for me to handle on my own. But I'm hoping that getting the cravings out of the way will help. :yes: So Phase 1 it is!

Have a great start to your week, chickies! Lots of :grouphug: for the ones to come!

01-24-2005, 10:49 AM
Thank you a broad abroad. I can't wait to see it and compare it to what I have been eating. Thank You.

Yes, we all differ BUT GOOD GRIEF this is agonizing! I weighed myself this AM and went outside and screamed really loud with frustration (I live in the boonies).

Thank you for your support.

anchor weight
01-24-2005, 10:53 AM
Morning all!

Back to work! :lol: I'll be lucky if I can answer the phone with right company name. Such a busy week this week. I have the soup kitchen fundraiser next Monday and it is huge. We have already made over $80,000 in corporate sponsorships and we haven't even had the party yet! We are expecting close to a thousand people. So I'll apolgoize in advance for being nuts this week! :dizzy: Should be a good diet week though! :lol: I won't have time to eat. :lol:

Thanks for all the good wishes about the weekend. Isn't it funny how our overweight self image comes creeping back to us when we least expect it? I hadn't been self conscious at all until we were dancing and then all of a sudden I became self conscious. Oh well - I guess this process is ever evolving.

The east coast is has been getting pounded by the same storm we got. I haven't had to walk through snow up to my knees in a long time. It's a good thing I have 4 wheel drive. I had to walk through knee high snow to get into my truck, to get out of my truck into work and to get back into my truck after work. :lol: That's what happens when humans can't keep up with mother nature.

Have an OP Day!

01-24-2005, 11:29 AM
Bonnie, I'm sorry you're so frustrated. How much do you have to lose? You know that weight that comes off too fast doesn't stay off, right? It takes time. That's a good gives you time to get used to being slimmer, gives your skin time to try to go back to the way it was, gives you time to get the money to buy new outfits, and helps you adjust to eating more healthily so it stays off when you reach goal!'s a good thing. :grouphug: Why don't you post what you've been eating so we can take a peek?

01-24-2005, 11:55 AM
Morning Ladies!

Wow it's quite busy in here.....I too am going back to phase one....I got on the scale and am at 173........sigh....too many carbs I back to phase one....Girls we can do this!!! It's cold here this morning 23 degrees....schools are closed again due to the ice...but I have to go to work....oh well....Nothing new is going on around here...I'm going to print off some phase 1 recipes and plan my week....everyone stay warm today and keep up the good work!!!

01-24-2005, 12:00 PM
Good morning everyone, I am so sorry for everyone having snow. I spoke to my parents on cape cod yesterday and they got 36 inches.. Unbelievable. We have gotten some effects of the northeast storm, lots of gale force winds and rain. But today is on and off rain and sun. I ended my two weeks of phase one and I am down 6 pounds which I am quite happy with. I will be continuing phase one for a few more weeks until I go on a cruise in February. I may add in some oatmeal or kashi cereal if I feel I get stuck. Thanks again to all of you for your suport. It is great your all here, and GO PATS................

01-24-2005, 12:07 PM
Good Morning Everyone:

I am new to SB, in fact I am starting the 2nd week of P1 today. I lost 9 pounds my first week and look forward to seeing what the scale and my clothes say at the end of this week.

My husband and I are going on a cruise to Alaska in July and I decided this was a good reason to start working on myself. I hope to have lost 40 pounds by July.

I look forward to joining you guys on this board!

Have a great OP day!!

01-24-2005, 12:10 PM
OK, lets see what you think. I haven't done very well the last few days ..obviously since I gained a pound...but here it is

1/2 C 1% fat cottage cheese
1/4 container low carb/low fat yogurt

2C lettuce
couple scallions
1 really small canadian bacon
2 1/2 TB salad dressing form SBD book

1 skinless chicken breast
1/2C green beans (plain)
1/4 C squash (plain)

1/2 C SF jello

1/2C 1% fat cottage cheese

4 small carrots

1 chicken breast
in about 1 C stir fry veggies (chinese cabbage, onion, mushroom, carrots)
cooked in soy sauce and rice vinegar

Sunday really bad day
1/2C 1% fat cottage cheese
1/2 container low carb/low fat yogurt

1C green beans with 1Ts Smart Balance
two bites of canned tuna fish (yuk, I couldn't eat it)

5 small carrots
low carb popcicle (20 calories)
tried to eat a turkey wing my husband had cooked but couldn't
so no protein

01-24-2005, 12:10 PM
I lived in Bermuda for 8 years and absolutely loved it! Which parrish do you live in? I was on the Navy base from 1979-1987. I practically grew up there.

01-24-2005, 12:15 PM
Sorry, you also asked how much I want to lose.

I am going to lose 33 pounds; from 173 to 140.

I am 5'5" and 41 years old.

01-24-2005, 12:32 PM
Good grief!! 25 posts!!
Just got in from seeing my psychi... back later...
Oh, Bonnie... you're not eating enough! That'll slow down your metabolism, and you'll stop losing. Your body goes into starvation mode.

01-24-2005, 12:39 PM
Newbie here, just wanted to say "hello" :wave: I'm enjoying reading the board and getting familiar with everyone :) I'm on my second week of Phase 1 and am really finding this plan easy to follow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to feel this way :)

01-24-2005, 12:59 PM
Hello and Welcome to all the Newbies :wave:

01-24-2005, 01:02 PM
HI Lara, I live in St. George. I absolutely love it here. I have been travelling here for over 10 years and have a lot of great friends and just felt at home. I then applied for about 100 jobs to get here and was about to give up when I got the job at the hospital. I am a medical social worker and it is very interesting work. I will be here a year at the end of march and I haven't regretted my move for a second. Where are you on SBD? Do you like it? Where do you live now? Must og eat, I'll be back later.

01-24-2005, 01:13 PM
Hi there - newbie to this board too (HI AZ!!! I promise I'm not stalking you, lol. But I did follow you over once you mentioned this site :) ) This looks like a great forum with lots of info and good peeps :) Good luck to all on South Beach! I'm beginning my 4th week now (I'm sticking to Phase 1 for a while), and have lost 15.5 so far :)

01-24-2005, 01:20 PM
I thought I'd pop in and see what's been happening here, and wow, so many posts already! I got up early and started right in cleaning the house and mopping floors, then went and got my hair cut and got groceries. It's pretty slippery out, thank goodness the stores I went to are only a few blocks away. Bamie, Laurie, and Historychick, it's nice to know I have company this time while I'm doing Phase 1 over. I started today, so this is day 1 for me, too. I had 2 scrambled eggs topped with a little salsa for breakfast, and for lunch I'm having a leftover chicken breast w/ stirfry veggies. I'm going to try the Stuffed Pork Chop recipe for supper, with green beans. This time I planned out all my meals ahead of time, so I hope that makes it easier for me. I'm glad you addressed the flax seed issue, Laurie. I was also going to mention that you should eat milled (ground), in order to get the most benefits from it. I almost always use it as a substitution for oil, too. It's wonderful in the muffin recipe! Can you believe that they STILL HAVEN"T fixed the broken water main yet? Water is going up on the sidewalks now and freezing. A truck from the water authority was out looking at it when I got home from the store earlier, but they left without doing anything and no one else has been here since then. Another day and we can have our own little neighborhood skating rink!

01-24-2005, 01:24 PM
Well I am taking a break and thought I would check in. My we are a chatty bunch today! I love it! Welcome to the Newbies. We are glad you joined us. I am still pulling up the tile in my kitchen! Oh my goodness what a workout! I'm tryin to get it finished before DH gets home today from his trip. His plane lands around 3 I think. I don't have a whole lot left but it is a very slow go job. I accidently made the wrong coffee this morning so I am a jitter bug! I used DH caf. instead of my decaf. I kept thinkin why do I feel so weird (I drank 3 cups!) and then it hit me omg I used his canister not mine! UGH! Good goin Goofy! lol I hope I don't do that again! Well Break is over time to get back to work!

Laurie/Jess.... Here is Phase1 good vibes! (((()))) I can't wait to detox! I just feel gross right now knowing all that junk I have been eating. We will feel better in the end and I know we can make it! Look out 30's here I come!!!!!!!!

01-24-2005, 01:29 PM
Cottage... I'm sendin the vibes your way as well! teehee! Those people kill me drivin by look drive off. Nobody wants to tackle it I'm sure! Hello it's your job no matter the weather! Hope they fix it soon and no other problems arise from it!

01-24-2005, 01:51 PM
OK, lets see what you think. I haven't done very well the last few days ..obviously since I gained a pound...but here it is
2C lettuce
couple scallions
1 really small canadian bacon
2 1/2 TB salad dressing form SBD book

1 skinless chicken breast
1/2C green beans (plain)
1/4 C squash (plain)
4 small carrots

1 chicken breast
in about 1 C stir fry veggies (chinese cabbage, onion, mushroom, carrots)
cooked in soy sauce and rice vinegar
Sunday really bad day
1/2C 1% fat cottage cheese
1/2 container low carb/low fat yogurt
5 small carrots
tried to eat a turkey wing my husband had cooked but couldn't
so no protein

Oh, Bonnie! I'm so glad you posted. First of all, YOU NEED TO EAT MORE FOOD!!! You must feel so deprived! :( Have you read the book yet? If not, please go get a copy today!

You need to be eating every three hours to keep your blood sugar up, even if you are NOT hungry. Include veggies with EVERY meal, okay? Including snacks, when possible. If you don't like eggs for breakfast (I don't either), try adding some cucumber or grape tomatoes to your cottage cheese. Or put it on celery!

Carrots are NOT allowed on Phase 1 and they could be seriously impacting the amount of weight you are losing.

Try getting the book and reading it if you haven't, then start Phase 1 over. This time, no carrots, more veggies, more food, and lots more lean protein...chicken breast, tuna (try putting mayo in it...this is a good fat, not a low fat diet!), lean beef, fish, pork tenderloin, etc.

When you don't eat enough protein and do enough strength training while losing weight, you end up losing muscle along with fat. You don't want to do that!!! :yikes: Muscle burns calories just by being there but fat doesn't. Plus, fat takes up much more room and is much bulkier. Eat your protein! And try to get it from leaner sources than cheese, okay?

Try to stay away from most low carb products, like yogurt. They use fillers like gelatin to replace the carbs. We don't care about how many carbs we eat, just what kind they are. And carbs from milk are fine! Also, check those popsicles. What's in them? Are the ingredients SBD friendly?

There are tons of ways to incorporate more veggies in your diet. Start with ones you like and add in ones that are okay for you...see how to make them so you like them more.

Salads are easy, but need more nutritional value...try using baby spinach or spring mix instead of iceberg. Add shredded cabbage, chopped up broccoli and cauliflower, tomatoes and more veggies, but no carrots in Phase 1.

I don't remember if squash is allowed in Phase 1...Ruth? :?: Check our lists in the FAQ to be sure.

Bonnie, I know you can do this, girl! Try this again and you'll see your pounds come off much quicker. And don't deprive yourself, okay? Poke around and you'll find lots and lots of info on snacks, possible breakfasts, how to add in veggies, and more! :grouphug: I know you can do this! :cheer: Please PM me if you have questions, okay?

01-24-2005, 02:16 PM
Summer squash is allowed on Phase I - think Zucchini, spaghetti, crook neck and patti-pan BUT the other squashes are NOT.

01-24-2005, 02:27 PM
Ruth, I knew you'd know! :D

01-24-2005, 02:29 PM
Bonnie - Laurie really hit it on the head. Her advice is great (as always :) )BTW, summer squash like zucchini, spaghetti squash and yellow squash is allowed on phase 1 while you wait until phase 2 for winter squash. Make sure you are eating every three hours. If you have trouble getting vegetables with breakfast, try V8 or tomato juice or eat your vegetables with your snacks. I have red pepper for my morning snack and often have cauliflower for my afternoon one. And, please try to add more protein. I add black beans to lots of stuff. There is a recipe for black bean and chicken burritos that I made this weekend. That shredded chicken cooked in salsa is SO good. It would be wonderful over shredded cabbage in phase 1.

Me - Very busy at work since I took the end of last week off. I've got my gym bag packed and plan to try the Pain in the Butt class after work today. Maybe my balance will be better this time. Tonight's dinner is grilled Tilapia, rice, and green beans with soy sauce, ginger and crushed red pepper. I've started to drink more milk lately and I've really been enjoying it. I add a little SF chocolate DaVinci syrup to it. Yum!

Welcome to all the new people!

01-24-2005, 02:38 PM
Holy cow this board is busy!

I am in day 2 and doing great! I lost 2.4 pounds overnight! I know it is water weight but wahoooo!!

Someone said about the duck being too fattening, on the weekend thread. We are raising our own ducks so we control how "fat" they get, and also we roast it in the oven on a roasting rack so most of the fat drains off, and then I only eat the breast with no skin. It really has the texture of chicken by that point. :) But yes, we get about 1/2 cup of fat/oil draining down into the bottom of the roasting pan, so I know that it can be very fatty if it is not prepared right.

I am munching on some LF colby cheese and drinking a spicy V8. Lunch time is almost up! TTYL!

01-24-2005, 02:48 PM
A broad... I am counting it for my Jan. goal since I had gained it in Dec. and it was there Jan.1. haha I am hoping to be able to add to it though since I am finally over my illness and have restarted Phase 1. Maybe another 6! hahaha I didn't lose that much the first time I did phase 1. OMG I just realized it is one year ago today that I started SBD! Ain't that summin herre I am starting over again on the same date! Well I did it then and I know I will do it now! I think I am in that same frame of mind again! Well I am off to work on that stinkin floor! lol

01-24-2005, 03:07 PM
Geez! Checkin' in late and found all of you have been clucking like crazy around here! :) I usually catch up on reading the posts from the weekend on Monday but there are so many of them, I'd probably be here all day! So I'll just say that I hope everyone had a good weekend!

I'm pretty proud of myself for staying OP all weekend. Saturday, I went and spent some time with my sister (who is pregnant and eats crap all day). She's getting so tired trying to take care of her, her son, her daycare and now her cat. It looks like his kidneys are failing which has her completely upset. She can't afford to keep him in the hospital anymore so the vet gave her an IV to administer to him every day. If he doesn't improve this week he'll probably have to be put down :(. I really feel sorry for her considering he was her first "baby". She also doesn't need all the stress placed upon her with the baby on the way (she's about 5 months now).

I told myself that I would resist the bad food at the bridal show yesterday and I did. OK, I had one strawberry cream Hershey kiss but I didn't figure that would kill me too much. This was the first show that I stayed OP on all day. I was hoping that I would get some credit from the scale from that. Nope.....1 itty bitty pound! That's it?!?!?! I even did cardio last week for 3 days. I'll give it another week then go back to P1 if something doesn't happen (although I REALLY want to meet my goal of 10 pounds for the month). I'm going to try to add more exercise this week.

I'm off to get some work done but I hope you all have a wonderful day!

01-24-2005, 03:12 PM

It is so hard for me to eat when I want so badly to get this weight off. :o I have got to get it into my head that not eating is not working!!!!

Alaska is a terrrible place for fresh veggies so I will go to the frozen veggies and ingnore that my DH hates frozen. He is easy going and will adapt.


Ack! This is Laurie...I meant to quote Bonnie's post in a post of mine, but hit the edit button by mistake! Bonnie, I'm so sorry! :o :o

There was more to this post, chickies...hopefully Bonnie can add it back in...Oops! :O

a broad abroad
01-24-2005, 03:24 PM
Bonnie, I wanted to mention that in my list I didn't always spell out "sugar-free" popsicle, "skim" milk, "low-fat" yogurt, etc., etc., or the serving sizes, but they are all within the guidelines laid out in the book.

PS - I also wanted to mention that I am about your same age and height. I hope the experiment works for you. Please let us know.

01-24-2005, 03:42 PM
St. George! I used to spend a lot of time there! Is the White Horse Pub still there?
I'd love to go to Bermuda for a visit sometime, see some of my old stompping grounds, especially Hamilton.

I am at the beginning of week 2 on P1. It has been really easy to follow so far. I am an Atkins junkie from way back so this part is EASY. Can't wait for the next phase!

I live in TN now and love it!

01-24-2005, 03:55 PM
Hey Lara what part of TN are you in? My Mom lives in Smyrna & I used to live in Murfreesboro.

01-24-2005, 04:29 PM
Thanks, Laurie... that's EXACTLY what I was going to say, but didn't have time for. :lol3: You're the best... :grouphug: apart from Ruthless, of course...

01-24-2005, 04:33 PM a suck! I'm off to journal and :tread:. I'm turning into a jock! :lol3:

01-24-2005, 04:41 PM
OMG I just realized it is one year ago today that I started SBD! Ain't that summin herre I am starting over again on the same date! Well I did it then and I know I will do it now! I think I am in that same frame of mind again!

Congrats, Bamie!!! One year later and you're halfway there! I know you can do this!!! :cheer:

01-24-2005, 04:53 PM
Aw, SH*T, Ruth! If you treadmill (can I use that as a verb, please?), then I have to, too! :mad:

Bamie, I'm glad you're still here, anyhow, sweetie... 'cause we love you. :grouphug:

I'm sorry I don't have time to post to everyone today! :( It's crazy-busy around here!
I love you all... :love:

01-24-2005, 04:58 PM

It is so hard for me to eat when I want so badly to get this weight off. :o I have got to get it into my head that not eating is not working!!!!

Alaska is a terrrible place for fresh veggies so I will go to the frozen veggies and ingnore that my DH hates frozen. He is easy going and will adapt.

That's exactly it, Bonnie! It is totally counter-intuitive, but you need to eat to lose weight! :dizzy: It's really true. :)

I get you on the frozen veggies. That can really be tough! But frozen can be really good. DH might not know depending on how you prepare it. ;)

01-24-2005, 05:09 PM
Ellis, we love you too! :grouphug: I started my post when there were 8 posts, there were 17 when I finished. Oy! :faint:

If Ruth treadmills with a bad knee, you have to run in the snow, Ellis. It's only fair. :yes: I think Ruth might be persuaded to let you borrow her yak-trax for running. :lol:

(now I'm running.... :lol3: )

01-24-2005, 06:01 PM
Hi Gals!

Working at the goal and getting there. Officially on PHII finally. :cb: Im scared to add back carbs. I did have some whole wheat tortilla chicken tacos from Ruby's Diner on Sunday. They were pretty good! But I don't miss some of the the carbs that's for sure. Smells do me in and make it hard ... :^:

I did have part of a tortilla shell with my lunch and I feel like kid coming down from a sugar hi.. :hyper: wont' be doing that again. Looks like fruit is better way to go. Looks like Im going slow on PH2.

Working out tonight. So see ya'll tomorrow.

01-24-2005, 06:52 PM
Hunny, enjoy Phase II!! The oatmeal is really yummy! (I know Laurie and Ruth... that's all I ever say...)

:lol: If I really want to punish myself, Laurie, I'll sharpen my new skates and get out on the canal. OUCH!!

anchor weight
01-24-2005, 07:44 PM
Wow chickies you are sooo chatty!

This is so much fun! Bami's probably crashed off her caffiene buzz by now. :lol: I'm sure glad that you are feeling better! I just got done working out and now I feel better too! Except TOM has begun. Can we say that now that a guy has joined us? :lol:

I wanted to say HI to all the newbies! :wave: You've come to a lively, fun and supportive place. Good luck to everyone!

01-24-2005, 10:28 PM
Oh yes I crashed and burned along time ago from my caff buzz! haha I won't do that tomorrow! I did get all of the tile up off the kitchen floor! WooHoo! Talk about a job and a half! Everything I have hurts! Tomorrow I may not be able to move! haha Have a good night all!

Oh does anyone notice how Amy is makin those 2 second post. No details on the young blood!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha Other than stayin out half the night that is!