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Crime girl
01-23-2005, 09:38 AM
Here is the new thread...enjoy!

Just a reminder- today is weigh in day.


Monday- support day and a good day for tips on staying motivated

Tuesday- support day and a good day for reasons why we want to lose- I think that keeps us motivated more than anything when we reexamine why we want to lose..

Wednesday- "what have I been eating all week day" and I want to start trying to get everyone to share quick recipes or tips on cooking that work for them.

Thursday- "what I have done to move my bootie day" and I want to get everyone to start giving us an idea on how they work exercise into their lives and the things they enjoy doing.

Friday- support and influence day- lets make this a day we talk about anything or anyone that influenced our weight loss for the week- things like friends giving bad foods or a partner that supported our efforts.

Saturday- recap day- lets talk about the things we thought worked for us for the week and those that didn't- this might help us see where we strayed and where we stood firm.

Sunday- weigh in day and reaffirm goal day- give us an idea of your goals for the week, month, and long term.

Have a great day everyone!

little grasshopper
01-23-2005, 10:55 AM
Yeah - new week!! :) uh oh, monday is just around the corner...or in red's case - right at the door....

Crime girl - I'm so sorry about your accident! I can understand the rift between you and your brother. Mine blames himself for a bit of my injuries because he was asleep behind me and wasn't seat belted either. He hit my seat and broke it off it's track. I went through the windshield too but with the top of my head. I broke the dash board first with my forehead, and that snapped it downward so it was the top that broke the window. They wanted to do all kinds of surgeries right afterwards but my mom was scared and everyone she turned to for advice was in the car with she stalled and it saved me a lot of problems in the long run.

Red - to answer your mom broke all of the joints between her hand and fingers. She was gripping the stearing wheel, trying to not run us under the bus. Her hands were swelling really quickly - that's why she was trying to take my rings off. As for the time line - I know it's screwy. I couldn't testify at all in the trial because of how messed up my memories are of the wreck. So my mom broke her hand, my grandmother cut her head really badly but she was rushed to the hospital because she started having trouble breathing...turned out she was in shock. My brother banged his leg up pretty badly under my seat but his biggest problem was waking up to a wreck like that - he was 10 at the time and was a HUGE kid! Still is a big guy. I had the only door that worked but all the windows were busted out - he got out his window and was running for the bus driver trying to get him to help us. The bus driver was scared of my brother (and probably in shock) so he wouldn't open the door. So my poor brother was 10 and alone with all of us looking really hurt and not able to get us out of the car. He has a lot of issues about driving and riding in cars and will probably never sleep in one again!

I had an engine in my lap too, so my modeling legs are gone :) (I do remember the doctor telling me that....but only because I had an aunt standing at my head in the ER - she was crying and dropping tears in my face - CONSTANTLY. It was really pissing me off at the time because I didn't have any idea who this woman was!). It took me a vew days to straighten that kind of stuff out. I knew some people but not others. I got most of that stuff back but did have a bit of lasting damage. Balance, coordination, long term memory, following lines - like a flow chart. I do memory puzzles and games a lot to try to get it back. But I'm still the worst in a group when they do games like know - call out 10 numbers and then write down as many as you can remember - I never get more than 3. I'm working on it through.

I have a wonderful life - with or without the wreck. it's just a big hicup and and did alter the course of my life....That's why the detox stuff is so important to me. It helps my brain and it helps the pain too. Makes me normal :)

okay, enough of the book - I am the one NOT trying to write one ;) Look how well I'm not doing :) :)

01-23-2005, 12:24 PM
Hi everyone! Wow, you guys have been getting pretty deep in here!

Well I made it home finally! We had class Friday and on Saturday we had our first class from 8-10, however the rest of our classes were cancelled b/c of the weather. There was so much snow. Over 12 inches from Friday night into Saturday. There were blizzard like conditions in Michigan and Northern Ohio. So since class was cancelled I decided that I would try to get a flight out. I went to the airport which is about 2 hours southeast of where I go to school. The weather there was snowy but not that bad. Well I ended up spending about 10 hours at the airport. At first I thought it wouldn't be bad. Hey, I could study right? Wrong!Well I could not find a quite place anywhere. Flights were being diverted from everywhere, flights were cancelled, people were stranded, people were upset, it was noisey.... My flight kept being delayed. I was finally able to fly out about 10:00 last night. I am so glad to be home. Atleast it is in the 20s here. At school it was below 0 with the windchill. CG, you are so lucky to be in Florida. I know that you would like to be some place else, but it always looks greener on the other side, right?

CG, how is school going? I am glad that you have been doing that x box thing. Keep it up. Maya may be hard, but just think what a great bod you will have!

Red, hi! Do not be discouraged about the scale. It will come. You need to really try to change the eating though, b/c you do not want to add fat on top of that muscle you are gaining. It is so hard to pass that chocolate, sugar etc up. Maybe try doing a free day thing where you can eat whatever you want. Just remember you are making progress. You are getting back into your workout routine which is great! Also you are passing up the beer! That is mucho empty calories. No matter what you are doing better that a month ago. I am very proud of you!

GH, hitting that wine, huh? It is nice to do that sometimes. I thought about it yesterday when I was stuck at the airport. I had several free drink coupons. However, it is no fun drinking alone. You are so lucky that you lived through that accident. You should look at each day as a blessing b/c you are truly blessed to be alive! So is the snow over or is the stuff that TN has had is heading your way? You may have to work out at home for a while.

Well I have not worked out in two days. I had my cheat day yesterday. I was planning on getting back on track today, but I am in major pain. My left knee has always given me problems. My ligaments are very hypermobile as I have told you all in the past. In class Friday we did a lot of techniques that kind of aggervated my knee. Since I started taking glucosamine several months ago I have not had any problems. I bought a different brand a couple of weeks ago and that may have something to do with it. I am in major pain today. I did an ultrasound this AM to try to relieve some of the pain and I have a thermacare heat wrap on it now. I am hoping the pain will go away soon so I can workout tonight.

I know today is weigh in day, but I am very fearful. I guess I will breakdown and weigh before the day is through and give you an update CG.

CG and KJK, I need an update from you both. There has not been much reporting on the points. You guys are still working on this right???

01-23-2005, 02:20 PM
Ok, this is not good. I am up a pound too. Oh well....

01-23-2005, 02:26 PM
NBK, I am sorry to hear about your hair pulling. I thought that you might find this interesting. There is a condition called:trichotillomania
According to www. Trichotillomania (TTM) is an impulse disorder that causes people to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or other parts of the body, resulting in noticeable bald patches. It is currently defined as an impulse-control disorder, but there are still questions about how it should be classified. It may seem, at times, to resemble a habit, an addiction, a tic disorder or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is estimated to affect one to two percent of the population, or four to eleven million Americans.

Look under any internet search engine and type it in to learn more about it. I hope this helps a little.

01-23-2005, 03:52 PM
HI Guys! Looks like I have lots to catch up on. I had a good weekend. Just got to pop out to a wellsite to check on what's happening with my equipment. but when I get back in I'll be due a break and hopefully can catch up then (if there isn't a posting flurry in the next hour or so!)

01-23-2005, 05:37 PM
Good morning, people. Try to get a quick one out here before I get swamped under posts.

Crime girl -- I miss my horoscope!! Had to watch the one on TV and it wasn't good. Oh well. I'm not really as bothered by it as I make out to be. I'm just kind of kidding. I am so stubborn and contrary (that's what people say) that I think perhaps a bad horoscope will make me turn the day around just to spite it! No, really, I just need kind and encouraging words to offset all the things I worry about and dread during the day.

Thank you for the lengthy explanation of your accident, its aftermath and how you were affected. Your friend who protected you at school afterward is truly a friend. What a guy. I think I would have married him. That's so sad about your brother blaming himself. Does he still have a drinking problem? I'm glad you're getting to be close again.

little grasshopper -- to you too, thank you for the further explanation of what happened to you in the accident. Really, the more I hear, the more it sounds like it is incredible you got through that alive. Your poor little brother. The feeling of helplessness he must have gone through. And what foresight your mother had to know to take off the rings. Now I understand. You've had to work so hard after that and I suppose a lot of things you'll never know if it was because of the accident or not. As for puzzles, I don't think I would do any better and I never had such a blow to the head as you (although I got a lot of whacks and boxed ears from my father!)

stormy -- welcome back!! glad to hear you finally were able to get home. The airport sounds horrible. I would have been sorely tempted to indulge in the drinks but like you said, it's no fun alone and besides, if you had, you may still be sitting (or lying) in the airport (if you're anything like me! :lol:

Yes, I know about the scale and I honestly do want to get the fat off but I seem to truly be stuck in bad habits. They seem to be my only solace when I am rushing from place to place and trying to fit everything in. There is no time to prepare food it seems and it certainly is not something I enjoy doing. Then I reach for whatever is there and that is always processed carbs and sugar, the worst things. Yesterday, however, I did take an apple with me, cut up in a ziploc bag. That was a very good thing. But now I'm thinking I didn't buy any apples and the stores won't be open till after I need it. . .I have too many things in my life and it seems nothing is working FOR me. I will just have to become even more vigilant.

You too, sorry to hear you gained a pound. Still, a pound could be anything, water weight or so, so don't worry. Consider it having maintained your weight. You know you haven't been able to work out. Besides, all that sitting around in the airport and all will surely have you a bit puffy. Let's both try for a loss this week!

NBK -- welcome back to you too! Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.

Ok, people, got to run. KJK, where are you? Michi? Jacque? :?: We want to hear from you!! :sunny:

little grasshopper
01-23-2005, 05:41 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome home Stormy!!! Sorry you had to miss class - I'm sure they'll throw a makeup weekend in there somewhere :( I once got stuck at an airport in Atlanta with a WHOLE GROUP of highschool cheerleaders. They were on their way to a tournament or something and they just kept cheering and cheering - they were driving all the adults crazy!!! Now, it's funny when I look back on it though :) I hope you're knee is doing better soon - I'm glad you have all the ultra sound equipment to use! And switch back to the old vitamin. I'm sure you knwo different each pill company is!

Red - don't worry, I'm the lush, not you :) I have not had a drink in so long that it takes nothing to get me tipsy! I have got to cheat a bit this week. If not I'll be sick the whole time I'm on vacation....I don't want my body going into too much of a shock :) I've been pretty good though...controled cheating. I'm not eating straight up sugar or dairy or other grains but I am having meats that I wouldn't normally have, seasonings and potatoes and stuff like that - I had eggs for breakfast. I'm enjoying myself for now. BUT I did make an appointment with the doc as soon as I return so that I have no choice but to get back on track!

okay, I have to go grocery shopping.

I think the wine dehydrated me a bit. This morning I was 135. I'm sure i'll be right back to 140 by tomorrow :) Especially with the cheating.....this week and next will just have to be off program. I will be good for health sake but my grandmother cooks to tell you she loves you and she only knows one way to cook - lots of yummy, fattening stuff. :) I'll try to get salads in though.

time for grocery shopping - see you guys soon!

01-23-2005, 05:46 PM
Hi grasshopper!! Heh, don't knock it. Maybe the drop in weight wasnn't the wine. Take it while you can!! :spin:

01-23-2005, 06:09 PM
Ok here goes. Doing a bit of stealth mission... anyway

Red & CG & Stormy- thanks for your concern. I just get really tense sometimes and the plucking takes my conscious mind of my issues and lets me relax in a way. It's not impulsive or compulsive as such, and I haven't ever given myself bald patches! he eh but no worries.

The clothes thing makes it sound like he can't dress himself.. which is far from the case.he is a very snappy dresser and often picks out pretty cool stuff for me too when we go shopping - I get sick of shopping LONG before he does. So it was more of a suprise that he had a dud outfit on that made me say something. But yeah engage brain before mouth is something I am trying to do.. also works with appetite control! damn it..

LGH- Lollies are sweets or candy. Sorry most of the time I do try to translate my posts into "american" but from time to time I will slip and talk in Kiwi! he he..

My weekend was awesome. I got a gas bottle for my free bbq so i could use it finally! so I had healthy bbq's on friday and sat nights! WOO HOO. On friday I took the afternoon off to spend some QT with my boy as I knew we wouldn't really get a chance to talk until sunday otherwise - he has his daughter on saturdays. Anyway it was such a good move to make. We talked about what had pissed him off and then made up, and went for a beautiful walk in the sun up one of the river tracks that goes through our town. It was cool as he showed me all the swimming holes he used to take his dog to. We went for a swim too, it was cold but so nice to just be so carefree! I love swimming in the river or sea. so much better than in the pool. Anyway on saturday I went down to the beach for a swim and bumped into him and his daughter and he was comfortable enough that I hung out with them the rest of the afternoon. I tell you what 6 year olds especially really intelligent ones are hard work! he he.. sunday we went to the beach and also played a bit of golf, well I played swing and miss, and he played golf! I actually did improve a bit, so who knows, maybe I'll be the next tigress woods! lol..Food was ok until last night when I ate two HUGE as bananas for dessert. This is really amusing me the fact I can feel as bloated on healthy food as I can on McD's!

Anyway I wanted to say, that I have read the stories that everyone has related on this board about their own personal tragedies, and what blows me away the most is not the horror and severity of what has happened to you all or the losses you have incurred, but the fact that all of you have gotten back up and got on with your life and not let it hold you back at all! i am incredibly inspired by the way you all make things happen for yourselves. so many people let lesser things hold them back and prevent them from really living! You are just all amazing! Thank you for letting me get to know you.


01-23-2005, 07:01 PM
Hi all....

Not much to post lately. I am up 1.5 pounds, trying not to make a big deal of it. I haven't exercised since Wednesday and I haven't really been eating all that well. So that sums things up in a nutshell.

Stormy, I really don't know where I am in my points. I think that CG is probably kicking my lazy *** (pardon my language). I'm trying to get motivated again, but I just don't think I can do it.....

Sorry ladies, gotta run, we're watching the football game. Hope you are all doing well on your journeys.....


little grasshopper
01-23-2005, 08:49 PM
NBK - you're too sweet. Your weekend sounds wonderful - especially the swim :) I live near a lake but it's WAY too cold to think of swimming in it right now :) I grew up by the ocean and I really miss it sometimes. I'm so glad we moved near this lake - I feel at home near peace some how. I'm still eternally jealous of your country though :) :)

kjk - this is about life. I hope you read this! You're going to have times when you'd rather slap us each individually, than eat healthy or exercise. It's just going to be like that. Take a break, fine, but stay on the board...reach journals, watch inspirational stories, read fitness magazines and find the will again. It's in you - I promise!!! We all take breaks - each of us. We know you can do it, when you're ready to. And we're here for you either way. Stay with us and talk to us. We won't make you do anything you don't want to :)

01-23-2005, 09:22 PM
Hi everyone.

KJK, do not be so hard on yourself. You can do this. You were doing great...everyone has set backs and that is okay. Stay with us!

Little Gh, when do you go to Arkansas? BTW an airport full of cheerleaders would have drove me nuts!

NBK, I am glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Just be careful with the plucking!

Red, we will lose this week! Try cutting up carrots, apples, etc and put them in zippies. I do this on Sunday. It takes time but it will provide healthy snacks for you all week.

Crime girl
01-23-2005, 11:52 PM
Sorry I haven't written a lot today but I got a lot of work done and am almost caught up with school work. Feels good to get things done.

As for my weight today-I don't even want to say because it has shot up SO MUCH- I am going to try to concentrate on getting back on track and less about my weight. If I concentrate on all that weight gain I am going to freak. :dizzy:

little grasshopper- You went through so much with your accident. Wow- much harder experience than me and for that I am sorry you had to go through it. Sounds like it was chaos for awhile and I can now see why you are on the program that you are on if it helps recovery from this accident. I am glad you were not hurt worse and I think it is a blessing that you can't remember every detail.
Congrats on the weight loss and I am sure it is not all due to the wine. :bravo:

red balloon- sorry about missing the horoscope- I will do better tomorrow. :^:
As for the effects of the wreck- I did end up dating that guy and to this day my mom talks about him like he is a saint. The funny thing is he was always the "bad boy" in school- getting into trouble- raising ****. When it came to me though he was a sweetheart and was kind. People use to kid him about it. :lol:
My brother joined AA years ago and is doing much better although we have never talked about the accident. He has healed I think and in some ways his injuries were worse than mine. Physical injuries tend to heal most of the time but emotional ones can be hard to fix.

stormy- glad you are back from school despite the delay! How did things go for you? Are you hanging in there?
I am sorry your knee is causing you pain- get some of the good meds woman! Take care of yourself!
I am not sure about my challenge numbers- I think maybe kjk and I should start this back up on Valentine's Day?? :D
Don't sweat the pound-you know how scales are- tomorrow could mean a shift the other way of a pound. Just keep fighting the good fight and the rest will take of itself.

NBK- Sounds like you had a great weekend- I am happy for you. :D
Be careful with the plucking thing and make sure it doesn't escalate or become a problem in itself. Ask for help if you need it- we are here for you.

Things with your boy sound better so that is wonderful news. Have fun with him while he is home and try to not spend very much time at odds or I fear you will regret it.

I have decided I am stealing you term "lollies" for my own use- I will treasure it with "chan" and it will provide much fun for me. I love to try to use colorful expressions and such in my speech. :lol:

Thanks for the kind words about recovery after the accident- I have to admit though that it sounds more inspiring than it was. I was not brave I am ashamed to say. It was a hard thing for me and for awhile after I would have been injured and bitter for anyone saying it had its silver lining as well. I guess healing takes time and after awhile you can look back and see that it was as little grasshopper says a hiccup on the road of a long life. I think the biggest thing I learned from any tragedy in my life is that we are blessed for every single minute we are allowed to live.

kjk- Dont worry too much. I assure you I am NOT kicking your butt. I have gained SO much weight back and I can't seem to get with the program and stop eating. What the **** is the matter with me?? I exercise sporadically and eat like I am young and carefree- calories don't matter and I can eat anything I want. Yuck! Disgusted with myself.
Don't give up though! You can do it!

Okay my friends- thanks for all the support and for listening to all my blubbering! This board has made a profound change in my life and I want to let you all know I appreciate all you do to make my life better. ;)

Have a wonderful night everyone! Sleep pretty and have glorious dreams of half naked...wait that is probably just me , right? Okay more G rated- have great dreams of being healthy and fit and being served by half naked..wait...down that road have pleasant dreams.

Good night!

01-24-2005, 01:34 AM
CG-you were in an accident too. I just reread the posts. You too are so lucky! Glad you are caught up with school. I am not anywhere close. I tried to cut back my hours at work but I guess they did not get it. I have a full load this week. Why can't we have more hours in a day. I guess if we did we would just find ways to fill them up and I bet it wouldn't be with rest.

CG and KJK, do not put off this challenge. Both of you need to get your butts back on track. You can both do it. Do not let a few set backs mess you up. Just jump right back on it!

Well I did not exercise again today. My knee is a little better. I was going to do upper body weights but I just felt too tired. I did a little school work, went grocery shopping, but manily just layed around. Day 3 without exercise. I did fine with eating. I WILL get back to exercise Monday after work! I promise!

01-24-2005, 02:34 AM
Heh people. How are you all? Glad to see some posting going on. We've been losing a bit of momentum here.

NBK -- I wish you wouldn't translate your posts. I love not understanding things. Then I go look it up on the Net and learn something. Really adds color I think. I mean usually you can figure it out more or less anyhow. This is how I feel talking with Americans now, being culturally ******ed, at least pop American culture. Your weekend sounds too nice to comment on. I am insanely jealous. Sunny walks up rivers and swimming in them too. I'm freezing here. Hands are cracked and hurt all the time. I am sick of having to swathe myself in scarves, put on thermal underwear and just be weighed down under all these clothes! So, pigging out on bananas, huh? Funny, how that isn't usually the case with me. I wish I liked bananas. Used to as a little girl but my parents practically forcefed them to me and I grew to hate them. Now, I can't eat them.

KJK -- good to hear from you again. Don't fret over 1.5 lbs. At least you have a clear reason for it. Weight loss takes vigilance. We've become comfortable with routines, patterns, habits and breaking them is what makes for change, here, weight loss. It will take time. I struggle so much. A little slip and I'm back hovering at this weight. It seems all I do is lose, slip, hover, lose, slip, hover. Don't try too hard to get motivated. You have to coax it out sometime but just pretending to go away. Try to just maintain. And that's a big "just." Like grasshopper said, we all grow through these slumps, but if you can at least treat it like a pitstop, a little time out without leaping back up to where you were, doing what you always did, then you'll still be ahead in the long run. And also, it doesn't necessarily mean you've gained. It could have just been a high number day. How do you feel? Do you feel any better? Heh, heard about the football game. Bummer, the Steelers lost. I assume you were rooting for them?!?! Who won the other game?

Stormy -- thanks for the reminder to cut things up. I don't like carrots but can eat them. Don't think I would look forward to them though. Apples I could do. In fact, I bought a big bag of apples for just that purpose. Am going to try to always have one on hand, or already cut up in case I can't cut it up outside. I don't mind eating them whole but if I'm in the city it's kind of a major faux pas here. Besides, it's a bit messy. OK, I'm going to think of what veggies I do like and get them and cut them up. Celery, thinly sliced carrot sticks, ok, cucumbers. I will do this. I am going to break through this slump. I am sick of being stuck, stuck, stuck. How 'bout you storm, what are you going to do this week so you can see a minus on that scale come Sunday? Hope that knee gets better quick. Glad to hear it's a bit better. Can you swim? That would be ok for it. Good for you for doing well with the eating! And I want to hear you went to the gym!

Crime girl -- Sorry to hear the weight has jumped. Please try to get back on track. We really need you. Don't focus on the weight. Focus on your eating. I know you're really busy now and that makes it tough. You're concentrating on studying and you, if you're like me, want that time to just faze out and relax and that time is probably coupled with eating. Try to uncouple it. Hot baths, walking the dog. I'm with stormy in thinking you shouldn't postpone your challenge with kjk. You're both great for each other now because you seem to be going through similar things, a bit of a slump, a bit of lost motivation, though perhaps for different reasons. You can always revise your challenge, make it a bit easier for you because that may still be hard enough. But, whatever, you do, just stay here with us, ok?!! So, how much did you gain? I think you should tell us. I think so many people run off and hide the first minute things aren't going glowingly. What for, that's what this place is for. If we were all a bunch of constant success stories, always up, always gung-ho, we wouldn't BE here! Think of it as rehabilitation. You had a fall. Ok, back up and at 'em. Heh, you don't have to run. You can crawl. But at least go through the motions. Speaking of such, where is Jacque!?

Oh and heh, I'm totally with you on the half naked dreams. My dreams would be material for Letters to Penthouse. :lol:

little grasshopper
01-24-2005, 05:51 AM
ug - high guys. I've been up since 3:30. Can't blame BF this time. Well sort of can - I was FREEZING last night so the sweetheart turned the heat up and now it's hot as **** in here! But that's not the real reason - I didn't eat well yesterday and my whole torso aches. Also didn't drink enough water. I guess my idea of easing into cheating went a little further ahead than i thought it did. I am going to just have to tell Grandma that I can eat stuff, just in moderation - severe moderation. I can't feel like this the whole time I'm there either.

NBK - didn't you go throug this....eating healthy for a long time and then eating junk and WOW you're body isn't ready for it! I confess I had 1 (I promise it was 1) regular taco at taco bell yesterday....I sat in the drive through line thinking "oh my god! I'm eating fast food!! After watching that awful movie - I'm eating fast food!!!!" :) I had a water with it too.

Crime girl - with your schedule I am really proud of the progress you've made with your weight issues. How you manage to be in school and to read or post anywhere other than school related places is completely beyond me!! So don't sweat the weight - you're on a good path. Keep going! You may take two steps forward and one back but at that rate you're still moving forward!!!! You can and will get there! And we'll all be here cheering for you ! As for being brave after your wreck..brave has many faces. Just going through rehab is brave...plenty of people don't. Seaking treatment is brave...plenty of people give up and going back to school - even though you were made to and had a sort of emotional body guard - is brave! Most people don't feel brave while being so! I think you WERE brave. You were also young and scared. I'm glad you're doing so well now and I'm glad you're brother is doing well too. I agree with you - my little brother got the short end too.

okay guys I'm going to lie down and try to sleep for a bit. Long LONG LOOOONNNNGGG day coming up!

01-24-2005, 08:45 AM
Heh guys. Just in from a reception. I wasn't going to go but then did. Of course, I ate and drank but not much. The ice cream sandwich on the way home didn't help or the chocolate. God, the alcohol just has me letting out the stops. Oh well. At least I went. I almost didn't. Was tired and still have tons of work to do, now with less time to do it in. But I met so many people I know and may have got lines to work so it wasn't a wasted night. It was the racing awards for last year, horse of the year, top sprinter, that kind of thing. There was a buffet party after the award ceremony. Really, I had decided not to go, then with just barely enough time to get there on time I decided, no, **** I'll go. I felt so fat and clothes were tight, on top of being the same old outfit I wear but I thought, oh, who cares, just go, give em all the big smile they seem to like and work the place, so I did and I'm glad I went. Gotta get out there and live, not just sit around waiting to look good. I take my cue from all the guys. God, some of them look horrendous and yet they're out there. So, I'm going to go, looking horrendous or not (which I don't) and the just try to get better for next time. The important thing is showing up they say.

Grasshopper -- I sure hope you feel better. Did you get some sleep finally? I agree with what you said to Crime g. too. So sweet.

Ok, goodnight people. Hope to hear from you all tomorrow morning. :wave:

little grasshopper
01-24-2005, 09:09 AM
Red I'm rushing out the door for work - I saw your post.

Sleep well!! I'm glad you went - I hope it DOES give you lots of good work leads!! Talk to you tomorrow :)

01-24-2005, 09:36 AM
HI everyone!

Today will be a better day. We all have ups and downs in our lives and on the scales. There will always be an excuse for us-like I'll start again at a better time. However, we must face the fact that there will always be tough times. Therefore, let's all reaffirm our goals today. We can do this!!! We will do this!!!

I am going to lose twenty to thirty more pounds by summer!
I am going to continue working out six days a week!
I am going to make proper food choices throughout the week and allow myself to cheat once a week and not feel bad about it!

Alright, I want to hear from everyone. Even those who are just lurking around. I read somewhere that Jan 24th is the most depressing day of the year. One of the reasons is that people start not keeping their resolutions. Let's do this!!! Feeling sorry for ourselves will not do anything. In fact it sets you up for a self-fufilling prophecy to fail. We will not!

:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

Crime girl
01-24-2005, 10:24 AM
Okay- first off I want to say "thanks" to stormy because I think I needed to hear that and it got me motivated and fired up again about doing this. I am pausing for a moment to get on the scale because red is right- I need to share the good and the bad ( I think this might be the ugly though)...
Okay I am 287 and that is horrible but I did this to myself- my fault and I am human so I am getting back on board and I will get below 280 by Valentines Day if it kills me! So there- I want to be 230 or below for graduation on April 28th so I need to get my butt in gear.

Stormy- Great job getting motivated! I am glad you are still trying to do some exercise even though I am sure the knee is painful. Upper body is good until you heal. Get better soon!
As for school- I am somewhat caught up but that just means I am OKay for tomorrow's class. I have a huge reading week this week so that will keep me busy. I look at it this way- anything that distracts me from going to the fridge is a good thing. :D

little grasshopper- Thanks for the encouraging words. I think I took more than 1 step back but you are right- I can do this and the encouragement and support just get me more fired up about it. SO thanks!
Sorry you couldn't sleep- my bf does that too- turns the heat way up and then I sweat to death. I hade to get up this morning and adjust it back down to a normal tempature. It is actually cold for here- 27 degrees. I am so happy and I am going to go for a long walk in the cold later. :D

red balloon- I am so happy you went to your event. It feels good to get out and socialize sometimes. I am sure you looked great- I know when we are not 100 % like we would like to be it messes with our self perception but I would bet it was all in your mind. ;)
Also thanks for the encouragement but you should read your own advice. You are not the exception to what you are saying. Give yourself some credit! You have done so well!

Your horoscope for today:
Your moons will align today providing a stress free day for you. Take advantage of your good fortune and get out there and enjoy life. Watch out for those that seek to sabatoge you. Rise above their intentions and embrace life. Your lucky color today is blue and your lucky numbers are 11 and 47.

Alright kids- I am going to restate my goals so Stormy does not send the dogs out after me.. :lol:
I am going to exercise at least 20 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.
I will stay under 1200 calories.
I will drink at least 8 (.5 liter) bottles of water a day
I will try to maintain a positive attitude about weight loss

Okay well I need to go read for class-
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

01-24-2005, 04:17 PM
Kia Ora!

Well it is another beautiful day here today!! Luckily my bf didn't get a surf in this morning and came back to see if I needed a lift to work as I had fallen asleep with the radio blaring! he had to knock for 5 mins to get me to wake up!! EEEK I think I might have been very late for work this morning otherwise.. but i was still a little late and have missed a black-hole the day is going great! lol. Last night we watched the Supersize Me movie. Personally I think he could have been more sensible, like not constantly eat double cheese/quarter pounders or drink coke as much as he did.. and also I believe, like LGH and I have found out, if you have a really healthy diet for even 2-4 weeks and then eat junk you feel like crap, so if he was living with a vegan and then goes on a McD's binge of course his body is going to react so badly! I'm not saying McD's is good for you.. but honestly a little scientific integrity wouldn't have gone astray! But still BF has decided to see how long he can go without McDs.. I know I can go without it easily when he's not here to talk me into it.. so I'll keep you posted!

Red - I'm really pleased to hear you made yourself go to the awards dinner anyway. And as for the "same old outfit" most men won't really notice, and the chicks that do, well you could probably beat them in a battle of wits, and in the end intelligence is far more interesting in the long run than rock hard thighs and flash clothes! Umm yeah bananas, I don't really rate them raw, but baked they are soooooooooo good. They are even better fried in a little butter, but that's just not on at the moment.

CG- Yay.. get back on the wagon! You can do it! I know you can.. Damn it. Just think of it as another class for school! You have to do homework and assignments (eating right and exercising). Maybe if you schedule exercise into your day like that, you might find it easier?? Tips: Ok... did you know that being cold when you sleep requires you to burn more calories?. Also if you drink your water ICY cold then you body has to work to warm it up before you can absorb it properly... so that means burn more calories.

LGH - taco bell, i've never tried that before. I like burritos that I make myself, in fact I generally have a small baggie with a two burrito serving size of chilli that I made myself in the freezer so I can make it at home when I get a craving! I put heaps of veges in the chili too - tomatoes, spinach, courgette, well as mince that i cook then drain and pat dry with paper towels and beans and some mexican type seasonings. Maybe you could try this instead? That way you get the cheat but still have control!

Stormy - Sorry to hear about your knee - do you have a brace for it? But I agree that swimming would be really good for you. Thanks for getting us all motivated today too!

my goals are:
To be under 70 kg by the end of April
To have a body fat below 30% by my 25th birthday in September
To be happy with my body and enjoy all the things it can do
To fit into a pair of NZ size 10 pants/skirt - it only has to be 1 thing and I don't care if it is a big size 10 lol... NZ10 = US 6 I think by the end of the year.

Alright lets do it girls!!!
have a great day

Crime girl
01-24-2005, 05:03 PM
Day One!
I got up early this morning and did 15 minutes with Maya and was sweating like a hooker in church when I got finished. So..good first start.

I am eating sensibly and counting calories again so it seems like a project more than a diet. (Thanks NBK- you are right- helps to look at it as a project)
Anyway- I going to take my dog on a walk at dusk and try to get in some more exercise. :D

Okay- just wanted to check in. Need to get back to the school work.
More later-

01-24-2005, 05:12 PM
:cp: :cp: Good for you Crime girl!! That's the way! I'm so proud of you! :yes:

01-24-2005, 05:25 PM
HA HA HA HA Hooker in church. CLassic

(better than my oh so classy sweating like a rapist)

01-24-2005, 05:47 PM
Good morning. Had a bit of a hard time sleeping last night. Must have been the jasmine tea I drank before going to bed. It has green tea in it and I thought it may keep me awake and I think it did a bit. But, I'm OK. Buying that by the way was my save to end the night even though I was buying it along with that ice cream sandwich. I find that I'm usually just looking for a "taste experience" when I go into the convenience store and this (and barley tea and sparkling water) is one way of keeping the calories down in a great way!

Yes, I'm glad I got to the awards party last night. I really have to force myself to be more adventuresome in getting out and then once I'm out actually talk with people. You see, I'm basically a very shy person. People laugh when I say that which just makes me worry because they must think I'm very arrogant or cold if they don't think I'm shy. Yesterday,I was thinking of all the work I've been putting off and I had all these good reasons for NOT going but then I thought, look, this is a once a year thing. Just go, don't care so much about how you look. You're not the one getting the award. And the kicker was thinking that this is it, the moment will be gone, I'll have missed it, this day, this particular party will never be again and I'll be saying, no, I didn't go. That is what really got me out there.

You know, the other day on the train, in a similar thing, I heard a man talking on his cell phone. At first he was speaking Japanese and I thought he was Japanese, though he looked a little different. Then he started speaking another language and I couldn't recognize it. It was really cool sounding, and I was thinking all these things, it sounded like a lot of languages I'd heard but nothing just right. I was intrigued. I love foreign languages and here was one I couldn't pin down. Then I saw that he did indeed look Caucasian so I was wondering even more what it could be. I really wanted to know and was thinking I should ask him but you never talk to people in trains and I felt silly about it. He was still sitting there when I went to get off so I thought, well, this is my chance, either I ask or I will never know what that language was. So I asked and he was very nice and it turned out to be Spanish. I couldn't believe it. I took Spanish in high school, have heard a lot of Spanish but this sounded totally different from what I'd heard. He said it was Spain Spanish not South America so maybe that was it. Maybe some dialect. I have never liked Spanish but this made me want to learn it. Hmmm. Anyhow, the thing I'm saying here is it was that same feeling of, this is it, this is your chance, take it or lose it. It got me moving. A lot of times I am afraid of this thought and all the things in life I am procrastinating on. So much I make excuses for, so much. And the realization of this sends me deeper into hiding but I HAVE to get out or lose the chances. This is it. Not a rehearsal, as they say. And one of those things is getting this body I want and/or close to it and I'm just going to have to stop missing these opportunities, to be the way I want to be at this age, not somewhere down the line.

OK, over to you all.

grasshopper -- thanks for wishing me well. I will explain about the work leads. Please remind me. One is interesting but a bit involved.

stormy -- great to hear you reaffirming your goals. Yes, I heard about the 24th being the most depressing day. All day long yesterday I was thinking, I have to turn this around, I have to make this NOT a depressing day. The morning was ****, riding, my teacher giving me the same old ****, had me in tears walking back to the station, trying to get a guy to go out in the evening to discuss a possible column for the paper (and way to keep my hand in). He can never find time for me. . . That was all part of why I was bummed and didn't want to go to the awards. But I DID turn it around. Anyhow, what the **** are people doing making prophecies like this anyhow?!! I t shouldn't be allowed. There is too much negativity around anyhow. Makes me mad. You are so right, self-fulfilling is what it becomes. We must resist! :mad:

Crime girl -- :bravo: to you for having the courage to tell us what the damage was. I wanted you to tell us because that's what happened to me the other week, when I had that 4-lb gain and before that, when I finally weighed myself after how many months. It was looking it in the face and telling others, owing up to reality that I think finally gave me the courage and the guts to do something about it, at least, stop the slide into oblivion. And, it's not "horrible." It just IS. That's all. You will have that weight knocked off in no time. Picture it. Feel it. See yourself resisting temptation and enjoying a walk with your dog, being tired from school and looking for a "treat" and then saying, I think I'll have some herbal tea or I think I'll just turn in early. And then see yourself stepping on that scale and having it read, not just 280, but 278! and it'll be before Valentine's Day even!

Thanks for the horoscope. Wow, even lucky numbers! Maybe I should get to the racetrack today. Thank you for writing that for me. It's like a little present in the morning. I am looking forward to it. And when I read it, because it is positive I start thinking of ways to make it happen. And when, for example, you say "take advantage of your good fortune" I think, hmm. what IS my good fortune and I come up with things that I consider my good fortune and it really sets me on a positive track for the day.

As for your remaining positive about weight loss, I think you may have hit on something with stormy's suggestion to consider this a project. You seem very project oriented, well-organized, goal-oriented with your studies and so but it looks like, as we all tend to do, the weight loss is so tied up with emotions and feelings about YOU as a person. Yes, why don't you try to take the emotion out of it, kind of look at this as something separate from you, an assignment from school, truly a project and nothing more. You would surely succeed at doing that, just something to do, just like homework. Hmm. I will try to do the same.

NBK -- good for you too for restating your goals. I will have to think of mine again! Don't try taco bell if you haven't. Fast food joints are nothing you have to give a try to! Do they have them in NZ anyhow? By the way, what does "Kia Ora!" mean?

little grasshopper
01-24-2005, 07:00 PM
Hi everyone - lots of motivation today! Yeah!!! I had a LONG DAY! I'm much better now but I had a cheap glass of wine last night (and I do mean CHEAP) I shouldn't have done that....I was throwing up and getting sick from 3:30 this a.m. to 7:00 and then I was still having horrible cramps! My body REALLY doesn't like unhealthy foods anymore! I had the doctor pull my stomach down (when you eat bad foods or get really stressed out your stomach will actually "climb" up under your ribs). After he pulled it down I was fine - I had one more cramp and then it was all over. I didn't ask him to do this until 3:00 this afternoon though, dohhhh!!! At any rate here's what I've eaten today....a TON of water - trying to dilute the stuff in my liver and such.....some sunflower seeds and a few bites of pear. Some london broil and a bite of energy bar. I'm feeling pretty good now though.

Here are my goals....I have short term ones because of vacation with Grandma..

1. to walk every day I'm away
2. to eat 1-2 salads every day and have rice cereal for breakfast daily
3. to stay clear of sugar
4 to drink TONS of water
5. to stay AWAY from the scale while I'm away - these vacations are few and wonderful, I can't let scales get in the way of my happy mood.

Here are my post vacation goals...

1. To cheap on ONE food a week at most
2. To Exericse 6 days a week.
3. to attend yoga and pilates classes regularly
4. To focus on tall, lean and flexible me
5. To only get on the scale once a week - And get below 130..somewhere.

01-24-2005, 07:08 PM

Firstly Kia Ora means hello or how's it going in Maori, which is the 2nd language of NZ. I don't speak it fluently, although the small town next to mine has a really large maori population so you go to the dairy there (7/11) and hear kids talking to each other in te Reo (the maori language). But it's amazing how much of it is in every day NZ speech or slang. It's a pretty cool language actually!

Secondly, here in NZ we have pizza hut, Macca's (MCD's), KFC, Burger King, Wendy and I have seen dominoes pizzas, as well as pizza haven (aussie/nz brand) and a couple of others. we only have 2 mcd's, 1 bk, 1 kfc, 1 pizza hut and 1 pizza haven in my town, so for 40 000 people that's not too much! but then in NZ our traditional fast food is fish 'n chips! hmmm crab sticks or battered pieces of gurnard freshly fried with lemon wedges.. oh yeah... droool.. he he. but no taco bell. I suppose because we don't have a large latino/hispanic population here.

It was interesting about what you said to the guy on the train. I hate it how if you want to tell someone they look great, or ask them what they are eating/drinking or you know you notice a stranger doing something cool, you can't say anything without seeming like a total weirdo! lol.. happens to me all the time

It was interesting what you said about spanish spanish, as my father lived in spain for a few years and went back there last year. He speaks very fluent spanish. Anyway he taught me a few phrases for when I went to barcelona the year before last.. well before I went I made friends with a couple of people who speak south american spanish and they totally didn't understand me at all.. but when I was in barcelona it was sweet. i like spanish too! It's a really pretty language.

Also the whole taste sensation thing, I totally understand, That's what leads me to most of my snacking.. I try to be smart and have stuff like bubblegum/chewing gum or little boiled sweets with me.. that tends to do it, and 1 lollie is a lot less damage than an eskimo pie! (ice cream sandwich.. hmmm oh so good!!)

Well off for lunch with my boy!
Haere ra (good bye)

01-24-2005, 07:13 PM
LGH- great goals.. how did the doctor pull your stomach down??

little grasshopper
01-24-2005, 07:24 PM
NBK - yeah, I guess that does sound wierd huh :) The doctor starts along your the bottom of them, in the front. He goes up under there and digs in - doesn't hurt - and pulls downward, while you breath out. He does this is stages all the way around your lower ribs....then he goes right to the bottom of your sternun (breast plate) and digs in...and then drags his fingers down your stomach. It sounds awful but it's not bad. It takes a few times before the stomach with move but when it does you'll feel it girgle or you'll burp or something like that. You'll know it moved...and you feel better then too.

I had no idea there was more than one language in NZ! I'm getting so much culture on this site :)

Crime girl
01-24-2005, 07:43 PM
Me again and how is everyone this wonderfully chilly evening??? (or brisk day for you red and NBK).
I just finished supper- we had grilled pork chops, brocolli, and peas. It was SOOO good. And I discovered a wonderful dessert ( I love sweets) is sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding and it is wonderful and low in calories. So - after I get back from my walk I am rewarding myself with some puddin'!

Red Balloon- What is barley tea? Is it hot tea or cold tea? native to Japan??
Sounds good- I love good tea especially green tea. Sorry the tea kept you up though- insomnia is the worst!
The guy was so right on the subway about spanish. My bf is Cuban-Columbian and his parents can't speak English even though they have lived in Miami for over 40 years. Even between his mom and dad the spanish is a little different. On top of that bf's sister lives in Spain and her dialetic is completely different from either parent. It is really fascinating how languages change when spoken in completely different areas. If you think about it- all languages are this way even English. I worked with a girl from England who asked me for a "rubber" her first day. After I nearly swallowed my tongue she explained "rubbers" in England are rubber bands. MAN- she made me wonder what in the heck she was talking about. I thought for sure I had heard her wrong. :lol:
You have a great attitude about getting out there and living your life. Carpe Dieum!! Viva la Red!! Good for you!
I am glad you like your horoscope- it is so much fun writing them and I try to relay my hopes for you for that day in the text. I got the lucky numbers from a friend of mine who actually believes in that stuff- she emails me the lucky numbers of the day every day. ;)

little grasshopper- Wine can be really mean some times. I am not a good wine drinker that is for sure. Sorry you were so sick- next time you drink try to take some B12 before going to bed with a big glass of water.
I have to admit I am a bit freaked about the stomach adjusting thing. Sounds damn painful! Does it really work? for any kind of stomach problem?
I like your goals and I think it is good you are going to enjoy your vacation instead of worrying every moment how it will effect your weight loss goals. Have fun! How long are you gone and when are you going anyway?

NBK- Thanks for the explanation about Kia Ora! I have added that to my mental list of new phrases and such. I , like grass, didnt know NZ has two languages. Cool fact!
I have to ask though- what is a crab stick? Sounds great because frankly crab in any form is yummy! Is this like a fast food item there?
You are lucky you don't have as many fast food restaruants. They seem to be everywhere here. I can't even go to Walmart without seeing McDonalds. On top of that I pass about 30 different fast food joints going to school. They are like the roaches of the food world- mass numbers and completely indestructible! :lol:

Okay- better go walk before it gets too late. Have a great night everyone!
I will try to pop on again before bed. Tomorrow is school day so I won't be on much tomorrow.
By the way it is now 50 degrees in Florida. YAA HOO!

01-24-2005, 08:54 PM
Hi everyone!

Glad to see that everyone is making goals. We have three weeks until Feb 14th and so that means we can lose anywhere from 1-6 pounds so hey that is something, right?

Red, you may have to start looking into decaf tea. Does the jasmine have caffeine?

GH, sounds like you tummy is better. When are you leaving for vacation? Are you driving or flying?

CG, have a good day at school Tues. Do not get too stressed! Good job with Maya!

NBK, you are better off without Taco Bell. We would all be better off without any fast food crap. How long has it taken you to lose your 17 pounds?

Well I worked out for an hour today. I did abs, legs, and cardio boot camp. I feel much better! My knee did not bother me!!! I did well eating too. I am back on track!

little grasshopper
01-24-2005, 09:34 PM
Hi everyone -

CG - the stomach thing only works to pull your stomach down but if what ever is going on is a stomach thing it does help it get better faster. Also, some types of back pain are caused by the stomach being up all the time - freaky isn't it!!!! I didn't believe in it for the longest time..but it's yet another freaky thing I've seen can pull the kidneys up too :) I'm not sure of any other organs that move though :) haha!!

Stormy - I leave Thursday a.m. I'm flying but my flight is through DC so I'm hoping the weather clears by then. I'm going to Arkansas until next monday night. Really looking forward to it!! I haven't seen my brother and sister there in two years. I'm long over due for a visit.

Well guys I need to do pilates and catch up on shut eye. Talk to you later!!

Crime girl
01-24-2005, 09:43 PM
Me yet again...
I just finished doing another workout with Maya- 30 minutes this time so that makes 45 minutes for the day and I ate 1400 calories today so I am so back on track. On top of that I took my dog for a 1/2 mile walk. I am feeling good! :D Why don't I exercise more often?? :?: I love the natural high..someone remind me of that would you? ;)

Little grass- I still think it is freaky about the stomach moving but I can see how getting everything in line in the body would help everything work better. I wish I could get someone to move my kidneys sometimes- I have the worst kidney problems sometimes.
I am excited about your trip- are you there for a week or do you mean 5 days? Have a great time!!!

stormy- great job!! :D Good news about your knee! Relief, huh?

Alright wanted to check in- excited about doing more exercise today then I do in a week- I hope I can keep it up because I am feeling no stress right now!

Good night everyone!

01-24-2005, 10:02 PM
OMG It's sooo hot here today! lol. Just been for lunch with the BF. I was good for the main, had corn fritters (only ate 1 1/2) with salad and a couple of prawns and ate about 5 wedges from bf's plate.. but then we had chocolate mud cake and DAMN it was good! lol I had yoghurt not cream and only really ate 2/3's of it... but still that means we won't be having a bbq for tea, just a smoked chicken salad..(BF gorged on wedges, but then he had been for 2 surfs already today!) lucky him can go for a swim now, however I am stuck in my office looking wistfully at the sea.. or at the mountain! it's beautiful today!!

CG- That rubber thing always cracks me up! he he.. Rubber also means eraser in england or here! he he he The worst one is that Fanny in NZ means your front when people on tv say get off your fanny or "it's here in my fanny pack" we get some giggles and some weird mental images! Having fanny as part of my name (if it is *******ised) is SO fun, not. Although some creative chick at intermediate (yrs 7-8, ages 10/11-12/13) school called me tiff-diddle for a while. :-)

LGH- nope that stomach thing still sounds really evil to me! ouch ouch ouch ouch... surely bouncing on a trampoline would work just as well? lol.

Yes New Zealand has two languages. We also have two cultures. 1 is Maori, they are the tangata whenua (people of the land). They are the polynesian peoples that colonised New Zealand about 400-600 years before europeans came to NZ. The second cutlure is that of the "Pakeha" or european NZ.. personally I object to being called pakeha as it means foreigner.. so I just call myself a New Zealander/Kiwi. There are no full blooded maoris left in NZ due to intermarriage and also the effect the introduction of european illnesses and to a lesser extent muskets, had on the maori population in the late 19th century, early 20th. Anyway we are such a young country, (155 yrs) my family have been here for 4 generations, but then we all have babies late, so some families that have been here for the same amount of time have had 6 generations or more! he he Anyway NZ is a really cool place and I am very lucky to live here.

With regards to my "mud cake" episode at lunch, I have decided that instead of beating myself up and feeling guilty about eating high sugar/high fat foods, which in my case leads to feeling more down and then eating poorly for the rest of the day in a "what's the point" kind of way, i'll just enjoy the "bad" foods and then make up for it by being healthy the rest of the day. As long as I find a balance it should work, and also when i am happier, I am less hungry as I don't get bored and depressed. And also I don't feel like I am denying myself anything which can lead to pig outs! I know this doesn't work for everyone, but I have noticed that in the last 3 weeks since I made certain foods mentally off limits, I have been craving and caving on them more than I had in the preceding 2 months when I was using my balance philosphy.

What do you ladies think?

01-25-2005, 05:34 AM
Hi people. I am being severely tempted by the smell of licorice and the thought of it. I had it on a shelf above the washing machine and when I went there I smelled it. I think it's all bagged but I have a dog's nose. I must resist. I've already had my sweets for the day.

There has been so much posting and I want to catch up but I MUST finish proofing a manuscript.

I have had an emotional draining day. It involves a dying dog, and I don't know if she's dead yet, but in any case, she soon will be but I can't be with her. All I can say is that perhaps it was good I saw her today. I will tell you more lately, or maybe I shouldn't. Crime girl will be in tears. But I probably will. Well, probably no one will be on here anyhow before I have to turn in. I'll try to get to you later.

I have, by the way, been good with eating and I rode today so that's always good exercise and walked about an hour. I want to get to the gym early tomorrow before I go in for some work with that publisher. Not looking forward to being in an office when I really just want to stay home and care for myself but if I think of the money and that that money is going mostly to the animals I care for, then I guess I'll be ok.

One question I remember, barley tea is just that, tea made from barley. It has no caffeine and no sugar. It's mostly traditionally drunk in the summer here but you can have it hot or cold. It takes a little getting used to. I didn't like it in the beginning but now I love it. If you like green tea, you would have no problem. And I think for those who don't like green tea, it's better because it doesn't have that "grassy" taste. It's more full-bodied. Anyone want some, I can send you some if you like. Also, there is buckwheat tea, which is the same, no caffeine, no sugar, zero calories. The jasmine tea I drank was made with green tea so it had caffeine. I think regular jasmine tea is a semi-fermented black tea, like oolong but I'm not sure. I bought a ton when I was in Hong Kong but gave it away. Jasmine, in large doses, by the way is a hallucinogenic. I wonder if this is what Seals & Crofts were singing about in their song "Summer Breeze"??!!

. . . Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind . . .

01-25-2005, 09:11 AM
Good morning!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I auctually slept 7 hours last night so I am feeling pretty refreshed right now. I plan on working out this afternoon.

NBK, if you can eat "bad" once a day and control it then that is wonderful. I know people who can do that without any problem and they are super skinny. The problem that I have is if I have a little sugar it tends to spiral out of control. I do not know if you saw my question earlier but I was just wondering how long it had taken you to lose 17 pounds.

Red, I am sorry about the dog situation. I hope maybe things turn around and then dog lives. Be sure to workout today. No excuses, right? Watch out drinking too much of that jasmine tea. I bet that is what they were thinking about.

Crime girl
01-25-2005, 09:56 AM
Hi everyone!
Today is school day- I got lucky because my bf asked for the day off so I don't have to go to campus until 12:30 now. Normally I go early in the morning because otherwise I can't park on campus. Since bf is going to drop me off and pick me up I can stay home- do some exercise with Maya, finish my reading, have some breakfast etc. It is going to be a good day!

NBK- Don't sweat the mudcake too much. Like you were trying to say I think treats now and then are not a big deal. You can adjust your eating and cut back somewhere else to compensate. I am with stormy about the cheat day- if you can do that it is a good way to get the foods you crave and get right back on the program the next day. I am also with stormy on the fact that one day turns into 2 then 3 then...well you get the picture when I attempt to try a cheat day. Too tempting for me.
Thanks for the clarification of language and culture. I bet it is fascinating!

Red- I am so sorry about the dog- you are right though- I will probably cry when you tell us what happened but that is OK. If you need to talk- let it out. I can't blame you- that is a hard thing to carry around by yourself. So- what happened?
Also- I didn't know you have a permanent gig with a publisher. Is it a steady M-F thing or do you contract work from them? Are you finished with the paper?
Stay away from the candy!! :nono: It is evil and will tempt you. Candy has no shame! You can not trust what it is telling you which I am sure is for you to get it down and feast. Deceitful candy!!
I am glad you got a ride in and some walking- good for you! How is your horse? and what is her name??

Horoscope for the day:
Even in times of sadness there is hope and reflection. It may feel as if life has reached a crescendo, and now everything is falling apart. But there is a deep reorganization going on within your psyche now as you process events in your life . You can ride a magical wave of change, bringing you greater freedom and increased awareness. Find an acceptable way to express your buried feelings -- especially sadness -- or potential rewards can elude you.

stormy- good sleep always helps! Good job scheduling a workout. Have a wonderful day and don't get too stressed. Everything in its time, right?

Okay folks- need to go read the last few pages for school and eat some chow. My plan today is to do the routine with Maya at least once for 30 minutes. I think I am going to run up and down the stairs of one of the tall buildings at school today too. One of my fitness mags says that it is a good way to build endurance. :D

Have a delightful and insprired day today everyone!!
Remember today is: a support day and a day to look at why we want to get in shape and lose some weight. What are the short term things you hope to accomplish with weight loss? Are there things you don't do now because you feel overweight?

01-25-2005, 02:42 PM
One thing that I do not do is wear a bikini b/c of my weight. I also try not to wear shorts in public b/c I just do not like the way I look in them.

01-25-2005, 04:21 PM
Hey Ladies!!
Congrats to everyone on losses this week!!
I'm FINALLY back :D I stayed the same this week :( But I didn't exercise at all... I had a VERY long best friend from high school has been in the hospital, and will probably pass on in the next week... so that's where I've been.

01-25-2005, 04:39 PM
Jacque, welcome back. I'm so glad to see you again. I was worried you had deserted us because you had thrown in the towel on your weight loss efforts. Glad to see you haven't. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. This must be incredibly hard on you. Is she ill with a terminal illness? Has this been going on for a long time or did it come on suddenly? If you need to talk, please do. I'm sure your being there with her has meant so much. Take care kid. :grouphug:

01-25-2005, 05:29 PM
I am so happy that you are back. I am sorry to hear about your friend. You and your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers.

01-25-2005, 05:43 PM
Good morning ladies!
Well yesterday was lovely. I stayed op as such and made a salad for dinner, it had smoked chicken, mesculin salad greens, carrot, cucumber, tomato and toasted walnuts. It was sooo good! BF didn't even want to drown it in dressing or tomato sauce! hehe.. then we went for a walk down the beach and foreshore which was lovely, except some nasty sand fleas decided I looked tasty!! he he.. We looked for rock crabs too on the way home, it must have looked funny a 36 yr old guy and me clamboring over the rocks like 5 year olds screaming with delight when we found them! he he... the best part was too, that we decided to leave the garlic bread we got for dinner until we got home, and when we got home we decided we didn't need it! and only had 1 small piece of cheese each! (we both love the stuff!!).. so overall my food for yesterday wasn't too bad. That's the thing tho, a small cheat a day works a lot better for me than 1 cheat day, as I'll get sneaky and not count having a chocolate bar or biscuit as being the cheat day - in my mind cheat day is like a kiddies birthday party type deal! lol...I used to be able to eat this way and stay skinny, it was just when other factors got introduced that I got fat.

But I am off to the dr today to talk to her about a couple of issues, I think my b12 has gone kaput again for starters, which would explain why I am so tired all the time at the moment!

Jacque. I am so pleased to hear from you, I too had begun to worry that we had lost you! I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she is comfortable - if you need to talk, i'm only a pm away.. Mad hugs to you and your family!

Red, sorry about the puppy.. that makes me really sad. You have so much love in you girl! it's amazing! So how well do you know about the hallucinogenic properties of jasmine tea aye? tea is good. I only drink green tea. It's the only hot drink I drink! he he ooh except for hot black current juice, now that is heavenly!

CG- hey way to go on planning your exercise, and also working out ways to build it into your day! you are right, stair climbing is great for fitness, endurance and also encouraging your body to increase it's oxygen carrying capacity. Unfortunately for me with my budget blood (thanks mum, dad and the spanish raiders!) it hurts like **** when I climb more than about 7 flights.. but I too am trying to get better at it. We could have a flight tally competition going each week if you want?

Stormy - Sorry I never answered your question! There was something else I meant to reply to today too and i have forgotten. My elephant must be sick at the moment.. anyway, I have been trying to lose weight for about 10 months now. it took me 8 to loose the 17 lbs and since then I have been maintaining or so it seems. Anyway it is a long time for so little, but I wanted to do it slowly to give my body time to adjust... I have dropped 7% body fat tho, and immensly increased my strenght. I know I have put on a LOT of muscle the last few months. At the start, I had a few appetite control issues. You see due to having smaller bloodcells than most people and there fore carrying about 1/4 the oxygen in my blood and iron that most people have, I have to eat regularly otherwise I get the death shakes, and get pretty sick. It took me a while to find a match between my energy intake required with all the activity I was doing, and what I needed to lose weight and also to get rid of my "i better have this too as I don't want to feel crappy in an hour" eating. Also I must admit for the first couple of months, and really until about october, my diet still had junk food meals in it at least 3-4 times a week. When you cook for yourself it's pretty boring eating the same food 3 days in a row cos you made too much, and sometimes I would be so tired I wouldn't want to cook. Also for a while I had a relapse of my SADS.. which leads to me eating crap. The thing is tho, that often when my weight hadn't changed as such people would still comment that I had lost weight, so I think my body just builds muscle before I notice much fat loss.

Ok, CG's questions: Short term goal - fit my porno jeans comfortably with minimal overhang by end of feb, long term goal - have a toned stomach
The only thing I don't really do I suppose is wear tight tops or crop tops in public.. I scare the rest of the world with my bikini at the beach, but realisitically, especially with the ethnic mix of people in my town, there are people in a lot worse shape at the beach than me, and I am happy with how I look so no one else has the right to make me feel ashamed!

Well work calls..

01-25-2005, 05:46 PM
Hi people. Morning here. I don't feel like doing much of anything but have so much that must be done. I have been putting off writing up that interview and the deadline is upon me. I just need downtime and there is none for me. I don't know. It always seems that the hardest times emotionally are the very times when I have the most that needs to be done. I cannot just sit around and nurse my feelings. I have to put on a game face and get out there and pretend I'm up and interested in my work. This is ****. Today I have to work at that publisher and it's the last thing I want to be doing. Screw it. If I don't act pleasant I will make a very bad impression. I am extremely in debt and don't know where the money will come from. Keeping the horse is killing me I guess. Maybe my wanting to do it all is crazy. I don't know. But I must get out there and keep going. I have to have incredible staying power. Really, I don't know how I do what I do myself. But something inside tells me just to keep going, keep going. I will just have to try to slog through it all.

Crime girl -- thanks so much for the horoscope. Yes, I must find acceptable ways of dealing with sorrow. And that I will do when I can allow myself to think about it, which usually entails crying so I can't do it now. The dog's story is just one of millions here, neglect and eventual death from either/or starvation and exposure.

I have to get out. I can't write now or I'll just have to cry again and I have to like I said banish all thoughts. It takes incredible mental power to keep the thoughts at bay. I can't be surprised by them. I can't allow myself to think of things or I can't function in order to do the things that need to be done. This is not good in that it does not allow for a mourning process, a healing process. All it does is put things on hold. Then again, this is not a loss like a human's death, a friend's death or relative. It's that but it's just a dog. Instead it is so wrapped up with anger and hate at people for how they treat animals. So my tears are both hot angry tears mixed with sadness, the worst there are I think because they leave you feeling so small, so powerless.

It's just another chapter of many of the same in an animal lovers' life. I have never understood how people can consider themselves compassionate if they only care about other people. My respect for the human species is at a low, as it often is. I need a philosophy to deal with this but have yet to find it. Perhaps, I have. If I were to harden my heart so it didn't hurt anymore I would be no different from those who can look suffering in the face and turn away in indifference.

Ok, sorry to be cryptic. I'll explain more later. Then again, I probably should just shut up.

Others, I will try to catch up later today at some time. Since this is supposed to be a weight loss forum and not a wailing wall I will say, I have been stubbornly determined to eat right and did yesterday. Many of your stories inspire me to keep on. Keep it up. We can hang in there together. These victories add up and amount to great things. They affect all parts of our lives, not just the numbers on the scale, the amount of fat on our bodies. Attaining a lean, strong body, as I think we all are striving to do, is just as much about attaining strength of spirit.

01-25-2005, 05:48 PM
NBK, just saw your post. Will catch up later, as I said. I do feel better now. I am going to get out and slay monsters and make this day MINE!

01-25-2005, 06:24 PM
Red - part of weight loss for so many of us is that we need to dind a wailing wall that is NOT shoving food into our gobs. So wail away. You are right, humans suck. BUT there are some pretty cool exceptions to the rule. Just remember tho, I know this sounds cruel, but sometimes the kindest thing you can do for an animal that is suffering is put them down. Yes you might be able to fix them and nurse them back to health in a long time, but does the animal need to be frustrated and in pain for that time really? I don't know, I suppose this attitude comes from growing up on a farm and coming home from my first day of school to find my pet lamb being resucitated by my very worried father (it had decided stones were a good thing to eat!) who was more upset about it dying than me - I think I asked if we could then have lamb chops for tea! oops.. and also that our evil neighbours had fed 1080 poison to my kitten and she had to be put down. It's just part of life and yes there are people that willingly neglect their pets and/or dump them and presume they can fend for themselves when they can't, but you have to look after you too Red. As you say, you are in debt and all the money you spend on your animals is part of that. I'm not saying don't do it, but perhaps you need to draw a line where caring for animals stops and caring for Red starts. I hope this makes sense and doesn't seem cruel and heartless.
P.s perhaps today you should be called BUFFY the Slayer

little grasshopper
01-25-2005, 09:16 PM
Hi guys,

Long day - just got in. Had one client and vacation planning scheduled today but ended up with emergency clients all day vacation planning. I'm so bad for doing this stuff at the last minute!

Jacque - I'm so sorry for what you and your friend are going through! I will keep you in my thoughts and we are all here for you if and when you want to talk.

Red - I'm glad you pulled things strong today! It's so hard to start some days!! I agree with you that humans can reach all new lows - several times a day!! Animals can love unconditionally - I wish we could learn more from them!! I'm renaming my lab - yellow shadow. She goes EVERYWHERE I go. Right now she's sittting at my feet with her head in my lap beggine me for attention.

NBK - good luck with the doc. Get that B12 straight!!!! I know you know all the things that go wacky when it does...for one thing every single fibro patient I work with is lacking it!! I take it every single day - I'm scared if I don't I'll end up on shots and I'd rather be tired than give myself shots (I can say that now :) I'd do the shots if I needed to :) ) Good luck. I hope things get straight for you soon!

Crime girl - I hope your day turned out a great as it sounded. How great of bf to take you in and come get you. I know what you mean about parking too!! I went to the night program so I had a 10 minute window..that if I got there in the window I'd get good parking...if not I was walking a LONG ways at night, alone! Glad you got to work out too! :) Keep up the great work..I'm with you about the cheats steam rolling on you :) That's why I consider bellpeppers cheating...If I don't - I'll eat them every day and then the sugar too :) I have to convince myself it's all equally bad in order to stay straight.

Stormy - Girl -have you tried the shorts lately? I bet they're looking good! How is your weather doing now? Is it getting any warmer. Your trip home sounded rough!! I'm glad you made it in one piece :)

little grasshopper
01-25-2005, 09:21 PM
okay - question...short term goal - to hit my weight from 2 years ago. 133. I'm at 136 today. Today, also, I wore for the first time since BF and I met, I wore the shirt that I met him in. A semi tight little gap t'shirt. White with black sleeves. I went to my massage therapist's house - we went to school together and Bf and I are friends with her and her husband. When I walked in her husband looked at me and said "oh my god Meri! We just saw you three weeks ago - look at you!" I was soooo excited!! Massage therapist gave me the "you're so skinny I hate you" speach and was really cool about it. Before I left her husband wanted my food list - man if he only knew :) Anyway, it really made me feel great!!! for some reason people don't comment on the way I look ever. I could be bleeding from the head and I don't think anyone would mention it. Not sure why. So hardly anyone has commented on my weight loss. It's frustrating to work so hard and NO ONE NOTICES. This was a wonderful gift - and greatly needed!!

Okay - what i won't do. Bikini is the top of the list...but right now I CAN'T because while I'm at a lower weight, boobs have not changed AT ALL. I hang out of all the tops - really badly. The rest of me is much smaller so I look like they're fake right now.

okay better spend some QT with BF before I leave town!!

01-25-2005, 11:11 PM
Righty ho - LGH CONGRATULATIONS on wearing your "new" old t-shirt and getting the compliments! See the battle with the rice cookie demon has paid off! he he. Yay. I'm stoked that you had a lovely comment. As for the no bikini cos your boobs are too big! lol.. do you KNOW how many women would kill to have that "problem".. I think you'll find the BF doesn't see it as a problem either! I know guys that have bought their gf's bikinis with bottoms the right size, but the top too small purely to get the spillage effect..immature I know, but then what guy isn't! I buy bikini tops for 'D' cups, even though I'm a C.. as you get a bit more support and no spillage! You could try that maybe. I hope you had some awesome "QT with the BF" too. ;-)

Stormy - LGH is right. Try those shorts on! I'm sure they look great. I wear shorts and we are the same size. If you feel a little self conscious, then slap on some fake tan. It's amazing how much you can hide with a tan! he he he How's school going? I was a bit confused about you flying home after a week.. did it close down due to the snow storm? Or do you have sections at school for some of the time and then do work at home for the rest?

Damn it's hot today... Hopefully I can go for a swim tonight, but ONLY if I go to the gym and do my pump class first. Swimming will be my non-food reward for being good today.

Well I hope everyone else is having a good day/night/sleep.
Ciao bella

The doctor was really friendly today. She said i looked pretty in my outfit (my special skirt the BF got me to say thanks for organising our last holiday and a yellow singlet top i got in Australia).. and then when I showed her this bruise on my leg that hasn't gone after 9 months, she said I had lovely legs and the bruise would probably always be there which was a pity.. So that's better than last time when she told me I was fat and HAD to lose weight. Oooh ooh and she said I had toned up.. (sorry for the boast)

On the B12 front, I had a blood test so will know in a couple of days. If it goes down again, I am writing to the stupid people at the thalasseamia institute who CLAIM that my form of the disorder has no effects and inform them that once again I have low b12 for no reason other than my budget blood. last time I wrote to them asking for advice or treatments and prevention, they claimed that B12 levels have nothing to do with the disorder. Mind you these are the people who claim that it has nothing to do with permanent aneamia and low oxygen content in my blood. Grrr.. ok so just so I don't have the form where you have to have constant transfusions and chelation therapy doesn't mean I'm not a sufferer! (sorry for rant here..)

But then the dr gave me the usual BMI talk and how 75kg needs to be my magic number and that I should never get to 80 again in my life. The funny thing was she showed me on the xenical chart, and for a second there I thought she was going to offer it to me! lol...

01-25-2005, 11:36 PM
OK ok ok another post from me.. I know I am a lame *** with no life (actually I just have heaps of work that is driving me nuts, it's all drawings and they are sooo boring!)

anyway i wanted to say, a VERY pleasant unexpected bonus from having lost a bit of weight is not having to spend 20 mins with the nurse trying to find a vein she can take blood from! I have always had shy veins, but when I was at my HW, it got really ridiculous trying to find them. Today the nurse got it first try! yay!!

That is all

little grasshopper
01-26-2005, 12:00 AM
NBK - I'll be crossing my fingers for you and your blood test. hope you get some answers! Great comment from the doc too :) I'm still waiting for a positive one from mine. :) As for the swim suit tops - I'm a 32 DDD.....tough to find supportive ones for me :) they'll go down when I've lost ALL other weight - until then I'll look like I paid good money for them :)

Night all :)

Crime girl
01-26-2005, 12:39 AM
Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't been on- today is my crazy day and I have little time to do much. I did manage to work out 30 min with Maya and walk my dog a half a mile though. I am starting to look at that as necessary stress relief so I am making it a priority. Starting to enjoy the effects- less stress, better sleep, and more focus in class. YAAA HOOO!

Jacque- I am glad to see you back and I am also sorry to hear about your friend. If you need to talk I am also just a PM or email away. Jump on when you can but we understand if it is not often. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.

Little grasshopper- DDD, huh? I know how you feel! The only thing is I have the body to make them look in proportion. :lol:
I am glad to hear you feel my pain with the parking situation. I think the worst part is that they charge us automatically in our tuition for parking then they don't provide enough parking for everyone. Makes me crazy!
Did I read right and you have a new dog? I just love the affection and unconditional love they can provide. If Charlie wasn't already named when we got him we probably would have named him therapy. :lol:
I am so glad people are noticing your hard work and weight loss!! Congrats! That has got to make you feel good!! :D

NBK- Great job not getting carried away with eating even though bf is there to distract you. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and your tone changes when he comes home. ;)
Thanks for the encouragement on my struggle to exercise. I would love to have a stair climbing challenge with you. I ran up the stairs in the business building (5 floors) twice tonight. Hurt like ****.
I have to ask you- what in sam hill are "porno" jeans?? Is there something you are not telling us. :lol:
Your doctor adventure sounds like it turned out good- docs don't lie about whether you look like you have lost so you must be doing great! I am glad they managed to get blood without hurting you looking for veins. Man- I hate giving blood.

Red- Sorry you started off feeling a little blue this morning. I am glad you rallied and I hope it ends up to be a great day! Don't worry about coming on and "wailing"- yes it is a weight loss board but I think we all genuinely care about more than just how weight loss is going. You can complain, yell, cry, laugh etc all you want. We are here for you. I am also only a PM or email away so remember you are not alone- use us if you need us.
Hang in there with the dog- I know it is hard. Like I said before I would exchange some people I know for a dog or cat. Like someone said - you have a big heart and a nurturing soul so I know it hard for you. It will get better and unfortunately what will be - will be.

Okay folks- I need some sleep- I go to work tomorrow and I have another full day. I am going to get up and workout with Maya- go to work- come home and talk to you guys- then get some reading and studying done! The busier I am the less I hunger for food I dont need. :D

Tomorrow is "what in the heck have I been eating day". How about if we tell what kind of healthy rewards we use. Is there a particular food you get if you follow your plan that is still healthy?? What are some nonfood ways we can reward our hard work??

Question of the day is:
What was your favorite outdoor activity as a kid? bike riding? playing sports? hiking? jogging? What made you race outside??

Have a wonderful night everyone!
Sweet dreams full of ...wait not this again...ok...just mean sweet dreams!

01-26-2005, 10:13 AM
Good morning!

NBK-I was also wondering what porno jeans were? I go to school everyother weekend. I am finishing up my doctor of physical therapy. I usually drive about 7 and a half hours but my car is in the shop so I have to fly several times. As far as shorts, since it is winter I only wear them in class b/c we have to when we perform gait analysis and so on. I will start getting some sun in March and I tan very easy. So I plan on looking good in them soon! Hope your blood tests turn out good. Also congrats are your veins being located easily. Little successes add up. By the way my father in law was on Zenical and that stuff sounds nasty.

GH, I am not sure why people do not comment on weight loss. Maybe some people are just not observant. I always make sure I comment when someone loses weight. I know they appreciate it. I have had a couple of people comment on my weight loss. I have had others ask what I am doing not hey you look good. My hubby told me yesterday that my butt is looking good. I do not know how he could tell that with my scrubs on but he asked if I had bought a smaller pair. I do not want to hear about your complaints about boobs!!! I can be 50 pounds heavier and none of the fat goes to the boobs. It's amazing. On the other hand my sister had to have a breast reduction. I guess she got them all. I told her to ask the doc if I could just jump on a gurney next to her and maybe they could just suck hers into mine. Even after the reduction hers are still so much bigger than mine. Oh well...

CG, you sounded much better after yesterday than in previous weeks of school. You also worked out. Wow! You are doing great. I am so tired of school work. Yesterday I spent 7 hours doing school work and I am not even close to being done with what I have to do.

Red, how are you doing? Did you go out and conquer the world? How is the eating and working out doing? Positive thoughts, right???

01-26-2005, 10:19 AM
My favorite outdoor activity as a kid was sailing and biking. I still love both! Howeve, I have not sailed in years.

As far as food, I always reward myself with chocolate on my cheat day. Either icecream, cookies, brownies, or a real candy bar. I look forward to this all week. If I get a craving during the week I try to tell myself that I am only so many days away from getting to eat it. So far I have not given myself a non food reward. I do plan on getting new clothes when I hit my goal weight. Even though I have that size in my closet I still want a couple of new things. I think I may get myself a new bathing suit but I have stretch marks now so I do not know. I guess I could just wear shorts with them.

01-26-2005, 10:27 AM
Hey Ladies,
It's in my being absent that I've truely learned how much support you ladies have been to me! Thank You :) I am hoping to be back and active in a few days, although it's tough right now...

My friend has Cystic Fibrosis, so her entire life she's been told "You probably won't make it to next year." But next year kept coming, and at 24 she's done much with her life that she didn't think she'd be able to! Including graduate from college and get married, so she's very lucky to have had such a wonderful life! She has spent the last 2 months in the hospital fighting the flu, so we have seen it "coming" but that doesn't make it any easier... So if I just disappear again, you know where I am! I'll be back and active ASAP.

On another note, lucky for me...hitting the gym has proved to be a successful theraputic outlet :D I'm so proud of myself for that! Unfortunatly my eating habits have been HORRID!! So hopefully soon I can get this all in check and get back to being a loser :D

little grasshopper
01-26-2005, 02:47 PM
Well, Jacque - I'm very sorry. You're right - knowing it's coming does REALLY prepare you. We're here for you - anytime!! Good for you, for going to the gym and finding that outlet!

Stormy - I'll let you know when I have my reduction and you can share the room with me :) Growing up my grandmother would call and the first question she would ask my mom was how big my boobs are! (I got them from her side of the family - my entire family here is flat!) I can also remember singing in a wedding and my cousin leans over to my brother (both grooms men) and asks him if I've had a boob job! Right in the middle of the wedding!! I'd gladly get rid of them - but I Know I'm complaining to the wrong person :)

Crime girl - I hope you lose your weight in equally all over :) My wish for you!!

okay guys, I've got to get back to work. Reports to do before next client.

little grasshopper
01-26-2005, 02:49 PM
I am mostly on plan with eating right now - but am intentionally cheating a bit. I can't be completely "clean" when I get there or my stomach will revolt the first time I have grandma's food :) I am taking somethings with me - snack foods and things for the flight and late night munchies :) I'd rather take it than snack on junk.

My favorite thing as a kid was swinging as high as I could and singing at the TOP OF MY LUNGS! The two combined were heaven to me!

01-26-2005, 04:40 PM
Good Morning you Wonderful Losers! (he he I love being able to say that without getting punched)

Well last night I didn't go to pump, it was just way too hot, So after a smoked chicken salad (and garlic bread eeek) BF and I went for a walk down the beach and then for a swim.. he complained cos the water was colder than earlier on in the day when he had been surfing, but for me it was bliss! I love being in the water, it's just so relaxing! I wore a singlet down, and when we were walking back, i put his t-shirt on as I HATE things clinging to my stomach, it just makes it look worse.. so anyway we got to the point on our walk where I was going to have to swap back, but first I said he should put on my singlet! Kind of as a joke, and secondly as I hadn't dried off as much as I hope, to stretch it a bit. Well when he put it on it was TIGHT as.. and he was amazed cos he thought we were the same size...and it is loosish on me so that was kind of neat! but the best part was that despite him constantly going on about chocolate when we were at the supermarket later on that night, I didn't cave and so I had no night time treat as such! I'm really happy. And I dealt with talking to my mum with out having to resort to chocolate to cheer me up!

CG, Stormy - My porno jeans, well they aren't really porno, just at the moment. They are these really cool designer jeans by a surf label that is notorious for small sizings. I got them in a size 12, 1 size above my goal, but I got the tape measure out and they match a size 10 more.. anyway they're the ones I can do up with an overhang at the moment, and there is a bit of a camel toe thing happening, hence "porno". They have paint splashes and grafitti on them. I can't wait to wear them in public!!

Jacque - I'm so happy to hear that your friend has done so much. I had a good friend who also had cystic fibrosis. She died when we were all 21. She had done so much also - my first memory of her is showing everyone at school her feeding plug in her stomach! She turned out to be a brilliant photographer. You know, sometimes knowing it's coming does make it easier, but the waiting is torture. I will remember you and your friend in my thoughts. Congratulations on going to the GYM! Even if you are eating horribly you wont be doing as much damage as if you weren't exercising as well. We're proud of you! :)

Stormy - Pfft about stretch marks. I find a bit of baby oil or lotion on mine has made them fade (after a hot shower works best) and no one else really notices them. I was with the bf for about 6 months before he noticed them.. we're both pretty observant, and I'm not a lights off kind of girl! he he. He just asked me if I'd come off my bike badly as a kid. So don't worry about the lines in your bikini... seriously. People just don't notice, and if they do, chances are because they are JEALOUS!

CG- way to go on making the exercise a priority! yeah yeah yeah! Walking the dog and playing with maya.. maybe if we cave and get an xbox/PS2 i'll get that game and see what you're raving about! Stairs, yesterday I did 4 trips up and down 1 flight of stairs, plus a mammoth effort of 6 flights. (I don't know if I should count the 1 flight trips, the ladies toilet is on another floor, so I have to take them if I need to go!) I'm really impressed tho that you are dealing with being busy at school and home so well. It's great! and You sound so much happier!!

I also hear you ladies on the carparking, we had that problem at my school! The worst part was, there were places along the streets that didn't have lines marked out and you would get people who through inconsiderate parking could waste up to 3 car spaces! Used to drive me NUTS! I used to leave nasty notes of peoples windscreens telling them to get parking lessons. he he

LGH - You are right, some people would pay a ridiculous amount of money for those puppies! he he.. oh well.. It's funny though, people with large breasts want smaller ones and often people with smaller ones want large ones! I think it would be cool if you could "dial up" a la stepford wives, the size breasts you want depending on your outfit and your mood. Now that would be cool!! Except you would have to have special elastic skin... hmmm still it would be cheaper than implants or reductions..

Ok.. well since I have gone back to my original philosophy, I have been remarkably on plan. My favourite "healthy-ish" food treat would be cheese hmmm lovely cheese. I also reward myself with things like Shopping in my wardrobe for clothes i used to fit, didn't and now do! and when I get to 68kg or 30% body fat, I'm going to get my belly button pierced.. just cos I can! he he.

My favourite thing when I was a kid.. well when we had the farm, it was calling the horses to the fence, jumping on their back and making them take me for a ride (no bridle or anything, so really i sat while they grazed).. um playing int he hay paddock or playing cowboys with my brother. when we were in town, it was going to my riding school or riding on my bike! but I must admit, I have always loved reading and more often than not would just curl up in the sun and read.

01-26-2005, 05:30 PM
Heh guys, I'm here. Just haven't had time (and not really felt like it) to write. I'm OK though, thanks for asking stormy.

01-26-2005, 05:43 PM
Hey Red.. smile! I hope you are really truely ok. I'm thinking of you!

01-26-2005, 05:48 PM
What can I say, NBK, you laugh some, you cry some, you rant and rave and life goes on.. just the way it is. Though it's tough at times I'd rather feel it than not. Early morning here, listening to some great Jimi Hendrix. . . him and Led Zeppelin are where my heart calls home. . . gotta leave soon.

01-26-2005, 06:01 PM
I hear you on the music. I love it when you can just melt away into an awesome guitar solo, and for that brief 30 seconds or so, everything is just the music and you feel free. Pleased to hear you have something good to listen to!

But know that any rave, rant, cry, laugh or shout is welcome here! This might not be the wailing wall in jerusalem, but it is the wailing wall of weightlossdom! You listened to me when I needed it most, I'm here for you.

01-26-2005, 06:04 PM!! the world's your oyster.

01-26-2005, 06:07 PM
by the way, was it you that said you loved velvet revolver. i love sucker train blues! tell me some more bands like that. i'll download 'em all.

out the door now. later.

01-26-2005, 06:08 PM
hmmm oysters... you know i haven't been the same since I ate 3 doz when I was 2...mum wasn't too impressed either, they were for her dinner party!

01-26-2005, 06:09 PM
Yeah it is me that LOVES VR.. I'll come up with some more bands.. collective soul is good, as are Stone Temple Pilots. But yeah sucker train blues rocks! That limewire looks really good, I'll have to put the BF onto it. Have a great day! (hug)

01-26-2005, 09:22 PM
Red, I hope that you will start feeling a little better. Music always helps!

NBK, My stretch marks are faded but I still feel concious about it. I love your story about the shirt. That is awesome!

Jacque, I am sorry about your friend. CF is a hard disease to deal with. Hang in there and use that gym to work some of the stress out.

GH, keep me in mind when the boob fat transfer is available!

little grasshopper
01-26-2005, 09:39 PM
Hi guys - packing for my trip. I have stacks ready and guess what I did for dinner.....salad - good and guess what later - a custard and brownie with chocolate suryp. Don't worry -I'll pay dearly for it. Right now though - it was worth it. :)

I will be better on my vacation - promise. today I got to work and every single person that works there was sick! Every single one!!!!! All we can figure is that a patient brought it in. Anyway, the doctor checked me on the same things they were taking because he didn't want me getting sick on vacation and sure enough I needed it too. Good save!!! I'm not sick, but I sure didn't want to get it either...looks like i was fighting it pretty well :) :) some times I really LOVE working there :) :)

okay , I have to pack - 4 a.m. run to the airport tomorrow :) Talk to everyone soon!

Crime girl
01-26-2005, 09:51 PM
Hi everyone!
Where is everyone tonight?? We are usually so much more chatty!!
I just got settled at home for the night to study and thought I would catch up. I worked all day today, came home and did 30 minutes with Maya, did some laundry, and cleaned up a bit. Now to what I have been putting off- studying! :D

stormy- It must be nice to tan easily. The only way I can be anything other than very pale white or bright red is to get in a tanning booth. The sun does nothing but burn me!
Congrats on people noticing your weight loss- it has got to feel good that all your hard work is paying off! ;)
If you are looking for a donor for a boob transplant I will gladly give you 85% of mine. I hate them. You can have the back aches, men talking to your chest, and the inevitable tripping over ones own boobs in old age. :lol:
As for your comment on my change in attitude- you are so right- I am feeling so much better now that I am exercising every day. I actually looked forward to it today! :D

Jacque-Glad we can offer at least some support for you. I know it is hard for you and I am truly here if you need to talk.
Great job getting to the gym and I bet it will help with stress. It is good you have an outlet for that.

Little grasshopper- I am with you sister in hoping my boobs go with the rest of this horrible fat. I think I am going to look for "boob exercises" so that I can get ride of these things.
It is so funny you mentioned the swings- I use to love those as a child and I haven't thought about them in ages. I use to see how high I could go and if I could make the swing set jump. :lol:
Have a lot of fun on your trip- great idea taking snacks with you. We will miss you- don't forget to say goodbye.

NBK- I love the water as well. If there is one thing I miss doing that I don't do because of my weight it would be swimming.
Sounds like you and your bf are having a great time- I bet it was a boost for him to not be able to fit in your clothes. ;)
Thanks for explaining the jeans- I was beginning to wonder if maybe you should tell us about your "night job" :lol:
If you are thinking about getting an Xbox- i will tell you I love mine! Maya is so fun to work out with and it keeps me motivated and challenged. On top of that there are a lot of other really great games. My next investment will be the dancing game that comes with an interactive dance mat.

Red balloon- I am now officially worried about you so I hope you are happy with yourself! Are you OK? Do you need to talk and feel you can't? Email me or PM me if you need an outlet.
As for music I can relate- you listen to the good artists too. I listened to Comfortably Numb so many times before a final one time I started humming it during the test. I love the great rock bands!!
By the way- if you need to rant- hit it sister! Let it out! It is OK- we are here to help or just listen. You don't have to get on and speak to everyone if you just need to vent. Just pop on and let it out! ;)

Okay my fellow losers! :lol: I need to go and actually study- sigh! :^:
Hope you all had a great day today! Keep smiling- makes people wonder what you are up to!
Tomorrow is - "what the heck have I been doing to move my bootie" day so speak up and let us know all the great ways you have been shaking it.

I need to answer the question of the day so- I will say my best memories are running at full speed without restraint like only a kid can do, playing in the forest with my brother, bike riding, roller skating in my basement, the swings, and reading a lot!

Good night everyone- I won't be on until tomorrow and I will post a question then. I will also try to get your horoscope up as well Red.

01-27-2005, 12:17 AM
CG - he he he my "night job". Sometimes I forget that not everyone has spent the last 7 years of their lives in a mostly male evironment (arggh that's like 30% of my life) and that a lot of my adjectives are a bit off! Mind you the extra $$ would be good for my student loan. Well done on all the exercising.. you still sound so happy! Have you tried any of those crockpot recipes yet? I'd be interested to hear how they went.

LGH - I hate packing. I loathe it sooo much.. and as a result I always panic and over pack! hmm I have to say tho, that custard got me thinking.. maybe that's something to look forward to winter for! Custard with chopped up banana and chocolate chips..! Good luck with the eating at G'mas, I hope your body doesn't give you too much **** for it, you've been pretty kind to it recently! It should be grateful!!

Stormy - I have a plan.. you get the boob transfer, some togs with a tiny top part and then you can guarantee that NO ONE will be looking at your faded stretch marks. he he... Of course then you will still probably feel self conscious. I hate it when guys look down my top! ugh..

Well off home for the evening, I am going to go to the gym (even if it is just to cycle and do my shoulder weights).. and then for another walk along the beach. Yay for good weather!

Red I hope you are ok! Kia Kaha
Aroha (peace/love)

oooh.. p.s togs = bathing costume/bikini/swimmers

01-27-2005, 02:41 AM
I'm OK, really. Kind of get these times I just want to go in and deep for awhile. Actually, I have talkative times and very quiet times where I don't say anything much at all. That's when my hard rock core comes out. Thanks Crime girl. I'll be writing soon enough and you'll all be sick of me. NBK, Stone Temple Pilots -- Sex Type Thing is great. I just downloaded a bunch of titles that sounded "hardcore" and this one was great. Sounds like Axl Rose from Guns 'n' Roses with a touch of Nirvana too. Will have to look up the members. This newer stuff is always good to intersperse with in my "oldies" Zepp, Hendrix, Doors stuff. I used to run a bar for students when I lived in Munich. The place would rock till dawn, long after all the others in the Studentenstadt were closed down. We'd have Irish, Czechs and Germans, totally wasted on vodka and beer, dancing on the tables. It was a bash. Don't know what made me think of that. . . OK, I'm kicking this *** into gear and am heading off to the gym. Had a most excellent ride this morning (on my horse). Teacher actually said the canter to the left (our bad direction) was good. Now, from this stormtrooper of a teacher, that was high praise indeed!

little grasshopper
01-27-2005, 05:19 AM
Hi everyone! Just wanted to say bye for now! Crime girl - lay off my doner person!!! I've giving MY boobs to her - you find your own :) :) hahahahh!!!

I woke up early with nervous energy this a.m. so I did 30 minute of pilates. Stormy - the Denise Austin Tape is not quite as boring as the winsor ones. I can handle this one - and it's 2 30 minute workouts. One easier one tough and mixed with yoga.

I will miss you guys - and I'll really be in need to some good butt kicking to get back in gear when I return!! I didn't get too sick from the custard but I didn't feel well either....I guess it's good in a way that I get sick eating bad limits the amount of bad stuff I eat.

See you guys soon!! Meri

01-27-2005, 05:23 AM
Grass, have a great time and be safe! :wave:

Crime girl
01-27-2005, 09:50 AM
Red's Horoscope for today....
Today you will be a phoenix of change and good spirit. You will feel a lightness and buoyancy in your soul and things will begin a shift torward good things to come. Get out there and experience life. Today is your day to soar.

01-27-2005, 04:42 PM
Red - pleased to hear your canter is coming along! I think it's the hardest pace to establish correctly, as it is an artificial one!
LGH - have a lovely trip

Well I'm busy busy busy today and feeling a bit like a whale. didn't pig out or anything last night.. just having one of those days.
Red I understand about withdrawing. Just don't go too far inside

01-27-2005, 05:59 PM
Crime girl, thanks so much for the horoscope and coming in here just to post that. Wow, it certainly is a positive one. I wish so much to believe in it. Unfortunately, it's looking to be one of those days that will be locked into routine because I have to be at the paper. Hard to experience life in there, let alone soaring. But, not knocking your horoscope by any means! I, as I said, am a very stubborn and "contrary" person, which translates to mean that I am a diehard optimist, sometimes taken to the point of seeming madness. So, when one voice inside (sounds like Sybil!) is going, "yeah, right. . " another is going, "I'm going to show you what I can do despite that GD'd office. Soaring can take on many guises and one can reach out with the phone and through email. Contacts! Morse code from within the prison walls. So, again, Crime girl, thank you for your horoscope. I really appreciate it. :love:

NBK -- isn't it great with the canter? Every time I make a little progress and actually, this was bigger than it sounds, because it meant my legs are finally NOT moving and I am sitting with absolutely no movement in my upper torso, finally getting to follow the movement with only my elbows. My horse just wants everything so right. In a way, her "uncooperativeness" is, I suppose, like a schoolmaster's listening to every little movement, except with her she does it because I think she doesn't want to be annoyed by anything I'm doing that she doesn't understand. Good for her! Being half cold-blood, maybe more, she is a lovely trotter but the canter has been very poor, four-beat and she has a lazy right hind and is always wanting to lean heavy on the left fore. But again, that lovely trot is only once she decides to go. Even with an excellent rider, she seems to need to be told, "Look, we're going to work." She'll be balking and then a few slaps with the whip and perhaps a spin and she'll suddenly just switch and that's it, she goes forward without another word. The similarities between her and myself are never lost on me! ;) So, yes, it's been hard. I think I am learning amazing things from my teacher, who is a tiny woman, I mean, can you say anorexic, but actually I think she is very strong, like a wire (she's in there mucking out stalls every day) and she wins top awards in the national shows here) but she is just so non forthcoming with any sort of praise or encouragement. But I watch very, very closely when she rides and am also learning to understand her way of communicating and not be hurt or discouraged so much by what she is saying. OK, enough of that, sorry nonhorsey types. I should PM this but it's too much trouble.

As for music, thanks for collective soul and STP. I found "spit me out" by collective soul. Really like that as a slower song. Slow songs, unless they're like blues or Louis Armstrong things, really bug me. I get so impatient listening to them. Do you know spit me out? I really like that kind of sound too. People think I'm stuck in the old music but I'm not really. I just didn't have exposure to new things but I love finding new music. I especially love to make up tapes with really strange mixes that include things from the 40s and so, Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow or Frank Sinatra's My Way, Satchmo's What a Wonderful World (which always makes me cry) Elvis or maybe even a bit of modern classic such as Debussy's Clair de Lune and then the next song will be a sudden leap into Rob Zombie or Chemical Brothers. I think you're like that too, aren't you NBK. By the way, your real name, Tiffany, is so cool.


Answer to question about favorite thing is I think very similar to Crime girl's answer. I guess for me it was just movement, running, bicycling, sledding down the hills at breakneck speed, riding this red wagon down the hill and then turning it before it went out into the main road so hard that it would skid out and tip over (that's the only way you could stop it). Because CG said, what made you "run" out of the house I was thinking of those "fast" things I used to do.

OK, gotta do some work, eat breakfast.

Stormy, grass, Jacque, kjk (where are you?), michi, anyone I missed, check you out later! :wave:

01-27-2005, 06:05 PM
Red, hi! Stone Temple Pilots have been around since around 90 or so. I saw them in concert more than a few times. When I first saw them I was in 9th grade and hardly anyone knew them. The lead singer is now the singer of Velvet Revolver. His name is Scott and he has an awesome voice. Now what is going on with you? Crawl out of that dark hole that you are in. We are here for you. You only get one life to live so make the most out of it. C'mon RED!!!!

GH, check in before your trip. I hope you have a great time. Don't let your diet get in the way of having fun. Have you tried Stott Pilates? It is on sale at Blockbuster right now. There are also several Denise Austin Pilates tapes. Which Pilates ones do you have with Denise Austin.

CG, thanks for the boob offer. I do not want huge ones but I do want more than I have. For example, if I am wearing a form fitting strapless dress I want something to hold the dress up. I wear 36B, it just does not go with my body. I blame it on starting exercise and sports too early. I have always been somewhat of a tomboy.

NBK, I am so jealous that you get to walk on the beach. You know that walking in the sand is also a great form of exercise.

01-27-2005, 06:42 PM
Hi there, stormy, you were posting when I was. Yeah, I'm OK, thanks for thinking of me. I'm not really in a dark hole. Well, I mean, actually I'm pretty weird I suppose, meaning I'm actually never really forthcoming about myself. But it's not really because I don't want to be. I just have never been a chatter. Never. I suppose that's why I write and you see, this is writing, but sometimes it feels like talking because of the immediate response of things so maybe in the more emotional times I withdraw from the conversation.

But you guys here are great. I love the mix of people we have, but especially that most everyone seems to be pretty active and full of life. I don't meet enough people like that, in fact, very few and the older I get the fewer there seem to be. People my age are like dead! as far as I'm concerned and even many people 20-30 years younger than me are dead or just so shallow, like zonked out on codeine or something, nothing inside there, maybe dulled from too much TV or something. I used to think this "dead" thing was an age thing and now I realize it has nothing to do with age at all. My grandfathers and an aunt I know were incredibly active till the day they died and they lived long long lives, my aunt is still alive. I think I take after them.

All this talk about boobs. . . Can't say I have anything to offer. :lol: I'm more with you stormy, nothing much there except when I put on fat. I think once the body learns to access the fat cells from those areas they start to disappear. But for some people the body won't use that fat until the last moment, so you have people I suppose like grasshopper is, thin everywhere but. I, for one, have no use for big boobs, much as men may like them. I have always been a tomboy and into exercise and they just get in the way.

OK, really got to go.

01-27-2005, 08:14 PM
All right, no one posting. I guess not. People wrapping up work I suppose. I've got to leave for work now. Am going out a bit early to try to get some walking in. I have been working out and doing a lot of exercise these days. Eating has been so-so, still wasting a lot of calories on sweets. I suppose the weight training is depleting my glycogen stores and I just want something real sweet. But I have been limiting it and putting good food in FIRST. And last night I just said, "No, stop it, enough's enough. Either you get this fat off NOW!! or give it up, shut the trap."


01-27-2005, 08:20 PM
Hmm you can be a tom boy and have boobs! Ok so mine aren't huge.. but they are there! 36-34C lol.. but it does hurt to squish them under life jackets and in harnesses. so in the end I figure youre right.

OMG... Scott Weiland is very hot. He is an amazing singer, just the fact too that as the years have gone on, his voice has got better. I am soooooooo jealous you have been to see him stormy.. but soon oh soon I get to see him too!. BF is a bit non-plussed about my schemes to get back stage or get an autograph.. he he.. I'm joking most of the time.. ;-) Sorry for the teen scene guys...

Collective soul are great too, I really hear you about slow songs. If it is slow, for me it has to have some ethereal musical quality, something that makes me think - gosh this is beautiful. There is a song on STP's 5th? or 4th album that does it for me. It's pretty sad.. it's called: Wonder. The lyrucs are pretty sad but beautiful at the same time. i presume he wrote it for his wife/sons.
But yeah I am a bit weird about music just like you red! he he. I love 'cellos in classical stuff. it's that haunthing deep but hollow sound they have.

Thanks for the comment on my name. Sometimes I get a bit down about it when I constantly see it on Rikki lake or jerry springer belonging to some stripper/crack addict/whore.. but hey take the good with the bad! he he. It's not very common in NZ.

Stormy - I know I am so lucky to be able to walk on the beach. When i was in europe, that was one of the things I missed dearly. That and the sun!

My co-worker is trying to sell me some skis at the moment.. now that would be fun, but hard to think about in summer!!
Take care

01-27-2005, 08:23 PM
Red- sorry I went out for lunch halfway through my post. Enjoy your walk! Something that might help with the cravings for sweets is watered down orange juice. Especilaly after a work out.

i wish I could shut my trap and walk the walk at the moment. Grr I feel so yuck today!

Crime girl
01-27-2005, 08:37 PM
How was everyone's day today?? how is your day going so far NBK and red??

I worked all day and I have to say today was a mix review. The good parts were being left as the only person in my department all day (nobody to bug me), exercise with Maya for 30 minutes, and coming home to my dog who now looks like a hound because he is shaved. :D
The down things are office politics about where people are moving to in the office of all things, a persistant headache, and waiting in line for an hour (literally) to pick up a prescription that was called in 3 days ago. :mad:

Anyway- on the silly side- I earned new songs and places to work out on my xBox game so that was exciting. I know- lame- but still exciting. I am really starting to look forward to working out and I even did it today with a headache!

Enough about me-

Red- glad you are not in too deep- sounds like you are getting a little better. You can still soar at work you know. Also sounds like things are starting to gel between you and your horse and the canter sounds wonderful! Glad she is coming around.
When you were talking about music you were talking about some of the oldies but goodies. Have you ever heard of Michael Buble? He is this totally hot man who sings a lot of the old standards and his voice is out of this world! I am with you on new as well as old though. I strangely enough listen to absoultely everything- country, rap, folk, world, rock, little pop, blues, anything and everything. I use to be a manager in the music department of a Borders and I got all kind of free CDs and it was spectaculor. Anyway- if you like folk and like a little humor try Laura Love- she actually has a song on one of her albums to her "bootie". It is so damn funny!

stormy- just say the word and I will ship you Fedex all the boobs you want- well...once I figure out how to detach these things...I hate them. Always in the way and are the last to deflate so even when I lose weight I still look big. Hate that!
How is everything else with you?? You are always good to respond to everyone but little about you sometimes. How are you?

NBK-Sounds like you are majorly into music too. I like STP. Not so much into Collective but to each his own.
Still having fun with your boy?

Okay happy people- I must go. I am still here in my workout clothes and the shower is calling me. (my dog is looking at me like - heard of bathing?). Hope you all had a wonderful day or night!

01-27-2005, 10:37 PM
CG - your dog probably wants to roll in you! he he.. man my dog used to find some lovely things to perfume herself with! he he... yep the boy and I are still having fun, in fact he shouted me to lunch today! yum yum.. and we managed to stay away from the chocolate mudcake (although just now for afternoon tea I had a sausage roll, 1 club sandwich and 1/2 a lamington... ooohh leaving shouts...grrr). but that's ok, i'll be at the gym/walking all weekend, and have no bad foods in the house. But I just figured you girls would probably be tired of me going on about all the stuff we do, so i dropped the subject so to speak.

Day is going ok, I have a top secret mission, with a horrendous deadline on it, and of course the data reporting systems I need to use are poked. and the it guy isn't able to fix it until monday! eeek.. but hey stress makes you stronger right! ha ha

I love love love love love music. I am such a junky. I had to stop going into CD stores as I was wasting too too too much $$ on cd's. But then I started buying of amazon.. have placed a self ban on that site too! he he...

Micheal BUble he he.. I know him. I like the originals tho, dean martin etc.. Johnny mathers is croon tastic!

Au revoir

01-27-2005, 10:56 PM
No time to post. Sneakin' one in at work here. Did one more extra subway stop than usual this morning! Kept my jacket off underneath my coat so I wouldn't start attracting the dogs, like you Crime girl!! Of course, like NBK says, you're just starting to smell, oh, so, yummy. And having your workout clothes on, does that mean you were working out, or just getting comfortable. I hope it was the former! And this Laura Love, what's the song you like?

OK, gotta run.

Crime girl
01-27-2005, 11:18 PM
Just a quick post because my head is throbbing.
The BO is from me working out with Maya. That chick is harsh- the funny thing is I am still on the lowest setting. Oh well- baby steps..
NBK- Don't stop talking about the boy- it is great to here you so upbeat and giddy! I am happy you two are having fun!
Red- Great job getting the extra steps in! The song I am talking about is called Mahbootay and is on her Shum Ticky album. Here is a link..
She is out there though- I warn you. I love her though.
Okay - well just wanted to check back in- it is almost bedtime for me and I have some stuff to do before bed. (I might have a heartattack the day I can just climb in and go to sleep before finishing some project).
Have a great day NBK and red!!

01-28-2005, 01:22 AM
Hi everyone.

Red, I am glad that you are doing okay. I do worry about you sometimes. Are you still lifting? I worked out earlier. What is your fav leg ex with weights? Since I am not in the gym I have to rely on free weights at home. My fav for the legs are dead lifts. It kills me when I see people do this one wrong. People can really hurt themselves with it.

NBK, I do not want to hear that you have boobs and that you are a tom boy. Do not make me any more jealous of you!!! I am hoping to get to NZ one day. We are auctually planning to go to Australia within the next two years. We want to dive the Coral Sea. Any chance that you scuba dive? The problem is the cost of air is huge plus I figure we need at least two weeks there b/c the flight is so long. Plus, there is so much to see. I would love to do a one week land, one week live aboard trip. It would be convienent to also see NZ in the same trip but we have to work and we just can't take that much time off. Man doesn't working suck?

Cg, thanks for asking how I am doing. I am doing okay. I am sticking with my eating and working out plan. My problem is that there are not enough hours in the day. I work until 4 or 5 and then I come home and do paperwork for work for about 1.5-2 hours and then I do school work until 11. Tonight I took a break from school work and I cleaned up and worked on taxes. Isn't my life exciting? I usually have Friday off but I have to see a couple of patients Fri. I plan on devoting the rest of the day to school. I have several projects due next week. The hubby and I were planning on going hiking this weekend but we are now under a winter weather advisory for the weekend which means that we are expecting snow, ice, sleet. Therefore I guess we will stay in and watch movies. We are both big sports fans but college football is over, the Titans season is over, and hockey (my favorite sport) is not taking place this year due to a strike. It is too cold to scuba dive and we can not afford or have the time to go on a trip any time soon. So the social life is at a stand still. We may go out for drinks Friday night with some people from his work but most of the time they bore me. Anyway, school is a priority right now, as I know you are aware of.

LGH, have a safe and fun trip!

Crime girl
01-28-2005, 09:07 AM
Red's horoscope:
You are riding an emotional roller-coaster now -- feeling powerful and passionate one moment and then cold and isolated the next. The extreme feelings can be rather upsetting, so it's important for you to get distance from what's going on in order to maintain perspective. Strive to be in the middle of the road, for that is where you can best respond to the oncoming changes.

little grasshopper
01-28-2005, 02:52 PM
hi guys. I'm on my grandmother's webtv set up and man, does it ever take forever to use it! I wanted to hop onand say hello.

Stormy - I would love to got Australia!! One day I will. My father lives there and I have never met him. Somday I'll go and get to meet him too. He keeps inviting me but has not offered to help with the ticket so it's not happening any time soon. The family that I'm visitng now is his family. I met them 2 years ago for the first time. Today I'll see my little brother and younger sister. I'm really looking forward to it!!

Food has could be worse. My first meal off the plane was churches chicken. There was nothing I could to chose a healthy lunch so I just watched my portions. Since then it's been much better. Grandma made soup, so I've been eating that a lot. She also made my favorite sugary dessert in the whole world and offeres it to me about 10K times a day!!! UGGGG I don't know how much longer I can resist. She is happy I'm healthy but says I need to live a little...hard to explain that everything I'm putting in my mouth is "living.." I haven't eaten a food I'm not allergic to since I got here. I also haven't seen a single person here eat anyting remotely healthy!! I'm serious!!!! It'sad, and it's understadable why this side of my family can be so sick. Very sad mostly. I'm doing my best to stay strong with the healthy part. I'll talk to you guys soon - I know I would have caved just now if I couldn't email you!!

Oh - the water tastes like pure chemcals and grandma does dishes in dish detergent and CLOROX!@!!

01-28-2005, 05:25 PM
LGH, it is wonderful that you were able to meet your family. I hope that you enjoy your time with them while you are there. Check in and let us know how it is going.

01-28-2005, 06:21 PM
I miss talking with you all, I've realized what a huge part of my success having your support has been!!

My friend passed away this morning, and I'm going to be very limited in my access for a few days as I'm flying home for the funeral... hopefully back fully on track by Monday!

01-28-2005, 08:17 PM
Jacque, I am sorry that your friend passed away. Are you okay? We look forward to hearing from you on Monday. We will be thinking of you at this difficult time. Take care!

01-29-2005, 03:53 AM
Jacque, I'm so, so sorry to hear your friend passed on. Our hearts are with you in this sad time. Feel comforted in knowing that your friend is no longer suffering and that she is surely looking on and feeling the love you gave her during her time here with us.

01-29-2005, 06:44 AM
A quickie here. Must do some work I've been putting off and putting off. I am suffering from the massive quantities of beer I consumed last night. As usual, what was supposed to be a one-on-one to discuss work turned into an all-nighter when other co-workers showed up then dragged me to karaoke after the bar closed down. I had to stay home from work today and that is really no good. Ah well, it was pretty fun though it ended in kind of a mess, or that is, with me in kind of a mess emotionally. The past week has been tough and things came out with the beer. There's really no where to put sadness, is there? It just needs time to take the rough edges off it.

Crime girl, your horoscope for me was right on. Emotional rollercoaster is right! Upsetting extremes. I'll say! Uncannily on. Hmm, "stay in the middle of the road" ? This sounds a bit dangerous, like a good place to get run over! :lol: No, just joking, I think what you mean is to try to be open to change, right? I love these horoscopes. I hope you have fun thinking them up. You know, I was feeling good yesterday to start with, with that walk and all listening to some great ZZTop, then work started to wear on me, what with the place falling apart even more, and more of the guys on my desk being screwed over with their schedules and so. So the talk at the bar was pretty ugly, or rather, about the ugly things happening at the office. That kind of fuels the emotions along with the alcohol. Also, I hadn't eaten all that much during the day. Made a huge salad for lunch though. Yum. Part of the problem too is that I like one of the guys at work, but he has a girlfriend and is quite young. Just a oneway friendship thing that leaves me feeling dissatisfied and my pouty demanding 2-year-old in me comes out. God, do I need a life! Crime girl, you are doing great with the exercise. If it's tough for you then it's good. Don't look at the level and think it's low. If it's stretching your comfort zone just the right amount then it's perfect. By the way, I couldn't listen to the Laura Love song. My computer just won't play those clips and I've tried to download Realplayer but it won't work. I searched for the song on Limewire but they didn't have it. I'll keep trying. No, never heard of Michael Buble, but then I am very bad with names. Oh yes, :lol: rereading your horoscope for Friday for me about soaring at work. Yeah, well, the soaring was after work with the work buddies. Oh, God, I still can't think of it without feeling ill.

grasshopper -- hang in there, girl! I know how it feels to be locked into a situation that you are railing against. I am like that with exercise when I visit my father in the States. They don't move and it's out in the suburbs but there are no sidewalks. I have to make an effort to get out and walk and walk. I feel so caged. Last time, however, I was able to find a gym and work out. With the food too, when we go out to eat, it's hard to sometimes make good choices at the place they take me and yet I don't want to feel like I'm criticizing them. I hope you can get to Australia some day to see your father. It's an expensive place of the world to fly to. At least from here there aren't many cheap flights. What, by the way, is churches chicken? Ugh about the water, huh? and what is your grandmother doing washing dishes in clorox!?! I sure hope you survive this outing without getting too sick.

stormy -- thanks for being so sweet and saying you worry about me? Maybe I do seem like a flake, but I'm not really at all. I just feel things very deeply, good and bad, or should I say, sad, happy, angry the whole gamut. Deadlifts huh? Those are a real total body exercise and, yes, very easy to do wrong. I haven't been doing them but should. My favorite leg exercise is the squat. I am the queen of the squat and used to do reps at 130 kg (286 lbs). The guys at the gym always like to watch me though I haven't been going too heavy anymore. They always compliment me on my form. I see so many people doing them wrong as well and endangering their backs. Even the trainers don't know good form. I had to step in and fix the form of someone the other day, and the trainer was showing her! I can't stand to see them leaning forward and putting all that strain on their lower backs. Actually, I can't say I like doing squats, I mean any leg work is tough. I'd say the think I like training the most is my back and chest, least would be arms and shoulders, oh, and abs! :lol: I've been slowly building up again from that 4 months more or less of doing nothing last year. I have lost fat, though not weight and I see the approving looks from one of the trainers there, the 13-time national champion. He loves to see people progressing and is always so straightforward with his words that people joke about him and how they try to stay away from him when they're going through a slump. But, we all know he is right. It's just hard for us all to be such champions! Good luck on your exercise and eating. Your day sounds very full. You should be proud of all you do.

NBK -- no, don't stop talking about you and your guy. I'm joking when I say I'm jealous and besides it helps to hear couples having fun. I see so much of them not that I start to wonder why people are together at all and that is not good for me as I'm still aiming to find that one great guy out there for me! I'll try that orange juice thing. I never drink juice, except for an occasional apple or grape juice. Now, I think I'm getting a craving for just that! Am going to run out to the vending machine. This is the land of vending machines, by the way, you can buy anything in them, including some things I will not tell you about here! Speaking of great guys. Next week, I will be meeting and interpreting for one of the Japanese Olympic swimmers, Kosuke Kitajima. I think he won two golds in Athens. A guy at work started up a foreign sports journalists club and we had a vote for the top Japanese athlete of 2004 and the top foreign athlete competing and living here in Japan. The two guys I voted in were the winners. Kitajima got it for the Japanese athlete. And the Mongolian sumo wrestler Asashoryu got it for the foreigner. Anyhow, Kitajima is going to receive his award on Tuesday from us so he has agreed to give us a talk. Should be fun. Have you heard of him? I don't think your name, Tiffany, sounds like a stripper/crack addict/whore :rofl: All I think of is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's when I hear it so between her and the store itself the name sounds very elegant and classy to me. You should think the same! Here is the picture of you I have in my mind: Audrey Hepburn is very popular in Japan so I see a lot of her. You see it helps that I don't have these talk shows to listen to here.


OK, gotta try to get some work done. KJK, where art thou?!!?

Crime girl
01-29-2005, 11:55 AM
Hi everyone!
I have finally rolled out of bed and I am ready to start a brand new day. Yesterday was horrible- tough time at work, school struggles, and exhausted from a long week juggling my life. It all came out unfortunately in my eating and I ate a horrible lunch and a really bad dinner so I have probably blown it yet again for the week. Oh well- can't seem to get through 1 week without sabotagting myself. At least I worked out hard for 6 days last week.
Well- need to look ahead so..

Red- you are sounding better and better every day. Despite the obviously undesirable hangover I am glad you got out for a night and had some fun. This guy at work that you are interested in- how serious is the girlfriend?
Also- your interviews coming up sound really interesting. Is it you at your paper that gets to talk to the Olympic athletes?
To answer your question for LG- Church's is a chicken fast food joint kind of like Kentucy Fried Chicken although the food taste better. I think LG is a little frustrated because it is hard to eat healthy at Church's.
I am glad you are liking the horoscopes- I have been having a lot of fun writing them. :D
Michael Buble is a really great singer- you should check him out. Doesn't hurt that he is freaking hot too. :lol:
Laura Love is probably a little hard to find- she is definitely not mainstream. If I see a site that might have her I will let you know. You should really hear that song- it is a great song to put on when you need a laugh.

Red's horoscope of the day:
Alignment of your moons heralds change in your life. Today will bring happiness and joy around every corner. Don't be weary of your good fortune-Embrace life and welcome this shift torward the better.

Little grass- Glad you could drop on at your Grandma's. Have fun and relax. Don't worry too much about your food intake- you will get back on track. It sounds like when you can make smart choices- you do so what more can you ask of yourself. ;)
As for the Clorox- my mom use to do that sometimes. It can be perfectly OK as long as she rinses the dishes really thoroughly. Maybe try to rerinse dishes while you are there- when you can.
Have a great time and try to jump on when you can. :D

Jacque- I am so sorry about your friend. I am glad you can get some needed support here. If I can do anything to help don't hestitate to ask. PM or email me and I will do anything I can. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.

Alright well- I better go get some breakfast and workout with Maya. I have to study, get my house clean, run a thousand errands, and a million other things this weekend. Sigh- I can't wait to graduate!

Have a wonderful day everyone! kjk- where are you??? Michiemesh- are you out there?
More later-

01-29-2005, 12:26 PM
Good morning!

Red, you lifted that much in squats. Wow!!! Was this with a barbell? That is crazy! My favorite body part to work is my abs. For some reason my abs come along quickly. My thighs are the worse to tone up. How is your working out coming along this week?

CG, you have a busy day today. Try to not get too stressed. I am so happy that this Xbox keeps you motivated.

Well I forgot to answer yesterday's what have I've been doing to move my butt question. My answer is the same as usual. Tae Bo, Pilates, weigh training, Boot Camp, elliptical, etc. I did not work out last Fri, Sat and Sunday b/c of school which was disappointing but I got over it and got back into the routine on Monday.

Today is cheat day. We are having lunch at this place called Fat Moes. The title says it all. One hamburger is like a heart attack on a plate. They have seasoned fries there which I love. Plus it is cheat day, right?

01-29-2005, 05:33 PM
Good morning. I have forced myself to get up early to work on this article I must have done by tomorrow but so far, ugh, I'm just sitting at the computer playing around and now writing this. Why is it that I hate writing so much and yet proclaim to try to be making this my way of earning money? Well, I guess because I CAN do it. They say a lot of writers are like that. I don't know. I suppose too, work is just work and this story is absolutely nothing interesting, just some racing official who didn't say anything interesting and I have to try to make him sound interesting. Bureaucrats.

Today is weigh-in day but I am expecting nothing too good because of that beer night Friday night and know that will surely have thrown a wrench in things. Oh well, at least I am getting back on track.


Crime girl -- Thank you again for the horoscope. I don't know if I can deal with so much positive energy, so many positive thoughts! What are you doing to me, trying to make me feel good or something? :rofl: Oh, crime girl, I am a hopeless romantic and have to always have someone in my life to hang my obsessions on so to speak. So this guy at work is really just that. I couldn't see us actually together or anything. He and his girlfriend sound very serious though I can't imagine why. I met her once and she was a freaking *****, like no Japanese I have ever met, the kind of come-down-heavy and hold-the-guy-captive type, and so many guys seem to think that's desirable it seems. I cannot fathom it. I think it comes from some throwback to their mothers or something. And it seems like all the guys I know are like that, they sound like they are being "kept in line" and I hate that. To me, it all has to be totally voluntary. If a guy doesn't want to be with me then I just let him go, no rules, no restrictions. Anyhow, maybe that takes a guy with a lot of self-understanding and discipline and there don't seem to be too many of them. Sigh. I can't even imagine what kind of guy would work with me. It seems I go after guys like a cat after a mouse, play with them and then just lose interest and walk away. And I do lose interest quickly. It would take quite an interesting mix to hold my interest. Another sigh. The talk with the Olympic swimmer is just interpreting. I have no idea what he'll talk about. I suppose it depends on the questions he's asked. Because I'm at a paper and have press credentials we can basically talk to anyone who agrees to talk. This thing is because of this club that a guy at work started up but really has nothing to do with the paper at all. And since he needs someone who speaks Japanese he always wants me to interpret but it's a lot of work and just volunteer. Still, since I have a soft spot for young guys with bodies to die for, I said I'd do it. Though you get very used to meeting all sorts of top people and celebrities the novelty wears off. Still, I like it for the fact that people like this are tops in what they do and I always like talking to them to see what makes them tick. Crime girl, you are doing utterly fantastic working out as much as you are. How can you say you've "probably blown it again" even if the weight doesn't drop. The exercise simply has to have a good effect. There is so much to this whole thing, some of it is not visible but things will be changing inside and that will make a difference later. As I said before, I consider exercise to be far more important than eating, although the eating will have to improve to see ultimate results. You are doing awesomely! Keep it up and don't get bummed out.

stormy -- have fun on your cheat day. Fat Moes sounds like an awful place to eat though! Please be careful. We don't want any heart attacks happening. Your exercise really has variety, something I maybe should try to incorporate into my own routine. Yes, those squats were at the rack with a barbell on my shoulders. I was really into powerlifting in a way, meaning I never got the fat off enough to call it bodybuilding though I did work my whole body. I had amazing thighs, like Olympic cyclists. It is fun too to walk over to the squat rack and ask a guy if we can share and then do the same weights as he is. These of course are only with weak guys or beginners. I always try to encourage them so usually I won't do this because it can be a real ego deflator for them. But, sometimes if there is some really arrogant guy who has no muscle but thinks he is hot and is making a lot of noise working out I will say to him something like, "wow, that really sounds like you're having a hard time even though you're going so light." That shuts them up like you wouldn't believe! :rofl: As for working out, the night out took away some working out and yesterday was a loss as well. Today, because I've put off doing this article is going to be another loss as far as getting to the gym is concerned. I'm hoping to get in a ride though. Good luck with your exercise. You are so busy with work and school that it is very impressive that you are also able to fit in the exercise as much as you do. :cp:

01-29-2005, 07:40 PM
Okay, guys, since it's Sunday morning here, here is my official weigh-in number. . .

73.4 kg (161.48), which is down 0.44 lbs from last week, but still up 1.32 lbs from starting weight on Jan. 2.

******************* (


Well, like I said earlier, can't say I was expecting great things. Still, I have been doing so much more than I was and to have the weight sticking here is frustrating. I suppose it's the muscle but jeez, it's kind of pathetic, isn't it? How do people ever stay thin? I guess actually getting rid of fat stores is just really hard to do when you're already active. I should talk to sumo wrestlers and find out what they do when they retire and get small. Actually, not many do it seems but some do. I just wish that that starting weight on Jan. 2 hadn't been so low because it really looks like I have done nothing at all this month. I mean, I am still up from that weight. It seems very strange that I could have been so low then. Maybe I was dehydrated or something. Can't remember. And I always say, oh, yeah, maybe it's muscle but how much does muscle actually weigh and why wouldn't fat be burned off as well when I put it on, hopefully resulting in a drop in weight. I mean, how will I ever, ever, lose 30 lbs? It just doesn't seem possible at this rate? I don't know I am seriously being tried here. You know, it was like the other night in the karaoke box. I don't like karaoke because I can't sing but I was really trying to be a good sport and choose songs. I must have looked up eight songs and keyed them in but not one of them came up. It was freaky. I was doing everything everyone else was doing. I watched them. I saw how the numbers were keyed in and I kept trying. Then I just gave up. The guy I like was telling me to choose songs and I said I had but nothing came up and he kept encouraging me to try again and try again but you know, I was just so discouraged, so sick of trying, truly trying and not seeing results. It was so reminiscent of my life these days, stuck, I AM changing things but nothing seems to work. It's not fair. I don't know how to lose weight. Really don't maybe.

01-30-2005, 07:51 AM
Heh guys. I'm back from riding, trying to work on this story. Where is everyone?! Sorry about my last posts. Was just bummed. But I'm going to keep at it. Try tweaking things more and just trying to be more consistent. Too, maybe today was a "high day" Really, tired. It was very windy and the horse freaked out a few times. Puts my gut in a knot and my nerves. But I stayed ON! It was freezin cold.

Hope someone writes soon. :(

Crime girl
01-30-2005, 09:55 AM
Good morning!
Here is the link to the new thread...