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01-22-2005, 08:34 AM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week




01-22-2005, 08:37 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday. What do you hae to share with us?

I will probably not be back in here today girls. I am not feeling well at all and it is probably that nasty pizza from yesterday. They should shoot Chuck E Cheese!

I will catch up points and such tomorrow.

Congrats to the losers, Amanda and Carri!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
01-22-2005, 04:20 PM
Hi all,

Just popping in to claim my 4 points for yesterday ;)

Faye - I'm glad that you contacted the management company about the rats - it takes it out of your hands now. Hope you feel better soon.

Nikki - thanks for the advice about my weight loss. I know it will come off eventually if I stick with it - it's just that I always hear of people who lose large amounts in the first few weeks of dieting, where i struggle to lose 2lb :?: It can be really disheartening and I usually lose all motivation and give up - but NOT THIS TIME!!

Have a nice weekend all

Love Amanda x

01-23-2005, 09:13 AM


Amanda :bravo: I am SOOOOOO proud of you!

Have a good day girls. I am still under the weather so will check in tomorrow


01-23-2005, 11:15 AM
Faye, 6 month goal 25 wich is half of the 50. So now I only have 20 left yeah!

01-24-2005, 08:32 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our Mission this week is to strive for those 4 pters. We have one week until our goal weigh in so let's make it a good one girls!

Peek in at you later

Faye :)

01-24-2005, 08:35 AM
Morning everybody

Wow, Sandy G, you're like, almost in Onederland!!!! I'm so jealous :D

I had a totally crappy weekend. DD's birthday party was supposed to be on Sunday, but they were calling for a huge blizzard. SO we cancelled just to be safe. And we got like, 1" of snow. GRRRR.......I cancelled her cake and everything. So, I ended up making a homemade birthday cake, which tasted good but I ate way too much sugar all day long! Plus I had a raging headache, so no exercise. BLEH!

I'm going to work really hard this week, and MAYBE I'll get close to the month's goal.


01-24-2005, 11:41 AM
Morning All... well my back is killing me...if you can believe it all I did was bend over to get into the oven, and well I guess I didnt bend my knees either, to get some chicken out and poof...back was really hurting bad Sat and Sunday but is feeling somewhat better today, a little ...
It is funny because everytime I start to lose a little weight my back starts hurting, I know it has to do with the fat shifting and different muscles in the back carrying it, but it is still depressing and painful...the things we girls go through to lose weight... :lol: :lol:

All in all I had a good weekend, one no pointer on and dh got crazy and made a White Castle run late Sat night, bad Carri :D but then got right back on and had a 3 pointer on Sunday, needless to say no exercise this week with the back...

Faye - Glad you got some resolution with the rodent mess...hope you are feeling better.

Julie - I was craving cake and ice cream so badly all weekend, reading your post has just made it worse, ha ha

Nikki - glad you are feeling better, I have never had Jack in the Box but have heard of it...hamburgar and fries place right? We do not have any around here...

Amanda - You are doing so well, you CAN do this!!!

Sandy and Sandy - Hi to you both!!!

Later Girls, keep me and my back in mind :)

01-24-2005, 11:43 AM
Good morning ladies,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good...I did more than my share of completely insane kid stuff. I keep having this stabbing pain in my side, so I have been feeling pretty blah all weekend. My friend flipped out and told me to go to the hospital cuz its the side my appendix is on, and she says thats what hers felt like when she had appendicidis. I dont think it is because the pain isnt dabilitating or anything its just slightly uncomfortable. If it doesnt go away in a day or two i will make an appointment.
Well i just wanted to stop in really quickly since i hadnt posted all weekend, yall have a great day!!

01-24-2005, 01:19 PM
Boy, we are one pathetic group today, huh? I have a sinus infection and sore throat so I feel awful (guess that is really what it was Friday night and all weekend.) Anyway, can't bend over, go out in the cold or anything.

Carri: Hope you get to feeling better soon. Try some of those body wrap things you can buy at the pharmacy. They do a great job of making you feel better. They have like Ben Gay, Icy HOt kind of stuff in them.

Julie: I am so sorry you dd's party became a bomb. How awful for her. I know I talked to my sister who lives north of Carri about 3 hours and they are snowed under and the temp is horrible.

Nikki: Keep a close eye on yourself. If it is appendix, it will grow worse AND it does not go away. If you start vomiting, get to a hospital because it is serious. Don't go more than a day with that kind of pain hurting constantly as it could be something serious.

Everyone have a good day.

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
01-24-2005, 06:24 PM
Hi all,

Can't stay long as his lordship has only granted me 5 mins on the computer! :lol:

I got 3 points on Sat and 4 points yesterday - I really pushed it on the exercise bike by doing a bit of interval training. Usually I do 30 mins on level 2, but yesterday I did a mixture of levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, so it was like hill climbing. The level 5 was quite tough and I can feel it in my calves today - but I need great calves if I'm going to get into that dress!

Sorry you're all feeling crappy - I feel like I might be on the verge of coming down with something myself actually.

Love Amanda x

01-25-2005, 07:30 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our target this week is health. Let's work on making our health better through diet, exercise and water.


Amanda :bravo: :cp:

check in later

Faye :)

01-25-2005, 11:57 AM
Hi everyone!

3 points yesterday, only about 1/2 the water I needed. But I'm not dehydrated, so I'm okay.

I just finished a doing a new video I picked up at the grocery store. It was called "Pilates band workout" and it was cheap! Guess you get what you pay for. It was way too easy, too short and had very little actual pilates in it. Bummer. But I did it, and I feel loosened up...more like I had a good warm up. If anyone is interested in an easy 20 minute exer-band tape (vhs), let me know and I'll send you this one. I probably won't ever watch it again. I would think it's great for someone with very little upper-body muscle tone who wants to ease-into strength training.

Anyway, it's sunny today and relatively warm (10 I think) I'll probably go out for a walk later...and bring in the wood for the day. I'm already drinking the water, so I won't forget. Hopefully, today will be a 4 pointer.

Nikki--hope you're feeling better!

Amanda--way to go on your exercise! Keep it up!!

TTFN everyone,

01-25-2005, 01:38 PM
Sounds as if everyone is ill this week. I might as well join in the sinus problem is back. I think that it is time to go to an ENT to see if there is something that can be done about this. Am on my way out to work catch everyone as soon as I am able to take a break.


01-25-2005, 01:57 PM
Afternoon All ... yeah it seems as though sinus problems are going around, huh?? Must be the weather, I know here that it is so back and forth with cold and warm that your sinus' can never really know what is going on, plus I have alot of allergy problems so it is hard to keep my sinus' feeling good.
My back is feeling better today, I know that everyday it will feel a bit better...I am sitting here at work eating my lunch, I am addicted to lite bologna sandwiches with cheese...could have them everyday...just might :lol: I did not get any points yesterday, well maybe one for water...I went over my fat and calories for the day with some peanut butter m&m's, have you had these? They are so good...luckily I finished them off last night so there will be no more temptation...

Sandy/Gigglez - Sorry to hear about your sinus problem, hope you feel better soon!!

Julie - That is the thing, sometimes you spend money on these exercise videos and dvd's and then they are not that great...I really like the Walk Away the Pounds dvd's ( also comes in video ), the 2 and 3 mile workouts are really hard and really get your heart rate up...the one mile is just for beginners but is still pretty good...

Amanda - Great job on the exercise bike - way to push yourself, you must really, really want this :) Keep it up!!!

Faye - Also sorry to hear that you are under the weather, take care and just relax today...feel better soon!!

Nikki - Hope your side starts feeling better... like Faye said if you start vomiting or have a fever better go get it checked out asap ... take care...

I hope we all feel better quickly, keep your spirits up Girls!!!! Talk to you all later!!!

01-25-2005, 03:41 PM

Julie :cp:

Julie: Boy sounds like you are on a big warming trend! :lol: BRRRRRR

It is 60 here today. Just wished I felt well enough to get out in it. I am sure this will pass soon, but I have a lot of problems when the barimetric pressure goes up and down and it has been doing it a lot here. I don't want to have to get on more prescription meds so I just suffer the few times it gets bad. I am sure it will clear itself up in a couple days.

Carri: Glad your back is starting to feel better. Just take it easy until it loosens up and back to normal.

Sandy: Hope you get to feel better soon.

I better go and check on the mail. I put something out to be picked up to send to my sister. The kids are at school so hopefully the mailman will be by soon.

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
01-25-2005, 06:15 PM
hey ladies,

I got 3 points yesterday - had a rest day from exercising. I really think I am fighting off a bug - i just feel really wiped out. I've been really good at taking my multi vitamin every day, so I've not been knocked out by a bug which is good - I just feel a bit run down.

Today I really didn't feel like going on the bike, but I forced myself because i knew I didn't do any exercise yesterday - it was hard work but I felt better once I'd done it. That's the thing I hate about getting ill - how it knocks you out of your exercise routine, and then it's hard to get back into it.

Have a nice evening

Love Amanda x

01-26-2005, 01:25 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes so it is ok to gripe today ladies!


Amanda :cp:

SandyG: Forgot to tell you that I added your 6 month goals to my chart and added your yearly goals to our tickler.

If you notice, it is around midnight, but I am still pretty sick and am now coughing and can't disturb my poor hubby so I am downstairs gagging. I have a fever and my eyes burn now on top of everything else so I decided I better go ahead and do Wednesday in case I am able to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Everyone have a spectacular day

Faye :)

01-26-2005, 08:46 AM
Morning Ladies!

2 points yesterday...water and exercise. I didn't do too badly eating, but I was eating to procrastinate writing. So, I'm not counting it as a good o/p day just on the emotional part alone.

Faye, I hope you're getting some sleep!

Everyone have a super day!

01-26-2005, 11:08 AM
Hi everyone, just a quick pop in on break to say "hi" , had a 3 pointer yesterday...I have the next few days off so I may or may not check in, but we will see...if not hope you all have a good week, and hope everyone ( for those who are sick ) gets to feeling better soon !!!!

Take Care!!!

01-26-2005, 12:59 PM
Just checking in between jobs today. Faye, I hope that you are able to get some rest. 3 pts yesterday hopefully this will be a 4pt day! Going to get have to get to work talk to everyone later.

01-26-2005, 02:41 PM

Julie :dancer:
Sandy G:cp:
Carri :cp:

Carri: Have fun on your days off!

I kind of have that hit by a truck feeling and am pretty wiped out as I really didn't sleep well this morning, but hey it will get better sooner or later, right? I just hate coughing and gagging all the time. I feel like a cat with a fur ball! :lol:

Well, I let dh kind of talk me into something I was hoping he would forget about it! We are going to Vegas in Aug for 9 days and seeing and doing everything we missed the first time. With the wedding and family and all, we really only got one good day of sightseeing in last year. Anyway, Jack has always wanted to participate in the Richard Petty driving experience and it is going to be in Las Vegas while we are there. Basically, he is there for 4 hours and learns to drive a Nascar type car and gets to take 8 laps ALONE in it at high speed. It isn't cheap either! He has just always been so good to me and he would really love to do this, so I put it in with the rest of the stuff, like Hoover Dam (which we are going to if we don't feel it is too uncomfortable weatherwise.) They have never had someone get hurt anywhere and they do these at every Nascar track in the country so I guess I will just have to grin and bear it! I did remind him that fair is fair and if he does this it means I can spend $400 on shoes and handbags. He about swallowed his tongue. I think I have about 75 handbags and about 40 pairs of shoes at the moment! :lol:

Everyone have a great day

Faye :)

01-27-2005, 04:52 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time for Us Thursday so take an hour or so just for you today!

be back later girls

Faye ;)

01-27-2005, 11:15 AM

4 points yesterday. Woo hoo....... I'm feeling like I probably won't reach my Jan. goal of 209, just because of all the birthday stuff the past couple of weeks (mine and dd's). But I'm gonna keep plugging away at it.

Not much going on here. It was -20 when I woke up this morning...makes me want to hibernate! :lol: But now it's 0 and feels like a heatwave :dizzy:

GOtta go put groceries away...


01-27-2005, 11:38 AM
Morning ladies!

Seems like everything is quiet for the time being. Yesterday was way off..found out when I got to work that a really good friend/family member/ex-coworker passed away. I know that he is much better off but this was one of those times that the emotional eating took over. I think that I am going to talk to my doc and see if he can help me get in to see someone so that I can get some help with this once and for all.

Who was it that said something bout a heat wave..I think that I would love to be there. RIght now it is in the low 20s and dropping. OK got to stop the *****ing and get over it. Better run lots of work to do.


01-27-2005, 12:22 PM
Hey Ladies!
My side is much better, it still bothers me a little when I run or when i eat really greasy food, but thats just more reason for me to eat healthfully, right? I swear it is the hardest thing ever to eat right as a college student with size 4 friends who eat fast food or sweets constantly. By the way i have improved my mile by 3 minutes since i started running. I have orientation at the park tomorrow, and they still havent said who is getting the promotion, though Richard still tells me on a daily basis that it is mine. Maybe I will hear something when I go up there tomorrow. My final january goal is to be at 185...i keep weighing in between 186-188..I have a little less than a week and i think i can get it done.
Sandyg and Julie-I would die if was that cold. I used to live in Alaska, and to this day I am not sure how I made it out alive! Its like 80 degrees here!
Sandy-Im sorry to hear a person so close to you passed away. It is always a hard thing to go through.
Faye-Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Carri-Have a blast on your off time!
Well I am outta here to go run and catch some breakfast! Yall have a fantastic day!!

01-27-2005, 02:47 PM

Julie :bravo:

Nope, Julie, I was up coloring my hair then went and got a hair cut and had my nails done. I am feeling a little better but I am still very tired and need to get more sleep. I am not coughing like I have been the last couple days.

DGS is going to be here in just a few minutes. His mom has a job interview for a promotion this afternoon. Oh, Jack is getting an interview for his possible promotion. He got his certification letter yesterday. I hope he can wow them in the interview so much that they don't pick either of the guys that currently work at that plant. It is very likely one of them will get it. What happens, happens, but I know he would really like the job to get away from where he is at.

Well, this is short, but I have something in my contact and it is scratching so I need to pull it out and look at it.

have a great day.

OH, Sandy I am so sorry about your friend

Nikki, I will keep thinking good thoughts about your job!

Faye ;)

01-27-2005, 06:17 PM
Hey Nikki...
If your side is hurting when you eat greasy food, I'm pretty darn sure you have gallstones. The same thing happened to me. It hurt, then went away, then hurt again...on and on until one day it felt like someone stabbed me with a knife in my side and I couldn't even walk to the ER.

I had to have my gallbladder removed, and while I was waiting for the surgery date I was on a NO fat diet just to keep everything calm.

DOn't mess around with this. If the attacks keep coming, go to a doctor and they can do an ultrasound on you (just like they do for pregnant women) and see if that's the problem.

Still have my fingers crossed on that job for you!


01-28-2005, 07:26 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Ok, someone has to have lost weight this week!

Nikki: Julie is right. I too had gallstones and mine had blocked my duct and could have killed me. I lived with it for a YEAR. My symptoms were stabbing pain like someone was sticking a knife in you and clear through my back. A lot of people have vomiting. If you are in the early stages, catch it now! Better to be safe than sorry.

back later gals

Faye :)

01-28-2005, 11:48 AM
Julie and Faye- Thanks for the tip. I looked up some stuff on gallstones on the net and I think yall might be right. Since I go to the park today I am going to see when I am free next week and set up a dr appt. Is it weird that I could possibly have gallstones at such a young age? Oh well, it is what it is...I shall see what the doc says. Anyways, I am not weighing in today. I am going to wait til Monday to see if i meet my January goal. Talk to yall later!

01-28-2005, 01:13 PM
Hi everyone,

Well, let's see...3 points yesterday. Didn't exercise, when it's -20 you just want to be a slug, you know? As for pounds down, I weighed myself a bunch of times this morning and couldn't get a consistent reading...either I'm up a pound or down a pound. I think it's too cold for the scale to function! :lol: So, I'm taking it as a sign to just not worry about it right now.

As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to go out to the garage and move my treadmill and weights in here. It's too freakin' cold to workout in the garage, and I need to be able to just hop on and get it over with. WHen it takes 30 minutes to bundle up and go outside, it's easier to skip it altogether.

Does anyone know about the effects of sodium on weight loss....i mean besides retaining water? I have low bloodpressure (low side of normal anyway) and always have...I don't eat alot of sodium in the form of processed foods and garbage. BUT I have noticed that salty stuff has replaced my cravings for sweet stuff. I eat something with feta cheese almost everyday, I eat black olives almost every day, I eat pesto at least 3 times a week...and the salad dressing I like is loaded with sodium. Basically, the salty extras are what I use to make bland veggies taste better. I'm wondering if it is having some kind of effect on my metabolism. I don' t even know what a recommended amount of sodium is.... Any ideas?

Of course, getting off my butt and exercising would do wonders for my metabolism, huh? Excuses never cease!

Nikki--I was 22 or 23 when I had my gall bladder out. And my mom was under, you're not really all that young for it. I think those kinds of problems are hereditary anyway, or they can be. Good luck at the drs!

I hope somebody posts some pounds down soon!!


Amanda Panda
01-28-2005, 06:37 PM

Sorry I've been MIA for 2 days - Nige has been really busy on the computer and there was never a good moment to get on. I'm happy to report I've stayed on track and can report a 2lb loss this week. That makes my total 5lb - but it's not the end of january till Weds right ;) , so I'm hoping to shift another 1lb by then!

I had a good talk with Nigel yesterday about our wedding plans and he's really encouraged me to step it up a gear with the diet and exercise. I am just not happy shifting 5lb a month - if it keeps happening then I'll be nowhere near my target when I get married. So i am going to really push it from now on - mainly with the exercise . I've been going on the exercise bike 2 or 3 times each week, but i need to increase this to 5 times AND introduce a daily 45 minute power walk. At my weight, the pounds should be dropping off fairly easily to start with, but this month it's been like pulling teeth! I really want this weight off in a year - I know it's possible as there are people on the 100lb club forum and my slimming mags who have done it - so I'm going to really go for it! Today I went out for a 50 minute power walk (normally I take it quite gently, but I really pushed it up a gear) and then later on this evening i did 30 mins on the exercise bike. I feel I've just got to keep it up every day! It's going to be REALLY hard work, but it will be worth it!

FAYE - Don't worry about Jack on the racetrack.......these things are heavily supervised and very safe. Hope you are feeling better now.

JULIE - Can't help you right now with the sodium thing, but I've got loads of slimming mags and I'll have a look through them to see what they say. I don't THINK it affects metabolism, but I could be wrong.

SANDY G - I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. :grouphug: If you are thinking of having counselling I would heartily recommend it.

CARRI - Enjoy your days off!

NIKKI - Gallstones? I agree you should get it checked out ASAP. I feel for you living with skinny minnys who eat LOADS! I had exactly the same thing when I was a student - I lived with 4 other girls who were all really slim and gorgeous and who basically ate whatever they wanted and did no exercise (and moaned about how fat they were of course!). You've just got to stay focused on your goals and accept that you CAN'T eat like they do - however unfair that is!

Whew! That was a long post!

One last thing..... LOOK here is THE wedding dress, what do you think ladies? Perfect for a Caribbean beach wedding!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Amanda x

01-28-2005, 11:24 PM
Hey ladies!
Just dropped in to vent before I go take out all my anger in excersice...So I went up to the park today, right? everything was fine and dandy...wanst worried about my promotion because jessica said when she got promoted they didnt call her til WAY after orientation...but then...Miriam comes up to me complaining about how she got called by the supervisors and has to go up there tomorrow morning for some reason. Miriam was my biggest competition...and I got no call. So I am almost positive that I did not get my promotion. I am however going to see Andrew tomorrow so I am going to talk to him about moving me into his dept. since he already said he would. Then i would be making more an hour...even more than if i got the promotion. Anyways. I should kick Richards *** for planting the idea that the promotion was mine in my head. UGGGG. I will let you know how things work out.
PS Amanda- LOOOOVEEE the dress!!!! Totally my style!

01-29-2005, 03:09 AM
SATURDAY: Sunny thoughts Saturday. Share fun stuff with us!

on a road trip with dh and only the laptop so i hate to type on this keyboard. Will do pts and lbs and replies tomorrow when we get home.


01-29-2005, 03:33 PM

Amanda :goodscale :goodscale
Julie :cp:

We are back home. I started TOM last night at the hotel and got it all over the sheets. I felt like a 12 year old! I am over the sinus stuff but feel icky with cramps and whatnot, but should feel better with that by tomorrow. No matter, it is outside for me no matter what.

Amanda: The dress is lovely and I am sure it will look better on you that on her. She looks like she is anorexic! :lol: You gonna wear just the dress or the veil too? Personally, I think the veil is WAYYYYY too long for a short length dress. I think you should get someone to make you a hairpiece made of real or artificial flowers that match the color of the flowers in the dress, especially if you have long hair and your hair is dark.

Julie: No clue about sodium in that way. I just have to watch it because the dr has me on this diuretic and what good does it do if I am eating a lot of salt?

Got some chores, like putting stuff away from the trip so need to run

Faye :)

01-30-2005, 02:56 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and this is our silly poll this week. Do you have a plain household product that you use as a "secret" weapon, ie, salt works wonder for_______ or ketchup cleans up__________ etc?

I am up this early AM because Jack is sick and vomiting so right now he is resting in the recliner and I thought I better go ahead and post this in case I have to take him to the dr or something later and can't get in here.

Ok, this is my secret weapon and it works miracles. When you buy something new that you know the color could run, before laundering, fill your kitchen sink with cold water and put in about 1 cup of vinegar. Push the fabric completely down into the water and leave it sit for about an hour or so than launder. The vinegar sets the fabric and it will never run. You could wash a red sweatshirt with white socks and it won't turn stuff pink, etc. Also, toothpaste works wonders on cleaning your jewelry.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was nice if I hadn't started TOM. You know how that goes! :lol:


Faye :)

Amanda Panda
01-30-2005, 10:13 AM

I've been doing well on my 'step it up a gear' plan - had 4 points Friday and yesterday. I've power walked and been on the exercise bike both days - my calves are like rock! :faint: I wanted to go swimming yesterday (first time in months) - I was ringing all afternoon to check that the women only session was still on, but they weren't answering the phone - so I walked there anyway, and lo and behold they'd changed the sesion time and I'd missed it! Oh well, at least I had my walk and I've got the new timetable.

Thanks for the comments about the wedding dress - no, I'm definately not wearing a veil,, just flowers in my hair and barefoot! I'm also going to get shoestring straps added to the dress to give it a little more support, and make it look a little less formal.

NIKKI - So sorry you are being mucked about with the promotion. I never understand why they take so long to let people know - it's really inconsiderate.

FAYE - Sorry to hear about your 'accident' at the hotel - that's awful. I was embarrassed enough when I got hair dye on the hotel pillow - I wrote the cleaning crew a note apologising and saying I will pay if it won't wash out! Hope Jack is better soon - was it something he ate?

Hi to Julie, Sandy G, Sandy B and Carri.

Love Amanda x

01-30-2005, 10:46 AM
Hi everybody!

Not much going on here, except that the temps are "moderating"...that's what they say up here after you've had weeks of subzero temps and now it's up in the 20s and you feel like it's summer! :lol: Gonna go out snowshoe-ing with dh this afternoon and then work a little more on the book. I'm sending queries out to agents and stuff, but also still tinkering with the ending. Plus, I'm starting my research on the next one. My goal this year is to have 3 books finished (including the one I just did). I know I can meet that, barring any catastrophes. I'd like to do even better, but I'm new to this and just want to play everything by ear.

Amanda--I love the dress, and you have inspired me to start working my butt off, too! I know my weakness and the reason I don't lose like I should is totally related to the fact that I'm not exercising enough. One of the reasons is my short attention span with ordinary exercise, like the treadmill, etc. So, I'm going to start breaking it up into 15-20 minute blocks and see if I can trick myself into getting more exercise than if I 'toughed it out' for 30 minutes all in one shot. Now that the weather is nicer, I can get outside more, too.

I researched the sodium thing and couldn't find anything beyond high blood pressure and heart disease. I've never had any doctor say anything beyond, "wow, your bp is really good (for someone over 200 pounds!)" So,I'm not going to worry about it. Honestly, I use the salty/vinegary condiments to make me eat more and more I think in the long run it balances out. I don't eat processed meats (except turkey bacon and the occasional chicken sausage) and I don't eat processed, I think I'm okay. It was just another hope for an excuse as to my lack of loss....which I know just boils down to exercise.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Silly poll: Let's see, toothpaste is great for drying up zits overnight (I think it's the peppermint oil, but not sure). And really cheap vodka is awesome for cleaning and deoderizing things you can't launder...this is a costumers trick for cleaning opera and dance costumes that stink from sweat but you can't throw something with $2,000 worth of rhinestones and beadwork in the washer. You just spritz it on and the alcohol attracts the stink and dirt and then it all evaporates away. Might work on beaded sweaters, leathers, stuff that you really can't launder easily. Test it on a swatch first, though!

Okay, gotta go now.


01-30-2005, 12:36 PM
Good morning ladies!
My did I have a crazy night. I heard this rumor that I was dating this guy Matt, who I hadn't talked to in months. So I gave him a call and we decided to go to a party together with the people who said we were dating. It was fun...but I had to "break up" with him when the poker set in because he wanted some other chick to be his partner. I had not had a drink in a really long time, and they had me taking shots of jagermeister, so I was really very close to drunk, but sobered up really quickly once one of my friends got sick. I am and always have been kinda the mom...I always am making sure people are okay if they are sick, taking drinks away from people who are on the verge of alcholol poisoning, feeding them water instead (half the time they have no clue its not liquor), and making sure people are good to drive. Oh and I ran into my exboyfriend...who by the way I am still crazy about. It was interesting to say they least. Oh right...and my supervisors...the ones who wont tell me about my promotion were there too. good times.
On a higher note-I ended up weighing myself this morning, hoping for results because I have kinda really been kicking my excersice and eating into gear...and I was indeed rewarded. I am down 3 lbs. :)
Well guys, I am outta here for now. Have a wonderful day!

01-30-2005, 03:39 PM
Afternoon ladies! Boy I am one pooped old lady! :lol: Oh and btw, Jack is fine now. Unlike me, he slept until about 9:30 after the vomiting stopped so he is fine, just something didn't sit well I guess! I am so tired I want to just crawl in bed, but if I do that, I will be up half the night so I need to hang in there. Beside, I can't miss Extreme Home Makeover. I like that show and it is on at 7 pm here.


Amanda :bravo: :bravo:
Nikki :goodscale :goodscale :goodscale

Julie: Wow what a great idea, vodka for sweat smell. Wonder if it would work for smoke smell? You know, wearing something that you can't launder to the casino and come home smelling like you been standing next to the Marlboro man all night! :lol: Great ideas! Oh and btw, though you probably know this, I watched a program where a trainer said that 3/ 20 minute or 6/ 10 minute or whatever combo you wanted to do worked just as well as say an hour workout all at once so maybe you should try the 15 minutes at a time and do one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening or something. We are buying a treadmill in about a week or so and that is what I plan on doing when we get it is about 25 minutes twice a day. I really LIKE the treadmill now that I have used it, but will still start up the pool again in June.

Amanda: I am so thrilled with your progress! I know you are going to do great. Can I make another DUMB suggestion. I think I remember you saying you guys were going to try and get married on the beach? You might want to consider getting delicate little puca (sp) shell necklace and earrings for jewelry. Think it would look nice with the dress/theme and you could probably get them in pink.

Nikki: Um, you have been here long enough that if you want to give me your 6 month and year goals I will now put them in the spreadsheet and on our tracker. I am proud of you for losing the lbs.


Everyone have a great evening today

Faye :)

01-30-2005, 06:53 PM
Faye, absolutely you can use it to get out smoke smells! I know that the showgirls in vegas use it on their costumes all the time. Also, if you like the smell of Febreeze, it works pretty well too...but vodka doesn't have the perfume smell. Plus, I used febreeze bunch when the kids would vomit on the couch or now I can't smell the stuff without thinking of....ICK!! It turns my stomach to smell the stuff!

Nikki--WAY TO GO on those pounds down babe! I'll give you smilies tomorrow, they don't work on the quick reply...


01-31-2005, 08:50 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our mission this week is recommitment. We are still slip sliding around girls and we need to really get serious. We have already gone through one month. Let's really try hard to make Feb a good month!

Back later girls. Got to get chores and a walk in!

Faye :)

01-31-2005, 11:14 AM
Hi All, I have been gone to long to do individual replies but good to hear that you are all doing well...I had a 3 pointer yesterday...I didnt get to post my pounds down for Friday so I was down 2 pounds...

Faye - Hope that you and hubby are feeling better...I was down the 2 pounds so I think that makes my total weight loss for January 6 or 7 pounds, I cannot remember what I started off goal for Feb is 8 pounds...

I had a good few days off but it made it all the harder coming in today :lol: Wouldnt you know it?? Well enjoy your day. will talk to you all later!!!

01-31-2005, 02:06 PM

Carri :dancer: :goodscale :goodscale
Amanda :bravo:

Carri: I put your Feb info in the spreadsheet as well as the 7 lb for January.

I am taking an agressive stand and saying 15 lbs for me for Feb. Our group goal for Jan was 41. I have 7 for Carri and 10 for me so we have 17 lbs down total for January so far.

Ok, I have some kind of gremlin following me around for the last 2 weeks. I get a sinus infection, that clears up and Jack gets sick and I have to stay up all night, then this morning I went for my walk and was almost home and discovered my reading glasses had fallen out of my coat pocket so rewalked the whole thing (didn't find them so someone took them) then just a little while ago I was chopping veggies and meat for dinner and went to get the carrots in the fridge and slipped on an ice cube I missed cleaning up when I was making a pitcher of iced tea for Jack, dislocated my bad knee, turned my left ankle, whacked both knees on the floor hard and hit my head hard on the cabinet knob. Had to crawl on sore knees to the living room couch and carpet to get up again! :lol: Brother, what a day! I can't wait for Jack to come home and ask me how MY day was! :lol: I am sore, but ok so don't worry about me. Hopefully I won't choke on lunch! :lol:

Have a great day gals. On track for 4 pt today!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
01-31-2005, 04:33 PM
Hi all!

4 points for me yesterday - I managed to do my power walk down at the park and have another session on the bike, so that's 3 days in a row of increased exercise. But today I was walking to my counselling session (about a 35 min walk) and my legs were hurting so much! Every step I took hurt and I just couldn't get into a good walking rhythm - so I eneded up getting the bus back from counselling and I am steering well clear of the exercise bike tonight! My poor legs just need a nights rest - and hopefully they'll be better by tomorrow so I can go swimming.

FAYE - I hope you really are okay after your fall - it sounds really nasty. I'll say a prayer for you to get rid of your 'gremlin'. :) I haven't thought about jewellery yet - shells sound nice though as long as they are quite small (and you are NOT DUMB!!)

NIKKI - Congrats on the 3lb down - keep it up and you'll be as skinny as your college friends in no time!

JULIE - Good for you on addressing your exercise problem - I've also read that several short sessions are as effective as one long one. Sometimes we just have to get tough on ourselves don't we? I'm finding the increased exercise really hard work at the moment, but I know it will get easier and it will really pay off in the end.

CARRI - Congrats on the 2lbs down!

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning for my final Jan total (I forgot today). I am again going to aim for 8lb in February - I need to get this weight shifting!

Love Amanda x

02-01-2005, 08:03 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and we are targeting exercise this week. We can do nothing without exercise and if you cannot find time for aerobics, walking, whatever, find it in your normal routine, ie park far away from your office and walk to the office, go upstairs instead of elevator, etc.

I will check in later

Faye :)

02-01-2005, 11:57 AM

WOW! I feel SO freakin' amazing!!!! Okay, no I did not sell the book yet. When that happens, I'll use colors :lol: I took off for an hour and went x-country skiing across a frozen bog near the house. It was 29 degrees (which after weeks of sub zero, feels like a nice 75 ) and the sun is brilliant this morning....I just kept skiing and skiing and heart was pumping, but I wasn't really tired. I only turned around cuz I was afraid I'd be late picking up Ben. Skiing has never been this much fun to me, because I've always gone into the woods trails. The sun doesn't penetrate the trees much, and the terrain is very bumpy so you're always fighting to stay upright :lol: But this bog was flat and beautiful and perfectly quiet.....Oh! I can't wait to go back tomorrow. So, XC skiing burns like, what, 800 calories an hour?? :D

Anyway, I've decided that THIS is my reward for 3am feedings and 10 years of diapers and clothes left on the floor.....FOR 2 HOURS IN THE MORNING, I GET TO DO WHATEVER THE *$#^^@ I WANT TO!!! :crazy: I'm tired of feeling guilty when I enjoy myself in the morning. NO MORE. Stay at home moms get NO PAY....So I'm TAKING some pay! My only rule is that I cannot go online from 8:30 to 10:30. Other than that, I can do anything.....go skiing, walking, kayacking (didn't use my boat even once last year!), get a massage, whatever! WOO Freakin' HOOOOO...............

See what an hour of sunshine does to us light deprived states?? :crazy: :lol:

SO, I got 4 points yesterday. On track for 4 points today.... Faye, I only lost 1 pound in January. Too much stressing over the book. Done with that...I'm gonna make up for it in Feb.

Gotta go get Ben now, hope everyone is having as awesome a day as I am!


Amanda Panda
02-01-2005, 01:28 PM
Hi all,

Well, I weighed myself this morning and I've lost nothing more - boo! I'm disheartened that I've not lost at least an extra pound since Friday as i've worked my butt off harder than ever - But I've had a good talk with my personal diet guru (Nigel) and know that I shouldn't worry as I'm doing all the right things and it WILL come off as long as I keep going and don't get bogged down by what the :devil: scales say. In light of this I am not going to weigh myself now until the end of February. Nigel is quite astute and he said he sees me fall into the same pattern every month - getting disappointed with the scales, feeling fed up and resentful that I haven't lost weight, then getting really down and turning to food for comfort and rebellion. It's all true! So I'm just going to keep on working as hard as I can and I'll check my weight on Feb 28th.

Anyway, so my total for Jan was 5lb. I got 4 points yesterday - still had a good 30 minute walk, but my legs thanked me for the break from the exercise bike! :lol: I've already had my walk today, even though I didn't feel like it - I forced myself to go and I feel alot better for it.

JULIE - WTG on deciding to spend some time on yourself - you deserve it and should never feel guilty about it. :) You are quite the outdoor enthusiast aren't you - skiing, snoe shoeing, kayaking..........where you live sounds like a great place - is it in the country? I bet your kids love it!

Have a good day everyone

Love Amanda x

02-01-2005, 01:51 PM
Afternoon All ... I had 3 points yesterday...I was just thinking to myself this morning that today is the first time that I have actually started to feel like I was actually losing weight again and getting smaller. Dh commented yesterday that I was looking slimmer and then this morning a lady here at work comes in and says "you look great, you have lost alot more huh?" , of course I didnt tell her how much I had gained over Thanksgiving and Christmas, just thanked her and went on my happy way... :lol: :lol: Also I am just now getting into the whole swing of things with this diet and will power for being off through the it took about a month for me to completely get back on board and not want to eat everything in site... :D

Faye - What luck you have had lately!! If I was you I would not leave the house for a few days, or even get out of bed, ha ha ... Stay safe, Hon.

Julie - Good for you with the ski-ing, I could tell you were severely pumped this morning when you typed that...had that great exercise adrenaline going...keep it up and you could have that weight off in no time!! :)

Amanda - Congrats on the 5 pound loss for the month...I would tend to agree with Nigel, if weighing yourself is that upsetting and causes you to over indulge then I would just weigh might be surprised just how much you have lost!!

Nikki - Oh Jagermeister, that takes me back...well back to my last b-day!! ha ha, that stuff is so gross - I have to already have a buzz to even take a sip...
Great job on the 3 pound loss, you are doing a great job !!!

Sandy and Sandy - Hi to you both!!!

Well better get back to work...I have been so not into work lately, yesterday I walked in the door from work at 4:50p, walked right up to the bathroom, took a shower, put on my pjs, and sat on the couch all night...what an evening huh? Sometimes I love those lazy evenings...well talk to you all later, have great evenings!!!

02-01-2005, 01:53 PM

Julie :bravo:
Amanda :bravo:
Faye :bravo:
Carri :cp:


Julie: Sure took you long enough to figure out you deserves some screwing off time! :lol:

Amanda: I read an article that said a lot of women's weight is 2 weeks behind, so don't panic! Just stay the course.

I am having chicken soup for lunch because my tummy has been upset all morning for some reason. I got my walk in, but man it was tough. I am so darn sore and I guess if I was 20 I would bounce back faster! :lol:

Hope everyone has a super duper day!

Faye :)

02-01-2005, 03:59 PM
Hey ladies!
Well, my dad recently has been giving me a really hard time about what I eat and making a big deal about my weight...why he started this after i lose almost 50 pounds i still have no clue. However...he actually apologized and told me that he was proud of me...and is going to buy me my surfboard! I have to say...that is the only time in my entire life I remember him telling me he was proud of me. :). As good as all that is though I am pretty stressed. I am pretty sure I just lost my best friend. Oh the joys of unessecary teenage drama. Anyways...excersice and everything has been pretty good...though i did have two cookies this least i will get two points for water and excersice.
Faye-Sorry to hear things havent been going your way, good for you for staying on track through all this! Anyways....for my 6 month and year goals... I plan on losing around 6 lbs a for 6 moths i want to lose just under 40lbs...and by a year i hope to be at my goal weight of 130.
Amanda-It is a good idea to rest up a bit...if you over do it youre more likely to give up on something. I also agree with nigel and everyone about only weighing in once a month, youre lucky to have someone there to help you.
Julie-I love XC skiing...I actually took it as a class in school when i lived in alaska. I hear you about the wooded areas too! It can get pretty bumpy and tough. Fantastic idea to take some time to yourself! Enjoy!
Carri-I totally agree on the nastiness of Jager...but good times were had by all. Dont you love it when people compliment you! Dont worry about how long it took you to get back into the swing of things...just stay got this!
alright, well ladies...I am outta here. Yall have a wonderful day!

02-01-2005, 05:37 PM
Carri: You must have been posting at the same time as I. I put in your points! I am a mess lately, aren't I?????

Nikki: Please do not ever let anyone talk down to you. I do NOT mean be direspectful to your parent, but you have to understand people who are not overweight do not understand the struggle and like idiots, think it is easy and anyone can do it if you put your mind to it. Just focus on what you have to do and keep at it! Oh, you are now included in the tracker and I put you in the spreadsheet for Feb at a 6 lbs loss so work hard!!!!!

Well, gotta run

Faye :)

02-01-2005, 11:13 PM
Been sick still yet am just checking in goal for Feb is 8lb. Later chickies

02-02-2005, 05:32 AM