Carb Counters - Weekend Chatter -- Jan 22 & 23, 2005

01-22-2005, 02:17 AM
Good Morning Ladies! We are getting ready to head out for basketball skills assessment for our 5 yo dd. I was pleased to see this morning that I am down 13 lbs since 1/3. I still have a long way to go though. I don't really have a whole lot planned for the weekend, just housework and some quality time with dd and chapel on sunday. how about y'all? have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing! :coffee:

01-22-2005, 05:38 AM
For the first time in 3 weeks I blew it.
I ate a KitKat and 4 Oreos. I didn't even want them, I wasn't hungry.
They didn't taste right, they weren't good but I finished them all. Why?
Now my stomach hurts, lol. Kind of glad I did that and got it out of my system, I WON'T be doing it again. So how long until my strips are pink again?

01-22-2005, 10:17 AM
Fullfig: Sounds like a nice weekend planned. Enjoy!!

Barb: I'm not sure I can answer the strip question--never used them. But don't worry about the slip-up. It happens to the best of us. Just jump right back on!

Well, we got snow dumped on us. Not sure how much exactly but enough to make it nasty outside. Still in the winter weather advisory. And of course silly DH went to work anyway! Last night had a couple drinks (not LC) at the bowling alley and was glad the scale didn't go up for WI today. It didn't go down either, but I like it better when it at least stays the same! lol. I'm hoping to have a loss this week! Measurements sucked though--those were up. But I'm not going to sweat it. Today I have to do our taxes and then the dreaded thing of balancing the checkbook. THAT will take all weekend. It's a disaster. Only thing I know is the bank says we're ahead of what I figured. That's the good part. lol The bad part is...I can't find ANY of my check registers and of course I don't know how long it's been screwed up (at least a year). Started out with just a few dollars here....then it turned into more dollars there....and now the bank says we're $100 ahead. I want to know WHY they're saying that. I HAD those check registers a month ago. I have NO clue where they disappeared to. So this is going to be interesting ( may need a few drinks while doing THIS!! :lol: ) Did I mention it's STILL snowing out? And it's blowing? Nasty weather! But good weather for hot cocoa...just wish it wasn't high carb!!! :(

01-22-2005, 10:19 AM
Goodmorning All!

Fullfig: Sounds like you're getting in some good "family time." Enjoy!

Barb: I don't use the stix, so I'm not sure about how long it will take to return to normal. But don't sweat it! In a few days both your body and your mind will have forgiven you!! Happens to us all...

Absolutely crazy week this past week. Had to hit the ground running, be out the door at an insane hour, and didn't crawl back each night until everyone else in the house was tucked in and fast asleep. Wreaked havoc on my eating and sleeping habits. Oh well, this weekend I'll have to catch up on some sleeping and housework, and get to the grocery store to lay in some more OP supplies. I'm CRAVING normality!!!

01-22-2005, 11:08 AM
Morning :wave:

Fullfig~ WTG on your 13lbs!! Thats just awesome!!

Barb~ 1 kitkat and 4 oreos.....and they tasted yucky! COOL!!! Getting back to it should be very easy. and congrats at stopping at 4 cookies, and polishing off the bag (like I might do)

Brenda~ That snow is heading my way....we are under a weather advisory here, and it just started at about 930 this am. We need to go out and get pellets for the stove before it gets really bad!!

Not much planned for the weekend because of the snow they are calling for, pellets, coffee, then maybe if it isnt too bad out, we might go to the movies. (its not that far) If not, we have a movie here...can sit and watch the movie, and the snow :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

01-22-2005, 01:05 PM
Good morning ladies,

B- I hate to balance the checkbook...urgh! I am with you on that one!

FULLFIG!!!!! 13 pounds that is excellent!!!! you are truly an inspiration!! :)

Barb- you are doing so well, don't worry about the mess up, I think it happens to remind us what our tummies feel like when we are off plan!!

Robin- Stay warm and cozy! I love to watch the snow, but I HATE being out in it.

Sped- I am with you gal!! I am soooooo craving normality too, this week was crazy for me too and my eating suffered so!

We had the local kindergarten round up this week and the start of the school tours, since my 5 yr old is starting K this year we had to go, it starts out with a HUGE cattle call of parents at the Coliseum (so you can imagine how big it is) all checking out schools, teachers and such. Then you start scheduling your tours, you have to go to a school tour in order to have your child placed in the lottery to be picked for that school, I have 5 different schools to go to tours for. It is crazy. It would be much easier if the school near our house was a good school, but it has one of the lowest ratings in our county, so off to the lottery we go to see who picks DS. It is a pretty big decision cause where ever the first DS gets into then our second DS will get to go there too automatically. All the school stuff pretty much ate up all my gym time, but it should slow down next week, and then the start of tours! hahahahaha

Have a great weekend
LOve Tg

01-22-2005, 05:25 PM
Hi Ladies,

Nice to see you all.

Brenda, your snow is here, and hitting us full force lol. I really don't like it anymore, must be getting REAAAAAALY old :faint:

Nothing much is new, SOSDD. Work is very hectic, boss man doesn't let me breath.
I really miss reading up on everyone and posting but time is not on my side lately :no: so I'll have to settle for a few quick hello's.

Whatcha all cooking this weekend ?

01-22-2005, 06:08 PM wasnt planned, but I knew either this weekend or next Id be taking a free day. So, tom arrived today, so I took today! :D We had some free coupons for the new starbucks drink "Chantica" is simply the perfect drink for the first day of "tom", liquid chocolate with a huge oatmeal cookie to dunk in it :T :T :T Very comforting on this blustery day. Not at all atkins like, but its my first test. Tomorrow I plan to get right back to it. If I manage ok, I'll take a free day every 3 or 4 weeks.

This has to be a way of life for me, or Im not going to succeed. I need to be able to maintain what Ive lost, continue to loose and still indulge every once in a while. Its the once in a while that I have to keep control over! I'll see if I can do it.

Ive been out shoveling already, 2 fellas have been by the sidewalks 2 different times to get rid of the accumulation with snow blowers....hopefully by morning I wont have anymore than maybe 6 inches to shovel. I dont mind the snow so much, I kinda miss it. Im from northern ontario where snow isnt a big deal like it is here. I still cant get over the way the news makes such a big deal out of a 8-10 inch snowfall.....its just snow for pete's sake! Anyway, Im rambling........all that chocolate has me a bit geared up, I may get those mini blinds up after all! :lol:

Have a nice evening!

01-22-2005, 10:03 PM
Well, the checkbook isn't balanced yet. Worked on it most of today and danged if I understand it. Mostly inputting the junk into microsoft money right now so it's still in the confused state anyway. And I knew it would happen.....I blew it. Thought "oh, it's ok if I have a couple taco's even if they're higher in carbs. They're still allowable (not) " To which followed SIX tacos later and a Smirnoff Twisted Watermelon. GRRR. Now I've got to make sure that's the last time this month. Next weekend is Toby Keith and going out to looks like steak and salad for me. Not too bad except I'm sure the salad dressing will be high in carbs. Not sure why I did that. It's stupid cuz they didn't even TASTE good. GRRR. And now my belly feels bloated and icky from the grease. You'd think I'd have learned!! At this rate I'll never get to my goal weight!

Sugar Cube
01-23-2005, 12:29 AM
Quick note here in Boston, blizzard :lol: so far laughing and planning to sleep in. Then I promise to do an exercise tape.


01-23-2005, 05:09 AM
A free day sounds great! If I heard of that before, I could have really done some damage yesterday, lol! I think I will try that once a month, guilt free!

01-23-2005, 09:50 AM
well, ladies, the blizzard has hit our section of turkey. the streets are so bad that our brakes would not stop on some parts. hope y'all are enjoying a great weekend. take care wherever you are.

01-23-2005, 10:02 AM
Good Morning,

Well so far we have over 12" of snow dumped on us since yesterday, ick lol and its very windy out, 50 mph. Its a good snuggly weekend thats for sure.

Whats happening by you all ?

01-23-2005, 10:55 AM
Looks like the weather has socked everyone here. Hope you all manage to get through it. And hope you all get plowed out faster than we did :lol: I figured out what the whole taco thing was about. I wanted some oreos and took the first fattening/carb filled thing I could think of. What an idiot!! So today IF we go to the store I'm getting some low carb treats. I think that was my problem. I need to be done w/excuses though and start to try and get some type of will power. I've got zilch. And seems every time I want to join a challenge I stink at it. So I'm not even going to worry about trying to get the 10 pounds off I wanted by Valentines day and just work on getting through 1 day at a time OP!!!
Stay warm and safe everyone!!

01-23-2005, 10:57 AM
Good Morning

I got my mini blinds up!!!!!!! :cb: :lol:

and.....I got right back to it this morning, Ive had my protein shake, had a little chat with the fat lady that lives in my head.
We're good :D :dizzy:

Dh and I are off to starbucks (for coffee this time) and our usual sunday sit with the paper. Then we are off to williams sonoma to pick up the new silverware we found last week that we liked so much. Then I dont know...a movie maybe? How about everyone else?

Have a great day!
Robin :wave:

01-23-2005, 11:20 AM
The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!!!!

I woke up to 20 inches of snow and we are expected to get 10 more inches before the day is over. :faint:

30 inches of snow Oh My!

Going to be a good girl today......Getting back on the wagon. Do wagons drive well in the snow? :lol:

Brenda: I wondered how you faired with the storm. Glad to hear you can actually GO OUT today.

Robin: What a fun day you have planned. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday.

01-23-2005, 11:44 AM
wow. it looks live everyone is snowed in this weekend. please be careful wherever you are.

for all who have been struggling to stay on or climb back on the wagon lately -- if you read my post under "5 a day", you will see that i not only fell off the wagon, but got left behind. because i was offplan most of the time since the end of may, i gained back almost every bit of what i had lost the previous year. so this time around, i am doing some things differently. i've incorporated 24 oz of skim milk into my daily menu, as well as a cup of v-8 every other morning or so. i really missed milk a lot. recent studies have indicated that drinking 24 oz of skim or lowfat milk daily helps reduce belly fat and overall weight. i hope that i am not ruffling anyone's feathers with that. everything else is pretty much in line with atkins. i eat lots of green salad, cukes, peppers, broccoli (sp), cauliflower, celery, mozzarella cheese, eggs, chicken breasts, deli turkey, deli ham, turkey bacon, and fiber/protein smoothies (8 to 10 oz of water, 2 tall tsp of orange-flavored metamucil, 2 scoops of protein powder, 2 tall tsp of cottage cheese, a splash of imitation vanilla flavoring, and a few ice cubes). i have no idea how many carbs are in the smoothies, nor do i know how many carbs i consume in a day. this way seems much less like a diet to me and a lot more like a different way of eating, if that makes any sense at all. i plan on adding strawberries into the mix in another week or so. i'm not saying that this method is best for everyone, but that it is working very well for me. i've been following this regimen since 1/3. during these 3 weeks, i have lost 13 lbs, 4 inches off my waist, and 3 inches off my hips. my point in saying all of this is that we have to make our eating plans our own. we have to tailor them to fit us individually. what works for one may need tweaking for another. just experiment and see what works best and is most satisfying for you. good luck to each and every one of us, no matter which specific plan we are using!

01-23-2005, 07:57 PM
Jane: Yup, wagons can go in the snow if they're 4 wheel drive :lol: Congrats on getting on the wagon. Keep me up there with you will ya?

Fullfig: You sound like you've got your WOE figured out. I think I'm still figuring that one out. I do well during the week. It's the weekends that I bomb at. And not the TOTAL weekend. Seems I can do well for 2 of the 3 days (counting Friday as the weekend of course). So I need to figure out how to ward off the carb-wants on those days. Maybe have a higher LC snack? :lol: I mean like a carbwell "brownie" or some such thing. Maybe I've limited myself too long and need different stuff? I could go for a blueberry right now :lol: But you sure make a lot of sense!! I need to figure this one out....thanks for the inspirational talk :) Needed it!!

01-23-2005, 08:18 PM
Fullfig: You've got it exactly....find what works for you! I think your additions sound great..if it works for you then that is all that matters. We are all after the same goal and as long as we get there then that is all that matters. No feathers ruffled around here! :lol:

Brenda: I think I have enough room for two in my wagon! :D

We are still digging out! Unbelievable! We live in a condo so they come dig us out but I went out and did the front walk and I can't believe how deep the snow is! :faint: I wish they would call off work tomorrow. :^: No such luck I'm sure.

01-24-2005, 01:53 AM
thanks, brenda and jane. i used to keep some of the low carb bars or candies to eat in a pinch when i was really craving chocolate or candy. i know a lot of folks view these as the enemy. if consumed on a regular basis, i'm sure they really would mess things up. i used them as very occasional treats though, emergency treats of a sort. i figured these were a lot better than a real snicker, reese cups, brownies, etc. you get the idea. last time around i was caught up too much in an all or nothing mindset. if i fell off the wagon a little, i took the rest of the day off. sometimes this would lead into a few days to a week or longer. so, this time i had to really look at things in a different way to find something doable long term. i actually had a couple of strawberries last night, but plan to add them in more regularly next week. so, my point in all of this is if you are really craving blueberries right now, go ahead and have a few. the low carb hard candies or chocolates really can help in a pinch. again, just find out what works for you. it is just like a baby learning to crawl. if you have had babies, you know that crawling styles change a couple or few times before they start standing to walk. my dd started with the army crawl, before learning to hold up her tummy while she moved on the elbows and knees. actually, before the army crawl, she just rolled over and over to get where she wanted. it is the same way with eating. we go through many trials and errors before we find what is most comfortable and doable. again, good luck to each of us, no matter which plan we are following!

even though we have a 2 hour delayed start on school today, i had better get myself in the shower. you never know when the office will call needing a sub. flylady would be so proud of me being fully dressed every morning. haha. have a great day everyone. stay safe and warm.