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01-20-2005, 06:42 AM
Maybe this is good question? Write it here, and correct it after if you think that is needed.

My friend told me that she wrote a list and put it on her wordrobe to look at it every morning. She said it helped to keep her motivated.

I whant to loose it, ok, I will be brutal, because:

1. I whant be ashamed to take my clothes of in front of a man
2. I will be lighter and I will not ruin every shoes I have in a record period!
3. I will be able to have nicer clothes and shoes, not baggy ones
4. I will not look like I am 50 years old
5. I will not look worse than my mother
6. I will not feel deferent and as everybody looking at me
7. I will not be afriad that I will lose my job because of looks
8. I could change my job - or more easier?
9. It will be more easy to deal with my emotional problems
10. I colud wear those nice, pinky shirts, not the large, dark ones
11. I will not be afriad to look myself in the miror
12. I will allways say yas when friends asks me out
13. I will not stay at home for New Years because I dont have anything nice to wear ...

oh, how many things, and I just started ;) Hope this will keep me motivated...

What are your reasons?

01-20-2005, 07:58 AM
oh this is good. i never thought to actually right down my reasons. i'll have to think about this for a bit.

01-20-2005, 09:56 AM
I want to be able to wrap a regular size towel around me!

I will think about more...

01-20-2005, 10:20 AM
1. I want to look good
2. I want to be able to shop in the regular sized clothing area and have the clothes fit and look awesome on me
3. I want to feel healthy
4. I want to be able to run and play with my kids without feeling exhausted and tired
5. I want to live a long and healthy life
6. I want to be able to go places and not worry if people are going to think of me being the BIG FAT LADY
7. I want seat belts in vehicles to fit me without an extension so I am safe
8. I want people to see that I am able to lose all the excess weight and be proud of me.

01-20-2005, 10:36 AM
I want to lose weight so I can go on rides at an amusement park.

01-20-2005, 10:50 AM
Reasons to lose weight!:

1) Revenge for all of those who always thought i would be the big fat girl forever!
2) When i go to a club i wanna bring a pointy stick to poke all the drooling men away from me with! :p
3) I definately want to look better than my mom...really its just not right if u look worse! :(
4) If i get in a fight with sum1 i can be assured that their only comeback won't be "At least i dont have more rolls than a bakery!"
5) To prove to myself that im not worthless and i can do anything! Believing in yourself should always be the most important reason! :D

Well thats all for now but im sure i can think of at least 20 more! :lol:

01-20-2005, 11:14 AM
1) To have a child
2) To ride all the rides at an amusement park and not worry if I will fit.
3) Be able to buy clothes at Wal-Mart.
4) For myself.
5) So I can run and play with all my little cousins for longer periods of time.

01-20-2005, 11:49 AM
This is a good thread,Ummmm.

1) So I can get around Disneyland and go on the rides.
2) So I can ware nice , cute clothes that don't look like tents or bags with legs.
3)To be healthier.
4) To feel like a regular person.
5) To widen and add more to my world.

01-20-2005, 12:06 PM
Ooooo.... I'm so glad this is here! It really made me think!

1.) I want to feel sexy when I'm with my husband with using the covers to descretely hide the rolls
2.) I want to have children.. more than anything in the world
3.) I want more energy to make it through the day
4.) I want my back to stop hurting and my shins not to ache when I walk
5.) I want to feel more comfortable when I where my swimsuit out boating in the summer
6.) I want to be able to go on the trails this summer with out stopping every 10 feet to catch my breath
7.) I want to be able to wear nice clothes... not my step mothers hand me downs
8.) I don't want to get diabetes and chance dying and leaving my family behind
9.) I do want to look in the mirror and say "Wow! what a hottie!"

I'll have to think on this some more I'm sure I can think of a hundred things!

01-20-2005, 12:46 PM
I want to fit on ONE seat on the darn skytrain! Which could possibly never happen, like I realize I live in Vancouver, but that doesn't mean everyone has asian bums! This is a sore spot for me, cuz every day on my commute to work, I sit there and think about how I just don't fit in the darn seats! Grrr!


01-20-2005, 12:51 PM
hmm lots of good reasons I never thought of.

1) I want to stop gaining 13 lbs every year
2) I'm tired of feeling tired
3) I want to be able to buy normal clothes
4) I want to be healthier
5) I want to weigh less than my mother (never thought of that but it sounds good!)
6) I want my hospital gown to close in the back
7) I'd like to not worry about fitting in places like rides

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01-20-2005, 12:59 PM
1. I want to be healthy
2. I don't want to be told I have a disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) because I'm overweight.
3. I don't want my children to be ashamed to say I'm their mom because I'm fat.

Those are my 3 motivating factors of why I want to lose the weight.
I do have another list of stuff I'm looking forward to as a healthier, skinnier person but they aren't necessarily the reasons for me to lose the weight.
1. Going on amusement park rides and not worrying about fitting
2. Shopping in any store I want and knowing that something in their will fit me besides shoes or purses.
3. Having a regular towel wrap around me.
4. Wearing a bikini out in public and enjoying all the stares because I'm "One hot Mamma" and not one fat mamma.
5. Being proud of the fact that I can lose almost 150 pounds and keep it off

01-20-2005, 01:19 PM
As I'm on the wrong side of 50, the biggest reason for me is health. I don't want to get diabetes like my Dad, and I want to go into old age active and healthy.

For those of you who listed "want to get pregnant," just keep posting here and I'm sure you'll end up pregnant! :lol:

01-20-2005, 02:22 PM
~ I will be 50 this summer, and I hope to go into the second half of life and be in better shape than I have been so far (have spent all my adult life overweight-it has just kept going up and up and up year after year).

~ I want to feel better ~ tired of aching all the time.

~ I want to improve my health (don't want to have a stroke or something and be a burden on my kids and family).

~ I would like to be able to fit into the clothes I see that I like.

~ I want to feel good about myself.

~ I don't want to be an embarasment to my kids and little grandson.

There are probably more ~ all I can think of right now.

01-20-2005, 02:48 PM
Great idea! My reasons for losing weight:

1. To live a long life so I'll be here for my son.
2. To be energetic enough to play with my son.
3. To set a good example for my son.
4. So my son won't be embarassed about me. I don't want to be "the fat mom."
5. To feel sexy (although I already do ;) )
6. So it's easier to buy clothes.
7.To be healthy.

01-20-2005, 02:56 PM
First post so here it goes...

Reasons I want to lose weight:

1. Don't want to end up limited to fashion choices like stretchy pants and tent-like floral shirts...eww.

2. So I can go to amusement parks and fit my butt in the seats.

3. I am tired of being the "big girl" in the family.

4. I wanna look hot at my high school reunion and have that sense of satisfaction when I see the looks I get from the ones that made fun of me.

5. Most importantly, I am abusing myself by remaining this big and it is taking a toll on my health. Physically and mentally.

01-20-2005, 03:23 PM
Good thread.....its time to remind myself why I am doing this......OK, I want to lose weight because....

1. I want to be healthy
2. I want to have more energy, and to be able to enjoy more active pursuits like hiking, waterskiing, surfing
3. I want to feel attractive, and sexy, and to feel good about the way I look

Think that about covers it......

01-20-2005, 05:38 PM
Making me think here.....great post

1. to stop hiding and start living
2. to feel comfortable in my own skin
3. to live up to my last name (always mispronounced as "hottie" :lol:)
4. to not live in fear of the bathing suit
5. the confidence and pride that comes from achieving something really hard
6. to shop in any store -- anywhere
7. of course for my health
8. to see the look in my husband's eyes ... :)
9. ... for me

We can do this. Oh yes we can!

01-20-2005, 07:08 PM
10) To eleminate the likelyhood of developing diabetes, heart disease & high blood pressure
9) So that my lower back, knees & ankles will stop screaming at me to 'take a load off'
8) So that when I quit smoking I will have the knowledge to keep from gaining weight while going through nicotine withdrawal
7) So that my youngest son will be bigger than me when he graduates from High School
6) So I will be able to play on the floor with my grandbaby and not need a hoist & crane to get me back on my feet
5) To be able to shop for minus sizes instead of plus sizes
4) To be able to ride awesome rollercoasters without worrying that I will bust the restraints and fly out
3) So that I can keep up with the skinny band mom's without hyperventilating
2) So that my inner beauty will be able to be seen form the outside

And the number one reason I want to lose weight

So that when I go to my 30 year reunion (2007) all the guys who wouldn't date me because I was a 'big girl' will see that I got better with age, and will be kicking themselves for their stupidity :lol:

01-20-2005, 07:57 PM
Good thread, good reminder

1 - To improve my health. Right now I take six :yikes: prescriptions and I'd like to get rid of as many of them as possible. In addition to better health, just think of the money I'll have to use for something fun if I'm not spending it on meds.

2 - To get rid of the "if only's" in my life. Since college, every couple of years I look at where I am and think "if only I had lost weight, I could be ......."

3 - To see what my natural waistline really looks like - I can feel it but I can't see it. I know I'll never be small because that's just not how it goes for the women on either side of my family. But my natural waistline isn't that bad - it's just hard to see under those two big rolls of extra fat.

4 - To get that london blue topaz jewelry set I want. That will be my reward for each set of 50 lbs I lose and keep off - a ring, a necklace, and earrings.

I have many more reasons I could list, but these are my top four.

01-20-2005, 10:37 PM
Great idea! My reasons for losing weight:

1. To live a long life so I'll be here for my son.
2. To be energetic enough to play with my son.
3. To set a good example for my son.
4. So my son won't be embarassed about me. I don't want to be "the fat mom."
5. To feel sexy (although I already do ;) )
6. So it's easier to buy clothes.
7.To be healthy.

This is exactly what I was going to post when I first read the title!!

01-21-2005, 01:05 AM
Well, let's see.

So I won't be fat and ugly in my senior pictures and have to look back all my life and be upset about it.

So I won't keep getting rejected. (Yes, that's right people, I've asked 2 guys to Sweeties now and both said "no." I feel about *this* tall right now.)

So I can share clothes with my friends.

So I feel beautiful. (Yes, I know all the B.S. lines about how lovely and beautiful I am now, but I don't buy it. Sorry.:()

For my health. Honestly, this is like, number 2. I don't want all those nasty diseases that come from being obese.

So I won't be described first and foremost by "fat girl"

So I can be less jealous of all of my size 0-8 friends.

So when I hug someone they can get their arms around me like I can get mine around them.

I'm so negative today... sorry. :sad:

01-21-2005, 01:22 AM
Hmmm.. Fantastic thread! ;)

1.) To be healthy - I've quit smoking and now I want to be healthy all around. I want to change my life so that I can do more of the things I want and so that I can ensure a long lasting life rather than always struggling with health problems due to obesity.

2.) To look HOT and feel HOT! :) - I feel disgusted when I look at my body in the mirror or when I'm in the bath, or when I'm shopping, etc. etc. I want to look my best and feel my best. I can't wait to go clothes shopping and buy the clothes I want to wear. I cant wait to get done and up and feel sexy. I can't wait for people to comment on how great I look again.. I want to look hot for my boyfriend and go back to looking even better than I did when he first met me.

3.) To be more active - There are so many things that I feel I don't do because of my weight.. try skiing, try rollerblading, go swimming in a lake in the summer, etc. I'm sick of being held back by something that's within my control to change. I want to be able to go out and enjoy life, and not feel like I'm "dying" when I walk up some stairs or go on a long walk. I want to be able to get out and enjoy things with my db and ensure that I'm healthy and active for when we're ready to have a baby in the next couple years.

That's about it for now.. however, I just started reading Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenge book which has made me do a lot of thinking, so I'm sure I'll have more to post later.

01-21-2005, 01:56 AM
1 - I want to live longer
2 - I want to be stronger
3 - I want to be more active
4 - I want to be able to be more involved with my community
5 - I want to be able to do things with friends and family
6 - I want (before I leave this life) for people to know me as no one ever could due to my weight.
7 - I want to be free to be the best of who I am and able to share that person with others.
8 - I want to feel alive to the max
9 - I want to be able to be playful and play in public.
10 - I want to feel good about have a photo taken of me
11 - I want to feel proud of who I am
12 - I want to ride the roller coaster again (Yes, at 50)
13 - I want look in the mirror and not wonder who that is
14 - I want to be flamboyant and have it suit me
15 - I want to see the pride in my husbands eyes when he looks at me
16 - I want to look wonderful to me
17 - I want to enjoy buying clothes
18 - I want to make everyday a day of my greatest potential
19 - I want to be the best I can be for all the people who love me and care for me as a person.
20 - Last but not least I want God to know I appreciate the gift of life I have been given and have learned to care for the body he gave me.

01-21-2005, 02:15 AM
I have quite a few reasons why I want to lose weight and I think they are the reason that I will lose weight.

1) I deserve to be a healthier weight
2) I want to look as good on the outside as I think I look
3) I feel like I am abusing my body by being overweight and I want to treat my body better by losing weight.
4) I know as I get older that my body will start showing wear and tear because of my weight, I want to try to minimize that
5) I want to stop feeling oversized
6) I want to get rid of my big belly

I'm sure there are more reasons but those are the main ones.

01-30-2005, 08:49 PM
Reasons to lose weight!:

1) Revenge for all of those who always thought i would be the big fat girl forever!
2) When i go to a club i wanna bring a pointy stick to poke all the drooling men away from me with! :p
3) I definately want to look better than my mom...really its just not right if u look worse! :(
4) If i get in a fight with sum1 i can be assured that their only comeback won't be "At least i dont have more rolls than a bakery!"
5) To prove to myself that im not worthless and i can do anything! Believing in yourself should always be the most important reason! :D

Well thats all for now but im sure i can think of at least 20 more! :lol:

i hear that! no one ever thought i could do it, and i do realize that i'm getting a little cocky with the more weight i loose, but its really not being cocky, its just that im so happy and even i didnt think i could do it, so now that i know i can it comes off as cockyness...is that a word?...well, the point is i worked hard and im proud of it! and my reasons are quite similar to yours...as you may already know lol

01-31-2005, 12:50 AM
B.S. warning, Apryl (deal with it! :p) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Okay, we all know where you're coming from and we also know teenage boys can be totally clueless (hope they both end up going to the "Sweeties" with self-centred, conceited skinnies who make those boys crave the company of a lovely, intelligent girl). :devil:

Dear Apryl, promise me something - when you've lost weight and feel as great about yourself as you deserve to, promise me you won't change into one of those vacuous, skinny wenches and that you'll stay the sweet, sensitive girl we've grown to love! :smug:

01-31-2005, 01:13 PM
I can relate to so many of the items on the lists here.

My top reasons for finally getting rid of this weight are (not necessarily in any order of importance)

1. my health (while I'm healthy now, keeping this weight on puts me at all sorts of risks, and I know that)

2. to do all the physical activities I *don't* even want to try to do at this weight (rollerblading, hiking, swimming, etc.)

3. to feel good about the clothes I'm in and to go shopping and enjoy it (no more shopping at larger size outlets)

4. to feel more comfortable socially

5. to have a better sense of self confidence

Apryl, I hope you don't mind me saying I was touched by your post. I was a heavy teenager and didn't want my senior picture taken. I spent a lot of years beating myself up because I thought I was so ugly because I was heavy. I just wanted to say to you that your worth and beauty as a person are not determined by your body size. When I was a teenager, and into my 20s, I felt like my looks meant *everything*. Now, I feel like I wasted a lot of my time and suffered so much more than I needed to with that type of thinking. It's mixing up body image with self image. I know these are things you need to discover for yourself, I hope you take this note, and jillegal's note, as seeds of truth that will grow into that self knowledge for you.

01-31-2005, 10:33 PM
1. I want to be healthy and live long.
2. Back pain and knee pain.
3. I want to go to the movies or football game and not have to worry about someone sitting beside me and I'm taking up to much space.
4. Bluntly put but sex is much better the smaller you get. LOL
5. Just to be a normal person and not think that when someone laughs that they are laughing at me.
6. I want to make goal so I can be an inspiration to others and help them lose weight. Maybe that is why I am so heavy. Maybe God wants me to help others. It's hard to help others if you have not experienced the same pain.

01-31-2005, 11:51 PM
:D:D:D:D:D Thank you! That really means a lot to me, thanks Jill! And thank you too, Marge. I feel very special. :D

I've been doing so well, lately... I can't WAIT for Sr. pictures. :) AND Sweeties. ;)

02-01-2005, 10:34 AM
More reasons I want to lose weight ...

1) To not feel embarassed when i am out with my husband ... they look at him then they look at me and wonder ...

2) To get pregnant and have LOTS of kids

3) To be able to wear jeans ...to buy clothes that don't have elastic waists.

4) To not be the "fattest" friend of the bunch

5) To get re married to my husband and wear a nice wedding dress off the rack

I have kicked it into hig gear as of today .. I have been neglecting my diet as of late ... but today is a new day for me!!!

02-01-2005, 12:53 PM
I've been doing so well, lately... I can't WAIT for Sr. pictures. :) AND Sweeties. ;)

Very cool. Havy a GREAT time :)

02-02-2005, 10:17 AM
Oh and one more thing .... to look DAMN SEXY on my next Caribbean vacation!

02-03-2005, 02:28 PM
Chin up, girl! I promise the guys in college will treat you better than the ones in high school! I am 22 and just graduated from college about a year ago and have been obese for pretty much my whole life, so I TOTALLY know how you feel. Hang in there...when you're in the pits, there nowhere to go but up!

I'm new to this site, but this is a great motivation idea! I definitely have a TON of reasons to want to lose the extra 156 pounds, and they are (in no particular order):
1.) To be one person instead of two! I know I have a TON of personality, but that does not mean I have to weigh a TON!

2.) To be healthy--steear clear of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

3.) To not stand in line for a roller coaster and watch all of the people getting off the ride to see if any of them are as big as me and still fit in the restraints.

4.) To be able to audition for American Idol someday (I am 22, so I have 6 more chances) without the fear of being singled out as the fat one. If not American Idol, to at least be able to join a band or do some live performing--I love to sing!

5.) To not be afraid I will break my boyfriend in half if I am on top (ya'll know what I'm talking about).

6.) To be healthy so I can start a family in the next few years--I hope to have at least 4 healthy children in the future!

7.) To look good in a wedding dress when that special someone and that special day finally come around (crossing my fingers that my current love is the love of my LIFE).

8.) To not feel inferior when I go on job interviews, especially if the interviewer is either a man or a super-skinny, beautiful woman.

9.) To not have to buy the more expensive scale at WalMart because the cheaper ones ONLY go up to 300 pounds (just happened a few weeks ago--had to spring for the one that goes up to 330 since I was at 310 at the time).

10.) To be able to flaunt my success to my high school classmates, my family, my coworkers, my college friends, my boyfriend, that guy over there, strangers on the street...

11.) To NOT be the biggest woman in my sister's wedding party (her boyfriend told me he is going to propose soon!).

12.) To be able to buy those cute underwear that are like $2 cheaper in normal sizes than in plus sizes (honestly, is it really an additional $2 worth of material?!).

13.) To be able to shop the clearance racks at normal stores where my friends can buy really cute jeans for like $7--plus size clothing is so much more expensive!!

14.) So I can LIVE MY LIFE as the young, vibrant person I am without fear of being laughed at or talked about behind my back (yes, women of ALL sizes get talked about behind their backs, we all know this, but at least it could be for a fun sexual scandal or something exciting other than my weight--if they're gonna talk about me, I it could at least be juicy!).

15.) So I can go out and do things other than sit here and write...I'll save you all the trouble of telling me to shut up and just cut it off now :^: