Support Groups - Around the world with (at least 10) friendly Chicks #5

01-19-2005, 03:41 PM
Welcome to the new house. It was getting a little crowded in the old one - again - so time to get a new home.

Hope you all manage to find your way here and settle in comfortably. For those lurking around the fringes of the lake come on in, we are a bunch of very good friends doing our best for global harmony and fun. Our mission is to rid the earth of a few more pounds of flab. We love a new face - but be prepared to answer questions !! :dizzy: So from the far reaches of Scotland and England, Canada, through the USA and down to the lands downunder welcome one and all.

See you all at the new place. Should be home around 5.30pm, have the coffee pot on :coffee:

01-19-2005, 07:10 PM
Beautiful new home Shad. It looks like Northern Ontario.
I have had a good day food and otherwise. Still feeling sorta tired and hormonal.
I have TOPs tonight followed by some lovely cheese and crackers. I will stop at the store before coming home.
Have a wondeful evening/morning!

01-19-2005, 09:16 PM
good evenoing and welcome all to our new hame och noo see that one hint oh a loch and i gae all highland
ive provided the view across the loch and a wee pal to pipe us in

01-19-2005, 10:06 PM
Stopped in to do some gardening.

01-20-2005, 01:34 AM
Evenin' chickies,

Sorry I haven't been posting. We only have DH's computer running at home and for some reason it keeps dropping my login here so I try to post and keep getting knocked out. And the controls are so tight at the office that I can't even get to this site from my work computer. We should be all moved in, unpacked and set up by the end of the second week on February where I hope to rejoin you on a regular basis again.

I am doing fairly well with my challenge which is some basic exercises nightly, focusing on getting more water in and eating smaller portion sizes. Not perfect but doing much better at re-establishing much needed routines again.

Congrats to those of you who have stuck to your challenges and hat's off to those of you who have nudged the scale in a downwards direction. Can you believe January is almost over ALREADY????

Thanks for the new digs Shad and all the decorations and sprucing you ladies have done. It's a fine, fine place we have here - lots of room to spread out, join together or just go for a nice stroll. I can close my eyes and smell the fresh pine and the water. Deeeee-lightful! Catch up with you all soon, take care....

a broad abroad
01-20-2005, 04:27 AM
Hi Ladies,

I've seen your thread(s) before and lurked a few times and now would like to hang around for a while. Have room for one more?

Here's a quick intro: I'm a Yankee currently living in Germany with DH and a dog. I'm 40 and losing weight with the South Beach approach plus walking.

For motivation and encouragement, I like to come to 3FC and watch the current weight loss shows like Dietbusters, The A-List Diet, Slimming Club and whatever else Sky Digital decides to show.

I guess that's the short of it!

ta ta

PS - my real name is Gigi

01-20-2005, 05:41 AM
Welcome Gigi, always room for one more. Hang around and get to know us. We don't have anyone in Europe now apart from our Brits (who will probably say they are not from Europe anyway and Linus will probably hang me for calling her a Brit when she is Scots.) We are into dogs in this place, Roseblush has one, so does Teel, Linus has two. I used to have two, then one and now none. That was my best friend up there in my avatar.
Where abouts in Germany is GRITS - is it a place or a feeling?? I've not been to Germany yet, will get there one day.

Another busy day today. The 'boys' were away on a train the trainer course and I got rid of the other two boarders in the office. When they got back, and they found out that the other two had gone, they were cheering and dancing in the donga! Apparently they didn't get on too well with the female of the pair who thought she should be their supervisor. According to the 'boys' she's got less people skills than the halloween pumpkin. I didn't think anyone could have less skills than that. Guess I'm lucky that they took to me okay. They think I am great at keeping the powers that be off their backs and looking after their daily needs - office wise speaking that is. Personally I think it is the other way round. I ask for something and it comes pouring into my desk. Guess we are just comfortable together hey. Still no word on how long the contract will be extended. I'll just hang in there with it. At least I got paid today. That was nice and necessary. 4 weeks in one go.

Glad to see Holly and Linus have been at the garden and view already. Which loch are we looking at Linus. They are all so pretty. Maybe if you sat on my head and bounced I might admit that Scotland is more beautiful than New Zealand however you will never get me to say that your mountains are higher.

So our new home is in Northern Ontario is it Holly? Well that's okay by me, in the summer anyway. You are doing well on your challenge. I'm afraid I have basically forgotten mine for this week. I haven't eaten badly but today is the first time ever I have let myself talk myself out of going to the gym. That means either 2 sessions on Saturday or going Sunday as well and not having a rest day.

Happy, good to hear from you. I'm happy when you log in and find your way back to us cos that means that the SAPmonster has got you yet. I spent a long time today trying to find something that I haven't used for years. I still haven't found it but my mentor buddy says it is there. There's a program in there called LSMW, it comes free with SAP and it is an upload program. They've hidden it from me. Naughty, naughty SAP.

I hope Mel, Rose, Meadow, Teel, Tig, Diane and Suzi can find their way to our happy new home soon although I wonder if Tig has run off the edge of the sea. Maybe she is just busy or travelling with the job again.

Anyway, I had better go and look at what is going on in my kitchen. I'm cooking pumpkin soup. It smells good and is probably close to ready for pulverising and pureeing. I'll catch up tomorrow.

01-20-2005, 06:37 AM
:o sorry should have said its bonny loch lomond :o would have put loch ness but then we would have ended up with some strange people looking for nessie :rofl: and i mean im strange enough :crazy: :rofl: :rofl: WELCOME GIGI my son was in germany last year then passed through lots of other places on the way back and said that the germans are the nicest :high: glad you came and joined us and doggie is welcome too we love to gossip and look after one another and very rare these days we actually care so :gossip: hope youll feel like staying and youll soon meet the rest of us at some point
right ladies im only here for a wee bit have to go and take the doggies ofr there promised walk
bye for now

01-20-2005, 10:30 AM
Linus~ you can gae all highland any time you want.I love Loch Lomond. Had a picnic on its shores once.
Shad~ I am not sure I am doing all that well on the challenge. The food has been good. I have not done the weights this week. I have been doing yoga though. Helps with the PMS stuff. I didn't have my cheese party last night. I was so tired. I had a handful of Fritos( naughty) and went to bed. Only ski nuts go to Northern Ont this time of year. I wait til August!!
Gigi~ I want to change my name to Gigi.What a fantastic name. I have German connections too. My Mom was born there. Came to Canada in '54.We still have relatives in the former East and West.I have been when I was younger. Where abouts are you?
Best wishes on your diet/exercise plan. Nice to meet you!
Happy~ nice to see you too!! Glad you are finding your groove in the new home.

It was a ho hum morning here with lots of the usual. I am taking DS for a holistic treatment this aft.Our book club meets for the first time tonight to sort out, when ,where ,how..... I am curious about who will be there.
I am off to shower while the babe is napping. The girls are into playdough.
Have a glorious day!!!

01-20-2005, 12:47 PM
Oh well and I thought it was going to be a day of miracles... 1 has occurred as you will see at the end! I have the bottom of the ticker page back :smug: where it should be!!! But alas, the smilie link is not working. I forgot to tell the computer man about that earlier!!
He spent about 3 hrs here earlier, sat in this seat :comp: and has changed my web browser to Firefox...welll done to Linus for the suggesting as to which direction to go in!! So finally I have a ticker to play with. Let's just hope the numbers can be altered week bt week as well...It looks quite different to the usual. A lot brighter and more clarity. Seems to be rather on the slow side though.....:snail:
It has been a really busy day here today....very grey and miserable. The computer man turned up very late :rollpin: and was still here and at his task when the gas inspector man turned up..also late :rollpin: The latter had left before the first man! I told him (Linus, what a good girl I am!) that the electicians had only removed two out of the four plugs that are now obsolete from the redundant storage heaters so he said he would send them back to complete the job. :coach:
The gas man phoned from his mobile before he arrived and said that due to there being no St Peter's Way (where I live) on his map, could he give me directions.....ho hum!!! And then none of us heard him knocking...neither the computer man, Holly, nor he rang again and said he was standing at the front door and would I mind letting him in!!! :lol: :devil: Honestly, weeks and weeks go by with not a male in sight and now I have had 4 in the house in less than 10 days... :lucky:
SHAD thank you for getting us into our new home. I windered why I could'nt find you all. Thought I must be losing even more of my already addled brain..:stress:
Welcome to GIGI...but bad girl you for only lurking and not jumping in to the lake before now! My brother used to work in Stuttgart, also Munich and Frankfurt before emigrating to New Zealand where he has now been for 17 years or so, I love all things Austrain and Swiss and German. My neighbour and I spent a week in Salzburg last summer...LAST SUMMER? It seems an absolute age ago now. My neighbour's husband's family is half German and they were stationed out in...(oh humhph! Somewhere beginning with a K that now has its own airport!) so they are always popping over to see friends and rellies. I just love all things Germanic. OH!!Kavadore! That doesn't look as you should spell it but its something along those lines... :dizzy:
HAPPY how are you settling in with the varoius tasks associated with moving lock stock and almost barrell? :coffee: Have lots of hot mugs of tea and coffee and try not to overdo things. Rome wasn't built in a day, so I am told!! :drill:
LINUS I will ring you tonight and we can put the world right together. :blah: :blah: :blah: It loks like we may have a few flurries of snow over the weekend. I REALLY ought to get some shopping in before then...although tomorrow is not going to be a good say as I have a Diabetic Eye Screening in the morning. After this I won't be able to focus on anything for 2 or 3 hrs. Here's praying for a gloomy day and NO bright sunshine!! Sorry, but rain would be good for tomorrow morning!! :rain: :rain: :o
Ok thats enough from me!!
Hellos to everyone else I should have MEL and TIG and ROSEBLUSH and CANDLELADY and not least of all MEADOW. Take good care of yourselves. Be warm if you need to be and be safe!!!

01-20-2005, 03:21 PM
Gosh I just found you and posted on the other big deal I was just b*****ing anyway...... wow we are off to a great start...welcome to gigi..... I will be back later today to report on the end of my most frustrating day of....
Thanks shad.........

a broad abroad
01-20-2005, 04:06 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. It's great to be here with such a nice group. Sorry I forgot to mention where in Germany I am, OOPS! We live in Wuerzburg, in northern Bavaria. Its about an hour at autobahn speed from Frankfurt. A little more info if you're interested: From 1996 - 1999, we also lived in Heidelberg and Stuttgart, Germany. In 2000 we lived in Mons, Belgium. From 2001 to 2004 we were back in South Carolina, and early last year we made our way back to Germany, all the while with our furkid, Pancho. We got him from the German animal shelter in 1998 when he was one year old. He'll be 8 in March. I put his picture in my avatar.

The GRITS in my tagline is really a play on words. GRITS as an acronym means "girl raised in the south" as in the southern USA. I'm from South Carolina. BUT, grits are also a food, found mostly in the - you guessed it - southern USA. They are made from corn somehow and look rather like polenta or crushed rice and they are white. I like them but you have to have a lot of practice to cook them just right and they are too high calorie so I never keep any at home. They're especially good with plenty of butter, salt & pepper, .........gravy,............ cheese.....................

01-20-2005, 04:50 PM
good evening one and all {and the lurkers} how are we all this evening ? good i hope ,well im still sore but then its still freezing cold here supposed to get to -4 through the night so thermal jammies and slippersocks goodness wont i look atractive :fr: :censored: :rofl: how will dh hope to resist me :rofl: :rofl: right where to start my diet has been good today toast and low calorie pate ,buttered roll for lunch,grilled steak and boiled new potatoes for tea no sweets and no crisps and ive done my weights every night and the dogs got an extra walk today to make up for yesterday :coach: :coach:
SHAD if i sat on your head and bounced you wouldnt have to worry about work ever again or anything else for that matter :crazy: :rofl: :rofl: :sumo: glad to hear your "boys" are being good to you i think everybody appreciates someone who can actually deliver what they promise and who can get the boarders to go!!!!!!
GIGI the pooch is lovely whats his {?} name sorry if its a she he looks like hes got some setter in there i have a collie cross and a canine dynamo staffie pains and spoilt brats but wouldnt be without them :love: :love:
MEL havent got to that drawer yet did my computer desk and paperwork instead but will get to the drawer tonight {maybe} hope your good and behaving yourself :devil:
TEEL glad i knew all those men were coming to vist or id worry about you :rofl: :rofl: only invite the ones that are of use to you and leave again when they are done good luck at the hospital tomorrow and ill phone you tomorrow night and so glad your standing up for yourself :cheer: :cheer: :blah: :rollpin: :mag: :dance:
ROSE ill go to the other thread and read up on what youve been doing ! whos been agrivating you ?stessful day?? come and tell auntie kirsty and shell make it all better or ill shout at them for you :rofl:
HOLLY how was the book club??? did you actually get any peace and quiet i juat need to mention PMS to my lot and they dont come near me for a week :rofl: :rofl:
HAPPY ill get you to send me your new addy when you move in ive got a welcome to your new house card for you and dh enjoy the unpacking {sorry} and hope you are all settled soon and that youll have even better fun developing the new garden
MEADOW have we lost you on the other thread???? hope you find us soon
TIG have the old dears kidnapped dh ???? have you done a forrest gump and decieded to run for three years to see "where you get to"
CANDLE hows the kiddies ? is dh home yet? how is your nephew now ?better i hope
SUZI hows you luv?? you have to let me know how the kids are still off school ? they have had loads of holidays
SHAKER have you popped off again ?? speak soon i hope ??
right ladies i havent done my weights yet so im off to go and do them and listen to some rock chicks and ill speak to you all later

01-20-2005, 04:56 PM
went back to our old home and thought id pop back ROSE give her a sly kick in the pants and yes it right the first time "kirsty" MEADOW you are psychic i have that same cartoon stuck to the fridge my mumgot it for me hope you find your way here

01-20-2005, 06:09 PM
Fabulous we are on a lake! I've always wanted to try windsurfing :D LOL

Linus, I told you that there was something about you that spoke to the blood of my Scotish ancestors, fancy your mom finding the same pic?! Omh, you are drinking hot tea and have something crunchie with it... omh...

Shad-you have carved a niche for yourself in the new job environment, the fixer, the boss diverter, the one that fits the people mix. How does it feel? To be accepted so completely that they are telling you all about who isn't :dizzy: Don't you love office politics? I remember... :p Now I just have children to abuse me and take me for granted :dizzy:

Rose-jeepers, your credit card thing must be a headache, I hope they fixed the weird charges and you were able to find out how they got on there. Hugs again for the angst of your coworker of little consequence, perhaps she will shape up. Fingers crossed.

Teel-Any more miracles today? I have a huge new Antonio wallpaper picture I could post to test out your new server with, shall I? :p Okay, I won't. Only links :lol:
Antonio Wallpaper (

Holly-How are the kids today, who is winning? Did your headache ease any? The new Apprentice is on tonight, are you going to watch. I am addicted to that program. "A" type personalities intrigue me, I am so far away from that kind of ambition, it is like watching sports :p

Happy-Cool, by the end of next month!! I'm so excited for you. A new house to decorate and enjoy and I'm sure the weight lifted off your shoulders once you don't have those noisy neighbours to content with will be a blissful addition ;)

Welcome to the world thread Gigi:wave: One of my best online buddies is from Germany, we talk on Yahoo all the time, she speaks English and we both love Antonio Banderas, glad you are here. Happy2BeMe, one of our regulars here, has just moved down to the southern US, maybe you can give her some tips on how to fit in as you are a Southern Belle yourself ;)

So where have the other gone? Mel did the carpet guys kidnap you? Diane have you been overrun by the grand children? Tig stop running for a minute and check in. Suzi how hot is it? Are you on the lounger and have no time for us cold winter folk?

suzi in auz
01-20-2005, 06:29 PM
What a lovely place you have created once again Shad...thank you :) . There is always a wonderful welcoming feeling here. The house looks stunning.
I have to make this quick as I still have 10 teenagers in the house! DH had his birthday party and all was well. Actually these kids were great, he has a neat set of friends but everyone is a little tired, including Mummy. The house looks like a bomb has hit it and I don't think i will talk to DS for the rest of the day. He's a tad tired too. He will just need his teenage space.
I was proud of myself. I didn't pig out. DH ordered a gourmet Pizza for us, which was ok but I think my tum really doesn't like the higher fats. I resisted the chooie cake ( which is saying something from a chocoholic!)
I kinda feel like the picture that meadow put up yesterday. Infact are you sure you didn't sneak in and take it?
Welcome Gigi ( lovely name by the way) How interesting living in Germany. WE have a few ex pats here. I'm a kiwi living in Australia and so is shad .
Kirsty you are such the tidy queen. I think Mel needs to share her crown. Please come to my house next. I was looking on our cupboards the other day and though ...oh uh these need a sort and anyway it's always a great excuse to go to the sales, yes the kiddies are off til Jan ..end of. It's our Summer break and so they have 6 weeks total. We are all kinda glad when school starts but then I miss them! ...go figure. I better go shower or the parents of this lot are going to get a shock..toodles for now and catch you all later ...have wonderful days

suzi in auz
01-20-2005, 06:31 PM
Not DH DS....oh boy I am tired :P

01-20-2005, 11:32 PM
I did a long post last week but then it got gobbled up by the amazing popup post killers. And then I just ran out of time to spend online. :grrr

We ran the Winter Blast 5K last Saturday and I came in second in my age group and came home with a nice trophy and another t-shirt. This shirt is long-sleeved and green. Very cool. :cool: :dance: That race was the first 5K race that we ran one year ago. Our first race-iversary. It is a beautiful run along the river. I was hoping to run the whole race, but got worn down by a strong head wind. I did run over 2 miles before I stopped to walk a bit. I ran more than I walked. I did my best - ALWAYS my goal! :encore:

Work has been horribly horrible. I'm the technical project manager - we had a stress test scheduled last weekend but had to postpone to this weekend because of all the problems, of course none of the problems have been resolved but the boys are ****-bent for leather to get this test over with. Talk about stress! :rofl: I told them we could save our time and just declare it a failure since that is what they are going to say anyway. (Is there a Jerks emoticon somewhere?) :censored:

Dearest Hubster's elderly aunt died and he is leaving early this Sunday morning for DC for her funeral. He'll be home Tuesday afternoon. We bought him a new suit because the last suit that he wore belonged to our youngest son and turns out is two sizes larger than the suit we bought for him. He tried to claim the old suit wasn't that bad. :faint:

I need to go back and read to catch up. Any more risquť comments I should look for?? Please highlight in red and bold, please. :rofl:

I've been faithful with the arm weights and journaling. My next attack will be for four days of treadmill time or running a week. :tread:

Hello to all! :wave:

01-21-2005, 02:49 AM
Good Lord, page 2 already. I'm going to make this short because we have a big storm on the way. It's hot - nearly 40 degrees C in my yard at the moment. This dirty big black cloud is coming in from the south and I can hear the rumbles in the distance.
My challenge went to pot. My point system is very basic, 1 point per activity per day. Therefore max points = 14. My results are:

Extra exercise = 0
No bread no cheese = 5.

Errrrgggh Shad - you'll have to do better than that.

Been haranguing the boys today. We've been running through training packages and finding all the gaps, finding where they have tried to cut corners, finding where they have forgotten to do things, finding where they have made assumptions. Never assume - it makes an *** out of u and me every time. More harassment on Monday - they will want to get rid of me shortly I am sure.

Been down and got the shopping already. Now I'm off to do the housework so I don't have anything to do in that line tomorrow. I feel like a day off.

Anyway, the thunder is getting closer. I'm off. I'll catch up either later tonight or tomorrow morning.


01-21-2005, 04:12 AM

Hi there ....... just dropped into your new home to have a nosey around and to see if MEL has turned up yet. Nice place you have picked Shad ...... better than ours ..... I am jealous! :coffee:
I brought along some fruit etc., as a gift for all of you and if you just open it before I go I will take home the chocolates & champagne as you lot are all off them .... RIGHT??
I hope MEL finds her way here soon.

Take Care


01-21-2005, 05:42 AM
Nice fruit Anne. Nice of you to drop in too. Come back and chat anytime. You'll be very welcome.

Mel has not turned up yet. It worries me a little, but I will probably try to ring her in the morning and see where she is at.

01-21-2005, 08:29 AM
Where is our Miss Mel?????? Come over to the new thread my dear we are waiting and this thing is busy....... but it is never the same when you are not here to cheer us on!!!!
Welcome to everyone who has decide to pop in and say hi.... please stay a while and join in our efforts to be big losers!!!!!! It is so fun here the ladies are terrific and we cover a bit of the world and meet here to share a piece of our own worlds with one another! :coffee:
Ok Shad so let me see if I understand this system..... you are using one point a day for good eating and one point a day possible when exercise is met? Is that right? I like that ..... simple but easy....what day of the week do you want the challenge to run from? I am determined to make this next week better........ so I want the challenge to continue........
I never got any exercising done and I can't sleep tonight...... tomorrow should be very interesting... I think my boss is going to speak to the new girl and we shall see.... I don't think she even has a clue how frustrated we are with her..... she isn't exactly bringing a good positive attitude to the office. She is starting to drain the energy.
Shad I hope your programs get worked out and it is so true about thinking you can cut corners.,..... it never works that way.
Kirsty I did spell you name will forgive won't you???? :( I do hope you are feeling better and able to do some walking when weather permits with the dogs.... try not to overdo on the days you do feel good!
Everyone have a great day...... watch those calories and move those bods!!! :lol:

01-21-2005, 08:55 AM
We've been running it from Saturday to Friday 'Nae, so if you want to join in, think up some goals for next week and I will add them to my siggy. That way you don't forget what you need to do.
My 'boys' are enthusiastic, I'll say that for them. They are not trainers, don't think like trainers and it is typical of companies today to fish out a bunch of good blokes and stick them in the job and say you can train the mobs. They tend to think that professional trainers are too expensive, and don't know the business, but they would get a lot more out of training if they just thought about the knowledge trainers accrue and used them to get the best out of the company people. I'm not saying I should do the training, I'm saying that it would be beneficial for people like me to be there to ensure that the guys stay on track, stay focussed and discuss that which is on the agenda.

Arrggh I bet get off here and go to bed. I've just been watching the tennis and keeping an eye on the storm out there. It's coming in cells and I can hear thunder rolling in again. See ya

01-21-2005, 10:24 AM
Shad~ OMG!! I love the new place and the others have done wonders decorating it!! On the job are a special and honest person and I am glad the "lads" recognize that and treat you well! Lovely to get some respect!!! Hope tis one lasts very long!!! This week was a washout for eDiet food and the exercise too. Really got too sidetracked for words.

Holly~ Hope the hormones go and bother someone else this weekend!!! (((((HUGS))))) I haven't been good this week either with the challenge!

Nae~ found you on the last page cause I had the email prompt tpo follow! LOL Hope the girl can wise up a bit!!! Who does she think she is?! We'll sic Kirsty on her and she'll set things to rights!!! Hope she can learn before the axe comes. Not nice for you at all to be getting sassed back to. ((((HUGS))))) Thanks for the note! I would have missed our new home!

Kirsty! I think we need to fly you out to handle Nae's PIA!(pain in the azz) She has no idea who she's fooling around with! :rofl:
Hope the boys are keeping out of trouble and you are feeling fine!
I can't imagine the DH resisting you no matter WHAT YOU WEAR! :lol3: :lol3:

Gigi~ :wave: Hello and a late welcome!!! You'll love it here I'm sure. I'll be singing that song from the musical all day now!!
I think I read you somewhere cause I know the name.......wait a minute...OH YES!!! On the SBD forums!!! When I gave that diet a try, I saw you there. Hello again then! LOL

Meadow~ I was starting to feel like a prisoner! LOL But got released yesterday!!! I actually stayed out almost all day!!! Starved for company! Hope Antonio loves our new abode and doesn't mind our moving about all the time! :rofl: Glad the legs feel better!! You really went to town with that exercise! LOL

Teel~ Glad the pc is up and running. Is it the same one or another. I seem to have missed something along the way!
How nice to have 4 men in 10 days! Want I should send the rug men too?! Not bad looking! Very polite too!! Hope you are feeling good too. Love your sun siggie. How close you are to your goal too! I had no idea. Guess I haven't been paying attention enough! :rofl:

Happy~ Loved to see you here. Maybe it's just as good you can't log on at work. I once did that and forgot to log day I found someone reading!! Some people can be very sneaky. I should have used my OWN aol but I used another. Bad choice on my part but I had no idea things were tracable! LOL Hope you get your new house soon and can get settled in! Fingers crossed and thinking of you both! ((((((HUGS)))))

Hope I forgot no one!!! We keep losing people! My situation here is forcing me to cut back on computer time. I find myself swamped at times and I have even had to ask for help myself. Very difficult thing to admit...needing help. Some nights I am not finished till almost 10 and a few even later. My conscience will not let me leave Clara to her own defenses either. We were friends for a long time now and she would do the same for me or Jen for that matter. On days when I have to shop or go to the mall, I won't be posting or journaling. I come home and try to catch up but I haven't got the energy anymore. This year my goal is to learn moderation if it kills me:rofl: Something has to give here or else I will pay the ultimate price. I've been in denial for soooo long that the truth now hurts. But this is just something I have to finally face. Super Woman is dead and gone and I will have to LEARN, and more importantly, LIKE being just MEL! :cb:
She's not really a bad a little slow and boring:lol:
Your support here has made it even easier for the transition. I think you know ME better than I know MYSELF! Thanks for the caring and your comments have REALLY helped me to find what is good for me instead of just others. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
Hope the day is a great one and you all have a wonderful weekend.

01-21-2005, 10:39 AM
I missed the whole second page!! :rofl:
Hello to our missing Tig!!!! I will try and think of some new smut and post it in red so you cannot miss it!! Linus is going to be our resident "tart" Not sure exactly what that is?! :rofl: could even be apple or peach!!

So surprised to find Miss Mooz too! Hope you make it here more often than just "popping in"!!! :rofl:

Suzi~ Hope the boys left you with some shreds of your sanity!

SHAD~ I only got 2 points for the one day! :rofl: I will havbe to polish the crown and get the tarnish off so the next winner can put it on their head!!! Hopefully at a much less rakish angle than I wore mine!!! :rofl:

01-21-2005, 11:40 AM
:( Well I am sitting here very blurry but I can just about see what I am up to so forgive any major spelling mistakes. I went to eye clinic a Diabetic I have my eyes photographed after having drops inserted every year...boy I am sure it comes round quicker and quicker every time!! :lol: Then you are blurry for about 6 hrs to follow. Headache as well. :headache: :tired: to this I add terrible involuntary muscle spasms in both hands which I find quite alarming as every so often I suddenly do an enormous spasm and end up throwing a mug of hot something or other all over me... :censored:
AND I have had a few teething troubles with Mozilla Firefox. It couldn't find any of the pages in my bookmarks and favourites and my e~mail wasn't recieving anything either. I shut the whole thing down and after a few times it came up and I have no problems yet!! :stress: :chin: :crossed:

MEL my friend I am NO where near my final target. That one that you see is just an interim one that I feel I might reach in the next decade or so!! I think if you added another 36lbs or so you might be nearer the real one!! So please do not polish my halo just yet!! :dizzy: :o

ANNE lovely to see you drop in to our new home..thank you so much for the lovely basket of fruit!! Very thoughtful..How's the weather in your neck of the woods right now? Here in Suffolk it is very cold and windy and we are almost promised snow over the weekend. I do hope it is not much although now I have gas central heating installed I am nice and cosy... :smug:

HAPPY I bet you are looking well forward to the weekend and you can stop at least one part of your new life..the work bit! Although you must still have loads of sorting out to do at home. How's it looking now?I wish we all lived a lot nearer and we could all roll up and give you a hand...or would that be more of a hindrance? I could at least make pints and oints of tea and coffee and keep the sandwich supplies coming!! Low fat fillings of course... :hungry: :corn: and organise the troops... :coach: :coach: :drill: :drill:
LINUS how are you is that sore back of yours? Any plans for the weekend? Apart from getting snowed under, of course! :sman:
Well I think that's all I can manage for now so I'll disappear off and let someone else get in the sand pit... :devil: :D
Take care and keep safe....

01-21-2005, 12:33 PM
I had flashes of social anxiety last night. I wrote in the journals about it if you are interested.
The Book Club's first meeting was excellent. I was excited and thrilled.
8 people showed up. 1 man. I knew 1 woman from church the rest were strangers. I was the youngest by about 15 years. We brainstormed ideas of how to run it. We will meet once a month,all read the same book. We will take turns "hosting" the evening and providing a snack. We all threw out suggestions of titles or Authors and then put them all in a bowl. We picked 4 out for the next 4 months. Very cool.
Our first book for Feb is Fall on Your Knees- Anne Marie Mac Donald then Mar- Life of Pi- Yann Martel, Apr-Robertson Davies-your choice, May- No Great Mischief- Alistair McLeod.

I will meditate this aft at nap time.

3 kids here today.Had a good morning with my crew. DS has a special "boys day" Japanese style at school. Very excited. He ate his soup yesterday and the world didn't end. LOL.
DH is staying in London tonight to install a dishwasher, pick up car parts and visit with the guys. It will be nice. I am glad he is getting out more. In the beginning he still acted like a bachelor which was not okay. Then it was moderate social stuff and lately he is just hanging at home. I tried to get him to go out for pickup hockey with some of the other dads. At least he is seeing some friends more. Ya gotta have more than work and kids in your life!!

I am feeling better physically today. I usually dont have any pms at all except that I cry at tv commercials the day before, LOL. It's been more than a week of odd stuff going on. I will watch for it next month. I am fine today.

It's friday, wow. Not much going on. A late hockey game tomorrow. SS on sunday.
I still need to finish DH's books. I will putter at that. Nice.

Teel~ hope you feel better in the next while.
Nae~ Is today going better? What kind of work do you do?
Meadow~ is that you on the waterskis? What a refreshing pic. Remember summer?
Mooz~ nice basket and wine. Hope you will stay a while and partake with us!
Miss Mel~ It is so hard for doers not to do. It is an art to let go and relax and realize the limits of our body and mind. Deep breathing is a start.
Shad~ you are +40C and we are -36C. Want to meet in the middle some where? LOL! Hope you survive the storm. Have a wonderful, restful weekend.

Hello and hugs to everyone!

01-21-2005, 04:13 PM
Mel-yeah, you found your way back to us. You know we worry when you go missing. Good to hear you were out and about yesterday. Remember to "be" not seem. You are a terrific lady and I know you will find the balance to be able to manage all that comes flying at you.

Shad-are you wearing leather to the office while you are whipping these boys into shape? :rofl: It is cloudy and cold here, all the snow was rained away. The fact that you are sweating just sitting boggles my mind, I think we might get one month a year when that is possible :D

Tig-you are doing great on your goals! Treadmill running, that sounds dangerous though, be careful. How many t-shirts do you have? Do you wear them all or they more like trophies? Glad you zoomed in and updated us on your progress.

Holly-"No Great Mischief" was an excellent book, images that really stick with you. You book group sounds very cool, I hope everyone has a great experience doing this. Hugs for your up and down hormones. Step away from the chocolate :lol: or worse the salt will start its siren call and you will be making microwave popcorn with parmessan cheese and spices... wait, no that is me again :p

Teel-Eek! what kind of dye do they put in your eyes? Is it green? Do you look like an alien? I'm sorry you are in pain, the flying hot liquids scares me and I have a computer to block the toss, hope you aren't burnt. I don't know what to say except I hope things improve. A hot cup of tea is a thing to savour not fear, maybe you should start drinking things through straws and not pick them up when the spasms are visiting.

Rose-I think Shad's points program sounds easy and will implement it for my stuff too. So far exercise 4 and sweet avoidance 1 :dizzy: Your coworker is going to get the boot isn't she? From what you have said she is going down. Hope the newer person isn't a mouthpiece and incorporates better into your company.

Suzi-summer break, that sounds so funny to hear in January :^: Are you kidding, that picture was of me :p I guess we all have those yucky mornings sometimes. Great job on resisting the cake, I would have been in there with a fork for sure ;)

:waves:hey Anne, thank you for coming into the new space and visiting. Lovely fruit and wine, I'll drink the wine, I'm not that good ;) :D probably the chocolate too.

01-21-2005, 04:57 PM
Teel~ so sorry to hear about the eyes! I know the feeling myself. Hope you and they feel better soon. I have to have it done in March! Had a goiggle at your goal for the next DECADE!!! :rofl: I think it's a great idea and may steal that! LOL I hope to lose 5 lbs by this Xmas!!! We can celebrate together!!!

Holly~ I will send you a copy of my journal. It should make great reading for your group one month during this year! :rofl: :rofl: I have thought about you since this morning's journal. wish I knew what to say but no magic words have come to mind. Just sending more hugs((((((HOLLY))))))) and just be YOURSELF!! if it's good enough for you and I's good enough for them!!! :wave:

Lorraine~Thanks for the caring. Just wish I could get this done as I'm sick of hearing it myself! :lol3: Still getting ready to try any lunges? Or are they off limits for awhile? I see the no sugar/upper body in the siggie.

Jen came again for a visit. Don't know how I am supposed to get anything done with her here!:faint: :rofl: Next time I am going to put an apron on her and put her to work! She is helping Clara today so it's giving me a 3 day weekend. Still in my flannel nightie and enjoying the day "off".
I think the most strenuous thing I will do is play SweetTooth on Pogo Games!!!! LOL See ya tomorrow. TTTT!!:wave:

01-21-2005, 05:01 PM
Just sitting here thinking about my to do list. Mostly bathroom stuff today. A bit more tiling, a bit of marking up and cutting out where the cabinet is to go and a bit of plumbing work to be done. So close to being finished - just have to get up the impetus to get it all done. The new light fitting won't go in until I have several bits for the electrician to do. No point in getting him in for one job and then having to get him back for another and another. He charges enough as it is.

The weekend is stretching ahead of me. The only thing in the way of housework is to change my bed and mop the floors.

The storms have passed for the time being and it is just drizzling with rain out there. Good for the plants. I see my lettuces have taken off and as yet nothing has found them to eat them. Maybe I am speaking too soon, but usually the slugs and snails get them as fast as I plant them. Maybe Percy is back down the bottom of the garden. I should go check it out. Everyone else has fairies at the bottom of the garden, I have a bearded dragon named Percy who looks as old as the hills and is still quite young according to the Park Ranger who should know about these things. Iíll have to see if I can find my picture of Percy. I did take one some years ago. Why did I think about Percy??? Well he loves slugs and snails. They are his desserts. He seems to arrive in the garden in the summer when the slugs and snails are making tracks over the patio and paths and disappears come Autumn to some place else. He helps to keep the place biologically clean - I try to keep my garden free of pesticides and poisons, so Percy stays happily in his pipe down the back, but doesnít venture next door where the neighbour sprays the weeds and the aphids and the black spot and uses chemical fertilisers and then wonders why my roses do better than his. Mine are apparently neglected and cause his to have black spot and fungal diseases. Care Factor - ohhh about 5%

Enough waffling. I need to go get dressed and get on with the day. Double time at the gym today - weights and the usual body balance class. That will teach me to go goofing off on Thursday.

01-21-2005, 05:03 PM
Now I know why I couldn't reach Mel on the phone. She is here on the threads. I see her egg is lit.

01-21-2005, 05:25 PM
evening kids
welcome to mooz tlle says you normally journal but i only started to read them two days ago so please forgive me .Well ladies its COLD DAMN COLD here :sman: its -4 and snow called for but its already icing up my body doesnt like the cold at all i creak in places i didnt know could creak :o :o :rofl: never got much done today at all still not got that drawer done dh was building a pc all day and we only took it to its new home at 6.30pm so never had the chance Ive had a good week with the challenge stuck to the no sweets and crisps all week and the weights were six for seven and the dogs the same six for seven i will think of something for the new one by the end of the post {hopefully}
SHAD all men will cut corners i live with three who dont even know what a corner is !!!!!! :yikes: hope you get your lot sorted and youll have to see if you can find the pic of percy for me :)
MEL i need me time so im staying in tomorrow night to have some manicure and pedicure lovely hot shower with shea butter body scrub and lots of lotions and potions {god i watch to much harry potter :cheer: :wizard: } make jen work i do when i go to my mums {probably why i dont go very often :yikes:
HOLLY read the journal and left a comment for you i make dh go out on a saturday its the only time i get from him and as much as i love him i need one day to myself and also to get in the room and polish and hoover properly cant do that every day as his comp desk is in there which means so is he :nono:
MEADOW the only time youll find me being dragged along behind a boat is if i fall over board i like my water very warm
TIG glad your back sorry to hear about dh,s aunt good going on the run you absolutley amaze me
TEEL glad i spoke to you early my phone hasnt stopped since
ROSE the lady {old} across the road has called me sharon for 6 years now but i know who she means and the dogs have been well walked and very quickly too didnt know i could get round that feild so fast but its way too cold to hang about
right ladies my phone has just gone again sis is having a crisis so im off hi to anyone i missed and ill just keep the same goals this week as im enjoying them

suzi in auz
01-21-2005, 07:12 PM
Hi Shad I see your little light glowing away... I am not sure what happened just now. I was typing away and had written a whole page and then it vanished. I hate it when it happens.
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, your gardening sounds wonderful. I wish I had green dye for my thumbs but alas they are tainted brown! Thanks foe the tips on the challenge. YOu have been a busy pixie working those all out. I started mine yesterday and failed miserably. I had 2 glasses of wine after none all week and no walking, The only exercise I managed was a quick tidy up from the party and a aleep infront of Oprah nursing my 9 yr old DD who had fallen asleep.
Holly,I haven't read your journal yet but hugs your way. Your book club sounds superb. I have always wanted to join one. Reading is such a wonderful passion. Please
keep us reviewed on the books you are reading. I have just finished one and am desperate for another. You know that sad feeling when you come to the end. ?
Mel, Im so glad you made it, it's a wonderful new home. It's good to pace yourself my friend. I think we all need boundaries and it's so good to realise our limits. There are enough pressures around us, we don't need to place them on ourselves. You are such a giver...bless you

Linus..sending you some warmth. It's so hard to believe yout temps at the moment. i am sitting here with next to nothing on and boiling! You sound really focussed with your goals and I think someone deserves a crown!

Mooz thank you so much for the picnic basket.I am sneaking the chocolates because i couldn't bare to see you all eat them...oh where's the champers...LOL Isn't it a lovely place. i love to come and visit?

Teel, I hope your eyes feel better. I know the struggles that my DS has had with his eyes in the past. It's so hard then you can't see. He gets so frustrated at times and I know it's his vision

Meadow...summer break is fun. I love the feeling you can create even when hubby goes back to work that we are all still on vacation. I have still resisted that cake...I really can't believe I have...i had a little nibble of the icing

Meadow, I have those nights too when i can't sleep esp at the moment with the heat, at least you have a second home to come and snooze in for a while. The fire looks inviting too. Are we in winter here girls?

I hate it when the thread runs off the page.

Tig was that you that came second in your run I read it a page or two You are fantastic. I would love to run. I just need a new knee.

I really mustn't neglect anyone else too much longer. My DS is 13 today. He planned his celebrations perfectly with a party and a day inbween and then a family day with us. He still loves to spend time with us. My Mum called this DH was morning and I giggled , it was like listening to Billy Crystals Mum on City Slickers...I remember when....
The scary part is that could be me...I do remember when. I remember everything and it has all gone by so

I hope you all have wonderful days ...hi happy, hi candle lady, hi gigi...if I've left anyone out you are still in my thoughts.
Have wonderful days and we are off for the day

01-21-2005, 09:06 PM
We went to the beach this morning and ran for 40 minutes and I ran the entire time. :dance: I felt redeemed since I couldn't run the entire race last weekend. I'm reading Run Fast: How to Train for a 5K or 10K race by Hal Higdon. I've been keeping up with journaling and the weights and adding the "Race Training" will help me to keep up with the daily walking/running.

Suzi ~ happy birthday to your DS! It is amazing how fast the time goes! Hope you had a wonderful family day.

linus/kirsty/sharon ~ I can't believe how cold it is there! brrrrrr! I love snow, but only to look at in a picture. I loved reading about your sexy thermal jammies and slipper sox! Dearest Hubster loves the mountains and I love the beach. He says you can bundle up for the cold, but I claim pulling off clothes is more fun. :flame:

shad ~ I admire your staying after the fellas to get the job done right. You definitely have a rare skill! And thanks for once again giving us a new home. I love moving especially a move that doesn't involve boxes or cleaning!

Rose ~ I hope everything gets straightened out with the new girl. If she can adjust to the group she may turn out to be fine - ya never know. If she can't, then adios, muchacha!

Mel ~ I'm so proud of you for taking those steps for MissMelly time. OH LOOK WHAT I JUST CALLED MEL!!! :o :yikes: Well, I suppose I should start composing an apology but I'm laughing too hard at myself. I'll have to get back to you on that. :rofl:

teel ~ I'm so sorry about your hand spasms. I have to be very careful and lift and hold things with two hands. I drop things because I "forget" to hold on. It must be hard to find safe ways to compensate for the spasms in your hands. Please be careful.

holly ~ I read your journal. I understand the social anxiety. I'm a natural introvert, so it is difficult for me to go to a gathering that exists of people I don't know or even large groups. I think you should be very proud of yourself for going and branching out, especially with a book club - congratulations! I'd be interested in your opinion of the books when you finish them. I love to read. I've started reading the large print books since my eyesight is getting puny but our library has a lot of books in large print. The advantage of being in Florida, The Land of the Olde People. :D

meadow ~ I wear my t-shirts proudly! Now that you mention it, maybe I should start carrying around my trophies and wear my medals around my neck. Modestly, of course. :encore: I loved the lake picture! I'll sit on the bank and watch you wind surf.

happy ~ I know you will be ready to get settled in your own home. The temporary housing situation is so exhausting!

gigi ~ I knew exactly what a GRITS is. :mag: R 1. Welcome! I love grits, too, but I eat them plain... I didn't know about the butter or gravy thing. It kind of reminds me of when DD was about 13 and she found out her friends put sugar on their cereal. We never did - we had fruit. She was mad at me for a long time. :lol:

mooz ~ I gazed lovingly at the chocolate and wine. Thank you! (I don't think I put on more than a couple of pounds with that quick look. :lol3: )

candle ~ where are you? MY turn to inquire!

Did I miss anybody? :( Sincere apologies if I did.

Later, Chickies!

01-21-2005, 09:15 PM
My challenge results:
5 pts for the no cheese , 1 pt for exercise

HMMMMM , I guess I know what I am working on. I did do yoga a few days but that isn't what I am trying to work on.

01-21-2005, 10:11 PM
Can't quickly lay my hands on my picture of Percy. However heres one of a bearded dragon. It's not Percy who runs to around a foot long and has a happier expression. Don't let anyone tell you they all look alike.

suzi in auz
01-21-2005, 10:29 PM
Shad I love the look of cool is he. :cool: We went to Currumbin wild life Park when we were in the Gold Coast and I was fascinated by these creatures. They are so amazing. How cute that Percy smiles!!! :)
Ok I'm redeemed. I walked and so that's 1 point for me today. It feels good to get out and know that's done.
I'm not telling you all what we are having for lunch but it is DS birthday so birthdays don't count do they? :devil:
Holly...thanks for sharing your heart in your journal. I was thinking of you as I was walking. You are you and special to boot. As y9ou get to know these strangers which i think you are so brave branching out will get easier. I kinda have this theory that as Mom's it's so easy to lose ourselves for a while in our children and feel as though we have nothing to contribut. You have plenty!
Tig you so deserve to wear those medals. :D I would have them plastered on me. How 10ks...great goal. Well our luch is dinging at me...that means it's ready and I'm still not
cheers for now. :dizzy:

01-22-2005, 06:13 AM
Actually for my challenge this week, I am having Saturday off. I need to have one day a week that allows me to have a wee treat or a bit of sabotage depending on how one looks at it. That only allows me a maximum of 12 points. I'll have to be on the ball for that. I will dream up some goals tonight and post them tomorrow.

So our challenge results. Well it is going to be hard to beat Linus. I've yet to work out any results from Tig, Roseblush, Teel, Meadow, Happy or Diane. So if you have results then please let me know.

Been darned hot again today. I've been to the gym, done a Body Balance workout and a weight training session. Will need to go back tomorrow to catch up on the treadmill session that was supposed to occur on Friday. Serves me right. Should have done it at the right time then I wouldn't be having this problem.

Okay, I'm off to watch some tennis and a couple of other programs then I will go to bed. Up early tomorrow to do some tiling and plant some new lettuces, tomato, beetroot and a few other plants I picked up yesterday. See you all tomorrow.

a broad abroad
01-22-2005, 09:32 AM
Hi everyone, just checking in. Since DH has been away on business the live-in housekeeper (me) has been on strike, hogging the remote control, and spending too much time on the computer!

I really need to attend to some things around the house. At least I have proper food in the pantry and have been behaving! I really want some wine tonight, but I have been letting loose the last two weekends (Paris and Italy) and it showed up on the scale, so I am doing the strict part of south beach for two weeks. Day 4 and the scale is down, even with that monster TOM hanging around.

Since we are dog people around here, does anyone have any tips on keeping the shedding down to a minimum, short of following him around with the vacuum cleaner? Pancho has short, course hair but you'd never know it by the "magic carpet" I find on the floor every other day. It's driving me nuts!!!!!!

Oh yeah, someone asked what kind of dog he is. Mutt. But we think mostly German Short Haired Pointer. He's about knee high, 17 kgs.

01-22-2005, 10:06 AM
I'm here, I'm here and I love our new home. :D Nearly my entire family has been sick the last few days, we are somewhat better but still not up to par. I haven't done good at all this week on the challenge :mad: :mad. I have been eating too much comfort food and no exercise. I hope to get back to normal next week and get serious, you all may have to kick me around a little because the weight is not going down. I wonder why? :o :o

I am so far behind on the post that I just want to send everybody :grouphug:.

I will be back in full force soon. Welcome to Gigi, this is one fun place to be.

Miss you all take care of yourselves and have a great week end. I think I will be trying to get better most of the week end, am getting tired of this house need to get out but we have a cold front hitting as we speak with winds 30 mph., so better keep my nose in today.

01-22-2005, 10:18 AM
Gigi~ when we had the doberman, the vet said to just keep brushing her. I will admit it did NOT work! LOL Just a lot of tired arms in our house! enjoy the alone time!

Shad~ You happy little green thumb you :cb: Probably driving the neighbor man nuts wondering how you do it!! Keeping him up at night! :lol: I left the PC on 3FC when I had an emergency, then came home and forgot it was still on! :rofl: The screensaver was happily playing. Hope Percy is having his fill of insects and ha=s a delightful Summer at Camp Joy!

Linus~ Have you warmed up the creaky bits yet? We are much colder here than other Januarys. Snow in the form of a blizzard is on it's way. I must go to ebay and see if they sell chains for my size tires:rofl: :lol3: I was reading your post and HP was playing on MY TV!!! LOL It's been on HBO Demand for a month now so I just keep re-ordering it all day!!! :dance: Stay warm and hope the aches and pains are minimal!

Suzi~ Did I say Happy Birthday to the DS?? For some reason I can't remember! LOL Had a laugh at the phone cal from DH's mum!!! I remember my MIL's calls and got a giggle thinking back in time!

Tig~ I might need to go out and get a copy of that book and read it to each of my chairs as a bedtime story.....maybe they will take the hint and KEEP RUNNING!!! :rofl: 40 minutes is nice!!! How goes the marmalade business. I still think you should start a fruit stand! Melly Time! :rofl: :rofl:

Holly~ Good luck this week with the goals. How goes the hormones? They can be pesky things for such little guys.

Gotta run and get to the last sorting......getting wash bagged up. I think I need to hire someone just to catch up! :rofl: Started my challenge today with cream of wheat. Planning on giving it all I have this week. OK I stalled enough.....the dirty clothes are calling....................

01-22-2005, 10:36 AM

Feeling wonderful today.
Took the kids to the diner for supper. I had a grilled chicken salad, no dressing, 1 of DSís chicken wings, and 4 fries. Rented the kids Brother Bear. They could barley stay awake til 8. Nothing on the tube so I went to bed to read. DH had a nice night out.
Kids slept in til 7! DH slept in til 7:30 ! I slept til 8 and then lounged in bed listening to my angels play rescue heroes. So cute. ( I stepped in the "ocean" when I came down, I told DD i had special flipper feet, she looked at me like I was nuts, LOL)
DH made breaky. I had 1 egg, 1 toast, 1 bacon, 2 coffee. Will have some fruit shortly.
A&P has a great 2 for 1 flyer so I will head there this morning. Shrimp, salad greens..... definitely worth the drive.
DS has hockey at 3.
Today is the first day in months we havenít had get up and go. We are all quite enjoying it.
It is a balmy -13C today, LOL.

Thank you for sharing your stories and ideas.

Have a glorious day dear chicks!!!

01-22-2005, 12:11 PM
Hey Shad you are so busy....yes I do think that Linus is the winner for this week.... it will always be hard to slide by that TIg who is just out there running her legs off......
Iam at the bottom of that list this last week.... but today a new day! Although I do have a good handle on my eating.....
I hope that I get my order in for some plants and flowers I want to try this coming year.... I am going to use the internet to order so I don't want to go overboard til I see the quality.... my calis lily is starting to open and I swear it grows so fast you can see it.... I am so excited.
IT is foggy again today and yesterday we saw the sun for a bit and remembered how beautiful it is.... I had to wait for the elk to get out of the road to get to work yesterday.......
My list of full of projects to get done.... and I slept so hard last night... I took a couple of helpers and I was out.... Hope this finds everyone healthy... we are lucky to be here to get to know one another and remember your chicks around the world are supportive and encouraging you along the way...

01-22-2005, 03:40 PM
However I will give Meadow a chance to log in and state the case. I'm glad to see most of you have added the challenge to your siggys so I can now put my regular siggy back together. Or maybe find a new one. It hasn't cooled down any overnight here despite a bit of rain. A good storm might do the trick - anyone know where I can pick one up?

Dog hairs? - well now, apart from finding a dog that doesn't shed, no I don't Gigi. I had a Kelpie/German Shepherd and a German Shepherd (can you tell I like big dogs) and I swept those carpets like a demon. Even then you could pull more stuff out of the carpet. Gunbo the shepherd used to drop great lumps of the stuff, every weekend I spent time stripping the double coat to get these clumps out - you could have made a new dog with what I took out of him. Shad the dog, shed badly towards the end of his life, but his fur was much coarser and sat on the top of the carpet. Now we have no carpet - easier to clean, but no dogs either. The cat is making up for the lack of fur tho'.
Right no hanging about here. I'm off to plant that lettuce. Spent some of yesterday digging over the patch they will go in. Looking forward to some baby beetroot in my salads. I guess I better pick up some mulch when I go down to the gym as well.

Seeya around.

01-22-2005, 05:11 PM
LOL, fancy you waiting for me :-P I did four days of weights last week and did maybe one or two days of no major sugar downloads, so I am low on the totem pole of accomplishment. I am going to try to get four days of weights both upper and lower challenges in this week, maybe only one set of lunges though

:cheer: to Linus, way to go chicky!!

01-22-2005, 06:56 PM
and a wonderful good evening to all
goodness dont i sound cheery ?? and how are we all ? good i hope me im not to sure ! have you ever had that feeling that your coming down with something or that something just isnt quiet right ?? ive been feeling like that for a couple of days and im so blooming tired but im sticking to the diet maybe getting rid of the extra weight will help ?
i never told you about the physio i called him at the arranged time and told him what info i needed{exercise at home} and we talked and he said that within reason id be able to do mostly anything so i questioned him and told him that my last physio warned me about so much that i couldnt do and he sounded puzzled the trainee doctor that reffered me back to physio said that i has a "bad back" and didint or wasnt bothered to look back in my file to tell the physio exactly what was wrong with my back she told him i needed help with posture and muscle tightness when i told him about my lamenectomy he was gobsmacked and when i added that they where thinking about taking out another two discs he told me that he cant treat me hes not qualified enough and that i should have been referred back to the physio.s at the nuerology department so thats what hes doing so at the moment ill just have to stick to the 2.5llb weights that craig lent me :mad:
well i sat down at 5.30 to watch delia smith and promptly fell asleep so SORRY SHEILA i didnt call at 6pm and when i tried from 8.45 to 9.15 you were on the phone but i did leave a message so ill speak to you tomorrow and the rest of you enjoy your much deserved weekend and ill speak to yuo all tomorrow {or later if i cant get back to sleep}

01-22-2005, 07:07 PM
Linus~ Trading Spaces to tonight is a special called Trading Castles? Guess where? Scotland. They are decorating rooms in castles. I am very excited.

A major blizzard is happening just south of us. We are getting the wind. I drove to the city for the good grocery deals. Whoosh, they had a foot of snow. I am still thrilled to have all the 2 for 1 deals on shrimp, chicken breast, organic salad greens, mushrooms, onions,carrots, grape tomatoes....... Yummy! I had a delish salad for supper.

Shad~ hope the gardening went well. I cant wait to get my fingers in the dirt. 4 months to go.

Mel~ I am right beside you giving it my all this week. Weights and crunches along with the Trading Spaces tonight. Hope you are taking it easy.

CL~ sorry everyone has been sick.Take good care of yourself!!

Gigi~ your life sounds adventurous...Germany, Italy ,Paris........ lovely.

Suzi~ thank you for your thoughts and words. I think you are right about the kid/Mom thing. I was nominated to the school council as well. It has been 8 years since I have used that part of my brain. Now I have 2 things to challenge me.

I will keep my challenge goals the same this week and aim to do better.

Wishing everyone peace.

01-23-2005, 05:29 AM
Miss Linus

Congratulations - you are out in front by a mile and a half. So the Honours of Scotland are at the bottom of the page. You are Queen :queen: for the week and I hope you wear the crown with style and not at the same rakish angle as Mel did.

Our runner up - according to me is

Miss Holly

Your crown follows as well.

Have you all got your goals set out for the coming week?? Plonk 'em in your signature and let me know at the weekend how you went.

Got the plants planted and the small bit of tiling done. It was darned hot work I can tell you. The little plants are all sitting up and flexing their root systems. I'm looking forward to baby beets and lettuce and tomatoes. I didn't get the car washed and I haven't done the ironing, but it will get done at some stage. One thing about work, it will always wait for you. Never goes away.

Okay, post the prizes and I'm off to watch a bit of tv and a shower and early bed. Tomorrow is another day.

01-23-2005, 10:19 AM
I bow respectfully at your feet! Holly good job and being the runnerup.... your determination is shining through. I hope that next week is rewarding for both of you as well.

The moon was shining through some dim clouds last night and the snow was reflecting its pale blue hue. I heard the whistling outside my bedroom window just as sleep was starting to wash over me. I went out into the front room and looked out the window to see the huge dark figures moving so slowly by the house around the house and in the field...... they are so beautiful and their presence so grand..... and so many of them it took my breathe away. I won't have a blade of grass or a lilac bush to grow next summer but the site of a 100 elk lazily eating and walking and whistling around your house is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the store yesterday and bought more healthy groceries for the next few days. I made my mom's healthy bran muffins to add to my diet and they turned out great.... I can still bake. I was probably the only person in the world yesterday wrapping christmas presents for my family, but this coming week I will be going up to the valley and celebrating with my family.

I so hope that is was a good weekend for everyone and Shad is our hero once again for helping us to reach our goals and to watch over us!!! THanks Mel :coffee: here;s to you.........
Blessings everyone.......

01-23-2005, 12:01 PM
Diane~ Sorry I missed your post. We posted so close together...Hope you and the family feel much better soon. Been a tough time with all of you sick at once I'm sure. (((((((HUGS))))

Linus~ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE QUEEN OF SCOTLAND!!! Lovely job you did this week!!! Good luck when the NEW physio!
Makes you wonder why people get bad advice?!?!?!? :faint:
Thank God you know your own condition and speak up!!!
Scary to think things like this happen but I guess they are only human too. hang in there. Nice week you are already having!:D

Holly~ Wish I could have watched Brother Bear too. Love those things. Congratulations on the runnerup!!! :cb: Good going for you also. This week we will work it together! :rofl:

Nae~ :coffee: Here's back to you! Each post you write reminds me of the TV sho Northern Exposure. I am so fruitloopy at times that I would have fit right in that show! :rofl: I keep picturing the moose they had walking through it. (I think it was a moose....:lol: ) You need an Elk Crossing sign!!! Good luck this week. We seem to need it! LOLOL
Hope the sleeping gets better and you don't need the helpers!
Take care our Northern Friend!

Shad~ Gardens, challenges, work , the lads and crowns. You have been a mighty busy woman!! Glad the plants are in the ground and ready to bloom....or grow as the case may be. I always found digging in the dirt cleansing somehow. Back to nature and all that I guess. Hope the week is good and all the boys behave! If not, I am sure you can get the prod from Linda and get their buns in gear! :rofl:

Meadow~ I forgot what you wrote now!!! :rofl: good luck this week with the goals. Hope the legs are OK now.

Today is a mish mash of doing for me and doing for maintenance. BUT......someone called me and I got the job put back to the person who is getting paid for it!! He just called to check on the progress of snow removal and is taking over. Seems no one called HIM! :faint: too busy calling ME! :rofl:
Going to tackle my kitchen today and get the undersink area cleaned out and spruced up! :dance: Have a great Sunday!

01-23-2005, 12:17 PM
And its good afternoon from a very chilly but beautiful sunny day from here in Suffolk! :sunny: I have at last been out and taken Holly for a 40 minute walk wich I hope has done us the world of good, both of us! There are lots of birds all twittering away hidden in trees but only one other soul around a few hundred yards away also walking the dog. Everbody else I imagine is cosily tucked away with the Sunday afternoon cups of tea and coffee and cake!!! Its ok. Do not fret! When we got home after our mammoth trek I had a mug of black coffee with sweetener! Forgot about the diabetic friendly biscuits!!!:smug: :coffee:

LINUS I don't know why I didn't hear the phone yesterday sorry to have missed your call. You were one of two that I missed :sorry:WELL DONE to you for being our queen of the week!! :queen: I know what a terrible week you have had what with one thing and the other!!What is the weather doing up there on the coast? We have been promised..or is that threatened? with the evil stuff for a few days now and still have not got any.
:smug: Now it is said to becoming our way on Tuesday...I really ought to get some shopping in! :sman: I saw something filmed in New York last night and they wee in blizzard conditions and what they get you generally get 2 weeks later in Scotland and then down the east coast it comes to us...brrrrrr!!!!!By the is your major challenge going along? You know the much money have you saved for you summer holiday this year...the one doing the things you don't usually and are going to do because you have a fivolous visitor!!!
SHAD planting lettuces!!!!You garden always sounds a real beauty and not just in the eye of the beholder! ;) I have it in mind to plant a tomato bust this spring. Just a small one. I always rather like the idea when friends of mine always go on holiday just as their tomatoes are ripening and I am the one who gets roped in to water everything and the ripening red fruits always look SO inviting. I have promised to do this for a few years now so perhaps this year will be the one I actually DO something about it!! :yes: :T
MEL have you got snow where you are? Please be careful. No using your chair as a toboggan! Central Park is for GENTLE perusing...not the olympic toboggan run!!! I am longing to know...what screen saver have you running? Only being inquisitive after reading your last post!! ;)
ROSEBLUSH phew!!! What a beautiful sight you described to us... I can just about imagine it. Elk peacefully grazing in the moonlight. Took my breath away.

I decided to reduce my sleeping pills last night as I seem to have slep all the hours of the day and night God has sent this week. I only took 150mg instead of 200mg. I really do feel better today and more alive although I still woke up too late for church. But I have stayed awake and not gone back to sleep yet!! We will do the same dose tonight and see what happens. It seems to be one thing or another. Either I am in pain all day long and awake or I take loads of medication and yes the pain is no longer!!! But I am asleep all day long. Can't win!! :p
Will some genius explain in words of one syllable what the points system is we are using for our challenge? I know I feel a right dope...! :^: :dz: I am walking the dog and trying to go swimming. So far I seem to be failing miserably. I think I should get the crown for the worst contender!!! But the Diabetes levels are very well controlled. At least the immediate result blood tests are fine..on the 9th February I have a 6 week screen which gives everybody a better idea as to how things are going. I will await till then to see how things really are!! My food intake and choices are brilliant as far as I am concerned and I feel fitter but as usual the scales are not moving in the right or desired direction! Shame the scales are the pinpoint of success or failure!
Ok thats all from me. Hello to all. Sorry not to have talked to everyone in this post...hope you are all well.
Love from Teel

01-23-2005, 03:50 PM
Best say hello to Teel and then start whining!
:wave: Hello Miss Teel!!! :coffee: glad you are out and about! Good for Holly too! :rofl: I have not gone out sleigh riding as the snow is 14" and a bit over my 8" tires! :rofl: I hear the roads are passable and clean as a whistle in some places. We did not get the dumping we expected of 28"! :faint: Good luck with the exercising this week and Shad explained the points in her journal today.....but I forget exactly how it goes. I know I get one for food and one for exercise per day IF I DO THEM! You can only have 14 by the end of the week. does that make it clear as mud?!?!:lol3: :lol3: Hope the sleeping gets better! good idea on the pills. good luck with that too!

I am mad as a hornet cause my sinuses are infected and glands are swollen again. I have no one to thank but myself too. I did not finish the meds from last Nov/Dec as I felt soooo good. No wonder I've been dragging my butt even though working hard. Well I cannot ignore it I started the pills and will get a refill tomorrow if the pharmacy is open. OK done with the pity party. Have a good afternoon/morning!! Good Morning Sunshine!!! Why were you up soooooo early!!!:faint: :yikes:

01-23-2005, 04:41 PM
thanks for the title so, i brought the scottish crown jewels with me,thankfully now i am a stewart {and not a laidlaw}i actually have the royal name to go with the title im making the most of it as probably wont have it again :lol:
SHAD i must say thanks again for puting even more time in front of the pc to keep track of us all and keep us all going :dancer: :encore: :cheer: :thanks: and my crown will probably end up at the same place as my halo ,round my ankles
MEL stay in the house youll probably get lost in the snow !!!! :sman: :snf: and then we,d have to send the fire brigade out to get you :rofl: bad you for not finishing your meds you always finish the course :drill: :nono:
MEADOW ill share my jewels with you i dont suit crowns im more of a sceptre person easier to hit unruly teenagers with
ROSE if i woke up to strange noises outside my window id be really worried we live on the second floor :rofl: :rofl: and the wildlife around hee is cleo well her and craig
HOLLY which castle did they do??? there are so many of them but the trus castle of the old scottish royalty {the stewarts ,the bruces}dwelt at stirling castle and were crowned at scone palace ill have to take teel to edinburgh castle whilst she is here and get some photos for you
TEEL sorry i couldnt share the chinese takeaway through the phone
right ladies if my kids want to go to school tomorrow i need to do an ironing so im off and hello to all i didnt get too and speak later

01-23-2005, 06:49 PM
just popped back with something for mel incase she gets snow bound back tomorrow

suzi in auz
01-23-2005, 07:05 PM
I have checked in a couple of times over the weekend just to see if you are all ok. Are you? The blizzards in the US sound very scary. it's sure they are. I can't imagine seeing that much snow let alone trying to drive in it. Crazy weather patterns through out the planet eh?
Kirsty congratulations on that crown... :bravo: you wear it with style.
Mel I'm sorry to hear about your sore sinuses ughhh, they can be so painful, have you tried saline solution? I know it helps a little. All you need are two little skis on the bottom of your wheels and you will be sweet. 14" wow.
Shad you garden does sound lovely, I'm jealous and which I had some special dye that would turn m thumbs green. They are very brown. The water restrictions here in Sydney stop me from going to town on the planting, you only have to miss one day and your plants are all shrivelled. We are only allowed to water Sunday, Wednesday and friday between certain times and no sprinklers, just hoses, I always forget until the times gone.
I must post this quickly as I don't seem to be that good at it lately. :dizzy: I tried twice yesterday to post and it would let me. I wondered if it was the weather that was affecting things.
I am now the fully fledged proud owner of a teenager! Amazing. I snuck a hug and a kiss this morning, got to grab them while I can.
I weighed and measured this morning and things are looking better. Goals will be posted in my journal.
Have wonderful days everyone .
Special thoughts to all ;)

01-23-2005, 09:00 PM
Evenin' Chicks,

Lazy morning. Took the kids to SS. Then took them skating for 1 1/2 hours and then watched 2 Atom hockey games. Came home for a light supper. They had baths and haircuts. All set to start a new week.
We were snowed in yesterday. It was kinda nice. DH has 2 more tiles to drill and then ALL the tiles are up. Can you say GROUT!!?? It is really looking like a room now....well, half a room.There is still a whole wall and sink missing.
He went to help a friend move and has been gone all aft.
I am looking forward to Desperate Housewives and early to bed.
5 kids and storytime tomorrow.

Suzi~ this wasn't a BAD blizzard. Just usual January stuff.*giggle* It is all what you are used to . I would melt in 40C. Out hottest summer days get up to about 33C. We only had 5 in the 30's last summer.

QUEEN LINUS!!!!!! ~Your royal highness.
I missed page 4 and your post last night. I am glad you caught the physio mistake and that the guy owned up to not having enough experience!
The castles were in the highlands.Smallish. They were about 15 miles apart.One was built as a defense tower in the 1400's and then built onto for a family in the 1700's. The other was built to protect the daughter of James 2. It was nice to see the scenery and the people. I was in Scotland in 1980. I have been to all the castles I could find. I would love to see them again though. I hope I will get back some day.

Mel~ take you meds dear. Do try the saline. It helps me with a sinus infection. Brother Bear was a really nice movie.

Thanks for all your hard work Shad!!

Gotta get these wee angels to bed! Nighty, night.

01-24-2005, 05:18 AM
Evening all,
Where to start with you chatty lot.
Suzi, we can only water here three days a week. We can use sprinklers or watering systems. Other days we can water with a hose. However I only water the veges every second day if it hasn't rained. I use lots of fertiliser and those rainsaver granules. They tend to soak up the surplus water and let it out as the ground dries out. I put them in pots, under the lawn, in the garden when I plant out and throw some more around every 4-6 months or so. The rose garden never gets watered more than once a week unless it rains. The front garden is even worse off, I can't remember the last time I went out and watered anything but the pots. Try some lettuce plants in a big pot with the rainsaver crystals, you could be pleasantly surprised. The veges I water with Seasol or fish fertiliser once a week or so as well.

Teel, when you nominate 2 things you are going to do for the challenge, you get one point per thingy per day. So if you say you are going to walk Holly and not eat anything sweet and you do that for 2 days straight, then you get 4 points. If you then take that hound hiking but eat an icecream you only get one point. So keep that up for 7 days and you will probably win!!!!
1 point per activity per day. That's about as simple as you can get. I'm no mathematician! If you nominate three things - I simply either ignore the third or lump it in with one of the others - eg Ruthxxx is doing 2 treadmills sessions and knee exercises. She gets one point for treadmill and 1 for knees. Is that clear yet or haven't I explained it again.

Roseblush - what a sight those herds of elk must be. Sounds amazing - it's always amazing to see wildlife doing what it does best - living. I'll never forget the first time I saw a family of big kangaroos flying across the landscape and jumping big fences. Amazing sight.

Okay that's it, I'm off to throw a whole lot of gear out of my wardrobe. I tried on some outfits I haven't worn in a while and the pants nearly fell off in several cases. Time they went out - some of them it is more than time, I've had them for years. See ya

01-24-2005, 01:53 PM
:D Hello all from a wintery Suffolk where at last we have had a few snow showers since last night!! :sman:
Over on the other thread I write on someone has put up a quiz so I thought I would use my newfound skills at computing and copy it over to here!! And so here it is! I hope it brings a few thoughts and giggles. I have altered a couple of the questions ...

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE?In an Alpine plot amongst the mountains and the villages with a river running down the mountainside
2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OFCLOTHING? Anything that feels as though it fits without too much of a squeeze
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? I cannot remember but I recieved a JOHN RUTTER-DISTANT LANDS c.d.for Christmas.
4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? About 08:00hrs to let the dog out but then we both go back to bed together till we feel we are ready to face the world!!
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would love to be able to play the piano...but I am a grade 8 violinist!
7. FAVORITE COLOR? pink...
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF MUSIC/COMPOSER Thats a hard one. I think I would have to say Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 I have played it a couple of times and I have to stop and listen to it if it comes on the radio!!
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? Life in Etenity with Our God.
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? The Chalet School Series By Elinor M. Brent-Dyer.I have 17 of the series.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Autumn.....or Fall, as you would say it over the pond!!
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? To bring peace to all our nations so there would be no more bombs or killings around the world..
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT?Have not got one
14. CAN YOU JUGGLE?Only with 3 balls on a very good day!!!
15. THE ONE PERSON FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK AND TALK TO?A friend from church who died of cancer, She was such a good woman, very gentle and caring who kept her faith till the very end.I miss her dearly even now.
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY?When I was working I would have said a Saturday but now I don't think I have one.
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? .Hmmnn. Supermarket shopping boxes, jump leads (no self respecting car owner should be without them!A few plastic bags, a blanket, some deicer!and a bottle of window cleaner!
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? I have never tried Sushi but I am fussy about my make of hamburgers.
19. WHERE DID YOU TAKE YOUR LAST HOLIDAY? Salzburg!!!!Oh no it wasn't! LONDON came after that!
20.IF YOU COULD DO ANY ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? I am not sure what it is called, I think it is "sky-diving!" When you are in a harness and you throw yourself off a mountain top and soar like a bird over the mountain tops and take in the gorgeous scenery!!
21. WHO DID YOU RECEIVE THIS FROM?Well if you don't know then you have not been reading the posts properly!
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? A good Shnitznel with plain potato salad! Yummy! Especially when eaten in an Austrain restaurant in beautiful surroundings!

There you have it! Put your thinking caps on and enjoy!!

SHAD thank you for your crystal clear explanation. I think I will have to evaluate those challenges as there is no way I will get to go swimming more than once a week at the most...Walking the dog can stay but as for the second part.....hmmmmmmmn:chin:Ok for this week I shall allocate 2 points for every walk and see what transpires for next week.
Bye for now. Take care in these wintery conditions. Everyone else put the sunblock on!

01-24-2005, 06:03 PM
ggod evening fols this will be relatively short{quiz permitting}as ive just spent 5 hours scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom who on earth thought it would be a good ides to have white walls ,white kitchen units and cream/white floor tiles with one dh {never to carefull}two teenagers{who really dont give a damn cause they dont have to clean it up}and two dogs who always empty there bowls to see if the stuff at the bottom is the same as the stuff at the top :mad: well confession time it was me and i have just had to suffer the consiquences ie 5 hours scrubbing throw in one dog who is in season and bleeding all over the place and you can just imagine what ive had to clean up !!!!!!! i dont understand how something that gets cleaned every day gets so filthy :( :?: :nono: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: right moan over im going to do teels quiz and then im off cause i still havent cleaned the poor hamster and he pongs poor thing
4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? during the week 7am weekends whenever
5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE?washing machine{i have teenagers}
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF MUSIC/COMPOSER " lily was here" dave stewart
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? i hope so i need another life to do everything i missed{the oven
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? harry potter1,2,3,4,5
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? my c-section scars
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY?everyday{im an optomist}
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? . dont have one and if i did it would be an AA man
20.IF YOU COULD DO ANY ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? to be allowed to horse ride again
by for now kids

01-24-2005, 07:29 PM
Linus~ I will gladly get lost in the snow if this is the guy that's gonna rescue me!! Is he from that calendar?:rofl: Mine are off white with tire rubs all along them!!! :lol3:

Shad~ feels good to toss out the big clothes doesn't it???

suzi and Holly~ saline sprays make my nose bleed so I don't really use them just the everyday mucous pills I have. But thanks!

Teel~ will give your quiz a whirl.....
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF MUSIC/COMPOSER " Anything from the Big Band era. (Tommy Dorsey)
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? Depends on the mood I'm in but mostly....yes.
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Harry Potter~ all of them
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? no tattoos
14. CAN YOU JUGGLE? Don't know:rofl:
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? . In my back pack is a flashlight, batteries and food/water when I go out.
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? Anything Italian

It's been a tough day. Filling in downstairs, the inspector never picked either me or JEN!!! :rofl: but we have clean apartments! :rofl: Gonna hit the bed early and listen to the TV. Eyes aren't great...not terrible but tired and burn a bit. Had to read a lot of mail for Clara. We may need to enlist Jen from time to time! LOL I need to tackle the mountain of wash. It just keeps growing by leaps and bounds! Have a great night Worldly Chicks!!! Tomorrow is food shop....(sigh)

01-24-2005, 11:13 PM
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Canadian Idol...embarrassing
7. FAVORITE COLOR? I love all colours
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Chronicles of Narnia, Watership Down, The Little Princess, Little House On the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew...... I read a LOT
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Wow...bring harmony and peace
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY? I like every day
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? a cement block, air mattress, rollerblades, hockey sticks, sticks from the beach,blankets, rubbish
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? neither turns me on
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? Greek or Thai platter

What fun, thanks Teel, I needed that!!

suzi in auz
01-25-2005, 01:08 AM
Phew...itís been one of those days. It started off well but has gone progressively down hill after that.

I walked and so have 1 point twowards my challenge. I also didnít step on the scales which makes 2 points for today. I decided to sub this for the wine at the moment. At least until the kids go back to school.
I have eaten well so my cross attitude has solely to do with my kids...yes I love them to pieces but I am so cross with them right now. I just needed time to vent and time to cool off. I am dying to have a swim but need space to myself. I know as soon as they see my presence out side someone will play up. grrr
All I can hear is teasing and whining.
This morning I took them bowling. Itís not my favourite thing to do but I did it because I felt pressure from my neighbour. She wanted to give her kids a treat because she hadnít done much in the vacation with them. I have and wallet is really is tight and we canít afford it but I went because I felt guilty, first mistake.
I should have realised what I was in for when I got there. They have a gaming arcade and with the holiday deal we purchased you received 2 games, 2 tokens for the arcade , and lunch. The kids were ok through the game. I saw some terrible attitudes coming from my boys when they struck out. As soon as the game finished they used their tokens and then were back for more. Itís a great marketting scheme I must say. YOu get tokens and then tickets for a game well played, with the tickets you can purchase toys (junk) Therefore the more tokens you spend the more possibility of more tickets and better prizes. I wasnít going to let the kids have any more. I felt they had enough of a treat with the bowling...well my DD decided that nagging was the key and spend the next hour trying to make me feel guilty.
I had to do grocery shopping with the kids in THIS mood and they highjacked the whole time. I certainly lay down the law when I came home and will be thinking of punishments. grrr. I know this sounds harsh but I really felt so used by them all. They are so privileged these kids. It makes me cross with they show that they are ungrateful by their actions. Mumís wallet is constantly open to them as far as they are concerned and yet this is not something I have encouraged. I guess itís back to being consistent. Somedays i feel as though I am walking a tightrope.
thereís my vent ...itís all muddled but thatís me today. Hope your days were better
I will attempt to do Teels little quizz ..what a lovely idea
1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Somewhere in the South of France or Queenstown New Zealand
2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? Cammoflage pants and T-shirt
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Jay Zee Linkin Park ( for my son)
5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? my new oven, it's wonderful
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? The flute, it sounds so beautiful
7. FAVORITE COLOR? Blue of the ocean
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Owl babies, winnie the pooh, Wind in the Willows, Chronicles of Narnia, . Little House On the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Willy Wonka and the Choclate factory.......
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? All for different reasons
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? butterfly...I want one of these just on my hip bone ;)
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? boggie boards, towels and beach stuff
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? A meal that is not really a meal but loads of special treats on a plate.

01-25-2005, 02:52 AM
Okay, Teels quiz
Back later with whatever news I can dredge up.

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? On a hill with beautiful views - probably somewhere like Ohau NZ or maybe one of the Greek Islands or even Myajima in Japan, Scotland, Ireland, well just about anywhere really with a great view.
2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? cool, casual, loose and easycare
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Henry Mancini - the legend
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? What me? Ha Ha Ha Ha, you are talking to the one person who has not a musical bone in her body. I rather think if I could I would fancy the deep dark sounds of an oboe - or maybe the best musical instrument of all a beautiful singing voice.
7. FAVORITE COLOR? Clear, readily identifable colours doesn't matter what shade. Blues are nice, so are reds, I like yellows and greens.
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? All of the Anne books by LM Montgomery. My mother had the full set and I can't think how many times I read them. My sister has them now.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? All but summer in the tropics
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? The ability to know where to bury the bodies of people who should never have been allowed to live.
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? No tatts for this chick thank you
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY? Anzac day - it's my birthday.
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? First aid kit. Spare shoes. No jumper leads for this chick - the car would void it's warranty. Spare tyre, jack, wheelbrace.
20.IF YOU COULD DO ANY ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? Win the tour de France (simply to hack off the number 1 son.)
22. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Just about anything that grows on a stalk.
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? One with fresh veges, well cooked fish and finished with fruit, cheese and a great wine and eaten with well loved friends and family in peace, harmony and love.

Thanks Teel.

01-25-2005, 06:07 AM
Hah, I've been reading back through the posts and the quiz. Mel wants to wear flannel pjs on a tropical island surrounded by fireman playing Tommy Dorsey style on the piano while figuring out if she can juggle.

Teel is parasailing off Mt Blanc - or is that the Jungfrau, eating schnitzel and spud salad and listening to Dvorak.

Linus is horseriding to Tunisia wearing her flannel jammies and haranguing the kids with the crown jewels at a rakish angle toward the back of her head.

Oh sometimes it is too funny. Holly is off to Northern Ontario where the snow drifts must only be 40 feet high.

Funny that Mel should mention Tommy Dorsey because we were talking about him today at work. I should send home the item we were discussing, you should all get a glimpse into the recent past. It's also a bit scary for folks like me.

Suzi, all kids get that bad from time to time even the most gentle of children. Don't take it too much to heart. It seems to be expected these days of high prices, peer pressure and too much electronic wizardry that the parents will simply shell out. Some parents cave in and do shell out, that makes it harder for those holding out. It's hard for the kids to find jobs and pay for things themselves and maybe realise how hard it is in the real world. The best you can hope for is that they realise how much you try to help them get on. Somedays that seems a forlorn hope.

Okay, I am off to clean up the kitchen and do something with the load of washing I have just done. The weather has decided to be WET so I will have to drape them across the clothes airer and put them by the back door to collect the breezes. It may be Australia day tomorrow but this black duck is going to work. There is just too much to do. Too much to catch up on and it will be fine tomorrow as long as no one realises I am there. I'm hoping to only do half a day. See you. Thanks for the quiz Teel, I got a good laugh out of that.

01-25-2005, 07:28 AM
just popped in for a mo as ive just done the hamster {no i didnt get round to doing it last night :nono: :stress: } and washing the floors AGAIN that bloody dog has to get dressed !!!!!! and im in so much pain isnt it strange the one thing thats guarenteed to kill me its mopping floors {something to do with the movement } so i thought id pop in for a wee pick me up
SUZI im not too sure what age your kids are but start as i never did and am making up for now i make them do things to earn the money and if they dont they dont get and i have limits and they know ill stick to it because i used to give them when they asked and now im on benefits i just cant afford to do it so you stick to your guns and point out all the hobbies and activitys you already pay for and tell them they can have more money for arcades and stuff but then you wont pay for anything else the hobbys usually win :angel: :coach: :drill: and ggod luck and if all elsa fails count {tens never enough but a weeks grounding usually does the trick}
SHAD i dont own any flanalette jammies i prefer the strappy tops with either long or short bottoms and most of them have very..very rude slogans on them
MEL couldnt get a hold of the calenders so i found this man hanging around on the web and id complain to your major about non sexy firemen they have a reputation to uphold :rofl: :rofl: craig said to tell you that a snow board would probably be better for you but to stay away from THAT HILL
right chickies im off painkillers have kicked in so im off to take the dogs out and go for my afternoon nap :tired:

01-25-2005, 10:51 AM
Tell Craig that good thing I didn't have either of them when I was ON THE HILL!!! I went back there in the bus with my driver. We looked up from the bottom road and both of us bugged out! I won't be trying that anytime soon. It's not that I wasn't careful but he and Jen worried about the electronic brakes. Maybe they wouldn't hold Sometimes I forget about that! :rofl: Thought of you this morning Miss sciatica started to get the best of me and then I popped some pills. We tell our kids to stay away from drugs!!:lol3:

Shad~ I am moving to a tropical island with a firie and buying him many pairs of Speedos!! :rofl: That will be my "beautiful views"! So if you get tired of yours you can come and visit me!!!
I would really love a house in tuscany or Umbria and grow wildflowers and olives!! Maybe some grapes too. Gotta love Tommy Dorsey and the Big Band Era. Glenn Miller.

Did anyone note that Holly only wants to wear the pj bottoms?!?!?!:faint: She's not going to be allowed on my island without any top on! She'll be stealing my firie!!! :rofl:
Suzi can come and play the flute while we all prance around in the sand dancing with flowers in our hair.

shad can come and bury all the dead on the other side of my island. I'll reserve space for all those we cannot tolerate!!! My "man" will help you dig!!! Kind of like when I used to have a dumb waiter shaft!!! My friend Martha and I would "bury" them in there. Every phone conversation had SOMEONE going "down the shaft"! :rofl: I better get going and something accomplished today. Feeling very draggy with all these pills and assorted aches and pains today. Better not complain too much or I might get 40 lashes with the old wet noodle! Have a Happy Tuesday and sweet dreams to the others!

01-25-2005, 01:46 PM
Major chuckles Mel and Shad. We would certainly have fun!!!!

01-25-2005, 08:11 PM
Have a wonderful day and if I had a barbie I would fire it up in recognition of your Holiday!!!
Shad~ Sorry you have to work a bit but maybe a lot will get done in the peace and quiet! LOL Have a great day and do a BBQ over the weekend....throw on a shrimp for me! :D

01-25-2005, 10:02 PM
1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? If I want to build a house for Dearest Hubster, it would be on a mountain top. If it would be a house for me, it would be close-ish to the ocean but not too close. Evacuation for hurricanes is a bother. Can I have a condo ON the beach and a house CLOSE to the beach? But I can't be environmentally piggish. Okay, to the mountains. Can I have a heated pool at that mountain top home?
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? I'm too cheap to buy CDs. I listen to the radio.
4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? 5:00 AM - wait - that's what time I GET up. I think I wake up around 10:00
5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? Dearest Hubster. Second choice: my own personal coffee maker that perks vanilla nut coffee. Isn't that magical how it makes coffee every morning?
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I sing, play the piano, organ and flute. I'd love to play the guitar.
7. FAVORITE COLOR? purple. blue. black. orange. pink. green. wicker.
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF MUSIC/COMPOSER Tunes. I like classical, opera, country/western, gospel, contemporary Christian, hymns, rock, blues, bluegrass...everything.
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? Life in Eternity with Our God. Amen.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Beach season. Warm. Fireplace and Fall. Also warm - different kind.
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? None. You don't want me to have any super powers. I'd wipe out half the world.
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? No tattoos for the Chicky!
14. CAN YOU JUGGLE? I am a juggler learner/wanna be. I've ALMOST got the concept down. How did you know I'm practicing?
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY? Any day that includes laughing.
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? No trunk - no car. I have a pickup aka TigTruck. The TigTruck has all the necessities of immediate evacuation.
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? I ADORE sushi. I can't remember the last time I ate hamburger. Oh wait - now I remember. I got a tummy ache.
19. WHERE DID YOU TAKE YOUR LAST HOLIDAY? I took one day's vacation to visit DFIL a year ago at Christmas. Note to self: Get A Life. The End.
20.IF YOU COULD DO ANY ACTIVITY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? Retire then start traveling especially internationally.
Edit: How could I forget? I'd like to Run a Marathon!
Maybe I could travel to visit The Chickies and Run a Marathon. Now THAT would be AN ACTIVITY!
22. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Live ones that I haven't killed yet.
23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? I've been obsessing about a chocolate walnut brownie covered with kahlua and hot fudge. Okay, my favorite meal is actually salmon sushi with a glass of cabernet. Can I have a brownie with that? ;)

This was FUN, Teel! Sure glad to see that we are all very normal. :lol:

01-25-2005, 11:02 PM
Suzi~ I was in a funk yesterday so didn't read your post thoroughly. I hope today got better. We too live a simple/humble life and try to keep it materialistically clean but it creeps in. When I took 6 boys out for DS's Bday it was interesting to see how they reacted. 2 of the boys obviously get whet ever they ask for and just assumed I was going to buy them everything they saw. 1 tried and then smirked. The others, mine included, didn't ask for a thing.
Our first 4 years we didn't have tv or anything. We received an inheritance and bought some stuff, paid down the mortgage and saved a bunch. If my kids fight over the computer ,TV or any "privledges" it goes away. They need to value and appreciate it. Other parents think I am really tough. We give thanks at dinner every day for ALL the blessings in our life.
The kids still act like spoiled brats some days. They are kids. Heck, I act like a spoiled brat some days LOL!. Chalk it up to a bad day and hopefully it will shift.

Tig~ you are one funny chick. Had me giggling. What a fun exercise. Thanks Teel.

01-26-2005, 06:32 AM
Subject: How old is Grandma???

STAY with this.... the answer is at the end.

One Evening a Grandson was talking to his Grandmother about current events.

The Grandson asked his Grandmother WHAT she thought about the shootings at schools, the computer age, and just things in general

The Grandma replied, " Well, let me THINK a minute, I was born BEFORE:
∑ Television,
∑ Penicillin,
∑ Polio shots,
∑ Frozen foods,
∑ Xerox,
∑ Contact lenses,
∑ Frisbees,
∑ and The Pill.

There was NO radar, credit cards, laser beams, or ball-point pens.

Man had NOT invented pantyhose, air-conditioners, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and man hadn't yet walked on the moon.

Your Grandfather and I got married FIRST and then lived together.
EVERY family had a Father and a Mother.
Until I was 25, I called every man, older than I , " Sir", and AFTER I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title, " Sir ."

We were born before gay-rights, computer-dating, dual careers, day-care centres, and group therapy.

Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense.

We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and TAKE responsibility for our actions.

Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was a bigger privilege.

We THOUGHT fast-food was WHAT people ate during lent.
Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins.

Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends.

We never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CD's, electric typewriters, yoghurt, or guys wearing earrings.

We listened to the Big Bands, Jack Benny, and the President's speeches on our radios.

And I don't ever remember, any kids blowing his brains out listening to Tommy Dorsey.

If you saw anything with "Made in Japan"on it, it was junk.

The term 'making out' referred to how you did on your school exam.

Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and instant coffee were un-heard of.

We had 5 &10-cent stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents: Ice cream cones, phone calls, rides on a street-car,and a Pepsi were all a nickel and if you didn't want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail 1 letter and 2 postcards.

You could buy a new Chevy Coupe for $600 but who could afford one?? Too bad, because gas was only 11 cents a gallon.

In my days, "grass" was mowed, " coke" was a cold drink, " pot " was something your mother cooked in, and " rock music" was your Grandmother's lullaby.

"Aids" were helpers in the Principal's office. "Chip" meant a piece of wood. ďHardware" was found in a hardware store and "software" wasn't even a word.

And we were the last generation to actually believe that a lady needed a husband to have a baby.

No wonder, people call us " OLD and CONFUSED" and say there is a generation gap.

And HOW old do you THINK I am?? Read on... pretty scary IF you think about it and pretty sad at the SAME time.
THIS woman would be ONLY 58 years old !

Ho hum, and I am not much younger than grandma!!!! Such is life. I can relate to most of the above.

Hope you have all had a good day. How are we going with the challenges.

suzi in auz
01-26-2005, 09:03 AM
Oh Shad ...thanks for that. I read it in the journals. I'm not 58 but still remember the simple things.
Tig your answers to the quizz had me in giggles. I loved them, infact i needed to come back and read all these last night.
Thank you ladies for you kind thoughts and comments. Yes things are better today and I have looked at the situation thoroughly. I should have explained things better to my DD who was the major culprit. She was of the impression I owed her some pocket money and this is how she wanted to spend it. I thought it was wasteful. I guess in some ways I should have let her spend her money and let that be that. On a postive note I saw DS give DD $1 to spend so she could get a decent toy, problem being the little tickets didn't come out and still she didn't have enough....real racket. Too hard to explain better. Oh well.
Tomorrow will be a simplier day with perhaps going to the beach for a's fun and relatively free.
I have been looking at the budget thing for us as a family and I think we need to do this together...the start of the year is a good time :idea:
Mel...thanks for the giggles...I will toot toot away to your hearts content..on a tropical island who's topless? :o
ok here's my day in a nut's very late here as the forums were closed and I stayed up until they opened.
A whole day can make things a little brighter.

Happy Australia Day to all your Aussies! The Aussies all stop today and appreciate their country. I think itís a fabulous thing and the patriotism is so nice to see. Being a kiwi living here it makes me feel very privileged. I saw a lovely sight this morning while I was walking. There was a Garage filled with Tables and chairs and people and they were all having breakfast. The Australian flag was waving proudly in the front garden and it was so nice to see. People were wearing T-shirts and had all sorts on neat get ups on. My hubby and I loved it.
DH had a day off in the middle of the week which is such a treat as he is away tomorrow on Business until the weekend. It makes the weekend come quicker. We walked this morning for a good hour and then came home for a swim. The water was balmy. We were talking together about ways to improve our tummies. Itís kinda hard to miss them with the bathing suits on and DH suggested Pilates, so we hopped out of the pool and did some Pilates together. It was great and I felt so good afterwards. Our goal is to try and do this together 3 times a week but I am going to try for 5. Itís a gentle workout which I really know works as tonight sitting here I feel the benefits. We had a great lunch together as a family. My daughter has come down with some sort of virus which may account for the whiney behaviour yesterday ( now Iím the one who feels sheepish). It made the day very quiet and the boys just play Play station and computers.
I went to the Mall for a latte ( I havenít had one for ages skinny of course) I have a little coffee maker too :wink: and I bought a cute singlet top in the sales. Itís one of these tank tops with a built in a bra and I am game enough to wear it. I would never have worn anything like this 5 months ago. I feel young and snazzy in it.
When I came home I was all set for a healthy dinner but My neighbour offered to cook us dinner and bring it over to our place. Iím not sure how healthy or not everything was but I chose carefully and didnít overeat even though it was delicious. I was a nice time, they are such lovely people.
I didnít hope on the scale today that gives me 4 points total for the week so far on my weekly challenge. Food has been a little picky today. Iíve had little treats here and there. I can get back on track tomorrow with DH away and have a really healthy salad for dinner.
I am looking for some courage to stick to my guns about no more treats for the rest of the holidays. I know my neighbour wants to go out with her children but mine need a rest and need to get into routine for school on Monday. The are ready to go back to school. It It means Iím back at work on Wednesday too. It will mean better routines.
Hope you all had wonderful days

01-26-2005, 10:24 AM
I have a sweet 6 month old here for the morning. MY DD has taken right over. She asked me the other day, why I didn't have a baby in my tummy, it was time!

My ankle bone looks like a blue golf ball. I think I am screwed as I get older . I definitely need to unload this weight. I have a sprained this ankle dozens( literally) of times since I was 11. Very weak.( stepped on a toy yesterday, went over on it)

Still thinking about family stuff but not whining and feeling sorry for myself.
I think the most pain comes from the fact that I was an innocent child and there were 3 adults who had the opportunity to love and guide me and through selfish reasons CHOSE not too. As an adult I can meet them on their own ground.
This is why I will sit on the School Council and the Sunday School council. I WILL advocate for children.
I love my immediate family very much. I am thankful for them and the good times we share.I would miss them if we were far apart. It was hard growing up with all the social airs. I never knew what was real. Tough on a kid. I flew off the handle a lot. For me, I have learned how to have a decent relationship with each of them and still be true to myself. I will always be the square peg in the round hole. In a way I am blessed too because I do say what I think. I have been known to say, "bullshit, what a load of crap" and no one bats an eye. In fact sometimes they laugh.
Of, course , none of them would actually say what they really think so it doesn't escalate in to a big drama, ROFLMAO!!!!

DS has been having great days. The anxiety seems to have faded. 4 kids here today. More puttering and icing of the ankle for me. I get soooo restless just sitting. There was a movie on TV I was interested in last night, I lasted 45 minutes and then got up and did stuff. Nutty. Maybe the movie wasn't that good, LOL.

Have a glorious day dear friends!!!

01-26-2005, 11:51 AM
Oh dear me. I should have clarified the question "Which is your favourite children's book?" I didn't mean, which children's book for children is NOW your favourite read! (tut tut nicking the poor ds's and dd's book collection!! I MEANT "When you were a child which book did you love reading!!! :p :o :^: "
My answer by the way, remains the same!! :dizzy:

Shad, good one on How Old Is Grandma?! That was brilliant. Certainly gives cause for thought by the bucketful...:chin:

Hollyhock I am sorry to hear about your poor it, raise it and keep it alternatately warm and cold and I am told this gets the swelling down and the pain goes away as well. I think I am very similiar to you...I look at a grain of sand and twist my ankle falling over it!! :rollpin:

I have just backed in to my neighbour's car...."WHAT?????!" :faint: :censored: :yikes: :devil: Yes you did read it right. I was reversing my car to a parking place near the house where we all park and I somehow got all disorientated because my other neighbour had put his car behind (or would that be in front? of his daughter's..the one who is flying out to Shad's neck of the woods and back packing with her boyfriend for 6 months and longer if the purse can stand the strain! and BANG! I had reversed in to it. I examined both cars but cannot find any hint of damage to either vehicle and I DID go round to confesss but no-one answered the doorbell. Phew!! :o :dunno: Don't know what came over me. Sure it wasn't an overdose of brain activity. :eek: :rolleyes: :no:

I haven't done very well with the eating plan today. I basically haven't eaten very much at all. I had no breakfast apart from a mug of skimmed milk coffee and for lunch I had an apple and a pkt of be good to yourself low fat, low carb but otherwise quite tasty crisps for lunch...oh and a latte with sugar whilst I was with my support worker. I have no inspiration as to what to do for dinner.

Oh well I think I am getting tired now so I am off to my favourite place for a sleep...I think I should have included that in the quiz...wht room in the house is your favourite place? Mine is my bed where it is all warm and cosy....night night all!!! :sssh: :cloud9:

01-26-2005, 01:10 PM
just wanted to pop on and tell you all the news ive told sheila already i might have to give up the challenge for 8 months and then ill get back to it after im "better"
speak later kirsty

01-26-2005, 05:52 PM
Linus-((((BIG HUG)))) Is it your back? I'm sorry you aren't feeling up to things. Take care of yourself.

Shad-Is Australia Day over? I'm so late but hope you had a lovely relax and a good smile or two throughout the day. The Grandma enlightenment was very sobering. Jeepers! That all wasn't so long ago was it?

Mel-So you are hooked on firefighters? Have you thought of baking some cookies and taking them over to the local firehouse? They will thank you :raises eyebrows: Whee! :cookie: :chef:

Holly-don't you just love babies? They are so scheduled. Eat, sleep, gurgle, coo, diaper change, frustrated screaming moment, repeat. Do you have your ankle elevated? Got to strengthen that so this don't keep happening to you, stair raises, hmm, might need to check what is ankle strengthening :p

Suzi-so the summer vacation is almost over and the kids are getting anxious. Poor you. If it gets too much just put on your sneakers and walk out the door for stroll around the block or the park for a breather. They are all old enough to hold the fort for a 1/2 hour right? Don't let it get to you, soon you will be missing them :)

Teel-gosh those questions were tough, I had never really thought about most of them. Had to have a bit of a ponder :chin: Yikes about the neighbours vehicle, something always lurking to get your heart rate going isn't there?

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Spain, next door to Antonio (the spy gear I would own :lol: )
3. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Matchbox Twenty-Mad Season
5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? electric tea maker (coffe maker designated for tea :p )
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? The Owl and the pussycat
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?ability to move things with my mind
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? kid toys, jumper cables, spare tire, jack, empty plastic bags in a box
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? chili with hamburger :)19. WHERE DID YOU TAKE YOUR LAST HOLIDAY? in the mountains

I've done two days of weights, the sugar thing is kind of dodgy. No candy but the sugar lurks and jumps down my throat in other guises :kickcan: I have been having peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch.

01-26-2005, 08:42 PM
good evening folks ,well its been a bit of a strange 24 hours here {thats an understatment } my boys come july will be 16 and 13 so you can imagine how shocked i was to realise {very slowly} that i might be pregnant yes i did say pregnant :dizzy: :faint: :yikes: we did a pregnancy test last night and to our complete and utter shock were pregnant and then the horrid doubts clouded in have my tablets damaged the baby?will i actually be able to carry it ? would my husband die from shock? because of all theses questions and the shock i didnt make it in last night and this morning dh and i went straight to the docs and he managed to put my mind at rest completely :lucky: he said i have to stop taking my tramadol straight away but the rest are fine
so we then decieded that we couldnt even think about not having it dh went through his mid life crisis right in front of my eyes "do you realise that by the time this baby is 16 ill be 50" and "god i might as well dye the rest of my hair grey now" and the clutching at straws "oh what about my computer desk" which granted is huge but i had to stop myself from laughing :rofl: :rofl: the family after the initial cursing and disbeleif are over the moon the kids have been fantastic conner has been giving me maternity advise and taking bets on wether thers more than one :crazy: :yikes: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: as the twins have missed us all so far {my mum and gran are twins} and craig has decieded that he wants to call it jackson if its a boy and taylor if its a girl {no danger} and the wee darling has said if i get cravings at 4 am will i wake him up to share them {but only if its ice cream } :rofl: :rofl: me im still in shock the doctor handed me a prescription for folic acid i didnt even know what that was it was iron tablets they handed out the last time i was pregnant :stars: i feel very old all of a sudden and very no totally unprepared and if im being honest scared shi**ess but ill get over it i wante another child for so long after we had conner but with us both working and conner being so ill for so long we went off the idea so i guess once i get my head round the idea ill be so excited im sorry but i told teel and mel before i told the rest of you ladies because i had teels phone number and mels email addie but couldnt find shads so ill have to look for it later and my last post was very vague to say the least so now ive been on the phone all day and my house has never been empty so im going for a well deserved sleep and ill talk to you all later

01-26-2005, 08:43 PM
dh has just said well have to get the baby a 3fc kid t-shirt

suzi in auz
01-26-2005, 09:50 PM
OMY goodness Kirsty :yikes: CONGRATULAIONS!!!!!!! :dancer:
When I read you note about 8 months I was wondering. I am so pleased for you wow!!!
It's a real mind bender. I was all set you write a little something of my own here but your news takes presidence. YOu should sit on your thrown wearing that crown :queen: and just gloat a little with all the attention!!!
Awww...I feel jealous...wishing it was me but womb to grow a babe in :stress:

Wonderful news. I'll check in later chickies ...congrats :balloons: congrats!!!! :grouphug:

01-26-2005, 10:29 PM
:angel: :cloud9: :goodvibes :flow1: :bb: :bb: :love: :D

I am soooo incredibly happy for you. what a wonderful blessing!!!

Much love and well wishes to all of you!!!!!! WOW!!

01-27-2005, 03:18 AM
Good grief, I'll be back when I get my head around it. I was about to ask how you could be so sure that you would be betteri in 8 months time! That never crossed my mind.
Back later. I've been rendered speechless.

01-27-2005, 04:53 AM
Hi there ........ just dropped in, as I sometimes do, to keep a check on Shad and MEL ........ they need watching ............and got caught up in Kirsty's great news.

CONGRATULATIONS Kirsty and your boys will be a great help to you when the baby arrives and tell your hubby that 50 will not be old!! I see you are from Edinburgh and coincidently my youngest daughter was in Edinburgh yesterday.
Here's wishing you all the best :cheers: :goodluck:

01-27-2005, 05:31 AM
Mz Mooz is back. Hiya Mooz. Mel is the one that needs looking after. She tries to lead me astray often. I resist as long as I can though. Yes well.

Linus/Kirsty/Sharon?? What can I say. Congratulations. It must have been that tape measuring that did it. I seem to remember the tape measure caused a fair amount of hassle!!! I hope that you keep well and pain free during this time and that everything goes well for you. Maybe it will keep the DS's out of trouble for a while. I will ring you over the weekend to hear all about the developments once I have worked out time differences and your need to sleep etc etc.

Linus has knocked the wind out of my sails and I can't remember what I was going to write. Probably something crabby about the long drive home and the rotten commute.

Work is just crazy right now. The boys have lost the plot completely and need driving to produce. Add to that the project manager in Sydney has gone into panic mode and is issuing orders and countermanding them, then gives the job to someone else and forgets to take it off the original person. Shucks!!!!!! Then someone who knows nothing about SAP has been given the job of User Testing the documentation and 'surprise, surprise' can't work out what it is talking about. Oh well. Time takes care of all.

Rain is clearing by the look of it. Might be able to go out and trim the hedge and the edges this weekend. It will be nice to see the sun back for a while.
Talking about nice to see things back. It would be nice to see Happy back again. Time for another check in Happy. Yes I know you are busy, yes I know you are tired, yes I realise you are probably a bit homesick, worn out, depressed with doing nothing but work, eat and sleep but it is still time you checked in!!!! Get it? Got it? Good!!!!! It's very nice to have Mooz here, but it would be nice to have you here too.

Okay, off I go, do a load of washing, clean the kitchen, start on the weekend housework. I'd like to get the space cut in the wall for the bathroom cabinet this Saturday. A bit more done in on the bath - like putting the screen back up again. Etc etc etc.

I was listening to a selection of Scottish songs while driving home today. There was this lovely ballad whose chorus said:
The cares of tomorrow will wait until this day is done.
I like that. The whole song was really about a day out of time - where you goofed off and communed with nature and took the time to get to grips with today. If I can get all the words, I'll publish them.

Okay gone now ........pooooof :genie:

01-27-2005, 08:16 AM
YAY!! Shad's speechless!! Well I never thought I would hear her confess that!!

WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO KIRSTY AND THE FAMILY! :bb: :bb: :cb: :grouphug: :cloud9: :stars: :balloons: :yikes: :wizard: :censored: :faint: :dance: :hat: :cp: :fr: :hb: :s: :o :lol3: :lol3:

Thank you so much for sharing your new with us all across the world. Have you recovered from the shock yet? Has DH. and the boys sorted out what names they would like to give them? I really do hope you do not activate the twin gene that is in your family :dizzy: :( :D Now is the right time to get the boys doing things around the time like the present to start putting things in order :coach: :drill: :lol3:

It is such a horrible day here today. Drizzly with rain, grey and kind of sodden in the garden. The sort of day that is totally uninsoiring for one to go outside the front door...or the back, for that matter!

suzi in auz
01-27-2005, 08:55 AM
*waving* at teel cos her little egg is glowing. :) just checking in to see how everyone took the news. i hope your crown :queen: is still on straight Kirsty! have a great day today.
I'm off to bed and to get spywear off the comp.
Exercise is good and no scales this week so far. I'm up to 6 points on my challenge...yaaay.
Not much else to report.

01-27-2005, 10:42 AM
I have a runny nose today. Pooping (OMG *popping* LOLOLOLOL) herbals and vitamins. Ankle feels much better. 2 little guys today til noon. DH is doing stuff with his car and coming home at noon. We will be alone for 2 hours....hmmmm.
I was down the weight I gained last week plus 1, so I am happy. I had my cheese party. It tastes so wonderful when I only have it once a week.
Pretty good day and week so far!

Linus~ how is everyone today??

HI to everyone!!!

01-27-2005, 11:42 AM
:bb: :bb: "WE'RE HAVING A BABY. MY BABY AND ME"..............LA LA LA :bb: :bb:
That's what ricky sang to Lucy when he found out!!! :rofl:
I am sooo pleased to be an Aunt again!!! Now should it be Aunt Fanny or Auntie Mel?!?!?!?:rofl: :cb: :dance:
Don't forget to take care of your back and DON"T over do anything!! I think Shad is right and it must have been all that measuring stuff!! Or maybe the night with the special knickers at the bar?!?!?!? Lte me see......when was that.....about a month ago????? I am very happy for you and cannot wait to tell Jen today. Thanks for the e-mail cause it made me smile for the first time yesterday!
And I have no complaints today cause you made my day today too! (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) for all of you and DH is right....he/she will need a 3FC t-shirt! LOL
I loved Craig's name choices! and hope Connor comes up with good advice for the next 8 MONTHS! :faint:
Have a wonderful day Kirsty and just bask in the glow!!!

01-27-2005, 03:49 PM
Hey Mel, how do you know you are going to be an Aunt - it might be a boy!!! Sorry just poking fun at the Irish - remember the Irish letter that did the rounds some time back - your sister has just had her baby - don't know yet whether it's a boy or a girl so I can tell you that you are an Aunt or an Uncle!

We need to prepare for this baby, so we had better think about decorating the nursery and finding a room in the house. With this many aunts, the baby will never want for a baby sitter. As for the 3fc T-shirt, I'm sure we can manage something in that line. May have to apply to the sisters for permissions tho'

Question for Suz - why are you going to bed to get the spyware off the computer? Unless of course spyware is the new name for it?

Holly keep pooping (popping) those pills, then go out and roll around in the snow naked. No self respecting bug will last long after that.

Right gotta go. Time for work. Aaaagh more than time for work. Shower, change etc. You might wonder why I am here at this hour on a Friday. Well it's like this. I woke up too late to go gymming so that will be this afternoons job along with the fresh fruit and veg shop. So I got my coffee and came here. Nice way to start the day.


suzi in auz
01-28-2005, 12:39 AM
Shad my boys love this online gaming thing which downloads stuff to comp. I have to clear it or I will get nasty rubbish on here...even gets through firewall.
So clean a whistle.
I giggled at the pooping...oh i hate to admit some of the boobs I have made on here.
I love your joke Shad about Uncle or Aunt. I must remember that.'s good to hear you are looking after that

suzi in auz
01-28-2005, 12:43 AM
ankle ....geeez. weird things just happened then the cursor just moved and it posted!!! It did It did I promise and I didn't even have one wine yet. I can think of wonderful ways to fill in 2 hours :)
Oh I love Fridays...time to unwind a bit. It's family day tomorrow and i am looking forward to hearing from my DH , he's been away last night.
The year is about to zoom full steam ahead. I can tell. I have just done the lunch box shop and stationary. Next Monday i am waving them off to school. There will be a sense of relief but still ....
Kirsty...glow away!!

01-28-2005, 01:12 AM
Whoa Linus, knock me down with a feather! :yikes: congratulations on the baby in waiting. I'm sure you will all do just fine once the shock wears off. As for being 50 - tell DH not to worry because 1) it creeps up on you much faster than you'd ever realize 2)I'm 50 - soon to be 51 and people think I'm late 30's early 40's so you don't HAVE to look like an old coot unless you chose too.

Stay away for a while and you girls drop the shockers, don't you?

Thanks for asking about me Shad. Yes, it's been a trying few weeks. Everyone assumes I know SAP so it's difficult trying to figure out just what they are talking about as they toggle the references. Work is frustrating - sometimes it's such a bureacratic mess that I often wonder why they make it so HARD to get things done. I waste hours and days trying to get someone to fix things. Guess it's all a part of learning who the few people in the organization are that you can depend on for help and making friends with them... ;) I am also very very VERY tired and cranky lately. For some reason the people upstairs in the apartment decide to round up the herd of elephants about 9:30pm. They are quiet until then and after 9pm make all sorts of banging, slamming and rude noises. I so much want to go up there and teach them some manners or at the least bang a broom on the ceiling myself :rollpin: but DH won't let me - says we'll be out of here soon, don't make a fuss. In the meantime, the only time I get a decent sleep is Saturday mornings when I can sleep in. I am so tired during the week I am just a bundle of nerves.

We bought a house yesterday. Drained our bank account but we don't get keys until tomorrow. We met the sellers - lovely couple who I'm sure will leave the house in spotless condition. So we will move in with a bed on the floor and 2 high back / bar stool chairs and that will be our furniture for 2 weeks (we're not dragging the rental stuff along with us to the house). The rest of the furniture will come around the 7th of February but I cannot stand another night in this apartment so out we go. And I have to start driving very soon so I need to figure out how to get from my permanent home back to the 2 offices I work at. So the sooner we get settled the better. The way people drive here give me a fright. I daresay I won't be having a perfect driving record for much longer.

So, I have not been myself, but will be back to snuff soon and joining you all in the circus of our lives.

Would be hard to top Linus' news - not that I'd ever THINK or TRY to :rofl: Take care chickies, will try to post next week after we've got some things set up and settled in tho we realized this is not a technical friendly house. DH will be doing lots of wiring for the cable TV and Internet services. May take me a few days to get connected again... I'm sorry that I don't have the time right now to catch up with everyone, I promise to do better in February!

01-28-2005, 01:33 PM
Now Happy don't you worry about not being in touch regularly. You and DH have had such an upheavel in your lives that no-one could have expected you to even think about putting fingers to keyboard! :write: :comp:
I am VERY HAPPY you are in you own home at last!! Well as near as darn it! Out of those wretched appartments at last! :sress: Peace and quiet reigneth!! :bubbles: :bubbles: :high: :cloud9: :cheers: :lucky:

It has been a reall horrible day here today with practically non-stop rain and I have ended up having a sleep day for most of it, except in the early afternoon when my neighbour rang just at the last 5 minutes of a really good film..yes:yes: bl;ack and white and yes! :yes: A real oldie! Luckily I have seen it before. It was "SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS" with ALISTAIR SIM. My neighbour rang to say that her DD2 got away all right on Wednesday from England's Heathrow to Bangkok and DD had been well sweet and sent her very first postcard ...from HEATHROW AIRPORT!!! :lol: She said on the card.."see? I bet you didn't think I would send your first card THIS early!!!" My neighbour is absolutely full of cold and is missing DD already but I said "There we are...the first 24hrs are gone and done already!!" Aparrently that's is exactly what DD1 said!!

I am sorry to report I have only gained 2 points for this weeks challenges. It has been too wet:rain: to go out with the dog and I have been too exhausted any way so swimming has not been on the scene either...Eating has been good and OP though. You are all so good at your varoius challenges and I feel so darn useless at them. I REALLY hate feeling so :censored: :censored: tired all the time.:tired: Heaven only knows how I am going to make a 09:00hrs appointment next Wednesday. :faint:

Hollyhock I am sorry to read that you too have a beastly cold set upon you. Glad though that the ankle is feeling better (careful here in case "ankle" is a secret word that really means submit! :lol:)

Hello to everyone else. Here's hoping for a better day for all of us tomorrow and for some SUNSHINE!!!!In this part of the world, at any rate!! :sunny: :sunny:

01-28-2005, 05:23 PM
Morning all,
Good to see happy back for a check in. SAP does tend to sap the energy somewhat, but once you work out the logics you should be fine. You're bright. You'll work it out. That's what they keep telling me anyway!!!! Doesn't help much does it.?

Results for my challenge this week = 5 points. Not good but there you go. I think I may take a rest from the weekly challenge this week. It being weigh in week and all. Yep that is coming up for me this Monday.

I'm still happy to add the points and annoint the winner as required. Please get this weeks results in by (my)Sunday night so we can celebrate with the winner over the weekend.

So whats on the menu this weekend. Housework, more housework, some bathroom work and work on the bedroom wall. Lots of patching and sanding to do there. I think I will just have a quiet weekend - shopping is done, pilates this morning and then just potter around crossing small things off the list.

The weather has cleared to hot and humid. Thank goodness the summer is nearly over. It hasn't been a bad summer, but it's around this time that people get tired of the heat and sweat and the flies and the mosquitos and the rampant growth which means they have to mow the grass sometimes twice a week to keep it looking reasonable. Hedges grow, and the garden keels over if you allow the bugs to prevail. Tempers simmer at times because it is hard to sleep unless you use the a/c or fans and then the power bills roll in and are incredible. Lucky the worst of it only lasts a month or so isn't it.
Are we missing Diane and Gigi again? Wonder what they are up to.

I guess it is time to go get on with the day or it will get away from me. Catch you all later.

01-28-2005, 05:57 PM
good evening everyone and thankyou for all your lovely messages they cheered me up so much yesterday no end :cheer: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: i had a really bad day yesterday i had a bloody discharge last night but have been to the docs and because it hasnt came to anything i should be okay so theyve arranged for me to have an early scan at 8 weeks so theyll check everything then but so far so good :lucky: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: the family have been so good the kids are being fantastic and the family are exstatic and i have a list already of the things they are buying the new one i refuse to repeat the names that craig has desperatly treid to get me to call the baby but lets say i wont !!!!!! i wont tell you how many takeaways ive had this week but lets just say the :mcd: was lovely
HAPPY i think your news is more welcome we all long for you and dh to be in your new home and settled and hopefully when your not coping with "the neighbours from ****" everything {workwise}else will seem easier so heres looking to hearing from a much happier you when your furniture and other treasured bits and pieces youll be so much happier
MEL no matter what sex you can be an auntie and glad i caused you to smile and cheer up your day have all the inspections finished yet?? and did you ask jen to help with clara?? hope so you need to look after yourself too :high:
SHAD i did warn you my crown was around my neck or my ankles :rofl: :rofl: and am glad its going to be passed on my diet this week has been terrible but i still havent had any sweets but have not done any weights and nobody will let me take the dogs out on the lead now :^: but i have done loads of leg lifts onto the setee and off again :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
TEEL good luck with the washer and you will feel less tired soon i did warn you with being in the hospital and visiting the family and the visits from freinds and the gas men and the meter men and such you havent had time to recover properly and if your body needs sleep it will get it one way or the other so just listen to the old body it wont let you down :encore: :grouphug:
HOLLY hows the ankle ?? better i hope how was the little baby?? and the rest of the kids?? thanks for all the nice thoughts and if i need a baby sitter ill call
MOOZ the dog is adorable thankyou and craig loved the cap {label daft} glad i caught you on and maybe mel and shad arent the only one who needs to be looked in on !!!!!!!!!
SUZI if id had my way two years ago i wouldnt have had a womb to grow this one either i argued with the gynae for months to get "fixed and they wouldnt do it because id just had spinal surgery and might need more so ill get sterilised at the same time as this ones born as this will be an automatic ceaser
MEADOW sorry for being a wee bit vague and glad i caught you on to tell you but thanks for the well wishes for the back i think in the months to come ill need them
TIG youll need to let me know the names of the races cause i just found out that sometimes the organisers list them on the net and sometimes with photos so let me know some and i can have a look for you
CANDEL how goes things are the family feeling any better yet ????? pop in and let us know your allright {{{{{{{{{please}}}}}}}}
right ladies im off to have a wee peek in the journals and ooops nearly forgot if anyone has any ideas or info on dieting whilst pregnant id really appreciate it thanks again ladies

01-28-2005, 06:13 PM
Challenge results: 6 for no cheese except Wed and 3 for exercise.

Had some cheese at lunch today :o . I will keep the same challenges until I get it right. Doing better anyhow.
The ankle is pretty good. Did some stretches. Woke up feeling cold free but it crept in throughout the day.
We have friends coming for dinner and festivities for DH's Bday and a VERY busy weekend with Grandma's 95th birthday, other stuff for DH, hockey,Sunday School, church annual meeting, potluck........
The house is semi clean. Good enough.

Shad~ you were pretty funny first thing yesterday. Had me chuckling. Your weekend plans sound very nice.

Teel~ snuggled up ona rainy day watching a B&W movie doesn't sound all that bad.Take care.

Happy & Linus ~ my Grandma and I were talking last night. I asked what does 95 feel like. She said, I dont know? I replied good cause I am almost 40 and I dont have a clue how it looks or feels either. She laughed and said she could swear it was last week that my Mom popped me in the stroller for a walk downtown. My Mom turned 60 this summer and she claims 60 is the new 50! I am not sure age has a whole lot of meaning.

Hi Suzi :wave:
Hi Mel :wave:
Hi Tig :wave:
Hi Candlelady :wave:
Hi Meadow :wave:
Hi Gigi :wave:
Hi Nae :wave:

Miss anyone??

Have agreat weekend!

01-28-2005, 06:18 PM
Linus~ HUGS. I must have been typing while you were posting. You sound great!!

01-29-2005, 07:58 AM
Hiya all,
Another hot day and a bit of work done. I put bug bombs around the house before I went to my Pilates class today. Now I have to clean up the messes. Seems everywhere I go there are some dead bodies around. It's a yukky feeling to know I have been living with all these bugs!

I bought myself a new toy today. Gotta keep up with the LindaT's around the place. Ive got a new weed trimmer and have had it going and chopping up the grass. No I have to figure out how it feeds out the nylon cord. The man said I just tap it on the ground and more appears. However it doesn't seem to do that or am I getting impatient with it already!!!

Okay, do we have any more results for the challenge. I think Linus has ruled herself out.
Holly is on 9 points
Teel on 2
Shad on 5
Suzi was on 6 but is probably more now. We might wait until she gets back from Leura to find out. Nice place Leura.
Mel is ?????? ignoring us again!!!! Must have been telling her she might be an uncle! Are you okay Melly????

I have some capsicum plants to put in the ground tomorrow - oh yes and a strawberry plant too. Only one. I thought I might see how it goes before I buy anymore. Don't want the crows coming in to eat all my strawberries before I get to them. The plants for the butterflies garden are coming along. All I have to do is to put the pavers in and get it all finished - maybe one day I will get some of the to do's off my list. It would be nice.

Anyway, since everyone seems to be fine at the moment - well Teel is just plain tired, but it's to do with the time of year and the hibernation. I always used to feel depressed and tired come August at home. It seemed that winter would never end and the sun would never come let alone give some warmth. Bears hibernate in winter, maybe we should too.

As I was saying since everyone is more or less okay we think, I'll just shove off and take my weary body to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Come by the land where the fancy is free,
Stand where the peaks meet the sky and the loch reach the sea,
Where the rivers run clear and the bracken is gold in the sun
And the cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done

Come by the land where the fancy is free
Where the birds sing out loud and with joy all day long
The trees sway in time and even the wind sings in tune
And the cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done.

There you go, the words of the song on my cd from a Scottish ballad called Come by the land. It's a cd I have been enjoying on my way to work and home as I don't have to think about it and can sing along as I sit in the queue because some other idiot has driven himself off the road.

Gotta go. Time to sleep on the cares of tomorrow.

01-29-2005, 10:01 AM
That was nice to read first thing in the morning Shad, thanks. I will copy it.

Good sleep. I was yawning so much at 9:30 I went to bed and feel asleep immediately. I didnít even crack a book. Crazy. Slept til 7:30. Lounged in bed til 8. Woohoo.
The boys are gone for hockey.
DH was still grumpy when he got home from work. Boss is not paying him for all the hours he is putting in. Our friends showed up a few minutes later and we bugged him into a good mood. It was kind of him to oblige since it was his Bday dinner and all. Dinner was YUMMY. Out of shear exhaustion from washing pots and pans, LOL, I have started putting a layer of sliced carrots and frozen corn in my scalloped potatoes. It is good and people think I am very clever. *giggle* Lazy and resouceful more like it. I made a salad with baby spinach, mushrooms, yellow pepper and grape tomatoes.The 5 kids ages, 2 1/2,4,5,6& 7 had a blast. They sat in the kitchen. Us adults had a candle lit dinner in the diningroom. Happy Bday was sung , cake was eaten, and life is good!!!!!!!
Grandma and I had a long talk on Thurs. The fam is freaking about her dress, hair etcÖ She is always elegant and classy.Neither of us think the 100 people at the tea will be there to see if her hair is out of place. I am beyond certain they will come for love, admiration and to honour her.
The gift is how blessed we have all been to have this remarkable woman in our lives. I feel particularily blessed that my kids love and know her and are old enough to remember her when she does pass on.
Time for DD to have a bath, then shower for me. The boys will do the same after hockey. Lunch here and then the festivities begin. We have a sitter coming later tonight and are going to Bayfield to see some of DHís friends. Nice.

Today I will be thankful for the people in my life I love and cherish.

01-29-2005, 11:13 AM
:wave: Hello Everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

shad~ My points are 6 total and I am going to do the same challenge till the middle of March. sorry again I was late.

I will read everyone's posts later. just aren't enough hours in the day lately. Went food shopping and forgot to buy MINE!!! My bus driver realized it when unloading and offered to take me back but I was frozen. 7* and very windy. So I'll go on Tuesday. another woman is going to help me with Clara and her dinner problem. I think this is doable but it's a tight schedule. will also keep me away from the office so it's not all bad! :rofl: many alarms, plumbers and it all makes for late nights and busy days. Just no Mel time this week so I am making ME TIME this weekend! :dance:
Hope everyone is well and.....

Linus~ I have started a project and hope I can finis it in 8 months!!!:rofl:

Take care all of you and will come back later. Cooking and Clara are on the agenda today!!! OH.....I have also found someone to help her do the wash and clean. Not sure if she is happy with the plans but I told her WE NEED HELP! It's only for 8 hours a week @2 hours per day....... so for 4 days she can learn to like a stranger in her house!!! :rofl:
Adios my friends and be well!

01-29-2005, 11:59 AM
Mel~ my Grandma is the same way as Clara. Thing is, in a month the stranger will be a friend and all will be well.

Shad~ I used the ballad to make a card for Grandma. I used pink and blue construction paper which is kinda dorky but her fav colours. I cut out some peony pix with dew drops I took this spring and put the ballad inside. The pale pink peonies are from a bush I planted here 5 years ago from a cutting from my Grandma's garden. She planted a clipping from her Grandma's garden when she got married in 1941. The bush is over a hundred years old. Way cool.

01-29-2005, 03:49 PM
:wave: I've been totally unfocused this week. I only have two points for weights and the sugar, pfft, forget any points there.

Holly-All the best for the day ((((HUGS)))) Your gran is very lucky to have so many people in her life who want to celebrate her. Too many older people end up forgotten and abandoned by their families. Don't let the cousins get in your face, just walk away if they get too irritating. There is happiness everywhere if you open yourself up to it, perspective is everything :smug:

Shad-how hot is it? How many luscious smells waft over your garden? Have you seen the big lizard yet? Was his name Gordon? That is what comes to my mind when I think of him, must be because it sounds like garden :p

Mel- :o you forgot your food? What happened? I hope you have enough supplies to hold you until Tuesday. What if you run out of milk? I perish if I don't have milk for tea. You need to put a sticky note on yourself "Remember me and mine" next time. You are too wonderful.

Linus-how are you doing? The spotting is a worry, I hope you are taking it easy. It is great to read your sons are in your corner and anxious to help with the naming of the new sibling (probably lifted from whatever television program is their favorite right? )

Teel-How is the weather? Has the rain stopped? We had a grand sunny day here yesterday but the clouds have moved in again. My sister is in the kitchen making flax pancakes for us and all is right in this little corner of the world :)

Happy-Hurray! You should be in your new digs now and listening to all that luxurious quiet. Big job putting a new home together, good energy for your weeks ahead. Is painting first?

All I can think of to say today :wave: to everyone reading and too busy to post.

01-29-2005, 04:26 PM
Morning all on a very frustrating day.
It's only 6.00am and already I am feeling grumpy. All week I have seen the scales say 71.5 - a drop of .5 and yesterday/today (I'm sure it is because tomorrow is weigh day) it now says 72.5. I am surely getting tired of the 70's and just don't seem to be able to get out of them. Grumble rumbles on into the distance. I am obviously overeating on weekends or something. I would have thought I had balanced it out with work, but obviously not.

Enough of the grumblies. It looks like another stinker of a day out there so will go and put in my new little plants in a couple of minutes and water the garden. Later (when the day begins so to speak) I will go try out the new toy again on some more weedy things. I actually read the instructions last night so should be able to make the line extender gadget work - or it may be a guy thing and it won't work without the cussing and elaborate hand movements.

Holly enjoy the weekend. It's caused enough trouble so just get out and have fun and forget that they are family. Enjoy your Grans company, sounds like you and she share the humour the others missed out on. Glad you could use those words to good effect the card sounds nice.

Meadow, I had Percy down the back of the garden, but alas he does not appear to be home these days, maybe it is something else keeping the slugs and snails away. There was a large colony of Bearded Dragons in the bush about 1/4 mile away down the hill. When I took the dogs walking down there I used to see several 'families' of them. Now there are few to be seen as the council burns the undergrowth every year to prevent bush fires - one would think they would use the jobstart program for the unemployed to slash the grass - at least that way we would get rid of the long grass but not harm the wildlife and the jobless would be doing something worthwhile. I guess fire is more economical if not good for those with lung problems. Aaarch now I am ranting in my journal.

Mel, my buddy, good to see you back, but not good to see you taking on all new responsibilities for Clara. I realise she is 92 but shouldn't old age welfare be taking on her cases - what do the people who run your building say about it. Aren't they something to do with care and concern?? Still a problem a day is the Mel way - as long as you can say no to other things then you should be okay - but no heavy housework stuff understand????? You are not superwoman!!!

Loved Meadows pics of the baby. Did you put them altogether Meadow? Very artistic if you did. Linus just do the things you feel you can and let others do the rest. They will get sick of doing as it is still forever until this baby is born yet, but for now just let them rabbit along.

I wonder how Diane and Gigi and Tig are getting along. Miss you all, time for a quick post ladies.

Gotta go or the heat of the day will take care of my list of jobs and nothing will be done.

01-29-2005, 05:37 PM
good evening , how are we all this evening ? good i hope im brill :) finally managed to get dh out of the house to the pub so i finnaly have a clean house :wave: :cb: :dancer: :encore: :cheer: the windows are visible {well the outside can be seen at last} and the doors have no fingers marks or doggy paw prints or smears the pictures and mirrors can now be seen and i am a happy bunny :encore: :cheer: :rofl: god i hate a messy house and im soooooooo glad its now not a health hazard , bad news is i think im coming down with flu and am very sneezy have been all week but now getting bunged up and stuffy and lost my appetite {no loss } so im taking vitamins c and calcium and paracetemol to get on top of it i was planning a very long post but teel and i are going to book her holiday and flight times so ill,pop back later hope you are all good

01-29-2005, 05:59 PM
Read everyone's messages and thanks for all the love and concern. finished cooking for both of us but it took too long. I told her today that we need HELP! and will take it when offered. I think she got the point. I am going to call her god-son next weekend as soon as we get some answers. The Office in the bldg said it's not a nursing home and will NOT get involved. they are right and if they tried to help me than there are 98 others waiting in line! :faint:
No I am not going to clean Shad. I have learned a lot from you and how to say no!(well....most of the time):rofl:
But I will find somehow to get some help as my own arms won't take the extra cooking/shopping. She'll have to pay someone a few bucks or something.
Linus~ Just keep resting until you are sure everything is OK! Listen to aunt Mel or she'll swim over there and beat the crap out of you!! If it's a boy could we call him Antonio?!?! :rofl: :rofl:
Shad~ Are the boys "found" now? Hope they aren't still lost. Had a goggle at your "menu"! :lol: sounds like the kind I keep getting!!! Hope you have some Shad time this weekend too!
Holly~ Jen helps a bit but weighs about 105 on a good day and has a hard time helping herself and Richies Mom is in a wheelchair too. Meanwhile, Jen is trying to stay out of a chair also. Don't know if you knew she has the same as I do. so her help is minimal. Hope the ankle and cold are better!
Meadow~ Whatcha think for the antonio name!?!? :lol3:
we must attempt to persuade Linus!! maybe send her AB t-shirts!!!
Suzi~ Honey, I forget now what you said! LOL Hope you and the family are chipper and still running around on the beach!
Teel~ we must try and do more exercising together this week! I did very badly on that one! How is the heat??? Still toasty??
Happy~ So very good to see you. I just re-read your Xmas letter. Found it in the Xmas card pile! LOL Good luck with the new home and glad you're getting away from those horrible neighbors! maybe when you get settled then the job and commuting will too. Sending good vibes your way!!

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! I must take a shower and lie down a bit. The old back is not what it used to be.:rofl: Or is that the old grey mare?!? ROFL
Happy Weekend and have a great night....Good morning Sunshine!!! :coffee:

01-29-2005, 10:49 PM
Points first:
Journaled every single day, a big step for me: 7 points
Walk or run at least 30 minutes: Either ran or walked outdoors or on the treadmill 30 - 60 minutes, 5 days: 5 points
Arm exercises: Did good & will continue.

The next 5K race is Saturday, February 5 - the Tooth Trot. The proceeds go towards dentistry for children whose families can't afford dental care.

I will go back and read more in depth and comment later, but just a quick note:

Linus: :dance:

01-30-2005, 06:08 AM
So the end of the week and the end of the challenge.

So here we go with the results.

Tig on 12
Suzi on 11
Holly on 9
Mel on 6
Shad on 5
Teel and Meadow on 2

Have I forgotten anyone???

The answer seems to be clear.
Tig below please find the Grand Imperial Crown of Russia. Not been used for a long time, but you deserve this with your resolve and dedication.

Hail Queen Tig.

Runners up were Suzi and Holly. Well done to both of you. Victorias crown awaits you both.

I am not doing a challenge this week. But don't let that stop you. State the intentions and we will add it up again next weekend.

So nice to speak to Linus on the phone this morning. She has a lovely soft Edinburgh accent. Not hard to understand at all!!! I don't think I said 'what????' more than a couple of times.

I've been flat stack busy today with housework. After the bug bombs were set off yesterday, I had lots of bodies to deal with so the vacuum cleaner worked overtime as I swept, dusted, cleaned and wiped everything in sight. Still it is clean now. I still have to take the spare room to bits, but that is not something that anyone would willingly want to do. It can wait a while.

So I am off to watch the tennis and do some ironing. Work day again tomorrow.
Catch you

01-30-2005, 08:33 AM
:encore: What exciting news! I most graciously accept the crown for this week and will proudly practice the Queenly Wave regularly, with the 2 lb. weights. :encore:


01-30-2005, 09:11 AM
Look out Scotland I'm a-coming!!! ;) Can you tell I am excited yet? As Linus has already told you I am landing on her doorstep hopefully on June 29th 2005...strange to think that it will be exactly 52 weeks to the day since I went to Austria...must be the right time of year to go on a plane!!
I must say a public thank you:thanks: to Kirst's mum who is so so kindly letting me stay in her house whilst she is away in the summer... :wave: :grouphug: :high: :wizard: :lucky: :bravo: I promise to look after the place.
This morning I told my mum of the arrangements and she said there should be no problem dad and her driving me to the airport as I aim to fly from Norwich which is quite handy for them. This way I can take Holly to their house for them to look after for the 2 weeks as the friend Holly usually goes to will almost probably have had a knee replacement by then so will not be able to help out. Holly will be fine at home...they love her to bits...mum said though that she hopes the hedgehog fraternity will not be out and about by then! During Holly's lasy holiday with them she found every heggie in existance in the garden and barked and barked and...and...yes well. :devil:
I have been to Scotland a couple of times but never spent more than a : couple of days in Edinburg itself. I have been to the castle though and seen the Tattoo. (The Military Tattoo, I haven't got any other kind!!!) Luckily on one of those visits I purchased a good visitors guide book THE TIME OUT GUIDE to Edinburg that includes Glasgow, Lothian and Fife.Its got a plethora of useful information in it like all the bars (! :devil: :cheers: ), restaurants, places of great interest, and a very good street map. I really hope we will be able to visit the Royal Yacht Brittania which is moored on the Port Of Leith... :queen: Last time I went to Edinburg, Hollyrood House was closed to the public, I don't know why. I do hope it is open this time...

Ok enough rambling from me. Except to say I have done atrociously this week regarding pints. I was really fed up yesterday as, like Shad, Acouple of days before the official weigh-day, my scales were going in the wrong direction...up. I have been SO good with my diet this week although I only
got out with the dog once. The rest of the week it seems to have rained and rained :rain: :rain: and I think I have slept through most of it. And last night I just couln't think what to have for dinner and I really fancied fish and chips so... :devil: :( :o They weren't all that good either and I wished I hadn't have bothered. I think a major problem is that currently I am not eating breakfast and no, I do not spend the rest of the morning pigging out either...
:ink: I just seem to have lost my appetite until dinner time!!
Oh CONGRATULATIONS to Miss TIG :queen: :yes: for her outstanding efforts for this weeks challenge. 12 points!!! :bravo: :cp: And well done to SUZI on a very close 2nd!!!
Mel, fancy forgetting your shopping!! Never you mind...I could let on someone else's secret about leaving their Friday night dinner on the checkout!!!! :o :lol: I won't say who...perhaps pressure will help her to confess...just say she lives north of me!!! :devil:
TIG, good luck with The Tooth Trot...what a super name!!

Oooh I have just had a warning appear on my computer screen...INTRUSION ATTEMPT...The attacking IP address will be blocked for 10 minutes....good job I have a Panda installed. I wonder why any one would want to hack into my PC.??? :devil: :mad: :mad: Honestly, haven't paople got anything better to do with their time than to hack in to other peoples pc's... :mad:

Now where was I?? Oh yes...LINUS! stop cleaning everything in the house thats got a minute speck of dust on it..and get down off that ladder... :^: I want you in the peak of health when I come on my holiday...not signing on your plaster cast 'cos you've fallen and broken a leg or something...BAD GIRL YOU!!! Oh and I hope your cold/flu gets better really soon. I think If it is no better by Monday then you ought to get it checked out at your g.p.'s.

Hello to everyone I haven't specifically mentioned in this post. All keep well and keep up the good intentions!!
Bye for now!
Love from Teel xx

01-30-2005, 09:26 AM
Fun Day!

The party for my Grandmaís 95th Birthday was very elegant. The church ladies had the tables set with green checkered cloths, crystal vases and pink carnations. They had the silver tea services out. The cake was delish. Multilayered white cake,white icing and layers of kiwi,peaches and strawberries. MMMM. It was very nice to see lots of relatives from far and wide.Cousins came for the weekend from BC, Montreal, Georgian Bay........ old friends, neighbours....
I had a great a visit with some dear old friends.
The freaks didnít even speak to me, LOL.
I brought crafts for the kids so they were occupied.
Dinner was a buffet feast with amazing chicken,meatballs, pasta, salad.........
Home again, home again.... Our sitter came over and we headed out.
Talk about contrast. As we pulled in the driveway at B&Lís a guy walked past with a giant turkey held by the ankles. I nearly peed my pants. So all the country boys were out in their coveralls, beer in hand about to deepfry and 20lb turkey.Snowmobiles and pickup trucks parked in the yard. There were about 20 of us out in the drive shed, wood stove going, darts and foosball being played and MUCH laughter. I laughed soooo hard for the whole time my stomach hurt. At midnight we ate moose steak, deer sausage and deep fryed turkey, beans and mashed potatoes. I was sorry to come home. It was a wonderful night with friends. DH was carefree and hilarious, just like the guy I fell in love with, LOL.
I asked another Dad to pick up DS for hockey practise this morning at 7 so DH could sleep in.I am on coffee #2.Trying to perk up. I need to prep my SS craft and make something for the potluck.

My goal for this week is to not spend as much time in my head! I am going to try to not overthink things. Diet goals will be the same as the last 2 weeks until I get it right. Improving all the time!

Feeling loved and blessed, wishing you the same!

Teel~ I am feeling the excitement!!!!! I am a little envious but very happy for you!! I cant wait to hear about it all.Only 6 months to go!!

Shad ~ I feel your pain. We spry for fly in April and the fall. Where do they come from?????? Huge mess to clean up. Ick. Better than having them divebomb the dinner table though.


01-30-2005, 10:06 AM
Miss Tig a big congratulations to you!!! So many lovely points!!!
I love the name of the next race...Tooth Trot!! :rofl: But what a great cause. I have known many children who's parents struggled with $$ for tooh care! Good for you and DH!!

Shad~ Thanks for the tallying work again!! I was wondering though how many times Linus had to say ??WHAT?? :rofl:
Good luck this week with the boys. Hope they still love you by Friday!:cb:

Teel I am sooo envious of you!!! Getting not only a bacation but visiting people on the forum!! Bet you'll be counting the days and weeks!! I'm excited just hearing about it!!! I came home from the store with my milk and a bag of apples but never unfolded the list to see the rest!!! Gee......was it Linus forgot her dinner?!?!?! :rofl: :lol3: :lol:

Holly~ Glad the weekend is going so well for you and the family. I am going to borrow your goal and give it to my DD! jen really needs to spend less time in her HEAD TOO!!! :rofl:

I am so tired I can't think of anything but old movies and trying to stay awake. So yesterday was just too much. I can always tell the day after if I've been stupid! :rofl: I will continue to do the bills and paperwork but no cooking at all. There are microwaves and TV dinner and frozen foods of all sorts. And the homemaker she's entitled to or so a message yesterday on my machine said.
but she has enough food for at least 7 days. Guess I should get my house tidied. It still so easy from getting rid of so much junk. I love it!! Have a wonderful new week and keep those beautiful smiles in place!!!

01-30-2005, 11:00 AM
good afternoon , i know its early for me but im feeling crap so dont know if ill get back on later so im posting now
TEEL, :wave: :cb: :gift: :flow2: :dancer: :grouphug: so glad you now realise you still have to come and put up with my clan for two weeks and are not getting off with not seeing me be unable to see my feet :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: just dont let me tell anyone we met on a diet site they may not want to come and visit the site with me being as big as i will be :rofl: :fr: but well paint the town red green and blue and have such a good time next year were off to shads i think :spin: somehow i dont think they would allow you to knock me out for the flight and they dont let drunk people on the planes anymore so relax shad i think your safe from me at least
SHAD :flow2: :dancer: :grouphug: :cloud9: :encore: :gossip: sorry you had to e-mail to get me off the phone {bad teel :rollpin: :blah: :blah: :blah: } but so glad you did it was wonderful to talk to you and i think between the two of us we only said "pardon "twice :rofl: :rofl: conner has spent all last night and all day telling anyone wholl listen that he got a phonecall from the koala lady last night :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: craig is miffed he missed it but the wee beastie is still with us for the moment :rofl:
MEL project??? 8 months ??? im intigued and yes it was me that left my shopping at the checkout i was being harrassed by mum shes at the " dont lift dont bend dont do ANYTHING " stage and i dont want to hurt her feelings but for goodness sakes i was working when i was pregnant with craig and conner doing auxiliary in the hospital with craig and the same in the hospice with conner and i did just fine but mothers will be mothers and i do love her loads you and i are so alike mel always on the phone ,doing too much ,always willing to help , and very quickly losing our marbles ,and not bringing home the shopping , at least you didnt buy yours :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
TIG omg you are so skinny !!!!!!! your family is adorable the kiddies are lovely , and you really have to learn me how to shoot it could possibly teach me how to aim slightly better !! my kids say when mum throws something stand still and she wont possibly hit you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :encore: :queen: :queen: :queen: :high:
" the queen is pregnant all hail the queen " well done sorry for the wee speach thats how they announce the passing of the monarchy over here but normally its the queen is dead all hail the queen {the new one , weird lot us brits some of the customs should have been put to bed a long time ago} congrats you deserve it the good thing is i get to cheer you all on your challenges and not feel too guilty about not doing one :censored: :love: :o :o
HOLLY congrats on the weekend and avoiding the "freaks" dh,s party sounds like the kind of thing id like much more up my street i was having a giggle with teel this morning she was telling me that her guide book told her where all the pubs are had to admit i know where all the pubs are and quiet a few that are not mentioned in :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: the guide books when do you ever get time too relax
SUZI well done on being the heir apparent the crown is yours next {unless of course your name is charles :yikes: } hows thw weekend been ??
ROSE are you back from your second christmas yet????? some people just have enough with one you brave woman you
MEADOW soory luv but ill tell you what i told craig if i end up with twelve of them and run oput of names then ill call them jackson ,antonio , fred ,gucci plus the wee lad down the stairs is called antonio so could be a wee bit confusing {and yes hes so lovely dark hair, dark eyes but im a sucker for 1 year olds }
okay ladies for all not mentioned enjoy the rest of the weekend and if im up to it ill pop in later

01-30-2005, 01:01 PM
SHAD sorry you had to e-mail to get me off the phone {bad teel

HEY NOW!! Tw'asnt ALL me on the phone last night. I know for a fact I watched the last 10 minutes of THE NATIONAL LOTTERYand the entire episode of CASUALTY before I got you on the phone!!!Confess are simply the world number 1 chatterer and we love you all the more for being so!! :blah: :blah: :gossip: :gossip:

I have just completed a 40 minute walk with the dog before the weather turned all grey and miserable. I had to the pocket of the coat I put on, I found my mobile phone and a sugar-free toffee from last time I had that coat on..when I took the dog out last Sunday!! :o I really enjoyed getting home and having a mug of tea...unusual for me who usually only drinks black coffee!! :coffee:
HOLLYHOCK that cake for grandma sounds absolutely scrumptious!!!:T :T Glad the celebrations went off ok. The buffet sounds very good too. Well done you for all thepreperations that were needed to make it all go according to plan.I bet Grandma was thrilled to bits... :encore: :queen: :cloud9: :wizard: :hb: :spin: :hat: :cheers: :cheer:

Ok thats enough from me for one day...2.posts in less than 12 hrs!!! :smug:

01-30-2005, 02:31 PM
for someone that said I was taking the day for rest.....I found some incredible amounts of energy!! Must have caught it from linus and Teel. One is on ladders and the other is out and about.
Well the floors are all mopped and Hoovered. dusting is done and recycles are ready for the bin. Harry Potter is on HBO today so all is just grand in my corner of the world! I even have the BR window open a bit! 38*+,,,,,not sure if it's a bit more. At least the sun was out! Between the new baby coming and the expected vacation, I am getting all wound up!!! :rofl:
Well I better get out of the sandbox and let someone else in. More dust bunnies are calling my name from under the bed! :dance:
Tomorrow is Mall Shopping......just in case I disappear :wizard:

01-30-2005, 03:00 PM
No time to stop and chat this morning. The gym, weights and work calls. Just dropping in with the measurements for the month

Weight 72.5/ 72
Upper chest 38.25/ 36.5
Bust 42/ 41
Lower chest 35.5/ 35
Waist 34/34
Upper Hips 39.5/ 40.25
Lower Hips 39.25/ 38.5
Top of Leg 21/ 21
Top of Arm 12.75/ 12.5

Mostly improvement. Long may it last. Catch up on the gossiping, travelling poms and scots, and the galloping, flying yanks not to mention the carefree canucks tonight.

01-30-2005, 05:28 PM
hi again you might all get bored with me tonight im ill and am not in the mood for doing anything except use my fingers so i used them to order the tea,i used them to put harry potter back on the dvd {comfort dvd instead of comfort food } and now im sitting using my fingers to talk to you all TEEL shad was only trying to get through whilst you were on the phone but in defence i did phone you :dizzy: :love: :hyper: so what says you well share equal blame :comp: :callme: :callme: :callme: well actually calling is what got us into trouble :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: craig starts his prelims tomorrow and hes not worried but guess what ........ i am i know its only the practice exams but craig is the kind of kid if he cant do it the first time he wont try again so im keeping everything crossed that he gets the grades he thinks he should :goodluck: :goodluck: :goodluck: :lucky: :crossed: im taking conner to the docs in the morning hes had a dodgy throat for a few weeks now we actually thought his voice was breaking but over the weekend he now has little voice left and his throat is now painfull and as he was only in the hospital three weeks ago to get his grommats done so im worried hes picked something up in there as he did have a breathing tube so off to the docs he goes {just as well we dont pay for docs visits or this month my bill would be huge} then dh reminded me ive got the dentist on thursday and i think i need at least five teeth out and possibly 8 my teeth are just crumbling due o the ostioarthritus and the calcium deficiensy{sp} and the fact that i breast fed both the boys {just dont tell them :yikes: :nono: :o :o talk about embarassing} so i must go and then ive got the docs on friday they really will be sick of the sight of me of course thats all if i can get rid of this flu first
right going just now need a shower and ill probably be back again later

01-30-2005, 07:29 PM
well i did warn you id be back again , :o i was talking to a freind online earlier this evening and she reminded me of all the weight id put on whilst pregnant with craig i went form a size 12 to a 20 and from 9 and a half stone to nearly 17 so i had a think and decieded that my weekly challenges are do-able whilst pregnant i mean its not as if im rock climbing so im joining back in and im also going to start the monthly figures aswell so here they are and you will have to forgive me about the waist and bust measurements they are going to go up no matter what but hopefully the rest will keep going down but i am going to have sundays off so my points will just be out of 12
weight 236 = -1
upper arm=14in
bust = 47 in ++++
waist+45 in +++++
calf = 17 in
so thats me for this month and i promise i wont be back now night night

suzi in auz
01-31-2005, 02:26 AM
A big wave :wave: to everyone and i'm sorry i have neglected you all. it's been a "thinking" week. I got myself caught up thinking about the year and stuff...and stuff...and more stuff. :eek: Argh! so enough. it's all out and down on paper in the journals and I am feeling purged! ..LOL Oh sorry Kirsty..I do hope you are not still feeling ill.
You have all been so chatty and i loved reading all your bits.
I love the fact that plans are being made for visits and phone calls. It's very special.
A BIG congrats to Tig ...well done on the 12 points. :flow2:
I'm chomping on your heels. Actually i felt poohey today because one of my goals was not to step on the scales. I surcummbed on Sunday and peeked...i wish i hadn't no damage but I was sure I'd lost lbs!!!! waaah!
Mel ...waving left shopping behind ? oh dear. I can imagine doing this with something I wasn't meant to have like chocolate? peeking into a bag and realising it wasn't there. It would be penance I suppose
Holly I loved reading about GM's birthday. it all sounded so wonderfully elegant and then to go to a bash for DH...what a hoot! Isn't it great to see them unwind a little. You say you need coffee! You sound so perky! You'll be bouncing soon.

Teel how wonderful you going and having a holiday with kirsty. You two will certainly get up to some mischief. A scot and a brit ...God help us! ..LOL
Shad thank you so much for your labour of love with adding up the points. You really are a wonderful motivator. it's just so good knowing there you will be on a Sunday evening.
Now your #'s are looking good ...look at those skinny legs! :) :dancer:
Meadow hi :)
Happy Hi:)
candlelady hi:)
and hugs for everyone! :grouphug:

1 point so far ( weigh and measure day!)

01-31-2005, 05:45 AM
I'm chomping on your heels. Actually i felt poohey today because one of my goals was not to step on the scales. I surcummbed on Sunday and peeked...i wish i hadn't no damage but I was sure I'd lost lbs!!!! waaah!
Actually Suzi that peek probably cost you a share of the crown here in our thread and on the challenge in the journals. So you did do some damage. Those dratted scales. They are a menace.

I was checking out my graphs that I have set up to keep a visual track of weight loss and inches. In my journal I have put down what I was last January and what I am now. There are some good results there, and I feel quite proud of myself when I see how far I have come, and some self doubt when I see how far I have yet to go as well. But let's just let time get on with it. It is going to be slow. It has never been anything else and because I refuse to go on any diet which restricts the foods that I eat rather than the amounts that I eat, it will continue to be slow.

Teel, my friend, if you are going to ring me, I leave home by 0500 hours to go to the gym and then go to work. I am usually home by 1630 or sometimes half an hour later. Am I in trouble????? Is that why you are ringing me.

Linus, may I take you up on the offer of taking over these challenges after this week. I will be starting to work longer hours shortly and simply won't have time to add up the points etc. Anyway, it will be good to get some new ideas in there.

Now talking about the challenge this week. Who is in and who is out. Because I am running late, we will take it from Monday for the Americans and Canadians, Scots, Poms etc and from Tuesday for those participating downunder. Finish sunday/monday. After that you have Linus to wield the whip.

So at least the temps were bearable if still hot today. A shower of rain cooled it a bit around midday. Tomorrow is supposed to only be 32. Goody.

Okay, I am off to get the dishes done, the ironing finished and an early night - well around 10pm anyway. Catch you later.

01-31-2005, 07:25 AM
This week is race training week so I do need to keep up the 30 minutes of running or walking. My second one - I've gotten away from doing my physical therapy exercises, so I'll add that.

01-31-2005, 07:38 AM

Teel, Am I in trouble????? Is that why you are ringing me.

Well not that I am aware of...but it sounds like you have a guilty consciense! I just thought you sounded a mite fed up and thought I would give you a ring. I meant to get to you earlier but someone rang me..(no I don't think it was Kirsty!) and I didn't get back to do it until much later...also, me being of the mercenary type...I get free phone calls on Saturdays ans Sundays so I thought I would make the most of the opportunity. So no panic.

In fact I have not altered in weight one ounce!! I am exactly the same as I was last Monday so I am not a happy person, to say the least.
So I see Miss Kirsty is about to be let lose with our weekly challenges...:chin: Does that mean we can have a week off when she goes in to labour??? Or the fortnight that I am with her??!! He he he he!!Oh dear I just had a thought...with Miss Crack-Whip looking at everything I eat for a fortnight I had better not eat anything even remotely off plan!! Kirsty's got the absolute bona-fide excuse to put on weight!! . Well done for taking on the challenge.Good on you Linus I am sure you will step into Shad's shoes perfectly. :coach: :coach: :drill: :drill:

Er Mel..what's a "BR WINDOW"? Please do tell!!

Suzi...well done on your very good 11 points. I am sorry you didn't lose any weight though! I know it is VERY frustrating!! And like you, I am often tempted to get on the scales during the week, especially if it is a morning when I actually feel lighter in myself!! And the result is always the same...I have usually lost a lb or so midweek and then when it comes to proper weigh-in day I am back to where it was the week before!!! :yikes: :sumo: :rollpin: :^: Don't lose heart my friend...we are all on this together!!! :goodscale :tread:

Ok for this weeks challenge
1. To ACTUALLY get "The Diamond Video" out of its packet and perhaps do some of the excercises...this will be a major undertaking for me! lose 1lb at least...heres hoping!

01-31-2005, 10:02 AM
Remember me? Yes I am back from my trip and glad to be here. I will take some time tonight after work to catch up with you all....such chatty girls.
It was such providence that I had a trip planned to go North last weekend... God is so good to me....and he uses me when I pay family was in a crisis and my sis was so happy to have me come to her rescue....
Anyway, I didn't do very well at the challenge and knew I was going to be away so this week........ my challenge is a good eating plan everyday.....
and 30 minutes of exercise.......
Hope this finds everyone well and I will try to get up to speed. Blessings to all and your families....

01-31-2005, 02:37 PM
I'm going to keep trying with my same challenge. I will beat that sugar off with a stick if it doesn't keep jumping into my mouth :)

The family and I are headed off to the mountains for two days. We are taking the kids out of school but it is kindergarten and grade one for pete's sake, what could they possibly miss?! Did I tell you we are building a house? Yep, out in the country, just a little place but I need to go up there and talk to the electrician so I get my pot lights and dimmer switches and the cabinet guy so I get some glass in the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Big stresser for me really, maybe why I have been rather lacking in the motivation department. I don't really want to move but there you go.
The wheels are in motion and my husband (country born) is very happy about it all, can't wait to be in his "own" house.

Nice to have you back Rose. Did your time away leave you rested?

Shad-so things at work are mounting up? Is it because the guys are slacking and you are having to pick up after them or is there a big job coming?

Tig-continuous running for 30 minutes? Wow, one day maybe I could get through my 4 mile WATP video. You are a marvel!

Linus-bit disappointed that Antonio isn't one of your first choices for naming the new young one. How about Tony if it is a boy ;) Good compromise :-b Fancy Teel trekking up to see you in the shadow of the big castle. That is going to be one exciting fortnight. Take your vitamins :) How is the little bundle inside doing? Feeling any twitches?

Teel-Get off the phone ;) :rofl: Good luck trying to catch Shad at home, I imagine she is out and about quite alot. Very kind of you to want to touch base with her and give her a bit of cheer. I hope you both have a great natter. Remember to enunciate slowly so you both don't get lost in the accents :D

Mel-did someone get some groceries in for you? Did you go online and find one of those delivery services and phone in your order and have it delivered to your door? Might want to think about checking one of them out during this time of famine :eek:

Holly-OMG! Deep fried turkey! and all the free range meat, slurp. Made me hungry for a roast of Cariboo. Got to get my hubby to stock the freezer with some of that good wild stuff. Had some Arctic Char last week from the inlaws freezer, good stuff. I'm glad your cousin from the dark side stayed clear of you during your Gran's festivities. Celebrating her life while she is here to enjoy it was a great event.

:wave:Hey Diane- What are you doing? Are you smiling? Are you laughing? Are you feeling happy?

:wave: Happy-how does the new house look? Has your furniture arrived? Did you paint? Have you done an inventory of the garden?

:wave:Suzi-so the kids back in school? How are you? Feeling abandoned? Must be awfully quiet there after the summer vacation mayhem.

01-31-2005, 07:14 PM
where did everyone go?????? just meadow ,rose and fat sneezing old me :lol:
well im still ill been at the docs twice today once to make the appointment and once to actually take conner to get his throat checked ,he might have had his throat scratched with the breathing tube during his ear surgery which led to larngitis so just lozenges so hes happy
craig started his exams today music to start with and english tomorrow right im off to sneeze

01-31-2005, 07:30 PM
PAGE 9 A;READY!!! :yikes: :faint: :rofl:
where to begin......I had a wonderful day shopping and hit a sale at a store that is closing down one of it's bvranches in NJ! From 30-90% off everything!!! People were going bananas! Me included. Is it just me or what.....every store I went into all I could see were BABY CLOTHES!!! BABY BLANKETS????? BABY BOOTIES????? BABY, BABY EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE! :rofl: Oh loved it! Aunt Fanny had a hard time not going crazy! No food point for me today that is for sure. Ate Burger King! But I'll exercise at least!
Weight -172
Inches- the same
Nothing to brag about here....just before Shad and I started last years challenges I was 169!!! Now I know I had been sick before that weigh in but have never gone back to it. I went as high as 176.(sigh) Hoping this year will be a better one!

Shad~ Very nice figures! No puin intended! :rofl: Not a bad year considering all the pitfalls you had! :faint: good luck this one!!!

Linus~ So the baton is getting passed over to you! Hope you don't have to use the whip on me!:yuikes: Hope you feel better soon! don't want to be a pest but please be careful!!!

Teel~ Can you pack me in a trunk and take me along??? I promise I'll be a good girl!!! I'll get a big red wagon and hitch it to the back and take us all to those pubs!! ;cb: BR window=bedroom window:rofl: :lol3: Have you packed anything yet?!?!? Inquiring minds want to know!

Nae~ Welcome home my Northern frozen friend! LOL Glad the timing was good for the trip. funny how god works in mysterious ways! :rofl: :angel: Good to have you back and hope you found my PM! LOL

Meadow~ Looks like AB's name is losing out over in Scotland! :rofl: Take me with you when you move. I can do country!!! LOL Hope when things settle down, you'll come to love it there. Good luck!

Suzi~ Hope you don't feel lonely by yourself.....find a new hobby or volunteer or redecorate!!! :rofl: have a great week learning to just "be"! :D

Tig as usual is on the run!!! LOL Hope the exercises get going. I know the feeling. I never want to do what is supposed to be GOOD for me! :rofl:

Back is breaking and must go. Have a great night to all and to the rest....Good Morning Sunshine!!!

02-01-2005, 06:19 AM
Roseblush - good eating plan everyday + 30 minutes rxercise
Meadow - no sugar + ?
Mel - 7 days ediets food only + 7 days exercise.
Tig - 30 mins running + PT exercises
Teel - To ACTUALLY get "The Diamond Video" out of its packet + do some of the excercises and lose 1lb at least.
Holly - you in this??
Linus - ???

Work stepped up yet another pace today. It gets like this as we get to the pointy end of the project - nothing unusual, however the 'boys' haven't been on too many projects like this and they are not professional trainers and they are just realising how under prepared they are. The one who is the real joker was up to present today and he is being very hard on himself as to why he didn't (he thinks) give a good performance. I think the second half of his presentation went very well. He was good at explaining what I (as in the student from ****) was doing wrong. This is the one danger the company leaves themselves open to as they try to present the trainees with someone they can relate to. We will get them there in the end. But there will be some skin off knuckles before we are through.

Good day at the gym today. Sometimes I really feel like I am getting somewhere even if the scales don't show it. Today was 6.5k and 492 calories burnt in the run. It felt good. Don't know why except maybe the brain was not in gear this morning and I dawdled through the early morning and got to work late, but hey who gives a darn as long as the work gets done.

I'm off to watch the Amazing Race for 10 minutes before bed calls. Getting hotter again tomorrow they tell me. Booooo hoooo.

02-01-2005, 10:42 AM
HI Shad~ I am keeping my goals the same till i get it right. The cheese is better but the exercise is truly a challenge.
We started Monday this time, right?

I told DH I didnít do a darn thing yesterday. In reality I cared our 2 plus 4 other kids, wrote a Church meeting Summary, made 10 phone calls, emailed 8 others, took DD to dance,went to the bank, took pics in, was at the library twice, meals, dishes.......
I did veg in front of the tube in the aft and watch a couple of soaps and watched 24 ( I LOVE that show) last night. In bed at 10:30 , up at 6 :45. I dreamt I was cleaning the house( huh) and woke to total chaos. Totally unfair.

The Niggles:
must do laundry
Giant Tiger and Food Basics have good flyers, go to Strath for groceries
Tidy toys( kids can help)
I have 2 weeks to get taxes done, must get back on track
DS has outgrown pants and Tís, go through dresser, Sears spring catalogue came today, good sales, orders stuff
our bedroom has been a catchall for weeks, sort and tidy
hire cleaning person to spring clean kitchen from top to bottom, inside&out in March

I ate an abundance of starchy carbs yesterday.I will not today.
I got pics back from Grandmaís party. There are a couple nice ones. DS is diving through a few. I hope as an adult he doesnít feel miffed because I have more pics of DD. He will not stay still.
The book for the reading club came in. I will finish up the last Douglas Adams, I am reading now and then get at it.

I suppose I should get doing stuff.

Icy trees and sunshine once again. Makes the cold worth while.

Linus~ you are pretty cheerful and funny for a sick Gal. Are you feeling better? How's the wee bun in the oven??

Suz~ how goes the thinking? I like your resolve. This is a quote from a friend that made me think of you.( And me).
"You mentioned tha small stuff. Unfortunately it doesn't feel like it at the time. It feels like it feels and you are important and need to recognize that at the time it feels huge. This is OK!!!!!
The secret of not letting things eat away at you and finding ways to deal with them is what is really important."

Nae~ your visit sounds great. It was wonderful you were there to help.

Meadow~how goes the beating of the sugar??? I must say country living is wonderful. I am city girl born and raised. I really wanted to get the heck out though.Your "country" is much prettier too. We have a LOT of corn and bean fields. No mountains or ocean.

Mel~ great shopping excursion. I can feel the excitment. Did you ever get groceries?? ;)

Shad~ your numbers look great. You must be pleased. GREAT workout!! Woohoo!!

HI! to everyone!!!!

02-01-2005, 06:30 PM
evening folks ,how are we all tonight ???? better ask cause we all seem to have disappeared :fr: craig had his english exam today walked through it :write: :cheer: :thanks: :thanks: he seems to be coping very well :crossed: conner is continuing to be so funny he tells anyone wholl listen that his dad,s "in denial" about my pregnancy and when he came home from school he asked me what an epidural was ?? when i told him he said i should " take craig dad will only faint" :faint: :rofl: :rofl: sometimes my kids really crack me up :love: :love:
SHAD i can take the challenge from here if youll explain things for me 1. what day do we start and what day do we finish ? 2. does everyone run for only 6 days 3. how the heck do you keep up with everyone?????? my challenges are the same but so far this week im 0 for 0 doing great arent i ?? :nono: :rofl: got the monday -friday e-mail i loved it so did conner he says thats what his dads like oing and coming back from the pub :rofl:
ladies id love to reply to everyone but ive got a freshly roasted chicken in the oven and it keeps calling to me so im going to go and eat it

02-01-2005, 07:03 PM
Wow, this seems like a fun group! :) My name is Sherri and I'm new here. I'm orginally from Indiana but currently living in San Salvador, El Salvador with my husband of going on 4 years (he's salvadoreno). Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. :D

02-01-2005, 08:44 PM
Hello sherri and welcome! Tell us a bit about your life if you feel like sharing. Good luck with your goals!!!

Shad~ get a big stick so you can smack the backs of those hands!:rofl: Hope they do well. I bet now that they like you they'll want to do their best to iompress you.......especially as they are ALL men!!! :lol3: Nice gym stuff before work! I am sorry to say that food has fallen off the challenge almost every day for one reason or another. I am sure your body is going to look fine with the exercise. Maybe the weight later. I have heard other women with the same problem.....or maybe it's not really a problem!!! LOL Happy Wednesday!!! Loved the e-mail. Am still laughing.

Linus~ How are you our little pregnant friend?!?!?:rofl: I just love this whole thing. Loved your post and all the news! The boys are a riot and connor might just be good as a stand-up comic! :rofl:
Hope you are feeling better and enjoyed the chicken!

Holly~ Yes I got the groceries in today as a matter of fact! :lol: my mind has not been focussing this week at all! Hope you stay your happy and peppy self this week!!!

Well kids....back problems still. Not sure why. Think it's just part of life now. Won't go away totally. told Clara today that there cannot be any more cooking or anything other than the paper work and only on GOOD days. I repeated it today as she pressed me for more help. told her to call the Godson. I decided not to. She is more than capable of calling herself. Told her also that Jen has enough with herself and the BF's Mom. I think she got the picture. I know she must be scared and I guess this is why she is being sooo persiostent!!:faint: gotta go and get into bed and watch TV from there. Take care all and have a great Wednesday!!

02-01-2005, 08:52 PM
hi sherri and welcome to the madhouse :rofl: pary do tell all about you and where you come from we are soooo nosy :rofl: :nose: had my chicken it was so good ive just gone back for more
speak later chickies
kirsty :lol:

02-02-2005, 06:02 AM
My boys that is. Our practice session today went like clockwork. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: Yesterdays self flagellation and whinging is gone. The bloke who got really down and out yesterday combined with one of the others and produced a performance worthy of one of our crowns. I think we have cracked the format and almost the timing as well. Take a bow my blokes, you are great!!!!

Now we have to do the same thing for all of the other lessons.

Welcome to Sherri, hope you can keep up with the madhouse we have here. Is that what one calls an El Salvadore native? A Salvadoreno?? Well one learns something here every day. I hope you continue to come here. I look forward to hearing about life in San Salvadore. We love having new people here but be prepared for questions - of course you don't have to answer them if you don't want to. Just ignore those which you don't want to answer. How much weight do you have to lose, are there any little Sherrita or Sherrito's? How do you like living down there?

Linus - we can do this weeks challenge together if you wish. I put a list of the people and the challenges in my last entry. Holly has weighed in with the same as last week, which was I think something to do with cheese and weights. I should go back and look it up.
This weeks challenge runs from Monday in the UK and States and Tuesday here for Suzi - I think she has posted her aims in the journal. I should go get 'em, I will later. It finishes Sunday over there and Monday over here. When it has finished, we give them one day to clock in with the results. Those that don't miss out. So you will be crowning someone on Monday night your time. Judges decision is deluded and final. It's a challenge and we are a challenge and/ or challenged ourselves. For scoring, if Holly for example says she has done the cheese bit for 6 out of the 7 days and the exercise only 3 times out of the 7 days - then she gets 9 points. It's awfully basic and simple and doesn't take a lot of time to work out. It takes more time to work out where they hide their results. It's not so hard here, but takes a lot more time in the journals. I try to get them to post comments in my journal on the given day but I have found them on several comments over several days, sometimes a running total, sometimes it seems that some people have 9 days in their weeks. But it is fun. Its a challenge and there is no point in anyone getting upset if they don't win, especially if they don't tell me what they did. I'm psychedelic not psychic. I may be fey about some things but this challenge is not one of them. I'm around if you run into a spot of bother anyway. So how about you sort out the crown here and I'll deal with the journals this week and tell them where to look next week.

Glad you enjoyed the difference between Monday and Friday. For those whose e-mail addresses I couldn't find at 4.00am this morning, the manic penguin is Friday and the lethargic polar bear is Monday.

Oh and before I forget again. Rose - thank you so much for my wonderful parcel. I keep looking at it an thinking, I can't use that on the dishes or the bench tops - it will get all dirty!!! A lovely surprise thank you so much. I will be writing back one of these days to reply to your letter. Don't hang round the mailbox too much though, you will get frostbite or elk bite!!!!
One thing that always amazes me about this thread and the internet in general really - you get a picture of a person in your head. You think about them as if you really know how they look and feel and react, then you get to meet them as I have been lucky enough to do in some cases, and they come nowhere near the physical picture you have in your head. But amazingly enough they are so familiar in the non physical sense. I know when I went to England and met up with Teel, it was as if we had known each other for a long time - well I suppose in a way we had. It was the same with Mooz and Happy, they were just like long lost sisters. Next time I head off overseas and meet some more of the people from here, I bet it will be just the same.

Anyway, I had better push off and clear up the tea dishes and do some chores - never ending chores. Better pay some bills too.


02-02-2005, 09:34 AM
Your welcome Shad and yes you should use it and it washes up in the laundry just fine.....I appreciate all you do for us chickies on this forum and the pleasure of meeting all of you. Good Job Shad on the success with the blokes learning. Welcome to Sherri and we want to hear all about your wonderful south american world.....
It has taken me a few days to get rested from my weekend.... dealing with my brother is not over yet and the reality of his life is so sad but he does have some family who will always be there for him.
I made a new coffee blend for my morning :coffee: and it is so delicious, this is the first morning I have been up early enough to enjoy it. Can't wait for my day off tomorrow to putter around the house and make use of some shopping I did on the way home.
Linus, you have me dreaming of babies and delivery and how to aide pregnant woman..... this is going to be quite the experience for your friends here. Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger....My girlfriend in MT told me her neice is going to deliver triplets this coming year and the neice lives in Boise where my sons I am so excited to make some trips down there to hold those babies and see my sons..... the babies were conceived naturally no drugs to enhance the numbers....very cool.
WEll girls the new girl is still a bother but some of the areas are almost comical......... although I found a needle in one of the procedure bins without a cap on it yesterday.....very dangerous.....duh! I am surprised when someone doesn't respond to correction with some comment.....
My challenge is going well with the food .... so far I have 2 points this week but no points for the exercise....... I know it would be cheating to put down the time I work with patients in the clinic that is not my continous 30 minutes.
I know I was very quiet on the thread last week... I had a mini crisis going on in my life but things are much improved this week and I am going to apply myself to our challenge this month because of your support.
Hope all is well with everyone...... enjoy your families and children....this weekend I will try topost a funny about New Drugs for woman.... good for a few laughs.....

02-02-2005, 10:19 AM
Hello to all. Sorry for my absense turned out to be a very inconvenient and expensive day!
I left my house in good time to get to town to see my social worker and got to the car and...yes! You've probably guessed it...the battery was as flat as the proverbial pancake! :mad: :o :faint: :censored: :eek: So I came back in the house and rang the breakdown service who came and spent a good 20 minutes charging it up. It was so flat every time the guy took off one of the leads the thing died again! :^: So then once he had it going I thought the safest thing was to drive in to town and buy a new one and get it fitted there and then! Thankfully I found it flat yesterday when it could rectified and not first thing this morning when I had a hospital appointment at 09:00hrs!! :dizzy:
And so to the hospital appointment. I got there in heaps of time and to my horror the clinic was being held right at the back of the building ...I say horror because it was a very long walk for a someone going to the Rheumatology Clinic! I had never seen this Asian Doctor before and it turned out to be rather a waste of time. All he concluded was they are putting it all down to FibroMyalgia and the best thing is to keep taking MST 40 mg twice a day. :^: :( He didn't even examine me..oh, he did look at the palms of my hands because I complained of involuntary muscle spasms which I thought was due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a side effect from the medication...he thought it was due to the CPS which I know I need to get injected as soon as I feel ready for the injection again!!
LINUS how are you doing? Have you sent us your freezing cold weather again? It is grey and miserable here again today with not one ray of sunshine to brighten the place up...just gloomy and grey and cold!! Good luck to DS with his exams. Its good when they are all least for time being :write: :write:
Hello to Sherri! Welcome to our mad group. How did you find us? Is there a sign somewhere saying "Mad but friendly chicks come this way!!"??? Good luck with your own personal challenge. I hope you will find us a good group who are supportive and friendly.
Shad I hope you are well. I have it in mind to give you a call at the weekend so let me know what time would be best for you and I wont be waking the household up with a long distance phone ringing!!
Where's Happy disappeared off to? I hope she and DH are settling in as they should have the keys by now and be trudging around all the furniture stores looking at new furniture. I can't wait to see some of the photos,
Roseblush I hope you life crisis is settling down somewhat. Good to have you back with us. Sorry about the problems with the new girl. Be careful with her dangerous procedures though. It's not so comical when someone innocent is hurt through carelessness.

Ok thats all from me! I MUST get that video out!
All take care. Love from me...

02-02-2005, 12:39 PM
I am feeling insanely happy today. Kinda like Tigger. Bursting with love.

Three days of sunshine!! Trees are covered in thick frost. Beautiful.
DS told me yesterday he was hot at recess,"it's -1C Mom, that's really hot". LOL!!
2 little guys today til 12:30. For my afternoon off, I am going to volunteer in DD's class. Some people think it is funny to spend my break from kids with kids. I could be nuts.
I have been getting an excrutiating sinus headache around 5pm for 3 days. I will see what happens today and then call the Doc if it persists.
I got a few niggles done yesterday. DH's records are a freakin mess. I will maybe sort that tonight if I dont have a headache.
I ate too many carbs again last night. Comfort food.

Went for groceries with the wee guys this morning, home for lunch, off to school!
TOPS tonight.
Pleasantly dull.

02-02-2005, 05:32 PM
good evening to all !!! and how are we all this evening ?? good i hope ive had one of those funny unsettled days :^: you know the ones theres lots to do just cant be bothered doing it :lol: :rolleyes: craig had his third exam today maths said it went fine, :shrug: :tape: for him thats a long comment :tied: had more to say about his granny and grandad and dad having a look at his gf when she came up for him whilst he was at football :rollpin: ive met the lass but they havent and of course if youd seen three fully grown adults all trying to peek through the blinds i was in tears :mag: :rofl: especially my stepdad hes a 6.5 ft rugby player trying to hide behing a set of vertical blinds :rofl: :crazy:
i seem to have found my craving for this pregnancy ............. shopping :yikes: :hyper: i havent left the house today but mum does whats called home shop the warehouse man brings her stuff and she sells it so i bought a new duvet for my bed and four of those bounce back pillows and of course i ended up buying a large stuffed dog :goodvibes :love: :love: its so lovely sort of in the shape of a labrador but black and white like a collie with a red leather collar i fell in love so i bought it to join the rest of the gang if you went into my room youd laugh ive got a kids tiger rug {like a stuffed tiger but cartoonish}right over my bed ,a white tiger with baby and a polar bear with baby at the bottom of the bed ,just in front of my bolsters thers a large {three feet}white tiger and a one foot white tiger then on top of the pillows theres my sharpei,my white and grey wolf ,my foot long bengal tiger and my cupid pillow and my script pillow and the rest dh insisted that i move and they now sit on my sewing machine :love: :rofl: i also have a four foot high panda that sits on a storage box just as you come in the room ,all that coupled with lots and lots of pigs {including one bondage pig that has a whip a black leather basque and handcuffs } :crazy: :rofl: :rofl:
SHAD :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: glad its all coming together at last you must feel so much more confidednt now that it will get done
MEL has buying those sheets tired you out ????? are we all getting lovely xmas cards this year??? i hear you on the back pain thing im suffering a wee bit myself but that could be because ive hadto drop the tramadol and have voulentarily come off the amitryptylene but hey ive been promised that all these pregnancy hormones will loosen off all the other joints so :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:
HOLLY you sound like your really enjoying yourself today im sure itll last amazing what having all last weeks stress lifted can do for you
TEEL i will only say one thing blooming hospitals
MEADOW antonio is a lovely name just not for me im afraid and as i said the little lad down stairs would wonder i called the little crying thing by his name {and hes a wee horror adorable but none the less a horror so im not tempting fate :devil: } right now id love to be taking your place and heading off into the mountains id love a few days {months years }peace and quiet , but its a wee bit hard to be enthusiastic when its not something you want to be doing {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}
TIG are you off running again no its this weekend isnt it ???
SUZI hey the kiddies are back at school now i should have realised that your kids would have there summer holidays in YOUR summer :lol: goodness sometimes i can be so slow on the uptake
HAPPY right now you should be in the middle of archaic wiring with your two bar stools enjoying the non upstairs neighbours :balloons: :cheer: :cheer: :encore:
ROSE some people dont get the needlestick rules until they get stuck and by then its way too late glad you spotted it and not found it the hard way !!!!!!!!! and no im not washing dishes with mine either :dizzy: i wouldnt dare you must have spent so much time on it :bravo:
CANDLE WHERE ARE YOU LOVE ????????, GIGI are you walking the dog ????
MOOZ mel and shad must be behaving you arent here :lol: right im off to actually do something usefull {im going to make coffee} and ill catch you all later

02-02-2005, 06:10 PM
Hello worldly chickettes! Hope the day was good. I spent myne with the laundry room and the plumber. got 2 more loads done and 2 quilts. having a bit of trouble seeing to read tonite. Not sure why. Jen sees nothing wrong. I'm thinking it's the cataracts growing a bit. They get looked at in March so nothing to do but wait and tough it out. I won't answer individually so....i am glad Linus is shopping for her "nest" and Shad has the boys in hand. Nae, I too hated to use it but asd I did the first time...I talked to it and said Rosie told me you won't feel a thing!! :rofl: Teel, I am sorry to hear about more $$ for the car! and just when auntie Teel is saving for a trip too!!! You can take lovely photos of Kirsty's stomach!!! :cb: Seems like Holly is having a great day and her old happy self!
I found myself very cranky today and I think the eye dr is right and my sight keeps ticking me off. I am not happy not seeing well. Felt very weepy today and feeling downright sorry for myself. We all know that will get me absolutely nowhere! ;rofl:
the plumber is still trying to find ways of giving us better hot water. Seems like many small thinas are wrong all at once.
Hope he fixes them all before next XMAS!!!:faint:
Well got to hop in the shower. Just changed the sheets and really wanted to crawl into them! have a great night!

02-02-2005, 10:42 PM
It's not ACTUALLY Friday Eve, but I don't work on Friday. That makes tomorrow Virtual Friday which makes tonight, well, Virtual Friday Eve! :dancer: I don't know about you, but I get what little joy I can! ;)

'SMelly ~ I want to hear more about you and the plumber and the "laundry" room. I can read between the lines! :o :rofl: Good job on letting MissClara be a big girl. They grow up so fast! :rofl: I am really sorry about your eyes giving you so many problems including the annoyance of your eyes giving you problems! Hugs, dear one. :grouphug:

linus ~ I LOVED the visual of the folks hiding behind the blinds (being subtle, I'm sure) to take a peek at the GF. It's their job to thoroughly disgust and embarrass young Craig and sounds like they did an outstanding job! :rofl: I loved your description of your bedroom. BONDAGE pig?!?!? :smoking:

Holly ~ Temps are all relative. HOWEVER, -1C is hot?!?!? We had a high of 62F today which is about 16C if the calculation is right. I forgot to wear a sweater to work and FROZE!!! Sissy Florida blood.

teel ~ I'm glad you got your battery replaced and weren't stuck in a bad spot with a dead battery. Is the medication helping with the pain?

shad ~ I got a call from a recruiter about a project manager position to implement SAP. Of course, I immediately thought of you and your boys. I have worked with three different ERP systems, but not SAP. Yet. :D It does seem to take a practice session sometimes to wake the Male Species up. Congratulations! I may need to ask for some hints from you.

meadow ~ That certainly was exciting news about the house you are building. I'm "country" at heart, so it sounds wonderful to me, especially building exactly what you want! :cheer: I'm not brave enough to tackle the 4 mile WATP! I'll stick with running! :lol:

nae ~ I hope all is well now with you and your family.

suzi ~ are you all finished burning those brain cells? Whew...hope you can look forward now!

happy ~ how's the new job? house?

candle? hellooooooooo. ooooo. oooo. ooo. oo. hm. seems to be an echo here. :)

Did I miss anyone? If so, dearest apologies.

I'm very excited about the race on Saturday. My goal is to run the entire race. We'll see how it goes. There was a strong wind the last race I ran and I only ran a little over two miles. MORE this time. I'm going to STOMP those miles! :sumo:

02-03-2005, 05:09 AM
Howdy doody all.

Have we frightened a few people away??? Where is Gigi and Diane? Hope Diane is not still sick!!! Crikey, they have had some sickness in that house. Happy will still be settling in. Hope she manages to get back soon. We need Texas and Germany to keep up with the state of the weather round the world.

Wicked storm we had last night. Knocked out power to around 16000 homes in and around Brisbane. Not us tho' we're alright Jack. But the rain and the lightning were spectacular. Now believe it or not we have a dust storm on the horizon. Crazy weather.

Blokes put on another stellar performance today. Gotta love them. Today's presenter did it all by himself. Got the three students from ****. Dealt with it nobly and only got a tad upset once and that was because he himself did something wrong. Like the dates. We laughed, but really it is serious because SAP is such a date driven system. He can't afford to make too many mistakes like that.

Teel, phone call this weekend. The only time I know I am going to be out is between 0900 and 1100 Saturday my time. Thats something like 2200 and 0100 on Friday night/ Saturday morning for you. So if you are going nightclubbing don't worry about me. Other than that I have no plans to go anywhere except down to the bathroom and out into the garden.

Holly - can't you keep away from kids??? I think I like the sound of the trees all covered in ice and shining in the sun. Should be a good view.

Linus - how the **** do you fit into the bed with all those animals. Does DH fit in the same bed??? Loved that cartoon too. Glad Craig is doing okay with those exams. I hope he knows we are all expecting miracles from him! I'm coming over with a live croc if he doesn't produce!!!!! Hope the GF can stand the family scrutiny!!!

Mel - what are you doing in that laundry with the plumber? And here I was thinking that firies were your predilection!! Do you like that word? It's the word of the day.

Hey Tig - let me know when you are ready for the trainers to come in. I'm available. Have cat will travel!!!

Hiya Meadow. Hope the house is coming along okay and you are getting all the bits you want in the plan. If you don't really want to go, then it will help if you have the little luxuries of life to play with.

Rosie, I'm still humming and haaing over that cloth. Maybe when the current one wears out, I will give it a go.

Okay, better go and get on with the night. Friday already tomorrow.

02-03-2005, 02:11 PM
hey wed been bumped to the second page be back later to post

02-03-2005, 04:37 PM
hi chickies how are we all this evening ???? good i hope im not too bad went to the dentist today i have to go back on the 16th to get the rest of my top teeth pulled all 8 of them :cry: :eek: :fr: :censored: :censored: :faint: added to the fact that ive got the chiropodist next wednesday to have 4 ingrown toenails removed im in for a painful fortnight :( this will be a short post as im knacked i didnt sleep to good last night didnt fall asleep till 4.30 am and then got up at 7 to get the kids up for school
Craig had his graphic communications exam today dont think he did very well he just grunted :dizzy: so im just plain old knackered now so ill just say hello to all and disappear for tonight :wave:

suzi in auz
02-03-2005, 05:35 PM
What a silly sausage i am! :dizzy: I checked in and caught up with you all and forgot to post! I thought I did.
You all sound busy busy busy. It's such great bustle.
Yes Tig i am over my inward looking introspective moment....phew! I dunno I think i just got caught up with all the new beginnings and I got stuck navel gazing. I haven't got time to at the mo, kids are running me off my feet with school.
It's all good though...but the challenge isn't. My goals are the same as last week. Thank you Kirsty for taking over that role for us.
I'm on 5 points as of today and that is terrible! ....ekk. :tread:
Kirsty ...your body is really getting a work out. Toes to teeth!!! It will be good to get those tootsies fixed so you don't have pain with the pregnancy...oh you must be getting excited. How many weeks now? When is this little one due? :bb:
Holly Your babies are beautiful. :love: Thank you for posting these. What little darlings, Your grandma looks amazing!! ...Hunky hubby too. So nice to be able to see everyone :) I wish you well in your excersise today You and me both...come on girly lets do it! :drill:
Shad is this weather? It's crazy. Snow in Vic n Feb! That's nuts. I had a cute little summer dress on yesterday and I froze! The humidnity went from 94% - 30 in one day. I wasn't upset about that . Great news about your 'boys" finally getting with the programme.
Hi Mel...Get away from the washing machine ..slowly! :) hope you day is happy
Hi teel
Hi meadow
hi tig
hi sherri...nice to met you
Hi gigi.hi candle lady and anyone I missed.
Here's something for you all today

Today...I wish you a day of ordinary miracles...
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't make yourself, :coffee:
an Unexpected phone call from an old friend, :callme:
green spotlights on your way to work or the shop.
I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in...
The fastest line at the grocer store,
a good sing along song on the radio :dancer:
your keys right where you look.
I wish you a day of happiness - little bite-size pieces of happiness :flow2:
that give you the funny feeling that God is smiling on you,
holding you so gently because you are someone special and rare.
I wish you a day of Peace, happiness and Joy. :grouphug:

02-04-2005, 06:25 AM
Hey we are on page 2. Where is everyone gone????
Been a long week and I am dozing in the chair watching the tv and sometimes playing a bit on the PC. So I am not sticking around for long.
Mel must be a bit poorly again. She's not been around for a couple of days. Where's teel gotten to as well?
Anyway just wanted to say hello. I'll be back when I have had a good sleep.

02-04-2005, 09:34 AM
What are your dreams and wishes?

This was asked on another thread.
I didn't have an answer. I am living my dream.

I spent 2 days thinking about it. Everything I have spent my life working for and through is my reality right now.
I suppose my wish/dream is to live this time in my life well.

The reality check of this is that it is not perfect.
DH came home miserable yesterday. He is often unhappy this time of year. He doesnít like his boss. He is justified. He takes it out on me sometimes. He was nitpicky and hurtful. It brought tears to my eyes. I stayed calm and spoke quietly and very little to him. I watched ER and went to bed. He was sarcastic to me. I laughed( thought he was joking) he got really angry. Sigh.
This morning he was sarcastic again. I hugged him and told him I loved him.
I still wouldnít change my life.
Gary Zukav wrote-Without commitment you cannot learn to care for another person more than yourself. You cannot learn to value the growth of strength of clarity in another soul, even when it threatens the wants of your personality. When you release the wants of your personality to accommodate and encourage anotherís growth, you attune yourself to that personís soul.

The upside is that I in turn receive the rewards of his growth in the growth and depth of our relationship.
The same goes for our children.

When I was a child growing up in a very WASP, yuppy, suburban cesspool, I dreamed and wrote about being married to a hardworking country boy, living in the country, baking, canning, gardening, growing veggies, being home with my children, doing crafts, singing, dancing, volunteering at the school............. I didnít meet DH til I was 30, he was in the meantime I went to school a bunch of times, worked as a hairdresser, counsellor, owned a successful business, travelled, went on road trips, had exciting boyfriends..........

So for now, I will live my life well.

02-04-2005, 02:08 PM
:peek:I'm back, thwarted on a few fronts in the house stuff. I saw a decorating program "Divine Design" Candice Olson is the decorator and I just adore her... anyway :rofl: she had a show where she put in patio doors with blinds inbetween the panes of glass... great! no dust, the cats won't be bending them, kids won't be messing with them... so I tell my husband I want that. The builder and window guy say it doesn't exist. Hey, I saw it on Candice's show and she is in Ontario so it must be gettable!! So I check out her website and the the four seasons of episodes and wouldn't you know it, no sign of that Kitchen makeover... argh! I can find websites in the United States that not only can put window blinds but shades too between the panes and you can change them depending on your decorating whims. The Home Depot up here has windows and regular doors with windows that have this light-touch blind technology but for sliding patio doors they give you "the guy look". I had to practically stamp my foot with the electrician to get my pot lights in the livingroom and kitchen, our builder is going on about "I hate potlights" and the electrician is eyeballing the builder saying "I thought you said there weren't going to be any potlights" Builder looks at me and then says to the electrician "there weren't originally" both look at me and then back at each other and do "the guy look". GAH! if only I had the money, I would get a decorator and have "her" fight in my corner with me. I am the one going to live in the place, for pete's sake.

I have done no exercise and the sugar was rootbeer going up and back down the road. My food choices were good grilled chicken sandwich from DairyQueen and the chicken something sandwich from McDonalds, it has some sort of blue cheese on it so the calories might be dismal but it had real lettuce on it :)

Holly- your kids look like little cherubs, so darling. Sorry that your husband was being a bear lately, good that you can just channel it and not let it get you too down, his issue. You make sure you take a nice soak in the tub and alleviate the stress.

Shad-so the guys are learning? Glory be. Are you smiling? Must be nice to see progress.

Linus-FOUR? Yikes that is going to be an ordeal. ((HUGS)) the little bundle is going to be feeling every minute of that, be sure to rub your tummy clockwise to sooth him/her that it is all right. Will they be giving you any pain killers? Make sure it is alright first. Oh dear, oh my! and the teeth? same, check that it safe whatever they use to dull the pain. Hey on the upside, you don't have to keep track of me this week, I have done little to nothing and have zero points.

Mel-so you like a guy who is good with his hands? Me too :D We are all waiting for the plumber details. :tapping foot: hmm? He did what? how long? OH!

Suzi-so the new school routine is hectic? I was just looking at the list of Valentine's cards I have to write for my daughters :rofl: I have to buy them first though. All have to be in by next Tuesday or a little one will have a booboo face. I have to do something with a chickenpox vaccine thing too, the school wants to know if they have had it, want it, will get it or don't want anything to do with it :lol: I need to phone the doctor and check, I haven't a clue.

:wave: to the new girl from El Salvador, come back and tell us about your day.

:wave: Teel, Diane, Rose, Happy, Mooz and a thousand apologies and a big wave to anyone whose name I have forgotten. I know you are out there trying :)

02-04-2005, 04:15 PM
evening chickies , before i forget i sent an e-mail to mel today and got a reply that she wants to be removed from the challenges this week due to the fact that jens bf,s mother is very ill in hospital and she needs time to re-group so {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} to mel and hope jens bf,s mum feeels better soon
well so far so good craig got word hed passed his english and maths prelim :dizzy: :cb: :dancer: :grouphug: :cloud9: :encore: im so really proud of him and hes really chuffed {dont tell him but i think me and his dad are more proud than he is}
MEL {{{{{{{{{{melly hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
SHAD how goes the work you sound knacked get a good rest this weekend and i hope percy turns up i got really attached to a fox family when i worked night shift in one of the nursing homes and i used to worry when i hadnt seen them for a few days your weather sounds like scotland :yikes: were at the four seasons in one day stage so far weve got wind ,rain and sunshine just the run of the mill scottish weather
MEADOW hope the info on the patio doors helps found a british company but thought the american one was more apppropriate save the men going "oh in britian well of course were not in britian " :rollpin: :rollpin: :sumo: i was watching a cookery programme this morning it ia based in canada and called "wild and fresh" cant stand the singing {ggggrrrrr} but like seeing the country this morning they where fly fishing in british columbia beautiful place reminds me of the highlands except we dont have to watch for grizzlys
HOLLY nice thoughts isnt it good when we realise that we dont need to be dreaming now as we already have it :lol: :sunny: :goodvibes :love:
SUZI your wishing of miracles worked for me ive had such a good day thanxs :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
to all M.I.A how are you all ???? nosy people want to know
have a good one girls

02-04-2005, 05:29 PM
Thanks linus. I was going to ring MEL to see if she is okay, but will leave it now for a while to just let her get on with it.
Feeling much better today. Fridays are long and tiring - well the week is really, Friday it just all comes together and finally catches up with me. I must be getting old.

We went out to lunch yesterday and took an early mark. So it could have been worse. We needed that time out of the office. My journal entry rambles enough about the joys of projects. Sometimes one has to wonder why one does this.

Holly, I'm so happy for you that you are realising a dream. You've worked hard for it and now it is all coming to fruition - so well done. You must be a bit of a saint to put up with the nitpicking of an unhappy DH. I was never that good - as far as I was concerned, it wasn't my fault. I didn't mind listening, but I wouldn't put up with the brunt of the bad temper for something outside my control. Maybe that's why I am here doing my thing and he isn't!

Meadow, keep on the back of those builders and leckies. You are right, it is your house. You need to have the things you want in it. What has the DH said about these things??? I've seen those blind thingies. Not on Candice Olsen's show - yes we get it here on pay tv. The hospitals here use them alot because of the clean aspect. I guess the double glazing would also help with the heating and cooling process as well.

Okay, off this darned computer to get on with the day.

02-05-2005, 12:23 PM
YO!'Tis me back again. I am sorry I have not been around for a couple of days. 2 excuses! The first one is that I I am SO unimpressed with Mozilla Firefox. Loads of times I try and log on and all I get is " SITE NOT FOUND" and that my incredimail is not working either so I can't sneak in the back way. I don't know what the trouble is but sometimes it works perfectly and at others I have to log off, close down and switch off and start the whole caboodle again. This is presicely what happened today. I had nearly given it all up when I thought I would have just one more try and hey! Bingo! Everything came on to the screen. The other excuse is that over the last 2 days I have been so extaordinarily exhausted and have slept and slept. All I ate yesterday was a mug of horlicks lite before a dinner of pasta and tinned tomatoes with sweetcorn and prawns. I really don't understand this. It seems to be one thing or the totally other end of the scale!!... :^: :rollpin: :yikes: :censored: :faint: And I have failed miserably on this weeks challenge as far as opening the sorry that I seem to be letting myself down and all of you. Still weighday approaches...
In fact I was so tired yesterday I cancelled the appointment with my support worker!!!
I am glad to see everyone is largely alright. That is apart from Mel who certainly is having a hard time of it at present. :grouphug: :grouphug: to you my friend. I wonder how Happy is getting along?
Linus it is good to keep up with you on a regular basis on the telephone. I am delighted that everything seems to settling down in your household at last.
HUGS for you over your painful fortnight. Shame they cannot put you to sleep and do the whole lot all at the same time... :devil: :o
SHAD I will aim to ring you at 20:00hrs my time ( I hope you will have read this before then!!) I am very pleased you didn't suffer from the power cuts! Poor people!16000 homes without power! Gee whizz!! Good job it isn't winter over there but not good wothout any air cooling going around!
SUZI IN AUZ thanks for that lovely wish list! It was lovely to read!
Where has everyone got to who is MIA? Have we frightened them all off!!?
Take good care everyone and have a lovely weekend!!

02-05-2005, 06:41 PM
how are we all tonight ??
what a sorry lot we are this week SHADS snowed under at work MELS keeping things together at this worrying time HOLLY AND I are having men problems MEADOW is having other mens attitude problems TEEL cant stay awake long enough to have problems , but bless SUZI is bringing us lovely thoughts to try and keep us all going :^:
well things are a wee bit quieter on this home front DH might actually be getting used to the fact that yes we are going to have another baby wether he prays not to or not :mad: craig only has two exams left monday and wednesday and im doing well had a very strange experience tonight told sheila and she laughed
i dont and have never ate curry but conneer and dh love it and so does my freinds son{whos staying with us tonight }so i mad a large pot of chicken curry and as i was cooking mines the lads ate there curry and brought there plates through the kitchen one minute i was stirring my pasta and the next i was eating what was left of JD,S curry :nono: :spin: :censored: :yikes: now never having had cravings or notions or anything like that with my other kids i dont know if this is something pregnant women do ??????? but for goodness sake i dont like curry :rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin:
cleo has finally gone out of season so ive managed to get my new duvet and bounce back pillows on my bed so hopefully a good night slepp will be had by all {or at least me } cleo is still playing my shadow where i go she goes but last night i think she finally gave up ,i went to bed at 2.30am and with me she went i got up for the loo at 3.45am and with me she went ,i got uo for the loo again at 6.10 am and she lifted her head and looked at me like only a dog can and i knew i was on my own :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: needless to say when i got up at 7 she stayed in bed okay i started this post an hour ago and the phone and door hasnt stopped and i still have washing to do so ill be back later if i can if not tomorrow
could everyone list there challenges for me

02-06-2005, 10:33 AM
Hello my Friends! I have really missed you all. Just too much crap in my life and I had no time to post anywhere. But with Sunday comes the calm. Richie's mother is doing much better but she needs to WANT to live...... she has many problems including depression.
So we shall see. The office has gone totally insane and is indescribable. I lost my "wa" last week and was feeling very lost. I found it again on the phone with Shad. I think it's call sanity.:rofl: :cb:
So here I am alone, calm and typing my little heart out! :lol:

Miss Tig~ S'Melly here! :rofl: I have been laughing about that all morning now!!! Almost spit my frappuccino out!!!
How did the race go?? I don't see any updates about it! Did you get my e-maill? I at least wanted to wish you a good run! :cb:

Holly~ I loved the pics and Grandma looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing them. If I wish or dream for anything it will be to live on a desserted island by myself with a PC and a phone that I can unplug whenever I want to!!! :rofl:

Nae~ I am using your dishcloth and was wondering if they can be made in bigger sizes for use as nappies!!! LOL :baby: I love it and you were right. Threw it in the washer and it's as good as new! thanks again:D

Shad~ I think my predilection right about now is anything that has pants on! :rofl: Of the male variety that is! :rofl:
thanks for the much needed sense talk. Having you on the phone is almost as good as having you here bashing some heads in!!! :rofl:

Suzi~ Ypu and I must get back on track!!! I pulled out of the challenge and am starting over on Monday.
Being busy must be a good thing! Keeps you hopping all over the place! :dance: Thanks for wishing peace, joy and happiness for all of us. By Jove! I think it worked! :D

Linus my little pregnant friend~ We think of you all the time. Hope the toes to teeth thing is ok and not too much trauma!!! "Wild and Fresh"??? Sounds like my whole damn week!!! :rofl: Congrats to Craig!! YAY!!!! So glad he did so well on the tests!!! Way to go!!! the job world is a tough place these days and he needs all the good grades he can muster! Great job Craig! Try also not to wear Cleo out! poor little poochie!!

Meadow~ I love Candice too! Watch her every chance I get. I love the men she workds with too. They are all such a cute group. Her decorating ideas amaze me and make me wish for lots of $$$$!!!!! Good for you sticking up and fighting with the "boy's club". congratulations!:cb:

Miss Teel! How did you disappear too!!! Hope the sleeping sickness is passing!!! :dance: But I do know the feeling. We could just lie down and wait for Spring to begin or maybe get kissed by a plumber like Sleeping Beauty!!
sorry the firefox isn't all it's cracked up to be. I have ALO and was going to change to a cheaper company but all I hear is complaints about logging on. someday I'll have a proper company that's fast and not dial-up! :rofl: Good luck!!

Well Chicks I better get something done while everyone else is still having a lie in!!! It's so quiet here I am loving it! The birds even fell back asleep. I brought Jen's bird down the other day. Too many crazy phonecalls were making him hyper!!! :rofl: Poor thing is getting too old for this stuff. Maybe we should retire together! :D Have a wonderful Sunday/Monday and (((((((HUGS))))))) back to all of you!!

02-06-2005, 12:54 PM
hi all just a wee quick post could you post your challenge results and those of you doing next week let me know what thanx

02-06-2005, 01:31 PM
Linus~ Please count me in this week! Thanks

S.H.A.D Challenge
1-No junk food
2-Exercise 6 days(3-pedals/3 yoga)

02-06-2005, 01:36 PM
How is everyone doing? I put in a 50 gal tank for my turtles this weekend but not without burning ahole in my carpet.....stupid me.... oh well. They seem very happy will take me a while to get it just right for them.
My results are only about 5 points this week.... so far...good eating bad exercise.....
I want to do the same challenge til I get it right.... good eating and 30 minutes exercise.
Linus how are you feeling.... so glad the tests came out well for your son...good job!
Miss Mel I do hope your week turns out better.... so sad to watch people fall ill and not able to recover....
Shad you are doing well with your crew... How much longer are you there?
Has Happy check in lately with her house and new job?
Teel you sound pretty good don't beat yourself up about the challenge just keep trying..that is what I am doing.
Everyone else so glad you are with us here...let's hear from everyone this weekend.... a quick check in and update..... from the beautiful chicks around the world

02-06-2005, 02:09 PM
Challenge Results for this week... 7 for food, 0 for exercise

My pathetic excuses are a sore ankle, sinus headaches and a stomach bug.

This week I will not eat after 7pm, do 30 min exercise every day.

My day yesterday got horrific.I am feeling much better now but ,whew, it sucked. I ended up being really sick with a queasy tummy, the runs, fever and wicked vertigo. I panicked because I was so sick and had committed to do a lot of stuff for the church for 9 am today. I asked DH for help. He got defensive, I cried, we argued.........
I slept for 2 hours in the aft, made supper, got the church stuff done, got the kids kids to bed, tried to talk stuff out with DH, he shut down, we argued again, I walked away from it and went to bed. He is still very quiet today. I actually feel fine with all of it.
I apologized for the hurtful things I said.I dont care about the details. I love him , that is what matters. He will come around.
In the past something like this would have dragged on or escalated into something much worse so I feel good about this progress.

SS went well. I ran a congregational meeting.It went well too.DD and I met DH and DS after hockey at a players house for a skating/toboganning party.We roasted hotdogs on a fire. Very nice. Kids LOVED it. Just got home. Puttering to do.Beds to change. I bought turkey pieces to roast for supper.
All is is pretty much well. Life goes on.
I am feeling very slim. Haven't been on the scale.I could be an illusion but I'll go with it.

Mel~ HUGS nice to see you back. I missed you too.

Linus~ thanks for commiserating!! Men!

Hello and warm wishes to everyone!

02-06-2005, 03:17 PM
We are supposed to be getting a snow storm but it is still rain at the moment :)I am on my period and don't feel up to no sugar this week :p so I'm just going to try for the weights for the challenge this week.Sorry you are having a tough go of it Mel. Here is an Antonio for you :)

:wave:Hi everyone, I will post later on when I have better focusand my cursor comes back, so weird I'm typing and the words don't show up till like a minute later :dizzy:

02-06-2005, 06:16 PM
hi girls, hows we all ??? good i hope me im great another peaceful sunday in the stewart household glad to see mel back and ive talked to sheila today ill talk more tomorrow honestly craig has a chemistry exam at 11.30 so ill have plenty of time to talk in the morning :lol:

02-06-2005, 06:51 PM
The Race
Tooth Trot 5K Cool t-shirt. PR (Personal Record): First Time I ran the ENTIRE race EVEN THOUGH I missed a turn and had to run backtracking to the turn and kept on running to the finish line! :cheer: Came in second in my age group. Another trophy! :encore:

Week's Results
I ran or walked 5 days. The other two days I did the PT exercises. For a total of 7 points. I am supposed to do the PT exercises more frequently, but two is WAAAY more than Zero which is what I've done the past couple of months. :o

I'll continue with the same challenge for next week. Thanks for taking us on, Linus!

02-06-2005, 07:55 PM
Good Job Tig..... that is a great accomplishment..... keep up the good work....we will all enjoy the wins..... it takes dedication to get to the point of being able to run.

Holly my mailbox is clear now I didn't receive your notice...send again if you want to...
Hope everyone is well... I must report that Sparky and Squirts new home is looking fabulous....
what channel is the super bowl on today???????
Lots of love,

02-06-2005, 08:25 PM
Now I want turtles. I love little creatures. I already have a russian dwarf rabbit and cats.I am thinking on guinea pigs for easter, um, for the
Turtles would be nice too.
I watch the opening and half time of the superbowl. I read in between. Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yummy roast turkey and veg dinner, nice evening. All is well with DH. I am thrilled. We have learned and grown so much. Peaceful!
HUGS to you dear women!

02-07-2005, 05:34 AM
Evening all, on this hot humid horrid day (again). It's now hit 35+C for 4 days in a row. We are all melting in the heat.

Linus, how are you going with the challenge. Must be time to crown someone shortly. I'll leave you with it, you are truly capable of handling it. Glad to hear that Craig is doing okay with the exams. Hope everything is settling down at home too.
Hows the hamster doing?
Umm Rosie - how do you burn the carpet putting in an aquarium - or should that be turtlearium??? You weren't welding on the carpet were you??
Tig, well done on the Tooth Trot. Ran all the way even when taking detours?? Way to go girl.
Meadow, hope you get over that sweet tooth soon, although I know what you mean about having some of the comforts around you when you feel lousy. Hope you feel better soon.
Holly, well done for trying to talk to the DH. There are ways and means around these things, but they must be said to stop the rot from setting in. Bravo to Holly.
Suzi, how went the Chinese dinner? One part of Sydney I really like is the Chinese Garden in Darling Harbour. It is such a gorgeous peaceful place.

Went to gym this morning and did my weights. I'm starting to up the weights again as it is getting so much easier to lift the old weights. It's a pity I have to go up to Carindale in the mornings because it is so much less congested at Browns Plains. However to get to work on time means Carindale, so I put up with the people who really get on my goat and work around them. Although this morning I did have a word or two to say about one person. See, what they do, is they get on a machine and do a set of exercises, then they sit there and sit and sit and sit, thinking about the next set. It's okay with a lot of the machines as there are two of them, but at least two of the machines I do my reps on are sole types. And that's where they sit and think. Drives me crazy. When I am doing mine, I tend to do a set, get up and move the muscles, go back and do another set, or I do a series of sets on different machines to work different muscles. I try not to sit there and cogitate on the world and its problems. I do wish others would do the same. Guess I am getting to be a grumpy old lady. But it does hack me off.

Okay, time to go pick up the bro. He has been having his car serviced and rung to ask if I could pick him up and take him to pick it up tonight. I could, and would, so I am.

See you all tomorrow.

02-07-2005, 06:52 AM
morning girls just a wee quickie im trying to get craig uop and organised for his chemistry exam ,, i still need next weeks challenges and this weeks results from some of you if i can have them by this evening as i will be announcing the winner tonight {my time } thanx ladies ,oops have to go his hair wont go right lol

suzi in auz
02-07-2005, 08:48 AM
Hi girls,
A really really quick post ( which usually means a long one) I have DH away for the week in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. It means I am naughty and stay up on the puter...tutut.
Dinner at the Chinese restaurant was absolutely fab! Sahrk fin soup, Lobster,
Peeking duck, Chinese Pork, Parrot fish, special fried rice and chinese veges...YUM
The city was really buzzing with all the celebrations and it has made me think that I might take the kids in for Chinese New Year on Wed. We'll see, i'm a little cross at the mo with not going to bed antics tonight .. :mad:
I really seemed to blow everything this weekend, 2kgs crept up on me from no where ...uggg. Oh well tomorrow is another day and today was completely OP. I was very Anal about it because I have been so silly with myself.
I am back to my challenge thank you Linus. have 1 point towards it today. Yaaay.
Positivity is truely infectious. I had a great positive note sent to me today and it changed my whole mood. I can easily slip into this silly place after berrating myself with weekend antics but today I just pulled myself up and dusted off the crap.
One of the things that was sent to me was about our days...think of how you were successful with your day today...not the things that got you down but the things that were true successes. these can be anything. Write them down. Think of black spot on the page. So often all we can see is the black spot. Really it's a white page with a tiny black speck! I liked this.
A little quote for you all
ďEssentially, a great life is nothing more than a series of great, well-lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls. As you live your days, so you create your life.Ē
I have started to string mine for the week.
Holly is so interesting to take a look at ourselves and see that we are living that dream, it may be different than we expected but it is still the dream. things change, idealism vanishes a little, the dream doesn't die though it just evolves.
I better get to bed, i am starting to ramble.
Have wonderful days and I am thinking of you all
Tig rock! PB...alright!

02-07-2005, 08:53 AM
Oh my goodnight!! I do believe something's happened at last!! Now I can confess that on Saturday morning I had a sneaky peak on the scales but as it was not off icial weigh-day I couldn't let on the resultsI HAVE LOST 5 LBS!!!!! :goodscale I am astounded to say the least! I do confess though that it is not due to excersise other than 1 walk for about 45 minutes with Holly right at the beginning of the week I have not been out at all. It certainly is more due to the lack of eating over the last few days. I have been completely off my appetite and have eaten breakfast occassionally...usually a yoghurt but that is what I normally have. Lunch has been soup as usual most days but dinner has been a right problem. I have cooked it and looked forward to eating it all but have ended up giving a third of it to Holly...needless to say she has been delighted! :devil: :ink: :T So I don't know what to say about the challenge. I have failed totally on the Diamond Video but the other part was to lose at least 1 lb. I will leave it up to our new esteemed leader, Linus, to award what she thinks fit!!
TIG congratulations on the latest run..The Tooth Trot!! As usual you have done brilliantly!!
Linus you must be very pleased with DS to get on so well with his exams. Coo you talking about them really does bring back memories! I 'spect he will be relieved when they are all over and done with too.
HOLLYHOCK I am sorry to read that you are having a horrible time at present, yesterday especially. I hope DH comes round and is his all-loving self again very soon. It must be terrible to live in a house so fulll of tension every day. Doesn't do your health much good for a start. Well done for being the first to make moves toward reconciliation. That must be the hardest thing in the world to do, especially when you know the other person should be making those moves first!! :^: :o
SHAD it was great to talk to you over the phone at the weekend at last. Sorry it is such a heatwave over there! Give me chilly old England anytime...I think!! Upping those weights again?! Gosh, look out folks..we will have weight-lifter in our midst soon and will be able to watch her lifting for Australia in the next games!!! :strong: :strong:
Ok. Time for the news and lunch. Take care everyone. Looking forward to talking to you tonight, Miss Linus.

02-07-2005, 10:09 AM
I go to sleep and then wake to all these wonderful posts form worldly chicks. Great way to start a day!!!!

Tig~ woohoo! You are an inspiration.
Shad~ great workout again!! Give those machine hoggers the boot!
Suzi~ the dinner sounds yummy. Drink lots of water. That food has tons of sodium.Flush that bod!
Teel~ congrats on the loss! Have a great week!

Miss Mel posted in her journal that the rosacea has flared up. She is off to the Doc. HUGS and prayers dear Mel!

Yesterdays recap... Dh came home and he was kind and cheerful. He has worked through his feeling and let them go.We had a fun evening . He and the kids watched the superbowl. I only watch halftime.
Paul McCartney... I absolutely think Paul is a dream in many ways. When I watch him perform I fell spiritually uplifted and joyful. I LOVE how he lives his life. I LOVE how much he loved Linda and now Heather. I LOVE how he values and supports his children. I LOVE how he uses his fame and wealth to be an example of goodness. The halftime show made my day!!
I did not over eat at all yesterday. I was in a total groove. I felt connected to my spirit. Today I will aim for the same!!!!!!

Here is a pic of me form last weekend. I have another one that is too big to post. I dont know how to scale it down.

02-07-2005, 01:34 PM
Nae~ Hope we both get the challenge right this week! LOL Thanks for the kind words. However did you burn the rig?:yikes: :flame: Hope the turtles appreciate all the work!!! :rofl:

Holly~Men tend to sulk. Good for you that you are letting it go. Hope you feel better all over!!! ((((HUGS)))))) Glad there is harmony restored in the Hollyhock household! Love Paul too and a very cute pic of you!!

Meadow~ Thanks for the pic. It reminds me when he was in that movie with Daryl Hannah and playing brothers! :rofl: Hope you don't get snowed in. I hear we might get some over the weekend after our near 50 degree days are gone! :rofl:

Linus~ Hope Craig does well!!! Thanks for taking us all on!!! I am starting off the week very well today! Have a good one!

Tig~You must be so proud!!! and to have to back track too and still get a trophy!!!! Very nice!!! congratulations!!!

Shad's taxi sertvice is available for parties and weddings also! :rofl: People get more selfish and less thoughtful every day it seems! MOVE THAT BUTT!!! (is that what you said?) :rofl:
Have fun with the boys. I look forward to their next report card!

Suzi~ Dinner sounded great and glad you enjoyed the celebration. I jus saw a thing about this being the Chinese New Year and the year of the rooster. Have a good time if you go and enjoy the week!!! Pamper, Pamper, Pamper!!!

teel~ Sorry to hear about the appetite but WOW!!! Nice weight loss! Congratulations!!! You must be very excited!! Please send your scale over here along with the appetite loss!! I am freezing also and think I should fly over to you and we both go to Shad's till Spring thaw!!

I went to the Dr's to get a prescription refilled....or the paper I mean. Dermatology Clinic this time. The rosacea is too close to the inner corner of the eye......if it moves any closer they want to see me. I had the paper dropped at the pharmacy and will go back on the meds again. This time I told him that I am retaining water, gained 4 lbs, have a sinus problem and can feel fluid everywhere. He can see the difference also. My cheeks and legs are bloated. He is betting on it being stress related after we talked and so am I. I felt it coming on all week before the face actually bloomed last night. So I am getting out my info from the Mayo clinic and going over it again. Meditation here I come and Thy name WILL be Melody! :rofl: He said the stress problem is obviously here to stay and I need to get a very quick grip on it. so I will. I just feel bloated and "clogged" up all over. Neck and back are hurting from the water. It would be tolerable but for all the sinus drugs. They make me feel brain dead! :lol3: :faint: The place was mobbed when he sent me to the Allergy/Sinus clinic. They said GO HOME!!! Thank God!!! So here I am sitting an whinging!!! :rofl:
Have a great day everyone whilst I go and get out my Harry Potter dvds and lie down!

02-07-2005, 03:58 PM
here are this weeks results chickies {sorry there a wee bitty late}
mel=royal pardon
meadow=never logged result
shad=fighting the good fight
AND THE WINNER S ARE MISS TIG AND MISS HOLLY :angel: :cb: :gift: :dancer: :dancer: :queen: :queen: :encore: :cheer: WELL DONE LADIES and suzi is the lady in waiting
well done to all and ill post next weeks challenges later

02-07-2005, 04:33 PM
ROYAL PARDON! :lol3: :lol3:

02-07-2005, 06:01 PM
good evening chickies
i now have a clean house and clean floors {long may it last} benjy is moulting {again} and cleo is STILL bleeding so my hall floor looked like some wee poor furry beastie had been massacred but now it doesnt :cheer: :thanks: ,craig had his chemistry exam today and said it went well :cheer: he has the day off tomorrow so that means i have to put up with him all day tomorrow i might survive :rofl: :rofl: :yikes: dh has started coming around to the baby idea {thank god} and has picked his new sons name goodness i hope its a boy :censored: :faint: today i had my first ever lot of morning sickness :?: its bloody awful how do women put up with that every day :censored: i was trying to do the ironing at 7.30 this morning after three visits to the loo already and every other pair of jeans off i went again thankfully by 9 am it went :goodvibes :stress: :dance:
i have a question for shad and the rest of you ladies how comes everybody is doing different amounts of days for the challenge ???? im not sure if i should be counting out of 12 or 14 ???
SHAD thanks for the support i just couldnt find anything !!! but got there in the end wish i had your weather !!!!!
MEL your poor body :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress: lock the door and turn off the phone ,tell the world to go away and relax ,deep breaths in through the mouth and out through the nose
TEEL :goodvibes :grouphug: :flow2: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cloud9: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: im so proud of you girl 5llb way to go girl ,remember to start planning that holiday or youll get here and well end up in the pub everyday :yikes: :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
HOLLY nice pic luv , glad the dh is calming down and behaving better you could do with an easier week {{{{{{hugs for you }}}}}}
SUZI glad you enjoyed the meal it always tastes better when someone else cooks ,enjoy your peaceful week
TIG :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :encore: good for you on the run that must have felt so good !!!! and think of the teeth youve saved :encore:
MEADOW have you got snow yet!!!!!! hope you dong get snowed in {too much} hope you dont get too wrung out with t.o.m
ROSE :yikes: BURNT THE RUG :yikes: our tank is glass what on earth were you doing ?????? making turtle nirvana must be trickier that i thought my fish would probably give them a run for there money they have outgrown there tank badly but just dont have £300 for the bigger one just now as were getting cleo spayed next month so theyll just have to swim in very small circles for a wee bit longer :rofl: :rofl: my cat fish is now about 10 inches long and ive only got a two foot long tank :crazy: :yikes:
now for the rest of you ladies not here at the moment COME BACK ALL IS FORGIVEN :balloons: :df: :gossip: were all missing you
mel=no junk food /3+3 exercise
shad= more water /30 mins gardening daily
teel=more water /out and about every day
holly=no eting after 7pm/30 mins of exercise
meadow=weights for dummies
rose=good eating/30 mins exercise
linus=water / walking every day
i hink that is all of us but anyone else just jump in and let me know
nite nite chickies

02-07-2005, 06:46 PM
found this and thought you all might like a giggle

02-07-2005, 08:19 PM
The Royal We :queen: :queen: grant you a Royal Pardon, Melness. You may arise. :rofl:

Next 5K is this Saturday, February 12. Tiger by the Tail It is a benefit for the Cocoa High School Tigers Running Club. Last year I got lost at this race and couldn't find the course or the finish line or even the high school. I finally found the parking lot... Because I got lost last week, I'm sure I used up my Get Lost card and will be fine. :rofl:

02-08-2005, 05:17 AM
Linus, don't fret about it. If they say they are only doing 6 days, then they can only get a max of 12 points. If they want to take that risk, that's their thing. So we only work off what we are given, if they don't like it, tough !! They don't have to join and they can run it themselves if they want to!!!! That I might add does not apply to any of the lovely ladies here. I can't see anyone putting up a fight in here. And it is just a fun thing to do. It's the same if they only post one challenge. They can only get a max of 7. It's their decision. But they can't do three. They must roll two up together.

Teel 5lb - what can I say. But I would suggest that what you are doing is living within your calories. If you are not doing much exercise, then you don't need as much food and the body is telling you this. Whatever, you DONE WELL KID :cheers:

Suzi, I am glad that the Chinese dinner went off well. Tell the kids that there is a surprise in the offing, but will not be forthcoming if some deadlines are not met. Probably a bit late for that advice? Isn't the big day tomorrow?

Holly, great picture. You look great. Love the curly hair, and glad to hear the air is cleared at your place. It always affects the children badly when the adults are warring.

Umm Mel or missmellie as Tig has put it so succintly on occasions - what can I say. Stress, Stress STRESS You can no longer afford it. It will rob you of a period of time which should be yours. There are other things in life my little sister. Not sure how I am going to do it, but I will teach an American to relax. Pity I picked on you hey???? :lol: :rofl: It may be the last thing I do!!

Tiger by the tail. They sure come up with some names down your way. Don't they publish a course guide for people like you and me? I did one of those runs years back and was head down plodding along and didn't realise they had all turned right. Got to the finishing post from the back instead of the front. Silly me!!!!

Boys are starting to feel the strain. They have had to perform in front of hierarchy these last couple of days. They got through it although mother here had to shut the hierarchy up a couple of times. I go through the spiel that we will watch and participate and will give kudos and brickbats at the end after the session. Some still have to mouth off in the middle. Well this little black duck is not afraid to haul off and say 'shaddup' (honest it's Aussie version of Shut Up - or the very British - please close you cakehole or I will plug it up with soap!!! One even had the gall to take a mobile phone call in the middle of the lesson and started to talk on the phone. I was very polite. I opened the door and gestured him out!!! all the while waving at the presenter to carry on. Do some people have no manners - just like me.

Anyway, we are getting there despite the difficulties. I try hard to take on the worst of the day to day activities so the guys can concentrate on next week, but there are times when I can't so they have to get on with it. As long as we can laugh about it, it will be okay.

Okay well I have managed the 30 minutes activity in the garden both yesterday and today, but the water is a bit down. I will have to get some in before bedtime tonight.

Time to go fish out the laundry from the machine and put the next lot in. Then I can sit down for the night and watch some mindless tv. This day is done.

suzi in auz
02-08-2005, 07:11 AM
Hi chickies,
hmmmm there is s phantom here who took off with my post! I posted a really long one this morning I was sure . weird things were happening in the middle of it so it prolly didn't register...oh well. I wrote something I promise!
BTW...Congrats to holly and Tig ..two well deserved crowns ...yaay!
Linus i am in for this week please. My challenges are posted at the end of my signature :)
I am infor 3 points already..yaay me. Doing much better this week now I have slowed down a little.
Thanks for the suggestion SHAD :) I had this in mind anyway. i didn't even want to tell kids about the prospect of a surprise , just wanted to do it. Hopefully will still happen. ...phew it's hot. I don't know if I can handle this room much longer. Our house is like an oven in the heat, double brick and it just holds it. 39 degrees today...ugg and I ain't talking about F. that's C!!! This little chickie is melting.
I have had a fab two days...feeling very calm. I had a really njice positive thing sent my way on Monday and I am attempting to follow it. It really has made a difference.
I am attempting to make every day a good one.
so...Chinese New year here we come.
I hope you days were great
Linus i hope the little bub didn't cause too much havoc today. I couldn't never wear jeans when i was preggers. ...always a sign, nothing around my waist.
Mel i do hope you are feeling better. Rosacia isn't fun. i'm sure I have heard of some lovely cream you can get here at the Pharmacy and it's supposed to improve it immensely...hmmm I will look into it.
Teel ...wonderful news on the Lbs. I know just where they went...on me!
You are so right about the middle of the week thing with the scales and then...waaalaaa they stay the same. I am sure i sabotage myself!
Heelo to everyone else
night night !

02-08-2005, 12:00 PM
I am thinking about Lent.
I gave up wine after new years and I gave up cheese except one day a week and I am doing well with both.
I am thinking that for Lent I will give up eating in the evening. It really is unecessary and indulgent.
I made the Pork Medallions with Red Peppers off of this site last night. MMMM!!! DH licked the pan.
For Fat Tuesday we are having pancakes, bacon and fruit salad.
Thanks for the Crown honours. I wish I had done more exercise earn it!!
I had a school council meeting last night. It was empowering. More details in my journal.
Linus~ I barfed all day long ,all through both pregnancies. That's the main reason we only have 2. I feel your pain!!!!!
Calm is good, Suz!
Shad~ you are so strong and confident. Woohoo!! Shaddup indeed!
Have a great day!!!

02-08-2005, 02:56 PM
good evening chickies
how are we all this evening????? today has been so disorganised and busy and tomorrow gets no better tomorrow i have the dentist at 9.45 am because they mucked up the impressions last week so off to the dentist again !!! :dizzy: and i have the chiropodist at 12 pm and now because of persistant phonecalls and toing and froing between the docs the midwifes and me ive now got a scan {sonogram} at 11am {because of the bleeding} so tomorrow is going to be terrible :( :cry:
conners hamster died last poor wee thing :( but it was nearly four years old and was spoilt rediculously by conner and myself but conman isnt taking it too good he got very upset when he came home from school this afternoon and when realising the cage was gone{even though he knew the hamster was dead}he was really upset :cry:
im going to finish tydying up and if i get time later ill pop back later for a blether
bye for now

02-08-2005, 08:22 PM
I don't give things up for Lent - I add them. Every year for the past four years I have included one thing on my list for Lent - and that is pray for the drivers in front of me. Some days they keep me extra busy! :lol:

In addition, this year I'm thinking mind, mouth, heart: prayer, study, service. I'm already been reading a daily devotional, the Upper Room. There will be weekly Lenten services every Wednesday night, and I think I'll begin reading Exodus every evening.

For prayer, I have a book from Nepal that I have written prayers in over the years. I can use that for my prayer focus.

For service. Dear Lord, Please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth... That's the small sign hanging by my computer. I really think there is more that I could do besides shut up. Well, maybe not. This is definitely going to be the hardest. :ziplip:

02-09-2005, 03:26 AM
Dear Lord, Please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth...

Now this I like and can use. Thanks Tig. Back later. Have some housework to do before I can sit down for the night.

02-09-2005, 06:34 AM
Where is the week going. I really donít know whether I am coming or going. It seems one step forward and two backwards this week.
Project grumbles include the the fact that the training server box is still not available and we have about 3 days worth of data to upload and even if we get it uploaded, there is no guarantee we can use it (hello, training starts on Monday) So to be on the safe side, load it into the con box as well (hello are there Training IDs on the con box? No we had better do something about that hadnít we) 6 days of data to load, and no use of any upload program and they have cancelled out the usual one for SAP. So I can forsee a problem or two arising. Aaah well.

The weather continues on itís wonderful (not) way and still I am not drinking enough water. I really have to get a handle on this before it does the normal to my body. I know there is plenty of water in the veges and fruit that I eat, it still doesnít flush the body of the daily grind. Itís hot, I should be drinking more.

To make matters worse, I have lost a filling and need to find some time to get it filled or it will go the way of the tooth that I had extracted last year. The dentist in Melbourne did tell me there would be some work to do on the tooth, so I suppose I had better get it done. So dentist appointment coming up. I canít afford to lose too many more.

No gym today as this is my rest day. Back into it tomorrow. More weights and resistance stuff. I might fight with myself all the way to the gym, but once there life is fine. Just keep on keeping on. Itís that sort of time at the moment. Lots to think about, lots to do, not enough energy at the moment. This too will pass. Once the worst of the heat goes, I will be back to normal - well as normal as I get anyway.

Anyway, Iíve raved and rambled enough today. Time for bed. Haven't checked on anything much anyway. Hope everyone has had a good day. Where ever they are and whatever they are doing.

02-09-2005, 09:25 AM
Hello where is everyone? I miss reading and hearing about everyone. Miss Mel I do hope that you are getting things under control and are feeling better...remember this was the winter to relax and paint and explore that creative side of you!!!!! Hope you are feeling up and at em again soon! Teel that is so great to lose a quick bit like that....way to go keep it up!
Thanks for the thoughts on Lent.... Peace is a wonderful thing...for our small pieces of the world and for the world that seems to never put down arms for life......
I am still doing well eating right and I am trying to drink more water but still that exercise thing is my failure..... I am going to put in some time tomorrow on my day off...well sort of day off.....
shad hope the project sorts itself out.... and the weather is a beast for you down under right now.... Best of Luck.....
Linus, how are you doing? How is the back holding up and let us know about your appointment.... hope all goes well....
Blessings Everyone,

02-09-2005, 02:04 PM
Wanders in and flops on the chick's couch :coffee: Hey, how is everyone doing? I have one point for this week which is more than I managed last week :rofl: I have been doing daily affirmations "I am strong, capable and a wonderful person" "I am worthy of Antonio Banderas" :p you know what ever makes me smile and feel good :devil:

Gee Shad sounds like you have tension. Try one of the stretches from my "weights for dummies" ... reach your arms back behind you and rotate them from the shoulder, twist them so your palms go from facing the floor to the roof and back again. Feels so fabulous and is a stretch direction sometimes neglected, especially when doing weights :) Makes my shoulders go click, click.

Linus-how sad about Conner's little fur friend. I hope he has a funeral and a little remembrance, four years for a hamster is quite lengthy. You have so much going on with the docs and the dentist. ((((Hugs))))

:wave: what's going on in your corner of the world? Sunny here and freezing!

suzi in auz
02-09-2005, 05:47 PM
Dear Lord, Please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth... :)
Oh tig what a great thought and prayer. i am taking that one into my day today.
It is so true that we can't always control what comes in and out of our lives in a day but we can control our reaction to it. I so need to learn this.
Shad you are right , the weather is stinking hot, although today we are getting wonderful relief. It looks like it's a walk day for me. DS is home sick today. He has a tummy ache. He doesn't often go down with something and I do hope i'm not next.
ousheee on your tooth Shad. I have one too that just lost half a filling. I am dreading going to the dentist as I know it's either an extraction or a crown !
For me the week is dragging. I was very focussed on Mnday, Tuesday and have been eating and exercise wise but it's a long week with DH away. He called this morning and DD answered the phone and said "come back please!" I think that is so nice and I know he would have loved it.
It's good for him to get established in his position.
I better get on with this day.
Hoping everyone is well and thinking of you all :)

02-09-2005, 06:32 PM
hi chickies
the hospital went brilliant today ,they dont know where the bleeding is coming from ,but its definantly not the baby :cb: :grouphug: :cloud9: i now can relax and just enjoy being pregnant the strange thing is im not due until the 22nd of october ,its like someone is giving me back the three weeks of **** ive been through so i can enjoy them :angel: does that make any sense ???? so the little one is 7 weeks plus 4 days ,and i saw his heart beat it was so reassuring
craigs exams are finished , :high: :encore: :thanks: ,and conners a lot more happier than he was yesterday {bless :grouphug: }
MEL theres only one luv so i cant send you the spare :rofl: how is everyone over the pond?? better i hope so that you can remember to relax more {{{{{hugs}}}}}
SHAD conner said to tell you thanks for the message it made him feel better {he knows that you lost shad } he said " she knows how i feel" work sounds hectic hope they dont run you down and you get the programs that you need up and running
TEEL my wonderfull friend you have been so good listening to all my woes and problems the last few weeks :thanks: :cheer: :cloud9: :grouphug: you will never know how much you just listening has meant to me and i thank you
ROSE are you going to put us all out of our misery and tell us how on earth you burnt the rug making a turtle tank????? :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: our minds are working over time trying to work it out and my brain doesnt need any interference at the moment im way bad enough by myself
TIG if had i had to use your wee saying id have to insert foot in mouth instead of hand over it :rofl: :rofl: good luck in the run {and hopefully no detours}
HOLLY is all quiet on the western front ??? i sure hope so you could do woith some calm from all the storms :grouphug:
MEADOW weve got torrential rain and its bloody freezing hows yours ??? did you get the promised snow ???? and hey have you seen antonios wife your way better than that {sorry im being a ***** but i love don jhonson so hence dont like melanie }
SUZI just think if you were me youd be getting most of your teeth pulled out next week and thats even with always going for my checkups and scales and fillings your teeth are great but your gums suck so out with the teeth :mad: did you go to china town ???? was it good ????
right ladies i have to go i need to go to the loo again and im thirsty {filling up for the next trip oooopppsss to much information ,have a good one girls

02-09-2005, 06:54 PM
Sorry for the silence on my end but Jen and Richie have been very ill. They barely got to the doctors and home again...... some kind of flu/virus. Both have fevers over 102. They go down and shoot back up. The dr said he can do nothing and if they think they are dehydrating to go to the Em. room in the nearest town. Both are drinking fluids like mad to avoid it..... so between them and Clara and doing everyone's shopping and then the sheet washing!!!! With the fevers are the sweats!!! MY God!! EWvery sheet they owned!.........I have been too tired to get on. Bookkeepers here all week too so my hours for another "extra check" are racking up! :rofl: I am fine and nothing new for me. Hope you are all well and happy. Will check in over the weekend when everything should be much calmer! Take care friends and see you soon!

Linus~ I need another Royal pardon! hold on.......Thank god it's not the baby!!! If you get any news please e-mail me. I just noticed ypour post above this reply box. ((((((HUGS)))))) friend and please take good care of yourself. Keep me posted.

OK I am going to hit the shower and lie down for awhile.

02-10-2005, 07:01 AM
Phewwww Mel, talk about being the boss. I'm beginning to think you ought not to retire, but you ought to run the joint. We won't have to give you a royal pardon this week. You should have done enough to rack off a pound or two. Maybe we should think about a New Years honours list for the chicks. Now our Canadian chicks should know all about this, the Brits invented it and the Aus and Kiwi contingent has lived with it forever. But our American buddies haven't. So Mel the racing wheelie Mother - bless em all - your ONZ is below. Arise Dame Melody. Oh but by the way. The Order comprises The Queen as SOVEREIGN and ORDINARY, ADDITIONAL and HONORARY members. The ordinary membership (that's Dame Melly) is limited to twenty persons [20] living at any time. :queen:

Had an email from Happy this morning. She is fine, busy as all heck and is in her new house. Only has about 100 boxes left to unpack and is running out of space as to where to put it all. :?: :dizzy: ;)
DH is going around the twist - maybe we should give him a gong as well. The packers took the computer/ office equipment to pieces and have packed the bits in one place and all the screws in another. The screws have yet to come to light. DH can't work and is not a happy camper.

To quote from Happy's post "We are having a bunch of problems here -- customer service is not big in Tennessee. Had problems with the new furniture, we live in a dead spot with the cell phone tho they tell us the signal is good and strong - NOT, and most importantly our cable internet service is sporatic, mostly dead and Kaput over the last few days. DH is in a tizzy as this has obviously impacted both him and his ability to work. They promise it will be fixed shortly. "

Whats the betting odds on Happy and DH not shifting again in a hurry??

My boys, bless them, are shifting into high gear. They are into the printing, collating and fixing data for Monday's kick off. They're racing around all over the place all falling over themselves to tick off the to-do list I have pinned up on the board. Somethings have been done twice! We're not doing any more practice now. Somethings are better off not being overdone. They will do okay. I think we are nearly as ready as we can be.

Even the weather is co-operating today and is quite cool. That helps the tempers and *****iness. So it's not been a bad day all round. Busy but!

Linus, I really am pleased to hear that all is going okay. We will be looking forward to 22nd October so we can become Aunts or Uncles. I'm glad Connor is feeling a bit brighter. It's hard to lose our furry friends.

Meadow, nice to see you wander in and sit on the couch. A glass of Spanish red coming right up.

Yep Suz, the weather is being kind today. Did you get to the Chinese New Year?

Best go and get some sleep. Need all I can get in the next few weeks. The fun is yet to come, although I think we will get through it okay now. They could be famous last words.

02-10-2005, 08:57 AM
Move over everyone its my turn on the couch!!
It is such a horrible day here today, all drizzly and rainy :rain: :rain: and grey and so dark you need a light on in the morning!
How's everyone's week progressing? Shad, thank you for sharing Happy's e-mail. I was thinking the other day it was a long time since we had heard. Though it must be something with the computer not up and running yet.All those problems! They must both be feeling like they are absolutely in the wrong spot. HAPPY when you get to read this, [[[[[HUGS]]]]] to you both and prayers that all will be sorted very soon. Not a good way to start a new life. :mad: :eek: :sumo: :rollpin:
LINUS it is SO good to hear that all is well with baby and that you have a definate date for it's arrival. An Autumn babe, eh? :cloud9: :bb: :flow2: Just don't get calling it anything Autumnal like HEATHER or....can't think of anything else!!! Sorry to hear of the hampsters demise. Poor Connor. I wonder whether he will eventually want another one, despite what he says now, he can always change his mind! :)
MEL you are having a stressfull time over the pond at the moment. Poor ill people with nasty temperatures. There sure is a nasty virus going around this winter. Be sure and stay well and don't catch any horrible lurking bugs especially whilst nursing others struck down by the lurg.
I went to my Diabetic hospital check-up yesterday. Some good news, some not..(now, why doesn't that surprise me!!) the Diabetes is going ok, got a very good blood result, but my liver is showing signs of stress for some reason or other so I have to keep an eye on it! Honestly its either one thing or the other!! :shrug: :sumo: :(
The car is not with me today. It has gone to my local garage for it's MOT test. :o :yikes: :stress: It always fails. Every year since its first test it has failed on its exhaust emissions. Don't know why. Obviously a fault in the manufacturing somewhere along the line... :mag: Its always an expensive season with the car. First the breakdown cover gets renewed on Jan. 1st (£97.50) then the MOT Test (? price) then in the middle of February the insurance has to be renewed (£222 approx.) On top of this of course is the new battery I had to but last week (£60). Doesn't help when I am desperately trying to save up for my holiday up North!!!!
Suzi in Auz I hope DS feels better from his tummy-ache soon. Don't catch any bugs!
TIG I liked the prayer you posted earlier! I think if we all said that prayer before we spoke there would be far more peace in the world!!
MEADOW hello to you. I hope your week is going according to plan.
Where is everyone else who has previously posted? C.L., our unfailing madness too much for some??? :dunno: :crazy:
Ok thats enough from me for this day unless really exciting news comes along that I need to share with you all. Oh I meant to say...have you heard? The Prince of Wales is to marry Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles at last. On April 8th. At Windsor Castle. Well there you have it. Breaking news. You heard it here first!!!!!! :lol:

02-10-2005, 10:01 AM
LOL! :dizzy:

Last night was a blast. I dont know if I have ever gone in to the city without having to "do" something. I hate to waste the trip so it is usually busy. I did stop at the Asian Grocer and dropped off dinners for Grandma. Otherwise it was all about me.

Kalan ROCKED!!!!!
What a sweety. I feel kind of maternal about him.LOL! I voted for him for 2 hours every Tues night during the show. He is a mega talented young man.
He is also really cute too. As noticed by an abundance of screaming 12 year olds.
I really think the Mom contingent would have gotten more out of it musically.
The show open with purple backlit fog.Kalan sauntered on with fiddle and bow in hand. He kicked out a rockin solo.
The whole first set was origional tunes(some written by him). There were some good rock reminiscent of Deep Purple, Zeppelin, White Snake, Uriah Heep, a couple of beeeeeauuuuutiful melodic acoustic ballads and some a cappella 3 part harmony.
They covered songs by Neil Young, Bowie and Peter Gabriel.
The encore was a kick *** medley starting with The House of the Rising Sun and included The Devil Came to GA, some Doobies and Born to be Wild.
The band was fantastic. Very talented and tight musicians.
All in all very enjoyable.
It reminded me soooo much of my early days hanging out with basement bands and then travelling the bar and band scene. My sis and I danced our asses off, woooohoooo. The 12 year old girls looked at us like we were nuts. At least we knew the lyrics!! ha
We giggled over how Kalan looks a LOT like my highschool honey. It was uncanny and kinda weird. Total flashback.
I got home at midnight and watched TV a bit. I did have a snack but I ate dinner at 5 I was hungry.
Fun, fun, fun!!!!!
Today is back to normal.
I have one of my babies coming back fulltime on Monday. His Mom is back in school for 20 weeks. I missed this little guy. More $$ too.

ROCK ON chicks, have a groovy day!!! LOL! -winner of Canadion Idol 2004

I need another :coffee: and I will be back to chat!

02-10-2005, 06:27 PM
hi chickies , how are we all this evening ?? good i hope me and mine are good ,thats them finished school for the next 12 days then its all back to normal for craig until his proper exams start in may :lol: ive had all my hair cut off its now short and layered and spiky , :yikes: the only problem is you can now see all the grey hairs so tomorrow it will be short and layered and spiky and dyed :rofl:right ladies sorry for the short post but im knacked so im off everybody have a good one and ill talk to you all tomorrow

02-11-2005, 12:09 AM
I had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dinner with crystal lite to drink. Still at one point for the week. Feeling a bit blah, need to get some multi-vitamins with power boosters :rofl:

The baby is making Linus chop things off! I thought my hormones were leading me astray!! and I was only just menstruating :lol:

Holly has gone all teenybopper. I am the same way about Rob Thomas :wink:

Shad is laughing because she finally has the guys doing her bidding, some twice which is amazing. You really know how to motivate... what colours are your leathers again :rofl: :Slurps her Spanish red and smacks lips:

Mel is running low on fuel, again :hug: You are such a beautiful spirit in your world, I hope you get more smiles than frowns tomorrow and that everyone starts drinking their orange juice and quits needing you to tend them :wave:

Hey Teel, if Prince Charles marries Camilla, does that mean William will be the next King? or are the royals going to shuffle some papers and make a new rule? Should be interesting. You take whatever you need to for your liver, that is an important organ, look after yourself. Great about your diabetes being regular, you are doing well there :)

Fabulous that Happy is finally in the new place and away from those noisy folks upstairs. Teething pains in the new abode sound daunting. Hope she finds a way through and gets the computer screwed back together :yikes:

The snow came and the rain washed it away before it was here an hour. The kudos of being on the wet coast :rofl: It was sunny and chilly here today, frost on the grass and a nip in the air. :wave:to all the readers:wave:

02-11-2005, 10:57 AM
Meadow~ Sending you a blast of energy. Try for a carrot with your cookie next time. LOL! Pop singers are such a good part of our world. *giggle* AND AB and Brad Pitt. *more giggles*
I am SUCH a girl.
Linus~ the new DO sounds wonderful. Grey hair is meant to covered!! I have a ton too.
Any funky highlights with this new spiky look? Hope you had a restful sleep.

Howdy to everyone !!!!

I am taking 3 toddlers to the Early Years Play Group. This is my journal.

I made 50 rice balls wrapped in seaweed last night. Yup.
It is Japan Day in grade 1.
It has been sooo exciting. DS's teacher is such a gift. Their social studies segmnet has been on Japan. The have learned 4 songs, counting, 10 words, they have dressed up, have cerimonies....they are singing the Japan national Anthem over the PA this morning.
It just so happens my DH has a friend of 15 years from Tokyo. They lived together in both places and I have a friend who married a Japanese fellow and they have lived both places. We have tons of Japanese stuff. I took it all in and decorated the gym last night. it is gorgeous. The class today have invited one guest each for a sit down lunch. Each family has provided a traditoinal dish, the kids will sing and perform a 20 min play about Japan. My Aunt is going as the guest.( the one who gives my grief, LOL, it will mean A LOT to her and DS).
My kids here go home at 12:30, but 1. So I am taking the wee monkey and going to try and watch the play.
See, life IS good.
I was super tired yesterday but happy. I ate horrifically. Worse than I have in 8 months. It was enjoyable. Today is new day!!
DH and I had a mushy, fun evening. We are sooo mature and wondeful, LOL! He is a grudge holder. I am beyond thrilled that he has let the tiff on Saturday go. First time ever!!!!!!!
DD has a Valentine Party this aft at school.
We have a Family Games Night at the church tonight. I am taking a veggie tray.
On Sun, we are making Love Bags with the kids to give to the seniors and shut ins in our congregation. I am baking chocolate muffins.
Monday is teacher appreciation day at school. I am making a Chocolate Elair cake for their luncheon. I will make an extra one for my troop for Valenitnes Day.

Life is wonderful!!

I have been doing several rounds of the Sun Salutation every day. It has been great. Food WILL be OP today!!

Have a peachy day!

02-11-2005, 12:36 PM
50 minutes of beach time: 20 minutes running into the wind on soft sand with the waves getting me a couple of times <INSERT Short Runner here> (oh yes, did I mention the blizzard? :rofl: ) and 30 minutes of walking back. Dearest Hubster (I think I'll rename him Slim) ran for 30 minutes and walked 20. It works for him to run ahead of me and for both of us to turn around after about 20 minutes so that we end up walking the last 20 minutes back together. Then for fun we went to Starbucks for overpriced coffee (and begging for cups of water) and People-Watching. :cofdate:

The plan for the rest of the day is Garage Cleaning. Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away, with the Put Away pile being the smallest. :dance:

02-11-2005, 12:50 PM
Holly~ Please make and send me a Love Bag....I could use it this week! :lol: Hope the Japanese day with DS goes well....good luck. Glad the city trip went well and you enjoyed yourself!! Loved the Lenten post too!

Linus~ I got more grey hairs worrying about YOU! :faint::rofl: Maybe we should both get dye jobs!!! :rofl: I am glad to say the very least that your news was good and where did the extra weeks come from???? God's gift??? I am so sorry for Connor and please send my sympathy for the loss of his furry friend. I am always sad when we lose a pet no matter how small. Glad the DH is coming around and and hope your morning sickness doean't last too long! ((((HUGS))))) Loved the cartoon of the scale!!! Sent it to friends for a good laugh in their day too! LOL

Tig~ Good luck tomorrow and I was wondering if that is what your DH thinks? THAT HE HAS A TIGER BY THE TAIL! :rofl: :lol3: :lol3: I like your signature too! I will strive to be less than average also!! ROFLMAO I too NEED your computer sign and will make one of my own. I might even put in on the back of my chair!!! :rofl:

Shad~ I was wondering if YOU will get stressed out trying to de-stress ME! :rofl: I am fully ARISEN AND AM WEARING MY ONZ THIS MORNING!! S'Mellie the Great is on a roll since 6:30 AM!!!
Thanks for all the good thoiughts Big Sis! They always seem to work! Good for you and showing the gent the door! Had a good :rofl: over that post!!! Hope you got the filling appointment?? I will make mine on Tuesday! Thanks for the reminder! :lol:

Suzi~ I am sending many positive thoughts your way and I don't know if it will help but the following 2 websites keep me in check:
The first just has calming things to read and feels good and the secon is where we all get Ralph Marston from. I subscribed to him so it gets sent to my mailbox and I cannot forget him! :rofl: Thanks for the good thoughts and I am sending many more to you!

Teel~ So sorry to see the amount of $$$$ cars cost. Having none, I forget that tiny minoer problem of owning a car! :rofl: Good luck with the test. Thanks for the Prince of Wales breaking news. Haven't had time to see TV! I hope the liver gets better results on the next test!?!? When do you go back? do they have any ideas why this is happening? Meds?? (((((((HUGS)))))) to you my English friend! I will think of you this week.

Nae~ Mywhole life is out of control! :rofl: Had a chuckle at your post! LOL good for you with the eating and drinking. I must try to be more like you this coming week! LOL I too need regular about you and Teeka going for walks?? Don't know if it's a good idea with your kind of weather but if you found something you could do together then you'd have company:D

Meadow~ If I find some energy I will send you half! :rofl: Your one point is one more than I have! :lol3: :lol3: Hope we both do better this week! How goes the new home?! Is it wheelchair accessible?!?!:rofl:

Well Chicks here is the news. Jen and Richie are very much better. He is at the Drs trying to get permission to go back to work. Both have no color to their skin yet....or at least not a healthy one. I have a lovely new "LOANED" wheelchair while mine awaits a brand new "bottom" which means motor etc. So I am a happy least till the next breakdown. they have my oldest now and are really trying to help me keep it but it may be a lost cause. Taking the meds for the face and still have those 4 pounds on. The breaking point for the "office" may well be here. I authorized a $1250 cleanup of a vacated apartment.....the gent is in the hospital with hepatitis and needs a liver. Couldn't find someone cheaper for the hazardous waste that he left behind. So we'll see what happens next week. i am hoping they either fire me or yell and scream so I can quit...just might be easier than trying to retire!:rofl: There are days I would be bored but I'm starting to like being bored. :lol: shad is still teaching me how do unwind!!! Afraid there is more Yank in me than she thought! little did she know what a stubborn cuss I was too! :lol:
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The accountants are here, the office is closed so it's just me and them and they need no help thank God. 2 more self sufficient men! Another oxymoron!!! :rofl:
Sat and Sun are all just for me! :flow: :cb: :dance:
Take care Friends around the world and thanks ever so much for all the good thoughts. They really do work!

02-11-2005, 05:18 PM
hi chickies ,
good evening to you all hope everyone is fine ,before i start rambling {and i forget} could everyone let me know the challenge results for saturday and what everyone is doing for next week :thanks: :thanks: and i will try and get them to you on time this week :^: craig got his hair highlighted today {2.5 hours in the hairdresser} and he really suits it but has now decieded that hes not too keen on it :mad: so i told him it will have to grow on him :rofl: :rofl: he didnt like that answer but hey he wanted blonde !!!!!!! .
the kids are now on half term break and the first morning they are off im up at 8am to go to the hairdressers :?: been very busy today well not busy just occupied cleo has finally stopped bleeding so everythings been in the washing machine i think if the washer had legs it would have left by now ,and the poor plant thats been sat in my kitchen waiting to be re-potted has finally got a new pot and the wandering sailor has had its haircut and the rest have been watered and fed and dusted :workout: so another thing off the todo list .
talked to sheila tonight ,shes a wee bit fed up {thats an under statement }but ill leave her to tell you herself about her new problems when shes ready but if shes not in dont worry ill let you all know how she is .
right ladies im going as im about to dye my hair and im having to do a partial on the fish tank as one of my angel fish has died so ill pop back later

02-11-2005, 05:21 PM
I think that should be Dame S'Mellie. :rofl: :lol3: If you are going to be one of the 20 ordinary living folk with the order - you just gotta use the title luv.

Meadow from what I read about the royal rules, Camilla will not get to be queen. If and it's a big if, Charles takes the throne she will become Princess Consort. I say if because Lizzie will no doubt go on and on and on and on just like her mother did and Victoria did. The men in recent times have only lasted on the throne for a few years each. Basically the only excitement that the news has caused around here is to wonder about the size of the diamond, the cost of the ring, and reopen the republican debate. Geez they only have to look at the dictatorial aspects emerging from the current government to realise what might happen if we heaven forbid got ourselves a President as well as a Prime Minister. Little enough gets done now. Oh brother, lets not get me started.

Holly so glad to hear that all is well in your neck of the woods. It's so much nicer in a family household if all is in tune. Doesn't happen that often these days. Certainly it makes a difference for the kids.

Tig sounds so nice to hear of you going running with 'Slim'. I knew a couple back in NZ who did the same sort of thing - only they ran down through a gorge (canyon) beside a river for the required length of time. She turned back earlier than him and they walked home hand in hand together at the end. Then she beat him in a 5k run one day.

One of my boys has a dose of nerves. He wanted to go down to the training room yesterday and we ended up there just about all day. He'll never make a trainer, but he will get through it. Funnily enough this is the one who the larrikin of the group.

Anyway, I better get on with the day or I won't get to Body Balance class today. I'll catch up again soon.

02-11-2005, 06:01 PM
Linus~ first the hampster and now the angel fish?!?!?What's going on! Tooi many funerals and it's starting to sound like my building! :faint: I know...bad joke! Get us a pic of the blond hair!!! Would love to see it!
For the challenge....let me think a minute.....hmmmmm
1-Water every day
2-On-Plan food
this weeks points were ZERO!

Shad~I'm a dame alright. But exactly what kind is questionable. I would like to think a respectable one! :rofl:

First the accountants, then the heater guys and the Parcel Post men!! I am surrounded by men and none of them wanted lil ole me.... sniff, sniff Back to cooking and kitchen KP duty. See ya later. Sending (((((((((TEEL))))))))) some hugs and good thoughts.

02-11-2005, 06:25 PM
Must have been posting all at once and little bro snuck in somewhere in the middle.
Sorry to hear of the fish linus.

*snort* there ain't nothin' like a Dame (S'mellie.)

02-11-2005, 06:34 PM
"We've got sunlight on the sand. We've got moonlight on the sea. We've got mangos and bananas we can pick right off the trees. We've got volleyball and ping-pong and a lot of dandy games. What ain't we got? We ain't got dames! We get packages from home. We get movies. We get shows. We get speeches from our skipper and advice from Tokyo Rose. We get letters doused with perfume. We get dizzy from the smell. What ain't we got? You know damn well. We've got nothing to put on a clean white suit for. What we need is what there ain't no subsitute for. There is nothing like a dame. Nothing in the world. There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame. We feel restless. We feel blue. We feel hungry and in brief. We feel every kind of feeling but the feeling of relief. We feel hungry as the wolf felt when he met Red Riding Hood. What don't we feel? We don't feel good. Lots of things in life are beautiful but, brother, there is one particular thing that is in no way, shape, or form like any other. There is nothing like a dame. Nothing in the world. There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame. There are no drinks like a dame.and nothing thinks like a dame. there are no books like a dame. And nothing looks like a dame. And nothing acts like a dame. Or attracts like a dame. There ain't a thing that's wrong with any man here that can't be cured by putting him near A girly female womanly feminine dame." :rofl:

02-11-2005, 06:40 PM
you two are a scream im sitting here with large amounts of hair dye on my head so thought id come in for a read

02-11-2005, 06:57 PM
Then her's a song for you.......

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

I'm gonna wave that man right outa my arms,

Nellie and Girls:
I'm gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
I'm gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
And send him on his way.

Don't try to patch it up

Tear it up, tear it up!

Wash him out, dry him out,

Push him out, fly him out,

Cancel him and let him go!

Yea, sister!

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

If a man don't understand you,
If you fly on separate beams,
Waste no time, make a change,
Ride that man right off your range.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

Oho! If you laugh at different comics,
If you root for different teams,
Waste no time, weep no more,
Show him what the door is for.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

You can't light a fire when the woods are wet,


You can't make a butterfly strong,

Hmm, hmm!

You can't fix an egg when it ain't quite good,

And you can't fix a man when he's wrong!

You can't put back a petal when it falls from a flower,
Or sweeten up a fellow when he starts turnin' sour

Oh no! Oh no!

Nellie and Girls:
If his eyes get dull and fishy,
When you look for glints and gleams,
Waste no time,
Make a switch,
Drop him in the nearest ditch!
Rub him out of the roll call,
And drum him out of your dreams
Oho! Oho!

I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
And sent him on his way.

She went to wash that man right outa my hair,
She went to wash that man right outa my hair,
She went to wash that man right outa my hair,

Nellie and Girls:
And send him on his way!

02-11-2005, 08:40 PM
Here I sit with song from South Pacific bouncing around in my head and I don't have the video :eek: will just have to hum to myself :p

Linus I am one point for this last week :blink: Keeping the same goal to make it four days doing the weights. I will never be queen but maybe leanliness will come along one fine day.

Here is one from the 1940 something movie "Best foot Forward" I remember a guy who could really whistle well in this one and this song :rofl:


Buckle down, Winsocki
Buckle down
You can win, Winsocki
If you knuckle down
If you break their necks
If you make them wrecks
You can break the hex,
So buckle down,
Make 'em yell Winsocki, make 'em yell.
You can win, Winsocki
If you give 'em ****
It you don't give in take it on the chin
You are bound to win, it you will only buckle down,
If you fight you'll chuckle at defeat.
If you fight your luck'll not retreat
Knuckle down Winsocki
Knuckle down.
You can win, Winsocki
If you buckle down
If you mow them down
If you go to town
You can wear the crown
If you will only buckle down.

02-11-2005, 09:03 PM
Best Foot Forward 1943
Musical/Performing Arts
A grand MGM musical about a Hollywood star who, as part of a publicity stunt, agrees to be the guest of a young cadet at his military school prom. Probably Lucy's best film according to Desi. The movie is based on a Broadway show and includes such Big Band hits as "Three Men on a Date," "Wish I May," "Buckle Down Winsocki" and "Two O'Clock Jump."
MPAA Rating: Not Rated.

Cast and Credits
Starring: Lucille Ball, June Allyson, William Gaxton, Virginia Weidler, Harry James
Directed by: Edward Buzzell, Charles Walters
Produced by: Arthur Freed

Gotta love the oldies but goodies! Good night Meadow and don't forget to buckle your winsocki before you go to bed! :rofl:

02-11-2005, 10:18 PM
You chicks are cracking me up. I am pretty stuck in the 70's.

Linus~ I have 5 for not eating after 7; and 2 for exercise

Cant believe it is another week gone already.

See ya tomorrow!!!!

02-12-2005, 12:53 AM
Tut, we have gone from South Pacifc to Hollywood in one leap. Just as I was about to burst into 'betel juice' too or maybe 'some enchanted evening', which I have as a cd sung by Jose Carreras and very nicely done too. He is singing South Pacific along with another well known Dame who wears an ONZ.

Linus I have 4 day of garden exercise and 3 for water. Not doing that great huh?

02-12-2005, 06:39 AM
4 points Walking/running
2 points PT exercises
6 Points Total

I just can't seem to remember the PT.

Today is race day! It's very cold for Florida - I need to figure out layers. :dance:

02-12-2005, 08:07 AM
Hello everyone, I thought I was going to get up on Thursday and tell you the story of the rug being burned..... but my power was off since 2am that morning and it was about 10degrees. So no computer to write my tale.....
I wish I only had one stupid incident to to report but alas....thursday happened. Ok Linus,,,,,, here goes..... as I was placing all of the equipment into the big tank on Saturday..... like a dumb girl I had the one pump in place and wanted to see if it was I plugged in the plug..... which supplies power to about three other things for the tank... which were at this point still on the carpet.... and yes the little tank heater was right down there and before you knew it.... melting my carpet leaving a nice little hole.... so stupid.... so that was my story THEN..... By the grace of God and my wonderful Angels.... I still have a house after THursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as I stated previously the power was out.... no problem for a resourceful gal like me... I went down stairs and brought out my coleman one burner made coffee out on the deck as the sun is rising over the Bitteroot mountains...even made my oatmeal out there... oh glory I was feeling so happy and contented since I couldn't type to my 3FC friends I wrote out some sweet cards to relatives for Valentine's Day. Now thursday is my day off which I usually spend at home for the most part. But I had promised to go in and Help Nan and see a patient or two so I left the house and was working from 12 - 5. I did take Teeka with me and she likes the van on a sunny day so she was with me... but before I left my small fish tank was getting so cold and the fish were looking pretty I moved the small tank to a sunny spot for the day knowing they would be fine.... power was to be back at 6pm that day.... I took out the heater laying it on a towel on my computer desk with the light and top of the small tank..... WELL the power came back on at 3pm so when I walked into my house it was filled with smoke...... I was frantic to find the source.... the heater which was still plugged in on the towel on my desk was all but gone...... the cord to the computer melted the top to the fish tank was not in flames but oh my so very close it was melting everything........ I still have a house... the smoke damage is minamal I think. Girls..... I feel so lucky and blessed to still be here sitting at my computer and not in a state of shock with my house burned down.....
Do you think there is a lesson in there for ME!!!!!!!!!! :?:
I have enjoyed reading the posts.... so fun....... hope everyone is well I will be back later to report..... there is girls hockey here again this weekend so I will be in and out watching the games......
Blessings to everyone.......

02-12-2005, 08:33 AM
Good heavens Rosie - thats terrible. Geez you were a lucky girl. Suggest you carefully consider the third time you take the fish tank to pieces.
Anyway I am off to bed. I'll catch up tomorrow. in the mean time for goodness sake be careful out there.

02-12-2005, 11:09 AM
NAE!!!!OMG!!!!! We will not let you ever take that fish tank apart again!!!! :flame: Thank god you and Teeka are ok and the house is still standing. The combinations of what could have happened are staggering!!! :yikes: :faint: I am glad you were BOTH out!! And equally glad you got home in time! Your Guardian Angel :angel: must be working overtime!! I certainly hope this week goes by smoothly and calmly! :rofl: The lesson for the week must be "focus"! :rollpin:

I need to steam my veggies :chef: and straighten up....and also I have NO energy!(snore)So if I get my butt in gear and get going then I will allow myself some down time after this incredibly LOOOONG week. The accountant didn't leave till 5-ish and it made for a long day. Slept like a log last night though!
Still yawning! :yawn: Must be because ther is nothing vital to do! :faint: I'm not used to sitting still! Have a great day!

02-12-2005, 12:41 PM
One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, rock,
Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, rock,
Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, rock,
We're gonna rock around the clock tonight.

Put your glad rags on and join me, hon,
We'll have some fun when the clock strikes one,
We're gonna rock around the clock tonight,
We're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til broad daylight.
We're gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight.

When the clock strikes two, three and four,
If the band slows down we'll yell for more,
We're gonna rock around the clock tonight,
We're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til broad daylight.
We're gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight.

Can you tell I found some energy hidden away??? Veggies are done and now for the quiche! Just took a frappuccino break and I'm ready to Rock'n'Roll:cb: :dance:

02-12-2005, 01:47 PM
evening chickies , im just going to give a wee quick post as im off to the pub {juice only} spoke to teel shes still well fed up but had a giggle at mel singing again :D , weve missed the impromptu lyrics ,everythings good here no more casualtys :?: MEL the dates are going by the scan i had on wednesday but ive been told that they could change at my actual dating scan on the 9th of march ,they normally date from the first day of your last period which would have made me due 28th of september but according to the scan i must have fell pregnant on the last possible day "hogmany-new years day" so hence 22 october so somewhere within that month as theyll section me at 38 weeks anyway ,
right ladies im off to get the hair and war paint done have a good one

02-12-2005, 03:17 PM
Aunt Fannie Can Hardly Wait!

02-12-2005, 04:55 PM
Still a bit lacking in energy but........

Iím just going to have to get on with it and push myself somewhat. 3 panadol to get rid of the headache. Lots of water to counteract yesterdays eating, and some stern self talk should do the trick.

Today is also going to be the day I get in touch with some old friends that I have been neglecting again. Getting my house in order so to speak. I love and need my friends.

Today, might also be the day where I get a few more mini projects off the list as well. It will be nice to see that moving along and becoming a little shorter. I make a promise to myself I will not put as many back on the end of the list.

Mel is back to singing in the forum - rock around the clock this time. Unbelievable!!!! But at least she is coming up with some really good music. Maybe she will be back with Oklahoma, or State Fair next! Okay, Okay, Iím not gonna knock the next generations stuff - even if I have a problem coming to terms with some of it. Iím not the most musical person in the world. I likes what I likes! My kids hate my music.
Talking of music. The South Pacific cd I have is Jose Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa singing the principle roles and a Welsh choir doing the naval chorus'. Now if you remember the guys singing things like 'Nothin like a dame' were all young and ..... well pretty yummo in the film. Didn't see the stage show so can't comment. TVNZ put on a doco made in Britain about the making of this cd. To say the least it was interesting. Jose turned up in jeans, Kiri in Cardin. The other male lead was an American tenor who couldn't string two words together if he wasn't singing and the average age of the Welsh choir was 60. Nellie's nurses were 3 English ladies one of whom was totally dressed in leather.

Okay, off to finish the hedge, do the garden edges, fertilise the veges, mow the lawn and water the pots. Better put that in some sort of order - or the neighbours will be up in arms if I try to use power tools before 7.00am and I will have the boys in blue on the doorstep - followed closely no doubt by Mel who llikes a good uniform from time to time. Maybe she will be singing the theme from Police Academy at that stage.

Right got my mind in gear - go do the hair, get the boots, wander out the back and start work. Breakfast and coffee at 10.00, Mel, on the patio if you are coming or anyone else for that matter. First in gets the best of the bacon.

02-12-2005, 05:49 PM

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,
There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,
The corn is as high as an elephant's eye,
An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going Shad's way.

Repeat chorus

All the cattle are standing like statues,
All the cattel are standing like statues,
They don't turn their heads as they see me ride by.
But a little brown mav'rick is winking her eye.

Repeat chorus

All the sounds of the earth are like music,
All the sounds of the earth are like music,
The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree,
And an ol' Weepin' Willer is laughin' at me.

02-12-2005, 11:36 PM
Love is all around you, its everywhere you go... hmm :whistle:

I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day. Here is a pic of the lovely AB to set the mood :)

I hope it is a great day for everyone. Rose stay clear of flames and candles though :flame: ;) Big hugs to you all and Linus don't forget to give your little tummy traveller a rub from me :D :bb: :goodvibes:

02-13-2005, 08:02 AM
hey ho kids
good morning to everyone ,i have a question for everyone ,how comes i can go to the pub and knock back southern comfort like its the last bottle on the planet and suffer no ill effects ..... but go to the pub and drink coke and orange and lemonade and wake up with a thumping sorehead ????????? go figure ,
i havent been to the pub since i found out i was pregnant , everyone was brill even though people kept on buying me drink !!!!!! my freind was very merry by the end of the night :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: , well someone had to drink them !!!!!
right im having a slow morning so im off and ill be back later to post properly and check the challenge results
have a good one

02-13-2005, 08:08 AM
It's because it's fizzy. All those bubbles create holes in your brain!!!!! Well that's my excuse - the bubbles will do it every time.

02-13-2005, 08:56 AM
The temp was colder by 20* but with no wind to speak of it was good racing weather. I ran in my sweat pants and a LS shirt. Slim ran in shorts and a LS shirt. I ran the ENTIRE race once again and came in third in my age group. :encore:

The first mile is hard because I'm getting my respiratory opened up. The second mile is not so bad because I know the third mile is coming up. But the third mile needs work because my pace is slowing. Gotta RUN! <Insert Short Runner>

02-13-2005, 10:00 AM
AB for Valentine's Day!!! Nothing better.....Thanks Meadow! I should reall copy your signature and send it to the office. ALL WEEK LONG they re-hash what coulda, woulda shoulda been done or said! :rofl:

Shad~ Did the song motivate you???:rofl: The bacon was delicious!! Done just right. Next time I come I want to be the one holding the power tools when the cops come! This way I will be the one they drag away. I love a man that's strong and in blue......or black or brown or red:rofl:
Good gardening!! Sweet dreams:faint:

Had my breakfast and am thinking of bed! Not sure why each morning is starting out this way but there you have it. Seems like it takes me awhile to get the buns rolling(no pun intended) and start the day off.
Tomorrow is Mall day so I will go. I need to get some $$ back from the bookstore. They overcharged me in December and she said to come back in Feb and bring the receipt and book jacket. We'll see if she told the truth! :lol:
I think I'll clean the computer desk off today. Lots of junk there!
Have a good day Chickies of the World!!

02-14-2005, 06:24 AM
Where is that teel??? What is she up to that she can't get back to the computer and tell us all about it. Maybe she is buried in red roses from Valentines day?? Maybe she and Holly are out and about trotting the lanes and hedgerows?

Tig - glad to hear that you had some more success in running. You are doing really well. I'm going to try to get to run outside again soon. Then maybe next time I get to the States we can do a run together. Now that will be the race of the competants (is there such a word)

Holly, I hope you feel better soon. Not much fun having gastric problems.

We are a very quiet lot today. Yes Mel the song obviously did something because I rushed out and mowed and trimmed and chopped and fertilised and weeded - the neighbours didn't complain but I bet they were thinking plenty!! I didn't get around to all the friends as one in particular rang to ask if I could go help her DH with his new computer. Neither of them are very computer literate - they are better - much better - at food. We sort of sorted out the problems but the program doesn't do exactly what it says you can do. So T had to ring the ATO today to ask why certain things happened and why some did not. I told him to write the answers down as they were said and report back to me. Haven't heard from him yet. Maybe he can't spell the words.

Mel, thanks for the e card. Loved the little angels. Cute little song too. Have to practice the ending tho' - little cuties.

Boys flew through their training session today. The one I had problems with on Friday breezed through it today. So much for the heart attacks on Friday. Now he says he will be bored with it by Friday. Only got to Easter to go!!! But lordy I am tired tonight. I'm off to bed in a few minutes.

Actually, think I won't last more than a few minutes, so time to get off the computer and go iron some trousers for tomorrow. Seeya

02-14-2005, 07:39 AM
Oh bum. I clicked off the wrong page so I have lost an entire post. I'll come back later, suffice to say I have lost 3 lbs. I think this is largely due to me being too tired to eat and seemingly completely off my food so no ok, just a small one then!!
I'll go shoer and then come back later.

02-14-2005, 12:06 PM
I have missed you chicks. It seems longer than it's been.
I have had a wicked tummy bug since 5pm Sat. I literally slept all day yesterday. Bland food and fluids today. Still very wonky.
DH has been pleasant about stepping up.
Kids are home today. Our part of the world is under ice. Everything is closed and the power keeps going out.
I am back to bed.
Hugs and take care.

02-14-2005, 02:25 PM
I'm bbbbbbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkk!

Hey ladies, missed you all very much. I see you have kept yourselves busy as usual with all sorts of many and varied activities interlaced with lots of singing.

Happy Valentines to you all. Nice to know in a world where there's often alot of mean things and :rollpin: there's a place you can COUNT on for a little love.

In a nutshell, we are moved in. Lots of boxes still to be unpacked. We seem to be missing our stereo system - all individual components AND DH's extensive collection (as in 75 or so) of decorative collector's plates. Fortunately before we left I suggested to him to take digital pictures of all the plates, their certificates and the plate number which he did so we have a good inventory. The movers said we have to unpack EVERY box before we can file a claim. Not gonna happen in the next 3 days sister, let me tell you. They offered to send someone to help us unpack but in order to do that 1) you have to know where everything is going to be put and 2) we are trying to keep some rooms packed with boxes to the center of the room so we can paint. I love the house but the colors are hideous here. And everyone used the same painter as all houses are painted the same reds, yellows and yuck yuck browns. I guess it goes with the decorative theme of chickens, roosters, monkeys and elephants that I see in all the stores. I don't care if pastels are "dated" I can't live in a house that is only red, yellow and brown.

On a delightful note it's 67 degrees outside and will be near 70 tomorrow. The weather roller coasters here - will be in the 40's by the end of the week so we appreciate the few days of sun and dry warm weather we get. The yard is filled with all sorts of song birds and woodpeckers. DH got a field guide over the weekend and he can see them from afar better than I can so his job is to point them out to me. We have to figure out some way of feeding the birds but keeping the squirrels out as they like to burrow here and tend to chew on the siding and create problems here.

There are signs of spring - I have bulbs blooming out front - possibly daffodils, the grass is going from brown to brownish green and the real estate agent said our yard will be gorgeous in the spring with all the azalea bushes in bloom. We certainly have alot of plants out there.

I am tired of unpacking boxes but we push on each day and make headway. I have a personal goal to be unpacked by Shad's birthday. ;)

As for you ladies...
Mel, thanks for the lovely card. You are such a sweetie. Sending love back at you -- :cloud9: Holly - stay warm and snuggly. Being under ice doesn't sound like fun by any stretch - especially with the power out - be careful walking outside too. Teel - good going on the 3 pounds down - I don't recommend that as a permanent way to diet but will cheer the loss for you :clap: Shad, I hope you are feeling better. Since you are my adopted personal botanist, I will no doubt be sending you some pictures - or posting on webshots - can you tell me what this is? :?: - Shad is the most amazing person when it comes to the plant world ladies. Yay Tig on that 3rd place finish AND completing the race. You are very inspiring. :cheer: Linus, you blonde bombshell you - I've heard that the hangover is related also to the amount of sugar in whatever you are drinking. I used to do Vodka Gimlets with Rose's Lime juice which is rather sweet. Nasty hangover or was it due to downing about 15 of them :hat: Had the same issue with rum and regular Coca Cola. I switched to white wine instead and did much better. Meadow, thanks for the Valentine wishes and the nice AB pic! And finally to Nae, oh my oh my oh my. Read your story about the tanks with my mouth open. Got to say that angels are watching over you - not once but TWICE! Eeeeeek. Glad things are ok but what a fright!.

Well I'd best gobble my lunch and get outside. There's a nice water pond outside the building and it's about a 1/2 mile walking loop around it. I have been trying to get in a good walk when the weather is nice. Have to remember to bring the sneakers with me and leave them at the desk - easier to walk in than office shoes.

I picked up Bob Greene's new book over the weekend - Total Body Makeover. I have always liked his advice as it's very practical. DH promises me the treadmill will be put together and working in 2 weeks. I hope so as I need to start 30 minutes of cardio and the indoor bike will kill me. The weather is still iffy for the outside bike and we have lots of gentle hills around my new neighborhood so we'll no doubt be getting a good workout. Anyway, time to get crackin'.

Have a good day everyone .

02-14-2005, 05:06 PM
god evening chickies ,right before i forget the weekly challenge ,firstly ROSE AND SUZI im so sorry girls i couldnt find any results for you anywhere :o so i am so sorry but will you let me know what your challenges are for next week and ill add you in
MEL is being pardoned again {ive enclosed the order of the garter below}
SHAD =7 points
TEEL=6 points
TIG=6 points
MEADOW=1 point
HOLLY=7 points
LINUS= 5 points
the honuors of wales are below for you to time share enjoy :cb: :gift: :dancer: :grouphug: :high:
next weeks challenges that i already have are
MEL=eat own on plan food +drink water
MEADOW=weights for dummies {maybe you should add more water or something for more points}
TEEL= more water+more pounds lost
HOLLY=no eating after 7pm+30 mins exercise
LINUS= drink water {i have drunk none this week}+walking everyday
TIG= are you staying the same???
right im off and ill be back later to post as my ironing needs to be done

02-14-2005, 08:09 PM
We had a dusting of snow last night, everything looked like it had been sprinkled with icing sugar. All melted away now but it was beautiful this morning. My kids both had Valentine's Day parties at school today and are here munching on suckers, chocolates and cookies. I send orange pieces to the party, they said they got eaten :shrug: When did they start giving out candy with the valentine's? How out of the loop am I? I am sucking on the cinnamon hearts they got that they don't like :eek: I know, I know. Linus thinks I should add more to my challenge because I don't have enough points with my not doing the weights,I fear she thinks my one point looks pathetic with all the higher numbers all of you are racking up. I was quite proud of that "one" and have managed another "one" for this week ;) It is great to hear that Happy is plotting colour changes and gardening research in her new abode, you sound alot more chipper than some of your previous posts... I hope all is picking up :D

Hugs to Holly for her dicky tummy ((((HUGS)))) How sick are you Teel? must be bad if you can't even eat (she says as she sucks on another cinnamon heart) Shad congratulations on getting the guys so confident and brazen in their techniques. What are you going to do with all this attitude now? Must figure out a way to direct it to your advantage ;) Can they dance? Tango? Mel how was the mall? Did you get inspired to buy another book with the money they returned to you? Tell the rehashers in the office that you can't change the past so focus on the future and smile, smile, smile...there is a song in there somewhere :)

02-14-2005, 08:31 PM
I am happy but too tired to think. Went to the mall and then had to daeal with the accountants again! will read and post tomorrow so stay happy and safe till them! :rofl:

they have a lot of baby stuff in a LOT of stores!!! :lol3: :lol3:

02-15-2005, 06:25 AM
Hey hey, must be my birthday or something. Two lots of honours this week. Since I can only wear one crown at a time, the honours of Wales must sit squarely on Holly's poor cold, tired, unwell head. I'm having enough trouble hanging onto the orb and sceptre and pirouetting around the joint whilst trying to keep the crown jewels of England on my head.
I'll do the same challenge again this week Ms Linus if you are still willing to carry on? See if I can improve on 50%

Meadow, I think I have unleashed a couple of monsters on the world. They are going gungho out there today. I went to another training class and made my mark there. Funnily enough everywhere I go I seem to hear my own words being spouted back at me. One person in one of the classes told me that C was threatening to beat them about the ears if they didn't listen good. Shades of Shad. Geez, it is a great responsibility on my shoulders. Heaven forbid I should say something wrong, or give them the wrong gen on something.

Happy, why are you groing to be unpacked by my birthday. Is it so you can relax and dream on your birthday??? The garden sounds good and we expect to see the photos of the azalea and daffodils soonest!!! I can identify some plants but not all. As I told your DH - Edna Walling I ain't. But I do love gardens so yours will be a pleasure to see. Good to hear that you are walking in your lunch breaks. It sounds like a nice idea - don't forget to hop, skip and jump around the areas where the ducks have been!!!! Are you posting from work - I thought that was frowned upon.

Holly, so sorry to hear you are not well enough to stay and visit. Mind you if the power keeps going out, you aren't going to be posting for long are you? Get well soon.

Teel, come on back and tell me what's wrong. I was going to ring you yesterday, but got home too late after the gym - you would have been in bed - unless of course you haven't got out of it yet. Yooo hooo Teel come on back in. Such a pain hitting the wrong button. Done that several times. Just call me plain forgetful. You gotta post the thing before you go out of the page.

Mel, have a good sleep. Dream the dreams of the just. I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

By you all.

02-15-2005, 08:12 AM
good morning chicks ,hope evryone is good and having some fun ???, me im having the day from **** and its only 11.47am cleo has decided that my living room floor is her personal loo :mad: :nono: and i woke up to puddles and presents this morning :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: coupled with morning sickness thats not a good start to the day :?: so im changing feeding times to lunch time and extending the 8pm walk to see if that helps because im not willing to put up with this from a 2and a half year old dog :nono: :nono: :dz:
due to the fact that i keep bouncing out of bed at 7am {even though the kids are on half term} ive got loads done this morning ,ive got all the outgoing mail ready,de-junked my comp desk :comp: ,moved the microwave to where the bread bin was ,the breadbin to where the goldfish where and yes you guessed it the goldfish to where the microwave was ,reason being the bread bin with the fruit bowl on top was under my combi-boiler and everything kept going stale really quick{ :doh: } and ive scrubbed all my worktops and scrubbed all the canisters {thay are all stainless steel and if you breath on them the wrong way they smudge :yikes: }and ive scrubbed the living room carpet {for obvious reasons} so now i just have to do the rest of the house and the department of health might not close me down !!!!!!!
MEL update for just you the hospital phoned and told me the student has worked my dates wrong and it will be the end of september after all :lol: personally ill wait until the hopital dating scan on the 9th of march maybe theyll get it right by then !!!!!! ive already bought a few bits forbaby ,you know some vests ,socks ,a hat glove and bootee set adn of course the essential stuffed dog :rofl: :rofl: mums already knitting ,adn sister in laaw has decieded that she has to buy all of john lewis,s baby department :crazy:
SHAD thank god they finnaly got it !!!!! should ease your stress levels a wee bit , well done on the gym front your putting the rest of us to shame
ROSE i did read about the rug thingy ,and your so lucky ,so lucky im too far away to smack you round the head ALWAYS UNPLUG THE HEATER those bloody things explode and they are also live :lucky: :drill: :nono: my god woman are you planning on a new afro hair do ????? im so glad it was minimal damage and that all of you are good !! be careful woman we would all miss you so much :^: im going to send you a "danger woman at work "sticker for you to stick to your back :love: :rofl: :rofl:
HOLLY hope your feeling better soon luv {{{{{hugs}}}}}
MEADOW the snow dusting sounds so lovely i sat here freezing yesterday until i read your post and realised just how much colder you are there ill send you my hot water bottle and my thermal piggy socks :lol:
HAPPY so glad your in and {nearly ???} unpacked what a sod about the missing items hope they turn up in a box somewhere :crossed: :crossed: if shad cant help with the plants give me a shout and ill whip the picture up to the local botanic gardens for you :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: because at the moment if its not a house plant i wont know what it is either
TIG ill put your name down for the next edinburgh marathon for you and ill meet you every 5k and bring a nice cup of tea and an oxygen mask {altitude} :lol:
SUZI where are you love did you get lost in china town ??????
TEEL ill call you at the usual time tonight
right ladies i have to go and finish this sodding housework and get my darling brats out of bed
have a good one

02-15-2005, 10:38 AM
Nae~ I keep thinking about you. I am thankful your incident was not worse than it was.Thoughts and prayers have been coming at ya.
Happy~ Happy to hear from you!
Shad~ you rock!
Mel~ ditto!
Linus~ doggie doodoos when you are preggers are monumentally unfair!!
Meadow~ I LOVE your heart pic. I collect hearts. It's beautiful!!!!

I will wear my crown at a tilt since I am only earning 50% of my points.

I have lost a few days and today will be much the same. Still very weak. I have eaten some bland food. Lots of fluids. Still VERY wonky. C'mon, the kids bounced back in 24 hours. All us parents who got it are looking at 72+.
My DH has truly been wonderful. I am surprised in a pleasant way. He was helpful ,was kind and considerate All day yesterday. I know I make him sound like a jerk and he is not but I can honestly say that that every single time I have "needed" him in the past he gets defensive and pulls back. It is fear on his part. I am thrilled that he has come around. I love how we constantly grow and make progress in our relationship. It has always been this way.He was raised to never show emotion.He was punished for it. He is a sweet sensitive man who did not have a clue how to process or express what he feels inside.He tries his best and he had come a LONG way, baby.When we were dating he introduced me to someone as his girlfriend. I asked later, Am I your girlfriend? He replied, Do think I fix everyone's transmission?
He is soooooo open and loving with the kids and that has spilled over to me. It is actually amazing how feeling safe and secure and building trust can open a person's heart. It goes both ways. It is all about loving and learning from each other.
I remember last year when my former best friends were down on DH and they blamed him for this and that and thought I was a big victim. Marriage is so not about two separate identities you cant indentify where one thing or issue starts or stops. It is all intertwined. We have learned to say okay, this is where we are at right now, doesn't matter how we got here. How are we going to resolve it.
I guess these are my Valentines Day thoughts, LOL!

Hope everyones day is better than mine!!!!!!

02-15-2005, 07:27 PM
"where oh where have my poor chickies gone................ oh where oh where can they be " :shrug: :mag: where are you ladies im all alone here me and holly that is :o just thougth id better remind you all that i might not be here for the next few days as i get the 8 teeth pulled at 9.15 tomorrow morning :^: :yikes: :censored: :faint: just so you dont worry
i spoke to teel tonight shes a wee bit better and promised me shed try and get in tomorrow :grouphug: :angel: right ladies ive ,mopped hoovered scrubbed ironed and dusted and cooked and shopped so im now knacked and ive been up since 6.45am so im off and even if i dont post ill probably get in for a read
have a good one chickies

02-15-2005, 09:49 PM
Congratulations to all that lost weight and won races and are now wearing the crowns!!! :lol: Very nice news. Glad the songs got the work done in Shad's garden!! :lol: Music soothes the savage beast!!! LOL Meadow's heart wwas gorgeous! But then I'm a sucker for holidy decorations! Just remember your one point was one more than mine! :rofl: It seems like everyone is busy and getting better with colds and flu! Glad you're coming around Holly! Teel has lost weight and now Kirsty's the goldfish are in the microwave or the broiler?!?!?!? :faint: :yikes: :flame: I must go back and re-read where they have gone to:rofl:
I bought a book on crockpot cooking so I can use it in the summer. I can set it and go for rides and come back to dinner and a cool house. I also bought 4 mysteries for those rides too. Every store I went to had BABY stuff in it or am I just now noticing all the items cause of Linus!?:rofl: I hope the sales help didn't think it was for ME!!! Jen and I are making a box and when it's filled, we'll send it. :dance: I of course am loving all the tiny things to look at! (sigh) Linus....good luck with the teeth and just concentrate on you and rest!!! Do NOTHING foolish!!! let me know when you find out if it's a boy or a girl?! Or don't you want to know?!?! :lol:

March is the month for rent re-evaluation and many seniors cannot get their paperwork together. Took me 2 hours for just CLARA!!! Now a man Karl has a brand new checking account and does not know what to do with it!!! Never had one before!!! God better save me from myself or send me some f+cking help. One or the other cause he cannot have it both ways!!! :rofl:
Did MY OWN food shopping today and will try to get back on the old plan where I lost the 31 lbs with. Bought fresh tuna, salad etc. I have ZERO points already!! Last week and this are becoming a blur! Jen and Richie are almost 100% but a bit off still. His mother seems to be improving somewhat and might even make it home this month. Seems they found she had some kind of lung infection and that was the root of the problems.....after 2 transfusions and MANY tests!!! :faint:
So maybe we can get back to normal. The bird is still with me and I think he's homesick. Not sure so I will take the day off and spend time with him!! :rofl: The plumbing work in Jen's line isn't finished yet so he cannot go home!
Happy! I was glad to see you here and will chat soon. Good luck with the boxes!!
I must go and get a shower and rest. Thank God the kids can do their own wash now. They offered to do mine this week but both ate a wee bit green still. I cannot go through a rerun of all this if they get a relapse! :rofl:
Nae~ Where have you gone to!?!?!? I am sending the firemen out to find you!!!! Are you busy sending smoke signals?? If so I cannot read them! I failed Indian Communications in High School!!! :rofl:
Take care Friends and have a great night!:cb:

02-16-2005, 04:22 AM
Just a quicky to say I have done my weights twice this week so I have surpassed myself ;) Hugs to Linus and the dentist stuff ((((KIRSTY)))) Hope Cleo behaved during the night. Mel, :eek: rent evaluations, your poor eyes. Remember you are worth the effort to nurture yourself and don't get overly intertwined with people pushing papers, will lead to a bad end :rofl: Shad can't wait till Happy posts her garden pics and we have an identifying session, always fun to talk flowers. Glad the fellows are so keen to be you, aren't you thrilled to be immitated, they are little Shad clones. :coach: Holly are you feeling better? Your valentine marriage musings were very touching, I hope your guy knows how highly you think of him. Give him a hug, just because :D

:wave: to everyone and their busy lives and heads. Did you watch Oprah? about her weight loss? Just do it! Exercise, Exercise and exercise some more and don't eat after 7:30pm. Do some pilates to stretch yourself. Weights to tone yourself and cardio to drop those pounds :lol:

Or you could just look at AB, my exercise of choice :P

02-16-2005, 05:47 AM
Yeah well I am doing all of those things and somedays it simply doesn't seem that anything is happening. I think it may be time to up the exercise, but quite frankly I don't feel like it and don't want to. Surely 5 days is enough???

Sorry feeling a bit anti today. It's gotten hot again, I've got so much to do and no energy to do it. My tooth hurts and I can't get to the dentist any earlier. The headache remains. I think it has to do with my contact lens. Probably need some new ones. Drat.

Training still goes on. They are doing well. I'm running around after them ensuring they have the appropriate data sheets, cue cards, questions and answers, morning tea and lunches. Just don't call me Mother OK??? C & M had the afternoon off training today, they were due to enter data for the next classes Friday and all next week. They were having a friendly competition to see who can do it the fastest. C is taking Shad advice and using the create with reference feature. M is doing the spreadsheet upload. Lots of laughter, lots of conversation and plenty of chucking off at each other. C won the race, but only because he cheated somewhat. He must have been a really rotten kid!!

I'm in the middle of clearing out my wardrobe. Trying to be really ruthless. All those trousers which are now too big are going. Funnily enough, the tops still fit. The bottoms don't. Strange huh!!!

Hope we are all feeling better now. Holly, are you keeping it all together now. Good to know that the DH managed to step in and keep the place going. Good for him.

Teel get back on here and tell us all about it. Are you still losing weight. You are becoming a bit of a worry my friend.

Linus - hope the extractions go okay. We will miss you tomorrow if you feel that you can't get in but I understand that you may not be able to or fit to talk to us. Good luck with the dentist.

Mel is collecting baby stuff once more. I think she is getting clucky - oi watch it Melly.

Meadow, way to go on the weights. You have 200% on what you achieved last week. That is good news.

Its now Wednesday night here and I have done water twice and outside work once. Not an auspicious start to the week of wearing the crown.

Okay, time to go get on with a few things. The house looks like a tip.

02-16-2005, 07:59 AM
The next race is this Saturday - Tiger Dash, a 5K and a 10K. I'll run the 5K and Slim is going to run the 10K.

Hope all is going well with Linus. The docs are certainly doing the stem to stern!

02-16-2005, 08:48 AM
From me. Teel, in case you had all forgotten! I am sorry for my lack of posting. I have recently hidden myself away for various reasons. Get a mug of coffee ready and I will endeavor to explain.. :coffee: .
As you probably might recall, over the last few weeks I have felt so, so exhausted I have found it very difficult, impossible sometimes, to stay awake long enough to even get out of bed. And I mean I was asleep, not just hiding under the duvet all day and all night too!.
Last Wednesday I went to my Diabetic outpatient's clinic and to my releif the Diabetes is doing remarkably well...for those in the know my HbA1c was 6.1.However my weight had gone up about 7lb since my last visit a year ago (jolly good job I had lost a bit before the visit!!) Anyway the clinic doctor, whom I had never seen before, said she had looked at my latest blood test results of a week previous)and was concerned that my liver was showing signs of stress and she didn't understand why, especially as my Diabetes seems to be well controlled at the moment. I should say that I have a bichemistry level blood test done every 3 weeks to check on the status of my heart seeing as I am on so many tablets to keep it from failing more. :p So she wrote out another blood test form to see how things were going and she is going to write to my cardiologist. So off I went home feeling rather delated after my wonderful HbA1c.(It's never been that good!)On getting through the front door I found a letter from my G.P. saying he had reviewed my latest blood results and had found "a mild abnormality" and please could I drop in and see him. So on Friday morning off I went and as I got through the door I confessed I had prewarning of his letter and explained about the Diabetes appointment.He said" well I am now confused because I was writing to you because I am concerned about your KIDNEYS!!" So. :?: :( He added a few more tests to the blood form and told me to have the bloods taken a week early which means I have them done tomorrow.He said the creatinin levels have been gradually creeping up since October which makes me really mad because I have been in hospital since then so why couldn't they sort it out then, whilst I was in for 19 days???! :mad: :eek: :sumo: :rollpin: :dunno: So in the meantime I feel so so so :censored: :tired: tired that on Friday and over the weekend I have slept and slept and completely lost my appetite over the last couple of weeks. This is borne out by my losing 5lb the week before last and 3lb last week.Ok that's great for weight loss but not good for the general health side of things.And I have been very low in mood and burst in to tears when ever anyone has rung me on the telephone :cry: I just feel as though its one thing after the other. It's not a good time of year for me after Christmas and I feel as if I am being dumped on and dumped on again even before the first heap has been cleared away!! :o
I am very sorry :sorry:for my absence. I have lurked in from time to time and gone away again or lost my post!! :mad: :rollpin: :sumo: Thank you all for your enquiring posts and thoughts. And a big [[[[[HUG]]]]] to Linus for ringing me and keeping me up to date and for just caring! Oh drat. Gonna get all tearful again... :o

Anyway I will get out of the sandpit now and go have something for lunch. I had better 'cos I haven't eaten more than a couple of Diabetic biscuits and a cup of black coffee today. I will be back.

02-16-2005, 02:35 PM
Teel~ You come and wallow in the sandpit any old time your heart desires. ((((((HUGS)))))) and all good thoughts I send your way. I am truly sorry for your news and hope the test come out OK. I have similar feelings and sometimes it's very hard to swallow them. Now we are both in tears....but I try the "this too shall pass" thing! LOL It's the future that scares the knickers off me! :rofl: Keeping you in my thoughts.

Tig~ I bought a tiger in the stuffed animal section of the store...A very cutesy "tigger" type. Almost like chenile. I forgot to tell you. I saw it and thought the "new" baby of our group should have one of his/her own! LOL Good luck on the new run!!!

Shad~ We all love you so how could not all tose lads?????
I am a bit weary of the weight loss game but like you will not give up! :lol: When it cools off you'll get your stride!!!????
(((((((HUGS)))))))) for you too!

Meadow~ I went to the Oprah site and actually felt some motivation. Wonder if I can get myself THAT committed?? Maybe the time is right! LOL Good for you and the exercising!

Well Meadow so aptly pointed out I am NOT going to wreck my eyes on those papers. The dry eye syndrome is still with me. So I organized the papers....put them in envelopes and shoved them through the office door slot. This AM I was asked what's with this and I said....IT' THE BEST AND THE ONLY THING I AM DOING. Told them I just plain blank can't do it anymore and can only be in one place at a time. Can't divide myself in two like an atom. Got some laughs but underneath were groans AND I am feeling OK with it all!!! YAY ME!!! Shad, lots of stuff you have said to me for almost a year has finally clicked and I think the road to recovery will be a lot smoother now. I expect I will fall off the wagon of good sense from time to time but expect all the Worldly chicks will shove me back up or at the very least kick my butt! :rofl: All is well in my corner of the world and I am sending good thoughts to Linus so she takes care of herself and doesn't overdo it!!!!! :faint: Wonder if she'll do it?!?!?:rofl:
Have a wonderful day and Jen's bird says hello as he is watching me type this while shitting on my head OOPS!!! I MEANT SITTING!!! :lol3: :lol3:

02-16-2005, 03:28 PM
evning everyone ,how are we all good i hope ?? im not faring so well but hey im getting better :o had a real bad day but feeling a LOT better now the back teeth didnt want to come out and needed a lot of persuation :mad: :cry: then shock upon shock after theyd pulled the last one they stuck my new plate straight in with the instructions not to take it out till tomorrow and then just to clean and rinse then straight back in again !!!!!! :nono: :?: :fr: so im swollen bleeding{still} but at least now i can feel my eyes :stress: :censored: :faint:
dh got a fright hes been really brilliant all day and had just asked me {at 5pm}if i could manage some soup when the morning sickness{ :shrug:}i grabbed the bin that id been using for the tissues and ran for the loo throwing up all the way{sorry way to graphic}he went a funny shad of green but bless he stayed and rubbed my back and gave me a drink of water :love: MEL i showed andy your posts .the ones about buying baby things and he was really touched his exact words were " how comes oyu only ever hear about the bad things on the internet but nobody hears about the really good people ,the kind people " quite a speech for him ,but both of us appreciate all the love and good feelings i get from you ladies so everyone polish your halos and ill be back later its nearly time for teel to phone ......
have a good one

02-16-2005, 04:05 PM
LINUS! Get off the computer and rest! I am talking to mum whilst typing this on the pooter. And, no! She hasn't forgotten you are due to ring at 20:00hrs...there, she has gone now!!! Sorry you had such a :censored: :censored: :faint:at the dentist...A gentle (((((squeeze))))) coming right over...or should that be...coming right down the phone line to you.

Meadow, thank you so much for your beautiful p.m. What a lovely picture. So full of serenity and loveliness. Thanks for your kind words and caring thoughts. I am very grateful.

And the same goes for you, too, MEL. Thank you for your kind and caring words.

TIG good luck with the run over the weekend. I know you will do brilliantly as you always seem to do!!

Ok thats enough from me.Oh I should say that the numbers on my tickerslide are only interim and when I get anywhere near the last figure (or on it, by chance!) I will give myself a new target. So. do not get too excited. I am nowhere near my final countdown yet!!!!!

02-17-2005, 07:47 AM
For the wonderful supportive comments after my last post. I always know that when I come here feeling down and out then there will be at least one person out there who will come to the aid of the party.
Generally I love life. Itís great, itís good, it has its ups and downs but goes merrily along without too many problems. This weight thing is a real pain. I seem to have been at it for sooooo long and really for the length of time, the figures are not that great. Still I will not give up. I know that way leads to going back to where I was. That is not going to happen. I may not have lost a lot, but what I have lost is staying lost. I donít want it back.
We all seem to have a problem or two at the moment, I wish there was a wand that we could wave and it would all go away....pouf.

I had a long chat with myself last night. I went over the things that I do, the things that I donít do, but which would probably help, and the things that I should do. One thing I do know, it that as long as I am having fun, I am not going to change my life too much. I would rather have the bit of weight and keep trying to get rid of it, than batter, starve and curse myself into thinness, which probably wouldnít last for too long anyway. Such philosophy.

Still have the toothache. Still eating panadol. Still not ready to go back to the old dentist again. I just need to hang out for another 7 days. Maybe I can, maybe I canít. Maybe I wont like the new dentist any better than the old, and will curse for the delay and pain suffered.

Donít actually feel like I have done much today. I suppose I have, weíve been practising a new course due to start tomorrow. The guys are doing well. They are getting edgy and tired, but hanging together with bouts of stupidity as well. I like bouts of madness. They work well in my line of business.

So we are on the countdown to the weekend. Tomorrow is a half day at work. Or really a 3/4 day. We are going to have lunch out again - this time on the foreshore in the sun and then an early mark.

Had the haircut today and the streaks put in. It seemed to take forever. Actually it did take for ever. I was beginning to get very bored towards the end. I am not a patient sitter around and I hate the big wall hair dryers - anyway Kara apologised profusely and gave me a super treatment to make up for my patience.

While I was wandering around the plaza, I bought myself a couple of new pairs of earrings. I havenít bought myself anything nice for ages. Nothing flash, just gold hoops. I need to get back to wearing earrings otherwise my ears might just close as I havenít worn anything for yonks and yonks.

Anyway, time to go do something. What at this time of night I really am not sure. But I will think of something. I didnít go to gym this morning, I gave myself permission to sleep in till I woke. I really am a child of the light. Daylight was just turning the sky pink when I woke up this morning. Anyway, it seems to have done the trick. I feel much better today.

Catch up with you all tomorrow. Hope there are a few more of us in to chat. Kirsty, hope that mouth is okay.

02-17-2005, 10:45 AM
I am feeling so much love here this morinng for and from everyone. We are truly blessed to have found this site and each other in the midst of it all. I actually had a HUGE debate over top the Christmas turkey with my entire family.They ALL thought it was impossible to form true friendships on line and they ALL believed that everyone on here was out for something or misrepresenting themselves or were some depraved sex addict.........
Oh well their loss! Cant imagine being that jaded.

Linus~ OUCH!! hope it all heals quickly. MY DH is supportive about my friends here on line too. It IS wonderful. Wow,he emptied the pukey basket, that's true love!!

Teel~ HUGS to you.You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Come vent and cry as much as you need to.

Shadster~hope you can hang in with that tooth. Glad you are feeling better today.We all have down days.It is picking yourself up and dusting off that counts!!

Mel~ You ROCK!!! You are one tough Jersey Broad!!!!!!!! Look out!!!!

Tig~ we will have to catch you by the tail for an update on your life!!

Meadow~ 2 times is great, now go do 2 more!!! I cant wait to get in the garden!! I was pretty depressed last fall and didn't enjoy the fall stuff(or do much either). That made me more depressed. This year will be different!! I have a bunch of yellow bulbs waiting to burst through!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke hungry. Had a headache but I was not wonky.
I ate some shredded wheat, milk and orange slices. YUM! I had a glorious coffee!!!
I have 3 babysitting kids right now, 1 more coming at noon. My 2 are off to school with minimal chaos. After school I will have 4 more back home here. This will be the new routine for 4 months.Thatís 8 total from 3:40 to 4:30. Itís nutty but it goes FAST. I went to TOPS.....
weighed in. I was down 7 lbs. I had already gained back 5 of the lbs I lost from the flu so some of this may be a real loss.
I like how my body and face look with the loss. It is inspiring me to keep going from here. I am definitely in the 220ís which is a HUGE success. I have lost down to 228 many times but couldnít stay below it. I am now!! It is a new low.
I have decided to only go to TOPS twice a month.

I have had 2 of the Momís I sit for tell me sincerely that they love me in the last while.It is hard to describe how wonderful that feels.

All is quiet right now. I enjoy this post morning rush time.

Hereís hoping I am over this flu for good!!

HUGS and LOVE to ALL!!!!!

02-17-2005, 12:41 PM
Hello chicks of the world! :) How is everyone's body today? It is a horrible grey drizzly day here today in Suffolk apart from a quick burst of sunshine half way through this morning :mag: If you so much as blinked you missed the great event for the day! :sunny:
LINUSHow is that sore mouth and head of yours today? Are you still relying heavily on the analgesic medication to give you any peace at all or has it gone away a tiny tiny bit? :headache: How are the boys coping with half term...or rather, how are you coping!!:p :fr: :stress:
SHADI truly hope that you are feeling more at ease with your good self today. I have sent you a p.m. in the hopes of letting you know again how much you are loved even from this far round the world :grouphug:I hope you manage to get some rest despite that poor tooth that is causing you so much agony and needing constant care and attention through analgesia. Do you think you will really wait for another week to see a new dentist to hopefully get it sorted? I really don't like the idea of you being in tormet for that long especially when you have suffered for a good while already...
MELHow are you this week? Are things settling down at home a bit this week? Take care of yourself as much as you can and don't forget to rest, afterall you will be of no help to anyone if you have worked yourself into a fatigued heap on the sofa with Jen's parrot squawking at you every few minutes! :lol:
HOLLYHOCKWell done to you for your great loss!
:bravo: :cp: Goodness me you must have some great stores of energy to keep all those young people amused and attentive late on in the afternoon...:faint:
TIGPrayers and thoughts over the weekend, especaially as you do your next run. I hope the weather is kind to you and those trainers are of a comfortable fit!!
MEADOWHow are you this week?

Hello to HAPPY, buried deep in her piles of packing cases. I do hope you will begin to see the light of day beyond the high piles of cases soon. It must feel as though you are pot holing through middle earth!!!

And finally,hello to NAE. I do hope your nerves have recovered from their fright last week, and that goes for the aquarium fish too!
Bye all!

02-17-2005, 02:05 PM
Teel~ You gave me a great laugh with the parrot talk!!! ROFLMAO!!!! I put a basket in the bedroom with some paper towels and seeds on top so he could have a new place to look into a different mirror.....all this just to shut him up! :rofl: He is small but loud. Thanks for all YOUR kind words and hope your emotions aren't running away with you. Mine almost got the better of me this week! :faint: I send good vibes for peace of mind while all these tests are going on and strength to wait for results.((((HUGS))))) I wish MY ticker would move. Could you give mine a kick for me????

Linus~ You and Andy reduced me to a weeping puddle and you are very welcome. Jen is looking around for something and I will let you know when it's finally sealed and leaves the States! :dance: Hope the mouth is feeling better! God how awful it all sounded!:yikes: :faint: Take care cause trauma takes time to fade away!!!! More (((((HUGS))))))

Miss Shad~ We are just such a loving "family" that it's hard for any of us to stay down in the dumps too long!!! We'd feel guilty! :rofl: :rofl: just think how lucky you are with all these young men about you!!! I am insanely jealous!!! I would love to teach them but only if they need to know how to turn the frassing thing ON and OFF!!! limited knowledge over here! :lol3: :lol3: (((((((HUGS))))) for you too

Holly~ Let me start with sending you some (((((HUGS)))))) too! So you can feel the love some more!!! Glad you are recoup'ing and hope you're not rushing the work thing. Take good care of YOU too!

I know this may sound strange but I have sent word to the office and Clara that I am not well. I am just tired though. Another lie from my lips!! Jen and I were talking and she offered to "do" Clara today and told the office I would see them on Tuesday. I feel very relieved and have been making plans for my 5 day weekend! They have Presidents day off here in the States. So I have 5 days to regroup and plan my future. Feeling good about that:cb: Snow is coming and that's fine with me. Everyone else can worry about the clean-up. I will be safely ensconced indoors with my dvds, journal, books, and good food choices!

Sending out love and (((((HUGS)))))) to the rest of the girls and hope everyone is safe, happy and has a great day!

02-17-2005, 03:40 PM
hey kids just a wee quick post not feeling to good today back playing me up so ill pop back later or tomorrow for a proper chat
have a good one

02-17-2005, 03:53 PM
MORE HUGS FOR ((((((((((((kirsty)))))))))))!!!!

02-17-2005, 10:26 PM
I won't be long just a few things to let you know what is going on with me.
I lost a good friend last week which was very sad but expected just not so soon.....but today I lost another friend from this same circle of woman and it is a horrible shock.... I am not able to take it all in yet.
I have been working on my thursday to help with the schedule the new girl is gone as of tuesday morning and the office is so much better.... so that is a good thing....
I am getting some company this weekend so that will be good. I will write more later. I think of you all and hope everyone is well.....

02-18-2005, 10:03 AM
The New LOW!!!!! This is todays' journal. Busy with kids but excited!!
This was my plan and it is WORKING!!!!!
There was a segment in the Dr Phil diet book that struck me and then in Dec there was a thing on Good Morning Canada that hit me too. So in January( actually Dec) this is what I did.
Both had info if you were to eat a handful of chips every night for 1 year you would gain 15 lbs a year, or if you ate fast food 3Xs a week you would gain 10 lbs a year, 2 glasses of wine a day for a year- 10lbs................. The list was huge.
If you binged 2 nights a week the gain per year was 25 lbs. This really hit home.
I did all of those things sometimes but added together It was about 20 lbs a year.
SO, If I could consistantly control 1 of those things I could lose 10-15 lbs this year. That was my plan!!

I DECIDED in Dec not to drink any alcohol except with the Christmas meals and New Years Eve. I did it. I havenít touched a drop since.
After the holidays I DECIDED to give up cheese except once a week. It took three weeks for it to become a habit. Now it is my routine. Usually on Thursdays( good TV night) I have cheese and crackers while I watch ER. It tastes sooooo amazing. I have a little party just for me while I watch my favourite show. I dim the lights, light candles, everyone else is in bed, woohooo.
Now I have decided to stop eating after 7pm( except Thurs). This is my 2nd week. I have averaged 5 nights. Not bad. I will keep at this until it is habit.

I have always eaten healthy balanced food 95% of the time. I overeat the good stuff and I eat for reward. With a lot of self processing and getting in a good place with myself those ďrewardsĒ just arenít as needed.

The result so far is a 2 lb loss in Jan and **drum roll** my official ,monthly, post period, post potty, first thing in the morning weigh in is 225!!! Down 2!!!!!!!!!

I havenít weighed this since before my son was born 7 years ago!!! SEVEN freakin years!!!!

I think for me the big picture was just too big.I tried setting small goals but still knew I needed to lose 50 lbs. When I saw it in terms of changing 1 bad habit and the result would be a loss of 10 lbs for year, I would be thrilled with that and it seemed doable. And it is.

At this rate I can lose 24 lbs this year and I dont feel deprived or disappointed. I feel better about myself all the time. I have made personal changes to feel more like the real me and the weight loss is an added bonus.

I was exhausted yesterday by the evening. It was a good day though. The kids were great. I rested a lot. I am feeling good today. I have 6 kids here. I will take them all to the Early Years Play Group at 9:30. Yes ,I have 3 car seats and 3 booster seats in my GMC van. Itís the toddler bus.
I am thrilled it is the weekend!!!!! We have hockey at 9 tomorrow. I am then going to London all by myself to putter around, window shop, grocery shop, do grandmaís hair, maybe visit a friend.............
Tonight is veg mode again.
Hope everyone is a having a great day!!

02-18-2005, 11:20 AM
Dearest Nae I am so sorry for your losses and sorry too that I bothered you with a PM. I was concerned. (((((((HUGS)))))) and love I send to you and know that you are cared for. Such a shock indeed. I am also glad that the girl is gone and harmony will reign once more in your offece. Take care and stay well.

Holly~ It's always such great news when someone "clicks" inside her head with the plans, routines and goals. You are doing such an amazing job and I hope it keeps working out!!! sounds like a terrific plan! I love the party thing. I do that on the weekends from time to time. I pick a night and have a "party" just for me and watch British Sitcoms. Now I do it on Monday's with the show Monarch of the Glen!!! :rofl: Bon appetit!

I think I have found the answer to "loo" problems. I have already started this week. Another Dr recommended that I get off flax, wheat germ and as many grains as I've been using for fiber and switch to fiber in veggies and fruits. Seems I hve been going about this the wrong way! I haven't got the muscles to do the "pushing" and that's why I've had sooo much trouble for the last 2 years. When I ate junk food it was unhealthy and gave me the runs. Mis-diagnosis was permanent colitis. Well then the "plan" started and then NOTHING! They realized it was my diet and not nerves then but no one told me how to treat the OPPOSITE problem except with flax and M.O.M. Now this guy says it was bad advice and contradicts each other! :rofl:
Hopefully I will find a happy medium. Hope this isn't TMI for anyone but it's a really big issue in this house! :dance:
I am feeling MUCH better and have lost almost 4 lbs. I was 177 when I called him and today am about 173:cb: I also started exercising again yesterday and am 1/4 inch closer to Teels or Kirsty.....I forget which is closer!!!
Have a wonderful weekend. I am on day 2 of my Mel-iday!

02-18-2005, 11:56 AM
Good afternoon to everyone! Although there is nothing good about the weather over here. Once again it has been grey and miserable and drizzle has turned in to rain :rain: :rain:

But at last!! :smug: Over lunch time I went swimming with my support worker. We did 10 lengths and then we sat in the spa pool for 2 cycles! And now I am really tired in muscles that haven't seen the light of day (or night!) for a good while now!! :o
A rather rude awakening got me this morning from my dog! She was throwing up, mercifully on the bedroom floor not actually on the bed itself! Poor wee girly!! :p Don't know what brought that on, but she seemed better when I got home from my swim and ate her usual chewy stik for lunch. I hate it when she is can never quite work out where exactly she is hurting!!

A bit of a sad occassion this week. A lovely man from church has died from a horrible lung disease associated with years working in the power industry. He died in the Hospice but unfortunately his wife was not with him at the time. She is very upset about this but I have known many people who die just when their beloved has gone home for 1/2 hr having spent the entire last days at their side, day and night. I don't know why this happens..but it certainly doesn't help the one left behind to cope with their loss knowing that at the vital moment they were not at the bedside....

And on better news...I have a friend popping in for 1/2 hr late afternoon. It is the wife and son of the friends I went to London with last Autumn. She rang this morning!!It will be good to see her as I have not seen her for a good few months now. My friend (her now girls, don't set your collective minds a-wandering!!!)is off somewhere in the Austrian Alps ski-ing with their daughter over half-term, They seem to be enjoying themselves and it has apparently snowed non-stop since their arrival last weekend. Can you ski in snow?I mean whilst it is actually throwing down the white stuff...I know you can't ski if there is nothing there to ski on...except if you find a dry ski slope nearby and handy :lol3: :tread: :lol3:

02-18-2005, 01:54 PM
Mel, get some dried prunes and start taking hot water with fresh lemon juice in the mornings, will kick start your system, I guarantee it ;)
Congratulations on getting back to the exercising and your loss, well done :) How are your eyes? Has taking the personal development days made a difference, are you loving having your days pan out ahead just for yourself. What do you want to do today? What is it going to be?

Holly-wow, nice thinking. I happen to be an emotional eater and stuff my feelings... as I'm very sensitive, I am very fat :rofl: Working on getting some exercise to counter my inclinations, weights three times so far this week :smug:

Teel-way to go with the swimming! Your muscles must be feeling very nurtured and sparkling. Hope your visit with the wife of the dear friend :sssh: :cheers: is pleasant and informative :D ((((Big Hug)))) for everything that is going through your mind.

Shad-what's up? How you doing? Enjoy the views around you, quit worrying about stuff you have no control over. Change the programming. You are doing great with taking care of yourself, getting the exercise in... Do you really want to have your bones sticking out and looking scrawny? You are a woman saying "I will" improve and get better every day, that is fantastic, savor life!

Linus-How are you feeling? Has the little tummy traveller done any more flips or spins to let you know that they are there? Are you taking your prenatal vitamins? Have the boys given you any names that you are considering seriously :p

Rose-glad things are better at work. I am sad that you have lost some friends just recently, it is always a shock when a spirit leaves this earth. Do something for yourself to reconnect with your inner self, get a massage or a manicure and feel good to be alive. It isn't a sin to be glad it wasn't you.

:wave: How is everyone in the reading audience doing? Have you had any fruit today? Did you move? Did you watch LazyTown and want to be Sportacus? You can do the splits too, just keep stretching ;) Slow and steady will get you there!

02-18-2005, 04:42 PM
Work! Work! Work!! But in my OWN HOUSE!!! :rofl: Must be getting the nesting instinct from Linus! :lol3: Clean floors, bathroom, sheets and ME is next. I had a lot of energy today and used it wisely!

Meadow~ Thanks for the hot lemon water. Any amounts or just a dash? I don't do well with lemon usually....heartburn. But we'll see. I did buy prunes but they don't seem to work. Have been using them all along but then maybe the bulky fiber was stopping them from I go again with TMI. How is your exercising? Keeping you busy?? And what pray tell is Sporticus?????

Teel~ Hope Holly is OK. Hate when pets get sick and cannot tell us where too. Very nice swimming!!! Congrat on the exercise. Hope you have a grand time with the friends! Just what the Dr ordered....some funtime! :cb:

Now I can take a luxurious hot shower in the tub that's so clean and shiny! I'll use my "spa" collection and scrub away till I squeak! :dance:

02-18-2005, 04:57 PM
evening all ,how are we all this evening ??? good i hope ,im getting better ,slowly and painfully but getting there :^: i still cant eat anything solid but bought some trifles and mousse's today so that and soup and soggy chips have done me today :lol: ive talked to teel on the phone already and i am so tired due to the fact that i keep bouncing out of bed two and three times a night to go to the loo :o and even though the kids are on mid term break im still up at the back of 6 each morning ,so they are back to school on tuesday so i might be able to get back to having an afternoon nap again!!!
MEL {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} i have i.b.s so i know the quandrey you are in with what not to eat and what to???? one makes you slow the other fast a happy medium would be soooo nice :^:
SHAD how are you feeling now ?? bit better i hope ?hows the tooth? roll on next week and an end to the pain adn enjoy your weekend you sound like you need it :flow2: :grouphug: :queen:
NAE so sorry to hear of your loss :grouphug: take as much time as you need to come to terms with your loss and well speak to you when your ready :love:
HOLLY :wave: :joker: :dancer: :dancer: :grouphug: :cloud9: :queen: good for you love on the weight loss and being so strong in acheiving what you want keep at it :encore: :encore:
MEADOW no flips yet it hasnt finished giving me morning sickness yet :blah: :dunno: dh has picked the name "jarod kennedy stewart" and i like it kennedy is a duel family name {his grandad and my great granny} and we dont do girls :lol3: :rofl: :rofl: so needless to say we still havent thought of one yet
TIG good luck for tomorrow ,no detours and another trophy for the shelf :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
TEEL keep your chin up love and ill call you just before tea time tomorrow :callme: :goodvibes :dance: :love:
HAPPY has the missing plates and stereo turned up yet ??? have you and dh managed to find each other in box city ?? thinking of you both
SUZI how are you love? :comp: is the comp feeling better yet ? :comp:
right ladies im off would everybody post there results for this week please and ill hunt for the crowns !!

02-18-2005, 05:04 PM
Teel~ I came back to post something and saw your egg on....
((((((((HUGS))))))) right back to you. Hope the mouth feels better soon. Trifles and mousse sound wonderful! Save me some too. Hope you get your rest. Have another Harry Potter weekend. I am thinking of it if Jen comes and takes the damn bird!!! He's not a Harry fan and squawks!!! LOL

someone sent this to me. I've had it before and the words are always a bit different. But IT ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH! :rofl:

Here it is: "Today is International, Very Good Looking, Damn Smart, Woman's Day, so
please send this message to someone you think fits this description.
Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it from a Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman!
And remember this motto to live by:
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely and in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!":cb: :dance: :hat:

Have a wonderful day!"

02-18-2005, 05:12 PM
All of these eggs alight. We must be having a conversation. Not staying long this morning. Too much to do. List follows. I really do have to get on with it and for once I have woken up feeling a bit energetic, so lets just do it huh!

So itís time to dust of the grime of the week and get into the swing of working at home. Iím in the middle of cleaning and clearing the wardrobe in my room. Iíve taken everything out of it and will slowly put it back minus the stuff I havenít worn in the last six months (here I donít worry about winter or summer clothes - just put a jacket over the summer stuff in the the winter). Once that is done, the stuff can go to the dump or maybe a clothing bin somewhere although last one I looked at hasnít been emptied for a very long time. Maybe people are using them as a junk depot and the charities have given up on them.

After that, I will go to the gym and do the pilates class. I am wondering about my exercising. I seem to be losing impetus and by Thursday am so completely exhausted that I really have trouble forcing myself along. I know I need to up the daily exercise, but no longer have the time to keep going to the gym more often. There is just not enough hours in the day to work, eat, exercise, do housework and renovate/ finish the projects on the go now and try to keep up with friends (which is just as important). I think I will just have to fix the video and do some more stuff at home. That at least means that I donít have to try for the gym at times that are too tight for the work (10 hour days) schedule. Guess I will work it out somehow.

Yesterdays food was all bad, however I did manage to get down more water than I have been doing. Maybe this will flush the stuff. Today will be strictly good eating all the way. The boys took me out to lunch along the foreshore (fish and chips on the beach) along with the 10000 seagulls, a pidgeon or two, a couple of ibis and the odd pelican. We couldn't eat all our food and so the squabbling birds got a lot of it.

So todays to do list is :
Clean the wardrobe and put the clothes back.
Clear the kitchen and clean the floor
Pilates at 9.30am.
Clean some windows - then I maybe able to see outside.
Wash and vac the car
Weed some more of the garden and poison the weeds down the side of the house and on the patio.
Clear the area that is to be concreted and try to sort out a good concreter. I wonít do it myself - I hate concreting.
Get myself off here so the above can be done. I'll be back tonight to check up on all the doings.

See ya

02-19-2005, 12:47 AM
Sportacus (

MEL-Sportacus is a kids tv show character from one of the funniest programs I've seen since HR Puffinstuff. It is actually very similar only Sportacus is a real MAN and is perfect... he bounces, does the splits, flips and push ups... gets me really going in the morning ;) and my kids like him too :p You have no idea what the sight of that man in his tight little superhero suite does to me first thing in the morning :devil: Check out the section on LazyTown, you can play with Sportacus there :D

Use about a tsp. of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in hot water or herbal tea I got all this from my latest book called "The body sense Natural diet" by Lorna Vanderhaeghe you can check out her website at [url] ([/url)
I have quite a few of her books, I really like her :)

02-19-2005, 06:12 AM
Evening all,
It's been another busy day. Haven't achieved as much as I wanted but hey, it took longer to get the wardrobe emptied, cleaned and reput back together. It is now a vision in cleanliness and orderliness. I've chucked a lot of stuff that I never wear or that no longer fits, so I feel virtuous.

Geez you have all done some chatting since I last posted.

Mel, take care of yourself. Don't want you coming down with anything because you are worn out. Have an interesting Presidents day - whatever one does on Pres. day that is. I presume it is something like our Queens birthday weekend.

Rosie, so sorry to hear of the passing of 2 friends. My thoughts are with you and I hope you find peace in the memories of your friendship. Friends are always amazing. We must treasure them as we can. Life and friendship can be all too short.

Teel, well done on the swimming. Sounds like a good time and so good for you. I dug up my swimming costume today. Haven't worn it since Cairns around this time last year. Hope Holly is okay now.

Holly - well done on setting the goals and getting the habits going. It just makes things so much easier when you know you can do without or have a routine going.

Linus - sorry to hear about the morning sickness. Did you say that you didn't get it before? or it wasn't bad with the last pregnancies. Maybe this one is a girl??? I like the name DH has chosen - very Scots. But what will it be if it is a girl.

Meadow - thanks for the words of encouragement - I do have to sort out a new exercise regime. I think I may cut back the time at the gym and do some more at home. However I'm not exactly sure how my will power is at that. I usually manage for a while and then give it away - hence the gym. I also need to find the paper on how to set up the video again. I'm a real dunce on that one. Maybe the answer is a new television and dvd/vhs player combined.

Just finished watching a world around us about the South Island of New Zealand. Saw one of my cousins twice removed on the doco. NZ is such a small place, you always find someone you know. Anyway the scenery was delicious and the facts were good, but I would have been happier if they had put in a New Zealand narrator to pronounce the Maori words.

Anyway, time for tea and bed and another busy day tomorrow.