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01-19-2005, 07:14 AM
Good morning Chickies! Weeee! It is my first time starting a morning thread! :)

I am about to jump in the car and head to the 5:45 morning Jazzercise class. I do love Jazzercise! It is fun, and even when I am not really in the mood to excercise I focus more on what I am supposed to be doing than on thinking I wish I were still in bed! :lol:

I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful day! I will pop back on later.



01-19-2005, 07:38 AM
Thanks for starting us up, Nally. You sound incredibly perky!

I was hoping The Girls would sleep in this morning but I hear they are awake. Hersh gets no breakfast this morning because of her operation and is going to be very pissed off when I feed Lucy! She may rip my throat out and I may never get back here!

Yesterday MoŽl assembled my treadmill :tread: and it works just fine - once I found the reset button! :lol: After I take Hersh to the vet this morning, I am going to hop on it for a test drive. It will be a very low speed and a very short time at first and I will wear my knee support. This afternoon I see a physiotherapist about the darn arthritis and she will give me specific exercises.

What's happening on your section of The Beach? How are you doing aiming for your January weightloss target. I just relaized the month is over half gone! Oy!

I'd better go and feed Lucy and face those sad brown eyes of my Number One Beast! :( Maybe Hersh will settle for a cuddle while I have coffee. I can't eat my breakfast in front of her.

Happy Hump Day!

01-19-2005, 07:48 AM
Good morning, Chicks~~ :coffee:

Still cold enough here to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. I'm cranky b/c BIL struck again with the shower. :mad: You'd think someone who works construction would want to jump in the shower the minute he hit the front door. But not him. BTW, when he moves out, I'm burning the sheets he's using. Blech!!

Nally, I used to do Jazzercise. I was the most uncoordinated person in the class, but I liked it b/c it got me moving. :)

Ruth, you snuck in while I was posting. Hope Hersh's operation goes off without a hitch. Enjoy your "walk" on the treadmill. I think it's a hoot that you had it installed in the bathroom. :lol:

This cold weather isn't doing Sunni (fur baby #1) any good. She's hobbling around like she's 15 instead of 7. Treated her to an egg with a dog aspirin in it for breakfast this morning. Maybe she'll spend the day cuddled up to the heater.

Well, gotta go find some lunch.

Hope you all have a great day on the Beach!


01-19-2005, 08:10 AM
Evening chickies... boy the thread is up early. Thought I would pop in to say hi before turning in for the night.

We had a pretty uneventful day here. My little one REALLY had the cranks today, so just tried to keep ourselves out of trouble!

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather for me for tomorrow! I am supposed to be going hiking, but the weather forecast says thunderstorms.. so it might be off to the pub instead:)

Have a great day!

anchor weight
01-19-2005, 08:17 AM
Good Morning!

I had to sneak in early (and disturb DM cleaning person) to announce - I'm in onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! I weighed in at 197! I was very surprised because of the party this weekend. I was hoping to squeak out 199.5!

I want to take the time to thank everyone here at 3FC SBD because I never would have made it here without your daily encouragement and support. In fact I haven't been here 197 in over 10 years! To you newbies out there - when I started this diet I honestly believed that I was physically incapable of losing weight. But it just goes to show that with the proper diet, exercise and good diet buddies supporting you you can do anything! Thanks everyone! You rock!

Now I better get out of the cleaning persons way - I'll check back in when I get to work!

01-19-2005, 08:22 AM
Wow, Nally! You're amazing!! :hat: Enjoy your exercising!

Ruth, hugs for Hershey... she'll be home and chowing down again in no time. :grouphug:

Mamacita, you need to knit little Sunni a coat. :D

Artemis... a thunderstorm! Oh, you don't KNOW how good that sounds to me right now!! :lol:

Amy, I'm so happy for you, sweetie! You're a real inspiration!! :yes:

Me? Mom's coming over this evening for her weekly dinner/movie night.
And I'm planning on hopping on the treadmill. I was challenged here a few days ago, but have been too cranky to do anything lately.
Today is going to be a good day!! :)

I hope everyone has a good one! :wave:

01-19-2005, 08:37 AM
Good Morning chickies!
Nally... UGG Work it! lol
Ruth... Makin that poor lil baby starve! She would thank you for it in the long run if she knew how sick it would make her.
Mama... OMG when is he leaving? We have about had with him! lol
Artemis... Pleasant dreams and good weather.
Ellis.... Enjoy your evening with your Mom! Get on that treadmill woman! lol
Anchor... Congrats & Welcome to Onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Ok I am getting busy around the house today whether I feel like it or not! I do seem to feel better right now so I am hoping it stays that way! Off to get the chittlen's out the door! Have a great day all!

01-19-2005, 09:02 AM
Good morning all, well life is going well here. It has been a bit chilly and I know some of you may say "chilly in Bermuda, what is that"? Well the temps have gotten down to about 57... However let me explain that no homes really have heat and it is very damp so when it gets cold it goes right through everything... Any sympathy out there? I have been completely OP but feel I have stalled. I am going to start doing some sort of exercise video tonight. I have been very bad with that part of my life. I can usually only be good either at dieting or exercising but I know I need the combination... So wish me luck. Bye for now, must go see some sick people. Have a great day.

01-19-2005, 09:10 AM
Well the temps have gotten down to about 57... Any sympathy out there?
NO!!! :rofl:
My mom lived in Bermuda for a while and loved it. She used to cycle from one end of the island to the other.
Good for you for getting out an exercise video! Before you know it, your body will be craving exercise! (okay, stop laughing)

Bamie, you sound SO much better, hon. :yes: I hope you have a productive day!

It's much warmer here today. -27C. (That's -17F for you southerners.) I may get out my bikini.

01-19-2005, 09:54 AM
Good morning ladies!

Nally - you are MOTIVATED with a jazzercise at 6am!

Ruth - that's awesome to have a treadmill at home. Today I totally skipped the gym because it was 4 degrees outside. Days like today I could really use something at home.

Mamacita - I hear you with the cold. I'm miserable and want to move back down south as soon as possible. 4 degree weather isn't my friend.

Artemis - here's looking for good weather for you tomorrow. Although I'd take thunderstorms over snow any day!

AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! That's so awesome. I know you'll never go back to the 2's.... I just know it. I can remember when I hit the 1's and I was still afraig I'd see the 2's again... but it's so wonderful to get there, you never go back!! I'm doing a happy dance for you!!!!

Ellis - good morning. I'm sending you treadmill vibes.

Bamie - good morning to you!

Bostonchic - :) I'm trying really hard to sypathize with your chilly weather, but it's just not happening! :) It's about 4 degrees back here in Boston, although we're expecing at 25 degree heat wave later today! :) Yeah, some exercise should kick start that weight loss again.

As for me.... the 2 pound gain I had on Monday was a fluke. Thank goodness. It was all back off yesterday for my Tuesday morning weigh in. I was down .4 pounds... I would have like it to be more

BUT.... I realized losing 6.4 the first week was awesome, so just the fact that I lost .4 means I lost 6.8 pounds in two weeks :)

We're on to phase two, but I'm only adding back fruit. Although Thursday I planned a meal using low card whole wheat tortialls... but I'm adding 5 tortillas to the casarole for 8 people... so really I'm having less than one tortilla. I'm adding back fruit this week, and then gradually add a few back next week, etc.

FI is staying on Phase One for another week. He has about 60 pounds to lose, and wants to keep phase one going, but I'm trying to talk him into eating some fruit.

I'll admit, meals are starting to get a little boring. I've tried a new recipe every night, but the whole what meat and what vegitable am I going to make tonight is getting boring.


01-19-2005, 09:55 AM
Let me start off this morning saying....Way To Go Anchor on ONEderland!! Great Job!!

Good Morning Ladies!

To all of you who are up already & going at it, wow! YOu get up early! LOL

As for me today, i plan on sleeping this morning after I get back from taking the kiddo to school, the baby should be ready for his daily nap, i hope. Then off to run some errands later. I was good last night, I resisted those yummy cheese fries, as well as the cheese balls, mozz sticks...need I go on? LOL I ended up having a cheese taco salad, no shell no chips. I was very surprised at myself. I did drink quite a bit of diet dr. pepper though, so today, all water and lots of it. I am hoping to get back on the treadmill again tonight..Have been having some cramping so that's kindof steered me away from it.. *sigh* I'll just have to play mind games with myself tonight and do at least a mile. Oh yea, and some sit-ups.

I wish we had a Jazzercise here..We have a local workout center, but I need to go get a key for it. I think Jazzercise would be fun though. Oh well.. I"ll make do with what I have.

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC OP day!! Check back in later!

01-19-2005, 10:33 AM
Nally - Great job going to Jazzercise! I know I have been enjoying the exercise classes that I've gone to lately. I'm still sore from the last one.

Ruth - I can sympathize with Hersh! I'm getting blood drawn for a cholesterol check at 9 and I am missing my breakfast! I am almost to my 5 pound goal for the month so I should make it.

Mama - Poor Sunni! You can move down here to Dallas. Kiko and I can always use the company and our version of cold never lasts long.

Artemis - Morning! Hiking sounds like fun!

Anchor - That is so wonderful! You must be so proud! I really like the fast that we can make such progress on South Beach if we just stay consistent and work at it. And the food is so yummy!

Ellis - Have fun on the treadmill!

Bamie - I am so glad you are feeling better. I was getting a bit concerned.

Bostonchick - I know what you mean about the cold. We used to feel it really bad in Florida since the house had no airconditioning and only a fuel oil heater and was built to let the air in. Luckily it didn't get cold often but we just weren't used to it. Try to get some exercise added in. It really seems to help me lose.

Tilley - It does get easier to plan meals. After you try a bunch of new recipes, you learn which ones your family really likes. I still try a new one once a week or so and keep finding ones I like. Tonight is homemade Mu Shu Pork (with La Tortilla whole wheat tortillas). One night is Hot and Sour soup. I also fix healthy cajun cooking. The more flavor the better. It doesn't have to be hot - just flavorful.

amb_lyn - Great job resisting the food! I know it isn't easy but it is worth it.

Me - Cholesterol and blood pressure check at the doc's this morning. Then more painting of my son's derby car. He just running out of time with the painting and needed a bit of help. By then, DH should be up and I can get him to help me move some furniture so I can get to work pulling up the carpet in the living room. By the afternoon, I figure I'll take a break and head to the gym. Talk to everyone later.

01-19-2005, 10:37 AM
Just getting around to checking in. I don't know what I'm going to do when Jake retires. I can't get anything done around here when he's home! Thank goodness he goes back to work tonight, hooray!!!
AnchorWeight, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching Onderland! You deserve to be quite proud of yourself!
I'm not getting on the scale til the end of the week. Jake is threatening to hide it because he's tired of me "moaning & groaning" about this plateau I've been on. Somethings gotta give sooner or later, right? We're supposed to get some snow this afternoon, and it's starting to look like it outside. They're calling for a big snowstorm this weekend, and I hope they're right. We haven't had any snow to speak of so far this winter, and I'd like to see a little before the season is over. I think I'll make the Chicken Capri for supper, and I still have to get around to posting my DeepDish Pizza recipe. Bye for now!

anchor weight
01-19-2005, 10:44 AM
I'm back!

Wow I have a perma smile on my face. All the schools are closed today due to a winter storm overnight. I went to wallyworld before work and no one was there! Love that.

Thanks for all the good wishes - as you can tell I'm very geeked. :D So everyone remind me of this when I hit another plateau. I'm hoping never to see the 2's again. This is really a way of life. I like what I'm eating, I don't miss sugar (although I don't know if I would have had the stamina to pass up a birthday cake from my favorite bakery) :lol: I just have to be very careful with my sugar trigger and I seem to do ok. Plus cutting down on my portion size creeping seems to have helped tremendously!

I'm 3 away from my weight loss goal this month and I already hit my exercise goal (which wasn't very high but it was 450 minutes more than I've done in a month for probably 20 years) so I hope I make it. TOM will visit sometime next week so this may be the end of the road for January. We'll see.

Have an OP day!

01-19-2005, 10:53 AM
Congrats Anchor on ONEderland!! That is so wonderful!!

How's everyone doing this morning? It's 21 degrees outside and they're calling for snow flurries!! YAY!! I'm doing well...I hopped on the scales this morning and I'm down a lb to 169!! I haven't seen that number since......hmm well it's been a while...more that 10 yrs I think...So yesterday I went looking for a new car and I think I found it!! I'm gonna get a 2005 toyota corolla le......I'm very excited over this!! This means I'll have heat and ac that actually works!!!! YAY!! I'm very excited over this...But I can't get it until tomorrow or Fri...I work til close tonight...should be interesting....Oh and everyone please say a prayer for my best friend Jenny....she's having surgery tomorrow....she's only 23 and having her gallbladder removed...she's been in pain all week long....Ruth did you really put your treadmill in the bathroom??? I would have never thought about putting it in there...Ellis you crack me up "It's much warmer here today. -27C. (That's -17F for you southerners.) I may get out my bikini." lol Everyone have a great day on the beach!!

01-19-2005, 11:06 AM
Yes, Jess, I really did put the treadmill in the bathroom. It's a large bathroom - it used to be a bedroom and the machine fits in just fine there. No TV is possible but I can listen to books on tape or look out the window at the snow.

I'm just back from taking darling Hershey to the vet. I stayed while she fell asleep from the sedative but left when it came time for anaesthesia and tummy shaving. Funny but I've assisted at operations on animals before but just can't face it for one of my own furry babies.

Inauspicious start this morning! As I was backing the car out of the barn, the right side mirror caught on the door (whick opens IN) and pulled off. :( It's hanging by its wire and bangs the side of the car if I drive at highway speeds. Grrr! My wonderful dealer is going to remove it for me this afternoon so I can dash around at my usual speed and he order a new one. Let's hope this is not #1 in a series of three!

OK - I am now going to go and get on the treadmill. Really truly, I am! No excuses.

01-19-2005, 11:13 AM
Wow, Anchor, I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the woman!

Ruth, you should be ashamed! Poor doggy!

Nally, ugh, I don't do perky in the morning, you're my hero.

Mama, poor turkey you have there! Ewwww, BIL sheets..........when does he move?

Artmemis, Good luck hiking! Hope the weather cooperates.

Ellis, have fun this weekend with mom! Hope you have a great day!

Bamiegurl, stay well! No more being sick! That's an order! :drill:

bostonchick, the stall will end.....stall doesn't spell stop!

tilley, ya, phase 1 can be boring. I'm looking forward to some fruit.

amb, way to NOT eat cheesefries!!!!!!!!!!

Barb, have fun ripping up carpet. If it's really ugly it should be very therapeutic!

cottage, YES the pizza recipe please!!!!!!!!!!!

history, have fun with a new car and new weight! That's so fun!

Again Anchor Weight, the perma smile should be from being in wonderland! I"m so exicted for you.

Me, nothing yet. It's still early on this side of the planet. I'm going to exercise and count the days till I can have a piece of fruit! I'm not disappointed with the results of phase one, 6.5 pounds so far. Three more days left.....whew. You all have a great day!

01-19-2005, 11:56 AM
Good Morning, UP and at 'em at O Dark Thirty. don't know why maybe bc I was excited about weighing.. ( a first in my lifetime) :) Well lost 1.4lbs more.. so Grand Total of 6.6 and I'm on Day 10. :cb:

Well, work is work today and the :devil: in the blue dress is still stomping around like a child but a 57yr old child... anyway, Have a great day on the beach!!! Whoo hoo :coffee2:

01-19-2005, 12:14 PM
I'm back for a quick check-in. My doctor was so happy. My bp is 117/70 so she has cut my dose of lisinopril in half. Maybe next visit I can go off of it totally! And, while I was 160 when I saw her in October, I am 148 today in her office!!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be below 150. :) They'll call with the cholesterol results in about a week so I'll just have to be patient. It feels great to be so healthy again. It is so strange to think that in March of last year I was on 3 blood pressure medicines and weighed so much more and now I'm on a half dose of only one med.

Time to come down to earth and go start working on the carpet. By for now!

01-19-2005, 12:16 PM
Barbara, that is just wonderful news!

anchor weight
01-19-2005, 12:30 PM
Yeah Barb! That is superb! Let's celebrate with a big salad today!

01-19-2005, 12:46 PM
WooHoo Barbara!!!!!!!! WTGG!

01-19-2005, 12:50 PM
The wave finally brought me ashore. It's been a busy morning. Already went (as DH says,"my hour affair with GYM). That's done the baby is a cranky butt today. She has gotten into everything this morning, and broke a dish. Eating lunch now so they can go for an early nap. She wouldn't eat breakfast this morning. Scale has gone up 2 pounds since starting ph 2. But, not discouraged. I am only eating a starch in the morning. I just need to pay more attention to the little details. Not going to add anymore until it moves down again. Real cold again today.
Anchor---great job making it to onederland. I can't wait to make it there.
Ruth--- my best to Hersey.
Everyone else have a good day. Time to run. Baby is feeding the dogs her lunch, I guess she is done.

01-19-2005, 02:18 PM
The first thing I have to say is:

Congratulations on getting to onederland Anchor!!!!

We are all so proud of you! :D And you thought those younger men had a bet to go out with an older woman. No's that you must look that good!

Ruth-Let us know how everything went with Hershey. I've had my share of pet problems between my Mom's cat going blind and my sister's cat having some type of kidney problem. They are both making progress though! Good luck with the treadmill....lucky for you that you can drink your water and won't have to go very far to pee :lol: !

Nally-I don't know how you can be anywhere by 6:00. YUCK!

Mama-Kick that BIL of yours out! He's inconvenienced you enough. Next time he jumps in the shower before you, turn off the water heater.

Artemis-Good luck with the hike!

Ellis-Hope you're not cranky or down in the dumps today! :) I'm sure you'll be cool enough in your bikini :lol: .

Bamie-Your post sounds like your feeling a little better.

Boston-I don't think any of the freezing chickies are going to feel sorry for you but I kind of know what you're going through. We're having a heat wave here. It hit 81 in Oxnard yesterday! Today will be another warm one. I drove to work with my sunroof open and it felt really good!

Tilley-Good job with the weight loss and good luck moving into P2. Be careful not to add too much back in right away. I know what you mean about the meat and veggie just have to keep switching things up. Have you tried the roasted veggies from the back yet? They are soooooo good!

Amb Lyn-We knew you could resist the temptation of those cheese fries! Take it easy on the treadmill. Cramping usually comes from lack of oxygen so remember to regulate your breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Be sure to drink your water as well.

Barb-Congrats on the blood pressure! With the success you've had, I'm sure you'll be off those medications in no time!

Cottage-Patience.....the scale will move! I look forward to the pizza recipe!

History-I'm so happy to hear about your weight loss. I remember when your stats used to be in the 200's! That's wonderful for you! I'm sending prayers for your friend.

RNMOM-6.5 pounds on P1 seems to be the average around here. Great job!

Hunny-Congrats to you as well on your 6.6 pounds!

Chipper-I used to have an affair with the gym.....until DH was discharged from the military and didn't go on deployment anymore. He never wants to go to the gym which made me not want to go. Now I'm trying to have an affair with my elliptical machine at home...or my Tae Bo tapes!

Me-Not much happening today. I did my elliptical this morning which felt really good. I just drink so much water during my workout that I'm constantly running to the bathroom. We're having a small heatwave at 80 degrees or so. It feels really nice but I feel for all of you cold chickies!

Hope everyone has a great day!

01-19-2005, 05:41 PM
Well I'm back much for me working til close......I didn't even make it to snowed and well no on in Richmond knows how to drive in the city wasn't ready...the weather man said it'd be just a dusting...but we got a little more than that and so the roads weren't ready..I myself got stuck 3 times!! I called work before I got stuck and said I'd be late cuz of the roads......called again after I got stuck and well.......they told me not to bother coming in....and I was more than halfway then from 1:20 until 4 I was stuck in my car trying to get home.....all of the roads were was NOT pleasant.......Now don't get me wrong I LOVE snow..............but...........I do NOT like driving in it....hmm I wonder if this means I have to work Saturday now......How's everyone doing so far today?

01-19-2005, 05:59 PM
Wow Barb! That's awesome!! I took my BP yesterday and we don't need to discuss it. LOL I am a youngin' that has High BP. UGH!! Been off of meds since I found out I was preg. last.

Kissjoy~ The cramping is from before I even get on it. LOL I wish it was after at least I'd know what the cause is. Sigh. I hate being a woman sometimes. That's the only thing I can think of..woman stuff. UGH! LOL

01-19-2005, 06:05 PM

Oh I see! :dizzy: It's the womanly cramps!!! :p Well, in that case try a heating pad for a few minutes before you get on the treadmill. Sometimes exercise takes them away for me as well. I'm with you about being a woman sometimes....Aunt Flo needs to go home and stay there!!!! :lol:

little chick
01-19-2005, 09:44 PM
Hi gang, I have been busy with dance stuff and kid stuff, life has been crazy. I am staying OP though. Yeah for me. I have snuck on the scales once but they are not moving but I am not letting that discourage me. I am getting a new baby on sunday, a four legged little boy. I can't wait. My dd is so excited but not as excited as me. :lol:
I will try to get back in again tomorrow but it looks like we are going to be hit with yet another storm so if there is no school I may have to fight for the computer.

Punkin Fairy Mama
01-20-2005, 01:50 AM
I just wanted to pop in and say and tell you guys just really HOW inspiring I find all of you, I read up daily on the chats... and though I haven't really been around long enough to know all of you I find myself wondering "hmmm how did Hersheys surgery go" "or wow it's sure cold in chicago or canada" it's an odd phenomenon :dizzy: Mostly I see your signature lines and think look She did it, or oh wow she managed to lose almost ten pounds a month, perhaps to not get depressed I need to look at the big picture! I think you are all amazing and I look forward to even just reading what you accomplish each day!

So thank you all of you for being brave enough to say hey this is what I weighed and this is what I weigh now and I'm a work in progress and still yet a work of art!

*Heather* :wave:

01-20-2005, 10:48 AM
Heather, what a lovely thing to say. :)
Sort of makes me want to get on the treadmill so my ticker will go down, and you'll be impressed. :lol:
Anytime you drop in is just fine... we're glad to have you here, hon. :grouphug:

01-20-2005, 10:49 AM
Mercyno, mercy YES it does count. We are glad you are here.