South Beach Diet - Why is water so key?

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01-18-2005, 12:28 PM
Good afternoon ladies. I hope that everyone is doing well. I hope everyone is staying warm. It is in the single digits here in Boston. Brrrrr.

I was just reading some posts and it got my curiosity going. If you think about the most important pieces of advice that you could give someone on the SBD, water is definately very important. This I know. However, WHY is it so important? In phase I you lose your water weight, that's usually why you lose so much the first week, but would't drinking so much water logically ADD water weight? Though I know that it doesn't, I guess my question is...Does anyone know the mechanics behind why water is just so darn helpful for this WOL?

I suppose this could be our science lesson for the day. Hahahaha.


01-18-2005, 12:49 PM
Not a science lesson but it flushes toxins from your body. I'm sure somebody with a B.Sc. will give you the long answer.