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01-17-2005, 10:21 AM

Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! :cheer:

We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another.

Everyone has their ups and downs and we’ll be here with you thru both! Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

So please join in our weekly chats and let's get to know each other better ...

Let’s all work together towards a healthier us in 2005! :gossip:

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at: The Thin Group

01-17-2005, 11:06 AM
OH! Be Still my heart! BE Still my heart! SHARONNNNNNNNNN!!!!! So good to see you post!!!!! You have been soooooooo missed! Oh my gosh! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! Now I do hope that you don't dissappear again for so long of time ... I know we keep in touch via email, but ... it's nice to have you post here too! You definately have been busy busy busy ... you do put me to shame - here I am enjoying my retirement in the woods .... sometimes I think I would like to be working still (enjoyed the attmosphere of the office and being with the public) but then when I get up on a snow filled morning, lounging in my PJ's in front of a nice cozy fireplace - the thought vanishes real fast! I owe you a very long email I know and I PROMISE that I will send you one this week! I promise!

Wow - that Niko is a real charmer! What a doll. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Good job on staying OP also ... I'm still stuggling to get back OP 100% ... I always seem to "slip" a little each day .. today is a new day, let's see what happens today.

Loon - Shaun - Rita:
Looking for you guys - where are you? Come on in and post! Don't dissappear on us.

How's is going? How is your granddaughter doing? Hope all is ok with her. I know you are taking care of them this week but hope we hear from you soon.

It's very very cold here ... but, suppose to have a "warming up" come Wednesday ... going to get in the double digits but then is suppose to get colder again. Brrrrrrrrrrr ... I like the snow but don't like the below freezing cold!

Well, I hope to come in here later and see some posts from you all. Have a good OP day!

Love, CJ

01-18-2005, 09:46 AM
Good Morning Ladies hopeing everyone will have a great tuesday!!!!!!!was reading the back posts waht a beatiful picture Sylvia arent they precious and CJ sorry if I forgot to thank you for welcoming me must be my age working on me!!!!!!well have to make this short as I drank my coffee and now have to go clean as the toilets are calling me!!!!!!!!!!then come home and prop my feet up to rest for my 12 hr shift at the hospital so ladies have a good one Rita

01-20-2005, 11:22 PM
Hello - where is everyone? I am only here for a minute just to say hello.

No apology is necessary about the welcome ... I only posted my quote from the previous thread in case you didn't see it and I didn't want you to think I ignored you. I'm glad you posted and hope to hear more from you!

I've been in a bit of a funk these last couple days .. cabin fever maybe? It's been well below zero for days and we've gotten more snow and hubby has been gone a lot doing snow plowing and usually I love being alone sometimes but maybe since my car isn't running and I can't go somewhere if I wanted to that this is the reason? Don't know but we did go to the casino tonite for a while ... we won some not a lot ... but had fun and was nice getting out. Sometimes I just get in funk and don't know why. Anyways, feeling better now ...

You know me when I get into my funks ... just want you to know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you a very long email. It's coming!

Well ... hope to hear from everyone soon! Shaun, Loon, Slyvia, Peggy ... where are you guys?

Love, CJ

01-21-2005, 12:04 AM

I'm Christina. I'm a 30 year old single college student on WW. I'm majoring in Elementary Education and plan on being a first grade teacher. I have lost 15 pounds so far and about 8 pounds way from my 10% goal. I drink between 120-160 oz of water a day and just started a fitness class at school to give a big boost to my weight loss.
I like to meet people on the same weight loss journey. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

01-21-2005, 01:43 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies hope everybody is having a great Friday well I have the next 4 days off and I plan on taking it easy seems like everyone is having bad weather and just the thought of that can put you in a funkLOL as we are supposed to get another storm tonight so CJ we all get in those moods welcome Christina congrats on the weight loss you have accomplished so far just keep doing what you are doing and the rest of you ladies have a great day Rita

01-21-2005, 05:08 PM
Hello Ladies! :wave:

I'm just popping in for a quick hello. My parents are out of town and I'm house and niece sitting again. Their internet service is cr*ppy so I'll make this short. I've been hanging in there but running around after two toddlers is a workout. I find myself just "grabbing" whatever to eat. I do need to get my hiney in gear because I'll be going to Mexico Feb. 4. I can't wait.

CJ- Hey chickie! I see you were as excited to hear from Sharon as I was! I almost fell off the chair when I saw her post. :lol: Sounds like it's cold in your neck of the woods...I guess I shouldn't complain about it being 58 and sunny.

Peggy- How is your grandaughter doing? I hope she is feeling better. Have fun with your grandkids.

Christina- Welcome to the group.

Rita- Thank you for your kind words regarding my son. And Welcome to the group!

I'll try to post later when I get home and have a faster and more relliable connection).

Hugs to you all!


01-23-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi all ... just a real quickie here ... I have such a horrendous headache and can't see straight! But wanted to come in and say hello and WELCOME Christina to the group! Looking forward to getting to know you better Christina, thank you for posting and talk to you soon.

I hope to feel better tomorrow and will post a bit longer! Hope everyone is having a great weekend ... It's still extremely cold here but is suppose to warm up some tomorrow ...

Talk soon!
Love, CJ