Support Groups - LO Carb #2 Hey girls we can do this!

01-17-2005, 06:00 AM
There are some posts by Pam and myself at the end of #1.

My goodness, It can be so hard to maintain this. ANd yet I am my own worst enemy. Last night caved to a craving. Didn't even try and stop it. ANd then the stuff I ate didn't even really taste good. What the heck??? I was reading an article on line about fear. Fear of failure and fear of success. Staying teh way I am is easy because I know who I am. But what if I lost weight? Who would I be then? What if I got bigger??? That I would probably be more OK with. Deep stuff huh?

What do you ladies think?

01-17-2005, 10:32 PM
I agree I know that is my sinker. the challeneges of change. I have enough at wourk I almost like my continuity but I also hat ehte way I look and feel How I hurt and can not even bed over to tie my shoes.

I did post a nice one at work on friday relaying a very funny story, but it got lost.

my car got stuck in an intersection and I had to call 911 to get out. and I did not dare get out of the car as there was traffic all over. when i finnaly got out I had to go bowling and made it very well. I drank about 1 gallon of e\water while bl\owling and had to pee all night. But any ways I am back safe and sound and had an even harder time in buffalo and got lost in a 1 mile area and well it is a long story and I am tired and do need to go to bed. I asm here not OP but I will be there in the morning.

01-18-2005, 06:33 AM
Hey Sue! I can't tell you teh # of times I have gotten lost in Buffalo. My family is from Niagara Falls. The signage is terrible there.

I agree that I hate the way I look and feel. But I can not "see" that as I make poor choices for myself. Like what I choose to eat and not be able to find an few minutes to move my body. Yet I continue to experience the feeling poorly.

I did OK yesterday, DH and I finished the sin I bought SUnday. God knows I couldn't throw it away! SO teh house is empty, but I see that I didn't shop very well last Sat.

Well at least I am here!

01-19-2005, 06:21 AM
Good morning,It's weds. Yesterday continued to offer chal;lenges for which I was not prepared!

Oh, please see Pam's 2 poats at the end of thread #1! You don't want to miss them!

I am shopping tonight. Planning better. DH went to teh MD'S yesterday to get his lab results. SHe found him to be borderline diabetic, put him on gluchophage. If he lost some weight that probably wouldn't be nessesary. Since I take care of people(way better than I take care of myself) maybe this will help me find the motivation to make better choices?? Sad that I don't think enough of myself to put in that kind of effort!

Pam way to go!!!!! OP Goddess you!! You are doing awesome.

Hey SUe how goes it??/

Lisa, Blissful are you lurking?? Hope you are both well

Off to face Weds.

01-19-2005, 09:42 AM
Hello gals! Just a quick post, as I must wake up the kiddos shortly to get them ready for school. I have indeed been lurking but always in a rush so I don't post...maybe a more honest reason is that I haven't been op at all and I feel guilty. However, I just read everyone's post and I'm motivated to do better today. One day at a time right? I've had a bit of stress as my 5 year old was sick with a stomach bug last week and threw up on my new carpet...more importantly, he is fine now, but my 8 month old has been throwing up for the last two days. I think the puking is done now as I was finally able to get him to keep breast milk down. I had to pump two bottles yesterday so that I wouldn't explode! But now I have stored milk which was needed once I start doing clinicals at the hospital. School officially started yesterday. I am taking my classes online so I was up late last night getting my syllabus's organized and making my list of required reading. I don't want to get behind, so I must be organized. Well, here is my meal plan for today:

Breakfast: two eggs, fried; one low carb bread toasted with peanut butter

Lunch: sauteed mushrooms, stuffed chicken breast

Dinner: Grilled Salmon; pea salad

I must drink lots of water...I must cleanse my system...that is my toughest challenge...

oh...and I love the meatball recipe...going to give those a shot!

Thankgs girls!!


01-19-2005, 12:42 PM
Hey Lisa...I can totally understand the frustration you feel when you self sabotage..I did the same thing this week..I got to an all time low of 155 pounds and all week I have been eating like a pig..I am so afraid to weigh its my time of the I will weigh in this saturday. I also have been keeping up with our cycling challenges..I did 10 ks on monday...5.6km yesterday and I plan on cycling again this week. take care

I cant believe that it is mid week already! I went to see my Mom last night and she was DRY!!! woohoo...and she went to the bathroom on her own and told me she needed to go...I was so happy..yes I wanted to do back flips. It was very cold last night...I just about froze my butt ..and once again it is very cold...I have my trusty heater beside me..and ocaisionally I lean over and heat up my hands.

I cycled last night but only managed 20 was it hard..the legs just didnt have it yesterday. I did some floor exercises..mainly crunches on my ball. those are always good.

I cant wait to finish this period...I am gonna weigh this weekend ...Sunday or Saturday and see what the dredged scale will tell me...but I have been so bad this past weekend with the food...and tons of chocolate..too..I always crave sweets during my period. I am hoping just to maintain..I know there is no way I have lost a pound.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: peanut butter light on whole wheat
lunch: crab wrap ( light mayo, turmeric, boston lettuce and whole wheat tortilla)
dinner: smoked meat with portabello mushrooms and onion (mustard on the side with dill pickle)
snacks: 5 pieces of candy..yes I know BAD BAD BAD, 8oz fruit smoothie (no sugar added)
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

exercise: pilates and cycling

have a great day


01-20-2005, 01:53 AM
Did I ever tell you I can get Lost In a paper bag? LOL, LOL, LOL. Anyway here I am again! I am still OP but couldn't sllep all night as a disk pop out of place so hard I thought I would shoot out my skin and everyone could hear it!!!!! I took two pain pills about 8:00am and slept all day! Before sleep (this morning) I ate about 1/2 oz. of monteray jack cheese on 1 slice of toasted low carb bread lightly buttered.
lunch? a hamburger steak with two eggs an top and a pat of butter. Mock pancakes
dinner a proper small hamburger plain and a root beer float a large one with schwans low carb vanilla ice cream, creamy & like silk in your mouth. no carbs left but worth it.
19 carbs today.
Exercise..... ummm not today
I am happy today despite the pain because I am still op 15 days I think. If you remember it is how I began this journey last time and lost 100 lbs. It took some work but I made up my mind not to diet but to create a new lifestyle. A diet is something you do to lose weight and when you get where you want to be you go back to "normal" and regain it all and more. This time the difference is I know this is a lifestyle. My old ways are gone. I can never go back again. I gain to easily. Too quickly. This is my life and it is workable for me. I have chosen to let go of what was and accept my life and body on it's terms. I cannot win a battle with my body as it is what it is. I can win in my mind. These are the materials I have to work with and I know that problem areas. I know what my body can do and will do and must always work within those borders. I know my limitations and have challenged them all to the max so I do know just how far I can go. Tomorrow I shall be sore as heck but none the less I shall use my exercise machine for how long I do not know but until it is safe.
More time bed bound will not help me to reach my goals. So my dear ones it took me long after those young years to claim my life but I want the rest of my life to be less painful, more comfortable and maximise all the joy and beauty life has to offer. The challenges shall always be there but I am equal to them. If this were not so I would be long dead. I am still here. I am equal to life. Nothing less than death itself is stronger. I endure. Even then ....I will endure and go on. Another form perhaps but I will go on. So life is not my master nor the situtations in it,we are equals. Self control is not the issue either that I so long believed. It was always about choosing. Making a decision and following through. Simple, it is simple. The decision the decision comes to me only when I am am so fed up, so sick of being like a tumble weed, blown about at the will of the wind. Circumstance,challenges, difficulties, stresses.All these years....
I have just gone with the flow not even realizing we were equals all along. I Choose to hold my ground, my decision is made and it is final.

01-20-2005, 06:16 AM
AH, Pam you inspire and motivate me! Your attitude toward the challenges life has put in front of you is aweinspiring and amazing. Just the thing that makes you so successful at what you strive for!

I can report a 99% OP day. Caved over a 45 min battle with technology! I am way too stressed! Oh I lost! What just about sent me over the edge was DH walked in pushed 1 botton and all was right with the world. He almost saw God!

Hey Lisa, nice to see you. Classes on line are awesome. I can't beleive how far that stomach flu has gotten. It really it here at the holidays. Hope the kids are feeling better.

Hi Cyan,

Hey Sue How are things going?

01-21-2005, 01:30 AM
Darlin's.... Op and sitting here with 128 oz. of water more than half gone! Cher made ham , broccoli, scalloped potatoes, and rolls for dinner. (her day off) I ate ham and broccoli like a good kid. The rolls were not a problem for me this time. "WHEW" Today I have felt "off". The soreness is better and I used the machine for about 10 minutes.......the longest 10 minutes in the history of the world!!!! LOL I have no Idea what I did weigh but I am losing. How I know that is one- the breath from ****, 2-the walk/running to the bathroom with cheeks tighter than I would have thought possible!,3- I can tell I am getting closer to being back on the scale. I hate to think what I weighed but it would have been helpful to know. Ah, well such is life. It has been a fairly quiet day for me and I have been practicing writing Hebrew. Looks more like a five year old at the moment but I am getting it. Never to old to learn. Woof, woof. I am planning on special treats for every 50 lbs lost. Getting my nails done, having a spa day and so on. I am having hubby take a before photo which I shall keep on my fridge as a reminder. I am making a chart to keep track of my weight loss and weekly goals. When I am back on the scale I will weigh in every friday morning and chart my way down. I am considering keeping a journal of this journey as well perhaps it would be helpful. Anyway my dears ,16 days op and my water is reinstituted! Ya all take care and hang tough.

01-21-2005, 06:52 AM
Pam you my dear are still awesome. !

I had a day of talking to the cravings in my head! But I won teh fight!!!!

OP met my goal of working out 3 times this week! Water good. The challenge will be to not lose track this weekend!

Hey Sue, Lisa how are you both?

01-21-2005, 09:57 AM
Well, thought I would take a short minute to post. I'm doing my morining routine of getting the kids ready for school. I'm not OP at the moment, but I did work out with a trainer yesterday and we have goals set up for me. It felt good yesterday, but today I'm a little sore. I think I will not exercise today, but I will tomorrow since I have to be at the YMCA for my daughter's gymnastics class. I also have a ton of homework to catch up on.

see y'all later!


01-22-2005, 06:33 AM
Good Saturay morning to you!
I continue to be OP! The weekends are always a challenge for me though because the routine changes. I can also report a 5# weight loss! I am so excited! I tell you that has helped motivate me this week! Before ( I weigh myself daily, I know I shouldn't) If I lost a # I wouldn't usually stay OP. What games I play with myself. So needless to say that in the past 2 years I have stayed at 255# And have been unhappy but obviously not working sincerely to lose weight.

Hey Lisa, I amsure that the use of teh trainer will help you stay focused. It is a challenge thopugh being a mom, student etc!

Hey Pam, Still OP?

Susan where the heck are you? I'll not let you be the only patron of Carb ****!

I'll check in tommorrow

01-22-2005, 03:07 PM
I am stopping in for only a min I need to go to work. with sickness and stuff I am doing double time here. now the snow. Carb **** is here and so is the drought. I am inspired from all of you and will get back to s\where I was so good and reigned queen. I am not queen Nasus for nothing!! Hang on girls after this weekend I will be on top of the world> But for today and having to go to work and pull 12 - 16 hours on my feet today after being up all day I am going to eat my carbs. Hey doent that count for exercise????

01-23-2005, 06:56 AM
SUe!!! Carb **** sucks! Doubles suck! The weather sucks!

You were the reigning OP Goddess for longer than I can count! HAIL to the Queen

It's really teh mental stuff. I am reading this month's OPRAH mag. She discusses what her moment of clarity was. ANd when I see her now, I think I want what she has. She talked about the games that she played w/ herself and how she overcame them. She ranks exercise the same as taking a bath. It just needs to be done daily. "JUST DO IT".

For me the reality is that I can't eat whatever I want. I can't wish the weight away. I have been wishing for 2 years to weigh less. I wished that I would eat better and I wished that I would exercise. I wished there was less stress in my life. 2 years later here I sit, Nothing changed so nothing changed.

Last week I made some changes and lo and behold the scale moved. Hmmm.. could there be a connection? Was it easy? No, but it was very satisfing to see that scale move!

I stayed OP yesterday, a miracle.

Pam and Lisa how are you?

Sue, you can do it, I have the duct tape and whatever else is needed! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

01-24-2005, 03:04 AM
Darlins....I am 18 day's Op and doing fine although, I over did the calories by a couple hundred yesterday and didn't realize until later. I probably went the 1500 instead of my goal of 1000 to 1200 max. Still, it was a very hungry day so I shall live and not beat myself up to much. I made a Low Carb beef soup tonight with celery, mushrooms and a bit of green onions and really enjoyed it as it is so cold today. 75 degrees yeasterday and 45 today. Last Night the wind whipped around the house sounding nearly like a womans scream. It even sounded cold. Winter dropped in to remind us that she is not done with us yet! Personally I think the lady is desperate as Spring keeps intruding on her time. I understand only to well the games we play with our own minds. I spent a lifetime playing them. It is a new day and a fresh start is a great thing. Hang tough. Pat it is time to get real. I knew I was ready to begin again when I dreamed a personal trainer came to my house with lots of exercise equiptment and I was so thrilled but then Dr. Phil walked through the door and said I hear you need some help. Well, girls in my Dream I fell down on my knees raised my hands in the air and shouted thank You God!!!! It was then I knew I was truly ready to start over!!! LOL... I really did dream that! Love Ya.

01-24-2005, 01:45 PM
Hello gals,

So, I'm having trouble stayin OP. Today is a new day and so far so good. I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the ARC machine going 1.18 miles and burning 211 calories. YIPPEE for me. I also worked my arms, abs, and lower back on the weight machines. It felt REALLY good!

While I was exercising, I started thinking about the positive things about myself and I thought we should do an experement. In your next posts, list 5 positive things about yourself. I will start.

1. I am a good mother
2. I am a talented musician
3. I am kind
4. I am very good with people
5. I will be a GREAT nurse...once I graduate this May.

Okay ladies...your turn!!


01-25-2005, 01:00 AM
Darlins...... In order to speed up my weight loss for a short time(so I can get back on the scale) I am going nearly no carb. Boy that water will be a major factor. I am getting close. My God I must have been 380 or close to it! How horrifying. My top weight ever was 475. I would have died. No doubt about it. I am slowly feeling a little better. I have felt unwell for quite a while. Not sick but weak and fuzzy headed as well as just physically unwell period.I can no longer carry such weight. I was 19 at my top weight. I never thought I would ever get close to that again. It is so easy to do. Next lifetime I am definately going to have a much better metabolism!!!!!!!! What a frightening thing to realize ,I was on my way back in less than a year!!!!! Lord, Lord, thank God I took hold before that occured. Sanity is in here somewhere. I am again a loser in the best sense of the word. I Thank God and I thank You, here on this board for always being here for me, cheering me on and listening with love as I ramble on. Pat and Sue you two have been the best...always. I value you more than any words can say. Thanks for your friendship and your support and to all those on this page as I travel once again DOWN this path, if I forget to remind you of my appreciation often enough or fail to let you know you are important to me it is not because I do not feel it but rather that my focus on weight loss. So as we walk this road together know that any success I have is due in large part to you and the wonderful sisters that started this site. When I am away from you I fall apart so you all know it is true.
Today is my 19th day of being OP and I have cut my carbs to 10 or less in order to get a good running start and also so I can begin to keep my charts and weigh ins. Mom was off cigarettes for a year. She quit rattling in her chest and could breathe easily. Since she has gone back on them she is back to where she was weaker and again her eating has all but stopped. I can't fix it. That is a hard lesson for me and as some of you know. Letting go of this situtation is exceptionally difficult. I am a Mommies Girl. Still, I felt guilty if I allowed her to smoke and guilty if I didn't. I do know this once the weight is gone or close to it the cigarettes have to go in my life. Be well, God Bless.

01-25-2005, 06:01 AM
Well Hello everyone, Missed yesterday because after days of sub zero temps the pipes froze!
Still OP though!

5 things huh???

I care about people
I am a good person
I hold family dear
I see things positively
I talk w/ God

Lisa you can do this!! Great work on the exercise! It's all about the attitude!

Ah Pam way to go on th eOPness, Now don't go too low on the cals, remember you stalled yourself last time! I thank God for you too! Your positive attitude in teh face of adversity inspires me.

Hey Sue how are you?? At the doors? Just grab my hand we/ll get you out!

Well I need to do some sort of w/o today.

Hey if you get a chance get this months OPRAH mag. there is a 12 week challenge in there that sure motivated me. We could do it together.

01-26-2005, 05:58 AM
GOod morning to all,
ANother day OP! just got to swing and get the exercise in place. Had some serious carb cravings yesterday and was able to walk by the hot food counter in the store. SMelling and seeing those poto logs HMMMM HMMM, almost caved! Walked quickily by and went to the produce section. Was also able to push aside the candy dishes, not 1 but 2 mind you, that were is our satelite office!! Think I let mysefl go too low on cals and meeetings interrupted my snacks. DON"T PEOPLE KNOW????? IT"S ALL ABOUT ME???

I continue to read thru the O mag.(LIKE THIS IS A SECRET LOL)

They had a short article obout desire. and the differences about men and women. That society makes it easier on men than woamn to have then pursue desires. That society raises womwn to meet the needs and stereotypes of others and when they have a desire that this prevents the pursuit. INteresting .

I am 42 my mother was a stay at home mom who waited on my dad. I have been w/ DH for 20 years and I spoiled him early on following mom's example. Old habits die hard for both of us. Last night I spent 10 mins cleaning up the kitchen so I could make dinner. I at first was pissed off. ANd then got to wondering how it would feel if I made a mess and I REALLLY REALLY had someone to walk behind me to clean it up. I can't even wrap my mind around it. Because If there were someone else out there, I would probably twist myself in a knot to clean it up before they arrived so they wouldn't have to do it! Now what kind of sick thiking is that?

So I slowly retrain him. He fights the new training, it just goes on and on.

I can't even imagine it if there were kids involved tooLOL

SO enough of this deep subject so early in the am

How is everyone else doing?

I wore a blouse yesterday that had been too tight. So I am pleased about that!

01-27-2005, 05:44 AM
I am still OP, fighting cravings in a more rational sense, not that desaprate fight where if I won out it was due to luck. Planned my eating yesterday. Ate something about every 2 hours. A little light on teh water though. ENergy level is up. focused more on how my clothes are fitting than the scale. Exercise of course is teh key.

How and where is everyone else?
We are stil in subzero temps and seem to have gtten all our snow in 1 week

DH's Dad got good news are the cancer md yesterday.
ANd I noticed that since DH has been on the medication and we have been eating better he has been less irritable. I of course never suffer from that LOL

Hope you can check in

01-28-2005, 12:41 AM
Darlin's, 21 days op but today Not Op I will be tomorrow. I woke up so ill. I have a nasty bug of some kind. Fever, chills, sore throat, nasal congestion in a major way and a very odd voice. Lots of Orange juice, soup and hot tea today.
Pat I am so glad to hear Dad is better. Got to go as I must report the mack truck that hit me. lol (weakly) Talk to you soon.

01-28-2005, 05:36 AM
Thanks Pam for checking in when you are so ill. I have been talking to myself for most of the week. Illness does not make for OPNESS! I tend to crave comfort high carb stuff whrn ill. SLeep and let others take care of you!

However I press on.

Still OP even in the face of stress. I went to a work lunch meeting and it was a buffet and I just piled my plate high w/ vegs! skipped dessert and moved on. Didn't whine, rationalize or justify! On to another meeting also having food available alco sucess.

I am thinking of starting that Oprah 12 week challenge on Monday. This weekend going to visit my sisters for some shopping. Leaving DH at home! Weather cooperating, got my milage check and a couple of gift cards from X-mas! Really looking forward to teh break!

Sue and Lisa How were your weeks?

Hey Lurkers we are sure open to others joining the maerry group

01-30-2005, 07:45 AM
Good Sunday morning
Well had a great time visisting DS, played playdo w/ my 4 yr old nephew. You know being 4 is OK! Although I was pretty tired last night! You really have no worries. Having to interrupt play time to pee is a stresser, but other thanm that it's OK. Be honest w/ you and didn'y worry about the OPness. Back on tract today.
I am going to do that 12 week challenge though.
In a nut shell:
8 w/o's in a week
1 day off
no white foods like flour, sugar rice
3 treats(not sure when)

More specific details in her mag of web site. This should take me to 5/1.

I am going to do some snowshoeing today! snow and OK temps
WHere and how is everyone?

Pam are you feeling better?

Sue how goes it? I hope you are warmer too!

Lisa how is the working oout and school?

01-30-2005, 11:43 PM
Hi Darlins...... still ill but I am OP this blased bug is trying to settle in my chest and another round of pnemonia is just not what I had in mind. It would be the 13th or 14th time. Hard to keep track at this day in the game. I've had my pnemonia shot so I have everything I own crossed that this will go away soon. Nasty, nasty bug. I had one day off plan to try and put my body in an acid condition to fight this bug. I am losing weight and very shortly will be able to prpoerly keep track of my loss. Kids I am lower than a snakes belly on a Saturday night so I shall go for now.

01-31-2005, 06:32 AM
Hey Pam I am sorry that you feel so sick! Please take care and resT!!!
I am off on teh 1st day of my 12 week challenge!
Will try and check in later!

02-01-2005, 06:10 AM
Good morning
Still OP
Day 2 of my "boot camp"
Pam how are you feeling?
Susan where have you been?
Lisa how are you?

02-02-2005, 06:21 AM
Day 3 of Boot camp and do my legs hurt! DId strength training for thr legs yesterday!! OH MY GOSH!! I am moving slow
Still OP
lacked water yesterday
Heading up there now

02-02-2005, 07:37 PM
Well part of boot camp is fitting 2 w/o in a day. My goodness. Was upposed to do 30 mins got to 20! I am whooped. Got the water in. Probably too many carbs. PMS time makes it all the more difficult. Need more water too. But this is teh 3rd w/o day!
I am pleased w/that.

Lonely here though. Lurkers are out there.

Been busy at work, but have stayed true to no extra food/snacks etc. The evenings are hard. Today had 1/2 of a croisant sand at a restaurant. Ate the filling out of the other 1/2. No chips!
Tonight chicken salad.

Feeling pretty good about teh effort so far. Legs are killing me

Hope someone checks in soon

02-03-2005, 04:04 AM
Pat I am here a bit worse for the wear. Diet wise and physically.

I did post last week but it was at work and somehow it got lost. I have had a few weeks of he!!. I was sent home by my boss telling me I look as bad as i feel and not getting any work done yesterday. she was right. so I went home and got to bed for a few hours. so what is going on here?? the dog wants to go and run and it is skunk season and I will not let him. so he is racking at the gate and waking me up. so it is 3 am and I am wide awake. UGH I have put in about 60 hours these last few weeks and am tired. I am getting a cold on top of things so life is not doing me well. During the sub zero weather we both were sharing Pat I was stuck with a car that broke down and SH hung up on my attempts to call for HELP. So i had to walk twice a mile which with my raynauds it is really not good to be out in any weather that is chilly. I was not happy and still am really pissed.

Diet I am NOT OP but really need to do that for me. badly. so today is the first day of the rest of my life!!

02-03-2005, 05:31 AM
AH SUe I send you a huge hug cause you really need it! I am glad we are out of the deep freeze. Wish it was march instaead of Feb. We'd be that much closer to spring. Pam has been sick too. IS work going to let up? has teh flu run its course?
I know you are soon to being in the zone! You will feel better when you are there.

I have a real sore leg from working out. It keeps telling me to skip today. I have made a commitment to myself and intend to keep it. WHat games we play with our selves. Bought a pair of pants that were on sale and will use them to motivate me when the scale can't. Grab my hand let's get going!
Pam how are you feeling?
Miss you

Lisa how are you ?

Lurkers are welcome

02-03-2005, 07:06 PM
OOO Half way there!!

Thanks Pat I do need that I just have some people with frail health one had pneumonia and I may have to do one more night shift before she is back, and well that may be grabbed by one of the other girls. and we should be set.

I went to they gym today It was not my choice to wake up at 2:30 but the dogs and I would not let him out to run. (skunk season is here) so I let him pee and went back inside. well he was not satisfied as soo n as I layed down he was wining and banging at the gate so out we went again, and again and again, at that time he finally gave up on the idea of running and I gave up on the idea of sleep. so I get my clothes and went to the gym. YEA!! I played a bit with the weights not enough to do anything but I got there and that is half the battle. Bowling tonight so it was quick dinner SUBS and chips. I ate half the sub and not gobs of chips so that is a start, and I usally drink about a gallon of water at the alley (exercise with bowling)

So I am ready and starting.

I need to go back an d read what I missed I skimmed bearly. I have a really busy day at work \Friday 4 admissions which means tons of work for me and do the admissions as the nurses will get overwealemd at the thought of doing 2 let alone 4. So guess what???

Well Pat I am sure glad I am back On line again I was missing this.

Lisa how is school going?? winter break is done and well I know how the last semester can be. hang in there. do not let my horror stories scare you out of a rewarding career. I love each and every one of my people, and it is my responsibility to make sure they are cared for. so I do what I have to do , but I tend not to let go and let others do my work for me. so that is my fault. but I am a control freak anyways, that is why this weight is such a problem it is my losing control and not having any other way to reward my self. But to eat. and not planning for the tough times.

Well I will head on out. PAM?? where are you my darling??? I am waiting for your recovery I do hope that it will be soon!!!

02-04-2005, 01:15 AM
Well Darlins............I am weak as water, my voice sounds very odd indeed, rather like a deep rasping set of fingernails on a chalkboard! Really bad! LOL (of course I make no sound at all when I laugh except a wheezy squeek) I almost passed out tonight but I was working hard to put the groceries away when the room started spinning. I yelled for hubby to help(as I was sitting on the floor in front of the 2nd fridge wreastling with a very frozen turkey) He came running and helped release the blood flow in my neck, still sitting on the floor with my head in the bottom freezer unit. Is it any wonder that funny sitcoms do not appeal to me ? Heck that is my life!!!!!!
Now for the excelent news. Naturally I have weighed myself most everyday in expectation of the day I could record my weight again but as I was so ill for about two days I didn't weigh myself. This past tuesday I was once again back on the scale!
I have a doctors scale that goes up to 350 and I weighed 346. I have kept track of the daily pounds I was losing to try and get some idea of what I weighed when I began, which was 20 some days ago. I lost 3 lbs a day. I have been losing right along but I can't even figure it out or estimate I can't believe I was over 400 so I just don't know. Anyway as of Now I have lost 8lbs more. I weigh 338. I am totally Op and doing well weight wise starting to get better now a couple of days and I should be well on my way to normal.(Whatever that is) Take Care.

02-04-2005, 04:57 AM
Pam darling So gla dto hear from you. you poor gal i can just see you sitting there with your head in the freezer. if you wanted to cool down you could have just stopped and seen Pat or I!! we could haver stuck your head in the plenty of snow banks we have!!! :lol: I do imangine it was quite a site. But I am also worried about you in your time of illness that you are dropping so fast. you need your nutrition first!!! Do not make me come down there and feed you!!! (You could teach me some thing about getting OP!!!)

Bowling last night I did my best yet. I am going to ruin my average. I got 123-129-127!!! Oh well I was awful happy!!! I do not know where that came from I usually get 70-90!!!

well I am going to get a few things clean here before I go to the gym again. The dog decided that it was time for me to get up again at 3 so here I am. UGH!!! I may use this time to get some paper work done too a bit of cleaning and a bit of work.

02-04-2005, 06:20 AM
Well Hello everybody!
I have so missed you both!
Sue you are awesome! going to the gym! I can hear the enthusiasm in your voice. Glad you are taking the time to post. I have been worried that you are in teh bowels of carb ****.

Pam my gosh girl I would have thought by now you would be well on your way to mend!
Take care. these bugs this winter seem so strong and hard to get rid off.
You must have been a site. It will be so motivating to you to see movement on the scale.

Mine is not moving. So I am focusing on how my clothes feel. They are looser.
Of course after working out 4 days in a row I am looking to undo years of weight. Go figure.

Well look for a new thread tomorrow. tomorrow is my double w/o. better get a book.