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01-16-2005, 08:39 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club. :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us!! :cofdate:

01-16-2005, 09:21 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!

Julie - glad the deal with London is over. It did seem kind of rushed for such a big decision. About the food - ewww! I believe I'd either get the money in exchange for the gift card, or just toss it. If the manager doesn't care about things like hairs in food, what else doesn't he care about? Who knows what all goes on in that place! Good luck at weight in today! :crossed:

Ellen - well, if you're gonna do the housework, pack your bags, and I'll pick you up later today, lol. Hmmm, surely there has to be a better doctor in your area? Ask around... maybe there are even some new ones. All that talk makes me want to send my doctor a thank you card, or something, lol. She's so good about spending time w/each patient.

Marti - any news about the baby yet? I highly doubt that Sarah is a better scrapbooker than you. Your pages are gorgeous!

Angie - you'd be great in the play. Especially a comedy like that. Good for you standing your ground, Ang. Depending on what it is, I'm pretty good about that, too.

Cristi - hope you're staying warm, and curled up with a good book.

Mindee - I bought all the DGDs glow-in-the-dark PJs and they are so cute! Mary said now that the twins share a big bed, there's a lot of giggling going on. I can just hear them, can't you?

Well, I woke up to a bunch of snow this morning! It's beautiful, and I can see a snow angel in my near future, lol. The soup I mentioned sounds even better on a snowy day.

I bought the newly released Mary Poppins DVD and one called Benji, Off the Leash. Ann - is Benji a cairn? Anyway, now I need to get some DGD over here to watch them with me.

Have a good day!!

01-16-2005, 11:37 AM
:coffee2: It's another day. I'm watching "Sunday Morning" on CBS. It's my favorite news program. They have snipits on everything and interesting commentaries. They just showed a camcorder thats so small it fits in the palm of your hand.I feel like a dino. I'm still struggling with the pc and I have a pedometer I can't figure out yet.

Julie, I'd love to visit England but I heard thier food was bland and high in carbs. Now I hear it's also hairy? :yikes:

Marti,When I went to the craft store I saw books on making scrap books.Wow,I had no idea they could be so ornate and complicated.I think it might be fun to do one of my favoite pictures.

Jane,love Mary Poppins. I've got 3 movies here to watch. Troy,King Aurthor,and The Incredibles. My son said Troy was very good and he hadn't realized how the Greeks were still so influential even today.I like the movie already.

Ellen,it's so cold there.Kudos to you for your little safe house for kitties.It's a hard world for those who have no voice.Animals or children.

Angie,I to applaud a strong backbone.Thats one good thing I got from my abusive x .The abitlity to stickup for myself.A favoite phrase is "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Mindee,Cristi,whats up with you today? :wave:

PS; I'm back. Where is everyone today. Must be sleeping in or at church. I've had my walk and about to do some laundry. Catch you later.

Tea Rose
01-16-2005, 01:44 PM
Good Morning Everyone
Hi Jane :wave: I am standing in the driveway so if you could hurry its a tad cold out here,:lol:I didn't mean to get started on the doctor , but when Angie said she'd be peeved I just let it all out:lol: When My doctor of 30 plus years retired , I didn't have a family doctor for almost 10 years,all of my medical files were transferred to this male doctor, who I myself didn't like nor a lot of my retired doctors other patients, so we all looked elsewhere, finally this one was recommended to me. This particular doctor was among a group of doctors who are all in some kind of group, where they all cover for each other on different occassions, and because the doctor I didn't like was in this group, she told me she would never obtain my medical records from him, so he wouldn't know.that she was taking me on as a patient,I thought that since I had such an extensive medical background , that didn't seem very responsible . Any how like I said Doctors in this area are impossible to find and chances are good they are all in these groups now.I remember my first visit with her and she laid out the I don't do this I don't do that list, right down to don't run to me for a cold or sore throat unless its serious. I walked out of that first appointment disallusioned and not liking her very much.It was probably three years till I went back for an app. opting instead to go to medimerg for anything that came up , until something I went to emerg for required
being followed up my doctor , so I had to go in, she asked me that day quite abruptly if I had been seeing another doctor. She has her occassions when she's extremely thoughtful and patient and does sit with me,but she also has her moods when you want to crawl out of her office, and many times I have left in tears. The last time I was just irritated.Any way I will stop ranting about this ,its Angies fault:lol: she got the blood flowing,in my brain, and considering how minute it is , it was a quick to respond:lol:. I certainley agree, that if your lucky enough to find a good doctor, its wise to appreciate, them, because they seem a rare breed, now adays its how many you can pack in and how quick you can shove them out , its all about the money.I think I will send your doctor a card :lol:Well Mrs Jane I stood in the driveway for quite a while ,but you never came , possible car trouble or might you be snowed in ,I guess I will unthaw and make my own soup this time,but I know you tried , you wouldn't deliberately leave me standing in a snow bank now "would you".I hope you enjoy your movie, I just ordered a book I have been looking for that sold out everywhere its a combination of Little Women /Little Men/ and /Joe's boys. coming out in March . I have always loved the movie Little Women, and watch it every time I get the chance.but didn't realize there was the two followup books , must have been in a cave or something.I also think It will be a nice book to hand down to my grand daughter when I have one some day :lol: now thats wishful thinking isn't it.Anyway have a lovely day with you wee ones, you are such a sweet Grandma.
Hi Pam:wave:
I am glad you have found your new favourite show to watch,Your doing fine on the computer , it takes a while to learn,but I do hope you find your pedomiter.:lol: Anyways have a great day and did you and your son discuss calling the authorities,would sure give you peace of mind just knowing that it has been reported,
plus the individual in question and you, know that its on record should anything occur , anyway it might just be enough of a deterent for this guy to stay off your property,and away from you.You shouldn't be having Taco bell anyways not good for you:lol:

Hi Mindee:wave
Son born August 27, Daughter January 25, I call mine the M&M kids since both have names beginning with M ,so I always say like the commercial ,one plain one with nuts :lol: so I understood the inside joke well :lol: I hope your little family is having a nice day today.
Mrs Cristi:wave:
Where are you,???? Don't you know we have important issues to discuss:lol:
Hi Susan:wave:
You did check your whereabouts didn't you, If you need help getting out of Russia, let me know .:lol: if you need money for a ticket home you could always pawn the ring,:lol: Hope you and Gaby are having a fun day.
Hi Marti:wave:
Do we have a nephew yet, Aunti Ellen sends Hugs and Kisses,Hope all is well ,I hope you finally got the Baby Boy Recipe, let us know when the little angel arrives.
Hi to Everyone Else.:wave: I'm hungry so I am going to hunt me some viddles , but I will be back to check up on you girls as soon as I fill up my tum. meanwhile have a nice day.

01-16-2005, 01:57 PM
Good Morning Girls....

I popped in here for a minute (about 20mins ago) and the site was down for some updates! I started to e-mail you all....then decided to check here again and what do you know? Site was back up!!

Angie--So what are you going to exchange the ring for?? Have you decided? What did the ring look like? I would love to get an eliptical.....hmmmm wonder what I have laying around that I could take back and get one..... :lol: How sweet of Monte to have gotten you a piece of jewlery for christmas! You must keep us posted on what you decided to get. I think I would like to have you around when I go out to eat! OR---when I go parking my car! :D

Mindee--Ahhhh....I didn't realize that Tommy didn't get that job. For some reason I had thought he had gotten one already. A Spring "06 baby sounds like a great idea. That way you have lots of quality baby time with Brandon. My sister (who still hasn't called) is having her 2nd baby.....A boy, her first is a girl and her birthday is on the 21st of this month. So their birthdays will be a week apart! And she did the same...Briana will be turning 2 this week. So two years difference is good. Jhanai was born on June 21. Her brother was born April 30th. (I know you didn't ask me, but I thought I would pipe in and tell you when mine were born)

Ellen--I had no idea that you were treated that way with your doctor! You shouldn't be pushed around like that! So take Janes advice and pack your bags.....I think you're going to the Farm!! :D You mentioned that you have a you like it? I'm thinking of getting one (it's cheap) sometime in the near future. I used to have a Total Gym 1000, but we sold it to a friend of ours. We never used was too heavy to move or pack up and put away and if we left it was always in the way. So we got rid of it.

Jane--You must get a photo of you and the DGD making snow angels together!! I can't believe all this snow. I guess Nevada has about 6' of it! Too much. I loved Mary Poppin's....never was a huge Benjji fan but it was ok too. One of my favorite Disney movies was Pollyanna. I'm still wanting to get that movie. Have a fun movie day with you DGD's!

Pam--My sister had talked to me about Scrapbooking a lot before I actually started doing it. I thought it was too much time involved. But one day I had decided to do a weightloss scrapbook and when I did my first had nothing to do with weightloss! And I was hooked. I love being able to create a page. It's fun and can be very relaxing. You should try it may have a new hobby if you do!

Hello to Cristi, Susan, Katy, Julie, Katie, Sue, Ann, and I'm sure I'm missing someone....not intending to....Good morning to you all!

Well, I left a message w/my BIL to call me when my sister has that baby of hers......still haven't heard from them. I hope she didn't have any difficulties. I may hear from her this afternoon. She waited until the afternoon with Briana.

Other than that...not much on the agenda for today. But Jhanai is needing me right now so I better get off of here. You all have a great day.

01-16-2005, 02:02 PM
Ellen,you sure have had trouble with Doc's but I know what you mean. As a Doc's daughter I judge all of them by him.He believed med students should be required to take courses in Bed-Side-Manners. Until he died I went to him for all medical advice.He was a more attentive Doctor then he was a father.

Yes,Eddie's talked to a friend about putting up a good fence back there and I think I will talk to someone about that guy on Monday.He's just to creepy.

Are you just discovering Louisa May Alcott? She's wonderful. My 5th grade teacher set aside some time everyday to read a chapter or two of her books to us though out the year. It's one of my best school days memories.She should be required reading for all girls.

01-16-2005, 03:10 PM
Hello gals...

Sarah called me about half an hour ago......Lucas was here by 7:00 last night. He weighed in at 6lbs. 13oz. I won't be able to take Jhanai to see him today since she has a little cold. I don't want her to be around a newborn while she's sick. So I may stop by after I take Jhanai home.

Just wanted to stop in and update you all.

May check in later on...

01-16-2005, 04:14 PM
Hey all
Just wanted to check in before going to get a workout in!! Lost 1 lb last week!! Not what I wanted to see, but somethings better than nothing..All I can do is try a bit harder this week!!DBF bought a chocolate cream pie last night, I told him he better finish it off soon, cause I dont need those kind of things lying around....
Went to Petco today to buy scruffy and max new name tags....We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight, so I had to go stock upon rock salt as well!!
Hope you are all having a good Sunday, its back to work tomorrow already!! Ughhhhh...
Hi to all

Tea Rose
01-16-2005, 04:19 PM
Ahhh Marti
Congratulations Aunti Marti, I hope Mommy and Daddy and Baby and The whole family are doing well, Babies are such a precious gift(((, Love and Hugs to all)))I love the gazelle its fun to do, dosen't feel like exercize ,but it works very well, I just need to get some motivation that I have been lacking of late, but I would say try it for sure.
Pam it sure feels that way of late, anyways, never had any problem before, I think some of them have their priorities a little mixed up.,I just want the medical care I deserve and if it takes up a little more time than the guy before or after me, so be it, Thats what they are their for , thats why they do what they do , is it not.If I don't need their medical care ,I sure as heck would rather be anywhere else., maybe on vacation where they always seem to be.I am beginning to get a bit irritable, about the whole issue beit animal or human care,medicine is not a 9 to 5 job and if thats all they are willing to put in they are in the wrong profession. I also realize that its hard to balance a family life , with the obligations and responsibilties of being a doctor but this was their choice of profession and when I need help I expect them to be there.NOTHING MORE , NOTHING LESS,.Thats all I gonna say, cause I may explode. I am Very familiar with Lousia May Alcott , I just wasn't aware of her Little Men and Jo's boys, I have watched Little Women for as long as I can remember and read the book when I was young, as a matter of fact I gave my neice Little Women for Christmas.So Glad your son is putting up the fence for your protection , but do call the police a fence won't keep out this guy if he's trying to get to you.
Jane~ Please come and get me, I need a vacation , I will cook ,clean , make snow angels with you anything just get me to your farm before I end up in the funny farm:lol:
Julie congratulations a pound is a pound , so don't be to discouraged, sometimes its slow at first, but I know what you mean about the treats they make it extremely hard when they are there. any ways don't work to hard ,just hard enough, have a great day
I need a rest , I have given myself a headache from all this venting I prefer not to use my brain this much if it isn't required, I'm short on brain matter as is, need to save some for the next 50 years:lol:

01-16-2005, 09:48 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Ellen - I'm sending a limo for you since it's just too cold for me to get out, lol. There are refreshments in the back, with lots of truffles and champagne. ;)

Marti - yay about the new little guy! Welcome to the world! Does Pollyanna star Haley Mills? Now that my treadmill has died, maybe I should get a Gazelle, too. Where did you find one on sale?

Pam - clip the pedometer to the waistband of your pants, in front of your leg. The one I got is a cheapie from McDonalds, and it works fine. It's amazing how fast the steps add up! I haven't used it for awhile, but did last summer.

Julie - yay for the pound down! :cp: Neal says our garbage disposal eats better than we do from all the stuff I put down it, lol. Chocolate pie wouldn't have a chance around here, lol.

About the only thing I did today was finish my book, The Passion of Chelsea Kane by Barbara Delinsky. It's in paperback at Walmart, and a good read for a winter's day. It's so cold, and with an Alberta clipper coming through the high tomorrow is supposed to be about 5 degrees. Brrrrr!!

Stay warm, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

01-16-2005, 10:57 PM
Hello gals...

Well I've discovered that there is no school for kids tomorrow due to MLK day. Now....why didn't they have that day off when I was a kid?? Anyway...I walked into Jhanai's room and told her to call her dad and tell him that I will take her home on the way to work tomorrow. So she gets an extra day with me! (or night which ever you want to consider it)

Pam--Just as Jane said....clip the pedometer to your pants and forget about it. Then after the day is over you can see just how many steps you take! I used to walk constantly when I worked at at OML...I'm always on my butt! But I plan on getting my pedometer out and putting it on anyway. It's nice to see what I've done in a day.

Julie--A pound gone is fantastic. After a year...all those little pounds off will add up!! So hurray to you for losing that pound! I gained a pound back......did you give me yours? :lol:

Jane--Do you have a Shopko in your area? That is where I seen the sale at. Today's Sunday paper had a sale for the Gazelle for $89. They also had a manual treadmill for the same price. Not sure how often they'll have sales for those (since I can't afford one right now) but I hope it's often enough that I can get one by Spring.

Well....I've been playing around with my scrapbooking page of Jhanai when she was about 2. I had forgotten how long her hair was when she was that little. (It's long now...but at 2 it's amazing how much hair she had!) It was down her back and almost to her butt. Anyway...about my page....I have it all layed out, the only thing I need is a poem or some journaling....I'm so slow at figuring out what I need to write on these pages!! (can you imagine if I HAS to write a book?!) I will post a photo as soon I finish though. I love having the bigger pages now. So much space and less cutting time.

Anyway....which brings to mind----

Ellen--You are the poet on this thread....have any thought to a poem for a picture of a little girl wrapped in blankets getting ready for bed???? I could use all the help I can get. (I usually go online and find poems.)

Just wanted to pop in again and see how everyone is doing. Hope you all had a great weekend. To bad it's almost Monday!!

Talk to you all later

Tea Rose
01-16-2005, 11:01 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:
Jane I'm ready and waiting but the limo really you shouldn't have,:lol:
My bags are packed
And ready to load
They are on the curb
Right next to the road
I'm so darn excited
My britches might burst
Thankful I paid respects
To the ladies room first
I brought everything
That I needed to stay
My jammies , my pillow
For my head to lay
My toothbrush, my comb
And a good book to read
And everthing else
That I thought I might need
I packed my long undies
To play in the snow
My touque and my mittens
Are ready to go
Oh Kisses and hugs
From granddaughters are yummy
Warm soup ,apple crisp ,
To help fill up my tummy
I'm so looking forward
To the fresh country air
I just can't believe
That I soon will be there
Now if I should awaken
And this is all just a dream
It will still be
The most beautiful place
That Ive been

Marti thats almost to scary what timing :lol: I will find one for you,
Marti did I misunderstand , did you want me to write you a poem for a picture
you haveand how old would this little sweetie be,

Tea Rose
01-17-2005, 12:35 AM
Marti how is this,if not what you had in mind I will try again
~~~~~~ANGEL DUST~~~~~~~~~~

Your blanket is soft as the new fallen snow
So cozy and warm , as a firefly's glow
A pillow so soft ,as a baby birds down
All ready for bed , in your pretty nightgown
Wrapped up so snuggly ,with a blanket so warm
You crawl into your bed, to sleep until morn
Eyes ,slowly close ,as your tucked in with Love
Angel dust falls from the heavens above
It sparkles and glitters,and rests on your eyes
The stars shine so softly ,far up in the skies
You drift off to sleep ,till a new day will dawn
And you will awaken a beautiful swan

01-17-2005, 01:31 AM
Ellen--You are SO talented!! I love the poem. It's for a picture of Jhanai getting ready for bed. (she's in my bed.) I will try and post a photo of it soon. She's about 2 1/2 in these pictures.

Thank you so much! I think I'll use the one here!

Tea Rose
01-17-2005, 03:01 AM
Hi Marti
I gave it another try, its kind of late so I don't know , if you like it maybe you can use on another picture,
~Moon Beams~

Sweet as an Angel
In her mommies bed
There is no where else
she'd rather lay her head
ALL tucked in tight
So filled with Love
As the angels dance
On the stars above
Its time to sleep,
So she closes her eyes
As her Mothers heart fills
with such joy inside
My precious angel
goodnight ,sweet dreams
as she drifts off to sleep
so still she seems
but I know that somewhere
inside her dreams
she is happily dancing
upon the moon beams

Tea Rose
01-17-2005, 03:12 AM
Marti thats really to funny while I was posting that poem for Jane you were also posting for me to write a poem for you. What are the chances of that:lol: I did my best , but its now 2:10 and I am now getting tired, so I hope you like them, I was running out of steam so I think I should go to bed ,thanks for chatting and the cookies James makes darn good cookies ,:lol: What a Man:lol: night all :tired: :yes:

01-17-2005, 03:56 AM
Oh Ellen!! Such wonderful poems! I believe I'm going with the Moon Beam poem! It just seems to fit! Thank you so much for taking time to do this. As I said before during our may have a new job as my personal poet! :D

01-17-2005, 04:25 AM
Pam~ Nothing happened yesterday…..except Tommy and I didn’t get to bed until about 7am. Our buddy who came over on Saturday night, well his truck died on him on his way back to his apartment. So he called Tommy and Tommy went to go help him.

Jane~ I can hear the giggles already!

Ellen~ What year was your son born? My birthday is August 17th. You daughter is three days older then my hubby! You crack me up!! You are very talented! I have a knack for writing poetry here and there.

Marti~ I have been told, both by my doctors and by my older sisters, that two years is the perfect time in between kids. That way it gives you some quality time, some time to prepare them to where they will understand what is going on, and some time to get your body in shape! Congrats on being an aunt again!!! Brandon was 6lbs. 13oz. when he was born! And I always got the “was he early?” comments after people found out how much he weighed at birth.

Julie~ Be careful in all that snow!

All this talk about books, reminds me that I still have to finish the book I have been reading for about a month and a half now. It is called “This Much Is True” by Wally Lamb. It was one of Oprah’s book club books. I tend to read books that she recommends for some reason.

01-17-2005, 05:17 AM
Had to share this before I went to bed. I finished the page thanks to Ellens talented writings!

It's really a simply done page, but I had fun because for the letters I got to use my die-cut machine and then I ran them through the sticker machine!! Saved so much time on trying to glue each letter!
I also chalked around the star and moon to give it a shaded look.

What do you girls think?


01-17-2005, 11:55 AM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - awww, your scrapbook page is adorable! Jhanai is the same age there as the twins are now. How sweet! Love your color combination.

Ellen - uh, I'm sure you won't see this, as the limo would've picked you up by now, right? You sure do have a talent for poetry! Have you ever been published?

Mindee - if you like This Much is True, you HAVE to read Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone. It's been years since I read it, but remember it was so good. I know it was about an overweight girl with issues. Maybe that's why I liked it so much.

A big hello to the other JLs and all lurkers! :wave:

Neal and I have been working on an antique dresser that sits in our living room. The wood was separating at the bottom, and while he fixed that, I cleaned out the drawers. Another spring cleaning project out of the way. :cp:

Then I got stuck on the phone with a pouter that I've known for ages. This woman takes things so very personally and is so moody! Although I tried to help her, (her DIL hurt her feelings) I wanted to just say grow UP and think of all the real troubles in the world and count your blessings and stop focusing on the negative! Well, I did sort of tell her that, lol. Just call me Dear Abby!

Although it's cold outside, the sun is shining brightly and it looks more like spring than winter. In a few more weeks I'll be able to hang my linens outside to dry again.

What's on your agenda today?

01-17-2005, 12:07 PM
:coffee2: Good morning.Yesterday ended up being eventful.The "Street Fighter" arcade game arrived.Now I ask you,where would one put such a monstrosity?Why, smack dab in the middle of your livingroom of course! :lol: Aw,the sacrafices we make for those we love. :rolleyes:

Ellen,you are a woman of many talents.Your poems are lovely.I used to write poetry but have to be depressed or very emotional to do it. I'll look up some and see if there is something you might like.
Have you got your meds straightened out yet?My sister has this troulble every month it seems. Can't get a hold of her doc for refills.I thought it was because she's a Medicade patiant.

Marti,Jane,this pedometer cost about fifty bucks and does everything you can think of.Pulse,stop watch cals,ect. This is one of those cases of to much information. I wish it was a simple one. What good is a fancy one if you can't figure out how to use it. The buttons are so tiny you need a :mag: magnifine glass to see them.

Marti, your daughter is precious.Loved your scrapbook.

Girls,you won't believe it. It's going to be in the 80's here today. Old Man Winter is going to need some sun-block. :coffee:

01-17-2005, 01:02 PM
Hi Girls!!!

Marti : what a cute picture, thats a neat idea!!
Ellen: That is quite a talent you have there!!!

Well thanks for all the weight loss encouragement...Im thinking because they have stopped the overtime at work, that I will get up at 5am and work out now in the morning before work a couple times a week, as well as in the afternoon when I get home...I eat so healthy but yet have such a hard time losing, its like the exercise is my key factor and I really have to work hard at the work outs to see the lbs drop, so maybe it will give me an extra boost. I was going to work for 530am to get overtime, but since I dont have to be in till 6 now, I have a little bit of time to play with!! We'll see!!!
Got a call today from my friend who's DH went into the army,,, Well I guess he called yesterday and hes not coping with boot camp too well..Im thinking that he will be returning home soon...I guess he was crying and very upset!! I'll tell ya, he has 3 kids here and a wife. he should have thought all this through before going and signing his life away,maybe next time he'll think twice. So he asked that we all write him, maybe that will help encourage him to stay and stick it out!!! So Im gonna write him a letter after dinner tonight!

Well just figured I drop in while eating lunch at work, talk to you all later
Have a great day

Tea Rose
01-17-2005, 03:29 PM
Hi Jane:wave:
Yes I have been published in many medical Journals for unexplained anomalies:lol: Ah gee Jane it must have been a dream , but a nice one it was.Oh Abby you weren't supposed to tell anyone about our conversation, now I'm so embarrassed. I 'm not telling you my problems anymore:lol:
Hi Pam:wave:
I used to write all my poetry when I was depressed or emotional, especially as a teenager. now that its just a normal state it just flows like water somedays:lol: I called about the precription , just waiting for them to call me back.I have one of those from McDonalds, just didn't know it was called a predomiter:lol: no comments from the peanut gallerey.80's its -9 with a -16 windchill factor here.
Hi Julie:wave:
Any weight loss is a good one , keep up the good work.Too bad about your friend , its a tough situation to have put himself and his family in.I hope it all works out for the best for them all.
Hi Marti:wave:
So Glad you liked the poem's . after I saw Jhanai snuggled in the bed , I though I would try again , I was pretty tired , but so happy it worked out, Yay I'm finally in print:lol:
Hi Cristi:wave: where are you, I miss you, I didn't do it I swear, whatever it was I'm sure its my fault:lol: would like to hear from you
Oh Cristi
Oh Cristi
Oh where have you been
I have searched high and low
your nowhere to be seen
I looked under the snowbank
I shovelled and groaned
I dug tunnels and trenches
to places unknown
I passed up a trip
to the country for you
In a limo and all
What more can I do
I will not give up
till I find you ,out there
There's only one reason
because I really do care
If you don't come out ,I will be forced to write more cheesy poems,:lol:

Hi Mindee:wave:
My son was born in 75 Yes I was a child bride:lol: since I'm only 39 "still".I always check out Ophra's picks to I am eyeing Drowning Ruth , sound pretty interesting, but I have enough new books right now
to last me for months.l
I don't know where all you other girls are hiding, hope all is well, just heard we are getting a dangerous storm warning ' calling for -27 windchill factor tonight,so I have to set something up outside to protect the kitty other than his house,He lay outside on his blanket last night in the brutal cold, I kept getting up checking on him, he came in a couple of times and layed on the rug ,making cute little noises ,to me , but became overwhelmed by the barage of kitties and went back outside to lay on his blanket. I feel so bad for him. I want them all to be safe warm and not hungry.Any ways girls I will be back to check later have to see what I can do for this little guy to further protect him from the elements just incase I can't get him inside tonight, hopefully everyone is having a nice day, talk to you later

01-17-2005, 05:35 PM
Afternoon Ladies--

How are you all today?

Mindee--I remember when I was pregnant w/my son, everyone asked when I was due.....I told them it was in a couple weeks. And they would look at me and say "OMG--you barely look pregnant" he was 6lbs 4oz. With Jhanai to the same question and my answer being 6mos......they all thought I was due any day. Amazing w/the difference in how I carried them. Jhanai was only 7lbs. 7oz.....but I was absolutely HUGE while I carried her. My Dr. took an ultra sound thinking I was either due earlier or had twins. My son was two weeks early(due May 12--had him April 30) and Jhanai was almost two weeks late(due June 10--had her June 21). Crazy isn't it?

Jane--Thanks for the compliments on the page. The color combination is what took so long to figure out. Since your DGD are at the same age......get out your scrapbooking supplies and do a page! Or better yet....send me the pictures and I'll do one for ya! :)

Pam--Wow.....must be a nice pedometer! My was about $20, it was a birthday gift. And it's really simple to use. Three little buttons and thats all. Although, it's been awhile since I've used the thing I'm not sure if I'll remember how to use it!! are finally in print! I put your name as the author under the poem! You should really find someone who would print out all your fantastic poems!! Or at least save them all onto a disc and then maybe have a family member print them out and make a book for you. That would be cool wouldn't it?

Cristi--Where have you been?! Miss you! Wondering how you're doing and how everything is going for you. Did you end up painting, boardering, or stencilling the room??? Come back soon!!

And that goes for everyone else!!!

Ok....I'm leaving early today to take Jhanai home and possibly go see my sister and the baby. So I need to get cleaned up and go.

You all have a great Monday while I drag my sleepy body around!

Take Care

da fat n da furious
01-17-2005, 07:57 PM
Ellen,,,my turn! My Turn! I want a poem. Ill print it off and frame it.
I love my
Jane, if you were here I would give you the gazelle we have collecting dust down stairs.
Marti , congrats on the newest addition to your family.
Hello to everyone else.....
gotta run...

01-17-2005, 08:52 PM
Ok Girls, I want the truth. Who of you will admit to watching soap operas? Which ones? My foster mother got me started when I was a preteen on General Hospital and One Life To Live. I also would rush home from school to watch Dark Shadows. I still watch some though have taken brakes though the years.Anyone have a favoite?

01-17-2005, 09:37 PM
Just stopping in for a quick hello! Glad all is well with you ladies. Ellen- bundle up good for those cold temps! Angie - I wish you lived closer so I could just drop by and get the Gazelle, lol. Pam - I remember Dark Shadows. It rocked!! I used to watch the Young and the Restless, but only see it every once in awhile now. Marti - did you see the new baby?

I made oatmeal raisin cookies to take to Jerry. They're his favorite, and he was very appreciative. I told him he didn't have to share if he didn't want to, lol. Not much else a person can do... He sees his oncologist in Indy Thursday to get the result of his last bone scan and MRI.

Pam asking about TV reminded me, do any of you watch Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen? It's hilarious and on tonight.

"Have a good evening" to the Young and the Rest of Us!

Tea Rose
01-17-2005, 11:05 PM
Pam I will I used to watch, general hospital, all my children ,one life to live now I if I do watch anything I watch Young and Restless and LOL:lol: Passions what a ridiculous soap that is , but its good for a laugh.Whats Dark shadows never heard of it before must have been before my time :lol::lol3::rofl:

Ps: just incase the younguns didn't get that bit of humor Pam ,Jane ,and I are all the same age. Ok it wasn't that funny, maybe it wasn't funny at all , oh nevermind ,LOLbut seriously I have never heard of it give me the details.

Jane its so cold my long undies refused to outside with me:lol:

I have my Upper GI tomorrow actually its today now.see if they can find the source of any of my troubles, I think I'm kind of nervous , not of the test, I have had so many tests and surgeries, I don't know why , ohi will be glad when this is all over I hope I don't have to keep going for to many tests other than the ones that are booked, maybe today they will find the problem and I'll be done with it,I guess I should try and get some sleep. night all

01-18-2005, 02:33 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Not a whole lot going on over here.

Well, we think Brandon is over his milk allergy!! He ran out of his soy formula, so thanks to some ladies on the local freecycle boards, he is now trying milk based formulas! So far he has only been on the milk based formula for one day, but no reaction like he did when he was in the hospital.

We are also thinking that he is going to be walking before too much longer. He has no intentions, at least from what we can gather, of wanting to crawl forward. But when you stand him up and hold onto his fingers, he will take off like a bat out of ****!

Marti~ I love love love that scrapbook page!!

Jane~ I will have to look into getting that book next. I heard from some one else the same recommendation about “She’s Come Undone,” maybe it was from watching Oprah one day?

Pam~ I wish it was going to be in the 80’s here tomorrow, but unfortunately it is going to be in the 20’s, I think. I used to be a Days fan, now I really can’t get into it. But I am now a Passions fan!

Ellen~ I always eye Oprah’s book club books. I read Mystic River (loved the movie!), Bend In The Road by James Patterson, The Notebook, another one by James Patterson called Diary To Nicholas or something like that. I have a nightstand full of them and I can’t seem to find anything to read!

Marti~ I had Brandon when he was three days late. If it hadn’t of been for the swelling in my legs getting really bad, I am sure the doctor would have let me go until he decided to come. Every body always told me that they knew exactly what I was having because of how I was carrying him. And actually, every time they guessed they guessed right. The last night I went to my hubby’s bowling league the Friday before Brandon was born, one of the ladies looked at me and said “when are you due again?” I said “on Tuesday, why?” She goes “you are going to have him next Friday, a week from tonight.” I said “you guessed I was going to have him last week and here I am still waddling along.” Sure enough, Brandon was born the following Friday night at 9:16pm, they started bowling at 9:30. Too bad I couldn’t of had him and then left. LOL just kidding!

I also had an ultrasound done, on my due date to figure out if I was going in for an induction or a c-section. On my due date, I was told that Brandon was going to weigh 7lbs. 10oz. when he was born. The tech took the measurements three times, and each time it told him that size. When I had Brandon three days later, I looked at Tommy and said “he sure doesn’t feel like 7lbs. 10oz.” Tommy looked at him and agreed with me.

01-18-2005, 08:57 AM
Good Tuesday morning to you!

Ellen - we're in the Rest of Us category, lol. Dark Shadows was a soap that had the vampire Jonathan, and Mia Farrow played one of his victims. Remember? It came on right after school. I remember that my mom laughed because her banker started leaving work early to get home in time to see it, lol.

Mindee - I think She's Come Undone was an Oprah selection. There was a lot of buzz about the book when it came out. My Mary read it and liked it, too.

Hi to the others. :wave:

Oooohhhh it's cold this morning! But it's supposed to get up to about 30 today. That will feel like a heat wave, lol. I'm going to put on some Rolling Stones music, and do more Spring cleaning today. Always feels so much better to see the finished project, lol.

Then I'm going to get out my new book by John Grisham that I mentioned on the Book thread and enjoy a cup of lite hot chocolate. Life is good!

What're you going to do today?

01-18-2005, 09:42 AM
Good morning...

Time to catch up! Our ice is gone, so I went for a walk yesterday to get some exercise.. it felt so good to get outside after being iced in for two days. We all had the day off yesterday due to MLK.... so a very nicely timed ice storm, I must say. Today, everyone is off to school and I have a preschool meeting this a.m. so it is back to business as usual. I kind of enjoyed sitting by the fire watching kid shows and working on my projects. I made a cute little pink and white crochet poncho with some faux fur trim - ohh laa laa. Also knitted a Wavy Gravy scarf, which looks just like it sounds... has wavy edges. It is so nice to be able to do that stuff without pain - my shoulder problem used to limit how long I could work on these things, but I was in good shape.

Thanks for the good thoughts for David's DSG. She did pass away peacefully in her sleep a few days ago.. meant to post an update, but have had little computer time with DS and DD being stuck at home. She was a great lady who did not welcome the indignities of age.....everytime she needed a higher level of care at her facility, she made sure everyone knew she was not happy. I admired that, really - she was just a strong independent woman for so long.... at the end she was ok. She did not want surgery; she just wanted to sleep and her family agreed, so she died the way she wanted to. Her sister passed a few years ago and I know she missed her terribly, so I am happy to know that they are reunited now.

My brother's friends who were in Thailand have been given up for lost, also. There was a memorial for them on Saturday. My brother couldn't drive up here because of all the ice... so I had a couple of phone conversations with him..he was ok about it. He and his other stranded friends were going to have a memorial of their own in Eugene. Today is his "little" brother is 37!

Jane - your temperatures makes us Oregonians look like a bunch of wusses. Anytime we get ice or snow, it is usually just for a day or tow, then the temps go back up to 40s. I don't go anywhere out of fear of the folks who can't drive worth a darn in this stuff more than fear of the conditions themselves. Remember Carol Burnett's As The Stomach Turns? I loved that spoof!

Pam - ok ok I confess - I watch As the World Turns and Guiding Light , but not religiously. I watch them if I am either snowed in, or I am doing some kind of project at home when the kids are out. When I was a teenager I was addicted to All My Children, but then became hooked on Guiding Light... and GL has really been my main addiction for 20+ years now.

Mindee - I just saw Mystic River, I thought it was ok, but not Sean Penn's best performance. I thougth his best performance ( besides Spicoli of course :) ) was in Dead Man Walking. But the movie itself was pretty good - let me know if the book is worth a look - sometimes I think the books are better than the movies. Glad Bdo is taking to the milk formula...pretty soon he'll be one and you can switch him to cow's milk and tippy cups....that is, if you can catch him!

About pregnancy - I read someone's observation once that when moms are carrying girls, they seem to gain weight in their face. I thought that was such a strange observation, but since then I have noticed it to be true! I certainly had a fatter face with DD than with DS. :?: I had such big babies than I was just plain big everywhere, but I did notice that I carried DS a little lower than DD... is that a gender thing, too?

Marti - I thought your page was adorable and Ellen's poem was the perfect touch! You are both so talented! Whe do the JL "Aunties" get to see a picture of the your brand new nephew? I'll bet he's a cutie....

Ellen - Good luck with your Upper GI today - yuck. But you know if they can find outwhat's wrong, then it's worth it.

Julie - A belated congratulations on losing a in your food must have made you lose your diet around, lol!

Hi Cristi, Angie, and everyone else!

da fat n da furious
01-18-2005, 12:03 PM
Katy, I am having a scarf knitted...Momma Chris (lady from work, who I call Momma Chris cause she mothers me so must of been pained watching me knit, she took my stuff and left for the weekend on Friday and I haven't seen anything since. She said she was almost done. I love knitting! lol My scarf is brown and gold, and I bought beads in those colors that I will attach.
Big plans for the day is, return Monte's movies I bought him for Christmas, he only now admitted he doesn't like And yes I will return my ring finally today too. Need to get my other rings cleaned, pick up a shirt for Tanner, I got a chip in my windshield so I need to get that fixed.
I wish I could stay home and put some loud music on and clean. Brandon and I have a chiropractic appointment today....
Ellen, I was telling Brandon about how talented you are in verse. Hes like she should write songs.... Ellen you should write songs. BTW what is the name of my kitty?

The weather here is close to tropical. Does anyone else get barometric headaches? When there is huge fluxuation in temps I get some brutal headaches, the past few days we have gone from minus 40 to plus 4.
egads forgot have a meeting in less then an hour,,,sitting here, not showered...gotta run

01-18-2005, 01:06 PM
:coffee2:Good morning. Think I feel good enough to add a few extra min to my walk today. It's so warm here it's almost air conditioning weather.

Ellen, Dark Shadows was about the wealthy Collins family and their spooky house. It had ghosts and vampires and witches. It was all the rage for teens. I watch Y&R now but wasn't able to get into Passions.So sorry you missed out. I'd be nurvous to if I was having an Upper GI. Sending you much positive energy so all will be well.Please let us know .

Jane,I loved Angelic,Barnabus,and Quentin. My foster mother swore it gave me nightmares. A while back I watched it all over again on the Scifi Channel.It was really awful. So funny how tastes will change with age.I do wish they'd redo it but make it better. I still love scary stories.

Katy, I watch ATWT and GL to. GL has a new bad boy who I predict will become a big star. Tom Pelphery.I watch or listen to lots of soaps. It's nice to do your house work or other chores and have one going because you don't have to give them full attention and can still keep up.By the way,I hope thats how I go when the time comes,in my sleep with those that love me near by. Sorry about your brother's friends in Thailand. Such a tremendous tragedy it bogals the mind.

Good morning to one and all.I check back in later. Love Ya, Pam

01-18-2005, 01:58 PM
Hello Ladies,
Have a few minutes left of lunch so figured I'd check in and say hello.
Just went to the post office to go send off the letter I wrote to my friends husband in the air force. Its funny how you dont think you have much to say to someone and then once you pick up a pen, you amaze yourself, 3 pages later!! So I went out to mail that off and gas up my car!!!
Its like below zero here today, its so cold outside!!! I have to work at the hospital tonight for clinical, so Im not a happy camper today, I hate having to go work there after working here all day...I know it will pay off eventually, but in the meantime it rots!!!! Hope all is well with everyone, and I'll check in later

01-18-2005, 03:06 PM
Okay...was on earlier but had to leave for a few minutes but I am back. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just been busy, busy, busy. Too much going on for once. Then of course TOM happened to pop in and is making me feel horrible. I really thought I was thru with this and then BAM! Didn't bother weighing in with that going on. My plans today were to clean house and of course that too is not going to happen. Anyway...

Pam~oh, I do remember Dark Shadows and loving it. I was 15 at the time, wow, so long ago! I don't watch soaps any longer. Quit right after DS#2 was born, which was 22 years ago. I had been watching one and can't remember what the heck was going on but they dragged it out for a week and I never found out because that was when I said "NO more!" I started reading and watching Lifetime at that point. But when I watched soaps my favs were Ryans Hope, All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital and my all time fav was Edge of Night. I was sad when it ended. Anyone remember that one? There was a guy on there named Miles who I liked, the character, his looks and the name. Anyway...while he was a looker I really liked the name Miles but with a y and so DS#1 ended up with the mn Myles. My SIL liked Ryans Hope so much she named her DD Ryann Hope!

Ellen~I'm here girly. I have been lurking when I had time. Just didn't have much time to post after all the reading. You ladies have been a chatty bunch. And THANK YOU for the poem, that was so sweet. I did print it out and will put it in my scrapbook along side a pic of you when I get one! Hint, hint ;) You seriously should think about getting published lady. Get all your poetry together and publish a book. I also printed the poems you made for Marti-hope you don't mind. They are just so sweet and good. I am sorry to hear about the troubles with your doc. Kind of sound like the one I had. She wasn't that bad but she did intimidate me. She always wondered why my blood pressure went up when I went to see her. She would listen but sometimes she seemed in a hurry to get me out the door. But for the most part she was fine and then BAM! she quit. I did however find a new woman doc (don't like men docs) and she is right around the corner from us, about 2 miles. Now to actually get in there and see her. Hope the GI goes well today and you get the results you are hoping for. :crossed:

Mindee~how old is Brandon? Question for ya...have ya tried regular milk? I don't know what parents now days do but when mine were small at 6 months of age we put them on regular milk. Of course I have known some who gave their kids formula till they were a year old and even breast feed till they were 3 1/2, ugh! Anyway, was just curious. My nephew was allergic to formula-even the soy. He couldn't hold it down and the kid drank a lot of homo milk and 7-up when he was a baby.

Marti~I remember all too well all four pregnancies. Guess it is something we mothers never forget. My face never got fat with any of the kids but you wouldn't believe my belly with DD! I swear it looked like I was going to pop. She was due in Jan and DH and I went to a concert the end of Dec to see Alabama and every time I got up to go potty the guy behind kept saying "Is it time?" I was huge and carried her really high, the boys I carried low. Anyway...CONGRAT'S on being a new Auntie again! Love the name Lucas Dean and can't wait to see a pic! I just love babies! And the scrapbook page of Jhanai is so cute! I loved it when the kids were that age. Of course I love them at any age. They just grow up too darn fast. DD will be 21 next week and DS#2 will be 23 next month! Oh,yes we already painted. The week before New Years. V was off for the week and painted the LR, kitchen, dining area, entry and the wall where the stairs are going downstairs. And I do love the green. Which reminded me I have pics waiting at Walgreens to pick up. So you guys can finally see it. Decided I am going to just go with a border afterall. I am headed to Home Depot sometime this week to see what they have and if I find something I will do it this weekend. I am afraid if I stencil it won't show up very good on the green.

Jane~I am picturing you dancing thru the house to the rolling stones cleaning. Have been doing a little bit of spring cleaning myself lately. Salvation Army is coming sometime this week to pick up some furniture in the garage and I thought I might as well clean out the closets and such and make it really worth their while. Although, with just the furniture it is worth their while.

Katy~my face never got fat with any of my pregnancies, just my big old belly. I did carry DD a LOT higher than the boys tho for sure. I looked like the good year blimp with her and of course while the labor was only five hours from start to finish (with DS#2 also) she put me thru the worst pain! DH had to leave before I pulled his arm off. I finally told them I wanted something for the pain and they did not argue. Gave me something and took me straight to the delivery room. :lol: Aaaahhhh...the joys of motherhood. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Sorry to hear about DSG. It's hard to lose a loved one but she did live a very long life. I just think it is amazing to see someone live to 90!

Angie~have a fun day shopping today! Hope you get something nice. So did you mention what you are exchanging the ring for? Another ring? much has gone on since I posted last and it is hard to keep up.

Susan~engaged to a Russian also eh?! I think I would have been afraid to wear the ring also. he must really like you to give you a ring. Speaking of rings...did you get one from Rocky yet?

Anyway...guess I have gone on enough. Hope I didn't miss anyone but please forgive if I did. Just too much to try and catch up on. So HI to everyone else. :wave:

I did manage a little bit of cleaning before the cramps got too bad this morning. Got the kitchen cleaned and the floor mopped and that's about as far as I got with the cleaning. Well, I also made the bed and did the entry and moved my milk can that holds umbrellas to make room for the sofa table DS#2 made me. Did I mention that? He made us a sofa table for Christmas and it looks nice. I know the kid loves to build things but I didn't think he would know how to make a sofa table. I gave him a pic of the one I wanted and he went to town making it. The only thing he is not pleased with the color choice so he is going to sand it down and redo it. I think it looks fine as I don't think everything in the room has to match-it would be a pretty boring room if everything matched. But that was my agenda today-to clean. Since that will not happen not sure what I will do. Maybe just relax and read some. Need to finish the book I am reading and get some cards ready to be mailed. Anywho...I may try to get on later, not sure. If not hope everyone has a great day! See ya :wave:

da fat n da furious
01-18-2005, 03:47 PM
I am sooo MAD! Im so close to tears. Because Brandon has to redue his english hes lost his chance to pick up extra credits, so now his graduating this June is hanging in the balance. Hes angry and was very cranky on the way home. Hes got grad photos this week and I thought maybe we could do a haircut then go back to have them taken and he refuses.
I need to go calm down,,,,

01-18-2005, 04:06 PM
Oh Angie...((((((HUGS)))))) to you and Brandon, poor guy. I do hope everything works out for him.

I actually came back for just a few minutes to ask if anyone heard about that 66 yr. old Indonesian woman who just had a baby. And I thought they said it wasn't an accident that she had been trying for nine years! :yikes: Can you imagine being a mother for the first time at the age of 66?! EGADS!

Tea Rose
01-18-2005, 04:19 PM
Hi Everyone
I thought when I went to bed last night the only thing I had to worry about was this test today, I couldn't have been more wrong, I crawled into bed about 2 am and settled in for the night, My son had gone to master their cd recordings with some friends about 6, but he hadn't come in yet,Just as I was dozing off there was a loud pounding at the door ,feeling a little upset that he was making a rukus , thinking because he had forgotten his key,I went down somewhat irritated to let him in, I soon discovered that they had been in a terrible accident , just up the road from our house, and they were Hurting and shaken,and standing at my door, all this just houses away and I knew nothing till they came in the door,Today is a serious of x-rays for all, 3 tough guys didn't think they wanted to go to the hospital
in the wee hours of the morning , but today are feeling the rath of their injuries , of cracked ribs ,concussions, and lacerations, good thing they all had seat belts on.I am so THANKFUL That they are all safe and that the injuries weren't worse than they are. You always worry about these things , every single day. and pray it doesn't happen,but sometimes it does. I worried about the road conditions when they left and begged them to be careful and all was well until they were just a block from home. It was well past 6 am before any of us saw a bed, and the short rest wasn't very good.
I got up to go to my test, my son came with me, got it done , came home I was exhausted .I thought that I would just lye down ,but hadn't had anything to eat so I thought I would like some soup. so I opened the can and since my can opener isn't so good it didn't open all the way,so I bent the lid back.and tried to pour out the condensed soup but it wasn't coming out so I shook the can a few times and the lid hit my finger and cut it open, so back to the hospital I went for 8 stitches,and now I 'm home and my finger is throbbing , my head is pounding , and all I want is sleep, I just though I would fill you in on my day,so far, will be back in a while well maybe this evening, and catch up on everyones elses news.Hope your day is going better than mine.

01-18-2005, 06:31 PM
Oh my goodness everyone!! (Can I keep up??)

Ellen--I'm so sorry that your son was in an accident but thankful that he's ok!! And your poor finger!! I'm sending you tons of hugs your way!!

Angie--Poor Brandon!! But think positive....he may be ok. I had the same thing go on in my senior year.....(I had the baby so I had to take time off) I was on the balance of not getting two of my they sent someone to home tutor me (only a month before school was out) and I managed to pull up the grades. Is there a way you can get someone to come out and tutor while he's out of school?
Sending good thoughts for you and brandon!!

Cristi--Oh so glad to see you! You know, I did read the paper today about that 66yrs old woman. I was flabbergasted wondering why in the world would you want to do that at that age?! Speaking of pregnant....I had gone back to look at photos of me pregnant w/both my son & NOSE got huge with Jhanai! I read somewhere that the membranes in the nose will swell if you're carrying a girl. Of coarse it's an old wives tale!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your house! That's a lot of painting! I didn't realize it was more than one room.

Julie--You must have had much to say for three pages to be written! I'm sure your friend is going to love getting such a long letter!

Pam--I will admit, that at a younger age I was addicted to soaps. All My Children and Young & The Restless....but I don't watch them now. Although I did flip through the channels not too long ago to see whose still on there....I didn't recognize anyone!! (that's how long it's been)

Katy--We didn't get any ice down here. In's been awfully scary warm! I was outside last night and I was in a t-shirt and wasn't cold. The temps at work were crazy...people were sweating. Bizarre!! Right now the sun is blazing! In fact, that's what woke me up this afternoon...I was too hot. (of coarse the heater was left on so that didn't help) Hope you're getting this sunshine today too!

Jane--I DID go see the new baby yesterday. I took Jhanai over there (but she didn't go near him since she still had the sniffles) and OMG!!! SO tiny! I forgotten what a 6lb baby looked like! :lol: He's so quiet compared to what his sister was. And my BIL said that he slept in more than she did! She gets up a lot still in the middle of the night. I had brought my camera and completely forgot to take pictures!! But I did tell Sarah to send me some pictures through e-mail so I can share them with friends.

Ugh....I'm feeling crappy today girls. I woke up hot and crampy. But I'm going to bed later and later and I'm not liking that because I don't get up until 1:00!! This morning I went to bed at 5:30!! I usually go to my grandpa's on Tuesdays, but it's too late to be doing that today since I haven't even taken a shower yet!!

As soon as I get some photos of Lucas I will definately post them. He's a cute little ball!! (he curls up so small....where as Briana liked to stretch)

I think I"m going to hit the showers.

May try to come back later

01-18-2005, 08:10 PM
Hiya ladies,

Katy - so glad your DSG went peacefully in her sleep and is now with her sister. What a way to go! Yes, I remember As the Stomach Turns, lol. The baby always ended up in the umbrella stand, lol.

Angie - did they warn Brandon about this before the surgery? If not, I'd think they would have to offer extra credit work or something. I'd think they'd WANT to, considering why he missed... it's not like he was goofing off or anything.

Pam - why in the world did I say Jonathan instead of Barnabus? I'd love to see an old episode just for laughs. Question for you or Ellen: The new TV guide says that the gal who plays Gabriella (Eva Longoria) on Desperate Housewives was on Y & R for 2 years. What part did she play on Y & R??? I don't remember her at all, but as I said before, I only see Y&R once in awhile.

Julie - you're a smart cookie to keep your eye on the prize at the end of all this education and clinicals. Before you know it, you'll have some fancy initials behind your name and you'll be earning big $$$.

Cristi - good to see you!! What has kept you so busy? Sorry about TOM showing up and I don't blame you for not getting weighed! Maybe your loss will be even better next week. Did you find some border? I still want to change something in my house, but don't know what. I got the bookcases moved last week, and that helped, but not what I wanted, you know? I think I want to totally redo my kitchen, but it's such a big job! Btw, the sofa table sounds wonderful!

Ellen - (((HUGS))) well, sweetie, you've had a day from ****, and if I could compose, I'd write a nice little ditty for YOU, since you are so kind to write them for us. Thank God your son is ok, but I can just imagine the fear! We never ever get to stop worrying about our children, no matter how old they get. I sincerely hope tomorrow will be a better day!

Marti - yep, we want to see photos of the new little guy. Hope you're feeling better. Don't you have to work tonight? Noses swell with a boy, too. My nephews wife looked like Jimmy Durrante right before their son was born, lol. For you young'uns, he was a sweet old guy, but had a nose like an ant-eater, lol.

Well, I got some work done, and then delved further into my new book. It's mysterious, but very interesting so far!

Hey everybody, since Marti is at work, and she will be in real early on her birthday tomorrow, I thought we ought to surprise her with a bunch of greetings tonight, so she'll have them for in the morning. Here goes:

Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Maarrrti,
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!


Hope you have a great day, Marti!!!

01-18-2005, 11:22 PM
Jane,She played the wack job married to Paul who tried to kill Cricket.Remember she had Paul's baby,the child he seems to have forgotten all about. :lol3: The primetime shows I'm really interested in right now is "Lost","Desperate Housewives", all the CSI's,Law & Order,and "Boston Legal".

Ellen,OMG,what an awful day.Driving in the winter there must be treacherous. I remember I had to put chains on my car when I lived in the mountains. Do you use chains?

Katy,Love Carol Burnet. Remember the skit of Gone With The Wind. I crack up everytime I see her coming down those stairs waring the green curtins,rod and all. :lol:

01-18-2005, 11:28 PM
Marti,Happy Birthday and may you have many more. Hope you get lots of hugs and loot. PS, Forget the diet and have lots of cake and ice cream.At our age every birthday is a gift and should be celibrated to the hilt. Love Pam (you are Ellen,Jane and my age aren't you? If not I've really put my foot in it)

01-19-2005, 01:49 AM
I haven't been on in a while (life's been crazy) and I read through THREE chat threads this morning before I looked at the clock and realized I was in danger of being late for work -- then came home tonight and read through two more!!! Omigosh, there is no way I can remember who all said what, but I guess I'll just jump in with both feet...

First of all...

:hb: :gift: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTI!!!!! :gift: :hb:

Hope your day is as wonderful as you are :) :) :) And congrats on your new little nephew! That's a pretty great b-day present, hmm?

Ellen, how are your mama and baby kitties doing now? The pictures were so cute, I just wanted to cuddle them. Your cakes are really great, too -- I used to decorate a lot, but now only once in a while for a birthday at work, and nothing very fancy. I love the figure piping; that's so much fun to do, but very time consuming. I'm very glad to hear those folks in the accident were ok, even if they were banged up. As for your doctor woes -- you are paying your doctor, probably a LOT, for a service. If your doctor isn't giving you the time or attention you need, then you might be doing yourself a big favor by finding a different doctor.

Cristi, were you asking about Netflix? We have been members for over a year, and love it -- but we were always getting late fees at Blockbuster, or returning movies we hadn't even had a chance to watch. We pay a set amount to Netflix every month -- I think it's about $20, but we never get late fees and can keep the movies as long as we like, and we can request older or kind of obscure films that are hard to find. And the convenience is worth it for us...probably wouldn't be if we didn't watch as many movies as we do.

For those of you reminiscing about Dark Shadows, there is some info here I barely remember the original series -- I was not allowed to watch it, but occassionally sneaked a peek :devil: They did a pretty decent remake in 1991; would love to see reruns of it. I think I'll check to see if they have it on Netflix...

Mindee, can Brandon eat any other milk products? My kids ate cottage cheese and yogurt, and tolerated cow's milk just fine. Maybe he just sort of needed to grow into it?

Angie, hugs to your Brandon, and I sure hope his credits work out so he can graduate as planned. :goodluck: Loved the pic you sent! And I would love to see one of the plays you are involved with. There's nothing else quite like live theater. One of my friends at work played the dentist in a local production of Little Shop of Horrors, and we went twice. He was in The Music Man (missed it, was sold out when we tried to get tickets); and now he is considering replacing one of the actors in "Pageant" -- a comedy play with all MEN playing the roles of beauty pageant's supposed to be a riot! Oh, and thank you so much for the jokes you send! They really brighten my day. :D

Susan, be careful of liquor-laced chocolates and Russians with $20 rings -- dangerous combo! Besides, I've heard Hawaii is a lot prettier than Moscow :lol:

My oldest son finally came for a visit, and will be here in CA until the beginning of February. He'll go back to SD, then might get deployed to Guam *sigh*.

Middle son is enrolled in college full time at night, looking for work, and hubby is enrolled in college half time at night -- trig and chem, oh is insane and my life and house and paperwork are in chaos right now. I'm exhausted mentally and emotionally, and it's been gray and dreary for weeks... my eating habits are horrible right now, and I seriously need a change. And some time off, dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew, sorry 'bout that. Started venting and then couldn't stop :lol: I was gonna backspace and erase it all, but then thought, naw, maybe it will explain why I only make it in here occassionally. Maybe I should stop by more often, then I wouldn't be so stressed? Y'all are better than chocolate.

OK...I gotta get paperwork together, or at least try to find what I need. The notary is coming to our house to sign papers for our re-fi tomorrow night -- Tim's ONLY night off school -- we lowered our interest rate, cashed out some $ for home repairs, and kept our housepayment pretty much the same. Wish the interest rate was just a little bit lower...or a lot lower...

Hugs to you guys, and thanks for being here,

Mary Kate

da fat n da furious
01-19-2005, 02:23 AM
Marti, if it was just that simple, thing is hes done all the work, the reason he would lose credits are the amount of time he was off. He was suppose to be off only 6-7 weeks but 10 weeks later hes still at home and in pain. He starts physio on Thursday. And then once the new semester starts on the 2nd he will be back at school. Thing is its advanced drama! His teacher and I worked together on a play before...and this all hangs in his hands,,,
Mary Kate, I would love to do the Pageant. Too funny.
Ellen, girl you need some rest. Your son is ok, banged up but fine. I admit I would have freaked. But now you really need to sleep....

66 yrs old? And first time mom? No thanks,,,as much as I love babies I wouldn't want to be a first time even at my age. There is a woman in our cast who is the same age as me who is trying to have her first baby...meanwhile here I am with a son old enough to graduate.
Came home from rehearsal tonight to find our roof is leaking,,,huge stain on my ceiling near the vaulted area. Not at all impressed with this day. Should of noticed it earlier when I was in a fighting mood,,,grrrr So have to call the contractor and see what hes going to tell me. 3.5 yrs is way too soon for roofs to start leaking.
Anyways need to get to bed,,,,
have a hair appointment in the morning and well Im not sure whats shes got planned for color...hopefully wild! Cause thats how I am

da fat n da furious
01-19-2005, 02:26 AM
and many more
:joker: :cb: :gift: :flow2: :grouphug: :cloud9: :high: :queen: :encore: :cheer: :balloons: :wizard: :flow1: :dance: :hat: :hb:

01-19-2005, 07:19 AM
Awwww!!! Thank you girls!! How sweet you all are.

Today at work, the lead got on the intercom to the entire building and announced my birthday. Then, when I left, she got back on and said "The birthday girl is now leaving the building" I had to laugh.

To answer Pam's question....I'm 34 today. But I feel like I'm about 14! :D

Good Night ladies and Thank You!!

01-19-2005, 09:33 AM
Good morning ladies!

Pam - wait, I thought Paul had a child with April? Or was that the child's name? Anyway, the mom is a mousy blond. The one I'm thinking of is definetely NOT Eva Longrino. But she had one, too??? Paul needs to keep his pants zipped!

Katiecat - yep, stopping by here is a good thing! So glad you're getting a visit with your son. How long will he be in Guam? Hon, you need a spa vacation. Or at least a box of Calgon!

Angie - hope you get some good news about your roof. The guarantee should be for about 20 years or so! Have fun at the stylists. If you get a color or cut we need to see to believe, post a link to the pics, ok? lol

Marti - you got my card on Saturday?? Sometimes it takes much longer than that, so I mailed it early. Hope you have a blast today. Any special plans, or do you need to wait until the weekend to celebrate? Hope your day is special and fun, Marti. Wish I could be there to share some cake, lol.

Hi to all reading this. :wave:

Makenzie the twin is coming over today. It's her turn for a little one-on-one with grandma, lol. We're going to make lite banana pudding and fold white clothes. Then we'll read some books and play with a Boobah cd-rom interactive game that came with the toy. Oh boy, what fun, lol.

Not sure I'll make it to chat. Depends on how long Makenzie is here. I really want to be there since it's a special day, so I'll try....


01-19-2005, 11:55 AM
:coffee2:Good morning everyone.Another 84 degree day.Last night my son gave me a "Auto Trader" and told me to mark all the cars I was interested in at around a certin price range,between 5 and 6 thousand. I desided I want a small economy car that still had a back seat and decent trunk,like a Starfire or Elantra.AC is a must for our summer

Jane,what a good idea to give each child some quality alone time with Grandma.

Marti,so young and so wise.

Ellen,hope today is better then yesterday,calmer.I can usually predict a bad day when things start to go bad in the Am.

Girls as you can see I'm discovering color .This is fun. See you all later ,Pam

01-19-2005, 01:33 PM
Hello All
Jane: Hope you have a great day with grandbaby!!!
Ellen: Wow , what a night, day, etc......Talk about STRESS!!!! Hope you're doing a little better
Angie: Hope Brandon pulls through all this, must not be easy on him

Well I worked last night till 1100 at the hospital, Im pretty dead today!!!
It is so cold here, it was like shock to my body walking the 10 minute walk from the hospital to my car last night!!! My fingers were frozen by the time I got there....Ill tell you it's this time of the year that I wish I could flee New England. I'd love to be in warm weather all year!!
Surprisingly I have been doing very well with the whole diet thing this week. Havent been able to get up early to workout before work, but Im doing about 1 hr of workout four days a week, so hopefully with dieting Ill see some results this week!! Im having a really hard time fighting urges though!!! Its almost like withdrawal....My head will ache like Im hungry all the time, when physically I know I have eaten, but its like the healthy food just doesnt fill you up mentally!!! Thats been the worse part of it all!!
Oh well enough of my belly aching, hope you are all doing well, and Ill talk with you later

01-19-2005, 02:16 PM
Makenzie is napping, but I feel sure she'll be up before chat... might try to sneak in anyway, lol. We got the pudding made, and I think I'll post a link to a photo of that on the next chit chat thread.


01-19-2005, 02:20 PM
Wait! Hop over to chit chat #106, please.