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01-13-2005, 09:02 AM
Well, it's almost the weekend. And they're predicting below zero (-30 or around there) for lows. Don't remember what the high is supposed to be but not over zero that much I know. Didn't exercise yesterday and my back if feeling better. So I'm hoping to jump back into it today. Maybe just do WATP instead of both of them. The scale is still refusing to move. So not sure what's up w/that. I'll deal with that in a month if it hasn't moved. lol.
Have a great day!!

01-13-2005, 09:46 AM
Morning Brenda: Glad your back is better today.

Get this! I made peanut butter cookies last night! What a dope! I promised them to a friend at work. :lol: Course I had a couple and probably will today too. I had all kinds of plans to be good today but I got a call last night from the doctors office that just ran my colonoscopy and now they want to do more tests :fr: What is up with that? And to beat all the office is closed today so I can't call and find out why. :mad: I am not normally a panicy person but this one threw me for a loop.

Also, I have a question about yogurt...I know we have gone over this before but I can't seem to remember what was it allowed or not? I love my Yoplait's my favorite treat....and it is good for you too.
Need to know...what are the facts on yogurt. I know the numbers do not look good but I thought there was some information about that it is a good carb??????

Help please.

Mrs H
01-13-2005, 10:08 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Brenda: Glad that your back is feeling better! Try and stay warm. I can't imagine having temperatures that are below zero.

Jane: Hope that all of your tests will come back OK. It's bad that they would tell you that the day they are going to be closed. I am sure that will worry you, but try and stay positive. I will be thinking of you! I'm no help on the yogurt question....Sorry!

Well, off to the dr this morning for another prenatal appointment. They told me last week they doubted they would see me this week but they were wrong! :lol: They are doing a non stress test on the baby today. She told me last week that if I hadn't had her by today that we would discuss when to induce. I doubt they will do it this week, but you never know. Maybe I'll go in and they will tell me I am in labor :lol: I know wishful thinking! My appt isn't til 11:20 and then I have some errands to run in town, so it will probably be late afternoon when I get home. I will post then to let you all know what's going on! Hope everyone has a great day and I will check in later!


01-13-2005, 10:10 AM
Brenda - glad your back is better. sorry about the temps, but we have the same low temp predictions for the weekend (NW Ohio) after a record high yesterday of 65! You will not regret getting back to the WATP today though. Don't you just love that sense of accomplishement when you are done?

Jane - I'm the panicky type also. It would just go insane trying to get more info! I know about the call of the cookies too!

The return to work for me has been great. I have lots to do to keep me busy, which is a nice change of pace! Things are great everywhere. So, why do I keep eating poorly? I tell you...I make it through about 1 1/2 days on induction and then I totally wipe out with a roll or cookies or something. It's making my crazy. How did I ever initially do this? What happened to that motivation? Is it because of all the working out I'm doing? I just can't figure out why I can't make it through more than 2 days without having a major carb binge!!

01-13-2005, 10:14 AM
Oh Lori I am the same way lately.....I can't seem to get that groove back. I know I will eventually but I just don't want it to get too out of hand. I think you will get it back too.....we have to!

Lisa: NO BABY! :faint: Good luck today....let us know what they say.

01-13-2005, 10:27 AM
ok, here is an article I found...see what you think

The problem with the stated carbohydrate content on the packages of fermented food products arises because the government makes manufacturers count the carbohydrates of food "by difference." That means they measure everything else including water and ash and fats and proteins. Then "by difference," they assume everything else is carbohydrate. This works quite well for most foods including milk. However, to make yogurt, buttermilk and kefir, the milk is inoculated with the lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria use up almost all the milk sugar called "lactose" and convert it into lactic acid. It is this lactic acid which curds the milk and gives the taste to the product. Since these bacteria have "eaten" most of the milk sugar by the time you buy it (or make it yourself.) At the time you eat it, how can there be much carbohydrate left? It is the lactic acid which is counted as carbohydrate. Therefore, you can eat up to a half cup of plain yogurt, buttermilk, or kefir and only count 2 grams of carbohydrates (Dr. Goldberg has measured this in his own laboratory.) One cup will contain about 4 grams of carbohydrates. Daily consumption colonizes the intestine with these bacteria to handle small amounts of lactose in yogurt (or even sugar-free ice cream later.)

When you go to buy ready-made kefir and yogurt, look for plain, unsweetened or artificially sweetened varieties. [Note: Blue Bunny now makes a Splenda-sweetened version of their yogurts that are delicious! See our review of them 3/6/2001.] Don't be afraid of plain, unsweetened varieties. This is how kefir and yogurt have traditionally been used. You may find that "plain" tastes best of all. Or, you can add your own no-calorie sweeteners and flavorings (or berries or nuts and seeds). It may be better if the product is "bovine growth hormone free" although this is still controversial.

Does it matter if it's "nonfat", "low fat" or "original, normal fat"? No. This will affect the texture a bit, but on this diet, you can eat any fat content product. Your preference rules here. We prefer the "mouth feel" of the whole milk varieties. Try them all and decide for yourself. You should also get a little gutsy now and try cheeses made from kefir and yogurt. These products are available ready made or you can make them yourself. Aim for at least 8 ounces of kefir, yogurt, or buttermilk daily.

Yogurt is a great health food and is enjoyed by just about everyone. The cultures found in yogurt such as Acidophilus are beneficial to the digestive system. For example, Acidophilus, which is primarily found in the small intestine, produces Lactase which is the enzyme that digests milk sugars. Bifidobacterium is another beneficial bacteria found primarily in the large intestine and these bacteria produce B-vitamins such as B1, B6 and B12 as well as folic acid and some amino acids. Eating yogurt will help maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

01-13-2005, 11:21 AM
Good Morning ladies!!

Jane- I love the LC yogurt and it is made w/ splenda, have you tried that??

B- Glad to hear you are feeling better, day 3 today!!

Lisa- I am thinking of you, I know how you feel it was the same for me. A little tip, have them try the meso tablets to ripen your cervix so that you can go into labor, it is a lttle tablet they put in there to ripen the cervix. Starting out straight with Pitocin is VERY intense and since you can't have an epidural until 4-5 centimeters, that can be heck!!! Ask you doctor about it. I know all this from personal experience.....YOWZAH!!!

Lori and Jane just keep plugging along the best you can and then all the sudden your groove will come back, those low times with little cheats are pretty normal.

I am doing great, today is day 3 of induction and I am feeling good. Going back to the gym today.

LOve Tg

01-13-2005, 11:27 AM
Good Morning :wave:

Its suppose to get up to 64 here today!!! Can you believe it...Jan 13th!! And the best part is...........are you ready????????? The SUN is SHINING!!! Dh wanted to take me to the movies this afternoon, but I think I'll drag him to the park instead!! :cb:

Im off to get dressed, and head off to starbucks for my coffee...I'll check in tonight and see how everyones day went.

Robin :wave:

01-13-2005, 11:40 AM
hello, ladies. i don't think i have posted regularly in nearly a year. so, probably most of you won't even remember me. i've been offplan since may when i went to supersized's to paint the interior of her house. we only have 5 months left in turkey, but don't yet know where we will be going next. my dd is halfway through her kindergarten year and loving it. a few months ago she started reading at home. last month i started substitute teaching and really enjoy it. this is the first time i've worked outside the home in almost 7 years. i started low-carbing again on the 3rd. supersized and i always start the day after our birthday. i slipped today though. so, i'll be making a fresh start tomorrow. i don't even know who is still posting here from a year ago. jane, try not to stress too much. i say that like i'm not a big worrier myself. congrats, mrs. h. sleep while you can before delivery. also, a few days after delivery, your breasts will engorge with milk. putting big, clean, cool cabbage leaves on them for 15 minutes twice a day will help relieve the engorgement. don't use them more often than this or it can reduce your milk too much. lots of women use the cabbage leaves to help their milk dry up more painlessly while weaning. this is all assuming that you are planning to nurse. if not, then just use the cabbage as much as you want. i hope this is not tmi, but if you have the baby in the next day or so, you probably won't be online for awhile. lori, jane, and brenda--looks like are still doing very well with atkins. i look forward to reading backwards to catch up on how y'all are doing. i'd better get off and get supper going. have a great day!

01-13-2005, 11:44 AM
fullfig: SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN! Of course we remember you! There are a few new people around here but still some of us old folks. Do you think you will be coming back to the states? How is supersized?

Robin: We have warmer weather here today too but it is so foggy! You can barely see.

TG: I have tried the low carb yogurt and do like it but not like I like the REAL stuff :lol:

01-13-2005, 12:42 PM
Fullfig- Great to hear from you!!! We missed you guys! :)

Sugar Cube
01-13-2005, 03:08 PM
Ate really well last night, it really helps when I prepare a lot of meat at once and use it creatively later. I oven fried chicken over the weekend and have been having it warmed up, over salad and last night with a cup of lowcarb tomato sauce. Hit the spot.

No exercise yet, my head is pounding. Now DH is sick. I should put a sign on the front door.

JANE - Not sure about the Yoplait Whips, but I use the Hood LC yogurts once in a while, at something like 3 - 6 NCs, great for grab and go, and they have 12 grams of protein as well as the calcium. I guess it really comes down to how fast you want to lose. Love the article on the yogurt, I guess I was shying away for no good reason.

LISA - At my last nonstress test, I drank so much gingerale, I got gas, or thought it was gas, it was labor, I actually left the hospital and was in labor. Had to fight traffic to go back. It was fine in the end, but the gingerale was too much I guess.

FULLFIG - One thing about LCing is that you can just be on it, you don't have to restart to be making really good choices. One little slip is better than what you may have been doing before. Hadn't heard the cabbage leave idea. DD weaned after a year of nursing, just enough time for the both of us.

With this head congestion, don't feel like eating too much, though I should be counting the carbs in the throat lozenges.

01-13-2005, 03:29 PM
I am back. I fell off the wagon a while ago & have been of course stuffing myself with anything in reach that I wanted. Well I gained the lost weight back plus 14 pounds. I have felt awful & knew the best place for support was right here.

I'm back & plan on restarting Atkins Monday.

I have missed you guys.

01-13-2005, 03:31 PM
jane and theo's girl -- thanks for the welcome back

liza -- thanks for the reminder. my dd weaned on her own at 38 months. i wouldn't trade that time we had together for anything in the world. it is hard to believe how fast she has grown. she is truly a blessing.

Mrs H
01-13-2005, 03:35 PM
Hi Ladies! No time for personals as I am in a tizzy right now :lol: Tomorrow is going to be the day! She said that I may not make it through the night tonight so we'll see. I have to be at the hospital at 6am tomorrow morning. They are not going to do pitocin. They are just breaking my waters right now and see how that goes. She seems to think with me already dialated to 3cm that with breaking my waters that it will make me go into active labor quick! I sure hope so! They decided not to do the non stress test today. Since the heartbeat was strong and the baby was moving around so much and the fact that they are breaking my water tomorrow morning she didn't see any need in doing it. That was fine with me. I have enough trouble laying down for her to listen to the heartbeat. Didn't want to have to lay there an hour for that test. Well, I'll try to check back tonight, but have a lot to do! Getting nervous now :lol: DH is also! If I dont' make it back in tonight, I'll check in as soon as possible! Thanks for all the support and well wishes and advice ladies! You definately all are the best!

01-13-2005, 03:37 PM
Jane: My favorite are chocolate chip cookies. I haven't made them in AGES cuz I know if I do I'll be scooping my fingers into the dough (yes, LOVE it raw)!!! DD's are getting jipped out of the cookie experience. lol. Occassionally I buy the ready made stuff (I'm not so tempted with that stuff). You'll get back on track soon :) And I don't know the answer to the yogurt question, sorry. But I'll be interested to find out :)

Lisa: I can't wait to hear the news!! Enjoy your rest while you can. After that baby's born you're going to wonder why you complained. lol. But that'll only last until the baby sleeps through the night (which if you're luck she will do right away)..then it's "oh isn't she CUTTEEEEE." :)

Lori: Maybe you shouldn't go back on induction. Maybe just LC instead? Maybe it's too limiting for you and that's why you're cheating??

TG: Enjoy the gym. WOOHOO@ day 3!!!!! Keep it going!!

Robin: Your weather sounds GREAT right about now. The temps are supposed to start dropping around here this afternoon. I'm wondering if they'll have school tomorrow w/it being so cold. We'll see.

Fullfig: Yup, you're remembered!!! I wish I had heard that trick w/the cabbage leaves after I gave birth to my 2nd DD. They no longer give you anything to dry you up. Man was THAT not fun!!!!

Liza: Don't worry about the carb count in the lozenges. The main goal is to get better THEN worry about the rest. Hope you're better soon!!

Well, went and picked up DH's venison (bacon & hot sticks) and after I get done checking in here, I plan on checking my email and then working out. I want to get at least the 3 mile WATP tape done. Neck is a little stiff now so I'm hoping it'll work itself out.

01-13-2005, 03:39 PM
Good day!

Hi SugarCube - I don't think we've met :wave:

fullfig - you're back! I remember you! Wow, I've never heard the cabbage thing!

Robin - we have lovely mild weather as well, but rain. But, they're predicting a major drop in temperature over night - too bad, I love these mild temperatures.

TG - Back to the gym for me, too! Lower body for me today. The leg machines always make me SWEAT!

Jane - I often will splurge slightly off plan and have yoghurt. I've found a brand up here that has about 8g of carbs per servings, so it's not so bad if I"m careful with carbs for the rest of the day. As for the peanut butter cookies - they probably wouldn't be so bad if you used Splenda instead of sugar - then it's basically just peanuts, eggs and Splenda! And I hope your upcoming tests will be okay.

Lori - agh! Yeah, I had a carb-attack last night. All the time I was saying to myself 'don't do it, don't do it' and yet I did it. :o

Lisa - no baby yet!!?? The anticipation!

Brenda - what do you think of WATP? I've heard it mentioned a lot it good, do you think?

I had an ‘oops’ last night - for some reason I really, really couldn’t resist having a couple bowls of Cheerios (luckily I somehow restrained myself and made them *small* bowls, but still...). They are my favourite food, and I do miss them - especially when they are so easily available. At least in the grand scheme of things, it probably wasn’t the worst ‘oops’ that one could have had. At least Cheerios aren’t particularly unhealthy in and of themself.

I got an email today from the government/British High Commission and my visa for the UK has been approved and they're sending it to me by priority courier! Um ... I nearly fell over in shock .... I only mailed them the application on Monday (as in, THREE days ago) ... how on Earth was a government body such as themselves acting so efficiently? I am in shock because the expected return time for such things is a couple weeks, at least. So now I'll have my visa about a month before I actually need it, but at least now I don't have to worry about it! When I renewed my passport last month, I also got it returned well before their predicted *mail out* date. Boy, the government has been my friend over the past couple months, 'cause I also got money back from them! Yay!

And on that note, I should get back to work!

Ciao, Julie

01-13-2005, 03:41 PM
Dawn: welcome back and before you know it, you'll have the weight back off again!!!

Lisa: That's great news. I can't wait to hear that you've had the baby. And of course you're nervous. Did you take lamaze classes? Just remember to kick DH if he gets panicky. I've heard some guys are like that. Mine was great through the whole thing. I was the witchy one. :lol:

01-13-2005, 03:45 PM
Julie: Sounds like everything's going in the right direction for you. Glad things are working out. I LOVE the WATP tapes. I have 2 different sets. the first 3 ( 3 seperate tapes. each with 1,2 or 3 miles on them) have the weighted balls. The 2nd set of 3 have stretchy bands. I find them BOTH great workouts. Yup, I'd advise people to get them :)

01-13-2005, 03:53 PM
dawn -- i don't know you, but i definitely can relate to falling off the wagon. this is the best place for support.

01-13-2005, 04:16 PM
my pc is so slow that a bunch of y'all posted while i was waiting for the screen to change. i love the watp videos too. for the last 2 weeks i've been subbing as a lunch monitor. walking there and back gives me 3 miles a day. once i'm over this sinus infection, i'll start using the gym next week.

lekker -- how are you? it sounds like you are ready trot the globe. i remember you saying that you loved to travel and would like to work overseas. is this trip for vacation or employment?

01-13-2005, 04:30 PM
Yeah Lisa!!!! We will; be waiting anxiously waiting for you. Don't be nervous it will all come out OK, a calm positive attitude makes ALOT of difference with childbirth. You wil do GREAT!! And you will not believe how great you feel when you see that little face!


01-13-2005, 05:10 PM
So many posts were made right around the same time a while ago, whew!

Lisa - good luck tomorrow! I think I'd be soooo nervous. But excited!

Dawn - sorry, I missed your post last time in the whole rush of posts - I fell off Atkins for months last year, but I finally got back on about 3 weeks ago - and it always helps to come back here, I think. This time around, I'm trying to stick pretty low - like at induction levels, but I'm not so strict this time.

fullfig - I've been trying to walk into work a lot, too (when it's warm enough, anyway). As for my travel, I'm going for employment (hopefully!). Yay, I'm sooo excited (as everyone can tell because I can't stop talking about it :blah: ) and it's still a few weeks or so away! The biggest pain in the butt when I get there will be finding a flat and finding a job, both of which I'd like to happen ASAP. Those are the only two items that make me go ... "...oh dear...". :eek: The visa that I got is called a "Working Holiday Maker" visa, which, as a commonwealth citizen under the age of 30, allows me to work for up to 2 years in the UK - any kind of job, part- or full- time. Fantastic opportunity, eh? A number of other countries offer similar visas to youth, but they typically restrict a person to working a maximum of 3 months at one job. Since I'm hoping to find something for a bit longer than that (hopefully in engineering, too), those countries weren't as enticing at the moment. I'm going to Edinburgh first and really hoping I can find something there - it sounds like a great place to live for awhile. :) If I can't find work - well, I guess I'll travel or figure it out as it goes along!

01-13-2005, 05:28 PM
Just time for a quick flyby. Fullfig!!! It's so great to see you again! I have your sister on my IM, but never see her online. Please tell her hi for me.

Lisa - I'm bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Lindy's arrival! :hyper:

The rest of you - I'll see you tomorrow!

01-13-2005, 06:24 PM
I've got to do a quick fly-by, too. My power's been off today while they changed the electrical meter boxes, so I've got lots of work to catch up on!

Fullfig: So great to see you back! Hope to see you around lots more.

Lisa: I am so darn excited about this baby! I can't wait. We'll all be anxiously awaiting the news and pictures, of course!

Hope you all have a great day!

Take care,

01-13-2005, 06:26 PM
lekker -- how exciting! you'll have to keep us up to speed with all the details.

star -- thanks. my favorite prenatal companion is rarely on the net at home. she has been housebreaking a new pup that she got from our younger sister. she travels with work a good bit also. i'm lucky if i can get up with her at work via email. i'll be sure to tell her that you said "hello".

mrs. h -- best wishes on the big day tomorrow!

01-13-2005, 06:51 PM
jdogg -- thanks. you must have been posting while i waited for my screen to change. i don't know why this site is moving so slowly for me today.

goodnight all. it is way past my bedtime.