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01-13-2005, 07:47 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club. :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us!! :cofdate:

01-13-2005, 08:11 AM
Good Morning ladies!!

Well today I stayed over again....trying to get some overtime while I can, so I can save up money. I got called into the office today for another quick evaluation.....they love me! :D Actually, they say I'm doing really well and that I'm keeping up w/the people who have started a few months before that made me feel pretty good. I was worried that I may be too slow. remember what everyone chit chatted about so I can do individuals!!

Susan--I'm sorry to hear that Rocky was feeling down. His mother (or was it his wife's mother) must still be mourning inside to think that he would really wait 18yrs. To be able to find another love after losing one is a gift from god and she should see that.'ll be moving to Hawaii so she'll still have her grandson around....and another bonus....she'll be gaining some granddaughters!! Hope everything gets better for him.

Ellen--Mugglies are my dogs. I call them all sorts of names. Chewy I usually call chewbert...James calls him bones. Cocoa is anything that goes with Cocoa!! But together....I call them mugglies, muttllettes, or kids. :D Photos of your kitties are adorable. And the cakes look great too! My grandmother used to decorate cakes.....just to do it, not for a living. You're a great cake decorator!! Come do my cake too!!

Angie--As you may have read already, Jhanai didn't get the part. She's Orphan 12. I had to laugh that she had a number to the part. She tells me that when she grows up she doesn't necessarily want to act...she wants to be the costume designer. Right now, she's very into Horror movies...(which at first really bothered me) she watches to check out the makeup and the clothing. She loves to draw outfits and her dolls, she has created new clothes for them with balloons!! Now talk about creative!!

Katy--It is sad that Oregon cut all the fun things for kids to do in schools. I think that if they want kids to stay busy and not get into trouble as they grow they really should keep these kinds of things in. She was lucky that her school still had music. I guess the schools around her cut them out already. What's next? I did read in the paper today that one of the laws (or bills or what ever) that they passed were to have Tae Kwon Do as a part of PE. They had to pass a law for that??

Jane--The weather here yesterday was beautiful. Today was very cloudy. But the forecast says more sun.....very strange. Oregon is known for rain and we really haven't had that much this year..... Oh....I believe that a kitchen in a box is every item you need for you kitchen sold all together in a some kind of container to store it all in. (I could be wrong so correct me if I am susan) I has seen something like that before. I wanted one myself when James and I first moved in together.

Cristi--How did walmart go?? Did you end up going to Applebee's and if did you like the dish you wanted? I haven't gone out to eat for awhile now...but when we do, I always try to be on my best behavior and order the healthiest thing. But salas just doesn't cut it....always chicken. I think that it's great that you and DS got to spend some time together. I have Jhanai this weekend and we're busy all weekend w/a birthday party and then my sisters' baby shower. Sheesh!! All in one weekend!!

Helllo to anyone I may have missed. I'm starting to get tired so my apologies if I left anyone out!

I'm off to take my mugglies ( :D ) out to go potty before I go to bed. Good night everyone!!

01-13-2005, 09:50 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Marti - thank you for starting the new thread. YAY :cp: for your good evaluation!! Did a raise come along with it? Even if it didn't, it's still good to hear things like that. We have birthdays around here, too. Macy's is the 21st, and Mary's is the 22nd. Plus, I have 2 local friends whom I will be treating to lunch before the month is out. Lots of celebrating - a great way to pass a dreary winter, lol.

Ellen - yep, pack your bags and come on over. The grandkids would give you more kisses and hugs than you can absorb, lol.

Cristi - today we have rain and wind. But the temps are in the 40's so at least it won't turn icy. Glad you liked the sandwich at Applebee's. May have to check it out.

Susan - if you end up marrying Rocky, which I assume you will, this will be your battle too. Pre-nup guidelines may be a real good idea. Not that you want to exclude the Nana, but she will have to respect you and know that major decisions will be made by Rocky and you as a team. Not her. This may get rough, but it's nothing a Jaded Lady can't handle. :smug:

Ann - hi, and hope you are having a good day. You mentioned sales in your bio - what exactly do you sell?

Angie - the techies would be right - you HAVE snapped, lol. Get some sleep, girlfriend!

Mindee - hope you win the furnace! My grandkids have those tied blankets,and they're so cute! I saw a quilt kit at Walmart with those as the squares, so each little square has the fringe and it's cute as can be! And easy, too.

Today I'm picking up Macy from the babysitters so that we can spend some quality time together. Just her and me. I'll take her out to lunch, and then we'll do my grocery shopping, then home for a nap. She'll stay for supper, then go home. She'll be 2 next week, and is a sweetheart. Very good, very loving. Sick a lot, though. :( She has to go to a specialist in Indy next Thursday for an evaluation.

Have a good one!

01-13-2005, 10:20 AM
Good morning!

I'm up early as usual..My DH got up with me to fill me in on some late night developments. His stepmother's mom has been in the hospital due to a fall, had some internal bleeding and docs thought she had pneumonia for a while there. Turns out they discovered cancer, in her colon, kidney liver...everywhere. A bit of a shock. She is 90 if she is a day and has been living with Alzheimers and slowly starting to recede from life as it now it is time to make her as comfortable as possible. She is too frail for surgery or chemo. She might be up for radiation, but I think her family is inclined to just let her sleep as that is all she wants to do.

My DH and I are so fortunate to have made it to our 40s with such wonderful women in our lives...we both still have living grandmothers... and a couple o' steps as well...hard to imagine them fading away, but I have been living in a little bubble of denial.

Other than waiting for updates fro the ILs, today is catch-up day. I stayed OP yesterday, so I am feeling back in control. I have a little tickle in my throat, so I am fighting off a cold of some kind. I have struggled in the past with staying OP while sick, or while my kids are sick, but am hoping to get on top of that one by being aware.

Had an interesting tea-time with an old friend (single woman, no kids) yesterday. She lives in the neighborhood where my DD3 goes for speech so we dropped in after session. Her house was a mess, but it usually is. I parked Leigh in front of Blues Clues in the tv room while we chatted, but after a few minutes it felt a little TOO quiet, kwim? So I tracked down L and sure enough she had wandered into the bedroom and there was an antique pistol lying on the dresser - and she had her eye on it....Now I do believe in watching my own children in other people's homes...they shouldn't have to childproof when they don't have kids of their own . But really! A gun!? She knew we were coming...could have put away the firearms, or at least closed the bedroom door. I din't make a big deal about it other than to point out that she left it out and that closing the bedroom door would be enough of a deterrent for L. Then we went on about our conversation which included me listening to her latest romantic bust-up which involved a liaison with married man who ( big surprise) lied to her about leaving his wife. AARgh. By this time - I am ready to go home.

Hope all is well where you are...I'll check in later for individuals...

01-13-2005, 12:13 PM
Katy,yoiu handled the situation with the "old friend " really well. Guns loaded or not should never be left out unattended. No wonder you were surprised at her carelessness. You are lucky to still have your Grandparents around. All my extended family are gone but my Grandparents weren't the cuddly type anyway.

Look here,Ladies. Finally know how to make a list.Yipi. I asked my son to show me yesterday. He looked at me like I was dumb as a Sometimes the littlest pleasures are the best.

01-13-2005, 01:23 PM
Hey girls!!

Sorry I havent been around..Been having a really hard week!!
DBF has been offered a business proposition that he has to go check out....Its in London..England and he wanted me to go with him, but it was just too much for me to handle right now...Both of us just cant hop a plane.. Hes leaving sunday night and Im so nervous cause we've never been apart and he never does things on his own....So Im scared that something will happen.. I know I know, hes a big boy...but we're talking another country here, its not like hes a couple of states away.. So Ive been upset all week trying to make up my mind whether to go or not, and I had to turn it down! Its just such short notice, my mom would be all nerved up if he and I both left, plus its short notice for my job and also very expensive. His air fare alone was 1500.00, he'll only be gone a few days....But its gonna drive me nuts!! So needless to say Ive been a mental wreck, plus we had to rush around to get a passport intime and do some other things..Its just been so stressing. I know I shouldnt get so nerved up, Im just overly concerned. You'd think he was my child!!!!
I was a bad girl last night and had Taco Bell for supper, but I havent eaten much this week, cause of nerves so maybe I lost a couple pounds!! I'll just be glad once he gets home!!
We watched a show last night on Discovery Health called " Big John", did anyone see it? It was about a 16 yr old boy who weighed 410lbs and underwent gastric bypass!!! I was crying it, it was so sad.. How could someone let their child get so out of control. The parents kinda acted like it was no big deal cause they were both a little overweight, but the torture that child must have endured being so overweight, I just wouldnt be able to allow that to happen. By the end of show they announced he had lost like 150 lbs, but still needs to lose another 150....It was really devastating....DBF said only in America you see this stuff...and thats really the truth!!
Hope you are all doing well, sorry I didnt get into personals!!! Maybe later

01-13-2005, 01:59 PM
I'm back! Dropped DD3 off at preschool, now I just need to get a workout in and clean house before it's time to get pick her up. But - I have time for individuals....

Marti - pass a law for Tai Kwon Do? That seems weird.... we are both lucky our kids have good music programs. Did you get signed up for your company gym? Congrats on the good review -hopefully it will lead to $$$ Tell Jhanai costuming is lots of fun! I dressed all the plays when I was in high school and I have recently helped a friend sew for a production of Hedda Gabler.....think I might get back into it as a volunteer for some of the local theatre groups around here...when the kiddos are older. I liked the creativity of creating a wardrobe for a character...sounds like something Jhanai would enjoy

Angie - did you get some sleep? Do i sound like your mother yet? take your vitamins, drink your milk.....yada yada..take your riding crop to the next rehearsal..keep those pesky actors in line haha

Cristi - how was the WW menu at Applebee's - I keep seeing the commercials for them, but have never eaten there. Is it worth the trip?

Jane - Enjoy your special time with Macy. Sorry to hear she's sick alot..hopefully the specialist will have some insight. Your January is like my November..lots of family birthdays. It's Party Central 'round here in November.

Julie - too bad you can't go with DBF to London- that's one of the places I want to go before I die. I studied English history in college and have been intrigued ever since...but a weekend is not nearly long enough. Maybe you two can go back later for a real vacation.

Mindee - I am on the freecycling list here for Portland. Portland has a huge freecycling community, but I've never used it as I haven't had things to get rid of or had a need as of yet. I'm glad you and T use it, though, it keeps alot of junk out of the landfill....hope you get the heater!

Pam - thanks for your kind words. It was one of those moments that happened very quickly and the enormity of it hit me much later. I hope she gets her act together....This is the year all us "girls" turn 40...and all of us seem to be on a good and healthy path in life except for her.. and she still acts as if she were in highschool.

And...I'm off to get some exercise...I have chiro tonight during chat so I won't be dropping in...hopefully will be able to participate next week.

da fat n da furious
01-13-2005, 02:05 PM
Julie, sorry but as I always say to friends who are given opportunities like this, grab it and run! What a life experience... To live in another country WITH a job!
Jane, have a wonderful time with Macy....
Marti, its always nice to hear from your bosses that your doing a good job....
Katy, well dont' really know what to say about your friend... I know I have a couple of friends that are way out there as being almost opposite of me. You may want to have her come to your house or possibly grabbing a coffee in a cafe.
Well I need to get to working later in the day but find Im so tired by the time I get there do to all the house work I do before then. Pray I don't fall asleep at the play tonight!

01-13-2005, 02:57 PM
Good afternoon girlies,

Not a lot going on...but then there never is. Maybe that's why I get so tired reading Angie's posts! LOL

Marti~sorry Jhanai didn't get the part. I have seen quite a few plays (when the kids were in school) where they cast girls for boys parts. Does seem odd when there are so many boys there to do it. Isn't it crazy about the schools...I don't think it is just OR schools that have made lots of cuts-it is all over. And that cracks me up because they can fund billions for a war and even locally a stupid new arena that we don't need and schools are shutting down and taking huge cutbacks. Teachers have had to take pay cuts, they cut lots of programs from the High Schools and that is sad. Is there something wrong with this picture? Glad ya got great reviews for your work.

Angie~as busy as you are, always on the go I can totally understand you falling asleep.

Susan~yeah, Nana has to know she will always be in Kris' life but she needs to butt out where Rocky is concerned. Did you finally get your chili beans? Boy, chili sounds good for dinner...maybe tomorrow. Already have dinner planned for tonight and it is too late to think about cooking chili.

Katy~haven't decided what to as of yet. Will probably stick with a border because I am afraid on the dark color that a stencil won't show up much. So we will see. Your friend probably wasn't thinking that Leigh would go in her room so didn't give much thought to leaving a gun out which is understandable especially if she doesn't have kids over much. I sure wouldn't think to close my door or move things. Applebees is definitely worth going to if you happen to eat out. I am glad that they have a few WW things on the menu now even dessert. I haven't tried any of the desserts tho, the WW ones. DS almost always gets a apple cheesecake chimichanga (sp?) and those are delicious-I take a small bite of it because they are waaaaaay to fattening but ooooooohhh so goooood!

Jane~I think that is great that you spend time with each of your grandkids and I know they love and appreciate it. I do hope that they find out what is wrong with Macy. I just hate to see a little child sick. Sometimes it kils me to go to MACS ( because I read about these children and just think what did they do to deserve to be ill and dying. It really is sad but at the same time it makes their day to know a total stranger cares enough to send a card and/or gift. DH#1's nephew died from leukemia and it was just so sad to see him going through all that pain for the five years. But we all saw to it that he was happy for the most part while he was here. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great lunch!

Ellen~so how are the kitties today? How is Ms Ellen feeling today? Did ya get a new appt. to go to the doc yet?

Pam~son has a great idea with ebay. I have a friend who does that, she doesn't make much money but she tries. I think it all depends on what you are selling.

Anyway ladies...on with the day. I am cleaning house and doing some laundry. Miss a day of laundry and man does it pile up. Didn't help tho that I was gone most of yesterday. That's about all I have. Later...:wave:

01-13-2005, 06:40 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Cristi--You are so right about what can be funded and what things get cut. Very sad for our children. (I want to keep Jhanai as productive as possible in school) She belongs to the choir and also an after school book club. She loves to read (I'm so proud of her) and she loves to write. I may have a director for movies in my hands!! (think she'll support me when she makes millions? :D )

Angie--Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't fall asleep tonight! I have met a woman at work whose schedule reminds me of yours!! I asked her how she does it and she admitted to me that just before Christmas she almost had a panic attack and her family was very concerned. So this year she is devoting more time for herself and on top of that list is getting more sleep. I would hate to see you get so overworked and then have a melt down Angie so please...take some time to catch up on you and get some rest!!

Katy--Yea, Tae Kwon Doe....I believe it was a bill they passed to have it as part of the Physical Education classes. I guess they're thinking our kids need to know how to protect themselves since we are seeing more and more kidnappings. (that or we're going to give the bullies more ways to bully!) You did a great in handling the situation w/your friend. I probably would have had a huge fit and left! But you handled it well.

Julie--Does this job he's looking at involve moving to London later?? Or is it just finding out more about it in London? How exciting. I'm not sure what I would do if I were in your shoes. If it was something to where we would eventually move to, then I would stay home knowing that I would see it later, but if it was just to visit and get more info on the job,,,,,I would have tried to swing it and go. It would be like a vacation! But $1500 for one person is a lot of money and is totally understandable to stay. I hope he brings you a souvenier!!

Pam--Hi there! I'm not sure what you were talking about so clue me in...what list are we talking about? Must have mentioned it on the other thread and I missed it. Hope you're having a great day.

Jane--My sisters babyshower is this sunday and her daughters birthday party is Saturday. Briana's bday isin't until the 21st but my sis is due on the 22nd. She's really cutting it close!! I really don't want to go to the baby shower...but I already told her I would. go shopping for things for the kids!!

Thank you all for the kinds words about my evaluation. No raise right now...that won't happen until I've been there for 6mos. and then it goes up .50 cents. What's nice is that I have been staying until 3:00 or 3:30 at work....which puts me at the late shift differencial.(sp?) 15% !! Not too shabby. Trying to catch up on my finances...going to retire rich!! :D Of coarse at this rate I won't be retiring until I'm 92!! :lol:

Well,,,,I'll check back in later...James is getting ready for work and I want a kiss. :love:


01-13-2005, 07:56 PM
Hiya ladies!

Katy - I think your friend was totally out of line for leaving a gun out, no matter what! In a drawer, on a high shelf... maybe. But out on the dresser?? How careless! Someone said meet her elsewhere next time, and I second that! So sorry about your DH's DSG. I never really had a grandma, and my mom died the day before I turned 31. (I got a card in the mail from her that same day, after she passed) I'm so glad you have yours! There are things I wish I'd asked my mom about....

Pam - I don't know what list you mean? Are you talking about a new paragraph? Whatever it is, if you're happy about it, so am I!! YAY for progress! When I first started using a computer, I could barely control the mouse pointer arrow! It went all over the screen, lol.

Julie - Tell DBF that my bags are packed, and I'll meet him at the airport, lol. I have been in London, however it was only to refuel on my way to Germany, and we didn't get to leave the plane. I know you'll worry about your guy. Are you sure you can't go? It would be so fun and exciting! No, I didn't see Big John, but it sounds sad. DBF is right - in some countries they don't even have a word for "diet" in the sense that we use it. Makes me feel guilty!

Angie - Angie? ANGIE!! WAKE UP!!!! Wait... go to bed!!

Cristi - thank you for the card. It brightened my day! I sure do love taking the DGDs one at a time, spending time with them. They each need that, and so do I.

Marti - gotta love 15% differential! Maybe you'll have a good time at the baby shower once you get there. Will Jhanai still be there so she can go, too, or will she be headed home by then?

More rain for Indiana! The governor was visiting nearby, looking at the flooding, declaring it a disaster area. Thankfully, there's no problem where we live, but we know people who have had to evacuate.

Macy and I had a fun time together. I bought her some new shoes, and lunch. She is a loving little thing, with a good sense of humor. She let me rock her to sleep for her nap....

I doubt that I can be here for chat... but have fun!

01-13-2005, 08:09 PM
Popping once more before I go to work. (but first I need to get ready)

Jane--How sweet that you got to spend time with Macy. And new shoes during the outing!! Can you take me to an outing?? I need some new shoes! :lol: Jhanai will be here this weekend so she'll be coming with me to both. I don't take her back home until 8:00. The shower is at noon. Still need to figure out where it's going to be...somewhere close to my work place.

I ate some of James delicious chili. I feel fat and bloated. And I only grabbed enough for a servings size, about 1C. But beans and me don't always get along. Always feel weighed down. So I guzzled a 24oz. bottle of water during the process of eating in hopes that the bloating feeling will subside.....usually helps.

I think I better clean up my face and put some clothes on. I'm still in sweats!! I'll be leaving here in about an hour or so, so I better get moving so I can plop myself down before leaving. (never like to be rushing right to the last minute)

have a great night.

01-13-2005, 08:30 PM
Hi girls,
Just coming to say hi. Hope all is well.
Jane, I think it was you that asked what I do. I sell for a large wireless distributor. You know all those great big cell phone towers and the cables and the blah,blah,blah....that's all my company. I get to talk to some pretty neat people during the day from all over the world. With the cell phone industry what it is right now, we are slammed day in and day out, which is a good thing, but it precludes me from "talking" to my new friends here. Marti, I don't know how you work so late. I work until 8 or 9 and I'm dead by the time I get home. I guess I need to readjust my internal clock.

Until tomorrow


Tea Rose
01-14-2005, 01:47 AM
Hi Everyone
A lot of chatting to catch up on, not feeling well today ,doctors appointment friday afternoon, I actually made a list to give her so I don't forget anything,I usually do. I just stayed quiet today , read a little, not to much.It was 18c today can you believe it ,thought I had slept through winter LOL ,but its quite a bit colder now,calling for snow,tomorrow , actually thats today,I will catch up with you all tomorrow,hope everyone had a great day,Cristi thankyou so much for the card sure came at the right moment ,it sure cheered me up thanks again

01-14-2005, 02:40 AM
sorry for the quick fly by.......

just wanted to let you all know that I got that nasty :devil: that we call AF yesterday, so no weigh in for me. Last time I checked I was still at the 250ish mark. So I am just stuck there.

01-14-2005, 08:09 AM
Good Morning ladies....

Just got home. Stayed an extra hour. But tomorrow...I'm going home when I need to. It's Jhanai's night!

Ann--I used to work all hours at Sony w/12hr this working from 6-2:30 or longer is no big deal. 8hrs. is doable for me. :) Your job sounds very cool. (that sounded pretty corny but hey) How neat to be able to talk to people from all over the world!!

Ellen--I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather! I still have this nasty cough but I'm finally feeling less tired. ok....I'm still tired but not from being sick. Good vibes your way so you get to feeling better!!

Mindee--Sorry that you're disappointed w/AF coming. Maybe it's a sign saying that you need to wait. Wait until Brandon is older and wait until Tommy has a secure job since he's still looking. Focus on you for now.

Hello to everyone else. Did you all get to chat live today?? (or yesterday?) I better get myself into bed. I have to go to work a couple hours earlier so I need to get some sleep. You all have a great day today! It's friday!!!

01-14-2005, 09:47 AM
Hello, ladies!

Marti - hope your cough is getting better. Have you ever tried Robitusson cough syrup? It's the best, omho. Will Jhanai like going to the baby shower? My girls always loved that kind of thing! Mmm... James' chili sounds good right now.

Ann - a lady and her DH from our church let them put one of those towers on their ground, and they get $10,000.00 a year for it, with a 10 year minimum. Wished they'd asked me first, lol. If you need one in Indiana, tell your boss you know where it can be placed, lol. I've got almost 60 acres on a hill out here, lol.

Ellen - I'm so glad you'll be seeing the doctor today! I, too, take a list when I have several things I want to ask. My doc spends lots of time - no rushing- but still I forget something w/o a list. Let us know what she says, ok? We all want to know....

Mindee - Aww, hugs, hon. But I'm thinking Marti's right - maybe this is a sign that you guys should be on your feet a little better before your family grows. Was Tommy disappointed, too?

Well, it got up in the 50's yesterday, and today it is 19 with a wind-chill factor of about 10. Yikes! But it's January - it's supposed to be cold in Indiana, lol. I'm going to wash my hair and get cleaned up, and then go to Joanne's craft/fabric store just to poke around. I'm going to see if Maggie will go with me. She needs to get out of the house. Jerry sleeps a lot, and she sits around and worries.

Have a good day, ladies!

01-14-2005, 12:11 PM
:coffee2: I'm here drinking my daily fortification.Morning all.

Ellen, glad you see the Doc today.I got to thinking that maybe you haven't been able to get enough Melitonan becouse you have to stay in the house due to the weather,Give those babies a smooch from me.

Ann,as you work for a cell ph com you must know.I suspect landline phone will soon be a thing of the past.Am I right?

Marti,you all are such old pro's at this :comp: you'll be agreeing with my son. See how I am writing here with the spaces and indentations? For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to do this until my son showed me the other night. I have many "challanges". :lol3:

Jane,we have a Joanne's Fabric and Crafts here. I love that store. The have the most beautiful upholstery fabric and christmas things are 70 0/0 off right now. Wish I hadn't spent all my money at x-mas. :(

Mindi,Leave things in the hands of the "Universe". It seems like when ever I push push,push, to try to make something happon it always turns out badly, but if I go with the flow it's better.

Well,I'll go for now.Catch you'all later. Pam

01-14-2005, 03:19 PM
Hi all,

Quick hi to everyone.
Pam: You are so right. If you don't have wireless capabilities now, you may want to start looking into them. It is a fun job.

Mindee; I'm sorry there is no addition now but I'm afraid I'm going to have to jump on the "Mom" bandwagon. Enjoy Brandon as a singleton for a while and then bring in a little guy or gal. You have plenty of time to add to the family.

Ellen: I hope all went well at the doctor and you are able to feel better.

Jane: A friend of mine actually got a little part time job at Joanne's near her so she could get a discount on "stuff". She is a craft fiend and this helps get her out of the house and saves a little money. I think at the end of the week, she usually owes them money but she has fun.

To all the girls, have a wonderful day. Looks like those of us that have been enjoying the warmer weather are about to get nailed. EWWW.
Have a happy day!


01-14-2005, 03:28 PM
Girls,go to "search" and look up "Discovery Health". The Discovery Health Channel is starting a new show and they are offering a vitual model you can make to look like yourself and keep track of how you look as you lose weight.Just saw info on it on "Jane Paley". :o

01-14-2005, 05:00 PM
I did that. Man oh man...that helped me to "see" the behind that I have put on. I have been sticking to this new way of life very strictly thanks to that model.
It is fun to see!

01-14-2005, 05:27 PM
Good afternoon ladies--

Jane--You have 60 acres?!? Wow!! I may just move onto a small piece of your land...... :) As for Jhanai and the baby shower....I let it be her decision if she wanted to go. I for one, don't want to. It's at a REALLY expensive restaurant and I can't afford to have lunch!! Jhanai & I may just have soup. Why she must have these elaborate gatherings I will never know!

Pam--Ahhh!! Now I understand about the lines! I'm glad you figured it out. It does make for easier reading doesn't it? You have me remembering that I need to have a cup of my daily fortification!! :coffee: I'm tired today....up too late went to bed about 5:00 and now I have to leave in an hour (my early day)

Ann--Our weather so far here in Oregon has been drier than usual. But it has been raining. I've been reading about the mudslides in Cali....very scarey! All this devestation around the world brings tears to my eyes! I've tried out the virtual model before....I like what I would look like at goal!! Time to up the process of losing.

Speaking of losing. I haven't gotten around to joining the gym yet because I have to figure out when I can meet the woman who runs it. I have to fill out this sheet and then have a small orientation with her. I work nights...when am I going to find the time?! Next week! No putting it off and making excuses.

Well as I said...I have to leave early today. Two hours earlier this friday. So I better get going. I'm so glad it's friday!!

You all have a wonderful day!!

Tea Rose
01-14-2005, 07:00 PM
Hi Everyone
I made the doctors appointment today, my daughter picked me up and took me there,I waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and then I waited in the examining room for an hour. As I sat there waiting I could hear some disruption out in the waiting room, first between the secretary and a patient, then I heard my Doctor interject in the discussion. Finally she walked into the room , with a look of annoyance on her face, and asked how I was doing, I sheepishly handed her the list sensing she was completely displeased with whatever took place in the waiting room, and she sat down. She looked at the list and looked at me and said there's a lot going on here,I can't take care of all of this now , it will take me all day, so lets do one.I couldn't believe what I was hearing , this is so unlike her, I was completely thrown,I said well start at the top then, I was somewhat, as annoyed as she was , by then. I gave her a breif history of what was going on and she filled out the usual barage of tests on the blood work requisition, prescritions to tide me over till the results of the blood and upper GI test I have at the hospital next week come back. She was ready to fly and I did manage to remind her I needed refills on my other meds, and I asked her for something to help me sleep , since that is something I never do anymore, so she sat back down and filled the requests.The only other thing that upset me was when she asked if I had any serious illness in my family like heart disease and cancer, which the answer to both was yes.I know this is probably a standard question ,but the way the appointment went ,It really upset me.I had a hard enough time getting to this appointment and things like this make it more difficult for me to follow through with the next. I know even Doctors have bad days, but, this didn't help the way I was feeling alreadyl So once the test results come in ,I have an appointment to see her in two weeks , but she informed me she would be away so some other doctor would take her place, at that time depending what the test show ,she will continue on , and maybe follow up with the rest of the things on my list ,so thats my day HOW THE HECK WAS YOURS. Sometimes I just want to dig a hole and jump in. I have been trying to read a new book , to cheer myself up but its to nice of a story to waste on this mood, the one I finished yesterday made me cry, it was such a nice ending. boy do I need my medication. I haven't had a chance to read all your posts yet still rattled from this afternoon, I am going to make some dinner, and calm down a bit and then I will be back with my usual bad wit and quips. If you don't hear from me tonight if will be only because I did dig that hole and jump in,. I hope you girl aren't sorry you asked about the appointment now.LOL

01-14-2005, 07:41 PM
Sorry about the doctors appointment Ellen.

I was about to say "Heeeeeellooooooooo down there Ellen" but maybe that wouldn't come off too funny. Just a hug being sent your way and hope you are feeling better :)

Ugh- my back is killing me!!!! PMSing and HATE it!! I did pay all my bills this morning. Took a payment to the old sitter and went to Albertsons to pick up some money orders. Gaby eyed a "Horse On A Stick" - that is what I call it. So we bought is just a stick with a horses head and you get on and gallop
She loves it and it plays a song when you press it's ear. She was in the back seat saying "Heeeeeee Haw....." lol, she is so cute.

Going to get her picture taken tomorrow. Rach and Becka have basketball games.

Do my mediation on Tuesday, plus the motion to change venue . I asked the mediator if we should even start mediatation since I was wanting to move the case up here but she thought it would be ok.
I talked to my legal service through my employment and she said it would be ok.....
I did get a child support check for $130 this morning so was surprised about that.
Talked to Mike's ex wife and she is heading for Mexico for 2 months with the kids......her boyfriend is from there and he just went back home- they have 2 children together.
blah- blah.....

I guess that is it - tired. Weighed in at 146 this morning. Still crave those chili beans!!!

k- bailing. Hope you all have a super weeeknd :)

Tea Rose
01-14-2005, 09:36 PM
ahh Thaaaaaankkkkkkkksssss Suuuusaaaaaaannnnn
Can you hear the Eco, Its really dark down hear isn't there supposed to
be flames or something to brighten it up :devil: :lol:
Jane:wave:~ just wanted to let you know that Oregon is 2,800 miles away from me and I would need to do a lot of marathon training to walk that far :lol:
Marti :wave: I hope your cough is getting better BUCKLEY'S TASTE AWFUL BUT IT WORKS , IF YOU CAN BREATHE AGAIN THAT IS :lol:
Hi Mindee:wave: Sorry about the news, I know that your dissappointed,but I have to agree the the others , I had both my kids 16 months apart, and its hard under the best of circumstances , I have been where you are now and its a very hard road, you are so young ,same as I was , give yourself some time to recover spend time with Brandon, and take care of the things you need to do for yourself, end of sermon. ((HUGS))
Hi Angie :wave: I said Helloooooo Angie.
You sleepen,:lol: poor Angie, I'm not the least bit surprized though, I was wondering when the batteries would wear out. I hope you got some rest,
Hi Everyone gotta go my phone is ringing be back soon to finish up,

01-14-2005, 10:47 PM
I have had it. I'm pooped. For 2 days I've been hunting an awful smell. I've accused every critter in the house of being naughty.Today I gave in and desided if I couldn't find it I'd just wash everything.I got out the carpet shampooer and yanked off the couch covers and in the washer they went.I cleaned all the carpets and still I smelled it.Then I pulled out the couch to clean behind it and Eurika! All along the wall the carpet was damp and there was mold on the paint.I got out the bleach and meldew remover and took care of it. I cured the symtoms but the cause is still there. My son needs to caulk around the air conditioner which is in the wall above. Apparently the rain leaked in. But by-god I got rid of that smell!Yaho.
Something eles good happoned today. I learned why my e-mail address wasn't working. A feature that says "only allow mail from aol "was turned on. To find this out I had to call AOL tec support. :dizzy:

01-14-2005, 10:58 PM
Does your telephone cord reach all the way dooooooowwn there Ellen? lol

If you see flames you probably have gone too far :fr: :yikes: :devil:

I found Gaby the cutest Buster Brown black boots at Goodwill for 4.99, plus a Gap sweater and some coffee cups.

Exhausted - best get......

01-14-2005, 11:56 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Marti - omg, you have to buy your own meals for the baby shower? I just recently heard mention of a "potluck" baptism, but this is even worse, lol. Especially since you said the restaurant is pricey. Dang, it is going to be hard to meet up with the gym lady! How you gonna do that?

Ellen - awww, so sorry about your doctor visit. At least you got your meds renewed and some tests ordered. Maybe you could meet us in the midwest. Cristi did say if we went to Kansas City, she'd be sure and be there. I don't know why I thought Wichita is closer to her. Anyway, post your thoughts on the Meeting thread, ok?

Ann - I have done the before. Even had the hair very similar to mine, before and now. Thing is, the model doesn't show cellulite, lol. I like it!

Pam - oh hon, the Enter key is your friend! So is the % button above the "5", lol. You're doing just fine, though! My daughter has helped me so much throughout the years. She has her own web page, and has colorful things on it that dance and glitter and links that go everywhere.. She's going to major in Web Design in college next year. Btw, did you know you can get a free email account from Then you can have your fun email sent there, instead of your official one. Just a thought.....

Susan - I love hobby-horses, and bought the twins one for Christmas last year. Sounds like the same kind - press the ear and it whinnies. Like Gaby, they love to make horsey sounds and gallop around, too. Kids make the world so much better, don't they? Good luck with the upcoming meetings you've got, Susan. I'm sending good vibes your way!!

As I mentioned on the WL thread, I moved 3 bookcases and unloaded and reloaded books today. I cleaned everything while I was at it, and got a good workout in the bargain. It's so cold here, I don't even want to go outside for the mail, lol. The wind is settling down, so that helps a lot.

Have a good weekend!

Tea Rose
01-14-2005, 11:58 PM
Cordless Susan its the only way to travel. Your too funny.I was lookin for some warmth,but i didn't find the flame so I guess I'm still in the good book,:lol: sure felt like I was today though , but then we have all had some of those days haven't we. Hey I want some Buster Brown boots , when I was a wee thing,I had a pair of those little white boots that had the white fur up the front, my Aunti bought them for me, I thought I had the best pair of boots in the world, I used to sleep with my new shoes,sneakers to, and my baseball glove,:lol: If I get new shoes I'm gonna try that again see if its still the same ol feeling:lol: Is Gaby as excited as I am .When you wished us a good weekend I thought you were off to somewhere warm and sunny, but your still here, did you stay just to cheer me up:lol:
Hi Pam occassionally I have had the same problem , but I didn't find mildew, enough said:lol:Glad the smell is gone I can't stand odours in my house, the kids say I can smell carbon monoxide,:lol: so where is everyone, funny how when I come here everyone disappears, you gals trying to tell me something :cry: :lol:

01-15-2005, 12:45 AM
No, when I say "best get" , I am best getting. Means I will come back though. lol

One Russian resident brought me some chocolates with 16 % brandy in them

(( did I say this before?? I don't remember, I think I am drunk))

......anyway, plus a $20 dollar ring - the price tag was on the back.

It was sitting on my desk when I arrived to work this afternoon.

My boss said he ((the resident))brought it over and refused to take it back. My boss tried to explain that we can't take gifts - blah- blah. Anyway, I told my boss I would be scared to wear the ring, what if I did and the resident thought we were engaged now?????

My boss laughed and said....."yes, he will take you back to Russia as his bride"

hahahahahha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :lucky: :lucky: :yikes: :hyper:

anyway...........I guess it isn't as funny.. if you weren't there..........or if you weren't drunk on brandy

Thanks Jane - fingers crossed that all goes well. Though I have a sick feeling Mike will push for a court case......I don't think he will back down on anything.

Did you come back up out of the whole you dug Ellen?? You have a laptop down there?? lol........Hope you are having a good evening. Wish you were here getting tipsy on candy with me :dizzy: :dizzy:

k- bailing again!!!! :coffee2:

night :)

01-15-2005, 12:48 AM
Oh , ya..........Hobby Horse! Is that the "official" name?? I was kind of liking Horse On a Stick........also , I bought her 2 Clifford movies.

I love good shoes.........see spot run, run spot run,,,,,I said I was drunk , didn't i?? lol

anyway,,,,,,,,best get!

Tea Rose
01-15-2005, 01:15 AM
Susan put the candy down or you will find yourself in Russia tomorrow, married, with a cheap twenty dollar ring on your finger:lol: :lucky:

01-15-2005, 04:38 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Not a whole lot going on over here. Just hanging out and making this a relaxing weekend. We went to the bowling alley to watch my BIL bowl and to see the people from Tommy’s old bowling league. I also talked with our case worker, and she was pushing the order for our food stamps for last month and this month through, so we get them today, Saturday. We also still have a gift card for the Disney Store, so we are more then likely going to check out what they have there and see if we can find something.

Brandon is getting down to the bottom of his big can of soy formula. We have one big can and a small can of regular milk based formula that we are going to try him on, just to see how he handles them. If he handles them well, which we are thinking that he will, then we know to ease him into milk when he gets closer to a year old.

We finally found this bib that we registered for yesterday when we stopped in Meijers. It is blue, and it says “are these people REALLY my relatives?” I have a pink one that we bought a long time ago. I jokingly mentioned to Tommy that when we have a daughter, the next time I get pregnant, she will have a matching bib to her brothers. He looked at me funny and said “nope, I don’t think so. I won’t blow the balls off the next one.”

Marti~ I am not too too disappointed with AF coming to town. I wanted to get the heck away from that long stressed out cycle. So now I am hoping to get back on track with my cycles I was having with Brandon. I am not really worried about getting pregnant right now, I would like to get some more quality time in with Brandon before the next one comes. We are definitely going to focus on us, and Tommy told me that since he never heard back from that company that he is going to start sending out his resumes all over the place. I said “It won’t hurt any just to get it out there and circulating.”

Jane~ Actually, Tommy was more disappointed then I was. I think he really wanted to get the kids part out of the way. He told me when we first got together that he wanted to be married, have his own house, and two kids by the time he is 30. He will be 28 on the 28th of this month, and we have ¾ of it all done. So we still have a couple years to play with the second child idea. I think we are going to play it safe and get things squared around before we start actively trying again for number 2.

Pam~ I think at this point, we have, if I might use a catch phrase here, but we have “Let go and Let God.” So we are pretty much putting it all into his hands. Whenever he wants to grace us with another little miracle we will be more then welcome to take it on.

Ann~ I am going to have to agree with you 100% on what you said! We are definitely going to enjoy our time with him. Plus, I think adding another little munchkin to our brood would kind of put Brandon in an awkward spot since he has been an only child so far. Granted he does know how to share and be around other kids, but I don’t think it would have been fair to him.

Ellen~ Wowza! You had one doosey of a day! I heard your sermon, and it was well taken in! LOL Thanks for the hugs. We are planning on waiting some more, not sure how much longer, but I want to make a request of another spring baby.

01-15-2005, 10:03 AM
Good morning, all

I'm just sitting here drinking my coffee, waiting for the freezing rain to begin. The forecast is for rain/snow to hit either last night ( it didn't) or we'll see. The kids would enjoy some snow. People are a little paranoid... David keeps asking me if we have enough food :?: Last year we were buried in snow for a week, which is really unusual for I think the possibility of a storm puts us all a little on edge.

I'm a little on edge because my brother is driving up from Eugene today to attend a memorial service and I'm scared he'll get caught in the bad weather. He's says he'll be fine. The service is for his friends who were lost in's so sad. The family hired a private investigator and he came up with nothing... they just vanished and likely the family will never know what really happened to them.

We are, sadly, awaiting the phone call for DSG. Her news just kept getting worse. One doctors says she has a couple of days, another says a couple of weeks. The family agreed to get her out of the hospital and move her into hospice at her nursing home. So she is among familiar faces, when she is awake. She just wants to sleep and she doesn't eat, which is not unusual for someone who is getting ready to die. I am grateful that she is being made comfortable and everyone agreed to stop running tests and there will be no surgery or painful treatments.

Susan - you crack me up - step away from the chocolates sweetie! Good luck with all the meetings, hope your venue change goes through. Wonder where M is getting his money to pursue this - My friend who was going through something similar had a former SO who kept pushing for a court case and was not cooperative at all during mediation. Her lawyer would have charged her 30 grand to represent her if it went to court. Maybe the cost of an attorney will make Mike think twice.

Mindee - Well, the next one will probably be a girl - just so everyone can watch Tommy melt and turn into a total pussy cat...I like having one of each... a matched set! Enjoy your time with Brandon...siblings some when they you's in God's hands

Ellen - (((((hugs))))) so sorry about the doc - how frustrating. But I 'm glad you got your meds... were you able to sleep well last night? I know it's hard, but keep going to your doc until you get the results of your tests..if you don't like this doc, can you get another one?

well gotta go - David is supposed to run a fundraiser concession at the hgih school today, but we are anticipating them to cancel the event 'cause of the impending storm, so I have to go check out the website
Later, chickies

01-15-2005, 11:27 AM
Good morning ladies,

Ellen - boots are on sale everywhere. Go get a pair to snuggle with! I loved reading about your childhood memories. You and I were posting at about the same time last night - not sure you saw my message to you. Hope you're feeling better today.

Susan - uh-oh, a Russian with a crush on you, lol. He'll be plying you with vodka, next thing you know, lol. Hey, I heard on the weather channel this morning that Hawaii, (yes HAWAII) got snow! How bizarre is that?

Mindee - love the new avatar!

Marti - have fun with Jhanai this weekend!

Cristi - hope you're having a good Saturday so far.

Katy - awww, sorry about DSG. That is so sad. Is your DH doing ok with it? Did your fundraiser get cancelled? If you do get ice, I hope it doesn't last long.

Terry and the kids are coming out for lunch today, (Gina has to work) and I have a lite version of apple crisp in the oven. It smells sooooooo good! Then he and I are going to go take pictures of his grandparents home in Hazelton, which they have had to evacuate due to the flood. They are in their 80's - she gets dialysis 3 times a week, and he's in a wheelchair, and now this!

Hope your Saturday is a good one!

01-15-2005, 12:28 PM
:coffee2: Hello,it's me. I feel like a regular person today. I've got spam mail.Uhhh,the simple pleasures.
Have had to start shutting the dog door at night. There seems to be a vagrant living in a shed on the property in back of me.I've caught this man on my property several times and never got a straight answer as to what he was doing.Upon questioning he gets overly friendly and makes suggestions I find uncomfortable.Yesterday he was hacking at the limbs of a tree with a Machetti(?) I'm very close to reporting him to authorities. My dog door is large for my Chow-Retriever mix Nikki.My son is going to see if we can inprove security back there.

Katy, Many years ago I spent a winter in Forest Falls here in the San Bernardino mountains.It was a house ment to be summer vacation property. It was a beautiful 2 story house but impossible to heat. My son and I spent the winter upstairs as all the heat down stairs ended up there anyway.That winter I got my fill of living with snow.

Jane,you must live on a ranch? How wonderful to have all that privacy and nature around you.

Guess I'd better go.Have to clean the birds cages today. They are 2 Zebra Finches named Bogie and Becall.They had to get divorced.He was pulling out her feathers and she was hissing at him.

Tea Rose
01-15-2005, 01:19 PM
:wave:Good Morning Ladies:wave:
How are you girls doing , I didn't sleep very well , so much for the sleeping aid , and I went to take my medication this morning which she refilled ,and discovered that she didn't prescribe the proper dosage of 150 mg instead gave 100. I remember her asking if I was at 25mg and I said no 150, said she didn't write it down last time, and then wrote 100mg , so now I have to wait till monday and get her to fix it. This prescription is one that if you change the mg either way up of down it doesn't stabilize in your system for about two weeks, and I don't want to go through what I did the last time. Since my doctor of 30 plus years retired I have been going to her for about 8 years now, I have had a couple of upsets with her like this ,she seems to have her moods, as we all do, but for the most part she has been wonderful, patient, listens and sits with me for as long as it took, cries when I cry, so I honestly don't know if she's going through something in her own life or just having a bad day.Its really hard to get a doctor here I don't know if its the same there, any way I won't trade her in just yet being this isn't how she normally is.So I was up at four this morning and the little black cat that I feed was sleeping on his blanket in the bitter cold, even though he has an insulated house filled with soft downy fresh blankets,so I gave him some food and warm pablum. He trusts me completely he's just a little uneasy about all those eyes from all those other four legged creatures looking at him from the other side of the door :lol: I guess today I should do some laundry ,since I haven't been getting to a lot of late,Hi Susan:wave:
Please tell me your still at home, with a hangover riding your horsey on a stick, thats all I need to know :lol: weren't you drunk on cookies last week and now candy this week , need I step in and save you .Imagine that Hawaii with snow , wonder how that effects them ,maybe they can use their paddles as skis :lol: Ok it wasn't that funny, its the best I can do today.
Hi Katy:wave: Gee I hope you don't get caught in a messy ice storm ,we have had a lot of that so far this year,The snow comes and goes , but its cold today, -8 with a -15 windchill factor calling for snow this afternoon. My house seems cold this winter , I don't know if its the furnace not doing its job , but something is different. Just put in a new filter, so I don't know. I hope you are stocked up on food ,cause I think I'm to tired to snowshoe up to your cabin with viddles for you and younguns.So sorry about DSG , its never an eay thing to go through .((HUGS))
Hi Jane :wave:
I should do that , the boots were probably a far better choice anyway:lol: I have to learn to stick with a good thing,:lol:I feel so bad for the Grandparents, to much ,at their age, it just isn't fair is it. Lunch , apple crip, soup , but no Ellen, how sad is that,I knew I could smell something good,just couldn't tell which direction it was coming from.I was just going to follow the aroma and see where it took me, but seeing I wasn't invited , I will just stay home,:lol:. Hope you have fun,without me .:lol:
Hi Mindee:wave:
How do you like have us old girls telling you what to do,:lol: You do realize we know whats best for you don't you:lol: A spring Baby is always nice , next spring though 2006 2007 you said right, any season is a beautiful season for a baby, I had my son in the hottest August, I remember I went for icecream and my chocolate icecream cone was melting faster than I could lick it and it kept landing on by big belly , I started to cry and threw it in the garbage and cried all the way home:lol: My daughter was born in the blizzard of 77 , no one could get in to the hospital , it was like a ghost town, no icecream either, :lol: dosen't matter, when its always a blessing, just want the best for you. umm take me back blow the balls off of what??? I hope you got your food stamps for today and I hope you have a great day.
Hi Angie:wave:
Where are you, waky waky, I sure hope that you got some of that sleep you desperatly needed, my goodness, girl take a break. I feel so lazy here, listening to all the things you conquer daily.How is the play going,How are my cutie boys Brandon and Tanner, ((HUGS FROM AUNTI ELLEN)) not to get to personal but you fooling around with that Tony Hillerman Pam was hooking you up with,:lol: I hope your having a great day , just relaxing with a nice glass of wine, cozy fire , good book , ahhh sound good.
I don't know where all you other gals are Cristi, Marti ,Pam, Ann, Sue ,Katie sorry if I forgot anyone, but I will say hello:wave: and catch up with you all later,I do hope that everyone is having a wonderful day so far and that it continues that way throughout:wave:
Hi Pam:wave:
I didn't see you up there, Have an adventure, do like Kevin on Home Alone:lol: you know Im kidding , since we have talked about this already, That whole scenario kind of scares me , first of all if this creep is on your property ,I would call the authorities, a machetti. don't think about it , do it. Its too strange of a world now to let things like that go, but thats my opinion. Please be careful around this guy, and another thing its not fair that you should have to be afraid living in your own home because of someone else invading your space and you should'nt fear every time you go outside or go to bed, don't let this guy , disrupt your life anymore than he has already.Ok I won't say another word till the next time :lol: Don't you just love junk mail,since you do I will just have to send some,:lol: It is indeed the simple things that bring pleasure. I hope your having a wonderful day, the babies are so cute and growing so fast, I will have some better piotures to show in the next few days if you can all stand it.
Wow I just saw that its going to be -15 next week, brrrrrr, have to get my snugglies on ,not to be confused with Marti's mugglies though:lol:

da fat n da furious
01-15-2005, 01:55 PM
Good morning Ladies

Katy, we have had a few storms that have kept us all indoors, but not for long. I remember once we had no power for days, very cold, Brandon was a 5 months old. We just closed down most of the house and lived in one room.
Im sorry to hear about DSG. Your brother will be fine...

Susan, Russian husband? I had to do sercurity for the G-8 a few years back, I had to pat people down and check electronical devises for things,,,had this big russian general who came back for a second pat He had one of his men come and explain to me who he was and how I could benefit from him...hmmm??? Im standing there in full armor,,,am I on camera? Let me tell you ladies kevlar does nothing for the

Jane, that is so sad about Terry's grandparents,,,at an age when they should be able to relax and enjoy the golden years.

Pam, I would call authorities and explain what is going on.

had opening night a couple of nights ago,,,so far so good. We have to go buy more kleenex cause the audience keeps stealing ours, which is a prop. I know I sound bad but I sit and watch everyone start to cast actually now wants numbers on how many people are crying. And I say people cause last night I had two men bawling...

My other play is having a get together tomorrow so everyone can meet each other.
Another huge cast,,,over 40. Im bringing in a bigger crew, Ill have 3 ASM. Possibly 4. By the time all is said and done there are about 100 people working on this tiny lil play.
And I do get enough sleep most nights,,,8-9 hours. Just that when I have things on my mind I don't sleep well. And didn't sleep well that night and well ...
Tanner's agent asked me for a photo... she wants to know if I interested in doing some camera stuff...*shudder ahhh no.
Anyways have to get my nails filled and clean the house,,,haven't vaccuumed in a few days and Skittle's not being very maternal has pulled the stuffing out of her newest baby.
have a great day ladies

ya know I love you more then my luggage.....

Tea Rose
01-15-2005, 01:59 PM
nothing for me, not even a howdy do.I guess you don't love me , better than your luggage, I guess I'm just an old bag to you:lol:

01-15-2005, 02:11 PM
Ellen,Angie, I think your right. I'm going to call someone Monday morning about the vagrant. His behavior is just to disturbing.My son thinks he might be dumping his waist on our property. :yikes:

Tea Rose
01-15-2005, 02:16 PM
Hey PAM You know what they say waste not , want not, that is what they say isn't it :lol:

01-15-2005, 03:21 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Can you believe it? I'm here before noon?? I actually got up at 10:00 this morning. I didn't want Jhanai to wonder where her mother went!

Pam--I'm starting w/you because I just think that you need to call authorities to let them know that a stranger is in your yard (or at least is next door and wonders into your yard) and you want to know why. I would hate to hear that he got too comfortable w/you and decided to come into your house!! Especially when he's out there with a machette!! So PLEASE....find out what he's doing out there! Call the police. And don't wait until Monday......

Ellen--I'm sorry you didn't sleep well. How wonderful to have found a doctor who is that great w/their patients. I have yet to find another doctor since mine left to teach interns in Portland.....he may be Katy's doctor by now! Hope you get your medication straightened out soon and that you're able to get some rest.

Angie--Your play made grown men cry? What are you doing right now? I'm sure you told me already but I have forgotten. (shame on me) I would love to see one of your shows someday. They sounds so wonderful and exciting and emotional. Gotta see you in action!!

Jane--I'm going to have a great day w/Jhanai. Right now we are debating on going to the birthday party. She is not feeling good and I told her that if she's not feeling good by the time we need to go....we're not going. I don't want to drag her around feeling sick. As for the baby's a brunch at this ritzy Restaurant called "Excelsior Inn Restorante Italiano" And I got on line to see the prices (they actually gave us the site for the menu) and the cheapest things I saw was $10.00!! Sheesh!! Don't know what I'm going to do.

Katy--I heard the same about the weather. Last night it was suppose to be freezing ice...then they said this morning...nothing yet but it sure is COLD outside. That may another reason why I don't want to drive to Eugene today. I'm sorry about your DSG. Hope it makes it easier being at home. Prayers are w/you.

Mindee--Good luck to Tommy w/getting the resumes out and finding the job that he likes. What happened to the job he just had? Is he still working there?

Susan--First a handsome Hawaiian man and now a Russian admirer!! And getty you tipsy on candy!! What an exciting life you must lead. :) I've tried those candies w/the alcohol in them....some are good and some are bad. But I've never tried a cookie w/alcohol!! Does it leave a flavor?? What do they taste like. Next time...send some my way......or better yet, if we get a chance to meet before you go to Hawaii....bring some along! I hope we get the chance to meet before your departure. I would love to get to know you and Katy in person.

Hello to anyone I may have missed.

Well today is catch up on laundry...tend to Jhanai and spend some quality time w/her. I'm really debating on just calling my sister and telling her that we're just staying home this weekend and won't show up. I will bring gifts later. I just can't afford to go out for Pizza one night and then go out for a lunch at place that's too expensive. Just don't know yet.

I better get to movin'......can't get anything done sitting at the computer all day.

Take care and I will check in later tonight and let ya all know what I ended up doing.

01-15-2005, 04:29 PM
Well let me tell sister decided for us to not go to the party after all.....She went into labor today and is on her way to the hospital!!!

So her little boy: Lucas Dean....will be arriving sometime today....or heaven forbid she goes into a long labor...sometime tomorrow.

I knew she was cutting this close. But we'll do the celebrating later.

Must get going. Just had to share.

01-15-2005, 09:37 PM
Hiya ladies,

Pam - hope you've called the cops by now! No, I don't live on a ranch, but on a farm. Actually, in the summer, I'm surrounded by corn and melons. Literally! Birds are funny, aren't they? I had a cockatiel named Bob that moved to Illinois and got married. Long story...

Ellen - about the meds, couldn't you take 1 1/2 of the pills to equal the correct dosage until Monday, or are they time-released? No soup today, but it's on the menu for tomorrow. It's called hash brown soup, and is made with frozen hash browns, cream of chicken soup, celery, onions, and garlic powder. Then I personally add shredded chedder cheese and brocolli, and it is very good!

Katy - you and your DH are in my thoughts.

Angie - SMs is a real tearjerker! But I love it. My DDs and Gina are going to a play with me in Feb. called Mornings at Seven about 4 sisters. It's a comedy and sounds interesting.

Marti - on my gosh, a new little nephew! Hope all is well with the mama and baby. You could take a few pictures of him and do up some scrapbook pages to give your sister. Let us know if all is well, ok?

Had a nice time with Terry and the kids. The flooding was shocking! I saw automobiles just floating along, and houses with water half way up the front doors.

Gotta go - see you tomorrow!

01-15-2005, 11:22 PM
Evening Girls

Well its saturday night around 10pm here and just figured I check in with you all before bed time.... I am very relieved, so I finally can get a good nights sleep tonight. DBF was supposed to leave for london tomorrow, but he has cancelled his plans.....He gave it some thought and started thinking about how the people were rushing him into something that he didnt have much time to think about...He was bothered by how they didnt give him much time and he also knew how nervous I was about the whole thing, so he contacted them and told them that he had changed his mind about going..Im sure the business men there wont be happy, but I feel better that he changed his mind.Im not happy that he wasted 350.00 getting a last minuite passport, but at least we can get a refund on the plane ticket, so thats a relief...
Kinda nervous about weigh in tomorrow, I really hope to see a little result from this last week..I didnt get much exercise, but I was pretty good with my we'll see!!!
Tonight we rented some movies and got takeout from a local restaurant....BIG MISTAKE...We have a few gift certificates for this restaurant by our house that we got for xmas, we decided to get food from there tonight..I got a grilled chicken salad, and DBF got a steak sandwich with fries....After two bites into his sandwich he encountered a piece of hair....after getting over that he found another piece of hair.....We were both totally grossed out by the whole event, so I called and complained and the manager didnt even seem to care...I was really peeved, this is the 2nd bad experience we have had I think once we finish using the gift cards, we wont be going back!!! It was really gross though!!!
Well Im heading off to bed.....Hope all is well with you girls!!!
MARTI: Congrats and good luck to your sis with the baby!!!


Tea Rose
01-15-2005, 11:50 PM
Hi Everyone
Just a quick pop in, Jane the pills are capsules, so no can do.Normally it wouldn't be a big deal and it may be fine till monday. but the last time I went through a severe setback, when she increased the medication, which seems strange ,but apparently thats what can happen and with me it did. I am fine so far, and I just have tomorrow so hopefully all will be well .Oh Jane that soup sounds rib tickling good,could I move close to you , and share your food and family they all sound so good :lol: I'll do the housework:lol:
Hi to all you other girls where's Mrs Cristi, I haven't seen you here,all day , I hope your not sick , your not painting again are you, are you putting up the new border, where is you Miss Cristi, its lonely here with out you. I have some thing to tend to right now ,I will check back in a little while ,to see if anyone is around.
Pam did you get it???

01-16-2005, 12:02 AM
I still haven't heard if my sis had Lucas or not yet. May not hear anything until tomorrow.

Jane--I will take photos...but I will leave the scrapbooking for Sarah to do herself! :D She does some really nice pages...puts mine to shame. I don't think I could compare!

Julie--I'm so glad that you got some stress relief on the London thing. I can understand you being so worried. Heck...I was stressed when I heard James had to stay in Portland for weeks at a time and that is only a couple hours away! Also great that you can get a refund on the plane tickets.

Ellen--Thanks again for the greeting...but I still wasn't able to get a photo....but I'm having other issues with our IM isn't working right now so e-mail comes in really slow. Hopefully soon it will start working and I can see it!

Hello to Cristi, Susan, Angie, Sue, Katie, Katy, Mindee, Pam, Ann, and oh boy....who else is there???? Everyone hello to you and hope to hear from you all soon!

Ok...I best get going. Trying to do a page in my scrapbooking and it just isn't coming to me........

Chat w/you all later.

da fat n da furious
01-16-2005, 02:45 AM
Good evening Ladies,
HELLO Ellen, personally I would be peeved about the DR. attitude. I saw a sign on my Dr. wall saying to not come in with a full page of ailemnts that you should see your Dr as they happen... cause like you I go in with a couple of things and for me thats easier. Hows my orange kitty doing? Did I mention hes mine? hmmm
Marti, hope Lucas makes his appearance soon.
Pam, please let us know what the police say....
Jane, Im going to have to make that soup,,,sounds delicous. I am now almost famous for My *ahem Butternut Squash
I have never seen flooding like what you described and hope I never do.
I am contiplating auditioning for a play, would have to see when Brandon graduates cause its mid to late June. Feve women wearing the same dress, is whats its called. Comedy.
Monte and I are going to go and return a ring he bought me for christmas, its just not my style,,,thought it would be but, really don't like it. Monte didn't like it either but I had seen it in a flyer for a local jeweller. So Im thinking an eleptic trainer would be nicer....
Julie, I would call the manager again and say you actually want your money back,,,and if that gets no results mention the health board would probably like to know his kitchen help don't wear hairnets. I know you have a gift card, but get it cashed in then go somewhere else. If that doesn't get results, find out who the owner is,,,if its a chain contact head office. I refuse to eat at the KEG, because of finding a hair in my dish, and having poor service. The manager offered to buy us dessert, but still charging me for my meal...duh I had 4 bites,,,and never finished it once the hair was found. I just looked him in the eye and said, no, what you are going to do is take this off the table, and off the bill. He tried to say it was my own hair....dumb man. I was a bright red head then and this was a blondish colored strand. I told him that he better stop while he was ahead and consider my meal a loss...or he would find more of a loss if I started making phone calls.
This reminds me, when Brandon got his cast off we had to go to the Children's. The last time we were there the underground parking was closed, noticing it was open I went down, pulled a ticket, arm goes up and then spent 5 minutes driving around looking for a space...none to be found. So I go to leave the place and the woman tried to make me pay $1.50 I know thats not much but the point was, I didn't park, that because they didn't put a sign up saying it was full I drove around aimlessly for nothing. I told her I wasn't paying and that her trying to make me pay was horrible.
Well Ill get off my soap box now....

Tea Rose
01-16-2005, 04:11 AM
Hi Angie
Oh I was peeved at the time believe you me. alot of things on the list were the same things I have brought to her attention each and everytime I have been there, to no satisfactory conclusion. So they keep adding up because they never get dealt with. Its not my fault I have a lot of things going on, I have rheumetoid arthritis and osteoporosis, I have a lot of aches and pains throughout my body,this stomach problem began two years ago for which I had an ultrasound with no results, I continued to have pain and soreness and she simply said the ultrasound showed nothing , so I finally just gave up out of frustration, and dealt with it until I couldn't any longer,I am on HRT therapy and meds for depression, on top of everything else, how can I simply bring one thing to the table its ridiculous. I have had a swelling in my leg for almost two years ,again no blood clot ,so no further, investigation I have difficulty walking far and I can't get a pair of boots zipped up because of the swelling. I had to tell her 6 years ago that I thought I should have a bone scan because of the pain and burning in my hips , she hesitantly agreed stating that she didn't think I needed one , but if I wanted it she would book it , and thats when to her surprize the results showed I had osteo. I could go on and on, about this , it does make me angry, at times, but its impossible to find doctors here, she has been good on many occassions but now looking back, I'm not so sure, I definitely get pushed around alot. This is the reason I have a difficult time going back for anything because when I do, this is what happens.I feel like all I have been doing is complain lately,but all this stuff wears you down and she certainly didn't do anything to relieve the pain or anxiety .I have never seen a notice like that posted in a doctors office , If you can't take your problems to them , what the heck are they there for.Sometimes you just want to scream, or dig the hole and jump in, or both, so now that I have vented yet again, I will tell you your kittie is fine, he's just as cute as he can be , his eyes are wide open now, and he is growing and fluffy, I will post some better pictures this week so you can see your baby LOL .Good thing Monte didn't like the ring either ,jewellery is a tough thing to buy someone , so is pretty much anything where we are concerned,:lol:
but an eliptical trainer would be great, I have some equipment like gazelle pilates machine manual tread. don't like the manual so much. and a few other contraptions I just don't feel like using anything right now. sure wish I did though. I should get to bed its 3:10 am and I can't sleep again , I am beginning to doubt the validity of the sleep aid she gave me, Just hit me over the head with a baseball bat. Night all,

01-16-2005, 04:56 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Not a whole lot going on over here. Just hanging out and making this a relaxing weekend.

Brandon has these really cute pajamas that my in-law’s bought him. They have different kinds of construction trucks and what not on them. I about freaked out when I put him in his crib, and since his room is dark now that the night light burnt out, he started glowing! There wasn’t anything tag wise about them glowing in the dark! I think it is cool. Cause his pacifier glows in the dark and so does the headboard of his crib bedding.

Well, we had “the talk” about when to start for the second one. And as it sits right now, we will probably start trying when Brandon is a year and a half, that way he will be two years old when the next one is born. I even have Tommy somewhat convinced to try for a girl! I feel better now that we have the date somewhat hashed out as to when we will start trying again.

Katy~ I am hoping that the next one will be a girl. After having Brandon, I am ready for the stakes in the house to be even. We were talking about this when we went window shopping at the mall yesterday. Tommy goes “but it is even, you and Cheyenne (our dog) and me and Brandon.” I said, “honey, Cheyenne doesn’t count. I want a little girl!”

Jane~ Thanks! Hawaii got snow?? Now that is bizarre!

Pam~ You should report him to the authorities. Maybe then they can get a straight answer out of him!

Ellen~ It is no different then having my older sisters telling me what to do! LOL If we go for another spring baby, then it would probably be spring of 2006! Brandon was born in the spring time, and that seemed perfect because I didn’t have to have an excuse for why I was packing on the pounds in the winter time! LOL Besides, my hubby had a good laugh when I was yelling for it to hurry up and snow, then when it did snow, I was yelling at it to hurry up and melt! What day was your son born in August? My birthday, as well as half mine and my hubby’s families are born in August. And when was your daughter born? Tommy was born during the blizzard of 77 too! His birthday is the 28th of this month. There have been so many nieces born into my family alone, that Tommy wanted to start another boy chain. So three nephews were born in 2004, including Brandon. 2005 seems to be shaping up at the year of the girls. My sister’s boyfriends last name is Campbell, just like the soup. So when they found out that they were pregnant, she called my mom and said “how do you like your soup, with or without balls?” So when they found out that they were having a girl, Tommy said “oh man, I guess you blew the balls of cause you were going to fast.” It is an inside joke between my sister Beth and her boyfriend and then my sister Katy and her husband. (there are a couple people in on it, but I could be here forever explaining who all and why and how)

Marti~ Thanks for the good luck. Tommy has actually been looking for jobs daily. He called to schedule an interview and the place never called him back. So he apparently didn’t get that job.

01-16-2005, 08:36 AM
Whoa! Don't post here - please go over to chit chat #105!