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01-12-2005, 05:32 AM
I need a diet for my fiancee ,Helen ( yes really - not for me , she doesn't have internet access ) . She has started the year off on a positive note by doing some classes at the gym but needs to change her eating habits . Helen is 5ft4in and about 20lb overweight . Her main problem is that she doesn't eat much for breakfast , and lunch is 30mins in an office with only a kettle and microwave, so snacking and convenience foods have become normal . Evening meal is the only proper cooked meal of the day , and as we are moving in together soon I will be cooking that . Can anyone point me in the right direction to help ,encourage and advise her ? She eats most foods and has no allergies .
Thanks in anticipation - Wolfie

Suzanne 3FC
01-12-2005, 06:45 AM
Hi Wolfie, welcome to 3FC :)

Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight, now or later. Those that eat breakfast are more successful in losing the weight and keeping it off. So the first thing I would suggest is that she concentrate a little more on breakfast :) It doesn't have to be elaborate, a bowl of oatmeal or even a sandwich will work. Lunches could be frozen dinners such as Lean Cuisine, or she could pack a sandwich and salad in a cooler. Suggest that she grab her cooler and go outside to eat (if possible, even to her car) and give herself a nice little break.

It's very possible that she doesn't need to follow a specific plan, though Weight Watchers is highly recommended and easy to stick to. They would guide you through the whole process and provide sample menus and recipes to follow.

Perhaps by eating a better breakfast, packing a healthier lunch and snacks, and cooking a good, balanced meal for dinner, that may be all she needs.

Exercise is half of the process, though, so maybe the two of you could take walks in the evening, or join a gym together. Or, buy a treadmill for use at home.

It's great that you are being supportive! You'd be surprised how many women deal with husbands or boyfriends that aren't any help at all. Support is a very big part of the weight loss process - and maintenance! I'm sure others will share some advice, and we hope you'll feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck!

01-12-2005, 09:56 AM
Hi Wolfie!!!!

I agree with Suzanne-it is nice to se a man here supportive of their women's weight loss efforts. :D (Coming from someone married to a man who likes "fuller" women, and who stuffed my Christmas stocking full of Hershey bars a few years back.) :lol:

Her starting classes at the gym is a great start-it might be great alternating those, as Suzanne said, with you actually taking walks with her on a local walkway or at the mall. In the spring and summer when weather permits-I take walks with my husband and kids as "family exercise time" and it is great for all of us.

I used to work in an office that only had a microwave-no refridgerator, etc. and I had to become creative as well in planning lunches. I bought a nice soft sided cooler, and a few of those "ice packs" for it-and packed my lunch each morning. There are many portable items that she could pack that a cooler would work fine for if there is no refridgerator: a piece of fresh fruit, a cup of yogurt, a small turkey or chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread...she could also make up a salad in a Gladware type of container and pack a fork, and put some dressing in a separate plastic container. (They have really small ones now perfect for that.) There are really many options.

I agree about breakfast. If she isn't used to eating anything in the morning-she doesn't have to sit down to a full meal at first-something light to "transition" her over can help-a small glass of orange juice or a banana is better than nothing if she isn't really into eating that early. The key is to get some sort of calories in her in the morning to start up her metabolism after fasting all night.

As for dinner-if you plan on cooking-change your cooking methods to healthier ones-serve baked or grilled chicken with a nice salad or other vegetable and some cut up fresh fruit for doesn't have to be "hard" to make a decent healthy dinner.
You can make it a little fancier by adding a little seasoning to the chicken (Mrs. Dash or whatever you like) or making a nice stir fry by cooking the seasoned chicken (cut into strips) in a skillet with just a small dash of oil-and throw in a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables after the chicken is cooked fully with a little low sodium soy sauce or other oriental sauce and cook until done. They are very easy, and healthier ways to cook simply.

Good luck to you (and your fiancee!) and thanks for stopping by and being so supportive of her efforts!