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Crime girl
01-09-2005, 11:54 AM
Good morning everyone!
Here is the new thread! Enjoy!

Please remember that:
Monday- support day and a good day for tips on staying motivated
Tuesday- support day and a good day for reasons why we want to lose- I think that keeps us motivated more than anything when we reexamine why we want to lose..
Wednesday- "what have I been eating all week day" and I want to start trying to get everyone to share quick recipes or tips on cooking that work for them.
Thursday- "what I have done to move my bootie day" and I want to get everyone to start giving us an idea on how they work exercise into their lives and the things they enjoy doing.
Friday- support and influence day- lets make this a day we talk about anything or anyone that influenced our weight loss for the week- things like friends giving bad foods or a partner that supported our efforts.
Saturday- recap day- lets talk about the things we thought worked for us for the week and those that didn't- this might help us see where we strayed and where we stood firm.
Sunday- weigh in day and reaffirm goal day- give us an idea of your goals for the week, month, and long term.

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 12:07 PM
Okay now that the new thread is up and running I can post...
I got on the scale this morning and I am now at 280 down from 287 when I started this so I am thrilled! Just wanted to share my excitement!

Red- Please keep in mind that my post for you is just opinion and I don't in any way claim to fully understand the struggle you are going through at work. It is merely an interpretation of what I see and think from the amount I know of the situation and only to try to help. I reread my post and it seems kind of "know it all" and I dont mean it that way- I just hope it helps in some small way.
I am so happy you finally got to ride- you have got to be feeling so much better! I am betting it helped your stress levels as well. :D

Little grasshopper- Congrats on the weight loss!!! :bravo: I hope you get to pick up some new foods tomorrow. I am amazed at the changes you are going through as you detox! WOW! I wonder if we all would go through those if we went through your program? Something to think about especially in regards to what we eat on a daily basis huh?

Question of the day:

If you could learn to do one thing - anything at all, right now, what would it be? Doesn't have to be the end all perfect thing, just what would you love to learn if money and time weren't an issue?

(Today's question provided by little grasshopper- thanks!! ;) )
Okay well just wanted to jump on a sec- I will be on later and I am going to attempt a recap today. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
:spin: :spin: :spin:

01-09-2005, 03:14 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry to see that no one's active right now.....:(

Well, as you can tell by my updated signature, I lost 7 lbs this week! Whoo hoo!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that number on the scale. Finally seeing some results and hoping to continue what I started last week!

CG - great job! That is so awesome!!! We're right in line with each other. I just want to thank you for keeping me motivated and on track with our little "challenge." I need things like this to keep me going, so thank you! ;)

As far as my goals are concerned, I am hoping for each week to stay on plan. My plan is to stay at or under my 30 WW points each day, work out 30 minutes at least 5 days a week, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. My goal for January is to get down to 250, which is to lose 11 more pounds by the end of the month. Long term, I want to get down to 165, which was my weight before I started packing it on about 5 years ago! I have not set a time constraint on that goal, I just want to make it happen! :D

Today's question -- if money and time weren't an issue, I would love to learn to swim with the dolphins. I'm a huge collector of dolphin "stuff" and it's always been my dream to take one of those excursions where you get to swim with them, but I could never afford it. I've taken dolphin cruises in Florida and South Carolina, which were breathtaking, but I'd love to learn to swim with them and perform tricks....weird, I know. But hey, what the heck.....:)

As a reward to myself for doing so well last week, I'm going to go give myself a pedicure and manicure! I'll be checking back in.....keep up the good work ladies! I can't wait to hear everyone's to you later!


Crime girl
01-09-2005, 03:23 PM
I am so thrilled!!!! Congrats!!!
:bravo: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cb: :flow2: :dancer: :encore:

I know you have got to be excited! I am also glad we decided to do this challenge or there is no way I would have exercised this week since I have not been feeling well.

My goals this week are to :
stay on 1200 calories a day
exercise at least 5 times this week
drink 8- .5 liters bottles of water a day
I still want to lose to 270 by Jan 31st so that is 10 more pounds.

Okay well- good for you rewarding yourself kjk!
More later-

01-09-2005, 04:39 PM
Good morning. Just up, drinking my daily coffee. I left all my work till this morning. I was just too tired yesterday. Dressage knocks you out. It is SO much exercise, all core stuff and that's something I never do. Really should do this pilates (oh bore me to tears!). I know it's supposed to be great. You see, the caffeine has already kicked in . . . brain shut down, motor mouth!

I MUST do my work and am promising to not post before I get the first draft done, BUT I wanted to wish you amazing bunch of losers CONGRATULATIONS!!! What is going on here!! Everyone, Crime girl (thanks for the new thread by the way!), grasshopper, kjk, you have all posted a loss. Great stuff! :cp: :cp: :cp: That's a round of applause for each of you! I hope to be joining you soon! :dance:

Later! :wave:

01-09-2005, 05:49 PM
Hi.. Crime girl, i'm pleased I could be there for you. Currently I am at work and doing a bit of a stealth check on the site! In answer to your question the thing I would love most to learn to do right now is surf! That way I can spend quality time with my BF doing something he loves, and I would develope some core muscles! Also I would be making the most of the awesome coastline I live on.

I'll come back later when I have more time to tell you a bit about myself (i usually post on the 20 somethings post).


01-09-2005, 05:51 PM
p.s Red balloon - do you do grand prix? I used to do dressage, I got my pony up to elementary before I got way too tall for him :-(

01-09-2005, 05:59 PM
NBK, hi there! What's the time in New Zealand. It's 7 a.m. here. You must be an hour or two ahead of Japan, right? Well, it's good to see you. You acquired major points in Crime girl's book when you came to her rescue that lonesome day last week! Grand prix, oh my! no way, not yet. I am very low level. My horse is a handful, she's part Haflinger, cold-blood pony so you know that means she's not the most eager to move. So my progress is really hampered by her just not going forward. Still, I feel that I am learning so much from her because she really makes me learn the true basics, footfall and such, whereas most people, at least here are used to hot-blooded Thoroughbreds and such, who are just always ready to move for you. They're like, "oh, oh, is this want you want? or this?" whereas my girl is like "what the heck was that?, do you expect me to do something?" kick, buck, get annoyed. . .

Oh, yes, surfing is probably the same as dressage as far as working your core muscles goes. I think it's probably the best analogy too, balancing and working with a living creature, the ocean! the waves! having to be prepared to deal with sudden unexpected movements, "reading" what's going on beneath you. I'm afraid of the ocean though. Don't like the water though I've done kayaking and sea kayaking. Whereabouts in N.Z. are you?

Glad to have you posting with us, stealthy you. Hope to hear more from you. :wave:

little grasshopper
01-09-2005, 06:44 PM
Hi guys!! What losers you all are!!! :) :cb: :bravo: :cp:

NBK - I grew up on the ocean (much smaller waves though, I'm sure) anyway, I tried to learn to surf! I got knocked out my first try :) The board came off my ankle and hit me in the head - I was out cold. I have tried a few times since but it seems a lot harder to stand up on little, short waves!

Crime girl - I'm so glad you're feeling better and that loss has to give you a boost! You're doing great things!!! Keep it up!

KJK - all the walking - you're gonna walk yourself right out of those pants soon! :) I'm really impressed by your getting up every day, so early to walk like that. You're my hero :)

Red - Your horse sounds wonderful!! And don't worry - you're eating well, and working will all catch up with you! You're going to wake up one day to a huge loss!!!! Kick up that water consumption and enjoy the small pleasures in life! You earn it daily!!

Okay, I know I asked for the question, but now that I have to chose one thing I'm having a hard time. I guess it would be to speak, read and write Italian (that would put me close to spanish also). I have the cd's there's nothign really stopping me. Except me.

KJK - you're wanting to swim with the dolphins sounds wonderful! I got to swim with beluga whales in TX once. It was really really neat. Scary but neat! It was at sea world. I'll never forget it! I'm sure you're wanting something a little more thorough that my swim was though. It was really short and it took them an hour to teach us not to poke the soft spot on their heads! I got in the first minute - but we plugged on for an hour still :)

Well I made it to the gym today. I cycled for 30 then did lower body weights for 30 then sat in the sauna for 15. It was HOT. I felt good afterwards though. Being spotless on my diet today - not even the mostly okay rewards are allowed today :) :) Here are the foods I'm bringing in to be tested on..

yucca root (can't have potatoes, this might be a good sub)
sweet potato (nice dessert)
goat milk (and cheese and sourcream)

They will also test things like honey, eggs, grains and night shades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant) I don't expect to get those back yet, but I'd be okay with eggs :) or honey - I think I'd freak if I could have honey! :) :)

I bought an organic/dark chocolate bar as my reward for being so good for the past month - I'm going to have some after my visit and then immediately freeze the rest. (too expensive to throw away).

well before the book gets longer I'd better stop! Talk to you all later!!

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 07:32 PM
So glad everyone is getting on today- I was beginning to worry earlier..

little grasshopper- I am crossing my fingers for eggs and honey. I think those two things would make a lot of difference for you. Let us know when you find out- I am dying to know how things will work out. :D
Italian would be really fun to learn- it is such a romantic language. You should do that! Then you can teach me! :lol:
Good job on the exercise and I think your reward is a great idea. ;)

red balloon- I am still so jealous of your horse. I bet she is so beautiful! I really miss riding!

NBK- red is right- you are my hero! If you would not have talked me down I wouldn't have done so well this week- thanks again! :D
Are you from New Zealand originally? lived there all your life? I would love if you get a chance to tell us some things about you. ;)

Okay- I better go- need to go for a walk- I am going to take Charlie and he might just have a heart attack that I am taking this early in the night. He loves to get out and explore and he has been dragging today!
Back later-

01-09-2005, 07:42 PM
Ok, allowing myself a quick post here even though I'm not done with my work.

Grasshopper, you're doing great with all your exercise. Italian! Yes, that's the language I want to learn next, either that or Cantonese. I have a good friend in Italy. Do you want to write to her? She speaks excellent English.

Crime girl, who's Charlie? Don't think you mentioned him. I'm taking it it's a dog.

Yes, my horse is beautiful. Small and stocky. Chestnut (same as my hair) (that's horse "chestnut" which is like auburn) with a white blaze (that's a streak down her face) and a white mark on her muzzle that looks like a map of South America and she has one white sock. She has a big head for her body size and huge dark brown eyes. She is so pretty and varies from looks of utter boredom and annoyance to ones of extreme indignation such as "you fool! did you forget my sugar again?!?!" She looks and is very smart, that's why she gives me such a hard time! Are you more jealous now? tee-hee-hee. . . :s:

01-09-2005, 07:55 PM
Hi everyone. I'm home again! I really missed everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. CG and KJK, congrats on the weightloss. You are both doing so great! I loss 2 pounds this week. I did well at school. I ate really well Thursday through Saturday. No cheating plus I made time for exercise despite having little time. I even got some of the girls who I split the hotel with to exercise with me. Today is my cheat day for the week. I had one of those kid's real snack packs at the movies. We saw White Noise after my hubby picked me up from the airport. Now he is going pick up Mexican food. So I will really be cheating! KJK, I like your wish to swim with the dolphins. I have swam with them before. It is a great experience. I have also swam with Whale Sharks in Honduras, that was really awesome. They are huge!!! I know that there is a place in the Keys (grassy key) where you can swim with the dolphins. You can help feed them, play games with them, etc. It is at the dolphin research center there.

01-09-2005, 08:02 PM
Stormy, welcome back!! I was thinking about you and hoping you were doing well. Great going while you were at school. Eating well AND working out. Fantastic! Now that is dedication. And of course, congratulations on your weight loss! :cp:

Yes, I would have expected you to have done whale or dolphin swimming with your love of the water and ocean.

Have fun with your eating day. Instead of a "cheat day" which sounds so negative, I think you should call it your "indulgence day" or "privilege day" or something like that, no? Yes, preferential treatment for someone who has put in a week's worth of hard work!

01-09-2005, 08:18 PM
Red, I like that "Indulgence Day" !

How are you? How has your exercise and eating been? How are you feeling? Is work going any better?

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 08:19 PM
Hi again!
Stormy- I am with red-you should do away with the title "cheat". It is definitely a deserved day for someone who has worked hard. I like "reward" day or "guilt free day". :D Congrats on the weight loss! :bravo:
That is real dedication to stay on the program while juggling school and being away from home. Great job!

red balloon-to answer your question - Charlie is my dog- the barrel on legs. He about had a heart attack on our walk- all the smells and he got to go further than he ever does. He was so excited and it made me walk further then I intended. :D
Your horse makes me insansely jealous and I can see why you are willing to sacrifice to have her.

Okay- more later- need to go eat supper before it gets too late.

01-09-2005, 08:21 PM
Good, stormy, glad you like it. I think I'd go for the privilege day myself because I'm afraid I like the sound of indulgence too much and would probably end up making them every other day! :lol:

If you look back over the last thread you'll see I've been pretty down and bummed out about my lack of weight loss (I had a gain! don't know why) and my work. Everyone, especially Crime girl, has been so supportive.

I can't talk much now but here's saying I'm going to give it more effort this week. Having you guys here means SO much!

01-09-2005, 08:25 PM
Hi Crime girl, double posting I think. Oh yes, I remember the "barrel with legs" Didn't remember the name, that's all. Good for you for walking him. He will absolutely love you, even more than I'm sure he already does. Your biggest supporter for sure.

Ok, insanely jealous you. But really, all horses are gorgeous to me. I would sacrifice for any one of them maybe. But my girl really does have some special allure for me I think. I think I identify with her stubbornness, her refusal to compromise. Everyone calls her "stubborn" but I say she just has very clearcut policies. I just want to help her out because I know what happens to horses like her. . . nothing too pretty. :cry:

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 08:25 PM
Go Red!!!!!! You can do it!!!!
:cb: :dance: :cp: :cheer: :cb: :dance: :cp: :cheer: :cb: :dance: :cp: :cheer: :cb: :dance: :cp: :cheer:

:coach: :coach: :coach: :coach:

01-09-2005, 08:27 PM
THANKS, Crime girl. You're too much. :rofl:

01-09-2005, 08:33 PM
Wow, I'm missing all the action!

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement with my weight loss this week -- you guys had a huge part in my success. I wouldn't be able to make it through without coming on here and talking to everyone!

Stormy - welcome back! You did SO well at school - awesome job!!! Your reward day sounds like a great idea! I kind of did that this week, unintentionally, but it really didn't have a negative effect on me. In fact, I was able to get my fill of the things I was missing, but I didn't totally pig out. So kudos to you!!! Keep up the excellent work!

Little GH - I'm glad that I can be somewhat of an inspiration to you in your working out. In fact, we are all inspirational to one another in some way or other. I've never been anyone's hero before... ;) That's awesome!!!

CG - good for you taking a walk tonight! I'm taking today off and just getting some things done around the house. So I will be DRAGGING my butt up tomorrow morning to get back into my routine! Let's keep it up! :D

Red - glad to hear that you are able to get some help from being here, even if it's just laughing at our insanity sometimes... :) I think this board has definitely provided us each with something positive! Whenever you need something...we're here!

All right...gotta go find something to make for dinner before I indulge on something bad! I'll be in and out all night...hope to catch someone later!


01-09-2005, 08:33 PM
Hello Ladies :D I'm joining up here!

I'm hoping to lose exactly 100 pounds in 2005! And I need all the support I can get ;) So if I'm here a ton... that's why ;)

01-09-2005, 08:40 PM
Question of the day:

If you could learn to do one thing - anything at all, right now, what would it be? Doesn't have to be the end all perfect thing, just what would you love to learn if money and time weren't an issue?

If I could learn one thing at all, right now I would learn to speak Gaelic (native language of Ireland!) and I would learn it by living in Ireland for a year or so...

01-09-2005, 08:40 PM
kjk -- hi there! Yes, there's been a lot of action here, especially because I've been sitting at the computer working (and answering email) Just finished my work!! Hurrah! and now have 20 minutes to shower and get out. No way!

Yes, didn't mean to leave you out or anything. You've been a great part of all the support I've gotten here. Thank you SO much.

Jacque -- welcome, here you are, there you are, yoiu're everywhere. This place hops!

(I told Jacque on another thread about you fantastic bunch, people! She's burning as well, and I think, with likenesses in weight loss goals, that Crime girl and kjk may especially be in for some added competition!!)

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 08:40 PM
Glad to have you on board! Jump in and start posting- we love to talk!

kjk- the feeling is mutual! You contribute so much back to us! Thanks!

Well I never answered the question of the day so here:
It was hard to pick just one- I am one of those people that is always working on a project-
I think I would want to learn how to be a serial killer profiler. Weird I know- but I have been reading about serial killers for years. I am really into true crime stuff and that is ultimately my dream job.

01-09-2005, 08:40 PM
Welcome Jacque!

You will find that we are a very supportive group that likes to post and chat A LOT!!! Crime Girl is our leader, and each day is dedicated to a different topic (weighing in, meal ideas, support, etc.). But mainly we just get on here and talk about anything and everything, including our successes and failures!

Jump on anytime - welcome!!! :D

Kelly :)

01-09-2005, 08:50 PM
Jacque, welcome! Gaelic- what an interesting choice! Red is out and recruiting.

As far as my thing-I would like to become fluent in Spanish.

Since I did not get to read the board much being at school-how are the points going b/t KJK and CG? I need to update my stats!

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 08:56 PM
stormy-I got 3 points on Wed, 2 on Thurs, 0 on Friday, 2 on Sat, and 3 today!
jacque- speaking of themes for the day- what are you hoping to accomplish this week? What is your weekly plan?
Gaelic would be a really cool language to learn.

Okay- really need to go eat now- my poor dog is passed out on my bed looking like he is pooped! It is really funny! :lol:

01-09-2005, 09:06 PM
Uh, oh, Crime girl is already jumping in with the goal questions! That's what I love about you CG, our leader!

Stormy, I think it's neck and neck between Crime girl and kjk. I'm expecting it to be a photo finish.

Recruiting, yup, that's maybe what I should get in to. :idea:

Jacque, one of my recent boyfriends (does that sound bad or what?) was Irish. And I did the Ireland trip and got the tapes. Since that ended on the rocks I haven't looked at the tapes since! Fortunately, a good young Irishman at work has served to at least take the twinge off the country for me. ;) I love an Irish accent, though they're quite different depending on the area that person is from. Of the native English speaker accents I like best, I'd say Irish, South African and New Zealand are my favorites. Before, I would have been lucky to even understand they were speaking English but being over here you come in contact with lots of English speakers other than Americans (Brits would question my use of the word "English", gotta love 'em!). But still, Irish I think is neatest.

OK, I am late for work. I was thinking I would go to the gym tonight after work but I remembered today is a national holiday so the gym closes early and means I'd only be able to get in 45 minutes tops. Not worth it. I will, instead, promise to uncover my bike in my room so I can get on that. I don't know what's wrong with me but my body seems to be gaining weight at an alarming rate. I'm not kidding. It's scary. What's going on? Maybe from riding yesterday. Don't know.

By the way, Crime girl, I wrote two pages in my "Good things that happened to me" diary last night. It felt so nice to be writing right before I went to bed about nice things. I think I'm going to make it my ritual. . . . I wrote about you and all your support. :love:

01-09-2005, 09:18 PM
I'm a sucker for the Irish Accent ;) BIG TIME!! (My husband jokes about that a lot!)

As for my goal for the week... umm my goal/focus for the week is going to be more exercise! I've been eating better (down from 4000+ Calories to about 1500) for 5 days now.... and I'm ready to throw a bit of exercise in!

01-09-2005, 09:21 PM
Red, 45 mins. is better than nothing. Now will your time on the bike be as good as a workout ad you would get 45 minutes at the gym plus your time traveling to and from? Get moving girl! Stop focusing on the evil scale!

01-09-2005, 09:23 PM
only 45 minutes?? The 30 minutes I did today kicked my butt! I'm tired all over ;) But sitting on my fitness ball while at the computer is certainly entertaining!

01-09-2005, 09:38 PM
Stormy - 3 Wed, 3 Thurs, 2 Fri, 1 Sat, 2 today.

Thanks for keeping us in check!


01-09-2005, 09:56 PM
Totals for this past week for the CG & KJK challenge:
CG 7 points
KJK 9 points

Good job girls! Feb 14th is just around the corner!

01-09-2005, 10:01 PM
Hey ya!
Kjk, I have swum with dolphins before, hectors dolphins and common dolphins in akaroa harbour, it was about an hour east of where I grew up in NZ (Christchurch, South Island). The water was freezing though and my friend just about got hypothermia after an hour and a half. It was such an awe inspiring experience.

I am currently living in New Plymouth wich is on the west coast of the North Island. It is a small town, but it is really scenic round here and I am on a peninsula again so it's great. I have lived in NZ all my life, but spent 3 months based in the Netherlands for work in '03.

Talking of accents, I love south africaan accents!

Red - i know what you are saying, I have always had the mental horses, even my thoroughbreds have been 'rescue' cases that required a LOT of work. I love riding though as everytime you go out you can achieve something good. Not a lot of sports offer that guarantee. And the relationship with your horse is just something so special. It also helps if they are chestnut! he he.. my most beloved pony was a chestnut skewbald. He was part cold blooded too. So was stubborn and SMART. He could count three refusals, then would jump as if nothing had happened. ooh oooh before I forget the time here is +13 GMT so right this second it is 1501 on monday

Hmm boss is coming back, must abort my stealth mission!

Crime girl
01-09-2005, 10:07 PM
Who me??? Pushy?? Ok I admit it! I like to push a little...
speaking of pushy I spoke to the Exercise **** tonight and she was pushing hard for me to go to the gym so I need to go tomorrow. For such a cute innocent girl she sure can be mean. :lol:
I am with you Jacque- 30 minutes kicks my butt! 45 minutes would be just plenty for me. I might even have time to take a shower. :D

red- you are making me blush! :o Seriously, I am glad I could help even in a small way. You will figure it out- you are such a clever and intelligent person that I know you will be OK. Besides- I owed you- you saved me a few days ago. Between you and NBK I stayed on course- without you I may have still been on the couch hovering in pizzas and M&Ms. :lol:

Well this week will be a great one for us all!! We will meet our goals and manage to stay away from some of the bad things from last week!
I am going to watch Desperate Housewives now..

01-09-2005, 10:45 PM
Stormy - thanks for the update! Glad you're keeping tabs on us!

I am so jealous of those of you that have swam with the dolphins! I will make it there someday...perhaps when I lose all of the weight, I will reward myself with a trip somewhere to do just that! :D

All right, off again to watch the People's Choice Awards (not really anything else on)....back later.....

kelly :)

01-09-2005, 10:49 PM
I just want to share (because I'm so darn excited!) after dinner tonight I'm at 1250 calories for today!! YaY!! (And that could be high because I tend to overestimate to be safe) and that means I'm still good for my deserts later on!!!

01-09-2005, 11:04 PM
Well done Jacque! and congratulations on winning the diet book!! Which one are you going to pick?

01-10-2005, 12:24 AM
Thanks *blush* That gave me even more encouragement!!

I picked one of the recipe books (can't remember which off the top of my head!) because I have a lot of high fat cookbooks (at least that's what they all seem now!) and I love cookbooks :D

01-10-2005, 12:42 AM
Oooh me too! I love cooking, but yeah most of my favourites are full fat dishes... and I make for about 40! It's a legacy of living with 2 boys my last year of eng school. But now I mostly cook for just me so it's basic and boring things like stif fries and spag bog...
have a great night all and see you tomorrow. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

01-10-2005, 12:52 AM
Jacque and NBK it is awesome to see that you two are posting so much. I have been away since Thursday and I am glad you two joined in!

This week I want to be held accountable for the following things:
1)I hope to lose two to three pounds. I am starting to see some changes in my body. I do not think that I have dropped a size however my clothes are fitting me looser.
2)Exercise 1 hr for six days this week despite regular work and school work
3)Get enough sleep
4)Eat clean until my reward day (Red, I think that is what I will call it) on Saturday

Little GH, good luck at the doc's. You will do fine! Let's add some more food to that diet of yours ;)

Red, did you work out today :p ?

CG, are you feeling better yet :^: ?

KJK, do you have that alarm set to get up and workout :coffee: ?

Jacque, Eating for Life is a great cookbook. There are sample recipes at (I think that is the right site :?: )

NBK, have a great night and again, welcome :D

Where is Michi, Susanne, Southernbelle and everyone else?

01-10-2005, 02:31 AM
Thank you for the eating for life link :D As for my posting, I'm a message board addict, and I need all the support I can here I am! Get used to me ;) You'll probably get sick of me soon enough ;)

I totally get what you mean! My husband works nights, so I'm home alone all day and that leaves lunch and dinner for just me...and they tend to be boring lately!

01-10-2005, 07:43 AM
Good morning!

Well, I picked up where I left off last week, and have already done my 2 mile walk.....Grasshopper, are you up yet? ;)

Stormy - I did have my alarm set when I read your post! :D But it certainly wasn't easy to get up today. My weekend schedule was so odd (was out LATE Sat), so I think my body was in shock when that radio kicked on!!!

Well, ladies....must go get ready for work. I hope you all have a great start to the week. We can do this!!! I'll check in later...

kelly :)

01-10-2005, 08:18 AM
kjk -- just wanted to say congrats! You're something else. I'm so tired, going to bed now. Long day. Bad day as far as eating/exercise went. Ah well, I did write it all down and that was a big "all" :( Try, try, again.

Talk to you all tomorrow. Good night!

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 10:16 AM
My goodness, there is a lot here!!

I have to be quick but I can write more later today. KJK and jacque - I'm so glad you're here!!!

KJK - I'm awake now. Did sleep in late today. I was having those dreams where you think the other person is having a horrible dream and you're stuck in it and you're trying to wake them up so you can get out of it...only to find, you're the one asleep! Then I dreamed I couldn't find a darn thing I needed for today. Just a night of bad dreams!!!!

NBK - speaking of going places, my father lives in Australia and wants me to come visit. I'm in the first year of my business can can't right now but when I do, I want to go to NZ and spend a week. I'm fascinated by the place!!! And I confess, in love with the accents too :) I would love to hear an American accent from other's ears. I'm sure it sounds like chalk on a chalk board! I'm southern too, so that adds extra shrillness to the chalk :) :) I don't have a strong southern accent at all though - I once got charged too much for boiled peanuts - at a stand 1 mile from my mother's house, becaus the guy thought I was a northerner!!

Jacque - WELCOME!! I'm sure you already see that this is a great place for support!! I'm normally and addict too but I was smoked in the posting last night !!! :) :) I'm glad you're here too!!! You're gonna be looking great by valentine's!! Good goal too by the way.

Stormy - great job!!!! I'm giving you a standing ovation right now :) Too not only stay on track, but to drag others onto it with make us proud!! :) Congratulations on your loss!!!! Is the size change far away? I bet not. And if hubby is still commenting on that butt, you're doing something great!!!!

Crime girl - I was scared for split second...a serial killer profiler huh.....that's an important last word! :) Do you remember the movie copy cat? I loved the movie but Harry Conick Jr freaked me out in it!! I think that would be a neat thing to learn. Talk about learning to read people.....

Red - I'm glad you are remotivated this week....that's the key!! Falling off the horse is not a's failing to get back on! Not that you fell off, but you know what I mean (I hope). Were you gaining quickly before you began your program? If I remember right you hadn't been an a scale in a long time. If you are gaining this much and it's not normal to you, it may very well be a hormone/endocrine thing. Your Thyroid could be low..which would set up all the other things I mentioned before. A blood test would give you a clue but if you have access to good naturapathic docs, or accupuncturists - most read pulses and use other diagnostic methods..without drawing blood. I would think they would be much more common than here. If that is what's going on, as soon as you correct it, you'll start melting weight off your body. Just worried about you - you're doing a great job staying motivated!! I agree with Stormy - if the 45 minutes at the gym, plus getting there and coming back are more of a workout than you'd get on your bike alone - hit the gym...It's too late though isn't it. Forgot I missed 2 1/2 pages of posts!!

Okay, I have to get going - this was suppose to be short. I got drawn in :) :) I'm headed for the docs. I cooked the yucca and sweet potato last night so he can test it. They taste so good, there is not way I'm going to be able to eat them! Never know till you ask though, right :) :)

01-10-2005, 10:58 AM
I won't this big old post..And then it went bye bye when i tried to post it..That sucks..Anyways

hello everyone..I miss one minute and the thread is already 3 kidding..

Sounds like everyone is doing good..I'm doing good here too..Its been raining here in so. california so much..its been hard to go walking before or after work..But i have a gym at my apt complex then another one a block away but i don't use them..dumb me..But i have been still been spending time at my mom's house...

To answer the question i would learn how to surf too..I tried before and even though my behind was best friends w the ocean floor i had fun..I was so sore the next day.. think i need to get a little more in shape before i go again...

well talk to everyone later
This post isn't as long as my other one..But i'm at to give the officers something to do..besides the mud slides and the flooded streets to watch over


01-10-2005, 01:24 PM
I've got a question here... how often do we make a new thread for this? Is it once we reach a certain number? or once a week? Just so I know when to look out :D

Today I'm feeling pretty good, hoping to force myself to exercise for 30 minutes :D

01-10-2005, 03:01 PM
Hey all!

Don't have time to post much, will later.....

Jacque, Crime Girl creates a new thread every Sunday. Usually we only have 7-10 pages of posts, but I feel like we're going to blow that out of the water this week! :D

Talk to you all later...keep up the good work!

kelly :)

Crime girl
01-10-2005, 03:49 PM
Don't you people sleep? I go to sleep early, then have to work, and when I get back on the board it looks like I have been gone for a week! WOW!
I am glad everyone has been so chatty- more motivation for all of us!

Jacque- Well done with the calories- you and I seem to be on the same track. I am trying to eat no more than 1400 calories a day but also trying to stay around 1200. So far it has worked well. :D
I see kjk answered your question about the new thread every Sunday- (thanks kjk!). I remind everyone and try to provide a link to the new post area on Sundays. I also ask the administrator to close the old posting area so I can get everyone to move! ;)

little grasshopper- Let us know as soon as you can what the doc said! I am hoping he gives you at least one of the choices that you want. :crossed:
I know serial killer profiler as a thing I want to do is odd- well, if the shoe fits.. :lol:

kjk- Congrats on getting that bootie moving!! You are the wind beneath my wings! :D I can't believe you get up so early to walk- sure keeps me from using it is too early as an excuse. I am going to try to get up tomorrow morning and walk before I go to school. ;) Can't let you get too far ahead of me!

NBK- since you love to cook and I hate it- feel free to take a vacation to Florida and come be my personal chef for awhile! :lol:

stormy- to answer your question I am feeling much better- only have this annoying cough left and I can live with that. I hope nobody else gets this crud!
How did school go?

michiemish- glad to hear from you! Get in that gym young lady! You can do it! How have you been? How is your mom doing? Been keeping her in my prayers.

red- Get back on that horse! I am counting on you to keep me motivated! Work out the stress with exercise! How are things by the way? What is new with you?

As for me-I just got home from work and I have my first day of school for the semester tomorrow. I have one class at 1:00 and another at 7:00 so I might not be around too much tomorrow. I will try to pop in and post from school.
I am not looking forward to being in class. :(

Well I better go this is getting long-
for today we are suppose to look at what motivates us to lose weight-
so- tell me- what is your ultimate goal? Describe yourself at that goal. :D

The question of the day is:
If you could work in any profession you wanted and earn as much money as you wanted- what would you choose to do? What would be your job?

Have fun!
I will be on later- see ya!
:spin: :spin: :spin:

01-10-2005, 03:57 PM
How long have you been on your new plan? I seem to be hitting about 1500 a day, but hope to cut that back eventually! I'm still craving my old ways and that's tough!! In fact right now I'm off to the grocery store for some hopefully tasty healthy treats :D I'm learning to like Veggies...

I could post 10 pages a week just me :D So I hope someone's ready to chat with me ;)

Crime girl
01-10-2005, 04:08 PM
Jacque- around 2 weeks but I had a really bad day last week.
Other than that I am adjusting so more power to you..
I went to a website that figured out how many calories I burned just sitting and doing my usual thing and it said 1850. So I figure if I stay under 1400 I am doing good- and then throw in exercise..
There is a cool site at :
that tells you how many calories you burn for any given chore or exercise.

Post on- I love to chat and believe me you can't possibly post too much for us!

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 04:21 PM
Hi guys, Well I finished with the doctor. No good news on the food front. I didn't get any new foods. I guess there is good news in that I didn't lose any either.

Another good piece of info is that I am going on a deeper liver detox shake. You can't do this detox because it's too intense, unless you are already at a high level of wellness. So that's a good sign.

Also, I am close to having egg yokes back again. Had to have my wrists adjusted today and it hurt like ****!!!! I actually canceled my morning clients for tomorrow just in case. Luckily they were very understand and I was able to book them two days out.

Well I'd better get the dogs bathed. Just wanted to let you guys know about the food thing. Maybe next time.

01-10-2005, 04:44 PM
LGH - I love the southern accent too! I think it's really cool.. of course sometimes the real 'bubba' accent I find hard to understand.. but I used to watch savannah just for the accents! he he. NZ is an amazing place, we have sooo much beautiful scenery. I would suggest two weeks..5 days for the north island and the rest for the south island (far more breath taking!). Also we are the home of bungy jumping! it was a kiwi that invented it in its modern form.

Last night I was a good girl and went to the gym for my pump class. Unfortunately on mondays the instructor I don't really like takes it. She's a really nice person, it's just her teaching style.. and she picks on me. I have pathetic core strength so I often do the alternatives to press ups as otherwise I get too sore.. but she was like "tiffany don't cheat" and this was infront of a class of 20! embarassing (esp as I am one probably the biggest person in the class). And then in lunges, I loaded my weights up a bit and she was like "everyone look at those weights!" pfffft. I hate it, I stand down the back cos I don't want anyone to see me, and the reason I do big weights is I have ALOT more to loose than anyone else in there (that and I can! *grin*). Sorry for the moan...but it was stinking hot in the room and it was like ashtanga pump! he he

BUt then when I got home, my constantly eating day continued. I made a not super healthy pasta dish for dinner and had enough for lunch today.. well guess who ate the whole lot. I hate it how I'll just self sabotage like that. Ugh. I could blame it o TOM or being all alone, but at the end of the day I just make too many excuses.

Anyway today is a new day. I walked to work this morning - word of advice, when it is really windy a knee lenght flirty style skirt in a light fabric is not a good move. there were some flashed drivers! he he... I told the BF on the phone this morning and he was like YEAH! until i pointed out that he is currently offshore and it was randoms that were seeing me flash.. he didn't think it was so cool then. he he.

i hope everyone had a great sleep. I have lunch out with a friend today, so hopefully I'll make the right choice, although I do have a low cal, high fibre rescue dinner planned just incase! even if I am good I think I will go for it anyway to "make up" for yesterday's snacking and dinner debacle.

Crime girl - your studies sound really fascinating. What made you want to get into forensics?


01-10-2005, 05:37 PM
Hi everyone, sounds like everyone is doing well.

? of the day: If I could do anything for a living and make whatever I wanted I would still do physical therapy, that is how much I love it. If I have to choose another profession besides the one that I would do now I would be a scuba diving instructor.

NBK, great job at the gym. Ignore the instructor, just think of that hot bod you are attaining. Looks like we have about the same amount to lose except I am a short 5'7! I am now saying 142 so I will not feel like my goal is so big, but ultimately I want 135.

GH, well I was hoping that you would get to add foods. Sorry! So what are the ingredients of your detox shake? Are you going to the gym today?

CG-back to school Tues huh? Okay we have to get each other throught it. I am already up to my eyeballs in school work.

Jacque, did you get your thirty minutes of exercise in?

Michi, how is your mom? Are you taking care of yourself?

KJK-how are you? Have you triede a class at the Y yet?

Red, are you sleeping? How are you?

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 05:54 PM
Hi Stormy - I don't have the ingredients to the shake because they didn't have it in stock. But it's metagenic Ultra Clear Plus. It actually tastes much better than the protein shake I use to drink, and this serves the protein purpose as well. I'm looking forward to having it. It'll be like having my own milk shake every day :) I'm bummed about the food thing but bottom line is that every now and then I can cheat and I'll be okay - just can't do it often or the pain patterns will return.

I'm going to walk at the gym tonight - I'm thinking I'll walk 15 and then ride 15, just to split it up and make the time go by faster. I can't do weights tonight though and don't really want to. I'm having to really push myself to the gym.

I had my small piece of chocolate. It was YUMMY! Lime and dark chocolate. Now I have to put the leftovers in the freezer so that I don't eat them.

Well I'm off to walk and ride. Talk to you all soon.

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 06:05 PM
Question of the day - I too am doing exactly what I'd like to do but if I could change it I would have an office with an outside massage site. Either by a rocky beach or a beautiful mountain stream. I'd still need my office for bad weather or people who don't prefer being outside. But a nice area with wild flowers and curtains that can be pulled closed for privacy when needed. I think this would be wonderful for both the clients and me! I would LOVE to be able to do medical massage in such an environement.

As for what my ultimate goal is. I want to be that yoga teacher you see. The one that annoys you because they are lean and strong at the same time. Long beautiful, graceful muscles. That's what I want. I know I can get there too and that feels really good. It will take time, but heck, what else do I have?? I'll be here anyway :) :) Might as well use my time to build that body I want. Right now weight loss is a nice motivating factor in the health care program I'm on. I don't know that I'd be able to deal with it otherwise. But seeing weight fall off lets me know I'm getting healthier and making progress. I feel good that I'm being more of a postive example to my patients on how to take care of yourself. People draw something from me and I do have a certain amount of control over whether they are drawing strength or negative things. A certain amount. Right now, I feel like people go away feeling more positive about their bodies and their own journeys to wellness because I can be so positve about the process. I can be encouraging and it's because of you guys. I can be down and whiny here and be strong for myself and my patients because of the support you give me! Thank you again!! Unfortunately - you're stuck with me :) :) I need you guys too much!

Today is hard but Crime Girl - you're question was perfect. It reminded me why I'm on this program. I might not have gotten foods back today, but one day I will. And if I don't it's because I'm not quite that well yet, not because I haven't been good. It's not a reflection of how good a person I am or how much I deserve it - it's a reflection of health and I'm getting there. I have to remember that. All things are temporary. You can do anything for a little while. And food should not have so much of a hold on me. I'm breaking the hold a little at a time. Thanks you guys!

01-10-2005, 06:35 PM
hmmm any profession.. well there is one, but it's way too dodgy to put online (and it's not porn star!).. but seriously I would love to be a restaurant critic/chef! I love food and feeding people, but also discovering other peoples takes on recipes or ideas on food/flabour combinations! the other things I wouldn't mind doing are my current job (process engineer) but in the development of sustainable fuel systems, riding instructor - dressage esp! (did that through uni) and also a CSI I know it's not like on tv.. but I love forensics and have a good eye for detail. I seem to notice alot of things other people don't (it comes from years of picking at my own appearance)

Stormy - you're right we do have almost the exact same goals! My weight thing is a bit nominal as I really just want to get my phenominally high body fat down to a healthy range more than anything else. But I think that 135ish should be about right (of course it could just be wishful thinking) Oh yeah and give my BF the hot GF he deserves. he he he

Little GH. Sorry to hear your diet is so restrictive. I would go nuts! It's great that you stick to it so well. I had a friend at school who could basically only eat bannas and potatos and rice without having a reaction.. she spent a lot of time slightly pink! he he she decided having 3 daily showers and eczema was a price she was willing to pay to be able to eat about another 10 foods. But def no citrus or peanuts or milk.

Back to work, nearly lunch! yay
ta ta for now

01-10-2005, 06:42 PM
CrimeGirl, Thansk for that website :D On my way to check it out!

Grasshopper, What is this detox you're on? It sounds intense!!

NBK, makes me glad I don't wear skirts to work ;) Although you did successfully add humor to your exercise!

Stormy, Thanks for checking up on me!! I actually have not yet... planning that for about 4pm :D (20 minutes from now) but I am definately getting it done!! I'll be back to report afterwards! I'm debating between a nice long quick paced walk with my dog, or using my XBox Yourself!Fitness game again, I'm really liking that game...kicks my butt!

01-10-2005, 06:46 PM
Good morning, people. I am forcing myself to write on here. I say "forcing" because you're all so motivated sounding and I'm not at all. My saying I will and everything is just me going through the motions. I feel absolutely nothing but this horrible feeling of I "should" be doing something but have no desire whatsoever. Oh well, big sigh, I hate this weather. It's so cold and I hate the cold and January and February are just the worst here. I need the warmth I've decided. I don't need cold, what for? Sure, if I were at a ski resort or something maybe but even that, yuck, who needs it.

I didn't get the bike uncovered. It involves a lot more than getting it uncovered. There is no room for it in my room and I have to make room but to do that will take a lot of time and I really don't know how to do it. You know, this is the biggest problem. I read Crime girl's questions but I don't really know how to answer them. This is the problem. I don't know what I want to do. Otherwise I would do it or try to do it. How can someone be so without a clue? Is that possible?

I'm thinking the whole idea of "support systems" other than such wonderful people like you all, is what is lacking in my life. I feel like in a vacuum, where nothing outside my life supports the one thing I DO know I would like, which is the sleek, lean, athletic body, with that slightly hungry look, no pasty skin, no sags. Ah, maybe not possible any longer but still I could do better than now. I've seen it and it has slipped away. I need the sunshine. I need the warmth! Help!

I am like my cats. They do nothing buy lie around seeking warmth. That is exactly how I feel. I so hate the cold. Ok, shut me up! You know it feels good to say these things. It really feels good. Maybe I have to start saying them more often, really find out what I don't like and then I can start finding out what I DO like. Maybe that is where I have to start. What do you think, resident shrinks and life counselors? :)

Ok, taking a look at you chatty bunch. What fun do see all your posts!

Jacque -- You are doing so well. I am impressed in a major way. Don't worry about losing your enthusiasm (did you write that here or on the other thread?) Yeah, you probably will, if you're human, you are human, right? But so what, that's the way it works. You get it. You lose it. You get it back again. I'm in between the second and the last of those. :(

Sitting on a fitness ball sounds good. I have one I never use. But, my cats would have their claws in it in no time. Maybe I could just bring it out when I'm using it so I could ward them off, the little devils!

stormy -- I wish I had seen your post before I left for work yesterday. I would have taken my gym things with me. As it was, I felt so disgusted with myself all day that I didn't do anything but eat when I got home, or rather, I continued eating after I got home. I have this all or nothing mentality and you can see which one wins out more. In fact, my present depression is, I think, from mostly exhaustion. IN the summer I was in **** with work and I was working out like a mad woman (uh oh!) and drinking tons of caffeine and I think I exhausted my entire system. My legs starting going numb. I couldn't feel much at all. They are still bad but much better. This is putting a damper on my jogging as well because I used to really get going once I got warmed up. This is one reason I wanted to cut back on the coffee because I know it is so bad on your adrenal glands. That, mixed with the angry adrenal rush I was experiencing every time I went into the office and often at home due to emails and phone calls, combined to I think really mess with my system. Anyhow, got off track there. Stormy, yes, I have to try to balance things more. By the way, I love the way you keep track of kjk and Crime girl's challenge! :lol: I haven't forgotten our challenge. I have to get under 70 kg. by Valentine's Day. That's going to be a real chore and I wonder if it's even possible anymore. But I can certainly get closer, can't I?

NBK -- I spent time looking up maps of New Zealand last night and I found New Plymouth and was looking at the time zones. I see you're right on the date line. It seems that there are some time zones that are by the half hour, no? NZ is not really that much further east than Japan but there are lots of time zones and so the difference of 4 hours is so great. Or is it 5? Japan is pretty big but only has one time zone and there is no daylight savings time here. But if you have it that should mean you are actually closer in time to us in the winter, right? Hmm, complicated.

I am glad to have someone who knows horses and knows about cold-bloods. People here don't understand them or even warmbloods for that matter and it's sad because they just tend to think of them all as stubborn and get angry and give up on them and that of course only makes things worse. I respect a horse's personality and intelligence a lot. Have you read Podjasky's books? (not sure of the spelling) I love those books and I love the way his teachers would tell him the horse has to teach you how they want to be ridden. This is the way I feel it is with my horse. It's not that she is so stubborn or uncooperative as everyone says. She has a way of being and you have to learn to learn that and work with it. If people would learn to do this they would become such better riders, true horsemen and women. But here, they blame it on the horse and move on to another. It's so stupid. No wonder there are very, very few good Japanese riders. I think I would love to be in France or Portugal riding Lusitanos or something, if even just to feel there were others like me, who understand what I'm talking about and wishing for. Ah, ha! something I want to do!

Crime girl - I didn't mean you were "pushy!" Not push, you are relentless, exacting and focused, never losing sight or allowing us to lose sight of our goals, our reasons for doing things! I need but fear such people in my life! Don't change!

What is this "Desperate Housewives" thing? It sounds horrible! It sounds like the spam I get all the time in my email. Horrible stuff and recently it's about housewives looking for "action." I did a story yesterday at work on the People's Choice Awards. Headline, three pix, have no idea what any of these shows are about. I am culturally ******ed, well, U.S. pop culture that is, yes, and I think there was some mention of Desperate Housewives. I see other people tuning in to it on other threads. Please clue me in so I can disguise the fact when I am in the States that I have just beamed in from a distant planet!

Ok, I have to get some breakfast and continue this later. grass, kjk, michi, anyone I missed, I will be back! :wave:

Oh, by the way, the header I wrote is talking about my lifestyle, my habits (the bad ones). I am so sick of them!

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi - I'm still on so I thought I'd answer now :)

NBK - thanks for the support. I feel for your roomie!! I don't breakout - I just get a lot of pain and have trouble with brain function, from a head injury I had in a car accident long ago. I agree with her, sometimes it's worth it!! Right now it's not though. I'm trying to stick it out long enough to detox FULLY and give myself and my body a fresh start. Hopefully I will better to it this time around.

Jacque - the program I am on is like putting a dog on a bland diet. When a dog is sick you remove all but the most basic foods that they aren't sensitive to, and they eat on that diet to give their body a chance to heal. Well that's what I'm doing. I had a lot of chronic pain and brain function issues (balance, nerve function, things like that). I really do a lot better on the diet - that's what keeps me going. Every food I eat has been tested on me to see if I'm sensitive to it. When you first start a program like this it's pretty limitted but as you heal you become less sensitive to some things. There are things like corn that I will never get back - I'm seriously allergic to it!! And Dairy - american dairy that is. But a lot of things I will get back over time. I'm working on the "time" part. :) The detox is a natural thing that happens when you stop eating foods that you are sensitive to or are just plain bad for your body...when you stop adding those things - the body can stop reacting to it and can focus on getting rid of toxins and healing damamged cells more effectively. Did explain that well enough? I'm use to hearing it now so I leave stuff out when I explain it! I hope that helps. I eat all organic and I also don't combine starches and proteins at all, ever. I also eat fruit alone and on an empty stomache - this helps with digestion.

okay, I have to hit the gym now - or I won't. just walking today but every step counts!! Kelly and Crime girl are proof of that!!!

01-10-2005, 07:46 PM
Ok, back for a bit more catching up.

stormy -- That's great that you are starting to see changes in your body. Doesn't that just feel great! Wow, what an exercise goal you've set yourself. I am starting to feel the twinges of my ultra competitive spirit beginning to awaken from its deep slumber. Ok, Reward Day, I'm steering clear of all that. I don't deserve any rewards at all. I should be thrown into an isolation cell with my feet strapped to an ever-turning exercise bike and be given nothing but stale bread and water for a week!

little grasshopper -- You say you're in the first year of your business? What is that? Is that the massage work you do? Is your father Australian? As for American accents, it really depends on where they're from and I think, like with any language, it's much more the tone and the way of speaking than the actual accent that makes a pleasant or unpleasant sound. In most languages, when an American is speaking they tend to use dipthongs a lot and so sound really lazy and sloppy. It's because most other languages have a lot of very clear vowel sounds, whereas American doesn't. English as spoken in the U.K. and Ireland is much crisper generally. If you can learn to get a clear vowel sound you'll sound much better when speaking a foreign language. I had it hammered into me when I lived in Germany and that has helped in Japanese greatly. I can do an American accent and it is horrible! Sorry, no offense. I don't like hearing American spoken with harsh sounding vowels any more! As for a southern accent (U.S. south) I think it would sound quite lovely anywhere in the world. Had to laugh at your getting scared over CG wanting to be a serial killer profiler. I had the same momentary jolt. :lol:

Yes, I am thinking of what you're saying about this hormone/endocrine messup with me. I think it must be something like that. First of all, the stress and the emotional havoc that I was going through (and still am to a lesser degree) must have messed things up and then on top of that the megadoses of caffeine and sugar (which I wasn't used to) and then, recently, the opposite, suddenly cutting caffeine drastically and seesawing between no sugar and tons of it. My body must be crying out. Also, I was doing very heavy weight training and lots of jogging and that went down the drain too. I was sitting around all the time doing so much work at the computer and sitting on the floor working at a low table. I can't afford to go to any doctors I think and I'm just thinking if I can try to eat better and get more balance in my days that I will get better. It's really strange about all your allergic reactions to foods. I can't really understand it. I'm thinking that what you call allergic we people wouldn't even recognize. It's probably just our normal way of being. My aunt though is similar. She says she can't eat anything at all, is allergic to everything. Where do you think your sensitivities came from? Does it run in your family? No offense, but do you think that the extremes of eliminating certain foods wouldn't add to the problem? Can you not become TOO sensitized? And what is this about your wrists?! It sounds like you're being tortured! Is this from all the massage work you do?

Michiemish -- You have to write your posts somewhere else first! This happens to you all the time, doesn't it!? What a bummer! That is so frustrating. I have lost stories like that while I was on deadline and it taught me to always make copies and backups along the way. I have been in tears as I madly tried to start over again. The weather sounds like it's putting a damper on things for you. I hope you can get in some exercise soon. Do you work at the police station? You mentioned officers.

Crime girl -- You're counting on ME to keep you motivated? Uh oh! Haven't been doing any good there, have I? I am trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps so to speak whatever that really means but it does sound hard and that's the way it feels so I guess it's an apt phrase. I feel like dead weight to myself. And the heavier I get the more I feel that way. The stress has exhausted me. I feel like a slug, like a sack of sand or something. But I will get better. I'm going to force myself to go through the motions and maybe the engine will catch and turn over. As you can see, I rarely answer your questions and I don't mean to ignore them. I'm not ignoring them. As I wrote earlier, I honestly don't know the answers to many of them, particularly the ones about what I WANT. That to me is an alien term, something I probably had beaten out of me as a kid and suppressed out of me from narrow-minded societies afterward. I think I have to go underground and try to nurture my desires, at first even find them. It's like trying to get a spark from rubbing sticks together. And then trying to blow that little spark into a flame. That's the way it feels. You can't believe how things are knocked flat, either outright or, worse, through NO show of interest, NO show of enthusiasm. I guess the people around me are the same, or maybe worse, they have no dreams, no desires they allow themselves and so, if I do manage to come up with something, it dies almost immediately. Do you understand what I'm saying. I mean, even yesterday at work, I was saying "I want to go to Dubai in March." I said it a few times and no one even asked me about it, like why? nothing. OK, one guy did ask but he stopped when I gave him a hint and wanted him to ask more. He didn't. But I think others suffer from that too. Most people don't want you to ask anything about their lives outside the office. But I am trying to find those who are open to questions and ask them myself. It's a strange environment. People are so strange or down or whatever and they seem to be jealous of others and even vindictive. I think that may be what comes from negativity and harboring a victim mentality. You start to lay the blame everywhere but where it belongs, on yourself. Ok, sorry, got off on a psycho tangent there.

OK, getting long again . . . until the next installment. . . .

01-10-2005, 08:02 PM
Red, stop being so hard on yourself! First, sometimes one never knows what they want to do for a living and that is okay. I admire you so much for doing the traveling that you have done in your lifetime. You have gained experience that many will never do. You have sacrificed many things so you can enjoy other things such as your horse. Please keep coming here we need you as much as you need us!
Maybe you are going through a seasonal depression type thing. Just keep on forcing yourself to reach your goals. You know that you have many goals. For example, you want a long, athletic body. You can do it. Visualize! You will reach a good part of your goal by Feb. I do not think that anyone just absolutely loves to eat healthy and exercise. Sometimes you just need to push yourself through it. When you are healthy you will feel totally different. You will have more energy to accomplish the things you need or want to do. You can do it! Now get your butt to the gym and smile about it! Kind of like those girls in the exercise video that smile the whole time they exercise and they make you just want to puke!

Desparate Housewives is a tv show about these ladies who live in the same community. The show shows little parts of their lives and what goes on beyond closed doors. I think a lot of people (women) relate somewhat to these women. For example, there is a lady who has several children and she left a high powered job to raise them and she is feeling totally stressed out. In one episode she feels so helpless that she takes one of her children's ADA medicine to get energy. Another lady is a perfectionist. Everything about her and her lifestyle seems perfect like her family, her yard, her cleaning abilities. However, her family is not even close to perfect. Her hubby had an affair, her son ran over a lady with her car, etc. I do watch it and I do not know why. I guess it is b/c I know there are people who are similar to these characters and I have always been interested in people's differing personalities.

01-10-2005, 08:04 PM
Red, I definately know what it's like to have no support! I don't really have any friends in "RL" but those I do have don't care enough to support me... and my husband, he tries, but he's too busy reaching into that bag of potatoe chips! I think that's why I didn't get serious until I got involved here... ((HUGZ))

As for "Desperate Housewifes" It's a TV show here, I've never watched it, the whole idea seemed rediculous to me... but basically it's 5 or 7 middle age ladies unhappy with their lives... pretty crappy show idea, but somehow it's one of the biggest here!

Grasshopper, that sounds like no fun at all :( I'm sorry you are having to go through that! Good Luck at the Gym!

01-10-2005, 08:06 PM
I did a 30 minute workout *WooHoo* I did 15 minutes of Cardio and 15 minutes of upper body...eep! upper body! I can't even do a push up! How sad is that? That's my fitness goal, to be able to do a push up!

I've got Yourself!Fitness for the XBox (have I mentioned that?) I work as a video game department manager at a local electronics store, and I won the free xbox and then I also got the game free :D So not a bad deal! But I love it so far, I'm just so out of shape that it kicks my butt!

01-10-2005, 08:21 PM
Jacque, way to go on the working out! I heard about that X box game. Now can you put it in a dvd player like you can put a dvd in the x-box, probably not, right?

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 08:23 PM
Hi guys - well I went kicking and screaming to the gym tonight. Couldn't do weights but did 35 minutes of light cardio. Walking and riding. I'm planning to go tomorrow am and start running/walking mix and depending on the arms I'll consider weights. So far they feel fine, but it's not a good idea to weight train after an adjustment.

Red - To answer your arm question..two things..first I've broken both wrists, and through out my training jammed them many times from hitting things with bad form (early in training) I also developed a shoulder injury (have i mentioned I use to be VERY accident prone because of the balance/spacial issues) anyway, shoulder injury letting students throw me, they were learning so there were many times I was hanging by my shoulder off someone's body - while they jerked me trying to get me lifted over them. Over time it wore my should ligs and tendons down. That injury has mostly healed but never has completely fixed itself. The doctor was going through stuff today to try to figure out why I still have issues with it and realized it was referring up from my wrists....they'd never been properly set after breaking them. I don't have wrist pain at all but since he adjusted them I can tell they are moving more freely and without all the popping I use to have. We'll see if it helps my shoulder....remember ALL things in the body are connected! You're nothing but a big pully/lever system.

As for the allergies and stuff. The belief is that most people in the US have these sensitivities but when you eat something constantly the body doens't put up the same fight because it just can't anymore - it's too bombarded with everything we're already putting in there. It can't fight. Get rid of them for a while and then try to add it back and you'll notice flem in your throat, or maybe your stomach gets sick, you get a headache, you break out, you have pain, it effects different people differently. I don't know if I told you about the kid that went through an appendectomy without pain meds and placed 2 in a south eastern US tennis tournament 3 days later. He has been eating this way, treated by my doctor, since birth and he is an athletic machine! Many athletes use the same type of medicine - especially european athletes. They just call them their chiropractors. My doctor grew up next to the doctor that pulled the science together and was intruduced to it early in life..both he and his brother went to school and became doctors. One teaches and lectures all over the US and the other is considered one of the leaders in this type of medicine. People who can only get to a certain level of health with other AK's are sent to my doctor. I am VERY lucky to be working there. I watch people with MS and Cancer do amazing things every single day of work. Autistic kids who now have jobs and are going to trade schools but before treatment didn't communicate with anyone at all. I couldn't do this type of program if I didn't work there, but I'm so glad I do because, they teach me stuff and I can use it on my patients - the stuff related to body work, and they respond so quickly to it and get well so much faster and more completely. Plus I get to learn WHY a specific muscle keeps spasming when it was never injured. I learn if it's related to chemicals, stress, detoxing, small intestines and it's a lot easier for me to tell people how to watch for patterns in their own pain, so they can eliminate things that create pain more quicly and easily.

I know that's more than you asked for! Believe me, I know this program seems wierd. It did to me at first too. But it's working for me and I'm on a whole different level than I was 2 years ago. And I wasn't even following the eating plan for most of that time :) I'm MUCH improved since I started following the eating part.

okay, I have to spend some QT with the Bf. Talk to you all soon!

01-10-2005, 08:37 PM
Thanks stormy and Jacque. Glad someone was here. Normally I wouldn't be either but since I can't ride because of the weather I'm home. I scheduled a lesson for late afternoon, which I hate, because it's so cold and dark by the time I go home and the ring is in the shade so even if the sun's out it's freezing. But I am hoping this is just a short-lived thing. I just filled up the kerosene heater again. I am going through kerosene like mad these days. Shows how cold it is. I think I am poisoning myself in my room though because it's too cold to open the windows much at all and usually I forget so the carbon monoxide levels must be high. More reason to hate the cold weather.

Jacque -- Movin! Wow. Great stuff. Pushups are hard. Don't be bummed. You can at least I'm sure do an on your knees girlie pushup! Chest muscles take a long time to build up because we rarely use them in daily life. You are always winning things, aren't you. Can I pay your way to Vegas and take home a percentage of your winnings? Or let's do a world tour of the biggest horse races with a similar arrangement.

Wow, that's too bad to hear you don't have support either. And what's worse than a husband who is pigging out in front of you. Does he at least encourage you between mouthfuls? I think this forum is amazing and have told the moderator so. Do they know the good they are doing for so many people, like us?

stormy -- thank you so much for your encouragement. I am always too tough on myself and when I'm not being, I'm just ignoring myself or eating without though of myself. The eating is not really a loving act, is it? not when it's countergrain to my goals. It's nice to hear you say you admire me for traveling but I don't think of it as an accomplishment. It was just something I wanted to do and did. It was more a gift to have had that feeling, something to act on, you know? Yes, I guess it has given me a lot of insights and experiences that many will never have. I wish I could use them in a way that could help others get through tough times. I realize how the hardships I have been through myself and the hardships I have seen or heard others go through have given me a lot of strength, something I don't even realize most of the time myself. But maybe it is there after all. Seasonal depression is a big possibility. This time of year is always rough for me and that's even when there is little else going on to add to it. Right now I am starved for hope even I think so your saying I could get somewhere by February even made me feel better. I think what happened is that with work, it was a lot more than just a work thing. I was helping my boss out so much, really sacrificing and then he turned around and cut me off. So it was a betrayal like thing, the kind of thing that just leaves you with the wind knocked out of you. I am trying to think of it as his loss but when I hear him laughing and seemingly having fun in the office it makes me want to puke. Your wanting to puke at the exercise video girls made me laugh, by the way! Thanks for such charming honesty.

I understand how people could identify with Desperate Housewives. Some of these shows could be really good I think but I also think they tend to be sugar-coated and act more as pacifiers for people who are in similar situations but will never get out of the situation. It's why I can't stand Dilbert. Identification can be such a numbing thing and what we really need more often than not is to feel the pain until it is so intolerable that we make the changes. This is why, though my dissatisfaction at things is painful, I think it is necessary and I try to be glad for it. It means I'm still rebelling, I'm still saying NO! if even only a whisper inside. When that NO! disappears . . . well, that's it, isn't it. We've been defeated, our spirit broken. I'm like you in that I like studying other people, kind of like a scientist, a mad one probably. Maybe I truly am from another planet. Did you know that people with negative RH factors are thought by some to be mutations, possibly from another world. I kid you not! They say the negative factor isn't found in other species of ape or monkey though I don't know how they've determined that. Anyhow, I am negative so maybe this is the reason. :rofl:

OK, still catching up. . Ciao tutti!

01-10-2005, 08:47 PM
Grasshopper, just saw your message now. OK, now I understand better and it sounds like you are really on to something good there. There are quacks and there are geniuses and often they look the same. I hate it when people get suckered in to a bad thing, especially because they are often the pure trusting types of people. It makes me so angry to see people or animals, especially helpless ones, being exploited or duped. I'm glad to hear that what you're doing sounds to be a legitimate thing. Wow, and I see you hanging off people's shoulders and so. No wonder your tendons and ligaments are screwed up. Ok, wrist thing, explained too.

And you all have shamed me into moving this lazy A before I poison myself with CO. I am turning off the heater and getting out the bike and going to pedal till I at least break a sweat. Wish me luck!

Crime girl
01-10-2005, 09:01 PM
Man- I have got to start checking the board more often. You guys go hog wild when I am not looking! I am glad for all the chatter until I start trying to respond back to people. Alas- I will do my best and if I forget something please point it out and I will respond.

Red- I implore you to stop being so hard on yourself. You are going to pick yourself up, young lady, and get to that gym and work off some of the stress that is infecting your life. I know you can do it! It is hard to get back on track sometimes and I agree with whoever said you are going through seasonal depression. Cold weather can bring you down- unless you are me because I love the cold. It does make you want to curl up somewhere warm and safe and wait for summer. You can do that some but you also must get to the gym as well as try to ride as much as possible. This too shall pass! You are going to be fine- and if the people you work with can't see your special unique way of looking at life and appreciate you they are missing out. Also- keep in mind- you are always welcome to come to Florida- it is plenty hot here. :lol:
Allow yourself to feel what you feel because that can't be helped but in time get up and dust yourself off because I am counting on you. Things will get better- I promise. I wish there was more I could do.
As for my take on Desperate Housewives- it is a funny show about a bunch of women living in suburbia and the lives they appear to have are not reality behind closed doors. It is narrated by one of the wives that committed suicide in the first episode and there is a mystery surrounding why that happened. It is a good show and I think it is funny!

Jacque- I am so excited that you have that game on Xbox- I am getting ready to order it. I have heard so many people say they love it and I am dying to try it. Is it challenging? fun?
Good job with the workout! :D

little grasshopper- I am sorry you didn't get to add any new foods but you have a bery good attitude about it. You know it is for your own good. Popping your wrists though? OW!
By the way- good job of imagery for your business location if you could work anywhere you choose. I would pay extra to get worked on in that locale. It sounds beautiful! :D

NBK- In answer to your question- I am getting a masters in criminology and I have a BA in accounting. I hope to be a forensic accountant which is an accountant that goes into a business suspected of fraud and looks for evidence of wrongdoing. They basically tear apart the books and testify in court on what they find. I am excited about doing it as a career and hope I can get on somewhere after college to start right off in my field.
So CSI for you? No offense at all but I hate that program. I think it is the arrogant guy on there that swoops in and solves everything. Crime scenes are so not like that. There isn't one forensic guy who has that much power and pull. Don't let me spoil it for you but I just can't stomach it. I am hoever a Law and Order fan and that has reality problems as well. Maybe it is the gray haired guy on CSI that blows it for me. ;)

stormy- I will need all the support I can get starting tomorrow with school. Do you have things you work on between times that you go? My professor has already emailed us reading assignments for the first day of school for one class I am taking. She is a new professor and we haven't even met her or been to class and I already have stuff to do for her. Geez! I hope she isn't going to be too gungho because my other class is hard. :D

Okay well little grasshopper you have posted while I am writing and I am not going to read that one yet. I need to go and walk my dog who has been hinting all night that he would like to go again tonight. I hope you are all well and I will try to hop on one last time before bed.

Thanks for all the support!
:spin: :spin: :spin:

01-10-2005, 09:29 PM
Little GH, good job working out! It is great that you did not let your wrist problem get in the way.

Red, I hope that you are on that bike right now! Please be careful with your heating situation, those fumes are deadly.

CG, yes we have continuous assisgnments. It is a full time program even though we only meet 4 days out of the month. They never give us a break. Like you, even though we were supposed to be on break during the holiday they still give us stuff to do.

01-10-2005, 09:36 PM
Stormy, Unfortunately No :( It's an actual game and require the controller for play... however they are making a version for the PC if you're interested! I'm just not sure when it will come out...

Red, LoL! I'm actually going to Vegas this summer (for the first time!) and I'm hoping some of this luck wears off there!! Before about 3 months ago I'd never won a thing in my life...

CrimeGirl, The game is a lot of fun, but it's definately a workout! At least for someone as out of shape as me!! When you first do the game you do a self fitness exam...where you test your heart rates, how many squats and pushups you can do and your flexibility, and you give it your weight...then it recomends a plan for you and you do the is a pretty decent workout too :D

Well girls off for supper :D I'm at 600 Cals for the day (577 actually) so I'm making Broccoli Beef Stir fry :D (I wanted it last night but didn't have all the I'm giving it a shot tonight!) then REALITY TV!! (Cuz I'm addicted)

01-10-2005, 09:42 PM
stormy, I got the tires pumped up! An arm workout in itself! Then I had to go to the bank, was able to pay the credit card bill! Hurrah! Got to the store, bought healthy food. It felt good to be buying it. I even splurged on sparkling water again just to feel good. Splurged as well on readymade salads because I know if I bought the makings only I'd risk never making it! Sometimes, you have to pay the price of progress, right? I will get on the bike, once I drag away the pile of stuff lying around it. Even just to break a sweat, ok? Thanks for the push.

little grasshopper
01-10-2005, 10:19 PM
Wow, this board is really hopping!! If I leave anyone or all of you out -I'm really sorry! :)

Jacque - I can't wait til there is a pc version of the game. It sounds really cool!

Red - thanks for understanding. I have more people in my life confused about what I do than not. I don't look like I'm sick or in pain so they forget easily. But it's like telling a person that smokes that it's crazy to quit because they don't have cancer, at least in my case it is.

Oh, and you're going to LOVE this. The seasonal depression..seasonal affectation's part of the whole endocrine thing too. The numbers of people with mild cases are so surprising!!! Just another way that when one of those organs get screwy, they all get kind of screwy. I'm glad you got moving! Just 30 minutes a day of walking or riding will help! (not riding while weaving through traffic and needing to be on your toes the whole time - riding where you can zone out and enjoy and unwind!) I wish you all the luck in the world figuring this out!! It drove me ape-poop when I couldn't figure mine out!!! To work so hard and have those results can be frustrating I'm sure but your compounding a lot of good things and results will follow - the kind you want!

Stormy - You have my deepest respect for what you and Crime Girl too, are doing. To go to school and keep a job, relationships and family in balance and order too is amazing! You're doing really well, and I'm sure it helps that you love what your learning!

Crime girl - same for you!! I bet you'd make a great profiler!! I'm glad you're finally feeling better and I know what you mean trying to keep up with everyone's posts! :)

Okay guys, NBK, KJK I know I've left you out! I'm so sorry!! I hope you're doing well and I'll talk to you tomorrow!!! Be strong ladies - we are a great bunch of losers!

01-10-2005, 10:31 PM
Stormy and fellow cheerers, I did it! I threw all the stuff away from the bike, put on the shoes (they're the ones with shoe clips), got on and pedaled!! Hurrah for me! Thanks to you guys. I not only broke a sweat, I maintained it and went for 20 minutes. I said I to myself I would only go for 15, but then went 5 more and I upped the resistance and didn't allow myself to go slow. I was watching some Korean soap on TV. Korean is all the rage here now. It had Japanese dubbed as well so I listened to that to understand it. It got me through without putting on the Walkman. Then I showered and now I've got half an hour to eat something healthy and get out to try to get another ride in. Notice I'm being cautious with that.

grasshopper -- oh, you don't need to thank me. I am very open and interested in things such as you are into and probably much "weirder" stuff. I would like very much to learn more and work with someone like you are or at least know what I can do on my own as sort of a self-diagnostic thing with which I couldn't go wrong with. In a way, that's what I'm doing. Even if and when I do eat horribly and drink I know the wrong I am doing my body, mind, emotions (it's all one, isn't it). Please keep telling me more!

Ok, kiddos, gotta run. Take care and hope to hear lots from you! :wave:

01-10-2005, 10:33 PM
Sheesh, I can't keep up with you guys!!!! Crazy....

Don't have much time, just got home from dinner out with a friend (I did well, ate off the WW menu at Applebee's) and then went grocery shopping.....yikes!!! Eating healthy is a killer on the budget!

Had a great day on plan today. CG, Stormy, give me 3 points for the day! Even with eating out, I'm only at 22 points today, so I'm having a sweet treat tonight! Whoo hoo!!! :D Worked out early this morning, and drank TONS of water!

Sorry I don't have time to respond to each post right now. I'll try to catch up tonight after I finish some cleaning. Great job everyone! Keep it up!!!! ;)

kelly :)

01-10-2005, 10:39 PM
:bravo: for you, KJK!!!!!!! YOU are amazing! Way to GO, GIRRRRRLLLL!!!

:sunny: :spin: :sunny: :spin:

Crime girl
01-10-2005, 10:55 PM
Ok- wonderful group of people who I could not do this without-

It is my bedtime and I must get a shower so I can go to bed. I will be at school from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm tomorrow and I have promised my friend Sarrah that I will walk with her tomorrow after class so I am looking at getting home about 10 or so tomorrow night. Sigh- the life of a student.

Red- I am glad that you got on that bike! :bravo: Good for you!

Little grasshopper- Your info on how things effect the body has helped me as well and I find it interesting so please don't stop explaining things. I think it does me good to think about how one thing in my body effects all the other areas. Keep up the great info!

Jacque- thanks for the info on the game- I am now looking forward to mine getting here so I can get started. I also want the dance game that comes with a mat because I think it would be a fun way to exercise. :D

kjk- great job today and especially great while eating out which can be hard to do. :cp:

stormy- I feel your pain with school. The tornado of work starts tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. :( Alas- I got myself into this so how can I ***** about it , right?
By the way- I get 2 points for today- I walked and drank a lot of water but I blew it big time with eating and I think today will be my cheat day. :lol:

Okay - tomorrow is Tuesday so it is support and reasons we want to lose. I think it would be great if we talk about reasons we want to lose that have NOTHING to do with our cosmetic appearance. What other reasons do we have for wanting to lose? What started you on this journey? Was it a particular life event or just frustration that led you here??

Question of the day for tomorrow-
If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) who would you choose and why?

Have fun everyone! Please remember we only get to ride this ride once- enjoy your day it is the only one like it you will ever have.

Quote for the day:
"Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit."
-Napoleon Hill
:spin: :spin: :spin:

01-10-2005, 11:16 PM
CrimeGirl, have fun in classes ;) I'm off to bed shortly too...

Question of the day for tomorrow-
If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) who would you choose and why
My Grandfathers (both of them) so that I could meet my dad's dad, and so I could tell my mom's dad how great my life has turned out! (He was one of my best friends growing up!) and Ty Pennington (from Extreme Makeover Home Edition) because he's HOT! And because he's done so many wonderful things, I'd love to pick his brain!

01-10-2005, 11:59 PM

Red, I am so, so proud of you :cb: :cb: :cb:

Jacque, thanks for the info on the game. I like TY too but I think he is gay. Why does that always happen with the hot ones ;) ?

Little GH, thanks for the kind words about school. The thing is you have to work hard to attain the things that you want in life. I think that trying to find a way to balance everything is so difficult. I feel that I am not always the best friend, wife, or daughter b/c school takes up so much of my time :(

KJK, good job with your points today. You are doing so good :dancer:

CG, have a great day at school Tuesday :write: Don't forget to fit your walking into it.

01-11-2005, 12:00 AM
Crime Girl - that sounds really interesting seriously! I love that sort of "problem" solving stuff. I thought about law for a while, but decided I would get too emotionally drained by it. As for CSI.. i know real life isn't like that i would rather be one of the geeks in the lab, or an evidence collector! BUt wouldn't it be cool if it was?

Red - SADS - seasonal affected depression syndrome is a real thing. It can be caused by a lack of exposure to UV light. People in countries where winters are especially dark and gloomy and have limited daylight hours are especially affected. I know in countries like norway and sweden people have large UV emitting lights in their lounges or bedrooms to allow them to get enough exposure to ensure things like vitamin D levels are maintained. PerosnallY I get a bit dark in winter (pardon the pun) and have found that going for a sun bed 1-2 times a fortnight is a really good way to combat this. I know you live in a country where pale skin is the ideal, but there may be somewhere nearby that has a solarium? seriously go and get a couple of good doses or warmth and light and see if it cheers you up! As for time zones, NZ only has one and yeah we are almost on the date line. In winter we are 4? hours a head of japan. India is about the only country that has a half hour time zone, as it straddles a lattitude line east coast in one side, west coast on the other so they split the difference. Most other places I know of use an hour zone. Australia has a couple, I know we are 3 hours ahead of the east coast and 5 head of the west coast.
You've made me remember a line by frank 'n furter on the rocky horror picture show
"even smiling makes my face hurt"...

Here's a really good song I listen to when I am down:

Change, by Blind Melon

I don't feel the suns comin' out today
its staying in, its gonna find another way.
As I sit here in this misery, I don't
think I'll ever see the sun from here.
And oh as I fade away,
they'll all look at me and say, and they'll say,
Hey look at him! I'll never live that way.
But that's okay
they're just afraid to change.

When you feel your life ain't worth living
you've got to stand up and
take a look around you then a look way up to the sky.
And when your deepest thoughts are broken,
keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin' it's time to die.
And as we all play parts of tomorrow,
some ways will work and other ways we'll play.
But I know we all can't stay here forever,
so I want to write my words on the face of today.
and then they'll paint it

And oh as I fade away,
they'll all look at me and they'll say,
Hey look at him and where he is these days.
When life is hard, you have to change.

anyway this is a bit of a book now...sorry :(
back to work

01-11-2005, 05:41 AM
Thanks people, for the never-ending encouragement and cheers. NBK, I just got in from riding Hurrah! and am running to get ready to leave again and catch a friend who's playing in a gig (guitar, hard rock, Hard Rock is ME!!) So, I'll write later. But, thanks for the song. I will read it slowly later.

And here's a good quote I found that is similar to what I think the song you wrote is about (from the glance I took through it).


"A man with outward courage dares to die.
A man with inward courage dares to live."

(Tao Te Ching 73)


I think a lot of our struggles come from daring to live. Have courage and keep on!

little grasshopper
01-11-2005, 08:30 AM
Red - enjoy the band!! And your night out. And congratulations for getting that butt moving on such a hard day!! It's the small things like that that are actually HUGE!!!

NBK - Thanks for the info on SADS. There are a TON of people in the US that have it now too. A lot don't even realize it. They just go through winter feeling "cagie" and can't figure out why...we say we have cabin fever. What actually happens in the body is cool...

Your Pineal Gland is this little gland that sends the hormone that basically tells you when to sleep and when to wake, but it also releases hormones that direct other endocrine organs as well. It gets a lot of it's information based on the Sun - and sun exposure. BUT the organ can not work properly unless other organs like the hypothalamus are working well is a neat article that explains it easily!

When we have less and less sunlight - or just a major change in sunlight this organ can get a little confused because it's constant information feed is missing. That leads to depression in a lot of people. Or insomnia, or changes in sex drive and food urges.

Red - a full spectrum light bulb at work would be enough to help! You can get them to go in regular US light sockets. I won't pretend to know if this is the same kind you have. You can also order them on line. I paid about $6 for mine and I've have it over a year and it still works fine. NBK is right though - a tanning bed would help too. They are almost full spectrum lights.

Okay, enough science stuff. I'm off to the gym - today I can RUN!! :) I'm like a kid who wants to do chores :) All the doc had to do to get me to run was tell me I can't. I'm so easy........

Stormy - My BF use to say that when I graduated we were going to spend some time together and see if we still liked each other! You're right though, very few things in life are handed to you. You're on a great path though and you're in the last year! That's wonderful for you. I know that doesn't make it much easier. But we're all thinking about you!

See you guys later - :)

01-11-2005, 09:45 AM
Good morning!

I tried to get on to post earlier, but for some reason my internet service wasn't working...:(

Everyone sounds like they had a great day yesterday - yea! for all of us!!!

To answer the question: I would eat dinner with my best friend from college, Kendra. I have hardly seen her in the last five years and I miss her greatly! I would also eat with my two grandfathers. They passed away 12 and 9 years ago, and I never really got a chance to say goodbye to them. So to just have that time would be priceless.

Ok, gotta run...I'm supposed to be working right now. ;) Hope everyone has a great day, keep up the awesome job!!!!

kelly :)

little grasshopper
01-11-2005, 10:04 AM
HI! I just got back from the gym and I just had to say this...I RAN!!! The ban on cardio is finally lifted and I can run!! It felt so wonderful - I didn't even have to stop to catch my breath! It was so much fun!!! I want to run again tomorrow :)

01-11-2005, 10:34 AM
Little GH, good job at the gym. It must have felt great. Like your boyfriend, I always say the same thing. I was 19 and my hubby was 21 when we got married. One of us has always been in school. He just finished his doctorate in Sept and I am still in school. By the time I get out we need to start thinking of having kids. One day we will have time together. We try to set a date each week to spend time with each other like going for a hike, going to a movie, etc.

NBK, back in high school I loved Blind Melon. Too bad about the singer, wasn't his name Shannon? Anyway, thanks for the lyrics.

Red, hope you had fun at the gig. It is nice to get out and listen to some good music.

KJK, did you get your walk in this AM?

Well I just finished my hour workout. It is so hard for me to workout first thing but it gives me so much more energy throughout the day. GUess I just have to bite the bullet.

Okay, I have to go see some patients now. I'll check in this afternoon.

Crime girl
01-11-2005, 11:29 AM
I am at school so this post will not be long-
How is everyone today????

Little grasshopper- Congrats on the run! I bet you are elated you can finally do some cardio. :D

stormy- I know how that is- with school and the fact that bf works in retail I really never see him. It is hard to work out a schedule so we can spend some time together. ;)

NBK- It would be interesting if it really worked that way- a lot less expensive too. You would only have to pay the big bucks to the guy who swoops in and solves everything! :lol:
I think I will like my choosen profession for that very reason- I love to problem solve and I think it is an area that I am good at.
Thanks for the song. :)

kjk-how are things going today? I have been much better with food so far today. I am walking after class so maybe i can get all the points today and try to catch up a bit.

red-You are sounding better- go out and have fun!

Okay I need to go- I am in the computer lab and it is not a private venue.
Have fun today everyone!

01-11-2005, 04:07 PM
Ok, lots to catch up on! So forgive me if I leave anyone or anything out!!

Ty is so not gay ;) He can't be!! (Ok, I see it... but I'm in denial!)

I Love that song! Blind Melon has some amazing songs if you just listen :D

That quote is amazing :D I'd never heard it, but I have now written it on a sticky note (I stick random quotes about the house to inspire me)

Congrats on Running! I can't wait until I'm at that point!! I can barely make it through my 30 minute cardio workout right now :( Hopefully soon though!

01-11-2005, 04:09 PM
I did my 30 minute workout today and didn't even need encouragement :D I'm so proud of myself for that!! AND... yesterday I came in UNDER 1500 Calories for the day!!!

Now if I can just approach cleaning my house like I do this losing weight stuff ;)

01-11-2005, 06:36 PM
Jacque, you are in such denial about Ty. Ha ha! Great job exercising today. Keep it up and you will surpass your 2/1/05 goal of 223!

01-11-2005, 07:09 PM
Denial? Maybe... Although I heard he has a girlfriend ;)

Is anyone doing Discovery Channels Health Challenge??

01-11-2005, 07:15 PM
OK. I am seriously going to wet my pants with excitement! Jacque and Stormy YOU KNOW WHO BM ARE? YOU KNOW MORE THAN JUST NO RAIN! oh my god. THey are like my favourite band in the world. Stormy you are right, the lead singer was called Shannon Hoon. It's his quote at the bottom of my signature (his first name was actually richard!) I am a total geek over them. And Red, I totally hear you on the heavy rock stuff, some of my other bands are Disturbed, Rage against the Machine, Alice in Chains.

I had a really really exciting night last night.. yesterday afternoon I got a call from the BF saying that when he ha been changing the generators over on the rig, they had both died, so there was no power other than the 12 hr battery back up... anyway he said he'd call me if they had to fly into town for the night (which would mean he was home 7 days early!). Anyway I stayed at work a bit late just incase he'd ring and also to look some stuff up on the net, but I didn't hear anything. So walked home (my exercise for the day) and did all my stuff.. anyway about 2130 there was a knock at the door, and i was confused as all my flatmates were away for the night, so it wasn't them.. but guess who was at the door! the BF! yay.. it was so cool! he he.. And he was all full of compliments so he was even more welcome. He went back out this morning but still.. yay!!

Well I am off for a walk now, to make up for not gyming it yesterday.. sorry if this has missed anyones posts as I started it this morning at 9 and have only just now at 12.15 had time to complete it!

The three people i would invite.. hmmm Philip K Dick, Shannon Hoon, My grandma so I can get a chance to say good bye (i missed by 8 hours.. long story, i hate our national airline now)

01-11-2005, 07:18 PM
Hey, guys, looks like the usual tons of action here. I had a very late night last night. Am paying for it now! I have to go to two places and talk work in less than an hour. Ugh! My own fault though. Will try to catch up when I get back home, probably after a nap!

01-11-2005, 07:27 PM
NBK, I tend to lean on listening to heavy music too. It's the best thing to listen to when you are working out. It gets you pumped up! I remember when I was in 5th grade and I started listening to heavy music my parents wanted to die. They never expected it from a 5th grader! NOw I am 28 and I have calmed down a bit.

Jaqcue, well maybe he does have a girlfriend. If so you still have a chance! Good motivation, eh? I like his hair!

Red, too much partying, huh?

01-11-2005, 07:31 PM
stormy, yes, too much partying. . . I told you I was that all or nothing type. Old rockers never die. . . and never learn either.

01-11-2005, 07:50 PM
Ok Girls, I'm dying here!!

I'm at about 610 Calories today (I know I still have over 600 left to "spend") But I'm starving and afraid I'm going to go nuts soon!! HELP!!!

*So I'll be cruising the boards to avoid my binging*

01-11-2005, 07:51 PM
I don't know that my hubby would like it much ;) He jokes around calling Ty my boyfriend, but probably wouldn't like me actually pursuing him :P

01-11-2005, 07:53 PM
Jacque, don't overdo it or your body and mind! will rebel and you'll binge. Eat more. You've been exercising too. Losing weight fast is a bad idea. It usually leads to rebound. You have to assure your body that you're not going to starve!

01-11-2005, 07:55 PM
Jacque, I know that sounds horrible, like I'm urging you to go off your diet but I'm not, I'm saying be careful that, in your enthusiasm, you don't set yourself up for a fall. The body, remember, is always thinking of your preservation.

01-11-2005, 08:00 PM
Jacque,eat! Your body is like a car. It needs fuel to run! Now go and eat. Spread out those 1200-1500 calories through out the day. Maybe 5-6 smaller meals, that way you will not feel like you are starving. I forgot, you are married. Well then look all you want, gay or not!!! My hubby laughed at me when I heard about the Brad Pitt and Jennifer break up. I love Brad Pitt, especially in Troy and Legends of the Fall when his hair was a little long. My hubby was like OH look, now he is back on the market, how convienent!

01-11-2005, 08:01 PM
LoL! I'm eating a salad right now :D I'm just trying to stay semi healthy!

I'm not trying to lose weight quickly, just trying to stay healthier than I was!!

01-11-2005, 08:03 PM
I eat every 2 hours or so (healthy snacks though!) and that way it's spread out throughout the day!! I was just in a panic, much better now that I have my salad in front of me ;)

Brad Pitt with long hair...Yummy!! My Hubby said the same thing "I guess this means your leaving me for Brad?" LoL

01-11-2005, 08:07 PM
Good you're eating, Jacque. Yes, you may not be trying to lose weight quickly, but from the sounds of it you will be! because you've cut your calorie intake drastically! So please be careful. I want to see your enthusiasm continue the whole time as you take this weight off and I want to see you maintaining your new weight and svelte new look!!

01-11-2005, 08:13 PM
Good you're eating, Jacque. Yes, you may not be trying to lose weight quickly, but from the sounds of it you will be! because you've cut your calorie intake drastically! So please be careful. I want to see your enthusiasm continue the whole time as you take this weight off and I want to see you maintaining your new weight and svelte new look!!

I'm so glad I found you girls!!

01-11-2005, 08:24 PM
O.K I have to confess. I DO NOT FIND BRAD PITT ATTRACTIVE! I mean I can see how other people will, but he doesn't float my boat! he he...Jacque, the 6 meals a day thing is great. I do it too most of the time when I am not being a pig... or too lazy to eat. (i go from one extreme to the other!).. I have just been for a lovely 40 min walk in the sun! 3 days in a row, don't tell me we are actually going to get a summer here. now I have a roast vege and feta panini and a salad to eat for lunch.. not super low cal, but I need my 5+ a day!

Red, pleased to hear you have be going hard! I love concerts.

Stormy - the weird thing is, that for 7 years I had a BF who loved disco (he is now gay, no suprise!) anyway I had to quash my heavy music tendency or only listen to it in my car or at home.. he never compromised. You try an 8 hour road trip with Abba gold, cat stevens, elton john and disco greats... seriously, no wonder i sought refuge in eating! arrrggh. so now in the last year since I broke up with him and have found my wonderful BF who loves all music like me, but especially heavy stuff I have gone further into the dark side... he he.. but outwardly I look like a boring top 40 listener! he he

well food is looking really good now!
Hugs and smiles

01-11-2005, 08:42 PM
well ladies; off to find something to make for dinner! *Searching Recipes*

I'm sure I'll be around this evening!

Ooo! Question for you all!
What's one food that fills you up good?

01-11-2005, 08:51 PM
NBK, you should have known that he was gay! That music would have drove me nuts. I like all types of music. I can listen to almost anythng, well maybe not polka. Brad Pitt is not for you, huh. It is kind of funny. My GFs and I often talk about our top five hotties and he is definately one of mine.

Jacque, good luck finding something to eat. I'll have to think about your food question.

I think CG posted a question on reasons other than cosmetic on why we want to lose weight. Mine is to be healthy. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer all run in my family so I want to fight those off in anyway possible.

01-11-2005, 09:03 PM
Good heavens, you all are chatty!!! I've missed so much today!

I worked about 10 hours today, so I'm beat....four hours of that was in meetings, which was especially exciting. But besides all of that "meeting", today was a good day!

Stormy -- I did do my walk this morning! Thanks for checking up on me!! ;) And mark me down for 3 points! Drank water through all those meetings, and have eaten really well today.

Gotta go watch the Biggest Loser (I know, I'm a dork)....I love this crap!

But before I go, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you! I have never been able to make this commitment and stick to every aspect so consistently before. A lot of that is due to the fact that I found this hat's off! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement. You all are amazing! Thank you!!!!

Check back later...

Kelly :D

little grasshopper
01-11-2005, 09:07 PM
Hi guys. Just got back from pilates and I have a lot to read!

Stormy - I'm wanting to lose for the same reasons..manage pain now but more importantly there are a lot of diseases that run in my family and a lot of the members just don't eat a healthy diet at all. I'm hoping to give myself a strong fighting chance :) Oh, and Bf and I have had an agreement that we are threw the day Brad and Jennifer far he hasn't tossed me out though :) :)

NBK - You'd love my Cd collection :) Do you like Jane's addiction? My BF is a drummer and they don't make walls to keep that noise in! He just built a shed outside for his bycycles and now the drums are in the house!

Jacque - Rice cereal is my comfort food. It tastes exactly like grits if you cook it one way and exactly like oat meal if you cook it anther. It just ground up brown rice. Another filling and yummy thing I eat is meat with avocado. I feel like I'm cheating like crazy!! But I'm not. I'm glad you're feeling better since you ate. I read an article in O magazine this week about how people react when they're told to throw their food away. For some of the participates in the "thing" there was a panic that set in that made them fear they were going to starve and suddenly they wanted to eat everything right then! Something along those lines - but I remember feeling the same way! I'm glad you pushed through it!! You're doing a great job!!!

Red - How is the head feeling? I hope the business talks go well. You seem to be a well rounded person - I like that about you! Lots of water today :)

okay, I have to get going. I need to drink some water myself - don't tell Red :sssh:

little grasshopper
01-11-2005, 09:29 PM
Oh I forgot!! I found the skinny spot in the gym mirror tonight :) I was so thin and lean :) It was great!! I could workout in that spot for days :) I couldn't bend sideways though or I'd move back into the chubby spot. It's a dang funhouse mirror in that room!!

01-11-2005, 09:44 PM
That's awesome about that spot in the mirror! Makes you realize why you're doing this doesn't it!

01-11-2005, 10:18 PM
LIttle GH, I love jane's addiction. My hubby used to play bass in a band. Now he just does it as a hobby but not often since he sold his amp. Don't you love that spot in the mirror?

KJK, once again good job! I am watching biggest loser too. Aren't they inspiring? I can't believe the weight they loss. For women, Kelly is inspiring.

Crime girl
01-11-2005, 11:22 PM
WOW! There is no way I will have time tonight to respond to everyone so I will just say HI to you all and also that Pennywise and Offspring and Rage Against the Machine - Oh yeah and Nine Inch Nails are my hard bands that I like to put in when I have had a hard day...

Today was my first day back at school and it was the day from ****. I went to school at 10 am and I just got home. :( My classes are ultra hard and I have to read about 200-300 pages a week per class so I am stressing and it took all I had not to go to McDonalds on the way home and pig put. I am so stressed! Help! I need these classes to graduate and I am already overwhelmed beyond belief. I have 14 books for one damn class! EEK!
Okay- I feel a little better- needed to ***** and moan. Thanks for listening.

Okay tomorrow is Wed - so it is "what have I been eating all week day". Give us an idea on how you are doing. Also - anyone know any good places on the web to get recipes? ideas for taking food with you?

I am sorry to cut this short- but I need to walk my dog, take a shower, get clothes out of the dryer, and take a cyanide pill before I go to bed. I have to get up at 5am tomorrow so I need to cut this off.
Thanks for all the support- By the way- kjk and stormy I get 2 points for today- I totally blew eating today but I walked and drank enough water.

Until later- don't forget about me... :D

01-11-2005, 11:37 PM
Okay, CG, calm down. It will be okay. Try to schedule in eating and exercise into your crazy schedule. I bought a planner and I have everything sheduled out from 7 in the morning to 11 at night. Every thirty minutes. If you do not something will get left behind and in my previous experience it is usually exercise. So schedule in your reading, your assignments, your workouts, etc. If you have not finished your assignment when it is your scheduled workout time that is okay. Go workout and come back to it. It will help you, it will make your school work better. Doing this has helped me so much. I am able to get so much more done. I want you to know I am here for you. You and I will both get through this!!!

01-11-2005, 11:47 PM
CrimeGirl, I do the same as stormy! I have everything scheduled into my palm pilot... meals (even if I have them planned what I'll be eating!) and exercise as well as work, school and sleep ;)

01-12-2005, 12:19 AM
Ok girls, me again! You're probably getting sick of me ;)

I've been reading about excess skin tonight *Bleck* and it's scaring the crap out of me!! I have about 100 pounds to lose so I'm basically gaurenteed excess skin :( And to throw on top of that... I'm only 22! So surgery is NOT an option at this point (I want to have kids and plastic surgery would mess that up pretty good!) So that gives me two options... 1: Stay Big or 2:Lose the Weight and deal with the skin...

My biggest fear is that my arms will get droopy and gross :( Because I love wearing tank tops and don't think I could hide gross arms ;) And also my boobs, before I gained my weight I was about a 32 C/D and now I'm a 42 DD I can't imagine how icky they will look! (Sorry if TMI!)

Sorry just needed to vent :D

I definately want to be healthy, but this is just one of those things that scares the jeebus out of me!

01-12-2005, 12:22 AM
CG- I hear you! I had an insane workload my second to last year at uni, and the last come to think of it! I suggest you do what the others have said and plan everything.. also I suggest you see if you can get away with eating in class! this worked wonders for me! I like to multi task. Also with all the insane reading, why not try to buddy up with someone you know makes good notes and split the reading with them? Just an idea.

Stormy - the joke is that my ex was very homophobic, but I did suspect a few times and accused him of in a couple of fights. It took him about 6 months after we broke up to come out to himself still.. but it was weird.. if i did anything masculine, like drink beer or cut my hair short.. (just a bob at the top of my ears.. no crew cut or anything) he would freak... but still it'll be a good section in my book!

LGH - Yeah I like Janes Addiction too.. Also STP! And I totally love Velvet Revolver... also Audio slave.. and yeah offspring is great too. Basically guitars means I'll like it. he he

Well my walk at lunch was lovely. It was so nice to be out and I even ran some of it, like the first 800m from work and then another 400m about 30 seconds after the first part, but as it was hot and I didn't want to get too sweaty as I don't have a towel at work for a shower, I just walked the rest of it. there were seals out sunbathing by the port and kids playing in the swimming baths and the sun was out and I love living by the sea! he he.. also our moutain looked beautiful today, it still has some snow on it from all the cold weather we've been having. It looks kind of like mount fuji (in fact so much that the movie, The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise was filmed here!!). And I ate ok i suppose today.. well nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

Even better, I checked the helicopter manifests and my BF will be home tonight as well! Awesome.... I hope he wants to go to the gym tho! I really don't want to miss it tonight.. but its hard when you don't see them so much..

I know all about funhouse mirrors.. the full length one in my bedroom makes you look skinny! So I know if I look fat in that one, i've been very very bad! he he...

My non cosmetic reason for wanting to loose weight, has more to do with wanting to be fitter and healthier. I got really sick the year before last with the 'flu (real not just a bad cold) and a severe B12 deficiency, (i was off work for a month, luckily we have unlimited sick leave but still.. )when it got diagnosed I was on daily injections for 2 weeks.. would have gone to hospital but it was just before I was going to Holland for 3 months and I have a sympathetic doctor... but all this was compounded by the fact I have mutant blood that carries less iron and oxygen than normal, and my red blood cells are small and die off very quickly. Basically I was sick of being tired all the time. And also not being able to do stuff like go for a hike, because as soon as I got to altitude, I would have lots of trouble with not enough oxygen in my muscles and cramp like no ones business. Which was embarassing more than anything else. I suppose too I realised that if I wanted people to treat me well, I had to do the same first.

But I love being active and watching my muscles grow and knowing I can lift more than I could last year.. and now knowing I have some of the biggest weights in my pump class is a motivator too!.

sorry for the novel
Have a great night ladies


01-12-2005, 12:25 AM
Jacque... at 22 your skin should still be pretty elastic. Do you have many stretch marks? If you lose a bit slower, your skin tends to adjust with you as you loose. Make sure you use a good moisturiser and drink lots of water. This helps your skin to stay healthy and "snappy" he he.. I have a lot of stretch marks on my hips and upper thighs, but they are fading and so far I haven't got any excess skin issues. it's one of those things tho that affects some people and not others. Don't let it throw you!!

01-12-2005, 12:31 AM
Water is NOT a problem... as for moisturisor (spelling?) Any advice on a good one??

Stretch Marks? I've got a few... not as bad as I would've thought for as quickly as I gained my weight...

01-12-2005, 12:48 AM
umm really have to fly, but I found vaseline intensive care with aloe vera is good. My mum sent me a l'oreal stretchmark reducing cream but I haven't tried it yet.. cocoa butter is a good body moisturiser too! But anything really...there is some stuff you can get really cheap at the chemist that is meant to be excellent. Can't remember the name, but its like cold cream I think.

BTW I got stretch marks at 15 and 52 kg (5'9'' then too!).. so it's not always from weight gain..

01-12-2005, 12:59 AM
Thanks NBK :D Sleep Well!

BTW: I'm glad you have good intentions with losing weight! (Aside from "looking better" !) It's nice to be thin and look good, but it's GREAT to be healthy!

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 09:27 AM
Jacque - I use a moisturizer by nature's gate because it doesn't have mineral oil (very bad) or alcohol in it - also drying. It's only about 4.99 here and I can get it at our local grocery store or can pay 9.99 at whole foods :) gotta love them!! Because my skin and can get really dry I also use avocado or grapeseed oil when I get out of the shower. Leaves me feeling yummy all day long :) I feel your pain about the boobs!! I was fitted a couple of months ago and found out I was not a 36D I was a 32DDD! I was in shock. But all day long after I bought the darn thing, people kept saying "have you lost weight?" I worry mine are going to look like flap jacks when I hit my goal weight! Or bannanas! So I feel your pain and I agree with NBK some people don't have excess skin issues - and if you're losing responsibly and not dropping TONS at a time (We'd all like to!) you'll be in a much better position to not have to deal with excess skin.

Crime girl - I'd HATE to see your text book expense!!! You've made it so far already, you obviously have good coping skills an are very smart and managed. Stormy and (I can't remember who else said it, sorry) have great points!! I use to eat in class too and it made all the difference because my breaks were MY TIME not the time I had to cram food in my cake hole! We're here for you! Some us have even committed crimes - we'll help any way we can ;) no, I'm not a wanted girl :) :)

okay, I'm off to the gym. lower legs today and more riding/walking. I am a bit sore from running yesterday but nothing to cry about :) which is very good news. I started doing my weights one limb at a time instead of together (something about how the brain works) and it's MUCH harder. Also pilates was so much better last night - a lot harder when there is someone there to tell you your not doing it right. All of the sudden it gets REALLY hard and she goes "pefect, that's how it's suppose to look :) now do eight more" I feel concave this morning :)

Scales say I've gained but I pulled all my skinny clothes out of the closet (sold the really skinny clothes long ago - these are the's I'd not feel fat in though) and they are getting so much closer!! I can almost wear them :) :) So I don't buy the scale for a minute!!

I'll see everyone later :)

01-12-2005, 10:06 AM
HI guys.

Little GH, the reason that it is better to do one weight at a time is that (now I am trying to explain it in simple terms, if you want I can get more detailed) if one extremity is stronger than your other (usualy your dominant one) it can cause irradiation or overflow into the other. Basically the stronger one assists the weaker one so you are not getting as good of a workout. You are a machine---good for you. Keep training hard!

Jacque, don't worry about excess skin. Keep losing that weight. One step at a time. I have stretch marks and I am 28 and I have never had a child. I hate it!

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 11:21 AM
Hi there!

Stormy - how is the week going? Getting the school work done okay?? In a way I miss a SMALL part of school. I love learning more and more about the body and I miss being amazed all the time. The doc had me switch to single limb stuff because of the way that the brain is organized. I've had several head injuries (the big one being in the car accident) anyway, coordination is always a problem. By doing the exercises one limb at a time you more closely pattern the behavior the brain believes you'd need to move in. One leg forward, the oposite arm forward. When I start pushing both legs at the same time, in addition to everything you said I mess with the way the brain is functioning and I notice it in other areas. (or so I'm told....I just switched to this method and doing the exercises) I can definately tell which sides are weaker and stronger though. I remember from all my years of rehab after the wreck, really not liking having to deal with that...loved working the strong side - hated working the weak :) Same with stretching. But this is also making me use core muscles more - and I like/hate that :)

Well I rode the bike today. I bumped up my difficutly level 2 points. I've always preferred pedaling faster in an easier works for lance, right? Now I'm trying to teach myself to pedal slower in a bigger gear. It's a lot harder!! I also did lower body and am getting ready to stretch it all out.

Guys, I know I ramble on here a lot!! It's what's keeping me going. My bf is no encouragement at all unless I ASK him if he can tell I've lost. Last night we both had hard days and I asked him to say something nice to me or about me. He's said nothing nice all week. Nothing mean either just in his own world...that was at 6:00 - at 10:30 he finally tells me I feel skinny. It meant a lot to me but my god - 4 1/2 hours to think that one up??? M y friends are all either mad because I'm losing and they're not or keep telling me my diet is unhealthy - I'm not eating enough - I'm losing too much wieght...anything they can say to get me to do it their way. It's tiring. I finally gave my food y exercise diary and my measurements to one girl and told her to give it to her trainer and ask if I'm in any danger. She of course, didn't think that was needed...just wanted to lecture me. So I took my shirt off and showed her fat. Then she started the "I know, it's just that...." and didn't have much else to say. Anyway, my point is that it's amazing the lack of support you can get from loved ones sometimes, and the total support you can get from strangers!! I need it and I appreciate it more than you can imagine!!!! It's what keeps me going to the gym and eating well. I realize my eating plan is strange but the people in my life are not even trying to understand it. Even my mom gave us candy for Christmas...tons and tons of candy. Maybe they think I'll fall of the wagon again and love that the candy is there??

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I needed the skinny spot in the mirror more than you can imagine!! And NBK - my mirror at home makes me look bigger - I keep saying we need a new one! I'm going to get one like yours :) :)

01-12-2005, 04:02 PM
Little GH, your doctor is right about the way the brain is organized. Great job switching up your bike routine. It is always good to vary your workouts, it keeps the body guessing. So how much weight have you lost so far? You sound like you are doing great. Do not let anyone sabatoge your new lifestyle. As far as me and school, well it is going. See the problem is I love learning but I do not like studying or doing research if I am required to do so. Now to do it on my own is fine, but to HAVE to do it is another story!

01-12-2005, 04:14 PM
According to Liz Neporent, exercise physiologist (SELF DEC 04):

If you do one of these give yourself credit for 2 mins of exercise: 50 heel raises while waiting in line, 50 butt squeezes while brushing your teeth, 50 crunches during commercial breaks

credit for 5 mins: climb 8 flights of stairs during the day, 50 slow plies while on the phone, carry 12 bags of groceries from the car

10 mins: sweeep and mop kitchen floor, fold and put away five baskets of laundry, complete a cartload of grocery shopping

15 mins: vacuum living room, including nooks, shovel a snowy driveway, wash and dry your car by hand

See even your chores burn calories!

01-12-2005, 04:32 PM
Good morning, people. I didn't have time yesterday to get on much and, wow, do you ever keep posting. No sense now trying to catch up. Maybe later. I see you're posting now so I don't want to miss the action.

Don't feel much like writing actually. Nothing good to report on the weight situation. The late night Tuesday didn't help anything. I would have just gone home from riding and finished off a great day with healthy eating and exercise but instead the night was late and filled with smoky live houses, bars and tons of beer. But, what the heck, it's not everyday and it's good to connect with people, get out and see a bit of the world other than my usual haunts. Unfortunately the calories in the beer don't disappear with the buzz. But, like I said, no use ruining the fun with thoughts like that!

Well, those work talks yesterday were strange. I got a tentative offer from the publisher that sounds ideal. In fact, it sounds way too good to be true and so I'm thinking it won't work out. I know that's bad thinking but I have just had nothing good happen to me workwise in soooo long I can't believe something is actually going to happen that is promising. The other work was with the racing-related stuff I do and all they were wanting to tell me is that they want to be giving me MORE work and was I OK with that? OK with that? It's like, "yes, I don't think that should be a problem." Inside, I'm thinking, am I dreaming, is this MY life or did someone get confused?

Well, nothing is definite and with the publisher they still have to give me a concrete offer as far as max hours per week and pay. This would be just when the newspaper decides to give me an offer I suppose. I could see that happening but I tell you, I have lost trust in them. It's a difficult situation emotionally. It feels exactly like a bad relationship, as Crime girl pointed out, and I am a hanger-on, always hoping until the last possible moment, really, I hold on with such faith you'd think I was one of the apostles!

OK, just want to say something. Will check in later and try to get back to you all!

01-12-2005, 04:32 PM
Good recipes:

Ignore block size, etc. and just put what meal in the pull down menu. You can choose from snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc

01-12-2005, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the recipe site, stormy. It looks really handy. I just did a tofu lunch search and it came up with some interesting things. I especially love that the calories and so are figured out for you. This is my sticking point. I can't stand all the tedious figuring and so. I think it's because my editing and proofing work is so tedious that I want to steer clear of such in other things.

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 06:08 PM
Red I can understand not wanting to have to deal with all the counting and figuring to take over your daily life too. Especially since work life is such a source of stress! Glad you're not letting the fun night out haunt you! I'm glad you had fun - you have to live!! Now move on :) :) The job prospects at least sound hopeful. Wise move to not get too excited yet though.

Stormy - I know what you mean about the research on command. I had one prof that took weeks of research and writing and then gave out checks if you did it and nothing if you didn't. I wanted to kill her! A CHECK???? After all that?? I guess I'm still slightly livid :) I'm glad now that I didn't fun TFL's are a little too sore. So far I've lost between 15-20 pounds depending on the day I get on the scales. They'll go up and down that much in a week. As long as the average is lower every two weeks or so I'm not worrying too much. Today it says I've lost 16 pounds.

oh god. My dogs stink horribly!! I don't know what they got into but they're both off to the baths!!!!

01-12-2005, 06:17 PM
Woohoo! I just finished an hour of Tae Bo. I love the feeling of pretending I kick butt!

OK, Red you have been really quiet. I am starting to worry about you. I hope that you are okay and that you are not down on yourself again. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. Please come out and play.

Little GH, how much more do you plan on losing? You will look awesome by the time you go to Arkansas! BTW do you have a swimming noodle around the house? If so, lay on it sideways and roll it back and forth to massage your TFL.

01-12-2005, 06:19 PM
Hi grasshopper, glad someone posted. Seems I'm missing out on any action. Have to leave soon. Yeah, I don't know. I think I SHOULD get a bit excited about some work prospects instead of being wary. Maybe being wary is what's keeping me away from the good work and if I'm always thinking things won't work out then they WON'T.

Was a little confused there with your talking about the teacher who "gave out checks." I thought, hmm, a check, strange to be giving away money for a class but that certainly is great incentive. But of course, when you said, "is that all?!" I realized, duh! that it couldn't be a money check but just a check mark! :lol:

What's a TFL, by the way, that's sore?

Great going on your weight loss. 20 lbs! Wow! And you don't have much to lose so that is really significant. Sorry to hear you don't get the support from others. Maybe you need some real skinny friends who won't feel jealous. It's all relative. How can people be jealous of another's good fortune, especially when it meant a lot of hard work. What a shame.

01-12-2005, 06:24 PM
Stormy, hi there! Thanks for asking about me. You must have missed my last post. Yeah, I'm feeling so down and yes, being hard on myself for not having been harder on myself I guess. It's so cold again today. Tuesday was warm and it just did so much to lift my spirits. I rode and walked and ate well and felt really good about myself but that partying ruined that and then yesterday was talking work prospects over while feeling pretty cruddy with the hangover and then I continued to eat badly. It's like, when I slip, I keep slipping and feel so down about myself, just can't hold on to the optimism anymore. I mean, look at me, belittling what sounds like some good things starting to come my way. I start looking at the newspaper and the thought of leaving there and the friends I have there and stop looking at the crap and the stress. Pathetic. Wish I could find some warmth somewhere and just relax instead of always been tensed against the freezing cold. No wonder I keep gaining weight. I never move.

By the way, what's a swimming noodle? I feel so out of it.. . .

01-12-2005, 06:26 PM
Sorry Red, now I go back and read the previous posts. You are more than okay! Great news! I hope that something comes out of this. You deserve it! Now I am going to go back and edit my last post that I was asking where you were.

01-12-2005, 06:27 PM
Nevermind you already read it! You are too fast. Okay let me go read your posts

01-12-2005, 06:31 PM
Sitting at the computer eating my oatmeal breakfast. Fast on the draw! Have to leave soon though. Glad you had a good tae bo workout. Is that like kick boxing? Do you need a lot of room to do the exercises in? I have next to none. Also I kind of think that if I were jumping around I'd probably squash a cat or two. They get so underfoot. I've learned to more or less shuffle around but inevitably one shows up and I almost trip over it. The tiny spaces of Tokyo are unbelievable.

01-12-2005, 06:35 PM
OK, first cheer up! Maybe you need some kind of tropical beach screensaver. I always have one on my screen, b/c I love the warm sun and the water. I think that if you start thiking positive more positive things will happen in your life. I know it sounds kind of corny but I think that there is a pwerful mind-body connection.

A noodle is a long, skinny pool toy. Imagine a long noodle that is made out of foam. Kids play on it in the pool. I use it to lounge on in the pool or to exercise with. It floats. However, it is useful on land. Since I do home health I sometimes have to come up with creative ideas since I do not have the resources I used to have in the physical therapy clinic. So to massage the TFL (tensor fascia latae) which is basically a strip of fascia that covers the gluteal and thigh area like a sleeve I tell my patient's to use a noodle.

01-12-2005, 06:38 PM
Another thing looked promising yesterday. I'd been saying I wanted to go to Dubai in March. There's a big international race and some Japanese horses usually go. It's like the Hong Kong thing but Dubai doesn't pay as much for the press. They put you up in a 5-star hotel but only at a discount so it's still about 200 bucks a night. The flight there too is double what one is to Hong Kong, just because not many people are flocking to Dubai! But I was thinking of going just to go and also two friends of mine are there now, one a guy from the newspaper and another is there on a racing management or something program. So I could see them. Kind of neat, meeting up in Dubai. I've only been to the airport once on a stopover. Nothing interesting to see in the airport, just lots of guys in white robes walking around. Anyhow, the racing association I was talking to yesterday said they'd be interested in stories if I went so if I wrote a few stories I could at least probably cover the cost of the trip. So, cool. When I was saying at work, "I'm going to go to Dubai in March," I had no idea as to how I'd even come up with the money to go, but something came up! Like my brother said (well Star Wars actually) "A solution will present itself." Should I be getting excited? Maybe, huh?

Crime girl
01-12-2005, 06:38 PM
Okay so I am finally home from work and I had a horrible day with eating. I really pigged out today and I am so mad at myself. I am letting school get to me and I don't know why I sabatoge myself. Thanks for the advice from everyone and I will take it to heart.

I am not going to try to catch up with everyone because you guys are posting maniacs.
Red- I am happy to hear the job front is working out! Go with the flow- it sounds like things are looking up and you deserve some good news.

stormy- I may be leaning on you heavily this semester- I need some kind of support. My bf got his masters while working a fulltime job and walking to work and school so he is no help. He thinks he had it so much harder so there is no sympathy. :( Thanks for being there for me.

little grasshopper- come to us for support. I have friends like that too and it sucks. You are doing a hard and great thing so keep up the great work!! We are proud of you.

Jacque and NBK- hi to you both- I will respond more to you in the next post- I promise.

Sorry- I am out of time- I need to crack the books and I HAVE to make time to walk tonight. Somone please yell at me and make me get back with the program!
More later I hope-

01-12-2005, 06:39 PM
Red, you do not need too much room. Just enough to kick forward and out to the side. You would like it. It is like kick boxing. Great way to let out frustration. My cats know to stay out of the way when I am in action. However, when I do my ab workout on the floor one of my cats likes to attack my hair. I have long hair and I guess she thinks that I am playing a game with her, so I try to pull my hair up in a tight bun so I will not get attacked!

01-12-2005, 06:40 PM
OK, got it. Thanks for the explanation, stormy. Yes, I have seen those noodles and well, no wonder I didn't know what a TFL was! You guys and your jargon! :lol: But tell me, why wouldn't you just use your hands to massage your glutes and thighs?

01-12-2005, 06:44 PM
CG-GET WITH THE PROGRAM CHICK!!! Now how is that? It is ok to be overwhelmed, I totally understand it. Be sure to make time out for walking in b/t your school work. You can do it! I can't remember if I told you this before, but it helps me to crock pot a lot of things and to prepare a lot of the meals for the week on Sunday afternoon. This helps to not have the urge to grab fast food, etc. during the busy week.

01-12-2005, 06:45 PM
Crime girl, hi there! Sorry to hear you're so bummed. I certainly know how you feel! And thanks for still writing and thinking of us. I wish there was something I could do to help. What is going to be so difficult for you? Tell me what the hardest parts are and maybe I can put my thinking cap on and come up with some good advice like you did for me. :) And, I never did get back to you on that advice but I was thinking about it a lot, first, the either trying to make the best of it, or second, realizing the price was too high and, like a relationship, it wasn't worth it anymore. I think I kind of more or less decided to go with the latter and was very receptive to the publisher yesterday. Now I just need them to come through with something more definite.

Stormy, had to laugh. I could just see you on the floor doing crunches with this cat grabbing at your hair. yes, of course it would look like a great game! :lol:

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 06:46 PM
Hi Red - sorry we're throwing all the strange stuff at you :) A swimming noodle is a long spongy thing that floats. You use it to help float when you swim or do water workouts or PT. And the TFL is the Tensor Fascia Lata - it's a muscle that's in your hip - the tendon for it runs along the outside into your ITB (that band that runs along the outside of your thigh). It helps stablize your hip and knee, and lifts your leg, turns it inward and pulls your leg sideways away from your body. (trying to figure out how I hurt it running :) I'm pigeon toed and have to make big outward circles to get around the fat on the inside of my leg :) just kidding!!

I'm glad you're getting some nice bites for work options though! That's great!! Never hurts to fish a little :) As for your weight loss program - like stormy posted earlier, all the little things do add up!! And the 45 minutes it takes you to get to and from the gym - holy crap - that's more than some people do the whole time they're working out!! And you're just getting there and home! Cut yourself some slack!!

Stormy - I'm not sure how much I want to lose. My original goal was 125-130. We'll just see where I land. I dont' want to get any smaller than 120. But if I am truly eating healthy and not over exercising myself and I get there, I guess I just have consider that I was suppose to be smaller. My mom is 4 inches taller than me and was 117 at 2 months pregnant and looked very healthy at that weight. (in pictures I've seen) I'm built a lot like here so we'll see where I land. If I set a hard goal then I'm less likely to stick to my detox diet when I get there - and I don't want that. I'm doing really well detoxing right now and I dont' want to fall off the wagon because of a number on the scales :)

Well I'd better get some stretching done - they moved my yoga class to 7:00 and made it an hour and a half. That's too late for me to come home and settle in. I want more time with BF tonight.

Oh, I don't have a noodle - I've been using a towel and a tennis ball. I don't think I've injured it at all - just moved it more than it wanted :) And nothing else hurts still so I'm doing great!!!!

01-12-2005, 06:49 PM
Well you can use your hands of course, but some people do not have the right touch to do it well and be effective. Now Little GH, of course knows how to massage, but since she has to give other people massages all day and she has some wrist problems this is an alternative way. She probably knows that already. I guess sometimes the teacher (my profession is 90=% teaching) in me comes out.

Now start thinking about what you will wear to that race. Ohh...five star hotel...potential rich hotties around. You will want to look hot yourself. Okay lets start planning things like you are going to that race. You have at least 8 weeks before the race. You can lose at least 10 pounds by then...see that would be a great accomplishment.

01-12-2005, 06:51 PM
Hi grasshopper, thanks for the even more detailed explanation. You really know your stuff! Well, unfortunately, now that people are posting, I've got to run. Will check in later! Bye for now!

01-12-2005, 06:54 PM
GH you must have been posting when I was posting. Are you stretching after you run? Did you run up hill? Most of my patient's that have problems with it are runners. Tennis ball and towels are also effective. Have fun in yoga!

01-12-2005, 06:55 PM
I missed a lot and have limited time so I'm commenting where I see fit ;)

Thanks! I will look for Nature's Gate next trip to the store :D And I'll look into those oils :D They sound fun!

As for biking, I'm the same way! I can't stand to go in a low gear and pedal harder :( It's discouraging...although nice for your muscles I'm sure!

Your boyfriend sounds like my husband! (((HUGZ))) for that! And your friends, that's just rediculous! (Although sounds similar here, i just avoid talking about it with them!) It sounds like you're doing great, and don't let them discourage you!

Those exercise numbers are awesome!! I like the idea of butt squeezes while brushing your teeth :D LoL! I do crunches or push ups during TV commercials, my husband laughs at me sometimes for it...but screw him! I'm going to look awesome and he'll wish he did too!

Thanks for the recipe link too ;)

Beer once in awhile is a good way to keep you feeling normal and satisfied!

I hope you get to go to Dubai! How awesome would that be!!

01-12-2005, 06:55 PM
Stormy, one more post since I saw yours. You're know, you're SO right! I hadn't even really thought of it. I don't think the HK hotel was 5 star, probably only 3 or 4 and I felt like a dork unless I was wearing smart casual. And it'll be hot in Dubai so I can't cover up the fat too well. And I want to look hot hot, not just sweaty hot. And to do stories, get them and all, I'll have to feel up and energetic. That is a great incentive, start looking like I normally stay in 5-star hotels and not like I just came in from mucking out stables (like I usually look! :lol:) Thanks storm, your helping me out here will be a great incentive. You're so sweet.

01-12-2005, 06:56 PM
Jacque, hi there!! Check on you later, OK? Out the door. . .

01-12-2005, 06:56 PM
Today's Triumphs!!

Hubby wanted Fazoli's for lunch, so I went along and almost caved in, I was about to order a huge plate of pasta and a desert :D When I saw a yummy looking Salad! So I had a grilled Chicken Salad and it was YUMMY!!! So I'm so proud of myself for that!!

Now I'm off to work out for the day!! (I sent my hubby to the grocery store so I could work out alone...I'm touchy about that!)

Have a great day ladies!

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 07:01 PM
well - looks like you got all your questions answered before my post! :) I'm too slow :)

Stormy - my dogs like to stand over me and look down at me, one will drool and the other just sniffs and tries to give me kisses...either way I have the same problem - you're in the floor..that makes you a toy :) Mac will also flop his head across my belly and throw it around when I come up. nut!!

Crime girl - my boyfriend was no support in school either. And he didn't walk anywhere!! Like you said - come to us. I worked 3 part time jobs and had to quit 2 of them because I couldn't handle it. You handle what you can, the rest you get through!! You'll make it and we're here for you!!!

01-12-2005, 07:02 PM
Jacque, great choice at Fazoli's. I know that it is so hard. I do not eat salad so I do not have that option. I would have caved. Good job!

Red, you will not be hot at that race, but you will look sizzling hot! Now make it happen!

Ok, I need to go and work on a project. Talk to you guys later.

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 07:10 PM
stormy - let that teacher come out all you want!! I know what you mean though - I spend a lot of time teaching people too, so that they understand why what we are doing is important and why the exercises are important. I have not been runninp uphill but it was my first run yesterday and also, I have not had my feet clipped into a bike in a while and that will restrict abduction of the hip - which most people naturally try to do when can't when clipped so you fight the muscles a little. I've been in feet cages the past few weeks - that probably got this started...and then the running triggered the soreness....atleast that's what I'm thinking! oh and I have a bowl of different size balls and different types in my office with straps and mats and exercise balls..all kinds of stuff because my office works with a lot of athletes they think I'm just showing off my sporty side until we get to work :) :)

Jacque - the italian vs. salad myth is broken. Urban legend says a person can't pass up italian for salad! You busted it :) :) And enjoyed it too :) YEAH!!!! Good for you. Friday night we're going to a mexican place. The ONLY thing in the menu I can have is the steak or chicken breast. Nothing else. I'm going to see if I can get them to make me a salad. It's BF's favorite food though so I love to go with him. My lifestyle can be so restrictive and I refuse to push it on him. If he choses it for himself that's great but I won't be the one to push it on him.

01-12-2005, 07:38 PM
I hope they can make you a salad!! That would be such a bummer to just sit and watch people eat :( I love Mexican food and would be so worried I'd break down! (Heck! I just love food!)

That myth was broken, but... VERY tough! I love it love it love it! And I was so close to walking up and ordering a different meal several times :D

Well, Day 5 of work outs and I'm feeling GREAT!!! I've done 5 workouts! That's 5 more than I've done since high school :D

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 07:56 PM
Jacque - 5 more than highschool!! Great for you!!! Your'e doing a great job! Keep up the good work :) :)

Way to stay strong at lunch. Pasta is one of my weaknesses too!!!

01-12-2005, 08:42 PM
gahh lost my long post.. stupid thing. I even copied it too! grrr... ok will try to write it all out again soon.. have to get back to work now tho.

little grasshopper
01-12-2005, 09:03 PM
Ug - I cheated. sort of. I came home today and was hungry. Instead of just eating dinner like I knew I should I had a rice cookie. Then the rest of my rice icecream...then dinner. Then 3 more cookies. I realize I'm talking about cheating with rice cookies here but still for me it's a cheat. I am only suppose to have 1 every few days or so.....this is decidedly more than that. I already asked bf to take the cashews out of the house so I won't eat those and on the good side I finished the cookies and ice cream so i can't eat any more of those. Now I'm trying to resist the lime chocolate bar in my freezer!!

Someone please remind me that this is not the wagon and I am okay!! I know it on paper but I feel like I just caved on an extra large pizzza!

Crime girl
01-12-2005, 09:43 PM
Hi everyone! I am back and much more calm. I had some supper and organized for school so that helped a little. :D

stormy- Thanks for the push. I am just going to get up tomorrow and get back on the horse. What other choice do I have? I can't stay this weight so I must try, try again. Today I was horrible though- fast food for breakfast, fattening food for lunch, and mexican for supper. It is almost as if I am trying to sabotage myself. Sigh!
Thanks fot the tip on using my crock pot. Got any good recipes? I am also going to take your suggestion and try to cook for the week on Sunday afternoons. I use to do that and it helped with stress through the week. I didn't have an excuse to forget eating well and hit fast food- all my food was there and easier than eating out. Thanks for reminding me of that! ;)

Red- You are sounding much better and I am happy to see that. The publisher sounds like a great option and you seem enthused and happy about it. Good for you! I am so happy things are beginning to work out. :D
As for me- school stresses me out because the pages I have to read aren't just casual reading. I will probably read them at least three times before class and that takes a lot of time. I have tried splitting up the reading with peers but I am really funny about how people do a summary and in the past have run into problems trying to do it that way. I guess the main thing that has me freaked out is the amount of reading and the fact that I still have a life I have to run. I normally have no problem with time management-I am very anal retentive and keep a date book that schedules my life. The problem is I don't have enough time physically to do all of this work so it means less sleep and less down time for me. I hate when I am this stretched for time. I also have the added pressure of having to find a job and I am sure everyone knows that writing letters and applying takes a lot of time too. Anyway- I will quit moaning about it. I have to do it so there is nothing I can do about it. I need to grin and bear it. It will be OK- I know and maybe by next week I can calm down a little. :lol: Thanks for listening- it helps to vent. :D

jacque- sorry I didn't post to you last time. I didn't mean to leave you out- I just ran out of time. Great job today not caving at Fazoli's. Honestly I would have caved- don't think I can even go in there! I love italian food too much! I am truly impressed you didn't get the pasta. :D
Also great job with the workouts and your enthuasim is uplifiting. It helps to read upbeat and cheerful posts. Thanks! ;)

little grasshopper- Thanks for the encouragement! You worked 2 part time jobs?? Man- I can barely manage the one job I have. :lol:
Don't beat yourself up over a few rice cookies. At least they weren't fudge brownies or something else equally evil! You are doing so well following a very restricted program so stay out of the freezer! ;)

Well I think I responded to everyone who posted since my last post. You guys are great with the chatter. I just can't let a lot of time go between checking for posts or I get way behind!

How about food today?? How did everyone do so far this week? If you get a chance give us a quick recap and let us know how you are doing. Let's hear some bragging out there- you are all doing so well!

Tomorrow is - " What have I been doing to move my bootie" day so give us an idea of how your exercise program is going. What is your program tailored to do to your body? are you going for muscles or a more lean look?

Question for tomorrow- How did you pick your sign in name? Do you have any other interesting nick names? Confess ladies-let's hear them. :lol:

To everyone- Thanks for all the encouragement and support. It has been a blessing to know that I can post on here and there is always someone ready to lend an ear (or eye in this case). I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have met all of you and become a small part of your lives. Just wanted to let you know. :D
I will hopefully be on later-

01-12-2005, 10:48 PM
Little GH if you consider that cheating then man we are all in trouble. Right now you are so limited in what you can eat, I am sure that what you did will not hurt you. Just try to stay away from the freezer. I found that the best thing that I can do for myself is just keep any temptations out of the house. If I do cheat it has to be outside of the house, so that makes it harder for me. However, for you I guess that it would be hard to go to the local ice cream shop and ask for rice icecream, right? Don't be so hard on are doing fabulous!

CG, just be sure to get rest throughout all of this. If you do not get sleep you can not be productive. It will get better after you get everything organized. I will list some crock pot recipes when I have a chance. In the meantime, I have to get back to this project.

01-12-2005, 11:07 PM
Ok here it goes on the super long lost post, mark II

LGH - YOU ARE STILL ON THE WAGON! Man I wish I could cheat with just rice cookies. Don't sweat the small stuff. chances are that will all the extra weights etc you have been doing the last couple of days, your body needs a bit more fuel! Stay calm. Remember one step at a time, and if you scuff your shoe, just put some nugget on it and keep on walking. As for the unsupportive friends.. At the end of the day, what you eat and what you do is between you and your DOCTOR at the most ONLY! Your friends have no right to comment. They should know you well enough to know that you are sensible and realistic about all of this. Just remember that people don't like change and it's probably a fear of being left behind that is making them act this way. Also your committment and progress is probably making them take a long hard look at their comfort zone and whether or not they need to move out of it and challenge themselves (not just weight but mentally too). Also remember, people can only make you feel bad IF you let them! (and that includes you making yourself feel bad).

Went out for dinner last night, my boy was back in town again! yay yay yay.. he's gone now for 7 nights.. we went to this italian place.. i wasn't too naughty, just had antipasto - stuck to the veges and the salmon steak.. but I may be guilty of not removing much at all of the dill sauce :( still it was fun we went with a couple that we are good friends with.. he he drinking on a work night!

Hmm went for a walk with some women from work today, however I ended up walking by myself as they were just really wanting to ramble and gossip. Personally I think if I am going to exercise, I'll do it at a level where I get some benefit.. also i find walking slow really hard now! he he... they probably think I am a show off or something.. but it's just hard i mean I have heaps more to lose than any of them so....

well better get back to work.. ate too much at lunch.. I'm feeling really crappy even tho I had gone for a 55 min power walk in the sun down the coastal walkway..

Crime girl - try a ratatouille.. it's really yummy and good on toast, or cold or with crackers or rice cakes or by itself or as a side.


Crime girl
01-13-2005, 12:44 AM
I thought I would pop on before I go to bed...

NBK- what is a ratatouille??? Sounds italian but not ringing any bells.

stormy- I will try to get some rest- you are right. I am no good without some sleep. How about you? Are you stressing or is school going OK for you? You have mentioned a project- is that going well?

Okay happy people- that is it for me tonight! I will talk to you all tomorrow.
Have a wonderful night!

01-13-2005, 12:55 AM
Hi all!

Been a very busy day, so haven't had time to catch up. I had volleyball tonight, and then we always go out afterwards. We went to Applebee's, my favorite, and all I had was a Berry Lemon Cheesecake from the WW menu - 5 pts! Whoo hoo!!!

As for today's question - I wasn't initials and my birthday (12/3). As for "moving my bootie", I've been walking 2 miles with Walk Away the Pounds each morning, and I play volleyball one night a week. I'm going to try to get some hand weights this weekend and add a weight regimen that I read about in a magazine that seemed feasible. I'm looking to mainly lose weight, and get leaner while doing so. Don't want to be bulky, maybe have a LITTLE definition, but basically be the long and lean creature I imagine myself being! :D

I wish I had time to respond to each and every one of you, but I am exhausted and REALLY need to get to bed.

CG, Stormy, LGH, Red, Jacque, NBK and anyone else I'm forgetting....keep it up! You can all do this - let's lean on each other and be motivators for one another. I know I'm not gonna want to get up in 6 hours, but I will because I want to be an example and supporter for you all!!! Love to everyone!


01-13-2005, 01:56 AM
Crime girl, ratatouille is basically a vegetable stew with a fancy French name! The difference is that you use eggplant, which is good baked beforehand then simmered together with other veggies such as zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and such. But you don't have to bake it if you want a quick version. Spices are basil, tarragon, thyme and parsley, sometimes oregano, and you can or cannot use some olive oil. I can give you a recipe, haven't tried the recipe but it sounds good.

In fact, I think it's just the thing for me! One of those things I can divide up and freeze for work, have plain or over rice or noodles. Yum! Oh, I'm wanting some good food. I want a cook!

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 05:02 AM
Hi guys - 4 am here and I'm wide awake. Partly because of the ongoing snoring, partly too much water, and partly because I Forgot to take away the bones from my dogs before bed. They tore into them.

Anywhoo - kelly I beat you up :) :) I'm am NOT walking right now though. I may watch the west wing I tevo'd.

Crime girl - I make chicken in my crock pot all the time. Mine is plain but still wonderful! Just ckicken pieces and salt and pepper...but you can use the hidden valley ranch dressing (dry packages) and it's just heavenly!! Let it cook over night or while you're at work - put about 1/2 cup of water in the bottom to keep it from sticking and you're on your way. (oh, cook on low). It's sooo yummy - then you can either eat the chicken hot or eat it cold on salads.

Stormy - do you hate salads or can you not eat lettuce well? Just curious?? Already legs are feeling better. Thanks for the massage idea though. I will have to add a noodle to my assortment of tools :)

NBK - I won't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of your walking area. BF and I walked to the mail box last night. I was actually surprised he agreed to go. We like to camp and realized last night that walking through our street is a little like walking through a cam ground. The people that live directlly across from us are something else. They love to burn things in a big fires in their yard and they always have kids running around. The "camp fire" helped with the feeling :) Anyway, it's very hilly with tons of trees and I live off a short gravel road so it feels like a smokey mountain campground.

KJK - I'm really excited and impressed about your dessert choice!!! Isn't it great to know you can go out and eat and feel good about your food, and stay on plan at the same time!! There IS life after a healthy diet ;) Resturants seem to be doing a decent job at catching up to everyone's eating habits. With Atkins menues and weight watcher's options. I think they're finally realizing we're not eating as much death by chocolate so they need to do something :)

Guys I read a great tip somewhere - (hope it wasn't here and I'm about to repeat it :) ) When you go out to eat have the box 1/2 the meal immediately. With the huge portions you get here, that's a great idea!! I'm going to do it Friday night. :)

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 05:08 AM
Looks like everyone is either asleep or at work. I hope you're all sleeping well, or working and moving that fanny :)

my name here came from my sensei's father. He called his son grasshopper (very original, I know) anyway, named me little grasshopper because he liked me and because there was already a grasshopper. I mentioned it one day at work and it stuck. I have also been called half pint - but not because of my size....:)

I have been walking/riding the bike and running - mixing it up a lot :) I have also be doing 30 minutes of weights daily and pilates classes twice a week and 15 minutes a day. I am trying to park further away from buidings too. I read that if your movement is sustained for 1 minute or more it counts as exercise....I'm walking every where I can :)

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 07:04 AM
Red - I'm still here. I got the email daying you'd posted but I don't see your post on the board... I read it in my email. Wierd huh!

01-13-2005, 07:08 AM
Ha, ha, grasshopper. Not weird, that was me. Your light was off and so I thought it would just look stupid if I left mine there and it looked like you'd posted 2 hours ago, so I went back and deleted that. I do that sometimes. So, hi there! I'm here, just got in from the gym and need to feed the cats and make something to eat. Will you be around in a bit? What are you doing up so early still? When do you have to leave?

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 07:11 AM
I woke up at 3:30 and could't get back to sleep. I've been playing online since. OH I did watch the west wing. :)

Good for you - going to the gym!! I swear if mine wasn't right in my path I probably wouldn't go as often!! I have to drive around it to get anywhere though!

I'll be here in a while. Just going to spend some time with my honey before he goes to work. Have fun playing with the kitties.

01-13-2005, 07:20 AM
Is it after 6 or after 5 now on the East Coast. It's 20:15 here. Too bad you can't sleep. How is that going to affect your day? I hope it won't make you eat or not work out. It would me maybe. What's west wing? I take it it's a TV program?

OK, well, I won't keep you from your boyfriend. I fed the cats, now it's me. Yum. I walked to and from the gym (45 mins. each way!) jogged 4 K and then did some leg weight training. And I rode today, which entails another hour and 15 minutes walking on top of the ride and I was sweating there! So, I'm back in form, at least mentally, at least for today. Just got to keep this up! I have really gained. Even notice it in my face, which is always thin. Oh well, I was in a bad way. So I just have to accept it. Up and down, up and down, that's how my weight goes. I can get this off. Also, I have not reached for coffee except in the morning so to be going to the gym sans caffeine is a major victory.

You have really been doing good all along, haven't you? Your trying to fit in exercise at any time is a very good thing. Something I must do. OK, chow time, then I'll be back to try to catch up a bit with everyone. Bye for now. :wave:

01-13-2005, 08:13 AM
Ok, people, I want to try to get this out to you quickly because I have a friend waiting for an email and chiding me that my messages are too short!

As you can see I really kicked butt today and forced myself to go to the gym. I was going to take the bike because it wasn't so cold but then chickened out and besides I thought it'd be more exercise to walk. I promised that I would not eat anything the whole time, not until I got back home and I did it!! Normally, when I walk I'd be eating along the way, stopping in at convenience stores. I've been doing this too much, even the walk into work and so, it's like, what is this, a mountain hike?!!? I've decided to stop this, make promises to myself saying I won't eat and such. I know six little meals are good and all that but I just graze and it adds a ton of calories and then I get home and think I have to eat and really I've been eating all along. So this is going to stop!!

Gosh it's already 9 p.m. here. I'm really feeling beat. Can I take a rain check till morning? Sorry, but I need sleep. I really went at it today!

Just wanted to say, though, that most of the time I was thinking of you all here and how I could tell you what I'd done and that really got me going and to the gym and so. Thanks so much for being here and, yes, let's all keep going. You all have been doing so well, except for a couple minor slipups here and there. I'm the one who has been on the rocks. So thanks again!! :love:

OK, good night. Talk to you in the morning. :wave:

Crime girl
01-13-2005, 08:48 AM
How is everyone this bright and wonderful morning? I just woke up and it is 30 minutes before my alarm and I can't go back to sleep. I think my body picked up on little grasshopper being here before dawn. :lol:

red- Great job at the gym!! :strong: :bravo: I am so happy you seem to be back on track! Good for you!
Thanks for telling me what ratatouille is- if you have a recipe I would love to have it. I think it would be great to put in the freezer. :D
Well get some much deserved sleep and keep the upbeat and determined aura coming! ;)
West Wing is a TV program about the comings and goings of the people that work on a fictious West Wing. Martin Sheen plays the president right now and it is a totally additictive show! I love it!

little grasshopper- I am a huge West Wing fan! I Tivoed it too last night. :lol: I have been watching since day one. What do you think about the changes they have made recently?
Sorry you couldn't sleep through the noise- did I understand you right and the dogs got hold of a whole box of bones? Man, if Charlie could get hold of this treats there wouldn't even be the box left. :lol: Thank God he can't open the fridge!
Thanks for the chicken idea- I may try it this Sunday. I want some good chicken to put on salads. I get bored if a salad is the same ole same ole. ;)

kjk- you are kicking my butt with this challenge- great job! :cp: Don't get too comfortable and let yourself slip though because I am back in the game! :lol: I have seen the WW cake on the Applebee's menu and haven't tried it yet- so it is yummy then? It doesn't have many calories either. Good to know.

Well to answer my own questions- I have been OK with exercise- I have been walking just about everyday but not to the level I would like to get to. I think I need to step it up a bit and start doing a video or something. Need to figure that out.

As for my name- most of you already know- it comes from getting my masters in criminology. I also picked it because my brother likes to call me crime girl- defender of obscure facts on crime. He is a nut! My father calls me shortcake and my mom calls me Pooh bear. I love Winnie the Pooh since I was a child so that is where that comes from and shortcake because I am much shorter then my dad or brother.

Okay well I need to go- time to start the day and I have a million things to do today. Have a wonderful day everyone and keep on posting! I will try to catch up later.
:spin: :spin: :spin:

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 10:02 AM
Red - I hope you're snoozing peacefully :) I finally fell asleep for a bit and am feeling much more rested. I have one job today - to take a box of cashes and throw them in the TRASH CAN!! I am addicted to them - best place for me is out of the house!

Crime girl - sorry I woke you - I was really trying to be quiet :) On the dog thing - I usually pick up their bones and such before bed..they'll make all kinds of noise if I don't. I get them soup bones from the butcher and they love it! I forgot to get them last night. The grind and grind for hours if I dont pick them up.

Well ladies. I'm trying to decide if I need to go to the gym today. It's stacked like this. I haven't had a day off this week at all. I am a bit sore today - I could skip today to recoup but then I'd HAVE to get up at 6:00 in the morning and go then......I'll probably end up there today. Once i get moving I'm sure I'll feel more into it.

today I'm going shopping for a new bra. My current one is a minimizer and is not doing so much these days. I think it's more just support right now. I'm going to see if there is that much difference if I get a new bra of if I should just wait a month more or so...definatley not getting an expensive one! I hope to be replacing it soon :)

Okay, out of here for now. I'll talk to everyone later. Red, thanks so much for chatting this morning - you did GREAT with all the walking and gym work - really truly great!!!!

01-13-2005, 10:28 AM
Tomorrow is - " What have I been doing to move my bootie" day so give us an idea of how your exercise program is going. What is your program tailored to do to your body? are you going for muscles or a more lean look?
For my exercise I've been using Yourself!Fitness on the XBox, doing a 30 minute workout every day, each day targetting something different! I'm hoping to start jogging outdoors soon (scary because when I was in shape before I couldn't jog!) and maybe hopefully joining a gym in a few months so I can do some lifting weights! I'm going for a leaner look.

Question for tomorrow- How did you pick your sign in name? Do you have any other interesting nick names? Confess ladies-let's hear them. It's my name :D Creative huh? I use it on every board I'm on actually...

01-13-2005, 10:30 AM
How do you ladies avoid the scale EVERYDAY?? I can't seem to avoid it, and I NEED to! Today I was up .5 of a pound, and while I know it's no big deal and still days until weigh day...It's discouraging to see that darn thing every day! How can I avoid it??

01-13-2005, 10:34 AM
(Sorry for this being my 3rd post)

Grasshopper, I loathe bra shopping! I have 2 bra's that I've had forever and I actually just sent my hubby to the store and said "Get something this size for me." I hate it because it's so darn depressing because my bras are so expensive and I can't get anything cute in my size...

CrimeGirl, I set my alarm for about an hour before I need to so I can get some quick computer time in in the morning ;) That means I got to bed about 2 hours before I need to because I could sleep all day every day if I was allowed!

Red, I hope you got some good sleep :D It sounds very needed for you!

Sorry to anyone I may have forgotten!

It's off to work :D I'll be around tonight!

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 10:55 AM
jacque you're so funny! I had the same problem with the scale and I still do so I asked BF to hide the scales from me. It was annoying at first and then very relaxing to not be able to get on the scales. Also I avoided the "I'm losing I can afford to be a little slack" because I couldn't tell if I was or not. I highly recommend hiding the scale.

As for bra shopping - I hate it!! I can find one type that is my size and is carried in department stores and it's $60.00 I REFUSE to pay that much money for something that looks that utilitarian!!! It's just a lot of HARDWARE for something I'm getting rid of....I can find cheaper ones on line but I hate to buy them and have them not fit. I just bid on two on ebay that are the kind and cut I can do, I'm sure I'll get outbid but we'll see. You're right though - It can be frustrating to bra shop. you'd think that with all the inplants being done they'd make better and prettier full coverage bras but not so far.

okay off to the chamber...I much find something or running is going to become less and less fun :)

01-13-2005, 11:45 AM
Hi all! Just quickly checking in!

Grasshopper, I didn't get up this morning! I was still a little sore and worn out from volleyball last night, so I took that extra 45 minutes to get a little more sleep.

Jacque, I highly recommend hiding the scale as well. Mine is now in a closet in the basement that I don't use. I go down on Sunday morning, open the door, step on, and then retreat upstairs. I'm not tempted at all to use it during the week because it's "out of the way." I guess I've done this enough in the past to know that little fluctuations are going to occur, and I want to prevent myself from getting upset by them!

As for good bras, have you tried Lane Bryant? Do you all have those? That's where I get all of mine, and they are pretty, functional and much cheaper than $60. They usually run $28 each, but I tend to go when they have sales like buy one, get one half off, or buy two, get two free. Just a thought....if you don't have a store, they're online at

All right, must get to work....have a great day. Keep up the good work!


01-13-2005, 12:20 PM
Lane Bryant bras for $28?!?! I get mine there and they are about $40! Last time I went to JC Penny's and bought the biggest things they had for $12 each (although they are crappy crappy quality!)

Hiding the scale...hmm....very very good idea! I will ask DH to do it for me tonight and then have him only get it down for me on Sundays...

Today is going to be HIGH stress!! I need to find a ride to work tomorrow because my husband is out of town on meetings... and if I can't find a ride I'm walking... (only 4 miles...but that's a long walk before a 10 hour work day!) I know the exercise would be good, but I'd much rather get it in a "fun" way! Plus, he finds out tomorrow if he gets this promotion he's been waiting to hear on for six months... so it's a hair pulling few days ;) I hope I can relieve it by working out and not by eating chips and cookies ... .*Fingers Crossed*

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 02:18 PM
Wow Jacque - did you have to walk? I hope you got a ride. Taking a 4 mile walk when you expect it is one thing - but HAVING to take one is different!!

KJK - thanks for the tip on Lane Bryant. I'll check them out. When I'm at my goal I'm going serious shopping..matching stuff and all :) Until then I'll take whatever works for the next few months :)

Okay I have to eat a salad and then push myself to go to the gym. I need to go today just in case I am out of it tomorrow a.m.

See you guys soon !! Good luck hiding the scale!

01-13-2005, 04:14 PM
Good morning! 5 a.m. here. I had a restless night too. I knew the working out would do it. The cardio stuff. You gotta remember that your heart's a muscle too and if you overwork it it's going to be "sore" which usually means you'll have trouble relaxing and sleeping. So be careful, those of you are have added a lot of new cardio to your days.

Talk about the scale. I agree for you here with the HIDE IT and only take it out once a week or so to weigh. The fluctuations are SO frustrating when you're trying to lose. HOWEVER, I, for one, was not weighing enough. I had totally stopped weighing myself over these months and I think that's what allowed me to gain so much, about 10 lbs! It "snuck" up on me because I had my head in the sand, refusing to look at the number while at the same time denying that my clothes were tighter (and I normally wear all this stretchy stuff because I just hate feeling restricted but at the same time I had baggy jeans). So here I was gaining and gaining and just denying it and ignoring it. I was not trying to lose weight anymore really and knew I was gaining so that is the time when the scale is very much needed! When you're working out, counting calories, etc. it's the opposite, the scale is then a source of more often than not frustration.

Jacque, DON'T feel bad or anything at all about a little gain. It's not a gain at all really, not the way you've been going. Did you know that when the body is losing fat it turns it into water first and tends to hold onto the water for a while even though the fat is gone, or moved, or whatever, and that the weight in water is more than the weight in fat. It also feels worse because it takes up more room. So, it'll look like a gain when you just have to have faith and wait for the entire process to finish. Take it from me, one who has lost and regained over and over again SO much weight in her life. So, yes, if you're sticking to your plan, you don't need the scale. Stay off it except for confirmations along the way.

01-13-2005, 04:43 PM
I'm doing a Jacque here, with multiple postings all right after one another. Hope you don't mind. I certainly didn't with Jacque!

Crime girl -- I don't have a recipe that I have tried and the one I have here that involves baking is in a book and I don't want to type it all in when I think these are just as good if not better. I haven't tried them but they sounded good. If you try them let me know. Or, I might get my act together and make it too. It is certainly healthy and colorful and I think just right for me. I usually make curries but I'm sick of them. The French herbs sound enticing!


As for my sign-in name, that is from the French film, "The Red Balloon." When I signed up I was thinking more along the lines of the balloon floating teasingly and playfully through the streets, often out of reach, which to me was the body I longed to have. I have red hair so it's fitting and what's more, the balloon is also the little boy's friend, so it seemed a fitting name for a support forum. The connection between my ballooning body and a balloon didn't elude me either but it wasn't really part of the reason I chose it. Here's a link for those of you who aren't familiar with the film. I remembered it from French classes way back and would like to see it again now that I know I would get a lot more out of it. There's very little dialogue if I remember right. I hadn't known that it won both at Cannes and an Academy award. I just knew it was a classic.

01-13-2005, 04:46 PM
Crime girl - Sorry for not explaining about ratatouille! It's really yummy and oh so good. I suggest you just go and buy a couple of tins of crushed tomatoes, some eggplant, some onions, zuchini (courgette), garlic, and mushrooms (not traditional but good source of iron and I think they fit in well). Anyway place 1tsp of oil in the cold pot with the crushed garlic (i use 2-3 cloves, but I LOVE the stuff). Garlic is best cooked this way as the pot warms, if you put it into hot oil, the flavour is "burned" away. The slow heating releases the aromatic compounds better. Once the pot is hot, sautee the onion. Add teh courgette, aubergine and cook until soft. Then add the tomatoes and any italian stye herbs you want. I suggest using dried as the texture of fresh ones is kind of wasted on this dish. Also add the mushrooms. Then leave to simmer on a low heat (or crock pot it). This is soo good on toast. Sorry for the lack of specific amounts, but I tend to cook from taste and instinct.... I love cooking!!

Red - I am jealous of the ride! I'm going to try and hook one up for this weekend, there is a horse whose owners have said I can ride it when their daughter goes away to uni, but I don't know if she has left yet

What have i been doing this week?
Sunday - 2 hour walk
Monday - Pump Class
Tuesday - 40 mins walk (2 x 20)
Wednesday 40 min walk, pump class
Thursday 50 min walk, 5 min cycle, 15 min run, 5 min walk, 25 min weights, shoulders
Friday - pump class (i hope!)
So overall a good week, but it's the first week I have been this active since before christmas. i have been so lazy with both my food and exercise. Still I had a trainer at the gym I haven't seen in 6 months say yesterday that she thought my arms had toned up heaps and i was looking good, so I guess in the long view picture things are going ok.

Pump class is high rep, high intensity weights. It's a les mills programme and it really good for burning fat and changing your body shape.

KJK? Who ever it was that was talking about bringig weights into their work out - that is seriuosly the best thing you can do! It helps create muscle which increases your metabolism - the more muscle mass the more calories your body consumes per day naturally, and also makes you stronger, preventing injury. Don't worry about getting bulky. To create the "bulky" muscle fibres, you need high levels of testosterone, most females and many males do not have sufficient levels of this hormone to create bulky muscles, so all that is going to happen is that you will get toned and long lean muscles (if you include stretching in your work out). That is why body builders need to supplement and the top level ones take 'roids. (YUCK WHAT LOSERS)... anyway this is all a bit disjointed, but check out the ladies who lift thread for more info.

Nicknames - NBK means night blind kiwi.. kiwi is NZ's national bird and also what most NZ'ers call themselves, especially when overseas. The joke is that they are nocturnal and therefore can really only see at night. I used the nickname first on a Blind melon board, where my friend had already taken kiwi as her nickname. My other ones are science queen due to my interest in all things scientific and an ability to recall factoids at the most random time, Snappie which is short for snapper princess. this was given to me by my bf - he too has a fish nick name as he surfs. He's really well known in our town, but most people only know him by his nickname!.the joke is that as a kid my dad would call me among other things tiffany snapper! he he... Umm I have others that are variations on my real name, such as siffter, stiffness, tiff etc...

Today at toastmasters it was sci-fi theme.. I am such a geek, I knew all the programmes and authors people were talking about.. he he.. i hate that, I can't help myself bringing up stupid facts about them either. My cover as a young cool professional is well and truely blown. I have a speech scheduled for next week, and my bf is coming along as my guest... eeek!

well best get on with my friday at work...
Have a good one ladies

01-13-2005, 04:49 PM
Ooh ooh the red balloon! It's a story book and a play also. I used to read the book when I went to stay at my grandmothers.. there's also that song 99 red balloons, that is kind of nihilistic. Wow, Red.. when you got to japan, or you go to the more rural areas, do you get people wanting to touch your hair? i have a friend who is 6'1" and she had people stare at her becuase of her red hair and her height all the time in japan and korea when she was teaching english.

01-13-2005, 04:54 PM
oh yeah I am a multiple poster.. I just read the les mills site about pump and it's weights.. while the weights I do aren't big outside the pump class (10 kg for biceps, 25 kg for squats/lunges etc) they are still reasonably big for pump.. he he yeah I am macho but that's something that motivates me, my desire to have the heaviest weights in the class (mind you I am the fattest person in there, so I have to work harder!).. but damn it gives you a good work out, and it really increases your overall body strength *yes i am proselytising :dizzy: :D

01-13-2005, 05:03 PM
NBK, yes, I remember 99 Luftballoons, the German version is much better than the English and quite different. That was Nena singing! I like the kind, friendly balloon image for me, however, BUT I do remember that song and liked it, well, that is, until I heard it so much it got to me. :lol:

Your name is so cool and I love all those fish nicknames. I have never had a nickname (not that I knew of!)

About the Japan thing, when I first came here, in 1982, things were much different, including the fact I guess that I was a lot younger :lol: but people did want to touch my hair and this was central Tokyo not the sticks. Drunken men in the trains at night sometimes would ask if they could touch it. Ee gads! But, remember, I had come from India and living in the real countryside, where people were a lot more unabashed and childlike, staring closeup and really making me feel like I was from outer space! In Japan, everyone is much more reserved and would more or less try to hide the fact that they were looking but got more forward when they were drunk, as Japanese often are! But things have really changed and now everyone dyes their hair so you even see redheaded Japanese. Back then everybody's hair was black. But, I'm short, only 157 cm (5ft 1.5 inches) so I didn't have people looking at me for my height. And nowadays you see a lot of tall Japanese.

You're right about the weight training not making bulky muscles. I'm around bodybuilders all the time and it's the fat that makes them look bulky. You have to get lean because the fat over and under the muscles makes you look tons bigger than you are really. A lot of people, women especially, can have a lot more bodyfat but look much smaller. So, it's not the muscle one needs to be afraid of, it's the fat. It is, however, hard to get rid of the fat and you tend to take it off in the areas women want to keep. But, yes, it burns so many calories because it is active, so just sitting there you burn tons more. Of course, you have to maintain it, so overall you're going to be more active.

Hope you get to ride, NBK, riding is such a total body sport. I guess the best correlation is wind surfing, not regular surfing. Do you do that too? I think I would love New Zealand. I will have to get to the Southern Hemisphere someday. The closest I've been is Singapore.

Also, I like the way you wrote up your exercise like that. That really allows you to see exactly what you've been doing and I think could help me be more consistent these days. I will do the same and you are doing so great! You'll have that extra weight knocked off in no time if you keep this up. Just don't pig out. That's what I do and I cancel out all the good work. Still, as long as I am exercising, I can do it, but, like now, I tend to always eat too much. And, I've got all these fat stores I want to kiss goodbye!

01-13-2005, 05:32 PM
Hi everyone! My log in name is named after my cat stormy. As some of you know he was rescued from a storm drain right before a big thunderstorm. Since we do not have kids our cats tend to be a big part of our lives. On long trips we add our cats names to songs that we jam to on the radio, etc. It is kind of goofy but hey we love our animals.

GH, I think that you asked me this. I just do not like the taste of lettuce. I do like baby leaf spinach which I can use in a salad, but so many places do not offer it.

Red, sounds like you did great at the gym. You are doing so good. Keep it up. Remeber, our competition. Feb 14th is just around the corner. Like you, I gained weight and I knew it but I ignored it and did not weigh myself. I am never going to make that mistake again!

NBK, you have kicked butt this week! I bet you are able to have beautiful walks in New Zealand. You are so lucky!

Jacque, hide the scale and only weigh once a week. So many women get obsesssed with it. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Also, women have weight fluctuations secondary to hormones, etc

Crime girl, how are you doing today? Do you feel a little bit better today? School is going okay for me. I have just been very busy. I cut my patient load back a little so I can have more time to do school work. So we will be on a very tight budget!

KJK, how was volleyball? Who do you play with? I used to love to play beach volleyball, but now I am landlocked in Nashville.

01-13-2005, 05:39 PM
My workout for this past week:
Sun-Boot camp cardio, weight training abs & legs 1 hr total
Mon-Pilates (20mins), elliptical trainer (20 mins) and weight training for arms (20 mins)l
Tues-boot camp cardio, weigh training abs and legs 1 hr total
Wed-Tae bo 1 hr
Thurs-Cardio boot camp (30 mins), "I want that body" DVD (15 mins abs, 15 mins legs)

01-13-2005, 05:42 PM
Hi stormy, how are you doing? How was your day?

I just got on the bike for 10 minutes and worked up a sweat. Only 10 mins! but I was wearing a lot of clothes. I can't tell you how disgusted and upset I am at my weight. You must realize that I haven't been this out of shape in years and the numbers on the scale are unbelievable to me as I haven't seen them in over 20 years and that was when I had tons of muscle. I have lost so much muscle and yet I am at this high weight, which means I have put on tons of fat. It is so discouraging. How could I have done this to myself?! And here I am acting like 10 mins on a bike is an accomplishment. What happened to me? I used to be out the door and at the gym at this hour and doing 10K on the bike and 5K on the treadmill. Oh, I feel I've been defeated by others, work and people screwing with my schedule and workload and it makes me so angry that I have been knocked so low and now that I have to go through all this work to get back to where I was, which was still such a high body weight for me. I suppose the only thing I can do is to think that I have recognized a weakness and realize that I must never ever put myself out for someone to the extent that I was, because I will be the one to suffer!

01-13-2005, 05:44 PM
Stormy, just saw your exercise for the week. Wow, you're really doing good!! :cp: Are you going to do something this evening or is this a day off?

01-13-2005, 05:54 PM
Red! Don't be so hard on yourself. Getting back in shape takes time.. don't forget it took you a long time to get to where you are, so it will take a long time to get back in shape, and used to getting up and exercising! You are breaking set habits here, ones that are a lot easier than the new habits you are trying to start! 10 mins, with lots of sweat is better than nothing!!

You grew up in india? wow what an exciting life you lead.. i'm sorry but i figured you were an american ex-pat living in japan... I haven't really travelled around asia yet, but hopefully i will one day, in fact with my company's reorganisation the chances are my next posting will be somewhere in asia (although I really really want to go to either oman, New Orleans or the Netherlands)..

01-13-2005, 05:56 PM
Stormy - you are an exercise machine! he he I just walk cos it's easy and yeah, I am really really lucky to have some beautiful places to walk.. that's what I miss most when I am overseas.. is the NZ landscape and lack of population density!

As for treating your cats like kids.. good on you. .i wish i had a cat...

01-13-2005, 06:05 PM
Stormy - volleyball was fine, although I was a bit rusty. I only play in this league now, and it runs January through April. It's a bunch of women, mostly friends of my moms, and it's not competitive at all....mainly just for fun and a bit of exercise. I used to play competitively in high school, but gave that up the bigger I got. I don't like sand, so I don't tend to play beach vball at all!

Jacque - Colorado must be much more expensive than Ohio! My bras at LB are always $28...of course I always buy the same style. But their prices online only range $24-36, so perhaps you should purchase online instead!

NBK & Red - you girls are chatty today! I miss a lot when I'm at work - but I'm glad you girls are here at the same time so that you're not just posting to an empty board! :D

All right, I'm off for a night of dinner and TV watching....check back later!

Kelly :)

01-13-2005, 06:17 PM
NBK, no I didn't grow up in India. I just spent time there. I spent my first 18 years in the U.S. so I consider myself fully American, just with additional input from some very diverse cultures, German, Indian, Japanese. No expat though and I don't wish it either, except for all the money they get. Ex-pats really don't become a part of the local culture, don't really learn too much. They're always on the outside of how the regular person lives and I mean, they live like an ultra-rich Japanese but are just average in their own countries. I think it makes for some big heads and probably a lot of arrogance and difficulties ever going back to how other people like them live if they go back to their own countries. It makes you stupid too I think. I see expats shopping in the import shops. Most of the stuff is the same stuff that can be gotten in a Japanese store for a fraction of the price they're paying. Sure, the imported stuff is fun to get sometimes, that's why I'm there but it's not necessary unless you want to remain inflexible and not learn about and experience what's going on around you.

The thing is, most of these people had no interest in coming here so their companies have to placate them and cater to their every whim. The way I see it, the companies should find people who will live like the locals more or less and pay them a bit more but not give them all this housing allowance. A friend of mine with the Wall Street Journal got a $6,000 a month housing allowance but wasn't allowed to live more cheaply and take home the difference. So they become very isolated. Even I felt a great gap between us because he was living in a palace compare to my place and I felt he started acting like he was so different. Circumstances, understandable, but I don't think a good thing in many ways.

And NBK, I have to be hard on myself. The fact that I took so long to do this, meaning, that I was goofing off for so long is the very thing that makes me so angry. That AND the fact that now I am going to have to take so long to work myself back into shape. Then again, maybe it won't take as long. It could have been a lot worse, right?

kjk, hi there! How are you doing? You didn't walk this morning, did you? Are you going to be up tomorrow?

01-13-2005, 06:40 PM
Yeah the whole Local "plus" idea is what my company is moving towards, outside of the ex-pat thing. For people like me, I don't mind just being on local rates, although coming from NZ where it costs a fortune to fly anywhere else, I would miss the paid for flights home 2x a year.. and the only other thing I would want would be the leave.. I mean in the states you get like 10 days? Here we get 15 soon to be 20 and I know in holland they get 35! he he (not including stats).. but yeah I think for a lot of people an overseas posting is what you make of it. For me its about working in another culture and learing and experiencing as much of local life as I can (i even grew to like herring whilst in holland ha haha).. but for some it is a hardship. They are miles away from family and friends, and I suppose a lot of the compensation systems were put in place years before the internet and email made inter-continental communication so easy! Also if you have children it must make the travelling harder and also the almagamation into other cultures more difficult, as you have to look at the quality of the education they will recieve in relation to the expectations of your home country and also where you will be going next! But in the end, it's probably just like people who travel and complain they don't have the conveniences of home, and other people who travel and make the most of only having 1 squat toilet to share with the other 40 pple in their hostel!

Red - Ok I understand.. but just remember to be like a good parent and say to yourself "i still love you red, but when you do this...... it makes me sad and I don't like that"... remember you are still a worthy and good and intelligent and fun human being.. it's just your actions aren't what you want! Self hate can lead to BAD eating and exercising behaviour.. that's all..

Jacque - have you tried places like Kmart/walmart for bras? I can often find pretty and cheap ones that are reasonably comfy for $10-$12 here...and so can my mum who is a 36?DD...the cheaper stores here seem to stock the larger sizes more often than expensive ones.

01-13-2005, 06:56 PM
Yeah, thanks NBK, I will try to be gentler with myself, while at the same time being strict and clear about what I'm doing, my goals and the fact that certain actions lead me toward them or away from them.

Maybe I should look at the fact that I could have really, really gone haywire over the past few months. OK, to me, it was still major, but in the big picture maybe it wasn't. I was under unbelievable stress and I was suffering physically as well. My legs were going numb and I couldn't run even though I would get on the treadmill and try. I was in a lot of pain, my feet and legs and that was making riding torture, as well as walking. I would push myself to do it anyhow so if I hadn't done that I could have easily put on 14 kgs instead of 4. I was talking to a friend that other day and she said she would bulk up between contests (she's a bodybuilder) and put on 16 kgs. She knows herself, has retired from competition now but is still at the gym riding the exercise bike for an hour every day and hard, not just lulling around like a lot of people do. She says she just knows she has to do it because she gains weight so easily. Again, I guess it all comes down to accepting yourself and the work that it's going to take to keep or get the body you want.

I think this experience may have given me the resolve to really lose the weight this time, not just the 4 kg I've put on but the 10 after that I've wanted to take off for years and haven't.

AND, what's even better!! is that I just got on the scale and I am down nearly 2 lbs over last Sunday's weigh-in. Ok, that was up from the week before but still, I have stopped the ascent! This balloon is losing gas, thank God! And I've been working out so some of that weight will be muscle coming back so I feel optimistic again. I hear gospel music, drum rolls, John Philip Sousa and wedding marches (don't know where that came from?)!!! Sing praises! The scale is reversing its direction! :dizzy:

Crime girl
01-13-2005, 06:56 PM
Good afternoon all! Wow- once again I had to take notes as I read so I could remember what I want to say to everyone. You guys are posting machines. :D

Red- I was flipping channels right before bed last night and on the shopping channel they were selling this really cool heater. I wish you could have seen it- totally safe- can't burn down the place and cool to the touch on the outside. It was only $99 too which isn't too bad. I think it would have been perfect for your apartment and would reduce the gas effects. It was totally cool- about 3 inches thick and hung on the wall like a plasma TV.
Anyway- Thanks for the links to the recipes- I will try one and get back to you how it is. I am also going to rent the film you were talking about- sounds cool. ;)
So- you are a redhead- never would have figured that. I have this mental pic of everyone in my head and I never would have pegged your hair as red. Shows what I know. We should all post our pics on line sometime. :)

kjk- good to hear from you- you are doing really well this week. :cp: I wanted to mention to you that Lane Bryant does a bra sale twice a year and some of the bras go for $5.99 a piece. I got 7 bras last time they did that. :D

little grasshopper- I am with you on the pain in buying bras. I absolutely hate it!
How are things with you today?

Jacque- I just ordered Yourself!Xbox online from amazon. I am looking forward to starting it once it gets here.
Don't sweat the .5 pound- Red is right- it is a process. It will turn itself around in time- you are exercising and changing your body. I do hope you don't get your exercise tomorrow by having to walk to work. Do you have a bus system? Good luck to your hubby however on the promotion. :D

NBK- Thanks for the explanation on how to make it and I will give it a try on Sunday when I cook for the week.
Great job this week with the exercise! :cp: You are doing great!
I got a chuckle from your science queen nickname- didn't know you were so into science and apparently sci fi. What is your favorite area of science?

stormy- Smart move cutting back- budgeting will be worth it to have more time. School is going OK so far- I ran about a million errands today (financial aid hit and I had shopping to do) so I have to read tonight. I am keeping it together. It helps to talk to someone going through it! :lol:
Great job with your workouts!!! :cp:

Okay well just wanted to catch up- I have some things I have to do tonight.
I will be on later- keep chatting- it keeps me motivated and helps anyone in crisis who needs to talk right away.
Thanks again everyone!
:spin: :spin: :spin:

01-13-2005, 07:08 PM
Crime girl.. I am an engineer.. but my biggest interest in science is probably in particle physics... I love all areas tho.. not that hot on biology, but zoology, physics especially time stuff, chemistry etc anything and everything. I did my thesis for my engineering degree on the particle physics involved in the natural phenomenon on ball lightning - when lightning is observed in a "globe" type formation, not a line or fork or sheet.. it was really cool. I got to go and play in the electrical engineering high voltage lab. I am a chemical and process engineeer formally and i work as a process engineer at my job, in charge of plant optimisation and design. phew there's a lot..

as for Sci-Fi I love philip K Dick.. huxley.. all the old stuff.. Not fantasy or dune tho..

Off for lunch

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 07:10 PM
Hi everyone! One little trip to the gym and I'm reading novels when I get home :) It's GREAT!!

Red - you've been here for a month. Look at where you are exercise wise now, compared to a month ago. You've stopped dining while you walk, you've given up the daily coffee funnel that was your cup! You've made a lot of really positive changes. At some point you HAVE to acknowledge that you've made progress. It's easy to focus on what we've let happen to ourselves...and I agree with that too (those that forget history....) but you HAVE made great changes in the month you've been here and it hasn't been easy for you. We're all very proud of you. Are you?? I hope so!!!! You'll get where you want to be and I can understand being angry at letting yourself get there. It's hard to believe that there is so much extra to our bodies right now - we "feel" the same on the what's the extra stuff??? Anyway, I just want to give you a warm fuzzy to carry through the day with you! While you're kicking yourself add a little "you're doing great now KEEP IT UP!!" :)

Jacque I found a bra today and it was 27.00..not too bad. I was very relieved to find one at the first store!

NBK - I don't think I've ever found a bra at Kmart of walmart that was as supportive. I still bounce all over the place and they wear out fast. BUT I quit looking years ago because of that. Maybe I should look again. oh to be a b cup and be able to buy the cute matching sets..........

Crime girl - you sound like you're doing much better!! I'm so glad! I was watching home shopping this am too :) passes the time very well sometimes!

Stormy - I don't like the iceberg lettuce they use on most salads either and a lot of times they don't wash it and the chemicals are still on it and that's a sure sign that I'm going to get a sick stomach within 15 minutes of eating! Subway lettuce especially! Not all the time but I can tell when it hasn't been washed. I'd rather have Spinach too, or another dark green of some kind. I eat so much spinach though!!

okay guys I have GOT to eat dinner. Had my yummy detox shake....OH - stormy - you asked about my shake. The one I told you about is specifically for people with chemical would show in their bodies and Fibro or CFS...and other disorders along those lines. I'm hoping to only be on it a couple of months - of course it's really yummy so i don't care if they keep me on it :)

Talk to you soon!

01-13-2005, 07:27 PM
Crime girl -- posting machines! :lol: Yes, that's us! It's certainly not helping me get my work done here but oh well, I'm sick of work and I'll do it eventually. Actually, I had totally forgotten about it!

The heater sounds cool. It may not be hot enough though I'm afraid. That's the good thing with kerosene. It's very hot. I have an electric heater too but it can't do too much when the room's really cold, like now. But I have to be more careful about opening the windows or getting out of the room. On days I go into the office it's not so bad but other days I'm in here for hours at a time and that's not good. You all were talking about SAD but I think I get a lot of sun actually because of the riding and it's outdoors, no indoor arena. I think a lot of the down feeling may indeed be from the fumes, carbon monixide and whatever.

If you rent "The Red Balloon" remember that is a very artsy film, quiet and full of metaphor and symbolism. You can't watch it in the same mindset as you would, say, watch, "Ocean Twelve" or something (on my mind because Clooney, Pitt and Damon (spelling?) were all here yesterday for a press conference for the movie that's just coming to Tokyo now. Darn, if I'd known I could have gone and seen them close up! Shucks. No, but really, with Red Balloon, try to get into an artsy mood. Don't know how you'd do that. Get quiet, dim the lights, play some quiet jazz, sip wine slowly out of fancy crystal glass, read some French and then. . okay, maybe you'd be ready. . . :rofl:

Why didn't you think I was a redhead? It's an auburn, not a carrot top. It's the French in me (rest is German) same color as my mother's was, same as her father. What does a redhead mean to you, or dare I ask?! I'd say I'm the tomboy redhead, not the sexpot, which is in in my mind a garish red. I remember at the stables when I was a kid, all the girls were redheads. Feisty little tomboys all riding horses and teasing the boys something horrible. That kind of redhead. I have tempered over the years, gaining deep insights into the world and infinite wisdom. . . uh huh, uh huh, drinking a bit too much of that wine yourself, are you red?

NBK -- I just realized that we're neck and neck and stormy too for our goals. About the same weight now and similar goals for Valentine's Day. I want to be just under 70 kgs by then. Join us in our little competition and we can go for a three-way photo finish! :cb:

oh, grasshopper, you're too sweet. Your warm fuzzy brought tears to my eyes. I mean it. And, "dining while I walk" yes, that's too funny!! and not funny at all. It's what I looked like from the outside. And yes, we don't feel any different inside, do we, at least not with some of these gains and losses and certain ways of feeling. You know, yesterday I had this great feeling walking home from riding and it's part of what got me to then go out again to the gym. I felt so centered, calm, I could feel my back muscles strong yet relaxed and just really centered. I guess it came from the riding, because that's the basis of dressage. You have to be centered and calm and listening to the horse's movements so closely. But I hadn't felt this before. Maybe it's also from getting off my caffeine adrenalin brain and body fry!

So, grass, you were at the gym? have a good workout?

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 08:33 PM
Red - had a great work out! Thanks!! That makes every day this week I got 30 minutes at least of cardio and 30 at least of weight training - plus on Tuesday night I had pilates and wed I had yoga. Wow, it's good to remind myself of that. The scales have been climbing all week - that's probably why.

I have to cook dessert for a Ronald McDonald house dinner my Kiwanis club is serving Saturday night. BF wants me to make cookies and stuff like that. I don't think I should - it's a lot easier to eat a cookie than to cut a slice into a cake before you deliver it :) We'll see. Worst case, I buy something premade and serve it. I am not to be trusted around that much yummy stuff. You guys that baked over Christmas and didn't eat everything you made are gods to me :)

Red - I imagine dressage would have a lot to do with core stregth and relaxation. Some day I'll right a horse and have more of a clue - some day :)

NBK - your job sounds really interesting! sounds like you get to do a lot of travel with it. That's one thing I miss now. I use to travel all over the US and I haven't left NC in almost a year now. I will at the end of the month though :) I love to travel!!!

well - off to do my ab work. I've been putting it off. It's time now.

01-13-2005, 08:52 PM
Crime girl, I would love to know what you think each of us looks like :cool: Are we not as fat as we say we are? Long, hair, short hair, color of hair, etc? Pretty interesting huh? What do I look like? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
It seems like you are more calm today. Has your eating went well? Have you exercised?

Red, I did exercise this AM. It is on Thursday on my list :D . I guess it must be Friday for you. Congrats on the 2 pounds lost :cb: I can't believe you missed out on the chance to see those three hotties in the same room together :no:

GH, congrats on finding a bra :dancer: So what does your ab workout consist of?

NBK, you and my hubby would get along. You NERD :D He has his doctoral degree in neuropharmacology, but he loves physics. He does a lot of research with MRIs and other imaging techniques.

KJK, I thought of you today. I bought a box of little weight watchers snack cakes. It was one point for one! See my problem is that I love chocolate :^: so one helped to satisfy my craving a little bit.

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 09:05 PM
Stormy - I have exactly the same problem with snack cakes and baked is never enough. My ab workout is 150 crunches in the am..nothing extreme - just get them done. At night I try to do atleast 10 minutes of pilates exercises..the hundred, tap downs, full extensions, single leg stretches and lots of roll ups, really slow because I suck at those. I also hang from the death trap machine at the gym and bring my knees to my chest.

Red - I didn't picture you as a red head either. I think I saw you as dirty blond maybe. medium length but in pony tails a lot? pulled out of the way of whatever you are doing. I did see comfy clothes - because of all the walking you have to do to get around. But I saw a serious and intense face that can really brighten up when you smile.

Stormy - I'm still trying to figure you out. I've seen too many PT's - I think I've type cast you. Sorry! (for that, it's okay if you think I run around with flowers in my hear - spraying essential oils into the air behind me :) )

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 09:06 PM
oh, crime girl - I'd love to know too :) :)

01-13-2005, 09:11 PM
LOL GH you are hilarious! Although, I have known a few weird MTs, I also have close friends who are normal who are MTs. We were lucky to have a great one in the clinic I used to work in. She was always so busy as we would refer to her all of the time. It was great b/c she also referred her clients if she knew that they needed back exercises,etc.

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 09:17 PM
I haven't found a good PT here yet. I have a friend that is currently and MT but she is thinking she wants to go back to school because her hands and arms aren't holding up well at all. I'm not sure if she's serious or just fishing for options right now but I think she'd be good at physical therapy.

Do you know anything about the Mckenzie method?? I have a client that is in PT and they are using it. I've never heard of it.

01-13-2005, 09:35 PM
Well PT may not be a good choice for her b/c we do tons of hands on stuff. We do massage, joint mobilizations, patient transfers, teaching people who are paralyzed how to walk again, etc, that all require major use of the hands/arms etc. I am only 28 and I already have problems and I have only been doing it for a little under 7 years. The McKenzie method is very effective. It was developed in New Zealand, I think. However, many PTs are trained in it. You learn a little about it in school, but most of it through continuing education. Basically it teaches centralization. It is great for people with herniations, bulges, etc. or for people with poor posture. It includes assessment, treatment, and prevention strategies to help reduce pain. I can go on about it but I do not want to bore others on the board. Anyway, sorry to hear that there are no good PTs who you know of in the area. Do you work for a chiropractor or a medical doctor? I know that many chiropractors do not like PTs. I, however, have formed good relationships with a few who do like PTs and they realize the need for exercise intervention. Do you have PTs in your office? I personally like the team approach, where there are a variety of health professionals working together to meet the needs of the patient or client.

01-13-2005, 09:37 PM
Holy Cow! I've got 2 1/2 pages to read so sorry if I leave anyone or anything out!

I'm refusing to walk to I told them I wouldn't be there and if they have issues...I don't really care (I hate my job)

Thanks for the words of encouragement :D The scale is well hidden now and I made my hubby promise to only let me see it 2 times a week! 1 on Sunday Morning and 2 I get one free glance a week:D

Your life sounds so exciting! I've never even left the states, and only been to about 5 of them anywho... I'm jealous!

That story about rescueing your cat is too sweet!! All of my animals (3 of them) are shelter animals, and my dog growing up was a rescue dog (we found him in the trash can on Christmas eve :( )

Everything here is more expensive than anywhere else...I'm sure of it :D I think it's just a conspiracy!

I've gotten a few at walmart and target but I've found that the underwires stick out and poke me in the arm throughout the day...rather painful! Oh well, hopefully all that problem will be gone soon enough ;)

We have a bus system but it would take 2 hours to get from my house to work! So I'd rather walk...

01-13-2005, 09:39 PM
On the workfront tomorrow, I'm NOT walking :D I told my boss that and he about flipped out, and then I reminded him that we're in Avalanche warnings and that being outside is not a very smart idea for long periods of time :D I hate my job, so it wouldn't bug me too much if I just had to quit...

I'm taking today off from exercise :D My feet are so sore from work, but I did park my car way at the back every place I went so I had to walk farther... and I stand and walk all day at work... so I'm not too worried about it!

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 09:45 PM
Jacque - I don't blame you for not wanting to walk. Will your car be ready tomorrow?? Nothing like unplanned car trouble. Bf drives a company car so I usually have his as a back up.

Stormy - You know, my client is under the impression that the people working on her have some rare, special, one in a million training and she is just lucky enough to be there for it. Oh well, she IS improving, and very nicely too. I work in an Applied Kinesiologist's office. There are the two doctors and me. One doctor does fully understand the need for PT's and personal trainers as well - when someone begins a new program. The other thinks his medicine is the end all, cure all. New doctor. Anyway, the doctors are both chiropractors and the head doctor is also a nuerologist. He seems to completely understand hte benefits of all types of therapy. I agree with you about my friend wanting to change to PT for her hands...this is the friend that doens't listen though...She'll have to figure it out for herself. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your arms - I can see why though! You do a lot more heavy stuff that I do. Still there are days that I know I'd better ice my arms and hands between clients or there is going to be trouble.

okay I'm rambling about stuff the rest of you could care less about - sorry! I am trying to get my 8 glasses of water in before bed. Better go refill :)

little grasshopper
01-13-2005, 09:47 PM
BTW - keep this stored away for when I panic! Some people gain water weight at the beginning of the detox thing I'm on now. If I'm being good and start plumping up PLEASE remind me it's water so I don't give up and pig out anyway!!! I know I'll need it!!

01-13-2005, 09:59 PM
Hmmm McKenzie method.. that's mobilization and stuff isnt' it? It was developed by someone working with CFS kids??? Hmmm sounds familiar...

Man I am sooo feeling like a pork pie today (kiwi for fat)... seriously... I don't know whats wrong.. I've been drinkning lots of water but I am eating heaps at the moment and can't stop it... grrr.... I just wish the rest of me looked as good as my arms! he he..I'm like a t-rex.. skinny, toned arms and a big body ha ha ha....

I would join the challenge with you girls but i am peversely competitive.. i'd probably start gaining more if I was competing with you girls! I've always been a bit like that..I suppose one day I will snap myself out of my self sabotaging ways..but at the moment, it looks like I won't be at my goa for another 3 years.. pffft.. and I wanted to be smaller on my 25th than I was on my 21st... woe is me blah blah blah.. sorry just feeling really crap. The worst part is that, although I know my bf loves me as I am, he's also really supportive of my efforts to lose weight and be healthier and I'll feel like I'm letting him down by not being as good at this weight loss thing as I could be if I just pulled it all together. I mean he really does deserve a hot GF.. he has an 8 pack for christs sake.... hmmm.... well....

I suppose today it doesn't help that I am just working on plant drawings which is my most hated thing...

01-13-2005, 10:42 PM
No car till tomorrow night :( So looks like I will not be going to work :D

Competition?? Did I miss something?

I'll be back in a few I need a bubble bath!

01-13-2005, 10:51 PM
Heh people. wow, I couldn't believe all the posting that went on since I left my house and got to work. But, it did take a lot longer today BECAUSE I walked two more stops before getting on the subway and then got off one stop earlier than usual, so that means I got in about an hour and 15 minutes of fast walking! It is a beautiful blue-skied day here, cold but you warm up when you're walking, no wind.

I am buoyed by the movement downward of the scale. Hurrah!!

I only had a moment to glance through the posts. Grasshopper, your description is uncannily on, except for the hair color. Yes, very serious looking because I'm always thinking!! but people say I have a total light-up smile. Yeah! :lol:

I have my stuff to go to the gym after work tonight. Let's see if I can do it!

Bye for now!

01-13-2005, 10:54 PM
Jacque, the competition is between kjk and Crime girl and another one between stormy and myself because the pairs of us are similar in weight and what we want to lose.

I'll check in later. Have fun in the bubbles!! :bubbles:

Crime girl
01-13-2005, 11:02 PM
Hi again!
Okay I opened a can of worms with the comment that I didn't picture red balloon as a red head. I think my mental images are more "looks". For example-I picture red as trendy- not dress up from Saks trendy but art trendy. I picture her wearing urban chic. I see her in my mind as athletic and strong- fiery when she needs to be- and more in synch then she thinks she is.
Little grasshopper I see as an earth child- nature conscience- defender of all animals and dresses by her moods. I see her as healer in my mind.
stormy I see as dynamic and ever changing. I can see her as student but I think she keeps one foot in her other life. I think of her as put together and color coordinated in dress- she is trendy but more so in a Saks way in my mind.
Jacque and NBK I am still forming in my mind. I am probably way off but your mind creates an image to go with the voice you read. Let me know how I did.

little grasshopper- Hurray! You found a bra and didn't pay an arm and a leg. Good for you! I would rather go in for a root canal then go bra shopping. :lol:
Great job on your workout today and I am so happy that you gave such kind encouragement to red! :D
I think a cake for your dessert is a great idea- I think you are right that it is much safer and not as easy to steal a little bit for yourself. Just watch that mixing bowl- that can get you in a world of trouble.

Jacque- Good for you calling your boss. You shouldn't have to walk and I am with you- I wouldn't. That sucks that the bus would take so long- I am in a smaller city and I could get to work in an hour or a little less. On top of that - students ride free so it is a good option for me when I can't park on campus.
I can't believe you found a dog in the trashcan and on Christmas eve no less!! There should be a special place in **** for people that mistreat animals!

NBK- WOW! an engineer! and you like particle physics. I have to admit I hated physics in high school and had little use for it except in areas it overlapped with astronomy in college. I admire you actually wanting to learn and read about it. I have a brother like you- he reads physics and astronomy and such for fun. He went to GA Tech for aerospace engineering so he is the techno junkie and science person in my family.
As for sci fi- have you ever read David Weber? My boyfriend is into sci fi and fantasy and loves David Weber for sci fi. He reads his books the day they come out.

stormy- hmmm..what do I look like- I am going to let you guys guess.
As for exercising- I am exercising and it helps with the stress of school but as for food I have fallen off the wagon and allowed it to run over me and then back up and run over me again. I just can't seem to stop eating stuff that is uber bad for me. Help!
Anyway- how is school going for you? Did you finish your project?

red- I don't know how much heat that heater let off but it was suppose to be comprable to kerosen. That is what made me look up and see the demonstration. I immediate thought about your carbon monixide situation. You need to be careful with that! There has to be something you can do- you can really harm yourself staying in there like that!
When I rent red balloon I am going to do so with a block of cheese and a good red wine. :lol:

anyway- I hope I got everyone that time! You guys really are posting robotrons! WOW- even when I go to post you are still posting and lapping me. :lol: I am glad!

01-13-2005, 11:32 PM
David Weber.. I may have.. I don't know, if you tell me some titles - i am really blonde when it comes to remembering authors and titles.. i'll often start reading something and within a page go 'oh I read this 2 years ago..oops! he he

well done red on all the walking! it's nice being out when it's crispy cold, not blowing so hard and wet and nasty cold...In fact I don't mind the rain as long as there is no wind.. that's the only thing that really stops me from getting outside. It's really funny here, people don't ride in winter cos it's too wet.. **** in my home town we used to ride no matter what! snow, hail (have the scars to prove), lightning, searing heat... you name it. grr can't go for a ride this weekend either damn it... oh well gym and walk it shall be.. still it's just not the same. Maybe I'll shout myself a horse&pony magazine at the supermarket (or at least hang around for a free read!!)

Ok. well I'll be gone for the weekend, no computer at home.. but rest assured, I'm going to the gym tonight for my pump class and hopefully will get of my lazy fat bottom and not gorge myself stupid this weekend like I have been all week.. Take care ladies and remember, somebody out here is thinking of you and does really care how you are!

01-14-2005, 12:31 AM
Crime girl, you are too funny. Well you have the dynamic and ever changing part hit right on the nose. Howver, I am not a girly, girl at all. I dress by my mood, I can be trendy, I do color coordinate, but I definately can not afford Saks. I wear scrubs all week and at school we are in sports bras and shorts most of the time, but when I go out I do like to dress nice. It must be the investigator in you. I see you as being very studious, very perceptive, and you feel as though you have to do for others.

NBK, have a fun weekend!

Jacque, my car has been in the shop for over 8 weeks now so I can feel your pain. I was having to drive my hubby to and from work each day (2 hours total). Finally, my body shop agreed to pay for a rental b/c they are taking so long.

Red, keep up this attitude. I like it! Remember the mind-body connection.

Little GH, go with the cake. In fact, buy it already made! The less temptation, the better.

Okay back to my research project!

01-14-2005, 02:42 AM
Crimegirl, I'm the same way with images...and normally they look nothing like the person really does *LoL*

8 weeks?!?! What's wrong with your car?? Mine is just due to laziness on my part of getting it there...

little grasshopper
01-14-2005, 08:19 AM
Good moring - and good evening!! Red and NBK I hope you're off to a great weekend!!!! NBK we'll be thinking of you too!!!

Crime Girl - I'm not sure if you're close or not :) BF told me all through school - I'd get frustrated because I should have gone to medical school when I was younger and wanted too (I was to scared) he says not to worry, a witch doctor is a doctor too. :) He wanted to throw me a witch doctor party for graduating. For work I'm in comfy pants and tops that won't hang and brush a client. Hair is up at work, But it's dark brown/auburn and curly..kind of long. I do smile all the time now and when I go out I love wearing nice, pulled together clothes but I do tend to towards being comfortabe at all times. I guess I AM the village witch doctor after all. :) Very grounded though and very medically based in my work. I'm not Fru Fru at all about that!

What do I see for you??? Cool Glasses. Always a book in hand of the purse (book bag). shorter hair, wavy. Dresses comfortably so you can chase down the bag guy :) Care taker and defender - but with your brain. A real problem solver. A warming smile that draws people out of their shell.

NBK - my view of you is probably based on too much TV...sorry - but I got it the first time you said where you are from. Very lean, sun bleached blond hair. Very active and always happy. (see you live in the perfect Island, so are also perfect in my head....) At least I didn't go with a creature from LOTR! :) :)

Jacque - I'm still working on you. I have no stereotype to plug you into. I'll think on it. I'm sure my view of NBK is completely off....after all not all kiwi's can be blond - but in my head they are. all of them. blond and skinny.

little grasshopper
01-14-2005, 08:22 AM
raining like crazy here - just found out that my path to work is flooded 1 foot deep. must find new path.

Since we're all animal lovers I have to share this. After almost 4 years I have found a new scratching spot for my aussie. He doens't like to be scratched on his head. Last night I did and he went limp....his toungue hung from the side of his mouth and his eyes rolled back in his head and he just melted into my hand. If I tried to stop he'd grab my hand and pull it back to him. what a lush!

okay, off to work. I made lots of veggies for lunch and am ready to face the day. Am not working out today - my day off this week. I will stretch instead. And get ready to do it all again tomorrow. See everyone tonight!

01-14-2005, 10:57 AM
Little GH, you just have the majic touch. Like you I have brown curly hair and it is long. I wear mine up at work too.

Jacque, I was in a car accient a little before Thanksgiving. It was very rainey and I hydroplaned. $10000 worth of damage!

I do not work on Fridays secondary to school. So I must get back to my research. I'll check in later! Everyone be sure to have a great day!

01-14-2005, 06:11 PM
Well it sure is quiet on here today. I have done well so far today. I worked out: Pilates 20 mins, UE weights 20 mins, and elliptical for 30 mins. I ate chicken and green beans for lunch, natural, unsweetened applesauce and turkey for breakfast (I know it is weird), and a low carb russel stover chocolate and nut cluster for a snack. Saturday is cheat day! I am making ravioli, sweet and sour green beans,garlic toast, and chocolate chip cookies. Usually we eat out on my cheat day, but this meal was my husband's request. Plus, it will save us some money by eating in.

01-14-2005, 06:31 PM
Good morning, everyone. Stormy, are you still on? I just got up. Had a fairly late night out last night. Didn't get to the gym but maybe it's just as well. I had walked a lot in the morning. Nah, just an excuse. It would have been bettter if I'd gone but a guy who just got back from 2 weeks off wanted to go out for some beers and talk and so I went. Never can turn him down. But I needed to talk too. Am really having a hard time with the thought of starting new work and, the problem, leaving the old behind. I feel I have to take this opportunity but the paper has a lot of interaction with foreigners (like me) and I would really miss that I think. Anyhow, just wanted to see if you're on. You sounded lonely. I haven't really read the posts well yet.

01-14-2005, 08:01 PM
Hi Red, you need to do what is best for you. You only have one life, so sometimes you have to take chances. You will still have your contacts that you can keep in touch with, right? You can still get together with people for beers, etc. Leaving may be a great opportunity for you. Being scared is natural, but do not let it hold you back. I am sure that you will make the right decision in what ever you choose. I know that it is hard. SO are you planning on working out today?

01-14-2005, 08:08 PM
OK, looks like no one is on. It'd be Friday evening for most of you. Hope you're having a good time. Like I said, I didn't make it to the gym last night. No big thing. I ate well yesterday, and the walking I did in the morning was a good thing. I used to walk even more but just hadn't been doing it lately. It's easy to get off the train a stop or two earlier or get on later, as long as you leave a bit early.

Well, not much to say here, since I had no great workouts to speak of last night.

little grasshopper -- you said the scales are climbing. do you weigh yourself often? Doesn't that bother you? Yes, with all that exercise the weight is sure to go up but it should drop later, unless you're going super heavy on the weights. What kind of workouts do you do, machines, free weight?

Don't know if you've already made your dessert for the Kiwanis thing but yeah, why put yourself through the torture and/or possible calorie barrage of cookies. Just buy something. The culture still I think has this baking makes you a better woman attitude. All these contradictions thrown at us. The thin woman who doesn't bake calorie-laden cookies and cakes is somehow not a good provider or something like that. No wonder it's so hard to lose weight.

Wow, why doesn't anyone think of me as a redhead. This is starting to bother me. :lol:

Yes, dressage is greatly about core strength and balance and softening enough to feel the horse's movement and be able to influence it by making it easy for the horse to take the first step into that new movement and the next and the next. Have you never ridden a horse? You really must give it a try.

You know, I like the way you have your exercise kind of compartmentalized. You saying you have to do your ab work. I tend to lump it all together and so if I can't go to the gym I do absolutely nothing. There's a lot I could do at home, the ab stuff or calisthenics just with body weight. I have some dumbbells too. Must start just doing things, instead of thinking of it as a set.

What's this about a new detox program and the possibility of you gaining water weight? is this a different program from normally?

stormy -- yeah, it would have been nice to see clooney, pitt and damon all together. At least I saw them on TV. I was disappointed in clooney, who has been my favorite. Pitt was doing the most talking in the clips I saw, joking and so and damon was too. they seemed much more interesting in fact. clooney had on a goofy looking shirt that made him look like a clergyman and his hair was so gray and he looked like he'd gained weight. Ee gads! Aren't I horrible. Oh, and I just remembered. I had a dream last night where I met George Clooney. I was in a packed train and he got on and he came right over to me, big smile and said, hi there, how you doing and shook my hand. I start talking to him like old friends asking him he liked japaan and so and we're joking and such. We exchanged business cards and he said I should call him and I could show him around tokyo a bit. Then the train doors opened on the wrong side of the train, where there was no platform and he lept off and ran across the tracks. I realized that the train people had probably prepared this for him so he could escape the crowds quickly. What a funny dream, eh?!?! :lol:

Crime girl -- You know, all this talk of what people look like. I don't think I have any pictures in my head ever of looks. How odd. I guess I'm too into inner things, feeling and thoughts and never visual things. I think I'm more cerebral than emotional though. I can't say I have a clothing style now because I always just wear the same thing, functional, shirt, pants, jackets. It's basically because I have no money left for clothes but also because I can't wear the things I'd like to and look good with the body I have. So I've never developed a style. I don't feel that my look is me at all, though of course to others that is me. I suppose if I wanted to express my look and could wear anything that would express it and look good in it I would be wearing very classic things. Hmm. will have to think of this. Not sure I know what urban chic entails so can't say if you're on the spot there.

Jacque -- how are you doing? Good that the scale is safely away. That's so funny, a Sunday look and a "free glance" once a week! :lol:
Oh yes, we had a series of posts about our animal stories here. You should go back and find it so we can learn all about our little critters! Oh, thank you for helping your animals, rescuing them from shelters. Can you imagine someone putting a dog in a trash can on Christmas eve?! It makes me shudder to think of the things people can do? Are these the same people as you and me? How can they be the same humans and yet so different. Sometimes I have great doubts about our species.

I hope you don't lose your job and good for you for thinking of yourself and taking a day off. Hope your feet feel better.

NBK -- I hear you on not wanting to join the challenge and can understand that. Wow, your boyfriend sounds hot! And cool-sounding arms you have. I love lean muscular arms but have never had anything lean and muscular looking on me. I am always hulky looking I think. Stop being hard on yourself with the weight loss thing. Obviously your boyfriend likes something about you and thinking negatively about your body isn't going to help. Bring out the inside you, the personality, the life, that is what is attractive. It's never just the body. There is nothing worse than some woman sitting there looking pretty but with no life to her. Borrrrring!!

OK, gotta run. Been taking too long here and haven't even eaten breakfast. Got to shower and wanted to leave early to walk. Rainy morning. Yuck.

Stormy, I just saw your post before I posted this. Thanks for your words. They made me feel better. Yes, I think getting together to shoot the bull over beers is not a good reason for staying at a place. I was talking this over a bit with the guy I was out with last night, till someone else showed up and then the conversation gets less personal. He was saying I could keep my hand in with just one shift a week or so at the office but then he was saying I could just cut all ties and forget about the paper. I think there may have been a bit of jealousy there or the usual feeling of being left behind when people move on. It's harder when you're the one moving on but yes, I know I have to do it. I'm rotting away at the paper and the things I've asked for aren't being given me. The general policy now seems to be anyone who opens his mouth gets ignored. It's not healthy. It's suppressive, oppressive and makes you lose your sense of empowerment. It's an abusive, subtly, but still abusive relationship.

And, yes, thank you for giving me that kick, I am going to try to make it to the gym again today, again meaning trying again not going again, obviously. Bad me!

01-14-2005, 09:43 PM
Stormy, Glad you're ok after that!!

I didn't exercise yesterday and haven't today and probably won't tomorrow :( My feet are SO sore after 10 hours of work... but I'm on my feet all day and most of it is walking, so I figure at least I'm moving rather than sat in front of a computer all day all the time :D

Do you girls ever just lose your appetite? Today I haven't felt like eating much of the day...I had to force down lunch (breakfast was fine) and now I'm dreading dinner... I think I'm coming down with something because I'm NEVER not hungry...

little grasshopper
01-14-2005, 09:48 PM
Hi guys. We just got back from Mexican. I'm PROUD to report that while I did techinally cheat, it was on veggies......I had steak Ranchero with hot sauce and had them leave the rice and beans and dairy for guac salad :) They seemed shocked but not as much as when they came back and I had cheese on my steak :) :) I brought my own. I have never felt so good leaving a mexican resturant before!! My cheat was the tomatoes, and hot sauce. Not too bad :)

Stormy - that dinner of yours sounds WONDERFUL! Especially the green beans :) And I for one don't think your breakfast is weird :) I usually have rice cereal and some sort of veggie :) See you're all normal again :)

Red - The detox I'm on now is just an addition to the program. You can't do it until you're at a certain level of health or it's too harsh for the body. I guess I'm there now - so I have this YUMMY shake I drink every day. It's becoming my favorite park of the day! As for my weights. I do machines and free weights. The only real difference between me and others is that I only do one side of the body at a time. Partly to make sure I'm balanced in strength and partly because it helps keep my brain functioning leg forward, other arm swings switch. :) I work out the way I walk - one leg and one arm at a time. Doctor had me do it and it's helping a lot. I think I weigh a couple of times a week but it's not bothering me so much now because I'm seeing a real difference in clothes. I was told I might gain water weight at the first part of detoxing on this shake so I'm not sweating that much either. As for riding a horse - never have. Rode an elephant and a lahma but never a horse. Maybe this year will be my year :)

Guys I'm beat!! No exercise for me today. Tons and Tons of water though (I ate a raw jalapeno and it squirted in the back of my throat - killed me!!! Also made sure I hit my daily water ration :) ) Did eat well though - especially considering tonight was a major cheat and it had hardly anything bad in it :) Just spicy veggies. Hope my stomach cooperates :)

Stormy - don't work too hard!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Everyone else, hope you're out doing something amazing!

01-14-2005, 11:11 PM
Grasshopper, Congrats on eating well!! That's so tough to do eating out (I've quickly learned!)

I begged my husband today to eat healthier (at least around me) because watching him eat a hamburger just kills me :( I Mean I ate a hamburger too, but it wasn't a bacon burger with mayonaise... it was a plain burger with veggies :D But mmm did I want some of his...

01-14-2005, 11:17 PM
hi grass, jacque. just a quickie here 'cause I'm at work.

Jacque, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Yes, you may be coming down with something. I almost never lose my appetite either, have to be pretty hurting emotionally to do that. But maybe if you're coming down with something. Stay away from sugar, as you probably already are and try to rest so you can nip whatever it is in the bud.

grass -- thanks for the explanation. Excellent work at the Mexican place!! :bravo: to you!! You're an inspiration. And I sure don't consider your "cheats" cheats!! :^:

little grasshopper
01-15-2005, 06:49 AM
hi guys. Whatever happened to the days when I could sleep all day long if I wanted??? 5:30 am and I'm awake. This time I can't blame the BF. I just woke up. Having a cold doggie nosie in my face might have SOMETHING to do with it.

Jacque - I'm with you on the healthy thing. When we met bf was a serious cyclist and was in incredible shape - entirely. I once witnessed him wrecking his bike -fell on his head and cracked his helmet....he ran the 12+ miles that was the rest of the race - carrying a heavy mountain bike just so he could get finishing points....and he was PASSING people ON their bikes. Now I'm the ultra healthy one and I have to have two meal plans all the time. It's hard sometimes! I constantly tell myself - you can eat it if you want...but you're going to gain weight again and you're going to be in pain tomorrow when you wake up. But go ahead if it's worth all that. Sometimes it is :)

Red - are you working today?? You work nonstop don't you :) I know, my cheats aren't cheats..but they will make me gain just like yours will. It's weird but when I eat tomatoes I will have water weight the next day or so...I guess trying to deal with this thing I'm allergic to right now.

there was hope yesterday - I saw a women whoes been there a little less than me but has been far more strict with her plan - I just got strick right after Thanksgiving...she has a TON of foods back! And she could eat less than me at first :) I can wait :) :)

okay guys -I'm going to try to get some more sleep.

01-15-2005, 08:32 AM
Hi all. Still sleeping I take it. Grasshopper, did you get back to sleep? I was, YES, at the gym!! :cp: Hurrah for me! It's a cold rainy day and I even forced myself to take a fast hour walk at lunch in the rain carrying an umbrella. Actually it wasn't so bad because it wasn't windy yet but tonight, that was bad. I forced myself to get to the gym after work (yes, grass, I was working today at the paper). and then just decided to do weight training, no jogging because my legs were funny again. I did chest and back and went pretty heavy this time. I have lost so much muscle but I am going heavier than I had been recently. I will be back up to the heavy weights in no time and then I can just concentrate on taking off the fat.

I took the bus home, didn't walk because it was just too yucky, and the wind was so strong you couldn't use your umbrella. Luckily, it wasn't raining that hard.

Now, it's so cold in my room still but I want to get something out to you before getting to bed. I know you'll all be up and posting away, well, maybe not so much on the weekends.

grasshopper -- when you say you have water weight, does that really matter over the long run? Seriously, I'm not trying to make a point or anything. Can water weight stay with you indefinitely, like all the time, so that it seems the same as fat? and grass, why do you think you're so allergic to so many things, or again, are we all and just don't know it. Are the allergic reactions really bad for you. You mention pain a lot. I never feel in pain, well, not that I can think of. I hear of a lot of people saying they are in pain, not here, but Americans, in the States. Are there things in the food that shouldn't be there that are causing this do you think?

Now, when you talk about this woman getting her foods back. Why makes you able to have foods back again? I'm sorry if you've gone over this before but I'm still not clear on things.

Well, I hope you got some more sleep!

jacque -- excellent move on the burger. You don't need bacon and mayonnaise! Veggies are cool! They will make you sleek and ravishing!!

stormy, NBK, Crime girl, anyone else I missed! Hope to hear from you soon! I've got to get to bed, under the covers. It's too cold in here!!!

little grasshopper
01-15-2005, 10:16 AM
Hi there!

Red - you're probably asleep. I hope you get to get to see this before we all bury it in posts :) The water weight would be temporary - you're body needs fluids to process stuff in prep to get rid of the toxins that are leftover, it might hold a little more water...once the job is done the water weight is gone. I know that because of the american diet a lot of people now have a lot of sensitivities. They can show up in many ways. Asthma, pain disorders, ADD, gout, colitis, all of these things can be completely effected and all symptoms removed with diet. There are lists of allergins and grains are at the top of the list but for americans our dairy process makes 99% of americans sensitive to all types of dairy for a to the "awhile" part. When you are eating things that you will always be sensitive too. sugar, trans fats, white flour, artificial stuff, preservatives...your digestive system gets out of wack...if you are healthy some things are not a problem but once that digestive system is not healthy anymore these foods will agrevate the situation...that's how I can be temporarily sensitive to garlic, onions, bell peppers, things like that. Also the body can go into overdrive - when you're constantly eating things that are truly bad - they are a poison...think of all food as a chemical. When you eat a poison the nervous system has to gear up to protect you and try it's best to process it out before damage is done to cells...well if you keep eating this stuff the body can actually go into overdrive and start being "sensitive" to all kinds of things...just out of "caution" Once you eat really clean for a while, the NS calms down and your digestive system heals and a lot foods (whole foods - eggs, bell peppers, a wider range of fruits) come back....BUT if you start eating junk again - you'll loose those foods again. Does that help??

A lot of americans have more health issues because we have artificial everything. Sweetners, milks, we eat a lot of foods from boxes and drive throughs. There are hydrogenated oils almost everything we eat...those alone cause pain disorders!! We eat genetically engineered foods that have 1/20 of the vitamins organic foods have. We eat tons of chemicals and we eat meat that other countries feed the dogs. Our food is mass produced and many times the intrests of those companies is hard to balance against the health interests of us. Doctors are beginning to realize how many people are allergic to cows milk - but not other forms of animal milk...they start publishing findings and taking people off dairy and suddenly the dairy councel introduces a new "dairy" diet. Eat 4 servings a day and lose weight....they dont' tell you that you get more calcium from broccoli than you do milk! They aren't addressing the problem..that we kill everything in milk that helps us digest it, the way we process it. Again, I'm not attacking milk or cheese - I love's just the way American industry processes foods is the cheapest way possible - to make the most money possible and it's making us sick.

The same people with food allergies here can go on vacation to Europe and eat all the foods they can't here, and have very few problems with it! We are getting better though! Starting in 2005 you will have to put trans fats on the labels so people easily know what they're getting. That's a huge start right there.

As for other countries....the health of people in Japan has been on a steady decline since American food culture was introduced. Average weight has been rising too. Every single year. Maybe it's not huge - but their numbers were level all those years...they let Mcdonalds in and now heart disease and all kinds of other food related things are on the rise.

okay, I don't want anyone to think I'm knocking the way you eat. If I did, I'm truly sorry. This is MY lifestyle and it works for me. I dont' judge any one by the way they eat! I promise!! I'm just trying to answer Red's question as best I can!

All right - I need to get off my soap box. Really sorry to those that aren't interested!

01-15-2005, 10:30 AM
Good Morning :D
Just a quick check in before I leave for work :D I only work 7 hours today :D But that's still a rather long 7 hours :( I'd much rather sit at home! Besides on days I work I'm usually tired and sore and don'twant to exercise :(

I'm so anxious to weigh in tomorrow!! I've been freaking out without my scale every day :(

01-15-2005, 12:27 PM
HI. Well it is slow around here. You mean that everyone around here has lives? I am trying to avoid what needs to be done and that is school work. I woke up and worked out for an hour. It is my cheat day but I would feel guilty if I don't work out plus it just gives me so much more energy throughout the day.

Red, congrats on making it to the gym. You did well. I am also in the progress of pumping up my weights. The hardest ones to bump up for me is increasing weight for the deltoids. Mine are so weak. I want to make sure that I maintain proper form so I do not try to up them too much. How is your eating going? How are you?

Jacque, do you have your car back yet? Don't be scared of the scale Sunday. Just remember it is only a number. Go by the way your clothes are starting to fit and the way you are feeling. You have lost four pounds so far and that is an accomplishment.

Grass, you are so right about the way we eat here. It is horrible. So today is my cheat day and I tell my husband that I bought the ready to bake chocolate chip cookies (I do not have the time to make homemade with school and work). There are 12 in a package and they are rather large. So I tell him that I am only going to make six total and that I will make the rest next week. Six is PLENTY for two people. He acts like we have an army to feed. So he has a fit saying well just bake them all and we can eat them during the week. Is he crazy? The portions in the US are nuts. You saw Supersize Me, right? Look how it has changed just in the fast food business. So I tell him, look I am tired of dealing with this, either you can cheat me, yourself, your friends, your family and your future kids or you can decide to do something now. He is not fat but he need to workout more and he definately needs to make better food choices. Most of the food that we eat is toxic and that is a big reason why I am treating people in their 30s who have experienced heart attacks, strokes, etc. OKay off my soap box, but Grass you got me started!

Cg, where are you, are you ok? KJK? Everyone?

little grasshopper
01-15-2005, 02:07 PM
Hahahaha!! Sorry Stormy - but you're so right! I read this week that the average american is already getting 4 servings of veggies a can this be??? The INCLUDED FRENCH FRIES!!!! I did see supersize me! I made my mom and my brother watch it too.

Jacque - I'm with Stormy - did you get your car back? I sure hope so!! Mine leaks so when I rains I have to drive bf's. I need to get some moisture rid stuff and put it in there.

Crime girl - are you burried in school work? How are you!!!

KjK - having a good weekend???

NBK - we're thinking about you! :)

Red - hope you're sleeping well :)

I find out today if I won a bra auction on ebay - is so I'm getting two for 1/2 the price of one. I'm thinking I won't win but you never know.....

Crime girl
01-15-2005, 02:57 PM
Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you know I am ok.
I have been SO busy with school stuff- getting organized and buying supplies as well as reading. I will be on later tonight and I will try to catch up.
By the way- I got good news- I will graduate with honors in April. That means I get a gold tassel and cords. I am really happy!

Okay hope you all are well-
Running out the door-
Have a wonderful day!

little grasshopper
01-15-2005, 04:18 PM
YEAH!!!!! :cb: :cb: :bravo: :cp: :cp: :flow2: :dancer:
:cheer: :cheer:

That's everything happy I could find!!! GREAT JOB!!!! Don't get crushed under all that work!!

I'm so happy for you!!!

01-15-2005, 06:26 PM
Congrats CG, that is wonderful! I am very proud of you.

GH, did you win your bras? My mom won a whole bunch of scrubs last week on an ebay acuction and she is sending me some. She said that the mediums look like they run small so I have some work to do.

Well I ate some ravioli and a piece of garlic toast and one chocolate chip cookie. It was good but I do not know if it was worth it, because now I feel kind of sluggish. You know how they say you are what you eat. Well right now I feel like a big piece of ravioli. Just blah!

01-15-2005, 09:46 PM
Hurrah people. I just was able to get online because my monitor wasn't working. I thought I was going to have to go out and find a new one but it started working again!! I'll first write this and then read your posts and get back to you all.

So, first of all, it's a rainy :rain: Sunday morning here and I can't go riding. :( Bummer! Today, being official weigh-in day, here it is!! 73.2 kgs, which is 161.04 pounds, which means a 2.2 lb loss from last Sunday! Hurrah!! :D That is still a 0.88 lb. gain from my Jan. 2 starting weight but I have been working out and likely added muscle. :p Also, I think that starting weight was at a flukey low because I look in the mirror at the gym now and I SEE the gain. UGH!! Horrors! but I am, thanks to all of your incredible people!!, getting my ascent under control. This helium-filled balloon that was slowly, slowly disappearing heavenward and out of sight, :wave: HAS been lassoed!! :dizzy: And we are gonna pull her down to Earth, :stress: kicking and screaming all the way!! :lol3:

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

******************* (


little grasshopper
01-15-2005, 10:08 PM
Red - way to go!!!! Every 2 pounds counts :) You fought hard for those 2 and they're HUGE!!!! Like you said you're building muscle too - great going...soon you'll be looking at your losses instead of gains :)

Stormy - I'm jealous of your scrubs :) I sleep in them sometimes but can't wear them to work. They're SO comfy!!

Have I told you guys I'm completely in my jeans. They are a little snug but I can wear them in public with a turtle neck and feel good :) :) Great big, HUGE improvement over not being able to button them!!

okay, off to see about the auction! Stormy - don't sweat the pasta - I hope you had some for me :) I had to pass up a huge dessert table and baked an apple crumble - it was in a box but I still had to smell it for an hour! I was going crazy!!!

01-15-2005, 10:40 PM
Hey Ladies :D

Food! It's EVERYWHERE! And it's so hard to avoid!! But I had pizza tonight for dinner...and... I only had one serving :D So I still have 200 Calories to burn today!! YaY!!! I've been good :D

Stormy, I LOVE SCRUBS :D LOVE EM LOVE EM LOVE EM!!! As for the pasta, don't worry too much :D It's just once in awhile and it's not bad for you ;) You're doing awesome so far...I can't wait until I can say I've lost 14 pounds!

Red, YaY for you! Down 2.2 in a week is great!! So what that you're still up 1 from starting weight... a few more weeks like this week and you'll be gorgeous darling ;)

Crime Girl, Congrats on your upcoming Graduation! I know it's still awhile away... but wow! With Honors!! That really is an honor! (Sorry to sound cheesy)

GH, Good Luck in your auction :D

01-15-2005, 10:56 PM
Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much lately. Work is crazy busy, and I'm just exhausted by the time I get home.

I've had semi-migraines the last two days, so I haven't been able to work out. I've woken up both yesterday and today with massive headaches and feeling quite sluggish. I'm feeling a little better now, so hopefully tomorrow will be different.

I'm doing well other than the headaches and not working out. Still drinking lots of water and eating on plan. I went to a wonderful Italian restaurant last night, and was served a GIGANTIC portion of fettucini alfredo....of which I only ate one quarter! I was very impressed with that! So, even though it was my reward day, I think I stayed within my points! Whoo hoo!!!!

Well I'm gonna get going - looking at the screen doesn't help this headache, and plus, figure skating is on TV, and I'm a dork! Thanks to those of you curious as to my whereabouts! I hope to be on more tomorrow and then this week!

Have a great weekend, ladies!!!

Kelly :D

01-15-2005, 11:13 PM
KJK, there you are! I was just about to post asking where you were. I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling so bad. Migraines, wow! I have never had them but my sister used to get them and I have had hangover headaches that I'm sure were about the same! Where it hurts so much you don't want to move, hurts so much you cry. I sure hope you get better soon. Awesome that you are not overeating. Amazing save at the Italian restaurant. Hang in there, kiddo!

Jacque, thanks for your encouragement. The drop in weight gave me a great boost. Already I am thinking how I can do better this coming week. And look at you! Only one serving of pizza. Is that like possible?!! Not with me it wouldn't be! I am impressed. Keep it up. Have you, by the way, taken pictures of yourself at your starting weight? If not, please do. It'll be so great for you to see the amazing difference when you're at goal weight. And I want to see it too!! What, by the way, are scrubs? I don't think it's a TV show because grasshopper is wearing them to bed. I checked on the Net and saw TV shows called that but I also found the clothing site. Is that it? I mean, I know scrubs are usually what surgeons wear. I see these neat caps and I want to get one. I was just thinking I wanted to start wearing headscarfs at the gym last night. I used to always wear scarves on my head and last night I had tied my red long towel around my head with one end long and wore that down over one side and I liked it. Even got a compliment (well, a bodybuilder's kind of compliment) from a guy saying it looked like I was ready to really work out. I said, "you sure I don't just look like a cleaning lady?" and he said no it looked great. Anyhow, I see a company called green scrubs. Is that what you all are talking about? Clue this alien being in!

Crime girl
01-15-2005, 11:16 PM
Hey everyone!
I can only be on a sec- I have been running all day long.
Just wanted to tell you my good news- I am so excited!
For Christmas/ making honors my bf bought me a mini Ipod!
I have been playing with it while I read all night long so sorry I haven't
been on. Been wanting one of these so bad!

01-15-2005, 11:19 PM
Wow, Crime girl, what fun! Yes, I wanted to congratulate you on making honors! :bravo: Good for you and all your hard work. Have fun with the ipod!! And tell me where you get your music from. This is on my wish list too!

01-16-2005, 12:26 AM
kjk, Yuck! I've never had a migraine...but YUCK! I hope you are feeling MUCH MUCH better! As for resisting too much fettucini; Congrats to yourself! You deserve a HUGE congrats for that!

Red, You are so sweet!! Scrubs is a TV show, but they are also the outfits that doctors wear... very comfy loose cotton outfits.

CG, an Ipod Mini! How cool! I'm so jealous!! I want one!

01-16-2005, 12:29 AM
Heh, people, I just wanted to point out an interesting thread going on in the Maintainers area. It's in the Maintenance Library and is called TFL Key #1: Believe That You Can Become Thin For Life. Link is:

They're taking the book "Thin for Life" apart chapter by chapter and talking about it. I don't have the book but I think there's a lot of info that is interesting. I think a lot of people who still have weight to lose think they don't belong in the mainainers forum but if you've lost ANY weight and don't want to regain it then I think we're all maintainers, keeping at a certain level. And besides, reading about how people maintain is important. I'll just speak for myself here, but I know this isn't the first time I've "gotten fat" again!!

Anyhow, thought you might want to check it out.

OK, let's see what you all have been up to:

grasshopper -- thank you for that detailed explanation. I've come to expect nothing but! I totally agree with what you're saying about the processing ruining the health of people. I would hope that Americans don't identify with the dairy industry and will take a stance against companies who are only looking out for their own interests, at the costs of people's health. There is very little good about fast food and the huge industries. I hope people will take back the power and realize that the way they eat should not be dictated by others' wallets. It's a sad fact of politics that the big industries wield their money to influence in a very big way and can do that because those in government can allow themselves to be bought out. All we can do is, as you are doing grasshopper, try to fight our own small-scale battles, often totally private. It's a shame too that the unhealthy things are made to be so tempting, truly tempting and you have to be especially vigilant to avoid them. I SEE the difference in people here and it is huge. When I first came to Japan I never saw an overweight person or someone with bad skin. People's hair was healthy looking. Now, you see hair like straw, no luster, brittle, thin. Now, a lot of that could be due to hair products as most people nowadays are getting their hair dyed and permed and waved all the time. The hair is extremely damaged. But the skin. I see really bad skin all the time and there are always very overweight people to be seen. And the children are getting so fat. They eat sweets all the time and aren't exercising because they play video games all the time. I suppose it's an inevitable globalization and certainly doesn't bode well.

Oh, and grass, that is great that you can fit in to your jeans AND wear them in public (I understand the difference!!) You mean you couldn't even button them before?!! Awesome!

jacque -- don't be anxious about the scale. Whatever the number is, up or down, you must know that you have burned fat this week, if what you report to us is true, which I of course assume it is! I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise, but even if the numbers aren't what you thought they should be, don't, whatever you do, panic! Look at me, last week I was thinking I'd lose and I had a 4-lb gain. Sure, I got bummed but I didn't blow it and I didn't panic. Take it from us old hands, jacque, this is not a losing battle, it's a loser's winning battle! and sometimes it's rough. Here's hoping the best for you!

stormy -- shoulders are very hard to increase and you must maintain form, form that really hits the shoulders because you can easily cheat and use you back or chest muscles depending on the exercise. Maintaining form isn't about keeping the size down though. And you shouldn't worry about getting big. If they're too big it's probably just because you still have fat under or over the muscle. Then again, if you want definition, they will get bigger, that's the idea of it, no? Which part of the delts are you looking to enlarge? front, back, side, top? The tops are the easiest to see results with with simple overhead presses and those are easy to maintain form with.

I like that you're cracking down on your husband a bit, well, I mean, that you're specifically expressing that you're tired of the status quo and want to see some changes. Good for you!

01-16-2005, 12:33 AM
Jacque, hi there! I see you just posted. Do you know this place. They sell all these cool scrubs and head scarves. I just found them when I was doing a search for "scrubs."

01-16-2005, 01:05 AM
Red, man you have been out of America for a while now, huh? Scrubs used to just be worn by doctors, nurses and therapists. Now everyone wears them at the hospital from the cooking staff to the cleaning staff. It is almost hard to tell one medical personnel from the other. I wear them in home health b/c I need something that I can strip off as soon as I walk into my laundry room from the garage. I do not like my clothes being covered with germs, dirt etc from patients and their homes. As far as my delts are concerned, I am just looking to become more stable. Since I work in physical therapy I know the importance of maintaining form and not substituting with other muscles. This was drilled into my brain in school a long time ago along with everything else one needs to know about muscles, so I guess this is why I am so aware of it when I work out. I am hypermobile secondary to all of my ligaments being really lax. It is frustrating b/c with free weights I really have a hard time increasing weights, especially with my middle and anterior delts. If I increase too much I really lose form and I tend to hyperextend my elbows for added stability, which is really bad. I am not afraid of increasing weights, in fact I do not understand why so many women are. I guess they see the really cut female body builders and they think that they might end up attaining that look. I love the feeling of lifting. It is empowering. I am a certified weight trainer, although I am not into it like I once was. The bottom line is muscle boosts up the metabolism and everyone should do it. I even encourage my elderly patients to do so within limits. So anyway, how are you feeling today? Are you pumped up? Are you ready to get the weight off? I know that I am. It has been 7 weeks now since I began and as of Wednesday, I lost 14 pounds. So I guess I am on track. Let's meet our short term goal by Feb 14th!!!

01-16-2005, 01:09 AM
CG, congrats on the Ipod. How sweet is your boyfriend? You deserve it!

KJK, sorry about the headaches. I hope that you feel better soon!

Jacque, good for you for having some self-control. It is so hard when faced with temptations, huh?