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01-09-2005, 08:46 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club. :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us! :cofdate:

01-09-2005, 09:34 AM
Good morning ladies,

Thanks to you all for your hugs and thoughts regarding Jerry. I am in a better frame of mind today, but it's still hard. Since I am normally in such a good, upbeat mood almost everyday, something like this really throws me.

Cristi - did you find a way to get some light in your living room? I really liked the idea of an easel and mirror. Think that was Ellen's idea... My bathroom has a skylight in it, and no window, and it really gets the light. Not that you'd want to go to that expense. But light sure makes us feel better! I am so ready for some sunshine here in Indiana!

Katy - 1940 House sounds like something I'd want to see. Shows like that make me very grateful for the conveniences of 2005, lol. One of my papers in college was how the Good Ol' Days weren't so good in a lot of respects, lol. Your Stitch n ***** thingy made me laugh, and I needed that!!

Angie - so which outfit did you wear? I cannot picture you in a plain black dress (#3) unless the accessories were 100% flamboyant! As I said in my email - thanks for the picture! I can't believe how much you remind me of Kate Hudson. Surely I'm not the only one who sees that?

Marti - hope you get some good rest this weekend and that you're feeling better. I too think the weather is weird all over. Kinda scares me a little. Hey, have you tried clementines? They are little, sweet, seedless tangerines and are so good! I eat 2 everyday for my vitamin C, lol. Also love kiwi. It gives a fruit salad more color. About the attachment photos, I tried it on an old thread and the thing is, the pics have to be kind of small for it to work, so you might as well just post a link to Yahoo photos. Then we can see them better anyway, lol.

Ellen - Jerry has had protate cancer for over 10 years, but was in almost-remission for quite a while. He is in a depression right now, and cried while telling my sister who he wanted for his pallbearers. So sad! He is worn out and not wanting visits for awhile. And my sister now has chronic IBS from the worry and stress. Then she had to go tell their only child what's going on. This child is the same one whose DH got crushed in the mining accident last May. That family has had enough for awhile! Glad you are getting pretty snow. Believe it or not, I am ready for more. Hope you are managing your pain today. If not, please go to the ER, ok?

Shanna - good to see you! I don't know why, if you can do the email thing, that it's hard to come here, unless you mean time-wise? Anyway, way to go on all those As!! You'll do fine with the real patients, and will be an old hand at it before you know it.

Pam - sorry you're restless. Do you have many hobbies? Some of us here do scrapbooking. Marti is the pro at it. That might be something for you to think about doing. It can be so rewarding! Bet you have some cute pictures of your son through the years.

Not sure what's going on around here today. I think Terry and Gina are bringing the kids out to visit. I'm going to make WW Raspberry Fluff pie. You'd never know it's "light". The crust is a regular graham cracker one, but I use sugar-free jello in the filling.

What's going on in your life today?

01-09-2005, 12:32 PM
:coffee2: Yipi! It's raining here as usual but I am so happy,Weighed myself last nite and I now weigh 210. Lost 10lbs sence I last weighed.For the first time sence my son was born he weighs more then I do. :lol: This makes the total at 70lbs lost.Jane, your rit,I need to find something to do. Years ago I put our photo albums in order by years with comments writen in the margins. I wanted my son to have a record of mine and his life. In recent years I haven't been to interested inpictures mainly because of my weight but things are changing. I think I'll talk to him about our getting a digital camera we can down load pitures onto the pc.I don't have many current ones.My heart goes out to Jerry and your whole family. This is the scariest journey we all will take someday. I choose to believe that only the body dies and our spirits go on. That it's kind of like changing a suit of clothes.Much love to you and them. Ellen, how are you and yours?Sending you lots of love to, and that goes also for Marti, hope your feeling better,and Angie,our vavoom girl,Cristi ,the decorator,Katy, our historian and Shanna our hesitant dentist. ( It is dentisrty,right?) I remember your talking about pt's mouths so think it must be. :grouphug:

01-09-2005, 04:41 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies--

Getting up much later than I'm used too!! Hate feeling like half my day is over already. But, what can I do but enjoy the rest of the day??

We've had snow last night, melted before morning and this afternoon the sun is blazing into our windows. Very pretty, but very cold. Only means more snow tonight. (actually I don't know...thought I'd try being the meteorologist for a minute!!) :lol:

Pam--When I started doing some scrapbooking (just last year) I only did photos of my daughter,husband and me in the past when I was thinner. But I finally did a page of just me through out my stages of weighloss and think it turned out well. I had to realize that I was happy NOW and not when I reach goal (although, I'd me happier once I do reach goal) And I also realized that my family (DH & DD) needs memories of me if something should ever happen to me. So I never hide from the camera anymore. I may not like the photo taken, but at least it was taken and I didn't hide. So you and your son need to buy that digital camera and start clicking away!! You won't regret it later I'm promise!!

Jane--I'm not sure if I"ve tried clemetines or not. Sound good though. I love Oranges......just never good at picking the tasty ones. James is always the expert (and he doesn't do anything in particular) As for Yahoo....oh boy, must try and remember my password!! So bad and keeping the same password for everything! I may have to check it out here after I'm done just to see. I'm glad that you're feeling better today, I understand how hard it is when someone is going through so much pain. (both emotional and physical) my heart goes out to you and your family.

Ok ladies, I'm going to get cleaned up. I'll check back in later.

Take Care

01-09-2005, 04:43 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies~

Not much going on just checking in to say HI!

Went to mass this morning then DS and had went and had lunch. Glad he went because he finished off mine. I think I am finally getting my mind in the right frame for lossing. Definitely not eating as much as I used to. Now to get in the habit of exercising daily. Anyway...nothing much going on. Did laundry yesterday so today will read and watch some tv. Started another book last night.

Jane~it is totally understable...something like that throwing you. It is always hard when you find out a loved one is ill and worse yet to know they won't make it. My heart goes out to you, your sister, Jerry and the rest of your family. And PLEASE know you will all be in my thoughts and prayers thru this. :grouphug:

Pam~you are doing an awesome job with your weight loss. :bravo: I swear you are going to pass me up. :D Hope it stops raining soon for ya. Saw the weather in Hollywood and all the rain-terrible. And they say it never rains in CA!

Marti~yeah, I was giving my eyes a break to come on the 'puter! :lol: Of course when I did go back to reading they were worse but I did finish the book. Was up till almost 2 am and up this morning at 8 so I will probably be taking a short nap a little bit later.'s sounds like it is raining outside. I keep hearing drip...drip...drip...drip...drip...etc. but it is all the ice and snow melting. Hooray! The streets, the main streets are clear, just a little wet in places and our street was almost melted when we got back from Mass. Hopefully we don't have anymore ice storms. There are people still without electricity-terrible.

Okay ladies, I am outta here in a few mintues. EVERYONE take care and have a great Sunday.

01-09-2005, 06:29 PM
Hi again......

Cristi--Getting into the habit of working out is going to be a challenge for me too. But as I said before, it's cheap at the gym at work plus....I have 45min. lunch breaks. Plenty of time to get some kind of work out in. I did it at Sony, I can do it at OML. And-----once we move to the sony will be even better since I know the quickest routes to the gym! I'm so excited. (even though we won't be moved into the building until the beginnin of next year) Sounds like your eating habits are getting better too. I'm so happy for ya!! I REALLY do think this is our year to improve ourselves!!!!

Oh....forgot to say to Pam---Congrats on the 10lbs!! That is ALWAYS grounds for bragging. And I don't look at it as bragging anyway (I don't think any of us do) we see it as a great step forward to a better lifestyle! A great accomplishment. VERY HAPPY FOR YOU !!!!

Well, I told James what I want for exercise equipment. I'm wanting that Gazelle. Only because it's small enough for my office room here and it's one of the cheapest equipments. really works out the butt and thighs and I really want to see those two go. I saw one for sale for $89. That's much cheaper than getting a treadmill right now. Who knows when I'll get this....maybe by summer when we can save up some money.

I'm so amped about all our successes!! I really feel we're going to be a bunch of losers this year. :D

Better put some makeup on....James wants to go to Eugene to pick up some keys for work. I'm going for the ride!!

Talk to you all later

01-09-2005, 08:20 PM
Hi All!!

Been a busy weekend thats why I havent had a chance to check in!! Had my friends kids last night, did our usual weekend sleepover gig with them, they were pretty well behaved considering their dad had left for the army this week!! I was expecting problems!!!! But they surprised me!! However they did mention to squeeze in that my friend is planning to go to Texas for his boot camp graduation which will be February 18th....Apparently its a three day course of events, Therefore between us and their grandma we'll be juggling them while shes gone, so Im not looking forward to that weekend!!!
ON a good note, was weighing 201.5 last week...Today...199 lbs!!!!!
So at least my non snacking accomplished something last week..Hopefully if I stick with it, I'll see some more loss this week too!!! Bought a bunch of yogurt, lean cuisines, salads, granola bars and good stuff to snack on...
Didnt get a chance to really go through the posts I missed, but I hope that you all are doing well, and trying to stay on track with the start of this New Year!!!! Gotta get going , its back to work tomorrow

01-09-2005, 11:55 PM
Julie--Hurray for the weightloss!! As I've been saying to everyone,.....this is our year to defeat our fat battle!! You're doing a great job. Cutting snacks is hard!! I know all about that!

Ok ladies...I just got off the phone with a very nervous Jhanai. She will find out tomorrow or Tuesday if she gets one of the main character leads in a play....Oliver Twist. She is wanting to be Nancy. I've never seen the movie so I have no idea who is who. But I'm rooting for her. She tells me that if she doesn't get Nancy, she at least wants to be one of the other main characters....not just a part that sings in the background.

So....if you wouldn't mind....send her some "Good Luck" vibes!!


BTW....the Nancy character has 2-3 solo parts! I was shocked and proud that she would want the part!!

01-10-2005, 03:28 AM
Hi everyone

I get to pop on the computer tonight as I am at my moms while Kristi does her computer project. For some reason our printer will not work, so we had to come into town.

Jane I am so sorry about your bil. :grouphug: for you all.

Pam congrats on the loss.

Angie how is everything there? I tried to convince my aunt that she must know you. I am sure that Allan played hockey with one of your boys. She rolled her eyes at me. They came here instead of us going up there. But one of these days. I was actually going to try calling you at work...

Marti here are some :goodvibes :goodvibes for our sweetie Jhanai. Also some :cheer: that she is so brave to try out for the lead. I hope that she gets it.

Cristi what book did you just read? It must have been pretty good for you to read it that fast.

Ellen how is everything going?

Susan, hi loved all your posts about your love. Is Gaby potty trained? Any tips? Cole is really good about telling me he has to go potty, and he will sit on the potty, but I can't seem to get him to do anything once he is on there.

Hi to everyone else. Sorry this is not very long and I missed people, but I had a lot of catching up to do. I had to read through chat 101 and 102.

Will try and pop on tomorrow.

Hugs to all of you


01-10-2005, 09:13 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Pam - bravo on the weight loss! :cp: As I said on the weight loss thread, that's the same as 40 sticks of butter!! Oh yeah, you have to get a digital camera! I consider mine a necessity now, just like the microwave and the crock pot, lol.

Marti - you know I'm sending all good vibes to Jhanai!!! And I'm so proud of her for going for the female lead! Tell her Aunt Jane's pulling for her, ok?

Cristi - YAY for you and the portion control. That's what it all really comes down to. Have you been having flooding in KS? Lots of it here in IN. All of the snow melted and then we had over 4 inches of rain on top of it, and even more in the northern part of the state.

Julie - YAY for seeing Onderland again!!! You are a good friend to help out with the kids as much as you do. The kids must be close to you and DBF.

Kathy - thanks for the hugs. Mary's twins are close to beginning potty training. They were 2 1/2 last month. Madison will probably have no problem since she can't stand to be wet or dirty, but Makenzie - that's a different story, lol. I found my own girls to be easier than my son, but that might not always be true of others. Good luck!

Gonna tackle Mt. Washmore today since Katie had the washer and dryer tied up all weekend. Neal and Dale got the treadmill moved, so now I need to move some things around in the playroom to even it out.

What's on your agenda today?

da fat n da furious
01-10-2005, 11:06 AM
I have just a couple of moments to pop in and out.
Jane, my heart goes out to your family...sending strength.

Kathy, well you know where I work so by all means call me, you know the 1-800 #?

Shanna, great to see you are still alive and kicking.... and live patients woweee you are moving up fast in the world...*grin you will do fine, no fainting. And my thought when I do something that kinda freaks me out,,,in 1 month this will not even be an issue. Relax,,,breath we are all here waiting for your next funny post...sorry I crack up reading your posts,,,you have a great quirky sense of humour that other quirky people can appreciate.
will be back later with more,,,
oh ya wore the black skirt and shiny red top.

01-10-2005, 12:16 PM
Good morning Ladies. :coffee2: Still raining. There are tornado warnings for Ventura County and I'm watching pictures of someones house about to be washed away.Reports of 4 deaths due to the rain. Thats our trouble here, we aren't used to the rain and don't seem to know how to act when it does. They reported that a woman with her 3 children drove around a road warning barrier trying to cross a flooded street,got stuck and while they were trying to rescue her ,her 2 yr old washed away.You have to shake your head.We really need the rain due to many years of drought. Our mountains are being decimated by a bark beatle thats killing the trees. Due to drought they don't have enough sap to fight off the beatles,they die,and the fire hazzard is really high. I live in the area where there were so many fires a couple years ago.Now on to happier topic. My son is asking me what kind of car I want.If case you don't remember he promised to buy me a newer used car if I lost 75lbs when I first started to diet back in Aug.Now that I'm close I've told him he doesn't have to do it but he insists he wants to.

01-10-2005, 01:05 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

Well, it's Monday! And the weather is crappy. Today it is foggy and is supposed to rain. I guess it will be good as it will melt the rest of what ice/snow is hanging around. Not gonna let the weather get me down tho. I woke up in such a good mood and was in an even better mood since WI.

Pam~I just read about all that flooding in CA. Although, it seems like they go through this every other year or so it seems to be a lot worse this time. My friend lives in Santa Clarita and I just read that 150 people had to leave because of the flooding there-she is okay. But tornado warnings for Ventura County?! Now that is odd. A new to you car eh? I think that is a wonderful gift from your son, what a sweetie and what an incentive. I've made some small goals for myself to start with and am in no hurry but I need to think of a reward for myself for each goal. Anyway, you are doing an awesome job-keep up the good work!

Julie~:bravo: on wonderland! Isn't it GREAT! I can't wait till I get there. I are a wonderful friend to take your friends kids for her.

Angie~I was wondering which outfit you choose.

Jane~no flooding here, not even having any rain yet. :crossed: I did just read that IN is having the flooding and the river has crested higher than it had in years-scary stuff. The weather is freaky all over. Couldn't imagine trying to potty train two at one time. I would go crazy! :crazy: Almost went crazy trying to potty train the boys! Especially Josh. That kid just flat out refused to go for me. Then one day he just got up in the middle of eating lunch and went on his own. I remember going thru the house thinking he went to play and when he wasn't in his room I checked the bath-there he was sitting on the toilet! Apparently HE decided he will go when HE wanted to and not when I wanted him to go. LOL Kids-gotta love 'em!

Kathy~aahhh...potty training. Boy do I remember that well. I think girls are so much easier, or mine was anyway. The boys I started at about 2 1/2 yrs. but they weren't fully potty trained until they were 3 yrs. of age. It seemed to take forever. But DD...started her at 2-just wanted to get it over with and within a month she was going on her own and never had an accident again. The book I read was Buried Lives by Nancy Star. About this woman who lost her brother when she was young. She thought he was kidnapped but couldn't remember anything about it or her childhood-she blocked it all out. Then she started having dreams and it was all coming back to her slowly, of course there were people who didn't want her to remember thus the weird things happening. Don't want to give away too much in case someone reads it. I liked it tho. Glad to see ya popping in. Have you guys got settled in the new house yet?

Marti~I am proud of Jhanai! She is so brave to go out for that part and I TRULY hope she gets it. I remember being so shy at that age and would have never done anything like that. When we had school plays/programs I always made sure I was in the back somewhere. Didn't like to speak in front of crowds-still don't. Anyway...sending good luck and good vibes her way. :goodvibes: :lucky: :crossed: :goodvibes: I think getting in the habit of working out in the beginning is always a challenge but I know once you get in the habit and you join you will be fine and you will love it! What's funny is I really do enjoy exercising. It is just getting in the habit of doing it-getting off my lazy booty. With you having a 45 mn. lunch and the gym right there you are going to do GREAT!

Well on with the day ladies...I was going to do laundry today and did get one load done already but barely had enough detergent to do that. DS did his laundry last night and the kid never measures, just pours and pours waaaayyy too much. So, since I am in my jammies for the day-love these lazy days-it will have to wait till V gets home and I will send him to the store. Actually no. I just remebered we have the cell phone and now I can call him. How funny-I have a cell phone and can't remember. Just not used to having it yet. That will save him from coming home and then going back. Going to straighten the house some and then not sure after that. Anywho...

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

01-10-2005, 03:51 PM
Anyone heard from Ellen or Tea Rose lately? I'm a little concerned. Haven't seen her post here for a couple days now. Jane do you have a way to reach her? I remember she wasn't feeling good and was suppose to see a doctor.

01-11-2005, 02:14 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

When Tommy got Brandon up yesterday morning, he was on his hands and knees facing the feet part of his bed. I lay him down with his body at the head of the bed, and he flipped around and was facing the feet part of his bed. Then Tommy put him on our bed and was helping him crawl and Tommy goes “he is going to take off crawling soon and we are going to be in trouble.” The past two days, Brandon has been doing the “bunny hop” style crawling. Sunday he was actually moving his legs a little bit to move himself.

Sorry that I didn't post much on the last chat, but for some reason I stopped getting the emails again. I just set it again to get the daily emails so that I can get on here to see what is new with you all!

01-11-2005, 08:00 AM
Good Morning Everyone....

I wasn't able to get on the computer yesterday.....spent most of my time on the couch try to feel better. I hate having a cold. And what do I end up doing???? I ended up staying late at work to get in some overtime!

Just wanted to pop in really quick. I'm going to take the mugglies out and then get to bed.

Have a great Tuesday.

da fat n da furious
01-11-2005, 11:44 AM
So Marti? Did she get it? Tanner started his rehearsals for Into the Woods,,,cute musical. He's Jack as in Jack in the Beanstalk. Hes happy.
Did Q to Q last night for Steel Magnolia's... scurrying around for men for Iolanthe,,,the raised eyebrows I get when I say I need a man....maybe I should add for a play?
Dang, gotta run forgot Brandon's Dr. appointment in an hour. Arghhh
Fingers crossed he gets his cast off????? Walking cast would be so handy, he would be able to go to shcool...yay!
Be back later

01-11-2005, 11:48 AM
good morning all

Marti - crossing my fingers for Jhanai - I remember Oliver..."As long as He needs Me" and " Consider Yourself" both great numbers and Jhanai will be good for the part....tho' you do know the part is a ahem .. woman of the evening?! Of course the Rodgers and Hammerstien version is very tame... just had to tease...

Jane - How's Jerry doing - been thinking of your family..hope everyone is holding up ok

Hi Angie - hope B gets his cast he's ready

back later for others...hope you are all having a good day

01-11-2005, 11:49 AM
oh -forgot to mention- Test came back and said Leigh did not have pneumonia....but she obvously had something or her temp wouldn't have been so we still plug away with antibiotics. She gets to go back to school today and she can't wait...very ready.

01-11-2005, 11:55 AM
:coffee2: Good morning Ladies. The rain is finally slowing down and I'm hoping it'll stop this morning so Bon Bon and I can go for a walk. I managed to get one in yesterday but had to leave the dog at home because it was so wet and still drizzling.We have been hammered. Broke all kinds of records.A landslide which demolished 12 houses was just awfull.So far 3 dead and many still missing.I am amazed sometimes at where houses will be built. We see these millon dollor homes built on the side of a hill supported by stilts and the news is reporting that they are about to fall.Well,duh.Marti,I hate colds,yuk.Get well soon. No word yet from Ellen (Tea Rose) yet?

01-11-2005, 12:43 PM
Morning ladies~

Don't really have anything to say but wanted to say HI :wave:

Pam~I too was thinking of Ellen and wondering if she is okay.

Marti~hope you get to feeling better soon.

Nothing much on the old agenda today. Going to do some much needed cleaning and possibly go with V later to the foot doc. Such an ugly day today and it ain't gettin' no better...woke up to icy streets again. I feel stranded...heeeellllp! Anyway...

Take care ladies and hope everyone has a wonderful day! See ya...

01-11-2005, 02:51 PM
Good afternoon, ladies, Sheesh! I'm running late today!

Angie - what's a Q to Q? Hope Brandon got the walking cast today. Let us know.... Btw, I KNEW you'd pick something sparkly to wear, lol! Like a parrot, you're distracted by shiny objects, lol.

Pam - I've seen the mudslides and rockslides on CNN that you're having in CA. Yikes! And lots of flooding here in IN. You can send Ellen a PM, since maybe she reads these posts but isn't up to answering any. It's not uncommon for her to skip a few days between posts, however I, too, hope she is ok and will be glad to see a post from her.

Cristi - at least you got Vince to carry a cell phone. Neal won't, lol. He says the two Katie and I have are enough. So if I need something from town, I have to catch him in his office before he leaves. Hope your icy streets melt off soon.

Mindee - not sure why you don't get the emails. But just so you'll know, there are new posts in this thread everyday, without fail, lol.

Marti - hope you're feeling better and got some good rest. You can't stay sick with a birthday right around the corner!

Katy - glad your little one is better and didn't have pneumonia after all. Jerry is home as of today, and in denial. He planned his funeral, then he told Maggie that he expects to live another 2 years or so. Wish that could be true, but I think he'll be lucky to see Easter come and go. Maybe Memorial Day. But God knows... not me.

I've been visiting with a friend almost all morning and enjoyed that. We've been friends since we were 13, so there's quite a history there, lol.

It is in the 50's here, but gloomy and I could sure use some sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, our newest member, Sophiegoren, who posted a bio, left for Florida and will be joining us in chit chat later in the month when she returns.

Hope you're having a good day!

da fat n da furious
01-11-2005, 03:59 PM
I have to say Jane, I am half racoon!

Brandon got his cast off,,,and is bare footed now! Like a train wreck I watched as they pulled a 5 inch pin from his foot,,,he got icky feeling so laid back down but I watched with big eyes,,,got a bit warm so sat for awhile...*shudder
So now we have to go get his inserts in his shoes redone,,,yay...then start phsyio. double yay. All costing big bucks...the first set of inserts done last year were over 800. Going to see if blue cross covers that. fingers crossed. Physio is 50 dollars a visit,,,gulp
but hes got his cast off and right now taking a bath! lol
better run got some errands to run

01-11-2005, 06:15 PM
hello ladies.....

I have an active little bugger on my hands, so if there are spelling errors, it wasn't me! LOL

I am getting worried about Ellen. I hope everything is okay with her!

Jane~ I am making sure to check out this thread every day now! I also had to change my avatar since Christmas is over.

All you other ladies, I hope you are all doing great!

Angie~ That is awesome about Brandon getting his cast off!

01-11-2005, 06:46 PM
Hi girls....running out of time so this is going to be quick....again (sorry)

Jhanai didn't find out is the day. She's nervous. I won't know until just before I go to work...but I will pop in after work to let you all know.

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed! You girls are just fabulous!!

I'll be back after work.

Tea Rose
01-11-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi Everyone
Sorry I haven't been posting,I haven't been feeling well and and because of my stomach problems I haven't been able to take my medication for so long it is completely out of my system,I am feeling very depressed and withdrawn, and it I didn't want to keep whining . telling you how bad I was feeling, Thankyou for your concern.I will post maybe a little later when I can catch up on all your posts,I hope everyone else is doing well.((HUGS))
Here are some of the kitten pictures ,some are not very clear its hard to get a good shot when they are always huddled up tight against Amelie. I will try and get some better pictures , since I have my own digital camera now ,I have the newborn pictures on my sons friends camera , I will post those to as soon as I get them. I also have a couple of pictures of two of the cakes I did, funny I forgot about this one its a cake I did for my sons girlfriends birthday, who isn't anymore :( but she loves working out so I did this one for her, the other one is a little cake I made for her when her Grandpa died to cheer her up, the similar but bigger one I made for the secretary in my doctors office, , she asked me to make her daughters first communion cake,so it was just a sample cake,just a little veiw of some of the smaller and whimsical cakes I do, I wish I had digital pictures of them all.
You have been invited to visit a photo album
You have been invited to visit a photo album

01-11-2005, 08:38 PM
I am glad you are posting Ellen, we miss you when you don't.
Happy to see Shanna pop in too! Missed her........


I don't know what to say. Just hard to keep up with you all.I am working and staying out of trouble. SOOOOO crave chili beans.

Weighed in at 146 this AM - need to get back down below the 145.......after I eat a ding dong or

Rebecca had a lovely party. We made her cake and she had a sleep over. Rach got her braces on today, blue bands, she is a sweety. On Saturday she had the highest score in her basketball game. It was 15 to 48 and she scored 22 points.....yay. Rachel.

My mom is going to buy me this kitchen in a box...........don't

Rocky is down today. Big row with Nana,,,,,,,my mom says don't get involved.....ok, I won't. If he made some asine (can I say that?? Am I even spelling it right?? lol) promise not to remarry for 18 years though ,,,,,he needs to set her straight. Who can keep that promise?? Made in grief?? She should be ashamed of herself...... get!!

01-11-2005, 08:53 PM
Just wanted to say a quick HI to all. I can't keep up with you all :)
I try to read as much as i can while I'm at work and stay up to date on everyone.
Jane: I am so sorry about your BIL. That has got to be tough on all involved.
Ellen: The kitties are precious. Thank you for sharing.
All, be safe and healthy. To those girls in the bad weather be careful!


Tea Rose
01-11-2005, 10:32 PM
Susan :wave:
Its all those chili beans girl ,:lol: (146 gas) Its to bad that Rocky's family is interfering in his life, you would think they would be more interested in his happiness and well being, unless its because they have heard of your chili bean fetish,:lol: Hawaii has enough eruptions without you adding any :lol:just kidding, I don't know why people can't leave well enough alone, and let people live their own lives.People do make promises or statements in times of grief that at the time they mean , but no one knows what the future holds , and no one can see a day ahead ,let alone a year ahead, when they are devastated by grief.It is probably wise to stay out of it , this is something between them , that will probably only backfire if you become involved. Just reassure him , and support him , as I am sure you do , and don't let it get to you. I think you can only say assinine if you can spell it,and I don't know if thats right either.:lol:I am happy Rebecca had a lovely party, and Yay for Rachels basketball skills , my daughter has played soccer since she was four, she averages 2 goals a game and last week she scored 3, she loves it ,but its very aggressive and rough, she played on a unisex team, last winter and they don't care much if your a girl they were knocking into the boards, she plays two teams in the winter and two in the summer, she wears me out :lol: Oh to have that much energy again.
Hi Ann :wave:
Glad you enjoyed the kitties , I cannot believe how fast they are growing, it still amazes me, I hope you are having a great day.
Hi Mindee:wave:
I have the same problem with Baggins and Grover when I am on here, they just won't get off the mouse, they are insistant that this is their time, but isn't it all the time:lol: I can see those little hands wanting to get at the keyboard, don't worry it will only last another 20 years or so or until he moves out :lol: Thankyou for your concern,I am still hanging in,two more days till the doctors appointment. Have a great night Mindee ((( Hugs )))
Hi Marti:wave:
How are you feeling now, I sure hope you are getting better, colds are so miserable , did you try the socks for the stuffiness,:lol:I hope you are taking it easy so you get to feeling better real soon, ummm what are mugglies??? take care of yourself,(((HUGS))) did Jhania get the part,:goodvibes:
HI Angie:wave:
I am so happy to hear Brandon got his cast off, I bet thats a weight off,:lol: pun intended, I don't blame you for getting weak in the knees about the pin coming out,thats not something a mother wants to see ,Poor Brandon , thats all I can think of to say (((HUGS))) The cost is unbelievable isn't it, I hope blue cross does cover some of it.When will he be able to start back to school , I bet he is anxious by now to get back to his friend and most importantly the books :lol: So my cutie Tanner is Jack in the play , the star always a star ,does he give autographs yet,Tell him I would like one,to say I knew him when:lol: Hope everything else is going well for you , did you get Skittles some mittens yet??:lol: Have a great night Angie
Hi Cristi :wave:
I'm here to take you away, cept I dont know where to take you, its just as crummy at this end of the world:lol: The foot doctor sounds like fun though,:no: Well did you miss me , or were you hoping I was gone :lol: I haven't been feeling so good , and I have to wait till friday to see the doctor, I don't know why when the doctor cancelled Fridays appointments ,we don't get priority over this weeks appointments, but it doesn't seem to work that way,Oh well its this friday now.not so far away. just feels like it.What have you been doing ,working on those pictures I suppose Hmm .I am waiting , you know how much they would cheer me up don't you, can't have to many pictures to look at . I posted some for you to look at, guess thats cause I like you.:lol: I hope your having a great night doing whatever it is your doing , possibly posting pictures :yes:
Hi Katy:wave:
So happy to hear Leigh didn't have pneumonia, but yes some kind of infection it sounds like for her temperature to rise so. Its nice she can go back to school and she's happy about it at that, sometimes when they are that small that time spent at home with mommy, is hard to let go of. I hope everything is well at your home. Have a great night Katy.
Hi Jane:wave:
I feel so Bad about Jerry, but happy to hear that he's home , I don't know if denial is a good or bad thing, I can only imagine the fear he feels,I hope he is right, and he lives a long time, but it sounds like thats not a possibility, everyday is a blessing that he is with you all, and I know how difficult this must be for your family.I hope that he is not suffering ,and he is comfortable at home with his family.Its unbearable when there is nothing you can do ,but watch and wait,my heart goes out to you all at this time.((HUGS))I hope all the little granddaughter and family is well,(((HUGS TO YOU ALL)
HI to Everyone else,:wave: I hope that you are all having a good night,:wave:

01-12-2005, 12:31 AM
You are so funny Ellen :) Did I spell assine wrong?? lol

Ok, I will try and hold my tongue though I did say "your wife wouldn't want you to be lonely , she would want you to be happy"

Rocky's (real)family is supportive of him - so maybe they can speak for me. I just hate for him to be down - so unlike him.
I know Nana is like a second mother to the boy ,,,,,,I wouldn't want to come between that, I couldn't anyway.
She even asked him " will, what if your new wife doesn't like you be buried with Debbie?" because they had bought a burial thing together.
My mother came unglued when she heard

anyway, I want my beans!!!!!!! Better get back to work - had some Halloween candy corn tonight - plus some tootsie

ta ta :)

Tea Rose
01-12-2005, 12:45 AM

Asinine , I looked it up in the dictionary , didn't think I'd find it there, I looked under the heading men, and there it was :lol: just kidding I am Jaded remember :lol:

01-12-2005, 02:36 AM
Ellen~ You crack me up!! LOL

Just quickly whizzing through to read up on how every one is doing. I am heading to bed somewhat early tonight.

Tea Rose
01-12-2005, 03:06 AM
Did you check out my kitten pictures , they are really cute,page 2 , nighty night

01-12-2005, 07:46 AM
This will be another quick one.....(I must get on the ball and post individuals!)

Called Jhanai just before work.....she didn't get the part she wanted. In fact, most of the kids (her friends anyways) didn't get the part they wanted. What surprised me is...that half the choir are boys.....and they picked a girl to be I wrong but isn't Oliver a boy???

Jhanai is one of the orphans.....I told her that it's ok, next year she'll be in middle school and she can join the choir and maybe some other club like the drama club (do they still have that?) and she'll be able to get parts she wants. She seemed ok, I think it helped knowing that a lot of her friends didn't get parts they wanted either...they can all support each othes hurt feelings.

Ok ladies....I promise if I'm feeling better I will post individuals tomorrow.

Good Night!

01-12-2005, 09:13 AM
Happy Hump Day, Ladies!!

Let's see... who's been here since I checked in last?

Angie - yay, glad Brandon got the cast off! Bet he's happy about that. Why wouldn't your ins pay for that stuff?? It oughta! I still don't know what Q to Q is....

Ellen - awwww, the kitty pictures are too cute. I forgot just how small newborns are. Loved the cake ones, too. Especially the basketweave frosting. I tried that one time, lol, and had the worst mess ever. Smoothed it all out and ran one of those "combs" around the whole thing, lol.

Susan - you said don't ask, but I have to: what in the world is a kitchen in a box?? Don't worry about Rocky. He has a good head on his shoulders and will do what's best. Be prepared, though, for lots of run-ins with Nana. She needs to get a life of her own and leave the poor man alone! (want me to call her, lol)

Ann - hope you're having a good day. Don't work too hard!

Mindee - hope you got some good rest. You need it, with chasing your little one nowdays, lol.

Marti - so glad that Jhanai's friends didn't get what they wanted in the play, either. She'll be the cutest orphan in the group! Take picutures when it's time, ok?

--> Cristi started a Meeting thread - please post your ideas there if you haven't already, ok?

I've got some paperwork to get done today, and need to sweep. It's cloudy again. I told Neal I'll be calling him from Orlando today, lol, and that I just have to have some sunshine! At least I slept well and feel great!

01-12-2005, 09:52 AM
Goood Morning..
I am up n' at 'em early gotta check in with the chickies! I might be around for chat oday...Leigh has speech then we might go play somewhere so I don't know if I'll be home in time, but you never know. I was a slug yesterday... all my meticulous goals - out the window! I think it was a combination of being borderline sick ( i feel like I'm fighting off something) and frustration with high-strung kids... My food and exercise just went out the window yesterday. I am back on track this morning and resolved to get my exercise in for sure... that always helps me feel better.

Susan - What Jane said about Nana- seems like she is going to have alot of adjusting to do with you in the picture so get ready. You are handling it all with a great deal of class.... she probably poured all her grief into raising what...surely she doesn't want Rocky to be alone for the rest of his life? I have to say I am also curious about kitchen in a box - never heard of that

Marti - Sorry Jhanai didn'tget the part.. Does seem weird that a girl got Oliver when there are so many boys...maybe they just aren't young enough? I think it's great they have a musical in elementary.... with all the cuts Oregon schools have to endure, you just never know what's going to be around from year to year. James' school still has an excellent music program, for which we feel grateful.

Jane - Sounds like a pretty routine day for you...How's the weather? Oregon is gorgeous....but it seems like every other part of the US is getting freaky weather this year...

Pam - like your neck of the woods.. hope you haven't slid down the mountain yet? How are you holding up to all the rain?

Cristi -hey it's Walmart Wednesday! Have you decided what to do to accent your new paint job in the living room? I really like your idea of stenciling. I think that is a very unique touch. A friend of mine used a pretty font and stenciled an inspirational bible verse in her kitchen. It was black cursive-style and the walls are a softgreen - it looked so good.

Mindee - I popped over and caught up on Bdo's pix - boy he is getting big..what a sweetie. How did his check-up go? He sure looks like a big healthy boy.

Ellen - I caught up on your pix, too. I am impressed with your cake decorating talent... can certainly see why that's your profession - you have a gift, for sure. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I hope you are feeling better.....

Angie - so glad Brandon got his cast off - If that were my kid and I had to watch them take out that pin , I would have come unglued!
I am such a wuss.

As mentioned, Leigh and I are running around this a.m. then maybe she will take a nap. Tonight is church night so another busy day for us....
Have a great day everyone

01-12-2005, 11:57 AM
Well, this is just going to be a quickie as I am heading out the door in just a few minutes. Yeppers, Katy-it is Wal-Mart Wednesday! LOL But first a pit stop to SAMS, need to stock up on the essentials. And DS and I are going to go out to lunch while we are out and about. He wanted Mexican but I told him if we eat out I want to go to Applebees. They have a new WW chicken sandwich I would like to try-at least I know the points value on that. Anyway...gotta go. See you ladies later. I won't make it to chat today of course but will be back later to do individuals. Take care and have a nice day! :wave:

01-12-2005, 01:02 PM
Helloooo everyone. :coffee2: It's a beautiful morning,lots of sunshine,and I'm feeling pretty good. Get to walk in the sun for a change. :D Ellen, those kittens are precious and Am seems to be feeling so much better. What a joy they must be. Saw the cakes to. Wonderful.I haven't tried to decorate a cake sence Eddie was little and I did Garfirld on the top of his birthday cake. It took me 2 days .Jane,Cristi,talked to my son about starting new projects and he had a idea that sounds kind of fun. He suggested I go to yard sales ,ecta, and sell things on E-bay.He said he'd buy a good digital camea for me and show me how to set up a E-bay store. I could start out with a few things and work my way up.Sounds like this might be fun.

da fat n da furious
01-12-2005, 01:38 PM
Ellen, can I have the orange kitty? I love orange kittens... Iwas going to take a cake decorating class, they have them at Micheal's but I can just imagine all the mistakes I would make and I would feel the need to hide the evidence which would mean eating it...*sigh I just see disaster ahead. So where did you learn, those cakes are so beautiful.
Marti, DANG! being that Ive done a few musicals Im thinking they chose a girl cause for one she may be smaller in stature and also her vocal may be *sweet* enough to be a young boy? Are there theatre companies near her, possibly she could join a childrens theatre,,,we have a few here, Lunch Box, Adventurers, Cookie Caberet, and Story Book Theatre to name a few that I know of. Tanner would of auditioned for Suessical the Musical,,,its Dr. Suess if he didn't get a part in his school play. Soon his voice will start to change, who knows what will happen dang that puberty.
Jane, a Q to Q is techincal rehearsal, when I am calling a show I have sound and light and need to of course be timed perfectly for when the phone rings, the dog barks, guns go off...whereas the lights have to perfected for when its house to half, brown, blue and black...hmmm this being just a normal play and not a musical it makes my job easier, musicals usually involve 20 light Ques all at once,,,,grrr
This play is not going so well, and its mostly personality conflicts. Mine included, being that Im upset with the producers, they FORGOT to tell me that my ASM quit back in Nov. So I brought in my normal ASM, who is so busy with our other shows,,,,grrr and since she doesn't know where props are to go the cast are freaking. My ASM almost walked last night,,so the cast and I had a TALK. Told them they either back off and let her learn,,,or they would be doing the props themselves, which would be fine with me.... we are short another props person and the only person who has come forward is a male,,,of course my cast of all females rejected him,,,*sigh bunch of divas...grrr

Katy, I bought my wool yesterday,,,some funky brownish colish color,,,and bought some same colored SHINY beads. I am almost thinking of just doing 5 or 6 granny squares, (crochet) and darn them together so I can avoid the
Cristi, I did my Wally's Tuesday,,,just doesn't sound the same eh? But did my fly through,,,

Mindee, now the fun I remember my Brandon was a ball of fire...*shudder to think I could keep up with him

Pam, what a great idea your son has.

Susan, like the girls said, Rocky is an intelligent man, and that woman really is grasping at straws if she is throwing that back at him...18 yrs? Im with Jane if you want me to call too,,,we can have this all fixed.

Well Im gonna go make some chili for the boys dinner. Have 2 more loads of laundry to do, and 6 to fold,,,*sigh


01-12-2005, 03:01 PM
Angie,I'm positivly mezmerized. Plays,props,acting,Girl,what is this all about and how can I get in on it. Sounds like so much fun. :dizzy:

da fat n da furious
01-12-2005, 03:26 PM
I stage manage plays,,,right now I have Steel Magnolia's on stage, and have a musical with a cast of 35 (Iolanthe) just finished auditions. Finished Fiddler on the Roof at the end of Nov. And my youngest son is working on his school play right now, going up in May. By then I will be working on another play called Pippin. Which the director has already approached Tanner to audition for. Would be hard for him to be doing 2 plays at once...
anyways better get my laundry put away....chili is done,,,simmerin in the crock...and now off to work i go,,,yay!

Tea Rose
01-12-2005, 04:29 PM
Hi Everyone
Jane ,Angie , can I come to I really feel like smacking someone today:eek:, and it may as well be for a good cause :lol: Susan can we please . Jane the little orange one is already trying to climb out of the bed ,a few more days and he will make it,I have to find a higher container, for them already.I am to tired to be looking for babies right now,they are so small, but the orange one has tripled in size and the baby girl has doubled,I think thats because he's always stealing her bottle :lol: Men there all the same, can you tell I need my medication:lol:Angie yes he is a cutie so is the little girl its just impossible to get her away from Amelie long enough to get a good picture,I think she;s camera shy,unlike her brother who is always coming right up to it. As far as the cakes I taught myself, when I was younger I always enjoyed doing special things with cakes, but like everything else I loved to do , I gave up caring,and stopped. When I moved here my creativity started to resurface as well as my interests in decorating reading and gardening .The first cake I made was a beautiful baby shower cake for 150 guests, it was a three tiered cake complete with pale yellow basket weave tiny rosebuds babybooties and blocks,in pastel shades of pink blue yellow green and lavender,I loved that cake,and its the only one I don't have pictures of,:( I have a couple of really good cake recipe's I use, one is a white cake and one a dark rich chocolate,and I also have a selection of fillings but the most requests are for the white cake with strawberries and cream filling. with buttercream icing, I have made a lot of them now some whimsical like the gym cake, I made one of my sons band ,stage ,drum kit including cymbols, speakers, peddles, cords, guitars,band members and all:lol: someone has that picture on their digital camera somewhere I just have to find it and who:lol: I have made a surf cake complete with waves ,surfers on the wave, and headfirst in the sand , grass hut with bit boosomed waitress, fire pit, palm trees, bear with beer can passed out on the beach:lol: that one was a lot of work and a lot of fun as was the exersize cake, I make all the figures and accessories out of rolled fondant, but I think I am going to try making then out of dough since everyone so far, has kept everything ,after the cake was gone, I am so glad to have my own camera now.I have made many floral, anniversary, and communion cakes,mostly two and three tiers. I really enjoy doing them except that its hard to make a profit on custom cakes.The two, first communion cakes I made both had arbours covered with rosebuds, and tiny birds which I made from the frame up.they had swings with angels on them,the cakes had angels sitting on clouds around the outside of the tiers,and stars all around the sides with rosebuds,covered in white edible glitter so the whole cake sparkled , those cakes alone I spent the better part of the week just making the arbours, flowers,birds, stars, angels, and clouds in advance because the fondant had to harden , so its impossible to explain to someone the time involved,so its a good thing I do enjoy it.See what happens you get me started, and I don't stop talking:lol:Maybe I can find some of those pictures out there on the digitals to post, I have pictures of the rest,though .Are you girls sick of my pictures yet,or me , if so just say Ellen go away and take your pictures with you please.:lol: wait till I start gardening:lol: its neverending.Well this took my mind off causing bodily injury to anyone for a while anyway,so I guess I won't be going to jail,:lol: But for Susan I will be happy to take care of business,:lol: I'm just kidding I'm a 5'1" pushover just don't be pushing me :lol:I got an extra 30 lbs on me right now , and I'm feeling fiesty.I had a terrible lunch today, mind you it was good, but it was very very bad, don't tell Jane , or she mighe send me away,but my Daughter , came home for lunch and brougt :yikes:MACDONALDS:yikes: what was I supposed to say, didn't want to hurt her feelings ,so I ate it all,every bite,but I had diet coke to wash down the cheeseburger ,fries ,and chocolate sundae. I feel so guilty and bad,:lol: well Susan had Ding Dongs, and no one said a word to her. No more . I will kindly tell my sweet child , bring salad ,yay.Today is dark wet cold and gloomy, much the way I feel.except that I am not wet,until I take a bath later on that is.
Pam I think your sons idea sounds like fun,you could also do that trash to treasure thing if you enjoy that sort of thing, thats what a lot if those little stores do , they pick up old furniture give it a white wash a few hand painted flowers or decoupage and sell them for big bucks, and it would be fun to do as well.I think I would enjoy something like that too. If we lived close to each other we could start a little business together, with cakes on the side:lol: Why are you girls are so far away from me.Even Angie and Kathy are worlds away, well it feels like that Have you used a digital camera Pam , I just began a month ago and I love it,so much fun and so easy . Just think in the last four months I have learned how to use a computer a dvd player and a digital camera, before that didn't even know how to turn them on,:lol: its a whole new world.
Angie did you know they have Male maid services now that come and fold your laudry for you,. :lol: and no he's not a lawyer :lol: Katy I see you got up an hour before I fell asleep , restless nights of late, which explains my jabbering on endlessly .Cristi why didn't you pick me up, I wanted to go to Walmart to, I needed some liquid rose pot pouri for me little pot, I'm getting the distinct feeling you don't like me :lol: I think I need some coffee to keep these eyes open, and to wash down that chunk of fat I had for lunch, I really didn't want to eat it,honest. I will be back later, unless of course by chance I sit and that could only mean one thing , sleeeeep. Oh Jane , my Barbara Taylor Bradford Unexpected Blessings book came today :D , they shipped it yesterday and I got it today, never happened before, but I'm a happy girl :D Be back later girls I think the key is winding down :lol: Have a great afternoon. Gosh Marti almost forgot to say sorry Jhanai didn't get the part , I hope she is not too disappointed, ((HUGS)) hope your feeling better today.

01-12-2005, 05:02 PM
I'm back,Ellen, we don't have a yet but Eddie says he'll get one. Can't wait.I'll be able to pester everyone with some pic of my own.LOL.Angie,what a terrific job.I used to love plays in collage,had an instructor who introduced us to them.The Lottery.Come Back Little Sheba,Death Of A Salesman,ect and then Shakespeare's many assortment.When I was 14 I watched Hamlet and was stuned by how relivant it was.I memorized the "To Be Or Not To Be" passages.

01-12-2005, 05:08 PM
Im back for a minute ...

Katy - the weather in IN has been gorgeous today! Some sunshine, finally, and temps at 67. :dancer: YAY! About the diet blip, just remember failure is not falling down. It is staying down. Glad you're back at it, but not a bit surprised!

Cristi - how was the chicken sandwich at Applebees? I'm going there next week for a birthday dinner with my friend Sally. Hope you and DS had a good time today.

Pam - eBaying is a good idea! I made some $$ there recently. It's amazing how much people will pay for your junk. However, now I am bidding on stuff again, lol. There goes the $$!! I found a retro handbag I just gotta have, lol.

Angie - OIC!!! Que to que!! :doh: Never said I was the brightest crayon in the box, lol. I'd love to come and help you! Something like that is just what I need in my life. What I don't understand is, with your outgoing personality, how come you aren't on stage?

Ellen - I eat McD's all the time! Especially fond of the mexican salad... jeez, what's the name of it??? Anyway, it's delish! Before McD's offered fruit, I used to take my own in, and order just a hamburger (6 points) and eat my fruit w/it. Almost always this was with a DGD, and so I feel like I was helping them learn good eating habits, too. Wendy's has oranges sections now. Mmmm!

Well, I got a lot of paperwork taken care of today. Also did some laundry and goofed off quite a bit too, lol. Went to Mary's to get some hugs and kisses from the kids. Gonna go sit on the front porch swing for a little while....

Be good, see you later,

Tea Rose
01-12-2005, 05:52 PM
Ahh Jane
May I go to Mary's for some kisses and hugs I sure could use some right now.

01-12-2005, 05:53 PM
Just a quickie here ladies since it is so late in the day.

Jane~send that sunshine this way! It has been so ugly here the last two days. Yesterday we had the freezing drizzle plus the icy streets again, don't think it got over 30 degrees but it sure felt a lot colder. was soooo foggy until about 1:30. I don't like driving in that-you can't really see the lights until you are almost on them and I was so afraid someone was going to run one. The only good thing about it is the ice is melting again. Of course it is supposed to get up to 45 or 50 today but then drop tomorrow and a chance of snow-UGH! Anyway...the chicken sandwich at Applebees was delicious! :T

Ellen~took a gander at the cakes and kitties all I can say is WOW to the cakes. You are such a talented lady. And the kitties are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Susan~sound like Ms. Nana needs to keep her nose in her own business and get a life. She shouldn't even think that for a minute Rocky should actually not remarry because of something he said when his wife died. I think at the moment people will say things they don't really mean because they are out of it. At the time they mean it because it seems right. But to say you won't remarry for 18 years-wow. And for Nana to think she can hold him to that? 'Nother wow. When DH#1 passed a little while after the funeral the kids asked me if I was going to get married again. I was a little thrown back by it but all kinds of things go thru little ones minds. I told them that I hadn't really thought about it but if I ever meet someone I possibly would. My first DH would have only wanted me to be happy and I know he wouldn't have had a problem with that. I say that because he had had a vasectomy because I was 11 years younger than him and he said "He wanted to do that in case something ever happens and I should remarry. That way I could still have more kids" And I am sure that Rocky's wife would only want him to be happy also. I don't think she would have wanted him to wait that long. Anyway...I was thinking the same as the others. LOL Maybe we all should have a little talk with Nana. Just kidding...

Yadda, yadda, yadda...this was supposed to be a quickie. I will try to be back later to finish my post. If for some reason I don't make it I will see you ladies tomorrow. Later...:wave:

01-12-2005, 07:44 PM
You all are funny, thanks for the support.

Anything for you Ellen - if you need to *SMACK* someone , I will volunteer Nana - lol. She just told him last night " I will always spoil Kris til my dying day" I just said........" oh, that is good parenting"
I can understand her thing for Kris but where she crosses the line and starts telling Rocky what he can and can not do.

Personally, they have created a confused child. Torn between 2 "parents"......

blah- blah. .....ain't my battle. Though I will support him if he stands firm against her because I am not going all that way for a battle of wishy

Kitchen in a Box is a 70 peice set of dishes, dish rack - ect, ect. I thought that was nice of her. Just brought 3 packs of socks for Gaby and some TIde today, paper chili though -lol......

anyway, best get back to work!

01-12-2005, 08:19 PM
Hi Kids,

Just a quick hello. Hope all is well. Susan, you have your plate full with Nana. I wish you luck.

I wish I could keep up with you girls, but I have fun catching up.


01-12-2005, 08:48 PM
Only 10mins. before I no individuals today. (((((sorry))))))

I will come back tonight after work and try to do my best. Just wanted to pop in and see how you are all doing. VERY chatty!! :D

Talk to you later.

da fat n da furious
01-13-2005, 02:47 AM
Ellen will you make me a cake for my birthday? You are so talented to have taught yourself. I can't even make cookies without help. Thankgoodness Tanner likes making cookies cause he makes them all the time,,,he makes big cookies and calls them Tanner's Texas cookies.
OMG I did something so embarrassing tonight,,,,I fell asleep while calling the show! I had like 6 pages without any Ques,,and just drifted off.. startled myself awake saying Welcome to BDL, this is.... (this is the opening we use at work) My techies both looked at me with fear in their They thought I had snapped....
Anyways better get to bed,,,its so cold here....brrrrr
night all

01-13-2005, 03:33 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Nothing really new here….just passing time until I POAS. Not sure how much longer I am going to be able to hold out, but I am trying to make it just a little longer so that I can make sure that my temps are going to continue to go up, like they have been!

I woke up two days ago with a weird feeling. I just woke up in a positively pregnant mood. I woke up and was (and still am) 100% sure that I am pregnant and that I am able to get a positive test back now.

Brandon is getting more and more daring to start crawling. He is moving faster with his rocking motions, and has even moved himself a couple of times while doing it. So it won’t be much longer before he will be fully crawling on his own!

Today we went out to my sister’s house to pay our rent, and we went through some of the worst fog we have ever seen! In order to see the cars in front of us on the way home, we had to keep an eye out for their hazard lights or brake lights.

We got home from my sister’s house and paying the car insurance, just in time to watch the deal of the day on our local tv station. It turns out that they are giving away 10 brand new Lennox furnaces. Tommy called my sister to let her know that we were going to enter it, and she said “that is great!” and then asked if we wanted her to write it or if one of us was going to write the email. I was already in the process of writing the email down on paper first, so she said to let her know how things go. We had to write an essay 250 words or less about why us or someone we knew was in need of a new furnace. So now we just sit and wait until they pick who wins! Wish us good luck!!!

Ellen~ Actually, I did check out the kitties! Very very cute! I also checked out your other pictures, I hope you don’t mind. I loved the Christmas and the cake pictures!! You are very talented!

Marti~ I am sorry that Jhanai didn’t get the part that she wanted. I have heard of people in plays getting casted for roles of the opposite sex. My sister Katy, who is six years older then me, got the part of Doody in her drama clubs version of Grease.

Jane~ Actually, I have been getting some of the sleep that I have been dreaming of! Me and Brandon actually just took a little nap a little bit ago. But he went straight to his crib since he was still asleep. And now I am on here. I am hoping that I am not going to be up late tonight because of that nap, but I am sure that I will be.

Katy~ Yup he sure is getting big! He was 20lbs. 5 oz. and 28 inches long when the nurse was out here on the 4th. She told us that he is “bone dense” (in other words, big boned) so it will take him longer to crawl and walk, since he has to build up his muscles.

Also, just wanted to mention that I love freecycling! (not sure if you ladies know about it) but it is awesome! We got Brandon a can of formula the other day from a lady here in MI. And Tommy is going to go sometime on Thursday to pick up another can from another lady because her daughter is too picky and won’t drink it. The best part, is that they are milk based, so we will be able to try him and see if his allergy is gone without basically having to pay anything.

Pam~ That sounds like an awesome plan that you and your son have.

I am thinking of starting to do those tie blankets that have become popular these days. You know the ones that have the tie fringe on the end of them? My sister made Brandon one with his ducky background and it is so simple to make, that I am thinking of getting a “starter” kit and trying my hand at it since I don’t have a sewing machine.

Angie~ Right now, Brandon is all over the place, and he really isn’t crawling yet! He kind of army crawls all over the place. He will sit and play with his peek-a-blocks by himself though. He has even started putting them back into his sand bucket when he is down with some or all of them. We had chili for dinner last night as well! Great minds think alike.

01-13-2005, 07:45 AM
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