Carb Counters - Weekend Chat - January 8th and 9th

Sugar Cube
01-08-2005, 09:05 AM
WEll, I couldn't stay off of the scale, made it to this morning and the automatic, hop on the scale, bug got me. I am happy to be down to my preChristmas weight. Just further inforcement that Atkins works.

TG - Have fun with the birthday, remember it isn't about the cake.

DH and I are both January babies, so we have a joint party, we want to grill up a storm, foodwise, no snow please, and I will make a cake for the kids and an Atkin Cheesecake for the rest of us. Everyone loves the A. Cheesecake and no one yet knows it is lowcarb.

RACHAEL - Go water go, it is especially great this time of year.

ROBIN - Safe thoughts for SS, you can't eat him safe though, take care of yourself, I highly recommend exercise for the stress. If I get only a yoga tape done in the am, it makes all the difference in the whole day. I guess I don't want to mess up the progress so far.

LISA - Good luck with the labor, I always say how those babies get here is much less important than what you do for the next 18 years.

KAREN - What great birthday presents, sounds like your sister really knows you.

Did anyone else see the free book give away the Chicks are doing? Sounds really fun. Makes you want to sign in for your PM's on Saturdays.

CARRIE - Go go go girl. Keep on going. Congrats on making your goal.

01-08-2005, 09:41 AM
Mornin' All!

Liza: Congrats on the loss!!! I'm a closet weigher (weigherer?) myself. I get on the scale each and every morning. If I'm down, it's a reason to celebrate. If I'm up, it's a reason to get more serious!

Well, the weekend is FINALLY here. I have a list a mile long of chores that need to be done, but something tells me I may very well end up curled up on the couch reading instead! I'll check in later to see how everyone is doing.....

01-08-2005, 09:42 AM
Good Morning,

Liza WTG on the WL :D Hugs (psssst... I changed the title of the thread to the weekend chat instead of the daily, the weekends are slow here so we combine both days, hope you don't mind).

Well girls, work will not allow me to play here, not yet, boss is too new and needy so its hard for me to read up when he's always over my shoulder. Thats not a bad thing, he is nice, it just sucks for me lol.

I'll read up on everyone this weekend...HUGS!

01-08-2005, 09:43 AM
Hi Paula, you beat me w/the post :D :wave:

01-08-2005, 10:50 AM
Liza: Sounds like you've got it all planned out great. Is the LC cheesecake hard to make? What recipe do you use?

Paula: I vote for you staying and reading a book. Much more fun :lol: Enjoy your weekend!!

Leenie: Try and enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard. Having a cute boss hanging over your shoulder can't be too hard to take though, eh? lol

Well, WI was successful and I'm officially down 4 pounds. WOOHOO!!! It's off to take the girls rollerskating with the Girl Scouts..and if we're not too busy strategising (the adults that is) then I'm hoping to get some skating in. Those rollerblades are killer exercise!!! DH has to work today and tomorrow. Did I mention he never said a word about my hair (except that I had gotten it cut)??? I had to ask him about it. lol.No, he doesn't like it. Oh well. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

01-08-2005, 12:19 PM
Good Morning!

LOL - I have to chuckle because I just read all the posts about having the moxie to ask for a raise! You guys dont know how much sleep I have lost over it and how much I agonized! The other part is that I didnt have to walk anywhere but to my phone.. my boss is in Canada. Actually, she isnt my boss, I am "contracted" labor. I can pretty much charge what I want, but I cant just start billing her with out telling her. So She is still thinking about what they want to do, And I will be sitting here waiting it out. She hasnt called yet.. so who knows when I will hear!

Brenda - I love the new color! Congrats on the 4 pounds!!!

SugarCube - Great job to you too! I weigh in everday as well.. Like Paula it makes me celebrate or get serious!

Paula :wave:

Leenie - :wave:

Did I miss some one? I hope not!

I gotta go make some coffee...:)

01-08-2005, 12:25 PM
Good Morning !

Liza~ WTG on your loss!!

Paula~ I vote for reading too!!! Cuz thats probably what Im NOT going to be doing this afternoon. I managed to take an hour this morning before dh woke, and finished off a really good book. Enjoy!

Brenda~men are funny creatures when it comes to our hair. Mine is very cautious about his comments lol poor bugger looks like Im going to eat him alive when I ask him his preference. WTG on your 4lbs!! Your looking great!

We have grocery shopping to do today. Hubby invited ds and family to dinner for tonight.....and I havent a thing to make for a crowd of 6. So I think we will do a roast beef, with taters and veggies. I'll have the beef and the veggies...maybe a salad too. See if anything sparks my interest when I get to the grocery store.

We are suppose to say our goodbyes tonight, but ss wants us to come to the reserve center and see him off. Its not going to be easy thats for damn sure!! But I think it will be good for dh to see and speak to others who can reassure him.

Im still hanging in there...dh took me to the "big" mall yesterday to do some walking. I dont like getting into exercise the first week of induction. I dont know why......but by week 2 Im ready. It must be because I have so much more energy? Anyway, I have my dvd's ready, and hopefully we will get a bit of a thaw to clear off the sidewalks. I love walking and the fresh air. I'll keep my fingers crossed :crossed:

Have a good weekend everyone!

Robin :wave:

01-08-2005, 04:14 PM
:wave: Hey hey everyone! I'll do personals later...but I wanted to say hi. Now it's time to get back to that mountain of boxes in my bedroom :::runs screaming:::

I'll be so happy when it's time to UNPACK!

01-08-2005, 04:45 PM
Hi chickies... good to be able to read up on y'all.

Branda, rollerblading is excellent exercise.. I'm so proud of you! Your really gonna make a healthy change in 2005. BTW, cute or not, he's a boss and I like my space ;) he is cute giggle.... and I gotta say this... it keeps me from eating in the office :s:

Karen, Randi, Robin :wave: and :grouphug:

01-08-2005, 10:47 PM
Karen: I'm sure you'll be getting a call real soon w/your answer. They'd be crazy not to give you what you're asking :)

Robin: Sorry to hear about the farewells. That type of stress isn't good for anyone. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

Randi: When you're done you want to do my house? :lol: Sorry, I can't imagine having to pack. It would drive me nuts. I'm always tempted to go through each room and whatever I wouldn't take to a new house just pitch. You know how much room I'd have? :lol:

Leenie: One more reason to keep him around for a couple more months. Get you into a good eating habit :lol:

Well, 2 "miles" worth of skating and my legs are achy. They'll be killing me tomorrow. Used muscles I didn't know I had! lol. But it was so much fun (and for once I didn't fall!!) I keep wondering why I don't go more often. The girls enjoy it also. Maybe have to check that out more often :) Well, time to hit the bed--I'm tired for some reason. Lost some of my "Atkins energy". GRRRR

01-09-2005, 07:03 AM
Good Morning,

Hate it when I'm off a day and wake up at 4:30 am OY :faint: so here I sit, reading and sippin on my coffee :s:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Brenda, WTG on the skating :yes: :bravo:

The carpal in my hand in really acting up, feels like your finger tips are going to blow off b/c of the I'll just do some reading for now.


01-09-2005, 09:18 AM
Darn! I just spent 15-20 minutes typing out personals to everyone and my computer hiccupped, sending it all into oblivion!

I'll post again later when my fingers build up their strength again!:lol:

01-09-2005, 10:25 AM
Leenie: Sorry to hear about your hand. Hope it feels better soon.

Paula: I hate it when that happens. I always try and remember to copy it all before clicking submit. That way if my computer pulls a dumb :censored: trick I still have what I wanted :lol:

Well, haven't stepped on the scale today. Once again TOM kicked me while I was least expecting it. Can't even explain what happens. It's just too weird (but coincidental so associate it with TOM). Anyway, I finally rolled my butt out of bed. As soon as I get the ambition (and appetite) I'll go make breakfast. I feel like just laying on the couch vegging all day. The way I feel I might just do that!!!

01-09-2005, 11:02 AM
Good Morning! :coffee:

I got up at 6 am thinking about getting ready for church and looked out my front window to SNOW deeper than yesterday, and it is STILL coming down! Then I watch a very slow moving car drive down the street and as it came by my house, it skid and almost hit the neighbor's car parked across the street... there is a HUGE ice patch there.. I guess we are staying home..

WEIGH IN this morning and I am down 7 pounds!!! WOO HOO!! Yippee! That is more than my inital Induction in Aug 2003. I only lost 4 pounds the first week then! :cloud9:

Needless to say it is the happy dance going on right now! :dance:

Hope all are having a great weekend!

01-09-2005, 05:02 PM
:( blew it and had 2 donuts. GRRR. Working on behaving the rest of the day. Why are weekends so hard? Was doing well until DH brought them dang things home. Doesn't help that I'm not feeling up to par so my self control is even less :( GRR.. Well, we'll see how the rest of the day goes and tomorrow is a brand new day. Hoping I feel better so I can bust-a-move to get some more of this weight off. And I was doing so well!!! UGH!!

01-09-2005, 11:54 PM
Hey hey, evening everyone. :wave:

Leenie: I hope your hand feels better! :( I hate waking up early on my days off too! Luckily I love sleep so much that doesn't happen unless it's on purpose :lol:

Paula: Sorry you lost all your posts......I know how mad that makes me when it happens!

Karen: WOW! Snow sounds great when you can stay home and enjoy it but that ice patch sounds really scary! I'm glad you guys decided to stay home. Way to go on your 7lb loss! That is awesome :cheer: :grouphug:

Brenda: Don't give up! You were/are doing great still. At least it was only 2 donuts instead of the whole weekend right! That's better than you've done before and you have plenty of time to work those 2 donuts right back off. Keep going!!! :cheer: :strong:

As for me. TOM showed up and is being a mother bear this month. I got absolutly NO ET miles in this week and want to puke when I look at the thread. :( :cry: We just had a major avalanche up in the mountains here and the forecast is calling for a foot and a 1/2 of more snow and rain for the 2 more days and then again next weekend. Oh well, I am bound and determined not to let the weather spoil my exercise plans! I will have back up tapes! :lol: I did pack up quite a bit yesterday and could count that as ET miles but I won't. I'm sore today but I didn't break a sweat while doing it. :(

The upside: I am down 3lbs. I wasn't going to count it, since my body is being soooo super finicky right now, but you know what - 2lbs gone is 2lbs gone and there is NO REASON, body or not to let them come back! So, off they go! :cheer: