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01-07-2005, 08:02 AM
Good morning everyone!

Thought I'd take a break from my early-morning coffee to start the thread. Why should Leenie have all the fun! ;)

Busy, busy day ahead for me at work. At least I woke up in a much better mood than I have lately. I have to admit that I do suffer from depression on and off, and something about induction seems to temporarily escalate the problem. But I'm almost 2 weeks in and things have subsided a bit. This happens each and every time! But, this time I was prepared for it, and I prepared my DH and DD for it ahead of time, so everyone managed to survive unscathed!

Hope everyone has a good one.......!!!!

01-07-2005, 09:07 AM
Paula: Glad you're getting out of the blues and things are looking up. You're doing great so keep up the good work!!

Well, still managing to stay OP but the weekend is coming up. That's usually my problem spot. But I'm hoping w/the way the weight piled back on and the fact that I'm doing so well will keep me on the straight and narrow. Time will tell. I wish TOM wasn't here because then I'd feel SOOO great!! I feel skinny again. But the scale isn't where it usually is when I feel like this. So bloating has hit :( Only good thing is..I know that when TOM disappears so will the extra weight. I'm thinking I've GOT to be where I started from before the holidays hit. The scale went down again this morning so I'm not going to sweat it cuz if it STAYS there then I can make an official 4 pound loss!!! I don't think I'll get any "exercise" in after work as I've got errandds to run. But it's bowling night so I'm counting that!! Hope you all have a great weekend (if I don't manage to get back online).

01-07-2005, 09:59 AM
Good Morning.

Paula – sorry that you have winter blues. I too had them the previous four years, but this year has been much better. I try to not think about past and future and just concentrate on present and just enjoy all my blessing. I hope that you continue to have it under control.

Brenda – it is a new year and thing will be different this year compared to last year. I am sure you will continue to do great through the weekend and many more weekends to follow. It wouldn’t be like last year’s weekends.

Well I thought losing these 1.5 pounds that I have gained over the holidays wasn’t going to be too bad. Actually on Wednesday morning I was down 0.5 pound and I thought I was on my down. But as of this morning I am right back up and I know why. I though if I come here, confess and set a goal for myself I am going to follow through and get back to my good habit.

So, my problem is not drinking enough water. During the summer I was drinking diet coke often. But I was drinking it in place of dessert or snack, which basically wasn’t too bad. It didn’t hinder my weight loss and once in a while I challenged myself to not drink any for a few days and was able to follow through. Anyhow, somewhere along the line when the weather got cold I started drinking coffee, regular coffee. At first it was maybe once a week, than it became 2, then suddenly it was everyday, and now it is two 16 oz cup per day. On top of it I am still drinking diet code and as a result I am not drinking water. For the past two days I managed to drink two 16 oz cup of herbal tea each day, but I used to drink 64 oz of pure water. However, now with all these coffees and diet coke I don’t have any desire or space, LOL, to drink 64 oz water. Thus my goal is to quit, cold turkey, coffee and diet coke for the next 10 days. And please if I show up here next week do ask me how I am doing with my goal if I didn’t mention it. This will be more incentive for me to stick to my goal.

Have great day and fabulous weekend everyone.

01-07-2005, 10:44 AM
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!!! :cb:

TG - I saw that pic and I'm sure she's a sweet little thing, but yikes! Those eyes freaked me out! I'm so glad you're getting them fixed so she can have a happy doggy life ;)

Paula - I'm glad to hear your mood is lifting! BTW, I did have a couple of drinks on your behalf last night. It's funny the way people react when you announce that you're drinking for two :lol:

Brenda - You are doing so great! Happy bowling! That sounds like fun!

Rachel - I'm a bit of a space cadet, but I'll try to remember to check up on your goal. It's really a good one! You probably already know this, but just carrying a bottle of water with you everywhere sure makes it easy to drink what you need plus some.

I'm thinking that I need to go back on induction for a while. About 15 pounds ;). Getting rid of the coffee and alcohol will be good for me anyway. DH is back to 'doing atkins' for the moment. He's actually been really good about going to the gym after he gets off work (7 am) and relatively good about eating. He said he wants to do induction with me. That makes it so much easier!

I wonder how Lisa's doing. She gets to count labor as equator trek miles, right? :lol:

01-07-2005, 11:20 AM
Good morning. First chance this morning to check in.......soooo busy.

Spedmom: Oh the blues!!!! Boy I had them wicked over the holidays...I was getting really worried about it at one point. Glad you are feeling better today.

Brenda: I used to love to bowl....should get someone to go with me one of these days....would be fun. Try your hardest to stay OP over the weekend. I know it is hard though.

Rachel: I don't know what I would do without water.....I drink so much of it each day. I spend a lot of time in the ladies room too! I will promise to check up on you next week!

StarPrincess: I wanted to do induction again myself but I don't know if I have it in me. Especially having to give up the wine! :faint:

Going in the hospital for a test on Monday and I just found out I can't eat anything past breakfast on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say PANCAKES!

01-07-2005, 11:24 AM
Good Morning ladies

Well it is Friday and i have soooo much to do, the Ds's b-day party is on Saturday and I have a ton of stuff to do to prepare, thank dog my SIL and her MIL are helping me. I did good being OP yesterday and and am feeling good, it is getting easier everyday. We will see how it goes at the party (I planned some OP food too for me)

For all of you that were asking yesterday I posted the cherry eye answer and pic on yesterdays post....

SP: Those eyes freak me out too and I have to medicate them 4 times a day YIKES!!

B- Great job on the 4 pounds!!! Congrats!!!

Sped_ I get that way to and then it just leaves.

Rachel: getting back to the water is hard but it is so great once it is done.

01-07-2005, 11:25 AM
HI Jane you snuck in on me. HI !!!

01-07-2005, 11:42 AM
Good Morning!!

I thought Id pop in here and say hi :) Settle in a bit and stay awhile. :coffee:

Rachel~getting back to drinking all my water took about 3 days before I was back to my 4-6 bottles of water. Like Star said, carrying around water with you makes a big difference. If you leave the bottles or glasses on the counter the first couple days so you can see what you've drank helps me might help you too.

MrsH~I'll be watching for you :bb:

Im managing to stay op thru the stress. Which is one of my biggest pitfalls. Stepson got called up and is leaving for training on Monday, then to Iraq by the first of march. So there have been some serious emotional ups and downs the last week.

I havent gotten my exercise in, but Im eating good. Thats a plus right? :yes:

Have a great day ladies!
Robin :wave:

01-07-2005, 01:20 PM
:wave: Good morning everyone.

Paula - (((hugs))) Hang in there, you know why it's happening so that probably makes it a little easier to handle. I hope it goes away for you soon. I get the blues like that sometimes too, especially the week before TOM. Now that I think about it, I get really irritable and depressed during my first week to week and a half of induction too.

Brenda: I'm sure you will do fine on the weekends! Just remember how hard you have worked all week and would it really be worth it to blow it on 2 days? Be positive chicky! I've got that bloated thing going on too :( Stupid TOM!

Rachel: You can do it! I will try and remember to ask you how you are doing. :) I know that if I don't drink enough water, on top of the major headaches I get, I gain almost instantly. :eek: I just have a big 32 oz cup with a lid, that I keep with me at all times. I know I have to drink at least 2 of those and I am good for the day.

SP: I'm glad hubby is going to do induction with you. You are right, that makes it a lot easier! I guess I am lucky that I am not a coffee drinker :lol:

Jane: Goodluck with your test and enjoy that Sunday breakfast! :lol: ;)

TG: You are doing awesome OP! Have fun at the bday party, Happy birthday to DS!

Robin: (big hugs) I'm sure it's been a very emotional few days for you. I will be thinking of DS and praying he returns home safely to you. Good job still eating right with all that's going on. ;)

Lisa: I'm thinking of you!!!!!!!! Big baby hugs!

As for me. Nothing much going on here. Got lots of stuff to try and get done at work today. I've lost 2lbs so far, which I can attribute to getting in my 64oz of water daily all week. I've really been working on that. Weather absolutly sucks and so does my exercise with it! :( It has rained all week in the freezing cold and now it's snowing in some parts of town. I'm sure it won't stick but still! We are only calling for more rain all weekend too. Oh well. I am going to pack up quite a bit this weekend, so at least that counts for something. TOM is due next week and I can feel the bloating and moodiness here already. Dh won't be home at all next week. He has a big test that needs to be done IN-HOME for 5 days so I'm shipping him off to his mothers. He is such a mean bear when he doesn't feel well.

Mrs H
01-07-2005, 01:42 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!!! Been lounging around being lazy all morning, so decided I needed to get up and check in here!

Paula: Glad that you woke up feeling better. The blues are the pits! You are doing great, keep up the good work! Have a great weekend!

Brenda: I'll cross my fingers for you that you have an OP weekend! You can do it! I know you can!! Have fun bowling! I used to bowl in a league, and I miss it! Hope you have a great weekend!

Rachel: Sounds like a great plan that you have to get back to drinking the water! Recently I have started craving water for some reason! That's about all I want to drink lately! I'll try to remember to ask about your goal next week! You can do it, I know you can!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Star: Isn't it great when the DH is on the same plan. Me and DH each started Atkins about this time last year. He has stuck with it for the most part even though I haven't been doing it since I got pregnant. I still cook everything "Atkins" for him! He's lost a little over 70lbs! I'm so proud of him. I can't wait til the baby's born and I can get back on track with him! And YES YES YES......I am counting labor as equator trek miles :lol: I hadn't thought about that until you posted, but seems like a darn good idea to me ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

Jane: Sorry that you're having such a busy day! Good luck with the tests on Monday! I'll be thinking of you! Hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy your pancakes :) (Now I want some pancakes :lol:)

TG: How's the doggie doing today? Good Luck with the birthday party for your son! At least you have help from your SIL and MIL! Are you having lots of kids over?? Hope you have a great weekend, and have fun with the party!

Robin: I will keep your step-son in my thoughts and prayers. I know it has to be hard on the family! My cousin left in Nov 03 for Iraq and just got back home last week. Not sure how long he will be home before he has to go back! Hope you have a great weekend!

Well, as you all can see I am still here....No baby yet :lol: Still having some contractions, but nothing regular or very strong yet! However they are bad enough to make me so uncomfortable! I thought at the beginning of this pregnancy that I would have this baby with NO DRUGS! WTF was I thinking :lol: Just from the pain of these mild contractions, I have decided that I want DRUGS!!! My thinking is why be in so much pain if you don't have to be! I was up most of the night last night. Just couldn't get comfortable. Guess DH didnt' make it any easier as he was hogigng the bed all night. He was feeling bad and took some nyquil. That always makes him sleep, but it's a restless kind of sleep. So he tossed and turned all night! He was feeling a little better this morning, so hopefully the nyquil nipped it before it got bad. Think I am going to try to get a little nap in this afternoon. I sleep so good now when I have the bed all to myself ;) Hope everyone has a great afternoon and a great weekend! I'm sure I'll be checking back in in a little while though!


Mrs H
01-07-2005, 01:47 PM
Randi: You jumped in while I was typing so slow :lol: Congrats on the 2lbs gone! That's great!! Keep up the great work with the water! Send us some of that cold weather! It's been in the 70's here for almost 2 weeks now and supposed to be that way through next week. Where the heck has winter gone?!?!?! We usually dont' get a lot of snow here, but the last couple of years we have had some. Hopefully we weill get some soon! I love a snowy day! Hope you have a great weekend!!!


01-07-2005, 01:58 PM
Lisa: I am getting excited!!!! Any time now I bet. Take the drugs!

Cinnymamma: I would take the rain....we are getting more snow tomorrow night. :( I used to love the as I get older and older and older.......

RobinH: I will keep you SS in my thoughts. Exercise is definitely a plus!

Theo'sgirl: Poor puppy dog! Absolutely adorable though. Have fun with the birthday party.

01-07-2005, 02:34 PM
Well you all can have the rain.......but just so you know, it's raining AND snowing right now. :lol: So much for Vegas weather right? I would take that 70 no problem Lisa!!! It's totally dark gray out, I feel like I am working at night. :eek: Lisa hurry up with that baby darnit! I want some baby pics :lol: I'm tellin you..........TAKE THE DRUUUUUUUUUUUUGS :lol: :lol: :lol:

01-07-2005, 03:20 PM
Good Morning all! :coffee:

I was MIA yesterday! It was a very interesting day. I asked my boss for a raise. Basically double what I am making now. After putting stuff together for taxes and doing some research, I realized I could go to starbuck and get more per hour... I should be hearing today...

I got a late B-day gift. My sister got me Fitday for the PC! WOO HOO! I had fun last night playing with it! She also gave me a late Christmas gift... membership to the Bon Jovi Fan Club.. LOL! :D Im really in heaven now! :)

Anyway.. The scale is showing a downward trend still so I am thrilled! :) I make it all offical on Sunday!

Dont have time for personals now.. but I will be back later!!

01-07-2005, 03:23 PM
Karen: I have been using FitDay PC for a year now so if you have any questions let me know. I love it. I only have it on my pc at work....if I leave here I will have to buy it for home :( Using that software really made me aware of my nutrition stats....they weren't good. So I added in some vitamins etc and watched my numbers go up. I think you will really like it. You can customize the columns to whatever plan you follow too.

01-07-2005, 03:46 PM
I don't have time to answer you all. Why? Cuz I'm trying to color my hair. And I should stay on here as long as possible cuz I'm SOO chicken I'm really tempted to go wash it out now before it can do too much damage. What color am I going? Who the heck knows? I picked a box and color that looked good :lol: My sisters always told me what you see isn't always what you get anyway so it doesn't matter. OMG this is scary!!! What if it turns BLONDE?? Or RED?? All I wanted was a little lighter and no gray. Is that too much to ask? Oh heck. I'm going to rinse it out!!!

01-07-2005, 03:57 PM
Brenda: BACK AWAY FROM THE SINK! Don't wash it out...that won't help. It is a done deal now. And your sister is don't necessarily get what you see on the box. If you want it lighter just make sure that you stick with the same "shade" as your hair. If you have gold in your hair then pick a color that says something like "sunshine" or "golden". If you don't then you want to go with the colors that say something with "ash" in it.

I just did mine the other night by the way and I used the same colors I have used for a year now and for some reason it pulled more gold than it should have. Now I want to darken it up. :dunno:
I was lucky to get the formula from my hairdresser before he retired so now I can go to Sally's and buy the colors and mix them myself. Saves a fortune.

01-07-2005, 04:11 PM
Lisa- I am w/ you on the drugs, take the drugs, there is no need to be in pain and also you will be able to enjoy the birth if you are not in horrible pain, I learned that the hard way!!!

01-07-2005, 04:28 PM
Rachel: Hope giving up soda and tea/coffee helps. I'll try and remember to ask also :)

Star: You know you're going to lose that 15 pounds in no time! The way you are at working out it's bound to come off fast.

Jane: Hope your tests turn out ok and you aren't too hungry while waiting for them to get done.

TG: You can make it through the party OP!!! Just think positive!!

Robin: Definitely a plus!! Keep up the good work on staying OP and worry about the exercise later. Sorry to hear about your son and I'll pray all goes well.

Randi: Congrats on getting the water in and sounds like you have a lot of exercise planned (packing up) for the weekend. Make sure to mark them equator trek miles :)

Lisa: Definitely take the drugs if offered. I wasn't able to take any w/either of my children. The youngest was shorter delivery time but OH MAN she was worse in the pain department. So definitely get some if offered...and you bet labor is equatory trek!! :lol:

Karen: You've got more guts than I do. I wouldn't dream of asking my boss for a raise like that. I'm lucky I got the piddly raise I did!! Hope you get it :)

Ok. I've got the color out and I guess it doesn't look too bad. Luckily I don't think it changed my hair color that much. just brought some of the reddish/blonde tint out. I'll have to try and take a pic so you can all see it. Not sure I'll have the guts to try this again though. :lol:

01-07-2005, 04:43 PM
ok, this picture makes it look more red than it is. At least, more red than I thought it was :lol:

01-07-2005, 04:44 PM
Brenda, I'm dying to know how it really turned out. Take a pic and post it! :D

YAY!!! I met my Valentines Day Goal today!!!!!!!! I am so stoked I can hardly stay still!!!!!! HUGS! *HAPPY DANCE* OMG!! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!! This is so incredible!!! LOVE this woe!!! hmmm.. how much weight have I lost so far? I have to think.. typing as I think.. hehe.. OMG between 50- and 55lbs!!

01-07-2005, 04:45 PM
I'm so glad you posted that pic Brenda! It looks fine! I thought you were talking a dramatic change. This is nice! :)

01-07-2005, 04:46 PM
lol. That IS a dramatic change. For me anyway. lol

01-07-2005, 05:27 PM
Brenda I think it looks great :)

Carrie: OMG way to go!!!!!!!!! :cheer: :hyper: :cheer: :hyper: :cheer: Congratulations! That is so awesome :) Keep up the great work and guess how much past goal you will be when we actually get to V-Day! (((((hugs)))) I'm so excited for you, a 50-55lb loss is wonderful!

01-07-2005, 05:28 PM
Oh yeah, we have 3 inches of snow at my house right now :eek: on top of the rain! Unreal compared to the 110 degree heat in summer! It's going to be treacherous going home tonight. Vegas people can NOT drive in the rain. I am sure they will freak at snow :lol: They did last year anyways!

01-07-2005, 06:11 PM
Brenda, the color looks great! (I'm a medium auburn girl myself)

Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
And with 5 weeks to spare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-07-2005, 06:24 PM
Wow congratulations Carrie!! You've done great!!

Brenda.....I saw the hair, but I couldnt help but notice the difference in the 2 pictures! You've done a great job too on this way of eating!! I like the hair, but if you dont and you want it to fade faster, use head and shoulders to wash with. It fades it rather quickly compared to regular shampoos. Im a chicken too when I colour my hair....its turned blueberry blue waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many times for me to be comfortable with doing it myself.

01-07-2005, 07:49 PM
To All: Thanks so much for your pats on the shoulder and your sweet words. I'm feeling much, much better as I'm waving bye to those blahs.:wave:

Brenda: LOVE THE COLOR! I think it's wonderful and you'll get used to it in no time at all. (I did!)

Carrie: You Atkins maniac, you! Look at those stats! You inspire me!

Lisa: Take the drugs, take the drugs! We all say we're going to hold out as long as possible, but that first contraction makes us realize that this is one time that "Just Say No" is about the stupidest catch-phrase around! LOL Oh, don't forget to add in every minute of labor onto your equater trek miles!

Star: Leave it up to you to tell people you're "drinking for two!" It's certainly never a dull moment with you near. Thanks for hoisting one up for me, as I was busy caffeine-loading to get through some late-night lesson planning! Gracias, baby!

Robin: I'll keep your stepson in my thoughts and prayers. And yes....eating right DOES count!

Cinny: Got enough boxes? Don't forget to clean out that refridgerator REAL good if you want your security $ baCK!!! :lol: And, hey -- at least you get snow in Vegas. Here in Tucson we get the 110 degrees in summer, but you have to go up to the mountains to see any of the white stuff. Cowabunga!

Karen: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the raise! You've got a lot of moxy -- walking in their and asking for what you're worth. Take a lesson, everyone!

Barb: Hi, hi, hi!! :wave:

TG: I think your little guy is cute......cherry eyes and all! Great job on staying OP. Have fun at that birthday party. Just BACK AWAY from the cake!:nono: :hb: :nono:

Jane: Hope the tests aren't for anything too serious. Anyway, think of how the scale will read after the fasting!

Rachel: Thanks so much for the sweet words. And on the water deal -- I drink at least 10-12 cups of coffee a day, plus a few diet cokes thrown in for good measure. I've had to work to fit in those 64 ounces, but it gets easier. He** takes 12 ounces just to chug down all the d*** vitamins I take every morning. :coffee: You'll get better at it.

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry!