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01-06-2005, 10:04 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club. :wave: We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us!:cofdate:

01-06-2005, 10:48 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - you mentioned that you got some scrapbooking stuff for Christmas. Have you had a chance to use any of it yet? If so, maybe you could put a link to your new pages? I had a good time in chat with you and Katy - you two are crazy, lol.

Katy - how's Miss Leigh today? Better I hope.

Ellen - hope Amelie is better today. I know what you mean about the vets. When our Chloe got hit, she fled, and it was around 11 at night when we finally found her. Our vet wouldn't answer their home phone, and neither were the other two who live close. But we found one in Illinois who said to bring her right over and she took care of Chloe. Cost an arm and a leg, but she's worth it. Maybe we should change her name to L'Oreal, lol.

Angie - how far apart do you and Ellen live? Aren't you on the west side of Canada?

Cristi - missed you in chat! Did you end up finding something fun to do? I get restless in the winter, too. Every year I get out the flower catalogs and plan more garden designs. With all the acreage, I'd never run out of places to put plants, lol. Last year I got some lavendar astilbe, and they grew well, but didn't bloom. This year, they will, and I know they'll be just gorgeous. As I mentioned on your other thread, I'd love to start a courtyard at the side of my house. That can really run into some major bucks, though. :yikes:

Julie - yay for the bloodwork being good! :cp: Did you and DBF go to the going-away party?

Susan - what a sweetie you have in Rocky! The story of his wife and son is so touching! Ellen is right, don't give up - thinks will turn out ok.

Mindee - did Tommy find a job? Just wondering how that turned out.....

Makenzie-the-twin is going grocery shopping with me today. Might also stop in Penney's and see what else they've put out for Spring so far. Need to do my nails before I go, but have to clean the bathroom first. And fold a load of whites. Oh, the tribulations of a domestic goddess! :lol:


01-06-2005, 12:21 PM
:coffee2: Good morning ladies, Ellen ,is Amelie any better? I'm so lucky to have a vet I trust. His office is open 6 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm and it's on walk in basis.He treats everything,horses,birds,goats, you name it. We also have an emergency vet whos open when everyone eles is closed but it's more expensive to go there.The local Humain Society may be able to recommend someone good you can trust.Their now saying it could rain for the next 7 days. I know we need it but uhg,it's ruining my exercize plans.

da fat n da furious
01-06-2005, 12:51 PM
Susan, you are blessed and so is Rocky to have found each other. Grab on and never let go. Had to go get some tp cause the box of kleenex is out,,,that was a beautiful post. Thank you.

Ellen, Could you find a new vet? Or maybe tell them you will be looking for a new vet, cause of the feeling you have from them. Skittles vet is fantastic, he calls to check up on her, she had a horrible flu like thing last summer,,,I was shaking so bad, Monte had to drive, Brandon and I sat in the back holding her,,,she is only 11 lbs but... So there was the three of us,,,holding her with tears in our eyes and the Dr. giving her an injection,,,
We talked about getting another pet,,either cat or dog. But we decided to just have one. Felt like we were talking about having another

Jane, hope Katie is feeling better,,, have fun shopping with McKenzie.
Domestic Goddess, gotta love that eh? I have 20 minutes yesterday before having to get to work, I put a load of laundry in, grabbed the clean clothes 2 loads. Ran up stairs folded them in the living room,,,ran up the next flight of stairs,,,put the clothes away, took the javex wipes,,,cleane the boys bathroom, cleaned ours,,picked up dirty clothes along the way,,,put soem lip stick on,,,hair sprayed my hair...ran down stairs through the dirty clothes in the basket,,,cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor,,(not very good but got the big pieces. Then grabbed a baggy of crackers, juice box and out the door I went. who watched sopas and eats bon bons all day? Ellen and I live very far apart.

Julie, my Dr and I have a pretty good relationship, hes slim, but understands weight issues. HEs a guy but understands women's issues. IVes tarted getting my periods twice a month again. I started yesterday and I feel like someone kicked me in the back...I feel pretty yucky right now actually. Over a week ago I was in seeing him and hes already set up another appointment for me to see the Gyno again.
Anyways, better get showered and get myself out fo the house.

01-06-2005, 01:24 PM
Afternoon All!!!

Im trying to catch up on posts here!!!

Ellen- sorry to hear about your baby...Id be totally distraught if something happened to one of my pups...that' for sure!!!

Jane- We didnt end up going to the party..I did call him tuesday morning before he left to say goodbye and wish him well...He was very nervous. I guess the oldest child whose 5 pulled a fit in the airport watching him leave...Of course I did suggest they not take the kids because of that, but who listens to me???? I guess the kids had a hard time, but they're dealing with it...He hasnt called to say he got there, but I think thats part of it. He wont be able to call during boot camp anyway.... Oh Well!!! DBF is playing the devil advocate, he doesnt think he'll last in boot camp..We shall See..

Angie- Sorry to hear you're having women problems, been there, know what it's like and it really drains ya!!!

Susan- We all have our problems in life going on, you're lucky to have someone whose so far away, yet cares so much!!! Sounds like a good guy..

Well its a real snow mess here in Rhode Island, had 6 inches, now freezing rain.. Have to work at the hospital tonight, so its gonna be a long night!!
Hope everyones having a good day

Tea Rose
01-06-2005, 01:26 PM
Morining Everyone
well it was when I started , Amelie has been crying nonstop for 12 hours, I am beside myself with worry,I called the vet the minute they opened they ,said it takes about 48 hrs for the antibiotics to kick in, although I'm wondering why they didn't give her a shot while she was there instead of sending her home with a bottle of pills, would that have not gotten into her blood stream quicker , and then start the pills today.,since she has two week old kittens to feed,. I have another vet in mind, they deal only with ktties, so I will make an appointment for tomorrow, Our vet didn't have a burial box for Snookie , when she died , so I had to phone around to find one , and they are the ones who helped us.I haven't had any sleep, as hasen't Amelie when she nurses she falls asleep for a little bit and so do I , I am to old to be a new Mom .I am exhausted, I don't even know now if I can make my own doctors appointment , because I won't leave her alone for a few hours, Maybe I should take Amelie to my doctor ,she is so good to me, I only hope this new vet is the same for my kitties, its hard when you can't trust them to be there , when you need them , We also have an emergency clinic, which is 200$ to walk in the door,after hours only. But you should be able to count on your own vet.I don't know how many times I have taken one of my pets to the vet that day and have them sent home ,only to end up in emergency that night because of something they neglected to do . I am still upset over Nisa and Snookie:s care , they count on us for everything and I feel that I didn't do my best for them, I carry things like that with me ,and it hurts.I am like you Angie when the babies are sick the tears flow, what can you do , you love them , they are your family.I am going to make some coffee ,boy do I need it, and I will come back in a little while if I can get Amelie to sleep for a while don't know how , but I will try anything, Sorry I haven't had much focus on you girls of late , I promise I will ,things are just a little out of sorts with me and Amelie. I discovered your what would you change sight yesterday, boy that was easy , be back later girls and thankyou for asking about Amelie.(((HUGS)))

01-06-2005, 02:50 PM
Morning all,
Actually I'm late so afternoon. Just popping in to say Hi.

Susan: Wow..what a wonderful man you have in Rocky. I am not familiar with your situation but he is someone that you should hang onto with everything that you have.

Angie: What a busy girl you are. Good Lord. I needed a nap just reading what you got done in such a short amount of time. I have ten minutes and watch TV. Maybe I should re-evaluate. Have you talked to your GYN about Seasonal? The B.C. that regulates your cycles to only four a year instead of twelve or thirteen. Mine had gotten out of hand and I went on that and LOVE it. I can plan vacations or outings with no fear now. My DH loves it more than I.....only four PMS tantrums a year now.

Julie: Snow...EWWW. I'll send you some of our freakish warmth. I'm in Maryland and I just heard this morning that it will be in the 70's next week. DH already has the golf clubs out! I'm sticking to this diet with every part of my being as I will be in shorts sooner than later it looks like. I went all of last year not wearing shorts. This will not be a repeat performance of that. Too hot.

Ellen: The babies doing better? I know how hard it is when one of the four legged variety gets ill. We lost our dog in October and we still tear up at the memories. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

To all: Have a wonderful day. stay healthy, dry and warm.

My week has been hectic. I have been staying so true to this diet...since Monday. Have not had the motivation to get my fat behind into the gym but it needs to happen soon. I did have a momentary mid life crisis. I have blond hair and decided it would be better not to. My hair is now...dark. It looks black to me but DH says it just looks dirty. Apparently it is not as dark as I think it is. I am getting it cut on Saturday. Told you...this is the year for change for me..scary. Wonder what I'll do next.


da fat n da furious
01-06-2005, 03:03 PM
Ann, is it a pill or a needle? Its just I had surgery last year to FIX this, its called an abalation, where they scald the lining in the uterus.
I was suppose to have my hair cut today but the new stylist called in sick....

Ellen I wish I could be there for you,,,,let you sleep while I held you babies....fingers crossed you get soem help for your poor lil momma.

well better get to work, thinking of you...

01-06-2005, 03:40 PM
Good day everyone. Sounds like everyone here has been very busy. I don't know how you all manage the things you do. Makes me feel really lazy!

It is not warm and sunny here in Nevada this week. We have had lots of rain and chilly wind. Since we have been in a drought for years it only seems right that we celebrate this damp weather. If you can imagine, the reservoir has been down 87 FEET. I do hope that all JL's who are having ice and snow will stay safe and warm.

My DD has a nasty cold/sinus thing going on, so we have stayed in for a few days. I have caught up on the laundry, ironing and housework. Now I am going to work on recovering my computer...hope I can get it back. It is so slow and bogged down I am going to clean it all up.

Family wise there are alot of changes going on and I am holding my breath to see which are good and which are bad changes. Hopefully 2005 will be good for all of us.

I will do individuals if I get my computer back after this recovery. :lol:

01-06-2005, 04:44 PM
Angie.. It is a birth control pill. Very low dose. You take it daily for eleven weeks then off one, so forth and so on. No ill effects.

01-06-2005, 05:46 PM
Good Afternoon-

I am just sitting listening to phone messages. The door keeps opening and our bell rings. Driving me nuts! Cause I have to get up and go around the corner to look.
Just the maintenance guys thinking they are funny - hahahaha.....they really are a fun group of co workers, I am lucky there . My boss is super and it is easy to work with him. painter just came in and cut up his company credit card!! If he has money on that I want it - lol......geesh....

Rebecca streaked her hair over the weekend. I thought she had beautiful red hair but she wanted something more, so we did the application and she is thrilled. I think it only last for 28 washes so I will be happy when it all washes out.
Rachel just got her braces on ,she really doesn't have crooked teeth - only slight but enough to warrent braces for a year.
Their dad is super because for the most part he is right on top of things and spoils the girls rotten.
With my Goodwill mind I think tooooooo much but they only have a childhood once.

I have $50 on my Gap gift card still - really hard to go in there and buy $35 jeans (Goodwill - 3.99!!- lol) I think I will buy Gaby some boots and maybe a shawl.

Took my rental back this morning. Got a ride home and Doug came and picked up Gaby. I had to tell the other babysitter I needed to take some time off and get caught up in bills. I cried.......*sigh*. I told my mom and she just said "oh, for pet sakes Susan you are caring more about Leslie then yourself"
Leslie and mom are friends.....but ya, I felt bad at the late notice, she just had gone full time and Gaby was potty trained by her and learning so , I cried.

Rocky is a one of a kind. Holding on tight with him and he is so kind and loving. He will pay my car deduct this afternoon on his lunch break. He also was sending Rebecca some birthday money,,,,,,,,,,and it isn't really about $$$$ just one part of him that speaks so much about his giving heart.

His wife was 300 pounds when she passed away. There is only 1 picture of the 3 of them as a family , taken in the hospital. He said his wife hated it ((because of her weight, she had always been super thin and the heart medicine made her gain weight))and wanted it thrown away, so he did only to go back and get it out of the garbage.It hangs in Kris's bedroom and ........Rocky just really is the sweetest.

Being overweight most of my life and thinking thin equals happiness .....that is so false.He would never not love me for my weight and what the scale says.....I guess being teased as a child and even having a husband call me names. There is healing to be done and Rocky is just like a breath of fresh air to my spirit.

Blah- sound like I am writing a novel - lol....

k- gotta go!!

01-06-2005, 06:37 PM
psssst, Cristi.....

Someone made us some breads and oatmeal cookie with Brandy......want some?? Really good with coffee...

How are you??? Just wanted to say hi :)

01-06-2005, 06:38 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Geez, just got thru reading ALL the posts and now don't really have much time to post myself. Couldn't get on earlier as we keep losing our electricity. Really tired of it...haven't had tv since some time after 1 am Wednesday. Last time I saw tv was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Went to bed at 12:57 am and nothing since. Geez, what did people do back when they had no tv? But then I think of all those who are still without electricity and have had no heat since Tuesday morning. I have lived here in KS for almost 7 years and have never seen an ice storm and this is awful. DS#1 and I ventured out today and drove around and could not believe all the trees down...looks terrible. A lot of people still have a 4-6 day wait. Well, anyway...thank goodness we have a radio or I would be nuts! :crazy:

Susan~what a beautiful story! Rocky is such a sweetheart and that email about his wife brought tears to my eyes. I love that song too. Delilah plays it a lot at night. Love listening to her. He definitely is a keeper. :love:

Ellen~(((((HUGS))))) to you and your baby. You have been thru so much with them that few months and I feel for you. It tears me up to see our little Ernie dog sick so I know what you must be feeling. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Jane~I was on posting yesterday and completely lost track of time and forgot about chat. Didn't find anything to do-was just so bored. Finally dug out some DVD's to watch after dinner last night. Looks like I will have to do that again tonight. Watched Shrek 2-wasn't really impressed with that. Liked the first one A LOT better. Can't believe it is made for kids. Also, White Chicks, that was kind of funny.

Hi to everyone else, Katy, Sue, Julie, Ann, Kathy, Marti and anyone I may have missed. :wave:

Need to cut this a little short. Would hate to lose the post and need to get dinner started. Actually prepared to start at 5. Hopefully it will get done. Take care ladies and have a good one. :wave:

01-06-2005, 06:41 PM my post is out of order Cristi!! lol

anyway, offer for cookie with Brandy is still open. Maintenance Man says they are hard but if you dunk in cofee they are great.


chat later :)

01-06-2005, 06:42 PM
Hey Susan~was just signing off when I saw your post. That sounds YUMMY! MMMmmmmm :T :hungry: How fast can ya get it to me?! :D I'm fine, freezing my booty off here in the midwest. It is tooooo cold, and icy. And I have no tv! :cry: :cry: But hey, things could be a lot worse I guess. Talk to ya later. :)

01-06-2005, 06:48 PM
They are already hard so time going through the mail won't matter - lol
We also have cranberry bread and pumpkin might try those next.

Cut this out because the post was so long - just a song Rocky wrote for his newborn 10 years ago...

I also wrote a lullaby for my son before he was born but rewrote it
after my
wife died.

Kristopher's Lullaby

Well I love the way you smile at me

in that very special way

and I love the way you try to copy

everything I say

So go to sleep my baby

and dream of what you want to be

go to sleep my baby

daddy loves the way you smile at me

Well your mommy gave her love to you

in a very special way

well your mommy gave your life to you

you were her dream come true

So go to sleep my baby

as you learn all the things you’ll need to know

go to sleep my baby

God knows mommy loved you so

Well I remember the look on your mommy’s face

when we first found out we were having you

but I never seen your mommy as happy

as when she first laid eyes on you

So go to sleep my baby

as daddy watches you grow

so go to sleep my baby

cause you know that I love you

Well your mommy’s one of God’s angels now

but she’ll always be with you

in your heart and in your mind

from now until the end of time

So go to sleep my baby

cause you had a long hard day

go to sleep my baby

because tomorrow’s another day

01-06-2005, 07:23 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Wow, a chatty bunch today! I'm not sure if I can keep up but I will try.

Jane--I haven't had time to myself for scrapbooking yet. That will be this weekend though. I have this idea of a page of the rose in the yard. Write something that has to do with my grandma. Just trying to get the words that I want written down. I got some really nice things for scrapbooking though! It was funny, Christmas Eve we had a family gift exchange and my sister bought me a Crop carrier Jr. (a case to haul my stuff) I loved it! James just kind of looked at me and said....who got you that? Christmas morning, I open up the gift from him and got another case (only bigger) and so I have two carrying cases. (no wonder he was baffled!) I've already filled them BOTH up!!

Angie--I was wondering the same thing...then I saw your post. Too bad you didn't live closer so you two can meet and chat and have some cup of joe while yappin away!! Is there anything you can do to find out why you're having two periods in one month?? I've been having really horrible cramps and heavy flows. (sorry for being so discript!) and I'm thinking it's time to go check it out. Hate having TOM every month!! Why must women go through so much torture??

Julie--You have snow too? Oh I hope it doesn't come to Oregon!! But the forecast shows some for Saturday....along w/rain so it may just be slush breezing around. Great news that you're bloodwork came out normal!! Maybe your baby is just waiting for the time when it's ready to be conceived.....
It sounds like you're doing so well w/watching your weight and all! I'm so proud of you. And as for the Dr.....well I agree w/you. Unless you go through it yourself, it's hard to understand what we're really going through.

Ellen--Your poor little baby! I wonder what's going on w/her. I hope she pulls through. We have a mopey little dog today. Not sure what's wrong with him. I mean, he's eating fine and going to the bathroom fine, but that's it. Unusual for him. He's always running around. He has a back problem (one of his disc) and every once in awhile he'll pull a muscle around it and he's in such pain. Cry's and cry's. The cry is so heartbreaking to hear!! So we've been watching him today to make sure he didn't over do his playing around and pull a muscle again!

Ann--You have me VERY curious about this BC you're talking about! I would love to have something like that!! I may have to go get a check up soon and then discuss that as an option. Right now I have the IUD (BC pills brought my BP up) and I'm not liking it anymore. You say the pill is low dose, maybe that would be good for me. Will definately check into that!

Sue--What part of Nevada are you in? When I lived in South Tahoe, it was snowed out! Of coarse the Ski lodges loved it...brought in more tourist. I hated it and it scared me when I went walking to work to talk to some friends and after 2hrs...walking back I was blinded by the storm! I'm surprised there isn't any snow there yet.

Susan--Rocky is a great man. The post he made was so touching. You found a great man and I hope that you two get to be together real soon. Did you do the highlights on Rebecca's hair yourself? What stuff did you use? I'm wanting to do something more with my hair. Brighten things up around my face. I think I'm looking to dark and it makes me look more tired than what I really am. (if that makes any sense) Cranberry bread!! I just got a recipe for that the other day. A woman at work made a bunch and brought it to work and it was a hit!! Everyone wanted the recipe and so she printed out a bunch for everyone.

Cristi--I hope the power stays on for you so you're not without the necessities! Do you have a fireplace or woodstove? Please be careful if you have to venture out to town. Ice storms are horrible. (When I lived in Illinois they had one) and they scare me! I can't see how people can still go to work and drive on that stuff!! Does V have to work?? Make sure he drives safely too!! (gotta take care of my JL friends!!)

Hello to the rest of the girls. Hope I didn't miss anyone. My apologies if I did.

Not much going on today. REALLY need to go grocery shopping. I have been craving fruit and Orange juice. Weird isn't it? I've been wanting to plan some healthy meals. Told James that we need to do some heavy duty shopping and plan our meals so we're not constantly going to the store for things. We'd save money doing that. (yes....I'm still thinking of saving money) Need to make a stop at Costco this weekend. Although I see myself going alone since James will be working.

Talked to one of the girls at work about the interview my friend had yesterday. Apparently he was very vague with his answers. Not too least I wouldn't think so. I'm not sure why.....I will call him today and see how it went, but I won't tell him what she said. Just wait it out and see what happens.

Well, I better get going. This turned out really long. Sorry about that. You all take care and I will talk to you all tomorrow.

01-06-2005, 07:36 PM
Marti -

I put this thing called Color Rays in her hair, we did it last Saturday. She has really long hair now, and is too thin for my liking.

Sick on cookies now - lol and the I tried the pumpkin bread. Sooooo full.....

Thanks- I think he is pretty special myself.

01-06-2005, 09:01 PM
Marti...just sent you some info about Seasonale (sp). It's long but it explains a lot.

I'm almost out of work for the evening ladies. Have a safe night, talk to you tomorrow!


01-06-2005, 09:57 PM
Hi ladies,

Wow! So much to catch up on....

Angie - I couldn't believe the list of chores you did! It made me tired just reading about it!! Hope your visit to the gynie is soon.

Julie - all of our snow and sleet is gone, but lots of northern Indiana is covered again. We're dealing with flood conditions around here. Not exactly where I live, but close.

Ellen - hope your Amelie is better and that you found a competent vet. Let us know, ok?

Ann - is dark hair your natural color, or is this totally new for you? I so want to go grey, but don't want to look older, which I know I would. <sigh> Getting older stinks!

Sue - hope your DD is better and that Nevada is warming up.

Susan - awwww, what a sweet lullabye! Also, it's good to know that if you ever gain weight Rocky won't care.

Cristi - several years ago, there was a reality show on TV about a 1900's family, and they had to live like people did in that era, so we tried it at my house, too, for a week. We went to bed at about 9pm because candles put out only so much light, lol. And we played board games for fun. It was a real eye-opener! No radio, no tv, no curling iron, no automatic coffeemaker, no nuthin'! Well, we did use the refrigerator so the food wouldn't spoil.

Marti - I have a big case for my scrapbooking stuff too. Looks like a big, girly tackle box, lol. But I just don't have a knack for it like you do. Your pages look professional.

Sophie - where oh where are you? STEP AWAY FROM THE TWINKIES, lol.

Hi Katy!

Makenzie and I had so much fun! She was a perfect angel. Didn't make it to Penney's, though. Bought her some new "silkies" at Walmart. It's just ribbon, but she likes to rub it on her face when she's sleepy or agitated. Then we played her very first game of Candy Land when we got home. She likes to move her man where she wants, lol.

Gotta run - see you tomorrow!

01-06-2005, 10:31 PM
Mackenzie sounds really cute Jane.

How is your Amelie , Ellen?? I found my Mia another home last week. She was lonely and I could never give her the attention. She seems to be doing ok - miss her.

Gaby has adapted - though she has taken to meowing jk.......Gabrielle does want a dog though in the worse way. She LOVES Clifford and Beethoven and watches the video over and over.She licks my face and pants. :bb: :bb:

I had cottages cheese , pickled beets and tuna for dinner. I walked up to Freddies - cell started playing it's music. It was on it's Rocky theme for a while but I changed it because my boss teased me.
Anyway, it was Rocky. He said " My love (that is what he calls me) you can go pick up your car"
I started crying right there by the boxes of Brita's water He said not to cry that he would do anything for his sweetie and thank God I wasn't hurt in the accident.
Adore him.......

best get he is on the phone now......

Tea Rose
01-07-2005, 03:07 AM
Hello Everyone
I just wanted to pop in and say hi, I am pretty sure you have probably heard enough about my kitties problems,but Just to let you know since you have been so supportive and thoughtful , that she is doing better tonight , she is not crying as much and she is eating and drinking a little more, I have to try to get her to eat a little more since her milk production is wonder after all she's been through.Angie thankyou for offering to babysit for me , so I could get some sleep , I do wish you were closer to me , it would be nice to see you and put a face to your kind heart I also hope that you are feeling better as well , I know this isn't the reason, but I think you do way to much, I don't know what keeps you going , I get tired just reading about your busy life. So Please Take Care,of You,:yes: .Hi Marti , I think Amelie is just so young to have gone through this, she was near death when we found her, she was nothing but bones and she wasn't even strong enough to stand up for a week and it took a few weeks for her to start walking around ,she slept all the time,She is the sweetest most gentle little thing , I feel so bad that she has to go through this, as happy as the kittens make me , and as precious as they are , I know this has been very difficult on Amelie. She has become a very sweet and good little mommy , even though she feels so bad. She always stays close to me, she leaves the babies , comes to me. rubs me .and gives me a kiss. and back she goes to her little ones, she is a sweetheart. I'm sorry your little guy isn't feeling so good today, it must be hard on him to have back problems, I know how you feel when he crys , its so heartbreaking isn't it.I hope he is feeling better soon,its hard to keep them from playing though, isn't it . Hi Jane I will be trying the vet I mentioned ,I need to know that I have someone I can count on, having so many pets, I need to have that security. I take all these little pets in out of love and compassion, you would think they should feel the same since this is their chosen profession.Mackenzie does sound like a perfect angel , one that Grandma loves with all her heart,You are a lucky lady to be blessed with so many, could I have just one pleaaaaaaaaaase. I guess I do have my hands full right now though, but I can hardly wait for the day to have my own precious grandchild. Hi Cristi , do you not have heat still, or is the power off and on.Ice storms are very dangerous ,we do get some really bad ones here to .They really do scare me when the kids are out there in them,Its just not a good place to be for anyone , but I know they must get to work. Hope everyone in your family stays safe and warm.((HUGS))) I will say hi to everyone else , hopefully you are all well this day, I have truly run out of steam and I need to go to bed,its been a rough few days ,weeks ,months , I will hopefully be able to catch up with everyone tomorrow, I have not one more ounce of energy for tonight, Good Night Ladies have a good nights rest.

01-07-2005, 03:28 AM
Well, I think we might be getting some where. I am not going to test any more until I get further along, as in a couple more weeks or so, until around the time I tested with Brandon. Also, our buddy Joe, called and we were talking to him. He was telling Tommy how much he ate, so Tommy put me on the phone and he told me that he ate nachos with cheese and jalapenos, a hot dog, a grilled cheese, and I think something else. Then he goes “I have a sneaky suspicion about all this. Because the last time I ate this much was when you were pregnant with Brandon. And I am not going to do it again with you, your husband can get the hunger pains this time.”

Jane~ He heard back from a job that he applied for, he has to call and make an interview with them. Then he also found a job in our local papers classified section, where he could start out at $15 an hour. He is going to call on that one as well.

Hello to the rest of my fine lady friends. I will come back and do personals later on. I am not feeling too good, and just popped some popcorn and got a bottle of water to settle my tummy since it was emptied of all the contents.

01-07-2005, 07:29 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Susan - oh how sweet that he took care of your car bill. But you would do the same if the situation was reversed! I will breathe a sigh of relief when you and the Gabster are safely in his care in Hawaii! Have you ever tried Harvard beets? They are kind of sweet and sour, and very good. Whenever I eat beets, I think of you, lol.

Ellen - so glad Amelie is better! Now that she's older, will you be getting her spayd when she's healthier? I used to be on the board of the humane society locally, and have seen all the unwanted cats and dogs. So sad! I know the ones at your house are so loved... too bad you can't house them all. Wait... maybe you can, lol!!! Hey, isn't your doctor's appointment today? It will be good for you to get out of the house, even if it is just to the doctor's. Let us know how it goes, ok?

Mindee - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tommy gets one of those jobs!

Once again I woke up before dawn to potty and then can't get back to sleep. Not sure what I'm doing today... just hoping it doesn't rain again. The National Guardsmen have been filling sandbags since town is close to flooding in some areas. Thankfully, there's no chance of it where I live. Neal says if it floods up here, we better look for Noah and the Ark, lol.

Have a good day!

01-07-2005, 07:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

I just got home (right after James), I stayed an extra half hour. (gotta pay for that new car someone don't I? :D )

Jane--I see you're up as I'm ready to go to bed. Hope you at least get a nap today! I should post a photo of all that I got for scrapbooking.....I'm just amazed and unasure of what to do first!

Mindee--I thought Tommy had a job? Is this a different one? Good luck to him if it is.

Susan--I'll have to check in on the hair stuff. I think I'm obsessing over my age. Why, I'm not sure......but anything to brighten up my face and make me feel younger! I'm even thinking of getting pink clothes! (that's something I don't ever buy)

Ellen--So glad that your kitty is doing better. Can you imagine if we humans had to go through mutltiple births everytime?? My boy is doing better....must have just needed to mope and nap all day....he's back to running! :D

Ann--Got your information! Thanks so much. Will definately look into that.

Ok ladies....wasn't intending on doing individuals...but into the swing of it. Now maybe I can catch up later when I get up!! Dont' you all get to chatty on me while I'm asleep.

Take Care and Good Night!

01-07-2005, 10:03 AM
Ok- so some minor drama last night. As you know little Leigh has been under the weather, so she stayed home from school yesteday. Mostly cold symptoms all day, the asthma kicked in as it usually does. 'Bout the time my DH got home from work, she began looking more flushed, so we took her temp - 104 in one ear and 106 in the other:yikes: so DH took her to urgent care where we discovered she has pneumonia. Its at the very beginning stages, so she came home with amoxicyllin. I couldn't remember the last time she even had a fever...withthe exception of asthma, she's been really healthy. I expect she will be feeling a whole lot better today as the drugs start working.

I'll check back in later to do individuals.....doubt I'll be going anywhere today

01-07-2005, 11:51 AM
Good Morning and a Happy Friday to Everyone ~

Katy~(((((HUGS))))) to little Leigh. I do hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Ellen~good luck at the docs today. I'll be thinking of you. :grouphug: Glad Amelie is feeling better. You have a big heart taking in all the kitties. My cousin and Aunt did that. For a while they were living together and between the both of them they had 8 cats in a one bedroom apt.! :yikes: I think they are down to two each now but living in their own places also. Yes, we do have heat, thank goodness. The outages here are sporadic so so far, so good. :crossed: There are so many downed trees and limbs it looks like a diaster area. The streets are still awful, with the exception of the main ones-just messy. It is supposed to get up to 34 today and then 52 tomorrow so a lot of this will melt. Of course that's not so good either because it will just freeze overnight. DS didn't go to work Wednesday but did yesterday and today. He is the one I worry about. DH luckily just works about 2-3 miles from where we live so it's not so bad for him to drive down the road, he's careful.

Susan~you're killing me girly with all these emails, poems and songs. :cry: :cry: Rocky is such a sweetheart, such a special guy and you are so lucky to have found him. I know Gaby is gonna love him to.

Jane~I caught some of that show and read about it in a magazine. When I first read about it I thought that would be so cool! Then after seeing some of it I thought okay, maybe not! :lol: I can stand to be without tv for a little while and if I absolutely had to. But I have to have music and books. Although, it was the perfect time for everyone to just sit around and talk instead of everyone heading to their rooms and hiding as usual.

Marti~we have a fireplace, a gas one and that saved us the other night. I do hate driving in the icy conditions because I swear these people speed up. They think because they have an SUV or a truck they don't have to slow down. Anyway, while it is bad it isn't so bad that I couldn't get out yesterday and believe me I AM careful, I don't care how stupid anyone else wants to drive in this stuff I am not trying to keep up with them. Keeping my fingers :crossed: in the hopes your friend gets the job.

Angie~I apologize for forgetting to say Hi to you! Like Ellen said and I have said before you tire me out just reading your posts. If I did what you did I would literally fall into bed every night, not sure I would get up the next day either! Hope Brandon is fine after falling. Thanks for the pic in the email, so pretty!

Sue~okay, now are you back in Vegas or still in IN? I'm getting lost trying to keep up with everyone. Thought you were still in IN. :dunno: I do hope that 2005 is a good year for you and your family.

Mindee~hope Tommy gets one of the jobs. I too thought he was already working.

Anywho...HI to everyone else :wave:

We finally have television again! YAY! :cp: :cp: Vince called the cable company last night, well we have been calling since it went out, just finally got a hold of a live person. Said they just got to working on it yesterday about 4:30 pm. It was back on at about 10:45 last night. DS asked if we get a credit for it being out for two days...I just laughed! Like that would happen. Well, I am headed out again today. Didn't make it to Wal-mart Wednesday or yesterday. Did have V pick up a few things Wednesday night since he goes right by there on his way to and fro work. But need to get more stuff. So that's what I am doing today, and gotta go to Cingular they have the cell phone all messed up. It was supposed to be the family plan and they are doing it like 3 seperate phone services, ummmm no. That's the only reason we got one otherwise it is to expensive for me. I don;t really need on except for emergencies or if I need to get a hold of V at work and I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Anyway, here I go again blabbing.

Have a great day everyone! See ya...:wave:

01-07-2005, 12:06 PM
Meant to ask...does anyone have Netflix? Or has anyone tried it? Was just curious as we were thinking about trying it. We don't rent a lot of movies but would definitely watch them if they were delivered to us in the mail. I noticed they have a trial offer for $17 something but didn't see anywhere what it cost after that. Then it confused me a little because it said you can get as many movies as you like but can only have three in your possession at a time. Anyway...was just curious if anyone had it, used it and what they thought about it. I also noticed Blockbuster was doing something online-anyone know what that is about?

Okay, I am outta here again. Will probably be back sometime later today or this evening. Take care ladies. :wave:

01-07-2005, 12:07 PM
:coffee2: Good morning all. Ellen, so glad to hear your Amelie is better. I have several cats who's stories are simular to hers. One of my cats is named Cinderella,Cindy for short.You can guess why. I found her close to death with, I believe, were two already dead siblings. Weening is a really terrible time for feral kittens and so many won't make it.I have rescued more then 40 cats over the years and seen alot of sadness.I've become almost militant about animal rights.Rosiekate,Hope your little Leigh is feeling better today to, I hate it when any of my babies,human or fur are sick.Mindy,has your Tommy ever thoght about driving a truck? My son got his lience after only a 6 week training course. He drives tankers now and makes close to 20$ an hour, but whats really great is his full coverage health insurance and 100,000.$ life insurance for next to nothing. He also get a retirement 401k.(I think thats what it's caled.)Theres a huge demand for drivers with clean records to drive tankers because of new laws due to Home Land Security.

da fat n da furious
01-07-2005, 12:36 PM
Cristi, good day to snuggle under your warmest blanekt with a good book! Put the radio on to a good oldies station,,,
At least thats what I would do! We are having some nasty weather here too, very cold, lots of snow and ice. At one point Monte was driving to a small town just outside of Calgary and it was white out conditions...hate that.
Katy, hope Leigh is feeling better, Brandon was the same way, asthmatic and has had pnemonia. I bought this oil at th e health food store, called OBLA oil. very strong and when he would get conjested I would boil some water and give him a vapour shawl. I was always told never to give him any anti conjestive meds to this works great and well Ive used it on myself too.
Susan, put the cookies down...and the pumpkin bread...ahhh man that made my mouth water. oh ya water,,,forgot to drink my 2 glasses this mornings,,,*sigh hate water in the morning,,,hate the bathroom olympics more thou. I bet Becky's hair looks great. And if she likes it then smile Mom and pray she washes her hair My thought is, its only hair color, its when they start wanting weird hair cuts that are short,,,piercing parts of there faces, and tattoos in noticeable areas. I say this last part cause Brandon wants a tattoo, saved his money and *sigh wants a ivy thingy around his upper arm. Tanner wants an earing in each ear. And won't cut his hair! Its as long as mine,,,seriously! Same color,,,and I streaked it last month...*sigh should of had girls!
Ellen, I PMed you asking for your email address. give the babies a kiss from Aunti Ang and tell them she wishes she could be closer to baby them too.
Jane, I played snakes and ladders with the boys,,,and War,,,and I remember how adorable they were when they would just do what they That reminds me,,,Brandon has this game I bought him years ago called Labryth...good game should pull it out and challenge him tonight!
Mindy, fingers crossed for James!

Marti, my mom bought me a suitcase full of makeup from Costco,,,did you see them at your Costco? Anyways got home and opened Monte's present to me and yup another suitcase full of makeup,,,but they were different,,,feeling like a greedy child I sat there talking myself out of keeping both,,but Monte was,,,oh keep them both with all the theatre stuff you could use both! Gotta love that Man's logic! Do you get Regal in the states? Cause I saw alot of scrapbooking stuff in the flyer.
I have to goto a scrapbooking party next week,,,how dangerous is that? I have addiction problems to stuff like that and have avoided scrapbooking.
Oh ya Katy I saw your new knitting book at the grocery store,,,I went throu it and now I can't remembe what page it was that I loved the shawl. Anyways I saw this woman with a scarf the other day,,,should of asked her where she got it. Anyways pretty blue, and soft looking,,,its that synthetic stuff that is all the rage. But there was a fringe with lil shiny beads on it,,,same colors as the scarf SOOOO pretty. Me being half raccoon noticed them shiny beads right So Im thinking of going out and buying me some on that there wooly stuff and shiny beads. I don't knot,,,just crochet,,,don't know if I can do a a scarf thou,,,pretty much limited to squares,,,small squares,,wash clothes, bigger, baby blankets and huge,,,afgans. (sp?) There is a woman at work who knots alot,,,gonna have to ask Momma Chris,,,thats what I call her,,cause shes always mothering me.
I stopped at my old work yesterday to check out the sales,,,bad idea I know. Anyways I saw the cutest 2 piece outfit. Basic black sleeveless dress with a jacket piped with pink. 35 eh? Didn't have time to try it on. Saw a vavvooom kinda dress too, but Im not a vavvooom kinda girl. Loved the color. But would need a strapless bra,,,and I after trying those things on,,,nope.
well I should get myself showered and out the door....
have a great day ladies..

da fat n da furious
01-07-2005, 12:39 PM
Cristi, I think Blockbuster is saying no more late fees! Which I am so thankful for, last year I had 2 times only where I didn't pay late fees,,, That was my new years resolution,,,to bring back my movies on time...and not pay late fees,,,funny. Now I have to move that to the library,,,I paid alot of late fees there too.....*sigh

01-07-2005, 02:21 PM
Angie,your life sounds so busy.So glad you can squeeze us in here. I like you discription and sence of humor I see shinning though your posts, and glad I could introduce you to Tony Hillerman. You'll be a fellow fan for sure. :wave:

01-07-2005, 05:09 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

Hi Angie~yeah, I saw the thing about the late charges but I thought I saw something about them doing what NetFlix is doing, not sure where I saw it. Then someone told me that Blockbuster either bought Netflix or were trying to or vice versa. Can't even remember who told me that. Anyway...I would love to curl up on the couch with a good book and oldies...unfortunately...I had to get to Wal-Mart to get some food. Then wanted to get the thing taken care of witht he phone. So while at the mall DS decided to do some shopping at Old Navy. He had a gift card with some $$$$ left on it. Never been in white out conditions and I hope I never am...that would be too scary for me.

Hi Pam~what a cute name for your kitty, Cinderella. You are right that there is a demand for truck drivers...there is here also. DS#2 was going to do that and there was a glitch...can't remember for the life of me what it was. But he switched and is working construction. He has so many different interests he can't make up his mind on one. But for now he is loving working in construction. The pay is horrible but it's a job!

Anyway...didn't get the phone issue worked out. Was told she couldn't do anything until the phones were activated and need to call Cingular since it was set up over the phone. Hoping to have it taken care of in a day or so. Just get frustrated going thru all the nonsense (the recordings) and then being put on hold for soooooo long. Anyway...gonna go read the newspaper and have some cards to address till V gets home. So good to have tv again. :D Have a good one ladies. :wave:

01-07-2005, 05:28 PM
I'm baaaack
Leigh has figured out how to gag on her meds and puke them up - oh joy. So we are going to try to sneak them into her milk or her yogurt. She is eating and drinking pretty well, thank goodness and her fever appears to be completely I'm keeping her at home for the next few days. This means I'll miss the unity rally ( go away skinheads!), but I just can't risk her getting something else.

Jane - I saw 1900 house - I liked it! Believe it or not, it isn't that hard to adapt to no tv. I grew up with no tv as my parents didn't like it. As my brother says " We read alot of books and played alot of chess" Now, electricity is another story! I like to camp, don't get me wrong, but when I am at home - I like heat and light.

Cristi - I am seeing lots of ads for Blockbuster's new DVD subscription service. They are saying you can try it out for free and then it's 14.99/month which is three bucks less than Netflix. I don't use these because we get free DVD checkout from our library with three weeks to see them. But, if I didn't have internet accesss to my library collection, I would probably use one of these services as you can keep them as long as you like. I like that part.

Susan - Rocky is such a sweetie - hope you can move to Hawaii soon!

Angie - I had been told by other parents that she could get pneumonia more easily becasue of the asthma, but this is her first case. I took her off the Pediacare and am now just giving her an antihistamine for her runny nose. She still has her inhalers and amoxicyllin so she is one drugged up cookie :( She is perking up bit by bit.

i know I am not getting to everyone , I am sorry, but Leigh is needing me. I'll try to get back later

01-07-2005, 05:49 PM
Good Afternoon-

My boss is here today if I type really fast he will either think I am a steller employee or playing on the internet again. - lol

hmmmmm, cookies were wonderful Angie but I ate them all not thinking of the Brandy in them and,,,,,,,,,pretty sure I got drunk

Gaby is a pro at medicine taking Katy. She use to spit it out and let it run all over her. Now she likes to take it and says "Yum"......this improvement is due to her babysitter that she had- certainly not to my mothering

I was bracing her down with my legs, prying her mouth open and shoving in the goo.......wasn't going to let my Joan Crawford parenting class go to waste. Anyway, hope little Leigh is feeling better :)

I really honestly couldn't say if I would be so giving as Rocky Jane. I know I love him but if some guy was always short of money I might yell "RED FLAG" and run the other way. - lol........thank goodness Rocky hasn't done that with me. He might just mature me yet. I said almost the same to him and he just said "My Love is for better or worse"

He is so sweet.

Picked up my car this morning!! Signed a check for $3963. I guess that was from the insurance company - plus the 450 deduct. I start paying that back in my next pay check. Anyway, with free daycare for a month I will get caught up quickly, thank goodness for nice family in my life.

My mother brought me can foods today that included chili beans - which I have been craving for days so Gaby and I had that with cottage cheese. Yum,,,,,,,,haven't tried the Harvard Beets- Jane - you buy them in the store??

Rebecca turns 12 tomorrow.....she is my Barbie doll......she has to be just so before she can go outside. Her dad is getting her a TV for her birthday. Rach has a basketball game in the morning and I hope to finally get to Gap this weekend.

I guess that is it. Weighing in at 145 - blaming the cookies - lol........

talk later :)

01-07-2005, 07:24 PM
Hi everyone!

Susan - here's my recipe for Harvard Beets:

Mix and cool until thick the following:
1/4 cup beet juice (from canned beets)
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons cornstarch
1/4 cup vinegar
1 Tablespoon margarine

Then add 1 can of drained, sliced beets. Stir and cook until beets are hot.

If you like sweet and sour foods, you'll love these!

Ellen - didn't want you to think I forgot about your photo dilemma. We really do want to see your pictures, so please keep sharing them!! Thank you for not using image tags to put them in your posts. Please just include a link to the photo so we can all visit it. This helps everyone, in case the images load very slowly for some people that have bad internet connections. (like yours truly :D ) If you would like to include them in your posts, you can use the attachment feature and upload them to the forum as a thumbnail link. They load MUCH quicker that way. The administrators say each one can't be any larger than 500 pixels wide or high, and the filesize can't be any larger than 50k. Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing more, they're fun! Btw, so glad your kitty is better!

Have a good evening, and I'll try to catch everyone else tomorrrow.

01-07-2005, 08:33 PM
Popping in really quick.....getting ready for work. I didn't get up today until 1:30!! I was shocked! I haven't been feeling the greatest so maybe I just needed to catch up on some much needed sleep.

I talked to my friend who had an interview the other really didn't sound like he got the position. He didn't get a tour of the area (which they usually do) and he also mentioned that he himself said that he needed to work on communication.

Hmmmm......doesn't sound good does it?

I better get finished getting ready for work.

Talk to you later

01-07-2005, 10:34 PM
And I am back yet again! :lol: Just can't seem to stay away! Actually, I am trying to keep up with you chatty ladies. :)

Susan~sending Rebecca some birthday wishes for tomorrow. Hope she gets everything she wants and more! So what do you get a girl of 12?? Suggestions please!!! My nieces (twins) will be 12 next month and I am trying to figure out what to get them. Have no clue what a 12-year-old is into now days.:gift: :hat: :hb: Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rebecca! :hb: :hat: :gift:

Katy~brings back memories when the kids were that age and not wanting to down their meds. DS#1 had canker sores in his mouth when he was 1-1 1/2 yrs. and they actually gave me some medicine with instructions to have him hold it in his mouth for at least a minute or two, kind of gargle with it-are you serious?! How in the heck do you get a baby to do that? Anyway, hope Leigh gets better soon.

Hiya Marti~wow, 1:30! Wish I could sleep that late. But then you don't even go to bed till the wee hours of the morning. For a while I was sleeping in till about 9 but for some reason when DS gets up at 6:30 to get ready for work it wakes me up. Not sure why as V gets up at 5 and does whatever it is he does till 6:15-6:30 and I never wake up. Now how can he do all that and I don't move and DS gets up and gets in the shower and I am wide awake?! Oh least you are rested before getting on with the day. Hope you are having a nice one.

Hi Jane and everyone else :wave:

Gonna take off and go see if anything is on television. See ya tomorrow some time.

01-08-2005, 01:48 AM
Hi Cristi ,

Thank you!! Rebecca likes anything pink, she likes Ashlee Simpson or Kelly Clarkson CD's, she likes $$$, she likes going out to movies. She likes her hair straightener, she likes her boom box.

Her father bought her a tv today. I might buy her an Ashlee CD and mabe a pick shawl.

Thanks Jane - lol.......I don't know if I will ever get around to making Harvard Beets,,,,,sounds yummy though. I went home today and got all excited when I saw a jar of homemade pickled beets from my grandma - didn't see them before in the can stuff my mother brought.

anyway, I probably should expand my world - lol

best get!!

da fat n da furious
01-08-2005, 02:54 AM
I almost spit my milk all over the screen Joan Crawford parenting classes? Susan you kill some days,,,,and of course your talk about beets *shudder makes me *shudder
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKS!!! Hugs from Auntie Ang

Katy, again same as Brandon,,,on the birght side maybe Leigh will be so like him that she too will more or less grow out of all this???? fingers crossed. We had a home nebulizer, the mask, and nebs with all the good drugs. On bad days we would have to use that 6 times a day,,,yes waking in the middle of the night to give him a treatment.

Cristi, personally, in bad weather Wally's can wait,,,make do with other stuff untill roads are better. I guess its all my years living kinda in the country and seeing some pretty nasty accidents.
Id tell you to check out our front page of one of our local newpapers but by the time you are reading this it would be the next day.

Pam, I don't really feel like I do alot... go figure. Ive always been busy. As a kid I did everything I could to stay away from home,,,life at home was pretty horrible, so I always signed up for things that kept me away. And now as an adult Im so used to doing things,,,I of course sign the family up if they want to or Mostly they want to...really. I do ask they do a bit of volunteering,,,for me I think its a good way to give back,,,teaching them to be caring individuals.
ok off my soap box....
So I went shopping with Becky today,,,I bought this FUNKY pink and black poka dotted shirt. It will go great with this black skirt I bought months ago for 10 bucks. ITs black with a small ruffle and pink pipping. And I bought a dress for 20 bucks,,,black wrap around. I came close to getting this school girl skirt, couple of pleats in the front with huge buttons on it. I just thought it was too young for me. I guess that fact it looked my old cheerleading skirt make think that
Ok funny thing today,,bought a straightening iron last week...and Ive been playing with today I got a bit carried away,,,now how did I straighten my hair and have one of the biggest hairs days ever? I raised some eyebrows I asked Momma Chris to help me knit...she now wants to make one with beads in it too.
So tomorrow night is my company christmas party,,,yes its only now,,,crazy.
Now idea of what to wear...choices are:
1. long brown skirt with velvet top with the feathers around the cuffs
2. the pink skirt and poka dotted shirt,,,with my pink suede
3. new black dress...classic
4. black skirt with funky red embroidered flower on it with shiny funky red top

I have nice shoes and jewellery for all.
well I should get to bed..
night all

01-08-2005, 07:50 AM
Gooooood Morrrning Ladies!!! (do you hear Robin Williams voice in your head??? :lol: )

Was a busy day today at work, but it went fast. Snowed out for a little bit...but stopped by the time I left. Once I got home though, there was snow all over our yard and vehicles........who knew that 20miles really makes a difference??

On to individuals....lets start with Angie...

Angie--Your outfits all sound great......what kind of mood you'll be in is how I would determine what to I feel outgoing? seductive (yep, you see that correctly!) energetic....and so on, you get the idea. I like choice #1.....I can just envision the feathers........One of these days I'm going to have to go shopping with you! I bet you could find me a great outfit!

Susan--Happy Birthday to Rebecca!! I hope you have a fun day spending it with her!! Jhanai right now is into Hilary Duff. I don't remember being 10-12 and having a favorite singer already!! (I think I was in my late 20's when I did!) :lol:

Cristi--It's the mother in you...that's why you wake up when DS is up and sleep when DH gets up!! :D Getting up at 1:30 really bothered me. I felt like my time before work was cut way too short. I had glanced at the clock around 1:00 but in my eyes I thought it was thinking "half an hour won't hurt".......who knew? :lol: I didn't get to bed until almost 5:00 yesterday so that may have been part of the problem.

Jane--You're going to have to give me step-by-step directions on how to use the little photo posting thing....or did you already? Anyway, I've seen those images on other forums and tried it once and just couldn't do it! May have to try it again.

Katy--Poor little Leigh!! Sorry she's feeling so bad. I always felt horrible when Jhanai was sick....and it seemed that she was sick a lot when she was little. Now, she just gets a little cold and is over it after a day or two. But as a baby....I was one stressed out mom! Big hugs to her!!

Pam--My DH got his CDL last summer. He drove for a company for about 6mos before he got the job with the railroad. He said he didn't mind driving at all, but the company he worked for was horrible. I personally think they need to be looked into! But I agree....getting your CDL is a great idea and the schooling is only 4weeks (here).

Hello to everyone else. Hope I haven't missed anyone!

Ok...I'm going to browse the board a bit and then get to bed. Then tomorrow is catch up cleaning day!! LOTS of laundry. When did I get so lazy with the laundry??? When I saw the socks walking by themselves, I knew it was time and that I have been neglecting them!!

You all have a great morning!

01-08-2005, 08:43 AM
Just got off the phone with sister Maggie. Her DH, Jerry, the one with prostate cancer, is back in the hospital. I was with her yesterday while they admitted him. Anyway, she told me the doctors told her last night that they have done all they can do, and that it is just a matter of time now. They said to get a living will ready. Of course, she just cried and cried this morning. I feel so agitated that I can't help her, or him! She's going to be talking to the people at hospice so they can make him comfortable at home. Jerry has been my bil for almost 34 years, so this is hard.

Hope you have a good day.

01-08-2005, 09:54 AM
(((((Jane))))) So sorry about BIL...thank goodness for hospices. They are wonderful places , take heart that he is going to be as comfortable as can be and his family is around him. I will be saying a little prayer for your family today.

Pam - I think your truck driving suggestion is a good one.... we considered it for DH when I was first a SAHM. My DH is high school math teacher and we thought that would be a good summertime income. But then he started teaching summer he didn't pursue it.

Marti - no snow here :( I'm stuck at home all day today, so I kind of wish it would kids would have so much fun. You know, we have been pretty fortunate with Leigh considering she has asthma...this is only the 2nd time she has had antibiotics. I suppose I should brace myself, because now that she is in preschool she will most likely be getting sick more often. That what happened with James until he was about 5 or 6, then ....nothing. I can't remember the last time he missed a day of school.

Angie - I vote for the pink boots! unless your workplace is conservative, then by all means go with classy black. I used to have a wardrobe with a sense of whimsy....I'm trying to get back into that now that I'm losing some more babies...yada yada If you are starting to knit I have a great book ...I taught myself from reading this book. It's called Knitting in Plain English, by Maggie Rigietti ( sp?). Tho' the first Stitch n***** looked like a good one, too. If you got one of those books, a project, and found a knitting group, you'd be a pro in no time I'm sure.

Susan- a big Happy Birthday from Rosiekate to Rebecca...oh to be 12.. I remember really liking Elton John. That was the age I got into listening to the radio and Bay City Rollers were big as well as EJ. Remember Bread ( the group, not the carbs) Oh I am giving away my age here. 12 was the year I started paying attention to fashion and hair and boys, but I was always boy crazy so that was nothing new ;)

Cristi - hold meds in his mouth for a whole minute ?! :p That would be one very long minute! Today I am trying to sneak her antibiotics into chocolate milk... we'll see how that goes. wish me luck. Did you sign up for a DVD service? We have Bubba Ho Tep ( mummy cult flick) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind waiting to be watched. It takes me forever to find a stretch of kid free time to watch these things, so I am glad I have three weeks to do it.

Earlier in the thread the 1900 house was discussed..just wanted to give a little plug to another series that I thought was really good. It was called the 1940 House and a family lived in a house in London that recreated what was like to live in London during the Blitz.... I think you can get it through Net flix, but probably rentable as well.

Time to get moving...
Have a great day everyone, my thoughts and prayersr are with you and your family today, Jane

01-08-2005, 11:46 AM
OHHHHH.1900 house! Loved it. Watched the one about the rich folks and the servants and the one set in the wilderness. What an eye opener.So glad I live today. I love PBS.I never miss Nova or Speacial Performances.Jane,so sorry to hear about Jerry.Sounds like he's a very good man and those are as rare as hens teeth.We need to keep them around.Katy, cats aren't children but its a struggle to give them meds too. Mixing them into something tastie is good idea. I do that with the cats.,strained meat baby food. Very interested in knowing how "Internal Sunshine" is ,heard alot of god buz about it. Yet sometimes the critics love something I end up hating like "English Patiant".

01-08-2005, 12:31 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Jane~sending prayers and (((((HUGS))))) to you and yours. So sorry to hear about your BIL. :grouphug:

Angie~ooooo, I like outfits #1 and #4. Of course like Marti said depends on you rmood at the time and as Katy said depends on the workplace. But I am picturing the feathers and the big red flower and either one looking nice, heck I am sure any of them would be nice. Anyway...let us know which one you choose. Yesterday the road conditions weren't so bad. it is slowly melting away and the main roads they do a good job of clearing, just messy on the car and then dragging it in the garage. And believe me I am very careful.

Katy~oh, I remember catching some of 1940 House also. I haven't signed up for a DVD service yet, not sure I will-was just checking them out. It seems kind of a waste of money since we have cable and eventually they will be on there. Besides it is just another bill I really don't want. I am definitely going to have to check out the video section at the library. I DO remember Bread, Bay City Rollers and especially Elton John. Still love all the Bread songs and EJ's Yellow Brick Road album-that is my fav!

Marti~glad you made it home safely. I hate driving in the snow but will if I have to during the day but at night it scares me to death. Too funny about the socks walking by themselves! :lol: I think you are right Marti...'cause every morning V will kiss me and tell me he loves me and see ya later. Well, except for the other morning...he said he couldn't find my head! Apparently I was cold and had my head under the covers. :lol: It's funny because sometimes I am so out that I don't even know he does it. I will wake up later wondering if he did or not. And our bath is in the room so not sure why I don't hear him moving around. Sometimes I do but I just don't really wake up, just kind of in and out. But when one of the kids is up...I am wide awake.

Susan~thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I will just send them some gift cards. :dunno: That way they can get what they want because I have no idea what they have and don't want to duplicate anything. But a gift card to what/where? :?: :chin: Glad I have time to figure this out. I know at 12 I wasn't into clothes, hair or boys. Loved music tho.

Pam~ Oh, I beg to differ. :) At least don't tell my Aunt or cousin that! While cats and dogs are animals I do think they are our children. They act just like them and are very smart. And yes it is a struggle isn't it? I have put pills in our little Ernie dogs food bowl and thought I mixed it up so he couldn't see it. And the silly dog eats around it and leaves the pill in the bowl! he's picky like the kids also...I think the kids have rubbed off on him! :lol: Another cute thing about him is when I open my camera and he hears it he comes running. No matter what part of the house he is in he will come running when he hears the camera or the video camera-the dog will get right in front of it and wait till you take his picture. Anyway...Ernie dog is our baby even tho he is going to be 10 this year.

Ms Ellllllllen.....where are ya girly? How did the doctors visit go? How is Amelie doing? Are we going to have to come and hunt you down? Hope all is well with you.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much on the old agenda for today. I have a few loads of laundry to get done and think I will do some much needed reading. Tried to start a book last night but was watching a movie. Now normally I do both but usually it is a movie I have either seen before or not very interesting. This one I wanted to watch so couldn't read. Anyway...

Hope everyone has a great day today!

Tea Rose
01-08-2005, 03:21 PM
Good Lunching Ladies
Hi Jane:wave: I wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear about your brother in law,I hope that they can make him comfortable ,my Uncle went through prostate cancer about 5 years ago , but he is still doing pretty good considering his age and other ailments.I know how hard this must be on you and your family, I will add him to my prayers,and your family.((((HUGS TO ALL))))
Katy:wave: I am also sorry to hear about Leigh being ill, its so hard when they are so little , for you and for them, I am happy to hear that her fever is gone,are you having any better luck getting her medication in her? I hope everyone is well in your family (((HUGS TO ALL)))
CRISTI,:wave: I am still here, I am so exhausted I can't seem to get my brain going in one direction. Much to my dismay I did not get to my Doctors appointment, My doctor had a family emergency and cancelled all her friday afternoon appointments.I could have seen a replacement doctor , but chose to wait, till next week , I hate starting from scratch trying to explain the whens wheres and whys to someone who has no clue who I am. I do have a clean set of clothes to go to emergency though just in case something arises before then , but I am taking it easy , so nothing hopefully does. Just my luck though, I already wait to long to get there to begin with , I didn't inform them when I made the appointment that it was a bit of an emergencey, that I should have done this a month ago ,so thats what happens, when you procrastinate. but thankyou for asking.Amelie is doing better today she is eating much better, the babies are growing so fast, still only maddie's little eyes are opened, I think Maddox is going to be one of those big lazy boys with huge eyes. but so far so good . Funny you all should be all talking about getting medication into little ones, Like Pam said mine are of the four legged kind,although they don't know that, and its a little to late to tell them now.:lol: but sometimes its a challenge with them as well, Some kitties take them like troopers and some act like you are trying to do them in. Amelie is good I open her mouth and pop them in, Kobie takes his meds twice a day , same thing, no problem, Emma on the other had , is terrified and fights to get away and crys like you are doing her the worst injustice.Mine are the same if you put them in the food they will eat around the pill or they just won't eat the food ,smarter than we give them credit for,the only one that worked on was our golden retriever, Aria, put anything in peanut butter and it was gone,:lol: I guess it doesn't matter if they are two legged or four, they all act the same.So Mrs.Cristi,which movie was so good you couldn't read and which book wasn't so good , you didn't do both.I can't even look at a magazine lately let alone read , I pass out sitting up, to many stiff necks these days.I don't even think wheaties would cure this. I am still struggling to get my christmas stuff all put away, sad state this is. My green and white gingham tablecloth came yesterday, I liked the Christmas one so much I ordered another one in green and white, with solid green napkins, and place mats to put on top when meals are served, for the sloppy people so they don't muck up my tablecloth when eating(DS).Sure looks pretty and cheery with the florals in my wallpaper and curtains, I though it might be a nice change . I think I am still in shock since the decorations came down, slow recovery this year, must be the way I feel , usually feels good to get things back to normal.hopefully I recover by spring.:lol: uummm I am waiting for the pictures ,it not nice to keep Ellen impatiently waiting,:lol:
Hi Marti :wave:.You would think if them socks can walk by themselves they could into the washing machine to, oh wouldn't that be nice. maybe someday we will have bad smell sensors in fabrics and a magnetic sensor in the washing machine that would pull everything into it.Wow thats a stretch,isn't it. :lol:
Angie Hi:wave:, thankyou for the picture.well aren't you just the cutest thing to. you are as I imagined in my mind :lol: You Ladies are all so beautiful I am not posting a picture until I have had my extreme makeover:lol:Oh my gosh Angie I think all of those outfits sound wonderful, with shoes boots and jewellery to match, you will be hot regardless which one you choose,When I worked at Eatons years ago, I had some nice outfits with matching accessories, they made me feel so good, I hope to start getting somethings this year, little by littlle , but my new pink lingerie jammiesand bathrobe do have a few rhinestones and my slippers have a little maribu fluff on them ,now I just need to lose this weight so I can wear them. I made a pact with myself they stay in the drawer, till I 'm not fat no more.:nono:So I'm thinking spring:yes:
Hi Susan :wave:.Birthday wishes to Rebecca, TV huh lucky girl, So you have been getting drunk of cookies ,thats a very discreet way of getting it done:lol: When I worked at Eatons , we had a lovely little scottish lady named Helen ,every Christmas she would make us rum balls,and we would sneak them from under the counter when no one was around, the rum was so strong when we pulled the lid off it was enough to render you intoxicated without consumption:lol: but they were gooooooood. I miss Helen and her rum balls.:lol:Hope your having a great day.
Hi Pam :wave: Does Angies Monte know about this introduction between Angie and Tony Hillerman ,I'm not sure he would be thrilled about that:nono: :lol: How are you doing today, did you get any of my snow yet, I did send some your way, I hope you enjoy it:lol: :snf:
Hi Ann ,how are you doing this fine cold brisk snowy day, I hope you have a big shovel cause I sent quite a bit , to you as well.:sman:
Hi Sue:wave: I hope that everything is going well for you and your family,hows the weather your way are you still home or have you gone back to the sunshine and warmth.
Hi Julie :wave: glad to hear all the bloodwork was good, I still think when you are not so stressed , amazing things will happen for you, wishing you the best for you in the new year
Hi Mindee:wave: How did Tommy make out with the job situation, did he have the interveiw yet?? If You are planning baby #2 it would be really helpful if he could find something soon, for all of your sakes. Glad to hear his hand is healing well,((Hugs)) What does Brandon think of the snow? still to young yet
to voice an opinion though I suppose .

Well everyone I woke up today to the most amazingly beautiful snow covered ground and trees this morning, I finally got the big fluffy white snowflakes, a little late, but still just as beautiful.I haven't done much today, and probably won't , this not feeling well and not having energy to do anything is stressful, but I know it will get done eventually. Whats the rush right its not like its going anywhere.I think its time for a little nourishment ,tummy is a cross between rumbling and upset , so that means soup is on the preferred menu, I will come back later and see what everyones up to, till then have a wonderful afternoon.

01-08-2005, 05:19 PM
Just have a min.

I'm feeling horrible today. All stuffed up and coughing......those socks can dance a little longer today!

Jane......BIG hugs yours way. So sorry to hear about your BIL. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

Cristi.....That's funny about hiding your head! You must have been cold! That is the only time I stick my head under the blankets.

Katy.....I'm surprised you didn't get snow. We had some last night, although it's all gone today!! (hurray!!!) but it's suppose to snow more this weekend. UGH!!

Ellen....there you are! Was starting to worry about you! Must not keep us in suspense as to your where abouts! :)

Oh girls...I need to get going. I'm feeling awful so I'm going to go take a nap or something. I will be back later maybe to chat some more.

Take care

01-08-2005, 06:30 PM
There I was perched on the edge of the earth, ready to drop off it. Then I thought to myself.... “ What the heck am I doing??? There are smart butt comments to make still and thoughts and joys to share with my wonderful jaded lady gals. I am sure you have all forgot about me in the three months I have been missing in action. Believe me, it was not my intention to be gone so long. The stress and struggle to get thru my 20 credit Fall term and the aggravation of my piece of poo computer made time observation briefly leave me. Now here it is January, a New Year and a new term of school and I am amazed. Amazed that I made it thru my first term of school ( straight A’s by the way) and I made it thru the stress of still not being able to find a job and being so broke I look for change on the street to get by. I had to worst Christmas I have ever had and the worst New Years Eve, but I am still kicking and screaming my way through the hours and days and weeks that keep racing by at high speeds. When I get the chance, I will try to share some funny pictures of Christmas and me. I have packed on the pounds like some pregnant rhino and I have grown my hair out some and changed the color a bit. That has me entirely depressed and disgusted with myself so that I try not to look in the mirror and hate going anywhere outside of the house. I start on live patients next week taking Full mouth x-rays on the family that would do it and such. I am scared out of my freaking mind to work on life people instead of my fake ones. I can barely sleep just thinking about my first appointment on Tuesday. I hope I don’t pass out on my patient. LOL That would be funny, but not. hee hee
Anywho, I miss you all and wish I had the money to get a new computer so I could get on more often to share in the group, I feel so left out over here all by myself. Hi to all the new girls and the other sweet regulars. Thank you to Cristi for not forgetting about me and keeping me cheered up with her sweet cards and emails. If anyone feels like corresponding with me since I have a hard time getting on to the sight , feel free to ask me to PM you my e-mail address. It is easier for me to just get online and check my email and talk that way. However I will try to get on more often to the Jaded ladies sight and catch up this term.
I just hope I don’t make a fool out of myself this term with live patients. Everyone wish me good luck, well if you want to. You are all in my thoughts and I send my hugs your way. I am still alive and hope to make it thru another three months. My first National board exam in feb. Chow for now.

01-08-2005, 08:12 PM
Shanna,seems to me that because you care so much is the same reason you'll be wonderful with live pt's.I haven't ment you yet, I'm Pam. Girls. it's been :rain: nonstop. No walk for 2 days now .I'm bumed. It's scale day and though I've managed to stay in my cals limits I'm sure I won't be lossing as much as I might of. :( Ellen,how is your kitty? Mine are all in the house worm and cosy. One good thing about winter is they are all close by and not running a muck outside theatening local wild life.(mice,birds,gofers,ect)Kate,1940 House? Cool, I haven't seen that. I've read about how hard it was back then and am very interested to see this.Got my son off to work and all caught up with housework . Am a little restless. Maybe I'll go read for a while. Ho hum. Love to all Pam

01-09-2005, 01:37 AM
Hi Ladies~

Up late this evening watching tv and reading. Finished the one book and started another-will finish it tonight. Just have to see how it ends-I think I know but want to see if I am right. :D

Ellen~girly why haven't you gone to the doc sooner? If it is that bad you should head straight to the emergency room. I know what a pain they are but still...don't want anything bad to happen to you. The book I was trying to read is Buried Lives and I read two pages but decided I wanted to see the movie more. Some cop flick that I can't even remember the name of...go figure. I liked it tho and had to finish watching. The book I will finish tonight. Then will start another tomorrow-in a reading mood again. Anyway...glad to hear Amelie is feeling better.

Marti~it must be going around. Take care of yourself and hope you get to feeling better soon. I am sure the laundry can wait another day or two so you just relax all you need to. Our bedroom is soooo cold at night and I do tend to cover my head. Most times tho I don't cover it completely, just enough to keep from suffocating!

Ms Shanna! I am soooo happy you decided to drop in! I know you have been very busy with school and trying to find a job but we miss you around here. And you are very welcome for all the cards. Sending good vibes and some luck your way for your test next week and month. :lucky: :goodvibes: :crossed: I am sure you will be fine with the 'real' patient next week. Just don't let yourself get stressed about it. Hope you get to post the pics-look forward to seeing them. Thank you for the ones in the e-mail-they were so cute! Loved the antlers! You take care and post when you can. :grouphug:

Pam~was it you who said you lived close to Big Bear? I saw the weather tonight and Big Bear had A LOT of snow! The roads leading up were horrible and thought they said were closed. Everyone seems to be getting some freaky weather. I remember back in '87/'88 we had a freak storm in Thousand Oaks and got snow. Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. And of course I had to take a pic because no one else would have believed it either. Wasn't a lot but being in CA the kids had never seen snow till then. It was cool!

Anyway...thought I give my eyes a break from reading. Right, and get on the computer where the screen is even worse. Going to go finish my book. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing and say HI! See ya tomorrow sometime I think.

Forgot to mention...Marti I did notice the changes when you mentioned it a few days ago-kept forgetting to say something. Also...has anyone been having any problems since the changes? When I go to post it will say it didn't take my post or something like that then I go bak and hit submit again and it says it is a duplicate...yadda, yadda, yadda. Then when I log out it won't log me out-says an error occured. It has done this to me every time I post since the changes were made. Anyway... not big deal was just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Nighty night!

01-09-2005, 02:09 AM
Hello girls.....

I never did take a nap. My laundry was bugging me too much and so I danced them right into the washing machine!! :dizzy:

I even ran to the grocery store (ok...I'll admit it, I DROVE to the grocery store) and bought some fruit--banana's and oranges. I LOVE Oranges, but can't seem to eat them ALL the time. Weird isn't it? And banana's....only like them in the winter. Another weird thing! (maybe I should have posted that in the "quirks" thread!)

Cristi--I have had that happen to me a couple times! So you're not the only one. I was wondering why I got the message that an error occured then to end up saying that it was a duplicate...strange. But I haven't had it happen since. After reading about you taking a break from should have seen my eyebrow was raised thinking just what you wrote "taking a break from reading to get on the computer?" Hope you don't strain your eyes!!

Pam--Did you get some reading in? What are you reading right now? I think it's great that you go walking. I still haven't really gone out in my neighborhood enough to get myself going. I did it a handful of times, but that was it. I like walking with someone and not by myself. Do you walk by yourself or do you have company? Hope the rain goes away for you so you can walk. We have snow. Not too happy about that! But what can I do. (maybe go have a talk w/mother nature and have my neighbors think I'm a lunatic! :lol: )

Shanna--Good to see ya. Hope to see you post more. You already got my e-mail if you ever decide to chat.

Hello to everyone else. Not much going on but laundry today. No more dancing socks and no more towels crying in the corner in my bathroom. Everyones happy. (ok...I must be sick because my laundry apparently has feelings!)

James called not too long ago and told me it was pouring outside and I went out to look and all we had was snow. HUGE flakes. My car and the truck were already covered. So weird for Oregon. This year may be for strange weather.

I'm off to browse around and keep myself occupied. Still trying to figure out a page for my scrapbook. So many cool things and I haven't used any of it yet!

Talk to you gals later!

01-09-2005, 08:43 AM
Go to chit chat 103, please.