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05-10-2001, 11:33 AM
Is it hot enough yet? I think so. We officailly hit 100 yesterday at the airport. Henderson has been there for days but till the shade at the airport gets there it doesn't count. I have a bit of the flu. I was in bed for 19 hours yesterday. I slept at least 18 of those 19 hours too. I felt half way drunk, mostly hungover w/ achy joints and a head ache. If I had eatten anything I am sure I would have been praying at the porcelin goddess! Just got dry heaves instead. Today my tummy is rumbly and I still feel clammy. But over all, much better. 24 hour flu thing perhaps. I haven't had a "drink" in over a month!

I am grading the creative floral class finals tonight. They get A's just for showing up. But this is a pretend competition. I get to write down my thoughts on each one. I am one of 5 judges.

One good thing about being sick, food is not a problem. I may have had 200 calories all day yesterday. I am not hungry today either but I will make myself eat. I want to continue w/ lots of water. Gotta flush the flu bug out!

Well, Grif gets tubes June 4th. I am nervous yet relieved. I love the tube doctor. Maybe he will be able to sleep thru the night after this. He never sleepes more than 5 hours right now. And that is a rarity. Well, off to do some light house keeping. audri

05-10-2001, 12:09 PM
Audri, I hope you are feeling better soon. Hopefully the tubes will help Grif, it will seem strange to have him sleep through the night.

It's been nice here, not too hot, today it might hit 80. We really need rain though, it is so dry here, there have been some forest fires. It is so dry in NH that we can't even get a fire permit.

The eating has been going pretty good this week, still not great but a lot better then I was doing a few weeks ago.

Hang in there ladies, we can do it!

05-10-2001, 12:23 PM
Thanks for telling me about the new thread Flower. I'm so dense I would have been lost for a month again. lol
I hope you are feeling better & that the tubes work out for you & Grif. Nothing worse than never getting a full nights sleep.

Things are going well for me in the health area. but the in-laws are coming today & I am stressed. I am trying very hard not to let myself emotionally eat. It would be so easy to spend the day putting stuff in my mouth. I won't give in! I won't give in!!!!

Have a great day everyone.


05-11-2001, 09:20 PM
The weather has been great here in Ga. Not too hot or too cold. I heard how hot it was out your way the other day, Audri , and I thought about you. Hope you AC is up and running. I am not looking forward to that!

Jesse is graduating on June 2nd. He has a part time job at Pizza Hut and is mending with his first broken heart. I am suffering with him. I hate that they have to grow up.He was just a baby yesterday....What happened?

I am eating everything in sight and not exercising at all. I can't seem to get a handle on it.

Well, before I go on with depressing info I'll just say I hope everyone has a great weekend.


05-12-2001, 02:29 AM
Hey Karen- get out of the fridge!!!! :)

I for one would rather not eat. I have had the runs for 48 hours now. Nothing is working. My water in take is up up up!!!! I have been gulping the pink stuff. Guess I got a pretty nasty bug. Tomorrow is a big day. It must stop! I have photos for Grif and his cousin, then to an Art fest, then a bbq, then bingo.

I have an interview on Monday for Michaels. Not the new location but that's okay. I will survive. It will be pt. Think of me. Chris has a 3rd interview at Best Buy on Monday too. We need something good to happen.

~Happy Mother's Day everyone~

05-12-2001, 08:49 PM
Good luck and good vibes going out for Audri and Chris!

Karefree, I seem to be with ya in the fridge :o I don't know what is with me, but I was somewhere the other day and had that feeling that I was the largest woman there...then saw one other lady bigger and then I just felt both fat and petty. I know the point of this is health, but it is a self esteem thing too...and I know I have more of it when there is less of me, so I just gotta get going again!

Good for you Sandy and Dolphin for "being good" lately...pull us on board!

05-14-2001, 04:10 PM
Hello ladies,
How is everyone doing? Did everyone enjoy Mothers Day? I had a very nice time.

Audri hope you are feeling better and you and Chris get the jobs you want.

Mailwhale, hope you are doing better, just remember you can do it!

Dolphingirl, how's it going, are you keeping the eating under control?

Karefree, you have to make up your mind to start moving more and eating less. I know you can do it! Too bad about Jesse, they do grow up way too fast. I can't believe that my daughter has her own place now. I went to visit her on Saturday and was proud of myself that I didn't get lost getting there or coming home lol. We really had a nice time.

Keep moving and don't forget to drink your water!

05-15-2001, 10:57 AM
Well...if the money is good enough, I may be working at Michaels. Chris got the job at Best Buy too. (doesn't start for a month) I will have to talk to the mgr tomorrow but the dept mgr likes me just fine. I also had an interview w/ the new store yesterday that went well too. The old store is exactly 10 miles from home. I will see how far the new store is today. Still got decisions to make. Do you have any clue how over whelming making an arrangement at a huge store is? There were so many choices!!!! My only guidelines, make a 29.99 and a 39.99 design. (30% labor)

Well, I walked 5 miles on Sat and 4 miles on Sun. And I drank lots of water too. I wish Spring would last longer. I think it is summer here already. Hope we get a long rainy season.

Hi Sandy! Dolphin-are the inlaws gone (along w/ the stress?) Karefree-how are you? Mail-howdy! You've got a b-day coming up. How are you gonna celebrate? Does hubby have any free time these days? Is is better than when he was a student or worse? `audri/flower~

05-15-2001, 12:09 PM
Well, the inlaws are still here until Thurs. & I am trying to be patient, with them & with myself. I am doing fairly good on the stress eating but I am having to really pay attention to what I eat. I have been able to keep the exercise up by getting up an hour earlier to do it before they get up. I hope I survive the rest of the week.

Hang in there everyone & have a great day.

05-15-2001, 01:28 PM
Hang in there Dolphin, you can make it! Only 2 more days!

I watched Oprah yesterday, and they were doing a thing on all the people who had successful lifestyle makeovers in the last year...quite a few had lost weight...and one lady was saying that learning that "everything she put in her mouth was important" was a turning point for her. I keep thinking of that. I need to get back to some of those key ideas with food. Every little bite counts and is symbolic to my relationship with food and my own self worth. Do I respect myself enough to not sabotage myself with food?

Oh Aud, sometimes I think it is worse now that when he was in school. I don't know. But then we love Wenatchee, it is nice to have a pay check and this weekend he has a three day weekend. But when he has on-call weekends, it makes for several long weeks with him stressed and gone a lot. He has nothing left for tasks around the house and this one is bigger with more tasks...I guess this is what we wanted. Yea, another b-day lol, no plans and that is fine.

Kayla is on her first antibiotics...Ear infection. I guess we were luckly to go almost 6 years without them! She is already feeling better, but yesterday was miserable.

Have a good and healthy week everyone!

05-18-2001, 11:53 AM
You make actually get it. I have a decision to make. And boy do I hate making them! I will be offered the job at Michaels today. I go in at 10 to talk to the GM. It's at the old yucky store. Not in the best neighborhood, but I don't really care about that.

Chris was offered the job at Best Buy and at Crispy Creams. I can not work if he works and visa versa. The boys are out of school in 3 weeks and none of the jobs pay well enough for a sitter for 3. Plus, we only have one car. I wanted the job at Micheals so bad. BUT I also want Chris to grow up and be some what mature and take care of his family. I do everything for him. If I ever want him to be responsible I should let him go out into the real world and have himself become sucessful. But at the same time, if I am working, I know I can get the bills under control. And I know I can stick w/ a job...but I also need to believe in him. The other thing is that Griffin will have 6 doc appointments in 2 weeks. I kinda need to be there for the surgury too. Ughhhh!!!! It's a mom thing.

And if I go back to work full time, that means putting my crafts on hold. Can I live w/ that.???? Chris wants to go back to work. He won't make as much money as me to begin w/ but at least I don't have to cook and clean after putting in 8 hours if he's working. I can do it while he's working. Ugh!

I have got to make peace w/ what ever I decide or I take it out on the fridge. I have been eatting chips like crazy! I don't even like potato chips! Thanks for listening. ~flower~

05-20-2001, 12:00 PM
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear mailwhale
Happy birthday to you!

Do hope your day is full of smiles! Check your yahoo email, I sent ya a message.

Well, Chris liked the first day of Krispy Kremes. Hopefully that will continue! I have baby duty while he gets ready for work, just stopped in to sing the song! ~audri~

05-20-2001, 12:36 PM
Happy Happy birthday Mailwhale Dear
happy days will come to you all year.
If I had a wish then it would be,
A happy happy birthday to you from me!!!

We love you, Mailwhale. Have a wonderful day!!!!

05-20-2001, 03:04 PM
At the mall to get a free pillow from the Sleep Number Store and thought I would check in.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAIL WHALE!!!!!!!! I wish you the merriest of days and hope you get your hearts desire. Also wishing you well kids.

Audri, if it was me , I would go with Chris working. Especially since the baby is going to need you really alot soon and you want to pursue the crafty thing. Of course, you have to make up your own mind and you know better than any of us what is best for your family. Good luck.

BTW, if any of you need a new pillow go to and print you out a coupon. Everyone is a winner and the pillow is EXTRA comfortable. It says on the web site that you have a choice of a pillow or a sleep number night shirt but our store only has the pillows. They are both a 14.99 dollar value. If it isn't at the www.the site go to,2194,006-005,00.html

Glad to hear that some of us are keeping our heads on straight about our eating plans. It helps those of us who are out of control know that it can be accomplished.

Well, I will try to check in again from home.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and....Audri, it is in the high 60's here. Unbelievable!


When I go back to real the address I gave it is leaving out a letter that is actually there now. I will try again.,2194,006~005,00html

Also, can't be sure if the little emblem is a - or a ~ near the end of the address. Sorry. I hope it works if you want a pillow or shirt.

Okay, it is leaving out part of the address. If ya'll want it email me at the yahoo thing and I will try from there.

05-21-2001, 11:03 AM
Chris actually likes working at the donut shop. They've got great benifits too. BUT they get to bring a dozen donuts home a day. Not good. Thankfully I will be sick of them really soon!

My mom loves my ceiling pulls I made for her. She wants samples to take to work to sell there.

Mailwhale-how was your birthday? ~audri

05-23-2001, 11:41 AM
Hello everyone. Would someone come to Vegas and kick my butt back into the correct gear?

Karefree-do you still have Karpies email address? I know it is onefishtwofish but I can not remember what server. It's her birthday today. I guess I mail her a b-lated card thru snail mail. I hope she's doing good. It's been about 3 monthes since I spoke to her.

I still don't have any of you guys email either. I lost them all when my computer crashed. Mailwhales-yours is easy to member! :)

I am gonna have to start excersicing. The nap sydrome has hit me. I am so sleepy I must nap w/ baby. I know it is junk food and too much sitting time. Gonna have to make myself go out into the world!!!! ~flower/audri

05-23-2001, 12:58 PM
Thank you all for the warm wishes...I did have a nice birthday...we worked on a pond in our back!

I got bad news from Bigstep saying that they are gonna start charging 9.95 a month to host my web page for the business. $120 a year for something I don't really need since I'll bet most all orders come by phone and others could use e-mail if they wanted to. So I just made a small page at and that may be all I go with. I couldn't get a one of the photos to upload, but it is a web page if someone wants to dig it up. I'm changing my flyers again, so I guess it is good I found out before I sent those to print with the old web page listed. Darn. Oh well!

Audri, hope all is working out with the job things... Maybe Michaels would let you help out with specials etc for a little mad money here and there? Then you can mostly focus on Grif, and the rest of your clan and your business???? Good luck dear!

05-28-2001, 12:35 PM
Where in the world are you guys? I am just being a mom these days. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else is going on. Tonight I try to figure out my bills. Not a fun thing, but I promised myself I wouldn't wait till the first. I can't wait for Chris's first paycheck!

For some reason I can not modivate myself to diet. I want to get to 160 as a first mini goal. I even have a Hawaiian Luau to go to June 22 as modivation. It is one of my best friends from high school, wedding reception. We are to wear Hawaiian attire w/ swim suits underneath. Ugh! Very scary! I will see lots of people I haven't seen in a very long while. So why can't I pass up carmelized onions, donuts, brownies, soda pop!!!!!! I am gonna have to do something! Chris asked me to cut my hair short. I have been having him comb out tangles lately. :) I think me fat w/ fat hair is an obsene sight. But maybe I will try to find a cute cute that I will do after I loose the first 20 pounds. My hair has lots of curl when it is short. Lots of curl! But I have been wearing it long for 11 years now...maybe it is time for a change. In high school I was a hair model. I did shows w/ the ultra short styles, wierd colors too. It was fun.

Well, I will get to housework now. I know that burns more calories than typing! :) ~audri

05-28-2001, 01:00 PM
Good morning~

We are busy here in the rain. I have hubby son & teenage friend digging a ditch for a new water line in the front yard. It is pouring! After we get the new water line on Fri. we have to get a new driveway b/c the old one will be ruined. OH well it will look nice when it is done & we won't have to worry about the pipe anymore. They are sure dirty & wet though.

I am doing good these days. The motivation is still good & I am trying to stay positive. I really hope I can stick with it. It is so hard to keep going some days.

Hang in there Flower. You will get back on track just start with baby steps of improvement. Like make sure you drink all your water today even if you don't do anything else.

Have a great day!

05-29-2001, 03:07 PM
Hi everyone, things are going pretty good around here. Had a good long weekend, ate and drank more then usual but back to being good today lol.

Flower, I hope you get back on track again soon, that Luau sounds like fun.

Dolphingirl, sounds like you are still doing good, keep it up. Are you still doing crunches, I am lol.

Hope everyone else is doing good.

05-30-2001, 11:51 AM
Hi girlfriends...I have had lots going on. If ya want to hear about it, go to the support page and look up the Alternative group. I couldn't dare type it all out again!

How is everyone? I will pledge to do bicycling everyday. I could only do 5 minutes yesterday. no soda this week. water, water water. 50 situps a night. And try to stop wearing frumpy clothes each day. They lead to more frumpy eating!

05-30-2001, 09:58 PM
Hi! I'm just about off to Michigan....good grief, what a mess trying to get ready! But, I think we are set, just sending my arrival times to sis once again...and we are off! have a good week / weekend! I hope I do to!

05-31-2001, 11:56 AM
Enjoy your trip Mailwhale! See ya when you get back.

As for me. Things seem better today. Which is such a relief! Now I go deal w/ bills. Yuck! ~flower

PS/ Day 3 w/ no soda. Also day 3 of 50 situps per day, water, and cycling!

05-31-2001, 01:01 PM
Mailwhale, enjoy your trip. I'm sure you will have a great time.

Flower, keep up the good work, take it one day at a time and you will do fine.

I still have to get myself on an exercise schedule, I'm not going to kickboxing right now, so I guess I'll be doing more walking.

Take care everyone.

06-01-2001, 11:54 AM
Okay girlfriends. I am gonna tell ya what I am doing. It is June 1st. I am back at 190. My goal is to loose 2 pounds a week all summer. So by Sept 1st I will be 164. I will excersice daily. Only drink water and stop the sugar intake! (Most of it anyways!) I will do this! I bought a two piece suit to wear at a classic rock concert tomorrow. It is from 11am to 11pm. No shade. I will wear shorts over the bottoms, but gotta be able to stay cool. Will be using the outdoor showers and lots of sunscreen! The suit is a Marilyn Monroe style halter top. Lots of support and coverage and a bit of cleavage. I won't feel so fat if I am not covered in fabric from head to toe. This event is a magnet for white trash. You see every shape there. The guys gawk at the skinney girls popping out of their suits but then a huge guy w/ a plumber butt walks by! :) There are really large people too. You see them plop down on blankets and not move all day! But then unfortunately beautiful people sit right next to ya! The headliners are Styx and Journey. Then fireworks. Eddie Money, Night Ranger, Molley Hatchet and Billey Squire are also gonna play. 28 per ticket. Well gotta go get ready. Cameron has a soft ball game at 9:30. 5th grade vs the teachers. ~audri

06-01-2001, 12:05 PM
Good job on the new enthusiasm Flower. Just keep you small goals in sight & try to reward yourself after some of the little goals.

Have a great weekend, it sounds like a busy one. I love Styx, they remind me of my college days. How fun. Sounds like you will be pretty hot all day in the sun though. Drink LOTS of water. It will be a good system flush.

Have a great day.

06-03-2001, 11:40 AM
Well, no sunburn. Someone out there must have ordered high winds for yesterdays concert. We had 30-40 mph gusts. That brought in clouds. Unfortunately that also canceled the fireworks and made my allergies soooo bad. My eyes were watering all day! I am fine now. Took a shower as soon as I got home!

Griffins surgury for his tubes is tomorrow. I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I need to go plan a menu. But I am not in the mood. Maybe I will brouse a cooking website to get modivated. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Try to get some excersice in! ~flower

06-04-2001, 12:31 PM
yawn, I'm back :dizzy:

But it was a nice trip, and a lovely wedding and all went pretty smoothly...although, Patrick got some kinda flu thing mostly just in the form of a fever and irritable-ness the day of the wedding. I gave him a big dose of motrin and he made it down the isle in his cute little tux, but during the ceremony he put his ring bearer pillow down on the steps to the alter and then put his head down on it. The groom picked up my son at the end of the ceremony and carried him down the isle with my sister on his arm during the recessional! Kayla did great as the flower girl, and I'm gonna watch the video soon to see which one of us attendants figeted the most during the ceremony as we stood the full hour, all in uncomfortable shoes! Anyway, it was fun and I'm sure will have some funny moments on tape :o

So, I ate crap the whole time, and never did figure out the time change so my body feels yucky! I think I'll be doing juice only today for a little cleansing! Then flower, I'm with ya on the summer plan. Two pound a week would be wonderful, I think I really would need to commit to something radical though...follow some strick plan for a while, and as nothing else is working that may be just what I do. So what plan????? I'll give it some thought and report back soon. Have a great week gang! :smug:

06-04-2001, 01:20 PM
Happy Monday gals!:)
Flower, I hope after the wind, clouds, & pollen the concert was fun anyway. Grif will do fine with the tubes don't worry. Maybe this is just the thing & you will have a happier, healthier little guy from now on. I sure hope so for your sake & his. Let us know how it went.

Mailwhale, wow what a whirlwind weekend you had. I'm glad the wedding went well & everyone made it through. Patrick must have been sooooo cute laying on the ring pillow. What a precious memory for you & your sister.

Ok Ladies.....this is it!!! :s: This is my mean "let's get to work face." Figure out your plan & let's stick to it. OK? I have been doing quite well lately & I really need you 2 on board w/ me so I don't give up. So how is that for a selfish reason? You can do it. Just think at 1-2 lbs/week & by the end of the summer we would be down 11-22 lbs. Take a moment & visualize that. Wouldn't that feel good? So keep that picture in your head & remember everything you put in your mouth counts. Even that last bite off someone else's plate. So set your plan & your goal & let's get going!!!:) We can get where we want to be. I know we can.

Ok pep talk is over, go out & have a great day!:) :) :)

06-04-2001, 06:41 PM
I am quite relieved that the surgury is over! It was so quick. We got home at 8 am. That was w/ a flat tire! I drove over a screw sometime! Discount tire fixes them for free.

I am getting help from a credit counciling place. They will help me get out of debt so I am not such a wreck when phone rings or on payday. It should help getting them paid off so much quicker too. I am not using credit anymore except for the morgage and car payment. If and when we get car #2, it will be cash. This all should help me get skinner too. I have been stress eatting lately.

The boys get out of school for the summer on Thrus. Time goes so quick! Hope all is good. I am going grocery shopping tonight. I think I am gonna give RS another try. At least so I can make sure I get in all my veggies!!! ~audri

06-05-2001, 12:32 PM
See ya on thread 13#!!!!