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01-05-2005, 08:53 PM

Finally!!! I have gotten on and stayed on!! I hope you don't mind, Sheila, that I began a new thread...

I think I had problems getting on because I put up a FIREWALL the other day and am wondering if that had something to do with my having a hard time!? It seems that everytime an ad would try to pop up that's when I would loose the post / site. I stayed on most of the day and tried on and off and then finally decided to change the level of my firewall and finally got on.

We had a awesome Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! We were very busy everyday, but totally chilled out on New Years day together --- it was absolutely blissful!!! Knowing we didn't have to be anywhere and all I had to do was put in the turkey. And the aroma of that bird was heavenly :smug: Not to mention that it tasted mighty good too :T if I do say so myself...

I have allot of pictures to share with you gals after I post this --- I think you will enjoy seeing them :D


Hi Sheila, I am so very sorry to read about your Dfather and all that you have been going through. Please don't feel badly (I know... ... easier said, then done). Joe & I (and Joe's family) had to go through the same thing with Joe's father reached 86 years old and wasn't able to care for himself any longer. It was not easy at all, but once he was all moved in we all (even Dad T. ) knew it was the right decision. I imagine that you feel you should care for him no matter what, but you must think of yourself & DH too --- and I don't think that is selfish one bit. You have done so much to care for your DF up till now and God knows that!! You have no reason to feel guilty - not a one! I do hope that it has helped you to come here and vent some, I only wish I'd been here for you too. I am sorry I have been MIA and not around for you, but I see you have been in good hands!!! Not to mention *God's Hands* :grouphug: I agree... VENT AWAY!!!! You have every right to feel depressed... we are here for you, Sheila :grouphug:

Hi Bonnie, isn't that Tsunami devastation just the worst!! They are now saying that children are being stolen out of the schools and orphanages to be sold & traded into slavery or for sex... it is beyond sadness (!) --- I just sat and cried tonight really hard listening to the news about it :cry: Makes you just wonder what this world is coming to! When I look at the faces of the children there and see the sadness of missing their families - it just tear's me up inside. Especially now, because they cannot even be adopted out, because of the bad people --- they won't take the chance. So there they sit & wait in over crowded orphanages and schools. My goodness gracious... ... ... I have been talking to God allot these days.

How are you feeling these days? Are you okay?? I know that you are getting quite allot of snow --- would you believe we didn't have much left on the ground this morning!? It is almost all melted... it went to 58* this past Sunday, rainy but warm. Now today... it's a different story all together. We have temps into the 20's now, but the day began with sleet, ice and now snow. We are expected to get 4" by morning... you?? I think it's sweeping across your state first then over to us.

Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I just LOVE IT!!! I love farms... when Joe & I first married my brother-in-law and his family lived on a farm and I was there almost everyday helping Deana run it, from feeding the animals to working her gardens and just loved it! I would go there imagining it was all mine ;) I even would stay there while John and Dean went on vacations for 10 days or so. I would watch their 5 kids, their pets and their farm for them... good memories. Your home reminded me of all that :D It's really a nice home, Bonnie! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

Hi Angel, Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement... I was very ill for a good 12 days! I just got plain wore out, but am all better now :) How are you doing these days? Feeling any better? How is your hand!? Hear anything from your testing yet? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your kitty graphics!!!!

Yeah... Food Hangover :lol: I had not eaten allot of fun foods in so long that when I enjoyed them at my friends New Years Eve party I really felt it! Not to mention the lack of sleep!!! We didn't get home till 3:00AM on New Years Day! And by the time we went to bed it was 3:30AM --- I cannot remember the last time we stayed up that late (or is it early :lol: ) but we sure did have a wonderful time there!

What did your children think of their BOOKS you made them for Christmas??? I bet they loved everything you did!

I see that you all got some very warm temps the other day!!! Lucky you! 70* not too shabby at all - I wish! What is it doing there in Alabama now? Still warm?

Diane, How are you??? Please come back and let us know... I am so very sorry that you have had such sadness in your world with your nephew :( I didn't know till now - I am so very sorry. Is that why you haven't been around in the last few days --- did he pass away? My prayers are with you and your family!!! :grouphug:

As for weight-gain: I gained 2 pounds back during the Holiday's myself --- don't feel bad, okay. The reports are that the average person gains 7 lbs. :yikes: from Nov 24th thru Jan 1st... we'll all get back *on track* again, together :goodvibes I began my walking again yesterday and ! whew :faint: ! was it hard! It sure didn't take long at all to get out of shape... I haven't walked on a regular basis since Nov!!! That's a long time to go without walking or doing something, so I will feel it the first 10 days or so, then it will get a little easier again... I HOPE :crossed: I wish you all the best on your low carb program --- how are you feeling today??? Going through those withdrawal blues? Come back now --- we are here for you! We'll all go through those blues together, okay ;)

Okay... I am gonna post some pictures now...
I hope they bring a smile to your faces.

*God Bless!*
Love you gals,


01-05-2005, 09:04 PM
Just about all our gifts under the tree & an extra treat! Domino! So adorable!!

Domino & Me with new jammies from Joe :)

Joe with his Jerry Baker Yard & Garden Books & on our porch with his gift from Mrs. Claus

Look at what she got him... a Craftsman Work Ctr! He likes!! Me with Lenox Kitties from my mom :)

The day after Christmas: Our Best Friends (Mike & Peggy-far right) with their girls (Sandy-in red & Lisa) at our home. Peg & I are putting together a ginger house kit... fun! I was sooo ill that night from a bad head cold, but determined to have fun...

Our Ginger House all finished

Guido likes my new jammies too...

New Year's Eve at Mike & Peg's - Me talking & Joe ready with the confetti!

*Happy New Year!*
Look at the confetti in the air!! Do you see Joe (left side)? Lisa, our God-daughter (Mike & Peg's youngest) afterwards - so sweet!

Joe on New Year's Day with our turkey - YUM! Me getting Guido kisses :smug:



01-05-2005, 09:37 PM
Hi, I'm new to the group. My name is Cassie and I was 50 on December 19. It's been almost 2 weeks so that's "over" right? ;) Anyway, Sunny, I enjoyed looking at your pictures very much and look forward to "meeting" everyone!


01-05-2005, 10:04 PM

:wave: Hi! I'm SunnyD also known as Donna. I'm not 50 yet... so you are just fine ;) I happen to help out Bluet when she lost her way one day and have been invited to be a part of these lovely ladies ever since, so I am the baby here at 47 almost 48 ;) :D Joe & I have three kitties (our boys) and have been married for 29 and 1/2 years (30 in June).

:hb: Belated *Happy Birthday* wishes to you!!!! :hb:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my pictures and I do hope to see you back again telling us a bit more about yourself :)



01-06-2005, 12:59 AM
Welcome, Cassie--fifty and fabulous! I'm approaching 52 now, married for 23 years, have a blended family of four children, and have one beautiful four-year old granddaughter who is my avatar. Also have three cats and one stinker of a little dog who just turned 13. As you can see by my signature, I've lost 82 lbs. now (although I haven't weighed since sometime in November) and am nearing my goal. Hope you stick around and tell us your hopes, dreams, and weight loss plans.

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season this year, SunnyD, with your Thanksgiving trip and awesome Christmas and New Year. I wonder if you were the only one of us to actually go to a party?? Well, of course, you are the baby of the group. When you turn 50, you'll quit your wild ways! :) This is going to sound sappy, but you are just so darn cute. You have the most beautiful smile, and when I look at your photos, I can't help but smile, too. We won't even talk about your handsome hubby! Seeing you guys so much in love after 30 years makes my heart happy. I want you guys to cook my turkey next Thanksgiving--yours look really yummy. So can you eat gingerbread houses (that one is incredible, by the way) or are they just for decoration? I've never built one so I don't know if you put inedible stuff on it.

Well, I went to check out the facility my Dad is interested in. He wanted to get the cheapest room--a small studio with a shared bathroom. No way! I came home and told him all the reasons he needed a private bath (when he has to go, he has to go right now and can you imagine if the other guy was in the bathroom?), and he also needs another level of care. He was moaning about the money, but he has enough money to live for 20 years on what he would be paying for the most expensive one-bedroom place at the highest level of care. Must be the depression mentality. I told him that I would have to insist on the studio with private bath and the extra level of assistance because he needed to be kept healthy and comfortable. When dinnertime rolled around, he came out and said that he would go for what I had talked about. Good, because I would have had to use the POA to get him to do it. We're back eating together again because he said he wouldn't talk to my DH unless addressed. I know, it's weird, but, hey, we can hopefully last 15 more days without another outburst. It's been tough trying to arrange everybody's meals, and I hated seeing him eating alone, although I started joining him for lunch, and my DH has been eating at his desk.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! I can't remember if there's a new CSI on tomorrow, but I hope so.

01-06-2005, 07:27 AM
:coffee: Ummmm good. It is so cold this morning, woke up to 20's and the day before yesterday it was 70, go figure?

Jeff (nephew) is the same which is stable thank goodness. They went down with a scope yesterday and checked his lungs and all looked good. :D It is just going to take a long time, he is a very sick man.

Thanks Sunny for your pics, you have a beautiful smile. I'm glad you are feeling better, 12 days is a long time to be sick.

Sheila my thoughts and prayers are with you, this can be one of the hardest things to do but you know in your heart it is the best. (((Hugs)))

Cassie WELCOME, this is one wonderful bunch of ladies.

I have been under the weather the last few days myself just blah, no energy etc. more than likely it is the stress.

I will keep you informed and hope everyone has a great day.

01-06-2005, 07:35 PM

Hi Sheila & Diane!

Diane, I am so glad to hear that your Dear Nephew is doing better then all expected!! Annnnd... that you stopped in to let us all know YOU are okay :^:

I'll take 70*! I think it's about 30* right now here and we are in the midst of sleet and ice storms here. Many are without power because the weight of the ice is taking down power lines. Not to mention that there is allot of flooding here! We had allot of snow before all this rain and now that we had rain that snow melted causing the flooding. Then we got another 4" of snow and then it rained turning into ice again... crazy!! Enjoy your Texas weather :smug: and Feel Better! Just gotta hate those blahs! :grouphug:

And Sheila, you sure do know how to make a body feel good about themselves :^: thank you so much for the compliments... I called my hubby in to read your post and he got the biggest kick out of your kind words! Thank-you from us both! As far as the New Year's Eve party - we go because it is our best pals party... very warm and comfy with people we all know that come every year, it is absolutely wonderful. This way... if you don't see one another during the year you can catch up that evening. We get together at about 7pm till ?? They really put on a nice party --- if they stopped having them there we wouldn't go anywhere. You guys would love our friends, Mike & Peggy too --- they are the best! I pray everyday for their health and well-being, so that we all may live long lives together. Now... next year will be a different story - being that New Years Eve is on a Saturday night and we have church at 8:00AM the next morning we may not stay long after the midnight hour.

Ohhhh, we'd be glad to cook up a turkey for you :smug: In fact, tonight we had the soup I made at the beginning of the week warmed up --- yummy!!! Hit the spot with all the cold & damp weather we are having.

As for your father, I think you are making the right decisions for him... I really do! He isn't clear minded and thinking of all his needs in the way you do. Go with your gut feelings and all will go well for him, you'll see. You *ALL* will benefit his moving into assisted living, believe me. My father-in-law needed more care then he would admit too and once he accepted that fact he was happy with our decisions and with his personal attention at the assisted home. He lived there for about a year and a half before we finally needed to move him into a Nursing Home.

Yes, *CSI* and *Without a Trace* are new tonight... :cp: and a new show called *Medium* is on too --- I found the first show on Monday night interesting. Wonder where it will go? A little leery about it, but I enjoy checking out new show just to see for myself... then move on if it doesn't look good. *ER* won't be on tonight because of the new show *Medium*. I miss *Survivor* on Thursday nights. Soon *American Idol* will begin again. I enjoy that show too, being Joe & I are into music ourselves.

How are YOU feeling today? Any better? Or are you still feeling the blues? My thoughts and prayers are with you!


They are with you *ALL!*
Where are Bluet and Angel the last few days????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
I MISS YOU GALS!!!!! COME BACK!!! Love yous guys!


01-06-2005, 09:56 PM

I'm glad your nephew is stable, Candlelady--there is still hope! He's in my thoughts and prayers.

From 70 degrees to 20 degrees? Wow! Wearing shorts one day and a parka the next. That's an incredible drop in temperature. Are you exercising at all, Candlelady? It's a good stress reliever, and can help chase the blues away. I know I've been exercising up a storm lately! :) I do hope you get some of your energy back and feel better.

SunnyD, the news makes the weather sound pretty bad in your area. I hope your power doesn't go out. If ours went out, we'd have to huddle under the covers for warmth. Hhhmm, doesn't sound half bad, does it? Your friends sound like such nice people. We've moved around so much that we don't have a lot of friends, and the ones we have don't live near us. It would be nice to put down some roots, and get to know some people, although the older you get, the harder it is to make new friends. Luckily, I already have some friends in the place we hope to move, and also in the place we might have to move (back to where we came from in Idaho).

Hug your husbands tonight, please. My half-sister called to tell us that she lost her husband this morning. She'd called on Christmas and had told us that he had cancer in his kidney and had it removed, plus a couple of other health problems. Then less than a month later he's gone. I can't even imagine what she must be feeling right now, and don't ever want to. You know, I keep feeling that maybe Fatpuss lost her husband this summer, and that's why she's not posting anymore. I really hope I'm wrong about that.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my daughter called to tell us that she's going to the President's inauguration. While you all know I didn't vote for him, I am pretty excited for her. All the people where she now works on the Navy base in Norfolk were invited, along with spouses, and they're getting bussed up to D.C. Don't think she was invited to the ball, however. I hope she takes her camera (hhmm, can you take cameras?) and gets some photos.

Looking forward to some relaxing, yet gory, TV tonight. What can those CSI people come up with next?

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

01-06-2005, 11:45 PM
Good Evening

Sheila, you sound positively radiant tonight. You must feel you have made some good decisions and have put the worry part behind you. :) Yea!!!! for Sheila. :D Wasn't CSI a good mystery tonight? You must have loved it Sheila. I have only received one message from Hallmark, I will have to go read the rules again so I don't mess up on anything. What did you girls think of the new show that came on before CSI. I forgot the name of it now, I think it might be interesting. It is like Survivor, but it is about designers surviving being voted out.

Sunny, you are such a pretty person, you have a million dollar smile. Thank you for sharing you holiday pictures. Joe is a winner and you are both very lucky to have each other and such good friends to spend time with too.

Charlotte, looking for you to come back and post soon.

Diane, thanks for checking in. Glad to hear there is progress with your nephew, it is a slow progress but he will be alright I am sure.

Cassie, welcome to our group. What kind of diet are you persuing to drop the weight? Enjoyed your picture in your profile.

Fatpuss, missing you, hope you will come back to our group soon. Please know that we will always be here for you.

I am sorry, I am making this short tonight. I am very tired, I think after the weekend is over I will be ok again, right now I am a little stressed. Lots of company coming you know.

Sheila, I am sorry for your half-sister and her loss. May the Lord take care of her and hold her in his hands during this tough time for her.

Good night everyone. Have a good Friday.


01-07-2005, 09:04 AM

Good morning, everyone.
Sorry I've been slow about posting. Just a lot going on. Seems the days are passing so fast, & not enough time to get everything done.

My test results showed what I feared. Cervical Radiculopathy. They wanted to refer me to the surgeon that performed my Laminectomy. I requested they refer me to my Neurologist, instead. I'd rather he run more tests, & tell me how serious it is. He won't have me go through more surgery, unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, I'd have to go to Birmingham, which is a approximately 2 hr drive. That's very inconvenient for us. There are surgeons around here....but, the best are in Birmingham. I wasn't told if I had different problems from before, or if the previous Laminectomy had caused it. I have a 2-4 inch plate in my neck, so I wonder. My appointment is February 15th. Seems like a long time, but he is such a good specialist, he stays booked up. He is a very good friend of ours, also. thumb is better. At least the steroids helped my thumb, although I'm fat again, now. :( My hand goes numb a lot, though, especially during the night. Enough about me.! Glad you joined us. I sure hope you haven't been waiting until you turned 50 to join us. :^: Everyone is welcome here. I'm 55. :dizzy:

Hi Sheila....I'm so sorry about your half-sister's husband. She will be in my prayers. It does make me want to hug my DH. My DH had an unusual experience that has me very concerned. He had a sharp pain on the right, top side of his head. He said it, then, felt like fluid was going down his face & behind his eye. He said it bothered his eye when that happened. The more he held his head down...the more painful it was. He got relief when he held it up. When it finally stopped, he tasted blood! He has felt ok, since. We have no insurance on him at all right now. Money is real tight....(although I'd get a loan, if he'd go to the Dr.) But, he doesn't like, or trust Drs. So I doubt if he'd go, anyway. I wish he had the option, though. I'm am very worried. I told DS about it, so he can keep an eye on him, for me. It was almost a day after it happened before he told me! I've searched the web, but, can't find what it might be. Anyone have any idea?

SunnyD...Your pics are beautiful! You're so talented in so many ways! I love that gingerbread house. :D One thing for sure, if it's edible, I'm sure it's gone by now. ;)
Thanks for asking about the albums for the kids. They absolutely loved them! When everyone was opening presents...(so much noise & carrying on. :lol: ) they were really involved with the kids & helping them. But, when they received their albums...they stopped & got off into separate corners to go through them! I told them to go back to the kids, & they could look at them later. They said they couldn't stop! I watched them laugh at some pics, & cry over some pics. A lot they haven't even seen. It makes me happy to see my family happy. :) was so good to hear from you. Glad your nephew is doing as well as he is. I'm still praying for him. get some rest, my friend. I'm sorry you're so stressed, right now. I'll have a special prayer for you.

Everyone have a great Friday!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Friday! & Thank God I'm Forgiven! :) )

01-07-2005, 09:57 AM

Good Morning Gals! And what a good morning it is... to see that Bluet and Angel have stopped in :smug:

Hi Sheila, First off I want to say that I am so sorry :( to hear about your Step-sisters hubby... just as Angel went to hug her hubby I did soon after. He was already in bed, but I loved all over him anyway :^: It sure does make you 'think' and feel grateful! My thoughts are with her today...

Yes, the weather in our area is pretty bad! We lost some major branches of our Oak tree from the weight of the ice! Thankfully the branches haven't fallen on our home :o Many areas around us are FLOODED and without ELECTRIC!! I am blessed to say that so far these things have not hit us personally where we live --- just the ICE. You can hear your home actually popping from the cold and ice build up, scary! Thanks for asking about us, so far we are doing well and still have our electric. Those who do not have it are facing staying warm in these 20* temps we have right now! Not to mention frozen pipes w/o heat and ice waters filling the whole floor of your home from rising waters... Yes, I am grateful to be high enough not to be effected in that way!!

I forgot to tell you that the Ginger Bread House is a KIT! Everything you need to make it - the cookies - the icing - the candies and the tray all came in the kit :D I bought it at Wal-Mart for $10.00 :smug: You can get it there next year and make one too... it's really fun! And yes... it is all editable :T

I didn't keep it here though, I brought it to our best buds New Years Eve Party and we used it as a centerpiece on the table. We couldn't keep it because my Zeppe and Guido would eat it! In fact! As I was taking pictures of the house Zeppe jumped up on the table and I caught him in the act!

Here is the picture :lol:

Hi Angel, As for your hubby! Joe was on the phone this morning with me as I read that part of your post and he really feels that your hubby should see a Dr! My Joe said it sounded like something in his sinuses popped or burst... because he could taste the blood. Sinuses run behind the eyes and into the back of your throat (therefore his taste). You should really consider taking him in, okay.

Thanks about the Ginger house... but as I just explained to Sheila - I cannot take much credit for it because it was a kit and so easy to do. Yes, we did our own thing on it - not following their design, but it all came in a kit we got at Wal-Mart ;) Something to think about doing with your grandchildren next year :)

I am so very sorry to hear of all your health trails! My heart goes out to you Charlotte! I hope that when you go in February that specialist will be able to really help you get better!! :goodvibes And remember that you are NOT FAT!!! Those steroids are terrible and add water under the skin... it will all come off when they take you off of them again - you'll see. In the meantime don't be so hard on yourself, okay ;) :grouphug:

Your Scrapbooks sounded wonderful and well-received by your family :) It made me smile BIG when you shared how they all took them over by themselves to look at theirs... awesome job, Charlotte! They will remember what you did for always ;)

Hi Bluet, I am so glad you stopped in... but am so sorry that you are not feeling very well right now with the stress of work... I bet you so look forward to the weekends!! :grouphug:

I saw that new show last nigh before *CSI-Vegas*... it's called *Wickedly Perfect*. Was that guy voted off a TRIP or what!!!! He wasn't too full of 'himself' :lol: I was so glad to see him go!!! Funny how fast you can get caught up in these shows :o :dizzy:

I only got one message from *Hallmark* too... I am looking forward to watching the show tonight even if I don't call in - just to see what it is all about. Thanks for the link, Bonnie! :)

*Feel Better* okay :goodvibes


I have bill's to pay today ~ I blew them off yesterday because I didn't feel so good - I have a sore throat & swollen glands on the left side that began in the morning and hasn't left me yet. Now it seems to have moved into both sides some and not all in one spot... I don't have much of a voice right now either. If it doesn't ease by Sunday I will go see a Dr. on Monday ;)

Hello's to DIANE! I hope that you are doing well :^:
You gals have a wonderful FRIDAY now!!


01-07-2005, 09:55 PM
Hi, ladies!

Well, Bluet, I'm trying to make the best of things, and I'm trying hard not to let it get me down. I thought for sure that Greg wouldn't pass his proficiency after saying it ws a suicide rather than murder. Plus that electrocution thing was pretty darn interesting. Nothing was really very gory, relatively speaking, of course! I'm looking forward to tonight's mystery. Hhmm, wonder if you're watching it right now. I'd forgotten about all your company this weekend. Hope everything goes smoothly--we know they'll be seeing a clean house. :)

I sure hope you don't need surgery, Charlotte. It's always best to get the very best, especially when it comes to our health. I'm going to have to look up cervical radiculopathy and see exactly what that is. I'm glad your thumb is better, but such a bummer about the steroids.

How is your DH today? I hope he doesn't have a reoccurrence of those symptoms. I've never heard of anything like that. I'm betting you already checked your "big book." That's so great that everyone stopped to look at their albums. What a wonderful idea that was!

Thanks, SunnyD. Although I've known my BIL since I was 9, I didn't really know him. He was a nice guy, though, and they had two sets of twins. The first set is only 10 years younger than me. I hugged and kissed my DH a lot yesterday, too, and am now regretting it. Not really, but he came down with a terrible cold and called in sick at work. Well, what he really did was walk from the bedroom to the office and send an e-mail.

I might have to get one of those gingerbread kits for next year--they look so cool. Love that silly kitty getting a sniff. Speaking of kitties, mine are so bad. And all I ever do is laugh because they are so cute while being bad. My tuxedo boy loves to get into things (e.g., I open the drawer to get the phone book and when I put it back, he's sitting in the drawer) and I had a paper sack on the table. I turned my back and he'd jumped onto the table (a big no-no!) and was half-way into the sack. I couldn't be mad because he looked so funny with his rear sticking out of the sack.

Hope you get your voice back, SunnyD, and that you feel better. 'Tis the season, I guess. I bought a bunch of Zicam, and am taking Vit. C to keep from getting the cold my DH has. I can feel my throat getting a little sore, though, and my nose is dripping a bit. I will not get sick, I will not get sick!!

Well, Dad asked me to help him fill out the paperwork to go into what he calls "the home." Boy, I hate that. Today is the first day he didn't come up with some way to stay here, all of which I've had to say no to. It's been tough. But then he gets shirty with me, and I think, okay, this is why he needs to be somewhere where people know how to deal with this behavior because I can't.

After hearing about my BIL, I told my DH that we're going to move up our Alaska cruise date from 2008 to 2006. Why put it off? Well, the reason is money, but I'm just going to step up our savings, and make sure to get a cruise that's affordable. I've heard if you book in advance, you can save quite a bit. The friends we're going with wanted to go sooner anyway.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hey, I have to share a non-scale victory. Today I went into Trader Joe's and instead of sampling the cookies they put out with the free coffee, I just had the coffee. I'd gotten into the habit of taking a couple of cookies on Friday when I go there, but it's not a healthy habit so I'm breaking it as of today.

01-08-2005, 01:15 AM
Good Evening,

Well, you are doing a fine job of being chipper Sheila. Did you guess it was the secretary, and did you figure out the self centered author and the secretary were the teens that killed the lady in the bed? How long did it take you? I was surprised Kellie Martin asked us to solve the mystery so early into the show. I didn't call in, because I wasn't confident at that point that the secretary had done it. I knew it wasn't the elderly lady, but I did suspect the florist and the lawyer. What about the D.A., she didn't look like any D.A. I know. ;) As for CSI, perhaps people were writing in that they were becoming too gruesome? (probably not). That dummy those two made up was fascinating. :) That Gregg is kinda cute isn't he? I could never see past the hair last year. I love the way they are blowing off that commissioner or whatever he is. Sorry you are feeling as though you are coming down with DH's cold. Too much stress lately for the both of you. An Alaskan Cruise sounds great, at least you are nice and close, you probably won't have to fly to your cruise ship first.

Sunny, another sore throat, you just got over one. Oh what a nightmare, all that frozen water and ice and no heat. We did get quite a lot of snow and now the weather guy is talking rain showers for us too. :dizzy: I got my laundry done tonight and folded it during Mystery Movie. I thought the beginning was a litle slow, but then I had been sailing a million miles an hour before the show and probably needed some down time, to slow down. Are you and Joe just going to take it easy this weekend, or do you have big plans? Hope the sore throat doesn't slow you down.

Charlotte, sounds like you are in for another big decision about your health. I hope the outcome is a positive one, and you get the absolute best medical attention. I have sinus problems from time to time and the doctors always warn me not to let the infection go too long because the sinuses are very close to the bones around the eye and the infection can invade those bones and that can be very serious.

Diane and Cassie, hope you are well, come back soon and post.

Fatpuss, still missing your posts very much. Hope you are doing well.

Happy Saturday everyone!


01-08-2005, 04:59 AM

WOW....I get behind fast! It's 2 am (another sleepless night.), so maybe I can catch up a little.
Cervical Radiculopathy is nerve root compression. in the neck area of the spine. Sometimes it's just a small spur that isn't pressing too badly & can be treated with physical therapy. Sometimes it's the disks that have slipped out of place, or worn from Arthritis, & bulging into the nerves. Mine happens to be severe. It's cutting off circulation, & could cause BIG TIME problems. My thumb was in danger, because of it. This happened to me a few years ago. I had 3 disks removed in my neck. They were replaced with a steel plate & a donor bone. It was very difficult surgery. (close to my voice box.) All, however, went well. With the symptoms I have, & them wanting me to go straight to the let's me know how serious it is. I don't know if something has gone wrong with the previous surgery, or if it's at a different place. These operations can be anywhere from not so invasive, to major. I know I don't want to fool around until I lose my thumb, or hand, etc. But, I don't want to have surgery until I just have to, either. The Dr. is sending me a prescription for a neck collar to wear until my appointment with the Neurologist. It's suppose to help it from getting worse. This should be fun! I remember wearing the hard collar for 2 weeks...then the soft collar foreeevvveerrr!!!

Hi Bluet....I've experienced a little Sinus problems, but not much. It was enough to let me know a little about how others suffer. Take care of yourself. I believe I've heard of more people being sick with colds & flu & sinus problems than ever before. My daughter, Paula, stays sick with her sinuses.

Hi Sheila...So good about leaving the cookies alone!! I don't think I could do that.
I'm sure everything is going to work out with your dad. I'll be glad when it's over for you. It must be stressful. Just try to think good thoughts. You know you're doing the best for him. Goodness, Sheila, you & your DH have been very dedicated to his care.
I'm glad you're preparing for a cruise. I always wanted to go on one. DH is afraid of going that far out from land. We had planned a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary, but he backed out. :( Oh well...he can't help having the fear.
I'm off the steroids now. At least, until I go to my appointment. I started my diet Monday, & have done well, so far. I'm so puffy....I retain fluid anyway, because of, now I feel like I'm drowning in my own body! :^:

for the very sweet things you said. I try to tell myself I'm not fat. But, when I can't get clothes on that I wore 4 weeks ago, it's discouraging. I've been through this with steroids before, when I had injections in my lower back. Now tell did they think all that extra weight was going to help my lower back?!
Cute pic of your kitty. I'm sure I'd have lots of fun putting a gingerbread house together with 11 grands!! :lol: WOULD be fun! We just might try it. :)
DH hasn't had anymore symptoms that he's told me about. I keep asking him how he's feeling. I think Joe is right about what he thinks it is. I did a search on the sinuses. DH has a lot of sinus problems, & lately his face swells often. He denies it...but I've noticed it, & so have other people. We all just thought it was from all the hard work on the house. I'd make him go to the Dr if I could. He just won't go. He doesn't trust them. We've had a couple of bad experiences through the years, since I first started having health problems. I've found some good, christian Drs, though....I've been with for several years. I trust them & we pray together. I decided one day that I would never use another Dr that wasn't a christian. With my first appointment, I ask the Dr if he believes in God & his thoughts. If I don't agree....I thank him politely & leave. The Dr that did my neck surgery held my hand before they put me to sleep & prayed a beautiful prayer. :) DH knows all of this, but he still won't go. Please help me pray for him.
I hope you're feeling better. You're like me....just don't feel well most of the time. :( You know what, friend? Some day we're going to be in a beautiful place where there's no pain or sickness! That alone, would make it heaven to me! But, there's so much more...& we'll feel like enjoying it. :) Well, I guess that's my sermon for today. :lol:

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

01-08-2005, 09:30 AM
Christmas GIfts from my SIL - Tealite Snowmen.
Aren't they cute! :)

Good Saturday Morning!

Well, it looks as if we are staying home this morning... I am bummed... :( I really enjoy going to breakfast with our buds but this morning I still have this sore throat and don't think it's wise to go out today.

Sooo... Bluet, to answer your question... ... we are having a quiet day at home today. We are suppose to go to a birthday party tonight, but I think Joe will be going for us both and I will be home. I just hope that I feel better for church in the morning --- I really hate to miss church.

As for the movie last night... I thought it was a bit early to call in too! What's up with that?! But I thought it had something to do with those two gals too, but also suspected the florist - especially after he brought all those flowers when the bookstore owner didn't order them. But all in all Joe & I found the movie to be very entertaining to watch an try to figure out together :cp: I look forward to the next one on Friday :D Maybe then I will call in, although they are replaying this last one on Sunday at 7:00pm and I think you can call then too when they post the number and enter the contest --- I am going to give it a try!

Angel, As far as your hubby goes... do you have a humidifier for your bedroom? We have a Honeywell brand and love it. My Joe has sinus problems too and so we have to keep that full and running all during winter when the heat is running or else he bleeds from dryness. If your hubby won't go to the Dr.'s maybe consider buying one of these. I think we paid $40.00 at Costco for one that holds about 1 1/2 gal. You can get them larger if you want, but we highly recommend it for your DH. Too bad he won't go to any Dr. because it sounds like he has an infection. Ohhhh, also there are salt/saline sprays you can buy at the drug stores --- they are super for healing infections since he won't go. I hope he feels better soon.

As for your health... you are so *Welcome* for the prayers!!! Won't be wonderful when we (none of us) have to feel pain again whether it is physical or emotional :^: I look forward to that day :) In the meantime, we do have *God* & one another to keep us all going... I thank the Lord everyday for the wonderful people He has brought into my life!! I feel so blessed! Charlotte, You have gone though so much in your life thus far... I will pray that God gives you the strength you need to get through this. Your spine is so very important for the whole body function! I cannot imagine the pain you must be enduring. I will continue my prayers for you, hubby and all of my Dear Friends here :goodvibes :bubbles: :angel:

Cute animations ;)

Sheila, I totally forgot to mention that I think it's SOOOOOO COOOL (!) that your daughter is going to the Presidents inauguration!!!! :cp: :cp: What an honor!! I wish I could go with her!! I hope that she will be able to get pictures too... I'd love to see them. When is the inauguration? I asked hubby and he wasn't sure when either.

I am so glad to hear that you have accepted what needs to be done for your DD... I think that was half your battle, huh :^: I just cannot mention it enough that I think (we all think) you are doing the right thing, and I believe your DD thinks so too by the way he is just going with the flow.

You are too funny... you hug on your DH and he gives you the sniffles... ;) I think it's just that time of year. How are you feeling today? My voice is finally coming back :) --- last night. I hope I'll be all better by tomorrow for church or it will be another day home :( for me... Ohhhh, believe me, I take vitamins! Maybe too many... but I have always been a big vitamin taker. Multi Vit & these extra's -- Vit C, E, Folic Acid, B's, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium & Iron just to begin with ;) I just don't drink enough water!!! I really should with all I take. I drink allot of green & herbal teas, but just not enough water!!! Especially during these very cold temps.


Well, speaking of hubby... he's up, so it's time for me to make some breakfast for us both --- I hungry this morning!

Have a Wonderful Saturday with your hubbies & families!
*God Bless*


01-08-2005, 08:47 PM
OK...MY TURN... :D :D

This was all of my decorations :lol: See my beautiful angel hanging on my tree? ;) The TV was my Christmas present from DH. He's getting his this summer (some kind of something for his tractor. :dizzy: )

Grands tearing into packages!

My handsome grandson, Jeremy is playing "Santa".

Tori looks bored :^: ...just patiently waiting for a package, I suppose.

Our 3 sons-in-law together at last! Chris (who was in Iraq) is on the right, by the curtain. Oh, yeah....that's my bedroom "door". :^:

Our oldest granddaughter, Tasha, & her boyfriend, Matt.

Hey....we started all of this 36 years ago!! :o

01-08-2005, 09:23 PM
Now........for the house......

This is the tarp covering the house. Hey, you can see my car! I stay in it, on the go, all the time. :dizzy:

Front view.

Got it wrapped good! ;) That cloud looks like smoke coming out of a chimney. :lol:

The beautiful walls & ceiling in our bedroom. :^:

We only have mattresses on the floor. (Don't worry, it's comfy.) DH made me a motel-style headboad. :D I thought that was sweet.

DH built this counter for me. I have stove-top range, dishwasher, & sink with running water! I've come a long way...last winter I had a hot plate, dish pan, & got the water out of the bathroom!

This is where I post to all of you! Just a corner in the make-shift kitchen...but, it's my territory. :coffee: This is the former guest bedroom, & we haven't torn the walls down yet. It'll wait until the kitchen is finished.

This is the "plastic ceiling" in the kitchen. We've had some very high can't imagine the noise! :o

Living room

This is our bathroom. We had just finished remodeling it, when we had the fire. Mostly smoke damage. We have a REAL ceiling & a REAL door! :lol:

01-08-2005, 09:52 PM
Good evening sweet friends and thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I went to hospital today and nephew has ventilator removed and was awake and talked a little. He is doing so good, thank the Lord. :) :D

Sheila so sorry to hear about your half sister's husband, there is such sadness in this world seems like more the older we get. My prayers go out to her. I am on my way to hug my hubby right now. That is so neat about dd going to the innaguration. It is Jan. 20, the only reason I know is that is my dd 35th. birthday.

Charlotte praying for a complete recovery for you. Try to talk hubby into going to the Dr. I have never heard of anything like that. I enjoyed your pics, beautiful family you have.

Sunny hope you are feeling much better.

Sending hugs and well wished to everyone else, sorry if I missed someone. I am so behind in reading the post my brain can't comprehend everything. :D

Love ya girls and hope you have a great night and stay warm.

01-09-2005, 09:33 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Bluet, I had to skip over your first paragraph because I taped the mystery show and haven't watched it yet. Hope you had a good time with your company, and that you are now relaxing, preferably in a comfortable chair and not that darn hard kitchen chair.

SunnyD, those snowmen are so cute. What a great gift! Were you able to go to church today? I hope so because that will mean that you're feeling better.

Charlotte, so the compression is affecting the nerves to your thumb, is that the way it's working? That does sound dangerous if it's cutting off circulations, too. I think that can lead to gangrene. I sure hope you don't have to have the surgery. If you have to wear a soft collar forever, you'll have to start wearing scarves. I will have to send you all the ones my sweet DH bought for me to hold the ice packs I use. I can't use them for that (too slippery), but they'd look great covering a soft collar.

I love the photos of your Christmas. All those grandkids--what fun! And thanks for the photos of your house. Wow--you have the patience of a saint for putting up with the tarps and stuff for so long. Actually, I like all the light in the kitchen. Maybe you can work in a few skylights? :) Now when you post a message, we can all imagine you sitting at your computer. That chair looks really comfortable.

Candlelady, I bet you are so relieved about your nephew. How wonderful that he's off the vent and talking. Hope you had a good weekend.

Guess what? We woke up to snow! Do you believe it? About an inch, but it's pretty much gone now. The kids next door were trying to slide down their driveway. We live on a steep hill that connects to a steep hill so we didn't go out while the snow was on the ground. My DH, who still has a terrible cold, decided to go to the store just now because he's been in the house since Friday. I'm still squirting Zicam up my nose, and washing my hands frequently so that I don't come down with anything. We're supposed to visit my friends on Whidbey Island on Saturday and I don't want to miss that. She's got a really bad heart, and I don't want to go near here with any germs.

We watched Alias yesterday, which we'd taped. I wasn't all that thrilled so I probably won't watch it again. Then we watched The Hours with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. That was a pretty heavy movie, but I was engrossed by it. I told my DH, though, that we should get two comedies for every dramatic movie we watch. We still have another drama DVD to watch. Thank goodness Blockbuster instituted their no late fees policy because the DVDs were all due today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

01-10-2005, 12:59 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies...

Charlotte... MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! I honestly think you and hubby would qualify for that *Extreme Home Makeover* show on Sunday nights!!! I too believe that you are a saint to put up with all the unfinished parts of your home. I truly don't know if I could live like that for as long as you all have. I do admire you all the more now that I have a better understanding as to the conditions you live under. I see so much potential and nice things with all your unfinished rooms... Angel, I really do hope that you don't have to wait much longer to get your home finished. With all the boys in the family... do any of them help?? It's a shame that you have waited so long to get your home completed, but if you don't have the $$$ it is so very hard to do. Joe and I have allot we want to change in our home - improve upon - but I can wait... and after seeing the conditions you are living under I'm ashamed to say there have been days I wish I had more $$$ to do what I want to, but now am thankful to have finished walls and a nice roof. I do really like your finished bathroom! As I said - you are a SAINT! Thank you for sharing your home with us, Angel.

Something else I noticed in your great pictures... that with all that you do not have finished as far as your "home" goes --- look at how HAPPY everyone is!! You & your family are proof that it doesn't matter the surroundings as long as you have the love of family around you ~ that love is what makes your HOME! You are so very Blessed to have such a beautiful family to celebrate life with.
*God Bless* :angel:

Sheila, Nope... didn't go to church :( I am sorry to say that I am recovering today from the full blown flu! That sore throat & dizziness from Thursday turned into a flu-bug... I am pretty much over it today, just cannot seem to shake the lingering headache that comes with it. No fever but am feeling achy, have a headache, a sore throat & very fatigued. But I'll live... :lol: I seem to go through this every single year!! I missed our nephews birthday party again this year (it was Saturday night) from being ill as I did last year... bummer. It's like my body lets down from all the activities (from Thanksgiving to New Years) and then I get sick :p Well, maybe it'll be all over with soon and I will have a healthy full year ahead. Joe bought me some more *Airborne* so when I do get to where I heading out the door again, I'll take some of that & it should help me stay well :crossed: Now, you stay well and keep taking your preventative meds... you want to have a good time this weekend with your friends :^: :)

Did you watch the Hallmark Mystery movie yet? I feel badly talking abut it before I knew 'all' watching had seen it --- next time --- I will wait to talk it over on here after we all have seen it. It was a good movie, but I forgot to check & see if it was on again to try and call in for the contest :o

So you guys got some SNOW!!!! Cool! Did you get pictures :D ? Our weather has gotten a bit warmer here and nothing has happened, but a bit of sleet. It is suppose to get warmer thru Thursday and then the temps will drop again for the weekend.

I saw that movie *The Hours* ~ twice!! Intense movie!!! And I am not one to watch movies over & over again unless they are Classic films. It was so very deep and I too found myself very involved in the characters & watched it a second time to catch what I missed the first time through. I surprised myself at how involved I got in the movie. I thought it was done well.

Diane, Such good news about your nephew!!! I pray that he continues to heal and soon will be able to go home and finish his recovery.

Bluet, How did your gathering go on Sunday with Dear Hubby's family?? I have thought of you all weekend in hope's that all went well. I bet that it all went wonderfully and that you are feeling such relief with a mixture of exhaustion :faint: :stars: today.

Come back soon and fill us in, okay.


Well, I guess I should be getting off here and giving my eyes a rest. You all take care now and do everything in our power to stay well ;)
*God Bless*

PS>>> Just in case you are reading this... I'm sending *Hello's* & (((Hugs))) your way Puss. We all miss you! Come back soon and let us know how you are, okay.


01-10-2005, 08:40 PM
Sunny bless your heart sounds like you have really had it. I want you to take it easy a few more days and don't get a relapse. I am sure you are so worn down with all you do during the holidays that it just caught up with you.

Sheila is it still snowing? The weather has been so strange this year, it is in the 70's here for the next two days then it comes a cold front. It is no wonder everybody is sick.

It has been a busy day around here today, we ran out early and bought groceries and then spent the rest of the day trying to get this house in order. I finally got all Christmas hauled to the garage.

Hello and well wishes to everybody else, sure has been quiet on here today.

I will talk with you all again tomorrow. Goodnight.......

01-10-2005, 10:25 PM

Good evening everyone,
I'm really wiped out. Monday's are extra long, because of me staying to do my TV program. I enjoy it, but, just get so tired. Well...I lost 4 lbs on my first week of dieting. Not too bad.

Sunny....I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I hope you're feeling much better, now.
I didn't post the pics of my house for you to feel sorry for me. I'm blessed. I just wanted to give you all an idea what I've been talking about. Yes, it's quite a mess to live in....especially for so long. I've got new bedspreads & drapes, pictures, etc., just stored away. When I bought them, I didn't think it would be long before I'd use them. I get discouraged a lot, & even angry....especially about my things that were stolen from me. I keep fighting the discouragement, anger, & depression...hoping for better days. Yes, there are a few men in our immediate family. They help all they can. One SIL was in Iraq, until recently, though. They live quite a distance. He is also having a lot of "issues" since returning. He's in counseling. Another SIL lives out of town. The other helps every chance he gets.
The help we really needed & expected was from his brothers & nephews. There's a very large family & DH has done a lot for all of them. DH tries to convince me that he's not hurt at them, but I can tell different. We'll get it done, some day. :D You're right...there's a lot of happiness in our family. Our children & grands keep us going.
*Thanks for the email. :)

Sheila...What do you have to use ice packs for? Is it for swelling, or pain? I'm so sorry. I may have missed something, somewhere...or you haven't told us what's going on with you. I hope you don't catch your DH's illness. Hope you have a great time with your friends.
Yes, you understand the compression & my thumb situation. It had come to the point of the tissues dying. It was dark blue. Since I took those stupid steroids, though, it's nice & pink, now. ;) I hope it stays that way until my appt. I don't want surgery, either. I had a lot of them in my life, & didn't want anymore. I don't want to lose any limbs, either, though. I'm waking up a lot, during the night, with my hand numb. NOT a good sign. :^: Oh...& it IS a comfortable chair! :D Thanks for the suggestion of skylights...but, I think I've seen enough light from "above". :lol:

Bluet...Hey sure are quite! Where are you? I hope you haven't gotten sick, too. Did you see my little angel on my tree? It hangs close to my computer, now. :D

Candlelady....hope you're doing well. Glad your nephew is better. Still praying for him.

Well......I'm tired. Love to all of you
Fatpuss.......I miss you. :(

**I've put the address of the TV Station Website in my signature, if anyone would like to visit.

01-11-2005, 12:33 AM
Charlotte, I laughed aloud at the "light from above" comment. I'm betting you won't paint your ceilings blue either. :) Yup, I use ice packs for the pain from my neck muscles. Doesn't it always seem that the ones that you give so much to just don't give back? Guess there are takers and givers. I'm much happier being a giver--hope your DH's relatives realize that giving really is better than receiving. Four pounds--all right! Not much? I think that's a heck of a lot. I'd be happy with a quarter of that. Glad your thumb is nice and pink now. Can you use it?

Candlelady, did you still have your tree up, or were you just putting away boxes of stuff? Sounds like a busy day of running around. Nope, no more snow around my area. I didn't go to water aerobics this morning because the roads were supposed to be icy. I went out at 11:00 am to go grocery shopping (something I don't usually do, but my DH is still sick), and the roads were dry. Are you still babysitting your grandson?

SunnyD, before the holidays next year, you should think about boosting your vitamin and water intake and trying to get more sleep (yeah, sure!). Just anything to give your immune system a little "oomph" to get you past the holidays and into spring healthy. That's too bad you had to miss your nephew's birthday twice in a row. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

I still haven't watched the mystery movie, and we still have one more DVD to watch. I always think I'm going to be able to watch DVDs when I rent them, but then I never do. I have something else taped from TV, too. In fact, I should be watching TV right now instead of sitting here typing! :lol:

So, today my Dad paid the deposit for the assisted living, and, even better, we were told by my DH's work that we could finally move to the town I've been wanting to move to for the past 20 years. My Dad decided he doesn't want to pay the extra $500 to get the assistance he needs, and that he's going to put his own socks on and take them off, and wash his feet himself. I just can't argue with him any longer so I told him to go ahead, and if he finds he can't do it, tell them he needs the assistance and pay the extra money. I don't know if he'll tell them, but I reminded him that he needs certain things done to maintain his health. Ladies, the man has lots of money in investments, but he insists on living on his social security and a small pension even though he could get monthly interest checks that would more than cover the extra $500, way more than cover.

My DH went out this afternoon and got moving boxes, and I started packing old clothes. I've watched so much HGTV that I know exactly how I'm going to stage the house for sale. Oh, and my half-sister called and told us that her husband's memorial service is going to be on January 29. She'd just gotten the flowers I sent, and was really pleased, which made me feel good. I used 1-800-flowers and got a really nice "fireside basket" bouquet with a lot of stuff in it. Flowers always make people feel just a little better, don't you think? She has to come in and sign papers for his burial, and the cemetary is in our area so she and her youngest daughter (well, actually she has four children, two sets of twins, and I don't know which single kid is the youngest) might stop by.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

01-11-2005, 09:11 AM

This is the last of the holiday pics.....








01-11-2005, 12:30 PM

Good Morning!

Dear, Dear Charlotte, I have really enjoyed all your pictures! I think you look wonderful in spite of your meds and health problems! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!! :angel:

One thing you stated that I would like to correct ;) Is that I don't know that I *felt sorry for you* as much as I just *feel for you!* I am one who tries to put herself into the situations that others are going through in my mind annnnd when I TRIED to put your situation in my minds eye, I found it very difficult to imagine... I cannot say that I blame you whatsoever for the ups and many downs you have gone through since this all began. I am assured that 'some' of your health problems are stemming from the stress you are under as well. You just keep on smiling that beautiful smile and stay close to our Lord and we'll keep on doing our part with *support and prayer* and you will one day see your home finished and your health restored... I pray!

(((((((Major hugs))))))) :grouphug:

Sheila, You made me laugh with your suggestions of extra vitamins... my DH has said the same thing to me. What happens is that I get so involved and busy with what needs to be done that I neglect myself to get the projects done. So I will have to work on that for next year... like maybe getting started with the projects a bit sooner ;) Thanks for caring so much :smug:

What would Doris Day say... "Que se'ra se'ra..." "what will be, will be..." Your DF will be fine there and if they do their jobs at that home he is moving into they will check up on him if he does not show up for his meals... that's what happened with my FIL --- if he missed a meals they would call him and if he didn't answer they went to check in on him. I pray that your DF gets the same good care where he is going. I did notice that my FIL got better care because we all visited him quite often and that made a big difference! It showed them at the home that he had loved ones looking out for him still.

Oh... I forgot to mention something about your moving! I take it that you are moving?? Where did you say you were going, Sheila? I have forgotten :sorry: Yea... HGTV does have great hints when it comes to moving! Allot of what they show I did when we moved... being a military family we moved allot! I wish you well in getting it all done.

Diane, I hope this post finds you doing well... do come back soon and fill us in on your days gone by. Hope you are staying well!


As for me... I had a really rough night last night :^: @ about 2am the bug seemed to break and left me. I got all achy, real achy, and my Joe got up and gave me an alcohol rub on my back & I broke into quite a sweat! And today I feel so much better!! :smug: And as soon as I finish here I am heading into the shower --- I need to feel human again :bubbles: Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

*God's Blessings for you my Dear Friends*


01-11-2005, 12:48 PM
Charlotte,Forgetful me :dizzy:

I wanted to say something about the picture of you & your Dear mother... what a sweetie she is! Look at those beautiful cheekbones she has! Just as you have! You have allot of features from your mother from what I can see. Beautiful! ;)



01-11-2005, 01:00 PM
Okay Dear Bonnie... ...

It's time to check in with us ;) :goodvibes

We all love you :love: and are here for you always
:^: :bubbles: :grouphug:

Now... I am heading into the shower! :fr:


01-11-2005, 03:23 PM
Good Afternoon,

Sorry, I have been away for awhile. I was pretty exhausted after my big weekend and fell asleep on the sofa last night at 7:00 p.m. with intentions of it being a short nap, but it turned into an all nighter and I woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. still on the sofa. :o DH made sure I was covered up well.

We had so much fun with all our company, there were over 30 that came, I am not sure where we would have put the rest if they had all showed up. We would have fit them in, that's for sure. Good thing we have a big house. I have a funny story to tell about our get together. We all bring a dish to pass, and usually the sister-in-laws make a casserole. I always had some trepidation about not checking in with everyone to see what they were bringing, but years ago the oldest sister-in-law said we did not have to check in, whatever everyone brings to pass that is what we will have. So I thought meatballs would be good to make, put them in a crockpot and I don't have to worry about them for the rest of the day. Both of my sister-in-laws showed up with meatballs :lol: So we had three hot dishes of meatballs. I didn't even put mine out, oldest sister-in-law had brought a large Nesco of meatballs and we really didn't need them. I had a large platter of cheese and sausage made up, raw carrots and dip and a rice dish and some yummy bread, so I felt comfortable that I contributed too.

We all visited to our hearts content and watched the Vikings beat the Packers, (bummer) :( Had to settle a few scrimages between the second cousin boys, ages 8 through 10 (grandchildren) mine were being territorial and DH's brother's grandkids were invading their space. :o Everyone went home friends in the end. Well, it is my turn again in three years, so until then........

Charlotte, you resemble your Mother very much. I am so glad you posted a picture of her so we got to see you Mom. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done on your home. It reminds me of when we would remodel and we would live in exposed walls and rafters. You are fortunate that you can have those walls like that at this time of year. We would need double insulation, we would be freezing if we had our roof tarped and just the outside walls on the house. :) It will come along and then it will be so beautiful. The most wonderful thing is that you are all safe and sound and no one was hurt in the fire. Yes, I saw your angel right away, I marveled at the fact that it traveled so far, and there it was right on your tree. :) I loved all your pictures, you are so wonderful for sharing them with us. I want to go over to the radio station toofor a visit , but have been too busy. I plan to go there this evening.

Sunny, what gorgeous graphics. I love yours and Charlotte's angels. I like your tea light and your little snowmen too. You know, Sunny, I was thinking, that I would start a journal about holidays and make notes to myself, about who came, and how I felt at the time and how my health was then and notes about what to do next time and not to do, what works and what doesn't. Therefore, when it comes to the holidays again, I could pull out my journal and refresh my memory. I could tell myself when to start projects and foods people liked and didn't like, things like that, and it might make the Holidays easier to deal with. If you started a Holiday Journal, you could remind your self to step up your vitamin routine before the Holidays hit. I am glad to hear your fever broke and you are on the mend.

Diane, sounds like you are having Wisconsin weather, except for the70s of course. It is suppose to get bitter cold by the end of the week. Is all that California rain having any effect on you? I started taking down one of my Christmas trees this morning, I have all the ornaments off of it . It takes me about three or four weekends to put everything up, so I suppose it will take me just as long to haul everything upstairs and store it away for next year.

Sheila, well you are on the move again, yes where are you moving too? Will you be close enough to visit Dad? Sheila, Sheila, I thought you were going to watch the mystery movie Friday evening. I am sorry I was blabbing about it. I hope I didn't give too much of it away and spoil it for you. :^: I don't know if we ever watched Alias, but we did watch The Hours. Very sad ending. Those writers and painters all seemed to lead tragic lives didn't they.

Well, all the billing came in now and I have to run off and do the invoicing. Have a good rest of Tuesday :D Bye for now.


01-11-2005, 10:59 PM
Wow, Charlotte, you do look a lot like your Mom. Your cheekbones especially, and your smile. Your sister must look more like your Dad. I love the weather guy's shirt with the guitars on it. Thanks for sharing those pics! It's so much fun to see a slice of your life.

SunnyD, you kind of touched on something that bothers me a lot about having my Dad go into assisted living. Since we're not going to be around, I'm not sure how I can monitor him other than calling the program director. I do plan to come up and visit every couple of months.

Sounds like you might have had a fever and it broke during the night? I'm glad the alcohol rub helped, and that you're feeling better. Were you able to get out and about today? I imagine you're getting cabin fever by now.

Bluet, sounds like a really fun weekend. That's too funny that so many people brought meatballs. Were they all in the same kind of sauce? I've got a package of meatless meatballs in my freezer that I don't know what to do with. Since it sounds like you're the meatball queen, do you have any ideas? Something healthy, of course! :) Oh, oh, so maybe you can tell me what the argument was on the sidelines with the Packers? They had something about it on my local news, but I didn't catch all of it other than the team was arguing.

My sister got the results of her biopsy and no cancer! That feels like a weight's been lifted. She goes in for a hysterectomy tomorrow, though, to remove the fibroids she's had for years.

Not much going on here. Got a massage, picked up some stuff at the store, packed up some pictures for my Dad, watched All My Children, cooked dinner, just mundane stuff like that. Didn't see anyone handcuffed today or anything. What am I going to talk about when I move to a smaller town? Oh, SunnyD, it's Corvallis, OR, and it's about 45,000 people with all the students there (it's home to Oregon State University).

Have a great Wednesday!

01-12-2005, 10:28 AM

I almost didn't get on this morning! :o ! When I went to post they asked me to LOG-IN with my password... well, I haven't done that in ages! I just click in with the e-mail's I get with no problem. Anyway, I had to ask them to send my password cause I couldn't remember it :dizzy: Now all is right with the world.

I am feeling so much better today --- thank you so much ladies for all your love & support! It means the world to me to have that when I am not well. I get easily saddened when I am closed up for so long.


Sheila, Wonderful NEWS about your DS!!!!! I am so happy to hear she is cancer free! I had a complete hysterectomy years ago... she will have a long recovery if she is having surgery the way I did - through the abdomen. It took me a good 6-7 months. Sometimes they don't do it that way now - they go through a smaller incision now & therefore a quicker recovery time. She'll be in my prayers!!!

I'm sorry :sorry: Sheila! I didn't mean to upset you about your DF... boy, I am on a roll aren't I?!!? First I upset Charlotte about her home and now you :( I am so very sorry :sorry: I am sure that your DF will be just fine with your visits and phone calls from OR. As long as they know in the Assisted Living that you care, he should be fine... I am sorry to worry you over something that hasn't even happened yet... Corvallis, OR. sounds beautiful!! I will look it up and see what the place looks like & what the weather is like there. Curious me... besides... my Joe has been talking allot these days about having a second home for the winter, the cold really bothers him too --- what is it like there in OR. during winter?

Nope... I haven't gotten out yet!! And really want to... but I have a home to clean before this Friday and all those couples get here :o I don't want kitty fur on the sofa or rugs, some of the couples are allergic to cats and so I use that allergen Fabreeze on everything before they get here to clean with --- it really helps. I will feel such relief once it's all done and over with & I see that they had a nice time here. I am sure our home is just fine... but I am a worrier as to what others think of our home. I bet they don't even care :lol:

Bonnie, I am so glad to see you stopped by here... and that all went so good at your party. I knew you would be tired come Monday, especially since you had to go to work too.

Just too funny about the meatballs :lol: I always want to know what everyone is bringing too, just for that reason. I think its too funny that happened with all the easy meals that can be made today... shows that families begin to think alike, huh :D

Thought you all would like that graphic --- CHILDREN are just so beautiful! Your HOLIDAY JOURNAL idea is great! I did do that years ago - had a journal for the holidays that I received as a Christmas gift - for pictures and events - but I couldn't find it the following year to read what I did :lol: :lol: Just too funny.. I didn't find it till I did a big cleaning years later and there it was among all my recipe books! I have allot of recipe books!! :lol: But I think I will do it again this coming year and place in here in my office, so that I may find it again :D Good Idea!

Yes, I am feeling so much better today... but have allot to get done between now and Friday now that I am well again.

Hi Angel & Candlelady!!!!! Hope this post finds you both doing okay.


Time for me to go... I have a few more e-mails to answer and a home to get cleaned & laundry to get done ;)

*Have a great day!*
Luvs, :sunny:


5 dogs
01-12-2005, 11:34 AM
Hi, my name is Gloria and am 53 and have come to the realization that if i dont lose some weight now it will never happen. I am new to the group and have never been in a support group before so would love to join in. I was in a car accident in 2003 and am unable to work so my days are filled with T.V. and quilting. My husband of 32 wonderfull years is very supportive but he has never had to diet and eats ice cream almost every night. I am a chocoholick, so when i see him eating chocolate ice cream i tend to go a little nuts! I started the S.B.D just before my accident and was doing pretty good. Then my accident happend and my world was turned up side down. I started eating all the wrong stuff thinking it would get me out of my depression. It only made me feel worse and my wardrobe was getting smaller and smaller. Nothing fit anymore. So here i am, starting over again. My user name is 5 dogs. When i read the S.B.D book for the first time, there is a part that talks about walking (How long and how fast). It also says to "get a dog and walk it". I have read the book five time. Maybe i should just skip that part next time. Ha, Ha.
Thanks for listing.

01-12-2005, 12:55 PM


I could only find 4 dogs. :lol: Anyway, it's so good of you to join us. Being part of a forum was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Not only did it help me stay on my diet, but I made a lot of special friends. We can vent out our frustrations, or share our joys!

Sorry about your car accident. I, also, was hurt in a car accident. Only I was just 33 at the time. (I'm now 55). The back problems from it didn't render me unable to work until I was 36. I've been on S.S. Disability since. I also felt like my life was over. I no longer could do anything I once was able to do. Go to ballgames to watch my kids, or later, pick up grandbabies when they got a little heavy. Just so many things effect your back! I've fought depression all these years. I toughened up, though, & found other things. Even now that I have RA. I do volunteer work at a Christian TV station. They're friends, & know my limitations, & when I need to rest. I go to nursing homes to visit or sing. Only when I'm up to it. Of course, I'm at home a lot, & that's where my pc has been a great comfort to me. :D I also know what you mean about the sweets around you. I could almost live on sweets alone! It takes a lot of willpower & determination. When you're tempted, get on the pc & post. It doesn't matter what it's about. That's what we're all here for. Good luck.

Sunny...Hon, I'm sorry you thought you upset me. Not at all! I'm truly touched by what everyone said. I guess I feel sorry enough for myself. :lol: And about being a saint.....not at all.......just don't have a choice. It will get done, someday, though, & I'll be more appreciative of it. Who knows, I may even be a better housekeeper than I used to be.........NOT! :lol:
Glad we didn't lose you because of that password. It's happened to me a couple of times, but, I happen to remember mine. Besides, I keep a notebook with all my usernames & passwords. I love that graphic!

Sheila...I think you'll like a small town. We do. Seems most people know each other & are willing to help in a crisis...but, also mind their own business, otherwise. Which reminds neighbor brought me a chocolate cake for Christmas, & I haven't returned her plate!
Don't worry about your dad, he'll be fine. They'll have your phone number, if you're needed. It's natural for you to feel this way, just before you leave. I don't envy the move, though. I hate moving. Afterwards, the fun part! :D

Bonnie...good to hear from you. You made me hungry for meatballs. :^: That was soooo funny! I wonder, did this break that tradition? Get some rest,'re on the go all the time.
Yes, I favor my mother a lot. Before she lost weight, & got sick, we looked a lot alike. She wore glassed, also. My sister favors my dad's side of the family. I always kind of envied her. Dark skin & hair. My dad was 1/4 indian. I was always too pale. Our older sister looks a little like both of us.

Gotta go get ready for work. Hope all have a good day.

5 dogs
01-12-2005, 04:27 PM
Its nice to know that i am not alone out here. When I talk to people they dont see the pain in my neck and sometimes the pain gets so bad i have trouble concentrating conversations. That is when people start looking at me like I have just grown a second head or something. I joined the Y.M.C.A and try to get in the pool when the pain in my neck gets to hurting to much. This helps a lot and it keep me from taking pain pills and spacing out.
I dont have any grandkids yet. I have a married son (Will) who is 29 and has been married 5 years. He told me that they are trying to have a baby but as yet have not been able to get pregnet. I also have a daughter (Jamie) who is 26 and just got back from Iraq this past May. She was over there a year and a half and am sooooo thankful she made it back in one piece. Jamie and I were very close before she went, but when she came back we had trouble talking to each other. I was very sad about this, but I think over time we can get back the relationship we had before she went over there. Anyway, thanks for listing to my problems and making me feel at home.

01-12-2005, 09:06 PM

Seems we have a lot in common, Gloria. I had a son-in-law in Iraq for a year. He came home on Valentine's Day. He'd been in the army for 10 years, but got out immediately. He's having a lot of problems. My daughter says he has nightmares, & can't sleep at night, at all. I understand that's when they were under attack the most. She was advised to not push him to talk, but let him choose when he wants to tell her things, & to just listen. They've all been through a lot over there. Just be patient with your daughter, I'm sure she'll come back to like she was. She may even be fearful that you will question her, if she's around you much. I don't know how much action she saw, but to just be over there had to be a nightmare. There's no telling what they went through that we'll never know. I'll be praying for her, as well as you. I'm very proud of all of our soldiers.
On a lighter side. I/we have 11 grandchildren! We've been married 36 years, have twin daughters (Trina & Gina) both happily married with families. Another daughter, (Paula) happily married with a family, & a son (David) who's divorced & living with us. He has joint custody of his 2 little girls. They're here every other week.
If there's a place to get in a pool, it will definitely help you. I'm in the country, so no chance. I do, however, have a jacuzzi tub, so that helps to relax me.
Well....I'll go & stop rambling. Hope to hear from you soon......& remember.......stay on that diet!

01-12-2005, 09:09 PM
Welcome, 5 Dogs! So, do you have 5 dogs? I used to have four, but we've had three die of old age within the past three years. Our "youngest" is now 13 so he's getting up there, too. Anyway, I'm an animal person so I love to hear about others' pets. Understand totally about having a pain in the neck. I have a neurological disorder that involves my neck, and I can no longer work either, or do much of anything really. It's the pits, but it beats the alternative as I always say! We also have something else in common because I do water aerobics at the Y (painful, but necessary) and love my after-pool spa time. And I also have a daughter in the military, although she's in the Navy. Hopefully after the memories start to fade, you and your daughter will be able to get back to talking. Hopefully the military has counseling programs for vets. I have four children (two biological, one adopted, and one step) and one granddaughter (see avatar) and a wonderful DH. Having a grandchild is wonderful, and I hope that you get to experience it soon.

Charlotte, hey, if we want to think you're a saint, you'd better let us--don't spoil our fantasy! :lol: Yum, I hope we have new neighbors who are as nice as yours are. When we moved to Boise, one neighbor brought us a big cake. Didn't really like the people as it turned out, but liked the gesture and the cake. Ooh, I shouldn't be talking about sweets. I'll aggravate our collective sweet teeth. I've had no sweets since December 31, and after the first few days of my DH's chocolate from Christmas calling my name, I haven't thought about that big box he thought he'd hidden. And, this is even better, I haven't had any peanut butter in several weeks. I don't know if I can be like Bluet and give them all up for years, but I'm going to give it a shot. Don't think I can give up wine, however. Now, I am not a drinker, and hardly ever have it, but I do enjoy a glass with friends.

SunnyD, that's weird about having to log-in with your password. I don't think I can remember mine either. There are so many passwords to remember for various boards and websites--too confusing! We've had to write some down, which you're not supposed to do. Hey, you didn't upset me! I do that all on my own. :lol: Boy, this whole Dad thing is stressful no matter how I look at it. But my DH is so happy to be leaving that even if I wanted to do something different, I couldn't disappoint him. He has really had his share of abuse from my Dad. If it were just my Dad and me, I think I could probably deal with it, but then again, maybe my Dad would start verbally lashing out at me more? So, are your cats like mine and they don't respond to my command of "don't shed"? I have one cat (the naughty one who sits on the heat register every morning blocking the heat) who particularly likes to shed when you pet her so you end up with a handful of fur. We have Pergo floors, which I love because they clean up so easy, and her hair just drifts along the floor and clumps up in the corners, no matter how often I dustmop.

Hi to Bluet and Candlelady!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

01-13-2005, 07:13 AM
Good Thursday morning my dear friends, sure have missed you. I didn't realize I had been gone for so many days. :?: Not too much to report from down here in Texas except......... :D :D it looks like my daughter MAY be having a girl!!! We are so excited since we have three Grandsons, not sure I will know what to do with a girl. :) We know mistakes can be made so we are being a little cautious with our feelings but on the sonogram the baby had her legs up in the air and wide open so if it is a boy he sure was hiding himself well. ;) We do want a girl but seriously whatever the sex we just want a healthy baby.

Charlotte I just love looking at your pictures and your graphics. Your Mom is so cute and does look alot like you. I didn't know all about your health problems and I will say one thing you handle them so well. I believe staying busy is one of the best healers of our mind and body.

Sheila to answer your question about the tree I took our big tree down the day after Christmas but had a few Christmas stragglers hanging around in the house and finally got it all put away. :cb: I know you are going to enjoy your move kind of like starting over how nice. I wouldn't worry about your df he will be fine they will check in on him. Yes I am still keeping Bradley, this May it will be 3 yrs. I have kept him and I am pretty attached to the little fella. I just hope I will be able to keep two. :dizzy:

Sunny I am so glad you are better you had quiet a bad time with that flu. :dance: :grouphug: You take good care of yourself you sure don't need a relapse. I love your graphics too.

Bonnie that was too funny about the meatballs, great minds think alike. So glad the get together worked out so good for you, sure do wish I had a big family.

WELCOME 5 dogs this is one great place to be with some of the most inspiring women you would ever want to meet.

Just a quick note to let you know nephew is doing really good, weak of course but in his own room now. If his lungs clear up he may get to go home this weekend. :D Whew that was a close call and I am so thankful the Lord healed his body.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I don't know about you but I have a ton of stuff to do. We didn't have Bradley yesterday so I ran errands and goofed off so I have to hit the floor running today.

01-13-2005, 11:32 AM

Good Morning Ladies :wave:

*Welcome!* to our thread 5dogs/Gloria,

Hi! I'm SunnyD (also known as Donna) and the baby of the group - what a nice ring that statement has ;) :lol: Thanks to Bluet / Bonnie --- I stumbled upon these gals and then was invited to stay even though I am not yet 50 (I am soon to be 48 in Feb).

Just as Candlelady stated... a great group of gals!

A bit about me: I am married to a wonderful guy, Joe, (29 1/2 yrs)... we married very young - I was just 18 and he was 21. And our kids today are Domino (9), Zeppe & Guido (2 1/2)... kitties :) We cannot have dogs here where we live, but can have cats as long as they are kept indoors. But they don't know they are cats :sssh: we call them our kids :D What kind of dogs do you have, Gloria?

I too live with pain on a daily basis from a car accident I had when I was only 19... it's then that I lost our child (my second preg. lost) and all chances of ever having children again... not to mention 4 surgeries afterwards for repairs of my large intestine, bladder & urinary track and the removal of all my female parts - uterus, tubes and ovaries & part of my cervix - because of cysts growths and damage from the accident. I also have a bum left knee from it hitting the steering column and dislocating it at the knee-cap at the time of the accident. So now... I have health issues with extreme pain from IBS when I don't stay on a very low fat, no dairy, no caffeine diet. I think I cope well on a daily basis and try to always keep my head & eyes aimed UP :) Not long after I had the accident losing our baby girl, Lisa Anne, Joe & I became involved in a Christian Performing Arts Ministry for about 17 years - performing in a play about the last week of Christ (ending with His Resurrection)... we played many rolls in the program titled *Tetelestai* and have grown to know and love many people through the years. I feel that *It* and *those beautiful people* involved saved my life. Now... we aren't in that play any longer (just cannot keep up now), but it was then that I came to know the Lord. I was not a happy camper before then :o

Now... Joe works for TOPS Supermarkets in all of Ohio and I am a Homemaker and loving it! We have 3 kitties that keep me company and Joe has a very large family (Italian) to keep us out every weekend. I use to work for small shops/tanning salons in town (private owners) & Jazzercise (for 15 years), but now (for the betterment of my health) don't work any longer. I loved working, it's just that it put too much on me and my darn body cannot hold up. A couple years ago I found this Forum - 3Fathicks - and have been hooked ever since! I have met some wonderful people here that I consider to be my very Dear friends and hope to meet one day :smug:

Gloria, I bet that you and Jamie will be pals again in no time at all... it will just take a little time for her to adjust again. They go through so much over there and it hardens them a bit to protect their emotions. I say this coming from a Military family... my father is a retired officer of the Marine's & I was exposed to allot of change in my life. You and Jamie will have a relationship again, but it will be different this time is all... she is different, but there's no reason why you cannot be close again ;) (((Hugs)))


Okay... I know... I know... I am a chatterbox :blah: :blah: :blah: this morning! See what happens when I feel better :D I think I am through with that darn flu-bug now and well on the mend :bubbles:


Hi Sheila, Yeahhhhh... what's up with the password thing??? Well, I have it now and saved it for another time :D

I am so relieved that I didn't upset you :twirly: or Charlotte... sometimes I think I should just :ziplip: ;)

I must say... that I am very happy for you and DH with your move... I think it will be a nice new beginning for you both! You hubby sounds like alittle boy again --- just gotta love 'em! When will you be moving? Do you have an actual date??

I wish we had your floors!!! It would be so much easier to keep clean! We have carpeting still and it's quite an upkeep with pets... remember that kitties get fur balls (yuk!) and that's when our little Bissell cleaner comes in handy. But I will love it when we finally get the floors we want instead of this old carpet. I think it's really a huge problem to our allergies too - because it's so old. Lord knows what is underneath it :fr: I still have allot to do today... thank God that I feel so much better and will have the energy to get it done. It looks like we'll have quite allot of people over tomorrow evening.

Hi Angel, I agree with Sheila! Allow us to think of you as we wish... a SAINT you are! ;)

I am so relieved that I didn't upset you either --- sometimes I find this part of posting to be the hardest... you know... you can't hear me speak to hear the tones in my voice or see my face to know where I am coming from... ... when I post. It's like speaking in a whole different way! I remember when I first began posting --- I had allot to learn in how to express myself, sharing my thoughts, as well as being thoughtful of others in how I say what I say... you following me :lol: :^: :lol: And I am still learning :p :D I happy to hear that I didn't say something to bother you ;) I have a notebook NOW too ;) Thanks!

Soooo... have you returned your neighbors plate yet? :lol: You are so funny!

I am French Indian (1/4 Indian from my mother's side) --- my mother is from Conn. & my father is from Maine... and I was born in Ca. :lol:

Hi Diane, I am soooo happy to hear of your nephews recovery... he will soon be up and around in no time :) Continued prayers for his health :angel:

Cool beans... your DD might be having a GIRL --- congrats! There's a new baby in our family as of this January 5th! Zachary Joseph... we were as thrilled she had a BOY as you are about your GIRL. We seem to have allot of girls in Joe's side of the family, so when our nephew and his wife just had their "boy" we were all jumping for joy. Your DD doesn't know for sure??? They are pretty precise today... ;) (((Hugs of Joy for you all))).

Thank you so much, Diane... I do feel so much better and so far so good! :cp:

Bonnie, How are you doing today? Feeling any better sweetie? I will send you a special little note ;) You need *Special* hugs today (((Hugs)))


I really must be going... I have been on this computer way to long this morning. I have lots to be done yet. Later my friends... thanx for allowing me to rattle on today (well, not that you had much choice :o ).



5 dogs
01-13-2005, 11:40 AM
Yes, I have five dogs. We live in a 1300 sq. foot home so it get a little interasting when you try to get from one room to the next. About 10 years ago we only had two. One from small short haired dog from the pound, and the another dog came when my husband (Carl) delivered a package to this house where these peoples dog had pups. Carl came home and said "Ho Gloria, they are so cute. PLEASE, PLEASE can we get one". So being the softy that i am, we got a long haired BIG dog named Sky Blue. Brake out the big vacuum cleaner because here come the dog hairs! :p Then about 5 years later, Carl delivered a package to this vets office. Someone found a big, long haired dog on the side of the road that was boon thin, covered in mud and bood and had hart worms. The kind vet cleamed him up and strated treatment for the hart worms. The dog survived the hart worm treatment and was living in the vets office till they could find him a good home. Can you guess what comes next? Yep, Carl comes home and "Ho Gloria, there is this dog at the vets and needs a good home and can we PLEASE, PLEASE get him". We named him Digger. My husband is like a big kid when it come to animals. So now we have two long haired, big dogs and one small short haired sweet dog named Greatchen. Two years go by and my daughter (Jamie) gets married, her husband buys her a 600 dollar long haired Dachshund and a 400 dollar short haired Dachshund. Then the guy tells her he doesn't want to be married anymore. :mad: No, lets talk, we can work it out. Nothing. So, here she is with two small dogs in Iowa with winter coming on. Jamie had to get a full time job pluse she was going to collage at the time and in the National Guard. She was gone most of the day and could not take care of them so i told her we would take them. Then 9/11 happen and there was no way to send the dogs down here (Florida). I went up there on a Friday, got the dogs and come back the next day. So that is how we ended up with 5 dogs. All i have to say is, "Don't they make short haired dogs anymore. Enough with the long hair :cool:

5 dogs
01-13-2005, 01:53 PM
Sheila- You are so funny! I to have hard wood floors and the dog hair just rolls around like tumbleweeds in the middle of the desert. Makes me want to start singing that song "Cool water". When i read it, i was laughing so hard my husband came in wondering what was so funny. What a great way to start the day. Thanks

01-13-2005, 06:57 PM
Good Afternoon,

So is anyone going to watch Perfectly Wicked or is it Wickedly Perfect? before CSI tonight. Teams have 36 hours to throw together a perfect dinner party. Can they do it? You bettcha. ;) CSI is not a rerun, it is called Snakes Episode 512, a decapitated head is found by the CSI team with a rattle snake shoved down it's throat :devil:. Gosh, here we go again, more gore, so much for last week's ungorey show. I'll bet the new girls Diane and Gloria think I am some sort of sadist, but I am not. I am a 62 year old grandma of 8 and really sweet, right ladies? ;) It just happens that we found out we watch a lot of the same programs and we talk about them when we post. :o Thursday night seems to be our favorite night.

Sheila, I looked up Corvallis on the internet, what a lovely little town!! I'll bet you will find that house that you have been dreaming about in an old college town like that, I can't wait. How did you choose Corvallis? It isn't too far from Seattle, Dad will be fine, as long as he doesn't get any catalogs to order from at his new place and if he does, there will certainly be enough people to help him eat the rare cuts of beef and sweets. :) I can just see your face now, OH NO! "I didn't think about that, now something else to worry about!" Sorry if I am teasing you too much. I must be slap happy now that Christmas and last weekend is over. :lol: I only know one meatball recipe, and that's with a good jar of purchased gravy poured over them. I told you I am no gourmet chef, pretty so you guys will believe me. Good job on the no sugar no white flour. I eased off the sugar gradually, a little less sugar each week until I was eating no overt sugar, and watching the covert sugar on ingredients of foods I eat. Yeah it is tough to give up that nice glass of wine now and then, but February 6 will be two years for me . Yea!!!

Charlotte, I visited the station web site again, some of the pictures are from when I first met you and some are new. Enjoyed seeing them again and the new ones. I really like the weather guys shirt too. Looks like a real cowboy ;). I didn't know they had cowboys in Alabama. :D He is too cute. Loved all your pictures of the holidays and the house. You really have had a rough row with your health Charlotte, I am glad your thumb is pink again, but not happy to hear about the numbness to your hand. Please keep us posted, you know we worry. :^:

Sunny, so are you exhausted from cleaning all day? I am wondering what you had to clean? Your house always looks so nice and organized when you post pictures of it. Look who's talking right? :dizzy: Mrs drive herself nuts because company is coming. I'll bet the boys stayed out of your way today, thinking there she goes again. Are you going to rest tonight and watch CSI? I know you like the show after CSI too. I never got into that show. I know I would like to but it runs a little late for me. How many couples are coming? Are you having a meal or horsd'oeuvres? Too bad my sisters-in-laws and I aren't coming you would have plenty of meatballs. :D

Diane, so glad to hear that your nephew is improving, what a weight off your shoulders. Congratulations on your new soon to be born grandchild, sounds like you are going to babysit the new baby too, you will be one busy grandma that's for sure.

Welcome Gloria, that's a lot of dogs you have there, how wonderful that you and hubby are willing to give them a good home, not all dogs are that lucky to find good owners. I am happy to see you posting here, please come back a lot.

Well, girls I am still at work, I guess I had better get myself on home and figure out what I can dream up for supper, I'll have to pull out one of my desigfner cookbooks. Yeah right! :)

Have a good Thursday evening and a special Friday.


5 dogs
01-13-2005, 07:40 PM
Bluet-This is just wonderful! I love C.S.I and Law and Order. When my hubby comes home from work, the first thing out of his mouth is "What on T.V. tonight. This question comes just after "Whats for dinner.:shrug: I am so glad you gals like C.S.I.
Have to get dinner started.
Have a great night.

01-13-2005, 07:53 PM
Hi Bluet,
Nope... not exhausted yet :) ;) Feeling pretty good today.

I'll be watching *Wickedly Perfect*; then *CSI*; then *ER* and taping the show that is on after CSI called *Without a Trace* I think that the Thursday night line up of shows has to be the best! They had better not change it if they know what's good for them :nono: :lol: And YES... I will be chillin' out tonight to watch all my favorite shows!! Maybe just folding some clothes while watching ;)

Catch you all tomorrow...

Oh... by the way... nice picture of you in your PROFILE Gloria!

Have a nice evening gals!!


01-13-2005, 10:38 PM

I got so tickled. I got pretty far behind, so was reading the posts kinda fast. It was like listening on a telephone with several ladies talking to each other.

What kind of shows are you guys watching?! If I watch stuff like snakes, I'd have nightmares or be up all night.

Bluet...glad you enjoyed the website. Brian (the cowboy) is really sweet. He sings like Elvis Presley! He calls in the weather in the evening & sings "happy birthday" like Elvis to any viewers who may have one. We have a birthday club where we draw a name out at the end of the month to win a cake. He has renamed himself "Brian Presley Davis". :lol: Oh....& we DO have a few cowboys around here. Rodeos go on quite often, & riders go by our house a lot. We have 3 horses (did have four, until Molly got killed.). Our son rides his horse, & his little girl has a pony.

Gloria....5 dogs! It's unusual for the man of the house to beg for dogs! :lol: He must be a real kind & compassionate person. I also like your picture.

Sunny....glad you're feeling so much better. Just don't overdo. I like to hear of any of you feeling good. What is CSI? Is that the gorey show? :^: It's hard for me to get into a tv show. After being at the station all day, I get tired of seeing tv's. They're all over the place. Unless, it's just a good movie, I'm usually on the pc.
Ok....I give up...I'm a saint. :lol: Even if I still haven't returned that plate! :^:
Don't worry about what you say...we all know & love you. No one is worried about it, but you. Goodness, there's no telling how I sound, sometimes. I suppose I should read what I post, to find out....oh well, you all know I mean well. :dizzy:

I need to clean the "kitchen" now. Hope everyone has a good evening.

01-14-2005, 09:31 AM

Good Morning Ladies...
I have some more cleaning to do (bathrooms & alike) but otherwise I am all set for tonight. I did catch the shows last night (all but the show I taped after *CSI*) and *CSI* was on the typical 'gory' side. I loved last weeks show when they did the "who done it" like Sherlock Holmes... that was entertaining. Boy... *ER* was pretty intense! Sheila, you watch that show, don't you? I really thought that Abby was going to get shot last night! Glad it worked out in the end. As for the show *Wickedly Perfect* I really feel that they voted off the wrong gal last night to keep their team going strong. What do you gals think?


Bonnie, We have about 7 couples arriving here this evening and nope... I am not making anything special as far as foods. Many are bringing bakery and Joe & I will make Tea's & Decaf Coffee to serve. I also have allot of Chocolates that I can set out. The evening is set for study time, not for entertaining so much... so nibbles is all we need, which is really nice! No stress there...

Surrrrre... ... :lol: send the meatballs on over :lol: are you sure you have enough?!!! :lol:

Charlotte, Yes... CSI is the gory show :lol: The reason it is that way is because they go into the body and show you how the bullet or knife, etc. damages the body or how that person died. And lately they are showing allot of "close-ups" on things like maggots, insects of all kinds, and last night a snake in the throat of a person... yes, very gory. You don't have to even watch it to get the Hebe-jebie's... the sounds alone can do that for you :p I don't think it's a show you would be interested in :no: ;) I have always been interested in these kinds of shows... mysteries, crime drama's (*LA LAW-CI* is a good one too!), thrillers (old thrillers especially - like Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, etc.) Hospital reality shows too (actual surgeries... learn allot!)... I guess you have to have a strong tummy for them ;)

Well Sheila... I take it that you are a very busy lady packing these days... is that why you haven't been around? :^: I know that it takes allot of your time to get that done. When do you plan on making the move??

How are you doing Diane? What have YOU been up to lately? What are some of your favorite TV shows - if you watch TV?

Hi Gloria, Do you watch these shows too? Soon *Survivor* begins again! :smug:


Time for me to get my day started...
Have a good one gals!!!!


01-14-2005, 09:40 AM
We had temps reaching a high yesterday of 64* here! It was beautiful!! I even opened windows and turned our heat off!! And then last night I could hear the rains begin, turning into sleet and then into SNOW! We have a couple inches out there right now, but the wonder is how FAST the temps dropped in a brief amount of time... going from 64* at 4pm and 31* by 5:20pm... geese, I wonder why it's hard to stay well here :dizzy:

What's going on in your corners of the world with the weather?


01-14-2005, 10:57 AM
Just a quick note here, I heard on the radio on the way to work that the Ohio Valley is flooding and all the electricity has been shut off to the homes. Does that involve you? Also it is suppose to get very cold later today. The same thing happened here we had a lot of rain on Wednesday and mild temperatures on Thursday and last night temps dropped to 7 below with wind chills at 40 below. Good reason to stay indoors I'd say.

Seven couples, are a lot of people, you will have a good time I am sure. :-) Chocolate MMMMMM don't tempt me.

Sheila, Hope you are busy packing, it is unusual for you not to post after CSI. Let us know how you are doing...ok?

Charlotte, Diane and Gloria.......Have a loverly Friday!


5 dogs
01-14-2005, 11:26 AM
Hi Sunny- Yeasterday i had to turn on my air because it was in the 80 in my house. To hot to do anything. Its raining out today but still have my windows open and the is a cool freah breeze blowing. I have a tomato plant in a big pot sitting in front of our house along with fresh herbs. They were smiling at me this morning when i went out to see if they survived the storm. (And yes, i do talk to them)

Sunny & Angle-What picture? I don't think i sent a picture. As you can guess, i am computer stupid but loooove to push buttons. I was palying around yesterday trying to figure out how to down load a picture. Maybe i did and didn't know it. What was it a picture of?

Well put another potato in the pot because i have company coming. :D My brother (Larry) and his wife (Elaine) are coming on down for a visit next Friday. They live in Ariz. and i haven't seen them in 3 years. My dad died 3 years ago Feb. and i went out there for his funeral.

In two weeks hubby (Carl) and i are going on vacation to Ga. Last year Oct., Carl, Mother-in-law (Effie) and i went on vacation togather and fell in love with the town of Blairsville Ga. Now i know what you are asking me. Mother-in-law went on vacation with you? Will explain later. Anyway, Carl and i want to retire in about 4 years. We have land in North Carolina and had planed to build a log home there. Hubby and i could not come to an understanding on how big the house should be. I want big, he wants small. Hey, i have stuff. I need lots of room for my stuff.
So when we went up in Oct., we were looking in this real-estate magazine and saw a house that we were just going to look at. When the realtor unlocked the fornt door and i took one step inside, i knew right then that this was the house we would retire in. We made an offer and now the house is ours. Because there is no furniture in the house, we will be taking Carl's truck and bring some of the STUFF we have down here. Just call us the beverly hillbillies. Furniture in the back with five dogs and two people in the front. You might be a red neck if you .............

Now about Mother-in-law coming on vacation with us. As you know, my father died 3 years ago Feb. Well, my father-in-law died a month after my dad. They lived about a mile from us which was kinda nice for my kids. They got to see there Grandparents often, plus we had free babysitting. Now that my father-in-law is gone, i try to include Effie as much as possible. She is 82 and still gets around pretty good. Still, we are the only family that lives close so we includ her when we can.
Have to get my butt going.
Company a comin

01-14-2005, 12:32 PM
Real quick post...

Gloria, If you click ON your user-name (5 dogs) to the left above your name you will see a list there... I clicked on your Profile and it will open up to your Public Profile --- there is a picture there ;)


Gotta get back to work...


01-14-2005, 12:39 PM
Hi Bluet,

No... so far all is well here where Joe & I live. Thank you for asking about us... It is all around us though... the rivers are really flooding! And so many homes are being distroyed or damaged, very sad to see. We can drive to see those homes they are that close.

I am so sorry to be brief, but I have a bit more to do then I realized. I will be so relieved to have 7:00 get here!



5 dogs
01-14-2005, 12:59 PM
The bottom picture is of my mom, sister on left, brother in middle and i am the one with the red hair.

5 dogs
01-14-2005, 01:46 PM
4.tif (http://)

01-14-2005, 01:55 PM
Nice Pictures Gloria...

you did it!!! :cp: :dance:

You have a beautiful home!!
When do you move there?

You all make a very nice looking family!!
There's 4 kids in my family too... me being the oldest.

Did you find the picture I mentioned in your profile ;)



01-14-2005, 02:14 PM
Good afternoon well barely afternoon girls.

Thanks for the pics Gloria beautiful home and great looking family.

Sunny sounds like you are being a busy lady today, hope everything goes well tonight for you. How are you feeling? Now don't overdo.

Hi Bluet unimaginable to me to have temps -7, I think I would just hibernate in the house too cold to get out.

Hi Sheila what are you up to today?

Hi Charlotte how are you feeling?

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? I think Dhb is leaving again for a week to go to his hunting lease so I will have the house to myself. :cheer:

I have a question for you all. Do you take hormones? I went to Dr. today and she put me back on Premarin 1.25 said to take it about a yr. and she would wean me off of them by the time I was 60. I have been feeling so rotten lately I have to do something. I was just wondering your imput.

Well think I will go lay down for a little while then I have got to get up and get busy. I will see you all tonight.

5 dogs
01-14-2005, 03:05 PM
Sunny-Yes, I found the picture of me in my profile. Thanks.
I also have a younger sister who is a missionary in Brazil with her husband. Her name is Lillian and she is the baby of the family. My sister in the picture is the oldest (Wanda) and she lives in Alasak with her husband and four kids. My mom lost twin boys in child birth a year later. I came next and 14 momths later my brother come along. Then it was suprise, suprise and my little sister came four years later.

Hubby and i will live in the house we are in now for the next four years. Then we hope to retire in the house that is in the picture. If you put Blairsvill Ga. in your Explorer (Mack talk) you will be able to see pictures. Wonderful fishing and mountains.

Were you able to open the pictures of Jamie and Gina? I will send them again just in case.

I hope you are sitting down. I am sending a picture of my son. Sorry, his married.

01-14-2005, 09:49 PM
Wow--I don't post for one day and come back to all these messages!

What a beautiful house, 5 Dogs! I can see why you fell in love with it. So, are you just using it as a "vacation" home until you retire, or are you moving there now? Your son is a good-looking guy--takes after his mom, I see! What a beautiful family you have! A tomato plant in January--that's amazing! When do you get the first tomatoes?

Bluet, I didn't shut my eyes fast enough when they showed the gory parts last night. While it wasn't really too bad, I actually felt a bit queasy when the ME stuck something in the eye of the head. Don't know why that affected me so much.

Meatballs smothered in gravy--sounds good to me. I'm sure that's "lite" gravy, right?

Charlotte, if things like snakes give you nightmares, definitely don't watch CSI. The snake was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff they show. I heard on the news that there is some kind of weather problem in Alabama. Hope it's not near you.

SunnyD, I did do some packing, but my half-sister and her daughter came by after signing the papers at the cemetery. We chatted for a while before they left to take the ferry back. I'm not sure what my half-sister is going to do since she doesn't drive, and none of her kids live nearby. I asked, but she said, "I don't want to think about that now." so I changed the subject. The rather sad thing was that about three hours after she left, my Dad said something about "that person" who visited. While she was here, he knew it was his daughter, but after she'd gone, he forgot. I'm not going to mention the funeral again because I think it's best that he not go.

What weird weather changes you're having, SunnyD. Shorts weather one day, and parkas the next. I wonder if your plants are having a hard time figuring out if they should be doing now. Hope you have a good time tonight. You need a fun time after being housebound for so long. Do you know that my DH hasn't opened the chocolates he got for Christmas. I wonder if he remembers they are in the pantry. If they were mine, they would have been gone the day after Christmas.

Candlelady, you're going to have to explain what a hunting lease is for us city wimps. I've never had to take hormones, and hope not to. I've never had any menopausal symptoms so I have no idea where I am in the process. Hope that the hormones help you feel better.

Tomorrow we're going to Whidbey Island to visit our friends who have a house right on the beach. My DH is finally over his bad cold, and I've been fighting like crazy not to get it. Yesterday I thought I might lose the battle, but today I feel pretty good. However, the weather may not cooperate with our trip because they keep talking snow and/or freezing rain. It is pretty darn cold here right now, but very clear with all the snow-covered mountain ranges on both sides of us. Sunday we're packing, of course, and then Monday we're moving some stuff into the storage shed we rented. My DH gets Monday off.

So, realizing we haven't discussed weight loss in a while, how is everyone doing with losing? How about exercise? I have a big confession to make. I went to Weight Watchers after 8 weeks of not going, and I've gained, gulp, 7 lbs. I was horrified, and mad at myself because it takes me forever to take off 7 lbs, but I put it on so darn fast. But except for Christmas Day, I exercised every day of those 8 weeks so at least I've changed that way. Next week we're back with water aerobics after a week of doing Walk Away the Pounds tapes instead.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm taping the murder mystery again (oh, and I did watch the other one and guessed who the killer was) so if you want to talk about it, put a big DON'T READ SHEILA up and I won't read that paragraph.

01-15-2005, 06:28 AM
:coffee: :coffee: Yummmmmmmm so good. I awoke early as usual so am sitting here doing my very favorite things early in the morning.

Sheila good to hear from you. Have a good time visiting with your friends. A hunting lease is where the men go to hunt. All the men in my family are big hunters. My dhb is such a loner he loves to go up there during the week when no one is there and stay. They hunt deer, turkey, hogs and ducks. :(
Sheila I know how you feel about gaining weight same here. I have been really trying this week. I need to quit weighing everyday like I have been doing it goes up a lb. then down a lb. :mad: I have noticed though when it goes down a lb. is when I drank my water. I have got to make myself drink it everyday. :workout:

Sunny how did it go last night?

Hi Charlotte, Gloria and Bluet what going on?

I don't watch alot on tv only because I go to sleep so early. My of the time I will turn on Larry King and drift off while he is on. I do love a good mystery or crime show though.

Not sure what we are going to do today, I know one thing it is back to Walmart for some groceries and pick up my meds. I plan on being there by 7am and get shopping done early. I need to clean my computer room badly, maybe I will just do that... :D

5 dogs
01-15-2005, 02:17 PM
Candlelady-Wow--Do you always get up that early? I live in the East time zone (Florida) so i am ahead of you in time. I was surprised to see your post so early. How are you feeling? Still tired? Menopause has a way of doing that to you. Do you take vitamins or iron? One thing that i do when i start getting depressed and tired is go for a walk or go to the Y. Sometime just the fresh air can do wonders.

People say that men don't go through menopause, i think this is not true. My husband is the dearest, sweetest man i have ever know, but today he is Dr. Jeckel Mr. Hide. One second sweet and charming, and then crabby and crouch the next. Maybe I'll go to the movies or go swimming at the Y.

Sheila-Yes, we are going to use the house as a vacation home till we retire in 4 years. The house has no furniture or anything else in it as far as that goes, so we will be taking most of the stuff we have down here (Florida) and bringing it up there (Georgia). We have lived in this Florida home for about 25 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. We only have a one car garrage and it is packed with my kids stuff when they were little (Doll house made by Grandpa, Cradle my kids sleep in when they were baby's) so even if i could clean it out, i could never get rid of those things.

My tomato plant has 4 tomatos on it. Two will be ready to pick in another week. I also grow my own herbs. Rosemary on fish with lemon is wonderful. I eat it almost every day.

Sunny-O.K. girlfriend, i want details on last nights ho-down. I guess people don't say ho-down anymore. O.K., how was your social event of the season? I specially want to know about the chocolate! Did it have nuts or raisins in it, or was it just plan and creamy. Details girlfriend, details.

Angel- I hope your doing well. Haven't seen your sweet angel in awhile.

Bluet- What is going on in your neck of the woods? I guess people don't say that eather. How is life treating you.

Hubby wants lunch so must run now.
Later gater.

5 dogs
01-15-2005, 05:14 PM
I have four tomatos almost ready for the picking. B.L.T's anyone?

01-15-2005, 06:17 PM

Love all your pictures, Gloria!

OK.....the weather report......A few days of 60-70 degrees, then a few days of freezing! The poor buttercups don't know whether to bloom, or not. :^:
Well, DH & DS got the decking on one side of the roof. :D (The side you could see in the pics I posted.) They have a lot of work for next week, so won't be a lot done. Mixed feelings there....we need the roof, but, need the work, also.

The gory programs would only bother me at night, when I'm about to go to sleep. I love watching surgeries, etc., on tv. I wanted to be a nurse, but couldn't afford college. I have a lot of medical books, & have read most of what's in all of them. I'm the strong one in the family, when it comes to blood, etc. ;) I just don't want to see snakes & maggots just before going to sleep.

Sheila...the only weather problems I know of in this area was a couple of days ago. We had very bad storms & rained as hard as I've ever seen. It was my day off & I was alone. (under the tarp!) DH worried. He said he didn't trust tarp in lightening. All went well, though.
I know it's a real strain on you & relatives with the funeral, & all you're dealing with. You're in my thoughts & prayers.

Candlelady...I shop at Wal-mart a lot. We're getting a new Super Wal-mart in our town! It's going to open the end of this month!

Hi Bluet...hope you enjoy your weekend off from work!

Gotta go.

01-16-2005, 07:44 AM
Good Sunday morning girls. I slept until nearly five am today. :cheer:

We found out nephew is going to be transferred to Ft. Worth hospital today they believe he has heart disease so they are going to run test on him. :( With him having peritinitus twice in five yrs. I am sure that it caused damage to his organs, you can't be that sick and come through it with nothing. :( They say he has about 35% of his heart working. :( :(

Then last week sil spilt acid on his leg and it is looking very bad, Dr. said he may have to have a skin graph. I guess I am going to have to tie up all these men in my family in order to keep them safe. :) :) I am ready for some sort of normalcy again.

Gloria I always get up early. I worked in the pharmacy at Wal-Mart for 9 yrs. and the biggest part of that time I worked 6am-3pm. I guess I just got into the habit of getting up early then. My daughter gets here with the grandson I keep at 7 so I have to get up anyway.

Charlotte you will love the super Wal-Mart that is what we have and it is great!! They are building a Target here too. Do you all have Target? I like it better than Wal-Mart.

I hope each of you have a wonderful day, I plan to.

5 dogs
01-16-2005, 08:09 PM
Hello Ladies, I have a funny story to tell you. Sheila, you might be perticularly interasted in this because you told me you did water aerobic.

Last friday i went to a water aerobics class and was just having a gay old time. Very nice ladys there. We were in the middle of the class when our instructor told us to stand in one spot in the water and jump inplace. O.K., I can do that. Because your in the water, there is very little pressure on your back or your neck when jumping up and down. I picked a nice deep spot in the pool because i am very tall (5'9'') and started jumping up and down when i felt something on the back of my legs. I stopped jumping and looked around. No sharks in the water or anything else so i started jumping again and the same thing happened. What in the world could be in this pool! Started jumping again, only this time I'm keeping one eye on the back of my legs.
It turned out to be my butt. The water was making my butt move up and down and it was hitting the back of my legs. Can a person get butt lash? Good thing no one was standing next to me or they might have gotten hurt. :lol3::lol3:

Have to get the kitchen cleaned up now so better go.
Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

01-16-2005, 08:22 PM

Good Evening Gals!!!

First off... thanks for asking about our Friday evening everyone ;) It all went wonderfully, I was so pleased :smug: We did have 14 people here and had no problems with seating (as I feared we would). In fact, many of the couples complimented us on our home and how inviting and warm they felt here --- what a compliment! I think I must have glowed brighter then a GE Light bulb that evening :sunny: We had some very interesting conversations about today's devastation of weather to our world and how it has changed our children (US too!) in their views of their world in how what happens to one effects another. Before all of this death and destruction (namely the tsunami today) they lived in a world pretty much of their own surroundings... now children of all ages and cultures want to reach out and help the adults in aiding all those who have lost so much. It's awesome to see...

We also spoke about how TV today has really changed and how much harder it is to have boundaries set for your children in what they are exposed to. Yes, we had some really good (deep) topics of discussion. We usually go from 7:30 till 9:30, but this time everyone stayed till 11:00! Cool! We all met again at another's home the second Friday of February (we rotate homes each month). We only meet once a month because many of the couples have young families and are not able to meet more often, but sometimes we will have a dinner get-together or party & in the summer a Bar-B-Que in between. It's really nice. The food we served this time was very basic - snacks - I made Decaf Coffee & Green Decaf Tea, had cheese & crackers, cashews, a dish of carrots & celery with low fat ranch dressing for dipping & the yummy chocolates that are all gone now :cp:. And others brought some Christmas cookies & choc. covered pretzels to munch on too. I really didn't feel much stress after I got the place clean at around 4 and felt so much better after my shower :) It was a great evening. Boy was I ever tired the next day!! Joe & I could have slept the whole morning away I think, but didn't. We met our friends on Saturday morning at 8:00 for breakfast and then did our grocery shopping together. We got home at around 11:00am and then Joe preceded to repair my tub drain that broke. In fact, he is finishing it up as I speak... such a handyman, I am spoiled! He even cleans up his mess... I hear the vacuum cleaner going.


Diane, Awe, I am so sorry to hear of your Nephew's heart problems... that poor child! Acid???!!!! What was she doing with that!!?? My goodness :( He is in my continued prayers! My goodness :cry:

You asked... how am I feeling? Well, I was doing okay on Friday and Saturday, but for some odd reason today I am dealing with a gall bladder attack! It has quite been awhile since I have had one (I use to have them allot!) and I have forgotten how painful they are! I wish it would calm down already :( I usually have an attack if I go too long in between meals & then eat the wrong foods - something too rich, but I didn't think I had this morning... I did take some vitamins before I ate - that may have done it? But I should be fine in the morning... My spirits are good :D It's just this ole body that a pain in the butt ;)

Thanks... *all of you* for your concerns --- you sure do know how to make a person feel special.

Diane, I DO take hormones and have since my car accident at 19yrs of age... I was on the Premrin 1.25 till just 2 years ago. Then my Dr. wanted me to go lower because of the breast cancer in my family on my mother's side... at first she lowered me right off to Premrin .625 --- TOO LOW for me! I got the blues real bad and was extremely emotional & just couldn't think clearly at all... I felt like I was in *Panic* mode all the time! Not good at all... then she brought me back up to Premrin 1.25 and decided that .90 would be a better level for me to stay at... so all last year I did both dose's slowly weaning myself off the higher one. Now I will stay at Premrin .90 till my late 60's. Nobody messes around with my hormones now... :lol: How are you feeling on it? I bet you feel like a whole new woman, if not yet - you will! I have felt great (emotionally that is) since I have stayed at a consistent level. There is a bit of a downside, at least for me --- I do find that I have to work a bit harder to keep the weight off.

Hey there Gloria, My brother and I are exactly 14 months apart too! Too funny! I am the oldest born in '57 ( a very good year by the way ;) I LOVE the 50's! ) then my brother - Ed - came 14 months later in '58 ( surprise for my mom too ), then my sister - Linda - in '61 & Russell in '63. You sound like you have a great family & they look like it too from the beautiful pictures you have posted... are you all close? You look like you are, very much so.

Those chocolates were a mix --- the best kind! It was a 2 lb. gift box that my hubby came home with from work during the holiday's. Neither of us wanted to open it till we had others around to gobble them up too ;)

I am an early-bird too, Gloria... my Joe has to be up by 5 / 5:30am --- so our days begin very early and even when we could sleep in I don't - I wake up naturally to that time now. I do allot in the mornings, but am no good by around 2 - 3pm; then my energy picks up again at around 4:30 till around 9:30pm & then I crash I'm so tired.

Yea!!!! I will join you on that BLT if it's not too late! I only wish! We have 5 inches of snow on the ground, just today and it's still snowing out there... no tomato want to grow here.

Hi Sheila! Good to see you --- we missed you, even if it was only a day away ;) That happens to me too --- a day away and I feel like there's so much to read and catch up with. But that's okay :goodvibes I thought you might be doing a little packing.

I am sorry to hear that your DF has forgotten so much... but it happens with the illness he has. Such a shame... I do hope that your DSIL will be okay :(

Has your hubby broken into the chocolates yet??? Yep... same here!!! I LOVE my chocolates! Especially the Dove Darks! I don't give those up --- I have my candy dish full all the time. I have done very well in that I limit myself to one or two a day and sometimes I don't have any... but when I crave... one of those will do the trick ;) You mentioned that you gained 7 lbs over the holiday's... I gained back 4! And have gotten 1.5 off, but am gonna give it my best to get back on track again, now that just about all the "junk" is out of my house again! I won't change my numbers at the bottom, because it gives me incentive to hold true to it! Sheila, I bet that because you have exercised all through the holiday's --- you will get that 7 lbs. off in no time!! ;) You'll see :smug:

How was your trip to see your friends on Whidbey Island?? I bet you had a great time! What did you do? Oh my feel the sand at a beach right now would be awesome! You are so lucky! Enjoy your day tomorrow with your hubby! I will be leaving at 9:00 in the morning to spend the day with my girlfriend... she has off for Martin Luther King Day (government job) --- that means "no mail" tomorrow gals. Anyway, we are going to hit the huge craft ctr. tomorrow and I bet that we spend most of the day there! Then we will go out to lunch together... I miss my days with her now that she works, but cherish the days we do have even more now :bubbles:

Hi Angel, :dance: Hooray... so happy to hear that you are seeing some progress in your home building. We have a Super-Wal-Mart here too --- nice! But I too enjoy Target over Wal-Mart, especially when it comes to fun and different items. You will like it when it's done, Charlotte. When will they have their grand opening?

Charlotte, I loved your animation at the bottom of your post (Maybe tomorrow I will wake up...)! :lol: Made me laugh! :lol3: How are you feeling today? Did you have a good day?

Okay Bonnie... where are you, sweets?? Are you feeling okay??

I am soooooo bummed! I thought I set my deck for the Hallmark Mystery Movie and didn't get the whole show!!! I haven't a clue as to who killed the woman. Maybe you can e-mail me with the answer & fill me in so we don't mess things up for Sheila... I am so bummed I didn't get the whole movie! I tried to stay up and watch the repeat right afterwards, but just couldn't stay awake past midnight!

Right now... ... *Extreme Home Makeover* is just starting --- do you watch that show? We also like *Cold Case* but I will record it to watch later... my Joe just loves that home makeover show --- okay, me too ;)

How did your weekend go? Do you have the day off tomorrow too? What did you do all weekend?? Any good books??


Well gals, I am going to call it an evening and go watch some TV with the hubby.

*God Bless you ALL*


01-16-2005, 08:32 PM

I just read your post to Sheila about your day at water water aerobic's --- I literally *Laughed out loud*!!!! :lol3:


Just too funny!!!


01-17-2005, 02:36 AM
Omigosh, 5 Dogs, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. And the funny thing is that I know exactly what you mean! LOL! Now I have a name to go with it. Butt-lash--LOL!

SunnyD, sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time. And what a compliment to have everyone stay so long because they're having such fun. You and I had the same taping problem, although mine didn't tape at all. So go ahead and talk because I didn't get to see it. Next Friday I'm going to make my DH tape the other show, and watch the mystery so that I definitely get to see it.

Charlotte, your weather sounds like SunnyD's last week. From shorts to parka weather. Did your DH get some work done on the house this weekend? I don't think a tarp would be much protection from lightning either. Hopefully you don't get much. When we lived in Colorado, we got thunderstorms nearly every day starting about the end of June, I think.

Candlelady, I'm so sorry to hear the new information about your nephew. Drs. can be wrong, and I certainly hope they are. Maybe you should start thinking about locking the guys in your family up! You'd never catch me up before 7:00 am, and even then that's a stretch. Only if I'm catching a flight or doing something really fun, and it's gotta be really fun to get me out of bed early. My favorite store was Shopko, which was in Boise, but not here. There's a Target in my neighborhood so it's convenient, and I like it pretty well.

So we went to the island to visit our friend. We left early (okay, early for us), and it only took us 1.5 hours to get there, which is record time. That included the ferry ride. We talked for a while, then had lunch. While we were eating lunch, my DH said, what's that white stuff falling on your deck? The weather forecast hadn't been favorable, and when we saw the ice pellets on the deck, we left all our dishes on the table, said our goodbyes (and of course I stopped at the bathroom!) and dashed out of there. I felt like such a bad guest, but we didn't want to be stuck on the island in a bad storm. We did go through some snow, and at our house there was nothing but rain so it turned out okay.

Today was exhausting. We packed and packed, and cleaned, and put stuff into storage. My son came over with his big truck and helped. The realtor called and asked if I knew that my Dad was paranoid. Uh-huh! She said he called her and asked her if she was in cahoots with my DH to sell the house, and he was sure that my DH had told the realtor to list it on February 1, and he wanted it listed right now. She calmed him down, but my DH is so upset he can't even look at my Dad. Dad moves out Thursday, and it can't be too soon for my DH. He's put up with so much, and he's not dealing well with it right now. It was interesting, however, to get a perspective on my Dad from someone outside the family.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

01-17-2005, 07:20 AM
Just got up to temps of 21 out, I failed to listen to the weather yesterday so it was quite a surprise. I went to bed with no heat on checked the temp inside and it is 56...bbbrrrrrrrr. I got everything in this house that heats cranked up this morning.

Gloria that is so funny, I can just picture you checking behind you wondering what is on my leg. :lol: :lol:

Sunny what a nice evening you had. It sounds so nice how you all meet once a month and have such good conversations. It was my son in law that got the acid spilled on him, he works for a plumbing company and he dropped the container and the lid was loose. He does have infection in his leg so hopefully the shot and antibiotics they gave him will do the trick.

Thanks for you well wishes for my nephew.

Sheila sorry your trip was cut short but you never know about this crazy weather. I am sure you feel right in the middle between Df and Dh, once you get away things will be so much better for you. :)

Sending (((hugs))) to everyone else, hope all is well with you.

I have little Bradley and his big brother today since school is out, wish me luck. :dizzy: :dizzy: I think we will go get their hair cut they both are looking a little wooly then go and have some lunch.

I better get off and go drink my :coffee: and try to stay warm...bye.

01-17-2005, 08:53 AM

Good Morning :coffee2:
Just thought I would drop in while sipping on my cup of green tea :) I don't know if I am going anywhere with my girlfriend as planned :shrug: now... it snowed about 7 inches yesterday and we are expecting another 7 - 8" by this evening and our temps are at 11* with wind chill at -7* talk about COLD! Anyway, we don't know what the roads are like or gonna be like so we are waiting it out. I should hear from her at around 9:00 to know for sure :^:


Diane, Burrrrrr... 21*! Yeah... just a bit cold, huh ;)

Sorry I misunderstood about SIL... hope that the acid burns heal quickly... I bet he's in allot of pain! Joe's best bud is a plumber... so now I know what you are speaking about, much clearer to me.

What an adorable little boy! Cute picture! Wishing you *luck* today with the kids... but I think you will all be just fine --- just have fun!

Sheila, I cannot blame you at all for scooting out like you did. I am sure that your dear friend understood... I know I wouldn't have wanted to get stuck on the island either. Glad it worked out and you got home safely and still had a nice lunch with your friend.

I agree with Diane, Sheila... once your DF moves it will make things so much better for you and your DH with your move & new life together. Soon this will all be behind you... soon, very soon. Do hang in there... (((Big Warm Hugs)))


I too hope that Angel, Bluet & Gloria had a great weekend this weekend... later gals. (((Hugs)))

5 dogs
01-17-2005, 12:15 PM
Sheila, I think i got in the middle of the conversation with your dad living with you. When Carl (hubby) and i move to Georgia (IN 4 years) and retire there, my mother-in-law might move in with us. She will be 86 by then and i don't think i could live with myself if we left her behind. Carl and i are the only family she has close by. The house we bought in Georgia has a in-law apt. in the back, so she would have her own living room, bedroom and bathroom. Plus there is a separate interance so she could come and go as she pleases. We would have our meals togather so she wouldn't have to cook. I know it sounds good on paper but still, having your mother-in-law living in the same house with you does not shound appealing. We still have 4 years and a lot can happen by then.

Hi Sunny. No, i was never close with my brother or sisters. When i met Carl 32 years ago and starting dating him, my family hated him. I guess its because i didn't meet him in church or something. I met him one night when i was babysitting and the kids wanted to go roller-skating. This was up in Alaska where he was stationed. One night, Carl and a friend had to get out of the barracks, so they went roller-skating and i just happen to be there with my babysitting kids. It was ment to be. After the first date, i was so in love with this guy, we were married about a month later. My family was not happy about this but i knew that this was the man i would spend the rest of my life with. About 20 years went by and my family and i never spook to each other till my dad died about 3 years ago. Now my mom and i talk about once a month and i just got an email from my older sister. My brother and his wife will be coming down the end of this week for a couple of days. Because my little sister is a missionary in Brazil with her husband, its kinda hard to keep in touch with her. Its sad to think it took the death of my father to get us back togather again.

Hay Candlelady, i would love to hear all about your candel making! I love to quilt and thought about making candels. Do you sell them? Send us some pictures if you can. One day i was burning a candle so long that there was just a small flicker of light from the wick, so i poured all this hot wax in an old cup and put a wick in the botton of it. Now i have two candles. Does that count as candle making? No? Didn't think so.

Angel honey, i know you are getting anxious about your new house and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I can say i know what you are going through. When Carl and i had the house we are living in now built about 25 years ago, we were living in a camping trailer for about 9 months in the middle of summer in Floida. Our kids were just babys then, and the only way to take a shower was to go in the public showers that they had in the R.V. camp that we were in. We have sugar fine sand down here, so at the end of the day, my floor looked like we were living in the middle of the desert. Just think about how nice everythink will be when its finished. Its the small things that keep me going each day. Hope to hear from you soon.

Bluet- Is that your user name? How did you get such an unusual name.

Have to get my wip-lashed butt going so will say so long for now.
When i first started this group, many of you told me how great this group is. Well, I've only been in it about a week and i agree, you all are pretty special. I just want to say "THANKS". I was so depressed and all of you reached out your hand and saved me.

01-17-2005, 08:35 PM
Hi, all--

How was your day with both grandsons, Candlelady? Hope they didn't run you ragged. Do they get along pretty well? Brr! That's pretty darn cold. Your grandson is such a cutie, by the way. Love his cute little chubby cheeks!

Oh, really brrr, SunnyD! Candlelady's temperature almost seems balmy compared to yours. Hope the roads were clear so you could get out and about.

5 Dogs, I thought about you today while I was doing jumping jacks in the pool. :lol: You have a good plan with your MIL, if she'll move. Do you think you'd have any problem getting her to move? My Dad absolutely would not move so we moved to him. He has a father-in-law unit at the back of the house that overlooks the garden. It's all up to disability standards in case he became disabled. Until he started showing signs of dementia, things were working out pretty well. He's become paranoid, verbally abusive, and horribly unreasonable, and he's particularly awful to my DH. We feel like we're walking on eggshells all the time, hoping that what we say or do won't set him off or be misinterpreted. It's pretty tough living like that.

I enjoyed reading how you met your husband. It's sad that your family couldn't accept him, and that they didn't talk to you for 20 years. I can't even imagine that. So, let's see photos of your quilts! We went to a quilt museum last summer, and really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful quilts. There was a display by a couple where the husband cross-stitched squares, and the wife made a quilt. The first one they ever did was of west coast lighthouses. He was in the Navy, and started cross-stitching on long voyages. My DH liked it, too, but not enough to learn how to cross-stitch. :)

Packing is the pits. Actually, sorting through stuff is worse. Today I sorted through two boxes left here by my daughter. She went to every formal (and informal) dance the school ever had during her three years there, and has photos from all of them. I was going to send them to her, but my DH said that we should hold them for 10 years and them give them to her--she'd appreciate them more.

So what do I do with 10 styrofoam coolers from Omaha Steaks? We thought there was a recycling place, but it turns out that they only take the peanuts. I called Omaha Steaks to ask them what to do with the boxes, and they said try Meals on Wheels or the Red Cross, neither of which was open today.

About 3:00 pm, my DH and I were exhausted so we lay on our bed and ate popcorn, and watched part of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (now that shows how tired we were!).

Hope everyone had a good Monday! It didn't stop raining once today. But that's better than snow, IMHO.

01-17-2005, 10:59 PM

Hi everybody. It's been a very long day & I'm tired. I wanted to drop in for a minute, though, cause I'll probably miss posting tomorrow. Gotta run an errand out of town.

Gloria...that was a very funny story about the whiplash! Gotta say, though, from looking at your picture...I can't imagine your fanny being that big. I probably would have embarrassed myself by scrambling out of the water, screaming for my life, instead of waiting to see what it was. :o

As far as the house...thanks for the encouragement. There's a lot more to my house story than you know. I don't want to bore everyone else by repeating it all. I'll make it as short as possible: Nov.2, 2002...housefire. Had to hire attorney to get insurance to pay....then, not enough to contract it out. After cleaning what was salvaged from the fire & stored in public storage, it was all stolen! After 2 yrs of DH (& sometimes the help of SIL's when they can) working every spare minute on the house, we're now living under a tarp for a roof & plastic for ceiling, no floor covering, no walls, no kitchen, & no furniture...& it's cold!! I've tried to be patient, but I'm tired. Not just of not having a house, but seeing DH work himself to death on it. We should have torn it on down, & started over. Too late now, we decided to remodel as we had planned & kinda got stuck. Now, our money is gone & still no house. Gotta build as we can. It's one got hurt in the fire. That's what's most important.

Sheila...I'll be so glad when the moving is over for you. Been there....done that! Glad you had an enjoyable weekend.

Hi Sunny....Glad you had such a good evening with your friends.

Hi Candlelady...Yes, I like Super Wal-Mart. I already go....just a farther distance. Soon, though it'll be in my home town! There's a Target, also. I prefer Wal-Mart.

Hi Bluet...are you snowed in right now? I still wish I had some. If I gotta have cold weather (15 degrees today), then I want snow. :D

I got my son up this morning, so he could get his little girl up for school. He got her dressed & took her to school on this very cold morning! NO SCHOOL!! We forgot. :lol:

Sorry...I know I'm boring tonight. Just so darn tired! I'll be back when I get a chance.

5 dogs
01-17-2005, 11:39 PM
Would ya'll like to hear the story "When i fell in love with my husband"? After we met at the roller-skating rink, Carl called me the next day for a date. I said "Yes" of course and we decided to go to a play at the local high school where barefoot in the park was playing. This was in Alaska where he was in the Air Force and i was working and going to collage. It was the middle of winter and Carl picked me up in a red V.W. bug that had no heater and, the style back then was the mini skirt so you can just imagine how cold it was inside this car. Well, after the play we went back to his car but had to wait for the engin to warm up before we could go. For those of you who have never sat in a little V.W. bug before, i will tell you that the seats are very close togather. So I'm sitting there shivering in my little mine skirt and Carl reached over and squeezes the back of my neck. I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach that was WONDERFUL and yet i thought i was going to be sick. I was in love!:dizzy::spin::angel::cb::dancer: A week later we moved in togather, and two weeks after that we were married. I called my mom and dad and told them i was getting married at such and such a time and place. My parents hated Carl and i never did find out why. My mom and dad did come but my sisters and brother did not. We have been togather ever since. Cool story huh?
Love to all of you.

5 dogs
01-17-2005, 11:51 PM
Who will get to lick the bowl?

01-18-2005, 07:15 AM
Good Tuesday Morning dear friends

Thanks for all the compliments on my little buddy. He is a cutie isn't he? Now this is a Grandma talking.... :)

Gloria such a neat story about how you met you hubby, the only thing sad is no contact with your family for so long. :( :( I loved the pics especially the one with the dogs, they just wanted a little lick. :D Yes at one time back in 1999 and 2000 I did sell candles with my Sister but she passed away in 2000 which nearly devastated me and I closed the business just couldn't go on and do it without her. :( I still make candles for myself and they smell pretty darn good even if I say so myself. :D ;)

Oh Charlotte I never heard the story either and that is so horrible, you talk about bad luck I think you had more than your share. I admire your determination and spirit you must be one spunky lady. :) :)

Sheila don't work too hard moving is never an easy thing to do I just hate it. In answer to your question yes the boys get along well they are step brothers but the 14 yr. old is crazy about the 2 1/2 yr. old. The only problem is the 21/2 yr old acts like they older one, stomps his feet and huffs and puffs, this is not a good thing. :mad: It is kind of funny now but won't be much longer. I forgot about little dears having big ears and the other day something happened and I said "Gosh Amighty" which I should have never said so now Bradley the little one goes around and says it. :o :o

Hi Sunny did you get snowbound?

Here is another pic of Bradley a little grainy and he was a little dirty pig too. I will send some of the older boys when I get around to downloading from my cd. As you can tell my Grandchildren are my life and I am so lucky to have them living so close. :D :D

Sending big hugs to all have a great one.

5 dogs
01-18-2005, 11:23 AM
Charlotte, my hart goes out to you. I know you have heard this a thousand times and am probably tired of hearing it, but i have to tell you that you have more courage and determination than i will ever have. God bless you.
I know all about the hassels of dealing with insurance people. My car insurance wont pay my medical bills from my accident in 2003, so now my credit is almost non-existing. (Blood sucking maggots!!!!) You pay and pay, and when you need them they say sorry, no can do.
I to see my hubby putting in long hard days at work and coming home almost to tired to eat. Before my car accident we were living on two incomes and were doing O.K. in the money department. There was food on the table and all the bills got paid. There was even a little something extra for the savings. Now, our bills get paid but our savings is just pitiful.
To Funny! Getting up in the cold and your son taking his daughter to school. I am sure it wasn't funny at the time but i have done that also.

Sheila, I don't have any pictures of my quilts. This past Christmas, money was extremely tight and there was nothing in the kiddy for present. We still wanted to give family members something, so everyone got quilted home made place mats, pot holders, quilts. Carl does counted cross stitch pictures so everyone got one of those also. We had a home made Christmas. I will try and find a picture of one of Carl's counted cross stitch pictures.

My apologies to Sunny, Candlelady, and Bluet for not sending a letter. I have a lot to do today and am already behind.

Hugs and kisses to all of you.

01-18-2005, 10:03 PM
Bluet, Bluet, come out and play! Hope you're okay. Just busy and exhausted??

Charlotte, had to laugh imagining you running out of the water screaming, wondering what was hitting you in the leg. My Wednesday water aerobics instructor is really funny, and I'm going to tell her 5 Dogs' story. I know she'll get a huge kick out of it. Ah, your poor son and granddaughter! I can just see their faces as they realized the school was closed.

5 Dogs, no car heater in Alaska?? Love or no love, I would seriously have considered the guy a nut! No wonder you live in Florida now. :lol: You guys look so sweet together. You know, my DH and I got married after knowing each other less than six months, but when my DD did that (although it was 10 months for her, but they didn't live in the same area for four of those months), I wasn't happy about it. That photo of the dogs and your DH is just too funny! I had to show my DH, who laughed aloud. Carl's cross stitch is beautiful! So have you thought about making a quilt with Carl's cross stitch?

Candlelady, first, were you really up at 3:29 am editing your message? Or even earlier given that I think the time on this board is Pacific time. The photo is so cute! He's such a handsome boy. I'm looking forward to seeing the older boys, too. Aren't you glad you didn't say anything worse than "Gosh Almighty?" You know, I was in Target the other day and there were two women shopping with about three little kids. The language those two women were using was horrible--the "f" and "s" word in every sentence, very casually just in conversation. I was appalled that someone with kids would talk like that.

So the big thing today was would my Dad get in the assisted living because he couldn't do his own blood sugar testing. I left a message with his doctor yesterday, then this morning, then I took a typed note down to the office. Heard from someone around 2:30 pm, and Dad doesn't have to test his blood any longer. He was relieved, and so was I.

My daughter called and said that she and her husband definitely are going to the inauguration on Thursday. They've even been invited to the ball. I was wondering about ball gowns, but then realized that she'd have to wear her uniform anyway (she's going with a contingent of other Navy personnel) so she doesn't have to worry about what to wear. Her husband was supposed to leave on a three week cruise, but he got out of it because his captain felt that going to the inauguration was a big deal. Nice for them because they actually got to spend their six month anniversary together last night.

Do you know how hard it is to find a rental when you have pets, and especially more than 2 pets? I've been calling places in Corvallis, and looking in the paper. I found two places that look promising. One requires only a $500 deposit, but the other requires a bunch of deposits, and monthly charges. I think that one is probably a nicer place.

We're wet and wild here in Washington. Lots of flooding, record one-day rainfalls, mudslides. We have a leaky skylight every once in a while, but we're fine other than that. And warm--the pineapple express has landed and it was approaching 60 degrees here today.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

01-19-2005, 09:48 AM

Good morning everyone,
Well, I had a long, exhausting day yesterday, which caused me to not sleep well last night. But, it was successful. I got new upper dentures. I have to go quite a distance (about 1 1/2 hr drive) & be there at 8 am to get them the same day. I'd had my old ones waaay too long & they were getting very uncomfortable. I can smile better now! :D Only, these are smaller than my last two sets. I may not look as cute, now, when I smile. :lol:
The weather is still cold, but pretty. The sunshine is just glowing each day.

Hi Sheila...good news about your dad! Every little thing is a big help. But, actually that's a big thing! Is he a diabetic? You've probably said so, if he is....but my memory..... :dizzy: If so, when his sugar is out of whack, it would make him more agitated, etc....but, I'm sure you know this. I'm mostly thinking out loud. (or rather, in cyberspace. :^: )
You talking about the rental, reminded of when I was a little girl. I had a dog (Spanky), a cat (Smokey) & a bird (Jerry...well, actually had 2 birds...Tom & Jerry, until Tom died). The bird never stayed in the cage. Either on my shoulder or head or on the dog or cat. They were all pals. When we moved from Michigan to Alabama, we knew we had to put them in a cage on the truck with the furniture, so we put them in the same one, together. When we'd stop for gas, or food & feed them, people would surround us to see the three of them together! :lol:
Hope your daughter & SIL enjoy the inauguration! Hope you stay safe in the flooding.

Hi Gloria...I here ya about the car accident......... I had a very good job when I had my car accident. One day I worked, the next day it was over. Yes, I draw a monthly check, but not near as much as I had earned. Medicare doesn't pay for my prescription meds, either. They come to over $300.00 a month. I feel so guilty when a bill is due, & I have to buy meds, instead. DH is great about it, though. He's never complained. I'm just glad Medicare pays for the Remicade treatments for the RA. Over $3000.00 for each treatment! I met my husband. Started to church where he & his cousin was going. Started dating his cousin. He introduced me to DH. He was best man at our wedding! :D He said he'd never introduce his girlfriends to anyone else, anymore. :lol: We are all still very close & see each other a lot. I love his wife. DH & I dated 2 yrs before we married. We were both 19. That was almost 37 yrs ago!

Hi Candlelady...Your grandson is a dear! I only have 3 grandsons. But, 8 granddaughters! They're sooooo sweet. :) We DO have to watch what we say & do in front of little ears & eyes. I have 2 granddaughters that are here every other week. They are 3 & 6. The 3 yr old is catching on fast! Seems it's the bad habits she catches on to the most! :^: So far, not too bad, though.

Hi Sunny....hope all is well with you. Did you get to go out with your friend? All that snow........wish we'd get some of it. It's been very cold this week. Down in the teens & cold winds, but sunshine.

Hi must be tuckered out, or something. Hope you're not sick.

Hi Fatpuss........

I've got to get serious with my diet!!

5 dogs
01-19-2005, 12:11 PM
Are you kidding Sheila? Your daughter and son in law are going to the inauguration? WOW! Thats great. You know Sheila, i was just saying to hubby the other day, "I wonder where our invitation is for inauguration ball is? I just bought a bran new pair of overalls for that special ocashion and am dying to wear them. Invite must have gotten lost in the mail.
I am so confused.:shrug: You said your father wouldn't move, so you and hubby moved there. Now from your last message, your father is moving into a assisted living home. What is this packing and moving everyone is talking about?
I would love to make a quilt from one of Carl's cross stitch pictures but am not that talented and would need some kind of pattern to follow. Counted cross stitch is very small X's of different colors put togather, plus there are half stitchs (Half an X) that i would not be able to do in a quilt. Hubby talkes to his sister about counted cross stitching and they use turms like, 14 count and 24 count. This is how many stitches are in an inch, I think. If i were to follow that pattern, useing an inch for every X, the quilt would stretch from here to Texas.

Speaking of Texas, Candelady, do you have snow there? The pic. you sent of Bradley there was snow on the ground. Am i the only one that doesn't get snow? I guess i shouldn't complain, I opened up my windows around 1 o'clock yesterday because the sun was shining and a warm/cool breeze was blowing. The nights are cold here and i had to put two blankets on my bed last night. The colder temps also gives hubby and i a good excuse to cuddle.
If I'm not being to nosey, how did you come to settle in Texas? I find it interasting how people settle in one place verses another. I also don't remember if you said you were married. If so, how lone?
Carl and i were living in Va. where he was in the Navy. That is where my kids were born and it cost us all of 12 dollers each kid because they were bone in a military hospital. When Carl got out of the Navy, it was spin the globe and pick a place to live. Carl's mom and dad were already living down here in Florida, and the goverment back then were helping young couples buy a home, so we found that Florida was the one place we could afford. Lots 25 years ago were going for about 2 thousand dollars and a three bedroom/two bath home was around 40 thousand. Now, the same lot can go for a much as 80 thousand and houses around here start at 120 thousand and up. So that is how we came to be in Spring Hill, Florida.

How was your running around yesterday angle? Do you enjoy driving? I hate it! I put off and put off just going to the store because of the traffic, noise and confusion. Hay, I am a very sensitive kind of person. Plus, if there is no food in the house, Carl might take me out. NOT!!
Do you like to cook? Or should i say DID you like to cook when you had a kitchen? I also hate that to. I cook because i have to, not because i want to.
I do have some good news for all of you. Talked to Jamie (Daughter) last night. I called her. She is starting school again and she sounds like she is getting back to her old self again. We talked for an hour about nothing. Someone told me once that you can tell if a person is a friend or not by the way you talk on the phone. If you talk for a long time and cant really say what you talked about later, then you have a friend.

Sunny and Bluet, where are you? As my mom used to say "Don't make me come over there." I know in your last post Sunny, you said you wern't feeling well. Are you O.K? Bluet, have we lost you for good? Sure would like to get to know you.

Must get going now.
Kiss, Kiss,

5 dogs
01-19-2005, 02:06 PM
Did you know that rye bread burns very fast in a fraying pan? Was making hubby's lunch today (He comes home for lunch) and decided to make grilled ham and cheese on rye. Had sandwich made and in the pan when i had to go to the bathroom. (When you have to go, you just have to go) When i came out, I smelled something burning. It was Carl's lunch. Quickly turned off the heat under fraying pan and ran water in it. Did you know that hot frying pans and water don't like each other? Big gobs of smoke filled the kitchen, so i opened the windows and doors and preceded to fan the kitchen with a dish towl to get the smoke out. Just then, hubby walks in, "Dear, what are you doing? Of course my only reply could be, "Making your lunch. You always said you liked your food extra crispy!!! Break out the bologna.

01-19-2005, 02:30 PM

Hi Gals,

All is going well here... I just felt like taking a break from the computer yesterday is all :goodvibes ;) Oh no Gloria, I didn't say I wasn't feeling well --- I am fine really! ALL BETTER :D But thanks for inquiring about me ;)

Monday my girlfriend and I were suppose to go shopping at the Craft Ctr. and then go to lunch together. Well... ... we did go to lunch together, but the weather has gotten so crummy here we didn't dare go further then the "in town" diner for lunch. We just felt it best to stay close to home, so spent the whole day here visiting with me leaving just for our lunch out. All-in-all we had a great 'catch-up' visit with one another. By the time she left it was time for me to make dinner & my hubby came home. Sorry I never made it back here to let you all know what happened. As for yesterday I just got into watching some Classic movies that I have on DvD & taped shows I wanted to see so I could use the tape again last night so I could record *American Idol*... so I vegged all day is all :bubbles: Not sick... :sssh:

Did any of you catch *American Idol* last night?? Just too funny for the most part!! Some of those people... I really felt sorry for, though... they really thought that they had a shot to become a good singer. Something what you think you can do verses the reality of what you can do. Simon & Paula even made the statement that these parents should stop telling their kids they are good at things when they aren't cuz they are causing more pain for their kids in the long run... I think there's some truth to that. Because Joe & I are interested in music and sing we both enjoy shows like this.


Gloria, Carl is a very nice looking man - you both make a nice looking couple. I am sorry that you and your siblings were not close for so many years. Years that you can never get back... yes, it is a shame that it took the death of your DF to come together again, but at least you are all together now. I am close to all mine and my parents & am very grateful for that. It takes work, but I don't mind. Life is just too short...

Joe & I had a short dating life too (much to my father's dismay) --- we met and two months later we were engaged to be married. It didn't settle well at first with my father, but my mom loved Joe right off the bat. My father at the time was a Marine Officer and Joe was in the Navy - not a good mix at all. Eventually Joe won my DF over... well... ... after my father had him locked up in the dining-room for questioning 2 and 1/2 hours one day!! Driving me nuts all the while :hyper: After year of engagement we were married and as of this JUNE 21st we'll be married 30 years... where do the years go?

I just loved the picture of your hubby with the dogs!!! He is my kind of person - an animal lover. I adore animals and always have ever since I was a very little girl. My mother said that my very first word was "kitty" - even before mom or dad... :lol:

Yes, Sheila... it is very COLD and YUCKY here... it is just not letting up at all! I bet we have a good 12" of snow here as of this afternoon and now we are getting some sleety snow, causing some ice build up on the bridges and overpasses here in Cleveland and East of Cleveland. It's about 20* now, so it has warmed up a bit, but nothing to write home to mom about if you know what I mean ;)

I must totally agree with you about the sorting! It IS the worse!!! Because you know you should throw away most of it, but when it comes to tossing out some things with a memory connected to it - ooo that's hard to do. I could never move again just for that reason alone!!!! The thought of sorting all at once makes me dizzy :dizzy: I can sure say one thing to you, Sheila, without a doubt... I do not envy you at all :no: :yikes: I wish I lived close enough to stop on by and lend you a helping hand... I bet you could use it right about now.

I am so glad that everything is working out so well for your DF... and for you both as well. And I am so excited for your DD and her hubby --- I do hope that they have a wonderful time at the inauguration tomorrow... the BALL!!!!??? Cool Beans!!!! WoW! The Ball! I couldn't imagine...

Wishing you *luck* looking for a place for you and your pets. Sheila, why did I think you already had a place to move into there? :shrug: I do wish you well in your search. As I stated earlier - I wouldn't want to be you in the move part, but I am sure that once you get settled into your new place it will all be worth the headache in the end (((Hugs)))

Hi Angel, So good to see you :dance: Too funny that you got your DS up and GD to no school. Don't feel badly in forgetting... my girlfriend forgot that she was off work Monday because all government jobs were closed :lol: Now that's bad :lol:

Okay... now I am really bummed out! You have SUNSHINE!!!!! Not us... haven't seen the sun in so long, I don't know if I will remember what it feels like to feel it on me again... I will be on :cloud9: when we begin to get sunshine again. I really do miss it, being I am originally from the desert! It makes me sad when I go too long without it around and all my kitties do is sleep all day! Tell me again... why do I live here? Why would you want some snow? You like it, Angel? Yes, I know it is pretty when it first begins to fall or when you can get out and about, but what a pain when the ice and the inches creep up on you and you cannot go anywhere. I am so ready for Spring now. I don't mean to complain so much... especially since I HAVE A HOME to stay warm in! Some people here in Ohio do not!! They are still coping with the floods and now the ice and snow and some still do not have electric yet either!! My home feels comfy when I think of them, you know.

So... ... when are you gonna post a picture of you and your new smile

Diane, What an adorable child!!!!! You have bragging rights here, it's okay :D ;) I love (we love) to see pictures of everyone and their families here.

Yep, snowbound for sure and none too happy about it either... I want to go shopping so bad!!! But most of the stores I want to go to are a good drive away and the roads are very crummy. So I sit and wait!

Okay Bluet, You are in my prayers while you struggle through this week at work with "the bully". Please know that we all are thinking of you & miss you here very much!!! {{{Special Hugs}}}


Time for me to go now...
I really must be getting some of my laundry done,
it's beginning to heave over the top of the bins :o
& I have no excuse :D well, except that I do not like doing laundry!
Catch you all later...


01-19-2005, 09:15 PM
Hi, ladies!

Charlotte, isn't it weird that we can't sleep after exhausting days? What's up with that? You'd think it would be the opposite. Hopefully your new dentures don't make you smile like that big smile emoticon. Whoa! That's so funny that you could put a dog, cat and a bird in the same cage. I can imagine that got a lot of attention. Hey, can you get one of the drug discount cards, or do you already have one? Loved the story of how you met your DH--you were so bad! I like hearing about these young marriages because it gives me hope that my daughter's will last.

5 Dogs, you're too funny! Love the "extra crispy" story. Hey, no, you don't make a quilt from his cross stitch pattern, you make a quilt from the squares that he cross stitches! When I lived in Colorado, a coworker was having a baby, and a lot of the women made a cross stitch picture (like a duck or teddy bear or other baby thing) on the square cross stitch cloth and then they got a quilter to piece the squares together, put on a backing and a border, and quilt it. It was absolutely beautiful!

Okay, here's the deal with my Dad. Almost three years ago I get a call from a guy who was working on estate planning for my Dad. The man said that my Dad was having a hard time living alone, and that the house was a mess, etc., etc. We went to check it out, and it was horrible--nobody should live like that. We tried to convince him to go into assisted living, but he had a cat and he didn't want to uproot the cat. His cat died shortly thereafter, and he agreed to go into assisted living. I didn't want him to be here alone, and he didn't know what to do with the house so we moved here and lived in his house (after remodeling). Then about 10 months into assisted living, he decides he hates it and he was complaining all the time. I had the idea of adding on to the house so we did that and he moved in. All was pretty good for about six months, then he occasionally started acting strangely (paranoid, etc.). Last June I arranged for him to see a neurologist who diagnosed senile dementia associated with early Alzheimer's. He's gone downhill since then, and he's become really awful to my DH. I can't subject my DH to this any longer, and my Dad can't live alone so he's going into assisted living. If the house is no longer available to him, then he can't come back again so we're selling the house. So I'm packing Dad's stuff to move tomorrow, and also our stuff so we can move when the house is sold.

Sounds like a nice relaxing day, SunnyD. Wish you could have gotten out more with your friend. Snow--hate the stuff! Think spring! It was 60 degrees here today. Still riding that pineapple express. Did laundry today, too. I'm not a fan of doing laundry either, but I'll take laundry over cooking any day.

Have to run to Target tonight to get a birthday present for my step-grandson. I'm sure he doesn't remember us at all, but he's still our grandson. Haven't talked to my daughter today so I'm not sure if she's already left for D.C., or if they just get up early tomorrow and take the bus up. I'm betting it's the latter. Hope they let her take photos!

01-19-2005, 09:38 PM


This weight that I'm gaining has just got to stop!
My stomach and rear stick out more than my top.
What used to be high just sinks lower each day,
And I'll never admit to how much I now weigh.
I once heard a rumor - the rumor was that
Some men in this world prefer women fat.
Yet that is not true of the men that I know.
I once had a dozen - but where did they go?
They're looking for women so puny and frail,
They might blow away at a sudden small gale.
My sad situation has me so depressed,
I must be more careful of what I ingest.
I'll start in the morning to watch my intake.
But today I am hungry - so please pass the cake.

01-20-2005, 01:13 AM
Good Evening,

Ok, Sheila, I'll bite, what is a pineapple express? Is it anything like an Alberta Clipper? We had one of those last night. It was cold and snowing and the wind was howling around this old house. Winter, snow, ice, below zero temps Ugh. Anybody wants it, I'll give it away. The roads were so slippery this morning, it was dangerous driving to work.

Well, Sheila tomorrow is Dad's big moving day. Sure hope everything goes well, and the weather cooperates. It is a shame you have to sell after all the hard work you put into the house and the garden. But, it will be an adventure to move on and so much better for your DH. It is so exciting that your DD and SIL get to go to the inauguration. It would be grand if she had been able to wear a ball gown to the ball though. Gee, I wonder what Laura will be wearing?

Sunny, I watched America Idol last night and tonight. My DD and SIL got me hooked on it last year. Oh, those poor people that are convinced they have talent and don't. How devastating to have Paula and Simon and that other guy laughing uncontrollably after their performances. That has to be absolutely heartbreaking. That little blonde that sang country that was on tonight was my favorite. She really has a voice. Someone told me today there are going to be more men than women on this year. I don't know if that is true or not. Well, I guess we all failed to watch Mystery Movie last Friday. I fell asleep on the couch again, intending for it to be a small nap and slept right through Mystery Movie. Hopefully Hallmark with replay it again this weekend. At this rate, none of us will come close to winning 10,000.00. ;)

Charlotte, what a cute poem. You may think you want snow, but trust me you really don't want any Charlotte. Your house is not insulated in some places and you would be so cold, which is not good for your RA. What are you going to do for a diet Charlotte? Just cut back again or try one of the new fangled diets out there? Whatever it is, I know you can do it, because you have tremendous will power and you are one smart lady. Good luck adjusting to your new dentures.

Diane, yes, your grandson is just adorable. I can see he is the apple of Grandma's eye. I have to give you a lot of credit, I am always so tired after the grandkids have come and gone which isn't everyday, but you do your babysitting on a daily basis. But, it is just a delight to have them around and to watch their antics though.

Gloria, those are some really interesting stories, that you have been telling us. I can tell you and DH are having a really good time down there is South Florida. In the 25 years that you have lived there has it ever snowed? I'll bet not.

Well gotta go guys, way past my bedtime...........


01-20-2005, 10:32 AM

Good Morning Gals,

Bluet, the *Pineapple Express* is weather coming in from the direction of Hawaii... note *Pineapple*. I heard the term for the first time on the weather channel just yesterday. We were getting the winds last night too (and not from our Chili Dinner either ;) ) - gusting at around 45 - 50 mph. What are your temps like there today, Bonnie? We have gotten a bit warmer today - 24* - but are expecting another bout of snow. Tomorrow is suppose to be real nice, my Joe may take the day off :D :cp: He wants to go shopping at Costco and I want to go to the Craft Ctr... I hope he does... :crossed: I so want to go out! Then we will catch a dinner out too :T We were going to go on Saturday, but the weather is not looking good for Saturday at all!!

Yea, I too feel badly for those in the audition and getting laughed at, but don't you wonder why they are there????!!!! :^: Someone was not very honest with them and that *someone* should be ashamed of themselves for telling that person they could sing in the first place. I did find myself chuckling pretty hard at that little blonde at the END of the first show who heard voices.

I hope you have a better day today Bonnie (((Hugs))) :grouphug:

Sheila, Is it today that you move your DF? Well, if it is --- I am *Thinking of you today* as you move pop into his new home. Sure do hope that it works out this time!! You have my thoughts and prayers special for today :angel:

Thinking about your DD to and hope that she and her DH have a wonderful, Memorable DAY at the inauguration :D I hope she can take pictures too!!!

Angel, Love that poem... think I will go have some cake ;) Not! Kiddin' around. Cute!! Hope that you are feeling okay today.

:wave: Hi Gloria & Diane! :wave:


Oh my goodness!!! I just got an e-mail (just this moment) from my sister that my dear father is going into the hospital for a really bad infection in his heel!! My father has diabetes and I think he has not been watching his diet like he should and now he has this infection. Please say a prayer for him!!! I hate the thought that he may loose his foot from infection or that this may have gotten into his bloodstream!! Pray please! Thank-you so much!! I must go call my Joe now and let him know.

*God Bless!*


01-20-2005, 11:18 AM
Good morning and first of all sending (((hugs))) to Sunny about your Father, hope all goes well with him. Sheila sending you some too for the move today.
I bet your Dd is getting so excited about now about the innaguration, what a honor.

We have a bout of illness in this family. Dd got the flu on Tuesday and is still very sick so I kept Bradley and his older brother Tuesday night. Bradley woke Wed. morning with high temperature so I took him to the Dr. daughter works for and he said he was headed to pneumonia. I couldn't believe he could get that sick that quick, bless his little heart. I took him home yesterday afternoon to be with Moma, Nanny gets too nervous with sick kids and they need their Mother's when they are sick. I just hate it too when Dd is sick since she is pregnant and she can't hardly take anything for it. Oh well could be sooooo much worse.

Gloria I moved to Texas when I was 3 from Oklahoma and have lived in the same town ever since. We don't get much snow in Texas believe me. I went to Florida in 97 with 3 girlfriends. We went to Key Largo and I had a wonderful time, beautiful scenery and love the ocean. I would love to go back again. I met my Dhb at the Dairy Queen when I was 16 yrs. old and we married when I was 17. That has nearly been 36 yrs. ago and we are just as happy now as we were then. :D :D

Charlotte hope you get along well with your new teeth. I look so forward to your post, such cute graphics. Where in the world do you find them? The poem is so true. I have not been doing well with my eating the last couple of days with Grandsons here, of course Tues. night the 14 yrs. old wanted pizza and I just had to eat 3 slices. :mad: :mad: Oh well tomorrow is another day, right?

Think I am going to veg out myself today since Bradley isn't here, have a great day and I will talk with you all later.

01-20-2005, 12:16 PM
Good Morning,

I kind of guessed it was something coming across the ocean from Hawaii, but I had never heard that term before. Perhaps it is something an imaginative weather person made up, Pineapple Express. At least it sounds like warmer temperatures than an Alberta Clipper. We have snow today and suppose to have it all day. Large fluffy snow flakes are falling and falling and falling outside and not suppose to stop until Saturday and begin again on Sunday. At least we are having a heat wave today of 18+ degrees outside.

Sunny, sorry about you Dad. Infections are very serious for Diabetics, they have to be so careful of their feet. My Mom has Diabetes, she is very careful about her blood sugar and feet. My brother also developed it last year and Mom is always scolding him about his sugar intake.

Diane, sorry to hear your family is struggling with the flu. There is a lot of that stuff going around in my neck of the woods too. Take care that you don't end up with too. I usually pick up something or other from the Grandkids when they are over. :) All part of it I guess.

Sheila, Charlotte and Gloria enjoy your day. Sheila, hope you are not too tired to post tonight, so we have an idea how your day went. :)


5 dogs
01-20-2005, 12:17 PM
I LOVE your pome Angle! Did you wright the pome yourself? I wish i knew how to put little pictures like that in my post but because i am computer stupid, still have not figured out how.
Wow, new teeth. I would say that is going to extremes in loosing weight. You did say they were smaller didn't you?
So you have sunshine also. I love the winters we have here in Florida. I just wish they weren't so strange. I turn on my heat one day and the next I put on my air. There is one nice thing about living in sunday, I can hang my clothes on the line to dry. There is nothing like the smell of fresh sheets that have been drying outside. Plus, it keeps our electric bill under a hundred dollars each month.

Now i understand Sheila about the quilting, cross stitching thing. I have never seen that. It takes Carl over a year to finish one cross stitch picture and i dont think he would let me make it into a quilt. I wonder how you would wash it without it falling agart?
I must tell you Sheila that i think you are amazing! There must have been a lot of tension in you house with your dad and hubby and you caught in the middle. I dont think i could have stood it for any lenghth of time. My dad was VERY controlling, and when he didn't get his way, it came out later as verbal abuse, so i know what you mean about walking on egg shells. I lived like that my whold child hood and thought it was normal. It wasn't till i was a grown woman that i relized that this is NOT the way parents should treat there kids. There was NOT a lot of love going on in my house when i was a kid.
So today is moving day for you. Did you find a place to live yet? I hope you will still be able to post.

Hi Sunny, glad you could do lunch with your friend. Dont you just love the sound of that "Let's do lunch".
I would love to send some sunshine out your way and you could send some dirt out here. We have sugar fine sand here that gets into EVERYTHING. Carl and i had to replace our carpets with hard wood floors because the sand had done so much damage to the carpet and it always looked dirty. Even after we cleaned it. When i started growing tomatoes and herbs, i had to put them in large pots with potting soil. Hubby still kidds me about buying dirt. He says nobody should have to buy dirt. I say we buy water, why not dirt. Whats next, air.
I to am thankful i have a home and electricity. Because of the five hurricanes we had down here this past summer, some people had to go months with no electricity. We went a couple of days without it because of down power lines, and that was bad enough. We also had no damage to our house with falling trees, but our street looked like a war zone. Big huge trees bent like tooth picks. Amazing!

You are not going to beleve this Bluet, but 15 years ago we did have snow here. I was working a grave yard shift job back then so i had to leave the house around 10 P.M. One night when i was going to work, it started snowing. Very, very small flakes, but it was snow. In upper Florida they got a lot more snow then we did, and in the paper the next day there were pictures of kids who have never seen snow playing in it.
I'm glad you like my stories. Hubby says i have an interasting way of looking at life. My since of humor has gotten me through a lot of hard times.

Hay Candlelady, How are the grandkids doing. Its been a couple of days since we have heard form you. Hope everthing is fine and dandy in your neck of the woods.

Brother (Larry) just called and said they will be here tomorrow around 4 P.M. Larry told me they got some great rates on hotel rooms. Just 35 dollars a night. Wow, that's pretty good for down here. I wonder if the reason why its so cheep is because it doesn't have a bed. Great view, no bed. Ok, I'm strang.

Have a good one.

01-20-2005, 08:37 PM

Just a quick post gals...

I spoke to my mother tonight and my father was permitted to come home with her and wait for the blood-work results. He does have a bad infection, but the tests will show how far it has gone into his system. They both sounded in good spirits when I spoke to them. I am glad he's home. There's a possibility that he will have to stay in the hospital for at least 3 - 4 days to have it lanced and tested for bacteria in the bone (depending on the tests results). If it comes clean after the 3rd test then they will close it up and send him home with meds. But if it doesn't... then he will have to undergo surgery to remove the infected part. Please keep him in your prayers for me, Thank-you so very much :^:

I am so grateful that I am able to come here and share these kind of things with you. I told my mom that you are some awesome gals! She thought that it's so neat that I have friends from all over the U.S. --- me too ;) :smug: :D

By-the-way... Bluet, I saw the American Idol show again with Joe from last night and saw the blonde who sang country that you mentioned --- beautiful!! Beautiful girl and wonderful voice!! She'll go far!

Much Love,


01-20-2005, 11:00 PM

SunnyD, I was so sorry to read about your Dad's problem. I hope that the tests show everything is okay. Pretty scary stuff.

I'm kind of exhausted so I'm not going to stay on long. Dad got all moved in. He wasn't feeling well today so I drove him around running errands, and then to his new place. We got everything moved (he'd hired movers to load and unload--I packed), and then I put everything away. As my DH and I were leaving, the woman, who had white hair and a walker, in the next apartment was opening her door. She asked us if we were her new neighbors. Yikes! I've got to get my hair dyed again!

Have a great Friday everyone!

01-21-2005, 12:12 AM
Good Evening Everyone,

Shiela, change is hard isn't it? Everything will be o.k. You are such a good daughter to your Dad. Get some rest, the Mystery Movie is on tomorrow nite and I already received two clues. Hopefully we don't mess up our VCR's or fall asleep and miss the show again. CSI was a rerun, I miss Survivor. I need to be entertained, winter is getting long.............. Tonight I stopped at the drug store and picked up a jig-saw puzzle. I love jig-saw puzzles, DH doesn't like them, or understand the concept. Grandson from next door was here and help me pick out all the border pieces and spent an hour and a half working together to get the border done. He is only 8 and he stayed right with it until it was time for him to go home.

Sunny, I hope everything will work out ok with your Dad. Thank you for sharing with us so we can be here for you and help you pray for your Dad. hopefully Joe is still taking off tomorrow and will get you out of the house for awhile, so your mind is not constantly worrying about your Dad. We are suppose to get 7 to 9 inches of snow before it is all over with. DH decided to wait until morning to plow out the drive way again. It is suppose to get colder too because the snow will bring the temps down. Well tomorrow is Friday, the week of working with the OB is almost over. :D

Charlotte, Diane and Gloria good night to you and have a wonderful Friday.


5 dogs
01-21-2005, 10:11 AM
I think we all posted at the same time yesterday. Its kinda cool just thinking we were all at the computer at the same time. I cant stay long because i still have some house cleaning to do before my brother and his wife get here. They will be spending a couple of days with us, then i will drive them to Orlando where they get a hotel room. They want to go to Disney and Epcot and its about an hours drive from here to there so they are getting a hotle room there.

I hope your dad wont have to have surgery Sunny. I will keep him in my prayers.

Have lots to do today so best get going. Just wanted to say hello and hope you have a great weekend.

01-21-2005, 10:32 AM

Mornin' Ladies,

I just wanted to let you know that Joe took the day off today and the SUN IS OUT :sunny: !!! It is absolutely beautiful! :sunny: COLD (only 11*) but I'll take it with the SUNSHINE! We are heading out now, but I wanted to stop in and Thank-you once again... haven't heard anything new yet about my father, but my mom has my cell phone # if something comes up today while Joe & I are SHOPPING :D :cp: We are going to Costco first and the over to the Craft Center, he enjoys it there as much as I do :smug: I cannot wait! I haven't been anywhere except church in over two weeks! Tomorrow we are in for another huge system coming through and will be getting about 5-8 more inches... so it will be good to get out today, don't think we'll be going anywhere tomorrow.

Thinking of you Sheila!!! I bet that you are one very tired lady... glad to hear he's all moved in now. How does it feel not having him at your home? :^:

{{{Big HUGS}}}

Have a Wonderful Friday!!!
I know I will :D


5 dogs
01-21-2005, 03:19 PM
I'm on my way out the door to pick up my brother and wife at the air port. The traffic can be quite scary so hope i make it back in one piece. Hope all is wel with you fine ladys.

01-21-2005, 09:10 PM
Bluet, I'm right there with your DH. I can't think of anything more frustrating than a jigsaw puzzle. What's it a picture of? That's a darn long attention span for your 8 year old grandson. Sounds like a fun thing for you guys to do together. So how much snow did you get today, and how much do you have on the ground? I hate driving in snow--don't know how you guys do it. I must say, though, that when I switched to studded tires, I was a lot more comfortable with driving on snow.

5 Dogs, hope you're not working yourself too hard. Have fun with your family!

SunnyD, how was your shopping? Did you buy anything fun? What all is at the Crafts Center? Hope the weather cooperated for you. Eleven degrees--brrr! Still praying for good news from your Dad. Please let us know when you hear.

Lost three pounds this week so hopefully I'll have the whole seven pound gain off by the end of January. Sheesh! After my WW meeting, I did a little shopping, then stopped off to see my Dad. The nurse was trying to get him to get shower assistance, but he's not having any of it. He does have to have someone wash his feet, however--I insisted. He had gone to exercise class this morning, and had joined some committee, both things that are really good for him. He said this morning he was able to walk easily, which has been a problem. I'm thinking it's because he has to loosen up his joints by walking quite a ways to and from meals three times a day. His apartment is the next to the last on the east end of the building, and it's quite a hike. Maybe this move will be just the thing for him. Okay, that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

So here's the scoop on the inauguration. The day before yesterday, Erin discovered that they forgot to put her DH's name on the list so he didn't get to go, even though he'd been excused from his sea tour for a week to attend. Yesterday Erin's group boarded the bus, invitations in hand, and traveled to DC. She called me when they got there, and said that it turns out they weren't invited to the ball, and they weren't going to see the actual inauguration. What they were going to do was attend the parade, and spend hours sitting in the bleachers in the cold, watch the motorcade go by and leave. She was rather miffed because it wasn't turning out at all like they originally told her. She said they were right under the sign that said "bands stop playing here" along the parade route. To top it all off, when the motorcade drove by, she was on the side that Laura Bush faced, not the President. She said she did see the back of his head, though. She couldn't take a photo of the First Lady either because the military people had to stand and salute when the motorcade went by. I think we got a much better deal watching it on TV! Oh, and today I found out that her DH can't join his ship next week as planned, but has to take three weeks of leave. So they're not going to be able to go anywhere for Christmas this year because he'll have used all his leave. She can't get any leave right now so she's working and he's doing nothing. What a fiasco!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Charlotte and Candlelady, where are you? And I haven't seen Jacquie around in ages not to mention Fatpuss. No more disappearances, people!

01-21-2005, 11:43 PM

Ok,'s what you ask for. My new smile! :D I like my new dentures, but it's hard to get used to them being smaller.
Glad the sun finally came out for you, & you're getting out. The next 2 days are suppose to be very cold here! brrrrrr........

Praying for your dad. Keep us informed.

Sheila...I'm glad you got your dad moved. It's all going to work out. Congratulations on the weightloss!!
How terrible for you daughter & SIL!! I'm sooo sorry. :( I know it was probably embarrassing, also, that they told everyone they would be there. Of course, it's not their fault. They really got a bum deal.
To answer your question...I have the TogetherRX card, & the AARP discount card. They only help with certain meds, though, which only happens to be 1 or 2 that I take. Of course, every little bit helps.

Hi, I didn't write the poem myself. But, thanks. I've only written one poem in my life, & if I have any say so, I won't write any more. Harder than I thought it would be! :^:
I got new dentures because my other set was getting old & ill fitting...beginning to hurt. It didn't have anything to do with losing weight. In fact, I can eat better. :o

Hi Candlelady...Thanks for the compliment on the graphics. I find them all over the internet. There's lots of nights I can't sleep, so I search the internet for graphics, among other things.

Hi Bluet... Hope all went well at work this week. I think you're the one that asked about my diet. It's not any certain diet. Just watching what I eat, & drinking a lot of water. I think I'll be able to slide my butterfly down just a little more by Monday. That's the day I weigh.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday!!!!!!!

01-22-2005, 09:43 AM
Just stopped in for a second to let you know we have all been sick the last few days. I seem to feel a little better today but awfully weak and now Dhb has it. :(

Sheila glad the moving is over for you, that is such a job. I am so sorry for Dd but at least she was right there probably freezing though. That is a real bummer. It sounds like you Father is adjusting well.

Gloria enjoy your company.

Charlotte what a beautiful picture, you take great pictures.

Sunny hope you had a good day out, I know what you mean about needing to get out of the house. I have only been in for 4 days and I am going stir crazy.

Stay warm today girls sounds like some cold weather is heading for some of you. Have a wonderful week end.

Hugs, Diane

01-24-2005, 10:55 AM

Diane...for the compliment! I think it must have scared everone else off, though. :^: Usually on Monday, there's bunches of posts when I sign on in the morning. :coffee:

Hey, everybody WAKE UP!

So sorry you & family have been sick. Hope you're feeling much better today.

It's been very cold here the last few days. The wind ripped the tarp from one side of the roof Saturday night. Can't complain, it's lasted quite awhile. The weather is suppose to warm up for this week, & the winds calm down.

Well....gotta get ready to go to the station. Not a lot of news, here. I did lose 2 lbs last week. :D You're almost to your goal, I noticed. That's great. Hope all have a good day. Diane...feel better.

01-24-2005, 11:06 PM
Hi, all!

Your new smile is beautiful, Charlotte! Okay, it looks a lot like your other beautiful smile, but the fact that your mouth feels better counts for a lot. Congrats on the weight loss! And bummer about the tarp. Did DH go up on the roof and secure a new one?

Oh, Candlelady, sorry you're feeling under the weather. 'Tis the season for colds and flu. We should all be glad we don't live in the Boston area. My, oh, my, look at all that snow! Hope you were able to get out and about.

Well, of course we spent the weekend packing and moving stuff into storage. I'm sore, very sore. Don't break styrofoam Omaha Steaks boxes over your knee or you'll get a big old bruise like I did. I broke up about 15 boxes. I first tried a hacksaw, and that took forever, so then I stomped on them, and broke the bigger pieces over my leg, hitting my knee a couple of times, causing the bruise. We'd saved all those dang boxes because we thought there was a recycling center, but it turns out they only take foam peanuts. Today my Dad got an Omaha Steaks flyers, and I tossed it into the recycle with no qualms whatsoever. I also have 24 hamburger patties in my freezer from his latest purchase. Maybe I shouldn't give him our new address when we move? No, just kidding.

So now comes the cleaning. I washed the inside of windows today, and cleaned my Dad's bathroom and his counter. I think I'm going to have to hire some help because it's getting way too painful for me. I should have done stuff outside today because it was 61 degrees out, and beautiful. Not going to last, however.

I taped the mystery movie, and have het to watch it. We're on our way to Dad's place now to watch Jeopardy with him. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

01-25-2005, 10:07 AM
New Thread :

*Over 50 and Getting Healthy #21*


See you all there :)


01-27-2005, 02:38 PM
hello ladies,
i'm hanging in ther, it's my second week and another 2 lbs. lost Yah. i need help. how do you get all the little pictures in you messages and color print? i can't figue it all out. hope you are doing well. for those that prayed for me a great big thank you. my finger is healing great. the dr. said it looked looked good and no sign of infection. it will take time for it to heal. i don't know if i will lose the nail or not. oh well. isn' life a blast. i love livin it. wroin on my water, blood sugars-getting them down, and making wise food choices. have SUPER day.
kind regards,