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01-04-2005, 08:33 AM
Hello anyone and everyone. This is New Creations and I would like to personally welcome anyone who is interested in taking a journey with us to a healthier new you. We welcome anyone and everyone who is will to give and recieve support.

Let me start by saying I am sorry for not comming back last night and starting a new thread but my meeting ran late last night, then I had to come home and do dinner, help with homework, and get baths/showers done. Then Hubby wanted me to watch TV with him.
Anyway, the scale was nice to me again. I lost another 1.6 pounds. I guess those 100 crunches yesterday paid off. I figure I am going to switch between crunches, and workouts. SInce I did crunches yesterday, today I will do a work out. I am doing pretty good with my food choices again, and I have no problem with my water.
Well, I must go and get my son moving, he has to go to school soon and he is still eating breakfast :dizzy: .
I will talk to you all later.

Oh Jenn I tried to add you to my buddy list, did it work?

TTFN, Lori

01-04-2005, 10:56 AM
I am posting early today just because I fear with the ice storm we are having I may lose my internet today. :( I have dial up and sometimes ice causes the phone lines to fail. I hope everyone is having a great morning. :coffee: I just finished WATP and a stretch workout. I think I slept wrong because I have a sore shoulder/neck muscle. I thought the stretching would help.
Lori Thanks for starting the new thread. You are always so welcoming a friendly. :) Also congrats on the weightloss :bravo: You are doing so well! It is really motivating to see it can be done!
I must confess I am still having trouble consuming all my points in a day. I am seriously thinking maybe the core plan would be better for me. I guess it couldnt hurt to try! I just want to lose in the right way so I dont lose and gain back. I have spent to many years of my life doing that!
Now I am off to fold laundry :( If the ice doesnt stop me I will be on later to see how everyone is doing. Have a great day everyone and remember to stay positive :)

01-04-2005, 01:39 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just got home from work (Babysitting) and doing my homeschool work done. I'm just about wore out! :faint: I've been playing tag with my little cousin that I baby sit (She's 2 years old) Running in the house thank goodness there is not much clutter. Maybe I will lose today I doubt I will. :cry: I've been faithful to my water and exercising this week! :tread: :coffee2: I hope I lose I hardly ever lose if I do bad from Sat- Tues and I have this week I just hope I haven't gained 5.2 again this week! If I do I will just cry :cry: my eyes out!
I had better go I have to eat lunch and then get ready to head out to weight watchers. I will update my weight loss in this topic and in the V-day challenge. I will talk to you all later! :gossip: I hope you have the best weigh in's ever! :goodluck:

01-04-2005, 08:13 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just got back from Weigth Watchers I lost 0.8 :^: Better than nothing! I thought I would get on and tell you all. See yun's later (LOL @ yun's) :lol:

Umma: My mom clicked no because she didn't know who it was wanting to add me to their list so she told me today and you can try again She said it was ok. See ya later!

01-05-2005, 01:02 AM
Well, sorry I haven't been posting for a few days. As you know my New Years Resolution was to think more positively. :o
Well, here it is day 4 and I have already failed at that. I will just pick myself up and start again! :)
I am so happy to see all of you doing so well with your weight loss. :cb: :D I have not been so good. :o :sorry: :cry: I gained 2.6 lbs. But you know what? :yes: I am going to get back on track! Tomorrow I will work out and eat right and drink all my water! :crossed: :tread: :strong: So I will have good news next week. ;) I got the 'ready, set, go' disk so I will check that out and see how it works. I was also thinking of getting eTools. Does anyone have that? How about the disk? If not then I will let you know how the disk is. :yes:
Kae I hope your grandmother is doing better.

Jenna and Steph Welcome! Your posts are very cool! Keep up the good work. We are with you! :D

I think I had gotten the winter blahs. I remember reading someone else had them too. Though I can't remember who. :o
I knew I would either gain or stay the same over the holidays. But it could have been worse! And now I have all of you to talk to and encourage me as well as the people at WW. :D :grouphug: So it will be much easier this time to get back on track. Thank you all! :thanks:
I am going to end this now and get to bed. Work tomorrow! :dizzy:

Talk to you later and God Bless and have a great Wednesday!

01-05-2005, 08:33 AM
Good morning all,

Ok so this is terrible. I went to another WW meeting last night. We were in the area and had to wait for my son to finish his Karate, so I went. Then right from there we went out to eat and it WAS NOT WW friendly. Although I don't think I did to bad, I had teryaki chicken and vegitables over top of rice.I didn't eat much of the rice. But when we got home I ate one of the kids cookies from their dessert and I am not talking a small one. Needless to say I feel abit sick today. Guess I deserve it. So now I have 5 days to behave and hopefull not gain anything at my next weigh in.

Cyn- how was that ice storm? Hopefully not to bad. I also think Core might be a good idea for you if you are truly trying to get all your points in and just can't, then I say try core. If you don't like it you can always go back to Flex.

Jenn- :bravo: :cb: :cp: COngrats on the loss. You can do it. Just remember to try to plan your weekends ahead of time and you will do great.
I also know how it is to be chasing after a little one. I have a 3 year old daughter that plays tag with me almost every day. Its good exercise so I don't mind.

Shawn- sounds like you have a poositive attitude, and thats all you need. Besides US, :D . Just start fresh today and you can make it work. I also got the Ready Set Go disc buthaven't tried it yet. Maybe today I will. Oh and I was the one who got the winter blahs. I hate that feeling and am glad its gone. Ihope it doesn't come back for either one of us or anyone else for that matter.

Well, time to go start my day. Today is crunch day. I did a workout yesterday so as I said before I am alternating days so today is crunches. I might do an extra workout since I was so bad last night.

I will talk to you all later. Have a happy and healthy day.

TTFN, Lori

01-05-2005, 11:59 AM
Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. I'm not sure if I have posted over here yet but I am doing WW and just started Monday. Of course, I've done it tons of times before, but this time is the last.

Congrats to everyone who has lost, thats awesome!!! Glad to see that it is working and the motivation here is wonderful. I love it!

Jenn - How old are you? I only read the 2 posts you wrote in this thread but from the honeschool I am thinking that you are maybe teens? I have a 12 yo daughter who is having a heck of a time and wants to lost but she just can't seem to get it together. I thought maybe I could get her to sign up here and say hello. Give you and her some extra support.

Well, I'm off to do some wash and clean and organize this desk. Talk to you all soon!

PS - How do you get the tickers in your signatures? I added the html but it didn't work. :(

01-05-2005, 06:33 PM
Hello everyone! Thankfully despite all the ice I still have power so I can post! :) There was no school today and I didnt have to babysit so I slept in this morning~big mistake! It was really hard to exercise after that but I did manage too do yoga and WATP. So far today I am doing very well. I even managed to organize a huge stack of bill/junkmail/??? that I had been putting off.
Anyhow now I am off to find something to fix my family for supper~right now nothing sounds good so I will have to search the pantry til an idea pops up. I hope everyone is doing well! Welcome to our new members! I will try to get back on later if possible. Stay focused and remember we can do this!! :)

01-05-2005, 07:20 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just now got back from being gone since 10 30 I'm wore out and now I've got to go to church in 30 minutes.
Vicki: I'm 16 I have been on weight watchers for 3 years .
I gotta go I have to eat and go to church!

01-06-2005, 11:56 AM
Hello everyone!! Well I am happy to report the ice storm is over and the sun is shining big and bright today. It is still very cold but just seeing the sun makes me feel better. :) School started an hour late today but other than that my family is back on their normal routine~finally :dizzy: I still havent made up my mind if I should switch to the core program. I have been reading lots of info on the net about both programs and I am sticking to tracking my points while I make up my mind. Besides with all the ice I havent been to buy groceries in days, and if I am going to switch to core I want to fill the pantry first. I think the reason I dont get enough points is because I ate so poorly before~never any breakfast and rarely any lunch~but I ate junk and unhealthy things throughout the day, then supper, plus evening munching! :o So when I think about eating breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks to lose weight it just seems like too much food. I know it is all in my head and I am working very hard to replace my bad way of eating but it is a big challenge. The good news is that I have been losing and working out and I feel great!!! This morning I used the total gym. Later I will do WATP. Since it is still so cold I will throw some veggies together and make a low point soup for supper. That is one thing my entire family will enjoy.
Have a healthy happy day evryone! I will check in later!

01-06-2005, 04:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

Sorry..I've been MIA. My electricity went off @ 2:00 yesterday morning and just came back on today @ 1:40. We had a ice storm and when that happens I am the first to lose power :( all I did was sit around and eat :ink: I don't weigh in till Monday so I still have a few days to get on track but I don't think I did that bad other than not drinking enough water.
It was to cold to make that many trips to the restroom :^:
I'll be back later to catch up..till then.
Have a good day

01-06-2005, 04:46 PM
Hi there! Thanks to cyn37 for telling me about this and letting me come on over and join all of you. Im new to WW and have about 115 lbs to lose.....

Today was basically my first day on the diet. I think Im going to have trouble eating all my points (that sounds so funny...). But at least I did 60 mins of exercise! :D

01-06-2005, 05:23 PM
How is everyone? Everyone sticking to program? Yay for all of the losses that I see! Everyone seems to be doing really really well! Yahoo! :dance:

Lori 100 crunches!?!? 1-0-0-c-r-u-n-c-h-e-s?!? Good Heavens! Yippee for you! It looks like you're doing great!

cyn Boo on ice storms that take out the internet! Doesn't the ice know you NEED the internet during ice storms? I mean, heavens, if I didn't have my internet during the last big snow storm I think I'd have gone nutso. I love to read but somedays there's only so much reading you can do! :D I've had trouble eating all my points as well but it was more of a mental thing than a "boy I have too much!" thing. I kept thinking that I ate too much and wouldn't lose weight. However, the opposite is true. :?: sounds crazy huh? :D If you go on Core, let me know how it is. I've been thinking of doing it but am not sure if it would be right for me. The low points soup sounds sooo good. Make extra for snacky times! There's nothing more satisfying than a nice bowl of soup. Yum! I think my favorite "breakfast" is a bowl of leftover veggie soup. Really. My dbf looks at me and what I love to eat and says "I just don't get WHY you're fat." :D I tell him it's so he can have more to snuggle. :lol: But I think you're right. Most of weight loss success is in our heads. Our minds are funny things...they believe whatever we tell them. So if we tell them "that's too much food!" they're going to believe it. If we tell them "oh, poor me, I'm not getting enough food" they're going to believe it. *head shake*

jenn Wow girl! Your stats are becoming amazing! Yay for your .8! Remember a loss is NEVER EVER EVER an "only". .8 is almost a whole pound! It's about 3 1/2 sticks of butter! You go! Yahoo! And way to go on the water intake and stuff! *sniff* I'm proud of you girl!

shawn Hey! Don't worry 'bout the thinking postive thing. It WILL come!. Perhaps you can do the rubber band thing...wear a rubber band 'round your wrist (not too tight!) and if you catch yourself thinking a non-positive thought, you can "flick" yourself a bit. (don't make it hurt, just enough to "remind you") Once you get to the point where just touching the rubber band reminds you to be positive, get a cute bracelet or something as a touchstone. Then, everytime the bracelet catches the light, you'll be reminded that you are a work of art...no matter what your weight. You're beautiful! You're doing such a great job of getting back to things! Yahoo!

vicki :wave: Hi! Welcome! Can't wait to hear more from you!

christina Hey! Hi! Sorry 'bout the no electric. Grr! You sound like you're doing well though! Hooray!

So. Grandma is doing just fine. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. She appreciates them and so do I! We're still not sure just what caused the TIAs but she's out of the hospital and is hanging out with Mom and Dad and watching the Wheel...her favorite program! :) Thanks again everyone!

As for me, I didn't weigh in this week. Aunt Flo caught me unawares and I've been...uh...heavy. (sorry for the tmi!) I've been doing well not giving in to cravings and stuff. However, I did finish off an entire pan of Grands (tm) rolls the other night. :( I'm hungry right now, but as it's almost dinnertime, I'm trying to hold off. Still not sure what's for dinner though. My head is screaming "we want fast food" while my body is wimpering "please just eat soup or something." Since Wendy's has that new choices menu option...have you seen that? You can get a baked 'tater with your chicken sammie instead of fries! Yummy! Or chili! or a side salad! or fries! Yay!...perhaps I'll go there and get some chili and a salad. That sounds good. then I won't have to cook and I'll still have a good meal. Hmm. We'll see. *G*

Well, I'd better go and get dressed. I'm so lazy. I haven't even gotten into daytime clothes yet. *sheesh* :D

Loves ya all!


01-06-2005, 05:34 PM
summaria HI! :wave: Welcome to our little (well not so little anymore!) group!

Remember, weight loss success is as much a "Mind Game" as it is about exercise and eating right. Don't think you're not going to be able to eat your points! Think "wow! I get to eat real yummy food, more than I'm used to eating, AND I get to lose weight while doing it! Yay!"

Oh, and just as an FYI, if you haven't been eating a lot for sometime now, and you start eating all your points (and you should! yes yes yes you should!) and you gain or stay the same the first week???

THIS IS NORMAL! My mom was strictly on program her first week. Ate all her points and 1/2 of her flexies and exercised everyday. She gained 3 lbs. Heartbroken she thought perhaps she'd give up but then decided to give it one more week. Well, one more week of being strict and eating all her flexies, she lost almost 10 lbs. (results not typical. <- lawyer made me do it.) I'm not saying you'll lose 10 lbs if you gain your first week. What I'm saying is, don't get discouraged. Mom has gone on to lose well over 50 lbs and has kept it off. She has more to go, but is happy where she is.

Remember, your body is going to do some adjusting as well. You can do this! We're all here for you! I can't wait to hear more from you!



01-06-2005, 06:15 PM
Just a quick note to say hello to the oldies and welcome to the newbies. I will be back after I have dinner and post a better note to you all. Must go make dinner now before the kids start eating my arm or something.

TTFN, Lori

01-06-2005, 06:15 PM
Hey Everyone,

Here I am Again LOL :lol: I was getting on to tell ya'll that I drank 128 oz. (Yes you heard right 128 oz. of water) yesterday. I've already had 120 oz today I'm so proud of myself!!!! :smug: I've been writing everything thing I've eaten down :write: I hope the scales will be good to me Tuesday I need it :goodscale I have to go have a tooth pulled Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. I dread that but I know I will be better off with out a tooth than in constant pain. I'm having an Eggplant Parmesan tonight for supper. :eating2: I'm having Corn and Green Beans to go with it. It seems like all day today everyone is trying to get me off program After supper I will only have 5 points left so I guess I will have to drink alot more water . I've got to go do my Weight watchers dvd and work out on my gazelle to earn a small little 4 points. I will talk to you all later I just thought I would get on and tell ya'll how much water I've drank. I will probably hit 150 oz tonight. I will be in the potty all night lol

01-06-2005, 09:27 PM
Jenn I am so proud of you for your water intake! I know it sounds so ctrazy but that is a huge part of losing weight. I used to hate water and now it is all I ever drink. I drink all day long. Usually between 125oz-200oz! And about going to the potty--once your body gets used to the increase in water you wont be running there as often. I could go on and on about the benefits of water but I think you have it down pat! :) I think you are going to do great at your weigh in. Just keep focused and think healthy!!
I dont have much time to post any more but I will try to get back here later. I hope all of our group is doing well!

01-06-2005, 11:10 PM
Three days and still going strong. Thats an accomplishment for me unfortunatley. lol I wish I could say that I am pretty good for at least a week or two but usually within a day or two I'm starting to eat bad.

This time though I am eating whatever I want, BUT, counting the points. I think that will make a difference. If I use all my points, thats fine but I at least am eating what I am in the mood for.

I drank all my water for the past 3 days also. Kudos to all of you who are drinking your share. I am in the potty about 3 times a night Jenn too, so I'll think of you. lol

Well, I'm off to get ready for bed. Talk to you all tomorrow!

01-07-2005, 12:35 AM
Hello Ladies, :wave:

Sumaria and Vicki- Welcome to New Creations. I look forward to your posts. :grouphug:
Jennh-Keep up the good work on the water front. Water isn't only good for weight loss, there are many other benefits :) .
Kae-I'm happy to hear that your grandma is doing well.
Lori and Shawn- Glad to see you two are working on your goals despite the valleys.
Savin-Where are you :mag: Steph-You still here? :mag:
If I missed anyone :?: I apologize.

Has anyone tried Tuna Creations? I bought some Monday and it is awesome. It is 1 pt. per serving. You can have the whole thing for about 2.5 points. I mixed it with gourmayo 1pt. and mixed in rice.
I also suffer from the winter blues especially between the holidays Christmas-Valentine's Day :( I know that one day I will not feel like this but for now I don't really know what to do about it.
I don't know if I'm the only one but I find motivation by reading success stories and looking at before and after pictures of others on WW. I wanted to share a site that is full of success... http://www.wwfamilyforum.com/
Most of the people on this site has lost a min. of 100 lbs. I think you all might like it.

Gonna go for the night.. type @ ya later :comp:

01-07-2005, 02:15 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just got back from Babysitting. I had a very bad fall today over at my aunt's house. :( I slipped on the floor and hit her hearth with my left shin I have a hole in it, I hit my eyebrow on a piece of wood on a calico cupboard, and I have a swollen (Not broken thank goodness ) arm at my elbow where I tried to protect my face with my arm I hit the calico cupboard with my arm and shattered the glass which I cried my eyes out because I broke her cupboard. :cry: She said it didn't matter because she didn't even buy it and that things like that could be replaced but I couldn't be. I'm just glad I'm ok.But my arm feels horrible It is hurting pretty bad but I know it's not broken. and I got a rug burn from the fall. I look like I've been in a fight LOL :lol: I have only drunk 24 ounces of water so far today but I will at least try to get in 96 ounces. I was all shook up after I fell and I'm just now getting over it lol. I will talk to you all later I'm going to hold ice on my arm maybe that will help it. I have a bruise the size of a wide mouth jar on my arm. Talk to you all later. :gossip:

P.s I drank 168 oz. of water last night! :eek: :smug:

01-07-2005, 02:17 PM
I just had to post. I am so happy. December 31st, 2004 I weighed 276. I re-started WW Jan. 2nd. Today I weighed in 268, lost 8 pounds in a week. I know that weight loss won't continue at this rate but it is exciting. I am hoping to lose 10-15 pounds a month. Thanks for letting me rave:)
Happy day to all:)

01-07-2005, 02:24 PM
Oh no Jenn, that sounds painful. So sorry to hear about your fall. But your aunt is right, your more important then the cabinet. Although I'm sure you felt really bad. lol I've done that where I slip and fall and think, geez, how the heck did I do that. I hope your arm feels better soon. Good job on that water!!! I have to get to mine today, I hate plain old water so some days it takes me awhile to get started. But I'm trying to get it in everyday.

Also, good luck on your 8 pound weight loss EMTChick (sorry, not sure your name). That's so awesome!!! The first week is always a pretty good one for me too, I can't wait to weigh in on Monday. Keep up the good work!!


01-07-2005, 02:27 PM
Thanks for the encouragement.

01-07-2005, 04:45 PM
Jenn ohh I hope you heal quickly girl! I am very prone to falling down and I hate it! I am just glad you werent seriously injured. Feel better soon! :)
Christalynn Thanks so much for the website! Makes me feel so motivated when I see it can be done! I have never tried tuna creations but my hubby is a big tuna fan so I will check it out.
Kimberly 8 pounds! :bravo: :cp: what a great start!!! :high: heres to continued success!!
Vicki I agree with you about being able to eat whatever we want as long as we stay in our points range. The idea of giving up certain foods makes me want them even more.
Kae I loved your idea about the rubberband on your wrist! :lol: I still have to remind myself not to eat--usually when I am bored--I may have to give my own wrist a snap! LOL!!!
And to the rest of our wonderful group I hope all is well and you are doing great!!
I have had a good day so far. I will be back later with a recap. :grouphug:

01-07-2005, 05:32 PM
Jennh- I hope you heal soon. I am also accident prone. I fall down my stairs outside every winter. I've already had my tumble for this year :lol:
Kimberly-That's an awesome number to lose in a week. Feels great doesn't it? :bravo: :cb:
Vicki-I hate to be told what I can and can't eat. As long as points are counted and I am honest with myself I am successful.

Take care all. I'll be back later

01-07-2005, 07:17 PM
I love the counters in the signatures but I couldn't figure out how to do one, anyone want to help me? lol

Also, I went to Friendly's for dinner and got a salad. A crispy chicken salad but I had the points and I was ok with having it. PLUS, I didn't have a big ole sunday like I usually do but i didn't want to deprive so I had a scoop of ice cream. I feel pretty good about my decisions.

Have a great night!

01-08-2005, 02:27 AM
Hey Everyone,

It's 1:23 a.m. I'm about to drift off to sleep and I thought I would get on and tell everyone thanks for wishing me to get better. I am sore all over my left leg and right arm and right eyebrow I have bruises on my left shin it's just small, on my right arm the size of a baseball now, and rug burn on my Right leg to go with the left leg and right arm. I also have a bruise on my head on my right eyebrow the size of a quarter. LOL I look like I've been fighting and I got beat. :lol: I drank 96 oz. today I've been to shocked about falling I couldn't get anymore in. I better go I'm about to fall asleep. See you all later on today. :dz: Bye and Good Luck at weigh in's :goodluck:

01-08-2005, 01:16 PM
Well, if you click on the 3fatchicks logo on one of our trackers it will take you there. Then pretty much it is self explanitory....when you get to the part of the putting on....go to were it says any 3fatchicks forums...right click your mouse there and select all and copy or past it to your signature. Let me know if it works. I know what you mean 'cause I had problems before with them. :?:
It is really exciting to see how many people we have....Jenn, Steph and Vicki are new that is cool...... :D
I am very glad to have such encouragement and to see everyone making such progress. :grouphug:
I also like the idea of the rubberband! :thanks:
I hope you feel better today, Jenna.
What is the dvd from WW like? Any good? I keep thinking I should get eTools as well but $29.95 for three months is more than I want to spend when I already get the magazine and go to the meetings and everything else. Plus if I want to buy the dvds for yoga and WATP. Luckily I don't have to pay for a fitness center! :) I have one availible at work that has weights and bikes and teadmills and cross trainers. I was thinking it would be nice to put some old recipes in the etools and see how the points work out so I would gage them but again the $29! UGH :?: So many choices! I guess I could try it for the month that they give you and go from there. What do you guys think?
I was watching people at work for the last few weeks...maybe it is just the new year or something but there are lots of people on "diets"! :lol: I'd like to think I was inspiring but I am sure it is probably the new year. :o Anyway people have been commenting on how much I have lost! :D Makes me feel good! And then they ask me what I do. Lots of people think it is Atkins....but I tell them about WW and the two programs they have to choose from and why I have chosen the Flex plan. I have come to realize that I am just a :ink: at heart and love to :eating2:! :lol: I also don't really like to :workout: ! But I will try to make more of an effort. I just have to learn to like it and know that it is essential for my goal to be met! I know it would be better for my health. :p
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day! I am off for the next 4, :yes: four days! :dancer: :gift: So I will stay in touch and can't wait to hear from you all and how things are with you all! :D
I am off to clean the house and do laudry and hey......if I am really ambitious I will get some sewing done! :lol:

01-08-2005, 08:29 PM
Hey everyone I hope you are having a great weekend. Mine is going very well. I just finished a nice hot bowl of veggie soup. I love that stuff and make it alot. I guess it is because my entire family will eat it, it is low/no points and also it goes along way and doesnt cost a fortune. What could be better? I think it is because I am eating low point things that I dont get all my required points for the day. But I do try and I am getting satisfied with what I eat. I dont feel deprived or hungry at all. I am still considering the core program but really havent made up my mind just yet. As long as the scale is going down every week and I am feeling good I am not going to stress about it.
Shawn I have also considered the e-tools but the $$ is a big factor for me too. I am just going to keep on doing what I have been doing and as long as it works I will save the $$ for new clothes! I get alot of information, ideas and recipies sitting right here. I dont know if you have checked this site out yet, Jenn mentioned it in one of her threads. Its very helpful with WW. http://www.dwlz.com/ you can request points values and there is many recipies, tips etc.
Now I am off to do dishes! Have a great evening everyone!

01-08-2005, 09:55 PM
Hey Everyone,

How are you all? I'm doing good just got through eating supper. Boy was it good! :eating2: :hungry: :T I made Mexican Eggs, and my mom made Homemade Hashbrowns, and Toast. 7 points for what I had. :T Boy it was good!!!!! I'm doing home ec. in homeschool and I love to cook. I've only drank 48 oz of water so far today :mad: I will try to get 96 oz. in by the time I get in bed. only 2 more mugs full I'm sure I can do that. I've still got 10 points left for tonight. I will probably have some hot chocolate and a half a cup of skim milk for 1.5 points Then I will have my 24 oz of milk in for the day I've had 6 fruits and vegetables today and no flex points this week! :D :smug: I'm very proud of myself this week. I'm still sore from the fall my arm is still swollen and my head hurts to the touch. Leg hurts too but not as bad. I guess I had better go See you all later! :goodluck: at weigh in's this week!!!!!!!!!

01-08-2005, 10:57 PM
Today was good for me too. I am working on the water thing Jenn. I will also check out that sight that Cyn put on the last post. I don't know how I missed it the first time. :o
Not much new here. I did sign up for the two week free trial of etools and then put a thing on my reminder to let me know when it is up. Then I will decide if I can keep it or not. Depends on how much I use it and all that.
I had those lettuce wraps like they have at P.F. Changs for dinner. Not sure on the points but will figure it out. I know I probably went into my flex but that is what they are there for. :(
Well, I will go for now. Spend some time with my L and do some cross stitch.
Talk to you all later! :D

01-09-2005, 01:33 AM
Hello Ladies.
Came home to no power :( fortunately it was out for about an hour.
I'm with you all I can't afford etools and I don't even have a credit or debit card to get the free trial. I subscribe to WW magazine and online newsletter and that's about all I can do for now. Walk Away The Pounds is on sale for $14.99 ..I may buy it Wednesday. It is the walking/kicking one.
I also need a diversion like the rubberband idea..hmmm. I've gone so far as making my own virtual model before/after picture and putting it on my fridge :o . ive decided to learn a new skill like knitting, painting or something at low cost I can do with my hands..any ideas :idea: I've taken ceramics but that costs money to use the equipment. I did very good on points today but neglected my water. My points are going to drop for the first time with the next 3 lb loss. I consider that a small victory by itself.
My sister-n-law sent me some tips and I thought I would share them with you all...
Five tips for a woman

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job :doh:
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh :lol:
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you :nose:
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you :love: :encore:
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other :yikes:

:rofl: ..sorry I know that most of you have someone in your life but I couldn't resist.
Well this is the end to another long day :yawn: . I'll check back in the morning.

01-09-2005, 02:24 PM
Hey Everyone,

I just got back from church waiting for anyone I know to get online so I can talk to them. I am having vegetarian chili, toasted turkey and cheese sandwich, cornbread, and milk for lunch. 9 points I've already had 4 so I will have 20 left for Dinner and Snacks. I thought I would get on and see how everyone was doing. I hope ya'll arn't as sore as I am. Also What is the rubber band idea I missed it? :o I will talk to oyu all later.
:goodluck: at weigh in's!!!!

01-09-2005, 05:06 PM
Ugh! I am having such a relaxing afternoon~I have been just curled up in my recliner with my dog and my cat reading some WW info. I decided I better get up and move or I might be there all day! I did some yoga and some stretching today~nothing too strenuous. I have been getting a little exercise everyday~even if it is only a small amount. Lets face it anything extra I do is better than the way I had been living. I am so glad you guys are doing so well with your water! I am no expert by any means but I do know water is great for you and a huge help with weight loss. :coffee: Since I made such huge pot of veggie soup yesterday I froze it into individual containers so I can have a quick meal or snack if I need one. I am planning on doing this with all my low point recipies that I make in the future. That will help my budget along with my waistline. That is another one of my goals this year~be more careful with $$. Seems like there is never enough! Ok gang have a happy healthy day!!

01-09-2005, 06:41 PM
Ok Jen...I think the rubber band idea came from Lori. I was saying that my new year resolution (excluding weight loss) was to have a more possitive attitude. I was only on day two when the negative thoughts came in. I said I had already failed. She suggested a rubber band on the wrist ( not too tight) and everytime I let the negative thoughts come in to snap it and remember that I want possitive thoughts and attitudes. I haven't actually tried it yet but I will (soon as I locate a rubber band :lol: )
I like the little suggestions Cyn! I am lucky that in my Larry I have all 4 of those (ok well he knows himself pretty well, that is good though 'cause he is very self assured and secure in who he is!) :lol: But they were cute! :D
I like laying around sometimes. I think we all need days to wind down. I have been on line most of the day. I signed up for the etools and was putting some recipes that I have in to get point values for them. :sssh: It is pretty cool. I plan to do that with a bunch since I am getting it for free for two weeks. I will write the point values on the recipe card and know that I have it even if I can't get to it again. I think too there are ways to make the points less by choosing low fat ulternitives in some of the ingredients. :idea:
I guess I will let you know how it is going. If I find a peticular recipe that is low in points I will share it with you!
Bye for now.

01-09-2005, 09:04 PM
Thanks for telling me about the rubber band I am going to try that. I have a rubber band bracelet that I got one year at one of our Christmas plays. I will start wearing it. Thanks I gotta go eat my supper. Bye :)

01-10-2005, 10:40 AM
:coffee: Morning! I just finished some yoga and WATP! I always feel better after its over~not because I like it but because its over! :lol: I was just thinking about how Monday is a great day to refocus and dedicate ourselves to a healthy lifestyle. Just remember if you believe in yourself than nothing is impossible! :grouphug:

01-10-2005, 11:18 AM
:coffee: Good Morning all! :wave: Yes, Cyn you are right, it is a good day to refocus and start anew! :)
I really applaude you for your dedication to your work outs! That is a big trouble area for me. :( I know I should...it would be good for me, my weight program and my flexablity. :shrug: I just can't get motivated enough to do them. :no: :dunno: I always find "better things to do". You know? Just guess I think it takes time from other stuff I should be or would rather be doing. I always feel better when I take a half hour or so on the cross trainer at work. I just don't understand why I don't just do it! :tread: Hey, Maybe I need a coach!? :coach: Like I can afford one of those! :lol: Oh well, I will get it done.
Anyway, what does everyone have planned today? I am cleaning house some more. You know sort of getting stuff changed around and put away. I moved in here about 3 years ago and have stuff in a storage unit that costs me a fortune! So I have been getting boxes from there and need to start going through them. Sorting out the ex's things and I know he won't be needing them for some time (I will probably sell them). I will give some stuff to the kids and selling lots of it this summer in a rummage/garage sale. Just tired of paying an arm and a leg for the storage unit and having the mess here. Incase you are wondering....I was married for 23 years and was finally divorced about 2 years ago. My ex. is in prison :mad: but we were not, in my mind, married for sometime before that. He is a peice of work. I will tell you about it some other time. So I have lots of stuff. Junk mostly, I guess. Anyway, I have my work cut out for me. :lol: By the way the :mad: face is because he is getting away without paying for lots of stuff, not because he is in prison.
Ok well, I had better get busy.
I am betting Umma will start the new thread today. I looked but couldn't figure out how to do it so we will leave it up to her! :D
Be back soon!

01-10-2005, 11:22 AM
Sorry I went on and on guys! I hope you can forgive me.

01-10-2005, 01:15 PM
Hello Ladies.

This is Christina formerly Christalynn. I had to re-register because I forgot my password and for the life of me I can't remember it. I also had to get a new email address :(
I weighed in and lost 1.4 :dance: I am just around the corner from my 10% goal :D I got WATP today from the Library. I will try it tonight. I hope it is as good as everyone is saying it is. I am off Wednesday and Thursday so I plan on a lot of activity. I want to start cleaning out closets..etc..I have about 30 years of stuff. I am very sentimental but this is getting out of hand. For example I have a big box of different porcelin frogs..I need to find a home for.
If it can be collected ....I have it :lol:

Gotta get ready for work..have a good day

01-10-2005, 02:49 PM
Hey everyone,
I am still here just have been very busy. I have been reading all of the posts but when I start to post myself something always seems to happen. I think from now on I will just post what I have written and then you will know that I am still here and that something just happened. So if I starta post and then it ends suddenly its because a child need me or my husband need me. lol
Anyway, I will be starting a new thread tonight after I get back from weigh in. I am very happy to hear all of you are doing so GREAT!!!!!!!!! All of you seem to be very motivated and that is awsome. I am also sorry to here about your fall Jenn. I hope you are feeling better. Well, as always I must go back to cleaning. I will be back tonight to start the thread. Thank you all for not kicking ME out for disappearing. ;) Have a wonderful day.

TTFN, Lori

01-10-2005, 04:24 PM
I am sooooooo sorry. I forgot to welcome any new people that I have not talked to since my disappearance. SO WELCOME TO THE GROUP. Just had to get on here and say that so I didn't feel bad all night.

TTFN, Lori

01-10-2005, 07:09 PM
Hi gang! I am accomplishing lots today. Got most of the house cleaned, laundry done and put away. I am just straightening up my craft area and then I am free! :D At least for a little while.
While I am straightening the craft stuff I will check out the dvd from WW and see what it is like. :dizzy:
I have a box ready for the garage sale this spring/summer. Books. I have tons of those! :lol: I love to read but don't have lots of time for all the books I want to read. I plan on making a dent this year though. :^:
I am doing pretty good so far today...Had Cream of Wheat for breakfast- 3 pts. Salad with fat free Zesty Italian dressing and 5 sm. olives makes 4 pts total. Then yogurt ( I never have enough milk things) that was 3 I think so I was at 7 pts. and then I had an orange and celery and carrots. I try to keep myself satisfied with low pt or no pt. food. I know I have something like 16 pts left so I need to save most of those for dinner. L is making his chili! :eating2:
I am remotivated and will try hard to make a loss (probably not this week I fear) at the scale next week. :goodscale :fr: I am going to work on my water intake as well!
I'm going to go get busy some more.
Hope to have heard from you later! :lol: