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05-09-2001, 11:37 PM
Positive Eating Plan aka
Prevention Millennium Diet*

Daily servings
veg and fruits, 9 servings ( 5 veg/4 fruit)
whole grains, 3-6 servings
high-calcium, 2-3 servings

Weekly servings:
Beans - 5+
Nuts - 5
Fish - 2

Serving Sizes

veg. & fruit
1 serving = 1/2 c. chopped fruit
1/2 c. cooked or raw veg.
1 c. raw green leaves
3/4 c. veg or fruit juice

Whole Grains
1 serving = 1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 rice or bulgar
1/2 c whole wheat pasta

Calcium 1 serving = 1 c ff or 1% milk
1 c ff yogurt
1 c calcium fortified O.J.
1 oz. reduced ff cheese

100% DV multivitamin/mineral
500 (under 50) to 1000 (over 50) mg. calcium
100-400 IU Vit. E
100-500 mg Vit. C

Keep calories to 1500 a day - 250 cal. per meal. Eat 6 small meals a day. Do not exceed 42 fat grams per day.

Drink 8 glasses water and 1+ cup of tea daily.

* Copied from the Jan. 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine

Here is the website address for the Prevention Millennium Diet.

This is not necessarily a vegetarian diet. The guidelines summarized above are just that. In interpreting the guidelines, it is helpful to read the sample menus on the website as well as the more detailed principals of the diet.

05-10-2001, 12:01 AM
Alice, Bless your heart. It must be such a relief for you to have the burial behind you. I am sure you have felt that everything was on hold. I loved your story about drinking coffee in the middle of the lake. That does sound like a wonderful memory - you and your husband sound as if you share happy times together.

My day on the lake started later than I planned, I want to get out while there is still mist on the water but it didn't happen today, I was out by 9 and stayed out for 5 hours. I really broke the kayak in today. I am a little rapturous about all that I saw and experienced. The bird life, the plant life, and the fish - I saw so much and know I missed twice as much because you can only be looking one direction at any given moment. I found a perfect beach to stop for lunch and take a swim, brief because the water isn't that warm yet, floated over a submerged island full of trees and birds, was maybe 10 feet from a tree with two huge buzzards (they were totally unintimidated and we checked each other out for at least 5 minutes, I finally paddled on), well that is just the half of it.

Mrs. Yogi are you on the east coast? If you have the slightest interest in kayaking I say go for it. It does sound like a different sport on the ocean though. My kayak is a recreational model, lots of whitewater kayakers in my area, but the books and magazine articles I read are mostly about sea kayaking. I have a tendency to imagine that I need all the stuff and knowledge that sea kayakers need but you are right, it is much less extreme on the lake. I would absolutely have lessons before going on the ocean.

Well food was great today, and I know I burned a lot of calories. Tomorrow I need to hike or ST for lower body because my upper body is well exercised. I replenished my supply of vitamins this week and am trying to remember to take them every day.

05-10-2001, 02:53 AM
Evenin' girls!

Ledom, your day sounded ENCHANTING!! And to think it is exercise too!

Alice, I am glad for you the funeral is over with. It is a tough thing to get through. I am feeling kind of sad because of mother's day coming up. But my daughter is coming over on Sunday. She said her BF if he doesn't have a "gig" with his mom he is coming over too. I am going to make a low fat eggplant parmigiana (sp) that I got from Vegetarian Times and a (high fat) sun dried tomato Alfredo sauce (made with cream cheese) over basil & garlic fresh linguine. Then I plan to make an angel food cake with 7 minute icing. My daughter (who is small) loves those things.

Lana, how is your daughter feeling? Not too bad I hope.

Today was a sunny day here on the island. I weed whacked my half acre and I had someone come and get rid of dandelions for me. I have a lot of perennials that have returned and look hale and hearty. I am looking forward to the garden this year. I put up a couple of hanging baskets. I love spring!!!

Hi Mrs. Yogi and Shebacat. Where is Bannod?

Today is the first day in awhile I didn't obsess about "the diet". Just ate my big deal...and worked out in the yard. It felt great. It must be what "normal" weight people feel all the time. Me, if I am not thinking about what I shouldn't be eating, I am eating it or I am either cooking or shopping for food or stock piling food or thinking about it etc. Just too MUCH emphasis on food. Food was a big part of my upbringing. I come from a long line of great cooks and my mom was a proffesional chef plus my ancestory was Polish/German ...lots of thinking about food there and lots of it. Today eating seemed like an ordinary thing. I don't know if I am making any sense or just rambling...just that it felt good for eating to be an ordinary thing instead of the extraordinary thing that it usually is.

05-10-2001, 09:43 AM
You aren't just rambling, I know exactly what you mean. First that food is fascinating, cooking an art form, the subtlety of blending flavors, cooking, etc. could occupy me forever. The obessesion can lead to neurosis when it comes to food and I have days just like you described when either food or my weight occupies my thoughts way too much.

At different time different things work, or don't work, for me. Maybe I have a short attention span, a need to mix things up so I don't get bored. The thing that is helping with my obesession right now is not weighing. I know I am making progress because I am taking in fewer calories and I am exercising. If I put a scale into the mix right now I am pretty sure I'd be frustrated because the numbers on the scale are something else for me to obsess about. BUT, this is not always the case, sometimes weighing daily has been helpful to me. Now does that makes sense?

05-10-2001, 11:09 AM
Yes, it does Ledom. I think I should stop this daily weighing too and just focus on the long term. Sometimes it looks like I am not getting anywhere but when I look at what I weighed when I joined this thread a couple of years ago it was MORE. Also I have stopped eating in the evenings entirely which was a life long habit. SO I see baby steps forward have been made. Of course, I would like long purposeful strides but hey, I would have to be an entirely diff. person for that. I too have to mix things up or I get bored. I think I am going to try 3 moderate meals a day with a couple of fruit snacks and EXERCISE for awhile. Not weigh for a bit which I don't know if I will be able to do or not but it would make me feel like I had "time" to do this thing and not be frustrated with the slowness of it.

Mrs. Yogi
05-10-2001, 01:18 PM
Ledom, sounds heavenly! Like Judi, I live on Vancouver Island (south end - Judi where are you and who the heck are we going to vote for??) on the beautiful west coast, and have access to kayaking lessons three blocks from the house (no excuse!!!).

I am visualising getting out to a small group of islands I can see from the shore, where the sea lions and rare birds come to rest and breed every spring. You can hear the sea lions barking, what a sound! I love the solitary nature of kayaking, it's seems to be a very peaceful and grounding thing to do, unless of course you get sideswiped by the whale watching Zodiac, ugh... :eek:

I don't think I could ever be a whitewater gal, I wear glasses and would have to wear contacts, and would be terrified of losing them in the backwash. As it is I'm a bit wary of having to learn the roll and recover move. But you gotta know how to save yourself if you get into trouble, so I may just have to order those contacts and go for it this year...What a great upper body workout.

I had a good one at the gym last night and actually rode my bike to work this morning (a first). I hope to keep it up until the hot weather arrives. Maybe I'll continue, but would have to go the Y (which is just down the street, again no excuse!!!) for a shower in the summertime. I'll talk to them and see if they have shower-only deals for commuters.

So far this week am O.P. and feeling great, losing more inches and getting toned. Want to lose the rest of this flab off the back end this spring!!!

Have a great day you all. :)

Mrs. Yogi
05-10-2001, 01:20 PM
She hasn't posted since the end of March. Should we worry?

05-11-2001, 03:28 AM
Mrs. Yogi, I am on a small island 15 min. off West Vancouver (not the "Big" island). About voting...good question. I can't vote NDP again...they sold out the environment. I would like to vote Green but they don't have enough of a power base so I feel I will throwing away my vote. I guess that just leaves the Liberals, I voted for them federaly not because I wanted them but just because I didn't want the other guys. Sigh! It is a problem. I hope that saying "You get the government you deserve" is NOT true. I hope this political post doesn't offend shouldn't... we Canadians are a tame and boring bunch compared to our southern cousins. Though we are addicted to voting...

05-11-2001, 09:04 AM
to let you know I e-mailed Bannod yesterday. She is ok, working too hard, and getting ready for a visit to her family in Oregon.

Am taking D and some of her friends to look at a college about 90 miles from here. Dragging my feet about getting ready, I just need a little more time to wake up!

MMMM, those kayaking visualizations are a sign! Once I started thinking about a kayak I started dreaming about being in one. It is addicting. It is a sport that is very gentle on the envirnoment - if you want to be on the water and don't want to pollute it with even more fossil fuel products. Very solitary and yet a sport with lots of enthusiasts that will share it with you.

Cool about your exercising and biking Mrs. Yogi, you're doing great.

Mrs. Yogi
05-11-2001, 02:27 PM
Judi, I have to agree. I'm lost for ideas... We'll see...

Ledom, thanks, I'm feelin' great. Will definitely give kayaking serious consideration this summer.

The other thing I love(d) to do was horseback riding. Time to get back to that now perhaps now that my muscle tone is getting pretty good!

Have a great weekend ladies :)

05-11-2001, 06:16 PM
Hi! :) I lost a pound this week and my DH's medical tests came back with good results...whew! What a relief. Even my little weight loss is an encouragement. I am making a pot of that WW 0 point soup for supper and I am now going out to garden. Yahoo! We have SUN and I feel GREAT! Everyone have a good weekend!

05-11-2001, 09:38 PM
judi, I can tell the lightness in your heart today. Glad the day brought you good news. I'm tuckered out from my day with the kids, wore a blister on my foot and plan to park myself on the sofa with my new Vanity Fair and the box from that I still haven't opened.

05-12-2001, 10:46 AM
Ledom, a blister...ouch! An unopened box from'd sooner have a new box of books to open from that place than diamonds any day!

05-14-2001, 10:41 AM
Goodmorning. How did everyone fare over the weekend? I had a nice weekend. Many opportunities for overeating for me. I think I did ok. My friends did a sumptuous Thai supper on Sat. that I enjoyed, I had a full plate of food with dessert, but avoided appetizers and drinks. I took a bottle of sparkling water instead. Sun. was a picnic that was also treacherous. I ate, but moderately then too. I took long hikes both days, so while I probably didn't lose any weight, I don't think I gained any either.

Last night I lurked around a little on 3fc board and there is a wonderful post on the Success thread by Flib telling how she has lost 100 lbs. in 16 mo. If you need a dose of inspiration I recommend that you read her post.

Looking forward to the week, I hope to get a lot accomplished both in terms of relaxation, exercise, and productive activity.

Mrs. Yogi
05-14-2001, 01:28 PM
Well, that's an attention-getting headline... But first I have to tell you about the weekend:

Did all my errands (4 hours and many kms worth!) on my bike. Came home tuckered, stirfried chicken w/ brocolli, onions and mushrooms with pappadum and hummus on the side, treated myself to some chocolate for dessert and a couple of glasses of wine. Slept REALLY well.

Yesterday I had time to kill, and found myself wanting (no, *yearning*...) to spend it at the gym instead of on the couch with a book (!). This is a MAJOR change for me...lazy cat that I am. Did some upper body work, half hour on the x-trainer and had a nice long steam.

Went home, had a protein shake, and made tempura prawns and cod with mushrooms, onion and zucchini (enough for a couple of days, no cooking for me tonite!) for myself and my mommy. Dessert was a bit of chocolate, a beer and a couple of shots of Irish before bed. zzzzz

Tonight I'm planning on going to a low impact aerobics class. I'm down about a pound from last week, and figure that will kick it up a notch (as Emeril would say) so I can get started on the next 15. I still have to fine tune my weight training, though. My upper arms aren't shaping up at all and are still flapping around in the wind (eww), even though overall I feel stronger and can feel those muscles in there. I probably haven't been doing the reps right. I do about 9 exercises in sequence, then repeat the whole sequence 3 x. I should probably break them down and do one at a time, 3x each. Feedback anyone?

In other news, my work pants are falling off me. I have the (formerly) tight pair in getting a new zipper and when I get those back I'll send these in for alterations. I'm going to meet DH in Seattle on Saturday, staying overnight in a nice hotel then coming home, so maybe I'll hit Nordstrom on the way home. I think I have a valid excuse. :)

Have a great week everyone!

05-16-2001, 11:21 AM
on your loose pants Mrs. Yogi. That is a SURE sign that all your exercise and low-cal intake is paying off. Have a nice holiday with your DH.

It has been awfully quiet around here the last few days. Hope everyone is doing ok.

I kayaked Mon. and Tues., much fun. I need to stay home and get something accomplished for the rest of this week. Things are going pretty good dietwise. I am journaling today just to help me keep track. I am starting to look at the scales again and am thinking of weighing. I just don't want that to really matter in the scheme of things though. In the U.S. a new medical study about heart disease, cholesterol, and abdomen fat came out yesterday which has made me think of this process again in terms of health as opposed to vanity.

Hope to hear from some more of you guys soon.

05-17-2001, 09:32 PM
judi, lana, shebacat, alice, Mrs. Yogi? Where are you? It's kind of lonely here. Hope you are all well.

I am making up for my stressed out semester by playing hard the last couple of weeks. As I had hoped, my kayak is bringing me new friends. This week I met two people through a local message board for paddling. Another woman about my age and one of her paddling buddies, both from out of town, came over today and went out with me. We have many ideas for trips and it is very exciting. I am planning to buy a small tent for camping on islands and such.

Diet was going great until D brought home a giant chocolate chip cookie from work. Arghhh! She has got to get it out of the house because I am having a hard time resisting it!

05-18-2001, 05:44 AM
Hi! Sorry I have been MIA but it has been an insane week around here...sigh...I won't even go there.

Well, the jury is in I lost 3 pounds this month. My slim friend on WW has lost 11 this month she has only about 4 more pounds to go and then is on maintenance. She NEVER cheats.

Sounds like the days off are very nice Ledom. That is so great!!!

Mrs. Yogi way to GOOO on losing your pants!

How are you doing Alice? How is the puppy training going? Tonight I watched a very funny movie called "Best of Show" about dogs and their dog owners. I recommend it for all dog lovers.

Hope everyone is doing o.k. Shebacat, Lanaii, Bannod... I will write more later when I don't feel so emotionally exhausted...just one of those weeks.

Take care girls!

Mrs. Yogi
05-18-2001, 03:31 PM
Ledom, Judi, sorry, I've been distracted on another forum (ye gads!) . I hang out on as well, and have my own progress thread there called "Mrs. Yogi's Final Fifteen" (look under "My Journal/Bootcamp" it's kinda fun. I'll have to cut and paste from there I guess to keep you updated!)


"Went to the mall on the way home to pick up my "skinny pants" that have a new zipper now. They're size 16 Jones Wear, a beautiful light charcoal wool plaid with satin lining, dreamy to wear... I'm no longer bursting out of them, and they'll go nicely with my new slinky black cotton cardigan that I picked up at the upscale store on sale. I look gooooood... if I say so myself :)

Last night dinner was an omelette w/ low fat havarti, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and a few baby red potatoes with butter. Had hummus and a pappadum for an appetizer. (Two small glasses of wine to celebrate getting my pants back - oh heck, let's live a little!)


Usual Breakfast

Lunch will be pappadum and hummus (I was out of chicken and will be having shrimp and fish tonight, so had to improvise) with a humungous salad (lettuce, boiled egg, tomato, avocado, red pepper, celery and red cabbage) w/ lemon juice and a splash of soy for dressing and steamed broccoli and cauliflower that I did up last night while I was doing the omelette. Mmm, getting the growlies just thinking about it!

For dinner I'll have more steamed veg, curried prawns and halibut and the rest of the salad w/ fruit salad for dessert. Oh and it's Friday so I'll have a bit of good chocolate and another couple of glasses of wine, all this will be after my workout (xtrainer, upper body weights and a steam if I have time) while I'm watching the finale of Beggars and Choosers, my favourite show of the moment! Anyone who gets Bravo or HBO can check it out. It's right up there with the Sopranos in my never to be humble opinion ..."


Been having a great workout week, feeling great, decided against the trip to Seattle due to not enough time, but that's OK, more gym time he he. DH home on Sunday, then hockey again - will it ever end?

Ledom, I agree, the vanity thing is out. Let's face it, we'll never look like Christina Aguilera so let's give that one the heave-ho right now! I just love feeling so great.

You ladies have a great weekend now, you hear? Must go, eat lunch, then get some work done around here!!!

05-18-2001, 10:32 PM
Mrs. Yogi, I love Jones wear. It has been a long time since I fit into any of it. Your new outfit will be great.

I will focus on the next 25 pounds and forget about more to lose. It makes the road seem so long. Twenty five pounds will make a diff. I am going to take a Polaroid of myself at every ten pound loss to see what kind of a diff. there will be.

I bought the book "Never Say Diet" and Richard Simmons book "Still Hungry After All These Years" for some inspiration.

Hi gals...have a good long weekend! Is it a long weekend in the US too?

05-19-2001, 02:32 PM
are very inspiring! And I need a shot of inspiration. I have decided to weigh, maybe not until tomorrow, but I need to start keeping track with a weekly weigh-in. All day yesterday I was just so aggravated by the constant attention I pay to this issue and how hopeless I feel over it. At one point I just thought to myself, I don't want to think about this anymore. If only it were that easy! Anyway, both your posts were just what I needed to read.

Mrs. Yogi, I'll check out your other thread.

Judi, don't know what is going on but hang in there. You are a fabulous lady and I ALWAYS enjoy your posts.

05-19-2001, 09:47 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry it's been so much for the promise of posting every few days. Things have been very hectic. The company I worked for had a layoff two weeks ago, but I was not affected (at least not at this time.) There were several people that I know that were affected. One in particular I feel really bad for. She's a single mom who is trying to support her and her daughter. Of course, no support from the ex. One of my friends had nose surgery this past week, so I've been trying to be there for her support. Another friend that I work with was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was speaking to her late Monday afternoon, and I commented that she looked tired. She told me that she had been getting up 3-4 times every night to go to the restroom. She then commented that she has been extremely thirsty these past few weeks. I told her those were symptoms of diabetes and that she needed to go to the doctor to get tested. The next morning, I reminded her so she scheduled a doctor's appointment that afternoon. When she told me that morning that her eyesight had changed, I knew that was another symptom of diabetes. Sure enough, her doctor could not even get an accurate reading. He had her go to the ER where they showed her blood sugar level to be over 800. A normal person's sugar level is 120. The doctor told her had she waited a few days she would have gone into an insulin coma and might possibly have died. Then, on Thursday, I noticed my cat was straining when she tried to urinate. I take her to the vet, and she has a bladder infection. Now she's on another type of antibiotic. She also turned 20 last week.....Happy Birthday to my baby! With all this going on, needless to say, food and exercise have been put to the side. Ya'lls posts have been so inspiring that I'm jumping back on the band wagon tomorrow. Thank goodness the water aerobic classes start in two weeks. I'm taking water aerobics and then water jogging twice a week. I'm so glad everyone is doing OK and thanks for all the good book ideas! I need to take a trip to Barnes & Nobles to buy a few books for this summer....maybe get a coffee drink too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I'll talk to ya'll soon.

05-19-2001, 11:45 PM
I'm back well I was never really gone. I was lurking all week but it seems I really had no time to post, but all your posts were so interesting I enjoyed reading them all...

Ledom, good for you for meeting new and interesting friends.... camping is not my thing, I don't really like bugs...ewwww..... yes I'm a bit squeemish girls....I look real tough, but really I'm not.... and the ground is too hard... gimme a mattress... And the showers?? Where are they when your camping?? LOL... I would die the first day on Survivor... :lol:

Shebacat~!! my goodness what a week you have had....your poor friend, things coulld've been quite a bit more serious.....and your poor ole cat poor darling........

Judi, hand in there girl you're in our thoughts and prayers....

Mrs. Yogi, that site is quite interesting I'm really enjoying reading it.... I like low carb.... when I want to give my diet a boost I go lo carb, like this weekend, last nite we ordered THE best pizza, ate way too much of today I have been really cautious.....Hey! congrats on those pants....and your new outfit....YOU GO GIRL!!

Other than Friday's binge, things are good.....I'm following WW not to a T ... so therefore it shows in my weight-ins...lost 5 lbs the first week....gained 4 the g/f lost 5 and 5 the next week....SHE is following it to perfection.....I think she is also doing so well because she has never yo-yo dieted, unlike me.....and has never drank any water to speak of and now she's downing the water all day long.....We call each other every nite....and she keeps me motivated and on track....

Oh and Chickenpox is over and done with.....Thank you very much!! that's over and done with....

Well I do have to get going.....take care girls.....and I will always keep in touch.....

Bye for now....